Alan Watt on

"Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru

March 21, 2006




Jackie: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for joining us tonight on Sweet Liberty and it is Tuesday the 21st of March in the year 2006.† Alan Watt is with us, folks, and I know youíve been anxiously awaiting Alanís return. Alan, thanks for being here tonight.

Alan: Yes, itís a pleasure.

Jackie: I got an email message from Leo in England. Have you talked to him?

Alan: I havenít talked to him but heís sent quite a few.

Jackie: I like that. That is so neat to know that it isnít just here in the states but actually all over the world that people are listening and itís uplifting to know that we have an opportunity still, Alan, to present truth to people who are searching for truth. Of course youíve been such a big part of that for us eight years ago taking us out of that forest so that we could see the trees.

Alan: Yes, I know.

Jackie: And oh my God, what a journey itís been.

Alan: Itís been a thick forest.

Jackie: A very thick forest. Before I forget, folks, excuse me. You know that Alan has a website for those of you, unless you are a brand new listener, his website is I always forget the ending of email addresses. Heís linked there and the links at Sweet Liberty if youíre listening from the Sweet Liberty website and also in several other places. Alan has made a home video and you can go over to his website and watch it and it is just wonderful and you get to meet Alan Watt face to face at least. We get to meet him and it was besides the information that he imparts on that video, to me it was just such a pleasure to put a face to the voice but to watch his inflection as he talks. I know that Alan is sincere or Alan would never have been on this broadcast as many times as he has, but to be able to sort of sit there with him while heís talking. I appreciated that very much and so donít go now but after the broadcast if you have time tonight or whenever, go over. Itís right there on the main page and youíll see a screen like a TV screen that says, "Reality Check," and oh my goodness itís great. Alan, that was so great.

Alan: So Iím not a robot after all.

Jackie: Mr. Spock. You are not Mr. Spock.

Alan: I know these robots are getting awful lifelike, though, you know.

Jackie: Yes they are, arenít they, Alan. Well, I really enjoyed that. I guess for the first 15 minutes of listening to it I was just sitting grinning while I was hearing it because, Alan, weíve had hundreds of hours of conversation besides the radio broadcasts and I really liked that. It was like sitting there with you actually what it was. Next best thing I guess. So what is it Ė did I leave anything out of that or what--

Alan: Oh thereís a good cartoon there they should look at, to do with the gun boats now being armed with machines guns on the Great Lakes and so Iíve got a good cartoon in there to follow that up. You see a picture is worth a thousand words.

Jackie: And I had to have you explain it to me.

Alan: I know, but I think everybody else Ė I know the Department of Defense has got it because theyíve been looking at the website.

Jackie: Have they?

Alan: Yes, NSA, and Iím sure itís doing the rounds.

Jackie: Well, sometimes I just a little naive or something because I felt silly after you explained it to me.

Alan: Well, with a cartoon youíve got to sit back and let the first impression just come in. If you look too hard at a cartoon you lose it you see.

Jackie: Maybe thatís what I did.† Alan, do you have anything particular that you want to cover tonight?

Alan: Just this doublethink weíre getting, this doublethink with the flu coming in. The CBC talked about and had one specialist Ė they have all these specialists to give us doublethink. Half of the specialists are trying to terrify us and the other bunch come on saying, well, itís all a lot of nonsense, itís fuss over nothing; and so they get the people in doublethink so theyíre not sure what to believe anymore.

Jackie: Theyíre their actual own opposition experts saying that itís going to come to nothing?

Alan: Thatís right. Iím mean thereís more folk died of the common cold this year than this bird flu.

Jackie: Let's remember that according to reports during the time the Spanish flu was taking around the country, from what we gather, it was people who were vaccinated the ones that didnít make it through.

Alan: Always. It's the same with most of the big inoculation experiments that have done since the 1800's even; they made it mandatory in the 1880's in Britain that people had to get smallpox and different things and they followed out of maybe 20,000 people, 19,000 of them died of smallpox Ė all of whom were inoculated. This is traditional. Theyíve given them the diseases that they claim to be fighting and again itís doublethink because the public have been trained that the new priests Ė you see the old priests used to wear the black, the ones who dealt with the commoners; now itís the ones with the white coats, the new priesthood.

Jackie: The new priesthood.

Alan: Yes, and weíre trained through television dramas and so on that itís all so perfect and itís pure science and all this stuff, even though their theories keep on changing every couple of years. Theyíve trained the public to obey, obey, obey and sure enough, they run off to get the flu shots which do them no good whatsoever because itís always last yearís flu shot they get and the thing is supposed to mutate at such a speed that by the time you get the flu it's been mutated a thousand-odd times.

Jackie: Yes and from a report I read to our listeners last week, it seemed that the guy had really done his homework. He said it can actually mutate twice within one individual.

Alan: Oh, easy. Itís so simple.What theyíre doing is using people Ė when you alter a virus you see and theyíve been doing this for God knows how long, theyíve been actually altering viruses. Itís probably a very ancient technique, but in World War II we have documentation on them actually doing it, how they did it and so on, and they used different animals et cetera to mutate the viruses and then theyíd use animals to breed them up and they call these animals "breeders."

Now theyíre using humans of course to be the breeders. They give you the shot. You become the breeder or the fast breeder and then you shed off the virus to each other around you and carry it around in society. This is just bunkum science is what it is and itís pretty dangerous at the same time.

Jackie: I recall reading reports back in the 1800's. You were talking about that it was made mandatory.Every country where they made the vaccines mandatory is where the worst outbreaks were.

Alan: Yes, always.

Jackie: And then once they werenít mandatory anymore, there were no more outbreaks.

Alan: Thatís right.

Jackie: Also, this is what blew me away, Alan. They didnít really make a smallpox vaccine. They made a cowpox vaccine.

Alan: Thatís right.

Jackie: The smallpox vaccine was made from the cowpox, so people werenít even getting a vaccine that would have any effect on smallpox anyway.

Alan: Yes, but it cut down on the flatulence.

Jackie: Okay, youíre going to make that joke and Iím laughing, but maybe our listeners donít understand what you--

Alan: If they're so far back, weíll let them catch up.The thing is, actually they did that. They passed a fart tax in New Zealand on the methane created by cows. I mean the government actually put a law through the farmers have to pay the tax and they call it the "fart tax". Thatís the truth and thatís how ridiculous things have gotten to you know. Thatís how ridiculous it is with bureaucrats and these little petty priesthood scientists talking about how weíre destroying everything that they end up taxing that. I think thereíre just going so far to see what they can actually do to us.

Jackie: And probably just roaring with laughter.

Alan: Oh, Iím sure.

Jackie: They do these things. I remember, Alan, quite a few years ago there was a report, a small report that the UN was issuing that they were measuring literally the flatulence, the farts from the cattle. They were talking about prohibiting the breeding of cattle here in the states and doing it strictly in South America because of course the flatulence, the methane gas was causing the greenhouse effect and of course I guess when they got to South America they werenít going to fart anymore, right?

Alan: Well, what it was, they donít care about the people who live in the Southern Hemisphere. If it all gathers there, they donít really care.

Jackie: If it was causing the greenhouse effect, itís going to happen anywhere.

Alan: Oh, we know that.

Jackie: Thatís what I mean.

Alan: Itís all nonsense. Itís no different than King James with his fresh air tax and light tax. Itís the same old rubbish where theyíll tax anything you dream about. I mean thatís the problem now. There are so many taxes on everything theyíve got to be very inventive and so they bring out again their paid prostitutes specialists to give some psychobabble or some techno-babble and explain why theyíve got to have a new tax to stop this, or stop that, or whatever. Itís all to bamboozle the public into going along with something which is really just another tax grab, something which is ridiculous, and thatís what theyíre doing.

Once we have the brain chip in, then theyíll monitor our breaths, you know, every breath you take, like the police song, "every move you make, Iíll be watching you." They already have this in the NASA astronauts' spacesuits; they have little chips which monitor their heart, their weight, their pulse, their blood pressure and their respiration weight et cetera and even how they sweat and the body temperature. However, when you get a little brain chip you see it will do all that too; and if you go over your limit for the day, theyíll probably tax you or fine you for having too many gulps of air. People might laugh and it is laughable of course, at the moment, but that will come one day. You know that will come one day and they'll have a whole school of theories to explain to us why it must be, you see, until we all parrot what they say, because thatís the society we live in; itís run by these new priesthoods.

In the middle ages the Roman Catholic Church had one of the great synods, the great meetings, and all the wise men from all over the Catholic world came and the priests and the monks and all the different sects and friars and they debated for weeks how many angels could stand on the head of a pin, you know. You see nothingís changed except they keep telling us weíre more civilized and advanced now and itís done scientifically, but itís the same rot, nonsense, when they come up with all these theories they pluck out of the air and try to make a science out of it and a doctrine out of it. Then they explain to the public why it must be so and we parrot it too. Itís the same techniques which have been used for thousands of years on the public. It hasnít changed.

Jackie: Alan, I donít mean to change the subject on us, but you and I were talking one evening and you were talking about the New Age, the Age of Aquarius, and you gave me a background on that. On your video on your website I thought thatís what you were going to do and I think you kind of got off track because you mentioned the Age of Aquarius. Would you explain to our listeners what you explained to me about that?

Alan: Aquarius Ė you see thereís multifaceted levels I could explain. Iíll give the main one and itís to do with the legend. See, the legend of Aquarius is basically of the most beautiful Ė itís mythology Ė the most beautiful boy who lived in the Grecian Islands Ė this is the esoteric story and one day he fell into the water --

Jackie: What was his name?

Alan: It comes from a Greek term Ė thereís different names for the same thing and the Latin version ends up being Aquarius, the water--

Jackie: Did you say Ganymede?

Alan: Ganymede is the Greek. In fact, they have a Ganymede Observatory in England named after him. He fell into the water and of course Zeus the big god you see who basically was a Hugh Hefner of his time. He sort of was into anything and everything. Zeus came, dived down and raped him Ė saved him and raped him at the time, because Zeus had to dominate everything you see and he didnít care if it was male or female, but he wanted this beautiful, beautiful boy. According to mythology, the exoteric, he placed him into the heavens afterwards with the symbol of the bowl of water, the water bearer, and of course the Romans took it over and made it into Aquarius.

What's behind the legend is another thing, it's towards the time weíre living at, the Age of Aquarius, where the New Order was to come in Ė the new type of human is really what it's to be. Therefore, that is why it wasnít until now that they started pushing Ė and people are wondering why did it start? Why is so important to start pushing homosexual marriage and so on now?

It was because it was the wrong time before. They go by this calendar in the sky, this plan, and they had to bring up the status of the homosexual now, you see, but not for the homosexualís sake. Everyone who joins or belongs or identifies with a group is being used for a plan they donít understand, and the homosexual movement has been used right along too.

The whole idea is to get culture in such a flux where nothing can be normal anymore. Thereís nothing to compare normal to, if it keeps changing, you see. Once they get you into a flux where anything goes, like the old song, anything goes, then they can bring forth within this context a new type of human, which will be a clone type hermaphroditic self-reproducing, a perfect slave, though not the master, but the perfect slave. Thatís really what it means.

The homosexual movement has been used to destroy the old culture, the old norm to bring in the new and of course homosexuals will be out in the cold eventually with everybody else because their job will be over once the new type of slave replaces them. Thatís really what itís all about because the old man is to be destroyed afterwards you see.

Itís to serve the elite, this new type of programmed part-CYBORG type of being, the hermaphrodite, so thatís why Aquarius was the age to bring all of this in.

The Thousand Years of Peace according to the mystery religions is literally when weíre all probably chipped and connected to computers like the Borg and canít think for ourselves, weíre just robots in a sense, and thereíll be no trouble from the people anymore, the slaves. Thatís what theyíre after in the Age of Aquarius.

Itís nothing to do with retaining a conscious mind and making nice decent decisions to all get along together. That was a con game they foisted upon the public to do with the absence of consciousness.

Individuality will be gone totally once the chip comes in, but they put this into their ancient plan and see Revelations is a plan. You reveal a plan, reveal, revelation. You reveal it. You see itís not a prophecyó

Jackie: Thank you. Say that again.

Alan: Revealing. 'Revel' from Revelations is to reveal. You reveal a plan. You donít prophecy a plan. You reveal a plan you see and thatís why they could write the Old Testament, which was an amalgamation of all the sun gods that have before and put into the story in one of the gospels where Jesus said before riding in on triumph on a colt et cetera, a donkey, he says go to town and find a colt tied up and the man carrying a picture of water. He was telling you that his reign would last as long as Pisces because Aquarius the picture of water would then take over. Thatís what it meant.

Jackie: In other words, he was saying it or they allegedly said he said it?

Alan: Well sure, they wrote it all. I mean the same bunch that gave the religions for everything wrote it all.

Jackie: Thank you.

Alan: Thatís how clever it is. They actually give you all these clues and for 2000 years you've had blind priests and ministers giving you exoteric stories and everybody believing it and they cause pitch battles amongst each other when they canít understand it, but itís all esoteric. Itís nothing to do with what it seems to be. Itís an astronomical plan and the great time clock.

Jackie: When you say astronomical, not in the way we use the word sometimes, but literally itís all based on astronomy Ė astrology.

Alan: Well, astronomy really Ė astrology is the art of the meanings behind on a different level, again; but George Bush, Sr. when he gave his famous speech on the New World Order coming into view, he said, "I can see a New World Order coming into view," coincidentally, in 1990 and í91, both on September the 11th of course.

Jackie: We have each of those excerpts from those speeches in the website with the dates on them, Alan.

Alan: Thatís right. I mentioned them years ago.

Jackie: I hope there's a lot of people that know today the 911 Ė you know, call 911 if youíre in trouble.

Alan: Thatís right. Thatís why itís there. Anyway, in the speeches he said everything was going to the heavenly plan and what he was referring to was the zodiacal Ė the timetable, the clock, because every part of what they gave us as the astronomical chart or astrological chart is part of a timetable, the great timetable for the Great Work, you see. Weíre now in the Age of Aquarius, and even then theyíre arguing about when exactly it started.

Jackie: Right, when it came in.† Now, talking about their timetable, tell us what you can about the Mayan Calendar, which I understand ends in 2012?

Alan: But who said that, though?

Jackie: Well thatís what I Ė anything Iíve ever read said the Mayan Calendar only goes to 2012.

Alan: You only get this stuff recently you see in the last few years.

Jackie: Well see, I got a Mayan Calendar, and Alan, I couldnít understand it.

Alan: Until a few years ago itís always been the same. Nobody else could understand it either. Again, with Laurence Gardner and all these guys coming to the front and the Art Bellís et cetera who are meant to shape our minds, now theyíve got this date fixed in your head Ė see, this is the whole thing with religion and prophecy.

Prophecy is intended to make you feel impotent on changing something because you think itís predestined and thatís what religion has always done for thousands of years is to convince you, "well, thereís no point changing it because, well, look itís predestined, itís god or itís this or itís that."

Jackie: So in other words the Mayan Calendar doesnít end at 2012?

Alan: Not according to all the other guys. Itís only the undercurrent shortwave crew and the occult booksellers that are all related to the Nexus Magazine that have been pushing this stuff.

Jackie: But you know that it doesnít?

Alan: Yes, because when you see government still making plans for the year 2021, and on and on it goes, well these guys arenítĖlook, theyíd be taking it seriously too, believe you me, if that were the case.

Jackie: I know but what really caught my attention or because Iíve read it so many times. I took it as, oh that must be so. Thatís why I wanted the Mayan Calendar because I wanted to be able to see it for myself.

Alan: All mystery religions must go through (and Masonry does it too) where you say, "I am."† God says: "I am."† Who are you? He says, "I am what I am," and all Masons do the same.

In the Middle Ages it was the symbol of the "Bee," I be, "who be ye?"† "I be so and so," thatís how you'd reply.† Today itís "I am," and Maya is just "I am" backwards. Itís the same old stuff rehashed.

Jackie: Does 2012 mean something to them?

Alan: It will to them because hereís the thing: Arthur C. Clarke who is one of the highest Masons, (along with Stanley Kubrick who gave us Eyes Wide Shut and a whole bunch of Masonic movies), put out 2001 and 2010 the two movies. He put out the first one in the 1960's and used the same camera crews and computer generated space shots that NASA used pretending they were going to the moon. In 2001, it gives you the Mystery Religion of the high occult in a story form, which really has nothing to do with space. Thatís the exoteric story; so the beginning of the New Age for them for the last part of the mission, of the Great Work, was to begin in 2001.

9/11 happened in 2001. It was to end in 2010 when a new sun would appear in the sky and "as above, so below," a new one is presented on earth, which means in their terminology either theyíll bring forth a new clone or a new king of the world or something. 2010 was when the big presentation was to happen in High Masonry.

Jackie: What do you know about then the 2012 date?

Alan: Thatís just a misnomer for again all the people who are following this on the exoteric level and who gorge these books up as fast as theyíre turned out.

Jackie: Okay, well the reason Iím asking this because there was a Diebold Commission setup. I donít know, this has been probably eight, nine years ago.

Alan: I know what the guy said.

Jackie: And the Diebold Report, Iíve got actual photocopies of their report and Ross Perot was on that commission, by the way, if anybody today thinks Ross Perot was "patriot," but the Diebold Report ends Ė basically what it does is it projects outward whatís going to happen between the year such-and-such to such-and-such and finally it says the U.S. Supreme Court will rule, and I donít even remember. Iíd have to get it out to see, the ending date of the Diebold Report was 2012.

Alan: In their system they have to have, number one, to have the amalgamated Americas totally running as one. They have to have Ė well, the European Union is already done. That was all written about by Karl Marx in the 1840's that this would happen, because he worked for the bankers. Then you have the Pacific Rim conglomerate; they'll still have to pick a capital for them. They want us all to be as one. They want a world government to be up running and openly declaring itself world government. Now itís doing it; itís just not openly declared. They also want a new type of system, a completely new type of system working, so we have to go through crisis after crisis until weíre so weary of real and fake crisis that weíll accept gladly the new system thatís to be brought in, which is a scientifically designed and controlled society.

Jackie: Alan, weíre going to take a break here in just a few seconds. Weíll be right back, folks, with Alan Watt. Stay with us. All right, folks, weíre back with Alan Watt and we were talking Ė the year 2012, you donít know of any particular meaning it has for them?

Alan: See, theyíve run the world and we get stuck on these things they put out for us on the new age bookshelf.

Jackie: I know, but you always tell usó

Alan: Hereís what Iím going to say, is that theyíve always had timetables to implement different parts all down through history. If you want to look at how it runs, the UN is the place to look because the UN runs on the same Soviet style system of where theyíll say, "we want the water supply under our command in 20 years."† They'll have a 20-year plan for that part. They want the whole agriculture of the planet under their arm by 2000 and whatever, so theyíll have a 40-year plan for that. Thatís how the Soviet system works.

They even had 100-year plans and itís the same thing. Itís an ongoing plan. Itís what they call "The Never-Ending Story," thatís why they put it into the movie. Itís The Never-Ending Story Ė that man himself is infinitely malleable and the building material, and those with the understanding and knowledge of science have the right to keep going as far as they can go with him.

A Never-Ending Story and the elite have said for the last 100-odd years openly in the books they write themselves, that nobody reads because itís too boring, but they have told us where theyíre taking us with the genetic modification. They have the Bioethics Committees, which is the new term they use for eugenicsó

Jackie: Oh yes, bioethics.

Alan: Itís a nice user-friendly term you see.

Jackie: It is, isnít it?

Alan: Of course itís eugenics, the same thing that we've seen down through the ages with the measuring of the cranium, all of this kind of stuff. Measuring your ears to see, oh my God, this guy might be a criminal when he grows up, and all this kind of stuff. Itís the same pseudo-science and they plan on creating a purpose-made society. Itís in all the scientific magazines. The bioethics committees publish their own documentation on all of this.

Theyíre having one at Oxford University right now on this very subject. They call it bio-enhancement and itís the same thing. Itís about how to improve the human race basically and of course Ė longevity. Well, obviously, since this group also controls the depopulation program for society, theyíre not going to give longevity to everybody. It's to be the contrary; theyíre killing off the excess working people and theyíll give the longevity to the scientific elite.

You can trace this all the way back to Plato in his Republic. He was a member of the Mystery Schools in his day and he talks about the perfect world state with the guardians at the top, the dominant minority, and then the helping society of the guardian class who are the scientific groups and so on. Then, all of the types down below them that will be specially-bred for their purpose of work; and thatís exactly the same plan that's on the go today. Itís never changed.

Weíre talking not just a 15 or 10-year plan. Weíre talking about a 1,000, 2,000, 2,500-year plan for that part of it. This is an ongoing Great Work they call it in Masonry. Now we are at the end of the phase where they have to get rid of the old society where you sort of go to school and to an extent you pick what kind of job you want to do. Thatís too messy for them. Itís just not efficient enough. The new society must be completely efficient and they will literally breed people for their task that theyíll have to perform throughout their life. Thatís to be the new society. Theyíre well on their way, actually.

Jackie: School to work is a big part of that.

Alan: Thatís the Soviet. They took the whole Soviet system and experimentation that was done and proved it and brought it here and itís in place right now. Therefore, if they want you right now to be a motor mechanic, theyíll take you at five years of age and give you the basics that youíd have to know to be a motor mechanic. No history, geography or anything. You wonít need that.

Jackie: You know in talking about this, it's happened to me also. For example, school to work. When you find out that theyíre going to train them for a particular positions and you donít disbelieve it, but somehow, Alan, it doesnít seem to like you know register.† Iíll tell you what happened here and this has been probably nine years ago. Thereís a factoryĖIím in Tioga County, Pennsylvania here. Itís a large area of land with aboutĖI think the population is maybe 40,000 or something. Well, right here in Tioga County is the seventh poorest county in the State of Pennsylvania. There is a factory about eight miles from where I live and it is owned by the Japanese and there was a huge newspaper report about this factory. They didnít use the word "school to work" but that they are training the children today in the schools to be ready to go to work in that factory, but they have to have certain skills and theyíre training them for the skills to be able to work in that Japanese factory.

Alan: You see what they did and again itís all the United Nations. The United Nations want the human habitat areas, which have been set up for a while, and to be self-sustaining communities, so your work will be in the local Ė itís like a factory town like they had in the 1800's throughout the U.S.

Jackie: Reading that really brought it home to me. To see it actually being done right there in our own neighborhood.

Alan: Everything is run on a system of economics in this fake artificial system and we have a fake economic system to begin with. It isnít a natural system so everything which it spawns must be more deviant than itself and thatís why weíre rushing toward the ultimate deviancy in everything. It keeps multiplying itself into more devious areas because its foundation is rotten and deviant to begin with. This whole economic system is unnatural. It can only spawn more unnaturalness until you have total deviancy and ultimately you have some kind of system which is totally inhumane, in fact it's anti-human, and thatís what weíre seeing.

They at the top call it efficiency. Now we know that the elite themselves have written about it themselves, like Charles Galton Darwin and others. Bertrand Russell, Lord Bertrand Russell and many of the top boys who worked for the establishment wrote about it and said that the elite themselves will not genetically alter themselves, but they'll do all the genetic alternations on the working people.

 Jackie: Well, because he said the subjects must have a master.

Alan:   Thereís no doubt about it. These people have never given Ė I mean Democracy was just a con game to fool the public. "Democracy" has many meanings and the ones at the top have is nothing like the ones at the bottom. Itís the same with Communism. Lenin said it. He said, to the mob, he said, weíll give them an ideal of Communism for the workers and for the middle ones at the management level we give them a different version of Communism and we give the scientific version of Communism to the Politburo class. Itís the same old con game down through the ages. There are no sides to this.

Communism and capitalism are just the two antipodes, the two opposing forces, to create the third way; and today theyíve all come together. Without Communism they couldnít have created the massive bureaucratic multi-layered strata to manage us all. That was really what Socialism was all about, and I think it was Khrushchev himself who said that "Communism was just Socialism in a hurry." Thatís what he said. Weíre all under the Socialist bureaucratic system of experts and Lenin said it too in the beginning of the 1900's. He said, towards the end of the millennium going into the next, he said, will come a stage of over-regulation where things will be so over-regulated they become inefficient, as multi-layered bureaucracies step over each other and step on each other's toes.

Jackie: And thatís intentional, the chaos?

Alan: Itís all to create the chaos.

Jackie: Alan, youíve quoted Zbigniew Brzezinski in his book, Between Two Ages, and the subtitle Ė I have the book, by the way, Americaís Role in the Technetronic Era. He explains "technetronic" as technical and electronic, so he made up that word evidently. I would like to share with our listeners and then I want you to comment on this. This is in the very first chapter. He says:

Speaking of a future at most only decades away Ė and when was the book written, in the Ď70's? 1970. "Speaking of a future at most only decades away, an experimenter in intelligence control asserted." Now this guy heís quoting this Charles DeCarlo in "Computer Technology," a book evidently. This is what he said:

"I foresee the time when we shall have the means and therefore, inevitably, the temptation to manipulate the behavior and intellectual functioning of all the people through environmental and biochemical manipulation of the brain."

Biochemical. Do you see or do we see a connection betweenó

Alan: Itís already happening.

Jackie: Well I know. The vaccines and the chemtrails.

Alan: What heís talking about Ė yes, the chemtrails.

Jackie: Chemicals heís saying.

Alan: Youíve got the chemtrails, which basically are full of metallic type particles. Patents came out in the 1950's on these chemtrails on the very thing in conjunction with HAARP and scalar technology, and therefore the victims are the ones who breathe this stuff in. Itís in the food. Itís in the water. You become charged basically. You take out these metal particles and become a better receiver. Youíre like a walking antenna and therefore the technetronic warfare equipment can beam out signals, which then affect your body and they alter the chemistry of your body.

Jackie: They mention manipulating Ė Iíve got this highlighted. "Life seems to lack cohesion as environment rapidly alters and human beings become increasing manipulable and malleable." Just shape us like a piece of clay.

Alan: Absolutely and itís a takeover of the mind. If you have the mind of the people, you have the body, you see, and thatís what itís all about and itís an old, old plan. Bertrand Russell also talked about it, where the public wouldnít even know it was being done to them and once it was fully effective theyíd have no memory of basically what had gone before; and thatís happening today.

People are losing memory very quickly. They have no long-term memory. Itís all short-term and very short at that, but the technetronic warfareĖsee, this stuff, hereís how it ties in with the cell phones.

There was a recent documentary on the CBC on the National, it was a few weeks ago, about a new syndrome, a medical syndrome of people who are hypersensitive to the microwave bursts of cell phones and cell phone towers and they showed you a visual of a place in Toronto with all these little cell phone towers. Most of them are so small you canít see, but theyíre up on buildings, theyíre everywhere. Really, as we know, it was already mentioned in Homeland Security, that cell phones can be tracked everywhere. Itís part of the tracking mechanism. Well, the new I.D. card thatís coming in, which has an active chip with you DNA and voice print and iris scan, all that stuff, that also will be stimulated and give off a signal to these infrared cell towers that are all over the cities and towns, so theyíll be able to track you wherever you go in that city, even into back allies, wherever. Itís a tracking mechanism.

Once they go a step further, which is to come, because the Loyola University talked about the brain chip being ready. Itís actually ready to go and the regional computers which will program the recipients, we'll be programmed like the Borg on Star Trek series, theyíre all set up and ready to go and they said all they have to do is convince the public to accept these chips. Now theyíll do a tremendous barrage of chaos from now until they bring it out to us to accept it, and then Oprah will come on and tell us how wonderful it is and all that kind of stuff.† The technology to track everyone and basically beam instructions into your chip, which will then affect your body, your brain chemistry and everything, itís all up around us waiting to go already through the microwave technology. Itís already set up to do so.

These guys donít miss a trick. Theyíre way, way ahead of what the public knows and these cell phone towers, thereís thousands of them in every city you know. Some of them are only a couple of feet high.

Jackie: And a lot of them are camouflaged. Some of the look like palm trees in the southern states.

Alan: They even put one above a school entrance on the main building because theyíre paying them so many dollars to put up these little towers you know.

Jackie: Oh my God.

Alan: They put it behind the school sign.

Jackie: I wonder how many children Ė school children have cell phones today, Alan.Lots of them. I know a lot of them do.

Alan: I know. The MP3 players and the iPods and they have the Blackberry thatís an Internet cell phone, everything all in one, and of course itís a status symbol with the parents--

Jackie: They can watch movies on cell phones now.

Alan: Yes, I know.

Jackie: Did you know that?

Alan: Yes, and youíve got to have your cultural brainwashing one way or another through much music and thatís how they give us culture, or a lack of it. Everything is set up for this and itís been discussed at world meetings and the Loyola University published 600 pages on this with the top scientific experts from all over the planet there, scientists and microchip specialists and biologists, and they said itís already to go. This chip is actually well tested. I mean itís perfected. Iím sure they were testing it many, many years ago on unsuspecting people and itís got a coating on it which will integrate with your nervous system, so you couldnít even just cut it out easily; it will send little tendrils into your nervous system and intertwine with them, so itís a very, very advanced.

Jackie: Sometimes when we talk, I feel such a deep sadness and I feel like I want to scream to people, get out of the city. If you can get out of the city, get out of the city.

Alan: Well, the cities are where, as Plato said, they create the beehive because nothing is natural within a city; therefore itís the easiest place to alter culturally and speed up into this strange work called "progress" that no one wants to define, except the High Masons you know. In other words, you can do whatever inside a city and of course weíve seen all that in our own lifetimes how they can pervert anything in a city so easily and the public go along thinking itís all quite natural. Theyíll be the first ones to take all the chips, the tracking chips and all the rest of it.

Jackie: Even if they donít, Alan, the people in the city. Lets say that people who are listening to the broadcast, people who are much more aware than the average person. When you live in the city, you are so bombarded that itís almost like you donít have a chance. You donít have a chance.

Alan: I mean personally, I canít go near a city now. I feel the buzz off it miles before I come near it.

Jackie: The last time I went to St. Louis and Chuck drove me to Columbus and Jody and her boyfriend came half way and picked me up and took me there because I didnít want to make the thousand mile drive by myself. Anyway, we got into Cleveland, we had to go through Cleveland and I looked around and I said oh my God, Chuck, look. Everything is cement and brick and pavement and thereís nothing real here, and it almost felt like I could feel myself shriveling, like youíre shriveling up inside and God I feel so sorry for people in the cities.

Alan: Yet, after watching what happened in New Orleans, I think it should be a lesson to everyone that if you caught in a city in a disaster or a food shortage or a real or phony outbreak where youíre probably dependent on supplies coming in Ė well, we saw what happened in New Orleans. Itís the last place you want to be is in a city situation.

Jackie: You know in the book Between the Two Ages, I made a note at the side here. There was a footnote and there was a comment here a book called, Why Is Man Aggressive, Impact of Science on Society argues that "population growth crowding and social oppression all contribute to irrational and intensified aggression. Experiments on rats seem to bear this out. Observation of human behavior in modern cities seem to warrant a similar conclusion."

Alan: Thatís why they created the large cities, to get that kind of behavior going.

Jackie: Right, and it isnít that people are themselves inherently aggressive. It is the environment.When youíve got all these microwave towers, I mean thereís nowhere to escape from the cities, Alan.

Alan: People are not meant to live on top of each other.

Jackie: They live in the 'burbs,' the same thing.

Alan: You see itís an artificial creation and they knew this thousands of years ago at Nimrod what to create the artificial city. Thatís why itís--

Jackie: Look at the story of Joseph. It says right in that story that he gathered up the people from the country and brought them into the cities.

Alan: Because the city is where youíre now the master. Theyíre the servants and you can literally teach them anything and experiment with all kinds of behavior and make any behavior normal. Thatís a fact. Any behavior can be made normal in an artificial setting.

Jackie: It isnít that any of us really escape it, you know, because even as rural as we are, we still have the chemtrails.

Alan: You get loaded with it.

Jackie: And thatís doing God only knows what. Weíre just not as subjected to the array of "biotechnical" manipulation of the brain.

Alan: In that CBC documentary on this new syndrome of cell phone tower syndrome, they showed you a visual as you were standing in this part between different skyscrapers and they showed you the visual bursts of microwave from all these towers everywhere and if you were standing in the middle you were getting totally bombarded with this. Now this is an energy pulse, remember.

Youíre getting dosed with energy pulsations and at a specific frequency and this does not bode well. The human organism is not meant to handle this and yet the guys who put this up know what itís ultimate effects will be. They know this stuff. Theyíre not waiting to see what happens. They knew years ago how it worked on people, so they know what theyíre doing is programming the people.

Jackie: The question in my mind and maybe there isnít an answer, why some of us just had to leave cities. I remember when Ė because I lived in Chicago and St. Louis and when I moved to Illinois and started by business in Springfield, I built my home 50 miles away and I promised because I was so grateful to be able to live away from cities. I will never complain about the drive and even though I was in farm land and out in the woods et cetera when people would say, oh, itís so beautiful here, you know what I would say, Alan? If I had my druthers Iíd be somewhere out in the country on a farm. Itís like it was a yearning inside of me and I know that a lot of our listeners and especially a lot of the shortwave listeners, some of them go out to where they donít even have electricity. So itís almost like birds of a feather flock together.

Alan: I know, I know and that's what itís coming down to is those who understand innately, probably, a lot of them, that they need the country. They need the stars at night. They need the nature around them you see because thatís your natural setting. You werenít born thousands of years ago, or millions Ė you werenít born into the concrete jungle. You were born under the stars or under the sun and thatís nature you see, and the way weíre going is a planned direction by an elite, which is totally artificial; and as I say, something which is deviant to begin with can only spawn more deviancy, which technically is our hell ultimately.

Jackie: Our hell. Weíre out of our hour and youíre coming back with us tomorrow night?

Alan: Yes.

Jackie: All right, well once again, folks, Alanís website is and I know youíll want to watch his video and listen to the information he shares there.



(Transcribed by Linda)