Alan Watt on

"Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru

April 27, 2005




Jackie:  Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for joining us tonight on Sweet Liberty. It is Wednesday. It is the last night of our broadcast week of course and our guest again this evening is Alan Watt. Alan, thanks for being here tonight.


Alan:  It's a pleasure.


Jackie:  Let me do this and as you know, I was just a little bit behind tonight when you called. What I would like to do first of all from Matthew 25, Jesus said:


             "For I was hungry and you gave me meat. I was thirsty and you gave me drink. I was a stranger and you took me in naked and you clothed me. I was sick and you visited me. I was in prison and you came unto me; inasmuch as you have done it unto the least of these my brethren ye have done it unto me."


I like that. That's pretty. That's so real, isn't it, Alan?


Alan:  It is, yes, and there's no money involved.


Jackie:  Well I know but what I mean is that it is true. Let me put it that way: that what we do to one or for one, it's to all or for all.


Alan:  That's right. It's natural humanity.


Jackie:  That's what I mean. What I would appreciate if you would do – I know we talked about it last night, but let our listeners know again this evening. Folks, today is Wednesday it is the 27th of April in the year 2005. Maybe I gave the date, I don’t think I did. Today is Chuck's birthday, his birthday in this third dimensional world, and I just wanted to remember him to you, folks. Alan, if you will, tell our listeners about the books.


Alan:  My books go through freemasonry, the banking system of ancient times up to the present, how countries were taken over and empires built up and then destroyed as the money powers moved on. I also go into how these bankers created the world religions and helped to dominate the peoples they took over in foreign countries by imposing these religions, installing priesthoods, generally from the Middle East, and setting up churches in each country, which also served as a branch of their banking system. Therefore, the gold that was lent to these countries ended up underneath these churches for so-called "safe keeping." It's an interesting read, each one of them, and the secret society that was on the go 5,000 BC is still on the go today and that's why nothing really changes. [See for ordering information.]  It's the same system of debt creation, which gives power to private bankers over the countries and obviously then it gives the bankers the right to dictate policies of those countries, just like Alan Greenspan does.


In Canada we have the Bank of Canada, which is not a Canadian bank, it's actually a board of men who were picked by the international bankers who liaised with the Canadian government. They've pulled this trick in every country and really only 12 families or so are the international families which lend to every country, and technically they lend nothing, but they want repayment in real goods or gold and that's how it is up until the present system.


Jackie:  And they never print enough money to pay the usury that's charged.


Alan:  That's correct and they must always keep a country in debt. Even in ancient times when they would take over a country by force, often, because they employed armies of countries they'd already conquered, they would install what they called a tyrant or dictator and he was well-paid for his function and he would immediately start massive public works and projects and build mausoleums and so on. Of course, this was borrowed from the bankers and they created the debt system, which was based also on compound interest, meaning you could never get away from the debt. You couldn't pay it off, so the bankers ended up having complete control over the country through the front man who was the tyrant or dictator. Later on, of course, they gave us democracy, so you have a bunch tyrants basically fronting for the bankers and it's all the same system. They're all Masons of high degree, pre-picked before the public even see them up for election and they vowed complete obedience to the organization they serve, which is not the people you see. It's an ancient system. It's well documented in some books in fact and even many of the ancient Greeks especially wrote about these bankers and how they operated and how they had been taking over the countries 2,000 BC by the same techniques.


Jackie:  And they wrote about it in Genesis.


Alan:  That's why they put Genesis together, the "Gene of Isis," because it contains their mystery religion and of course religion dominates the mind. That's what its function was meant to do. It limits your scope of thinking.


Jackie:  I received a call from a listener last night and he is a long-time listener but he was really thrilled to hear you mention the CIA behind many of the shortwave alternative broadcasts, but he said, " to be honest with you, I had quit listening for a while when you had Alan on and he said that Jesus was the same as Jupiter." And I said no he didn't and he was convinced and I said, "no, you misunderstood what he told us," and I looked it up of course. I didn't carry this on in the conversation but you can search and find it in so many places that Jehovah, Jupiter, Jove, are all one and the same.


Alan:  That's right. Rudyard Kipling even wrote a little poem on it, and it ended with "Jehovah, Jupiter, Jove, by George." That's how it ended; he was a high mason too, so they all know. Of course it's a mystery religion and it's been around for thousands and thousands of years and they've controlled all other established religions. They certainly took them over from the beginning. You can see even in the New Testament where you have obviously a person who was doing extraordinary things such as taking bankers out of the temple, standing up to the priesthoods of his day and decrying them for what they were, which again was front men for other powers, so you can see there was a real person there. Where it comes to the addition of the old mystery religion which Rome put on it, you can see the 12 disciples and Jesus as the sun, so they added on the old mystery religion on top of the real character you might say.


Jackie:  The real individual, the real person?  I'm sorry. You go right ahead, Alan.


Alan:  It's easy to discern a real person and what a real person is doing, as opposed to the standard sun and the 12 disciples, or the sun and the 12 signs of the zodiac, which had preceded the idea for thousands of years. In the Egyptian times it was 10 signs of the zodiac and they changed two of the signs. One was a hippo and one was an alligator, although the hippo was more important to the sign at the time.


Jackie:  Why? What did it mean?


Alan:  It's the only animal which can fart through its mouth.


Jackie:  Are you serious?


Alan:  Yes. It's a fact.


Jackie:  Is that a joke?


Alan:  It's true. It's a pretty formidable animal and you don't want to face it anyway.


Jackie:  Well, wouldn't we call that a burp?


Alan:  Not really. This literally was from the other end. It came right through its mouth.


Jackie:  Oh my, my. But that's why it was so important?


Alan:  It's because it could also swim underwater and on land, and of course they like the symbol of the Nile bringing the life to the area and onto the land and so the hippo could signify that or symbolize that. It could swim into the water and come onto the land.


Jackie:  One of the thoughts that I have had – you know you have shown us how they have used the astrological wheel, all of that, as part of their mystery religion. Well, Alan, they don't do that for fun. My thought is well and I don't know. You may not agree with this and that's okay, but I find that there – for example, if an individual has an astrological chart drawn up the person who draws up the chart, the astrologer, if it's a good one, doesn’t have to know anything about the individual and like a natal chart. Of course it doesn't mean your life is mapped out but it seems to me that there is relevance in understanding the energy from the different planets and how they play upon us at certain times and it's just too accurate in too many ways for too many people for there not to be some merit to it; but maybe that's why in the Old Testament they tell you not to go to astrologers, because I think Christians think that it's sinful et cetera, et cetera, but I would like your comments on that. I mean why – for example, the number 13. I thought about this and of course they gave us Jesus and his 12 disciples. Were there 12 disciples? I don't know but I thought to myself – in fact I've said it. One time I was talking to a group and somebody was talking about the number 13 and I said well the energy, the color, each color has its own – would we call it a vibration or frequency, and the tuned and musical tones, the notes, everything really is quite beautiful the way everything kind of meshes and joins together. But I thought well maybe there's something about the number 13 the energy of it that is powerful. So we're told that it's an unlucky number and they won't put a thirteenth floor on a building et cetera, et cetera. And Jesus, what was it, his 33rd year, did he begin or was he crucified?


Alan:  Crucified.


Jackie:  Okay, so they use these numbers and they use the astrological signs and dates, and I wonder if that has to do with what they call their windows of opportunity.


Alan:  They definitely use the solar chart as a timetable because it's a clock and it's a clock which deals in hundreds and thousands of years, and their plans are ancient, but they say themselves the plan came down or came to them around 4,500 BC. That's when the plan to take the entire planet over and how it would be done was supposedly drawn up. That's why you see two dates on Masonic temples, the date it was built, in modern numbers and times, and they had the other one with AL on it (Anno Lucifer), the fall of Lucifer. They have that date plus the 4,500 years tacked on to it.


Jackie:  Didn't you say this plan is much older than even that?


Alan:  I believe so. In fact I think that plan is only one phase of a much older plan.


Jackie:  In other words, maybe it was the tweaking. Maybe they tweaked it.


Alan:  Or revised it.


Jackie:  Or revised it. It was like that Rabbi Ricorn said at some funeral. This is a quote allegedly. I wasn't there so I can't say for a fact, but what he said in this, it was at a eulogy, I believe, a friends funeral, he said we get together every 100 years to take a look at where we are and to plan out the next 100. You know, Alan, I thought my goodness, because when you read the Protocols and you see how everything is falling right into place and according to the way they laid it out. Then you think well that was 100 years ago, but we know they say in the Protocols it is said this plan that we have had underway for 2,000, 25-whatever-hundred years. Well, it makes sense that every 100 years or so--


Alan:  It's no different from any corporation. They literally plan ahead 100 years.


Jackie:  Boy, do they plan.


Alan:  Even the World Council of Churches plans ahead in 100 years and of course David Rockefeller started that up.


Jackie:  Getting back to the astrological thing, if they are the keepers of the truth, of the mysteries and it is so important to them, I guess what I am saying is that it makes some sense to me that there is something to it and they don't want people to know.


Alan:  It's not that at all actually.


Jackie:  What is it?


Alan:  They wanted people to believe exactly what you've said, that there's strange powers and so on, that's the exoteric, but they kept the esoteric meanings to themselves. Pythagoras of course was the first one to write about this in the Greek language.


Jackie:  Write about what?


Alan:  This particular – you were talking about colors, tones, astrological signs and so on. In fact the name "tone" comes from Pythagoras and the tone of a color or the tone of a sound comes from Pythagoras and the weight ton all comes from that as well.


Jackie:  But I'm talking about a type of energy or frequency.


Alan:  That's what they talk about.


Jackie:  Now maybe all of this is a lie. In a book that I read "Tuning the Human Instruments," and this was written I think back in the '70's, that they were experimenting in Russia using let's say vitamin E. There's a certain energy frequency from vitamin C and that they were literally using those frequencies to—how would you say it? Not inject, because they're not using needles, but that energy, that frequency that vitamin E makes up that literally people were able to have those vitamins. Am I making any sense? Are you understanding what I'm saying?


Alan:  I've not quite got the end part.


Jackie:  In other words, why do you say they want you to think that a color has a certain frequency or a tone has a certain frequency?


Alan:  What Pythagoras did – and remember he had been trained in Egypt and went back and taught in Crotona, which was a Greek outpost, and he started his own school up. He, like many afterwards, he recruited young aristocrats who had to pass tests to get in and they had to also have a vow of silence for the first three or four years, just like the later Essenes, because that was a later edition of the mystery religion. Then he selected certain ones to go into the real mysteries and he also taught females and gave them a great education and they became so desirable amongst the nobility, and the female's job was to go out basically and help to subtly take over the mind of the nobility that she married and change their political persuasions and so on, so it was a form of control.


Now for the general population, which they called the profane, the people who are uneducated, they gave out the stories of magic, mysticism, again that these were real powers in the sky et cetera, the constellations and the planets. However, for themselves they used it all as allegories for other things, which was to do primarily with the aspects of their plan for the future and the time clock. That's why George Bush, Sr. after he mentioned the New World Order looked up and he said, "everything is going to the heavenly plan."  He was talking about Aquarius, the Age of Aquarius that we are in now.


Jackie:  Fine. That's what I'm saying. It means something to them.


Alan:  It's nothing more than a timepiece for them because it's been used before.


Jackie:  But they have their windows of opportunity. I've heard them say it.


Alan:  Yes, and they must through them, but that's why all the early symbols of Christianity was never the cross. You'll always find it inscribed as the fish, for the Age of Pisces, so the Age of Christ was to take us through the Age of Pisces. That's why it's written, and of course it's tampered with, but it's written that Jesus tells them to go and find a man carrying a picture of water, signifying the end of his reign.


Jackie:  The age of Pisces?


Alan:  That's right and so Aquarius is the carrier of the water. Now the water itself is a feminine symbol, so that's when women must rise to the top to be used, not for their own purposes, but to be used by those behind the Grand Plan. It's working very successfully as you see the destruction of everything that was in order to make way for that which is to come. This is an incredible – you can't really read about it in five minutes. You'd have to read and study the Egyptian Book of the Dead and you'd have to study many of the inscriptions that were left by the scribes of Egypt and cursive shorthand, which they had as well as the hieroglyphics, and you compare that with Babylon, what's been dug up there and their inscriptions, and then you'll find it's the same mystery religion in every empire that ever existed down through time.


Jackie:  And is that where the Cabbalistic--


Alan:  The Cabbalism was literally taken from Babylon. It didn't originate in Jerusalem and the Cabbala was added to the--


Jackie:  The mysteries?


Alan:  Yes. That's why it has the 10 fruits on the trees of the Tree of Life, because at that time when Babylon created the Cabbala there were only 10 signs of the zodiac you see. So it's a very, very in depth mystery religion and you have to study it intensely to understand the different languages and miss nothing. If you miss anything at all, you can miss the most amazing things.


Jackie:  Okay, the "Egyptian Book of the Dead," is that available in English?


Alan:  Yes. You can get translations.


Jackie:  Are there translations that are real and translations that are lies?


Alan:  You'll get different translations. You have to go back to either Beardsen who was the initial historian--


Jackie:  How do you spell that?


Alan:  B-E-A-R-D-S-E-N, I think it is.


Jackie:  Would that book be available?


Alan:  It should be through libraries.


Jackie:  I would just buy the "Egyptian Book of the Dead?"


Alan:  Yes.


Jackie:  And do you have a first name for this Beardsen guy?


Alan:  Oh no. He's always just called Beardsen and also you can get E.A. Wallis Budge, who was another translator in the early part of the 1900's.


Jackie:  But let me ask you this: Are they the same translation?


Alan:  They're pretty similar because you must remember from the hieroglyphs and you're talking a different language into another language, you have to often--


Jackie:  Substitute words.


Alan:  Substitute and almost unfortunately destroy some of the meanings, or else use more than just one word to translate one word. You might use a phrase occasionally to try and get the whole meaning of it there.


Jackie:  Well, let me ask you this: Have you read both Beardsen and Budge's "Egyptian Book of the Dead?"


Alan:  Yes.


Jackie:  If you were going to recommend one, which one would it be?


Alan:  Budge's is cheaper and it's just as good really.


Jackie:  E.A. Wallis Budge.Thank you, because you see I'm still not really following what you're saying. You're saying they want us to think that there is some importance to the astrological signs and times and ages, but there really isn't, but they use it for their own plan.


Alan:  No. They want you to think that there's a magic quality to it.


Jackie:  I don't understand. What do you mean magic quality?


Alan:  That there's forces and powers you can get from the stars or the planets.


Jackie:  When I was saying what I was saying, I wasn't talking about forces or powers. I was talking about influence of the particular planets at particular times et cetera and you know that I am not a fool. I know that I have been naïve. I know I've come out of a lot of ignorance and I've got a long way to go. I have had an astrological chart drawn up and the person that did it did not know me from Adam; and it was me, the natal chart that was drawn up. And I had one drawn on the girls and maybe our listeners are going to think I'm cuckoo and New Age and all that, but the reason I did is because I saw how very much the chart that was drawn up on me was me and there are influences that maybe can be helpful throughout our life, and I don't mean using that to live by. I don't mean that at all but there is something to it. That's what I'm saying. I don't know what it is to it, but if these guys use it – and you know what, we've got to take our break first. We're back. Alan, thanks. Okay, well, I don't know. Maybe we ought to just get off the subject because it just isn't making sense, what I'm not doing and it isn't because I don't want to understand. I'm just not understanding what you're saying. They use this and yet--


Alan:  They used it for their own plan's time-clock, you see, and every symbol and every planet is a symbol of part of their action, like Mars is a God of War, for instance, that type of thing; so when that would come into the appendancy, that means that they would use that time for their war.


Jackie:  The wars have been going on forever.


Alan:  Oh, I know, but the big ones at certain times, the really big ones, the big changes, that's really what they mean by that.


Jackie:  So in other words, it isn't a particular really more effective for them. It isn't more that they can influence people more at that particular time. It's just the timeframe that they use?


Alan:  That's it, yes, and as I say, they planned it such a long time ago. I don't think it's the first time it's happened and the Hindus say that we go through these phases you might say of birth, living and then destruction. These are called "ages" and of course in the legends of all peoples we have these world disaster periods, floods and earthquakes and so on. Even in Sumer, in the Sumerian tablets, they claim that prior to their coming into existence, their city, there had been catastrophes on the earth where old continents had sunk and new ones had arisen from the sea.


Jackie:  That they created?


Alan:  It's possible. If you go into the writings of Tacitus, who wrote for Nero, he talked to the Druids in Britain and they claim that they had records of three previous ages, maybe 125,000 years apart, and that the survivors and the high priests of course, always the nobility--


Jackie:  They do survive, don't they?


Alan:  Yes. They tunneled into mountains and took provisions in to live for long periods; and that tallies with the records of Greece, where their priesthood tunneled into Mt. Parnassus and claimed the same thing that they survived the disasters.


Jackie:  We'll take a call. Do you have more you want to say on that, Alan?


Alan:  That also tallies with the story of the Ark, because there's no Ark as such, it's allegory, but the mountain Ararat that it lies upon is riddled with tunnels.


Jackie:  There we are. We have a call. Okay, you're on the air. Who are we talking to?


Myron:  Yes. Good evening Ms.--


Jackie:  Oh, is it Myron?


Myron:  Yes it is. How are you?


Jackie:  I'm fine.


Myron:  Good evening Mr. Watt.


Alan:  Good evening.


Jackie:  Okay, go ahead.


Myron:  Last night I heard you mention Passover and I was wondering if Mr. Watt could explain this teaching of the Passover that many ministers teach out of the Old Testament and what is the symbolism or the meaning of this Passover that's really being talked about?


Jackie:  Okay, good question, Myron.


Myron:  Yes, thank you.


Jackie:  Give him just a minute to get his radio turned up, Alan. Okay, Passover.


Alan:  That was a fairly recent invention because the historian Josephus, who lived in the 1st century AD, claims that the Passover was a fairly new institution and it hadn't actually grounded itself with any historical past.


Jackie:  Wasn't the Old Testament already written then?


Alan:  I doubt it.


Jackie:  It was the first century AD?


Alan:  Yes, I don't think the Old Testament was all written at all.


Jackie:  Not all written but weren't those first five books already put into--


Alan:  That's the first five books of Moses. The thing is, as Josephus said, there was no – it was hazy as to why it came into existence. It was a festival time and sometime it had been equated with a festival of lights, which they usually had at these times, but, as far as a bloody sacrifice type thing, that wasn't part of it at that time in his day.


Jackie:  Hanukkah as they call their festival of lights, but I'm reminded of Velikovsky's book and you had mentioned him so often and World's in Collision" and oh my goodness, Alan. That book and the "Earth in Upheaval," I couldn't put them down when I got started reading. This is another thing. I'm glad Myron brought this up because I was thinking of that because it doesn't jive with Velikovsky's book, as far as at least that one "Cataclysm" and I think it was supposed to be around 3,600 years ago when the comet came around and did all the damage et cetera, but he talks in there about what the rabbis actually said about that time because it wasn't something the way the story was written in Exodus. It was a worldwide conflagration.


Alan:  In fact, the Babylonian priests wrote more about it than anybody because they were the main scientists of their day and astronomers. After it was over they were called into Egypt because they had to reset the world calendar because the time of the earth's spinning had changed.


Jackie:  The sun was even coming up from a different place.


Alan:  Yes and when it settled down.


Jackie:  And they had to find out where the seasons were.


Alan:  They had to reset the calendar.


Jackie:  Well, here's the thing, that in Velikovsky's book, he said that – well, you know in the Old Testament version in Exodus that the sun was gone for three days and the darkness was terrible. Well, on the other side of the earth, historical writings say that the sun stayed in the sky for three days and the rivers running red with blood. It was happening all over the world because of some stuff that was coming out of the tail of that comet--


Alan:  It was raining fire.


Jackie:  They said that too, but the red – Velikovsky mentions this in his book from many different sources and it was almost a water soluble type of a mineral and it did stink and--


Alan:  And it also burned up the cattle and it was red hot.


Jackie:  Therefore these rabbis and it was a compendium I think of what the rabbis basically said, that the so-called Exodus – people were leaving because they were looking for food. They were looking for water and that if there were – if they were not Hyksos, if they were whatever his chosen people were, that 49 out of 50 of them died and it wasn't just them leaving.


Alan:  No, no. Everybody was running.


Jackie:  Everybody was on the move.


Alan:  Also the peoples of the sea were coming in from another direction hoping to get away from it too.


Jackie:  Right. Therefore what the Pharisees, scribes, whoever wrote all of this, they just took a historical event and wound it into--


Alan:  A myth.


Jackie:  The private little story about the chosen people.


Alan:  It's a myth.


Jackie:  Yes, a myth and that Jehovah brought all these curses down on the pharaoh's people because pharaoh wouldn't let his people go because Jehovah had hardened his heart so he could--


Alan:  Well, that's fine. Jehovah was more honest because he also played the devil you see.


Jackie:  You know this seems awful stupid to me and I don't mean to offend anybody but this is supposed to be our loving Creator and he says well I want you to go get my people. You tell the pharaoh to let them go but I'm not going to let them. I know he's not going to let them go because I'm going to harden his heart so they won't and then I'll bring all these plagues down and I can prove to the world that I'm the Lord God almighty.


Alan:  Really, he's playing solitaire with himself.


Jackie:  I don't mean to joke about it because I know to some people this is very hurtful, but, gee, all we have to do is take a look at it and say wait a minute. It depends upon our concept. Of course I don't know that any of us have truly the concept of Creator, but we can know what it isn't, Alan.


Alan:  Well, that's it and in the Talmud they're more upfront with that, that no one can actually know or figure out the mind of a creator.


Jackie:  Do they actually say that?


Alan:  Yes.


Jackie:  Okay, so then who do they say Jehovah was?


Alan:  That's another deity. They even have another story of Moses. In the Talmud it's different from the one in the Old Testament.


Jackie:  Do they?


Alan:  Moses was actually a full Egyptian, Ramoses; it means child, Child of RA.


Jackie:  Son of RA.


Alan:  So he left and he wanted to take over the pharaoh's job and he went to Ethiopia and builds himself up there, recruited an army and went to attack Egypt, so there's a whole different story told in the Talmud.


Jackie:  Okay, Myron's actual question was: Is their symbology there?


Alan:  There's astronomical symbologies and also agricultural symbology. It's a pass-over from death into life for spring and planting, the crops and so on. It's all nature and pantheistic, really, and it's a time for planting and also for seed. It symbolizes the death lying through the winter comes to life again, the resurrection.


Jackie:  Like Easter?


Alan:  That's right.


Jackie:  Just like Easter. Okay. All right, that makes sense.  Freemasonry, for anybody who’s a freemason who might be listening or who knows one, I'd like to share, if I may, Alan – this is a part that I had forgotten all about. They suck them in and they stroke them and groom them and they mention some place in here it will be the people in high offices and it will be the judges and the administrators and you mentioned I think last night the captains, the police forces. All of them and there they are and they say oh well we might spare them or some of them but the others we'll kill.


Alan:  There's one thing that Masons do allow the public to know through a rumor, and that's if you join it you get unmerited favor and help with your career and promotion and so on. They make sure they get people who really are almost corrupt anyway who will join it for those very reasons. They also tell you you can bypass petty bureaucracy and get tax relief and so on, if you join. That's the bait.


Jackie:  Tax relief?


Alan:  They get different assessments.


Jackie:  These local and county and city officials and state legislators, do you think that every time they raise taxes, property taxes et cetera, do you think their's get raised?


Alan:  No, they don't and neither do lawyers because lawyers help with the real estate scams and so they are automatically are exempted from land taxes.


Jackie:  And these people think they're going to be exempt from all the evil they’re doing?


Alan:  What they don't realize is you see most people on this planet, at the moment, at this stage that we're at right now, are expendable and it's coming to the stage where they'll try and fulfill the promise to wipe out over three quarters of the population. There will be an awful lot of people wiped out, good and bad, if they get their way and they're ready for it now. We know this because they’ve been prepping us for years with coming plagues and all this stuff, at the very time when we know that we can splice genes and join anything to anything, even viruses to bacterium, which is the flesh-eating disease. It's the first one in history that was created, two different species joined together. They're ready to unleash a lot of stuff on the public and these will not be race-specific. These will spread right through--


Jackie:  Not race specific, right. There was an article in a newsletter just recently that said that the scientists somewhere have been given permission to create a mouse with a human brain.


Alan:  They've done more than that. They've done all of these – whenever they tell you they're doing something, this is the old stuff. They were doing genetic modifications in the 1920's.


Jackie:  And if the mouse starts acting like a human being then they're going to make them quit.


Alan:  Well, he might become maybe a Christian mouse. So there you go. There'll be a whole new set of lawyers to deal with all of this.


Jackie:  One of the things I don't think that we've discussed and maybe our listeners, a lot of them, know about it, but maybe they don’t, was that terrible flu virus that they shipped. Would you talk about that? Will you mention the plague?


Alan:  In the papers about a week ago, supposedly the CDC had sent out thousands of vials of 1950's version of the flu to laboratories all over the world and also one shipment with Ebola.  Now, I don't know if they really did this or if it's a scare to the public, because it seems an incredible thing that they'd do, but certainly it's having an effect on the public of terrifying them and getting them ready for a coming plague.


Jackie:  Well, it will terrify them if they read the article. However, I remember the article that I read that somebody had emailed on the internet. They said that most of these have been mailed from the U.S. and their concern is that some of the labs haven't received theirs yet.


Alan:  They said in fact, in the last document about it, they said that my goodness the ones that had not been destroyed was in Lebanon but they were in the process of destroying it. In other words, psychologically they were attaching it to terrorism.


Jackie:  Sure and not only that, but it will be a good excuse or justification – well, what brought it to my mind was when you said the plagues that they are readying. This could be a prelude to it. You know this sounds like such a downer. You can't not talk about it, Alan.


Alan:  You cannot face truth unless you look at the dark side, you see, and that's the problem with people. They’re egosyntonic. They've been trained that way. They want to only look at the things that make them feel good and because of that they're wide open to whatever it is going to happen. That is a choice because maturity takes a person, and truly seeking truth, takes a person to look at all sides of everything and you must be prepared to look at the blackest black you've ever looked at—the void.


Jackie:  That was in the chapter of the Family of Dark which I shared with our listeners a few weeks ago and that's what they actually said, that in order truly to be in light, if you would, enlightened or aware, you have to know the depths of the evil, the darkness.


Alan:  We’ve got to get out of this Disney World where people are really responsible at the top and are there because they're good and decent and just people. The opposite is true. The corrupt people are at the top and it's only the corrupt people who can get to the top in this particular system we live in.


Jackie:  Before we go off the air tonight because we won't be back until Monday, a thought that occurred to me that I would like to share with our listeners is in knowing this it doesn’t mean that we have to dwell on it every moment of our lives, folks. We share the information with those who want to know and there are times – there are precious moments and those precious moments are times that we spend with our loved ones, with our children, with our friends, times of being quiet and seeking a self-awareness. In other words, we don't have to swim in this sea of darkness. That's what I'm trying to say, Alan, because I wouldn't be able to live.


Alan:  Most people couldn't and that's what I say. Those who think that they can't face it shouldn't even look at it. They should continue the way they are and what makes them happy, but those who are looking for truth have no option but to look at the dark side.


Jackie:  Yes, I understand, but do you understand what I just said?


Alan:  Yes.


Jackie:  That we don't have to swim in it. In other words, we know it. It's there and once we know it, we cannot un-know it, but, in other words, if it is all we dwell in – well, maybe I'm only speaking for myself. It would be unbearable and I just wanted to say that because there are precious moments and there are times even when you say some silly thing to lighten up the conversation. In a sense, that's a precious moment. Okay, that's what I mean because that's what I mean because I don't want to leave the broadcast tonight on just a note of hopeless, helplessness, evil, darkness, because it isn't all evil and darkness. Like you said, there are good people and there is love in this world and really it all begins with us.


Alan:  It begins with the individuals who must look at everything and who have gone through the darkness and come out again and they know that it's evil and they know that they must fight it, you see. It's not an occasional fight. You know you're going to fight this thing with everything you've got.


Jackie:  Yes, exactly. We're out of our hour tonight. Once again, thank you so much, and ladies and gentlemen, we will be back with you Monday and thank you for being here and Creator bless you all tonight. Good night, Alan.


Alan:  Good night.



(Transcribed by Linda)