March 22nd, 2006
Alan Watt on
"Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru
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Jackie Patru: Good Evening, Ladies and Gentlemen.  Thank you for joining us tonight on Sweet Liberty.  This is Wednesday, today.  It is the [22nd] of March, in the year 2006.  ...And Alan Watt is with us again.  Alan, thank you for being here tonight. 


Alan: Yeah, itís a pleasure. 


Jackie: Thank you.  And itís snowing in Northern Canada.† Well, weíre supposed to get snow tomorrow.† And itís still 30 degrees here and down into the 20s.  I was looking at the weather bug on the internet, and weíre supposed to have cold weather, pretty much for up until next week.  And it will get up into the 40s, but it will go down into the 20s at night, so itís kind of chilly. 


Alan: Thatís how itís been here.


Jackie: I was telling you, when you called me, I had found an article, actually it got emailed to me, okay.  And it said that this article, or this writing, or something is illegal.  And I hit the, the whole story was there.  But I hit the source, because I wanted to see where it came from, and it was a story out of the New York Times, Alan.  I mean, it was so ludicrous that I was shocked to see that this was written in the New York Times.  Some guy named Crichton or Crickton or something wrote it.  Basically, what he was explaining, and I read it once very quickly, but there was a study done, and whoever it was that had done this study, discovered that the lack of vitamin B12 could lead to heart disease.  And they patented that discovery. They patented a discovery and now it is illegal to talk about it or to write about it, because it is patented.  And according to the article, Alan, itís already been challenged, and successfully in court.  I mean, in other words, that the courts have ruled that nobody else can do this study or, itís just insanity.  And I know I wasnít reading it wrong.† Well, in other words, the title of the article was that this article is illegal, because the author of the article, whoever wrote it, was talking about a patented idea that he wasnít supposed to be discussing.


Alan: Well, it makes perfect sense in the control freak world that everything must be owned by the ones at the top. 


Jackie: Even our thoughts and even our words. 


Alan: Thatís right.  And all of that is what political correctness is all about.  Thereís many ways to introduce political correctness.  But tell them about that undercover sting operation, through all those bars in the Texas way.


Jackie: You tell them.


Alan: Well, what I heard was there was thirty-six bars and hotels raided in an undercover sting operation, and thirty people arrested for being drunk in public places, in the bars.


Jackie: Thatís right.  And they said that allegedly it wasnít to, it had nothing to do about protecting peopleís rights.  This is what these people were told.  It was protecting the public.  The safety of the public.  Not your rights.  And even the people, this was in Texas, I donít know where in Texas.  I donít even know if I...


Alan: San something, yeah.


Jackie: San, oh, okay, whatever.  That even the people, listen to this.  People in hotel bars that were guests staying, registered guests in the hotel, that were not going to be driving, were still arrested, Alan.


Alan: So, itís control freak time.  Itís so obvious, itís the new freedom you see, as Mr. Bush said.  Itís the new freedom.  Freedom has to be redefined.  And so this is the new freedom.  It means, enjoy yourself, but not too much.


Jackie: Nah, it doesnít mean enjoy yourself.  It means, live in fear. 


Alan: Oh, yeah, sure.


Jackie: Thatís what it means, in fear of us.


Alan: When you see armed SWAT teams coming into the bar, and smelling your breath, you know, thatís very friendly.  Thatís your friendly policeman. 


Jackie: You know, what they used to do is sit outside, you know, and hide some place, and trap people.  But now, going right in there and saying, okay.  Oh, and you know what they said.  Now, these are the authorities, statements by the authorities.  Bars are to go in and have a good time, not to get drunk. 


Alan: Oh, I see.


Jackie: So, you Americans cannot get drunk anymore.


Alan: Thatís the redefinition of the good time, now. 


Jackie: Thatís right.


Alan: Well, thatís what police are for.  Itís for control freak times.  And theyíve been hiring so many of them.  I guess theyíve got enough on the roads, as it is, you see.  So, as they keep hiring this army of police, theyíve got to find new things for them to do.


Jackie: You know what, theyíre not finding.  This has all been in the plan, Alan.


Alan: Oh, I know.


Jackie: Theyíre not finding new things for the police to do.  And theyíre calling the police in, and theyíre getting the psychopaths and the sociopaths and the people who love power, so that theyíll go and ride roughshod over the people.


Alan: Thatís right.


Jackie: Jeff is visiting.  And he was in watching the weather channel, just before we came on the air.  Iíve been on the computer a lot today, and I just, it occurred to me, that is why I could feel so edgy.  I donít think itís good sitting at a computer for long periods of time.  Not only that, you read all this stuff.  But I have been on edge, and I wondered, God, I wonder if theyíre bombarding us with something.  You know, weíve been talking about bio-chemical control, and chemtrails, and the vaccines, and how they can manipulate our emotions.  And Iíve been on edge all day long, and a cranky edge, you know what Iím saying.  And I got to wondering, you know, God, I wonder if weíre getting hit with something here, because, well, itís me, Iím the only one.  But, you know, weíve been talking about it on the air, and I thought, that would be just like them to say, okay letís give them some.  You know.  But, anyway, he said that on the, remember, I told you that on the weather channel, theyíve got one program thatís called the weather makers.  And I havenít watched the weather channel in a long time now.  You never know what the weather is going to be for the most part.  But anyway, several times, youíd hear this voice, under, you never saw the face.  "Youíre watching the weather channel, live by it."  And he said, he saw the weirdest ad on the weather channel.  He said there were people standing outdoors, looking up at the skies, and he said the skies were lined with chemtrails.  It showed this right on the weather channel.  And then the voice said, do you know when the good weather is going to happen?  We do. 


Alan: Itís in your face, isnít it?


Jackie: I might start watching it.  Iíd like to catch that.


Alan: Well, on the weather channel, as far as I know, I donít have it, but what I understand, everything is a crisis.  You get a drop of rain, itís going to be a flood, you know. 


Jackie: Oh, you know what.  Never anything but floods and droughts, according to the weather channel.


Alan: Itís all crisis, crisis.


Jackie: And, you know, when they report on the weather channel that thereís terrible flooding in a certain area.  People have told me, they live there, and there were no floods. 


Alan: Itís part of the hype and fear thing, you see.  And apparently the weather channel also tells you sometimes, which towns or areas have the flu, the common flu.  So, theyíre already getting us hyped up for that, through these stations theyíve given us, that we think are there to serve us.  No, theyíre there to create the hype, to condition you.


Jackie: Let me ask you a question.  I was talking to Jody, earlier.  Her boyfriend got very, very sick, suddenly, high fever, chills, a rash, etc.  He finally wound up going to the hospital, and they said he had the pox, chicken pox.


Alan: Oh, chicken pox, eh?


Jackie: Yeah, but he had had them when he was young.  But you canít get them twice, youíre immune to them.  She said, but wait a minute mom, she said, theyíre talking about a new kind of chicken pox, and now theyíre giving chicken pox boosters, chicken pox boosters to the children, for the new chicken pox.


Alan: Well, itís the new freedom, and itís the new sobriety, and itís the new chicken pox.


Jackie: Listen to this.  A friend of hers, their relative.  I donít know if it was a brother in law, or whatever, came suddenly down with a virus, and was dead in five days.  Theyíre having his funeral today, she said.  And they have no idea what the guy had.  I told her about.  I said, I want you to know this, so that youíre aware of it.  You know, this avian flu and etc.  And of course, I got going in it.  And then she goes, mom, I want to talk about something different.  Itís enough.  Itís enough.  Some people just donít want to know, Alan.


Alan: Oh, I know.  They canít handle the truth.  You know.  Most people cannot handle the truth.  And they wonít until the bitter end.  Theyíll still be the same.  But youíre talking about the pox though, the chicken pox, you can get it again as an adult. 


Jackie: I didnít know that.


Alan: But generally what happens, it breaks out as shingles.  So, you get rashes around your rib cage, and so on.


Jackie: I did not know that, Alan.


Alan: However, if theyíre giving booster shots, they could have evolved a different type, an upgraded form.


Jackie: Thatís what I told her.  That if theyíre giving boosters, you know, because reading about the vaccines, when you read that smallpox vaccination was actually made out of a cow pox, then they were just spreading disease.  And thatís what I told Jody.  I said, if theyíre starting to give these children boosters for the chicken pox, there will be outbreaks of chicken pox going on. 


Alan: Probably, because some of this stuff theyíve got now is hybrid.  They hybridize the viruses, you know, until theyíre different strains.  But you know, weíre getting to a stage now, where youíve got to be careful because there are even drugs out there from the pharmacy.  One of them, thereís one drug I think, itís for skin cancer.  And a person I know got it, the drug.  And he didnít have the same cancer.  It was some experimental treatment to see if it would work with arthritis.  And the little sheet that came with it from the pharmacy, on the warning, contraindications on it, it said, stay away from people, avoid people whoíve had recent polio shots because you may be susceptible to the polio.† Which tells you that the polio shot is shedding live viruses.† See, hereís where medicine, these theories donít jive.  So, people are walking around shedding live viruses, and people are susceptible to catching it, if theyíve got a weakened immune system, or on certain medications which will weaken the immune system.  Something doesnít jive here with the whole theory of the inoculations, you know.  So, yeah, weíre living in Disneyland.


Jackie: Something doesnít jive.  I guess not, Alan.


Alan: Thatís right.  And speaking of Disneyland, you know that Genesis broadcasting that gives us all our heroes, you know, theyíre owned by the ABN News, ABN Station, or ABC?


Jackie: ABC.† American Broadcast.  ABC.  Theyíre an ABC affiliate, I think.


Alan: They are.  Theyíre owned by it.  And ABC is owned by Disney Corporation.  So, thatís why, that tells you who runs Genesis.


Jackie: And that tells you that anybody on Genesis is definitely going to be censored, and a lot of people donít realize theyíre being censored, because theyíre allowed to say so much.  Theyíre not allowed to say certain things, and they will not say certain things.


Alan: Personally, I donít think itís that at all.  I think thatís their job is to give out what theyíre supposed to give out.† And no more, no less, or no less of a spin, either.  But Disney, as you know, has been in the mind control business for many, many years, molding the brains of children.† And of course, now theyíre just doing it in the adults, the same sort of thing.


Jackie: Yes.  Are you making a new video, another one?


Alan: I will be.


Jackie: Not yet. 


Alan: I havenít started it, but I know what I want.


Jackie: Well, I hope our listeners have gone in.  Have you gotten emails that people have found it, and?


Alan: Oh, yeah.


Jackie: Good.  What kind of comments?


Alan: Oh, itís all really favorable comments.


Jackie: I got a, remember I said last night, that I had an email from one of our listeners in England.  Well, I got a really wonderful email from a man in Dublin.† And he said that people, he said that, you know, every country is in the New World Order, but he said, there are people waking up.  And he said thatís evidenced by conversations that you hear in bars.  And he said, whenever he gets in a conversation with people, he tells them to go to Sweet Liberty website, and they come to their own conclusions.  Thatís wonderful.† I do appreciate hearing, well, from all of our listeners.  I donít get a lot of, you know, email from listeners.  But itís really uplifting to know that what youíre doing is making a difference for at least some people, Alan.  And as you said, you know, if thereís one person that is brought out of the lie, out of the system if you would, itís a miracle and itís a blessing.


Alan: Oh, absolutely. 


Jackie: When we know that there have been more than just one, donít we?


Alan: There have been lots.  There have been lots of them.  And thatís the key to it.  Generally, itís someone who has been questioning, and they donít have the answers, but theyíre questioning, and when they hear someone else thatís a bit further forward, with the explanations, they can catch on quick.  And then they in turn can then pass it on to other people, you know.  But youíve got to be selective in who you spend time with, because I call the people who donít want to hear the dead.  And you donít want to expend energy trying to make people wake up.  Thereís no point.  They have to have started the process themselves.  Even if theyíre only asking what really is going on, thatís a start, you know.† And really, I mean, with everything thatís happening today, Iím still astounded that people are still asleep.  I am, you know. 


Jackie: Well, it just proves, Alan, you know, I think, I remember when I was getting the information together on the fluoride in the water, and reading Major Jordanís thing that he had done on it.  And actually, here in the States they started it in towns that were near military bases, Alan, that originally, when they started using the fluoride.  Because it does create an apathetic, an apathy.  Thatís whatís mind boggling to me, like you said, itís amazing to you that everybody hasnít awakened, but, you know, when you show people, and I know Iím being redundant here, but when you show people the poison warning on fluoride toothpaste, the tubes.  You know, keep away from children under six.  And if you swallow more than enough for brushing, seek medical help or contact a poison center.  Itís right there.† Theyíll look at it, and theyíll say, I didnít know that, and they keep using it, Alan. 


Alan: Theyíre so conditioned; you see, people who are socialized truly believe theyíre being well managed by experts.  They really do believe that.  And what theyíll say is, well, they, you know, the big "They," they would never give it to us if it was really harmful.  Thatís what they believe.  Itís the same with the soya products.  I mean, for donkeyís years they kept hyping up soya, how great it was, and of course, soya has been used since the days of Thomas Malthus, because theyíd feed that to their slaves, you know, on plantations, and it literally turns the testosterone into estrogen in males, and makes them docile.


Jackie: So it creates femininity.


Alan: It makes them docile.  And now, soya byproducts are in everything now.  Everything.  Even candies. 


Jackie: And one thing I did read, that the only reason that soy is used, and safely in Japan, is that they ferment it first.  So, it evidently kills all of the properties that affect the hormone system.


Alan: Well, what it is, itís the outer meat they use of the soya bean.  Because the stuff that alters your testosterone if youíre a male is in the center.


Jackie: Is in the center?


Alan: Itís in the center of it.  But the companies here, of course, they crush all of it, and use all of it.  You see.


Jackie: And people, and the vegetarians, vege-meats that are made out of soy.  The whole thing, I know.


Alan: Thatís why they can sing soprano, you know.  But thatís what they use.  Thatís also added to all the prisoners in some of the US states to their meals, by law in Texas.  I think itís Texas, 40% towards their meat products, theyíll have up to 40% soya, added to it, and the guards are told that, that itís to basically alter their testosterone level and turns it to estrogen to make them more pliable and easily managed.


Jackie: Sort of like when we neuter our male dogs.


Alan: Thatís right.  So, drugs have been used for thousands of years actually, on slaves and so on.  And thereís nothing new under the sun, really.  Aldous Huxley, who worked for the Tavistock Institute, and who wrote Brave New World, and then the sort of follow-up documentary style, Brave New World Revisited, and who was all for this whole agenda, and he was one of the elite of course, said, Whatís wrong with drugging the population to make them happy, and easily managed?  He said, after all, theyíll be happier, the authorities will be happier, and thereíll be less commotion.


Jackie: And there will be peace.


Alan: He said, it will get rid of this troublesome individuality, he said.  People will be more uniform, you see. 


Jackie: There will be peace in the world, Alan.


Alan: Thatís right.  As George Orwell said, when thereís no-think, then thereís peace.  Yeah, no-think.


Jackie: I would like to do this, and this is way off the subject.  Weíre going to take a break in about five minutes.  Remember the tincture, that I told you, that the lady at the health food store.  I want to share this with our listeners.  Because, it really made a difference.  Iíve still got a lot of congestion in my lungs, but it isnít.  Itís coming up.  Itís constantly being brought up and out.  And Alan, before, when I would cough, there would be just nothing, and the pressure, the pressure, the internal pressure was so great that Iíd hold my head, it hurt so bad.  And it actually, the morning after I started taking this, I actually woke up and just coughed and coughed and coughed up phlegm.  And I wake up in the mornings now.  I mean, I still cough in the morning, because, you know, it accumulates during the night, it comes up.  But I donít wake up with the wheezing, like I can barely take a breath until I start coughing this stuff out.  And folks, if you would get a pen, or a pencil, and a piece of paper.  This stuff is really easy to make, and using it, in fact, sheís got some more astragalus root ordered, because Iím going to make another batch and keep it on hand.  It will keep forever, Alan.  You know, your tinctures are made with 80 proof alcohol.  Folks this is a combination of three herbs, and one of them is astragalus root, and itís cut and filtered.  Roxy told me that she only knows of one company that makes it, and itís on back order for her.  But you can get the astragalus root and break it up, but this stuff that she used in the tincture, is cut and filtered.  And she said, probably filtering it means they just get the dust off it, so it turns into looking like leaf.  And itís one part astragalus root, and one part olive leaf, olive leaf, and she used two parts mullein in hers.  And the reason so, is because she had kind of an asthmatic condition.  And the mullein is a lung cleanser, so to speak.  Itís for the health of the lungs.  And if you donít have, at the present time a lot of congestion, I suppose you could make it with one part of each.  But anyway, she said, if you were using like a half a cup of astragalus root, half a cup of olive leaf, use a full cup of mullein, and you get an 80 proof alcohol.  I used a brandy because thatís what Roxy used in hers.  And you put it in a jar.  You put enough of the alcohol in that itís covered.  But you will find out that as the dried mullein and the olive leaf begins to absorb, youíre going to have to wind up adding more alcohol, because you want the alcohol to be over the top of your material there.  And then, all you do, is you put it in a jar, cover it, and once a day, you just shake it up a little bit.  Flip the jar upside down and back and forth a couple times.  And after 30 days, then you strain it into another jar, and you have a wonderful tincture.  And the astragalus root is an immune booster.  And I was talking to my doctor friend, Kevin Imhoff.  A couple or three years ago, he told me this Alan, that astragalus is even better than Echinacea as an immune booster.  The olive leaf is an antiviral.  And the mullein is to cleanse out the lungs and the respiratory tract.  So, if youíve got that folks, I really would recommend that you get some of this material and make it and keep it, because, Roxy takes two tablespoons a day, one in the morning, and one at night, as maintenance.  And when I had that terrible congestion, I was taking a couple tablespoons, I took a couple tablespoons immediately, and then before I went to bed another, and in the morning, it started coming up.  But I was taking about four tablespoons a day, you know, throughout the day.  Anyway, I wanted to share this with our listeners.  Iíve been wanting to share this with our listeners, and I wrote it down tonight to do that.  And I think that itís just about time, folks, at the half-hour break.


(Commercial Break)


Jackie: Hi, weíre back with Alan Watt.  And if you mightíve tuned in late, you are listening to Sweet Liberty.  Iím Jackie Patru, your hostess.  Alan Watt, more than a guest I think.  Heís become like a co-host on this broadcast.  Weíve done it together so many times and for so long.  I want to remind you too, folks, that Sweet Liberty does broadcast Monday through Wednesday, and Darren Weeks, which Darren is our webmaster, and Darren does the broadcast Monday and Tuesday.  I do the broadcast on Wednesday, and I want to encourage you to tune in all three nights.  Darren does his homework, and presents documented information, that, without the documentation or sources of the documentation, I think that some of this stuff we talk about is actually difficult to believe, but anyway, do tune in, Monday through Wednesday, not just on Wednesday night.


Alan, I wanted to share something with you.  I donít know if I told you this, there was a, you know, we get these free newspapers around here.  And one of them is called the Penny Saver, well we get a couple or three free newspapers every week, or every couple weeks, or whatever it is.  But there was a little ad in here, listen to this.  It says "Dead or Alive: Pennsylvania Mountain Lion Reward.  $2,000."  For any of you in Pennsylvania, get your pen back again, would you.  Because you might like to be aware of this.  It says, call Jake Holme, and heís got his home phone number and his work number in here.  And what heís saying is help save the deer herd.  But anyway, theyíre offering a $2,000 reward.  Now, I wondered how they could advertise this, Alan, given that of course, weíre told, you know, thereís a fine.  Because even though they donít exist in this state, theyíre protected.  And I asked him, first of all, he said, theyíre just sick and tired of all the denials that there are mountain lions here in Pennsylvania.  And he said they arenít Eastern Mountain Lions because they pretty much became extinct, and they are from the West, but theyíve been brought in.  And he said that heís, in fact one of the state legislators here, a Senator, I think his name is Madigan or Kadigan or something like that, is trying to get some type of legislation introduced, and Iím not really sure what itís all about, but Jeff called him, and then I got on the phone and spoke with him.  He said heíd keep me posted.  But, I said, how can you offer this $2,000 reward.  You know that could be the fine that somebody would pay.  He said, we want it dead or alive.  Anybody that sees and can get a mountain lion, a cougar.  But he said no, there is no law here.  He says, you are allowed to shoot a mountain lion if it is on your property, if itís, you know, endangering your family, your pets or whatever.  And he said, there have been people that have shot them, and they donít get fined, because they donít want to be taken to court, because they donít want the masses to really know that theyíre here and that they have been reintroduced into Pennsylvania.


Alan: The rewilding.


Jackie: The rewilding, yeah.  But I thought that was pretty cool.  And the paper was laying here and it just, I thought I would share that with you and with our listeners.  So, people, well, he didnít know about rewilding though.  Itís just people fed up with the insanity, Alan.† But anyway, I told him, do a search, in your search engine.  When I put rewilding project, I pulled up seven hundred and some articles.  So that was pretty cool, huh?


Alan: Yeah, what gets me, is that if people just sat and thought about it logically, like if youíre a tenant in a building, and the landlord brings another tenant in and puts him in your room, youíd be pretty upset, because you havenít given up your notice, and you havenít even thought of leaving until then.  Well, thatís what theyíre doing to the public.  Theyíre rewilding the rural areas with animals for the future, for this idealistic future, that theyíre already creating, when thereíll be nobody left on the rural areas.  Theyíll all be in these chokey, smoky habitat areas.  And thatís the gall of these guys.  Theyíre actually fixing up for the future, while weíre still living in the country, you know.† How disgusting.  Theyíre so arrogant, you know.


Jackie: And when we were first talking about this, a long time ago on the air, a lady from Wisconsin contacted me, sent me newspaper articles, and in a State Park in Wisconsin, it was a newspaper article, they re-introduced rattlers, rattlesnakes, Alan, so then people canít go picnic in the park. 


Alan: Thatís to scare the mothers.  The mothers will say, we donít want to go there.  Itís around your house, well letís get out of here.  Letís go somewhere safe.  And itís all to scare the people off the rural areas, thatís why theyíre doing it. 


Jackie: Yes, of course, yes, yes, yes.


Alan: I heard they released wild haggis in Scotland.


Jackie: Whatís haggis?


Alan: Well, apparently the Scotsmen ate it.  Itís a traditional meal there.


Jackie: Oh, Alan. 


Alan: Iíll let you look that one up.


Jackie: So, that was a joke you just told me?


Alan: That was a joke there.  I can see 10,000 people checking up on the internet to see what a haggis is.  Itís actually a three-legged bird that runs around the mountains, and thatís why it has a third leg, to keep a hold, you see, so it doesnít fall down.  But no, the Scotsmen ate it.  So, they caught it and ate it.


Jackie: Okay. Now, you were born in Scotland, werenít you?


Alan: Yes, I was. 


Jackie: How long did you live in Scotland before you left?


Alan: Oh, quite a few, well, I was moving, I went to different countries even in my late teens.  Iíd visit them before I went to live in different countries.


Jackie: Oh, but you actually grew up in Scotland then.


Alan: Oh, yeah.  I survived it, yeah.


Jackie: You survived it.† You know, I was telling somebody what you had shared with me one time, that in Scotland, and this probably was long ago, but you said that there was a huge, or a deep, deep, deep hole.  They had no idea how deep it was.  And when any adult abused, sexually abused a child, they were just thrown into that hole.


Alan: That was traditional. When the people, the locals had proof, that was it.  There was no bureaucracy or police or trials or social workers and rehabilitation.  It was just down the hole with them, you know.  And interestingly enough, there was a CBC special on recently, about pedophilia, and they talked to some of these guys in their 40s, 50s, and 60s even, who were now out into the community, and being, of course, closely monitored.  But one of them said, he says, Iíll never change.  He says, I canít change.  He said, itís an obsession, you know.  And so, itís true enough.  Itís an obsession with them.  Theyíre very dangerous people, and they know it too. 


Jackie: Well, there was an article about a man who had abused many, many children, raped.  And he begged them, they were going to release him, and he literally begged them not to, because he said he would do it again.  Or he said, at least castrate me, do something so that I cannot do this again.


Alan: Maybe they fed him soya.


Jackie: And they let him go, Alan.


Alan: I mean, they cannot stop it.  They havenít found a method of treating them, you know.


Jackie: Somebody asked me, when I was telling them about what you told me.  Evidently they had tried to do some research on it, and this was some time ago, and they asked, well, when youíre talking to Alan, would you ask him if he could give more information on that because they wanted to actually see if they could verify it.


Alan: What was it though?† On what?


Jackie: About the hole. 


Alan: Thatís right.  It was a crevasse really, a deep crevasse in the Ettrick Forest.† And that was traditional.  I mean, they just dumped them down there.  Of course you could look down there with flashlights.  Youíd never see the bottom of it.  It was very, very deep.  I donít know how deep it really was.  But certainly, you couldnít see anything with flashlights or anything. 


Jackie: What was the time frame when that was going on?


Alan: That was still happening up into the 1900s.  And probably after that too.  And the locals all kept their mouth shut, you know, because that was the old way.  That was the old way.  Justice was done by the community.  In clan systems, there was still a tribal system there.  You didnít need law, because your culture was the law.  Everybody knew the rules.  And anybody that broke them knew what the punishment would be.


Jackie: And children were well.


Alan: They could travel all over the hills and so on, and come home safely.  No one had to worry.  Mind you, they were not flooding.  They didnít have TV, etc., to flood peopleís minds with pornography all the time.† But yeah, they made short work of the pedophiles.


Jackie: And I suppose that would be hard for somebody to actually confirm and research, because it was more of a tribal thing. 


Alan: Actually, it happened in more localities than just that.  Justice was swift.  In fact the law wasnít light, at all, right into the 20th century, up in the highlands.  In fact, the people there looked upon the law as their enemy, traditionally.  Anybody in uniform, I mean, the highlands had been so persecuted for such a long time that the English law with uniforms, uniformity, one form, Masonic, they just did not like the police at all. 


Jackie: Well, they were smart, Alan.† Because the laws are always so stupid.


Alan: Well, itís not just that.  Itís that men in uniform are dangerous, because they do whatever theyíre ordered to do.  And thatís just a fact.  It doesnít matter if their country gets taken over, even by another country.  We saw that in France and different countries when Germany walked in.  The police just went to work the next day as usual.  And they do whatever theyíre told to do.  They donít care who their master is.  And itís because of the type that goes into police forces.  These people are basically the school bullies.  They like to see the average person squirm when theyíre asked for ID or whatever.  They get their kicks on that, you know.  And police have always been the same.  But in places like the Island of Skye, when people were getting moved off their land, it was the police forces that were sent out to do it.  And they beat the people, male and female with clubs and everything.  They were merciless.  So, the people in the highlands have a long memory of this kind of stuff.  You know, uniformity.  Thatís why in Britain they had a healthy distance between themselves and even the military uniform.  Because the military all over Europe has always been turned on their own people.  Always.  And thatís what America hasnít seen, yet, well actually it started...


Jackie: Well, they have, but they donít see it, Alan.†† Although, you know what.  Iíll bet you any amount of money, if you told people, that nine out of ten would say that they get the creeps, when, letís say youíre driving.  Youíre doing nothing wrong.  Youíre not speeding.  But you get nervous as heck, every time you see a cop.† And Iíll bet, Iíll bet you that today that people, even the walking dead, in that aspect, I donít think they see the police as our "protectors" anymore.


Alan: No.  Well, when you see them dressed in black with combat boots, youíre looking at an army.  Thatís what youíre looking at.


Jackie: I know it.


Alan: And itís very ominous.  And itís going to be used on the public.  And those guys will use all the weaponry theyíre given, and they will do whatever theyíre told.  They never have faltered in history.  Theyíre not going to falter now.  This will repeat itself again.  Itís ominous.  They havenít been built up into a huge internal army for no purpose.  Thereís a purpose behind everything in this world that we live in.  Itís all planning.  Planning ahead for things to come, and they will be used for what theyíve been created to do.


Jackie: And you know, thatís what we should get real clear, and hopefully that our listeners do, is that what happened is not accidental.  Itís a long-laid plan.  They have their timeline.  And itís the same, as you said, last night, that prophecies, the so-called prophecies in the Holy Bible and Revelations, it isnít a prophecy, people who could see the future psychically.  It was written by those, the priesthood, or their minions, who have been in control down through the ages, and this was their plan.† Weíre living it today.


Alan: Absolutely.  And theyíve laid the groundwork so perfectly this time.  Because, when they first brought in video games which were designed to train military, to desensitize them from killing.† And they gave those games to children.  And I said, twenty years ago, one day, I said, weíre going to create a generation of barbarians to go and do and fight in a war.  It was so obvious to me, and thatís exactly what theyíve done.


Jackie: I feel like I should have compassion, simply because of the, the I donít know.  They somehow convince themselves, and their parents are so proud of them because theyíre over there in Iraq and Afghanistan, fighting to keep us free.  And Alan, I canít find the compassion, at least, that I feel that I should have, simply because I know theyíre being used.  Theyíve been.  Itís like you said on your video, you know, they knock our legs out from under us, and then ridicule us because we canít get up.† And thatís the way it is with these young men and women.


Alan: Weíve got to realize too, you see, these people who go in in peacetime, when itís a non-draft, these are voluntary.  They are voluntary mercenaries.  Letís not kid ourselves here.  Itís always been this way from even Roman times.  Voluntary mercenaries.  And these guys get paid to go out and kill, you know.  Thatís what a soldier does, no matter how much they try and whitewash it with this term Peacekeeper, this Orwellian doublespeak.  And then the fact is, itís like Woodward and Bernstein wrote in their book about Kissinger.  When Kissinger told a group of the pressmen, including these two authors, he said that the American soldier is just a dumb stupid animal to be used for foreign policy.  Well, he was, Kissinger was telling the truth.  Because these guys have no idea about what the real long-term agenda of this is.  And whatís more, they donít care.


Jackie: And they can go over there, and pull the trigger, and shoot.


Alan: Itís just another video game.


Jackie: And children and innocent citizens over there, Iraqis, unarmed.


Alan: Well, theyíre taught, you see, theyíre dehumanized, and theyíre taught to call them ragheads and so on, and dehumanize them.  The same stuff they used in World War II, you know, and then of course with the ďgooksĒ, in Vietnam.  And now itís ďragheadsĒ.  The same techniques are being used, again.  However, this generation is worse, because they were a purpose-made generation to be used now for war.  They were bred and brought up with the value of the State and the media, and much music and video games to do exactly what theyíre doing.  Theyíre the bottom of the barrel. 


Jackie: Yes, and then I think about that statement, I happen to have the book lying here, in Between Two Ages, where this one said that, I foresee the time when we shall have the means to manipulate the behavior and intellectual functioning of all people, through environmental and biochemical manipulation of the brain.  Somewhere, that has to have happened to these people.  These young people who can go over there, or not so young, because a lot of them have actually re-enlisted.  And just go over there. But, Alan, somehow theyíve convinced themselves that theyíre over there fighting for our freedom.


Alan: Well, thatís why Kissinger said theyíre dumb stupid animals.


Jackie: And they should be heroes.


Alan: They donít know what the real story is, and whatís more they donít....


Jackie: But Iím saying thatís why there should be some compassion.


Alan: Well, I canít.  You know, I canít...


Jackie: Well, I havenít been able to either.


Alan: Because, I mean, if I see a dog that goes rabid, I donít hate the dog because now itís gone rabid.  However, Iím still very wary of the fact that itís now rabid.  And thatís how I see these soldiers.


Jackie: But, see, you could have compassion for that dog.


Alan: I could.


Jackie: Because itís a disease.


Alan: And I know that it was a normal dog before it happened.


Jackie: We might have to shoot the dog, you know, to avoid, you know, being bitten and stuff, or just because heís going to die anyway, but there would be compassion there.  And it feels to me, like thereís something missing here. 


Alan: Well, there is something missing.


Jackie: I mean, for me, that I canít, I canít see the wrongness of it and still feel compassion for the insanity that these people have been living.  And if itís biochemical manipulation of their brain, itís sort of like you said.  Knock the legs out from under us, and then ridicule us, because we canít get up.† Thatís kind of how I see these people who go over there.† They donít have a damn clue, Alan.


Alan: And they donít want to know.  Thatís what Kissinger was saying.  He says theyíre dumb stupid animals, because they donít even inquire into the real reasons.  Any superficial reason will do.  And I was watching a program on the CBC here, when they were sending Canadian troops off, and there was one sergeant there, and he was getting ready to board the plane and say goodbye to his family, and they asked him how he felt going over there.  He says, Ďoh, Iím happy to go,í he says.  ĎIím a soldier.  Thatís what I do.  I go wherever Iím sent.í  What heís telling you is, he didnít care about the reasons given.  He just goes and does what heís told to do, and heís happy to do it, you know.  Well, that same guy, if they put a black uniform on him, and bring him back home, once again, heíll do exactly what heís told to do.  And we better remember that.  I mean, there are psychopaths out there too.


Jackie: That young soldier, what was his name, Michael New.  Remember Michael New?† He was a hero, because he said he wouldnít wear a UN uniform.  And when I was talking to his dad, and we said, well, you must be very proud of him.  And he says, well, we told him, thatís what they were going to do.  He said, Michael will go anywhere in the US military and serve proudly, served proudly in the Gulf War, but he will not wear the UN uniform.  So, whatís so heroic about that?


Alan: Thatís right.


Jackie: But he has been held up, for years.


Alan: As a hero.


Jackie: By many, many people as a hero.  And I believe that Michael was brainwashed by his family to do exactly what he did, so that he would become this hero.  I donít know what was behind it.  But I do know that that was a manipulated thing.  And he was being used.


Alan: And young men, letís be honest, young men who are 18 to 20 are stupid.  You see. 


Jackie: But see, his dad said, I told Michael, one of these days theyíre going to ask you to put on the UN uniform.  And if you do that, youíre going to come home indistinguishable from all the others.  So, see, Michael had been fed and fed and fed to him, but his dad was a member of the Birch Society.  You know, thatís their whole scam, get us out of the UN, and phony conservative, the biggest and one of the first, and so therefore the UN was the issue, see.  But I see, by what his father said that Michael was just set up for that.  He was set up for it.


Alan: Well, again, a lot of parents are pretty dumb.


Jackie: His dad wasnít dumb, trust me.  His dad was just a climber and just a pawn for the Birch Society.


Alan: But in general, as I say, all these troops who are 18 to 20, theyíre pretty stupid, because young men donít even know who they are at that age.  And they donít even know history.  They have no idea.  And they donít even know current history. 


Jackie: We just had our 60 second warning, and I heard it, and ladies and gentlemen, we are just about out of our hour here.  I want to remind you that Alanís website,, youíll want to visit it.  You definitely will want to watch the video, and take a look at the excerpts from the three books that heís written, Cutting Through the Matrix, or Cutting Through.  I think itís Cutting Through the BS, donít you, Alan?


Alan: It certainly is.


Jackie: Weíll be back with you next Wednesday.


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