Alan Watt on

"Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru

August 25, 2004







Jackie:  Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Our guest again this evening is Alan Watt. First the spiritual message from Ephesians 6, beginning with verse 10.


             "Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand."


This was an issue with children and many of you do have children in school. When they get to certain grades, they have to have certain vaccines; a tetanus vaccine was due, and I got doing some research on it; children could be opted out of it. The first day of school, half of that class was being sent home because they didn't have a tetanus vaccine. Tetanus is not a disease, and yet the children were sent home because they didn't have "a tetanus vaccine." As far as I can ascertain I don't believe there is a state in these United States that doesn't have an opt-out form; the forms are at the schools in the offices and all you have to do is declare that it is against your religious beliefs. You don't have to be going to a church. I know that each of the schools are different, but in this case you didn't have to have something filled out by a church. All you had to do was get this one particular form; you can go to Vaccination Liberation. It's a website; do a search. I think it's; just put in your search engine 'vaccination liberation' and you can go right to it. They've got an alphabetical index that's just beautiful. The website is set up beautifully and it is so helpful. So this tetanus "vaccine"...there is no immunity and it was in the manufacturers website that in the United States there has been no immunity built up against this infection. It's actually an infection. The bacteria is clostridium tetani; they say that in the United States there is no immunity to it. There's no immunity in anybody because tetanus isn't a disease. It's an infection that is caused from improper cleaning of a wound and a tetanus vaccine is not going to build up an immunity for the individual. The vaccine is in fact a poison itself; they grow the lethal bacteria, clostridium tetani using mercury, that's thimerosal, as a preservative and they use embalming fluid, formaldehyde as a detoxifier, so they grow a toxin and then kill it with formaldehyde. They say it's a detoxifier and there is one of two different kinds of aluminum in the vaccines. The thimerosal breaks down in the body to mercury. It is a neurotoxin and, doesn't that mean toxic poison to the brain, a neurotoxin?


Alan:  Oh yes, the whole nervous system.


Jackie:  It is admitted that the aluminum and the thimerosal are both neurotoxins and so if you are still vaccinating your children, after you hear this tonight, you can get an opt-out form if you children are in school, because every single one of the vaccines have thimerosal; all of the vaccines use thimerosal as a preservative and they use formaldehyde in them also. So all you're doing is injecting these children, these precious babies that have been given you into your care with poison chemicals and even if they live through it and they don't become autistic, because autism has increased, and the autism is connected directly to these vaccines. So I wanted you to know, and Alan, thank you for being patient with us here.


Alan:  It's a pleasure.


Jackie:  According to this one article on the dangers of thimerosal, it’s been known for a long time that it’s a neurotoxin but it says that it has removed from many across-the-counter medicines such Merthiolate and contact lens solution.


Alan:  That's right.


Jackie:  It says here that the amount given a six-pound infant in one vaccination would be the equivalent of giving a 180-pound adult 30 vaccinations in one day.


Alan:  Yes. And that's on a brain that hasn't grown yet.


Jackie:  That's right and the liver isn't producing whatever it has to do to get rid of the poisons in the body. A listener wanted to know if you would address Harry Potter books and what you know about them, pros or cons.


Alan:  Only what I've heard on the general media. I've seen a couple of the movies and it's just the old rehashed stuff that we've heard in fairy tales for centuries.


Jackie:  We have an article on our website allegedly written by a former witch, and she said that these books and these movies are not harmless because they are encouraging witchcraft. A lot of children have seen the movies and say, “I want to be a witch when I grow up,” but she said all of the names of the dormitories such as Slitherine. She said those are the names of the actual demons that are called up in black magic, so she said that the children, every time they say it, it’s like they're calling that demon to them.


Alan:  It’s all old Kabbalistic formula. We are at the end of this long-calculated stage that's been planned for the world for such a long time and we're on the brink of a major change as you can see all around us. I don't think it will be too pleasant when it all comes down. It's been planned for such a long, long time by those in authority worldwide and I think they're truly meaning to push their whole New Age formula and put it into effect, to eradicate, as we keep hearing from the Rockefeller Foundation and others, a good portion of the world's population. That they deem no longer be necessary to keep themselves in the comforts they're used to. They have technology to accomplish a large amount of that.


Jackie:  Everything they're doing today is part of it; the wars, the vaccines and the chemtrails; maybe people aren't dropping like flies; maybe they are and we don't know it.


Alan:  They are, actually. I mean with all the spraying alone that's going on and I'm sure that – we even have more ads on TV sponsored by the government to recognize signs of stroke. We never had those before and they're on every day.


Jackie:  Yes and over here it's asthma and upper respiratory problems. I've seen it on the Weather Channel quite a bit when they advertise all of their medicines. Asthma's a big one today and a lot of people have asthmatic symptoms that have never in their lives had asthma. Young people, children as well as adults.


Alan:  Again, going back to inoculations, autism is only at the top of the tree of symptoms. There's a whole range of lesser symptoms not as profound or as obvious going all the way down to asthma and you have varying degrees of mental disturbances. Slow learning, that type of thing, not quite classed as autism, degrees of mental retardation. The IQ level has dropped five points over the last 10, 15 years, a minimum of five points. And of course with all the inoculations going hand-in-hand into infants' bodies before the brain is formed; you're really lobotomizing them before the brain is formed and that is one of the policies that was discussed with the World Population Council that Arthur Koestler attended, who wrote the book "The Ghost in the Machine" and took part in plans to try and lobotomize subject groups, which would eventually be used worldwide to basically dumb the people down through inoculations, through mechanical lobotomies, chemical lobotomies, everything basically. He wrote about it in his book and in the last chapter he tells you he thinks this is very important again for that same “world peace.” This is widely written about. It's just that we don't hear about it on the regular news.


Jackie:  When they talk about world peace, that's their “peace.” I want to read this from Protocol #10. It says that:


"You yourselves perfectly well know that to produce the possibility of the expression of such wishes by all the nations (that would be probably talking about their super government, the UN) it is indispensable to trouble in all countries the people's relations with their governments so as to utterly exhaust humanity with dissension, with hatred, struggle, envy and even by the use of torture (which they're doing today) by starvation and by the inoculation of diseases, by want, so that the "Goyim" see no other issue than to take refuge in our complete sovereignty in money and in all else.


But it says here:


             "If we give the nations of the world a breathing space, the moment we long for is hardly likely ever to arrive."


So when they talk about the inoculation of diseases they're literally saying they're going to inoculate diseases into people.


Alan:  That's being followed pretty carefully even with the AIDS outbreak spreading through Haiti and then through Africa in the wake of the UN smallpox vaccination agenda. It followed on its heels and that has been admitted too. Of course they claim that some of the people who were giving inoculations didn't sterilize the needles properly. They just used the same ones on arm after arm basically. That's the way they wiggled out of that one.


Jackie:  You had said that you would be sharing information that hasn't been shared with mankind for 3,000 years.


Alan:  What we're dealing with behind all of the fronts we have facing us is a very old religion – a singular religion that pre-existed all of the other religions that we know today.


Jackie:  Does it also precede what we know today as Talmudism or Phariseeism; is it any different than Talmudism?


Alan:  Yes. You'll find behind all of the religions, and the esoteric parts in all religions, they share a common origin, and it's wrapped so carefully into all religions that it takes an awful lot of searching to find it, but you can find it.


Jackie:  I stated as I was compiling the book that it is a long-laid program for world dominion wrapped in a cloak of religion.


Alan:  It's really the original religion behind all of the facades, and you find it again in the writings of Egypt and Sumer, and what the elites claimed is that they must interbreed so carefully with close kin for a very special reason. It's puzzled all the researchers who have gone into this angle of it; why the necessity of worldwide aristocracy for this intense inbreeding and the pharaohs, or at least the priests who looked after the pharaohs, wrote about this and wrote about their ceremonies associated with this. What they claim is that their bodies are the descendents of the original bodies that were created when these beings or spirits or demons or angels were cast down to earth; and through their own will power they formed, from all the materials around them, through pure thought and will power, perfect bodies to occupy.


Jackie:  That is interesting that the physical body contains all of the elements that are in the earth.


Alan:  Yes. However, they claim that since the closest thing from the Creator who had cast them here or imprisoned them here, they retained some of these special powers of creation within themselves and as time went on, these powerful beings that could basically move objects, huge objects just by mind power alone, began to lose these powers because they began to interbreed with the original species here, so there was an original species here. And the laws came out to command them to start interbreeding once again to get back to the original forms where they could use this “mental ability” you might say; the royalty, the elite of every country as well. If you look at flags of every country you'll see all of the symbols of what you think of today as the illuminati. You've got the rising sun for Japan. You've got the dragon which is China and so you can go on and on and the modern flags have so many pyramids on them it's incredible. The Union Jack is 'illumined man', is Andrew's Cross with the Templar Cross in the middle. Every flag you look at. South American flags are just amazing with their pyramids, so it's everywhere. It's a worldwide aristocracy and that's the reason for their intense inbreeding. If they breed out of their stock, the offspring will not have the powers; and here's the key to it. They believe so intensely in reincarnation of their own original spirits into their own family lineages that they must have the DNA of the family lineage to keep the perfect body so that the perfect spirit will manifest itself into it. Do you understand that so far? They used to have a ceremony of the "opening of the mouth" they called it. When a pharaoh died, they go through this elaborate ceremony, this was to retain the spirit of the deceased pharaoh, and then they would transplant it literally, supposedly, into his son. Therefore, you could be a host for your own spirit and your father's at the same time. If the son wasn't there at the time, they claimed that they could transplant the spirit or energy into a statue – a statue could be anything, a container, in other words, or a scientific device, who knows? – and then bring it back out later when the son arrived home. All of the world aristocracy believe in this intensely, and that's why they believe they are so clever and they are the original physical DNA of the original bodies that the fallen ones created, and they are also hosting the spirits of the original angels that fell here.


Jackie: Their god is Jove?


Alan: [Their god is] Jove, Jupiter, Lucifer is just as good.


Jackie:  You were talking about the elite and their bloodlines and I asked if their god was Jove and you said yes, Jove, Jupiter, actually Lucifer. When I did a search you were on at one time and you had said that Jove, Jehovah, Jupiter, "by George" were all the same "god."  I've come to that realization more and more as this book is being compiled because I've done searches and I found an old Masonic – this was like 200 years ago and they said that a song was played to the tune of "God Save the King", which I found out is also the tune that "My Country 'Tis of Thee" is sung to. They talked in there about Lord, Jove, Jehovah, God is how it was said, and so that was a Masonic song. Do you know that one of the definitions of a Noahite is a Freemason when you look up the word in the dictionary, so the freemasonry, these people who are Christians who join freemasonry, do they all know this?


Alan:  —Not at the bottom. Even the so-called laws that were given for all the gentiles meant and this is pre-Hebrew.


Jackie:  I understand the word Hebrew was a word that meant "Habiru" that it meant dusty one or wanderer.


Alan:  Wanderer, yes.


Jackie:  Like a Nomad?


Alan:  Long before that, supposedly, is at the end of another age when they talk about the flood. Noah was chosen to come through with his family, and it tells you right at the beginning of the chapter, the only reason that he was picked was that he was perfect in his generations, meaning perfect in his bloodline. He had not married outside of his bloodline, so we’re back to genetics again.


Jackie:  Sarah was Abraham's half-sister, according to the Old Testament, and Moses married his aunt. It was some family.


Alan:  It’s a eugenics program really. It's the eugenics of the body and supposedly the spirit. Even the Roman elite, it doesn't matter where they've gone or who they've called themselves in times gone past or what empire they ruled, when the Greek elite moved into Rome and created Rome they took all their customs with them. The Greek elite also had the Lares, the fire which represented the family spirits, as they did when they went into Rome and reconstructed the same system. The fire was always representative of your own family lineages’ spirits which would reincarnate into your grandson.


Jackie:  Is that what that eternal flame stands for?


Alan:  Yes. It means belonging to Lucifer. The flame means Lucifer. The lesser flames or 'points of light' belong to the army of Lucifer.


Jackie:  Is the religion of the Jews today, Talmudism or Phariseeism according to the Jewish Encyclopedia that Judaism today traces its history back through the ages without a break to the Pharisees, so it would really be called Phariseeism, probably. Is that a part of it today? When you look into some of these websites when you're checking into the Noahide Laws, then it says the Noahide Laws are only for the non-Jews. They give a couple of reasons, either because the gentiles rejected the Ten Commandments, that the Ten Commandments are only for the Jews because they were the ones that were there by the Mount when they were given, and so the Noahide Laws--


Alan:  There were no Jews…


Jackie:  But that's what they call them today. So the Noahide Laws, there's seven of them. Actually, one is thou shall not. It is a law that would establish tribunals and then the punishment – this is right out of their own website so it isn't a figment of my imagination and I'd read this before, but until I saw it in their own website for some reason I just kind of doubted it. But the only penalty for the breaking of one of the Noahide Laws is death, and the only mode of death is decapitation. What they are saying is the reason their messiah has not returned yet is because the world isn't ready for him, because enough people have not accepted "The Torah," because that's what the Noahites will be referred to, as Hasidic Gentiles. It is written in one of the books I read that any man, woman or child that does not embrace The Torah will be exterminated. Now do you think that they have something beyond that? It's in their own website. They explain all this.


Alan:  The easiest thing to do, and this guy will come on your program, is to ask that Rabbi Stevak back on. He will come on because he was on Alex Jones’ show.


Jackie:  Do you think if I called him he would come on Sweet Liberty? What would I bring him on and ask him?


Alan:  Whatever you want. Yes, ask him because all the hate laws are now in effect that were in the Soviet Union. The hate laws are in effect now. Understand?  They've been passed everywhere and they're being enforced everywhere.


Jackie:  Well, from my understanding, the hate laws are actually the implementation of a genocide treaty and the implementing legislation was what created the hate laws.


Alan:  Not really. There was a big two-year conference ongoing in a university in the U.S. to draft something up, again, for world peace; and on that, they had the bare bones of what would become the hate laws. They had many reviews and updates of it, but they are in effect now.


Jackie:  This broadcast here in the U.S. and there are other broadcasts that have addressed the "Jewish question" and there have not been any lawsuits or any fines or anything like that going on.


Alan:  The last place to go will be the U.S. because they're still completing the 'Great Work'. Once it's done that, then you'll see the same laws implemented.


Jackie:  So that we won't be able to have these discussions?


Alan:  Absolutely, and that's the intent of them. You won't even be able to ask a question along that line. A child won't be able to ask a question. That's how totalitarian things stand at the moment.


Jackie:  You gave us a nutshell of what their design is, so to speak, and their belief system, but it doesn't feel finished. I don’t feel like I understand this. How do we relate that to today?


Alan:  Today, the ancient elite who ran the world, the natural aristocracy that Jefferson called them, are scattered through all peoples and they can adopt any religion actually and they become one of the people. They become the heroes of the people and it doesn't matter what country you go into; it’s the same ceremonies at the top.


Jackie:  The questions that I have are for example in the Old Testament, and I studied metaphysics and it was said that there is an esoteric – there is symbolic and there is some actual real history, but I think a lot of what we've been given as history was not, or it was twisted and it was torped.  We have a situation where there is the God Jehovah or Yahweh. There are people who say the name is not Jehovah it is Yahweh and that god chose a certain group of people to be his special people who were going to rule over the earth. There are Christians who say because they've studied the bloodline – I mean as far as who we are it seems simple that Jesus said "that by their fruits ye shall know them", not by the color of your skin, bloodline or whatever…


Alan:  “By their works.”


Jackie:  ...Or what religion you choose to believe in, but it is how we be. Yet the people who have studied the bloodlines are absolutely convinced that it is the white Anglo-Saxon I guess, the Nordic that is the chosen of that Yahweh in the Old Testament.


Alan:  Some of them are. All of that sect began in the late 1800’s with a guy who emerged in London and declared all this stuff. He demanded that the king abdicate and he'd take over, and so he was locked up in an insane asylum.


Jackie:  Because he looked at the bloodlines and said “I should be on the throne”?


Alan:  Yes. He put in a formal request; and when Queen Victoria was in, another guy did exactly the same and demanded that she abdicate so he could get himself on the throne, and he also ended up in the asylum. Then, of course, the elite thought this could be a good tool, you see, because division is fantastic when you're destroying everything at the end of an age and so then they promoted the 'British Israel' theory.


Jackie:  It's called a lot of stuff, British Israelism?


Alan:  Israel foundation. You'll find that the offices are the same as the World Zionist Federation. The British Israelite Foundation, which all these characters belonged to, is the same address as the World Zionist Federation.


Jackie:  The British Israelites and the Zionist Foundation have the same address?


Alan:  That's right, and all modern Christians who attend church are Zionists.


Jackie: They're being taught that today, aren't they?


Alan:  They’ve been taught it for a long, long time – a hundred-odd years at least.


Jackie:  Yes, but it's really becoming widespread today. Our webmaster was telling me in the little church that they attend that there was a song that they sang "We are Repossessing" and he told me the words. In fact I've got the words to that song, but basically it says we are repossessing every square inch of land, and I said how could you relate that to anything Christian? He said, "what we we’re told was this."  The Jews are denied the messiah so the promises of the covenant went to the Christians and now we're the ones that are going to evidently own and control the world. It's very confusing and it's disturbing because it's almost as though we have to be double-minded to believe this.


Alan:  Most people are. I mean any follower of anything is a fool to begin with. If you can't think for yourself and take your own path and you must follow, you can be guaranteed you've been led up the garden path. That's why democracy works for the elite. Everybody who's born has a chance to be their own leader, but 87 percent have always chosen to follow somebody else because they can't think for themselves. They're too lazy to think for themselves. That's the problem, and then they wonder what's happened to the world they thought was theirs as it's pulled from under their feet.


Jackie:  A lot of them don't wonder because they believe that this is God's plan and that when it all falls apart Jesus is going to be here. He's going to be on his throne in Jerusalem and he's going to be ruling the world. It says in the Bible "that my kingdom is not of this world" and he said "I came here for one purpose into this world and that was to bear witness unto the truth" and the way it appears to me, he was exposing this and got killed for it and he may as well have saved his breath.


Caller:  When I hear that we are too lazy to think and we are too lazy to do this and that. In the meantime, we've been fed fluoride in the water. We've been dulled down with vaccinations and now we're supposed to take the blame for not being able to think. I think there's something wrong. What do you think?


Jackie:  It is true that they have certainly done one job with the food, with the fluoride in the water and the type of food.


Alan:  For 2,000 years the public, regardless of the denomination or even country, followed these religious leaders blindly without all the inoculations, et cetera.


Jackie:  Jesus was exposing this.


Alan:  Yes.


Jackie:  Now today people call themselves Judeo-Christians or Christian Zionists.


Alan:  Well, you see, it’s an abusive father.


Caller:  It's very interesting what he said that all of the churches today, it's true. They really are Jewish centers. Really they've become Judeaized, willing they do this. But I just wanted to say the Jews secretly worshipped Lucifer. I know this is true. However, I wonder if your guest will agree with me, they are the wrath of God's anger. By the way, the Jews are the seed line of Lucifer, the Lord does allow this to happen because we deserve it.


Alan:  That's the typical abused mentality that comes out – the abused person. If you follow the Bible you're leading a path of mind abuse, because you can't have a loving father who also allows sadism to happen. In other words, the God of the Bible has nothing to do with the Creator at all. That's the key to it. The Old Testament is a compilation borrowed from many other countries of stories which are techniques on how to control others.


Jackie:  And you had said that their god is Lucifer.


Alan:  Albert Pike said it in one of the highest Masonic books ever written and so did Madame Blavatsky. She called her newspaper Lucifer, eventually called the Lucius Trust.  Lucifer was the rebel. He was the chief magician amongst the angels and he led a rebellion against the Creator himself supposedly. According to the elite, man would be in darkness today (meaning ignorance and primitiveness and “arrested civilization” as they call it), if Lucifer hadn't brought intellect and intelligence down to show the people and to rule over the people. This is the religion of all aristocracy. That's what they all believe in.


Jackie:  So Jove, Jupiter, Zeus, and Jehovah are all one and the same?


Alan:  They're all the same but Jupiter and Jove also mean "the hidden god", hidden from the public. That's what it means.


Jackie:  Zeus was the Greek god, lord of the world. In Rome, Jupiter was Zeus-Pater, God the Father, became Zeus and Jupiter are one and the same. But then Jove and Jupiter are also said to be one and the same. Which of the gods are hidden gods?


Alan:  You see, it's all allegory. It's not real beings. It's allegory for the hidden god that the public must never know about until the right time. In other words, it's another front-name for Lucifer, always was the hidden god, but not the Creator. It's the hidden god of the system of this world.


Jackie:  The God of this world. I remember reading where Jehovah had said when I made the covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob they only knew me as the Lord God Almighty, but I am going to take you to be my people and I'm going to be to you a god. That is pretty loud and clear, Alan.


Alan:  The story about coming out of the desert or Egypt and meeting Melchizedek is very important because Melchizedek was worshipped by them as a living God on earth. They gave him the full worshipping rights of a god, a deity, the supposed slaves that came out of Egypt; and the key is that every illumined man who works up through the degrees and goes round the clock becomes a god on earth. Every illumined man in their system who comes up the degrees becomes a god.