Alan Watt on

"Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru

August 31, 2004







Jackie:  Thanks for joining us tonight on Sweet Liberty. Alan Watt is back again with us tonight. I want to share a very nice thing with you here before we begin. This was emailed to me. I don't know who wrote it. It's called "Perspective."


             "One day a father of a very wealthy family took his son on a trip to the country with the firm purpose of showing his son how poor people live. They spent a couple of days and nights on the farm of what would be considered a very poor family. On their return from the trip, the father asked. How was the trip?  It was great dad. Did you see how poor people live, the father asked? Oh yes. So tell me, what did you learn from the trip? The son answered I saw that we have one dog and they have four. We have a pool that reaches to the middle of our garden and they have a creek that has no end. We have imported lanterns in our garden and they have the stars at night. Our patio reaches to the front yard and they have the whole horizon. We have a small piece of land to live on and they have fields that go beyond our sight. We have servants who serve us but they serve others. We buy our food but they grow theirs. We have walls around our property to protect us. They have friends to protect them. The boy's father was speechless and then the son added, "Thanks dad for showing me how poor we are." Isn't perspective a wonderful thing?  Makes you wonder what would happen if we all gave thanks for everything we have instead of worrying about what we don't have. Appreciate every single thing you have, especially your friends."


Alan, thank you for joining us tonight.


Alan:  Yes, it's a pleasure to be on.


Jackie:  Our song, "Sweet Liberty" is part of the plan, it's in our hands, or is it a state of mind? What do you think?


Alan:  It depends whose plan it is, and back to the perspective where are you looking upon it from.


Jackie:  I was thinking is it a state of mind? In this world we have to be some place where it's free.


Alan:  Well that's it, yes. That's the last bastion, your mind itself. You have privacy most of the time inside your head – if you use your own head, that is. Most people open up their heads to all the media and the incessant sound that's put out there for us to absorb. Very few people use the private space that they have.


Jackie:  Time is precious and if we aren't then it's time we thought about giving time for that, isn't it?


Alan:  Oh it is, yes. Unfortunately again, people are trained to get up in the morning and turn the radio on and some people today can't go to sleep without a radio or a TV on, and it's the greatest gift you have, the ability to think, and yet we give it away so easily.


Jackie:  And it's in the silence where most of the really fruitful thinking is done.


 Alan:  Oh yes, absolutely.


Jackie:  I wrote here, organism, red hair and I circled it and we were going pick up. Will you refresh what you were talking about?


Alan:  We were talking about royal dynasties and aristocracies that rule over peoples. They're viewed from the peoples' standpoint as belonging to them but in reality they're not, because these rulers have never interbred with the people they rule over.


Jackie:  Are they the ones you said that had red hair?


Alan:  In Egypt they were. They have opened some of the tombs there and actually found the shreds of red hair and the black wigs that they wore on top of it.


Jackie:  And blue eyes and green eyes?


Alan:  Yes, and you'll see that in many of their statues in fact to the higher pharaohs and the nobility.


Jackie:  In Egypt? That doesn't fit – you've already said that the rulers are never the same nationality as those they rule over, but that sounds like the white race.


Alan:  It's definitely a white race, and again it goes back into the legends of the super-white race that were almost albino in the beginning and that goes back to the ancient mystery religion of the ones who were cast here to the earth and the first bodies they created for themselves were basically pure albino. You find traces of this same story with the Greeks talking about the troglodytes that lived inside caves and inside mountains with the pinkish eyes and the blonde hair and very white skin. Then, of course, in the Old Testament they use the same term but in a different language for troglodytes. They call them the Horites. The Horites were the people who lived in the mountains and in caves in the north of Israel, and the Tribe of Manasseh was given that area next to them and they interbred with the troglodytes and the Tribe of Manasseh, who's emblem, by the way, is the eagle, who hold arrows in one hand and the olive branch in the other. They came back after interbreeding over a century or so with these people. It's a very fierce war-like people who made war on the rest of Israel at one point and they had red hair and blue or green eyes.


Jackie:  It's very confusing to me; in all appearance the white race is being done away with. It's being mingled and mixed and if that was the royalty or the elite, what has happened? How did this all get switched around or what am I missing here?


Alan:   I think the different races or creeds you might say were interbred until they obtained those specific races, including what we think of as the white race. Not the actual troglodytes or these albino types or the ones that we see visibly as the elite but the originators of the ones who created their own bodies that were cast to earth. I think they created the different races and the white man was to be the worker bee.


Jackie:  If they were white, is that God creating man in his image?


Alan:  Oh no. This wasn't God creating man.


Jackie:  If they were the gods or so-called gods and they created a white race to be the laborers, that sounds just like that thing in the Bible that says in the beginning let us make man in our image. Does that have anything to do with that?


Alan:  Very probably, because I have no doubt that that particular religion was put out there as a control mechanism and over the bulk of the people and for an esoteric religion, for those 'in the know'.


Jackie:  How it is the people who claim and believe the white man is the true "chosen"? They've done bloodline studies or they've studied under somebody who gave them bloodline studies, and they have deduced and concluded without a doubt in their own minds that the chosen ones are the real Hebrews, the real Israelites. Where do they come up with the bloodlines that would trace the "white race" back to the people that are allegedly of the Anglo-Saxon Nordic race? Is there evidence of that? Is there evidence that some of those tribes over there at that time were white?


Alan:  Judging from today – when you compare present DNA samples with people from the Middle East there's really no connection.


Jackie:  There is no connection. Well, they believe that those lost tribes were the real chosen and migrated out of that area and that today that is us.


Alan:  Yes, I've heard that same story. In fact they also claimed that on the exodus from Egypt, some of them left much earlier and left by ship and they were also supposedly some of the white ones.


Jackie:  Have you read historical information that would confirm that?


Alan:  It's so mixed with legend at that stage that it's hard to get any proof. You get many believers because they want to believe it but the actual evidence is very hard to pick up on.


Jackie:  You want to get into the 'chosen one'?


Alan:  See, all religions are elitist to begin with because it doesn’t matter who you're following you believe that you've been chosen to follow it and you're now one of the chosen, whether you're Buddhist even.


Jackie:  In the Old Testament Jehovah or Yahweh has said that "when I made a covenant with Abraham and Jacob and Isaac he knew me only as Lord God Almighty, but you know me by the name Jehovah. I'm going to take you to be my people and I will be to you a god".


Alan:  Yes, it's a selection process by someone who claims to be a god. As you say, a god, and in the present day mystery religion as in the ancient one. It's the same one those that attain supposedly all of the experiences of the degrees literally call themselves gods, so in a sense something, I'm sure somebody did appear to them and say yes I'm your new god. You have the qualities of the followers I want and I'll let you into the secrets basically. It's never been any different. In present-day Kabbalism, anyone who gets to the top in any profession, even money-lending, if you were the top man you have achieved godhood in the Kabbalah.


Jackie:  I'm focusing on the fact that a lot of people who take the Bible or the Old Testament all the way to the back covers, that every word in it is inspired word of God and that our creator, the creator of all that is would choose a particular group of people. That is so insane to me.


Alan:  Well, it is insane, because it's nonsense. What you're getting there is the beginning really of a system being born and a mystery religion which would run the system from behind. That's what that was.


Jackie:  These chosen people were told that they were going to rule every inch of land that their feet step on and that kings will bow to their feet and strangers will tend their vineyards; and for a "Christian" to even want people bowing to you and carrying you here and there. It also said there that "you will loan to nations and borrow from none" and that just doesn't fit.


Alan:  It does if you're into creating a take-over corporation; and that's all it is, a take-over corporation.


Jackie:  You mean Jehovah took over from another god?


Alan:  Whoever came up with the idea had a good idea of the take-over business. 


Jackie:  Are you saying that the priesthood battled within themselves within their ranks?


Alan:  There's no doubt that the priesthood knew; things did not begin with the Hebrews. The world has been here much, much longer. It's been through many empires lost in time and lost in history and there have been many bids by the evil-doers, you might call them, on the planet to take the whole world into their own control and under their own control for complete and total control, as you see happening today. However, 'something', the real creator, always steps in at the grand finale and seems to lay them low again and hence they go into hiding. They go back into the mystery religions because they are hunted. They have to keep secrecy, and they work steadily and patiently inter-generationally for again many thousands of years to try to take over the whole thing again. This is their history.


Jackie:  When you say "the real creator steps in," that's saying that our creator actively gets involved in what's going on. That's beyond my ability to comprehend.


Alan:  Long before the so-called mystery religions, it was said that everyone on earth, the natural people who lived here could converse freely on a one-to-one basis with their creator. There was no priesthood, and eventually over a period of time this creator left the world running like a clock basically. Then they claim that there was a war between these other beings and the creator and these beings were cast here and they are the ones who started the whole ball rolling of trying to conquer everything through the use of science basically, leading to a definite end where they would control everything in the world, on the world and ultimately above the world, which is part of their main goal as well.  They have tried at least seven times according to the Brahmans to do this, but the secret is that the creator himself puts his fate into the lives of some people during that period. In other words, if there's something worth saving here or changing he will come back and change it. This was written about in religions pre-existing the Hebrews.


Jackie:  Wherever this thing originated, because what it's saying then is that the Creator comes and goes, and if that source of all that is is within everything, the creator can't go anywhere. The creator is.


Alan:  What they used to say too is the impulses or thought or even your own spirit basically which comes to you if your soul is searching for it, emerges with you into one, body, soul and spirit then you are basically now in tune with the emanations that come from the creator. That's how they used to phrase it.


Jackie:  But then if every cell in our body is a part of creation then life would just be. It wouldn't have to be something that we would call down or call in. I mean we can certainly deny it. We can turn our back on it figuratively of course but we cannot be separated from our creator.


Alan:  We can actually cut ourselves off from the emanations.


Jackie:  In other words, by denying it and cutting ourselves off from it; it isn't that the Creator goes somewhere, it's that we make a choice.


Alan:  We do make a choice.


Jackie:  We make a choice to not be consciously aware that the creator is within us and there's nothing that's going to change that. Whether we believe it or not it doesn't change it and I do understand that for the individual that doesn't believe that or know it then it would be a separation because the separation is in the mind.


Alan:  Yes, it's a choice, as I say.


Jackie:  I then can understand we would be humming along at a totally different ‘vibratory level’ so to speak and so therefore at that level there would probably be no sense, no awareness of the connection. I don't grasp it any other way. That's the only thing that makes any sense. So this is their story then of their history?


Alan:  They put a certain spin on things since they write most of the histories. They will also let certain truths out, but with a different spin on it. That's the reasons for the wherefores or whatever to themselves. However, the fact is they are always terrified during the "grand finale" as they call it where they build their Towers of Babel and whether the 'one' which is the tower or the UN, which is the French for the one, it's all the same things. It's a boast of their virility through the generations and by that they also mean the spiritual virility they claim that they have. Through their own will power they have planned the world for thousands of years and are now achieving their goal.


Jackie:  And their will power is not stronger than ours?


Alan:  It certainly isn't. In fact, for some reason or another, they have much less really real power, you might say.


Jackie:  Because they're misusing it, aren't they?


Alan:  It's more than just that. You can achieve “spiritual awareness,” you might say, by yourself. If your soul is seeking it, you will achieve it; or you can try and take the short-cut of the world, which is to join a freemasonic society in one of its many thousands of names and try and get it by degrees, which is basically taking entities into you with each degree that you take. These entities, since they are the ones who were cast here in the first place, they are imprisoned here, so their prison is the world. Therefore, they have a certain amount of power within the world, not total power but they can't go beyond the world. That's what I would like to say. They are imprisoned. They cannot go beyond the world. That's why their boast is always to conquer space and rise higher than the Creator, because this world and its atmosphere is their prison.


Jackie:  You had said one time that the creatures that we see that we believe are in control believe that they are gods and that the ones who actually are in control know of the power that is within each and everyone of us, because they know that there is a higher power way beyond this physical earth and they're scared to death that too many people might wake up to the fact that we don't have to twist ourselves in a pretzel and pray to a saint or pray to Mary to communicate with our Creator, and that it is within us. See that is the message that Jesus was trying to get across.


Alan:  He also taught the main way to do it is through basically self-analysis of one’s life.


Jackie:  Know yourself.


Alan:  Yes, and it's an ongoing thing all through your life; and strangely enough, it's when you're looking at yourself that spiritual awareness comes to you, because sincerity is needed for it to occur.


Jackie:  We're looking at ourselves because we want to walk in that path that was laid down before us and shown to us.  I'm looking at it right now, Psalm 139: "Search me Father. Know my heart. Test me. Know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offense way in me and lead me in the way everlasting."  That is my fervent prayer.


Alan:  However, sincerity is needed for that to occur. When people join Masonic-type societies and go through formulas and rituals where you sort of earn your degree or your demon as you work your way up there, and you get the fruits of the world through unmerited favor, you get the job, you get the business, you get, et cetera, et cetera. That's for the people who belong to this world. They have chosen that, so any powers they receive through even the demonic influences that are involved in it, don't have the power of the Creator that's within, and is also given to you by the Creator. They don't have that same kind of power.


Jackie: When they talk about the Creator coming back, the high hosts of heaven, spiritual beings that are not incarnated into this physical world, being one with Creator, and maybe being part of a protective shield, that is really in a sense saying the same thing, isn't it?


Alan:  It's similar.


Jackie:  The Creator coming back, because the Creator can't leave.


Alan:  Well, the Creator can be anywhere. This is only one of many existences, really. We're all in Plato's Cave here. You know Plato's Cave, the allegory about being born a cave and it has it's own theories as to what this cave is and it's their whole world and so everything that they learn is related to this cave. Our whole culture, history, religion and so on has been given to us and keeps us in a mind-set where we're so limited to anything beyond it. In fact, if you leave the cave you still try and relate new things that you see and experience back to that cave. That's what you find today people still, as they learn about the myth-makers of organized religion, they still try to find a view of life that still fits somehow with that view of that cave and, because of that, it stops them from really seeing what is really there or the other possibilities that are outside of this. It's like everything you look at today is just composed of vibrations and different frequencies. The lower the frequency the more solid it appears. The higher the frequency the more light and transparent it seems, and time itself is simply matter, which is this cave in motion.


Jackie:  In other words, time is now, and that is a concept that I can intellectualize, but I don't experience that.


Alan:  Time seems to us to be going in one direction, although we have memory of time past. Because we have fixed laws here does not mean that, outside of this cave, those laws apply. Basically, if you were to go faster than the speed of how matter is traveling through space and what we are used to, where would you end up? Would you still end up in a further part of that same space or would you enter into a new dimension, you see?  Really, past and future are simply dimensions. One exists ghostly because it's in the past, and one sometimes bright but still a little dim because it's yet to come.


Jackie:  Do you think that the possibility is that what happens in time, right now, on every single dimension, affects every other dimension?


Alan:  I'm sure it does.


Jackie: I think it probably does.  You know what that calls to us, Alan, that everything we do, right now, means everything.  Right now is what matters because it affects everything.  It is like we had talked about all of us how we feel separate because we have these separate bodies and yet we are all one and we are all of one mind and you said this one time and I loved it. I could literally see it. A thought that we have or a word that we speak right here because it is in the mind and we are all of one mind. Somebody on the other side of the earth would get that thought.


Alan:  Again, the controllers know this themselves, and they practice this. Arnold Toynbee, who was a philosopher and a teacher for Rhodes Scholars and very active in creating global governance, gave a speech in Denmark in 1932 and he said "a thought that originates in someone's mind at the moment, an original thought is instantly broadcast all over the world." He said, people who are naturally (we're all psychic he said) and that's something they try to stop people from thinking about.  He said that people all over the world will pick up that thought out of the ether as soon as it's thought instantly and that thought can influence them in their lives from then on, if it's an original creative type of thought. It goes back to what we spoke about earlier, how they've conditioned the public through the trick of the elect, which is electric, to get up in the morning and listen to radio and noise, going to work with that radio on, and watch TV at night and get downloaded with programs, but they don't sit in silence and simply think, and that's intentional. The world we're living in today was planned that way because to totally control the world and everyone in it, you must have a predictable society where everyone is predictable. Each individual is predictable. The enemy of global governance (which is really global slavery), the enemy is individualism. The individual is the enemy and the creative individual is the number one enemy, and it's those who can use their mind and who can go into realms within their mind and broadcast thoughts which are picked up, and you find it out in your own life, because people in your own company will suddenly say what you just though. That's common the more you get experience within it. Therefore, they're terrified of this happening because they will start losing control.


Jackie:  And they do not resonate to the love vibration.


Alan:  They do not have any love in them. In fact, they are creatures of instinct. They're parasites too, because they could not exist outside of this system they've created.


Jackie:  They exist on the negative emotions vibrations that they create within us and they suck it up. They live on it.


Alan:  When you go into history you should ask yourself why hasn't one generation had a full generation from birth to death without war, without a plague coming upon them, a famine being forced generally because of a war, threat of economic collapse, et cetera, et cetera? This is all intentional because to keep power and maintain power you must always create the chaos. Fear and anger are the easiest emotions to create. It's much easier to be angry—hatred – same thing.


Jackie:  I was listening to a religious broadcast and some man called into the show and said we have to hate. In other words, we're supposed to hate and maybe hate our enemies or something and this pastor said that we can't have love without having hate – and talk about duplicity, but that's pushing it. I have had people ask me sometimes how can I not hate them. I said I choose not to because I know they want us to hate and they want us to be angry.


Alan:  Yes, and it certainly is an emotion which is fed upon. That's why sacrifice was always used so mightily in ancient times. I'm talking about people of course and animals too. They know when they're going to be killed and there's a terror that goes up amongst them, whether it's animal or human, and it's the buildup of the terror prior to the sacrifice that supposedly the deity feeds on. This is still going on today. If you look at the incredible sacrifices to bring global governance that planned World War I, that planned World War II and all the wars since, and the present ongoing ones and the billions of pints of blood that's been spilt for these sacrifices to attain this “oneness” as they call it, it's incredible but it has been done. That's why the United Nations building was built on the largest slaughterhouse in the United States, and that land is all ritually prepared for the UN. So that was no mistake, you know. They need blood and sacrifice, terror and fear before they can build their structure. As I say, we're dealing with this world, with a battle to retain or even find your own individuality rather than conformity – conforming to something that the priests have made for you, which is conformity, and how can people find themselves if they don't even know where to start looking?  They go to organized religions hoping to find themselves and they simply become followers of a preset bunch of rules and regulations and dogmas, and they're led right back into the ways of the world and they follow the rules that they're given, which the elite have given them, because all religions are meant to make people obey governments, and it doesn't matter what religion we're talking about here.


Maria:  From what I'm understanding is that these secret societies aim to achieving whatever they want to achieve, they need blood sacrifice. And this planet is the planet of duality so if you have a negative you have a positive and I think this choice is individual and your program really makes people aware of the fact that you do choose, even if you say you don't, you just follow whatever road. You do make a choice and people have to understand that.


Alan:  If we go into all the Masonic literature, theosophy it's all the same. I mean they're all branches of the same thing. They say there is no such thing ultimately as good or evil, it's simply the way the force or power is applied; and this all comes from the Talmud, initially. The Talmud initially came from Babylon which was the ancient capital of the world, financially and otherwise, and the big question has always been: if that is the case, if it's the same force being applied, can good come out of evil? and this part of the doctrine here that they all believe in. If they plan for instance to have a planned society of the future where everyone will live in habitat areas and conform to this new system that they're bringing in, this new way of living, how do we get the people from where they are now to there?  We'll use wars to do it. We could cause famines in rural areas. In other words, they can cause so many negative things which will cause death and harm to countless millions all over the world to achieve their goal, but they will say that out of the evil came good, so the end justified the means. Therefore, in their philosophy there is no such thing as evil, as long as it was planned by them.


Jackie:  And their final intent is goodness, no matter how much evil is committed it's because it's for the good. Is that what they say?


Alan:  In accordance with their plan, and interestingly enough, there's was a Canadian program on one night and they went into a Hollywood party where Steven Spielberg and a few other producers were partying and they asked three or four of them individually, "do you believe in evil or the devil?"  None of them believed in the devil, and Steven Spielberg said it most succinctly. He said "evil is simply a moral judgment on the part of man. It's the same force applied one way or another and that if good can come out of it, then it’s only a human judgment to call it evil."


Jackie:  Do you know what that reminds me of, and I found it here in the Protocols No. 3, Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion? It's says, "out of the temporary evil we are now compelled to commit, will emerge the good of an unshakeable rule, which will restore the regular course of the machinery of the national life."


Alan:  You'll find that particular type of justification all through all Masonic writings, and that's what they mean by the allegories of understanding nature and the seasons that are opposite each other: your summer and your winter, spring and fall. These are opposites so you learn to use the same forces. That's what they mean, the same force applied to a certain point will have disastrous effects on those who it does effect, but out of it will come a next season basically as long as they plan it that way. H.G. Wells, who was a main proponent and a spokesman for the Fabian Society and the British Secret Service and the Masonic groups behind them from Cambridge and Oxford Universities, who supplied him with all the materials for his books, wrote about the first world war before it occurred, and he said it would be with Germany, and he also coined the phrase "the war to end all wars". 


Jackie:  That means it will be war from then on.


Alan:  It would be in their terminology certainly. However, not only did the young men have to go out and fight for this war that was supposed to bring in peace for the world, they had to believe that they were going out to fight this war to bring peace to the world, so they were filled with this slogan wherever they went. Right after World War I, in one of his books he said, "We have formed the League of Nations but we haven't got the world at its knees, so we'll have to have another war."  This is what you're dealing with. Again, their end justifies the means. Even Albert Pike -- there's a letter in the British Museum for many years -- many letters in the British Museum went missing when they stored them all during World War II, but it is well documented and photographed that he wrote to Lord Rothschild, and Albert Pike was the Pope of Freemasonry for the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, and he talked about the three world wars in the late 1800’s. Two with Germany and the final war would be between Zion and Islam, which is going on right now.  We're simply living through a planned future or history, you might say. It's all planned in advance and they go through such rigmarole as we watch it unfold, but the fact is it's all planned that way.


Jackie:  These are the same creatures that hid away until the next civilization. They've had a long, long time to plan.


Alan:  They have. They claim in their own writings, and in the Talmud it says the same thing, that the great plan was born 4,000 BC.  I prefer to say that this part of the plan was probably born and updated in 4,000 BC. That's why every Masonic lodge has two dates. The one we're used to, plus another one with 4,000 years tacked on to it.


Jackie:  Oh yes. Because during the APAC American Israel Public Affairs Committee did the welcoming at the Republican National Convention and they got Mayor Bloomberg from New York up there, and he was literally giving the date as 57 something or 50 something.


Alan:  That Rabbi [Stevack] who's on one of the other stations also confirmed that 4,000 BC is what they're told, and after that date in all these Masonic lodges they have the letters A.L., and A.L. stands for Anno Lucifer. It's after the fall of Lucifer and so Lucifer, as Albert Pike said is their god, and Blavatsky from theosophy said the same thing.


Jackie:  You said that the god of the Old Testament Jehovah, Yahweh was representative of Lucifer.


Alan:  He's the god of the world, and those who follow him benefit from the things of the world.


Jackie:  I've pointed out before that everything that they are promised by this god is all of the world, all the riches and the servants, but there is nothing said about the soul, the spirit.


Alan:  No. It's all the things of the world and Jehovah certainly blessed, in the Old Testament, everyone regardless of what they did. I mean Jacob even lied to his father and dressed like his brother to get the blessings, so he showed his cunning, an accused liar, and so he was blessed for it, and so that's just like a mafia system. As long as it's done with cunningness, in masonry.


Jackie:  God blessed him for cheating his brother out of his inheritance.


Alan:  That's right, and lying to his father.


Jackie:  Yes, exactly. Deceiving his father and he was blessed by Jehovah-Yahweh.


Alan:  What they're showing you is this system and how to manipulate the system for your own benefit.


Jackie:  That's why people take such liberties and justify it, as slavery has already been justified, because in the Old Testament slavery was accepted.


Alan:  Oh sure. The word money comes from MON, which is Aramaic for man. You counted your 'MONey' by the heads that you owned. The way of the world is in the Old Testament, and you certainly gained the things of the world if you followed this lord of the world. Another thing people seem to miss is Jesus, whom they claim to follow, exposed the deception of the secret gods when he said to the rabbis "you are of your father, the devil," and that's another word for Satan, for Lucifer.


Jackie:  And their father of course was god Jehovah, their god, their creator, and it just doesn’t somehow seem to register with some people.  We’re out of time again; we’re now at the hour.  “Out of time,” that’s a silly saying, isn’t it?


Alan:  The 60 minutes came from Babylon.