Alan Watt on

"Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru

December 29, 2004




Jackie:  Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for joining us tonight on Sweet Liberty. This is Wednesday. It is the 29th of December in the year 2004 and I want to remind you that this is the last broadcast night for us of the week.


I want to share our spiritual message and then we'll get on with this Wednesday night broadcast. This is prayer for the power of Holy Spirit.


            "Come Holy Spirit and renew me so that I can reach my fullest potential. Fill me to overflowing with your gift, your power, your love. I open myself to receive all the Father has for me. He is the Creator of everything and I am his child. Therefore far more is available to me than I ever imagined. Help me to receive it all. Teach me how to use your gift. Instruct me in all truths. Fill my mind with your thoughts and help me to recognize your voice. Make me an instrument of the Father's will."


And I liked that. It's a wonderful reminder. And tonight we have a guest and I know that most of you, maybe all of you will be delighted to hear that Alan Watt is back with us again this evening. By the way, in case I forget, we won't be seeing you again back until after the New Year, so let me wish you all a blessed and peaceful and abundant New Year and now we'll bring Alan up. Hello, Alan, and thanks for being with us.


Alan:  Yes, it's nice to be here. I keep forgetting about the New Year.


Jackie:  Well, I thought about it tonight while I was getting dinner and I thought by the time we get back it will be after the incoming New Year, something I was going to mention to our listeners, Alan.


Alan:  This is the new Soviet system. It's here. This is all in your face now and it actually does come under this new definition of "democracy." I've heard some of the talking heads in Canada from universities redefine democracy and what they say is that it's the will of the people but the government will stand up for the rights of all minorities without distinction. You can imagine the kind of chaos that's being brought on if they're going to promote all kinds of – but the thing is, they're very selective it seems on which ones they will accept and which ones they won't.


Jackie:  As to what is a minority in the states, I know that there are certain states that the "minorities" far out number – what would I say, the majority, white basically, is what it is, because the minorities are of different races and I believe probably now that in the United States probably the minority has become the majority.


Alan:  Well, you've got to become a new minority somehow and somehow get yourself registered as such to get any rights at all, because that's literally what it's come down to. In the new system which is global and international and a mish-mash of everything, then obviously they made this agenda long, long ago knowing exactly how they were going to do it and implement it and the white people aren't going to stand in their way. That's very obvious. The white man is a good worker bee, I think he was basically created for this and what I see now is that it's the white man – it's generally the poor white man too, and they're using a lot of the poor blacks over in the Middle East to finish off the job.


Jackie:  The pathetic thing is that there are so many minions, so many useful idiots that helped to promulgate the plan and just shove it ahead full steam. We were talking about this tonight. I was talking with a friend about the land taxes and it doesn't matter if your home would be mortgage free or not. If you cannot pay your taxes you're losing it and in Pennsylvania here and I don't know if it's county by county or what, or township by township, but there is this thing called an occupational tax. Now there was a lady in Scranton. She was a retired woman and she got the bill for the occupational tax and she didn't pay it and they dunned her again and then threatened that she was going to get – so she called them and she said I don't qualify here, I don't have an occupation, I am a retired person; and the lady says this has nothing to do with your work. You are occupying space. This is true what I am telling you and it's sounds insane but look at all the townships or counties, whatever, that pass these school districts, that pass these absolutely ungodly insane taxes.


Alan:  That was also the Communist Manifesto, wasn't it?


Jackie:  Yes. It's also in the Protocols by the way.


Alan:  Steadily increasing taxes leading eventually to the abolition of private property and of course that's well on it’s way and you can see that when you look into the United Nations habitat areas of the very, very near future where everybody is supposed to live. They're going to tax people out of their homes especially in the rural areas and we're all supposed to live very happily for a while in these little habitat communities, which they admit they'll all be rental units. There will be no private property there and no private transportation either. That's in the habitat report from the UN, so this is the future and because most people don't understand what really is going on, they fall for all the excuses that are given at the time. "We simply have to do this because of et cetera, et cetera," but the fact is it was planned a long time ago and they're actually implementing it.  I really believe that once the U.S. has brought this great new democracy to the rest of the world, the standardization of the system, then it will be time to pull the plug on the U.S.


Jackie:  You said that a long time ago and when you said it I didn't even have a doubt that what you said was so, and it follows. I mean we can see it happening, Alan. You said that it was brought in. Exactly what you said was right and you remember when I got really ticked off at you about the Constitution? Sometimes you've rattled my cage, Alan.


Alan:  Well, it's a process, isn't it?  Understanding is a process. It's a process of shedding off that which we've been indoctrinated with in order to see clearly, and until we do shed off the indoctrination we'll never see clearly and therefore a new hood can be pulled over our eyes very easily and we're hoodwinked again.


Jackie:  The hoodwink. That has to do with the hood that goes on the Freemasons? Isn't that where that came from?


Alan:  Yes. It's the candidate's head.


Jackie:  Hoodwinked.


Alan:  Hoodwinked. They do this all the time. The people are being shepherded into the whole new system with the environment and the crisis and all the rest of it and they will go along with it. The ones who are in school right now at the present time truly believe everything that they've been indoctrinated with to do with saving the planet and they will be the inhabitants of these habitat areas.


Jackie:  And be very proud and very pleased that they aren't ruining the rest of the world for the animals.


Alan:  Yes and they'll also be the enforcers for those old people who live in the old ways et cetera who won't go along with it. They'll drag them off thinking they're doing the world a favor. This is why they could write Revelations a long time ago, spell out the agenda in Revelations, and say that the children would turn against their parents and the reason they could write that is because it had been done before.


Jackie:  What is Revelations supposed to be, the revelations of John?


Alan:  It's supposed to be, but you have to go into the whole esoteric meaning of what John is. The full name is Jonathan and John is EON, which is fire basically. The old mystery religion had its headquarters in Ionia at one time and that became the J when it was Latinized so you had John and so it was fire and they had the symbol of the fire worship outside their temples, and then you have Athan, which is John Athan, which is ATON, the sun. John Aton, the fire of the sun. That's what it means. It's the fire of the sun that gives you the revelations.


Jackie:  Is there any name that doesn't have some type of esoteric meaning?


Alan:  All of those in the Bible do, because the mystery religion had been centered there at that time a few thousand years ago for quite a long, long time. Although it had other centers across different parts of the world, that was one of the main centers of it.


Jackie:  What does Timothy mean?


Alan:  I forget what Timothy was and I did know it too, but I could look that one up for you. They all had specific meanings and some of them they explain, where they give Simon a new name and he's called Peter.


Jackie:  Simon Peter.


Alan:  They're giving you clues there and of course Peter is Pater or Petra, which is the rock. It's on the rock et cetera and all this stuff, so they're giving you the same symbology of the old mystery religion in the names of the people. Another one is Son of Thunder, Zebedee,and of course old Yahweh used to be called the Thunder God because the volcano made all the bangs – in fact there are Psalms there that he roared in his clear strong voice like thunder, so he was a volcano god. They give you all the clues in the names.


Jackie:  The thunder god, wasn't it Thor?


Alan:  In the Norse religion it was Thor.


Jackie:  Would that be the same as Jehovah?


Alan:  Actually, it's very similar to the Egyptian because in the battle of the son of Osiris, who was called Horus – where we get "hours" from and "horizon."


Jackie:  Horus rising, the horizon?


Alan:  That's right. He lost an eye in the battle with Seth, which is night, Satan, and he becomes the sun, Ra. He becomes Ra. You have the eye of Ra and of course you find the same thing with the Nordic version of Thor who lost an eye to gain wisdom by hanging on a tree. He hung on a tree for days and days to gain wisdom and birds were pecking out his eye so he was left with one eye; and hence the term comes in Masonry, in the land of the blind (which is the profane, the masses, the general public), "in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king." It's a very esoteric thing.


Jackie:  Okay. Here's something that maybe you could explain because I have made this statement that there is no place that I have read in the New Testament where Jesus said I've come to establish a new religion. He said I came to, according to what the bible says, that I came into this world to bear witness unto the truth. What Christians rely on is the fact that in the Bible he is quoted as saying about Peter, upon this rock I will build my church – and then of course the Catholic Church says that Peter was the first Pope and so the Catholic religion was the first and the only established by Christ religion. Will you shed some light on that, Alan?


Alan:  He said that in response to a reply that Peter had given when Peter had said that he was the messiah. He was declaring that Jesus was the messiah and that's when he replied to him, "on this rock," this truth, that's what it means there in that sense, "I will build my church."


Jackie:  And what does church mean? I will build my church? This is what to me has caused – I don't understand what it means but I don't believe that there was anything in his teachings that would implicate that you have to build churches and temples.


Alan:  There was nothing about – in fact, most of his teachings were done outside.


Jackie:  Well, according to the Bible. Do you think that these were words used to cause this confusion?


Alan:  There's no doubt that things were added. For instance, in one of the gospels it's so out of character of what you're reading already when he tells you don't make a fuss about praying to your father. Don't do what the Pharisees do and make long prayers in public. He says go into your closet or your room and pray to your father, and then later on you find him telling his disciples what you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven and you shall have the power to forgive sins.  That obviously was added in by the Catholic Church. People used to give offerings to the temple gods, especially Jupiter in Rome prior to Christianity, and they did confess their sins and they had their burnt offerings; and of course to maintain power, priests had to have something where the people would have – in other words, if the people could pray directly to their god, why would they need the priests?  They had to add that in that the only way to salvation was to go and confess to the priests basically.


Jackie:  Then the priests had the power to forgive the sin and that comes from that part of the Bible where he allegedly said that to his disciple?


Alan:  It's completely contradictory you see to other parts of the Bible and out of nature with what he'd already supposed to have said. It's amazing how much of external or manmade theology has been tacked on to it. Of course in the esoteric religions they understand that, that the bulk of people they really want a god that they can identify with as a person with their own "frailties," you might say, and so for ages past they always gave the people gods which were very human in form in that they would be jealous. They could be very vengeful and idolatrous. All this kind of stuff and the bulk of the people love these festivals to these particular deities and so when Jesus came along they had to once again sort of humanize them to an extent in some passages so that the people could identify with them. They're talking about the general population because they need "form," as they say, so they formalized religion and formalizing religion is always done for the bulk of the people.


Jackie:  What would you have to say to people – my concern has been when the lies begin to be exposed, the truth revealed, in fact I had written about this in the book and it is when it came to my mind that I see to me that Christianity was created to be destroyed. That eventually the lies would be revealed or exposed and then people would be throwing the baby out with the bath water. And for people who have clung to all that, every jot and tittle is the word of God, even though there's so many contradictions that they cannot explain themselves but they seem to pass that off by saying I don't have an understanding yet about that contradiction, but not to look at it and say this isn't – our Creator doesn't contradict itself, but then when it finally hits them that they literally begin to see the lies there is the sadness. I know because I've been through that, Alan, as you know, but the tendency to say okay then what do we do? It’s all a lie. What do we have left and the only thing I could think to say is it's the truth. We have the truth. 


Alan:  Here's another little sort of paradox to all of that. In cultural Christianity and all truths in all ages is out there for the ones that want to find it, always, for the ones who sincerely want to find it. It's there somehow. There's always a thread they can follow, but for the bulk of the people, it is true, they're in the material world. They want a material religion. If they're given truth they will debase it back into a materialistic religion and you see the prosperity of those being preached today by the Bennie Hinn's and these guys who tell you, "send me gold. I want gold. I want it now in this world," and I've seen a tape with him actually saying that. Sure, they will always debase it because they miss the whole point of the spiritual side that Jesus portrays. It's the spiritual search of man to find the Christ within and that's what the whole message was when he tells you "if the Father is in me and then I am in you," I am in you. The Christ is in you. It's not a matter of going to a church in cultural Christianity going through a ritual or a formula like a mathematical formula, 2 and 2 is 4, and you say this and you say that then you're a Christian. That's again for the masses of people because the spiritual path is an individual journey and only the individual can make that journey. You can't do it in a crowd.


Jackie:  And priests can't give it to you.


Alan:  Yes, and once you're on that journey then you know that you're getting closer to that which you would call your Creator because your mind completely alters. The way you view everything suddenly alters and you know you're now on a journey and you know that something is in communication by the very way that you now see the whole world and it's a flow of energy that comes. It was always intended to be that way.


Jackie:  It seems too that as we're on that journey and getting further into it that the intuition seems to be so heightened.


Alan:  Intuition and other senses definitely heighten. You become alive and that's what he said too, I come to give life and more abundantly. He wasn't talking about prosperity.


Jackie:  I'd like you to continue this right after this break and thank you. We're back again with Alan Watt. Before the break I mentioned the fact that our intuition seems to be so much stronger and Alan, you were talking about that, and would you please continue?


Alan:  There's no doubt that children are born with a heightened sense of awareness and actual telepathy and the closer the friends that they have the more they show this because they'll start whistling a tune at the same time or they'll start singing the lines of a song at the same time and then they turn and laugh at each other because it's so common with them. That type of thing is knocked out of us as soon as we go to school because we’re trained then just to be good producers, consumers and taxpayers.


Jackie:  And caretakers of the earth.


Alan:  That's right and that's the definition of a good United Nation citizen, is a good producer-consumer. That's how we are trained. We are collateral. There's no doubt that's how we're viewed by those who run the material world and so those abilities we have become dormant and it's like muscles that aren't used, they can atrophy to an extent, but when a person is on the right path they know it. There's nothing you can question or imagine about it. You know you're on the right path because your entire perception of things changes. You have sudden insights that you never had before and you can see for the first time. The blind see. That's what it really means in the allegories and so this can happen to people who are ready to leave the formalized – the formation – the Mason's form things for the masses, so they give you formalized religion, which is also authorized religion, and they don't like to tell people they don't need to go along with the masses. They can find the real truth themselves because that is what you're finding out is truth. It's a path of truth.


Jackie:  You know when Kelly Nelson, this is back in '98 sometime when I believe I was on at 6:00 p.m. before you started coming on with us. We did about 10 weeks or 10 broadcasts on the controlled opposition of specifically Council for National Policies and the so-called conservative/Christian conservative leaders in this country and Kelly, that is her forte and she was naming names that she was giving so much information about the these individuals that it just left no doubt in people's minds. The thing I marveled at because Kelly Nelson told me one time you won't make a lot of friends, people don't want the truth. Anyway, I would get calls from people and each one that called had one of their own favorite heroes. It could have been Phyllis Schlafly. It could have been D.J. Kennedy, any one of them, but then they would say you know what? I had a feeling something was wrong and in other words they were not angry and they were realizing that all the time they had been almost worshiping these people that there was that little niggling voice and I told them I said, well, then you did know you see and all you have to learn to do is listen to that. Don't ignore it; and it happened over and over again, Alan.


Alan:  The bulk of the people want a deity on this planet that they can worship, something on two legs that they can see and touch and that's the problem. It's always been the problem and that's why if you tune into something like Oprah Winfrey or the Dr. Phil that's part of her organization, that's Harpo Productions which is Oprah backwards, HARPO from Harpocrates for secrecy from the ancient mysteries.


Jackie:  From who?


Alan:  Harpocrates in the Greek.


Jackie:  Not Hippocrates?


Alan:  No. Harpocrates. Harpo was the short term for it, so it's Harpo Productions.


Jackie:  And like Harpo Marx?


Alan:  That's right and he was the one who kept his mouth shut because he was dumb and that was the sign of secrecy. The ancient symbol of Harpo in Egypt when the Greeks ruled Egypt was the little boy with a finger over his mouth going "shhh!"  That's where it comes from. Anyway, when you see Oprah coming out on stage and you see mainly women in the audience just going wild over, her you're seeing people actually worship another human being. That isn't applause. That's literally worship. She represents everything that those people in the audience would like to aspire to be.


Jackie:  In other words, it's her fame and her success financially on that?


Alan:  Everything. Yet she represents everything they want to be and that's why at the right time people will worship someone who claims to be a deity on earth. They want that. The bulk of people truly want that and the old saying they get what they ask for and they'll find that eventually it's not what they really wanted after all, but then it will be too late for them.


Jackie:  I don't know if we got off course. I know I have a tendency to do that to our conversations. I don't intend to do it. Getting back, if we may, for example people who begin to see it and begin to see the lies and they feel so disillusioned – well, I had a call from really a nice man today and he had tuned in late and wanted your address. He wanted to know if I thought that he should have the books and I said yes, and then he said are you saying that the Bible is a lie. I said that's a generality and if I said that it was a lie that would be a lie because there is truth in it. But this is what people will have a tendency to do is say okay throw it all out and I think that it was planned that way, Alan, so that they would throw the truth – throwing the baby out with the bath water and then what? Then they have not, from their churches and from their religion, they have not been helped to understand as you said earlier the simple truths that we were given that were attributed to Jesus. I and my Father are one. People take that to say he said it. He said he was God. No. He said, "I and my Father are one. He is in me as I am in you," and therefore there is not that realization that I am a beloved child of Creator and one with and I don’t have to jump through hoops. I don't have to be praying to a saint or to the mother of Jesus to get to Creator and at least people with the feeling of nothingness, that has been my concern.


Alan:  As I say, this is the problem. The bulk of the people in all ages want formalized religion.


Jackie:  Maybe they don't want it. That's what they were born into.


Alan:  You will find that even if you could somehow have a miracle and have the airwaves for a month for the whole world--


Jackie:  Oh, wouldn't that be something.


Alan:  I'll tell you, no matter how much truth you could put out there and then leave the people with a decision, after you've explained what's happened to the world—it was planned this way, who is doing it, where it's to go, et cetera, and with all their worries and their stress and their credit cards and all this stuff—you know the bulk of the people would demand you bring the same system in right away.


Jackie:  Well, yes. However, you said a long time ago we were talking and I know everything you say isn't necessarily so but it sure rang true to me.  You had made the statement that their greatest fear is that enough people will wake up to the realization of the power that is within us because the Kingdom of God is within us and once enough people, and I asked you how many do you think it would take, and you said not very many because there aren't very many of them.


Alan:  That's right. There's not very many of them.


Jackie:  That makes sense to me, so therefore the more people who awaken the stronger the light becomes in this world.


Alan:  It's the old story. This is the darkness because of the lies and the deceit that goes on and we are talked to like children by the media. They're talking to us as though we're children and giving us little fairy stories instead of truth all the time, rather than tell us what really is going on and what the agendas are. Now some people like that. Some people will like socialism and they do like socialism. They like to believe that there's lots of different daddies out there who specialize in different departments that one day they might need and so there are a lot of people who will truly love their slavery.


Jackie:  I'm not denying that. What I'm saying though is that there are people who would hear it and do have an ear to hear and an eye to see and boy, wouldn't that be something?


Alan:  Yes and of course and, as I say, any truth given out in the darkness and it's getting darker at the moment. It gets dark for a while as all the laws come forward to silence people.


Jackie:  Man's laws?


Alan:  Yes and that's of course what happened in the Soviet system as well and it was tried and tested there and they're doing it all here the same way and eventually they'll be teaching you that the sky is naturally orange and that will be politically correct and we'll all say the same thing.


Jackie:  And people will forget that the sky used to be blue.


Alan:  Yes. It's the king has no clothes and the crowd will go along and say, oh, yes, I can see them; and that's what political correctness is. It's lying to yourself, ultimately, to fit in and so those who are seeking a spiritual path regardless of what happens and regardless of what the crowd does can't go along with it. Of course, people who belong to the crowd or the mob will always look around for someone else to make the first move and then they'll follow; but for those who are awake you don't do that. You have to stand up for yourself. That's of prime importance. Don't wait for someone else to step forward and say I'm not going along with this. You go ahead and say I'm not going along with it.


Jackie:  Yes, the Emperor has no clothes.


Alan:  Yes and of course that's the difference between the individual who's on a spiritual path and person who belongs to the mob, whether it be a church group or not, because church groups are basically part of the mob. It's a formalized religion and they act like a school of fish. They all move at the same time when the pastor makes the move.


Jackie:  Or the lemmings, over the cliff with all of them.


Alan:  It's never been any different in any age and there's been many ages prior to this one, where we get to a certain stage of balance where those of the material try to take over the entire planet and dominate it. It's always a battle between those who are on a spiritual path versus the material and it doesn’t mean that everybody on the path gets saved by any means because people are making their choices and that means everybody is making their choices.


Jackie:  Each of us every moment of every day.


Alan:  If they were to get their way, the people have allowed it to happen. Individually they have allowed it to happen and that's something to really ponder on before it happens and then make the decision before it happens because they're bringing about a living hell here on earth; and if their idea is "as above so below," then their heaven is also a hell if they're trying to emulate that. You have to ask who their father truly is.


Jackie:  Well, Jesus said of the Pharisees, "you are of your father the devil."


Alan:  The Pharisees were a sect.


Jackie:  They were the priests of Jehovah. Wouldn't that be whom Jesus was referring to?


Alan:  It's obvious.


Jackie:  To me it was obvious.


Alan:  It was very obvious. People don't realize that the Pharisees, who ruled over ordinary Jews, the Pharisees themselves were a separate esoteric sect. They had their own inner religion that came from Babylon. They're being used, but there used to be a lot more information on this, like the B'nai B'rith. Everyone thinks that the B'nai B'rith is an organization that stands up for supposedly downtrodden peoples' rights, but the B'nai B'rith is registered as a Masonic organization and all their building are still called lodges yet, if you want to check them up. If you want to go into the Congressional Records, you can find I think it was General Grant during the Civil War issued an order that all Jews in the army were suspected of being members of the Knights of the Golden Circle, which was a spin-off of the B'nai B'rith, and that was all mentioned in the Congressional Records at the time and it was Lincoln that rescinded that order. However, they were actually fomenting dissention on both sides, south and north, and these were not Kazarian Jews. These were Sephardic Jews that formed the B'nai B'rith. Most of them came from London and they were merchant families.


Jackie:  What is the definition of a Sephardic Jew? Would it be Semitic?


Alan:  Sephardic were the ones who lived mainly in Spain.


Jackie:  It wouldn't necessarily mean that they're Semites?


Alan:  Again, even that's a whole other story, but supposedly the story is they moved into Spain after the Roman wars basically when Rome vanquished them and in fact they became the nobility of Spain for a few centuries and they ruled the trading routes and they were very, very wealthy and they ran – that again is in the Congressional Records, they ran most of the slave ships to the U.S. and they ran the slave trade.


Jackie:  You know that was a good plan too when you think about it. It was far beyond just a wonderful money-making scheme, but to bring so many Africans into America, I mean in the south I understand that the slave population was almost equal to the white population, so when they were all freed there we had the division again.


Alan:  They always create a division or a Northern Ireland or a Quebec in Canada. Somewhere they can stir up trouble when they want it. That's traditional.


Jackie:  It occurs to me that the ultimate plan of slavery was to do exactly what is happening today.


Alan:  There is an authorized book by the B'nai B'rith about their history, even though they put spins on it, because at one time there was a lot of information on them and what they'd been up to and so they put a book out to try and cover up what they'd really been doing but they still admitted to it. The book was written by Esther L. Panitz was the author and it was authorized by B'nai B'rith and that was published in 1987, I think, and it's worth a read because it goes into the fact that it is a Masonic organization. It's separate from Judaism as such and it has a different religion from Judaism. It's basically the Illuminati sect and it's also chartered under the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. They have a Masonic charter, so here's the B'nai B'rith writing the hate laws.


Jackie:  What is the name of this book again?


Alan:  It's called "The B'nai B'rith" by Esther L. Panitz.


Jackie:  That would probably be available then at any bookstore.


Alan:  I don't know. It was published in 1987.


Jackie:  1987 isn't all that long ago.


Alan:  The B'nai B'rith was actually again in the Congressional Records; they were implicated and brought up in the death of Lincoln.


Jackie:  And what is the author again?


Alan:  I think it was Esther L. Panitz.


Jackie:  Panitz? Like paying penance?


Alan:  I'm pretty sure that is. It's been a long time since I read it, but the head of the organization, the Grand Master at that time of the B'nai B'rith, was Simon Wolf, who originally was a lawyer and his name came up and the B'nai B'rith because he was so friendly with Booth that shot Lincoln. There were photographs taken of Booth with the Knights of the Golden Circle at the B'nai B'rith Lodge, the Masonic Lodge.


Jackie:  It has been written and said that Booth was a relation of the Rothschild's.


Alan:  It's possible. I do know that Booth's father was a Shakespearian actor and when he died the Catholics came to the funeral. They thought he was a Catholic, that he attended the Catholic Church. One of the Methodist ministers came, he thought he was a Methodist, and a rabbi came because Booth used to get up and read in Hebrew in the temple, in the synagogue. However, one thing they all agree on, he was given a Masonic burial.


Jackie:  They've been behind everything. I never thought of this, but they obviously were the fomenters of the American Revolution.


Alan:  You'll find that again in that authorized book about the B'nai B'rith by the B'nai B'rith.


Jackie:  Well in the book that I quoted heavily from in that section is a book I have here from 1944 I think by some guy, a Jew. It was titled Israel in America or America in Israel and I think it was in there referring to the Revolutionary War and it named the name of a wealthy Jew that basically they said without him the war could never have been fought.


Alan:  There was Judah P. Benjamin in the south. They had ones in the north and the south.


Jackie:  It wasn't Judah Benjamin, but wasn't he named Davis' treasury secretary or something?


Alan:  Benjamin was in the south and he was up in their congress or a senator even, and then after the war he went over to England and was knighted for his part in fomenting the revolution. He was knighted and I think it was his daughter married a relative of Israel Levin.


Jackie:  We were led to believe that the Revolutionary War was fought to win our independence from Great Britain and we have grown up believing that. These are the types of things that when it hits you that it was such a lie that I think it's what begins to occur to people, everything that we ever thought we knew was a lie and maybe when I said to you that time everything I look at looks like not real. It's like I'm living in another world someplace and you said it's a good place to begin.


Alan:  You have to start to freefall, be willing to freefall.


Jackie:  Well, you're a good catalyst for freefalling, Alan.


Alan:  I can do a bit of that too. However, the B'nai B'rith was founded I think it was in the 1840's, 1862 was the official founding in Washington, D.C., and in fact I believe Simon Wolf who was the head at the time was arrested right after Lincoln was shot because they said he was implicated in the plot, so the B'nai B'rith were definitely mentioned in the Congressional Records.


Jackie:  When you read the history after the war in the south, basically it appears to me that Abraham Lincoln was not an evil bad man. He was probably misadvised and probably led around by the nose, like all the presidents, but he kept insisting that after the war it had to be all forgotten and let us start over again and they were bound and damn determined that they were going to take over the south. They were going to bring a military force in and continue the destruction and of course we've got the 14th Amendment out of it. It occurs to me, besides the fact that he had given an Executive Order to issue the greenbacks, that they did not like it at all that they were going to compete with their banknotes.


Alan:  It's so complex when you get into it all the machinations that were going on at the time and when you find the B'nai B'rith which definitely is a Masonic order and even today they still call their big skyscrapers lodges. They're registered lodges and here they are making laws for the general public.


Jackie:  You know what? A topic for another broadcast, George W. Bush, royalty. Also it appears part of that Jewish bloodline, so when I look at that and John Kerry the same thing.


Alan:  I think Burke's Peerage came out with that.


Jackie:  He had more royal blood than any president before him and he's Jewish, so they we are with that "loyalty" and that special bloodline. Folks, we're out of time. This will be a discussion that we will pick up in another broadcast. Thank you, Alan.



(Transcribed by Linda)