April 26th, 2006
Alan Watt on
"Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru


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Jackie Patru: Thank you for joining us again tonight on Sweet Liberty.  It is Wednesday, the 26th of April in the year 2006.  And Iím glad youíre with us tonight, and Iím glad that Alan is with us tonight, also.  Alan, thanks for being here tonight.


Alan Watt: Itís a pleasure.


Jackie: So, whatís going on?


Alan: Oh, Iím just busy with all the emails that are coming in and getting stuff printed up for sending out.  Thatís really what takes the time, is making them up, and getting them all packaged.


Jackie: Youíre talking about the books, taking them up to get them copied?


Alan: Thatís right.  I went in on Monday, yesterday, for another bunch.  And I went into chapters and the same thing happened that happened before.  I was first there to make sure when it opened.  And she says, come back about twelvish.  I came back at 1PM.  And they hadnít started it.  She said both machines broke down when they tried to do the double-sided.† And the people, of course, were coming and going with the single sheet copies, side copies, so, again it worked fine for the other ones, but not for me.  So, I managed to go to another small printer, who did do them up in about an hour and a half.


Jackie: Then go to the small printer from now on. 


Alan: Yeah.  So, that was quite something.


Jackie: Well, Iím glad to hear youíre getting orders for that book.† That you were losing, you were losing faith.† Or maybe, I donít know, you know, like you said, well, people donít like to read.


Alan: They donít.


Jackie: There are certain, thereís a certain type of people, that I believe listen to the Sweet Liberty Broadcast.  And of course, youíve been on here, with us on and off, ever since 1998.  And theyíre different.  I believe theyíre different, or they wouldnít be listening, Alan.


Alan: There will also be another group, I think, as well, that are new ones, newcomers, from the other shows, you know.  And maybe thatís part of it too. 


Jackie: It would be interesting if people when they wrote say where they heard you.† And did they, we better make sure in fact.  Maybe we could do that right now, is to let our listeners, well, I can do it.  Folks, if youíre ordering Alanís books, those are the three that heís done, Cutting Through, 1, 2, and 3.  And he cannot use a postal money order, a US postal money order.  So, when you order the books, either send an international postal money order, and you can get them right at your post office.  And I live in the boons, and I can get them from our little post office, so, I know that any post office you go into, just tell them you need an international postal money order. 


Alan: Thatís right.  And Iíve got a bunch here that I have to send back, because theyíre all just internal postal orders for the US.  And it says it right on it, where they sign their name, valid only within the United States.


Jackie: Well, I know, but you know what, Iím not making excuses, but I donít know if Iíd read that.† Because, if I went in and asked for a money order, I donít know if Iíd read that.† So, thatís why I wanted to make it real, real clear.  And Iím not doing this in a way that denigrates people.  I just know that itís so natural just to go in and get a postal money order.  So, we have to make sure when we do talk about it, that people do understand that.


Alan: International.  Yeah, theyíve got to be international.


Jackie: Yes, it has to be international. 


Alan: Itís the same.  You buy it at the same price, as far as I know.  And it speeds things up on my end.  Rather than me send them all back, and waiting for them to come back again. 


Jackie: Yes.  Well, Iím glad to hear that people are ordering the book, Alan.  It shows me that they want to find out for themselves.  And they want to do further research.


Alan; Yeah, these books, as I say, theyíre...


Jackie: Instead of being entertained by two people having a conversation.


Alan: Thatís right.  As I say, these books are written to just sort of try and wake the person up, as theyíre reading them, because I realized that all the books with the usual format and the Illuminati and all this kind of stuff, because weíre trained in a certain way, they donít remember it.  It doesnít have an impact on them.  And so, I use a different technique of writing, where they almost participate.  In other words, it makes them think as theyíre reading.  It makes them think as theyíre reading. 


Jackie: Well, in some of those photocopy pictures, drawings, and from the writings, from the old books, because those go back a long way.† I had one of our listeners write me, and he says, oh, I just found out youíve been hanging out with Alan Watt.  He says, you were just blowing away his something.  But he meant that, of course, in a positive way.  Geez, I was going to, never mind.  The reason I brought that up has slipped my mind.


Alan: What youíll find, as I say, thereís so much stuff.  People will ask me often, what other books can I read about.  And so on.  And what youíll find on the major bookshelves, books are purposely put out here for a paper trail to be laid for you.  And whatever is exposing Masonry generally comes from Masons themselves, or the high, the very high Masons.  And itís time to expose certain parts, because they donít need the lower Freemasonry anymore.  So, I tell people, donít waste your money buying the oohs, and ahs, type books, that astound you with the ooh and ah.  These are put out there for your consumption, because the real stuff is held by the elite, although you can teach people, because you can discern between the lines, what theyíre referring to, especially if you understand history. 


Jackie: What, you know what, youíre right.  Because Iíve re-read stuff that Iíd read in the past.  And so much jumps out at me Alan, that I would have never noticed before.  And one of the things, in fact, I responded this too, maybe it was this gentleman.  But, I didnít know about the priesthood, and, of course, you certainly made us very aware of that right in those beginning twenty hours that we did, on the air.  Folks, it wasnít twenty hours in a row, but it was four nights a week for five weeks, an hour each time.  And it was our primer course, wasnít it, Alan?


Alan: Yeah, definitely.


Jackie: But the interesting thing is, so much of what I read, it mentions very casually, almost offhandedly the priesthood.  But itís always there.


Alan: Itís always there.


Jackie: Itís always there, and even though Iím re-reading stuff, I never noticed it before.  Never noticed it before.  Then, in the place where it is, it really does, it really does confirm what you had told us.


Alan: Yeah, the world has been under a controlled system a long time.  And people think weíre just evolving with technology and this kind of thing.  They donít realize that outside the technology, itís the same moneyed type system, the same work ethic for the people.  In other words, thatís your function is to serve the system.  And they donít realize that itís been manipulated down through the thousands of years, the same system, really.  Commerce, money...


Jackie: And the priest-Sumer.


Alan: Yeah, priest-Sumer, definitely.  Sumer, they didnít invent this by themselves.  In fact, they sprung up out of nowhere with this whole system right there.  So, they learned it from a previous civilization, which they think are called the Harrapans, and the Harrapans, no doubt got it from an even older civilization. The Harrapans is the name the historians and the archaeologists are giving to the people who inhabited cities theyíre digging up now, underneath all the old Sumerian trade routes.  And these houses were very well built.  They even had indoor running water and showers even.  And weíre going 6,000-7,000 BC.  So, this is an ancient, ancient commercial type system thatís come down through the ages.  Money is the key to everything.  The whole structure of what we think is normalcy is really a system which is held together by money.  And itís not a happenstance thing for simply a bunch of elite to control.  Itís got a purpose and itís got direction.  And theyíve always known the purpose and direction.  And they literally plan centuries ahead at a time.  And you know, the first inkling I got of that was when I read the Communist Manifesto and then watched the implementation in the Soviet System of a ten year plan for one particular area, twenty for another particular area, in the society, maybe fifty, and a hundred year plan for another.  And then you find that the United Nations runs on the exact same principle.  So, itís like a huge investment business, really this world.  And like any big corporation, they plan out the next hundred years of investments.  And thatís really what they do.  And so, the major events within your life, just like 9/11, were planned long before it actually happened.  Long before, they published their own books on it, like Brzezinski, talking about the necessity of a Pearl Harbor type event to motivate the public, behind this war, so that they could invade Afghanistan first, then Iraq, then Iran, and then Syria.  So, these guys plan it way ahead.  Now, we know they all belong to these shady organizations, which the public have been conned into thinking are official government agencies, like the Council on Foreign Relations, but theyíre not.  Theyíre private institutions with an agenda, and they were created, that branch was created from the Cecil Rhodes branch of the Royal Institute for International Affairs in the late 1800s, in order to bring about a global government with three united trading blocs.  So, itís exactly the same as the Communist Manifesto.  Thatís what you find.


Jackie: That would be the purpose of the Trilateral Commission.


Alan: Itís the three trading bloc areas of the world, and itís also the merging of the three parts of the American continent.  Thatís also the other part of it.


Jackie: I thought about this.  You know, when America was first growing, there were thirteen colonies.† But think about this though.  They were separate states.  They were, you know, under the articles of confederation that, what did they call it, Continental Congress.  It had no power whatsoever.  And when they joined them all together in the United States, then itís no different than the United Europe countries.  I mean, that was the beginning of it.  And you know, somebody mentioned this to me at one time, and I checked it out and found that it was so.  If you look at a map, each country is a different color.† Okay.  Now if you look at the United States map, each state is a different color.  It isnít all one color, like America.  And it pretty much confirms theyíre aware that these were separate sovereign nations at one time. 


Alan: What it really is, and Iíll tell you what really got me.  I donít know if you saw the movie, itís called Gangs of New York.


Jackie: Oh, Gangs of New York.† Somebody was telling me they just saw it. 


Alan: Itís an interesting take on the gangs that ran the extortion rackets in New York City.


Jackie: From way back.


Alan: In the 1800s.  And how they competed with each other and fought with each other.  But it also showed you the leader of one gang, who was in cahoots with the early politicians.  And they would meet every so often.  And once the politician says, you know, the public are getting restless with the crime, weíll have to give them a sacrifice, who can you spare?  So, the leader of the gangs thought of three older guys that he didnít need anymore.  He got them set up to be arrested, and they publicly hung them.


Jackie: So, they were actually giving us inside information with that. 


Alan: Well, at the end of the movie was incredible, because, at the end of the movie, the two major gangs were squaring up for a battle to see who was going to take over the whole territory, the whole city.  And it was at the time when the American Civil War was beginning.  And just when they were squaring off for fighting, in come these cannon shells from the brand new American Navy that was created, and they started shelling them.  And then the troops came in, organized military troops.  And the message really was, it was never said, but the message was implicit in what you saw.  The biggest gang of all has arrived.  The Federal Gang.


Jackie: Yeah.  Well, now, do you know what, maybe it was Jeff who saw it, but one of them, he said was, that they were actually rioting when they were going to initiate the draft.  And the federal government came in and shot them down.


Alan: The biggest gang that had convinced the public.  You see, extortion rackets run on threatening people and theyíll say to you, give me so much money and Iíll let you stay open another week.  Well, the government trained the public that taxation is different, because itís a different word, you see.  Thatís all; thatís the only difference there is.  And they train you that itís somehow normal, and you pay them that money and they leave you alone until the next year.  Itís the same racket.


Jackie: What does that have to do with initiating the draft, though? There was one segment where the people were actually opposing the initiating of the draft.


Alan: Oh yeah.  Because they were wellÖ  A lot of people were well aware that this war had bigger, itís actually like itís 9/11 again.  Had much biggerÖ


Jackie: Would that have been the first World War when they were going to institute the draft, were they going to do it then?


Alan: Well, yeah, but they did it in the American Civil War in the North.† And so, this new federal government...


Jackie: Thatís why they were opposing it.  They were drafting people, werenít they?


Alan: They were.† And all you had was a business takeover of all the Southern properties.  It was a business.  It was an economic war, like all wars are economic, ultimately.


Jackie: Did you think that was true, because, I mean, this was a movie, but do you think that that was true, that there was an opposition against it?  And the federal government came in.


Alan: Oh, itís recorded that there was a lot of opposition to this, absolutely.


Jackie: But, was it recorded that the federal government intervened and came in and shot at them?


Alan: Oh, yeah.  The federal government were sent too, and also grabbed people who were enlisted and didnít turn up.  So, it was.  You see, democracy is wonderful.  Thereís no choice in democracy.  And thereís no complaints department, you notice.  Itís one way or no way.  And this is the system.  But all it is, is one huge gang at the top.  And the federal government is just the biggest gang taking over and instituting by law.


Jackie: The beginning, wasnít it, Alan?


Alan: Yeah.  The same con game as the little gangs had been playing for years.


Jackie: Well, actually, big time, since the US Constitution. 


Alan: Well, the con part is good.  Because really, theyíd had meetings in Europe with all these top leaders of different countries.  They were so used to having wars that they used to toss coins to say, well, whose turn is it next time to start a war.  Whoís going to win it?  Theyíd all invest in the shipping and armaments and all the rest of it.  And the elite would benefit.  It didnít matter who won or lost.  They all won.  And they had meetings.  And then they realized that they couldnít take the whole world over.  The way it stood, no one trusted London, because they knew that they just went in to rape and pillage and loot for Londonís sake.  And I say London, because those were the guys who benefited, was the big elite who lived in London.  And they couldnít use France, because they had a similar story at one point.  Spain too.  Theyíre all too old countries.  So, they had to create a knight in shining armor that would pretend to lead the world into a New World Order, a Novus Ordo Seclorum.  Itís right on the seal there.  And they created the United States, as supposedly a champion for the world.  And thatís their job. It was to bring the whole world under the one system, under a deception.  And thatís exactly what itís doing. 


Jackie: And that the United States of America, was initially founded with this whole thing in mind.  I read something somewhere at one time about, was it the chair, the seat of George Washington at the Constitutional Convention, that there was a sunrise on it, Masonic, and there was debate on whether it was depicting a sunrise or a sunset. 


Alan: And Franklin at that very speech at the table with Washington, when they toasted him as the Grand Master of these United States, and thatís in Franklinís own writings, he talked about the picture behind him, the portrait, also depicting a Masonic sunrise and the chair.  So, this was well understood.  These were all Freemasons with a job to do that the public would never understand until it was completed.


Jackie: Well, for our listeners, who may not have heard this, I have a book entitled an Economic Interpretation of the Constitution, and it was written by Beard.  I think it was Charles Beard.  And I do know that one of our listeners in Ohio, one who was a major supporter of the Sweet Liberty Broadcast, while we were on shortwave, had called me and said, how do I get it?  And I found it for him on Abe Books.  But Alan, when you read that book, the names of each of the fifty-five men there, what their background was, I mean, they were lawyers.  They were land developers.  Every single one of them.


Alan: And big land developers.


Jackie: There were only a couple or three there, that didnít have at least apparently, huge sums of money.  But they all, every single one of them benefited when that Constitution was ratified.  And Iím the one, that thing that Noah Webster wrote, that I will defend the Constitution with my last breath.  Alan, that was me.  Well, you know that, donít you?


Alan: Yeah.  (Chuckle)


Jackie: Yeah, well, you think itís funny.  I guess it is.  Itís kind of pathetic.


Alan: Yeah, but thatís the conditioning everybody has got, you see.


Jackie: Oh, man. 


Alan: You see, the password, even at theÖ


Jackie: I just wanted to finish this.  The name of the book, again, folks, if you wanted to look for it, or even in your library, is the Economic Interpretation of the Constitution, and it is not pleasant to read.  But for me, I want the truth, no matter how hurtful it is.  And Beard is his last name.  I think it was Charles Beard who wrote it. 


Alan: And it was a setup from the beginning.  They had to make it look real.  We know from the various Masonic writings that have been published since then, that George Washington used to meet with other members of the British Army in their Lodges, during that war.  And he even signed his name in their books, you know.  So, it was a sort of put-on.  Even Cornwallis, if you read the histories of Cornwallis, he led the party in Britain, initially to allow America to become a separate country.  And the next thing you know, heís given the very appointment to oppose them?  This is a Masonic ritual youíre seeing there.


Jackie: Say that again.


Alan: Cornwallis actually stood up.  He was a member of the House of Lords or Parliament.  And he stood up, in his own memoirs, itís recorded, and addressed the Parliament, and asked them to allow America to be a separate nation, but still done under the form of a Commonwealth, the British Commonwealth.  In other words, it would follow the same laws, etc.


Jackie: And that was before the war.  The war actually, the battle had ended, and that war wasnít really ended formally.


Alan: No.  What Iím saying is, this was before the war begun. 


Jackie: Oh, the revolution?


Alan: Yeah.† So, he actually led the party to leave America alone.  And yet, the crown appointed him as the guy to go and oppose America.  You see, it wouldnít make sense unless he was let in on the big secret, that this was a show for the world.† I mean, Washington came out of that with I think twenty miles more of, square miles, or more of land.  So, he was a busy guy, you know.††


Jackie: At Natural Bridges National Park there was a big sign there, and the land was George Washingtonís.  Lots and lots of land, Alan.


Alan: Oh, massive.  And what people forget too, is these landowners, they were big landowners.  You see, these werenít just little guys with a plot of land.  And these guys had it all and their families before them had been given charters to own those lands by the British crown.  Washington himself was trained in the American colonial army, the British Colonial Army.  It was the British who trained him as an officer.  And thatís when he was inducted into Freemasonry, was in the British, when he served the British as an officer.  Thatís in his own histories, you know.  So, this was a setup from the beginning.  Not only that, when you go into the passwords at the time for the French Illuminati, they would use a French word, which is also similar to a Greek word for spirit.  The spirit in Greek is nous, itís n-o-u-s.  And so, in French nous, also means, translating it from the French to the English, and that was their password, was new, is US, "us".  So, I mean, come on, this is a setup from the beginning.  And then they put an Egyptian obelisk there for apotheosis, to raise Washington to godhood.  And no one asks, why is an Egyptian obelisk standing in a supposedly Christian country?  (Chuckle)


Jackie: Iíll tell you why, because a lot of people donít understand it.† The Washington Monument, a lot of people donít even, well, they know itís an obelisk, but they donít know what the Obelisk represents.


Alan: And itís right over. 


Jackie: It is ignorance.  It isnít stupidity.  It is because weíre ignorant.  You know, when I was first involved, back there in 1990, late í91, and beginning to wake up.  And anyway, one of our networkers from, we had the Council on Domestic Relations networking organization.  He had been at the library. Now, this would have been probably around í93 maybe.  And he called me up.  Well, he spent almost a year at the library researching, and just blowing him away, blowing the librarians away, and then he sent me huge manila envelopes full of stuff he was pulling up.  And he called one evening.  And he started talking about the Freemasons.  Do you know how many Supreme Court Justices are Freemasons?


Alan: Oh, I know.


Jackie: But he went on and on.  And I said, Paul, I hear what youíre saying.  But, listen to this, Alan.  I said, whatís the significance of all this?† In the whole scheme of things. 


Alan: Yeah.  (Laughter)


Jackie: Iím talking naivety.  Iím talking lack of knowledge.  Thatís what I said to him.


Alan: Well, you always find the big obelisks are towering over a stretch of water, generally a rectangular.


Jackie: The reflecting pool.


Alan: And the reflecting pool.  Because, what youíre seeing, the obelisk is the male phallus, which is also fire, over the water.  Itís over the female.  Thatís what it signifies.  That the water is female in the Kabbala, you see, which these guys all studied.  And so, female is like, and Albert Pike said, it can only reflect the godhood or the light of their husbands.  Because, as the moon can only reflect the sunís light.  Then what youíre seeing with the obelisk and the water is the female can only reflect the glory of the spirit of Washington.  Itís quite something, yeah.


Jackie: I see.  Weíre going to take a break in 60 seconds.† I heard the tone.  And that reminds me.  You know, that comes right out of the Old Testament, the New Testament with Paul, where he said that the husband is the godhood of the family.  I told you about my "friend" who bragged that God was no longer present with his former wife and daughter, because he was gone.† He didnít say it.  Maybe he believed it.  But if he believed it, he was gloating.  Folks, weíll be right back after this.  Weíre ready to take a break.† So just stay with us.  This is nice, I can hear the music, and I heard the tone.† So, weíll be right back with you folks. 


(Commercial Break)


Jackie: You know, Alan, if you had, youíve said it many times I think you said it tonight, maybe not, but, they gave us all our heroes.† And I was thinking about, well, when I heard the commercial for DVD for The War of Northern Aggression.  I thought back about, of course, what we were taught in history.  And Abraham Lincoln was my hero.  And I remember in the fourth grade.  I mean, I was so impressed.  And I, not because it was a required thing, I memorized the Gettysburg Address.  Thatís how much of a hero Abraham Lincoln was to me.† And I wanted to, for any new listeners that we might have, talking about the Constitution, and it is true that to me, it was everything.  In fact, well, it was everything.  I mean as far as our "freedom and liberty", thatís one of the reasons, Alan, that I can so relate to listeners, to especially new listeners.  And it isnít that Iím not an intelligent person.  But I was so absorbed and believed, so trusting, in everything that we were ever taught.  And so, I looked back at myself, and how naive I was, and thatís why, I know itís a tough pill for people to swallow, when the truth begins to come, and itís very overwhelming.  But after you settle into it, then thereís a feeling of gratefulness, of not anger, because, I had my anger too.  Not at you all the time, but sometimes.  But anger, at all the lies weíve been told.  And then I stopped to think about it, and then I thought, instead of being angry, be grateful, that youíre finally wading through, and all of these lies are being dispelled.  And one more thing I wanted to say.  I made a note of it, talking about the Constitution, talking about the "Revolutionary War".


It was Ralph Boryszewskiís book, The Constitution That Never Was, Alan.  When I got that book, somebody sent it to me.  I wouldnít even read it.  I looked at the book, and I said, this is just another book trashing our Constitution.  And, of course, now I know, and I have quoted especially the part in there, where he tells about, you know, after the Constitution was framed, and we were framed, it took a couple of years before it was totally ratified.  And one of the things that Ralph pointed out is that the judicial section of the Constitution was never completed.  And they completed it with the first act that was passed by the Congress.  And when they did that, Alan, they did it in secret, and what they were doing was inviting the states to send in their suggestions.  Thatís when the first ten articles of Amendment were added into it.  So, everybodyís eyes were on that ball, while they were writing a bill that was huge.  I mean more text in it than the whole Constitution.  And it was passed, and our hero, George Washington signed it. And thatís how they did it, by keeping peopleís eyes off the ball, having them submit their suggestions for Amendments to it, before they were going to ratify it.


Alan: Well, what they love to do, even today, is to pretend that they listen to the people.  And, because thatís the whole con that itís based on, is that they pretend to listen to us.  And then, of course, we scratch our heads when they go off on some weird tangent.  This happens over and over and over again.  But when you realize, see, you donít get into politics by being a nice person.  You get into politics by joining Freemasonry to start with, and then youíre taught to go and join boards, voluntary boards, in you area.  And these boards always have a guy on top, whoís always been there, and heís a selector.  His job is to select those amongst them who could be used to go up the ladder in politics.  And when you get invited out by the guy at the top of the board to the golf course, then you know youíre on a winning ticket.  And thatís how the whole thing works.  Iíve seen it myself.  And so, those who go into politics, theyíll do anything, and I mean anything.  Theyíll join anything, as well, to get up there.  They have psychopathic personalities to begin with.  Only a psychopath cannot blush in front of thousands of people when theyíre accused of some of the things theyíre accused of.  So, they live on pure ego, and they simply want to get to the top.  They have no conscience over what they do.  And so, in this system, itís really a psychopathic winner type system, which you can see.  Any time you tune into some so-called reality show, the Donald Trump show, you watch these young executives all stab each other, trying to get above and get to lick the masterís boots there.  And itís the one whoís the most cunning and ruthless and very clever about it, who gets the approval and gets to go golfing with Donald Trump.  That says it all.  That is what our system is based on.  Itís a piranha-like psychopathic system.  And thatís the type that go into politics.  Theyíll do anything, anything theyíre told to get up there.  And thatís why they can lie so readily to the public.  And they must join some form of Masonry, if theyíre not already born into it.  They must join it.


Jackie: Well, you know what?† That was something evidently I knew inherently, because my motto was, Iím not interested in politics.  Leave that to the politicians.  And I told you that my uncle, Garland, was a state senator in Michigan for twenty-six years.  He came home from WWII missing a leg.  And they talked him into running, I guess, probably on sympathy.  But Uncle Gar got in, and what I was told, he was head of the appropriations committee.  A very powerful position.  But when they wanted to run him for US Congress, well, first of all, let me go back.  He found out that I didnít vote.  And he just went nuts.  He said, itís your duty, itís your responsibility.  I said, Uncle Gar, I donít know which butthead to vote for.  I mean, theyíre all crooked.  And of course, he was a senator.  And I might be being naive here, Alan.  I donít think I am.  Because my Uncle Gar and Aunt Jode, lived in a very, just a regular little house.  You know, with three bedrooms, a living room, and a kitchen, not a dining room or anything.  I remember one time when they wanted to award him a gold watch at some banquet.  And he said, thank you, but I canít take it, because he didnít want to make it look like heís getting bribes.  And when they wanted to run him for Congress, and they said heíd be a shoe-in, because he was very popular.  Well, he was re-elected for twenty-six years. And he told me he wouldnít do it.  And I asked him why.  He said, Iím not going out there.  He said, hell, he said they come up and give you tips on what stocks to buy. 


Alan: Yeah, thatís right.


Jackie: What stocks to purchase.  And he said, and then they get you in their clutches.  And so, I think there might have been one honest politician.  And never ever, I mean, they never had like a cottage somewhere, or anything.  I mean, they just lived like normal people.  So, I think my Uncle Gar was honest.


Alan:† Well, the thing is though, people who swear oaths to something they donít even understand because itís a secret, tells you what people willÖ


Jackie: Uncle Gar wasnít a Freemason.† No, no.


Alan: Well, because, if he was a Freemason he would have taken all the little bribes and investments, because the workman is worthy of his wages, as they say.  Itís a payoff system all the way up.  Itís a favor.  They showed you that in the Godfather.  The Mafia is a branch of Freemasonry.  Itís a branch of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.  And Albert Pike trained Giuseppe Mazzini, which is Joseph Mason in Italian, who took over the World Lodge basically at the time, and he went over to Italy to create the Revolution in Italy.  And he founded on one side, Mazzini founded the World Revolutionary Party.  His successor was Lenin, and they called it the World Communist Party.  Then they changed the name.  But Mazzini also authorized the creation of the Mafia.  And the Mafia is a Masonic Lodge.  Every side that seems to be fighting each other is actually part of the same head.


Jackie: Even the Jesuits.


Alan: Yes.


Jackie: You know, we were talking about Tupper Saucyís book.  And when you read it, he made, I mean, I didnít go out and resource and check out his footnotes and his bibliography and that.  But the way he made it out, it would lead a person to believe that the Jesuits were responsible for all kinds of terrible things.  Another thing that happened, and yet once you get it, you realize that it doesnít matter which one of them it is, theyíre all controlled at the top by a higher and hidden hand.


Alan: All of them.  And Iím telling you another thing as well, for those who are into the New Age, youíll find that your gurus are also sworn members of the same lodges, the higher lodges.  Now, Aleister Crowley, who was sent out by the British Secret Service, to do what he did, to set up cults, etc, thatís whoís at the head.  Where would you go, amongst the secret societies except the top?  The Secret Service of Britain created the secret societies that you end up joining at the bottom.  And Aleister Crowley went through all the different rites of the English Rite, the Scottish Rite and so on.  And when he went over to South America to take some of the drugs, the peyote with the native tribe in South America.  He said in his own book that he was initiated into the higher degrees of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, from a shaman in South America.  Theyíre all part of the same thing.† And guess who was pushing that in one of his books.  It rhymes with Pike.  He went over to try to do the same thing.  So hereís the same con game by the same people from the same country doing the same con.


Jackie: Is there a reason....


Alan: Well, I like to rhyme things, yeah.


Jackie: I know, but some people might not know what youíre talking about.


Alan: Oh, theyíll figure it out.  Theyíll figure it out.† Well, thatís in one of his books, how he went over there too supposedly.  The same road as Crowley took, but what he doesnít mention is that the shaman is also a Mason.  When the British came into Canada, youíll see this in some Masonic books.  They have the picture of Joseph Brant.  Joseph Brant is a name they gave to an Indian Chief over the Five Nations in Ontario.  And they brought him over to Britain, and they gave him an English wife, a Masonic daughter, you see.  Get the gene pool going again in family lineages.  And Joseph Brant came back to Canada.


Jackie: He was an Indian?


Alan: He was an Indian, full-blooded Indian chief.  And he sent half of the tribes to fight for the American side in the Revolution, and he used the other half to fight against them.  Thereís your typical what they do all the time. 


Jackie: Alan, why do we call them Indians?


Alan: Oh, well, we know the con game with the....


Jackie: Well, what I remember reading was thatÖ


Alan: Yeah, somebody lost his way in a boat.  (Laughter)


Jackie: The Indies and so they called the natives here Indians.† Iím not talking PC, politically correct, but isnít more apt, appropriate, to really call them Native Americans?


Alan: Or just natives, because letís be honest, when the big boys gave us countries, they gave us borders.


Jackie: The name, the politically correct name.


Alan: Yeah.  And all down through the centuries, they make the borders, they draw lines in the sand, and then they tax the people within to be on guard against those guys across that line there who are now your enemy. And this is how theyíve played this game all down through the centuries.  Now, Washington, youíll see in his main Masonic portrait there.  Heís got a few of them.  But youíll see the beehive in the lower right hand corner.  Iíve got it in my first book.  And now, he mentions the Illuminati.  Thatís recorded in history.  And he tries to make out that he knows that theyíre there, but he doesnít go any further.  Of course he knew, because he was a member of it, because that beehive, that beehive was the symbol of the Beenan Orden, the German Branch of the Illuminati.  Thatís what they called themselves.


Jackie: Thatís what the beehive was all about?


Alan: Thatís right.


Jackie: And worker bees and all that?


Alan: Thatís right. 


Jackie: I have allegedly from one of the museums the letter that George Washington wrote to his Brother Mason, expressing to one of them, expressing his concern about the infiltration of Freemasonry here...


Alan: Of Illuminism, yeah.


Jackie: By the Illuminati. 


Alan: Yeah, I know.  What a joke.  And of course, we also know that Jefferson was one himself.  In fact, thatís why he didnít get in the first time, is because it was known that he was a member of it, after being initiated into France.  But Benjamin Franklin was too.  Because when Franklin was over as ambassador to France, during the Revolutionary War, and living like a king, you should see the stuff that he went through in a week.  Even the booze, it was quite something.  Franklin himself became the Grand Master of the Grand Orient Lodge of France.  He was the top guy.  And he initiated Voltaire into it.


Jackie: And especially reading the protocols, and they always take credit that every revolution that has ever been thought was promulgated by them.


Alan: No, they donít at all.  That protocols is not who you think it is. 


Jackie: I donít care who it was.


Alan: Itís not who you think it is, because that was circulated in France in the 1800s.


Jackie: Okay.  I donít care who it was.  Whoever wrote it.


Alan: They knew the agenda.


Jackie: They took credit for every revolution that had ever been fought.


Alan: Well, yeah, but even modern Masonry books do that too.  The brand new ones that are put out by Masonry, they do take credit for all the revolutionary wars.


Jackie: You know, the hidden hand weíll call it, I guess.† The point is, that was the first time that the thought came into my mind, well, what about the American Revolution.  That was our War of Independence.  And then I thought, well, why would we think that that was different than any of the others.  So, I finally got to it, because it kept gnawing at me.  And I went and did, I got done with that chapter, and I just sat there, Alan.  And I just felt totally drained, totally exhausted emotionally, mentally, to find out everything I found out when I went looking.  It was really, in fact, I think I said that, of all, of everything that Iíve learned so far, this has been about the toughest pill for me to swallow.  Our War of Independence. 


Alan: Well, it certainly made people dependent.  That part is true.  Itís made them dependent, so I guess that part is true.  Yeah.  But we live in an eternal ongoing con game.  Just like the nonsense weíre going through right now, with the 9/11 deal.  In the late 90s, Britain tried to pass in the House of Lords, they put a bill through to pass a mandatory identification card.  Nothing was happening at the time.  The Soviet Union was supposedly over, the Cold War was gone, and everybody was scratching their head as to why this was happening.  The guy, the attorney general for Canada was Allan Rock, whoís now the UN Ambassador for Canada.  He himself put through an omnibus crime bill, which is identical to the Patriot Bill.  He put it through in í98.  He knew this was coming up.


Jackie: Wow.  Well, they had to do something to get it through, though.


Alan: Yeah, they knew it was coming up.  They were getting all ready for it then.  And thatís how things are really run.  Itís not the guy in the front, the President or Prime Minister.  In Masonry, heís never the boss.  You never put your boss as the guy who takes the heat, you see.  Thatís the job of a prime minister or president.  They take the heat for the show.  But itís the guy, number two is always the boss.


Jackie: Now, itís like this move to impeach Bush.


Alan: I love this fruit talk.  I love the talk about fruit.  You im-peach them, and you can have a court of appeal, which is an apple, you know.  So, itís quite funny all this Masonic chatter that they give to the public, right in our faces, and we donít catch on to it. 


Jackie: Well, the thing I see is that so many of the people who are involved in this donít realize that first of all, he really wasnít president anyway, not by votes.  But every president that weíve ever had was given to us on a silver platter, and even the choices we had for president.  Because they gave us, they let us actually think we had choices.  And then by getting rid of Bush that itís going to make some difference in the whole scheme of things.


Alan: Yeah, even though Kerry has already said that if he had gotten in, this same format and agenda in the Middle East would continue just the same.  Actually, he said heíd step it up.


Jackie: Oh, yeah.  He would fight it differently.


Alan: Because itís all on the books.  Itís a Masonic must-be, they call it in Masonry.  Itís a must-be.  When they make their plans they donít fall back on them.  And it doesnít matter which group, which color.  See this is a color coding Masonic thing weíre looking at here.  The Conservatives are always Blue for the Blue Lodge.  In every country, itís the same thing.  They call them Tories in Britain.  Their opposition is Labour in Britain, and they are Red.  You see, thatís the Red Lodge.  And then, of course, you have the Green Party, which is the Green, the primal color in between.  Thatís the one set over to take over the world into the new era.  Thatís what the Green Party is about.  And of course, we know that Gorbachev, when he was brought over to England by Maggie Thatcher, and given the grand tour, he was knighted into the Knights of Lazarus, which is the Templar Cross, but itís a Green Cross.  And thatís the one he flies outside the Presidio.


Jackie: Yeah, whatís the name of his organization?  Green Cross?


Alan: Oh, he actually has one about some global chatter.  Itís one of many groups really.  In fact, they run many groups.  And theyíre funded again by the Rockefellers and the Ford and Carnegie Foundations. 


Jackie: In the Presidio?


Alan: And you know, he was given that, that was actually passed and licensed for him to run that place before he left as Premier of the Soviet Union.  Whoís kidding who here?


Jackie: Before he left he made it well known that Communism is not dead, it just has another name.


Alan: What he said in fact, and thereís a great write-up in the Toronto Sun at the time about it, by the foreign correspondent.  And he did give the whole speech and he said, he says, donít believe it when you hear that itís dead.  He said, weíre simply moving into the next phase, and that ties right in with what they found at the Reece Commission, that their job, the big foundationsí job in America, was to blend America into the Soviet system into a seamless web.  And thatís what weíre seeing is a new system with a Fascist elite leadership at the top, with a Communistic-style bureaucracy running the people below.  That is the Third Way.


Jackie: Yes.  Thereís another book I want to recommend to our listeners.  And itís the one entitled Cogs in the Wheel by Mikhail Heller.  It just tells all about.  He tells all about this in this book, Alan.  And I think it would probably have to be gotten through Abe books or one of the used book stores.  And there was one more thing.  The movie, I got into this last Wednesday when you had to leave early.  But I talked to myself too long and wasnít able to say it.  Remember when you were saying how they entertain us, and they tell us what theyíre doing through entertainment.  And the one thing I was referring to was whatís happening today with, you know, this Mexican thing, and there was a movie that we watched.  It probably is available at the video stores.  I think we watched it on HBO, and it was titled The Second American Civil War.  And this whole thing, and it was billed as a comedy.  The whole thing was about immigration.  And how the governor of Oklahoma I think said no, weíre not taking them.  And then they started to choose up sides.  The governor of Washington State took sides with Oklahoma.  He was a Chinese man.  And then I think, I found out later that the governor of Washington then was actually a Chinese person.  I might be wrong here.  But folks, itís called The Second American Civil War.  And itís exactly what Alan was telling us.  They billed it as a comedy.  I cried in that movie, Alan.  Because I saw what was happening.  And I realized that there would be people who watched that movie, and if this happens in this country, theyíre going to go, God, thatís just like that funny movie we saw, remember that one.


Alan: Itís predictive programming. 


Jackie: Yes.  Predictive programming.  Weíre out of our hour.  Alan, thank you for being here with us tonight. 


Alan: Itís a pleasure.


Jackie: Get a good nightís sleep.


Alan: I will.


Jackie: And folks, Darren will be back with you on Monday and Tuesday.  Alan and I will be back with you next Wednesday, barring any unforeseen events.  Thank you for being here, and good night.  Good night, Alan.


Alan: Good night.



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