Alan Watt on

"Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru

April 20, 2005




Jackie:  Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for being here with us tonight on Sweet Liberty. Today is Wednesday. It is the 20th of April in the year 2005.


Today is Adolph Hitler's birthday and it is also my daughter Nicole's birthday and I used to think that was pretty ashamed. I've told her since I've found out some different things about Adolph Hitler that she could have done worse having her birthday on that same date. I hope you had a nice day today, ladies and gentlemen. We are definitely going to be talking about Codex Alimentaria and just in case – I know that we have thrown that name around. We're not talking about it tonight, but Codex Alimentaria is a plan to harmonize all the food values, vitamins et cetera and to totally control – it has a lot to do with the nutrition that today we have available for at least reasonable prices. What they intend to do with this is to make it so that it would be illegal to have unless it's a real low, low potency, something that would probably do us very little good, unless it was prescribed, and the pharmaceuticals will begin formulating the vitamins. Do you like that?


We will be talking barring any unforeseen events. We will be talking about this on Monday. I spoke with a gentleman today at the suggestion of Mildred, a lovely lady, one of our listeners and a great supporter of this broadcast I must say, and I did speak with him today and he is going to be here with us Monday evening and tonight Alan Watt is with us. Alan? Do you ever think ahead while you're talking?


Alan:  Yes, I do.


Jackie:  That's what I just did. Tonight Alan Watt is with us. Because I didn't have anything prepared for our spiritual message, I'll do this. This is Mother Theresa. It is a writing by Mother Theresa.


"People are unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered. Forgive them anyway. If you're kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives. Be kind anyway. If you are successful, you'll win some false friends and some rue enemies. Succeed anyway. If you're honest and frank, people may cheat you. Be honest anyway. What you spent years building someone could destroy overnight. Build anyway.  If you find serenity and happiness, people may be jealous. Be happy anyway. The good you do today people will often forget tomorrow. Do good anyway. Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough. Give the world the best you have anyway. You see in the final analysis it's between you and Creator. It was never between you and them anyway."


Alan, thanks for being here tonight.


Alan:  Yes. It's a pleasure.


Jackie:  You know last night when I said your voice sounded low, Mildred called. Well, no, it wasn't. It was Melvin, another one of our listeners, and he just saying how much he appreciated your coming on with us and the information, but he said it was real low at first, or maybe it was Mildred that said that, and then suddenly your voice got nice and loud and clear and it isn't very loud right now.


Alan:  It's not? How's that now?


Jackie:  I don't know, talk.


Alan:  Is that better now?


Jackie:  Maybe a little bit better. But when it comes through clear it's really wonderful. I mean you are clear. It's just kind of muted I guess. Alan? When we talked today earlier and I asked are you okay because I sensed that something was bothering you and what you've began talking about is your concern about what is happening and how fast it's happening today and how important it is that as many people as possible understand, and so that's why we've decided not to have a break like until next Monday and to have you back tonight. So whatever it is in your heart and on your mind that you want to share with our listeners, please do so.


Alan:  I keep telling people that the stage we're at now, this particular stage, is the final battle for human consciousness or the elimination of it. One or the other because the big boys are on a roll and they've written about it for centuries as to what they wanted to do and they are now in the process of doing it. It's like the drugs you were talking about or the vitamins. They're standardizing everything you see across the world.


Jackie:  They call it harmonizing.


Alan:  Yes and what it really is is standardizing and since they are knights and all the rest of it, a knight has a standard and they put that standard in the ground and everything around them from horizon to horizon is now under their standard or it's standardized.


Jackie:  Would you like to expand on that? What did you say, knights of the standard?


Alan:  All of these high Masonic knights, they use knightly emblems and words that we use commonly and we don't think even where they came from.


Jackie:  But they do use the word harmonizing?


Alan:  Oh yes.


Jackie:  And you are right. They are standardizing it, aren't they?


Alan:  They are and even when they were signing the North American agreement, this amalgamation, on the 23rd, as they were doing that, they quipped on the newsreel that even pizza from the north of Canada to the south of Mexico will come under these laws and all the ingredients will be standardized so you get the exact same pizza from north to south. 


Jackie:  Oh no. Are you serious?


Alan:  I'm serious. I've got this on tape.


Jackie:  You said that every pizza is going to taste the same?


Alan:  Well, I don't know if it will taste the same but it certainly has the same ingredients in it and it will be the same with everything else. They're going the whole way to standardize everything. It's obsessional compulsion going to the tenth degree and eventually of course they plan to standardize each individual human being, because the chipping is only one part of the process and the next race of slaves that they want will be cloned and they'll be all standardized too. This is how – I wouldn't say insane because they have written about it copiously, but this is how diabolical this whole thing is and we're right on the brink now literally to retain consciousness and that essence which we call humanity is fighting for its life and most people don't even know it. As long as they can come home after working and turn on the television and watch their favorite programs to the very last day, as long the Seinfeld repeats come on or whatever they watch, they'll think everything is okay. This literally is a fight for--


Jackie:  And then there are many of them who think it's wonderful what's happening because it's the sign that Jesus is coming back and he's going to have his kingdom. The seat of his kingdom will be Jerusalem, and my gosh, Alan, there are so many people that actually believe that it's wonderful what's happening because it is that time. Now if a person would read the Protocols and hear what the plan was, regardless who the heck's plan it was, it was laid out this perfectly a hundred years ago. I mean I do understand and our listeners I'm sure get it that it isn't a hundred year old plan. I mean actually in writing how they're going to do it and when you read the Protocols it's right on target and they say that Jerusalem will be their headquarters and their king despot of the blood of Zion will have has quarters there and he will be the pope of the world. Then we find out that Rome has evidentially made plans, and I didn't know this, Alan, to actually move the Vatican to Jerusalem. So do you think a whole bunch of Catholic "Christians" will be cheering and say "look, it's the end, it's the time"?


Alan:  You have to understand that in all the traditional religions have within them the same mystery religion that really runs the show and it's the same with the word "Zion." People don't even know what it means and it's the hermaphroditic deity. That's what it means.


Jackie:  Zion?


Alan:  Yes, and the mountains that they used to worship where the moon passed over the top was called Mt. Sin and that's where SIN comes from. SIN or ZIN, it doesn't matter. Then you have ON, which is the phallic symbol of the male deity or the obelisk which it passes over and of course the pyramid of Cheops, or Khufu as it's called in Egyptian, is the uncapped pyramid. It's the top of an obelisk. That's what it represents and over it passes the moon god SIN.  When you take the first two letters, which is typical of high occult masonry, modern and ancient, you end up with ZI and then ON, Zion. That's what it means. That's what it means to the high masons. It's the completion of the male and female in one because behind all the religions, whether it's Hindu or any of the others, they're all, even ancient Greeks, their god was male and female.


Jackie:  I remember in Genesis where it says, male and female made he them.


Alan:  Yes, and of course if you go into the Talmud they also talk about that. It doesn't mean they made male and female one and one. It can also mean he made a bunch of male and female--


Jackie:  Hermaphrodites.


Alan:  Yes.


Jackie:  That's kind of how that's said, isn't it, because I remember when I read that I thought it was worded funny. Male and female made he them.


Alan:  If you look at the exact wording in the Greek and you have Imagio, which is the image. It means the perfect likeness, sameness in fact.


Jackie:  So in other words "the architect," what would you call it?  I mean a cloned body, is that what we're talking about, by a hermaphrodite?


Alan:  An exact duplicate of that particular deity and that's the symbol behind even occult Judaism and Catholicism and all the rest of them is a hermaphroditic figure. That's why you have two creations or beginnings of species. Not the first beginnings. They talk about regenerating the planet, which means to repopulate, but you have two beginnings where the deity creates male and female and then later on you look and it says there's no one to till the soil so he creates Adam and Eve. What they're talking about there is those that were made in the same image of the gods, if you like, the human gods, man and woman, are the upper elite group who will control the world; whereas the Adam and Eve types are the workers you see. It's a system that they're describing more than anything else, wrapped up in a story. It's a system.


Jackie:  Well, what is their ultimate plan, Alan? I mean at least as you understand it?


Alan:  The ultimate plan has been laid out and spoken of by many of them such as Aldous Huxley. He went into the fact that science – and that's what they mean in freemasonry when you read them talking about the law of nature and following nature and by dissecting nature. In other words, everything that works in the world of physics and biology et cetera and chemistry; once you understand it all, you can then take the original material and the world which was left imperfect by the Creator (according to masonry) and reshape it into their own perfection. Everything is to be recreated in their own perfection.  Huxley was well into this. Lord Bertrand Russell also talked about the need to do this and Charles Galton Darwin also said exactly the same thing. He says already in the 1950's, Galton Darwin said, in his book, "The Next Million Years," we already have too many of the working and lower classes which will be become unnecessary in the future.


Jackie:  Well sure, they already are with all the computers and robotized machinery.


Alan:  He says we can't allow them to simply proliferate and procreate and reproduce themselves because eventually they'll be too many for them to be controlled by the establishment. None of these authors ever talk about government or democracy, never, because government and democracy is nothing but a front; an absolute front and always has been a front for what we call The Establishment behind it. Whenever you hear the speeches or read the books by these people, they simply give the agenda and they don't even bother to pay lip service to this Punch and Judy show we call politics. They've written about it, what they would have to do and sure enough every year the United Nations since about the 1950's, since the polio vaccine came out in the 1950's, they tell you every year what the male sperm count is in the Western world and they go through the countries. Now they never give a comment. They simply give the statistics as though it's quite natural. Last year they said that the male sperm count in the west was down 75 percent of what it was in 1950. Now that should mean a crisis level if it was some sort of strange natural occurring phenomena like a disease; but if they don't comment on it, it tells you right away this is part of the agenda.


Jackie:  I know but there's still a lot of children being born.


Alan:  There are, but the fact is if you look at the population, especially the white population, it isn't just that they aren't having so many children. It's the fact that the males are becoming almost sterile and what sperm left is too weak to reproduce, so there are other reasons behind this, but this all began with the inoculations. When you mentioned the Protocols they did mention in there that they would kill off people and so on by inoculations. It isn't science fiction of the past we're discussing. It's the laying out of an agenda which is being fulfilled and they've almost reached their goal. Aldous Huxley thought it was just fantastic that they could eventually manipulate the DNA and clone different kinds of people for the task to have to perform—minus that part of the brain that gave them their higher intellect or self-awareness as an individual. That would be cloned out you see.


Then you jump back 2,500 years from when he said it and you have Plato talking about the exact same thing in "The Republic" and Plato belonged to the mystery religions. He was part of the Greek aristocracy and he said, "we the aristocracy are descended from the gods."  You connect that once more with the same God created man and woman and later created Adam and Eve and you're back to the same thing again. There's an upper elite group who literally have been running the world for many thousands of years and they have sham governments as fronts, always, in every country and the agenda has never faltered and no part of the agenda has ever faltered regardless of what political party in power. We are literally at the stage where in 50 years or less, maybe 40 or 30 even, and according to that Loyola University meeting, they hope to have the chipping completed by about 2018. Well, that's the end of individual consciousness for the general population.


Jackie:  I thought 2012 was their magic number.


Alan:  No, they want to start it around then. They want to start it then and have--


Jackie:  Start what the chipping?


Alan:  Yes.


Jackie:  You said they started that back in the '60's.


Alan:  That's when they were experimenting. They want to have the whole population chipped. Now they're going for everyone you see. The experimenting is over. They have the one that works best and they said that at that meeting and now the only problem they have is to convince the general population to accept it. When they were testing them out on people, these subjects didn't even know they were being tested out on; it was done covertly. They've laid their agenda right out and they're going full steam ahead with it.


Jackie:  So people knowing this, what do you think?


Alan:  I think it should be the prime preoccupation of their life from now on to literally—they better—train themselves very, very quickly that they are in the battle for their lives and train themselves not to get distracted or even switch off for a little while to have the relaxation that they're used to or the programming they're used to from TV. They better start dedicating themselves 100 percent to combating this because it's coming fast. In fact, Canada just announced that they're having next year a fake general killer flu alert and they're going to have a massive testing of how the hospitals will react across the whole country next year. In that blurb from the CBC they also mentioned that in the future with the chip implant they'll be able to track down the actual carriers no matter where they go in the world very quickly and so here's another plus you see pushing for the chip. In two or three years time with the propaganda that's coming out, Joe Public, I'm afraid to say it, will actually look upon this and believe this is all for his benefit and will be looking forward to it, never knowing there's a completely different intention behind it because Joe won't know who he is once that switch is thrown. He will be controlled by a computer. He literally will be remote controlled so he won't have the ability to even know he's an individual.


Jackie:  What can Joe do knowing about this?


Alan:  He has to start telling everyone he knows. It's like that quote you read by Mother Theresa. It doesn't matter what they think of you while you're doing it. Do it anyway because it has to be brought out. Everyone has got to at least know the truth behind this and that's the only way they can combat the propaganda that's pushing for it and they better also instruct their children in it too very quickly.


Jackie:  You know this conversation it can just take us everywhere because you know the thought that enters my mind?Unless people have seed – at least the natural seed as we know natural today, because maybe it all has been genetically modified in times gone by, but the kind of food that is being purchased and brought home and eaten from the grocery store with all of the junk that's in it, Alan, and I mean you think about it. I read this a couple of three years ago. They have carrots that you can get a hepatitis B vaccine from and we have know idea what types of vaccines are being – I mean some of these plants are actually growing that vaccine or whatever. It's out of this world, but what good does it do knowing about this when you are eating meat that is irradiated? When you are eating food that has all kinds of preservatives and additives and chemicals and probably vaccines and God only knows what in it. What good is it going to do to know it, Alan?


Alan:  They'll have to spend extra money and try and get organic produce.


Jackie:  You know it is possible, even if you live in an apartment, you can actually grow vegetables in containers. I don't know.


Alan:  But here's the kicker too, you see, there's something else that was talked about recently and I kid you not. It's the banning of home gardens.


Jackie:  Oh yes. That came up a couple of years ago.


Alan:  It came up again from the United Nations. Of course their spin on it is that the additives that people use in the soil and herbicides are destroying Mother Nature et cetera and therefore they want to stop all home gardening and hope to start this program in two years. I mean they're going the whole way and people better understand this very quickly because it's coming to a place near you. They better get up and get off that chair and throw that TV out the window and go to the meetings where they're supposed to be discussing this because they will go through formalities, and they better stand up and say no damn way.


Jackie:  And bring your own documentation and handouts.


Alan:  The fact is you can't leave that meeting until you've got your way because we're in a battle now for our lives. That's what we're in and there are people at the top that quite calmly discussed the elimination remember of over three-quarters of the human race in the next 20, 30 years and they mean it.


Jackie:  I know they do mean it. I know that. And you know when we get into these types of conversations and it's like we're swimming in it as we're discussing it and always what comes back to my mind is that there is nothing more important right now than to get our own house in order and I'm talking about our own spiritual house.


Alan:  That's right. Everyone's disconnected, or, if they're plugged in at all, it's to a regular church which isn't speaking out about the very things we're talking about because they're part of the agenda, the control agenda. I mean why aren't the churches speaking out about this and telling their flock the sheep what to eat or what grass to eat here? They're saying nothing about it because they're part of the control and organized religion has always been used for that very purpose.


Jackie:  Yes, and Passover is coming up and there will be a whole, whole, whole slew of Christian Zionists or whatever in God's name they call themselves that will be taking the Seder meal in the synagogue with the Talmudists. We have to take a break here.


Alan:  The time is getting so short as to where the world is going and how were all just going along, like the Pied Piper's followers, in a trance, being entertained to death and the entertainment is actually our programming. If we look at the movies they're churning out and have been since the Loyola meeting to do with chipping the brain, where they said that all novels and movies would start to contain stories about this and point out all the plusses. You simply take the Matrix movie as an example and you have Neo, who is the new man to come. His name means "new" and of course Anderson comes from Andros, which is the Greek word for man. He is the new son of man, and how does he get in and out of the Matrix? He plugs himself into it from the back of his head and he has all these amazing powers and the children think that this is fantastic and of course the whole idea is to make people believe you will have super powers. Now I'm well aware that there are people who will want to escape from the world and plug themselves in like the Lawnmower Man and that is up to them, but for those who are beginning to wake up, I think they should start shaking themselves awake very fast and learning fast and dedicating themselves to fighting this because once it's happened, that's it. It’s game over. There's no second chance. It literally will be the end of consciousness as you know it. A good book to read on that is "The Ghost in the Machine," and here's another problem with modern society. Most people who are on the internet tell me they cannot read a book anymore. They just simply can't go through a book because they're getting bits and bites and that's their new language is little bits of things.


Jackie:  What do you mean by that, Alan, people who are on the internet?


Alan:  I get them phoning me up and they'll ask me where do I find this information or that information. I'll tell them well you go to your library; I'll give them the names of the books to look up. Most of these types of books are available at the library or can be gotten through inter-library loans. As soon as I mention a book, they tell me that right out that they can't read a book anymore.


Jackie:  How do you respond to that?


Alan:  Well, I say why bother phoning me for information with a clarification that they'll only look into it if it's on the internet. Now the internet is designed to be fast-paced and to recondition the minds to think in short bits and bites, and people who use the internet a lot, I've noticed, they don't read anything right through. They get bits and bites of it and this is again intentional. Zbigniew Brzezinski talked about giving it to the people back in the 1960's and what its real function would be. It's a preparatory phase of conditioning the mind to actually to the binary code, because the whole computer system runs on zeros and ones, ones and zeros, and hence the high number 10 in Masonry. It's conditioning the actual minds to be nearer to a computer's logic than a human logic and they don't realize this.


Jackie:  There are whole books on the internet.


Alan:  Yes, but they can't ready anything right through. Now, anyway, getting back to "The Ghost in the Machine," for those who can't be bothered to read the whole book, just read the last chapter and that's by a man employed initially by Stalin as an officer. He helped in the starvation of millions of Ukrainians and he tells you in his own writing in that book that he was so conditioned in believing in the communist system that what he was doing was part of "historical necessity." That's the term they use when they have to eliminate vast populations.


Jackie:  You mean that's what he was told and he believed it?


Alan:  Yes. Now you think after he tells you this that obviously he'd changed his mind.


Jackie:  That's what I was going to ask.


Alan:  But that's the big shocker when you find out that, no, he came over to New York worked for the United Nations. He taught in universities there and he worked for the UN think tanks on ways to literally lobotomize that part of the brain, the higher intellect, and that's why it's called "The Ghost in the Machine."  It's that illusive part that is your spiritual connection with the body, you might say, that makes you you and his job was to try different techniques. He said there were other think tanks and they had regular meetings and the other think tanks were employing other means of trying to achieve the same ends, and he worked for about 20 years on this very problem. In the last chapter of the book he goes through not only what they decided on doing and he does mention, by the way, dumbing the people down through altering the food, adding chemicals to the water and so on to make them more accepting of the next phase, and he also rationalizes the reasons for having to do this to bring world peace. Utopia to these elitists is going to be a hell for everyone else if they get their way and these people are deadly, deadly serious.


Jackie:  You know, Alan, utopia for them is whoever is left of the underlings will be so drugged or maybe they won't even need to be drugged by then, but I don’t know if there's any truth to what their plan is if you're reading like "This Perfect Day" or "1984," those. They have the drugs. Anybody who suddenly felt some type of emotion reached in their pocket and took out a soma and took the pill to get those emotions gone. Well, think about this. If this is true, I don't know, but it has been reported in newspaper reports that they're finding high quantities of Prozac and all these psychotropic drugs. Evidentially, what the body doesn't absorb is being excreted and it is not being filtered out; it's in the drinking water, Alan.


Alan:  It's been in the drinking water because they're also spraying it along with other chemicals in these trails above our heads.


Jackie:  You're assuming that.


Alan:  No. Rumsfeld said it right after 9/11 on television; he was asked what their plans were if there was another major crisis in a city where the people began to panic and he said, "we already have chemicals to spray over entire cities containing Prozac and Valium; aerosolized Prozac and Valium."  Now if he said that then it doesn’t take much to come up with the equation that they're already do it and of course because it's being found in the drinking water is simply diverting reality of where it's coming from. Because the people today, many people are beginning to lose their short-term memory and I've talked to many people who complained of it and yet they feel sort of happy as though they're tranquilized and that's what's happening. It makes perfect sense as we go through these massive world changes and societal changes, the biggest changes that have ever happened since the Industrial Revolution began and all the people were moved into the cities. We’re going through the biggest changes society has seen for hundreds of years.


Jackie:  Hundreds of years?


Alan:  Yes and it makes perfect sense to drug down the people as you bring them through it. It makes perfect sense, but Rumsfeld admitted that.


Jackie:  Do you feel tranquilized?


Alan:  Not so much. Occasionally I'll get bouts of being tired, but what I've also noticed is those who are really, really awake prior to this don't seem to be affected the same way and I think it's because they're so used to studying that their mind sort of compensates, because as you study you must memorize and so on. It keeps your mind alert.


Jackie:  Do you suppose there could be something to it, those who are more spiritually conscious or connected, aware of the connection?


Alan:  I think so. 


Jackie:  Maybe so, Alan.


Alan:  There's no doubt about it. I've done my own sort of unofficial surveys and that's what I come up with all the time. As I say, you must always be able to jump from where you are into the mind of the controllers and you can only do it by studying them and their writings. It makes perfect sense to drug the people as you're bringing them through such incredible changes, leading ultimately to the extinction of individual consciousness. You would have to drug them and make them happy.


Jackie:  Or not necessarily happy, just emotionless. Happiness is an emotion, Alan, and unless they're giving a happy pill, I would think that it would be just an emotionless that they wouldn't feel much of anything.


Alan:  Well, they don't, you see. They don't even respond much – I mean they can sit there and eat their dinners and watch Iraqis blown up by mistake, whole villages, and it doesn’t bother them. If you can't cry for every catastrophe that's occurred on this planet to all the different people, if you can't cry for them, there's something wrong with you.


Jackie:  Well, if we did that we would be crying all the time.


Alan:  We should be crying all the time.


Jackie:  I mean the sorrow or the compassion that you feel.


Alan:  It's the empathy and when you lose empathy then you're emotionally stunted. Something has happened to you and that means that if all those around you are the same, well, who's going to cry for you when they come for you?  No one will, so we better wake up fast and really see what's going on here and try to become as human as possible, and by that, I mean use the humaneness within you. Use it with others fast and for others fast, regardless of what they think of you because the time is really getting short now. When you watch how much spraying they're doing almost all over the planet right now on a daily basis – we're watching clouds that have come out of science fiction movies but they're right above our head and it's no movie and this is happening daily now. These clouds are becoming the new norm to most people who can't remember what the old clouds look like. They have gone the whole way. They have tampered with the food. They have altered them for vaccinations, but it's done to such a micro level that they can also create drugs within the food as well, just like soma was opium and we know where opium comes from. It comes from a plant. They're simply doing the same thing again.


Jackie:  That's why they called George Bush's father Poppy.


Alan:  That's right.


Jackie:  Not because he was his papa, but because of his opium dealings. We have a call here. Hi, you're on the air. Who are we talking to?


Myron:  Yes. Good evening. This is Myron from Georgia.


Jackie:  Hi Myron.


Myron:  Yes, I called in last night also. I'll be very brief as possible. I want to state that I received Mr. Watt's booklets and I thoroughly enjoyed them. Very, very informative. I'd like to say something. I've done my own personal research on freemasonry and I went to the local library within my town as well and I came across a book. It's an autobiography of Albert Pike and the name of the book was "The Man Beyond the Monument" and the author's name is Jim Tresner. Within the book he states that Albert Pike made a remark, and if I may, may I share my brief remarks of what Albert Pike had stated?


Jackie: Yes do Myron. 


Myron:  It states on page 76 of his book was a remark made by Albert Pike is this.


            "To the ancients, this light was an outflowing from the Deity. To us, as to them, it is the apt symbol of truth and knowledge. Masonry is a march and a struggle toward the Light. For the individual as well as the nation, Light is Virtue, Manliness, Intelligence, Liberty. Tyranny over the soul or body, is darkness. Masonry to the Masonic Brethren is a search after, and a journeying toward Light. The Masonic Light is Truth. It is the inculcation of truth by means of symbols and instructions. Teaching a pure morality by its lessons and lectures, it is also a great system of philosophy and of political and of religious truth concealed by symbols." Thank you, ma'am.


Jackie:  Thank you, Myron. Alan, now I've said this before so often because what he was reading didn't sound terrible. Tyranny over the souls of man is darkness. How do you explain this?


Alan:  Because on the lower levels that's exactly the propaganda they do put out and you must remember even the word "man" does not refer to ordinary people in their religion. The profane are not really men and women. In fact the profane are subhuman and of course when you really – well, read Albert Pike's own book, not by someone else. Read Albert Pike's "Morals and Dogma" and he tells you that freemasonry is a religion and he tells you again, he says, "make no mistake. Lucifer is God," and unfortunately so is Adonai.


Jackie:  He says that in "Morals and Dogma"?


Alan:  It's in "Morals and Dogma". Make no mistake, he says, "Lucifer is God." Lucifer is the light you see he's talking about.


Jackie:  In the Masonic rituals, I actually have this in Chapter 16 and 17 of the book, they say to the freemasons when they get up high enough the lost word is Jehovah. That's in one of the initiations or the part – so Lucifer and Jehovah are the Masonic gods?


Alan:  They're two sides of the same coin.


Jackie:  Well of course. I mean Lucifer – the reason I'm saying this is because of the call I received from a listener who said that referring to Jehovah as Lucifer is blasphemy, well but it isn't Jehovah it's Yahweh, and that I was being put on an altar, that he would take me if I was wrong or take her if she was wrong. Now this is not a cruel lady. What she is saying she means it with all of her heart and soul because she believes with all her heart and soul that Yahweh, or however they do it, that is creator and that is the god Jehovah but it's using his name wrong. You see the whole thing is so twisted.


Alan:  When you cut through the chase of freemasonry, most people don't get beyond the third degree and they're quite happy as a Master Mason, you see, but "life begins at 40" and that's what it means, the 40th degree is when they start to tell you what the real truth is.


Jackie:  There was a Masonic song and it was sung to the tune of "God Save the King," which is the same tune of, what is it, "Oh Beautiful for Spacious Skies," or whatever, well right in that song the lyric are Jehovah, Jove, Oh Lord.


Alan:  That's right and Rudyard Kipling also wrote it and he said, "Jehovah, Jove, by George."  It's a big joke to them because ultimately in freemasonry the high masons are taught the truth. As they come in the Grand Master sits in the East you see where the sun rises--


Jackie:  Yes and you know what they say?


Alan:  And they go round the altar and the secret is that you have become a god.


Jackie:  They're building temples and tabernacles in the soul of man and nations, and when they ask which way are you traveling from Babylon to Jerusalem. This is up somewhere around the 16th or something like that level but it deals with Jerusalem and the temple and the avenging of Hiram Abiff and it all goes--


Alan:  Hiram Abiff is not a person. It's a symbol of the higher self, the godhood within man, and the three unworthy craftsman that they talk about they often call it the JUWES; like Jack the Ripper used. It's desire, thought and action. That's what they stand for. Desire, thought and action used impulsively will kill the higher god within you and you become the low profane. That's what it means. It's all allegory you see.


Jackie:  I know but you know there is so many people who say I am a Christian and worship and adore Yahweh, Jehovah, Jove, Lucifer and they don't even realize they're doing it, Alan.


Alan:  That's how far mind control can take you and really it's also a choice for them and you can't really do anything about it. The time has come where you have to concentrate on people who do want it. Those who are worshipping the traditional religions, on the one hand, they're preaching the terror of the last days, the ETs, extraterrestrial or end times; they have a joke for that one. On the other hand, after they've terrified their flock, they say: "but don't worry, God is in control" – so who's doing it?


Jackie:  Yes and Jesus said that the kingdom of God is within you.


Alan:  Exactly.


Jackie:  And if that isn't the most outward of our expression, and I know I'm not saying that mine is, but that would be our desire to be an expression of our creator.


Alan:  Remember Albert Pike was also a member of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry (SRFM) and if you speak it, you see, that's another one of their little tricks, if you speak it you have Seraphim. Seraphim are the highest order of angels beneath the Cherubim, and the Scottish Rite calls themselves the Order of the Perfection. When you're perfect, a Perfecti, you are now a god on earth; but of course they can't publicize that at the bottom.


Jackie:  One of the degrees is called the Knights of Kadosh or something like that. In my researching I find that the first Jewish synagogue or temple or whatever, was the temple or the whatever, Kadosh, and there we are in one of those degrees of freemasonry.


Alan:  It was also a battle place.


Jackie:  Okay. We've got a call here. Go ahead caller. Who's there?


Kate:  Hi Jackie. This is Kate.


Jackie:  Yes Kate.


Kate:  I want to know from Alan, you know the Catholic Church years ago have been taken over by the Jewish masons--


Jackie:  Yes, we've only got a couple of minutes, honey, so be quick.


Kate:  What I want to know is this other pope that died or they killed him, why did he always hit the ground when he got off the plane?


Jackie:  Alan?


Alan:  I think he was afraid of flying, or maybe he was just kissing his own property, but the fact is the mystery religions has been always present within all organized religions. It's behind it.


Jackie:  We’re out of time.


Alan:  Okay.


Jackie:  Ladies and gentlemen, we'll be back Monday. Thank you, Alan.


Alan:  It's a pleasure.



(Transcribed by Linda)