Alan Watt on

"Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru

August 26, 2004







Jackie:  Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Our guest is Alan Watt. I told you last night about the tetanus shot that a lot of children get. I think it's either 9th or 10th grade but it's a booster shot and I gave you information on it. I won't repeat it all. The one thing I forgot to tell you is that in the particular schools to which I was referring they had these opt-out forms in the office and it wasn't found out until the mother of this child was jumping through hoops trying to get a hold of the form knowing that it did exist. So for any of you who have children in school and if they're insisting on them getting vaccinated of any type, go into vaccination liberation, the website, and you can look up the ingredients of any of the vaccines. Thimerosal I believe is a preservative that's in all of them that I know of. It is a form of mercury. They use formaldehyde as a detoxifier and they use aluminum and all of these are neurotoxins. They are poison not just to the brain cell, but as Alan pointed out last night to the entire nervous system. So just call the school office and don't ask if they have them. Just say I want one of the opt-out forms to opt my child out of having the vaccine because it is against my religious beliefs. That's all you have to say. I don't know the law in every state but that I know of every state has one type of an opt-out option for parents. Let me share our spiritual message with you. This from Psalm 139:23, 24.


             "Search me father and know my heart. Test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me and led me in the way everlasting."


To me that is the same as where Jesus said that we must know ourselves. Know thyself, he said. There is nothing more to know and if the Kingdom of God is within us as Jesus said then wouldn't that make sense that to know ourselves is the most important thing? If we know ourselves maybe that is all that there is to know. And thank you for being with us again.


Alan:  It's a pleasure.


Jackie:   I received an email from a lady today and she said she was very confused and didn't even really know what it was all about and I urged her to listen tonight.


Alan:  We've already gone through the fact that this plan has been ongoing for the complete reordering of the world for thousands of years basically, and that this crucial point of the change you might say to global governance and a new way of living for everyone, they have to dumb the public down even more so than they had ever done before. They have been using inoculations, primarily, to lobotomize the public and the IQ has been dropping substantially from especially the '50’s onwards. This is a deliberate dumbing down for a purpose because you cannot have a literate public worldwide during the time of massive change where all morality is reconfigured into a new morality with new ways of doing everything, so this agenda was all planned. We're expected to always believe that everything that happens in history is just bungling and accidents by governments and scientists, and that's so far from the truth it's incredible. Everything that happens is planned that way. They knew that there were over 100 live simian, which is chimpanzee or monkey, viruses in every shot of polio before they gave it to the public. The Simian 40 virus, it's only function is to create tumors and cancers. That's all it does. I've got the videotape. The CBC, which documents everything, is the leading government station, played an old black and white replay one boring Sunday and it was about Dr. Salk and there's quips in it and his co-workers, and they talk about the fact that they were aware that these viruses were alive and that they were hazardous not only to your basic health but long-term health, and they knew that the Simian 40 virus would cause cancers. Other ones would attack the central nervous system. Some of them even caused sterilization. Now when you realize that was all part of an ancient policy, was exactly that, to cull the population and reduce the population by sterilization and by early deaths, we've never had such a spate of brain tumors in the very young as we have since 1950 onwards. This has done its job and it's not by bungling. It's by deliberation.


Jackie: Didn't Dr. Salk say that one of the viruses' only function was to cause brain tumors?


Alan:  That's right, cancers of all kinds and that was the Simian 40, but that's only one of many of them.


Jackie:  Did you say that this was an ancient thing that they did, back in ancient days?


Alan:  In ancient times you'll find records from the Egyptians, the priests wrote everything down like all bureaucrats do and that's what the old priesthoods really were. They were bureaucrats and they wrote all the signs and symptoms of population control. That also meant having docile populations and they tried to even reduce calories. They tried feeding them certain things, omitting proteins to keep them docile and placid and yet strong enough to do the work. This has been an ongoing thing for thousands of years.  Then of course Malthus who was the top economist for the British East India Company in the 1600’s eventually wrote his book on population. That was introduced in the early 1700’s and he advised raising people, the masses he said, the expendable masses, the surplus and building housing over swamplands where they'd be infected by mosquitoes and would die of diseases and so they had all these beautiful ways to cull people off that they didn't need anymore. This has been an ongoing thing.


Jackie:  What do you know about DDT; I have read articles that suggest that they stopped using it because it was so effective in keeping down the mosquitoes populations and what do mosquitoes cause? Either yellow fever and malaria. And that today in the modern world, in some of the third world countries people are dying, dropping like flies from malaria. Do you think that DDT was effective and maybe more harmless if there is such a thing?


Alan:  What they did in fact was to try and ban DDT and they still show these same clips in science shows for children today. They show you always these birds, generally seagulls giving birth to these jelly-like type eggs where the eggshell was almost non-existent and this was the main proof that DDT was harmful to nature, but what they didn't tell the public, although the information is available on request, is that they fed these captive seagulls nothing but DDT!  Obviously Africa has been slated for a long time for massive depopulation. However, a colleague of Salk who did the polio vaccine was Joseph Gallo and he's the character who got the main contract to create the AIDS disease. They're all well connected. If you look at Frederick Banting who's held up as a hero in history for developing, amongst other things, insulin for diabetes control; he came from Alliston, Ontario, Canada but this man was the top bacteriologist for germ warfare during World War II.  When you read his memoirs and what he was developing, he was developing diseases which would wipe out everybody with a German gene in their body, and he said in his own memoirs and anybody can go and find the memoirs of Banting. He said "I won't be happy until everyone with a German gene is extinct from this planet". This is a great hero who's got statues up to him for helping children in diabetes. Yes, and also he developed a disease which would be spread amongst cattle and the idea was to kill off the food production in Germany and strangely enough has all the same symptoms as what we call Mad Cow disease today. Isn't that a coincidence?  Every major figure they give you in history is really one of the elite and they are mass murderers.


Jackie:  You said a long time ago that every hero that we have in our minds was given to us. I have discovered in my research that at least the heroes that we were taught in school were heroes are no longer heroes.


Alan:  Even Thomas Jefferson in his own memoirs says that he was corresponding with Malthus and that he was very interested in his theories on population control. That's Jefferson's own writings.


Jackie:  Alan, when you read stuff that they allegedly said; did they say or was this all made up some of the good things they said?


Alan:  The good things are just what they're advisors would tell them the people would want to hear. That's always been the way. In their own memoirs they say complete opposite things. It's like Winston Churchill who had a whole nation rise up to fight supposedly the Germans and I believe to be honest that Hitler was setup by the same bunch too. I really do. In fact, World War II had to happen because there was only two ways out of the situation they created in Germany. One was to change the initial demands of the Versailles Treaty, or for Germany to go to war, so they supplied the right man at the right time and they got their way anyway. Meanwhile, Churchill is over on the other side directing a war that had not started before he was the prime minister with his own agents working for him and preparing for World War II, telling the public when it began that they'd fight on the beaches and all this rot. Now his personal secretary has come out with a book called "The Fringes of Power" and it's got all the private conversations of Churchill with his own inner elite class and he says, "This is the best thing that ever happened for us. We shall have our long way to dream of a united Europe", which is exactly what Hitler wanted. There's your paradox. However, to the public, oh yes we're going to fight on the beaches. It's the same old stuff over and over.


Jackie:  Here in the United States of America they were actually involving U.S. soldiers in the fighting and in the war before war had been declared by the U.S. Congress, while he was making his promises to the American people that your sons will not go to war. Not fight.


Alan:  The same premise that Wilson ran on in World War I. You just tell the public what they want to hear that's all, and they still do.


Jackie:  Wasn't it George Poppy Bush that said "read my lips"?


Alan:  In 1990, he first gave his major speech about the New World Order and he saw it coming into view, et cetera, et cetera. That was September 11th and then he repeated it one year later on September the 11th, same thing. It's the old occult Masonic way and so meanwhile America is being stripped of pretty well any right that you thought you had. You just haven't seen it totally enforced yet.


Jackie:  They're probably waiting to pull of one more terrible – they keep telling us it is going to happen. We don't when. We don't where. We don't know how, but we know that there will be another and it will be worse than the World Trade Center; and anybody who thinks that only 3,000 people died there isn't thinking.


Alan:  It's amazing what's pulled off in front of our eyes even though the New American Century agenda, the booklet was produced in 1997 with the same players we saw during the second Gulf War involved Rumsfeld and all the rest of them and they said we'll have to eventually take Afghanistan first and then Iraq second, then Iran and Syria and so on. They write about it. They tell you about it and then at the same time another major player Zbigniew Brzezinski comes out with "The Grand Chessboard" saying exactly the same things in the same sequence and he says "we'll need something on the scale of Pearl Harbor to motivate the American people into action behind us." It was about '98.


Jackie:  I've got this on audio tape that was day one of 9/11 and I taped the whole day and they brought Henry Kissinger out of a meeting and they said please tell us what you're thinking here or whatever and he said, "this is the same as Pearl Harbor and it needs to be handled exactly the way Pearl Harbor was handled." I have that on videotape.


Alan:  It's all orchestrated.  In this mystery religion we're talking about, behind it all, they have a saying, which they use on the Star Trek episodes by Mr. Spock, that the few must perish to save the many. It's a sacrifice and that to them was worth having. This goes on and on and on and it's not just a reorganization of the basics of living in the world. It's going to be a complete reorganization of every individual's life where ultimately if they allow you to be born it will be with a need for you to be trained at something and there will be no surplus whatsoever. No excess population and your duty will be to serve the world state.


Jackie:  Workforce development is the implementation of that.


Alan:  Yes. It's all out in front of us for anyone to go and investigate. People who live in duality want to believe the nice men in the nice suits and ties who say such nice things to us and really care about us and then they can read the other information at the same time if they want to stay in duality, that's their problem because we know where they're going to end up.


Jackie:  Back in the '40’s there was a teachers union meeting held in I believe Philadelphia. I do have the actual agenda, a copy of the pamphlet and it's called "Educating for One World." This was in the '40’s, and they said the needs of the children on the list was that the children will be educated – trained I believe for the new needs of labor and that's exactly what you just said, isn't it?


Alan:  That's right and that's also in Brzezinski's other work called "The Technetronic Era" where he goes through the fact that the elite only need a technological class now to serve them. They don't need the laboring classes.


Jackie:  And specifically, Hillary is quoted as saying that children don't need to learn to read, as long as they are properly trained for their jobs that they're going to be trained to do.


Alan:  In other words, what you're seeing is being implemented all over. It's the exact same system only on a larger scale than the Soviet Union. It was all done in the Soviet Union with Pavlovian training. In the memoirs of Eleanor Roosevelt, she talks about that because she went over to Russia to meet her hero Pavlov and she said they trained the children so well using his methods they don't have a personality of their own.


Caller:  What most people don't know is that homeopathy can reverse these injections and heal the body, and if anybody is really concerned about the health of their children they can give vaccinations through homeopathy which is totally harmless to the body and protects it. So if anybody wants to check into this I would suggest that they get to a naturopath of homeopathy and check this out because I know it works.


Alan:  I know that there are treatments that help to detoxify certain heavy metals especially like mercury. They can be sort of flushed out over a certain period. It tends to be rather expensive though. They call it chelation.


Jackie:  Dr. Carley has been on this broadcast. She lost her medical license in New York because her son had gotten real ill and she's a medical doctor but since she lost her medical license and she started treating her son homeopathically and they took her son away from her. The father has guardianship now and they have told her if she didn't shut up about homeopathy that she'd never see him again.  Dr. Carley has not shut up because she said there are many people who need to know this, although I have never heard her talk about vaccines that work that are healthy.


Alan:  Really, vaccination is bogus because a healthy body doesn't contract the various diseases. Most people have had tuberculosis for instance and that's why they send everyone for an x-ray and they find a little scar tissue on their lung. That means you've been exposed to it but you've fought it off and you've overcome it.


Jackie:  My dad came down with diabetes and Jody was seven years old at the time and she had come to visit so they did tests and they found scar tissue on her lungs but they weren't sure they said whether it was scar tissue or active TB. They said they couldn't tell so they were going to treat her and if there was no change then they would know that it was a scar tissue from TB that her body healed and that's what it turned out to be. But meantime, I let them give Jody the therapy. I didn't know any better.


Alan:  They can tell immediately if you have active TB because they give you the old Mantoux test on your wrist.


Jackie:  Well, you know what they told us? They said since she had it she would always test positive because there are antibodies against it.


Alan:  Yes, but when it's active your wrist comes up like a balloon.  Big difference. No, they can tell this stuff.


Jackie:  Dr. Carley has a website and I think it is simply but if you put Dr. Rebecca Carley into a search engine I believe that you would find her website.


Caller:  I'm calling about the comment that the lady regarding homeopathic vaccinations. I had it in 1961 when I went to Italy and it is nothing like these regular vaccinations. Homeopathic remedies are prepared very differently, but it enables a medical doctor to sign a certificate that you had had a vaccination because mine was necessary to go abroad. So you go to any homeopath or even naturopaths are able to do that today.


Jackie:  Thank you. Maybe that is an alternative. I don't think there is any state that has the opt-out form for the children but maybe if you are traveling abroad and they want proof that you've been vaccinated that's good to know. Maybe it isn't necessary but if it's harmless that's important.


Alan:  So much in the world is just bogus and it doesn’t mean that the doctors are pretending or putting you on. They're trained in a system, which they believe, is based on pure faith on the person who taught them. I mean you take a child and you tell that child when he scratches himself or gets cut to wash out that wound and you tell him why, and meanwhile they take the same child to a doctor to inject him with stuff right into his body, in his bloodstream. We don't even have the ability to check ourselves. I mean it's all based on faith. Trust and faith and that's why they have succeeded so well. Science has become our new priests. They are the new priesthood.


Jackie:  I remember once that you had said that their god, these creatures that are in control here, their god is science.


Alan:  Science. I mean that was the boast of Lucifer. Lucifer said when they were imprisoned here basically that through his and their, meaning his lesser beings, his followers, through their intellect and ingenuity and their knowledge of the sciences, they would eventually rise higher than all the gods and break out of this prison.


Jackie:  Are you saying that Lucifer was an individual?


Alan:  It's given as an individual. It's definitely an entity with a whole army basically of similar entities that supposedly were close to the Creator himself but tried to overtake even that, and were cast here during “the fall” as they call it.


Jackie:  Maybe the fall was our entering into the physical realm?


Alan:  Well that was theirs because they created their own bodies by their pure will, because they still had creative abilities with them when they arrived here. That's what they claim. You'll find that in all the higher theosophy books which are not available to the general public and they go through this whole process where this army arrived here and they could manipulate all matter by pure will power alone. Create their own perfect physical bodies which the spirit could then inhabit and only by interbreeding with the domestic race here at the time they claim they started to lose their powers and hence the need to get back to interbreed with only their own once more. This religion is still here behind all religions. It's the same religion.


Jackie:  High freemasonry, Phariseeism. Although you said that Phariseeism was preceded by this international priesthood religion.


Alan:  Yes. There's no doubt that they came out from Babylon, which was the home at that time of the mystery religion, and they came out with the sciences of control and physics with them. They brought it with them and some of the most famous scientists that we are given, like Einstein and so on, studied the Kabbalah. Isaac Newton, even though he was holed up for most of his life in Cambridge University, mainly because he liked young boys, this other great hero, in his own memoirs tells you that most of his time was studying the Kabbalah where he got the sciences from. These books are available in university libraries.


Jackie:  I don't want to interrupt your flow of thought but do you have any books that you would recommend for people to get that would want to do their own research?


Alan:  Going right back to the whole educational program, we mentioned a few years ago about Lord Bertrand Russell who came out with a few main books followed by all the higher elites around him. One is called "Roads to Freedom" and the other one was called "Education and the Good Life." 


Jackie:  And Bertrand Russell was a UNESCO advisor?


Alan:  He was a UNESCO advisor. He was all for global governments. He was sent to China to initially contact young students, teach at university and start what became of their revolution many years later. These characters are always active all their lives with working for the Great Work.


Jackie:  I have a quote here by him. This is Bertrand Russell. It says: "It may be hoped that in time anybody will be able to persuade anybody of anything if he can catch the patient young and is provided by the state by money and equipment. When the technique has been perfected every government that has been in control of education for a generation will be able to control its subject securely without the need of armies or policemen."


Alan:  And that was also reiterated by Zbigniew Brzezinski in "The Technetronic Era" where he said that the public have got to the stage now where they have no thoughts of their own. They can only repeat what's been downloaded into their minds by the previous night's news. See they've been at this for a long, long time. Bertrand Russell back in the early 1920s was working fervently for this elite and this is Lord Bertrand Russell. This is one of the aristocracy here. Why is he working towards what seems to be an almost communist goal? It's because communism and capitalism are just the two elements they need for conflict in order to create and speed up their New World Order and they've pretty well arrived. If you go even further back to the writings of Plato and "The Republic" he's talking about a world republic similar to what Franklin talked about, and Jefferson. A united federated world and Plato talked about it 2,500 years ago and he explained the system on which it would be run. Outwardly it would have a democratic form of republicism. Because he said 87 percent of the population are followers and they will come to the opinion that is given to them by their leaders.


Jackie:  And that would be religious leaders as well as political, the news, et cetera?  Explain that percentage because you did mention that in the conversations earlier and I said well that to me is uplifting. It leaves 13 percent of the people that aren't followers but you expanded on that.


Alan:  Three percent comprise the elite managers, the creative managers you might say, not the implementers. Opposed to them are three percent who are awake in any generation and the rest the seven percent or so are simply the bureaucrats, police, army, et cetera who enforce the three percents mandates. So really there are only three percent of the population who actively know the agenda at the top and they are opposed at all times by an awakened three percent. There are many up on the way to that three percent who think they know it but they don't. They're either left or they're right or they're Protestant or Catholic or whatever. You can't get trapped on the way up to the three percent who opposes them. So yes, really it's a matter of three percent against the other three percent with its force, its bureaucracies and its police, et cetera.


Jackie:  Well this is so relevant; I remember on one of our broadcasts that we did you had made the statement that those that we think are in control are really not, as they are just the minions and they are being as controlled as we are by them. You said that those are the ones that are the “humanists” so to speak that they believe they are gods et cetera, but that the hierarchy behind them know that there is a Creator and a force and a power within each and everyone of us if we call upon it and that they're scared to death if enough people are going to recognize it.


Alan:  Yes. And it's not the Jehovah that's being rammed down everyone's throats for thousands of years. You cannot pray to someone who gives you a hug one minute and then punches you in the head in the other, and that is what Jehovah is. Jehovah is the perfect abusive parent that you would use for mind control purposes on the offspring. The Creator is beyond all of that; and as long as they keep people worshipping the same deity which is abusing them, God's going to kill us all but he loves us. There's a paradox for you. There's an abusive statement from a victim. That makes no sense. That is how mind control works, but the Creator himself is something they don't want you do know about.


Jackie:  The true message that Jesus brought that the Kingdom of God is within you and the power even of our spoken word when he said that "by our words we are justified and by our words we are condemned."   I see that so many people that believe that what is happening today is the plan of our Creator because they believe that Jehovah is – that they actually pray for it and celebrate its coming because Jesus is coming back and he's going to plant his kingdom there in Jerusalem and rule the world here for a thousand years in peace.


Alan:  Yes, and he's going to save little old me.


Jackie:  But that whole story, when you take it to its finish that Lucifer will be released again after a thousand years; why?


Alan:  Yes, because by Lucifer what they mean again in this term is that they have a thousand years of peace between the ends and the beginnings of the age; and at the end of that thousand years, even amongst the aristocracy, they start to vie once again for ultimate power amongst themselves; and that becomes a fatal trademark of theirs that you will see down through the ages. They'll all work together between the age when they've done their little wars with each and they have the order set as they want it to keep their peace amongst themselves but towards the end of an age they start vying for power again because the goal is to be king of the world. They can all work together towards the Great Work but coming near the end of it they start to – remember power is an incredible drug to these characters and each one wants to be first king of the world. They want to go down in history as the first king of the world and a united world and to them that's a great coup and we see it already with various factions amongst the elite falling out with each other and not being so cohesive as they are. So they do have their Achilles heels.


Jackie:  You had quoted about those who are really in control having the fear that enough people will discover -- and the power within us is neutral except it is the way that it is used and if it is used in love and compassion it's powerful, and if it is used the other way like black magic it is destruction.


Caller:  It's the evangelical Christian that's been brainwashed by the very people that you're exposing that have given you a distorted picture of Christianity and that they want to bring this all this Armageddon on because they say Jesus is coming. It's a complete distortion of Christianity. I'm not denying the coming of Jesus Christ but in an entirely different frame of reference and I thought I should tell you this.


Alan:  Yes. People must remember that messiah and a Christ or Cristos are the same things that are wanted by the elite. It's their own messiah that basically will fool the world once again and even in the movies that they throw in front of our faces like "The Matrix" movie, they get the public to cheer on the main hero Neo. Neo means new. His name is Anderson from the Greek Andra, which means man. He is the new son of man with all these great powers and his people that he's fighting for are from Zion. They are the Zionists.


Jackie:  What is Zion, Sion? What is the esoteric?


Alan:  On one level Sion in Hebrew meant the sun, the light, Lucifer, the ultimate illumined man. That's basically what the first meaning is.


Jackie:  Then that puts the light in a negative perspective. According to the New Testament Jesus is attributed as saying "ye are the light of the world."


Alan:  That's right. In fact there are secrets in Masonry which Masons themselves don't understand at the bottom. As Pike said, "they're intentionally mislead" or through their own stupidity they can't understand.  The lost word is the Logos, and of course the ship that even Neo in the last Matrix movie is on is called the Logos, and he goes to see the Grand Architect of the Universe. All pure freemasonry. It's Jehovah once again. It's the same character that you must overcome in "2001 Space Odyssey" by Arthur C. Clarke. One of them overcame the son which is Hal and the son was in charge of the natural laws. It's the same story over and over and over again, but in Masonry when they raise a Mason up, they give them the lost word.


Jackie:  And the lost word is Logos?


Alan:  No.  Memre. Memre and that means in Hebrew the lost word. The significance is when you’re raised up you are the lost word. To them the soul is only the primitive part that animates all life and of course with them they believe because they have the perfect physical bodies interbred at the top level of aristocracy, then they can reincarnate their own perfect original spirits that were cast down to earth to inhabit these perfect interbred bodies.


Jackie:  When you talk about the perfect body, I have a videotape here. It's a black-and-white that was taped in the area where the Jews lived in Germany and a lot of them were just ugly. They had no chins. Do you suppose you could comment on that?


Alan:  You should look at the chin lists or microgenia as it’s called.