Alan Watt on

"Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru

January 18, 2005




Jackie:  Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for joining us tonight on Sweet Liberty. It is Tuesday the 18th of January in the year 2005. Alan Watt is again with us tonight.


Our spiritual message this evening is from John 18. This is the conversation that Jesus was having with Pontius Pilate and Pontius Pilate asked him if he was a king. Wait, let me back up here. This is what I wanted to get first. Pontius Pilate asked him what he'd done because his chief priest. Those were the Pharisees, folks. Those are the rabbis of today by the way. Those are the priests of Jehovah that delivered thee unto me. Pontius Pilate said, "What have you done?" and Jesus said, "My kingdom is not of this world. If my kingdom were of this world then would my servants fight that I should not be delivered to the Jews but now is my kingdom not from hence" and then Pontius Pilate said, "Well are you a king then?" Jesus said, "You say that I am a king. To this end was I born and for this cause came I into the world that I should bear witness unto the truth. Everyone that is of the truth hears my voice."


I want to go back if we could to the verse before there where Jesus said, "my kingdom is not of this world and if my kingdom were of this world then would my servants fight that I should not be delivered to the Jews but now is my kingdom not from hence."  I can't imagine Jesus referring to any of his followers or disciples as servants and that they should fight that I should not be delivered to the Jews. I don't think the word Jew existed back in those days, did it?


Alan:  No.


Jackie:  At that time?


Alan:  No.


Jackie:  Then he says "but now is my kingdom not from hence" and one of the things that people who are very much believing in oh there is going to be a second coming and that when Jesus gets here his throne will be in Jerusalem and there will be a thousand years of peace. The way they justify this one or understand, I should say, is he said "now is my kingdom not from hence."  In other words, it will be later. Would you comment on that?


Alan:  Again it's --


Jackie:  Putting words in his mouth?


Alan:  Sort of, but it's also tacking on the age. Every age is given a god figure and of course that was the beginning of the Age of Pisces and that's why in the New Testament when he's going to ride into glory on a donkey he tells them to go and find a young colt tied and his master will be carrying a picture of water, which is Aquarius. That's why that's written like that, so his time of glory would last from then until Aquarius.


Jackie:  Until the Age of Aquarius?


Alan:  Yes. The priesthoods have always used somebody or as a martyr figure but always used the story for every age in a disguised form. Of course in Egypt you had Osiris and Isis the mother and Horus the son and eventually they had the Greeks made into Adonis, which is the same thing as Horus, and then that became Adonai of the Jews. They call god generally Adonai.


Jackie:  This deal about my servants, if my kingdom was of this world then my servants would fight. That sounds like a made-up thing.


Alan:  Yes it is.  I think you'd find that rulers again who created the Christian movement long after that period had to put in their own spin on things obviously, but there in that particular instance Jesus is symbolizing pure spirit and of course a battle in the physical realm again is the physical realm. It's the two worlds. The one of matter and the one of spirit and he is showing the way to fulfill the spiritual quest in other words. That's what the whole story is about. It's a spiritual quest and the world in other words would always be base because it always was base and it's still base under all the polish and so on, it's still a very base planet. Therefore the spiritual quest has succumbed you might say to the quest in the world of matter for the ownership of more matter and that's the way it's always been here.


Jackie:  Cycle after cycle after cycle.


Alan:  The first fall of man was into matter. That's what they said in ancient times.


Jackie:  That makes sense to me and I truly wonder, truly wonder as spiritual beings why we ever came here in the first place unless it was to experiment. Now I don't know if this is so, but I have read and it makes sense, but there are spiritual being that never actually take physical flesh.


Alan:  Again, the only you can prove something--


Jackie:  I know, seeing it or be there.


Alan:  Until you have the proof and the proof can never be because someone said so. That's how they create their religions that end up lording over us you might say.


Jackie:  Let me ask you this. I know that there are a lot of charlatans. Do you believe that it is possible for people to channel disincarned entities? 


Alan:  Oh yes, I believe that, but I don't say these entities are generally what they claim that they are.


Jackie:  Or maybe have anymore. I don't know. For example the Seth material is very – have you ever read that Alan?


Alan:  What's it called?


Jackie:  The Seth material.


Alan:  I don't think so.


Jackie:  The information that – well, never mind. We won't go into it. I've read a lot of books and you've said this yourself. If you read enough books from different sources and there is a thread that there's probably truth to it and maybe the possibility is that there are disincarned entities that mean no harm and that are bringing some information to help mankind. Why couldn't that be a possibility?


Alan:  Generally you'll find it's the same messages though, and of course in the '60's there was a whole myriad of groups came out of the human potential movement. It was pushed by the Rockefellers and all the big boys.


Jackie: Were they doing some harmful work?


Alan:  What it was to do was to actually get people into this whole thing of channeling basically.


Jackie:  I would think that would be very, very dangerous.


Alan:  Oh yes. I mean if you're bringing something into you and you're taking its word that it is what it says it is and you're opening up a doorway which it then can then come in any time it wishes to. I've no doubt on that because that's something I don't believe, It's something I've experienced in other people which I couldn't deny. There is no scientific explanation but I've seen people you might say "possessed." 


Jackie:  That you could actually see that it wasn't them when they were talking?


Alan:  Yes. I couldn't contradict it, couldn't deny it and there's no scientific explanation for it. When you study Masonry and all of the groups including the higher Wiccanism, all the groups that are running the show today basically in religion, they're all into channeling entities and the higher Masons do this. They channel entities.


Jackie:  We talked about this on the air, didn't we, about the high Masons who actually receive an entity to share their physical body.


Alan:  In the very high degrees they do.


Jackie:  I'll bet there are some that don't have to be in high degrees of Masonry.


Alan:  You'll see it in some of the lower people too and you'll find that people who are not as well in Masonry, but Masonry in its higher levels actually encourages it.


Jackie:  You had told us and I think you touched on it one night but it's been quite a while ago and maybe you could address this again that we're kind of on this track. The pyramid that they have set up where they're doing – do you know what I'm talking about?


Alan:  The triangle.


Jackie:  The triangle, thank you. Talk about that again, would you? Explain it again.


Alan:  One of the biggest groups that led this movement, the Masonic group again promoted by the Rockefeller Foundation heavily, was theosophy and they set up triangles, large ones and smaller ones within where they will meet in certain lodges on different parts of the map and form these triangles and literally meditate their will upon all the inhabitants contained therein.


Jackie:  I think it's important hopefully for our listeners, folks, think about this what Alan is telling us and realize that these people at the top have the secrets of the ages you might say and they're very well aware of the power that resides. It isn't just they who have this power. It is each and every one of us if we access it and so not seeming so far out of bounds because Jesus said it in many ways, Alan. He said it in many ways. Number One: "The kingdom of God is within you. Ye are the light of the world" and so therefore it brings back to mind the importance for us to the way we be. You said this several years ago that it's up to each and every individual because everything we do, everything we say, everything we think is impacting not just this physical realm but every dimension.


Alan:  That's right. The higher Masons when they're talking about changes in society, major changes, they'll call it "The Spirit of the Age" and "The Spirit of the Age" is basically the form that this sort of mental psychic form they create, also through propaganda and TV and media and so on, to promote these things. In other words, they give you the 'in thing' to do, the trendy the way to be for this particular period, The Spirit of the Age, and they claim that they force their will to do so. I've actually got a tape where Rockefeller talks about this. All of the parts of the changes of society and the directions that we're going into are all calculated prior to the public ever hearing of them or seeing them implemented and they're willed into existence basically.


Jackie:  Yes, of course they have a little help don't they, Alan, with all their technology – all their control of education, entertainment, the media, governments, the monetary economic system. They've got a little bit of – well, but it's all on the material level.


Alan:  That's right and think tanks. Lots of think tanks.


Jackie:  Their think tanks yes and the one thing I do know is that there is no power in this world greater than the power of Creator, so it doesn't mean that they're going to be successful. It appears right now that they're on the road to success.


Alan:  They get to the brink of dominance, but there's a truth here within even the ancient mysteries that contained all of this information long, long ago that the world is in a balance. It's like the balance of nature. Things have to be in balance and when evil tips the scales so much then something has to give. It cannot simply be successful and stay that way. Eventually the good has to overtake it and destroy it and it's something of course that man or base man you might say never learns. The people you're taught to respect in high positions are corrupt people. These are the only people who climb and claw their way up to the high positions because they have a lust for power which ordinary people cannot fathom. They cannot understand it and so it's presented to the public that they are just there as good public servants et cetera, but there's not one case on TV in the line of politics that didn't crave that position and they'd do anything and say anything to get there. That's the problem. In every age you're top-heavy with dynasties you might say, ruling dynasties and oligarchies and families, very wealthy, who crave total power and it literally goes to their heads and they bring chaos upon the world in the process.


Jackie:  A question here or a thought. You mentioned last night that the ancient mysteries or truths that we get 10 times around here and if we aren't in our spiritual consciousness by then, then the energy that is in our maybe personality, soul that it just dissipates back into the ethers.


Alan:  That's a belief that the Hindus have and that's very, very old because so much of all religions come from – there's no doubt there's a connection with India.


Jackie:  What about these creatures? They don't understand that the laws of creation are immutable. That as we sow, so shall we reap. They don't understand this?


Alan:  They understand this very well. It's their arrogance. You see, they're so arrogant and sure of themselves and the more they get away with, the more sure of themselves they are and it's their nature. It's in their nature. It's like the old story of crossing the water on the back of scorpion and it promises not to sting you and you're halfway across and it stings you. When you ask why did it do it, it says, it's my nature; and that's the nature of these creatures. They really believe that through science and planning and cunningness they can actually avoid it this time around. It's in their nature, you see. It's no different from someone who's a real hardened drug addict. These people are addicted to power as you cannot imagine. They have a lust for it, a craving for it. They think about it night and day. It consumes their entire life.


Jackie:  How do you know that?


Alan:  Simply by studying them, when you really study them.


Jackie:  You get a sense or a feel?


Alan:  Down through the centuries you'll see them. It's the same pattern over and over and over and these people cannot let go of power. That's why they never retire. They don't say, well, I'm 65, I've got millions of dollars, I'll put my feet up and enjoy myself.


Jackie:  Because they are enjoying themselves.


Alan:  That's right. They have to be in the limelight. They have to mix with their own kind. They want to have the ordinary people kowtowing to them and they have this lust. See, it's an insatiable lust. You can't say I'll give you a shot of 100 milligrams of cocaine and that will do you, you see. It's an insatiable lust for power that cannot be satisfied and hence they go the whole way.


Jackie:  The fame and fortune that come with it. Like you said being out in the limelight.


Alan:  That's why they cannot retire. You'll see them all in their 80's even still going around the world giving speeches and so on, heavily involved. They don't retire because they're addicted to power and there's no amount of power that would ever satisfy them. That's the problem because they're addicts.


Jackie:  Remember that quote a long time ago that you made that Toynbee said that basically it had something to do with the power behind those people that believe they're in power and to refresh you in case. We were talking about the fact that the ruling force, unseen hand, whatever we would call it, is very clear about the power within all of us, but these creatures that are doing the work here, the ones that you said that are really behind it, we've never even heard their names. They believe that they're God and they believe that they will reincarnate right back into the same families but we won't. Do you recall that statement from Toynbee?


Alan:  When he was talking about the power within?


Jackie:  Yes.


Alan:  Arnold Toynbee was a professor at Oxford University and he taught the Rhodes Scholars. He taught the Bill Clinton types you see for world dominion. That's what the Rhodes Scholarship was set up to do.


Jackie:  Where did you say he was a professor?


Alan:  Oxford University. Oxford on Isis they call it. It's always been called that.


Jackie:  Oxford on Isis.


Alan:  Yes. Where the river runs through there they call it the Isis and that goes back to the 11th century. These guys have been at this for a long time. Anyway, he was giving a speech to world internationalists and communists and so on and I think the speech was in Denmark and 1932 and he said, "when an original thought is created it's immediately transmitted across the globe and certain people will receive it at the same time it's released."  He said, "we know how to use this power," but he was also aware that the masses were ignorant of the fact that they could also do it and so basically what he was saying was that he and his kind, his ruling elite as he believed, and he belonged to aristocracy, very old aristocracy. He believed that they literally willed their plan into existence and those who would help them would pick up their thoughts and work it out, and that's basically what they do.


Jackie:  But the same goes for us.


Alan:  Yes, but the public are not supposed to know that, you see. We're supposed to believe that there's nothing except science and that's why they had to eradicate all the old religions, which, mind you, they also gave you as well. They're defunct now. They've done their job. Now you must believe in nothing but science and the state. The state becomes god and as long as you believe that, you're imprisoned forever. That's the idea. They don't want the public to know that this is your individual journey as a spiritual being and no one else can take that from you or show you where you must go. However, the second fall of man, according to these same people, the first fall is the fall into matter and they wish to fulfill their plan by the second fall, which is to encase man forever in the world of matter.


Jackie:  You know we've talked about this. Actually, I remember when it was. Right around the time of 9/11 we were having a lot of conversations and in the conversation that we were having was one that occurred to me that when we leave this physical realm, when we come back we bring back with us what it is we left with and if they can shorten a life – in other words, if we've begun on the path on the journey, let's say to spiritual consciousness, there is a remembrance. I'm just clear on that because of certain things that I knew as a little child, I knew, there were just things I knew and so therefore if they can keep people totally in the lie and maintain what they have created as a perceived separation between us and Creator, well then when we come back it's the same old thing. It’s almost like a computer. You put junk in and you get junk out.


Alan: That's what the pharaohs said. The pharaohs claimed they perfected the slave population so they'd always come back as perfect slaves. 


Jackie:  So it's really so critical that we get out of the lie. 


Alan:  It's not so easy because pretty well everything is nothing but lies – ancient history, recent history is still being changed by the year with every book that comes out. I just watched a documentary done by the CBC on the now official version of how the Free Trade Agreement came to conclusion, and I've never seen so much fantasy in my life. They never went into the fact that the Free Trade Agreement goes back to the 1500's, that wasn't mentioned at all, because when John Dee went to Queen Elizabeth I and talked about a British or "Brytish" Empire with free trade between countries that would join this commonwealth – and the free exchange of labor, because the elite knew they'd have to move the laboring classes into new countries to do manufacturing, clearing all the lands and all this kind of stuff. That was in the 1500's, so the free flow of labor and goods would have to be part of free trade.


Jackie:  We're going to be taking a break now. I'm here, Alan. 


Alan:  Getting back to this CBC documentary on the Free Trade Agreement, it was presented as though it was the greatest thing that Canadians wanted and how we'd all so benefited from it financially. Of course, the way it came about, it just sort of happened to be the right time for it to come into play and forces sort of pushed it into play, natural forces, and it just sort of happened that way. However, in reality it's utter rubbish, there was so much scheming that went into the Free Trade Negotiations, it was planned with the creation of the British empire in the 1500's, including, as I say, the free movement of the laboring classes between continents as they had to do to clear the lands and so on. They're constantly changing history and presenting it to the public, who don't seem to notice, even though they lived through the changes, they don't seem to remember it as it really was, even if it was only a few years ago. The children that go to school haven't a clue, all they're told is the official version and they believe it, so history is always being altered.


Jackie:  I've got this book and I've referenced it before, it's Harper Collins Atlas of World History, and on page 70 it's the Jewish Diaspora from AD 70 to 1497. "For over 2000 years the history of the Jews has been an external dispersion and internal cohesion. The political, military and religious reverses in Judea only affected to a small extent the status of Jews in the Roman Empire and the even larger number of Jews living in Babylonia. The resilience of Judaism after the setback in AD 70 may be explained in part by the evolution of the Jewish religion following the destruction of the first temple, when a system based on a temple and sacrifices was complimented by one based on the synagogue and prayer.  The new religious forms gave influence to the interpreters of Biblical law. The philosophy underlying such interpretation varied. One group of interpreters, the Pharisees, became particularly influential some time after the middle of the second century BC and after AD 70 they evolved into rabbis, a second important factor was the codification of Jewish law, both civil and religious, carried out in Palestine around AD 200 by Rabbi Judah…" "…The Muslim conquest in Spain in 711 AD brought respite which culminated in golden age of Spanish Jewry…" "…from about the fifth century this changed and Jews became identified with international and regional trade. Internal and external factors including the widespread dispersal of Jews, both in Islamic lands and throughout Christian Europe, Jewish group solidarity, facility linguistics communication, and uniform system of commercial law based on the Talmud accounted for this change…" "…Carolingian rulers aware of the role of Jews' role in international trade granted them special charters assuring them of protection, commercial privileges, and the right to govern themselves according to their own laws…"


Alan:  They still have their own places where they settle disputes.


Jackie:  You said that was around 1500; this is AD 70 – 1497, bringing us right into that era.


Alan:  John Dee was a Kabbalist, as was Francis Bacon. They both studied the Kabbalah. We're talking about a mystery religion that comes out of Babylon, and it preexisted Babylon, it comes down through the centuries like a phoenix bird, it changes its form every four to five-hundred years, hides behind different forms, but really it's a small elite behind most of the "feathers", you might say. "Phoenicians" is a play on the "phoenix"; one of their capitals in the Middle Ages was Venice—substitute 'F' (Ph) for a 'V' and you have Venice. If you take Venus the planet and chart its course through the heavens over a year, it makes the so-called Star of David. This Star of David was never David's star; you find it all the way back through Babylon and all the way to India. 


Jackie:  How do the Jesuits figure into all of this? Because when you mentioned Venice, I read quite a long thing about their control of trade and commerce in Venice.


Alan:  The Jesuits, they have their P.R. thing they started up to fight this new thing created by one of their members, Martin Luther, Protestant sect.


Jackie: Was he a Jesuit?


Alan: He was definitely a Rosicrucian; in fact, that's on his coat of arms, his family crest, the rose and cross. Of course the Catholic Church at that time was burning everybody it didn't like and all it did with Martin Luther was call him in for a few questions and let him go. Why did they let him go? It was because it was the right time to create an opposition for the upcoming industrial age in creating the Protestant sect with the "Protestant work ethic," that was important.


Ignatius Loyola was a member of the Alumbrados, the Spanish Illuminati sect of his day, and he was captured by the Pope's army who he'd fought against. They had him in prison and then he was granted an audience with the Pope; after the audience he walked out as the first head of Jesuit order. He was a very powerful man, obviously, the Pope (being a secret society at the top) understood exactly where this man had come from and granted him this power. Why would a Pope grant a man who was a known member of the Alumbrado, Illuminati sect that came from the Knights Templars, why would he give him the headship of a brand new powerful order?


Jackie:  Some people say it's the Illuminati behind all this; and yet, the Illuminati is part of it, yes?


Alan:  It's part of it. You must create opposites, always, all the time, and you must always have conflict on the go to create the changes they want and to reap the financial rewards. Wars are terribly lucrative to those who lend the money and carry the shipments and so on. The Jesuits planned to take down many countries which had become Protestant, and you had thirty-year wars going on and fifty-year wars in Europe over this Protestant-Catholic thing. Very lucrative to certain people and it's all arranged that way. The mystery religion is contained in every religion, including Buddhism.


Jackie:  Somebody had written up a paper and was quoting statements allegedly made by the Buddha (Prince Siddhartha was it?) and also Jesus, all of the masters, "teachers" if you would, that have come in to this world to "bear witness unto the truth," they had the same message. It occurred to me that whatever Buddhism is today, it wouldn't be about the teachings, the real teachings, the same way that Christianity – they leave a little bit in, but all of the religions, it doesn't matter which one it is, they've all been man-made.


Alan:  Mystery Babylon was the mystery because it was so hard to exactly say what it was, because it contained all of the religions of its time, it updated all of the religions of its time, and it altered all of the religions of its time. It was also a commercial system incorporated within it, with an ordered bureaucratic system to run the whole show. Mystery Babylon was and is today; it's still the same thing today. However, when the Buddha died, the sects who got together, and by that time there were many different sects that had minor differences.


Jackie:  Just like the followers of Jesus.


Alan:  Just like Constantine's big setup about 300 years after he died, they got together and created the official version and codified it and put the laws down and the rules and all the rest of it.


Jackie:  For our listeners, that would have been the first Council of Nicea in, what was it, 325 AD? I do have a small book on this a man wrote in 1916 and he quoted from the ancient historians back at that time. In fact, I read lots of the book to our listeners, it's a little book, I found it in a small little bookstore down in Philly. Basically, I know that many people, those who have believed, that the "Bible" or "Holy Bible" is the divinely inspired word of God; and if enough people could read that book, when you read the speech that was allegedly given by Constantine there, he was dialoging those bishops to consensus. That's exactly what he did and they voted, like you said, they came up with what the dogma and doctrine was going to be; and anybody that didn't go along with it was anathematized. In fact, it did mention Arius their bishop and basically what I could understand what he was teaching was what Jesus taught – he was the son of God, so he was created – this is what got him anathematized, and that we are all the sons of God, so they ejected him from the church and anathematized him. That means that he was worthy of being killed and he was of course no longer a bishop and his information was evidently so critically important that Constantine declared, decreed anybody caught with any of Arius' writings would be put to death. Arius was put to death when he was brought back.


Alan:  He was put to death in "love," you see.


Jackie:  Put to death in love, yeah, right. When they brought him back and they were going to reinstate him—


Alan:  They poisoned him.


Jackie:  Will Durant in his "History of Civilization" about Caesar and Jesus, he described his death in public – and the man not only evacuated his bowels, but his internal organs, his spleen, his liver, right in public. This is length that they go to keep truth from the people. I hope that our listeners who are listening to this, that the last thing in the world that I want to do, and I know that is so for you, is to discourage people – but that it could be encouraging to be released from the kind that has been promulgated, fear of God. It's literally fear of God and anybody would fear that god Jehovah. I remember once, a long time ago, one of our listeners called in and he said: if we don't have this to hold on to, what do we have? I said: the truth. The truth, that's what we have to hold on to. I know that it's hurtful sometimes, but if we really think it out and we should be grateful and giving thanks that we are beginning to discover the truth.


Alan:  Yes, because with it comes a tremendous release when you understand and you accept the fact that everything has been covered with so many lies for political reasons and for control purposes. That's why organized religions are called organized religions; they're authorized.


Jackie:  They are organized.



(Transcribed by Linda)