Alan Watt on

"Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru

July 12, 2005




Jackie:  Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for being here with us tonight on Sweet Liberty. It is Tuesday. It is the 12th of July in the year 2005 and I know that's so because I looked at my calendar just before we came on the air. Alan is with us again tonight. Alan Watt, our wonderful friend. We're going to – well, we'll see what comes up. We never really plan what our conservation is going to be. However, we are going to talk about chemtrails tonight for one thing. Alan, thanks for being here again tonight.


Alan:  Yes, it's a pleasure.  


Jackie:  I've been spending so much time outside and there are things on my mind that I've wanted to talk about and I found a video that somebody sent me that Clifford Carnicom had done and I thought when I found it – this was just a couple of days ago. I really ought to get a hold of him and see if we can bring him on the air. I think he's a credible person. Anyway, I pulled my email in tonight, which I haven't done for about three days.


Anyway, I found this email, Alan, and this says "Chemtrails: A Meeting" and a Robert McNamara quote. This isn't long and I think you would like to hear it. First, the quote is at the end of this but I want to do this first, a quote from Robert McNamara, October 2nd, 1979. He said:


            "There are only two possible ways that a world of 10 billion people…"


Now are there 10 billion people in this world?


Alan:  They can make the figure whatever they want.


Jackie:  Yes they can. Six billion for some reason was in my mind.


            "There are only two possible ways a world of 10 billion people can be averted. Either the current birthrate must come down more quickly or current death rates must go up. There is no other way. There are, of course, many ways in which the death rates can go up. In a thermonuclear age, wars can accomplish it very quickly and decisively. Famine and disease are nature’s ancient checks on population growth, and neither one has disappeared from the scene…. “To put it simply: Excessive population growth is the greatest single obstacle to the economic and social advancement of most of the societies in the developing world.”


Now I just want to remind our listeners who heard us do this, the math has been done taking the square miles of Texas if we figure six billion people, it seems, if I'm not mistaken, that a family of four – there's so many square feet. In other words, the State of Texas can hold all of the people on this Earth if there are six billion people and it's enough square footage that I think a family of four would have almost an acre. I might be wrong. Now that's not piling people on top of each other in cities, Alan.


Alan:  That's right.  


Jackie:  For God's sake. Anyway, here's the meeting. The meeting has already taken place and it took place on Friday, July 8th at 11:30 – excuse me. This is when this was sent, Friday July 8th, 2005. It says:


"A Meeting by Clifford E. Carnicom


A meeting has taken place recently between an investigative researcher and a well placed military source. The identity of both parties is to be protected. The source has intimate knowledge of at least one aspect of the aerosol operations, and asserts the following:


1.      The operation is a joint project between the Pentagon and the pharmaceutical industry.

2.      The Pentagon wishes to test biological diseases for war purposes on unsuspecting populations. It was stated that SARS is a failure as the expected rate of mortality was intended to be 80%."



Jackie:  Alan, I don't know if there ever was such a thing as SARS.


Alan:  I know that it killed less people than the common flu did.


Jackie:  Yes, there you go. It's like the West Nile virus. We don't know really if anybody ever – okay, let me go on here. These are the assertions of these people.



3.      The pharmaceutical industry is making trillions on medications designed to treat both fatal and non-fatal diseases given to populations.

4.      The bacteria and viruses are freeze-dried and then placed on fine filaments for release.


Jackie:  That would be from the chemtrails, right?Number 5. There's 10 of these.


            5.  The metals released along with the diseases heat up from the sun, creating…"


Jackie:  You were telling us about this last night, Alan.


creating a perfect environment for the bacteria and viruses to thrive in the air supply.
6.  Most countries being sprayed are unaware of the activities and they have not consented to the activities. He states that commercial aircraft flying are one of the delivery systems."


Jackie:  Now do you believe that, Alan?


Alan:  Commercial, no.


Jackie:  I don't either.


            7.  Most of the "players" are old friends and business partners of the senior Bush."


Jackie:  I don't know about this.


8.  The ultimate goal is the control of all populations through directed and accurate spraying of drugs, diseases, etc.

9.  People who have tried to reveal the truth have been imprisoned and killed."


Jackie:  I don't know anything about that, do you?


Alan:  No.


"10.  This is the most dangerous and dark time that I have experienced in all of my years of serving this country."


Jackie:  Now this was evidentially one of these – he said at the meeting it was an investigative researcher, which was probably Clifford Carnicom, and a well placed military source. Well you know what? I think Clifford Carnicom got conned.


Alan:  I'd say so. It's probably Bo Gritz or somebody, yes.


Jackie:  He says:  "This information is relayed without qualification, as I am as I am knowledgeable in the level of integrity of the researcher that has made this information available to the public. There is both risk and restraint that has been exercised in the preparation of this statement." I don't know.


Alan:  No. It's disinformation.


Jackie:  Yes, sounds like it to me, Alan.


Alan:  The whole thing began with the Open Skies Treaty and every country in the West signed on to this. It was never explained to the public what it really was, although they did legally put a few paragraphs here and there in the newspapers in Canada and it was so vague that you didn't get much out of it except that foreign pilots were allowed to fly over Canadian and U.S. bases in various areas for observation purposes. However, when you look into it deeper and get copies of this Open Skies Treaty there are observers observing the observers. In other words, the observers are observing the ones that are spraying the public to make sure they're doing it. A second blurb occurred about a year ago in the Canadian newspapers, just one more paragraph, saying that now foreign pilots could use domestic Air Force planes to do the same duties over Canadian skies under the Open Skies Treaty, so it's under the Open Skies Treaty. The only countries that never signed it were China and a couple of the Far Eastern countries and Switzerland and they're the only countries who are not being sprayed. 


Jackie:  Would the jet planes then be carrying in their fuel?


Alan:  It could be in the fuel and it could be in extra tanks. They can do it either way.


Jackie:  But then the pilots that are flying these planes, they have to know that there's an extra tank on it?


Alan:  They know what they're doing because if they were commercial aircraft they wouldn't be doing zigzag patterns across the skies.


Jackie:  Hell no they wouldn't.


Alan:  Either that or it's a very drunken pilot.


Jackie:  No, but I was thinking of the military planes.


Alan:  They know what they're doing and I think it's foreign pilots that will spray over Canada and the U.S. and the deal is that our pilots will be over there spraying their countries – kind of like a Dr. Strangelove policy, you see, and that makes perfect sense. No, it's not commercial aircraft because you can actually see the commercial aircraft with the usual contrails disappearing about a foot after--


Jackie:  And they're flying very, very high.


Alan:  Yes and in a straight line, whereas these guys do as you said checkerboard patterns. I've seen them do u-turns as well and the stuff that they lay down forms these odd-looking polymer clouds. Now we know that the polymer and that's what gives the rainbow bursts around the sun towards sunset especially.


Jackie:  What is polymer? 


Alan:  Polymer is basically forms of plastic particles from polyethylene. They found in the 1950's that they could use this particular compound to bring viruses and bacteria down to a vast area and cover a large area and the polymer was the carrying agent. That was officially disclosed in the 1950's and they were actually testing some areas in Britain with it then to see if it would carry viruses or bacterium down to the ground and even under a National Health System of course they could have all the data of how many people had asthma or bronchial attacks et cetera. All the testing has been done and they're doing it for real now. I'm sure it will also weaken the immune system. We know for sure there's aluminum oxide in it and barium and--


Jackie:  Now how do we know that for sure, Alan?


Alan:  It has been tested and I know some people who've recently done tests on them.


Jackie:  You know the people personally?


Alan:  Yes and the last test had 2 percent per liter contained for aluminum oxide alone.


Jackie:  And what is the aluminum oxide?


Alan:  Aluminum oxide does a few things. It can be used in conjunction with HAARP and this has been disclosed a long time ago that HAARP, which travels with electromagnetic pulsations through the atmosphere, can act more effectively when it has metallic surfaces. In other words, it makes it more conductive that the air becomes conductive like a circuit and again if your target happens to be the population--


Jackie:  When you say conductive are you taking about let's say if there's an electrical storm?


Alan:  No. They send out pulses. In fact they said with HAARP they can literally pulse out messages which the public would receive in their head, and this is old technology, and so the more conductive the subject is by either inhaling or consuming or whatever, we're doing both, with aluminum oxide especially or any metallic substance. There's also copper, by the way, traces found in this spray.


Jackie:  But more than the body can tolerate.


Alan:  Copper should not be in rainwater or snow.


Jackie:  Right. Because copper is one of the trace minerals that is found in the body, isn't it?


Alan:  It is; but as I say, this is coming from rainwater. You've got copper in the sky.


Jackie:  In other words, more copper than the body needs or can handle?


Alan:  Yes, so they're making each individual a receptor, which makes perfect sense, and they have admitted that they've tried HAARP out on large population areas. Maine was one of the first main places that they tried it out on and they found out that easiest thing they can do, the simplest thing they can do is to create alterations and mood either from elation or to anger and depression and they found a tremendous high suicide rate at that time. They found domesticated animals were going crazy and biting their owners and so alternations of moods are easily affected with HAARP and depending on the frequency they use they can also make you elated, as though you were drugged basically and happy.


Jackie:  Mood swings, in other words. Then these people who have the mood swings they get diagnosed as being bipolar and they get given drugs.


Alan:  This all falls in together but it also after time especially the aluminum oxide will help destroy your immune system and since they do – this is the regular television CBC news and BBC news, they keep having international conferences every month or so talking about the inevitable flu that's going to come around the world and kill most of the people and they keep saying it's just round the corner. It's just round the corner and so they are lowering our resistance to fight off something which should not kill us, but if we're weakened in our resistance it very well might, so this is deliberate planning to control and at the same time to start the culling process. There's no doubt about it. That's the function of it. Now again Zbigniew Brzezinski--


Jackie:  And it isn't race specific?


Alan:  It doesn't seem that this flu one is as far as we know. The BBC said that their scientific surveys on this new Avian flu and they're only calling it the Avian flu because birds carry it apparently, geese and ducks et cetera, migrating birds, and they said they found two genes in this particular flu which do not occur in nature, which is another way of saying it's man-made, you see, so it's been altered to be deadly, obviously.


Jackie:  And besides that, there's been Avian flus before that didn't transfer over to humans.


Alan:  Absolutely, all dogs, cats and even mice have their own types of colds and flus which don't transfer to humans and they always have. However, today it's so simple to alter viruses and bacterium. It's so simple to do and they are doing it and they have been doing it for a while. They're going ahead with it obviously and they want to bring down the immune systems of the target areas, which of course is primarily the West. I know some people who were over in the Far East recently and as I say some of the countries like Brunei and China, they did not sign the Open Skies Treaty so they're not being sprayed and when they were over there they didn't see any of these chemtrails anywhere in the skies.


Jackie:  This was in China?


Alan:  Yes and in Brunei, quite near, Far East. 


Jackie:  Think about this. The reports that I've received emails and like that it's being done in the English speaking countries England, Canada the U.S.--


Alan:  Australia.  


Jackie:  Australia, but France, Germany, actually European white nations that were once basically Europeans.


Alan:  There's no doubt about it and it's happening on a daily basis and also on a nightly basis.


Jackie:  You know I thought about this with all the immigration with all the different races that are being brought into our countries. They're doing this specifically in these countries to the ones that I just mentioned. Well, you still have the Japanese, but Japan basically has only Japanese and China basically has only Chinese and India and all of those that are swarming over here, they're dispensable so they will be victims of this stuff the same way that all of we will, or all of us I guess would be more grammatically correct, and yet, Alan, it appears to be the white basically European people that are being done in.


Alan:  I'd say so. I think the bee, the busy bee, the white person, has almost fulfilled his task and they don't need him anymore. We still have a few qualities which can be utilized against the system--


Jackie:  Yes, dangerous to them.


Alan:  We're very good at retaliating if we understand why we're retaliating and of course they don't want that particular type around.


Jackie:  I think about this very often sometimes especially when I question whether continuing the broadcast makes a difference and I remember a long time ago that you said when we were talking about the Federal Reserve System, the monetary system. You said if enough people wake up to it, it's going to collapse of itself; and that stays in my mind that statement you made and then I think to myself, if nothing else, the information that people get from the Sweet Liberty broadcast is at least imparting truth. At least as close to the truth as we know it and maybe that is the prime reason because I'm going to tell you, Alan, when you listen to some of the other broadcasts that are on the air there's so much fluff and there's so much BS and so much non-essential misinformation and disinformation along with it that it's really basically keeps me doing the broadcast because I think well if Sweet Liberty goes off the air then where are people going to get the truth that are listening to what they believe to be alternative radio. And it isn't that there isn't truth that they're getting, government stuff that's going on, but it's details and details and details that we don't need to keep getting. Well, there's certain things that need to be brought out, I think. I'm not saying that all of the broadcasts are non-essential but it seems that there's so much disinformation included--


Alan:  It's deliberate. There's no doubt about it.


Jackie:  Yes, it's deliberate. We've got a call here. We’ll take it. Hello.


Storm:  Hello.


Jackie:  Yes, Storm.


Storm:  Greetings Alan and greetings to Jackie. I'm listening to what you were saying. I was listening and I'll just make this statement and hang up, that the Arabic guy that was being charged with the murder of the Dutch filmmaker said in the trials that he could be a CIA operative or connected to the CIA but he said that he did it for Allah.


Jackie:  He did a what?


Storm:  He would do it again when the mother or one of them was crying and sometimes at these murder trials you get a lot of emotional stuff like that, but he said to the mother that he'd do it again for Allah and so the point that I want to say is that in a way I think it's not good for the mother. It's not good for the victim but in a way it's good for some of the Dutch people and people at large that aren't connected with this New World Order of Holland or France. You know the ones I heard the stupid political correctness they were talking on the shortwave and in the Dutch newspapers about two years but that last [inaudible] and talking foolishness and kind of good for them because now they realize that if you let these barbarians in your country and letting those third world and all these ideals evolve and all the crap they're screwing themselves over and that's what they let in so I know--


Jackie:  It's all by design, Storm.


Storm:  What now?


Jackie:  Yes, thank you.


Storm:  It's going to backfire because I think it will backfire in the end because most of the people in Holland may not realize that and so as a result they're still going to be against massive multicultural influx.


Jackie:  A lot of people in the U.S. are against it and it just keeps happening. Storm, thanks for your comments.


Storm:  Also I wanted to ask Alan – oh, that's right, he can't hear me.


Jackie:  He can hear you.


Storm:  I'm going to say this and hang up. Can he maybe just describe to me what exactly the power position is Queen Elizabeth? In other words, is Rothschild above her or is she and Rothschild about on the same level? I'll hang up. Thank you.


Jackie:  Okay, bye. There's two things here Alan. This Allah thing, well that would be Moslem, right? I'm not familiar with what--


Alan:  The old god was EL. Here's the Masonic explanation.


Jackie:  I'm not familiar with the situation he was talking about but what caught me was that the guy said I would do it again for Allah and what its doing is their – I get so much of this stuff on the internet about Muslims et cetera.


Alan:  It's war propaganda.


Jackie:  Propaganda, yes.


Alan:  I mean let's be honest here. Who invaded who and when did the trouble start?


Jackie:  Okay. Let's talk about that after this break. Who invaded who and when did the trouble start and maybe you'll address his question about Queen Elizabeth. Folks, we're going to take a break here. Alan, you know that statement that Storm made about whatever this murder guy did and said I would do it again for Allah?  Well, that evidently is the big thing and that opens a tremendous can of worms because that's exactly what their intention here is to create hatred.


Alan:  Again, if this person and other people can't get it through their heads by checking themselves The New American Century (and apparently the New American Century website), which is the official organization of Rumsfeld, Cheney, Wolfowitz and all the rest of them, which tell you that they intended to take over those countries back in the '90's and why they were going to take over them in that order, starting with Afghanistan, then Iraq, then Iran and so on, then there's no point in reiterating the same thing to them. They can check that themselves if they really care. This whole war was planned in the 1990's by very powerful people and very powerful corporations. Halliburton put bids in for a share of the action in 1998, so this is where you are with all of this. This is nothing more than a plan – a business plan to take over the Middle East, bring the same system of democracy, which is centralized government, a central bank owned by the World Bank and a system of debt which taxpayers then have to pay off forever. This is the one system that they're spreading worldwide and all this Allah stuff that they're using is just the propaganda, no different from the "slant-eyed Japanese" propaganda of World War II. It's the same stuff.


Jackie:  I was in the car today and I was listening to a talk show host that sounds quite a bit like Rush Limbaugh and I think that's his aim is to be the Rush Limbaugh of today, but they were advertising a book called "The Ezekiel Plan" and you should have heard the commercial. This guy, whoever wrote this thing, wrote about the Iraq war two years before they did it. He wrote a book about that. He wrote another book about something sort of like prophetic stuff, like this guy didn't have inside information and now the new book is called "The Ezekiel Plan" and it is the prophetic, it's prophesied in the Bible. In other words, they're selling it based on the damn--


Alan:  Of course, yes.


Jackie:  Then it says, "get the book, get the book to find out how much time do we have left." It's like Steve Quayle when he was talking one day on his broadcast about some terrible thing that was going to happen. I mean it was going to happen and the whole thing is going to collapse and all of this, and at the end of his broadcast then he said hurry up and get your gold before it's too late.


Alan:  He was selling generators, foodstuffs at way over market value and rations for the Y2K thing and he made a fortune off of it. He also said, like James Lloyd, that he wouldn't come back on the air if this did not happen. Months after nothing happened they're both back on again.


Jackie:  They have no shame, do they, Alan?


Alan:  No. That's a psychopathic trait, but people are also paid by the CIA to do this. The CIA started up American shortwave.


As far as Queen Elizabeth goes, if people want to believe that somehow she's at the top, that's their choice; and no matter what you want to tell them, or any truth or any facts to go and check, they won't do it anyway.


Jackie:  No, because they believe what they hear.


Alan:  They want to believe what they hear, that's the difference, and so they don't check. However, there's no doubt that special families are bred for certain purposes, but no the Queen doesn't deal with the details of this. She's just told; she is a symbol looking over a vast herd of unwashed masses and that they'll have to be gradually culled off and she'll have been told that in a very sophisticated scientific lecture probably and it will sound quite natural for her to go along with it, but she won't do any of this planning and neither would the Rothschild's. No one in public view could possibly be running this show in case they were assassinated and in that case they would lose their main people. You never put the real controllers in public view. You would never even let the public know their names. Anyone in public view is technically expendable.


Jackie:  It came to my mind when it really clicked with me when we heard about – well, if this happened, but when the chosen people were taken into Babylon and there they were with their own priests, with their own religion, allowed to live separately from all the other people and they were supposed to be in captivity, Alan?


Alan:  And run their own businesses.


Jackie:  Yes, and run their own businesses.


Alan:  No, it's complete fiction, utter fiction.


Jackie:  That's when it occurred to me, so, okay, who was controlling the king?


Alan:  Yes and who really came out of Babylon? Was it the Babylon high priesthood?You see, Babylon is wherever they put themselves. That was part of the mystery of Babylon. It could be anywhere they set themselves up and so all we know from the records is that a bunch of people came out with a brand new system of priesthood that didn't exist before and preached a different type of religion and that religion was based on basically human understanding of law and various laws. It was all to do with legalisms and of course to Christians, they were given one version of it, but it's almost like keeping two-thirds of the rest from them because the Christians were not given access to the Talmud or the Kabbalah; and only by having the study of all three do you get the big picture. This is a long, long-range plan. There's no doubt about it.


Jackie:  When you mentioned their legalisms, it brings to mind Moses Mendelssohn's quote or statement that he allegedly made that Judaism is not a religion, it is a law religionized.


[Call] Hello.


Storm:  I was going to say I'm familiar with that because that happened to William Cooper too, that these people like Rothschild and Rockefeller you never see their faces or their names because they're not actual government officials so somebody could bump them off.


Jackie:  Is that what you wanted to say, that you knew that?


Storm:  No. I was wondering if he knew if there was anybody in the past that actually attempted that because I don't remember or recall that ever happening because that could happen.


Jackie:  Okay, thank you. Hello, Alan.


Alan:  I didn't quite catch what he said there.


Jackie:  What he said is that he knew that what you said about the front guys not being out front and he wondered if you knew if there had been any attempts on any of their lives in the past. The Rockefellers, the Rothschild's et cetera?


Alan:  No, they're given preferential treatment and so on. The very fact that a Rothschild could come into Britain supposedly and pull a stunt, a con, if you like, by pretending that Napoleon was winning against Wellington and dumping his bonds so everybody else would dump theirs, then he bought them all up for pennies, and get away with it and walk freely around the narrow streets of London and this ancient nobility of Britain who had assassination teams simply left him alone, that's rubbish. You see, Rothschild was asked to come in and manage the whole system by the nobility. That's what it was. That's what it was. The real powers themselves are never allowed to be shown in public. In fact, in theosophy and a few other Masonic groups they say that the Hidden Masters that run the show at the right time will come forward and show who they really are, but by that time they will have sewn up world government and obviously they'll have total control of the world and have no fear of anything happening to them, which means that they can only appear in a completely totalitarian system.


Jackie:  In the Protocols they mentioned that their king despot of the blood of Sion, their pope of the world, he will be so benevolent and so with the people that they will even put him out with the people as though he trusts all the people, but they said that of course he would be totally surrounded by his protectors at all times; but whoever it is, Alan, that if they're going to present somebody, he is going to be slicker than we've ever seen before.


Alan:  He'll have all the answers to the problems of the world because he and his cronies created the problems of the world.


Jackie:  Yes. He's going to get rid of property taxes too, by the way, because they talk about that in there how the property taxes right now ever escalating. They serve their purpose because they cause unrest, but when they come into their power they'll get rid of those kinds of things.


Alan:  They will because we won't have any property by then and we'll all be living in habitat areas and the UN websites they tell you that there will be no private property. It will be rental only and there will be no private automobiles either; so anybody who wants to check up where we'll go and how we're to live, simply has to look into the United Nations website.


Jackie:  We have a quote at our website at and I think it's either in Regionalism or the States Right. Rexford Tugwell after – actually, I think it was around 1934 it was a small newspaper article in Colorado where he said the government will own all land. That was 1934, Alan, or someplace around there.


Alan:  They still Tugwell society, which is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, but maybe we should also mention that I have the books out now that explain a lot of this.


Jackie:  Well you go right ahead my dear.


Alan:  I go through the Masonic meanings of things, which is very important to understand the language we're using or what you're reading in the newspapers, because there's double meanings in everything and I give you the lost word and tell you what it really is and all the rest of it. None of the nonsense they put out there on the books for you to buy off the shelves and I give you the extracts, where it comes from and so on, very old books, and I also go into the history of money from ancient times. How it was introduced. How they brought down countries – country after country until they were all on the money system.


Jackie:  Built them up and brought them down.


Alan:  That's right, by using usury and getting them all in debt. It's a silly thing for relief of Africa. I don't know how many times they've written off third-world debt and these boys, the front men of the so called Rock Star Association that come out and demand we forgive these loans to the third-world countries are working for the banks because we forgive the loans every three or four years. Then we give them another one as soon as they're forgiven, but what the general public who are all cheering this don't realize is the money is borrowed from the World Bank by the U.S. and Canada and the guarantors to pay the loans off are the Canadian and American citizens, so when we write the loans off to the third-world country the citizens of the U.S. and Canada end up paying it. This is the con game that goes on and on and on and none of the money gets to Africa anyway. It never does.


Jackie:  Maybe they're going to call it CanadaUS?


Alan:  That's a good name, but if you want the three books [see for ordering information] and you can't buy this information off the shelf.


Jackie:  As Alan has suggested, that if you don't have I and II yet, it would be better to start there and if you have those books, No. III, "Cutting Through" is now available. Alan, did you find a way to get those copied by the way?


Alan:  I did get a dozen copied today.


Jackie:  Did you really?


Alan:  By some strange miracle. Some of the pages are a bit too close to the edges but it's legible but I didn't have the same chaos as the last time.


Jackie:  You went to another place? 


Alan:  Yes.  


Jackie:  Did you want to tell our listeners what happened to you?


Alan:  Well, it's difficult to imagine but however I did take three master copies in for I, II and III into a Staples place where they recopy. The girl told me it would take half an hour, no problems. It was a quiet day and I came back in half an hour and they had my pages all over the counters scattered. They had a full counter about 30 feet long at the back covered with different pages from my stuff. There were pages on top of the photocopiers. Neither photocopier would work properly with my material and it kept chewing the copies up. However, in between all of this, in a four hour space, mind you, they did other peoples' stuff, rushed it through and both machines worked perfectly with everyone else's material. As soon as you put mine back on, sure enough, the paper jams and they have to get the paper from inside and at the end I knew they couldn't put Humpty Dumpty together again because I didn't know where all this stuff was.


Jackie:  You didn't know where the masters were.


Alan:  Oddly enough, the three girls there were in sort of a daze and they were not standing talking to each other. They were reading through my material, which was all over the place.


Jackie:  And one had told you they weren't supposed to read it?


Alan:  That's right. I asked her what's happening and she said well nothing at the moment. I said, well I've been here for four hours while nothing's happening except that you seem to be destroying everything I've written, and their answers were completely out of context with the situation: like is there something the matter, sir? It was incredible.


Jackie:  And they didn't seem to be flustered at the problems they were having?


Alan:  No.


Jackie:  Hello.


Pat:  Hi Jackie. I was wondering if you could ask Alan what his position or opinion is of the Protocols. I don't think I've ever heard him give his opinion one way or another whether he believes.


Jackie:  Yes. Who's calling?


Pat:  This is Pat.


Jackie:  Pat, speak up just a little bit, your question again.


Pat:  I was just wondering if you could ask Alan what his personal opinion or belief on the Protocols, whether they're real or fiction or forgery and also if you can ask him to speak on his background. I don't think I've ever heard him speak about his knowledge or where he's from.


Jackie:  Like a bio on Alan?


Pat:  Sure.


Jackie:  Okay.


Pat:  Thank you.


Jackie:  Thanks, Pat. Alan, did you want to finish what you were saying about – well, folks, when Alan and I talked that evening when he had experienced this, what I got listening is that the people that were going through all these problems – I've been to Staples before because we put packets together and we have them copied and collated and et cetera and the thing is that while all of this was going on for four and a half hours at least, because he waited a half hour to come back to get them, these people didn't seem to be flustered at the problems they were having and the way Alan was talking about it sounded like these people were in just some kind of a daze. Didn't it Alan?


Alan:  Yes. You see what we're talking about was the Queen and the Rothschild's and so on is tiddly-winks because there are sciences at work here and forces way above all of this. The sciences alone are so far advanced it puts all science fiction in the kindergarten categories. Sciences are so advanced.


Jackie:  Would you like to come back with us tomorrow night?


Alan:  Sure.


Jackie:  Let's go into that and would you like to comment on Pat's question about what your thoughts are on the Protocols?


Alan:  The Protocols, whoever wrote them – to me, I don't care who wrote them because the fact is everything in them and there's no doubt they were written at the time they were said to be written and what they wrote about things that would be made to occur within society, not by any supernatural means either, have occurred and it's too precise. It has too precise a grip on societal structures, mass psychology, individual psychology and group psychology. It's too perfect. I'm sure it wasn't put together by one person and regardless of who it's attributed to, the fact is what was planned in it cannot be denied.


Jackie:  And the way it's written of course they speak about themselves as being the chosen and their dispersal has been actually a blessing to them and so either in fact or by them wanting people to believe it was those who called themselves Jews who were laying this out.


Alan:  At the same time it was done primarily as far as we know by those in Russia who were Kazarian extract who had no Hebrew blood in them at all, so that's another little mystery as to who these people really were in the first place.


Jackie:  Will you consider tomorrow night about giving our listeners a brief background on who Alan Watt is?


Alan:  Yes, not too much though.


Jackie:  Okay. All right, well that's great. I've had a lot of people ask me and it might be helpful for our listeners or it may be just interesting to know about who Alan Watt is and so ladies and gentlemen, we will pick this up again tomorrow night. Alan will be back with us and we'll play it as it lays and thank you for being with us tonight, and Alan, thank you. Thank you for taking time out from your guests to be on the air with us.


Alan:  Good night.


Jackie:  Good night.



(Transcribed by Linda)