August 16th, 2005
Alan Watt on
"Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru
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Jackie: ... I wanted to let our listeners know, Alan, I donít know if youíve been hearing this or not, but that Bush and Cheney and his gang have been indicted by a grand jury in Chicago.† Well, thatís not the truth.


Alan: No.  Iím not surprised.  All these rumors that go around all the time, itís just distraction.


Jackie: Right, well, this, I believe there is a grand jury sitting in Chicago, and it has something to do with Daly, the Mayor.  But Iíve gotten two or three or four of them on the internet, and I received one today, and this woman said, this is a hoax.  It isnít true.  Because she had called, and wanted to know when they were going to make the announcement, and they said, there has been no indictment, because thereís been no grand jury sitting for that purpose.  And I got one just before we went on air, and evidently, one of the superstars interviewed, oh, I know who it was, Tom Flocko, today.  And they said it was confirmed, that you could take it to the bank, basically, that this grand jury in Chicago had indicted Bush and Cheney and the gang.  And so, I wanted our listeners to know, that the information Iíve got, is that that is not true.  So, donít take it to the bank, folks. 


Alan: There is no complaint department for any of this. 


Jackie: No, there isnít.  We were talking about that, yesterday, with the gas prices.  Now, I got an email today, and evidently, thereís a group of truckers that are protesting the high gas prices.  Of course, it will, any independent truckers that are left. 


Alan: Yes, thereís very few.


Jackie: Will be, yes, will be going down the tubes on this one.  And that was a comment that I made to you.  I said, my God, everybody is complaining, but we complain to each other.  Because, what do you do about it, who do you talk to?  And like you said, in this system, there is no complaint department.  Youíve got the corporations, that are controlling, and youíve got bureaucrats that are not answerable to the public.


Alan: Yes.  And thatís what Carroll Quigley said, in Tragedy and Hope, that the new system would be basically a new feudal system, run by international corporations, with members jumping in and out of governments and back to the corporations.  Which is exactly what weíve had for many years.  So, yeah, thereís no complaint department for the spraying in the skies, or for anything else thatís happened.  There truly is no complaint department here. 


Jackie: Well, as far as those chemtrails, Iíve talked to several people, who when the planes are flying in their area, theyíll call the airport, or theyíll call if thereís a military base close by, an air force base, or whatever.  And there the planes are, spreading their joy around the sky, and theyíre just told, that according to our radars thereís no air traffic out there.


Alan: Well, youíre seeing things.† Thatís it.  Theyíre all told the same stories, and fob the public off with silly answers, because they canít admit.  See, theyíve gone too far now that they canít trace back their steps.  Theyíre into the killing phase.  Thatís whatís happening.  And they canít go back and say, yeah, we have been hitting you hard with this stuff, and it will increase the death rate.  Definitely with the very young and the elderly, especially.  Thatís what generally happens, with anything foreign to the body.  And so they canít go back and tell the public that now, that theyíve gone too far.  Theyíve gone too far.


Jackie: I was talking to my friend Mel, today, from North Carolina.  And they had a storm there.  He said, it was straight-line winds, thatís what they called them.


Alan: Yes.  Thereís another term they used in Canada, when it started 3 years ago, and the announcer said the brand new phrase they were using.  I canít remember what it was.  But he said, itís a strange phenomena, that we have these straight winds cutting swathes right through forests in a straight line, and it was as though the loggers had been through.  It literally is a straight line, going on for maybe half a mile and then just stops.  And nothing in nature happens in a straight line, you see. 


Jackie: Well, this of course isnít in nature, but now with saying that they had almost hurricane type winds, and it was one of those 20 minute, 30 minute ones.† And he was telling me that the rain was actually coming sideways.  Remember when we had those storms, I told you, and the wind was, okay, this was the day before yesterday, we had two of them.  And they come right out of nowhere.  Now, the Weather Channel is calling them pop-up storms.  And your weather, your sun will be bright, and suddenly the cloud is, the sky is overcast, itís cloudy, and there it comes.  And I was in the family room, had the hallway windows open.  I was a good, at least 8, maybe 10 feet, away from the windows, and when that rain hit, it was landing on me.  And by the time I got the windows closed in that direction, I had water everyplace.  And then by the time I got the windows closed, it was done.  The sky, the sun came out, and about two hours later, we had another one, just like it.


Alan: Theyíre using advanced science on the public, and of course, they never write about these sciences in the Popular Science magazines, or anything.  And so, Joe Average will think, if you mention this stuff, well, thatís impossible, we donít have the technology.  But yeah, they do have the technology.  The real technology is never given to the public.  And whenever they write that theyíre working on something, thatís old news, theyíve had it.  Itís probably obsolete by now, really.  Thatís how they keep us in one reality, while they have the toys in another, you know.  So theyíre very, very advanced with the science.  Theyíre also coupling HAARP with arrays of satellites and boosting the signal.  And they can actually bring it right down on anywhere on the planet. 


Jackie: In other words, pinpoint it. 


Alan: Yes.  It can be done to an individual or to a whole state.


Jackie: I wanted to thank my new friend, Tim Thomas.  Heís a radio broadcaster, in Cornell, a morning show.  And Tim has offered, heís got all the radio equipment, for me to give him a call, and Tim, if youíre listening, I will be calling, and thank you so much for your offer.  Because, what he wants to do is some testing on my radio equipment, to see if thereís anything that can be done to tweak it or whatever; but meantime, he had mentioned in his email, that they had a tornado there.  Heís around Corning area, and I read the newspaper article, and they were talking about the strange phenomena.  And I think, if Iím not mistaken, they mentioned the rain coming in sideways.


Alan: Yeah, I had that today, too.


Jackie: Thatís the way itís coming in.  Itís coming in sideways, Alan.


Alan: I had that today, it was a sudden storm.  It started very quickly, and I had to run and close the windows, and when I was, oh, twelve feet from them, the rain was hitting me.† A very strong wind.  And it only lasted maybe ten minutes, and the heavy downpour.


Jackie: Just in time to get all the windows closed.


Alan: Thatís right.  I think theyíre trying to frustrate us all.  Thatís it.  They are using all this technology.  And theyíre going through their long agenda, their planned agenda for an age of chaos, and it has to take in everything, everything that they can possibly manage and bring the chaos about.


Jackie: You know, I remember, when I first started getting involved in waking up, getting politically involved at that time, back in 1992, late 1991, but it was probably about 1993 and I lived in Illinois at the time, and every time that I drove into Saint Louis, there was roadwork at this one particular place, and it went on forever.  I mean, it just, month after month after month after month after month, and I mentioned it to Nicole, and she says, "Ma, I donít understand what takes them so long.  Why?"  I said, "Nicole, actually itís intentional, honey."  I said, "Theyíre doing it to frustrate people, in heavy traffic and drive time.  Traffic is piled up for miles, even in non drive time, youíre a mile back, because of the road work there."  And she says, "Oh, get real."  Well, a few years ago, she said, "Mom, I believe you now.  I believe you now."  Because, she said, that theyíre constantly, you know, doing road work and blocking traffic, and closing lanes off, and they hang out in the same place for a long time.  And folks, if this sounds, if you happen, to be a new listener, and this sounds out of this world to you, itís because it is.  And if you continue to listen, I believe that you will realize that what weíre saying is not paranoia, or right wing wacko, radical wacko, but it is exactly what it is for, to cause frustration and stress, and...


Alan: Itís also to create Ė I mean, Sudbury is the nearest town to me, and since Iíve been here for the last almost three years come winter, thereís been one stretch of road that theyíve dug up and then re-surfaced, and dug up and re-surfaced, and they keep going every year with the same stretch, and what it is, Sudbury is very, very Masonic.  The lodges, all kinds of lodges are everywhere, and what they do is dish out the tax money to the high guys who own all the construction companies.  Itís a job creation scheme for high Masons.  And it goes on and on and on.  Just dig it up and fill it in, dig it up and fill it in.  And the public are just used to it, you know.  Thatís how it goes.  You know, that happens in every city too.  And then theyíll dig it up, and say, oh we have to put another pipe underneath there, that we missed the last time.  And then they pull out these brand new pipes and stack them all, theyíre spanking new.  Theyíre only a year old, and then they put another bunch in.  And this con game goes on forever. 


Jackie: Probably fiber optics, though.  I think theyíve been replacing.  They started this a long time ago on the main highways. 


Alan: And along the railroad lines.  I saw them doing it.  Theyíre actually burying them alongside the railroad tracks.  So, yeah, they are doing that.  Thereís a lot that goes on that the public are totally unaware of.  But I was going to mention that there was a caller last night that talked about October.† October is a very popular month for the ones who rule the planet, the money boys, and their minions of very high Masons, down to the humble low ones.  And Red October, of course, was the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.  And Red is the color of the active principle, as they call it, the regenerative power, the flame, the fire.


Jackie: Because itís the color of blood?


Alan: Blood and fire, you know.  If youíre staring at a fire, in the middle of the yellow flame, youíll find the Red, you know.  So, Red is their color.  It always has been.  And Red October is extremely important to them, and this time of course, you have the Red Planet, in its closest conjunction for I think one and a half thousand years coming up, and they love these dates to cause some kind of mayhem.  So, I wouldnít be surprised if they do something in October. 


Jackie: Mars?  Are we talking about Mars?


Alan: Yeah, thatís the God of War.


Jackie: The God of War.  I havenít been out to look, but I had read this, that youíll be able to see it very, very clearly, and it will look very large. Is that going on right now, Alan?


Alan: Not just yet, no, but apparently it will.  Itís not going to be huge, but itís going to be a lot brighter than it usually is.


Jackie: And itís closest to the Earth than it has been in thousands of years?


Alan: I think one and a half, they said.† So, they couldnít miss an opportunity like that.


Jackie: Wow, thatís why you have a hunch that something is going to pop in October.


Alan: Yeah, they have all these dates, April 19 is another popular one.


Jackie: Well, then thereís hallowed evening in October.


Alan: Yes, and Ides of March, the Ides of September, which is September the eleventh.


Jackie: We have to take a break here...


(Commercial Break)


Jackie: Alright, folks, weíre back on with you.  I donít know if weíre back on the shortwave or not, yet, and I donít even know if you got my address or heard anything I said.  Alan is going to tell you, how you can get his books.  And so, Alan, Iíll be back, okay.† You go right ahead. 


Alan: Yes, I have three books, itís a series, really, called Cutting Through.  And I just number them 1, 2, & 3.  And I go through the ancient societies, right up to the present time, how they still run the world, of the profane, as they call the mass of the people, those in the darkness, in other words, and I go through a lot of Masonic coding, which isnít mentioned in regular Masonic books, in the language itself.† The English language was updated and created by them, really, in the 1500s, and within the English language, they encoded a whole bunch of ciphers, which they themselves use all the time.  And they use it in newspapers, and they speak it too, on the main news, and if you understand it, you get the other meanings that youíre being told, but itís really meant for higher Masons, not for the guys below 33 degrees.  And I also give you photographs of the rituals and things like that.  I also tie it in to the money system, from the earliest of times, going back from the days of Sumer.  And I know there were civilizations prior to Sumer that also used gold and silver; and they weighed it then, before coin came in, around 800 BC. So, I pack these things with information.  And One and Two are written in a sort of Gestalt manner, because, as you read it, youíll have to start thinking, your mind will do it automatically, and things will suddenly come clear to you, that before you simply glossed over.  And youíll wonder why on Earth you never saw all this before.  Number Three is written more in a normal format, with the history of the banking tied in with the merchants of ancient times, and how they created wars and manipulated nations, and installed their own tyrants, who then began to tax the people.  Taxation is very important to their rulership and it dominates the countries forever. 


So, these books are [see ordering information on transcript].  And Iíll get them out to you, as soon as I can. 


And you certainly will not only enjoy them, but it really will show you things that you should have seen all your life, but youíve been blinded by the indoctrination of the system.  And the history, again, is taken from ancient philosophers, who occasionally mentioned money, the secret societies, which they all belonged to.  They admitted that back in ancient Greece, that theyíd all gone to Egypt to study and join the societies of priests.  Every single philosopher did that.  And Plato, being from the aristocracy, also trained in Egypt, and then, he went to India, for another higher degree, and then to the so-called Holy Land for another higher degree, and then went back to his home town.  So, this is a regular route that these guys took, and they seldom mention the money, just once in a while.  Which is rather odd, since the whole money system ran the ancient world, just as it does today.  It wasnít food and carrots that ran the world, it was the money.  And that is the artificial system in which we live.  It would be very, very hard for them to build cities, where they can then create the artificial system of taxation, if you paid them in food; they wouldnít be able to do it.  And neither could they get a standing army together to go and conquer other countries, unless you get the city first, and then use the money, train soldiers and pay them, and thatís the beginnings of mayhem. 


We take these things for granted, simply because weíre born into a system where these things all exist.  And Lenin himself, who was trained by the best bankers on the planet, wrote about it, and he said that the public must never realize that there is a thousand directions that humankind could go, and societies could go, but they must never know this.  They must think that the one theyíre born in must be natural, because it seemed to have evolved that way.  Thatís the trick.  And of course, if your parents donít know it was all fake Ė and since all mammals learn from their parents Ė if your parents donít know and they canít tell you, then youíll fall into the same trap.  Youíre then trained, in school, to go out and run after this thing called money.  They pour out movies, rags to riches movies, which condition us to believe that you just work hard and you get there.


Jackie: Well,  thatís the American Dream, Alan.


Alan: Itís the American Dream.  And of course, theyíre all snoring, but thatís what the dream is for.  Itís not reality.  And you donít get up into the upper ranks unless they open and bring you up.  Not allow you up, but actually bring you up.


Jackie: What I did, while I was gone.  I wanted you to hear this.  This is what Tim sent me about the tornado, and itís Canisteo.  I think Iím pronouncing it correctly.  Itís around, somewhere around, Corning, NY, which is just above us.  Reports of a tornado touched down, Friday afternoon, that would have been last Friday.  It was about 2:30 according to Jim Brewster, Binghamton based meteorologist.  Most of the damage was confined to wooded areas, and a cornfield, and then there was some damage, Iím not going to read this whole thing.  They said the couple was sitting on their enclosed sun porch when the storm hit.  They had a pole sheared, and it snapped a 60 foot tall pine tree, and embedded two pine trees into a camper.  It was a tornado.  But they were sitting on their enclosed sun porch when the storm hit, they saw the beginning of the wind damage, before deciding to move further inside their home.  She said it started to rain.  There was a little hail, and all of the sudden, there was a roaring wind.  We saw the pine trees start to fold down, and headed inside for cover, because it was really severe.  It was unbelievable, she said.  The whole thing only took about 60 seconds before it was over.  This is why I wanted you and our listeners to hear this.  And then they talked about the damage to their property, and that the cows werenít hurt.  Okay, let me go down here.  There was power outage.  Okay, listen to this now.  "The tornado was confirmed by the national weather service, Saturday, as an F1, meaning, winds range between 73 to 112 miles per hour.  Brewster said the winds for the Canisteo tornado were likely between 75 and 80."  And I think Mel told me that the winds that they had there in North Carolina with their storm, were around, they were close to hurricane force winds.  But listen to this, Alan, "Brewster said, I saw enough evidence to confirm an F1 tornado.  It appears as if it was a tightly wound, brief tornado, that was about a hundred to a hundred and fifty yards in width, and ran about a mile."  It basically ran right along state route 36, over Bush Hill, dropped down behind a residence.  And see, Tim was right next door to the residence that got hit.  It was pretty much confined in the area between Gravel Run Road and Rock Run Road.  Stewart said, listen to this, "The damage to the corn field looked like crop circles.  Which Brewster said looked very unusual.  That was very unique, Brewster said.  There was definitive damage in the storm track and then they had these other strange circular damages to the corn field."  This is the newspaper article.† Crop circles.† But you know what I thought about, weíve talked about this before, I donít know if weíve talked about it on the air or not, but the fact that they can pinpoint.  I think thatís probably what theyíre doing, is practicing, their little mini tornadoes.  So they could hit a particular property, and just take it out.


Alan: They can do it. 


Jackie: I think so, because back about 19, I think it was í98, it was in the summer.  In fact, I was doing, no, yes, well, I was doing 6pm at the time.  And so, it would have been that summer.  The children were visiting, Jodie was here.  And I was in the studio here, around 5 oíclock and Ashley came running in and said mama, come and help us, itís raining and the rain is coming in every window.  And I ran out of the room, and by then they had shut all the windows, but, now this is not a tornado.  Weíre up 1800 feet, okay, Alan.  We always keep all the windows in the house open in the summertime.  And itís good that we did, because Jodie was in the kitchen, which is a wide entrance to the dining area, the dining room.  And when I got out there, she said mom, you wouldnít believe this, she said, that wind came in here, and you could actually feel it swirling around.  She said it was just like a tornado was inside the house.  Well, it was over in a matter of minutes, same thing.  However, we didnít know this.  Thereís some very huge, itís a poplar tree, a hybrid poplar.  Theyíre probably about 90 foot tall out there, or 80.  Theyíve very tall, big.  Theyíre not the kind of poplars that are tall and skinny.  Theyíve got great big spreading branches.  And so, anyway, the people that owned the place, before we bought here, stopped by, after dinner.  And John came in, and he said, "I see you, I see you took down one of the big poplars."  I said, "What?"  He said, well, one of the big poplars is down out there.  And Alan, the top of that tree came off.  If it had come to the house.  It was actually not in center of the house, but to the left of the house, a little.  But it went over to the left, and took half of a little crab apple tree out.  That would have totally come through the roof.  Huge trees.  Iíve had them topped by the way, since then, so that that canít happen.  But it was, I know it was a mini tornado.  And we were the only one that got hit.  There was no damage anywhere else around.  And it took a tree right out.


Alan: Itís micro-management of the weather.  They admitted that in the newspapers, that the US would shortly own the weather.  And that was about four years ago.


Jackie: Well, thereís a website.  Itís an air force website.  Basically, it says the air force owns the weather.


Alan: And they do.  And of course, NASA controls the satellites, which can also be used in conjunction with all the various HAARP technologies that they have, and beam it exactly back down on earth, wherever they want it. Four years ago, I was working under a truck, and in broad daylight, it was in the middle of summer.  And I heard this voh-voh-voh sound, and I looked to my left and I saw what was like a stroboscopic light, like a flashgun going off, in a strobe fashion.  I thought, my, Iíve been under here a long time, I better stand up and see if Iím okay.  So, I stood up, and I felt fine.  And yet, everything was still flashing.  I went inside the house, turned on the radio, and I could hear the same zap, zap, zap in time with the strobe.  I turned on the television, which had rabbit-ear antennas on it.  And it was picking up the signal on the picture, in conjunction with the radio sound, going across there.  And that night, I had three or four calls from different people in different parts of the States, and a couple in Canada, who said, this might sound really weird to you, but I thought I saw like flash guns going off, strobe lights, in the middle of the sunlight.  And I said, yeah, I experienced it, and theyíre using some sort of new satellite technology.  But that meant they were basking Ontario, and who knows where else up this way, right down into Carolina and different parts.  Thatís a huge area.


So, they do have different technologies they have been testing on the public.  And I have no doubt that theyíll keep records of different kinds of sicknesses, through their doctors records, and hospital visits and so on, and police reports to see how psychological changes occur with violence or depression or whatever, and cede it all back to them; but it was definitely some big experiment.  And it went on and off, over a three week period, maybe three times.  So, they are using amazing technologies, which theyíll never tell the public about.  And of course, in the high noble Masonry, Iíve been told from three separate sources in these organizations, that there are three levels of science, and from professorship down is the lowest level.  So everything that the public are informed about is the lowest level of science.  CIA and so on, they get to use the middle level for their gimmicks that they use.  But thereís a higher level above them, that belong to the Guardians, who run the whole show for the planet.  And thatís how this system works.  And thatís why those at the bottom say, ďwell thatís impossible, I read all the magazines, and scientific journals, and they wouldíve told us.Ē  Well, thatís the con game, ďthey wouldíve told us.Ē  No, that keeps you in the dark.


Jackie: Right.† You know, Alan, I donít know if you recall this or not, it was in the summertime, and I have no idea what the year was.  Maybe í99?  The children were here, it was summertime.  And it was in the evening.  We were out in the garden, in the big garden, the children and I.  Chuck was up closer to the house.  And suddenly, there was an explosion.  And I stood there.  And it was so intense.  And my first thought was, oh, my God, theyíve done it.  I was thinking of a nuclear explosion.  And the children and I looked at each other, and we took off running for the house.  And Chuck came out, and he said, donít go in the house, donít go in the house.  It could have been a gas explosion.  We have natural gas here.  And so, we walked out to the road, you know, to look down, because it sounded so close.  And it was real hazy out that night.  And when I looked down the road to where the neighbor is, I thought, oh my God, I wonder if Sharonís house blew up, because it looked so hazy.  Well, then, the next thing you know, a car is coming up the road, one of the emergency, you know, volunteers.  And they said, do you know, do you know where that occurred?  We said, no, it sounded like it was down there.  Well, we got in the car and started driving around, and as far as we went, even up into the state line, people were talking about it, and everybody you talked to, they thought it was right near their home.  Okay, well, there were newspaper reports, the next day.  We were told that an airplane crashed, someplace, I forget what.  But in the newspaper colored photographs of corn plants, that had these little perforations, perfect perforations across the leaves of what do you call them, the fronds, the stems.  We never, ever found out what the heck happened.  But the perforations in the corn plants, and it happened in many of the areas.


Alan: This was when?  When was this?


Jackie: Iíve got the newspaper articles in there, in my file.  Isnít it interesting how something like that happens.  Itís so intense.† And then, itís like, gone.  Like you said.


Alan: Well, I think it was last year the major news up here reported that something was exploding in the air, over from British Columbia, at least, it said British Columbia, all the way down into the U.S. states.  And it had set off car alarms in the middle of the night, all the way down.  And then of course, the speculation came out, they brought out, oh, it might be some kind of strange meteor, and so on and so on. 


Jackie: Right.  Well, see, we were also told that, that they thought a meteor hit some place, but nothing. 


Alan: Well, the odd thing was, a week later, Australia had the same thing happen.  And what theyíre doing is using, again, the Tesla technology.  Theyíre superheating parts of the atmosphere, and theyíre literally exploding.  Thatís what it does.


Jackie: Wow.  Thatís probably what happened here.  Weíre out of our hour.  And ladies and gentlemen, we will be back with you tomorrow night.  Thank you for being here tonight.  And I hope you were able to hear the broadcast, and not have to pick pieces out of our conversation.


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