June 7th, 2006
Alan Watt on
"Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru


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Jackie Patru: Alright, well, weíre going to get started here.  Ladies and gentlemen, good evening and thank you for joining us on Sweet Liberty.  Iím with you tonight with Alan again, Alan Watt.  Today is Wednesday and it is the 7th of June.  I almost said May, Alan.  Itís the 7th of June in the Year 2006 folks.  Our spiritual message this evening, "There is no veil the love of God in us together cannot lift.  The way to truth is open.  There is no veil the love of God in us together cannot lift.  The way to truth is open."  It is too, isnít it, Alan?


Alan Watt: Yeah, sometimes you need a crowbar.


Jackie: Yes.  Yeah, youíre the crowbar.


Alan: Thatís it.  And youíve got to do a lot of huffing and puffing.


Jackie: HR, what was that bill we wanted to mention?


Alan: I think it was 4752IH.


Jackie: 4752IH.  Folks I know there are a lot of, I understand, a lot of other broadcasters talking about this, and weíre not going to spend the evening on it, but I wanted to bring it up for those of you who might not listen to a lot of other broadcasts.  This bill, HR4752IH, I donít know what the IH stands for Alan, but thatís the way it was listed on the Thomas, on the government website.  And folks, this is a bill that is proposing to draft all men and women in the United States between the ages of 18 and 42.  Men and women between the ages of 18 and 42, and you know Alan, the way the bill reads, I was going to print it out.  It isnít a real long one, and share it with our listeners, but our internet listeners can go to the Thomas site and put that bill number in and it will pull it up.  But itís, those who donít go directly into the military would be drafted to do some type of "community service".  And basically, weíre just talking slave labor here Alan.


Alan: I think itís stated as or serve at home or other.  In other words it didnít specify what the other is.


Jackie: Exactly.  Exactly.  Itís wide open.  And I just, the important thing here folks is those of you who have young children or teenage children, it doesnít matter, they should never sign up for the draft.  They should never register for the draft.  And when the card comes it says that you have to do this itís the law.  And then if you read the frequently asked questions, well, what would happen if I didnít register for the draft, it says, Alan, you may be fined, and you may go to jail for whatever.  They donít.  They canít jail you.  And then they say you can never get a government grant.  See, thatís the big deal.  That is the hook, and that is the only hook.  And of course, there are many states and this happened, itís happened some time ago, that have actually added the requirement that if a young person goes in to get a drivers license, they have to sign up for the draft.  Their registering to get a drivers license is considered registration for the draft.  And if they arenít willing to sign that, they donít get a drivers license.  Now, this to me should have people stop and think, well, if it is a federal law, why do the states have to do this?  And you see, to me, thatís just more confirmation.  But the Selective Service Act is under Title 50, and Title 50 is not what they call positive law.  Thereís no legislation that has.  Itís the same as Title 26 which is the, or may Title 27 is the IRS, is that, you know, the income tax, but thereís no implementing legislation for that.  And they used Title 26 to implement the income tax.  They use all the implementing legislation under Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.


Alan: And whatís even more ominous is the fact that theyíre going to, or that they want to put this draft through, because it tells you itís not just to do with Iraq.† See, itís much bigger.  And itís an ongoing thing that theyíre looking at obviously when they need so much human power there, to do their job, which could last for who knows how long, donkeyís years.


Jackie: Well, you know I had a call from Bob Peters just before we went on air.  And he was listening to Al Adask, whoís on First Amendment Radio, just prior to this broadcast.  And he said, Al was talking about, you know, contractual law and etc.  And I said that I wanted to mention this draft bill.  He said that, you know, Al, he believed Al had been talking about it also.  And what Al was mentioning Alan was that theyíre talking about sending prisoners over to Iraq.


Alan: Oh, okay.  Well, thatís quite, see, thatís what they did in Britain for centuries.  They would draft them right from the prison.  In fact, the courts at one time, even on petty offenses used to give you the choice of joining the army or going to jail.  That was quite standard in Britain.  So, I guess itís the same system.


Jackie: You know, I was thinking about that with all these illegal aliens.  How many of them do you think have been drafted into the military, Alan?


Alan: Thatís open in fact.  Theyíve had that in major newspapers.  Theyíll give them citizenship if they serve so many years in the military.  And even in the Civil War, they had scouts out in Europe and Scandinavia to recruit people to come over and fight in the Civil War.  So, thereís nothing really new in that. 


Jackie: No, nothing new in it, but itís new in our time right now, isnít it?† Although, I have a book here, in fact it was mentioned in Doug Reedís book, controversy of Zion, and I was able to find the book.  And now, I cannot recall the name of the book, but I was able to get it through Abe books.  And it was a woman who wrote the book, who had served in the United Nations after WWII, and she was in one of the internment camps, or they donít call them internment camps but relocation camps.  And mostly, all that were in the camps where she was were Poles.  And she said that some of them were actually killing themselves rather than go home, because the Soviet Union, of course, had control over a lot of, you know, their living space.  And they just wouldnít go home.  They would hang themselves and cut their wrists and do anything.  But what they were trying to do was find homes for these people.  And she couldnít figure out why the US wouldnít let any of these people in, because a lot of the countries were.  They were taking healthy people, healthy people that they knew would be able to get work and not become a ward of the state.  And so there were some requirements, but many, many people were finding homes in other countries.  Well, then the Korean War came, Alan.  And suddenly the US government opened up its arms to those Poles, and the requirement was, it was right in her book, they had to serve two years over in Korea, and then they could come to America.† So, they were willing to risk their lives in a war to come to the land of plenty.† The land of the free and the home of the brave.  So, that is in our lifetime in a sense.  Itís very recent history.† And we were having a conversation last night, and I said, I think we better quit this right now, because our listeners need to be in on this conversation, and would you share with them what you were discussing.


Alan: It was about the global warming I think, wasnít it.  Yeah, it was, the global warming is a weird, we all parrot this because itís said all the time, itís mentioned in so many articles as though itís a fact, you know.  And we do know from even in school, when I was about seven, it was in the old geography books at the time, that the earth goes through warming and cooling periods.  And in the Middle Ages for two hundred years at one point, they didnít build fireplaces inside the homes because it was so warm.  So, we go through these cycles.  However, with the global warming, youíve got to think the South Pole would be melting too.  How come itís all to do with the North Pole melting?  And then I thought about the Star Wars project.  Everyone has forgotten about it.  But they put I donít know how many of these war type satellites into space, which can basically fry any continent if they want to.  And when you look at what weíre told, that the Pole is melting and itís all slipping into the sea, and since the prevailing wind across America and Canada, the US and Canada comes from the West, technically we should be cooling as this colder water, or the ice hits the water and cools the water.


Jackie: Oh shoot, it would, wouldnít it?


Alan: Yeah, it should bring it across the land.  And yet, the land is warming at the same speed, if not more, which would tell me that something is basking the Northern hemisphere, at least this part in something which is causing the heat.  The land as well as the sea.  But itís not affecting the Antarctica.


Jackie: Well, then we have the connection, when you had said at the one time, and folks, I donít, if you havenít seen Alanís videos at his website at cuttingthroughthematrix.com, itís linked from Sweet Liberty also, but if you havenít seen it.  What is the name of that last one?  The one about the clouds, Alan?


Alan: It was Peeping Through the Clouds.


Jackie: Peeping Through the Clouds.  You, sometimes when you would talk, and this has been going on for so long, and youíd say, oh my God, are they spraying again.  And how mushy the sky looked.  And we just donít, we do get sprayed, but nothing like you were describing.  And then you said, last year, the high temperatures made probably, I donít know how high they broke the record, but where youíre at, to get up to 115 degrees in the summer is an anomaly.


Alan: It certainly is.


Jackie: And you had mentioned, that you thought the possibility is that theyíre using the HAARP technology.† And that youíre right in the path of it.  And that that would be why youíre having the warmer weather.  And then when I was talking to a friend about it, and all of the spraying, I couldnít figure out Alan, why are they spraying out in the wilds up there.  And he said, probably, thatís why theyíre spraying so heavily, because of the barium.  And you explained that, that those metals are actually light refractors, and heat refractors of the sun.  And so now, I donít know, it just all makes sense to me.


Alan: Yeah, see the only way their theory that they try to spin it, we might be trying to save the planet.  We get these little hints.  We may be trying to do things about it.  Theyíre maybe going to start weather manipulation to stop global warming.  This is in the newspapers.  And theyíve been doing it for years.  And the patents go back for donkeyís years, anybody that wants to check out the different patents on all this stuff.  And this theory of reflecting the sunlight back out into space, would only work if the particles somehow were weighted so that the shiny part is facing the sun.  But itís not, you see.  These things are spinning and tumbling, and theyíre mirrors, and theyíre reflecting the light back and forth millions of times before they hit the ground and itís keeping the heat in.  Thatís just it.  Itís doing the opposite.  So, theyíre causing the global warming.


Jackie: Well, the thing is, we canít even count on what theyíre telling us, that there is global warming.  I mean, you know, all the floods and the droughts and everything, and even when it gets extremely.  We had freezing weather on the 22nd of May.  And frost on the 23 of May.  That isnít warm, Alan.  But they say, oh, well itís all part of global warming.  And I know Iíve said this before.  I am going to repeat myself, because I do know that we have quite a few new listeners, since youíve been on Coast to Coast.  But, Professor Patrick Michaels is the guy that, the professor in Virginia, University of Virginia, I believe.  I happened to hear him talk at an ALEC meeting, the American Legislative Exchange Council, which is an association for allegedly conservative state legislatures.  And he was talking to the State Legislatures.  He had overheads.  He said first of all that not only is there not global warming, now, this was ten years ago, but he said, not only is there not global warming, but the real temperatures are showing that the means nighttime temperature is slightly higher.  He says, that makes for a very lush planet.  But he said, they take artificial readings, and they take those readings where youíve got a lot of tarmac, like from the airports and that.


Alan: In the cities.


Jackie: Yeah, itís artificial heat.  And he said, now with the satellites, they know what the temperature is.  And at that time, anyway, there wasnít any global warming going on.  But one thing he pointed out, as cold as it is at the Poles, they say, well, if the temperature drops one degree, weíre going to have global warming and itís going to do all kinds of terrible things.  He said, if itís 45 degrees below zero and it goes up one degree, itís still at freezing.  And itís just, none of what theyíre saying in other words, it just doesnít, it doesnít fly.


Alan: Thereís a funny science program going on.  And thereís no doubt itís all to do with Science, plus, every effect theyíre talking about can be caused by the HAARP in conjunction with the spraying.  And thatís the ominous part about it.  We see the spraying going on all the time.  And they admit in the HAARP treaty that they signed at the UN not to use it on other countries.  They admitted they can cause drought or flood, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and they can also dissipate natural clouds or create them.  They can do one or the other.


Jackie: Droughts or floods. 


Alan: Iíve seen both happen.  Sometimes the sky will turn black, and youíre sure youíre going to get a thunderstorm, and then you hear the jets above them, and within an hour, itís all cleared up and itís this steely misty polymer type blue.  So, they can do either.  They can cause that or dissipate the clouds.  And also, itís in the treaty too.  They can bring the jet stream right down to ground level.  Well, the jet stream loops right where I am, and goes back down into the States.  So thatís why theyíre using this part to spray heavily.  It carries it all the way back down into the States.  It covers a wide area.


Jackie: And the satellites.  I made a note here, because when you mentioned, you know, the Star Wars, Jim McCanny, when he was on with us after Katrina.  He said that they literally were steering the hurricane, and of course, you know, either the way the Weather Channel, the way the weather reporters, theyíre showing these hurricanes making turns.


Alan: I know, right-angle turns.


Jackie: Yes.  And he said that theyíre doing it from the satellites, and he said basically what theyíre doing is beaming the electromagnetic energy down, right in front of the eye of the storm.  And it attracts the eye of the storm, and they just lead it around, like youíve got a ring through a pigís nose.


Alan: In fact, if you superheat the atmosphere in front of it, it attracts it, just like a magnet.


Jackie: Right, exactly.  Thatís what he said.  And they can make it go any dog-gone place they want.  And so, this makes sense too, you know, that that technology is part of it all.


Alan: It is.  And of course, theyíve tested out maybe three years ago, there was, it was in the newspapers, this odd series of meteorites that went across the sky from Canada into the States.  And from Vancouver I think, all the way down into Washington.  And they said it set off fire alarms across the whole territory.  Not fire alarms, car alarms, with explosions.  Then the next day they had all these experts on trying to tell us what it was, what they thought it might be.  It was all very vague, except they thought it was probably some kind of strange meteor.  And there was nothing more said about it.  But it was a series of explosions in the air.  And then, in Australia, a week later, they had the same phenomenon happening over one of their major cities, exactly a week later.  And what they were doing, I think, is using the satellites to superheat the atmosphere which explodes that part theyíre concentrating on.  And thatís what they really have been doing.  Tesla, himself, stopped his tests with the standing wave technology, because he said, it would be possible to superheat the atmosphere to such an extent you could cause a flash fire across the globe.


Jackie: Yes, and he said he could split the earth in two.


Alan: So, this is what theyíre up to.  Itís advanced sciences that are at play here.  Weíre kept in a level one matrix, where the news gives us our supposed facts, but thereís higher levels above all of that.  And we never get told even the second level until fifty years later.  Yeah, thatís standard.† So, itís high, high technology at work.


Jackie: So, howís your weather right now, speaking of the weather.


Alan: Well, there was a deluge a couple of hours ago.  And itís stopped now, but itís coming down just like a Monsoon.


Jackie: Well, one of the things that, you know, I noticed this several years ago, when we had the summer sun.  This would have been probably around 2000, 2001.  The sun was so extremely hot.  And even if it was 80 degrees it wasnít the heat, it wasnít the heat in the air, it was the heat of the sun hitting you.  And I noticed this.  And then I would mention it to people, and a lot of people agreed, you know, that they had noticed the same thing.  It was abnormally hot.  And how would they do that Alan?  Would that have to do with the spraying too?


Alan: Oh, Iím sure of it, I mean, I notice when theyíre really spraying heavily, and thereís different kinds of sprays.  Youíll see them. Thereís a long white ones that end up sort of like herring bone thatís splayed across the sky.† And thereís other types that are a sort of light pale blue.  Thatís the polymer types.  Itís like looking through a plastic, clear plastic barrier, you know, vapor barrier type.  Thatís what it looks like from the sky.  And these light blues ones spread very quickly and create the polymer type effect.† So, thereís different kinds that they are spraying across, sometimes in conjunction with each other at the same time. 


Jackie: Something I wanted to say here, just as a consideration for our listeners.  I donít know who I was talking to the other day, and they said that evidently, I donít know where the information came from, so I was just told this, that 70% of the sunscreen today had chemicals in them that are known to be carcinogenic.  And I just wanted for our listeners to maybe do a little bit of research on this.  Be careful what youíre putting on your skin, folks.  When weíre talking about summertime, people believe that if they lather themselves up with sunscreen theyíre going to be okay, and itís just like, you know, the mosquito stuff with that D in it, whatever that, itís killer stuff.  And so, folks, donít think just because youíre putting sunscreen on that youíre necessarily protecting yourself from the sun, because the sunscreen itself could be very dangerous too.  And we need sunshine.  Isnít that the pathetic thing, Alan?


Alan: Yeah, we do.


Jackie: We need to be in the sun.  The sun is life giving.  And yet, we just have to be careful and not overdo it, and be careful of what weíre putting on our skin.  Itís the largest organ in our body.


Alan: But with all the spraying thatís going on, I think itís best to keep covered, because that stuff is all coming down.  There will be a link going up on my website, the Discovery Channel, to do with weather modification.  And they were talking about these tiny nanorobots that they can put out of planes, billions of them, and theyíre so tiny, they can go into your eyes and you wouldnít even know that they were there.


Jackie: A nanorobot.


Alan: Nanotechnology.  These are tiny little, basically little computers in a sense.† Theyíve had them for....


Jackie: And there have been movies.


Alan: Theyíve had them for donkeyís years, itís just that the public have never really, weíre the last to be told.  When they tell us itís actually almost obsolete.


Jackie: And they actually had it on, it was the Discovery Channel?


Alan: They had a program to do with weather modification and that was part of it. They showed a test tube with so many of them inside this little test tube.  And these were a bigger type.  He said the other type were so tiny.  And the question was asked apparently on the program.† And someone asked, what happens if you breathe them in, and I think the answer was, you might cough them back up.  You may cough them back up.  And I wouldnít be surprised that if these things are so tiny they can pass through the alveoli, the little air sacks in the lungs, into the bloodstream.  I wouldnít be surprised at all. 


Jackie: What do these little nanorobots do, Alan?


Alan: Well, I think on this particular program they said they were some kind of transmitter.  Thereís very little we can believe as far as the reasons that weíre given go.  We do know that other areas of science have admitted that these tiny nanorobots could be used to even reconstruct the inside of your body, because they can link up like a whole series in for a circuit, and create more of themselves, even, from materials they can find in your own body.  So, this is very advanced stuff.  And yet, and yet, itís old technology. 


Jackie: It gets so far out that, you know what my thought is?  What the hell?  I mean, you know, sometimes when you talk about these things it gets people afraid.  And, I mean, being afraid would be useless.  It would be as useless as worrying.  Because, we then, we would just be living in fear.† And I guess that comes back to where we are in our own minds with who we are.  Are we a human being or are we a spiritual being?  And is Planet Earth it?  The 3rd Dimensional World here.  And I think it could be real frightening to people to hear that kind of stuff. 


Alan: And yet thatís what theyíve got.  And what gets me, it tells you that if they can make these things, which are pretty well atomic size, what kind of equipment do they put it together with?  And how long have they had this for?


Jackie: You want to know what Mars wrote about when he wrote about these things?  He wrote about that new arenas theyíre building.† Well, Alan.  Take a look at them.  It doesnít seem like a reach.  Now, Iím not, to me.  I mean, I donít.  How am I saying this?  How do I want to say it?  I believe that Mars has inside information, let me put it that way.


Alan: Well, he was in that field in the military and he wrote a lot of stuff for the technological societies for years before he took his present job.


Jackie: But basically, his present job, right, thank you for that.  But basically he said that those stadiums are large antennas, giant antennas.  And he talked in that article, in that particular newsletter about the nanotechnology and these little robots.  And when you mentioned them being transmitters.  They could be receivers and transmitters, Alan.


Alan: Sure they can.


Jackie: To where our own thoughts or every word could be being sent someplace.  We have to take a break here.  And folks, weíll be back with you in about three minutes.  And stay with us.


(Commercial Break)


Jackie: Before we get started back here with Alan folks, every time I hear that commercial for the DVD, on the Civil War, I think about it.  It was a war to enslave us all.  But any of you, who havenít done research and may not know the true actuality of the Civil War, it had nothing to do with, you know, freeing the slaves.  And they certainly did with the 14th Amendment, they created actually in a sense a Constitution within the Constitution.  I never really understood that until when I owned my business, Alan, and we had those human rights cases starting hitting us, I said at one time I wanted to have a trial jury.  And they said, well, you canít.  I said, what do you mean, I canít?  Isnít this America, arenít we?  Well, yes, but this is under the 14th Amendment.  The human rights commission is a 14th Amendment bureaucracy and you canít have a trial.  And every case that I had to defend against, all of the briefs were based on the 14th Amendment.  So, I just wanted to say that. 


Alan: Getting back to that arena thing that you mentioned, back in the mid-90s, thatís the first time we heard of all these emergency plans and agencies that are interlinked with each other from local to federal level, and they were having practices even in Canada, and rural areas, for these emergencies, and we were saying, whatís going on here?  This was before 9/11, and the Cold War was supposedly over and all that kind of stuff, and now, they start all these things.  They didnít have them even during the Cold War.  And yeah, I remember going into a little town called Allison, and thereís all the fire guys there, and the police there, and people pretending that they were injured and they were giving them first aid, and it was a mock disaster.† And I said, well, something is coming.  They all knew something was coming.  And then of course the media went into action and they showed you these emergency command centers where theyíre all interlinked, right down to the local level, and I thought, it took them years to plan all this and get this thing up and running with the bureaucracy, etc.  So, what plans?  Well, we know 9/11 came along, and then it all made sense.  Isnít it interesting that during the 90s at about the same time, thatís when we first heard that sports arenas would be used for people who would be moved from their disaster areas.


Jackie: Oh, my.  And look what happened in New Orleans.


Alan: Thatís right.


Jackie: I found an article, well, I subscribe to USA Today and New York Times, the Toronto Star and the Washington Post online, and I run down and take a look at their headlines of the articles, and this, I found this interesting.  Itís a little off our course here, but mentioning Katrina, there was an article in USA Today that said after Katrina that thereís a higher white population and a much lower black.  And I thought, the first thought that came to my mind was they are doing a little ethnic cleansing, huh.† Because the white population I think increased by like 20 some percent, from 59 to 70 something.  And the black population decreased at least as much, so weíve got a 40% difference going on there.  And 90,000 they said of those people are still living in Houston.


Alan: So, sure, they kill a lot of birds with one stone, these guys.


Jackie: With everything they do.  Like with the War Between the States, the more you realize how much they accomplished with that, they just, they have, theyíre multi-layered, arenít they, Alan?


Alan: Oh, absolutely.  As I say, weíre still on the level one here with the six oíclock news version.  And thereís so much going on it boggles the mind.  Even on top of all these big cell phone towers, they have these arrays of antenna.  Theyíre like old-fashioned antennas youíd have for your television on a roof.  Only thereís maybe three or four of them in different directions.  And thatís the same pattern with the HAARP installation up in Alaska.  So, I think they have a grid across the country with this type of technology.


Jackie: Some mini HAARP things, going on?


Alan: Yeah, theyíre right on the top of every one of these towers that youíll see.


Jackie: Okay, that brings to mind, and I donít know if you mentioned this on the air.  Something on the news there, and I think they did a few minutes on it, where they actually had cameras that could photograph the energy coming off all of these, all of these antennas and that.  Did you talk about that?


Alan: Thatís right.  It was on the CBC. 


Jackie: Well, tell our listeners about it, because I think it was one of our off-air conversations.


Alan: It was a doctor in Toronto.  Different doctors now form their little associations to do with this new, the new symptoms that are coming out with the microwave technology thatís being used.  Thereís multiple symptoms, physical symptoms, that certain people are feeling, and some of them had to move out of the city to get away from all of these little antennas they put all over the big buildings in every street and back alley.  And...


Jackie: Itís for the cell phones, isnít it, Alan?


Alan: For cell phones, thatís one.


Jackie: Allegedly.


Alan: And eventually it will track your ID card, wherever you go, but she had a meter there, which could gage the strength of the signals, and she said, wherever you go here, itís off the scale, youíre being pulsed with a high energy and this is a real energy here thatís going right through us.  And then they showed you how it would look, where she was standing if you could actually see the infrared.  And the infrared doesnít come out in a circle from the source.  It actually comes out and itís like spiky, very spiky.


Jackie: Oh, wow.


Alan: And theyíd interviewed some of the people who had been effected by it and had different symptoms from lethargy to various other problems with different organs in their body, so people are being effected by this, this pulsation of energy all around them.


Jackie: You mean diseases of their organs? 


Alan: Yeah, and some people, as always, theyíll be more susceptible than others, but I think ultimately, if youíre exposed to enough of it, it will have effects anyway.


Jackie: Oh, sure.  Exactly.  It maybe hits some people or shows up in some people sooner, but just because somebody isnít feeling the effects doesnít mean it isnít going on there. 


Alan: Yeah, these are tremendous energies unleashed here and weíre walking through fields of them all the time, and it will take its toll.  And I donít believe at all that theyíre just finding out now what the effects would be, because weíre so far behind on this level reality.  They know this stuff, long, long ago, how it would affect people.  So, but it will eventually track the cars.  Thatís why theyíre putting them up all over the high-rise buildings everywhere.


Jackie: Well, they have those cars with what do they call? TeleStar something.  They can tell you where you are any minute.


Alan: Thatís right.


Jackie: Any second.  And if you come to a traffic jam, this is why people think theyíre so cool.  You come to a traffic jam, theyíll tell you where to go to get around it.  Oh, my.  And you know this, Alan, that the fact is that so much of the technology thatís out there today could be being used for so much good.  And remember that thing that I read when you were talking to Effie, one of the things you said there, and I think it was so important that we heard that and take it in and keep it in, is that fact that we with the power that is within us, the source, power as spiritual beings, that it wouldnít take all that many people, but it could actually be willed to be a different way.


Alan: It would have to be willed and actually, you know, used in life.† Because thatís the whole thing.


Jackie: Well, thatís the whole point.  If you will it to be a different way, that would be what it would be, that it would be being used for good purposes.


Alan: But I really have to think, you see, humanity has a double nature, and thatís something that people...  We can easily point the finger at the monsters we see at the top.  And sure enough in this system, the psychopaths get to the top, because itís a psychopathic system.  Only those kind of people want to claw their way up. Joe Average doesnít want that kind of power over people.  However, Joe Average still has the ability to do good or evil you might say.  And thatís what people have to confront in their lives.  We canít complain about the people at the top if weíre just the same at a smaller scale at the bottom.† So, all technologies, you see, all technologies we know come from the military industrial complex.  Thatís why theyíre first devised and they push ahead with things.  And it shouldnít surprise us.


Jackie: What is the military-industrial complex?  What is, how would you describe that?


Alan: Itís a combination of combinations, literally.  Itís international companies that have been there since prior to WWII.  Some of them have been there for a hundred years.  And they have tremendous power, and Carroll Quigley said in the Anglo-American Establishment, he did say that the future world will be run by a new feudal system ruled over by international corporations.


Jackie: International corporations.


Alan: And thatís what weíre seeing.


Jackie: Remember the Rollerball movie.  Was it Rollerball?


Alan: That was one of them.


Jackie: They were corporations.  Every one of those athletes played for a corporation. 


Alan: And everybody worked for The Corporation.† And then there was the older movie, it was called, it was about the same time maybe, it was Network.  And that was an excellent portrayal of perceptions that people have that are given to them by the media, and itís all to do with perceptional changes and how they can alter reality by altering the perceptions.  Very much like we have with George Orwell, where you know, War is Peace, and Freedom is Slavery.  And thatís what we have today.  We see soldiers going off like soldiers have always gone off with grenades and guns, and we call them peacekeepers.  Itís the same thing.  You change the term and your outlook on whatís happening is altered.  So, this is an old technique but itís perfected today through mass marketing techniques.  And repetition.


Jackie: Sometimes, you know you said this a long time ago.  I think it was when we were talking a lot after September 11th, and you said the hardest thing is going to be for people who are aware to be able to maintain their sanity.


Alan: As we go through the changes, weíre already going through them.  The six oíclock news would have you believe that one man in a cave somewhere, a cave man, you know, thatís the big joke, you know, High Masonry, a cave man is going to make you all take IDs and be monitored across the planet.  Everybody.


Jackie: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.  What do you mean, a cave man? 


Alan: Well, you know, Bin Laden in the cave.


Jackie: Oh, Bin Laden.


Alan: And you see, in all the mystery religions, you have someone in a cave.


Jackie: The boogieman.


Alan: Well, Jesus with the grotto, the cave, you know.  And Mohamed heard God in the cave.  You always find this in the high mystery religions.† And theyíve got Bin Laden in a cave, you see.  His name actually means, you know man of light or face of light, like Illuminati.  So, heís in a cave lighting up the cave.  Itís High Masonic jokes, really.  All of this theater is a High Masonic joke.  And we get it over and over again, however, weíre supposed to believe that one man caused all of this to happen, and yet, it took years of preparation with bureaucrats to even outline all this stuff, long before 9/11 came along.  So, this is nothing to do with Bin Laden.  This is the New American Century.  This is the purpose of the United States of America.


Jackie:  This is not important, but itís a question that just popped into my mind.  Is, is the correct pronunciation of his name Bin Laden?


Alan: Yeah. Itís Bin Laden.  It doesnít really matter. †And even the old battery was called the Laden Jar.


Jackie: The what?


Alan: The pre-car batteries.  They called them Laden Jars.  Thatís what a battery was called at one time.  So, these are, everything thatís given to us has many meanings when it comes from the top.  And even Maggie Thatcher, I think in 1990 or 1991, at Massey Hall in Toronto gave a talk about The New World Order.  That was the title of it in the Toronto Sun.  And she said, the next war will be fought with radical fundamentalism, and she mentioned the Middle East.


Jackie: Radical fundamentalism.† Well, they are radical fundamentalists in the Middle East.


Alan: Anybody trying to hold on to their heritage is going to be called radical, because, the New World Order.


Jackie: I know, but is that what she was saying that those Arabs there, those, all the people who live there, besides the Israelis, that theyíre radical fundamentalists?


Alan: Pretty well, pretty well.  See, what they admitted too is that Britain and the US had created these, the extremist groups, to fight supposedly during the Cold War against the Russians.  And supposedly they wouldnít stop afterwards because they had become so powerful and mighty.  That was the excuse they were giving back in 1990 or so.


Jackie: And then, we had the Christian fundamentalist radicals.† And according to that BBC broadcast, there are 40 million of them.  Thatís a lot of people.  So, fundamentalism, thereís Christian fundamentalism and what is it, Muslim fundamentalism, and those are the ones that skewed that their belief system is so skewed that it is that radical.


Alan: In other words, if they believe in it implicitly, as itís written, thatís called fundamentalism.  If youíre sort of wishy-washy or youíre a nominal type, you were born into it, but you donít really follow it, thatís okay, you know.† But if you believe this kind of stuff, then youíre classified as fundamental and radical.  In fact, itís been well written about even in educational systems.  In many of their literature theyíve talked about people being technically insane, you know, if they follow religion.  So, definitely for a New World Order...


Jackie: Well, Alan, itís basically, you would have to be, because of the inconsistencies.


Alan: Well, thatís it.  Mythology isnít supposed to be consistent.† And of course, theyíve wrapped up so much within the religions, rewritten many times, and always for political reasons, from the top for the top, to make people well behaved.  But that system is over now that theyíre taking down the borders worldwide for the global society, so they canít have that any more.  It served them well when they had to have the borders to keep the elite in power and wealthy and so on.  But now, under a global system youíve got to have, the state will be the boss.  That will be your god really, the World State.


Jackie: And people, who, for example, the protesters, in that we got the Protestant religions, we got everything but Catholicism.  In Will Durantís series, he mentions this.  Mel called me one night, and he had gotten to reading that about during that time, and Luther, Martin Luther.† Of course, he was the big one that started the whole thing.  And we talked about this on the air.  It dawned on me finally that Martin Luther was part of the controlled opposition.  It was when I read the book, Babylon Mystery Religion, and when the sleeping giant begins to awaken, they send somebody out there.  Well, Will Durant actually confirms that, because, although Martin Luther led the charge, he was the one telling the government that they ought to, they ought to arrest and kill these people that were protesting.


Alan: Well, he did not believe in the ordinary person at all.  He thought they were the beasts, you know.† He said that.


Jackie: He was an elite then in other words. 


Alan: Oh, he totally hated the mob as he called it, the people, the common people.


Jackie: The commoners.


Alan: They had to get a way.  You see, the old feudal system had served well under Catholicism, but to get the new Industrial Era up and going, they needed a new work ethic which blended with the religions.  So, thatís why they gave Protestantism to get that going.  And that was the whole thing.  It was to do with a new work ethic for a new type of era.


Jackie: What are your thoughts about Saul?† Paul.  Saint Paul. 


Alan: Well, thereís no doubt that heís, or if he was a person, we donít even know.


Jackie: Right, the story of him.


Alan: Thereís no doubt that one person that weíre supposed to believe really gave to us a worldwide Christianity and set all the rules and stuff and got communes on the go with different laws and beliefs.  In other words, he standardized the belief system, standardization.  There were so many sects of Christianity at that time, it was staggering, to see how many were existing even in his day.


Jackie: You know what Will Durant said in his book, the Caesar in Christ.  Remember Iíve talked about Bishop Arius.  Well, he was the one they excommunicated, because he wasnít going along with the dogma in the doctrine that the church was coming up with.  Or Constantine at that First Council at Nicaea.  And he was anathematized.  You canít find any information on him at all.  But Will Durant talks about him.  Basically, from what Iíve read, not just Will Durant, but another book I have, he was teaching that Jesus was the son of God as all of us are.


Alan: Well, that could be.


Jackie: Of our creator, and he was not "God" but created, as all of us were.  Well, that wasnít going to work.  And they werenít going to have that at all.  So, they excommunicated him. And then when they brought him back, and said...


Alan: Under a truce.


Jackie: Yeah, come on back and weíre going to reinstate you in the Church.  And that same day he died out in public a terrible death of poison.


Alan: Thatís right.  


Jackie: So, you know, people, people, let me finish this, because this is where I was going with this thought.  He said that a lot of those bishops at that first Council, because Constantine wined and dined them to consensus, Alan.


Alan: It was political.


Jackie: It was.  It was the 20th Anniversary of the 20th year of his reign.


Alan: And it was also to do with the Roman Empire.  You see, it was an empire that was going to continue from the Old One to the New.


Jackie: So, he said in his books, in one of his books there, that many of those Bishops had rescinded their vote when they voted what was going to be the dogma in the doctrine.  And he said, by 600 AD, if the Church was not of the Arius teachings, it was nearly empty.  And that leads you to see that back then people were a little bit more aware, Alan.  They werenít falling for it the same way.


Alan: And they knew what Rome was all about, because Rome had already run a good part of the world for a long time, pre-Christian.  So, it was a political movement.  They were well aware.  See, it was to standardize everything again.  Weíre seeing it today.  Thatís what the US is doing.  Theyíre standardizing the world into one culture by force.


Jackie: We are organisms.  And the world is their Petri dish, and they are culturing us. 


Alan: Well, they give us our culture. 


Jackie: They give us our culture.


Alan: They grow it, well, actually, they download it into us, and we copy it.


Jackie: Exactly, so yes, yes. 


Alan: Nothing changes, you see.


Jackie: And weíre out of our hour.† And I wish we werenít because this just keeps opening thoughts.  Our conversations do this.  Folks, Alan and I, weíll be back with you next Wednesday night.† And Alan, well, Alanís website is cuttingthroughthematrix.com.



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