Alan Watt on

"Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru

August 30, 2004







Jackie:  Thanks for joining us tonight on Sweet Liberty. Our spiritual message this evening is from Ephesians 6 beginning with verse 10.


             "Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand."


Alan Watt, thanks again for being with us again tonight.


Alan:  Yes, it's a pleasure.


Jackie:  What does that passage there say to you, Alan?


Alan:  That Ephesians message brings in different hierarchies of powers. One is a sort of spiritual power. The other one is a temporal power, the rulers of the darkness basically. Darkness in that sense always meant in secrecy. That's what it meant, and if you go into the age-old religion that's behind all religions that encompasses the spiritual side of their reincarnation that they believe into the physical body so they become the temporal rulers of the world.  As they say, "as above, so below" and in the high meaning of it in Masonry it means bringing in the high spirit of their own ancestors into the perfected physical spirit of their genetic lines. That's what this is about really.


Jackie:  Do you think that Paul knew what was happening; he understood what you just said?


Alan:  I think he would have to, because he was a Pharisee. He'd been trained in the rabbinical schools and all rabbis know that reincarnation has been the main theme of Judaism from then up until the present day.


Jackie:  They don't talk about an afterlife, at least through the lower classes, their lesser brethren, but they don't really have as part of their religion an afterlife.


Alan:  The lower orders are allowed basically to believe in whatever they wish to believe in. The higher orders of course have their own separate religion. Albert Pike said every religion has an exoteric and an esoteric group basically and Judaism was no different.


Jackie:  For our listeners just in case somebody doesn't differentiate esoteric meaning and inner secret meaning or coded almost I guess isn't it?


Alan:  Yes. It's initiated through to higher degrees.


Jackie:  And exoteric being the outward ostensible meaning for the profane.


Alan:  For the masses. That's why the Catholic mass is for the mass.


Jackie:  Is that what that means?


Alan:  Yes. Eusebius was one of the popes and he wrote about it. He said when the doors are closed or after the masses have gone, we priests have our own secret religion.


Jackie:  There was a pope named Eusebius? There was a historian in Constantine's time named Eusebius, too.


Alan:  It was Eusebius then, too. It was written about... Albert Pike once again, mentions him too, so this has been written about and well understood all down through the ages. It's interesting that everyone is basically worshipping what they think is the god that rules the world, but the god that rules the world is supposed to be Lucifer or Satan. Those who follow Satan or Satan's ways become the leaders of the world system and that is the religion behind all of this. The Creator himself even, according to Judaism, created everything and basically sort of left to go somewhere else and they say that in their own writings that no one can understand the mind of the Creator and that ultimately the Creator himself would not return until the Great Work was completed.


Jackie:  And they're speaking about Lucifer?


Alan:  Who is running this world in the meantime? Who is it that everyone is praying to?


Jackie:  When they say the Creator will return when the Great Work is done they're referring to Lucifer?


Alan:  They're referring to their own role because some rabbis have published books about the role of Judaism and they tell you in comparative religion studies that Judaism is an active religion working towards an end. When you look at what the end is, they say it's to bring about the international brotherhood of man and when that's completed there will be no more function for Judaism as such. If you ask Masons what their role is as Masons, they tell you it’s to bring about the international brotherhood of man. If you ask the Sikhs of India, who are also a masonically created group, what their function is, it's to bring about the international brotherhood of man. There are many groups.


Jackie:  That's just one little cozy club, isn't it?


Alan:  It certainly is. Communism was the same under the guise of communism. Theosophy is exactly the same, and that book I mentioned to you that you couldn't find it's called "Things to Come".  That was published by the Lucius Trust, which used to be the Lucifer Trust, New York, and it was by Foster Bailey in fact and it was 1974 that it was published. It has the whole agenda here including the need to give up private property, which Albert Pike, the Pope of Freemasonry also said, and everyone must be born to fulfill a duty to the world state. It's all in there and the hierarchy which they call the hidden hierarchy started to emerge into public view in about the 1970’s.  These are the bloodlines who, for the first time, have actually come into politics and yet these are still the lesser of the hierarchy, and towards the time we're living in now, they claim, that the real hierarchy, the top ones will start to emerge for world government. It’s all underway.


Jackie:  This Foster Bailey, you said that's Alice Bailey's brother?


Alan:  I believe it was.


Jackie:  Wasn't she quite a bit older?


Alan:  You've got to remember this is a big family and they also have connections with British Royalty. The same as Annie Besant. They're all AB's you'll notice. Alice Bailey and again that's part of their coding system.


Jackie:  What does AB mean?


Alan:   AB is an altered being and Abraham was an altered one, too.


Jackie:  What does that mean?


Alan:  It means that they’re of a bloodline that's has highly selected mates, or had them selected for them, all down through the ages and so they're inbred to an extent, because they do believe in the perfect reincarnation of the perfect spirit "as above" and to the perfectly genetically interbred families "as below" here on earth, and that's what they call the pure Aryan race. What's interesting is this is being pushed big time by the UN. You'll find all the same terminology - the global village - all this kind of thing in that particular book.


Jackie:  The Lucius Trust is headquartered in the UN complex.


Alan:  Yes, I know it certainly was.


Jackie:  UN Plaza or something like that.


Alan:  They have a temple inside the UN, a meditation room with a green stone; and interesting enough, David Rockefeller uses a lot of the theosophical terminology in his speeches so I'm sure he's a member.


Jackie:  Did you know that an Israeli firm had bought the UN Plaza?


Alan:  I didn't hear that one.


Jackie:  Yes, they're really getting blatant. There's Paul mentioning that he was a Pharisee and there are indications that he was actually beyond just Pharisee but that he was a member of the Sanhedrin because a listener was reading to me from Jewish information and it said that it was the custom that if somebody was going to stone, a person who initiated the stoning had to throw his cloak at the feet of a member of the Sanhedrin. In the biblical story when they were getting ready to stone Steven the cloak was thrown at Paul's feet and that is indicative that he was very probably a member of the Sanhedrin and the Pharisees - I've got a quote where the Pharisees themselves had stated that if the lower classes, the lesser brethren ever discovered Jehovah was a phantom god that they would lose all of their control and their whole plan would be down the tubes.


Alan:  It wouldn't surprise me because it is an active religion working towards a definite agenda, and I think it was Prime Minister Begin that gave a speech on the role of Israel when he said the world court would eventually be moved to Israel and that would be its prime function, to be the court of mankind. Some of them have been pretty honest about what they see as their goal.


Jackie:  And probably because they know that very, very few people will pay attention to what they say.


Alan:  Yes. People are very odd that way. If they can actually hear something important being said in speeches but dismiss it and think the person has his own opinion type of thing, but when these characters get up and make these speeches this is not their opinion. This is the agenda. It’s well documented really in all the different speeches when you go through them and even the first prime minister of Israel gave the same speech that Begin later gave about the world court being moved there. It shouldn't surprise us that they would want that to go there.


Jackie:  You know there are so many – in fact it has been said that there are 40 million Judeo-Christians today or fundamentalists. They're calling themselves Christian Zionists, who are totally, absolutely, from their heart, pushing and supporting Israel, no matter what. Israel forever. Israel, we love you and they shout this at their meetings and there's so many more of them than the Jews, and it occurs to me that that collective thought, because the power of the spoken word and the power of our thoughts, when they can get millions of people believing that deeply and that intensely, they're helping bring that into the physical.


Alan:  They are. As I say, it's a much older religion than people realize because this was taught to all the Greek aristocracy when they were all sent to study in Egypt, and Pythagoras came back with that philosophy and the goal of the Great Work, and of course he started up with their own little schools and these schools all led the youth to revolution. Therefore, this would be done through revolution down through the ages and it's still going on.  What I'm saying is this is a much older religion than what people think. It pre-existed Judaism. It ran through Babylon and Egypt. All the Greek aristocrats and philosophers studied in Egypt and then were sent out after their initiation to start up schools for youth, and each school that they setup became a place of admission, a monastery you might say and what they were taught is how to go out into the world and create revolution.  Egypt was teaching revolution to these initiates like Pythagoras, for instance.


Jackie:  When you say revolutions are you talking like American Revolution, Russian Revolution, all the revolutions.


Alan:  All the revolutions, yes.


Jackie:  And of course, the elders of the Jews say we are behind all revolutions.


Alan:  Well, maybe they claim that but I think that's a boast.


Jackie:  See, it's so confusing - the word Jew - because it makes you wonder; the ones who are referred to as the elders called themselves Jews. Is that to cause confusion and they created this religion called Judaism or Talmudism to combine the people and use them? I mean they admit that it's been the lesser brethren that has been used, along with Christians. Well, all the religions actually. All been created to move this plan forward but would they be of that elite status that you’re talking about, and not what we know as Jews today?


Alan:  Again, according to theosophy and Albert Pike of the Scottish Rite of Masonry, also called the Rite of Perfection, they both said that they, meaning going back to the days of Pythagoras, had been behind the creation of all major religions and revolutions. 


Jackie:  It would be that international priesthood you told us about?


Alan:  That's right.  Adam Weishaupt did not create the Illuminati. He was only one branch in his lifetime, and they got exposed basically.  Weishaupt himself said that we must never go into lodges under our real name. Therefore they adopted many different front names for their actual religion. Some of them in Germany were called the Beenan Order (the Order of the Bees). That's why they had the beehive as their symbol and you'll see George Washington – remember 1776 is no coincidence for Weishaupt or Washington, and Washington has the beehive down in the corner of his famous painting. He certainly said that he knew the Illuminati were in America and I'm sure he definitely did know. These guys have been behind all revolutions down through history. Napoleon Bonaparte, again, had a cloak make covered with golden bees that he took from a tomb in Egypt. You have the Mormons, another masonically created group and of course they have on their flag there in Utah, the beehive. The beehive is very important to them and you go all the way back to Plato and he said we shall create major cities, which are artificial creations, to change the world and these cities will be our beehives. This goes on and on down through the ages.


Jackie:  That's what a city reminds you of, isn't it?


Alan:  It’s artificial. You see it's either the natural system that was created here or you have the artificial system. The natural system remains pretty static for thousands or millions of generations. And natural was living with nature as it was given to us. The artificial system is alteration through science for science's sake, stage by stage, to an ultimate goal where everything will be reordered, and in masonry they say their job is to perfect that which was left imperfect, and by that, they mean everything in the world, including basic man himself.


Jackie:  That's why they want to do world cleansing, and get the people in the rural areas into their artificial cities?


Alan:  Yes, the human habitat areas of the United Nations, that's what they are.


Jackie:  So they can control – that was in the Old Testament there in the story of Joseph, after the people had no money because he created a depression and then they sold themselves and their children into slavery for the food that they had grown, and then it said that Joseph gathered up all the people from the country and brought them into the cities. It's right there. I hate to use this word enlightenment; it is a real word, isn't it?


Alan:  I was just going to talk about that in fact. In this particular book "Things to Come" by the Theosophy Society it says here on page 27:


"There's an international group of people trained in meditation who meet at the appointed time and place in three centers representing or associated with the three main spiritual focal points in the human family. There are five such points as the esoteric teaching has told us. The three most active now are New York, London and Geneva affecting the American Continent, Britain and the Commonwealth and Europe including Russia. At each of these three centers or triangles these groups meet and follow a meditative ritual on world goodwill." 


Now they explain world goodwill is forcing their will onto the public, who then basically copy these ideas that come into their head towards the Divine Plan and become international and so on. It says:


             "The purpose is to increase the flow of goodwill; it’s called a form."


They talk about creating a form of energy and actually pushing it on or into this triangle of humanity, who then carry out their wishes, and they say that the people who attend the three main triangles are called the hidden hierarchy. Later on in the book on page 31 it said:


             "Maintaining an unimpeded relationship with the hierarchy and the Christ (and they have a different definition of the Christ) we consciously extend the alignment and identification outward into humanity to include all points of light…


Remember George Bush Sr. said, "a thousand points of light?"


             "…in the human family where the energy of goodwill is active."


Now these NGO groups that have been created by the big philanthropic organizations like the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation, Carnegie and so on sponsor and actually start up NGOs, each working towards complete internationalism with a new way of living for everyone and they are called points of light.


Jackie:  A thousand points of light. And when they say the Christ, what do they mean?


Alan:  The Christ is to be the ultimate ruler whose word is law – the king of the world, a king of the world who uses logic and science.


Jackie:  Okay. So they’re not talking on a spiritual nature here?


Alan:  They claim their Christ will be their spirit, you might say, but they’re not talking about the one that people expect from a Christian point of view.


Jackie:  That's why it's also confusing. When they say white we should think black, shouldn't we?


Alan:  That's correct.


Jackie:  And when they say light we should think darkness because everything they do is an absolute mirror reflection of what is spiritually so, like a negative.


Alan:  That's right. They did also publish a book called "The Reappearance of the Christ" and that also goes into their idea of what they mean by a Christ.


Jackie:  They are using their creative energy which is subjective, is that it, or objective? It's neutral, in other words.


Alan:  It’s an active energy.


Jackie:  Yes. And it can be used for good and it can be used for evil.


Alan:  Again, going all the way back to Plato, who was a member of this mystery religion and who was initiated into the high degrees and three main centers in ancient times 2,500 years ago; he was initiated into the high degrees of a few temples in Egypt and then he went on to India and then he went somewhere else after that, three main centers. He talks about the creation of energy forms and that's the usual term that's used is form, that every thought can create a form and an experienced mind uses certain techniques; they can create a form which will travel to its destination and literally impart its knowledge or its program you might say into a targeted recipient. This is very real stuff to them.


Jackie:  On the very opposite side, it's the same thing as if we send a prayer of love or protection to somebody. That thought form goes and actually literally can protect.


Alan:  Yes that's right. This has been used for thousands of years and this mystery sect, you might call it, is behind all the different sects have been literally building humanity. That's what Masonry means. Freemasonry is building society stage by stage as you would build a temple, and if you noticed in the old cathedrals in Europe, they would often build a structure near the base of the temple like scaffolding. Once that's completed its job they take that structure away, so once a previous program has completed its function it's then destroyed and they build again on top of the new, and of course in theosophy, which is probably one of the most open fronts of freemasonry; they tell you that their job is to build society towards this tremendous future they have planned for us. All of the higher members you see on TV, the politicians use this particular terminology of theosophy in nearly all of their speeches. Therefore, they are master builders as they claim, but they want a world where science is merged with spirit, as they put it, and eventually they plan to rebuild mankind himself or maybe itself, because I don't think in the future for the masses there will be any male or female, since they'll come out with the hermaphroditic worker to serve the hierarchy. There will be a hierarchy in this so called classless world, strangely enough, and probably the best reward a person in the future will get will be the right to have themselves cloned rather than have offspring. That's what the reward will be for serving the world masters.


Jackie:  Lets start from the beginning, creation. They can not create anything. They can only use the stuff of creation.


Alan:  Yes, the material present.


Jackie:  I have read that every cell has that spark of the creator within it. Like every cell is in a sense a universe of its own and I've wondered if an individual is cloned, does that clone contain that same life energy of creation?


Alan:  It would have the same energy but it would not have the same exact personality unless they found a way to implant a soul. They're already working towards the transference of human memory into computers as a part way stage from transferring that memory into a duplicate, a clone. They are working hard on that, and whenever they tell us they're working on something, I've always found that they've done it long ago.


Jackie:  False memories. I thought about the movie that Schwarzenegger played in. I think it was called "Total Recall" and it was in a future time and he wanted to go on a vacation so he went to some office some place. Sat in a chair, they put electrodes to his head and he took a trip. Is that what you're talking about?


Alan:  That's a way of doing it. However, this religion that's been here forever with the aristocracies inbreeding down through the ages in all countries with their own religion, where they claim that their own predecessors in the family trees can be reincarnated into the same future family trees, if they keep their bloodlines pure. Now when you go back to their origin where they claim that they did not belong to this planet, it actually makes sense. They claim they were cast out of wherever they came from, and imprisoned here basically, but they still retained more powers than the natives on this planet; and through their own will, being pure energy and light, through their own will they literally manipulated matter by their mental powers alone, and created the first perfect human bodies that they could inhabit as perfect spirit. We're talking about what some would say demons, some would say fallen angels, but we're talking about this particular group. Their offspring are still present today, and their own claims, and hence the reason for the secrecy, and hence also the reason for their tremendous inbreeding and genealogical searches before they can get married and so on. They have a saying in masonry: "as above, so below", so what they mean is the perfect spirits can come into the perfect bodies from the same family trees, going all the way back to these first humanoid creations that they created for themselves by their own will power. The difference being that the rest of the people here were native to the planet and are therefore commoners. We breed indiscriminately. Most people don't even know who their great grandfather was, or care, and we breed in common but these characters kept their genealogy lines pure, going all the way back to the end of one of the ages. Supposedly it was the flood. The flood is registered in the same mystery religions in three main places. One was Mt. Parnassus in Greece and the elite of Greece went into the mountain there and supposedly survived the floods. We have Mt. Ararat which is riddled with tunnels and there was another one they think in the Himalayas where the Northern Brahmans claimed they survived the flood as well. They all had one thing in common, and that is again perfect breeding down through their genealogies. The reason Noah was supposedly picked was for one reason alone. Not because he was good or any different from anyone else but because he was perfect in his generation, in his inbreeding. That was the only reason he survived. We're looking at a eugenics program basically, and of course, aristocracy is nothing but a eugenics program. We worship kings and queens today because of their genealogical inbreeding.


Jackie:  And those rulers weren't even of the same nationality; Catherine the Great was from Germany but they were all inbred anyway; she wasn't a Russian.


Alan:  I mean the present British Royal family have three main houses, all related though. The proper name is Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Then of course they're related to the old Habsburgs and so on and so on. They're all interrelated and literally...why are they worshipped any differently than anyone else? It's purely because of their bloodlines that they're there and being worshipped. People are actually worshipping a eugenics program when you think about it.


Jackie:  They were the "fallen angels" that were cast out, the high spiritual beings and they made with their minds the perfect human body for them to reside in. What about the rest of us?


Alan:  The rest of us consists of the original species according to them...they claim again that this creator that created everything and everything on these places, and whom they rebelled against, created mankind or humankind, and they claim of course we had very low intellect and so on.  I've noticed that in all Masonic writings and scientific writings in anthropology and anthropological studies and in economic studies, they all complain about “stagnant civilizations” like tribal civilizations: American Indians, the Africans and so on. The people who lived the same way as their ancestors did and seemed to have no drive to go any further, meaning “improvement,” and so anything that was natural is anathema and an utter enemy to those who are working towards this great work of scientific recreation.


Jackie:  And they slaughter children without blinking an eye. The American Indian or Native Americans whenever they killed an animal for their food, they thanked the soul of that animal for giving them the nourishment. That to me is so much closer to what is real.


Alan:  We see again the allegories and the metaphors of Eden, which these characters gave us, by the way, have tremendous truths in them. You can either be in paradise and accept it as it is or, if you leave paradise, you're on a one-way road of alteration to eventually obliteration of all that was.


Jackie:  Are you talking about the artificial cities and the artificial everything?


Alan:  Yes, and they are altering humankind now. All the sexual liberation and so on were definitely planned and pushed from the top. Nothing ever comes from the grass roots and succeeds. Everything comes from the top down and it changes what we want made, and of course our psyche is being changed all the time until you have gender bending and so on, and we are ready for the first clones or even hermaphroditic creations to be put in front of our faces, and then there will be a whole new bunch of laws to do with that and their rights and so on, and the public are ready now, because they've lost their cultures. They've been de-culturalized.


Jackie:  You had mentioned that our cultures have always been given to us, and suddenly it occurred to me because of the 'bios' man in the biosphere they literally claim that every living thing on this planet is equal. In other words, the very lowest one-celled amoeba is equal to human beings.


Alan:  Even for that you have to go into the pharaohs of Egypt. Now a pharaoh again was a spiritual incarnation of one of these initial rebels who were put here and he was also the physical descendent of that same lineage that they created. They came into Egypt. In fact they had red and blonde hair, and blue and green eyes and they wore wigs and they found them in the tombs. A pharaoh - and this goes to the Biodiversity treaty - you'll see praises written for the pharaoh by the high priests, and pharaoh ruled everything. He owned and ruled everything that flew above the earth, walked and crawled on the earth and lived underneath the earth, and to the pharaoh everything was his property, right down to the smallest insect.


Jackie:  And we are an organism, as it was stated in that book that I got, "Cogs in the Wheel", like in Russia they said in the Soviet Union. People aren't born, organisms are born and we turn them into people; you mentioned that they give us our culture and then you go back to culturing organisms in a Petri dish; this whole planet and all of us here are their huge Petri dish, and they're culturing us!


Alan:  Yes. They give us their culture. Again, Plato in "The Republic" talks about that; the public can't remember their original culture and yet they'll fight and die to retain what they think is their own, never knowing that it was actually given to them as an upgrade on the last one, and it will also be destroyed as they demolish the 'old temple' and build the 'new'. That's what they mean by that. It's the old body. It's the old culture. It's the old system and the new temple is the new structure. All of that.


Jackie:  And genetically engineering the body through the genetically modified food.


Alan:  The food, the inoculations, through releasing bacterium. Nanotechnology. They can create viruses now which can act like little builders inside you body and alter any organ.


Jackie:  It's almost like those viruses have a mind of their own – thought processes.


Alan:  They're programmed.


Jackie:  They have a certain function. Will you come back with us tomorrow night?


Alan:  Sure.