Alan Watt on

"Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru

July 18, 2005 




Jackie:  Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for joining us tonight on Sweet Liberty. We were so late getting on. We had a guest lined up this evening and I do not know what happened. This is whatever, so at the last minute I called Alan and what we were going to be talking about tonight and I hope that she will be able to come on with us. We were going to be talking about aspartame. I've got a video, a DVD actually and this thing is just atrocious. It's terrible what's going on and the deaths and the illness that has been created by this terrible additive of excitotoxin that has been added to so many foods. Anyway, Alan is with us and today is the Monday the 18th of July in the year 2005 and I sure hope you stayed with us. Well, those of you who are listening did stay with us, didn't you? We were five minutes late getting on. Alan, thanks for being here tonight.


Alan:  It's a pleasure.


Jackie:  Yeah, right. Way last minute, huh?


Alan:  Last minute, yes, and a very hot night too.


Jackie:  Oh boy is it hot there too, Alan?


Alan:  On Saturday, it hit 115.


Jackie:  Oh no. Now, actual temperature or heat index?


Alan:  That was the temperature on the thermometer. It was over 100 in the shade.


Jackie:  Oh my God. And what is it going down to in the evening?


Alan:  It's around just above 80 right now, sometimes 85.


Jackie:  But I mean Saturday, it went down to 80 that night?


Alan:  That night, no. It stayed around – well into darkness it was just below 90 and they were spraying the skies like crazy.


Jackie:  Yes. Well, it's I don't know about probably 90 here. I was going to do a check on the weather bug and see what the heat index is because it feels almost like it did when it was 96.The heat itself is just something else. I want to share something with our listeners, something that you mentioned to me, Alan, and I don't want to forget to say this because I think it could be very helpful for many of us this coming winter. Folks, I was talking to Alan – I'm heating with natural gas here now that Chuck is gone and not using the firewood and gas, the prices are just terrible. If they keep raising them I don't know what's going—well, I do understand it's part of rural cleansing because those of us who live out in the country we have these what the heck do they call them Alan where its supposed to be all the people are involved.


Alan:  They want us into the habitat areas.


Jackie:  What I'm talking about is that the gas company itself. I forget what it is. When I lived Carlinville, Illinois, it was the same thing and the electric prices there were just absolutely terrible. Anyway, folks, not this past winter but the winter before I kept my thermostat at 60. Sometimes I got brave and put it down to 59 and I was wearing several layers of clothing in order to even have a modicum of – I was comfortable although my hands and my nose and stuff was cold but I literally was wearing three layers of clothing and last winter I kept my thermostat at 62 and on account of that my heating bill went $100 a month. When I called to ask them about it she said well you've used 10 more decagons this year than you did last year at the same time. I said oh I see. Last year I was wearing three layers of clothing to keep warm and this year I'm wearing only two. Well, what Alan suggested when I mentioned to Alan how come like in the spring, in the fall if it's 60 degrees and you put on a pair of sweats and a flannel shirt or a sweat shirt you're very, very comfortable and yet I was freezing at 60 degrees in my home in the winter time and I asked Alan why that would be. The one thing that Alan mentioned is that because it is so dry, the cold is a dry cold and he said that if we put a humidifier in the house and add humidity to atmosphere within then the 60 degrees would be probably the same thing.


Alan:  Yes, it certainly helps absolutely.


Jackie:  Well nothing else makes any sense. Sixty degrees is 60 degrees and yet at 60 degrees in the winter time, my God you're freezing.


Alan:  I know. If you put humidity into the air, it's completely different from dry warm air and lasts longer too, by the way. It keeps your heating bills down.


Jackie:  Well I guess it would.


Alan:  It actually holds the heat, you see, the moisture, and your furnace will kick on less.


Jackie:  Well I heat with baseboard hot water heat, which is wonderful, I love it. I had that in Illinois also and it is a wonderful heat and you don't have the forced air blowing in and it is a comfortable warmth, but I know that it has to be what you're saying because nothing else makes any sense.  


Alan:  Yes and if you get static shocks in the winter time in your house, that's a sign it's too dry.


Jackie:  Yes, well I don't recall getting static shocks for whatever reason but it has to be that because we've had even in the early summer and of course in the spring we had a lot of days that were 60 and 58 and et cetera. I only wore a pair of sweats and a flannel shirt and I was very, very comfortable, Alan, and I thank you for that and I wanted to tell our listeners this because it might slip my mind when winter comes to tell them this, so you keep this in mind, folks.


Alan:  There's no doubt that energy is going to be the big thing. We’re going into a crisis point of crisis creation and that's why the gasoline is so high. They're modifying the weather like crazy. There's no doubt about it. It's the Wizard of Oz with his advanced science that's doing this.


Jackie:  Remember I told you I heard on the Weather Channel that day that it had been really unseasonably cold and then it started nice and warming up and she says well we're keeping the temperatures up there for you guys to give you a break this weekend; and I thought, you know what, they're really doing it.


Alan:  They are doing it.


Jackie:  I mean I don't know if these weather people – do you think they know about this?


Alan:  I'm sure they do because I mean even NASA had to put out some kind of cover story to explain the satellite photographs of the Earth, especially North America which was just almost a fog of they called them contrails from the aircraft; of course it's chemical. We know it's chemicals. Many people have tested this.


Jackie:  They said also that it was commercial aircraft, didn't they?


Alan:  Yes and let's be honest. I mean commercial aircraft didn't suddenly – in fact there's less commercial aircraft than there was last year.


Jackie:  Well are they going to make X's in the sky with underlines and pretty sun rays?


Alan:  They'll probably play games with the O and the X and the straight lines. They're playing games, plus the HAARP can be picked up on the shortwave; if you scan the shortwave, you'll pick up the frequencies.


Jackie:  I just lost some volume on you. Oh, there we are. Say that again.


Alan:  You'll find on the shortwave if you scan it, you'll find where the HAARP frequencies are if you scan during the day or in the evening and sometimes early in the morning around 9000 kilohertz you'll find the HAARP and it makes a wow-wow-wow sound constant. Then around noon time, it's just before the same station that WWCR is on, it's just a little bit before--


Jackie:  12.160?


Alan:  It's just before there around 12,000 you'll find it and then in the evening it changes just before 5070 and generally it will stay on that all night until the early morning.


Jackie:  What will it be, at about 6000 or what?


Alan:  You just scan from about 5000 onwards until you come across it before the first commercial station.


Jackie:  And how do you know that's HAARP, Alan?


Alan:  It wasn't there a couple of years ago. They were testing it once in a while, but about a year and a half ago or so they started to use it full time.  It doesn't sound like anything else on the shortwave. It's a pulsation, a very strong signal and it's a pulsing sound it makes and of course HAARP have – they have declared – they always legally tell you in a sense what they're doing, even if it's a brief quip somewhere, but they did say that they had stepped up their generating power and even the Alaskan one; and remember there's 56 or more of these HAARP facilities across the planet.


Jackie:  And there's acres and acres of transmitters, towers.  


Alan:  Yes. They can actually link them up in different countries and bounce them off the ionosphere and then bring them down on any target they want to – hold on a second.


Jackie:  Is that Max?


Alan:  Saw some rabbits. Wow, it's a little cat. I don't know where that came from. That's new.


Jackie:  In the house?


Alan:  No, outside, but it's coming up this way. I don't know where that came from. Anyway, the HAARP is playing full time and of course they're spraying as well like crazy. Even when the storms are going on you see them laying these lines you know. They never stop.


Jackie:  You mean when we're having thunderstorms?


Alan:  Yes. You'll see it before. In fact, I've got used to telling when there's going to be a thunderstorm because there's a different kind of spray they lay out. They lay it on very, very thickly and it turns into that almost like looking through a polythene sheet across the sky and that's the polymers, which is a form of plastic molecule that they are spraying, and it's quite something to see.


Jackie:  Besides the metals.


Alan:  The metals come down too.


Jackie:  You know it occurs to me that occasionally we do have new listeners I think and we're sitting here talking as though everybody knows exactly what we're talking about. Just briefly, explain what the HAARP project is.


Alan:  This is Auroral Research Program, the High Altitude one which is supposed to – it first came out in the Baltic Region when the Soviet Union was using one in Riga. They built the first one we know of.


Jackie:  Is that the one called the woodpecker?


Alan:  That's right. Basically, all the ham radio enthusiastics were coming off the band. They couldn't even pick up certain bands because they were blocked out by the woodpecker and it was like a tap, tap, tapping sound at that time, very fast though, and so eventually they targeted it. They could actually diagnose where it was coming from and the Russians admitted they were using this type of powerful 'standing wave' as they called it which they bounced up into the ionosphere and then it was targeted down on North America. It was invented by Tesla apparently in the early 1900's and Tesla himself said that he was stopping experimentation of it because it superheated the atmosphere. It caused a standing wave which could be many, many miles wide and around the standing wave, where nothing really moves, just hot air, they'll have storms and floods even like a vortex around it. Like a tunnel and he said this could superheat the atmosphere so much that the atmosphere could ignite and yet here they are building these things all over the place and actually using them and targeting North America.


Jackie:  You know on the video that was made called "Are There Holes in Heaven," Dr. Nick Begich is on it. There's also a physicist and what she was explaining she said that the ionosphere is sort of like a bubble or a balloon – a bubble around the earth and she said when they send this very concentrated beam of energy into the ionosphere and the earth is rotating, she said they don't know but it could literally slash holes right into the ionosphere and totally destroy the ionosphere.


Alan:  That's right.


Jackie:  And her fear, her concern was that they know not what they do and they can be causing irreparable damage to this planet and its atmosphere and outer.


Alan:  As I say, they definitely have advanced science. I think it's actually more advanced than the public are even aware of, or being told of, and I'm sure they know exactly what temperatures to create. They do admit – in fact they signed a treaty not to use this weather modification and HAARP technology. They signed a treaty at the UN back in the 1970's and on that treaty they said they will not use it against other countries, so that means they're open to use it on their own people.


Jackie:  Yes. It doesn't say anything about within. It prohibits the hostile use of the technology that can cause hurricanes, title waves, earthquakes, like the tsunami that hit.


Alan:  That's right, so they can do that. They can cause drought and they can cause flooding.


Jackie:  I think that was 1972 or '74. And folks, think about this. The technology, it didn't say in this ENMOD treaty that the United Nations did, it didn't say that it prohibits the research or the development. It says prohibits the use of weather modification techniques, hostile use, and already back then they were admitting that they can cause earthquakes. They can cause floods, hurricanes, all kinds of damaging weather and earth upheavals.


Alan:  If you look at Alberta where they grow such much of the corn and wheat and so on, for the last four years they had a drought – in fact they had a plague of locusts--


Jackie:  I think that's what – isn't that what a grasshopper is?


Alan:  It was grasshoppers last year, yes, and so most of the farmers have been going under one by one, and this year when Ontario – typically you have a standing wave and nothing moves. The air didn't even move here in Ontario. No rain up until about yesterday. Alberta was getting flooded for the last two months or so, complete flooding every day, and whole towns were being upset by this thing.


Jackie:  And that's the big agricultural area.


Alan:  Yes, so they've been put under and Chile apparently is being built up for the NAFTA for joining NAFTA, and Monsanto and Archer Daniel Midland have been using our tax money through the NAFTA grants to build up the huge agricultural business in Chile. It's interesting as we're getting put under and our farmers are being put under, here's the big boys and the commercial farms ready to go with all their produce that we have paid for basically.


Jackie:  Genetically modified produce?


Alan:  Yes, and that will start to supply North America when there is no farming here. Everything is preplanned. Everything that happens in this system is preplanned.


Jackie:  It's difficult for some people to grasp, even though I believe that within them they know it. It's just so difficult to accept, to climb out of. Well, you called it free falling. Like free falling, like jumping out of an airplane without a parachute. If you want the truth we have to be willing to let go of all of everything that we thought we knew and begin anew so to speak, and the one thing that I'm clear about is that I know we're much, much closer to the truth than I know for myself than I have ever been and it has become real clear to me unless I was there, I still don't absolutely know. I mean I know that there is truth except that – for example, Alan, I received an email. I don't know if this appeared on the news or not. Thirty-two little Iraqi children were killed by a car bomb and I would imagine if it was on the news they said that it was – you know, what do they call them?


Anyway, there was a report done by a Palestinian, I don't know if it was a radio or newspaper or whatever. There are actual photographs that they showed the U.S. soldiers handing down candy to Iraqi children and what they did, according to this report, they lured the children into the street into the area and they said that there was a vehicle there that they were afraid had an explosive attached to it and they wanted to keep the children away from it. Well, then they finally told the people it's okay, there was nothing wrong with the vehicle. So they had all those children in that area giving them candy and Pokemon toys and then they took off like a bat out of hell and the car exploded and they said it wasn't TNT because it left a crater in the street. It killed 32 little Iraqi children and wounded 10 others that were in the area and I sent it over to Darrin to put onto our website and I realized truly we don't know if even that is the truth. It looks – the pictures. They had the photographs of the soldiers handing down the candy and they had photographs of adults just sobbing with blood all over their faces and their hands at the children's death; and yet what I put before it is: if this is the truth, then the American boys and girls/men and women have become the new world barbarians.  Thirty-two little children exploded for what?


Alan:  There's so little you can take for – well, you can't take anything on the news today for granted.


Jackie:  See, this wasn't on the news. That's the point. This came from a Palestinian or Arab newspaper and whoever put it online translated parts of it for the English-speaking people and just highlighted certain aspects of it. But that's what I'm saying and to me the pictures gave evidence but it occurred to me that the pictures could be pictures of anything.


Alan:  We're in a time as I say of chaos because it's manufactured chaos and to bring in a new age, which this is, they always create a chaos. That's why your gas is going through the ceiling, the price of gasoline. All energy is going through the roof. They're modifying the weather to create weather chaos and blame the public for driving and causing it, and the public believe what they see on the news. They think they're causing the smog, but they never look at the sky and see the stuff being sprayed right above their heads.


Jackie:  You know probably it was back in 1992 when I first became awake and became involved. I read – actually it was an article about ethanol and how easy it is to make it. There were actually instructions on how to make ethanol and run your car on it and in this article it said that the Rothschild's were buying up at that time hundreds of thousands of acres of land in Brazil to grow the corn so that when they go to ethanol they will be still the suppliers of our fuel and they'll probably make it illegal to make your own ethanol.


Alan:  Yes, they will. You won't be allowed to distill anything at all. They already have those laws in place because any spirits you distill yourself they crack down on.


Jackie:  I thought about that, but it's like alcohol, yes?So the revenuers will come in and crash up your tanks?


Alan:  Yes. There was a fellow who was telling people in Canada a couple of years ago I think online and it was on the regular news. He was telling people how to make their own and how to build the still to make it and the government did crack down on it and arrested him.


Jackie:  Well, you have to have a license to do that.


Alan:  That's right. You cannot share power. I mean that's how you keep power. You don't share it.


Jackie:  Yes, the definition I remember reading this of a license is giving you permission to do something that would otherwise be illegal. We're at the half hour here, ladies and gentlemen, and once again I'm sorry for our late start tonight and I'm very grateful for Alan for coming on with us because I certainly wasn't prepared with information to present to you tonight.


All right, we're back with Alan Watt. I stayed in the house today, Alan. I took a break and I spent about 50 hours last week in that garden, and boy, did I ever wear myself out, so I've been inside the last two days. Well, it rained yesterday and I've just been inside trying to take care of some things in here and I've been spending some time on the book.


Alan:  I put back that bunch that was printed up and were destroyed at the printers.


Jackie:  Oh good.


Alan:  I've got another set made up there.


Jackie:  Okay, now see I keep losing volume on you for some reason and you’re back again. It's interesting. You just go real, real almost far away. Why don't you give your address and tell the listeners how they can get the books.


Alan:  I've got three of them and I call them "Cutting Through" and you can imagine what I'm cutting through and it's I, II and III.  [See for ordering information.]


They go through the freemasonry aspect. They go through the historical aspect of the religious collusion with the different agencies and crowns and so on, and countries bringing us to where we are today and where they're going from here, and it's documented as much as possible. There's no real speculation because it's spelled out for you to follow.


The last bunch I had printed up they destroyed the copies and the master copies so I had to go through a whole bunch of paste-ups to try and put it all back together again. 


Jackie:  But you did get it all back together.


Alan:  Yes I did, like Humpty Dumpty.


Jackie:  Although Humpty Dumpty wasn't able to be put back together again.


Alan:  I know, I know. This was a job, I'll tell you, but these things happen when you're trying to write about things you don’t normally find in the bookstores.


Jackie:  Alan?One of the things from what I understand in freemasonry is that they're supposed to revenge the death of Jacques de Molay. Well that's recent. I mean what was that, about 500 years ago?


Alan:  No. Molay I think was in the 1300's.


Jackie:  Oh, 1300's.So about 700 years ago?


Alan:  Yes.


Jackie:  But my point is that freemasonry has been around a lot longer than 1300 years.


Alan:  It was there under different names thousands of years ago.


Jackie:  Yes, but it wasn't called freemasonry at the time?


Alan:  No. They always use the builders' terminology because they build society. They build culture and then they change culture.


Jackie:  They build temples in men's minds.


Alan:  That's right. And of course the whole idea of masonry, Solomon's Temple is the individual himself. They rebuild Solomon's Temple, meaning they take the basic person and rebuild him and he becomes a holy temple as a fully-fledged freemason. These are all allegories and it's all in the Old Testament too. It's disguised under different stories and of course they didn't invent it. It was on the go before, all the way back into Egypt and even into Sumer. It's been here for thousands of years and freemasonry that was given to the general public or the middle classes in the 1700's in Europe was a fairly new thing. They'd used primarily the nobility as the builders for thousands of years, but in the 1700's they had to bring in a middle class to help manage the Industrial Revolution which they were putting society through as a plan. Therefore they had to give them a lesser form of masonry and so they created freemasonry for the middle classes and then for the lower classes eventually and also for the military.


The standing armies have traditionally always been Masonic. All of their drilling their marching and everything is all Masonic ritual, even if they don't know it themselves, and pretty well every military base has a Masonic temple within it and when they go abroad they have a traveling lodge that goes with them. The British before the American Revolution started up various lodges and they planted the English lodge throughout America; Benjamin Franklin joined it. He was one of the first in his area to join it and he wrote about it and eventually when the British army came in they also brought the Orange Lodge with them as a traveling lodge and during the battles or after the battles Washington and different masons would cross the lines and share Masonic brotherhood with their supposed enemy the British in their lodges and sign their books. That's the whole thing about freemasonry. When there's battles or wars going on, if they give the Masonic signs to each other and the passwords, they're true brothers and must help each other regardless of what side they're on.


Jackie:  I saw a painting that was done depicting George Washington, the British Cornwallis and a couple of other of their probably higher-ups in the army in a tent during the Revolutionary War sharing tea and having a little chat, and this is while their "Revolutionary" war was going on. It was after Carol Valentine's report that she did on the Noahide laws and she used – I saw the definition before but I didn't understand it so I pretended it wasn't there. The definition of a freemason is a Noahide and so I took that one paragraph and set it aside and said I want to do some more research on this and then I found a lot of information in an old book called "The Cause of World Unrest" and it was very telling, very telling. The connection if you would between what they call themselves Jews, the so called Jews and freemasonry--


Alan:  Well, every freemason becomes a Jew when they join.


Jackie:  They have to, Alan.


Alan:  No, it's actually called that – to the public they call it an Entered Apprentice; to each other they call it the Jewish apprentice.


Jackie:  Do they really?


Alan:  The whole ritual is taken from the mythological Jews who joined. It wasn't Jews actually. It was Hebrews at that point supposedly that joined the secret society of Hiram from Tyre. He came to help build the temple, which again is all allegory for the story, and he had a secret society with him; so these Tyrians or Phoenicians actually, they were a Phoenician group, and the king was Hiram supposedly came to Solomon and initiated some of Solomon's own men into the secret society and that's what it's all based on. However, this is all mythological because as I say you can find the traces of the secret society 5,000 years before that. You'll find it in very, very early Egypt and you'll also find it within the writings of the priests of Sumer, so it's been here for what we can call the beginning of civilization – which is the system. That's what they mean by civilization: The system of rulership with a small learned class holding power over the people and religious classes who at that time acted as bureaucrats over the people and managed all the public affairs. That's what they mean by civilization.


Jackie:  That's exactly the way it is today.


Alan:  Yes. It's their system. It's never changed.


Jackie:  The police chiefs and a lot of the police, the politicians, the bureaucrats, they're all freemasons.


Alan:  They're all freemasons.


Jackie:  Supreme Court judges.


Alan:  Peter Wright was on trial during Margaret Thatcher's era. He worked for MI5 and MI6 and he was so disgusted with what was happening within the organizations that he wrote a book called "Spycatcher."  He tells you that when he was asked to come in as an expert in electronics, that's why he came into it, he said that when he went to the small office where the records keeper basically. Very much like the James Bond movies with Miss Moneypenny was it? That same sort or type of secretary said to him "of course you must be a mason," and he says, "no, I'm not." She says, "wow" she says "everyone in this organization is a freemason" and so he let a lot out of the bag as he wrote that book "Spycatcher".


Jackie:  Did you say he was on trial?


Alan:  Margaret Thatcher charged him with disclosing secrets of the realm, so he was charged with treason. His second book was "The A to Z of Spycatching" and that's when she had him arrested; and in it and during the trial he did bring up the fact that Lord Rothschild of England, Victor Rothschild, who was one of the few members of the family who also did something else apart from banking. He was also a scientist and he was in charge of most of the military secrets of Porton Downs, the military establishment for bacterial and biological warfare, and Peter Wright alluded to the fact that the main spies who all defected from MI6 and MI5 to the Soviets had all been lodgers. They all boarded with Lord Rothschild and his wife in their early years, so he was bringing the connections forth that this Mr. Rothschild was passing the secrets on to the Soviets. Every time the head of MI5 got close to this truth he was immediately suspended or demoted and they put somebody else in place, so he let a lot of stuff out of the bag and Margaret Thatcher put Peter Wright on trial for disclosing all this information.


Jackie:  Did you say he wrote two books?


Alan:  Yes. "The "A to Z of Spycatching" when they arrested him. They didn't put him in prison. They had to let him go but they did take all the books and they put them back in the pulp. The pulped them all back to pulp. He was disclosing the fact that Lord Rothschild was the head, he was "The Fifth Man" as they called it, this person who controlled these MI5 double agents in Britain and Victor Rothschild was the only contact with them all. What was more amazing was the fact that every bit of information that Victor Rothschild was given to do with any of their technology was immediately known to the Soviets and it could only have been through Victor Rothschild. There was another writer after Peter Wright wrote a book called "The Fifth Man" and in it he goes through a lot of this stuff about the Rothschild's.


Jackie:  Is that book – was that pulped also?


Alan:  No. That one is available and I have it."The Fifth Man" was the title of the book.


Jackie:  Where was it published, over in England?


Alan:  Yes.


Jackie:  Victor Rothschild –I want to ask you a question. Now Amschel, was he the first Rothschild?


Alan:  There was old Amschel.


Jackie:  So Victor was down the line a little ways.


Alan:  Yes. Victor was in the British army. He joined the British army during World War II as a bomb disposal expert and eventually was promoted up to the head of the scientific and development part of the military. Even after his name was connected to these MI5 agents that defected to the Soviets, these double agents, rather than kick Rothschild out he ended up in charge of all the British security forces. That's what Peter Wright was so angry about. Why on earth would you put this guy who was a suspect in charge of all your security forces?  Until you figure it out that the whole thing is nonsense. There was no Cold War. The elite who ruled Britain created a fake enemy, the great bear in Russia and they created the Cold War and they had to make it very real to the public and even to a lot of the small players involved in it like Peter Wright himself. The fact was the Soviets couldn't feed themselves from the beginning to the end. They couldn't even make a good television set. They were supported totally by sales of grain from the U.S. and Canada right up until the very end.


Jackie:  I don't think sales, Alan.


Alan:  I know, I know. We loaned them the money, which they could then buy the grain from us.


Jackie:  There was one thing. I read a book and this was very early on when I was first becoming involved and it was written by I can't remember. He was a guy that ran for president. Anyway, he told in there about the export import banks and I had known about that but I didn't know what it was and he explained it and used an example. When a private corporation for example loans money and he used an example of the Soviet Union and I forget what company it was – what bank. Probably a Rockefeller bank here that loaned the Soviets hundreds of millions of dollars to build the [Decoma] River Plant which was a plant that not only built trucks but all kinds of war machines, war vehicles. Well the export import is that the import export or whatever. I think I get it backwards all the time. Anyway, the reason it was set up was to guarantee loans that are made by private corporations to foreign countries if those foreign countries do not pay and so the export import bank our tax dollars reimbursed Rockefeller's Chase Manhattan Bank hundreds of millions of dollars that went over to the Soviet Union to build war vehicles that in essence could be used against us. And you know I went to a town hall meeting while Dick Durbin was there, our U.S. Congressman, in Collinsville. Alan, talk about an early-on education, when he was taking questions I had the book there and it was a paperback and this guy's name is escaping me of course. Anyway, I mentioned this and I said I'd like to know about this. I'd like you to comment on this that our tax dollars are being used dah-da-dah and he looked at me and he started talking and he wound all around me and I'm still standing because I'm waiting for him to respond to my questions and I'm telling you, he just somehow danced around me and the next thing you know he was calling on someone else and I was still standing there and I raised my hand while I was standing up and he pretended I was invisible. And do you know the thing is the thing that shocked me more than anything is that the people who were sitting there didn't say wait a minute. Why don't you answer this lady's question? Respond to what she just said. Do you know what they wanted, the next lady that raised her hand? She wanted to know how come she couldn't when she had to drive to Springfield to work she couldn't count it as commute time and she wanted some bill passed that would allow her to deduct that on her income tax. I was in shock, Alan.


Alan:  That's a good example though of the purpose of setting up the Soviet Union because it was the dialectic approach to a third way. First they created capitalism and then the other side of the coin was communism and then they blend the two together because they've socialized society. What Lenin said was when the politicians in the United States begin to discuss during elections social issues, to do with pensions, healthcare and so on, then they have been effectively socialized; and that would never have happened if it wasn't for the supposed enemy across the sea there, the Soviet Union. That was its purpose; it was to make the people back home say well they better give them some benefits or they may revolt. This worked very, very well. The countries of the West are all socialized now.


Jackie:  Is there something in the Bible that says beware of the bear from the north?


Alan:  No. That was Nostradamus and it's the same with the "yellow hordes." That was Nostradamus too. It wasn't the Bible.


Jackie:  I've told you this, when I was little I spent a lot of time listening to the adults conversations and I remember during I think it was after the war, World War II, but I remember some neighbor that use to spout the Bible all the time when they were sitting around having coffee and they were talking about Russia and she said that in the Bible – I thought she said the Bible. It says beware of the bear from the north and that that is Russia.


Alan:  You see, in the celestial sky towards the North Pole, you'll see the Great Bear and that's always been associated with Satan, that area.


Jackie:  Is that Ursa?


Alan:  There's Ursa Major and Minor. Also in the Bible they make references to Satan living in the north, so that's always been associated with the Great Bear.


Jackie:  I can remember walking to school worrying about whether or not we were going to be attacked by Russia.


Alan:  Fear is a fantastic method of controlling millions and millions of people because they look towards leadership to take care of things for them. It's a natural tribal instinct, which these people at the top understand very well and they manipulate it to their advantage and they take advantage of the people all the time. That's why we're always in a constant state of crisis. There's not been one generation who've lived in a time of peace from the beginning to the end of their life. Either financial chaos or war or both, but they keep us going up and down like yo-yos.


Jackie:  Yes and you know what I'd like you to do our last few minutes here? Comment, address that, how we can know this stuff and not be living in fear. Not be living in panic and know this stuff. Will you talk about that?


Alan:  The first thing is not to respond to it. I take it for granted that whatever comes out of the news, and I've got plenty of information to back this up, whatever comes out of the news is psychological warfare. It's designed that way. It's not new by the way. The news business was not taken over recently. It was set up like this. In the 1700's in England--


Jackie:  I'm talking about the topics that we discuss on this broadcast, it could be very frightening to people.


Alan:  It can only be frightening if they take it to heart that what's happening is all by chance. When you realize it’s all planned this way you begin to lose your fear, especially when you realize it's always been this way. It's a technique of controlling the peoples' minds through fear; and once you realize that, you stop fearing them and of course you stop using their system. You stop voting even for them. Why would you vote for a corrupt system that's always been corrupt?


Jackie:  Why would you vote when your vote doesn’t count anyway?


Alan:  Exactly, yes, so the thing is to take everything with not a pinch of salt but a mountain of salt because psychological warfare is nothing new. It's been used on your grandparents and their predecessors too. It's ongoing and it's a technique to make you submit to powerful figures in the system so that they can get their way; and their way is always more for them, less for you and it's a form of tyranny, which we now call democracy. And tyranny is tyranny. It doesn't matter what they want to call it, what guise they give it. Stop giving your power to them. Stop worrying about the things they tell you to worry about and start thinking for yourself.


Jackie:  Yes and not only that, but knowing this. Knowing that it's all by design. Like for example the aspartame in the food, to kill people, to reduce the population, et cetera. Do everything that we can. In other words, make choices of how we're going to spend our time, Alan?


Alan:  Absolutely.


Jackie:  And are we going to go, oh, well I'm not going to garden because it's too time consuming, and then are we going to eat their poison food and their genetically modified food that genetically modifies the body, or will we do what we can to live as naturally and free of their system as possible.


Alan:  Also, it takes every individual who knows this stuff to speak out about it to whoever they meet.


Jackie:  Exactly.


Alan:  They mustn't be afraid to speak. When you're afraid to speak the game is over.


Jackie:  Well, we'll do this some more, won't we, Alan?


Alan:  Yes.


Jackie:  Thanks so much for being here tonight.


Alan:  It's a pleasure.


Jackie:  Ladies and gentlemen, we'll be back tomorrow night on time bearing any unforeseen incidents. Thank you for being here folks. God bless you. Good night Alan.


Alan:  Good night.



(Transcribed by Linda)