Alan Watt on

"Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru

December 27, 2004




Jackie:  Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for joining us this cold winter evening. I hope you had a lovely weekend and a peaceful love filled Christmas folks and I am glad to be back with you tonight and I'm glad you're back with us tonight. Today is Monday. It is the 27th of December in the year 2004 and our spiritual message tonight, I just happened to open the Holy Bible and this is where it opened to. It's one that I have highlighted but I don't think I've ever done this. This is from Matthew 15 and this is our statement by Jesus. It's in the red. This is Matthew 15 beginning with verse 10. "And he called the multitude and said unto them: Here and understand not that which goes into the mouth defiles a man but that which comes out of the mouth, this defiles the man. And then the disciples came and said to Him, “Do You know that the Pharisees were offended after they heard this saying?” But Jesus answered and said, “Every plant which My heavenly Father has not planted shall be rooted up. Let them alone; they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into a ditch.”


Alan Watt is with us tonight again, ladies and gentlemen, and Alan, thanks for being here.


Alan:  It's a pleasure.


Jackie:  Now that was a good verse, wasn't it?


Alan:  It was, yes.


Jackie:  I thought so too, and it just happened to open up to that, the blind leaders of the blind. I read an email today. In fact it was from Henry Makow's website. He's Jewish and it appears to me that he truly is awakening because he's been exposing a lot of what is going on and he doesn't seem to be one of those that say oh well we're not Zionist Jews but yet they still embrace the Talmud and everything that goes with that. One item that he had written he said his family had disowned him because he was a traitor to his race and he had posted this and he said that he posted it not knowing if it was true or not, but the fact that the man who had made these statements seemed to have so much information that he put it on his website hoping that in fact if there was truth to it that wide exposure would maybe avert a catastrophe. What he was talking about actually it was something that some German guy wrote and this German guy claimed that he used to be an insider in Germany with the government and that there were plans – this was I think done originally on the 19th of December, and that there were plans by Wolfowitz and his gang to set off a nuclear explosion in Texas and he said that they weren't really sure if it was going to be Houston or maybe Atlanta but somewhere around there. And I read it, and as Henry Makow said, this guy might be a provocateur. He didn't use that word, but this might be just to cause more anxiety and fear and yet there was a ring of truth in what this guy was saying and it occurs to me that the faster people are waking up the faster they seem to be moving.


Alan:  Well, yes, they have to. They've got a lot to do yet in a fairly short period of time. If they begin to lose public interest in their agenda then they'll have to create something to get them "onboard" as they say. They've been crying "wolf" for so long now with different alerts and terror alerts et cetera that the public eventually will go to sleep.


Jackie:  Oh yes and once people finally settle down and quit going into hysteria or fear and anxiety and just start saying oh it's just another one of them. It strikes me that it's their modus operandi that as soon as people take kind of a sigh of relief and say well it's all smoke and mirrors, like on 9/11 there wasn't a clue. You just woke up one morning and there it was.


Alan:  Although, it was in line with their agenda and by the law of averages it seems to be that every major catastrophe in the world happens in the direction that they want it to happen.


Jackie:  Well yes and that's why I guess this had a ring of truth to me. I mean the provocateurs, the controlled opposition are very good and usually when I read that stuff I don't even finish reading it. I read a little portion and then just delete and for some reason I took the time to read this and like I said there was a ring of truth and even if it didn't occur that doesn't mean that something that dastardly isn't in the plans.


Alan:  The fact is, as far as the agenda goes, nothing must stop it and anything which aids it will be done if required, regardless of the cost to human life, and that is the agenda. I think it was in "The Grand Chessboard" that Brzezinski put out in '98 that he went through the agenda basically beginning with Afghanistan, then Iraq, then Iran and Syria and that coincided with the New American Century agenda that Wolfowitz and Pearl and a few others have put together. Actually it was put together in the early '90's and then revamped in about '96, updated a little bit, but they're going full-out to accomplish that New American Century agenda and that's to force the one system worldwide on the few countries remaining who don't have this form of "democracy" as they call it.


Jackie:  It's their democracy.


Alan:  The Central Bank, the same schooling system to get the same education so that we're uniformly trained worldwide basically. That's what it's all about.


Jackie:  The new man. The Homo-Sovieticus?


Alan:  Basically it is a soviet system.


Jackie:  We talked about that and I referred to this book many times, "Cogs in the Wheel" by Mikhail Heller, and that is exactly what they were doing in the Soviet Union for the 60 years when nobody could get in. Nobody could get out and they said that they had created actually a new species of man. It took millions of years for man to reach Homo sapiens and it took them only 60 short years to create an entirely new species and they call it Homo Sovieticus, soviet man or the new man, and in the book it explains that that is the blueprint that is being carried out around the world.


Alan:  It is. We're being standardized. Everything is being standardized and you listen to news broadcasts from the BBC and then you turn to Radio Beijing with these English speaking--


Jackie:  They all have the same accent though.


Alan:  Yes and they all basically talk the same way about the same things and if you're not careful you won't realize that you're actually listening to Radio Beijing because what you're hearing is what the BBC gives out, which is declarations from different departments of government. You know the department of this has decreed et cetera, et cetera and I mean I grew up with that in Britain listening to that stuff.


Jackie:  Alan, the British accent that they have is a little bit different than what I have heard the British accent. It's almost like a new accent that they have created for these announcers.


Alan:  It's a transatlantic accent. That's what they call it. It's partly American, partly Oxford English and it's mixed together for the New World basically. Obviously they're all being trained regardless of whether they are from China or England in the same place.


Jackie:  What do you make of the terrible tsunamis that hit Indonesia?


Alan:  Well, it's exactly a year since they hit Iran with that earthquake and they called it Bam. The place was called Bam, B-A-M, like the comic books. When they strike something they put "Bam!" down, and now we have this one here hitting, again, countries or primarily the peoples who are classified as overpopulated by the UN itself and there are also a lot of Muslim countries involved there.


Jackie:  I have an email here. I think it was maybe in New York Times and all I saw was the subject but it said "thousands from six different countries have died."  How many countries did this include? It said six, but do you know which ones?


Alan:  They don't know yet because from epicenter the title waves traveled over 4,000 miles in all directions.


Jackie:  Is that normal?


Alan:  Well, this is an incredibly large underwater plate shift basically. No, we don't have these ones all the time.


Jackie:  They said that this area that the tsunamis are almost unheard of in this area and also there is an AP article. I just once again read the headline. Well I actually read a couple of paragraphs of it and they said the governments or whatever did not – they knew it was coming, Alan. This is an AP article and that no warning was given and their excuse was that they didn't have the technology. Yes, uh-huh. So in other words, as you read that, you see these creatures or the minions of the creatures sitting high and dry knowing that this huge title wave is going to come and kill maybe hundreds of thousands by the time it's over.


Alan:  Yes, because they still have millions homeless now and no fresh drinking water. It will all be contaminated for a long time and of course food shortages and a lot of children that can't survive on their own, so this could end up in the millions


Jackie:  Why don’t you talk here for just a minute, I'll be right back.


Alan:  This is an odd thing to happen at this time when they are talking about overpopulation. Years ago, most of the Western world's governments had departments working on methods of depopulating areas and they called it "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars." Of course something that could be put down to either weather abnormalities or underground tectonic shifts fall right into that category because they did experiments and had many meetings on creating disasters by exploding atomic weapons in these large crevasses basically underneath the sea.


Jackie:  Yes, I grabbed a book and I've shared this with our listeners before, but we have new listeners and in case there's anybody who doubts that this could have been caused by man, this little booklet is from the UN. It's basic facts about the United Nations. I ordered it right from the UN in New York and they're going down a list of different treaties that have been important first steps in the form of international arms control agreements et cetera, and in 1977; listen folks. This is called "The Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques."  It's called the ENMOD Convention. Now listen to this. This was in '77. They had the technology then and working.


             "It prohibits the use of techniques that would have widespread or long lasting or severe effects through deliberate manipulation of natural processes and cause such phenomenon as earthquakes, title waves and changes in climate and in weather patterns."


It prohibits the use not the research so this technology has been available for that many years already and as Alan said, many times when they talk about technology they have it's old news.


Alan:  They've had it for a long time and yet, because it's still in a sort of secret mode from the public, they can use it and as long as there is that slight possibility or plausibility that this is just a weather phenomenon, most of the public will accept that.


Jackie:  Isn't it interesting they specifically in this little overview it mentioned earthquakes, title waves, et cetera.


Alan:  Yes and that's just the High Altitude Auroral Research Program, the HAARP Project. Not only can it shift the jet stream, which it has definitely done for the last week, but it can also cause the earthquakes. They can also create hurricanes or tornadoes offshore and bring them anywhere inland and that's all in the treaties.


Jackie:  When hurricane season was ravaging Florida I read an item to our listeners from Tom Bearden and I'm not so sure about who he really is but I believe that a lot of his information is accurate and basically he gave a very layperson an explanation of how they can steer hurricanes wherever they want them to go.


Alan:  For the last week they showed the weather pattern on the weather forecast every night and we saw the jet stream basically crossing through Mexico, doubling back, going up the West Coast of Canada up to Alaska and in clockwise motion it was coming down through Nova Scotia on the East Coast in a perfect circle and then coming up through Louisiana and joining itself again. For a whole week they showed this big circle going around the continent.


Jackie:  You were telling me about that last evening and I wasn't actually picturing as you were talking how wide a circle that thing made.


Alan:  That's right because we were getting minus 45 degrees – 45 degrees below freezing here. That's how cold it was up here and of course by the time that went over land and right down to Louisiana way to join itself, it was freezing rain, but this literally affected the whole continent. On the first night they showed this strange phenomena the weather forecaster on the local station did say that the jet stream was doing a very odd thing and he never mentioned that again, of course, because he must have been told.


Jackie:  They probably were told leave your comments to yourself.


Alan:  Yes, that's how it’s done and as long as it's presented and just read the weather off as they normally do, even if you're seeing pink clouds it will make no difference because most people will not think for themselves anymore.


Jackie:  Unless they hear a comment like that from a weather person that would make them stop to think. I can remember during a hurricane, the last one named – what the heck was its name?  Anyway, I heard on the Weather Channel their expert talking about different hurricanes and then he went way down south there to that last one and he said this is the furthest south that a hurricane or that a tropical storm has ever been named for a hurricane. In other words what I was hearing was that they knew what they were going to do with that tropical storm that was so far south they had never done it before, because if it was natural weather it could have just worn itself out before it did any damage whatsoever.


Alan:  Yes and all of the spraying of the skies is all part of the HAARP Project because the metallic particles and the barium which they're spraying basically is making the air more conductive to electromagnetic energy and so they can certainly amplify the effects of it. Ultimately I think they'll probably go in the same direction that Brzezinski also talked about in the "Technetronic Era" where people's minds will be affected by this kind of technology. They can make you placid or angry or whatever they want you to feel by using electromagnetic pulses at certain frequencies.


Jackie:  Frequencies that match the brain frequencies?


Alan:  Yes.


Jackie:  Dr. Begich was on a long time ago and in his book "Angels Don't Play this HAARP" he did address that and they actually have experimented with it and besides giving people mood swings, depression, anger, sometimes euphoria, they can actually cause homicidal or suicidal thoughts, emotions that get so deep that people go off the deep end.


Alan:  Then you couple that in with a guy from the same clique, that was Aldous Huxley. He gave a speech at Berkeley University in 1962 and he said that most people simply aren't happy and researchers such as the Tavistock Institute which he worked for had been busily working to find a new soma drug or something that would make people feel happy regardless of what they actually worked at in real life.


Jackie:  Actually, Alan, it seems to me that those drugs from what I know of them really don't create emotions unless it’s deeper depression but that it mostly eliminates emotions, so maybe when he said the drug soma or something like soma – they do have a drug named soma out there now, but that it would make them happy. Maybe what he really meant was it would make them happy.


Alan:  This is all to do with control. I mean that's the bottom line with all governments and then supergovernment. It's all about control and how to get the public from where they are now into this new society, which will be completely new. Culture, everything, ways of doing things, it will all be different. It will be a planned society and an organized society where there's no free will really. There will be laws for everything and permits for everything in the next phase that's coming up and that won't be the final phase. Cloning eventually will be the norm down the road and those ones who are compliant are the ones who will be cloned.


Jackie:  You were telling me about a program they have now that they're actually cloning pets for pets for people.


Alan:  Yes, right out of that Schwarzenegger movie where I think it started off with the little girl's pet being cloned because it died.


Jackie:  Which Schwarzenegger movie?


Alan:  "The 6th Day" or something and then ultimately of course he was cloned in the movie too, but they had a shopping mall where you went in with a sample of your pet's DNA and they would clone your pet. Lo and behold, it was announced at the weekend that a lady in the U.S. (and they wouldn't disclose her name, naturally), but she had just got a duplicate of her cat made. Her cat had just died and sure enough, she had the money. She had the bucks and they cloned a kitten for her, an identical replica of her cat.


Jackie:  And of course, if that doesn't work we’ll never hear about it?


Alan:  That's right.


Jackie:  You led us right into something that I would like you to talk about because they use entertainment to get us used to something, accepting of something or sometimes, as you've said, just to mock the victims. They tell us exactly what they're doing or what they intend to do and in the book  "The Committee of 300" John Coleman the former MI5 or MI6 guy, like there's such a thing. Anybody listening, folks, he's done some very good work and again there are hooks in them. I have an audio tape of a talk that he was doing for a group and what he had said to this group is that he was ejected from England with only the clothes on his back and he came to America. You know that is so phony, Alan. In fact, when he was on the air with us I asked him about that and he denied it was him. I mean it said right on the audio tape Dr. John Coleman and you could hear the voice, you could recognize the voice but he didn't want to admit that he said that because it's such a blatant – and first of all, there is no such thing as former CIA, MI6 or any of those. Anyway, in his book he did mention "the beginning of the end," if you would, with the Beatles and their music and they were lifted into the spotlight too. I would like you to address this because I am not sure what function it was they were to serve, but that was when they began in the '60's really making drastic changes in the "culture." You were talking about the fact that the Beatles never wrote one of their songs and I don't recall you telling us that before and I'd like you to address it.


Alan:  Well, even leading up to that, you have to go into the 1800's because they'd already experimented with different kinds of music to find out how it affected people, primarily the young. They were going into disharmonic types of music, discords, that type of thing, which made certain audiences angry even. Remember in the late 1800's guys like H.G. Wells were pushing for "free love" as they called it and they had to destroy the current society and family by promoting promiscuity, knowing that the earlier children start the less likelihood there will be of a bonding on any permanent basis down through their lifetime. Then in the Roaring '20's during the elicit booze era which made it more daring to go into the booze cans and have parties et cetera, they came out with jazz.


Jazz had already been tested in the Soviet system and further developed to find its effects on young people and so they mixed it with drugs and so on and they came out with the miniskirt in the 1920's for the Charleston dance. Sure enough, you bring young people into the booze cans, miniskirts, dancing and pretty strong booze and they ended up with lots and lots of unwanted pregnancies and venereal diseases and because they didn't have the pill at that time it sort of faded away. Orphanages blossomed to take care of all the excess children that were unwanted and the clinics were full of people with syphilis et cetera and so that faded away; and from the '30's onwards the sciences in the West worked fervently on ways of fighting sexually transmitted disease such as syphilis and to find a way of birth control and voila! when they had it all, including the psychedelic drugs to go with it, which they had also experimented with, they gave you the pop era.


Jackie:  Okay, let's hold it right there because we're taking our 60 second break here. Folks, we'll be right back with Alan Watt. You were talking about this lead up to what we're going to talk about with the Beatles and you had gotten through the Roaring '20's and they came up with the pill and they came up with a fix for the venereal diseases and then where?


Alan:  Again the miniskirts, the same thing.


Jackie:  In the '60's, yes, but I must admit I was one of the wearers of miniskirts.


Alan:  And a whole new type of music just aimed at young people to get them going and it sex was plied openly. It's strange because in the BBC which was the only television station in Britain at that time and it's run by the government and at that time every employee of the BBC had to come from Eaton for security reasons, so basically these were minor aristocracies running the BBC. What I noticed when I was small, watching all this stuff, I thought, well, these people, why are the elite giving you a debased culture because it was very evident with the shows they were putting on for young people – at taxpayers expense, by the way. This is all funded by the taxpayers. The elite were giving you a culture which would obviously destroy the culture you already had and of course that's what it was intended to do. Sure enough, they gave you the flower power era, the rock groups and the free love, the pill at the same time they began to push for abortion clinics because there was still girls who didn't go on the pill and so they got the abortion clinics through, covertly at first and then openly; and sure enough, we see today that very few marriages have a chance of lasting more than three to five years.


Jackie:  Say that again.


Alan:  The chances of marriage today and promiscuity definitely has been a big part of it and they knew in the 1800's if they could get the children committing sexual acts, before even puberty if possible, then there's less likelihood that they would bond for life with a partner down the road. That's proven to be true and during the early 1900's Lord Bertrand Russell, another member of the aristocracy, had his own experimental schools in Britain where he was promoting this very thing to see how they could change children as they grew up. It had been tested in smaller controlled groups before it was let loose on the world and so they knew exactly how to do it and what the effects would be. There's nothing ever just blasted onto the scene by itself. It's all programmed.


Jackie:  Very, very carefully and long time planned.


Alan:  Then when the Beatles of course burst forth with probably more money behind them promoting them than anybody had ever had before and so they were famous before anybody really actually heard them.


Jackie:  Thank you. When I hear or listen to old Beatle songs they seem so innocent and so will you explain what function did the Beatles serve and their music?


Alan:  You have to listen to the words, number one.


Jackie:  Well I have. It's been a long days night and hey Jude. I've listened to the words and only it’s been a while, maybe I would hear something different. Can you think of something?


Alan:  Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, LSD and Tangerine. Mind you, we're seeing the tangerine skies now with the spraying, but they put the drug message and all the top groups put drug messages through.


Jackie:  If people don't understand what that means, how does it get to them?


Alan:  They knew what it meant. You'd me amazed how quickly children figure things out.


Jackie:  Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Remember Puff the Magic Dragon?


Alan:  Oh yes.


Jackie:  That was supposed to be about I guess marijuana? I thought it was a cool song and I would have never thought about what they said that it means.


Alan:  It's the same with Burl Ives. Burl Ives sang the Big Rock Candy Mountain and it was about homosexual pedophilia. It was an in-joke with all of the guys that understood it and this goes on all the time.


Jackie:  How does this affect the listeners if they don't consciously understand what the words mean?


Alan:  It's surprising how much of an effect through subconscious listening. Your subconscious can actually understand more than sometimes your conscious mind because your conscious is trying to scan things. It's very busy scanning things to censor out those things it doesn't like or whatever, but if your defenses are down and you're not scanning it, it goes right into the subconscious and your subconscious can figure things out much more quickly. The magazines as well that they bombarded all the youth with at that time also contained a lot of the messages and explained to the children what these things meant, like the Rolling Stones Magazine.


Jackie:  Oh sure, there you go and a lot of the Rolling Stones Magazine was very popular, wasn't it?


Alan:  It was a planned orchestrated blitz basically on the public. There were limousines going around universities, guys getting out and throwing big garbage bags of LSD over the walls. All free LSD to get the LSD culture going and that's how they started it. They were literally throwing bags over the walls for free and so this was an orchestrated blitz.  Even on the BBC on the "Top of the Pops" as they called it, the shows that they gave you, they joked about this kind of thing going on as though it was all fun and how tongue-in-cheek this was. It was all fun and again I thought, well, Britain has probably had more control over its people (that's why they're called subjects) than any other culture in the West, why would the elite not only be allowing this but actually be the ones doing it?  It was so evident because nothing was published in Britain unless the elite authorized it, so this is coming from the top.


Jackie:  You were telling me about the writer of the Beatles songs and today what's is name that owns the--


Alan:  Michael Jackson bought the rights.


Jackie:  Okay. Tell our listeners about this.


Alan:  The Beatles appeared on the BBC once again in the late '60's and they all said that they were broke and when they were asked why they were broke, there was a silence. They wouldn't explain, they looked at each other sort of knowingly and no one knew at that time why these guys would be broke. It turned out that they did not own the rights to supposedly their songs and never had. Then in the early '80's Theo Adorno (who was the actual owner of those songs) died and the songs went up for sale and Paul McCartney at that time put a bid in alongside Michael Jackson and Michael Jackson won the bid and he now owns the rights to the Beatles songs. The Beatles never have owned the titles of those songs.


Jackie:  And they never wrote one of their songs?


Alan:  I think maybe some of the little "drug-induced ditties" I call them, the simplistic stuff, they may added a bit here and there, but the big ones, no, they didn't. You can tell by the words too that someone much older had written them apart from the fact that much of the music could only have been done by someone who studied classical music and Theo Adorno was a professor of music.


Jackie:  If somebody knew classical music, well, they would know that?


Alan:  Yes. Even simple guitarists, if they look at the types of chords schemes and so on and tempo changes, this is beyond your typical three-chord wonder that you know of so well. Theo Adorno was one of the best professors really in Germany for many years in all kinds of music, but mainly classical, and he came over to Britain and headed the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and he was best friends with the Queen of England and definitely worked with Martin, who was the producer for the records for the Beatles. I have no doubt at all it was him who wrote them because he certainly owned the rights of the songs.


Jackie:  And what was their function?


Alan:  The function again was to change society, change culture. Plato had said it thousands of years ago, that by his rights, as he said, we should control music very strictly because it effects the minds of the young. They knew from thousands of years ago how the effects can be on the young and they also knew that if they wanted to create a generation that would go to war they'd give them marching type songs and tunes, and if they wanted to generate a culture they'd give them lots of sensual music. This was meant to destroy what was in order to create that which might be, as they say in high masonry.


Jackie:  What was for what might be. I may have done this but I want to mention this again just in case I didn't. A few ago, I got a call from a friend and said oh I'm watching this really beautiful movie on ABC and it's titled "The Five People You'll Meet in Heaven" and as soon as he said ABC I thought well there's something real wrong here and then I gave my sis a call. It was after the broadcast and asked her what she was doing and she said, oh, I'm watching the most precious movie and it was the same thing and so when it came on again I was able to tape it and watch it and there was some and see this is now – folks, I'm saying this so that you will be aware of this. Something that touches your heart that reaches in the truth, there was some very beautiful parts to that movie that would touch you, but knowing that it was ABC I was very clear that there was some message there, something. There was a hook and basically what I saw for the most part was the glorification of war, but I wanted to mentioned this because once again they're using entertainment and they're using our love and our compassion and our desire for spiritual truth to get their message across and that's exactly what I saw in it, Alan.


Alan:  They use natural tribal instincts and bring them to the fore because regardless of the era we live in, we still have innate tribal instincts and they're the same instincts that are employed by all higher mammals. That's why they've studied such much of mammalian life forms to basically find out what are the easiest direct roads to effect humans and sure enough they know exactly what buttons to push. It's no coincidence that for the last 20 years they've generated the music down to its most primitive form to create a culture and a generation that would go off to war and be the new barbarians.


Jackie:  It's their duty, it's honor and it is – that is exactly what they were – even though they showed the horrors of war. They did flashbacks of this guy who went to heaven and one of his old army buddies was there and it was terrible what they showed and yet, while they were showing you the horrors of war, they were instilling in people, unsuspecting people, that it's our duty. It's for honor. We do this for our country.


Alan:  Meanwhile you have bunch or a clique basically running your country and thousands of think tanks working fervently on ways to control the minds of the young to make them go off and fight in these wars.


Jackie:  And if they can't get enough of them to do it, they'll set off a nuclear bomb.


Alan:  Yes and they'll bring in the draft. See, youngsters have got their values from the state and from media, as Bertrand Russell promised would eventually happen, because they've all been brought up with kindergarten teachers and so on and Bertrand Russell said that in the 1920's. He says we won't have to take the children from the parents at birth. Through experimentation, he said, we found that we can inculcate values in the children if we even have them for only four or five hours a day at kindergarten age and so the moral values of the parents will be of no consequence.


Jackie:  I have read a lot of the brain research that they've done and they said from the time the child is born up until the age of nine that their brain is actually literally exploding and all these neuron-synapses are being created and that the child continues to learn after the age of nine but up until that time their learning curve is just awesome and they want that child as young as they can – and get the child. So those early years, folks, in pre-schools – any pre-school today as far as I am aware has to meet with state and federal standards and in order to do that then there is certain propaganda, certain techniques that they have to use, so if you have a child, or a grandchild, niece or nephew that's in pre-school and think it's so wonderful, think again. Think again and as long as you can keep your children out of those darn government indoctrinations centers, because if you think that what you're going to try to give them at home is going to do any good, their techniques are down to a fine, fine art and the technology today that your values that you would like to instill can be erased in an afternoon.


Alan:  It's a perfect art today actually.


Jackie:  I know that. One of the things that we were going to discuss and we haven't is the report that you were telling me about and maybe you would come back with us tomorrow evening?


Alan:  Sure.


Jackie:  If you would do that I would like you to zero in on that tomorrow and share it with our listeners because once again it is relevant and folks I want you to know I've had comments from listeners and not comments from people that say, oh, why are you bringing Alan Watt on all the time? Most of them are pleased to have Alan back again but it's been suggested that if I have Alan on all the time it will become the Alan Watt program. I don't really – how can I say this? I don't care who it is that is presenting the information to you that I believe is relevant and if I had a guest on every single night that was doing the presenting, if I believed it was relevant and that it could make a difference, I would do that because where I fit in in this broadcast, in my mind, in my heart, I am a seeker of the truth. I am very clear that of all that I have learned that what I have learned is the tip of an iceberg and so therefore it is an open process, an ever unfolding process, and I bring Alan Watt on with us because he has insight and a gift of talent that I see that I want to be able to share with you and so Alan will be back with us again tomorrow night. There's some stuff that I want to share with you, so on Wednesday probably, unless something comes up, I will save it until then and have Alan back tomorrow night.



(Transcribed by Linda)