Alan Watt on

"Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru

December 28, 2004




Jackie: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for joining us tonight on Sweet Liberty. This is Tuesday and it is the 28th of December in the year 2004. We're coming up onto the beginning of a new year, ladies and gentlemen. I will begin right now first of all with our spiritual message and this is a familiar one. John 17 beginning with verse 36 with 35. Pontius Pilot talking to Jesus asked. He said "you're a nation and the chief priests have delivered you to me. What have you done?"


I want you to know by the way I am reading from a King James Version. I just take out the thee's and thou's as I'm reading, folks. I'm not reading from a new international version et cetera, not that it probably doesn't make that much difference, but just for your information I just take out the thee's and thou's.


He said "your own nation and the chief priests have delivered you to me. What have you done? Jesus said my kingdom is not of this world. If my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight that I should not be delivered to the Jews but now is my kingdom not from hence."


Then in verse 37 Pilot said: "Well are you a king then? And Jesus answered, you say that I am a king. To this end was I born and for this cause came I into the world that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth hears my voice."


Alan, if you will give me just another minute or so, there's something I wanted to address, ladies and gentlemen. Jeff called me today. We had a conversation and mentioned to me. He did not say this out of meanness or anything. It was just part of our conversation that he said that he had people say to him comment that the problem with listening to Sweet Liberty is that I am such a downer and I was surprised to hear that. I wasn't offended and I do know absolutely that he did not say that to "hurt my feelings" or anything else. It was just part of our conversation. I want to say this to you for those of you who feel that listening to Sweet Liberty is a downer or that I'm a downer. There may be times when in my voice I sound like I'm down and then if I sound like I am, it's probably because I am.


This is not an exciting thing that we're doing, other than the excitement maybe would be in the opportunity to present truth as we know it as we're discovery it as it's unfolding, but what is happening in this world I find nothing uplifting about it. The plan that is ongoing for the mind and the soul of the people in this world and so therefore I just wanted to say that if I sound down sometimes it's probably because I am because sometimes the sadness it's difficult sometimes to be able to step outside of it and not have the deep sadness that's there within me for what is happening and the lies that we have all been born into. That angers me and I am also saddened by it because I've said that my life's search has been a search for spiritual truth and why with these "churches" with the holy book and all these holy men who are out there in the churches supposedly leading their flocks to where I don't know. We have had to search for spiritual truth because it has been hidden from us and that's what I wanted to say. Alan, thank you for your patience because I've been 10 minutes here.


Alan: That's an interesting place to start. It's odd that someone would complain about a person or a program being down, when the whole of the shortwave is generally an awful lot worse in what they reveal as to the agenda. There are programs on at one in the morning for three hours and then another guy on for three hours and it's just bad news after bad news after bad news. In between them, as you say, they have the holy rollers who are either welcoming what's happening to the world and its takedown because it's just so wicked and evil except for those guys themselves as preachers and another Christian bunch are just so happy that it's in God's hands.


Jackie: That this is God's plan?


Alan: It's God's plan, yes, so for anyone to complain that the show is down, I wonder what else they are listening to on the shortwave.


Jackie: I wasn't offended. Sometimes we can fake to ourselves. I felt nothing, I mean not any anger or upset. I thought wow that's amazing.


Alan: What you could do you know is get some bells and whistles and funny sounds and intersperse them between vocals and so on and a few comical songs in between and maybe that would brighten it up. Oh, wait a minute. That's done already. Sorry.


Jackie: I told Jeff we were talking about some people, those of us on the shortwave and et cetera that we talk about all the problems and we never talk about solutions. I have been there, done that and the one thing I do stand by is that if a person is going to get involved it's in our own backyard and I do know that it begins with us first, period. But on a political level, the most powerful work can be done on a political and on a state level. As I was explaining to Reverend Ted Pike, he wanted us all to call the Congress. Well, my God, he already told us that 48 of the states have passed the hate crime laws, so why would we call the Congress? I told Jeff today, I said where I'm at right now and I am moved from within to where I'm at, I cannot imagine anything more important that we can offer our listeners than an opportunity to come out of the lies.


Alan: Yes and they truly are in the lies. The fact is that politics is not only corrupt. Everybody involved in politics has been already selected and pre-selected before they're put up for election and it's been like that for centuries. That's the bottom line.


Jackie: And they follow somebody else's orders.


Alan: Yes they do. They're hand picked for it and there's not a single one up there in the Senate who isn't a Mason.


Jackie: Or Senate or House of Representatives and we've had enough time to see what happened to Congressman George Hansen when he was telling the truth about the money system. They literally sent a helicopter and picked him up off the steps of building wherever he was doing his speech and they took that man away and for a long time nobody even knew where he was because they were railroading or taking him from one prison to another. The man was tortured, no, maybe with burned matches et cetera, but in leg chains. This is U.S. Representative in handcuffs and leg chains for hours without being able to get up and use the bathroom and look at what happened to Congressman Jim Traficant and there's another one, Congressman Wes Cooley in Oregon. He almost went to prison with false charges because he wouldn't play the game up there, so I've been long enough in this that I have seen that calls to the U.S. Congress are I know that people who do it. I mean, Alan, I was there and done it, but its futile because they will do what they are told to do or they're going to get killed or they're going to get sent to prison.


Alan: Or loss of money, that's the big one. God giveth and God takes away, and there's not one of these characters who got up there and became wealthy that didn't have the doors opened for them and just as easily those doors can be closed and they all know that, because this is a complete system we live in of control. It's complete and money is the key because everything revolves in the world on money. Not on food or clothes, but on money and everybody's in the pocket of the bankers as they say. They can have their loans foreclosed just in an instant if they don't play the game and they all know it, but mind you, because they've been selected and psychologically tested et cetera, that's why they're up there. They do play the game and they enjoy it.


Jackie: This seems almost unbelievable. It was a newspaper article. Not that everything in the newspapers is true but sometimes they do report the news. The judge in Colorado that was going to be hearing Tim McVeigh's trial, I dont now what was going on behind the scenes before he straightened his act out, but just before the trial his daughter was in Hawaii and she accidentally fell into a volcano and this judge during that trial admitted no evidence whatsoever that would have exonerated Tim McVeigh, so we know what they do.


Alan: The shortwave itself has its fronts as well. There's no doubt about it. There are people on shortwave radio who are definitely fronts for the system, although they play supposedly against the system. They do bring people down psychologically by overwhelming people with the enormity of all of this. On the other hand, people have to know what the agenda is because ultimately whatever decisions are made all stem to the individual.


Jackie: Yes and we are every day at every moment in a sense, well maybe not in a sense, but actually faced with choices, but we should think ahead of time about what the possibility is. I cannot think of anything more exciting, if you would, to realize, to become aware of the fact that we are one with our creator and the power within us and to know that we don't have to pray to some saint. We don't have to do a thousand rosaries. We don't have to jump through hoops to be in touch.


Alan: Or over goats.


Jackie: Over goats?


Alan: That's the Masons.


Jackie: To know the truth of that to me is the most important and it's what helps me to continue on knowing that.


Alan: Its also odd that so many people who worship the exoteric Jesus through their churches seem to miss all the vital parts that are in the New Testament. They miss the point that he came as a man of sorrows. He wasn't jumping up and down and saying let's all be happy, as they do in the churches or at least the churches have turned into those kind of churches. The reason he was a man of sorrows was because he was conscious and because he was conscious he knew the state of the world in his own day and it was completely corrupt as it is today. He knew the suffering of the people because of the corruption and nothing has really changed; and his message was not just be happy. That was not the message, but this cultural Christianity that's been an invention over the last hundred years basically has altered the functions and the purposes of the churches.


Jackie: Yes and then people celebrate in their churches and in their hearts, I guess, what is happening today because they truly believe that it is the plan of a loving Heavenly Father Creator and I remember Rick Wiles. He was on in fact this time in this frequency before I came here, he is doing something on TV now, I believe, but I heard him say one time, I know what's happening out there. I see it and then he went on to say but I'm not concerned because I know Jesus is coming back and he's going to establish his throne in Jerusalem and I am going to be in the front row or something like that; and then he's going, come Jesus, come Lord Jesus. In other words, basically what the man was saying is be joyous because all that is happening is happening because the time is near and now we'll have a kingdom on earth. Jesus said, "my kingdom is not of this world," and when you mentioned what they meant or what they don't discuss.


Alan: Well, really, they can't discuss it because they know deep down if they really consciously take time and think about certain things, that what they're really doing is going along with a culture and not a truth. Its a culture which was created for them to keep them to be happy sheep you see who are grazing and of course sheep are meant to be slaughtered. That's the whole point of being a sheep.


Jackie: Yes. A lot of listeners have missed broadcasts that we've done and I recall one time and I've seen the photographs, the pharaohs had the shepherd crooks. They have the statues or engravings or whatever and what you explained is will you explain it if you would, Alan?


Alan: You'll see all the pharaohs with their arms crossed in front of their chest and that symbol is the symbol of X, which is the illumined man even today. In one hand they have the short symbol, not the long crook but it's a stylized crook of the shepherd and in the other hand he has the rod to beat you; and of course the whole idea through law is to coerce people into going along and they use the crook, in other words. That's the symbol of the crook for the shepherd and if the sheep don't go along then you beat them with the rod and that's called force. Nothing has changed today. All laws are put out there in the full knowledge that 90 percent of the public no matter what the law is will obey it automatically.


Jackie: You mentioned one time that you didn't believe that Jesus referred to us as sheep because it would be a tremendous insult because sheep are so stupid, that the shepherd's crook is used if they get themselves in a corner, they don't even have enough sense to back up. They just stand caught and they reach out with that crook and they pull them out of the corner that they're in. Remember you talked about the word repent? Talk about that please.


Alan: Repent is also a compilation of "pent," which was the pent-upness of an animal or a group of animals that were ready to be captured. In ancient times they used to come around coastlines and literally men with nets would circle little islets and they would pen-up the sheep and that's why you have pentlands.


Jackie: That's why you have what?


Alan: A place called pentlands. Pentland firth and pentland forth.


Jackie: Pentland?


Alan: That's where the ships came in and that's where they raided the coastline for sheep not for the sheep, but for slaves basically and so they would literally net them and that's where the whole idea of penning sheep came from.


Jackie: And repent?


Alan: Repent, again, it's symbolic of an esoteric meaning. It's like regenerate or repopulate the world in Genesis and you have repent, so that which is done once can always be done again if you use the same techniques over and over and over. That's exactly what law is.


Jackie: What did you say the other day about Genesis?


Alan: It's the gene of Isis.


Jackie: Gene of Isis and I want to remind our listeners that IS-RA-EL is actually a three part word, ISIS, RA and EL.


Alan: That was common on the Kabbalah and the Talmud, which came from Babylon, was to use one or two letters of each word and make a new word from them. That was very common and of course you also use the same technique when you were pointing out opposites because they have an agenda and theyve had it for thousands of years and they talk about using the laws of nature to bring about the agenda. In nature you have spring, and you have fall and you have summer and you have winter, so you have opposites. They literally create the opposites to create conflicts, which bring change, which they then direct into their agenda and so that's why they created the U.S. and its opposite, supposedly, the Soviet Union. USSU, you see?


Jackie: Oh my and UN?


Alan: UN, which is one. It's the French word for one, so everything is in front of our faces if we care to see it.


Jackie: Something I've noticed in newspapers and reports et cetera, the UN isn't U period N period. It is just the plain old capital U, capital N and I've noticed sometimes they're doing that with the U.S. now US


Alan: US, that's right and its interesting that the main password in the time of Franklin and Washington and Voltaire and so on for Masons was "nous" ("nu"), which is N-O-U-S, which came from the Greek and then it goes into the French for the same meaning actually and it means "us". That was their password.


Jackie: US?


Alan: They play these games all down through history and of course most children can't figure it out and they have no reason to figure it out. They think that if there's anything worth knowing the teacher is going to explain it to them, but you find the teachers don't know themselves. In the times of John Dee, for instance, who basically was a high Kabbalist in Queen Elizabeth I. government and he was also a spy in Europe for her, his code number was 007.


Jackie: James Bond?


Alan: That's right. John Dee himself created the term the British Empire and even Britain in British means--


Jackie: Hold this because we are going to take our 60-second break. Now remember what you were saying so that I hear you on the other side. For those of you who like to have some type of confirmation, there's oftentimes Alan will and especially when he was first on with us I probably said at least a dozen times just because Alan Watt says this doesn't mean its true and I'm saying that because I have not researched it, but we would have to do our own research. The next thing I began getting emails and packages mailed to me people saying look at this, look at this, it's exactly what Alan was talking about and it was difficult. I went through a time period where it's so difficult to grasp the enormity of the lies that we have been literally born into. History is not what we've ever been told. There was a time and a period of time and I told Alan this, that I feel like I'm in another world, some place and everything I look at looks unreal to me. In fact, Alan said, well, that's a good place to start and the books that he put together go a long way toward giving evidence and confirmation of some of the statements that he makes that sound so out of it that we would have a tendency maybe sometimes to set it aside or put it away or let it go in one ear and out the other and that's one thing that I have never done is just say I don't believe and then let it go. It's important for us to keep in our minds and do our own research if possible and take advantage of the research that others have done and this is what Alan has put together in the books. [See for details.]


Alan: We were talking about John Dee coining the term British Empire.


Jackie: And when was this?


Alan: It was in the 1500's and "British" hadn't been used before really and it's a compilation of two Hebrew words and "Brit" means covenant and "ishi" means people, so obviously Britain had a different agenda from its very beginning than the average person who lived there ever knew.


Jackie: Did I hear this right? "Brit" means covenant and "ish" means people?


Alan: Yes. This was also reiterated in the writings of Francis Bacon who was around the same period. He said that we are creating the international language of the future called English. Prior to that, really, English was mixture of Germanic tongues and Celtic tongues, so they literally created the English language in that period. Then of course King James came out with the Bible to present it to the people. That was part of the reason for that Bible coming out then with that particular type of language and you find the same thing was going on in Germany with Luther and elsewhere, so they update the languages and change the languages through bibles basically.


Jackie: Oh, thank you for bringing this up. We were talking about this in our recent conversation and I have a Geneva Bible here, which is allegedly a photocopy of the Geneva Bible, and I didn't do the whole thing chapter and verse, but as I was picking at random different verses from different chapters, books et cetera, I didn't find anything different. You mentioned that the footnotes had a lot to do with it.


Alan: They put their comments in.


Jackie: Yes, the comments on the side notes, but you said that that Geneva Bible was Calvin's bible?


Alan: No.


Jackie: Okay. What did you say?


Alan: The Geneva Bible was put together by people who exiled who'd left Britain who were all Rosicrucian's basically and who were putting out a Bible supposedly for the people and they used older translations obviously to put it together. They had changes in it too, because instead of "king," wherever "king" was mentioned, they used the word "power"; whereas King James since he was the representative of God basically, as a sovereign, changed it all to "king."James' version omitted "power" and simply put "king" in all those places.


Jackie: But it's very much the same as the Geneva Bible, isn't it?


Alan: It's similar. It's a different flowery language. It's a more flowing poetic type of style.


Jackie: Are there different books in the Geneva Bible that weren't in? What is the difference between the King James and how long is the Geneva Bible?


Alan: It was put out not too long before King James first edition and they used to call it the Breechers Bible.


Jackie: The what?


Alan: The Breecher. Like breeches, you know.


Jackie: Britches?


Alan: Yes, and the reason for it being is that--


Jackie: Like pants?


Alan: Yes, because they changed the part about the fig leaf and so on for Adam for his loincloth into breeches for some reason and so they called it the Breechers Bible and I guess it was a play on preachers as well. In even older ones, if you go through the different Aramaic texts, you'll find that it was the same square lambskin that the Masons use today.


Jackie: His fig leaf?


Alan: That's right, so this has been on the go for a long time. Getting back to Britain, as I say that was named Britishi.


Jackie: What was England called before it was called England?


Alan: England was just England and Scotland was Scotland and you had Ireland and Wales, and so they united it then they called it the United Kingdom and then in John Dee's day they called it the British or Great Britain and the people were called British or covenant people and most of them don't even know that today.


Jackie: What is that supposed to mean, covenant people?


Alan: Obviously there's a covenant here being brought into play that the people were unaware of, expect those who did bring it into play. It had a mission to fulfill in other words and John Dee talked about that mission, that an empire would be created which would encompass the whole globe and ultimately bring the whole world under this one governmental system. It was written about in his day.


Jackie: Is the same priesthood behind all this?


Alan: Same priesthood, yes, and he read Hebrew and the Kabbalah and he wrote extensively about the Kabbalah, as did many of the later ones that came along after him.


Jackie: Alan, is the Kabbalah evil?


Alan: The Kabbalah is like all the writings, basically, there's always an exoteric which most people pick up on but they seldom see the esoteric. It takes almost a mindset to be able to pick out the real meanings underlying the initial writings and therefore the Kabbalah coupled with the Mishnah, which is the oral tradition supposedly--


Jackie: The Mishnah Torah.


Alan: It's supposed to be the oral tradition given by the mythical Moses. In other words, here's a bunch of laws for the exoteric people, the people who will follow, and here's the explanatory notes that go into detail for the adept basically. It was degreed system even back then. Coupled with the Kabbalah and underlying all its mysticism, if you get underneath it, you'll find it's a system basically. It's a coding type of thing and a system all to do with where this plan, the great work, is going.


Jackie: When you mentioned coding, there are books out about the Bible codes and I think most of it is in the Old Testament but it is pretty awesome the way they point out certain things. At first I was really impressed and then I thought, well, the creatures that sat and penned all this had a reason for what they were doing, but I know that people who have read these books on the Bible codes and then you go back into the Old Testament and go figuring out the difference verse and say, oh my goodness, but it is their own secret little code. I think a lot of people buy into it and say, well, this has to be the work of God.


Alan: I know. Those people you have to just leave to their comfort because that's their comforter. That's all they have.


Jackie: I guess I can relate because I have been taken in in many ways throughout my life. There were certain things like I said when I was 15 years old and started reading the Old Testament I said, no, this is not so. This is not God and then of course what is that word God is the word they gave us, but I've been taken in and it takes somebody saying something sometimes, Alan. I had a friend in Illinois and we got into a discussion about the Bible and he was very much into the every jot and tittle is the word of God, and I asked him how he explains all of the contradictions et cetera and doesn't he believe that it has been tampered with by man. It was written by man and he said, no, God would never allow it. But there are some people who will suddenly stop and say, wait a minute, this makes sense to me what you're saying.


Alan: What it is though is that person is ready for it.


Jackie: Yes and maybe that's why we do these broadcasts for those who have an eye to see and an ear to hear.


Alan: It's a fact that the exoteric or cultural religions and that's what I see around me. You're born into a cultural religion where there's formulas and baptisms and rituals and that's you. You're a Christian and you parrot this and you parrot that, but you dont think, of course, and if you do think you become a danger to the congregation because you're not supposed to be a thinker. Of course we're meant to think seek ye the truth. Meanwhile they walk into a church and it's like picking a ready-made suit. It's all there. It's for you. They have the pants there, just the right size, so is the jacket. Wear this and you're one of us. That's your ready-made religion, so where's the seeking for the truth in there? The truth has to be truly sought and you start with yourself, and of course that's always the first step. Long before Jesus, in the original religions the first death was dying to the world and it's also dying to the old self and you could only die to the old self by examining yourself and then the changes began within the person. This was always known of course, but now it's just a formula where you repeat after me and that's it.


Jackie: A friend of mine after Steve Jacobsen was on in 1998, it had to have been sometime in the summer because we were on at 6:00 p.m. We were talking about mind control and I said well given that we're pretty clear the government isn't going to set up deprogramming centers, what do you have to offer our listeners? He said, well, unfortunately most people believe that we are human beings when in fact we are spiritual beings inhabiting or emanating a physical body and he said in order to escape not escape but not submit to the mind control and the brainwashing, then we have to begin to go within because that is where the answers are. The truth is within us and he said meditate and I knew the minute he said the word at that time that I was going to hear some flack and a friend called and said I just love Steve Jacobsen but he's gone New Age on us.


He mentioned the word meditation. I got in Strong's Concordance and found the word meditation about 18 or 19 times. But what she said is we don't want to go delving into ourselves because we are so evil and yucky that it would dredge up all that terrible stuff and when you talk about examining ourselves I've been doing this for a long time and there are times when we see. I have an attitude that needs to be changed or questioned. Why am I feeling this way right now? Why am I feeling angry or what is this feeling I'm feeling because it isn't peaceful and so therefore we get a chance to really take a look at where we're at. What is pulling our strings, so to speak, and I think the most important thing for us to know for our listeners for all of us is that who we truly are is a perfect creation of our creator and all of that yucky stuff that she said we wouldn't want to get into is exactly what we have to get into if we know in our hearts that who we truly are, what we truly are is a spiritual being in the image, if you would, or one with our creator.


Alan: The symbol of Jesus symbolizes the pure spiritual nature and of course Judaism represents the pure earthly physical nature.


Jackie: Material?


Alan: Yes.


Jackie: I wonder if people notice this, Alan, that in the Old Testament Jehovah promises his chosen people all who do his commandments.


Alan: Yes. It's like a mafia boss that says follow me and Ill take care of you.


Jackie: Yes, but it's all material rewards.


Alan: That's right. You'll prosper and live off the fat of the land and so Judaism is law and material. It's the rules of the physical life for the purely physical life and the spiritual side doesn't come into it, at least not the Christian one anyway or the Jesus one, put it that way. However, going back to what we said earlier about the British, Dee claimed at the time when the Romans came into Britain there was one little tribe called Britanni and that's why he used the name Brit, but really the way he spelled it in his initial writings was in Hebrew so it was definitely pointing at the people. When Reverend Pike comes on your show you should ask him because I think he knows that it's the B'nai B'rith, which is the Sons of the Covenant, that are putting these laws in front of the Congress and all the other parliaments and they're being signed into law. B'nai B'rith is the Jewish wing of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. I don't think he mentions that.


Jackie: I'm writing.


Alan: A Masonic group is writing laws for governments, you see.


Jackie: You know what? You're right. He does know that.


Alan: He does, okay.


Jackie: Well, he does know that it is the B'nai B'rith behind all this.


Alan: They are the Jewish wing of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.


Jackie: Wow. Jewish wing of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.


Alan: That's right. Don't forget that Albert Pike who was the head of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in his own book "Morals and Dogma" said, "make no mistake. Masonry is a religion." Why is a religious body making laws for everyone else? That's never been asked or challenged.


Jackie: It's like what's his name, Moses Mendelssohn. Was that his name, Moses Mendelssohn?That Judaism is not a religion, it is a law religionized. Isn't that what you were just saying?


Alan: Albert Pike also said, make no doubt about it that "Lucifer is God."


Jackie: He said that in "Morals and Dogma"?


Alan: "Morals and Dogma," yes.


Jackie: Well, he is the lord of this world.


Alan: Lord of the world, absolutely, that's Jehovah. That's the big secret that been hidden from everyone for so long. In the beginning they were gods, Elohim, which was plural, and eventually this little earthly god, the volcano god, took over.


Jackie: The volcano god? Is that Jehovah?


Alan: That's Jehovah, yes.


Jackie: Actually, wasn't that like a phantom that the priesthood made up for people to worship?


Alan: Basically the volcano symbolized again a pyramid with the top blowing, which is the fire, the fire in the middle, and that's the symbol again of the logic. That's why Mr. Spock in Star Trek was a Vulcan. He ran on law and logic, you see. It's all symbolic and if you look at the little badges they get and cards for their induction, the boys in Judaism, when they're 12 or 13--


Jackie: When they get Bar Mitzvah?


Alan: Yes. You'll see right there that that's a symbol of a volcano blowing smoke and that's the symbol of again, it's not real, a real people doing a real thing, it's a priesthood, not a big priesthood either, who's manipulated all the religions down through the ages and it's all symbolic and allegorical of this priesthood. The volcano is the smoke by day and the fire by night.


Jackie: You mean it's talked about in the Bible? In the Old Testament?


Alan: That's right.


Jackie: Smoke by day and fire by night.


Alan: Yes, and that's all symbolic and allegorical of an ancient, ancient priesthood that's many, many thousands of years old.


Jackie: Older than the Pharisees?


Alan: Yes.


Jackie: Like in the Protocols they say that the plan that they have been working towards for the past, I think they say either 20 or 25 centuries, is about to come in to fruition, but actually it is older than that?


Alan: It's older and apparently it's been tried before in different ages.


Jackie: Tried before and not accomplished?


Alan: It gets to a certain point and then it gets demolished.


Jackie: I like that a lot. They've never made it yet and here we are, still on the radio and still able to talk about it, Alan. Thank you for being with us tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, we'll be back with you tomorrow night. Thank you for being here and keep an open mind and ask, seek and knock. That's what Jesus tells us to do. Seek ye the truth and you will know the truth and it will make you free.



(Transcribed by Linda)