Alan Watt on

"Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru

January 17, 2005




Jackie:  Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for joining us tonight on Sweet Liberty. Today is Monday and it is the 17th of January in the year 2005 and our guest this evening, ladies and gentlemen, is Alan Watt. He was with us last week Monday and Tuesday and we were in the middle as always of a very interesting – last Wednesday we opened the phone lines for questions and actually he didn't get a chance to really address one of them and then I had a call from a listener today with a request, so maybe tonight that's what we'll be doing.


Our spiritual message, as we do this so often when I'm not prepared otherwise, it's hanging on the wall in front of me from Psalm 139 versus 23-24. "Search me Father and know my heart. Test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me and lead me in the way everlasting."


Alan, thanks for being here tonight.


Alan:  It's a pleasure.


Jackie:  You've been waiting patiently while I got through those thoughts that were flashing through my mind. Do you have anything to comment or add to what I was saying?


Alan:  No, but when you were reading that Psalm I had a picture of someone getting searched at the airport. Search me father and then the mind control part to see if you've got any nasty thoughts in there.


Jackie:  So search me father and you pictured people getting searched at the airport?All right. Do you remember last Wednesday, Janet called in. She was our last caller, I believe, and she had a three-part question and the third part of her question was what is our destination and our mission here in this physical realm for what we should be doing? I think she mentioned something about what would we be sharing with or relating to our loved ones and friends, but I might be interpreting that. Maybe that isn't exactly how she said it.


Alan:  The only thing you can relate to them is knowledge. It's what they do with their own mission is up to themselves with that knowledge. As far as the mission goes, it's to ultimately break through all of the barriers and all of the masses of indoctrination we've been brought up with to become a complete individual and take that spirit that you have as far as it can possibly go. The whole structure here in the world is meant to create the mass man, the mass mind and to stifle all individuality, ultimately to snuff out the individual spirit, so it's a battle here between two different ways, you might say, of the way of the mass which is planned for them and the way of the individual. In the New Testament of course the way it was phrased there was that my kingdom is not of this world. Those of the world, they belong to the world and they think earthly things and what he's referring to there is the mass man and that same statement was written – in fact all of the statements in the New Testament have been said long, long before Jesus Christ and Egypt as well.


Jackie:  Would you just repeat that?


Alan:  The statements in the New Testament – the main prime statements are eternal truths, which mean that they always were true, they are true and they always will be true.


Jackie:  Some of the statements?


Alan:  That's right. The ones that stand out are forever; they're eternal in other words. There's no beginning and no end to them.


Jackie:  Because truth is?


Alan:  Truth is, yes. Yet if you go into New Age psychology, which is the current trend with the new morality, the new maturity and all these phrases we're hearing coming out of the media, where they're going with it all is the opposite of that. They're trying to say the truth is variable at different times.


Jackie:  The New Age movement says that?


Alan:  No, the New Age psychology. All psychology today is a mixture of the New Age, which is the occult religion basically.


Jackie:  Yes, and there's a lot of truth in there hidden in all the lies, isn't there Alan?


Alan:  Sure there is, but that's the problem is they're so good at telling you the parts of the truth which were hidden and then putting their spin on it and bringing you into the way they want you to think.


Jackie:  That's where the discernment comes in.


Alan:  That's the hard part because it's very easy to trap people with truth when they've never been given it before and manipulate them with that truth and so those who’ve always kept the truth to themselves down through the ages dish it out at certain times and then they put the spin on it. Then they give you the mission, which is their mission, which is a world government, a world society, a political correct society where you could go to Beijing, to Britain, to Canada and you'll get the same opinions expressed on every topic. That's what they want.


Jackie:  Yes and the same British accent or whatever it's going to be.


Alan:  It will be English because that was decided in the 1500's that the international language of the future would be English. As far as the personal mission goes, the person has to – all they can do is express truth wherever they see it and when they do see whatever the topic happens to be, that the king has no clothes, they have to say so.


Jackie:  You know I've had our listeners when I have spoken in the past about Jehovah and there have been listeners who have contacted me and said you know I wondered about a lot of these things and now it's beginning to make sense and what I see is that people really know. There is that knowing, Alan, and they squash it because it's like oh we're not supposed to question because this is the word of God. One of the important things I know for me is really paying attention to I guess you just sometimes call it intuition that something is there and if you don't listen to it, it's like it isn't there anymore.  I mean now that we're here, I do wonder a lot why the heck we ever got here in the first place, but that makes sense now that we're here. Our mission is to find our way home.


Alan:  It really is an individual way because you're either a leader or a follower and again it's so easy to set up a way for the followers to go and obviously since a person could truly know any kind of truth they must experience it for themselves. They never truly do experience it by following someone else's experience. You must find it yourself. You can go along certain ways towards it, but it's up to the person to truly find it for themselves.


Jackie:  I was 15 years old when I started reading the Old Testament and at first it was frightening to me, very frightening in that God in there scared the hell out of me, to be honest with you, but I suddenly realized that it wasn't true. I knew it wasn't true, Alan. I knew that I didn't know what was the truth, but I knew that was not, because there in me from as long as I can remember I knew that God is love and we do know the difference.


Alan:  There's no doubt about it, if you took a Jehovah character or figure you have a mafia godfather basically who demands sacrifice and kickbacks and praise and he makes a bunch of rules for you and at the same time he's allowed to break them.Of course, even in the New Testament, Jehovah is a newcomer in a bunch of different gods. It begins with Elohim, which is the plural for gods, and Jehovah doesn't appear until later on the scene. I guess he must have knocked off all the competition. However, if you look at even the religion itself of a priesthood keeping knowledge to themselves and being well paid, well funded from the fears of the people and you see even the way it's based, which is to break a law, you don't – like a Protestant religion for instance or Catholic religion, you don't sit and beat your breasts and tear your hair out for doing something wrong. You don't sit and analyze yourself and wonder why you did it and rebuke yourself. You simply pay money and something else is killed to repay what you've done. Vicarious sacrifice they call it, so basically there's no breast beating. You just pay the money, buy an animal and it gets slaughtered in your place. I mean this is a weird sort of religion here.


Jackie:  That was the thing that got me when he said to Abraham, well you don’t have to kill your son. Just go get that ram that's caught in the bush and my thought was why would God want innocent little animals killed and let alone test to see if you're going to obey me – you take your son up there and kill him.


Alan:  But it's nothing to do with real people.


Jackie:  I know that.


Alan:  What you're seeing is a system and this system is a wise-guy system. It's a streetwise person system where the elite and the cunning and the true predators are allowed to feed off the innocent. All the sacrifices you notice must be innocent.


Jackie:  I hadn't thought about that, but it's true, isn’t it?


Alan:  It's a streetwise thing because this system creates an innocent gullible public, or it did in the past at least, in order to feed off of them and that's what your peasant class did for thousands of years was to be fed on by this small elite. It's a man-made system. There's no doubt about it. You have a Jehovah who wasn't on Prozac then. He had no love in him. I mean if you got in his bad books or he had a bad day he would just kill you and this again is all allegory. It's telling you a godfather system or a mafia type system, what you can get away with and what you can get away with is what Jacob got away with or the symbolism of Jacob. You can lie and steal and even cheat your father for your brother's birthright and the godfather will bless you for doing it because you were very clever the way you did it, you see, and it's a mafia system. It truly is and it's a complete system. That's what it's all about and even the high priests who set up the Catholic Church were well aware of the same system, even though they pretended it was different. It was the same system and of course you see it in all of their archaeology of the church. The church itself has the box and that's the female womb and they always have a spire, which you walk through at the base, and that's the male phallic symbol. That's how most British parliaments across the world, the Commonwealth parliaments, are made the same way. The parliament in England has the congressmen you might say, the MPs inside the box but they enter through the penis because all life for the future begins with the male, the phallic symbol, so they walk through the base of the penis.


Jackie:  Of course that's purely in the material plane.


Alan:  That's right and then in Egypt the obelisk or phallic was called "the Ben-Ben". You have two B's. Ben-Ben and of course Shakespeare puts it in his play, "To be, or not to be." It's another pun on the same thing and then of course in Parliament in England you have Big Ben. Why would they call it Big Ben? This big spire that you have to walk through and has a clock on it which tells you the time because it's planning the destiny of the world. That's what it meant.


Jackie:  Oh wow and I remember reading about the big obelisk in front of the Vatican and they moved that from was it Egypt, Alan?


Alan:  Constantine's son moved it initially from Egypt and that was a mammoth task in those days.


Jackie:  I know it and anybody that made a mistake was killed on the spot.


Alan:  That was later the second time. The first time they got it and they put it up in the circus where they had the games and it was about 300 years ago the Pope had it moved from there in Rome to St. Peter's Square. Everywhere they've gone they've set up an obelisk and there's one in that park in New York there. That was brought from Egypt as well and there's the obelisk outside the four banks of London and one outside the French Parliament.


Jackie:  And a great big one in Washington, D.C.


Alan:  Well, that was Washington's greatest erection and that's a new one. In other words, that wasn't brought from Egypt and that symbolizes the birth of the New World Order. That was the only new one they built. The rest of them were imported from Egypt, which is highly symbolic. Washington really was meant to symbolize the New World Order, Novus Ordo Seclorum.


Jackie:  Yes. You made a statement back there and I made a little note here and I'd like to go back to it just as a question that I have for clarification when you were talking about the fact that their plan is to eliminate the individual spirit or kill the individual spirit. My concept of spirit of Creator would the eternal, that what the Creator creates is eternal, but would the word soul of the individual, would that--


Alan:  That's closer.


Jackie:  Because they say that the mind is the gateway to the soul?


Alan:  Yes, the eye.


Jackie:  The mind?


Alan:  Yes.


Jackie:  The eyes are the window but the mind is the gateway to the soul and if that is true and it never occurred to me ever until we began our conversation that an individual could "lose his soul," but I can see that these insane creatures actually and they can trap people in this physical plane.


Alan:  There's no doubt about it. They've been at this for a long, long time and in their religion of course they say that the complete person is someone who has body, spirit and soul. That goes all the way back to Babylon and Egypt and of course they say that the ordinary people, the commoners you might say, are born with soul, which is the animating force, but the destiny of the soul is to find it's own spirit and merge with it. If they can keep the person from doing that then they have succeeded because the soul itself according to their religion and it goes all the way back through the ancient religions, all the way back to India even, the soul only lasts 10 lifetimes and then it goes back into this "soup," this "sea" they call it.


Jackie:  You mean if we haven't made it in 10 lifetimes?


Alan:  If they haven't merged with spirit, and that was the whole mystery behind the explanation that makes no sense to most people the way it's told and that's intentional of the journey of the KA as they call it in Egypt and the BA.  What they claim was – and they do it in such beautiful roundabout ways so that the people would see it exoterically, but the initiates knew what they meant. What it meant was once they had died the KA, because they had already obtained spirithood, stayed with the body. The BA went into the underworld, being the journeys and had to go through all these perils and so on to find its own spirit and once it came back in the circle met the KA, then they could go up to this heaven.


Jackie:  Or go up to heaven.


Alan:  Up to or wherever because they always said you rode with RA in his boat, his ark.


Jackie:  Maybe the reason they used the word up is that it's a higher frequency?


Alan:  They also used it to symbolize an otherness, otherness from here, and since they used astronomy big time and astrology and stellar movements, they always said it in astronomical terms. When you achieved your destiny, exoterically, you rode the Ark across the sky. The Ark was a boat and that was the boat of RA and of course once you'd made it you rode in that ark. That was the Ark of the Covenant, as you rode across the sky, you see, and that was for the elite and for the elite only.


Jackie:  Because they would keep the truth from the masses.


Alan:  Always, yes.


Jackie:  That would never be able to make that journey?


Alan:  Yes.


Jackie:  Okay. Here's a thought. You said that it is said that after 10 times if we haven't made it then it's dissipated back into the ethers, right?


Alan:  That's what they claimed.


Jackie:  Well, I wonder, let's say that a person is in their eighth lifetime and they begin on that journey, it just doesn't make sense to me that they might only have two lifetimes to get it all together, but maybe at least that they have begun and maybe the first of course part of it is coming out of the lies, being able to literally let go. I received a donation and there was a card in it and the note said that it's okay to say I don't understand the bible, but when I say we've been lied to it makes it very difficult to support this broadcast and I really don't know how to respond to that.


Alan:  That's a choice.


Jackie:  Yes, exactly. Well, I don't mean whether somebody's going to support the broadcast or not, but that requirement. It's okay to say I don't understand. Yes, I know how to respond. I don't understand the esoteric, I know that. But I do, I can read and I know what is not love. I may not have the full meaning or capacity of love at this point in my journey but I know what isn't love and I know what I'm leaving and I know that Jehovah of the Old Testament is not love and so I could not say I don't understand that. I do understand it, Alan. I understand it, at least well for where I'm at right now.


Alan:  That's right. Jehovah again is a mafia figure. There's no doubt about it. It's a kickback system we're talking about here and of course Masonry came from it too in all of its forms, no matter what sect they call themselves, which is again a kick back system. As they say, the workman is worthy of his wages, but what that also means is that the workman who's helped up the ladder in promotions and so on must also kick money upstairs. This whole system is a kickback system. It's a degreed kickback system including even the Catholic Church that came out of it. It incorporated all the mystery religions, which really were all one, but they seemed different because they were given to different countries and they just changed the names of the deities and so on. Look at the Pope who's white, he's the sun, and you look at the Cardinals who are red and black, so they have spirit. Spirit and the force – the life force is always red. The black is law and so they are law under the guidance of spirit, so it's a degreed system; even the color-coding goes back all the way to Pythagoras. He was taught this stuff in Egypt.


Jackie:  Okay, let's pick this up on the other side of this break. Alan Watt is our guest and as always, the conversation is very moving. I don't know what to say. I had a couple of examples I'd like to use because it is maybe confusing to people. We were talking about discernment and the gentleman who wrote and said it's okay to say I don't understand but when we say we've been lied to, but I'm talking just the Old Testament and here's one that catches me. This is in Matthew 18 in verse 6. Jesus is talking about the little children and he said, "who ever shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it would be better for him that a millstone was hanged around his neck."  Well, to me, I don't think he said one of these little ones that believe on me, because all children were precious. All children are precious and basically what I see this doing is any little child who doesn't know about Jesus is doomed. That's the way that appears to me and for example in the Lord's Prayer when we're taught to say "lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil," I remember that catching in my throat when I used to go to the Lutheran Church because what we are doing is asking our loving Father, please don't lead me into temptation and I knew that it couldn't have been said that way. Lead me out of temptation or away but not ask because a loving father – we wouldn't lead our children into temptation and why would we think that our Creator would ever do that. When you were mentioning the Catholic Church, well all of that BS got brought down into the so-called Protestant churches--


Alan:  Sure it did. 


Jackie: And in the Lutheran Church this came into my mind the other day. It's that song we used to sing. "Create in me a clean heart oh God and renew a right spirit within me." The next line, listen to this. "Cast me not away from your presence and take not your holy spirit from me." There we are begging again and folks, this is what I'm saying and these are a few things and maybe Alan because he understands a lot deeper than I do the exoteric message in these things, but for the untrained eye these are the things that pop out at you and it doesn’t mean that there isn't truth but this is what they've done. They’ve made us just absolutely – we're supposed to love our God with all our heart, mind and soul and to love a creature that is so hateful; a father, so to speak, that we have to beg him? It doesn't make sense, does it, Alan?


Alan:  No. As I say, it's the old unstable deity that's made in the image of man and it's the image of the typical Middle Eastern despot of ancient times because that's how he was. He might give a present to a servant one day and have his head cut off the next. That's the unstable temperament that kept everybody on their toes and they never knew what mood he would be in the following day. That's what Jehovah is. If man was made in the shape of a triangle they'd make God the same way. So that's what they gave you was a Middle Eastern despot who could do whatever he wanted to.


Jackie:  Yes and that's what people will say if they can't explain it. He can do anything he wants.


Alan:  It's always amazing that they give an Old Testament version to the general public but they don't give you the rest of it. They don't give you the accompanying Talmud or the Mishnah and all the other stuff that explains the Old Testament in a more esoteric fashion. The only reason I can come to that they did not give that to the general public is they wanted a dumb, stupid, subservient, obedient, slaving public and that's what they had for an awful long time. Religion was always used against people to keep them in servitude for a small ruling elite.


Jackie:  And to do wars and to enslave others because that was all done under the auspices of Jehovah.


Alan:  They play games all the time. There is no media. There's no news but it's just news. It's either indoctrination or mocking the victim as they say and the public are the victims. Now you heard about that nonsense with Prince Harry. It's been all over the news about, oh dear, my goodness, Prince Harry turned up at a ball and it was a fancy dress ball somewhere in England, private too, and it was supposed to be commonwealth and natives basically and he turned up as a member of the Hitler youth with a Natzi armband and all the rest of it and of course the media goes to town over this. This happens two weeks prior to the Queen going to the National Holocaust Museum in Europe to give a speech and opening up the International Holocaust Day. It's a bit coincidental but at the same time – so it brings to public awareness of the holocaust industry but at the same time they missed what Prince William was wearing, because Prince William as the papers said was dressed like a leopard, but that's only part of the story. If you saw him on the TV in the brief flashes that they gave you, he had the feet of a bear, the body of a leopard and the head of a lion – and that's the description of the beast in Revelations, so why was he wearing that to a fancy dress-do which would do with the dominion and natives?  They mock us all the time with their little messages even in this type of thing. There's nothing on the media that doesn't have double meanings and a lot of jokes, inside jokes by the elite that rule this world and the public respond to the exoteric the way it’s intended that they respond, through guilt, shame or whatever, and the elite laugh up their sleeves all the time. Nothing is done on the media without having a very esoteric purpose and it always ends up with indoctrination and swaying the public one way or another. It's all mind control, all of it.


Jackie:  I'm back. Were you complete with that?


Alan:  Yes.


Jackie:  I had a call from Gary this evening and he was a little confused. You had mentioned Revelations. We were talking about it last week the fact that if you're writing it you would be able to write about what they're plan is.


Alan:  You reveal it, revelation.


Jackie:  Reveal it. Oh, that's right. That's what you said. The Revelation is a revealing but I guess he's wondering – I've got books here on Revelations. I've got a three-volume set of books here that's supposed to interpret what Revelations means. I've read probably two dozen or more interpretations of Revelations and every single one of them is different. I don't understand it but I guess he's wondering does this lay out the play as it's playing out today?


Alan:  Absolutely. It's all astronomy. Every creature mentioned in Revelations is a zodiacal sign which appears at a certain time and it's a time clock of the heavens basically and so they're following it right to the letter. The beast is in the heavens.


Jackie:  Who's the beast?


Alan:  The beast again – I should do a show on the whole thing.


Jackie:  You know what? You just took the thought right out of my mind. You know what? You're coming back tomorrow, aren't you?


Alan:  Yes.


Jackie:  Would you like to start now or would you like to get it and get prepared a little bit?


Alan:  I should try and think it out to put it over simply to people because there's a lot of astronomy involved in it.


Jackie:  Okay and we can have our Bibles open and as you're going through it and explaining your understanding of it we could be reading along there.


Alan:  Maybe I could do that next week. I'll have to put it in very simple terms. I'll have to go into the signs that we'll have. It's all astronomy and even though in ancient times they have changed one or two of the characters in the zodiac. I mean the Egyptians had a crocodile in there at one point and that was the beast of that time. They alter it every so often and Draco was the Northern Constellation of the Northern Star before the earth tilted, which is historical, and Draco was the flying serpent or dragon you might say.


Jackie:  No, I don't know because I am not familiar with Revelations. I know I know some verses from it that are used a lot, but when you do this you'll start right from the beginning?


Alan:  Yes.


Jackie:  That is cool.


Alan:  Every character even in the New Testament including Caiaphas who was the head of the Nasi party, the Sanhedrin, the Sanhedrin that condemned Jesus, he was a Nasi as they called it in Hebrew. He was head of the Nasi party.


Jackie:  They called the Sanhedrin the Nasi, didn't they?


Alan:  The head is called the Nasi and actually it's the new moon. The splinter or the finger, the sliver of the new moon is also called the Nasi in Hebrew.


Jackie:  And the Sanhedrin sat that way and also so does the U.N.


Alan:  That's right and the head man was Caiaphas, which means head in a sense, and he's also an astrological sign, so he's also in the heavens. If you understand how the zodiac all comes around--


Jackie:  Is this from the Kabbalah?


Alan:  It's pre-Kabbalah.


Jackie:  Astrology is an ancient, ancient science, isn't it?


Alan:  It goes way back to even pre-Egypt.


Jackie:  It's interesting you brought this up. I was browsing through an astrology book today and it's a book that I've had and I don't think I've ever read it but I was reading the introduction and explanation and this author which I think the book was written around in the '70's. He was saying that astrology today is being understood, surely not in the way that you do, but he said that even the U.S. government – he was saying that businesses et cetera have charts done and he said that the U.S. government and Israel use astrology but he said he didn't have any information as to whether any other governments did or not. I found that very intriguing.


Alan:  As I say, they wrote their plan--


Jackie:  The U.S. and Israel, the twins you know?


Alan:  They wrote their plans and they have long, long range plans in the zodiac and it's all becoming fulfilled because they knew where they wanted to get to and where they're coming from. If you look at the constellations and you know what they're supposed to be, there's no way you'd figure that out unless you saw it drawn out. These high priests long, long ago sat and said we'll make this Pegasus and we’ll make this so and so.


Jackie:  Now is it true, I may have read this in Zecharia Sitchin's book and I am clear that he matriculated at the London School of Economics and when I found that out I knew there had to be hooks, but I don't remember where I read it but the fact that the Pleiades, I think. Is it called the "Seven Sisters" and that from where we are you can actually only see six of them because one is behind the other and that in Sumerian, back that long ago, and you said that was, what, about 12,000 years actually, that they knew that there were seven stars in that star system.


Alan:  Actually they knew there were more. You can see seven with the naked eye.


Jackie:  You can see seven?


Alan:  If your eyes are good and there's actually more. However, there were nine at one point about 5,000 BC and one of them went supernova, I guess, because it disappeared and that was recorded by the Greeks.


Jackie:  Why do they call it the Seven Sisters then?


Alan:  Again, it's another part of their mythology as they hide a truth within a story. All of the main characters end up getting put up in the sky as a god basically, although they began as human kings and that's what it's all about. It's a pun on their system of becoming gods and as they say, as above, so below and they would bring the New Jerusalem to earth. They're talking about the whole plan which they wrote in the heavens would be applied all across the world on the earth.


Jackie:  So when we hear the elite and I know Rockefeller at least on a couple of occasions and I've heard this and read it. "Our window of opportunity is now" and they're using the astrological timeframe, aren't they?


Alan:  Yes they are. These guys literally go by this and they must stick to it and they do stick to it.


Jackie:  And they believe in it?


Alan:  Yes, because their ancestors wrote it a long time ago.


Jackie:  Tell our listeners about 9/11. Would you explain it to us?


Alan:  9/11, I mean even the fact that they give you your emergency number as 911 and just the very fact you end up with it happening on that date and it's supposed to be all coincidence. Then again I think it was the Chicago Stock Exchange that day finished at 911000 and then I think it was the New York Lottery also came out 911. I mean who's kidding who here? This is constant mockery.


Jackie:  But that date September 11th was very relevant. You told us about that and I think we have time.


Alan:  It's to do again with a mythological character that came from Zeus who created more gods and the female goddess, which became Britannia on the old British coin, who's a queen of the heavens, she's also a warrior, burst forth from his head on the Ides of September.


Jackie:  Was that Minerva?


Alan:  That's right, the warrior queen like Zena and what it signifies is something which could not have happened by itself. It took supernatural coincidences to bring it all together. It was not a natural phenomenon. In other words, what was going to come out of 9/11 had been planned that way and what was coming out of it was not a normal thing. It was not a normal event. It was a super-planned event. That's what it's really telling you.


Jackie:  Remember you told us about the rituals that they did.


Alan:  They had high, high rituals to do with the ides and the bringing forth and all the rest of it of Minerva, but what really is significant is what Minerva signifies, which is a new way. It's a new way that could not have come into existence by itself, by nature.


Jackie:  So he burst her out of his head.


Alan:  Yes.


Jackie:  I remember you telling us something about an ancient ritual that they used to do involved around that date and that it was a very important date and it had to do with horses and the colors of the robes or something?


Alan:  They definitely portrayed Jupiter riding the horses around the city and whoever portrayed the part of Jupiter was painted red driving his white horses.


Jackie:  That would be the blood.


Alan:  That's right and they also have a similar thing in again the Talmud to do with Solomon, which is the sun. Sol-om-on is the sun in three different languages because that's what it really represents is the illumined man. The illuminati, the illumined man and he also rode his six white steeds around the city.


Jackie:  It was this particular event at that particular date in September and I remember doing research on the Internet and I found it and you had mentioned I think it was between the 11th and 13th and that if they hadn't accomplished what they wanted to with 9/11, something else was going to happen to make sure that what they planned.


You know it's getting late here. We’ve got about three or four minutes left I guess but I was reading today about and I wanted to share it with our listeners. I couldn't find the bill but it's a draft bill and it includes all children 18 to 26. They're working on that and it's passed one of the chambers in the U.S. Congress and I'm going to hopefully have it tomorrow night. You know when you and I talk, Alan, it's like my mind starts exploding and I can't grab my thoughts or my questions fast enough to hang on to them.


Alan:  As I say, that was the Sol-om-on.


Jackie:  Oh, I know what it was. I'm sorry. Okay. You know how Kerry during the campaign? Well I don't know if you know but he said there will be no draft and then of course he added, "unless we're attacked" and it occurred to me today if they're having a big uproar and opposition they'll see to it that we get attacked so they can initiate. I'm sorry to say that but it's like a given. You get to see the pattern when we begin to understand past history. They just keep repeating it because it works.


Alan:  It's works and the public think they could never do that because it's so horrific.


Jackie:  Probably what was said in the email that I got, probably they'll go ahead and pass it right around the time of the inauguration while people's minds are on the inauguration.


Alan:  Yes, plus on the news here in Canada I think it was Wolfowitz that came out now pressing for war on Iran and Syria and of course that's all part of the New American Century plan that they wrote back in the '90's, so they're going to that plan and how fortunate for them 9/11 came along.


Jackie:  We're out of our hour with you and you'll be back tomorrow night.



(Transcribed by Linda)