March 8th, 2006
Alan Watt on
"Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru
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Jackie Patru: Good Evening, folks.  Thanks for joining us tonight on Sweet Liberty.  It is Wednesday, and it is the 8th of March, in the year 2006.  And Iím glad youíre with us tonight, folks.  Let me share a spiritual message here.  "Those who remember always that they know nothing, and who have become willing to learn everything, will learn it."  Alan, what are the Ides of March?  And when are they?


Alan: It generally goes up to about the 13th, altogether. 


Jackie: But when does it start and what is it?


Alan: Well, itís basically the beginnings in different conjunctions, with the sun and so on, and different stars.  And it was always foreboding of something ominous for some people.  Although, in the high mystery religion, their year begins in March.


Jackie: Who was it that said, "Beware the Ides of March?"


Alan: That was for the Caesar who got assassinated in Rome.  You know, "et tu Brutus."


Jackie: Okay.  Well, it just popped in my head.† I realized, you were talking last night about the March Hares.† And then the Ides of March popped in my head, and I realized I really donít know what the Ides of March is.† Okay, alright, well.  Thanks for taking over last night, by the way.


Alan: Oh, it was no problem.


Jackie: I found my puppy, so, everything came out fine.† Well, there was something that we were talking about yesterday.  I think it was yesterday.  And I mentioned this to you, and I think you said that you wanted me to mention it on the air, because you wanted to say something about it, when I mentioned that I had, my pores were emitting a metallic odor.† And I had that happen some time ago, and it went on for a couple days.  Was that what you wanted me to bring up?  You wanted to say something about it?


Alan: I mean, this spraying that has so much aluminum oxide in it, is giving people strange, well, so many people have infections, bronchial, sinus infections because of the spraying.  Theyíre stepping it up big time.  And with aluminum oxide and barium in it, barium is also a sort of metallic salt, and titanium, another one, another metallic salt in it, and I know that last year I could taste a couple of times, in my mouth, the taste of aluminum.† And so, weíre absorbing this stuff by breathing it.  Itís in the water supply.  The vegetables pick it up, because theyíre drawing up the moisture from rain and snow and so on.  So, weíre getting dosed and saturated with this stuff, and sometimes your body is trying to throw it off and get rid of it.  And it can come through the pores as well.


Jackie: That is exactly, itís right in my pores.  And like I said, I canít even shower it away.  I mean, it will be gone right after my shower.  I was upstairs vacuuming this evening, earlier.  And I was dressed too warmly, and I started perspiring a bit.  And it was really, it was there.  It was very evident, Alan.  But that would be good that the body is ejecting it, wouldnít it?


Alan: If your body can still do that, itís definitely good, because itís accumulative in the body.  And some people are actually having, getting into this area of it, a lot of people are getting constipation today, and thatís another side effect of aluminum oxide.  Itís a binder.  It attracts all moisture to it, and so, it will constipate people.  Thatís another major thing thatís happening on a wide scale, today. 


Jackie: Well, I did notice that, you know, I donít have a metallic taste in my mouth.  And I would think I would.  Itís just really being emitted, you know, from my skin.  Alan, a couple or three days ago, I donít know when it was, I kept having this taste in my mouth.  I like lemons, and sometimes, Iíll just, you know, slice a lemon and salt it, and eat the lemon and the rind and everything.  And I havenít been eating lemons, and it was absolutely a taste in my mouth like I had been eating lemons.


Alan: Well, that could be a bit of it too.  And it can actually make it taste initially sometimes like lemon, a citric juice, or even a sort of mild taste of onions, you know.† But once it gets heavier, youíll actually taste it.  Youíd think youíd actually licked an aluminum pot or a pan or something.† And itís just incredible.  Itís happening all across the planet, except for China and Switzerland, apparently.  And most people are oblivious to it.


Jackie: Isnít it amazing how many people know about this? because there are a lot of people who know about it, Alan.† And yet, not one thing has been done about it.  Thereís total silence from the other side. 


Alan: Absolutely.  That tells you, that a media that wonít tell you this, isnít going to tell you truth on anything.  I hope people learn that basic lesson.  Because media is such an essential arm of government, to give us this reality, and all the nonsense within the reality.  It shows you the cohesive power of all media, when not one of the major ones will come out and even briefly or even sketchily mention whatís happening above the skies every day and falling on the people.


Jackie: Iíll tell you what they did back, I remember it was 1998 when I started talking about it on the broadcast.  In early 1998, because I was still on at 6pm.  And there were, oh, my goodness.  When I opened up the subject, I had calls coming from every place, Alan, and people who were very, very aware of it.  But then I think it was, oh, it was in the year.  One of the networks did, like ABC or one of them, they did about a three or four minute, a little thing on these chemtrails, only they didnít call them chemtrails of course.  But they actually showed satellite pictures of them, and they claimed they were coming from passenger planes.† Commercial passenger planes.  Right, like they do loopty loops, and make checkerboards in the sky and little Xs and things like that.  But, you know, it probably, it satisfied a lot of people, I would imagine.


Alan: Yeah, a lot of people want to be satisfied, because they truly want to believe that the media is there to tell them what to think about, and what to warn them about.  They truly do believe that.  And Zbigniew Brzezinski said they were making, they were getting to a stage where the average individual would be unable to come to a reasoning conclusion, by themselves, and would actually subjugate themselves, and believe that the media is there to make their decisions for them, to think for them, and thatís happened with most people.  They want to believe theyíre being well taken care of in fantasy land.  And in this wonderful, fascist, socialist structure, and they truly believe that theyíre being well taken care of, and if there was anything worth knowing that was going to harm them, the media would tell them.


Jackie: Of course, and besides that our government would never do anything that would hurt us.


Alan: Oh, of course.  Theyíre there to help us, yeah.


Jackie: Well.  See, you see the whatever it is happened to peopleís thought processes.  Iím sure that probably every single listener has experienced this.  I was talking to a friend last summer.  We were outside, and there happened to be some chemtrails being laid.  And I had mentioned them to him before, and I said, look up there, and he looked up, and I said, thatís what I was telling you about.  And then I made sure that, you know, I differentiated between a contrail, and most people know what a contrail is, but I even explained it to him, and I said, now you watch this and it isnít going to go away.  And then I told him, that you know, there are websites, and that they have done samples, air samples and etc, and that there are heavy metals in them, barium and aluminum, and that theyíve even found viruses, etc, etc.  And you know what he said?  ďIíll be darned.Ē  That was it.  Not like, well, whoís doing this, or why are they.  Not any concern at all, Alan.


Alan: No, they literally will subjugate their own reasoning abilities, and their own, what should be their own perceptions, theyíve given them over to media, to do their thinking for them.  And Brzezinski said this was a scientific technique theyíd been using on an increasing level since the 1950s, and they were setting it up in the í70s, and weíre seeing the end product today, where the public truly, truly believe the media is an appendage to their brain to do their thinking for them.  They truly believe that.  And so, in other words, no matter what they see, if the media hasnít told them to think or worry about it, they will dismiss it immediately from their mind.  Thatís how simply it works.  Itís terribly simple.


Jackie: Itís terribly sad, too.


Alan: Itís awfully sad, absolutely.  And thereís also people who are finding that theyíre getting memory blocking in their conversations.  You know, theyíre forgetting names, or even where they were in their conversation.  This is becoming more common now and with the aluminum buildup in their bodies.  This is all part, of course, itís a multi-faceted agenda, just the spraying alone, where theyíre using the HAARP, the scalar technology, which Brzezinski also talked about.  Now, this guy was secretary of state for war, for a few presidents.  And heís still an advisor to the present one.  And this was his speciality, this form of, he called it Technotronic warfare, where they could use this kind of scalar technology, basically create a massive conductor through the air, by metallic particles, and then beam these frequencies throughout the air, and the public, who would be saturated with this stuff, would become walking antennas.  And they would receive these signals.  It could make them placid.  It could alter their brain chemistry by stimulating certain things and slowing down others.  This is technotronic warfare.  And he wrote about it in his own book, Between Two Ages, and the chapter was called the Technotronic Era.  And in there also, youíll find that part where he says the public will be unable to come to a reasoning conclusion by themselves shortly.  He goes through that in that book.  So, theyíre actually doing it, you see.  Itís being done.  And in this last summer, I noticed, when itís heavy in the summer, youíll notice, you get shocks off your car, things you would get in the wintertime.  In a humid summer, youíre now actually getting shocks from doorhandles going into stores and things.


Jackie: Static electricity.


Alan: And thatís because the aluminum oxide is hygroscopic.  It attracts all moisture to it, binds it from the air, and takes it right down to the actual ground that youíre standing on, so that the air becomes dry, you see.  And thatís whatís causing that.  So, see weíre not just guinea pigs, weíre actually part of the final agenda here.


Jackie: Itís gone way beyond guinea pig stage. 


Alan: Yes.  They were testing this stuff in the 1950s, they were testing it then.  It was interesting, and hereís how the con goes.  I call it the conology.  In the 1960s, this is typical, when the UFOs began to be seen.  And of course, Area 51 was making them.  They still are.  They diverted the attention to, oh, itís from outer space.  So that immediately took the attention off into outer space, weíre not doing it, itís the aliens that are doing it.  And, at the same time they did that, they started giving little blurbs in the newspapers, the same media thatís keeping quiet today, remember.  The media is saying, oh, strange things are happening.  Thereís this angel hair coming down to the ground.  And they gave it the term angel hair, giving it this mystical, you know.


Jackie: Oh, they actually said that?


Alan: Oh, yeah.  Itís angel hair and the weirdest thing, they said at the time, the weirdest thing is that thereís always a UFO being seen in the vicinity before this stuff comes down.  So, right away, people are getting doused here and there with this big candy cane type floss coming down, in patches, over their cars and things.  And immediately, theyíre all saying, because the media said so, oh, you know, there must have been aliens here, and UFOs.  Well, that was the testing of the stuff theyíre dropping today.  Because, when it comes down in a cold atmosphere, it will often come down in big clumps.  Itís like the old cotton weeds, only theyíre coming down through the sky, and theyíre like candy cane, and once they hit the ground they sort of melt.


Jackie: Yeah, I think, you know, we were looking into the dimethyl bromide, what the heck is it called.  Oh, gosh, I canít remember the name of it, this was one of the first emails I got about the chemtrails, and said, itís confirmed.  EDB or something like that is in the chemtrails, and they gave the phone number of a lab in Ohio, that EDB, ethyl-dibromide.  EDB, I think ethyl-dibromide.  And they gave the phone number of the lab where you could call and confirm it.  Well, I tried, and it was the wrong number, but I called information and got the correct phone number of the lab he mentioned.  And I told him what I was calling for.  And they put me in touch with the man who had done the sampling.  And he said, I cannot give you the results of this, because it was a private person, you know, who had the sample done, and I canít divulge it.  But he said, I will tell you this.  Thereís no more than 10% EDB in that sample.  Okay, so, he admitted that EDB was in there.  I might be saying it wrong, but thatís what I think it is.  Anyway, I started doing some research on that.  They used it, initially, Alan, as a pesticide.  And they were just spraying it all over the food stored, corn, and wheat grains, and stuff like that, and the Department of Environmental Protection, in Texas, Iíve got all this stuff in files, in there in my studio.  They had demanded to do a study on this.  They had done many, many studies on it, but all the studies were done by the company that had manufactured it, and said, oh, itís safe, safe, safe.  And suddenly, the federal EPA, put it, this was after it had been used for ten years, as a pesticide, they put an emergency stop on it, and said there is no safe level.  And then they started putting it in the JP8 fuel.  And I have the information on that, too, and even the manufacturerís data, whatever they call it, safety data sheets.  And they were actually adding it to the jet fuel, and at that time, they were talking about making the JP8 fuel like an international type of fuel.  So, any commercial or military plane could fuel up anywhere in the world.  And they mentioned that this stuff freezes at about, I think it was 50 degrees.  So, you know, when they put it out in the air, up there, then it will fall down in these, what they were calling angel hair.


Alan: Now, what the angel hair was, was polymer.


Jackie: Okay, well, this stuff literally dissipates when it gets warmer.


Alan: Polymer was the carrying agent for viruses and bacterium. 


Jackie: Well, this stuff was in those chemtrails at that time.


Alan: This stuff was actually tested in Britain, first in the í50s, over the working class populations.† And then stepped up in America, tried out there in the í60s, and í70s, as they perfected the ratios of stuff.  And, of course, obviously, they were taking the pulse on the population, to see who was getting sick of what, and all the rest of it.† And then they had, what youíll see in the sky, in the summertime especially, when theyíre spraying, youíll see, almost as though youíre looking through one of these clear, polythene type barrier material that youíll get for putting over the basement, basically.


Jackie: Say that again, Alan.


Alan: In the summer, it looks as though, in the sky, when youíll see that strange, distorted haze, up high in the sky, round the sun, it looks as though youíre looking through a plastic, a clear plastic polymer, a bag, basically, polyethylene bag.  And thatís what youíre actually seeing is polymer.  And these polymer strands were developed in the 1950s, for bacterial and viral warfare purposes.  They carry the live viral and bacterial agents to the ground.  Thatís what they were developed for.† So, itís quite amazing to watch it happening.  Itís even more amazing, as youíre well aware, that most people, as you say, it doesnít register with them.  Itís not on the media.  So, I see it, but it must be irrelevant, because itís not mentioned on the media.  But, believe you me, they have their pulse on the people, whoís getting sick.  All doctorís offices today are computerized, pharmaceutical companies are the outlets.  The pharmacies are all computerized.  They have instant data flowing in every day on whatís selling, whatís been prescribed for what ailments and so on.  So, they know whatís happening.  And this is a must-be as they say in high Masonry.  Nothing must interfere with it, and hence, the total, total silence of the media. 


Jackie: Well, they own the media.


Alan: They own it, yeah.  And the media is an essential arm of government.  Media means middle, you see.  Theyíre the middle men.  They market what weíre supposed to think, to us.  Thatís what they do.  But this stuff, Iíve noticed just this month, here in Canada, and from the calls Iím getting in the States, theyíve stepped it up again, another notch.  And what Iíve noticed with the trails, the parallel trails, maybe four or five parallel trails, this new type of polymer theyíre using now, this, I guess, new mixture, is spreading out faster than the old stuff, you know.


Jackie: It does, Alan.† It actually winds up you donít see it.  It doesnít cause those cirrus-looking clouds.


Alan: Yes.  Although, the other day, as I say, there was a clear, sunny day, to start.  I went out again, half an hour later, and there was a spiral polymer, literally a spiral, round the sun.  And this polymer had been blown that way, and I guess the wind had made the spiral shape, but it was like something from science fiction.  And you want to shout, you know, ďhey, everybody, look,Ē but you know yourself, thereís no point.  I always think of that Beatles song, that, it was imagine yourself, it was to do with the strawberry fields, and tangerine trees and marmalade skies.† And I thought, boy the author of that, the real author of that song knew what was coming, you know.  Because weíre now seeing these odd phenomenon in the sky now.  Signs in the heavens, eh?  Who wouldíve thought what it wouldíve been?


Jackie: I told you I saw that red streak across the sky.† This was a few weeks ago, when I was letting the girls out.  It was late.  It was not anything from the sun.  And it was not any thing from any city around here, because there arenít any.  Besides that, the horizon was black of night, and this was above, and it went all the way from the east to the west.  And it was a pretty fat line, was a reddish, rose color.


Alan: What happens when the sun goes down, at that certain height thereís still sunlight passing through that, that height, at thirty thousand feet or whatever.† And the metallic particles reflect the setting sun.  Sometimes youíll even see them spraying above a cloud.  The spray comes down through the cloud in a straight line, and itís darker than the actual cloud itself.  So, thereís different kinds being used here, you know.  Itís quite something.  This is worldwide, this is the biggest, this is the real war thatís going on all the time.


Jackie: It is, the depopulation.


Alan: It is.  And they want a tranquilized, dumbed-down people, as we go through the biggest changes, as they, in their own words, the CFR, and the Royal Institute have said, the biggest changes since the beginning of the industrial revolution.  So, they want a dumbed-down population, who will just float through it.  And then at the end of it, theyíll wonder, how on Earth did we end up here.  If theyíre able to think at all, that is.


Jackie: No, well they wonít.† It will seem normal to them, Alan. 


Alan: I know, I know.  As long as that television comes on with the same soaps, and comedies, and smiling faces, and the news anchors keep telling you about what you should think about, then thatís true.  Everything will still be normal to them.  Even if the sky is turquoise or rainbow colored all over, as long as the media tells them everythingís fine, theyíll believe it. 


Jackie: So, the guys have their sports and the women have their shopping. 


Alan: Thatís it.  Sports, sex, shopping, and all the rest of the trivia, thatís marketed to their brains.


Jackie: Well, shopping seems to be becoming an avocation, for women.  I hear when the guys are around and talking and complaining about it, about all the shopping that their wives and girlfriends do.  I had no idea, I mean, how intense it was.  And they got talking about it, a couple of weeks ago, and theyíll actually go out for twelve hours, because I said, well, maybe theyíre bored, you know.  You guys are always out hunting, you know, and getting together and making your beef jerky.  Twelve hours of shopping.  They go to lunch, they go shopping, they have lunch.  They go have shopping, they go to dinner, and they shop till the malls close.  And he said, they will drive, and this is, weíre in a rural area.  People around here arenít very well heeled, Alan.  But of course they have their plastic.  But theyíll drive a hundred miles to a mall.  The malls close by just donít appease them anymore.  And this is serious.  I had no idea.  But I guess itís kind of a common thing.


Alan: It is.  Again, an artificial system, as a city, especially, and thatís where we get all our ideas from, itís from the beehives of the city, different cities.  Since they are abnormal, they can only create more abnormalcy.  And weíre seeing the end product now all around us, of deviant behavior.  This is deviant behavior.


Jackie: It is.  And you know what it made me think about after 9/11?  It was the Sunday that same week, and they were showing an empty stadium in New York, and they were likening it, comparing it to the church, that people in America worship, you know, the way they want.  Many people, this is how they worship on Sundays, coming to football games.  And today, the church.  And then they were showing the empty benches, bleachers, and said, these are the pews of this church, and today the pews are empty, but next Sunday, the big game, you know, da-da-da.  And I was shocked at watching that.  I turned around to walk down the hall.  And I heard the announcer say, no music.  There was silence before, and there was silence after.  And he said, resume your shopping.


Alan: Gee whiz. 


Jackie: Resume your shopping.† And I turned around, and I said, oh, my gosh.  They were giving a command.  Itís over now, folks.  Resume your shopping. 


Alan: Well, thatís what itís coming to.  The people have become, itís in that movie, it was made back in the 70s, called Network.  And the guy in it, itís a comedy, he says to the audience...


(Commercial Break)


Jackie: Weíre back.  Folks, Iím sorry.  I didnít hear our warning for the break, and Alan was talking.  And Alan, would you repeat what you were saying, just before the break?


Alan: Yeah, there was a movie.  Itís worth getting a hold of, because see, movies preprogram us for whatís to come, so that when it actually happens in reality, itís kind of familiar and we accept it.  And sometimes movies are also a form of legality.  These characters who run the world are very legal in a sense.  Theyíll show you things, and itís shame on you if you donít really get the message.  And that movie, Network, came out, in the 60s or 70s, it was a comedy.  And itís about a guy, an anchorman, who just had enough one day, and started telling the people the truth.  And he tells them that weíve been fooling you all these years.


Jackie: He did it, right live.


Alan: And he becomes a sort of a little new messiah type thing of the media, because heís telling the truth to the people.  And he gets from behind his desk, and goes down into the audience, thatís all sitting there, and he says, for Godís Sake, youíre the real people, he says, we are the phonies.  Behind the screen is this square cube.  He says, weíre the phonies; why do you want to copy us?  You see.  And thatís what weíre seeing today.  The people are being programmed, and have been programmed, all their lives really, through a very clever scientific technique, marketed to them via that one-eyed monster there in their living room, the television.  So, whatever is popular on there, they will emulate.  We know the children get their Much Music, which is called the childrenís culture.  And they learn the new buzz words from there too, and their fashions.  And the adults are the same.  I mean, the soaps for donkeyís years, have been encouraging affairs.  And then all the magazines suddenly appear, at the checkout counters, about affairs and how good it is for you, you know.  So, all of society is manipulated by professionals, generally starting it under the guise of entertainment.  And as Plato said, thousands of years ago, monkey see, monkey do.  And the public will copy what they see.  Ancient technique, well understood, and scientifically introduced with modern technologies.  So, thatís how simple and easy it is, to create culture, to alter culture, and to constantly manipulate it, along a certain path, so the people will always go that way.  Itís guaranteed.  Thereís only a small percentage in any era or generation, who are truly conscious, you know, a small percentage.  At one time they estimated it was around 87% who were under the influence of the world and their brainwashing.  I think itís closer to maybe 95% today. 


Jackie: I was going to say at least 93.† You said, youíre hearing, youíve been doing other radio interviews, and youíve been on one that actually has AM and FM affiliates.† And that youíve been getting calls from people, literally all over the world that are waking up.


Alan: These people, what Iíll tell you is I think, and hereís the key to it, what I do is to go for the people who have taken the first step themselves.  And this is again the ancient meanings, even in the Bible.  They give you the same ancient meanings in all the holy books because one group wrote them all.  And thereís truths in there.  The dead are the dead.  The dead are those in every generation, who go along to get along, change nothing in their life.  They donít help create a destiny.  They follow a predetermined destiny laid out by their masters.  They leave nothing behind them, really, when they die.  And those people are classed as the dead.  So, what I do is to reach out to those who have taken the first step to get up from the dead, and they must do it by themselves to begin with.  They might not have the data, but thereís something in them thatís alive, and they have to get the data to go further, and really thatís what I do.  You cannot make people stop being...


Jackie: Youíre saying that the people that are calling you are people who are awake, but they just donít have all the facts.


Alan: Theyíre often very confused.  They know everything is wrong.  Thatís generally what theyíll say is, I know everything is just wrong, and Iíve always known it, but theyíre not able to verbalize it and put it into a coherent formula as to exactly whatís wrong.  And once they hear someone speaking who understands it, they immediately identify with it.  And now they start to understand more of it.  But they generally are different from their fellows to begin with.  Theyíve always, as I say, had a spark in them to be different.  And theyíve generally questioned things.  They might not have got all the answers, but theyíve questioned things much more intensely.  The majority of the public question nothing. 


Jackie: You said the other day that there is like a connection, a likeness between those of us who somehow have escaped it. 


Alan: Oh, thereís no doubt.  And, what I do know is that thereís a caring, and this is the part of it, thereís a caring about people in general.  Not just those alive today, but those who have gone before, to bring us to where we are, and those who should come after us.  Thereís a real caring and a sadness to see whatís happening, in a world where the vast majority of the public do not care.  I mean, the average person today can watch their, itís so common now.  It started with the Vietnam War in earnest, but they can sit and have their dinner with their family, and listen to bombs going off, families getting blown up, all this kind of stuff, and they munch away on their fast food dinners and stuff, and it does not even touch them.  Itís like another movie to them.   And itís as though itís distant and theyíre out of it.  Theyíre not really involved.  Well, itís their tax money, and their own children that are over there doing the killing.  Theyíre so detached from others, and the pain and suffering of others, that I keep telling them, if you donít cry for those over there, whoís going to cry for you.  You see.  And thatís what youíre dealing with.


Youíre dealing with, and this was shown in the Matrix movie, the Matrix first movie, because that was an occult movie, and people actually are cheering the wrong things.  Thereís a double message, all the way through it, esoteric one too.  And in the first movie, you get glimpses of this all the way through it.  The land of the dead, those who are still in the Matrix and believe itís all real.  Thatís level one reality.  Thatís what I call it, because thereís other levels above this one, in high technology and so on.  And in the practice Matrix, where Neo is taken in, and shown people just walking around the streets and so on, Morpheus, the shape changer, tells him, he says to him, everyone around you here is your enemy until they wake up.† Which means, you see, the average person, if theyíre told to spy on everybody else, which theyíre starting to do with all the ads and that, they will turn people in who are different.  People who are saying things which are not on the media, and authorized by the media.  And so, those people around you, the dead, the land of the dead, the obedient zombies, will turn on those who are awake and who care.  Isnít that something?


Jackie: Oh, I know.


Alan: The ones who donít care, are the ones who will kill you and think theyíre doing their government and the world a favor. 


Jackie: I experienced that when Chuck and I went to those watershed meetings.  And I was asking questions.  I mean, everything they were doing was questionable.  And I would just raise my hand and ask a question.  And I guess it was about the third meeting, and most of the people there were the people that were implementing it. There were very few actual citizens, of the quote, "Seeley Creek Watershed."  They were outnumbered, well outnumbered by all of the facilitators.  But there was this one couple.  And they sat.  And I knew they were hearing the questions, and I had a feeling that they were beginning to wake up to the scam of this thing.  And it was either the third or fourth meeting, Alan, and I asked a question, and this man jumped up, and he says, he screamed at me, and he said, Iíve had it.  He said, "You have disrupted every single meeting that you have come to.  And Iím out of here."  And they stalked out, storming mad.  And none of the questions that were asked, it meant nothing to him.  They just sat like little smiling zombies, going through the motions, voting for everything that these people wanted.


Alan: Yeah, itís almost as though they were straight out of school, because thatís how theyíre trained in school.  You do groupthink in school.  You know the agenda, because the teacher tells you it, what youíre supposed to come to the conclusions.  And if youíre good, you get a gold star.  And thatís how they go through their whole life.  They go through their life obeying tyrants.  I mean, thatís how all tyrannies occur.  Thatís why they occur and how theyíre allowed to occur.  They need the people, because the people, who are base, will give their power to the beast in every age.  Thatís the sad part of it.  And they will crucify those who try and help them and help those that should come after.  Itís a selfish, selfish world that does not care about people who are supposed to come after them.  Itís incredibly sad.


Jackie: Or even their own children, Alan.


Alan: I know.


Jackie: Even their own children.  And thatís why you know it canít be registering.


Alan: Yes, itís not. 


Jackie: It cannot be registering, or they couldnít just keep being in that system.


Alan: Iíve lost count of how many people Iíve talked to, who said, oh, thank God, Iíll probably be dead by the time all of this comes to a conclusion.† Thatís the most common answer you get.  In other words, ĎIím okay.  Iíve slipped through.  I might just get my pension, go fishing and do what I want to do and then die.í  They have no connection or feelings towards or attachments to those who have still to come.  None at all.  Theyíre dehumanized, desensitized.  Theyíre totally selfish.  And we have to accept that, you know.  We have to accept that.  And being caring doesnít mean just about those around you, or your immediate family.† You see, thereís a much, much greater thing to this world than all of that, and these people donít feel any of it.  Simply caring about your family is just instinct, you see.  Itís natural instinct.† But when you can spread that out to others, and you understand the past, youíre connected to the past, the present, and the future, itís a completely different thing altogether.  And itís not something you go around saying just love everybody.  Just love everybody.  Thatís not it at all.  Thereís a complete difference of having a connection and an empathy towards everything, as opposed to the big boys at the top, who have told us, Ďall you need is love,í you know.  Like the Beatles song, written by their scriptwriter.† And one thing is too, you can never love a beast or a beast system, I should say.† Iím not classifying animals amongst the beasts in this statement.


Jackie: You what?


Alan: Iím not classifying animals amongst the beasts here.† I see the ones in suits and ties, who say all the things that every tyrant in history has ever said, but because they donít wear a uniform, and weíre conditioned to believe only tyrants wear uniforms, it doesnít register with the public, you know.  In their suits and ties, the Masonic outfit is a suit and tie, you know.  Thatís why the suit and tie is the most respectable uniform on the planet, in any country.  And all judges and lawyers will tell you, you appear in court with a suit and tie.  Thatís because itís a Masonic outfit.  It tells you youíre giving obeyance to their system.  And the tie is your tow cable.  Thatís part of your initiation.  They put the rope around your neck in a noose.


Jackie: And then they pull the wool over your eyes, Alan.


Alan: And thatís the limitations of your understanding.  Thatís what it means, the end of that tow rope.  So, you put that tie on, youíre under their system.  Everything in this system is Masonic, and all these little idiots at the bottom of the heap, the low Masons, havenít a clue what they really belong to.  They havenít a clue.  And they give, the one thing that they all do is take an oath to obey this system, regardless.  So, no matter how corrupt it is Ė and Masons certainly help to make it corrupt, scratching each otherís backs with your tax money Ė they will uphold it.  So, itís a pirate type system, really, piracy.  Thatís why you have conspiracy.  Itís Conís Piracy, priests and piracy go together. 


Jackie: I bet you very few of us have anybody in our near vicinity, that we can actually sit down face to face with.  All of my friends are telephone friends.


Alan: Yes, thatís right.


Jackie: And so many of them, weíve never met. 


Alan: Yeah, and theyíre all over, scattered, generally isolated.  And thatís what I try and do, I tell them, phone, contact, because youíve got to realize thereís other people out there the same as yourself.  Youíre not alone.  Because theyíre aware.  Theyíre aware of whatís happening.  And for many of them, itís kind of scary understanding whatís happening, and they feel isolated.


Jackie: And itís a lonely place to be, when you donít know anybody else, and you think youíre the only one.  I remember when I heard George Bush, "W", George, Poppy Bush, you know about the first Gulf War and the New World Order, and I thought I was the only person that heard that.  I mean, literally, I did, because I didnít know anybody that you could talk to.


Alan: Thatís the worst thing.  And thatís the scariest thing for those who are waking up on their own, and theyíve put a leg in front to try and step up, from the dead, and they feel so isolated.  They have to be acknowledged by others who are in the understanding of this, and they should try and keep in touch.  Itís so important in this day and age, to keep in touch, and theyíve got to do it, you know.  They have to do it, because...


Jackie: Well, it helps you keep your sanity. 


Alan: Thereís sanity, but thereís also a power there too.  Itís almost like putting batteries together, you know.† And once your mind is linked with someone of a similar ilk, thereís always that contact there.  Youíre never really alone, you know.


Jackie: I like that.  Thank you for saying that.  I like that.


Alan: But thatís what they have to do.  And one way or another, they all seek out, you see, and they get caught in the...  I liken the waking up process to coming out of a long, long tunnel, and you see a light at the end, and then you come into a field, and you see a field that seems wide and beautiful and Iíll just run across here, and then, whack, you hit the shortwave radio thinking, well this is different.  Itís a different media.  And yet most, as you know, of the shortwave is controlled as well, if not all of it.  And they can keep you wrapped up in different fallacies, and keep you going in circles, to try and disable you.


And so you have to remember that field, really, go cautiously across it, and be very discerning on your way.  Because these boys who run the world, donít miss a trick, and theyíve kept power by this very process of trying to always look for those who wake up.  How do we catch them?  How do we waste their time?  How do we get them to endlessly go in circles? and they supply us with leaders.  And weíve got to remember that.  Albert Pike said that in his own book; he was the Pope of Freemasonry.  The man who said, make no mistake, Freemasonry is a religion; and people should really get that message.  Itís a religion.  And he said we always give the people their leaders.  They give everybody their leaders.  All sides.  So, the trick is to be tremendously discerning, and use that sixth sense, that instinct you have there to never just rush into something.  They always say that fools rush in where angels fear to tread.  And so you never rush, where you say, oh, this guy is saying all the right things, Iíll follow this guy.  And, of course they give us pied pipers, as they have down through the years.  The shortwave was full of them, all ex-CIA guys, ex-FBI guys, ex-Special Forces guys, thatís exactly what attracts the American psyche, you see, a hero.  And they get led a merry dance, and waste their time.


Jackie: And they have somebody for everybody.


Alan: Yes, they do.  And again, thereís a huge business behind all of that too.  They lump in all of the health food industry with it, and miracle products, that God wrote himself with his own hand on walls, and stuff like this.  And I just canít stand the conology as I call it, the priestology, thatís used on the public.  But, those who are really wise, know what works, what doesnít, and who to avoid, etc.  You know.  And people can get addicted to the bad news.† And the shortwave, they make a point of telling you on a day by day basis, what Mr. Bush is saying, what Mr. Rumsfeld is saying, and what everybody else is saying and doing.  Thatís irrelevant.  As long as you know the whole agenda, the plan.


Jackie: You donít need all those nitty-gritty details. 


Alan: Yeah, the players that are put in front of you really are irrelevant, because they can get other faces to fill the spot if they wanted to.  You just need to know the long-term agenda and prepare yourself as best you can to get through the catastrophes Iím sure that they have planned for us.  And keeping your food, your basics and so on, is essential really, to get through.  We saw what happened in Louisiana, you know.  And how FEMA cut off all the telecommunications for the whole state.  And what they did in New Orleans, you know the people werenít allowed to even help each other.  So, we see what can happen in any city, during a catastrophe, or if they release a plague, or whatever they do.  People should be as self-sufficient as possible to get through a period, and hope, of course, thereís always a chance youíll get moved off of where you are anyway.  And maybe all youíll get is in a backpack.  We have to always take that into consideration.  But basic essential foods and so on, are just common sense these days.


Jackie: (Dog Barking) Mariah, itís okay.  Mariah barks at rabbits.  Iím sorry about that.† She does.  She watches out the window.† I didnít know dogs had that great of vision at night.


Alan: Yes, they can.  They can also sense them as well.


Jackie: But I think thatís what she does, is sense them, because she jumps up from a total laydown.  Well, Alan, you know, weíre almost out of our hour here.† And maybe one night, we should zero in on some suggestions that you have for people on being as self-sufficient as possible.  Because, you know, try to get through it as best we can.  Geez.  Most people are in the dark as to even...


Alan: Well, most people will stay in the dark, itís only for those who are waking up.


Jackie: Iím talking about our listeners. 


Alan: And they canít put it off.  Actually itís best to always buy in times of plenty, as they say, because you wonít get it when itís scarce. 


Jackie: Yeah, lots of dried stuff.


Alan: Even if itís sitting there for a year, itís still worth it.


Jackie: Mention your website.


Alan: Itís


Jackie: Yeah, and you donít even have to say the www.


Alan: I donít, eh?


Jackie: Thatís a given, honey.


Alan: Is it really?  Thatís 666, that, www.


Jackie: Is it?


Alan: Yeah, in the Hebrew language.† 666.


Jackie: Good Lord.  I didnít even realize that.  It is.† Oh, my, my. 666.† Well, you donít have to say the www.  Itís† ...And if Julie is listening, I got the book, Julie, and itís very intriguing.  She sent me a book about the Ancient Symbols, and Myths, and etc, and itís utterly fascinating, Alan.  You know, Ishtar, the Queen of the Heaven. Like Mary, the Queen of the Heaven.  And whatís his name, her husband was the good shepherd.


Alan: Theyíre all good shepherds.


Jackie: I know.  We have to go, folks.


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