August 15th, 2005
Alan Watt on
"Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru
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Jackie Patru: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.  Thank you for joining us tonight on Sweet Liberty.  Tonight is Monday, and it is the 15th of August, in the year 2005.  And Iím glad that youíre with us tonight.  I hope you had a lovely weekend, ladies and gentlemen.  Actually, itís more than a weekend now, isnít it?  You get, I get, we get, from Thursday until Monday, or we have until from Thursday until Monday.  So, three nights a week, and it is a possibility that weíre going to be cutting back to two nights a week.  I donít know if, I donít know if it is for the broadcast.


[Technical difficulties at radio station]


Iíll tell you what.  For our internet listeners, if you would just begin, and I can take another phone line, and call WWCR and see whatís up.


Alan: Oh, okay.


Jackie: Okay, thank you.  This is Alan Watt, folks.


Alan: Yep, once again, weíve got a mix up at the shortwave station, where theyíre playing another broadcasterís tape.  We donít know why, maybe itís God intervening, who knows, because thatís what he goes on about is Old Jehovah and how the British are really the Jews, you see.  But what I should say, to start off today, is that I have three books for sale, because Iím filling in for Jackie, while she straightens out the short wave station.  And these books go through Freemasonry, from ancient times, not just from the usual guilds they talk about in the Middle Ages, because the secret brotherhoods have been here as long as money has been here, in all of its different forms.  And I also go through how the money boys took over even the ancient world, and how they created nations, and had wars going on between them, while they profited from loaning to all the countries, which theyíd helped to create, and they sold them all the weaponry, too.  No different from today.  And how they benefited from keeping the people in debt, which ensured that they kept running the system.  No different at all from today.  [See ordering information on transcript.]  And Iíll get them out to you as soon as I can.


Now, I donít know whatís happening with the short wave station, but thatís the second time that Pastor Pete, with his British Israel, has been on, when we should be on.  And I think, yeah, heís still on the shortwave.  So I guess thereís a debate going on whether they should flick the switch or not, but weíll find out pretty soon.


Jackie: Nicholas, if youíre available, would you please come on the line.  I had a call from one of our listeners.  I gave her four numbers that I have, to call, to possibly get a hold of somebody at WWCR.  But if Nicholas, if youíre listening, if you would please come on the line with us, if you would please get a hold of them, and let them know that theyíre doing it again.  Alan, my, my.  Well, we do have internet listeners right now, so weíre not going to act like weíre not on the air at all.  But this appears to me to be intentional.


Alan: Well, Pastor Peters last week boasted that he now has 400 hours with WWCR, so I guess the muscle has been put into motion.


Jackie: The muscle has been put into motion.  I just want you to know that I donít know how it is for our listeners, but your volume is down so low I can barely hear you.  I can hear you, but I can barely hear you. 


Alan: Yeah, youíre down.  Youíre down too. 


Jackie: Am I?  Okay.  Nicholas, WFAR, Nicholas, if youíre there, will you please come on the line here and let me know if you can get a hold of WWCR.  One of our listeners called in, as I told you, and sheís trying the numbers that I would have been trying, Alan.


[Technical difficulties at radio station]


Jackie: Well, there we are folks.  Well, now we just talked to an engineer at WWCR, and what heís saying is, is that the satellite feed that theyíre getting is really great.  So Iím hoping that you can hear us tonight, ladies and gentlemen.  What Iím going to do, and I will do this tomorrow night, is have a number for you to call.  If youíre listening on shortwave, and the program before you is good, and the one after you is good, and this one is not, it would be time for you to call WWCR and see if you can find out what the problem is, because what weíve discovered is that sometimes people go, if you have a shortwave radio that can go from 5.070 up to 072, 073, 074, sometimes, they catch it clearly almost at 5.075 or below.  But if youíre not getting it in good, then tune it down or tune it up, so that you can hear it.  Because, whatís happening folks, according to the letters that I get from our listeners, you can hear us.  And I understand, if you canít hear the broadcast.  Those of you who have hung in here, through thick and thin, youíre to be so deeply commended, that youíre still here, because itís a wonder, itís a miracle that we havenít lost all of our listeners.  Alan, Alan Watt is with us tonight.  And Melody said that your volume is very low.


Alan: So is yours.  When youíre on the phone here with me, I can hardly hear you at all. 


Jackie: Yeah, well, evidently, the volume was low coming into WWCR, and I donít know how it is.  If Eleanor is listening, Eleanor White.  Eleanor is a, she monitors for us, and lets us know, because sometimes when your volume is low to me, in my headset, Eleanor calls in, and says, donít worry about it, Alan is coming in loud and clear.  But Melody said tonight, from WFAR that your volume was low. (Phone rings) Oh, here we go.  Hi, youíre on the air.  Thanks for calling.


Caller: Hey, I can hear you, and Alan sounds real good.


Jackie: Oh, thanks, Mel.


Caller: Okay, alright.


Jackie: Okay, bye, honey.


Alan: Now, we canít hear each other.


Jackie: Yeah, we canít hear each other, but they can hear us.


Alan: But I know on the shortwave, thereís over-modulation there, because your voice is muffled on the shortwave.


Jackie: Right now?† My voice is muffled?


Alan: Yeah, itís not as clear as it should be.  In fact, I tuned up to 5074, and it was clearer there.


Jackie: At 5074.  Well, then, we would ask Jason, I guess, who is our engineer tonight, to please make a check, Jason, and if weíre over-modulating here, do what needs to be done.  Because Iím not over-modulating, Alan.† If theyíre getting it crisp and clear from the satellite, which is where weíre broadcasting from, if the shortwave is over-modulated, once again, itís coming from WWCR.


Alan: Well, thatís that old Wicker Man up to his tricks.


[Technical difficulties at radio station]


Alan: I can hear you now, youíre clear on my phone.


Jackie: Okay, well, thatís good.  Thank you, whoever is responsible. 


Alan: Thatís because I said we should join the British Israel Movement.


Jackie: The British Israel Movement.  That would probably be our...


Alan: Then Godís on our side, you see.


Jackie: That would, oh, then Godís on our side.  Yahweh is on our side.


Alan: The big boss.


Jackie: You know what, okay, what I was going to say, when we came on the air tonight, is that it has become more than that youíre a guest on this broadcast.  Itís as though youíve become a co-host here, Alan.  And, folks, the reason, well, itís not that I have to give a reason, but I ask Alan to come on.  We get into conversations.  And for those of you, and I know there are many of you who so appreciate the information that we have received from Alan and the broadcasts that Alan and I have done together, because my questions, evidently, are important to you, which is what I get from my correspondence from you, that our interchange has been very much of an opening for many of you.  And so, therefore, Alan is with us again, tonight.  And I appreciate it very much.  And Alan, thank you for being here.


Alan: Itís a pleasure, when we can be heard. 


Jackie: When we can be heard.  When I can hear you.


Alan: Maybe itís a gimmick to make people listen more intently. 


Jackie: Well, Iíll tell you what.  I want to say again what I said at the beginning of the broadcast.  Well, you see, our sponsorship has dropped off.  However, I know that our listenership has dropped off.  Because, even the people who send donations for sponsoring the broadcast tell me the frustration that they experience.  I was talking to a gentleman from Michigan, recently.  He said he was outside working, I think working on his boat or something.  He had the broadcast on prior to Sweet Liberty.  He said it was crystal clear.  And then, Sweet Liberty came on, and there was very little of it that he could pick up, and right after Sweet Liberty it cleared up again.  And the best suggestion that I had for him, was to call WWCR, because, Iíve tried.  And I get angry response from management.  Iíve had the phone hung up on my ear.  In fact, one time the phone was hung up, I called back, because I thought it was rude, so rude.  Sometimes I just ignore it, but I wanted to speak with him, and then I was told that he was taking a walk.  And the person that I talked to, I said, I just had the phone hung up on me, and I would like to finish this conversation.  And, Alan, what Iím told is this.  If you donít like it, if you think that we are sabotaging the broadcast, go someplace else. 


Alan: Well thatís a Christian message.


Jackie: Itís a Christian message, yes.


Alan: Well, sure.  I mean, itís a business.  And all media is propaganda, I donít care who runs it.  Because an all-seeing eye did not miss a hole in its net, you know, and it never did.  And the CIA started up the shortwave back in the 50s, using Christian radio, and I doubt theyíve ever let it go, especially nowadays, because they need it.  They need the confusion, to keep this age of chaos running along, you know.  Now, of course, they have their superstars, because the public have been trained to look for superstars, like the general television, your Doctor Phil or Oprah, or whatever, and Albert Pike said we always give the people their leaders, so they must present superstars, who are professional talkers.  And of course, they have staff there to help them with their spiel, as they say.  And of course, itís a Wizard of Oz type thing, where, behind the curtain, thereís a little guy making all this noise.  But behind the little guy, youíve got a whole staff of people punching up things on his screens, where he sounds terribly informed.


Jackie: You know what?  This is, I think, in fact, I know what I wanted us to discuss tonight, but, because you explained it, you explained it more in depth to me, because when you first mentioned it, I didnít get what you were saying, but you went through the process.  Would you do that, Alan?  For example, you know, we donít have to name names, but, letís say a broadcaster, when people call in, no matter what theyíre talking about, the broadcaster seems to have in-depth information about it, as they know everything about everything. 


Alan: Well, itís history, because in every century, they give you heroes to follow.  They always call them geniuses.  And they give you ridiculous stories about them, be they composers or scientists or whatever.  But they make up these.


Jackie: Alan, can you hold just for one moment.  We have a call coming in.  Hello?


Caller: Oh, hello.  I just wanted to let you know that here in the upper peninsula of Michigan, I listen to you every time youíre on, and it is over-modulated or something, all the time.


Jackie: All the time.


Caller: Maybe one time was very clear.


Jackie: Over-modulated, and it isnít over-modulated coming in.


Caller: It sounds like youíre talking in a pillowcase.


Jackie: In other words, what, I want our listeners, if they can hear me, to hear this.  Because we were told by Jason, the engineer, at WWCR, that the feed that they were getting from the satellite was very crisp and very clear.  And so, what our shortwave listeners are getting, from the shortwave station, is over-modulation.


Alan: Youíre plus-forty here, thatís the end of the scale.


Caller: And my shortwave is 5070.


Jackie: Okay, thank you so much.  Please donít go away, honey, okay.


Caller: Oh, no.  I love your, whatever youíre talking about.


Jackie: Thank you.  Who are we talking to?


Caller: Mary Jane in upper Michigan. 


Jackie: Do you know that Iím a Michigander?  Yes?


Caller: I do.


Jackie: Oh.  From Flint, Michigan.


Caller: Oh, thatís way down there.  Iím way up.


Jackie: Yes.  My summers were spent up at Bear Lake, near Grayling. 


Caller: Oh, okay.  Iím way over up, Lake Superior, up in the upper peninsula, over Lake Michigan, over the Mackinaw straits.


Jackie: Thanks for listening, honey.  Thank you for calling.  Bye-bye.† Okay, Alan, now.  You know, Iím not a, what do you call, technician, but it makes sense to me that if the satellite feed coming from WFAR is crisp and clear, and if the reception that our shortwave listeners are getting is over-modulation, it makes sense that it has to be coming from the shortwave transmitter.


Alan: Well, yeah.  Sure.  And plus-forty, thatís the end of the scale.  Itís right on the right-hand side.  You canít go any further with the signal strength.  Itís over-modulated.


Jackie: Oh, youíve got.  Youíre monitoring it there?  Alright, folks.


Alan: Thatís as high as it goes. 


Jackie: Weíre going to be back.  Alan, weíre at the half hour here.  Weíll be back right after this.  Folks, donít go away.  Alan, maybe they can hear you.  If they canít understand.  Why would I be over-modulated and not you?


(Commercial Break)


Jackie: Alan is with us, Alan Watt, and from what Iím gathering, our listeners, Alan, would you explain once again what you said, why it is that you wouldnít be over-modulated, but I am?  And I want our listeners to know, by the way, that you and I are, what should I say, weíre both on the same phone line.  Folks, Alan calls me.  And then I conference us in together.  So, heís not calling from another phone. Heís not calling from a separate phone line into the station.  And if it is coming in loud and clear from the satellite, it would follow that our shortwave listeners should be getting loud and clear from both Alan and I.  And would you explain what you said, how that could happen, Alan?


Alan: Yes.  Every studio, whether itís a radio or a music studio, has graphic equalizers.


Jackie: And you were in the music industry or business.


Alan: Yeah, years ago.


Jackie: So, you know what youíre talking about.


Alan: And when you want to phase out a particular tone, or a pitch, say, or bring it up, even, you can do either, just by adjusting the slides, and you have a whole battery of slides, sometimes 48 of them, and you can literally phase out any instrument or vocal sound, or any singer in a choir, with a different voice.  You can phase them in, or phase them out.  And of course, male and female being different, itís much easier to adjust that way.


Jackie: So, let me ask you this.† It doesnít mean that thereís somebody sitting there working at these slides, but if they just get their frequencies or whatever tuned into my voice, they can literally obliterate it.


Alan: Or, once again, boost it to such an extent that it would become muffled.† They can boost it.  They can actually bring it up, as well, and make it muffled.  You know, any sound can be distorted by over-amplification or modulation.  So you can do the same thing with a graphic equalizer.  You can literally bring any sound up, as well as down, you can bring it up and over-modulate it, until itís distorted.


Jackie: So, let me ask you this.  If I could talk higher or lower, would that foil the?


Alan: No, because youíre still within a certain frequency range, as opposed to me.  Mine would be different.  I mean, Iíve seen it done with orchestras, where you can bring in a violin, just by sliding the switch, or you can phase it out, or you can bring up, say a trombone, even.  So you can, thereís a whole range of spectrum with sound.  So they also do that.  They use similar equipment for spying on people at long ranges with boom microphones.  And they can literally phase out the surrounding nose from cars and automobiles and buses and things.


Jackie: Iíve seen that on movies a long time ago.


Alan: Yeah.  This is old technology.


Jackie: We have a caller here.  Hi, youíre on the air.


Caller: Hi Jackie.  This is Kate.  I called WWCR and talked to Jason.  And I said, are you trying to sabotage Jackie?  And he said, oh, no, we wouldnít do that.  But, as Iíve been listening to you, week after week, you are very muffled.  And I think Alan has a point there.  And I donít know what the reason is, other than Alan brought out another good point, that we have superstars on the shortwave, that to me have taken over, and I feel like I have no free speech. 


Jackie: And you have no free listening, Kate.


Caller: No, but all of a sudden, we are religious?  Is this the main theme of the shortwave, to lead you into the abyss of religious propaganda?


Alan: Thatís pretty well it.


Caller: I resent that.  Thereís too many horrible things out there, that we should have freedom of speech.  And Iíve noticed that on other programs, certain people are jammed constantly until the King comes on.  So, I donít know where we go from here.


Jackie: Well, who is the king, honey? 


Caller: You donít know who the king of shortwave is?  Weíve got a king and queen.


Jackie: Well, I donít know who youíre talking about, would you tell me? 


Caller: Well, we have Miss Nightingale, right?


Jackie: I donít know who Miss Nightingale is.


Caller: Florence Nightingale.


Jackie: Itís okay, Kate.  Until weíre off the air, we have freedom of speech here, so just say what youíre...


Alan: Well, the listeners do.


Caller: Well, you know, the continuation of Joyce Reilly....Pastor Stair, and Mr. Pete Peters.  You see?


Jackie: And they all come in very clear?


Caller: Oh, yes. 


Jackie: Alright, thank you.


Caller: If we canít express what we feel, we the people, and we have to adhere to the kings, and especially Georgina, you know, Bush.


Jackie: Thanks, Kate.


Alan: Well thatís how it is.  They know, you see, theyíve trained the public.  And letís be honest.  Everybody has been brought up in an artificial system, and yet, weíve taken it all for granted as being normal, simply because everyone else thinks itís normal.  But thereís nothing normal in it.  Itís a designed system, scientifically designed, as Charles Galton Darwin said, in The Next Million Years, he said, weíre just creating a more sophisticated form of slavery.  And theyíve trained the public since television was invented, to go for the superstars.  You follow your stars, the wandering stars.  Theyíve used the same expression back in ancient Greece, when they brought in the traveling players that gave them their culture, and changed their culture, with the authority, of course, of the elite.  And it hasnít changed until today.  So they bring out these people in every, every generation to lead the people around in circles and take over as the main voice, and say that theyíre fighting the New World Order on their own, single handed, in between making movies and going to the gym and being on countless radio stations and television stations every day, I mean, ďthatís a super-man, and I want to follow him,Ē  you see, ďand I couldnít do that.Ē


Jackie: I was looking at a bio of one of the kings that Kate was talking about.  Heís been evidently mentioned in the Wall Street Journal.  Heís been on CNBC or ABC, itís what youíre saying, Alan, is when we see these people mentioned on mainstream.


Alan: It makes it more legitimate in our minds.


Jackie: We had better damn know that theyíre part of the program. 


Alan: Well, of course, absolutely. Thatís why they were thrust out in front for the people to follow.  And theyíve done this over and over.  They always give us the superstars, whether itís Oprah Winfrey on regular media or Dr. Phil that tells us how to behave, or one on shortwave.  Itís the same technique. Itís by the same people at the top.  And, as I say, they always give you someone whoís been trained to do exactly what theyíre doing, and I should also say, that the purpose of psychological warfare, which is counter-intelligence, by the way.  Psychological warfare has an intent, and the intent is to overwhelm the public, or the enemy Ė and which the public, they are the enemy, you see Ė with so much negative, terrifying information, in a machine-gun fashion, or a shotgun fashion, they scatter it at you, until you canít duck out of the way anymore.  And when thatís all you see coming at you, all you do eventually is mentally collapse, because, what theyíre telling you is, this system is so awesome and powerful, and King Kong is growing three miles a day above you, that thereís nothing you can do about it.  And thatís the purpose of psychological warfare.


Jackie: Alan, would you compare that, to what you just said, to what you and I have discussed on the air?  Because sometimes...


Alan: Iíll cut to the chase here.


Jackie: Please do, please do. 


Alan: Because, what it is, the difference is, that you see, people go into shortwave looking for an alternate view on things, alternate information.  And so they tune out the regular media.  Now, when you start to get people reading the AP Wires, and whatís on the regular media, and even giving you more than you get on the regular media, theyíre doing a better job than the regular media.  So, rather than get away from it, theyíre actually giving you more of it.† Itís a day-by-day blow of whatís been done to you.  And thatís its purpose.  That is its technique.  They read the AP Wires and Reuters stuff, and international stuff.  And now, people obviously in the staff are pushing this up on his boards, so he can parrot it off.


Jackie: You know what.  You were talking about that, and we had to take our break.  But you took me behind the scenes in a conversation that we had.  And then I saw it.  Would you continue what you were explaining.  Explain this to our listeners.  In other words, well, what I remembered you saying, is that somebody calls in, and they say, okay, what are you calling about, and the people say what theyíre calling about.  Or thereís a particular conversation going on, and there are people, a team, that do a search, bring up information, put it on the screen for the broadcaster, and that broadcaster....


Alan: Sounds like a genius.  Heís got all facts and figures.  He can throw dates, names, times out at you.  And of course, the person, the people who are listening say, ďmy God, I couldnít keep up with all this.  This guy is a genius.Ē  And what we do, you see, if we think someone is a genius, is we put our own discernment to the side and we parrot them, we follow them.  Thatís how you create a leader, you see, behind the scenes.  Thatís how you do it.  This is an old technique.  And itís being used today.


Jackie: Isnít Noel, you know, heís very, because heís got that different accent, but doesnít he do kind of the same thing?


Alan: Well, his whole business is selling gold and silver and so on.† Now, from Rhodesia, who created Rhodesia?  Cecil Rhodes created Rhodesia.  And he was sent there by the Rothschilds, to take over the diamonds and the gold and silver of Africa.  And who comes out of Rhodesia, amongst all the real, genuine people, who got thrown out of there, were the gold merchants.  And here they are flogging the same stuff here, under the pretense that youíll need this to survive.  And I can tell you, if you have to try and trade gold, even today, in a hurry, go and try it, and see how fast you can sell your gold or silver.  Because youíll have a hard time doing it.  Itís a con game.  And their technique is always to throw all the fear at you, of whatís coming.  I noticed too, thereís a doctor going all around the place, all the shortwave stations, giving this spiel about the coming avian flu.  And after terrifying the listeners for half an hour, then they come out with the solution.  And the solution is, the doctor has all these antidotes and herbs and stuff that you can take for it, so if you send to his company, heíll send them to you.  And they split the loot.  Thatís how the whole thing works.  Itís fear-based techniques selling.  You see, every ad is fear based.  Every single ad.  They couldnít make a market outside of the shortwave fear-based radio, because the people are all asleep.  So, what do you do?  You make the market.  You go where the market is, and people are terrified on shortwave because of the traditional hype, and they sell all the products they canít sell anywhere else.  Thatís how itís done.  Itís like the back pages of magazines, you know, where they sell all this stuff about your balding hair and just splash this stuff on and it grows back, and you donít need Viagra anymore, you know.  Itís the same rubbish, that stays always hidden in the back pages of cheap magazines.  Itís the same stuff thatís sold on the shortwave.  Itís the same old.  Itís all fear-based selling, and youíre listening to an hour of advertising, and you think itís a show.  You think itís a show.


Jackie: It is a show, Alan.


Alan: Yeah.  They think itís informative.


Jackie: It is a show.  Thatís why we donít call Sweet Liberty a show.


Alan: I mean, if I wanted to and I was a real crook, I could do the same as certain; yeah, Miss Nightingale is a good term.  Mind you, old Flo Nightingale in the history books was labeled as a psychopath.  The real Florence Nightingale was labeled as a hysterical psychopath, you know.  Because she used to get hysterical blindness and have tantrums and seizures if she didnít get her way.


Jackie: And who was Florence Nightingale?  Was she the nurse? 


Alan: No, she wasnít a nurse.  No.† She was from an aristocratic family.


Jackie: But who were we told she was?


Alan: Oh, the lady with the lamp, you know, on the occasional visit round the hospitals, which they had to set up, because all these British were coming back from all these wars with no limbs. And they were dumped on the street where they died with infections and so on.  So, it was a sort of cover, where the British government put out a pittance to set up field hospitals for the first time. Before that they didnít bother because you could always recruit more peasants.  But it was becoming so highly visible with the British Empire taking all the countries over, that there was a massive fallout dumped on the streets of Bristol and all the other ports where they were discarded.  And there was no pension, either, for these soldiers, so they just lay there and rotted and died.  So they brought up a few hospitals, stuck old Flo at the top of it, and made up a myth about her being so compassionate and all the rest of it, you know.† Thatís the reality.  But getting back to what Iím saying.  The one on the shortwave.  If I wanted to be like that, and make a killing on money, Iíve got lots of clay around here.  Iíve got lakes all over the place.  And you could probably eat this clay as well, because theyíre selling it on that show, you know.  And this thing will literally, will literally cure you of every disease, you know.  It will suck every toxin out of your body.  It will grow your hair back.  And men will get erections, and women will get back their monthly cycle.  So, I mean, itís just a wonderful thing.  So, I could do all that rubbish if I was a con man, but Iím not, you see.  Iím not.  But thatís what feeds, unfortunately, the shortwave business.


Jackie: Well, obviously, Iím not either, Alan.


Alan: Yeah.  Itís a business.


Jackie: You should say, weíre not. 


Alan: I mean, what person, apart from psychopathic people, can take advantage of terror and fear, use it for their spiel before they go and sell you their stuff, after terrifying the life out of you?  ďOh, but hereís the antidote.Ē  But they do it every day.  Every day.  And because the public think theyíre being informed a little bit, no youíre not, youíre being conned.  Youíre being conned all the time, over and over. And, you see, thereís so much money to be made in misery.  Thatís the health profession....


Jackie: Misery and fear.


Alan: Especially misery.  Because people in pain, and I know what Iím talking about, because Iím in it.  But theyíll generally spend their last penny, that they donít even have, on some bag of grass or something that they chew, thatís supposed to have miracle cures, simply because the propaganda says so, you know.  Youíll do anything to get rid of pain, and when traditional medicine fails you, yeah, youíll go through all this massive array of shark cartilage and all the rest of the rubbish they sell out there.  And thereís been millionaires made off the shortwave from selling all this stuff.  And for five years theyíll try the shark cartilage, and then theyíll jump to the next thing, and then the next thing, and then the next thing, because every five years theyíve got a whole bunch of new listeners. 


Jackie: Yeah, you donít hear anything about shark cartilage anymore. 


Alan: No.† Well, you know the reason why they were flogging the shark cartilage for arthritis?  Do you know the reason for it?


Jackie: Because they found that sharks never got arthritis?


Alan: Sharks donít have skeletons.


Jackie: No, but is that why they were saying it?


Alan: They said they donít get arthritis, because they donít have any skeletons.  They have no bones.  Theyíre all cartilage.  Thatís why they donít get arthritis, but they didnít tell the public that.  And they took millions from the suckers who fed into all this stuff.


Jackie: Well, and to call them suckers.


Alan: Itís suckers, because....


Jackie: I know, Alan, but...


Alan: And you have to admit when youíve been one.  If you donít admit it, youíll do it again with the next con that comes along.  And thereís lots of them out there.  Thereís lots and lots and lots of these cons out there.  And these people make a fortune.  Weíre a world of schmucks, you see.  Weíve all been trained to be schmucks, and listen to the professional people.  Iíve had two professions, and qualified in one, and that was medicine, and I walked out of it, when I saw the corruption in it.  I would not do it.  I will not do anything thatís corrupt.  But if I was, you know, a man of the world, or joined the Freemasons, and they would say, well, look, youíve got to take advantage of the profane, those that are unenlightened.  Yeah, I could have done that, but itís not my nature.


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