Alan Watt on

"Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru

December 7, 2004




Jackie:  Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for joining us tonight on Sweet Liberty. Today is Tuesday. It is the 7th of December in the year 2004 and of course today is the anniversary of that day that will live in infamy, folks, the day that Pearl Harbor was intentionally attacked. Well, let's say the orchestration – the attack about Japan on Pearl Harbor was orchestrated to get Americans into the war spirit for the second world war and that isn't what we're talking about tonight, but I did want to acknowledge and mention it and make sure that you all know that what happened on December 7th back in 1941 was a magnificent orchestrated production planned and implemented by these creatures who are already in control of the U.S. government under the President FDR at the time.


Alan Watt is with us tonight and first of all we'll do our spiritual message and this is the one right in front of me from Psalm 139:23-24.


            "Search me father, know my heart. Test me. Know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me and lead me in the way everlasting."


And when I say that, I wonder if there are any of us who don't have some offensive ways that we aren't even aware of, folks. I feel that would be the case for me unintentionally of course and last night we had some really weird technical difficulties, unexplainable, and Alan is with us back again this evening. We did get on the air on the shortwave last night at 9:30 right after the half hour break and yet I know a lot of our shortwave listeners gave up because you thought all you were going to hear was music. The thing that amazed me last night is when Alan said that he didn't think we were on the air it was about 20 after or 25 after because all that was being put on shortwave was music. I said no, we must be on the air or our listeners would be ringing the phone off the hook and for some unknown reason the phone did not ring last night. So Alan and I did the first 20 – well, it was about 10 minutes getting him connected and we did about 20 minutes all by ourselves. The way we are going to do this evening, for the sake of those of you who missed all of the broadcast last night, Alan is going to recover some of what he was discussing last night, but I feel it's very relevant and really want you to have the opportunity to hear. Alan, thanks for being here tonight.


Alan:  Yes, it's a pleasure that we're finally on.


Jackie:  Yours is coming loud and clear tonight.


Alan:  Yes, well strange things are happening.


Jackie:  I know and we reference all of the time about what as an hour and a half before the broadcast.


Alan:  The clock is still a few minutes to here so I guess something's happened here.


Jackie:  Folks, this really is weird because he was late calling me last night and then tonight I called him and said lets get our clocks synchronized here and he was going to call at five till and immediate right on the hour at 9:00 I was calling Alan to say hurry up and his clock was five minutes slow. Okay, Alan.


Alan:  It's the energy crisis here. The batteries.


Jackie:  Well at least we can laugh about it, huh? Otherwise, I don't know. Maybe we'd be pulling our hair out.


Alan:  Well, that can happen too.


Jackie:  One of the things that you talked about last night is that you have observed and heard on different radio broadcasts and we had had conversation on the weekend when you were sharing some of this with me and I felt it was relevant for our listeners to be able to hear your take on this, Alan, if you would be so kind.


Alan:  What always gets me, to be honest with you, is that in this system that we are forced to live under, there's so much profit and money to be gained out of human misery. I found that shortwave for years has been in a sense providing alternative remedies for illnesses but now it's become such an incredibly big, big business and quite frankly some of the products which have been sold on the shortwave are just stuff that's been recycled from years ago that didn't work then. Of course, you've got a new generation of people who are in desperate pain or whatever who are willing to try anything and spend the big bucks to try and relieve some of the pain.


Jackie:  I don't recall you saying this before, but some of the products that you hear advertised are actually things that didn't work the first go around?


Alan:  Yes, that's what happens. They come out with something which is always touted as being brand new and a miracle cure for something or other, and, of course, once you have enough people who have bought it over a course of a year or so, then they know it doesn't work and then they've got something else ready to take over, of course, some other miracle cure. It's an endless cycle of people trying to get pain relief and these characters who are shameless who make incredible profits off their misery and that tends to get to me, that kind of thing. Because it is shameless, you know. It's shameless exploitation of people.


Jackie:  See what you're doing right now is speaking generically and I don't know that you even want to, or could, but I suppose if you and I were having a conversation and we had unlimited time I'd be saying give me an example or two.


Alan:  I think most of the listeners understand when they hear a product for instance being touted as "incredible," you've got to listen to the legal language that's being used, because they're giving you a legal warning and that's for future court cases. It's not credible, "incredible," you understand?


Jackie:  Yes and I've used that word a lot when something seemed awesome or I'd say oh this is just incredible; and that was really the wrong usage of that that would have been.


Alan:  Yes, but I think these guys are using it deliberately because technically it's a legal warning that buyer beware, that told you it is incredible, and the same when they use the word "fantastic," you see, fantasia.


Jackie:  Fantasy?


Alan:  They use this terminology as they sell these products and it’s a legal 'off the hook' for them if there's any comeback. They have told you.


Jackie:  They have told you it's incredible and fantastic.


Alan:  There was one guy, who they've brought him on a few times on the shortwave or one of the main daily shows and this guy would have been raised in the 1800's the snake oil salesman. He comes out with this story that again should only fit into the 1800's, but he's still doing it and making money off of it, and that God gave him the formula for this fantastic soap and wrote it on the wall.


Jackie:  It was written on the wall. Steve Jacobsen was visiting and of course Steve is most known for the audio documentaries so to speak that he's did on media mind control and he had actually worked in the advertising industry in New York and he got to realizing that the actual mind control methods that are used to sell. That was what led him to the long research and the tape that he did, but he saw an advertisement in a magazine, a two-page flick advertisement and he started laughing so hard, tears were rolling down his face. He said they're actually now using God to sell a product.


You want to take a call?


Alan:  We'll see if it's a complaint.


Jackie:  Hello, you're on the air.


George:  Yes. I'm on the air right now?


Jackie:  Yes you are. Who's calling?


George:  This is George calling.


Jackie:  Hi, George.


George:  I'd like to ask the gentleman a question. I believe he said several weeks back talking about some of the powerful people throughout the world. Is that correct?


Jackie:  Yes, probably yes. Do you want to get specific, George?


George:  Yes. I believe the conversation went along what I believe in that a few hundred people throughout the world are very culturally related often times by blood, by marriage or business interests or social levels or somewhere in the power structure and they yield tremendous power through the entire world and then the United States.


Jackie:  Yes. George, did you have a question?


George:  You know that geographically often times these people live very close together such as New York City or some of the resort areas of the world and then you resource – have you ever done any studies to find out how closely they are geographically so they can meet?


Jackie:  George, the way we're set up here he can hear your questions, but you're going to have to hang up to hear his answer, dear. It's just the one-part question, is that what you wanted to know?


George:  That's part of it. I said that geographically they're close. Also, in analyzing the major businesses throughout the world and in this country, we see that there are a lot monopolies and it seems to me that if we can have a major list of these monopolies in the world, which we could find out this through financial research, that you could put the two together and that this ruling group throughout the world will have a strong control of the business monopolies throughout the entire world.


Jackie:  Okay, we'll ask Alan to address that. Okay Alan.


Alan:  He's quite right they do. I mean the MO [modus operandi], it's the signs and symptoms of a disease that you look for and the signs and symptoms of this disease are always the same. Ancient Egypt for instance was just a bigger version of Sumer and Babylon and they had the most incredible wealth amongst a few people of nobility and they had also the most incredible poverty living side by side.


Jackie:  In Sumer, 6,000 years ago. Now is this information available for people?


Alan:  There's been so many records. They're still digging up clay tablets at Sumer with so much information on them. They had receipts. They had the cashless society at one point where they used tokens instead of the gold and so on, almost like a checkbook type society. They've even got receipts at the supermarkets that they went to. They baked the things in clay ovens for 15 minutes and that's how long it took to get your receipt. They found thousands and thousands of shipping receipts for merchants who were putting their goods into ships for export abroad.


Jackie:  If they were that far advanced, why wouldn't they have at least had papyrus, paper or something to write on?


Alan:  I'm sure you know that they'd probably did, but paper is so much more delicate and doesn't withstand the climate and the weather. It perishes.


Jackie:  So you're saying that they did that intentionally for future generations?


Alan:  It's very possible. It's also possible that it was a tiered system just like today – see, today everything runs actually on a three-tiered system. There's always three levels of reality or science co-existing at the same time. Whatever is given to the public as being the latest gizmo or gadget is actually antique. There's a higher level of science which is then given to sections of the CIA for instance; and there's the real science that's kept in the hands of a very few people at the top. They're so far ahead scientifically that everything we see on the shelves is actually obsolete, and I don't think it's been any different at any time. For the general public in Sumer I'm sure the clay tablets were just dandy and they were told that was the latest thing that they had. They've found electric batteries, acid batteries, and they're in the Cairo Museum. They were dug up in Egypt. They were found elsewhere, even what was Persia, Iran and Iraq, so they had electricity at one point and again that would be for the few as well. The world is run by secrecy and power was never shared and knowledge is power, and of course these guys use science to wield their power and maintain their power over the people at all times.


However, as I say, the MO of these people down through the centuries is always the same. They run the religious business, whichever religions they make dominant for a people. They run it. They also run the pharmaceutical industry. They had that in ancient Egypt too. They run the herbal industry at the same time. They run the legal system and they run the illegal system, and they also run the illegal drug system and prostitution and so on. All of these things have been run by them from the earliest of times.


Jackie:  And when we say THEM, who are we saying it is?


Alan:  You're talking about an elite who have their own religion, their own belief systems, which differs from everyone else's, and they believe that their spirit is different from that of Joe Average. They believe that they were a separate created "race," you might say, spiritually and physically from Joe Average.


Jackie:  They actually believe in the eternity of the spirit, of the soul?


Alan:  What they believe is that they themselves were banished or cast out—and this is where the whole fallen angel theology comes from—and because they were created higher than man they still retain special powers when they arrived here; and through pure will, through willing it to happen, they created their own physical bodies, which they claim were perfect and they could do amazing things psychically with telekinesis and so on; but when they started to interbred with the native people, the humans here, they began to lose those powers and so then they returned to the intensive inbreeding to try to get back to what they were.


Jackie:  I remember you saying this on the more recent broadcast that we had done together and what you said is that when they began interbreeding with the humans here, which sounds like, okay, where did they come from, if not from here?


Alan:  They believe again that there was a creator. There's no doubt that they believe there was a creator…


Jackie:  Or a maker.


Alan:  …but they rebelled and that's where again the rebellion comes from, because they believed they had all the powers of the creator himself and that's where the Luciferian doctrine comes from is from the same theology. That's why the symbols are all over the world of Lucifer in all of it's guises, you know the light-bringer, and so this is an ancient, ancient religion which belongs to an inbred special few.


Jackie:  Last night, just as we were going off the air, you were talking about the pure white, the royalty and all that, but it's so confusing for me.


Alan:  Even in Sumer they'd find some of the royalty in an underground grave, very deep and large, and they've been buried with all their servants who were poisoned and they found the wigs that the royalty wore. They wore wigs made from the hair of the local people, which was black, but they themselves had red or blonde hair and it's the same in Egypt. You find the wigs in all the tombs. The nobility were literally a different race from the people they lorded over.


Jackie:  One of our listeners called and I don't know if we were still on the air together during that time that he called.  Oh, I know what it was, Alan. It was when I was replaying the broadcast that we had done, seven of them, and he didn't know that they were re-broadcasting and called that night. He said that he had just seen, I believe, an older documentary that they had replayed on one of the networks and they showed a mummy that they dug up from ancient China and they said it was actually red-haired.


I just want you to know that this whole issue of this – right now, at least it appears this way, that the white race is being eliminated; and if those rulers, if they were of the pure white race, why would they want the white race eliminated?


Alan:  They might look like you, but they don't believe they are the same as you. You're an inferior species to them. Your skin might be white, but it takes more than that to belong to them, you see, genetically. They don't identify with you. The peasant of America is no different from the peasant to China to them, and we're all peasants as far as they're concerned. There's no love for the people they rule over, whatsoever.


Jackie:  We know that and I was thinking back in Sumer, the same as it is today; it is a few, a whole lot less of them than there are the "masses," so they had to have their own minions, their useful idiots that would carry out so much of their plans, just as it is today.


Alan:  It's no different. The first con game was to create money—and it doesn't matter what money is—as soon as public believe that money is better than real goods for barter, then they own you and they own the whole system because they can put you into a form of slavery so easily through taxation and so on. We've watched countries starve to death, not because they didn't have food, but because they didn't have money. It's ridiculous. Money is a con game.


Jackie:  Look at the depressions that have been created.


Alan:  The Irish famine was a beautiful one where you had people living in a country which had lush fields of lots of different kinds of grain and because the potatoes, just the potatoes, had a blight, they had to starve to death; while their exports, again owned by a handful of people who owned most of the land—people starved to death in the middle of all this grain and oats and all the rest of it because they were not allowed to touch it because they didn't have money to buy it.


Jackie:  And also the land belonged to the landed gentry from England. If one of those Irish peasants was even caught killing a rabbit that might have been close to the road or close enough that they would actually be put to death.


Alan:  Yes or they'd deport you to Australia. That was how they populated Australia.


Jackie:  Or America.


Alan:  These guys have been at this for thousands of years and coin – the word coin, which they introduced, comes from Cohen, which is money. Money, coin, Cohen is priest. It's all interrelated because it was the first priest they sent out that introduced the money system. This money is the first con game and that is the capstone. As long as they have society who believe that when they're hungry they have to spend this coin to go and buy food, rather than go and grow it or exchange for it, then that system is owned, it's owned completely, and everything under that system that's found in everything is dependent on the money boys. Strangely enough, we have a few billion people in the world who are trained in this system to accept it as it's given to them who never even know that 12 families hand out the checks to governments across the world and nothing real is ever exchanged. It's just paper.


Jackie:  Yes and getting back to George's question, I don't know if you did address it fully, but his question was that he has noticed, at least I believe he was saying, that many of these so-called elite today live close to one another like in New York and maybe in other large cities so that they can meet together. Also, he was wondering if they are the same ones that are in control of the major industries?


Alan:  There's no doubt that they are, absolutely. In fact, if you do go and do searches for corporate leaders and see how many companies they actually own, it boggles the mind. I have seen one guy what he owns—and Prince Charles is on his polo team—and he's known for owning one main business in Canada and yet I've seen the other companies that he owns and it's about eight pages long.


Jackie:  I've got a list here of allegedly businesses owned or controlled from behind the scenes by the Rockefellers and the list goes on and on and on, and I've had this for quite a few years. Chuck and I were going over it several years ago and wondered if it were true and if it is, is there anything that they don't own other than a little mom and pop place that today they are struggling for survival?


Alan:  They own pretty well everything that matters in the system. It is their system entirely, entirely. They create the money. They also buy the debt as it's called. It's all the same people who do it all and they can raise countries up to be great. They can crash them whenever they want to and move elsewhere, as they have done. What you have really from Sumer is empire building and bit by bit you find characters from history arriving out of nowhere and either conquering the old empire and creating a larger one--


Jackie:  Alan, you should hold this thought because the music is playing and it will be overriding your voice. We'll take a short 60-second break and we'll be back with Alan.  Okay folks we're back again. Hello. Alan, where were we?


Alan:  We were basically talking about the empire builders as they moved down through the centuries; and whenever you get a character called "the Great", for instance, you know that's one of their boys.


Jackie:  Like Alexander or Peter?


Alan:  That's right and they were expanding and unifying vast territories to create a common culture and bring in their system and that's what they're still doing worldwide, they've almost got there and that's what the whole New World Order is about. It's the total dominance of the entire planet under one rule by a small elite group of inbred people who believe that they are essentially gods in their own right, so that's what it's all been about.


Jackie:  That's where the divine right of kings came from?


Alan:  Oh sure. They always give the authorized religion for the people to believe, which always tends to make them submissive to rule, but they've always had their own inner religion. John Dee was one of the members or the advisers to Queen Elizabeth I. and he wrote about it. Actually, his code was 007. He was also a spy for Britain. John Dee wrote much of the Rosicrucian books of that period but he also was steeped in the Kabbalah and he explained much of their esoteric religion. At the time he was writing for the nobility and so no one else could read basically, apart from the priests who were also in on it, and he was the first person to coin the term and give it a name and it was called it "the British Empire."  He coined the term "British Empire" and their duty and manifest destiny was to create little empires similar to their own across the world and ultimately unify them, and that is what the Council on Foreign Relations was set up to do. They are part of The Royal Institute of International Affairs. That is exactly what they're set up to do. I've got their members' books going back to the 1930s and they discussed the coming World War II. They discussed who would win it. They discussed having to save Russia at all costs. They also discussed America coming in perhaps by a surprise attack by Japan. This is in the 1938 meeting that they held in Sydney, Australia. The future is planned. All of the future is planned always.


Jackie:  They work out the minute details as time goes by. They lay the foundation. When I finally realized this was Mr. Dodd who was on a Congressional hearing committee back in '52 I believe--


Alan:  Norman Dodd.


Jackie:  Norman. Thank you and he said that they went to the Carnegie Foundation and they wanted to go through their papers and the man there told them that they wouldn't mind but that would be a little difficult because once the U.S. ratified the UN Charter their work was finished, he said, and all of their meetings – that's what Norman Dodd wanted to look at. They were all in storage but he said if you want to you can go look. Norman Dodd did say that he believed that the man who allowed them to do this really didn't know what was in those meeting notes, but what came out of it, and this was back in 1906, they wanted to know if you want to change the culture of a people and change it for good, is there any way better than war to do it; and they set up a council or committee to study it and they came up with the answer and they said no.


Alan:  Carroll Quigley said the same thing.  He said we can accomplish more on a social level in five years of war than in 50 years of peace.


Jackie:  And this was 1906 and they decided they were going to have a war and they already had picked the Balkan state that they were going to do it and that was in 1914, wasn't it, when the first world war finally broke out. Also, I had read that they decided they were going to hold the war off, that first "great war," until the Federal Reserve Act was passed here so that the American people could pay for it. There we go, 1913 the Federal Reserve Act was passed, 1914 the war started, and what was it, 1917 when the U.S. got into it—Americans. I shouldn't say the U.S. because it's always flesh and blood that fights the wars of the rich.


Alan:  It's so disgusting to realize that it's planned way in advance. Nothing is ever spontaneous and they also had plans made for after the war. They know who's going to win it because they control all sides. There are traces of them down through history because they leave their MOs wherever they go and they always introduce a religion for the people which keeps them in submission. They always introduce a monetary system. Anything will do for money. It doesn't matter what it is, as long as they control it. Many of their empires in the past have forbidden barter and of course they're trying to forbid barter even right now. There are laws being passed in North America. They call it the "underground economy." They want everyone using their money, even if money is simply a bunch of numbers on a computer screen and that's where it's going ultimately.


Lord Bertrand Russell who did an awful lot of work for the elite helping with their plans especially in the social change area and educational fields, he said ultimately towards the end of the millennium and toward the new, he said, there will be a cashless society where every citizen will be allowed or allocated so many credits per week which cannot be saved up. They must use them that week and that way no one else can rise above his fellow peasant, basically, and if you buck the system and you don't do what you're told or you break some of the rules, they will withhold your credits and you will suffer because you won't be able to feed yourself, pay your rent and so on. He wrote that in "Education and the Good Life" and also "Roads to Freedom," both written prior to 1920s. Everything that's happening today was planned long, long ago. H.G. Wells was another one; he was a front man too. He had a whole team of people working. In fact, he had a whole building and a printing press to churn his books out, and professors who belonged to The Royal Institute of International Affairs from Cambridge University and Oxford supplied them with the material which he was to incorporate in his fiction books. These fiction books at that time they called it predictive programming. In other words, society will accept change when it's seems familiar to them and it's familiar because of the fiction they've been reading or even seen in the cinemas.


Jackie:  Alan, I'm back and I got a little bit of what you were saying but I don't know who you were talking about.


Alan:  I was mentioning H.G. Wells and Bertrand Russell just to show that they were actually writing about the end of the millennium back in 1905 in their books and telling us what to expect because they were part of the implementers. They worked on these plans for the elite. Lenin was another one who was part of the elite. He was completely financed by the West by the banks of New York and London, and Lenin in his books also said the same as H.G. Wells and Bertrand Russell concerning the future society towards the end of the millennium, where they'll have a soviet type system worldwide ran by bureaucrats and experts.


Jackie:  When you say soviet type system I have mentioned this on the air before, the book that I have called "Cogs in the Wheel".  This is basically what they said in the book that the Soviet Union was a huge national "laboratory," as you call it, where they were doing their brainwashing and mind control on the people. That's so nobody could get out or in from the Soviet Union and they literally claimed that they had in 60 short years had created a new species. They called this new species "homo-sovieticus" and that was to be the blueprint around the world for what they the new man and the book is just spine-chilling, Alan.


Alan:  That's exactly what's taking place. We are seeing people today who have been inoculated with so many injections since birth to make them dumb and stupid and also to bring on diseases earlier in life.


Jackie:  Inoculations of diseases, yes, that's in the protocol. For our listeners that might be interested in this book it is by Makhail Heller and I don't believe it’s on the bookshelves today but I believe that it can be leased from a library or from an internet book search. The book I was referring to is "Cogs in the Wheel" and the subtitle is: "The Formation of Soviet Man."  So just as Alan was saying, that at all costs during World War II Russia or Soviet Union had to be protected and saved.


Alan:  When you look at our social structure today with the massive bureaucracies we have hanging over us, who are constantly taking over more and more of what we use to do for ourselves, which was mainly decision making, we are run by a world of experts and bureaucrats. We've moved up from a people who have natural rights and self-evident rights into a world where we're given privileges and generally it's licensed privileges. "Privileges" are something which is granted to you, which can be taken away. This is the Soviet system. That's why the children go to little red school schoolhouses and they are the worker bees in the yellow and black school buses. We have spelling bees and so on. We are the bees. We are the workers who are helping to bring all of this about over the rest of the world.


Jackie:  As you're talking about this my thought and I think maybe the thoughts of at least quite a few of our listeners is where do the Jews fit in here?


Alan:  There's definitely a group who have been created to handle the upper strata of the monetary system which everything hangs upon. Everything hangs upon the money. The entire structure of the system hangs upon money.


Jackie:  Like in the Protocols and I have read this in other writings where they refer to the Jewish people themselves. People born into that Talmudic so-called religions that they refer to them as their "lesser brethren" and they have said in many times and in many ways we sacrifice our own to get done what has to get done, like this "persecution of the Jews." My thought has been when you brought out the fact that it was the royal bloodlines and they were never the same nationality of the people they ruled. These are so-called elite today, so are the people who born into or convert to this thing called Judaism or Talmudism, are they even of the same race or is it just another mass of people who have been lied to and conditioned to live in the persecuted person and your god is chosen and they believe what they have been taught by their rabbis, which by the way folks, those rabbis were yesterday's Pharisees, for any of you who think the Jews gave us Christianity, I guess they did, but it wasn't because Jesus was a Jew. 


Alan:  They didn't really give us Christianity. Christianity was created by another bunch a long ways off from the so-called holy land.


Jackie:  I know, but wouldn't it be the same creatures in control? Then that's what I'm saying.


Alan:  There were no Jews until a people came out of Babylon. There's no history or mention or written history of anybody called a Jew.


Jackie:  So the Jewish people in that religion are no different than the Christians who have been lied to and I believe to push this program further.


Alan:  Yes and they because of their indoctrination they do feel elite above the rest of the people. There's no doubt about it. They are told they're special and that reminds of the English middle class of the 19th century that ruled India. They thought they were the nearest thing to God because of their indoctrination. It's easy to create elitism and make people feel very smug and that's the same technique that's used today on most Jews.


Jackie:  It's amazing to me today that they've convinced Christians that the Jews are God's chosen people and that Israel is God's covenant land to these people and so that no matter what Israel is doing it's Israel we love you. Israel forever. The mind control is just out of this world.


Alan:  It's Isis-RA-EL. It's the trinity. It's the same with Ellis Island. The symbol of Jehovah, which is Lucifer, is the Statue of Liberty; and "El is," I am, EL IS, Ellis Island. The symbols are everywhere.


Jackie:  And Isis was the main goddess?


Alan:  That's right.


Jackie:  And who was RA?


Alan:  RA was a sort of the big daddy. His place in the Greek for instance would be Zeus, Roman Jupiter.


Jackie:  And EL was the main god?


Alan:  EL was a god actually, a Semitic deity that was created outside of the holy land and imported with them or into the holy land. He came a long later. Judaism was a compilation of preexisting stories put into one, and most of the stories came from Egypt and it's all done in allegory. What it does do is give the rules of their system, including the right to have slaves.


Jackie:  Yes and that is exactly what Moses Mendelssohn had said, that "Judaism is not a religion. It is a law religionized."


Alan:  It's nothing but law.


Jackie:  We're under that law today, Alan.


Alan:  We've always been under it, really.


Jackie:  Well I didn't know that.


Alan:  Even Lenin, who should know because he was taught by the best bankers and Talmudists, he said every civilization has been a form of slavery. That was echoed by Charles Galton Darwin in "The Next Million Years," their plans for the next million years, and he said the same thing that every system that's preexisted has been a slavery system and we are in the process of creating a new more sophisticated form of slavery; and that was printed in the 1950s. This is a new form of slavery we're under now and the next step will be the token system I was mentioning earlier where you would be allocated so many tokens per week and that way they'll be able to have social control over every individual, because if you buck the system in any way they'll withdraw your tokens.


Jackie:  Well, either that or the tokens will be impulses on a computer.


Alan:  Same thing.


Jackie:  We're out of our hour here. I'm not going to say we're out of time, but we are out of time, we're out of this world. You will come back tomorrow night?


Alan:  Sure.


Jackie:  Ladies and gentlemen, Alan will be back with us tomorrow night and thanks for being here. Alan, thanks so much, always. 



(Transcribed by Linda)