Alan Watt on

"Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru

February 23, 2005




Jackie:  Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for joining us tonight on Sweet Liberty. It is Wednesday. It is the last day of our week. For those of you who may be listeners from time to time we've been broadcasting three nights a week now since December and today is Wednesday the 23rd of February in the year 2005. Alan Watt is with us tonight and I'm glad you've joined us folks.


I want to begin here with our spiritual message. Alan came on with us last night at about 10 after, 12 after the hour and we got into a conversation just at the end of that hour that was very intriguing so I asked him to please come back this evening so that we could pick it up where we left off and we're going to do that.


Our spiritual message this evening is from John 12 and this begins with verse 44:


            "Jesus cried and said, he that believes in me believe not in me but in Him that sent me and he that sees me sees Him that sent me. I come as light into the world that whosoever believe in me should not abide in darkness."


He also said, "If any man hear my words and believe not, I judge him not for I came not to judge the world but to save the world."  He also said in John 18 that he came into this world to bear witness unto the truth.


Alan, thanks for being with us here tonight.


Alan:  Yes, it's a pleasure.


Jackie:  Oh you're so nice and clear there. What occurred to me as I was reading this is that many people take this literally and say well that proves that Jesus was God because he said that, "When a man sees me that he sees Him who sent me," and would you comment on that please.


Alan:  He's talking about a different deity. He's talking about the Creator, as opposed to the man-made lawgiver.


Jackie:  Yes and the fact that he said when you see me you see the Father or you see him who sent me, to me the interpretation well that proves that he was saying I am God I believe what he was saying here is that I am representative of that which is true and that which is light et cetera. He who sent me has given me these words.


Alan:  He also said that the Father was in him and that those who understood him, who tuned into the same wavelength, then he was also in them; and so it was a raising of consciousness as well to truth as they say in an era where their whole lives up until then had been run by tyrannical laws and law givers, and he was giving the truth out you see.


Jackie:  Right. The Pharisaical doctrine, is that what you mean?


Alan:  There were so many laws that you couldn't help but break a few before you got out of your house in the morning.


Jackie:  And then you got to be a sinner.


Alan:  Yes and of course as long as you paid money for something to be sacrificed, then it was okay. It was a good cash going business.


Jackie:  We are going to get back to what you were talking about last night, but you had made a statement, dog gone it. Sometimes my thoughts are so fleeting, Alan. Okay, I'm going to have to let that go because it was there and then it's gone. Last night, we were talking about the name of "God" of the Old Testament and in the Old Testament of course he said to his chosen people that when I made my covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob they knew me only as Lord God Almighty but I'm going to take you to be my people. I will be to you a god in my name or you will know me as Jehovah. What I mentioned last night is I get letters from people and emails and say his name was Yahweh and so in other words evidently the difference in the name takes away from everything that this god "Jehovah" of the Old Testament did and said.


What you mentioned is the fact that the belief was that if you had the name of the god – how did you express that, Alan?


Alan:  It was traditional in the entire Middle East that if you had the name of a god, a demon or genii, the genie in the bottle, then you had power over that entity to command that entity and that was the little game supposedly Moses was playing with the deity when he appeared as a burning bush. It's all allegory you see but he wanted to know the deity's name so he could have control over the deity and so the deity answered, "I am that I am."  That's all he would say at that particular point. The Jehovah of Yahweh thing came in much later. Of course it's nothing to do with an actual single entity as such, except in a very obscure form. See, the deity that they worshipped initially was the volcano god.


Jackie:  Did he have a name?


Alan:  The Greeks called it Vulcanos--


Jackie:  Would that be Vulcan?


Alan:  Mr. Spock, yes, pure logic, and of course if you came down a mountain you wouldn't be surprised to see bushes burning if it was a volcano and that's why they said they were led by a pillar of smoke by day and fire by night. It was a volcano you see and it was a much earlier story that the priests had adopted into this.


Jackie:  But that doesn't really make sense that they were led by a volcano because the volcano is there static and supposedly--


Alan:  No. What it means is they were led by a pillar of smoke. In other words, all they saw was the pillar of smoke. That was their landmark.


Jackie:  Oh, a landmark. Oh, the fire by night and the smoke by day.


Alan:  That's what it means.


Jackie:  And that's like the three wise guys following the stars.


Alan:  That's the same thing, yes. It's mystical language which paints a picture and if it's instilled early enough in a child's mind they will always remember that exoteric picture which seems real to them and they'll never figure out the esoteric story behind it. It's a clever technique which was deliberate. Language and the way it's used is very deliberate in these instances. Anyway, he started off as the Volcano God and he was also known in the Old Testament as the God of Thunder. Volcanoes also boom and bang and of course that's also associated with the thunder so he was the Sky God.


Jackie:  Wasn't Thor the God of Thunder?


Alan:  That's right. All these ancient religions were connected at one time and what they said was that eventually that God was in command of the earth, everything on the earth, all the species that walked the earth, the air itself and the rain itself and so that's where they came with earth, fire, wind and water. What that also means is opposites, because behind the religion is an esoteric religion behind the story form that you're told. This comes down through all Freemasonry and all religions, even Hinduism has it incorporated into it, that the world is run by opposing forces and so the simplest form is your seasons. You have your summer and your winter and your fall and your spring, and they also say that for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction. Then if you delve back into the religion of the Babylonians where all this stems from, and Egypt and the Greeks in fact, they believed that there had to be a balance, always, between the forces of this or that – not necessarily good or evil because those are subjective terms according to the appropriation of it. Therefore, if it was out of balance one way, things could never be placid in the world and therefore they always had to keep this balance you might say between authority and freedom. The very same thing we're hearing from the Bush Administration today.


Jackie:  Like what?


Alan:  How much freedom are you willing to give up for security? It's a balance you see and if you read the books that many of the elite have written and the planners have written themselves, like those of Bertrand Russell, they go through this whole process of saying—and they knew their histories since they were historians and philosophers—they said the problem the elites have always had was deciding how much freedom to give the general common people and maintain authority over them at the same time. Of course, as they came up towards the 20th century, they got more in detail with the fact you'd have to lose freedom for the masses and the masses would definitely have more control over them as they came into this technological society. Then, for the 21st century, it was to be a century of increasing encroachment of bureaucracies to cover every facet of life and living for the general common people.


Jackie:  Yes, that's right out of the Talmud, isn't it?


Alan:  It's Talmudic too because the Talmud is a just a book of the same stuff.


Jackie:  That's what the thought that I lost there for a minute is that I recall you saying that the Talmudic laws, actually, if you really read it all or get into it, when they say that they intend to have total dominion over this physical world including the inhabitants here, that even the most personal functions let's say of the body et cetera, they have laws governing it. You did say that, yes?


Alan:  Well, I don't know if I said it but I know it's true. They do have all these laws of hygiene, laws of virginity, laws of pre-marriage examinations for virginity and so on and so on. Everything is law, laws. It's legalized and of course you probably read in the Masonic books they talk about "as above so below." Thousands of years ago when they gave birth to the Great Plan or the Great Work they used the stars and drew their plan you might say into the stars and of course each constellation has a period of rulership, so these were time periods as each constellation took its lead to rule. They worked out what would be done during those 2,000-odd year periods and for the time of Jesus, the fish, Pisces, and that was the earliest symbol of Christianity was the fish. Wherever they went in Europe these monks always drew in stone the fish and that was their symbol that they'd been there, so they were the Age of Pisces and that's why Jesus says, "I'll make you a fisher of men," you see. It's all allegory of a plan you might say.


Jackie:  What did he mean when he said that or do you think that was something they said he said?


Alan:  No. It was a preexisting religion which everyone knew it was partly Gnostic, which preexisted that period and co-existed with it. The Greeks talked about it. Plato talked about the fishermen of men. These would be people who were specially trained in the mysteries who would be sent out to gain discipleship and who would then spread this technique, which was actually to end up ruling the world in a perfect system. They believed that these disciples would pick leaders as children, train them to be philosopher kings. In fact, Alexander the Great was trained by Aristotle who was a pupil of Plato; Plato was a pupil of Socrates who had to drink the Hemlock as a punishment for trying to corrupt the youth, so they were using the youth, training them to go out into the world and create revolution. Alexander the Great was trained by Aristotle for the role that he was to take, so these were called "the fisher kings," that's what the term means.


Jackie:  Is that anything to do with the miter that the Pope wears?


Alan:  It does. Oannes was the fish-god as they say. 


Jackie:  Who was that?


Alan:  Oannes was the name of that deity. Anyway, the fisher king was a principle where they would literally bring up a youth for a leadership role, indoctrinate him in philosophy and logic and his role would be to lead the world into the perfect "Republic" as Plato called it, which was a world which would be run by a guardian class. The guardian class were to be the elite aristocracies of the world and below them they would have the helping class, which would be the army, the military eventually incorporating females into those militaries. They hoped to then breed the female soldiers with the male soldiers and they would become the offspring that would obviously take the same roles. Below them, there were the working classes who would be specially bred for the tasks that they had to perform through selective breeding. If you wanted an apple picker, as Plato said, you would pick a tall thin guy and breed him with a tall thin female. If you want a miner, you breed a small squat guy with a small squat woman; and this was talked about 2,400 years ago. Anyway, they sent out these fisher kings to create revolution and also each revolution was to create a larger and larger empire and ultimately they would end up with a world empire. That was the whole agenda and of course Plato himself had been taught in Egypt, as all the aristocracy of Greece was, they were taught the mystery religions in Egypt, but everything that came out of Egypt always led to revolution in those countries that those students went back to. That's the key to it and of course revolution is a circle, you see. To revolve is to draw a circle. That's why they use the word revolution. That's why the term "revelation" is just vowel away from "revolution," just the alteration of a vowel.


This was planned a long, long time ago. Jehovah, which basically is the balancing of opposites, and if you've got a bit of paper there I can show you how to draw it.


Jackie:  I'm taking notes right now.


Alan:  Okay. You draw the letter X and on the bottom right-hand side put down YOD or YH.


Jackie:  How do I spell that?


Alan:  You can spell it anyway you want, that's why they left the vowels out of those. There were no vowels in fact in the early Hebrew.


Jackie:  That would be the "Y" for Yahweh, Yahvey?


Alan:  Yes.


Jackie:  And the bottom right-hand corner YOD.


Alan:  Put down YOD and then next to that you put down fire, and then you follow that line up to the top left and you put HAY and next to that you put AIR. Then you go to the next line, top right, and you put HAY, which is water.


Jackie:  Well how can HAY be water and air?


Alan:  VAY is AIR so put a "V" for air. Then for the water you put HH. You can say HEY if you want and then follow that down to the bottom left and you've got VAH, which is EARTH.


Jackie: Well Yahweh I thought was YHVH so we have right now YVVH.


Alan:  You've got Y, then you've got H, then you've got the V--


Jackie:  For air?


Alan:  Yes and a W, which is a V again, isn't it? Because they pronounce it V. What it's showing you is the opposites. Fire is opposite air and water is opposite earth. Water is a feminine symbol. Earth again is a feminine symbol. It's all to do basically with the balance of nature you might say and the control of nature. Even the name wasn't allowed to be pronounced except once a year by the high priests on pain of death and all the rest of the time they could call the deity Adonai, but they were not allowed to use that word--


Jackie:  Did they know that this was all allegory?


Alan:  No, the general public wouldn't know.


Jackie:  When you said that they were only allowed to say the name once a year, that would have been the general public?


Alan:  Yes. The high priests, even they didn't say it in public except on that one day of the year on some big service, but the general public wouldn't know what the inner meanings were – just like you accept the name of Jesus as Jesus and don't say: what does it mean?


Jackie:  But the insiders are the priests?


Alan:  Oh yes.


Jackie:  They knew that it was allegory. In other words did they know that Jehovah or YHVH was an allegory and it was not a "God," it was not an entity?


Alan:  That's right.


Jackie:  Or a spiritual being but it was just an allegory. So in other words it kind of comes back to the fact that the religion had everything to do with this physical world and nothing to do with the spiritual or the dimensions let's say beyond the third dimension?


Alan:  No. In fact in the early Old Testament you'll see that there's nothing spiritual in it.


Jackie:  No, there isn't. You're right.


Alan:  There's no afterlife. You're dead, you're dead. You go and lay with your father and that's the end of it. The whole goal was to obtain wealth and happiness in this life.


Jackie:  That's right and I do recall because I really paid attention to it when Jehovah was handing down the mandate that if you do my statutes you will be blessed and then he gave all the blessings. Well, all the blessings were earthly. It was wealth and everything earthly and then of course if you didn't follow the statutes, well then the curses were just unbelievable. It went on for a page and a half including cannibalism. The parents would eat their own children. Those were the curses but I recall nothing that was ever said – for example, when Jesus said store up not your treasures here on earth because where your treasure is your heart is.


Alan:  That's right. Really, any idea of any spiritual nature was a much later edition to it basically for Hebrewism and even then, at the time of Jesus, there were many debates about even that. In fact the main difference with the Sadducees, apart from the fact that they were the nobility, they were the aristocracy that came out of Babylon with the Pharisees, the Sadducees did not believe in an afterlife. That was how they differed from the Pharisees.


Jackie:  Why in the Old Testament, because I don't have it memorized, but I just don't recall Jesus mentioning the Sadducees but it was the Pharisees that were getting his wrath.


Alan:  Yes, because they were the religious rulers you might say and they were becoming more aggressive for power, more determined to get power for themselves, but because they also had an inner religion for themselves, they were a brotherhood you see.


Jackie:  The Pharisees and the Sadducees too?


Alan:  Yes. They still had their differences though, a power struggle. You find that the Pharisees were definitely looking to take over the reigns of complete power and they also believed that no one could really know the Creator deity. That's what they believed, that no one could know. They could say through debating and logic what the Creator was not, but they could not say what the Creator was.


Jackie:  So they actually believed in a Creator?


Alan:  They believed there was a Creator but it was remote.


Jackie:  Not within us?


Alan:  Not within us.


Jackie:  Not in this physical world at all?


Alan:  Basically. However, they did believe that they had a duty – because Judaism is an active religion, it's not passive, and any rabbi will tell you, it's in a lot of their books, it works towards a goal. The purpose of Judaism is to work a goal into the world and to complete a mission you might say and of course the mission ultimately is global government under God's rule and that's when the Creator will come back they claim.


Jackie:  So they do speak of a creator but the "Creator" is not present?


Alan:  That's basically it. What they were left with was a lot of rules and laws and regulations, but within their own religion is a mystery religion to do with the Great Work of working towards this particular goal so they bring everything they claim into balance and magically I guess their Creator just pops back and says well done.


Jackie:  When they say the Creator is coming back are they talking about Lucifer?


Alan:  Well, that's it. Albert Pike himself who was called "The Pope of Freemasonry," which is one of the esoteric sects using all the rites supposedly of Judaism, but they actually go through Judaism all the way to Babylon and Egypt, he said himself that, "make no mistake our God is Lucifer. He is the light bringer," and of course they equate intellect and intelligence with light.


Jackie:  Right and Jesus was talking about light as spiritual, yes?


Alan:  It's almost the same thing because it's truth and so that's how easy it is for two people to say the same thing but both mean different things. The truth that Jesus was saying was basically the individual could literally through austere practices you might say and truthfulness with themselves connect themselves to the Creator.


Jackie:  Become aware of the connection, consciously aware of our oneness with our Creator?


Alan:  Yes and also that you didn't need intermediary; any priests between you and the Creator, which of course would have destroyed the whole control system.


Jackie:  What do you think how it would have turned out because it's very difficult for me to be able imagine this, but if the Old Testament had not been connected to the "New Testament," the gospels et cetera, the confusion wouldn’t be quite as great.


Alan:  It wouldn't have been quite as great. However, we must remember that Christianity from Constantine onwards was basically warped and twisted into the same religion for control purposes. Constantine did not make Christianity the main religion of his day. That's a fable. What he did was stopped all the persecution against Christians. Having an empire, he had many religions underneath him and he himself was a member of them all because he took out insurance policies on every sect that there was. After 325 AD, a few years later, he actually erected a temple to himself as a Son of Mithra, Mithraism, and also allowed himself to be worshipped as a god. He was a shrewd guy. He was a politician and the whole idea was to bring this new up-and-coming religion that grabbed the minds of many common people.


Jackie:  Exactly and combining them. Like in Mystery Babylon religion it explains how the gods of old, the gods and goddesses under Christianity under the Catholic Church became the saints.


Alan:  That's right. It was the same ones the pagans could understand because they had been worshipping the same deities forever and so Hermes became St. Christopher and so on.


Jackie:  And so when people are praying to the saints they're praying to the gods of old?


Alan:  It's the same thing. Psychologically it can give you a certain boost if you believe in it and it makes you feel a bit indestructible if you're getting a hand from somewhere, but this was traditional. These people, remember, the Romans inherited their empire from much older empires, the Greeks and the Egyptians, so they had thousands of years of watching new religions begin, taking them over and using them for their own purposes. They never let anything become independent of its own which would become a problem to the state.


Jackie:  I recall in the book "Mystery Babylon Religion", this by the way, Alan, even though I knew that there were many discrepancies and et cetera in the Bible, I've come a long ways to understand of course, many of us have, but I was in shock as I was ready "Mystery Babylon Religion", it was written by Ralph Woodrow I believe his name was and most of the information was taken from what was his name that wrote "The Two Babylons"?


Alan:  Hislop.


Jackie:  Thank you, but I remember Isis the Queen of Heaven and the way they pictured Isis is exactly the way Mary is pictured as the Queen of Heaven.


Alan:  Well, she always will be. Always was. That's the secret of the sphinx. That is the secret of the sphinx.


Jackie:  What is?


Alan:  The sphinx has the face of a woman and the body of a lion because the solar year or the Great Year in astronomy leads off with Virgo the Virgin and ends with Leo the Lion. That's the whole plan in a circle. That's what the sphinx stands for and the Egyptian year began with Virgo, ends with Leo the Lion, the progression of the equinoxes.


Jackie:  What does that got to do with Mary and Isis?


Alan:  Because it's the same thing. Mary is mother. Mary is also the sea in Latin, water, The Great Mother. In fact once you put it into German it's more like matter, Mutter, which means matter really, so she produces matter, the world of matter, mother. That's why you have Mother Earth. That's from Mary. It's the same thing.


Jackie:  You know the thing is when you think about it, it's so close that it almost merges. I thought at one time I was trying to explain to Chuck the way I was seeing it and I said it was like the razor's edge, the truth and the lie is so close. Then somebody said that it was actually in a sense merging, melding into where there wasn't really an edge at all and when we think about it in real life that in this physical world there is a consciousness in all things. The book that really fascinated me was the "Secret Life of Plants" and I've had my own experiences with plants and realized that they certainly respond. They do respond not just to watering but to care, to love and it isn't like – people who accept and recognize the consciousness they call them tree huggers, I guess, or God is in the tree, but that creative substance within all that is here in the physical world, that the earth itself would have a form of consciousness of type. I'm talking about awareness – well, like a plant. The experiments that they have done with plants where if a plant has been in room where another plant has been torn up by somebody, when that person walks into the room the plant that was there actually registers on their diodes, their instruments register some type of emotion and so there is a consciousness there, but a very low form of consciousness maybe, but the point I'm making is that it doesn’t mean that you worship it. You just accept and understand that that creative substance, that energy or spark or whatever we would call it is within all things.


Alan:  That was the Gnostic concept that preexisted Jesus and was also parallel with the time of Jesus. In fact many of the Gnostics complained to Constantine that he was stealing their religion that had always been there and they claimed that the real Jesus of course in Gnosticism could not be killed because he was pure spirit and that he was not born of a woman because he was pure spirit in fact. There was a tremendous debate in 325 AD to decide as to whether Jesus was pure spirit or was he spirit inside matter that had been born here. I mean they literally debated all this and of course all the Gnostic guys who came up were basically assassinated at the time of the meeting.


Jackie:  Would Arius been one of them in a sense?


Alan:  He was one of many.


Jackie:  According to Will Durant in his fourth volume of Jesus and Caesar, or whatever the title of that is is close. He said that by the 6th century BC if the church was not of the Arius teachings the church was literally empty, so whether that was true or not, that was the way it was presented. The fact that allegedly after the Council of Nicaea, that first council, that many of them who had voted said okay we'll agree that this will be the doctrine of the church. This will be the belief and anybody that doesn't believe it is anathemized and that many of them rescinded their agreeance to that later. Have you read anything that confirms that?


Alan:  There's no doubt that this was to be not just a state religion. It was to be the empire's religion because they themselves knew that they had so many countries under the Roman Empire with so many religions and since they were a secret brotherhood working towards a bigger empire of the future, they knew that they couldn't allow so many religions to exist so they decided to basically create the one. They did a lot of alteration because they had to stamp out the possibility of the Gnostic religion taking over.


Jackie:  The awareness that we are spiritual beings?


Alan:  Yes, that's absolutely right because right from the word go the bishops of Rome were taking upon themselves God's representative on earth. That's it basically.


Jackie:  Like the Pope does?


Alan:  Yes and that came later when they took absolute power and became God's authority on earth. You see the Catholic Church itself was a continuation of rulership and from an empire that existed for a long time, which had taken over from a previous empire which had lasted much longer, so they knew what they were doing. They knew that religion had to be used always as a tool to control the minds of the public. If the public were free from all this mind control they wouldn’t be working happily as slaves you might say to keep a small elite in power. They wouldn't be happy with that. In fact if they followed the teachings of Jesus they'd have no money in circulation and if you can't have money in circulation you can't tax it back from the public. That's why the Catholic Church, although they made a big to-do about they wouldn't allow usury, they made an exception for these Jewish bankers. Well, why would they do that unless they were in cahoots from the very beginning? What you'll find it was simply a continuation of what had already gone on before.


Jackie:  I had a call from a listener after the broadcast a couple of nights ago and he was talking about a broadcast that is on the air once a week and I do not recall the name of the person, but what he was saying is that everybody who is "blaming the Jews for everything have got it all wrong because it's the Jesuits."  My understanding is that all of it, the Catholic Church, the Jesuits, Illuminati, Freemasonry, it's all part of the same controlling factor.


Alan:  They're all faces of the same thing. You see that's what they always couched in Babylon and Egypt. They said that Isis, because these brotherhoods refer to the mother more than the father amongst themselves, but they said Isis had a thousand faces and that's what they mean by that. Every church you can look at, whether it's Moslem, Catholic, Protestant, whatever, or even the temples of the Shinto, you will seen the same hidden architecture, not so hidden actually, in them all and that's the big secret of course. They always put because they are the builders of society as well as the builders of the building and they put the structure of society in the architecture itself and they also give you all the symbology of the inner religion in all of the temples that they give the public. Things are always hidden out there in plain sight. In fact there was a man recently who came out in Manitoba who is at the University of Manitoba who’s done a four year study on the government main parliament building there for the province. His specialty is studying old architecture and so on and after studying the parliament building for the province, which is the government building, he came to the conclusion and he's got it all worked out perfectly they used the Egyptian Cubit, the Sacred Cubit, to build this thing right down to the last fraction of an inch. They have all the symbols of the outer portico temple and the inner temple in there. I mean the whole structure is a Masonic temple and the big joke of course that they've always known is that all parliament buildings are Masonic temples. All churches are Masonic temples.


As Pike said himself, "everyone who has been trained in the system is simply a Mason who hasn't gone through the degrees." We've all been trained through the school system. We've all gone to their churches regardless of what country we're in. We're all pre-Masonic you might say because we've gone through rituals without even knowing it. When you walk through that oval door into the church you've walked through the female. That's what it means. The spire is the phallus. The box is the female and the opening is the female. It's the mystery religion, we live it, we go through it everyday and most people don't even know it.


Jackie:  Of course we wouldn't know it.


Alan:  That's the big secret. Isis has a thousand faces.


Jackie:  I would like to go back – I made a note here when you said revolution completes a circle and what it means is revolve. Would you expand on that because I'm not getting it?


Alan:  That's why they used the term revelation.


Jackie:  No, but revolution you said. Revolution is to revolve in a circle. What do you mean? That it always comes back to the same thing?


Alan:  It means a new beginning. You go back to the beginning and then you start the next phase.


Jackie:  And revelation is to reveal?


Alan:  To reveal and that's why I'm sure they even created the term revelation.


Jackie:  And revelation reveals their plans.


Alan:  In mystical language.


Jackie:  In mystical language and then Christians are taught to believe it is the prophecy of the time to come, it is God's plan.


Alan:  That's right and it's been drummed into people and people forget that Revelations wasn't taught in Christianity for hundreds of years.


Jackie:  No, I didn't know that.


Alan:  It wasn't until they decided that it would become handy if they put it in there.


Jackie:  You're saying the Book of Revelations was added later?


Alan:  Yes. When they got together at Nicaea they also debated what books or writings that would be put in and what ones would be left out.


Jackie:  Yes and every time they had a new council they made changes, but wasn’t it under the Second Council of Constantinople under Justinian where they had taken so many of the writings out and all of the references to reincarnation?


Alan:  Yes, that was done then because that's still the traditional belief of mainstream Judaism, reincarnation, and of course non-Jews are totally ignorant of that fact. That's always been the inner belief of the average you know--


Jackie:  Well, the ancient eastern religions too.


Alan:  All the way from Egypt and so in the Old Testament--


Jackie:  Didn't you say that has now been admitted and it was fairly recently that the Vatican had apologized?


Alan:  They did admit it in one of their own publications.


Jackie:  And you said there's a Vatican website?


Alan:  Yes and I know they also had their own radio.


Jackie:  Yes, but I'd like to see if there is a publication. Where did you hear that?


Alan:  It was on the Catholic radio. It's WEWN I think they call it. They're always revising things you see and of course the Catholic Church now is in the process really and have been for a while of altering so much within Catholicism to bring it up for the New Age. We forget that the term the New Age was used first by Freemasons in the 1800's and right up until about 1950 or 1960 that was the name of the Freemasonic magazine, "The New Age."  That's where it comes from.


Jackie:  My wondering is that is there an evolutionary process so to speak and I don't mean that like Darwin or something, but where there is like each revolution a revolution of the astrological wheel when you go from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius then that would be termed a New Age. I mean what is it, every 2,400 years or so?


Alan:  25-1/2.


Jackie:  So the word new age really doesn't mean anything evil but yet it appears to me – there's a book that I've got here and I don't remember which one it was but it was about the Knights Templar and towards the end of the book they were talking about the New Age and it was so clear to me that what they have done is taken a natural occurrence if you would and just gained control of it and warp and twist anything, truth that could come out of it.


Alan:  The New Age to them is utopia. You have to see it from their point of view as controllers and from the ones who follow it. The followers never know what's going on. They think they do. In fact they often are brainwashed into wanting it to come on, but for the controllers it's their age of peace and tranquility because they plan to alter man or humankind so much that no one will be able to cause trouble of any kind by having independent thought; and that's what they mean. They'll have a perfect peace when everyone is chipped and cloned and all the rest of it.


Jackie:  Total absence of resistance to their plan.


Alan:  Absolutely. When individual consciousness in the masses has been eliminated then they will have succeeded – even that meeting they had at Loyola University two years ago with the geneticists funded by the U.S. government and they talked about that, that once this chip is implanted, which they have, into the human brain it will be the end of individual consciousness. Each person will be unable to perceive themselves as a distinct individual.


Jackie:  In that that chip actually has part of the human DNA in it?


Alan:  Basically, it's a combination of silicon and human protoplasm.


Jackie:  So it merges with the brain cells itself?


Alan:  It literally will bind itself to the nervous tissue right into the path of the brain.


Jackie:  And you said that they had said they will hear the whispering of the thoughts of so many other people.


Alan:  Who are all linked to central computers; and I thought this is the Borg of Star Trek. They showed us the Borg, but they plan on doing this and they say their only problem now is convince the public to accept it. They said all media, entertainment, cartoons et cetera will promote this as a positive thing and sure enough now there's movies out and science fiction like the "Mosaic," a terrible movie, but two dumb guys who probably left school at 15 going nowhere get chipped and can speak 20 languages, know kung fu, karate, et cetera and become super-spies. They're already doing it. The U.S. Department of Commerce sponsored and paid for that world meeting.


Jackie:  That's not surprising, is it, Alan?


Alan:  No, because we are the commerce.


Jackie:  We're out of our hour and the sad thing is that if you try to explain to a parent why cartoons are dangerous it's almost impossible to do. It just doesn't sink in because it keeps the children occupied. Alan, thank you so much for being here tonight.


Alan:  It's a pleasure.



(Transcribed by Linda)