Alan Watt on

"Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru

March 28, 2005




Jackie:  Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for joining us tonight on Sweet Liberty. It is Monday the 28th of March in the year 2005 and this is day 11 for Terri Schiavo without water, without food and we heard today that they are going to have an autopsy done after Terri's death so they can prove that there was no foul play by Michael and of course we know that whatever is said will just be more of their lies.


Our spiritual message this evening is the same as we have been doing for the last couple of weeks, from Matthew. This is something for us to consider all around, not just relating to Terri Schiavo.


            "For I was hungry and you gave me meat. I was thirsty and you gave me drink. I was a stranger and you took me in naked and you clothed me. I was sick and you visited me. I was in prison and you came unto me inasmuch as you have done it unto the least of these my brethren ye have done it unto me."


That is a quote, a statement that is attributed to Jesus and he did say that "I and my father are one. He is in me as I am in you and you are in me," and that's what I get from that, ladies and gentlemen. We're not going to spend the broadcast talking about Terri. Our heart is with her. Our love is with her and we posted a couple of weeks ago when the U.S. Congress was going to get involved here and we had posted a piece and I said well good news but the U.S. Congress doesn't do anything. The U.S. Congress critters don't do anything other than what their masters tell them to do and one of the statements that I made is that we have to be alert because we should be aware of what could be going on in the background behind the scenes while all our attention is on Terri Schiavo. Tonight our guest is Alan Watt. I called Alan late this afternoon. I thought well maybe I'll ask Alan to come on and ask him to give us his sage insight into what is happening and has been happening is what we're going to talk about, ladies and gentlemen. Alan, thanks for being here with us tonight.


Alan:  Yes. It's a pleasure.


Jackie:  Yes, always. So behind the scenes what are your – just some insight or your thoughts. I mean we know that the mainstream media has not brought this out the way it has for nothing.


Alan:  It was a blitz across every border, every country. It was what they call in freemasonry a "must be."  It's a "must be" and it was portrayed in exactly the same format on every station where the public have been brought through and participated in a psychodrama. An occult psychodrama and they've been brought to the conclusion carefully by the magicians the masters wanted in the first place, which is the right of courts to declare their right and authority for euthanasia. Euthanasia is the word for it you see. They never use that and on all the stations they never used the word euthanasia and so without even a debate on congress the government is putting down on its books as a precedent the right to euthanize who they decide and, of course, life support is not having a feeding tube in you, you see, so they have given themselves--


Jackie:  Artificial life support they're calling it. Alan, I didn't mean to interrupt but I read a quote today. I think it was by Thelos or by one of the doctors that testified that she was PVS and he said that even a person who cannot bring a spoon up to their mouths. In other words, it doesn't matter if you can swallow or not, if you have to be fed by someone else then it's time for you.


Alan:  That would take most of the traffic victim accidents that are in hospitals for a few months and then out again. In other words, what they wanted to get through for a long, long time is the right for the courts to declare the right for euthanasia, condemn who they wish to and even use a non-medical term that you can stretch like a rubber band and say you're in a "vegetative state," which is a non-medical term. It's like "democracy," it can be stretched as far as they wish it to be stretched and the public have gone along with this because they swallowed the "vegetative state" or "weapons of mass destruction" repetition and of course now they're out putting their living wills together as they've all been advised to, which is the next big con.This living will thing, every station in Canada, like the U.S., does exactly the same thing. They gave you this spiel with the vegetative state repetition and they then talk to experts to advise everyone to get living wills and of course if you look at one of the biggest industries today, it's the organ donor industry. You'll see that the most expensive organs are those taken from a body where the heart is still beating but they're declared brain dead and so this follows right into their agenda because they always make a profit off the human misery they cause. Since we are nothing but the sheep, then it makes perfect sense they've done it in this format; but Joe Public has passively given his consent to having himself euthanized in the future, with or without a living will, because it makes no difference in the end if the courts have the rights to decide. They can overrule whatever they want. It's a psychodrama where they've brought the whole public in on the act, just like they did with the killing of Kennedy. It was broadcast all over the world over and over and over and so this is deliberate, very carefully constructed. There was no variation on the presentation of this from station to station, whether it was radio, television or whatever. It is all the same.


We're going down path they wish. They put these same laws through in Holland and you wouldn't believe where these laws have now ended up with the public. It started off with people who were brain dead supposedly and now there's so many lawsuits where they've inadvertently killed the wrong people by mistaking their tags and it goes on and on and on, plus they're making a tremendous profit from the organ donation from the live bodies. Yes, psychodramas of immense proportions.


Now while that was all happening on the 23rd, President Bush had a meeting with Fox and Prime Minister Martin of Canada and they signed into agreement the Unification of the Americas. I don't think they even broadcast it on the U.S. television as to what they'd done, but in Canada they certainly did show us little bits of it, censored though it was, where they admitted that they're going ahead and within four years there will be no borders as such.


Jackie:  So that anybody thinking about leaving the U.S. and moving to Canada may as well hang that up.


Alan:  Yes, because there is to be a common passport and they've got the pictures of it in the newspapers up here and it's biometric with their eye scan and it's got eye scan, thumbprint, everything on it and it's all ready to go. However, it's being constructed in exactly the same way as the European Union, where after they sign it into law basically you are part of the one continent from then on, so we are already, and they talked about they've already merged the military and the CSIS.


Jackie:  That certainly would include Mexico too, wouldn't it?


Alan:  Yes. It does and so all your CIA and so on are all combined with CSIS and so on. All law enforcement is combined.


Jackie:  What's CSIS?


Alan:  That's our version of the same thing. We call it "Big Sis." They're also bringing in a common currency eventually. They admitted that; common taxation, common rights to all natural resources and the bureaucrats from one country can move to the other country's government and work there if they wish to. This is all in process right now.


Jackie:  Alan. I'm sorry that phone call was the second one I have received and Eleanor called up the first one. I turned my mike down so we wouldn't interrupt your flow of talk. She said that we started out really nice and clear and she said now it's so muffled that you can't even hear us and I gave her WWCR's phone number for them to call. She said well I think it is WFAR if it isn't muffled on the internet it isn't from WFAR because WWCR picks up the signal off the internet so I gave Eleanor the phone number and I don't know if any of our engineers at WWCR listen but we need some help here to get a good clear signal out. This was another listener. Eleanor called from Canada. Kate called from New Jersey and she said Jackie I'm sorry but you and Alan are so muffled I cannot make out a word you are saying and we haven't had this happening Alan. We haven't had it happening. Nicholas, if you're listening to this broadcast, would you come in and click in please because I was thinking maybe Nicholas could get a hold of one of the engineers at WWCR.


Alan:  Yes, because I've got a little earpiece here from my radio and it sounds like mush.


Jackie:  Eleanor said it started out clear as a bell. Alan, let us continue as though people can hear us. Did you mention some meeting that was held in Waco, Texas?


Alan:  On the 23rd and they called it "The Three Amigos."


Jackie:  You know, Alan, the thing is this. For me to have sat here and done a radio broadcast as though what's happening to Terri isn't happening I could not do it and I do understand that. I mean I realize when it was all over the media the way it is, I did realize that they were doing it. I mean it was intentional. They never do anything that is not intentional but that's the kind of catch-22 they get us into.


Alan:  It was so obvious because it didn't matter what station you tuned into, radio, AM, television, U.S., Canada, it was the exact same format. They were reading the same scripts, no variation and the constant repetition of "vegetative state," "vegetative state," like "weapons of mass destruction."


Jackie:  You know they did that little – Linda Kennedy calls it an S curve. I'll tell you what happened. There was so many people emailing and calling those broadcasters and the stations saying, here, look at this. Here, look at this. They couldn't avoid it. They had to do it and let me tell you what I heard. I believe it was on the 18th or it might have been the 16th. It was Larry King Live. It was that week anyway. First he had Michael Schiavo and Felos on and then he had Suzanne which is Terri's sister and their lawyer Gibbs on. Then the last one that they had on it was all of them in the same broadcast but not altogether and it was some man from the Bioethics Institute--


Alan:  That's the new name for the eugenics institute.


Jackie:  I know it is. I've got information on it. It's not ethical at all of course. Here's what I noticed and this is how they do their slight little curve. Enough people knew that Terri Schiavo was not in a coma. They saw the videos et cetera and so Larry King was talking to this Arthur guy and he said that when you look at her and you see I mean she makes facial expressions, he says, "that's right".  Larry King said, "that's no coma" and then here's what the guy said. "That's right, you're right, but it doesn’t matter."  See, first of all they started pushing it like she's in a coma – she's been in a coma for 15 years and then it came out that she isn't and that she smiles and cries.


Alan:  I've got a tape of her trying to talk.


Jackie:  Okay, so then here's what the guy said, "but it doesn't matter," he said to Larry King, you're right, she isn't in a coma but he said listen we have a scientologist. We have Jehovah's witnesses who say we don't want your medicine. We would rather pray and he said we don't force it on them so why would we force it on Terri? She does not want to live like this. So you see they came right out and admitted, oh yes, she's not in a coma but it doesn't matter.


Alan:  That's your cognitive dissonance and that's how you get the public to go along with the flow of the way it's presented to them, right to the very conclusion they expect you to reach.


Jackie:  Exactly. It doesn't matter, she wants this and Michael is just fulfilling her wishes. They really did a number on this thing, didn't they, Alan?


Alan:  Well, they achieved three objectives.


Jackie:  Maybe more than three.


Alan:  At least, though. It was slick chess move, one by one and the public have no idea where they're really being led because it's a highly emotive production you see and that's when they get you. They rile you up into emotion and they have the public arguing amongst each other, which is designed, but they always bring you to your conclusion. Number one is the courts have the right to decide who's to be killed and who isn't; and no debate in Congress; and the public, if they acquiesce to that decision, then they have now given their power that that's okay with them. It's now law.


Jackie:  They're showing us that the courts are going to be the law in this land.


Alan:  We're living through psychodramas and they're masonically and occultically created to the tiniest detail because you take the Schindler's List novel and Schindler of course, the whole idea was that he had the right to decide who would live and die of course the parents are called Schindler. You take Terri Schiavo and the name itself and then you put it through the old Celtic name which is used in High Masonry for the "soul eater," which is called a "schriver" and you can certainly make that out of Terri Schiavo. You can put that together and you've got Schriver which is the soul eater and that was someone who was put out there to basically eat the sins of the person if the priests didn't get there in time.


Jackie:  I saw a movie about that, "The Sin Eater".


Alan:  You might have because they once in a blue moon they'll put a lot of that stuff out in movies, but in old history books you'll find that name comes up and in High Masonry they still use it. Right down to the tiniest detail this is an occult psychodrama that we're all being played through, just like all the details that went into the Kennedy assassination.


Jackie:  I've had people email me and say the name Schindler, are they Jews? Are they sacrificing one of their own et cetera and of course Schindler's List, people have connected that name but Schiavo of course that's amazing too, but tell me this. How does it happen – see, this gets really esoteric.


Schindler, okay, here's my thought. This happened to Terri Schlinder-Schiavo and she goes into the hospital and probably from the bone scan and it was said by a close friend she was going to be divorcing him because of the way he treated her and because of his womanizing. That night a friend said why don't you just don’t go home tonight, stay with me. Well, she winds up in this condition. She wasn't party to that. She didn't say, okay, I'll get brain dead because my name is Schindler-Schiavo. Alan, I don't think that Schiavo – I mean maybe he did, but that would be a heck of a reach to say this was all a plot and because the name is Schlinder-Schiavo and it means this and this we'll have him create this drama.


Alan: Yes, but I think things are worked so far in advance even before people get together and I think that's really how occultic everything truly is in this system.


Jackie:  What you're saying then – I mean if they worked this out, that we get beat up, we get strangled, we get made not brain dead or brain damaged because of maybe a fit of anger that a husband got into--


Alan:  Or he was ordered to do it at the right time and believe you me, in this real, real world, that's not beyond them. They plan wars.


Jackie:  They were in their 20s. Do you know they were in their 20s when this happened, Alan? They had only been married five years when this happened. We have to take our half hour break here. Alan, what makes me think of what you just said is that they are beyond occult.They are using the power, the creative energy, misusing it, maybe you could call it black magic, to induce people to do certain things. It's weird. That is warped. That's weird.


Alan:  It's beyond the human capability really, but I've seen it happen so many times it cannot be ignored. The precise detail – when they want a human sacrifice too – and of course it happens around Easter time.


Jackie:  Purim. Purim was just a few days before Easter.


Alan:  And it's all Ishtar anyway so it doesn't matter, but the thing is they go into incredible detail way in advance of the event and have everything perfect to pull it off because it is an occultic drama that the whole of society must participate in.


Jackie:  You know what that reminds me of? For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places," and boy, Alan, you know this really behooves us to continue to look at ourselves and be very aware, acutely aware of how we're being, how we're feeling, even our emotions. I mean, see, I'm very clear these past couple of weeks and I haven't even gone to sleep until broad daylight several mornings because I'm sleepless and I actually – it's bright enough that when I go to bed I can sit there and read my books without the lights on. I'm very clear that that state of mind that I have been in and not having been able to somehow bring myself out of it, but I've been aware that how I'm feeling is exactly how they want us to feel.Hopeless, hurting, frustrated, all of those negative types of energies that feed their power because they are the negative.


Alan:  They are the negative and since 9/11, I don't know if people have noticed, but pretty well all authority figures out there from government departments are coming forward with a different demeanor. Even the politicians aren't giving us the same old pretense of joviality and so on We're seeing a new face of dictatorial personalities emerge and that's the new training of the public for the new era and this is again skillfully managed. It's an old technique because these guys go back thousands and thousands of years and we're going into their new phase of a form of dictatorship really.


Jackie:  And the people who are being put in the power places?


Alan:  No one's there by chance or hard work and so they have it all figured out who should be in and where. You have family dynasties here. I mean let's not kid ourselves. We're presented with the choice of this family dynasty or that family dynasty, only to find out that they’re all interrelated anyway, so it doesn't matter.


Jackie:  I remember one time you were talking about the Bush family and you said they're really only twigs on the family tree. Boy, those twigs sure have done their work, haven't they, Alan?


Alan:  They have but they're not the brightest of people.


Jackie:  Yes, I was going to say that. Actually they do nothing. They're just the front piece. Of course Poppy, he's a pretty wicked guy, isn't he?


Alan:  He's more shrewd. He thinks more and he calculates his language more than his son.


Jackie:  And all the son does, the shrub, all he does is stick his chest out and strut with that smirky little smile on his face like he's somebody.


Alan:  When he's got the script there he can read it pretty good, but when he doesn’t have a script there he makes incredible blunders. This is the man that was talking about the French because they wouldn't join his war and he said, "Well the French don't even have a word for entrepreneur."


Jackie:  Like that means something.


Alan:  Well, it is a French word.


Jackie: Oh, it is a French word. Oh my God, Alan.


Alan:  Then on the 23rd there when The Three Amigos were meeting to sign us all into one continent and one system, a reporter in the audience asked the main question. He said, "Does this mean it's the exact same format as the European Union?"  And Mr. Paul Martin who is also a lawyer--


Jackie:  And who is Paul Martin?


Alan:  He's the Prime Minister of Canada. He said, "Well it's not quite the big bang," I mean he was off balance but he was trying to give us a very vague answer but George couldn't help himself and he wasn't reading the script and said, "Yes, I see this whole thing based on inter cooperation and closer ties," the exact same phraseology they used when they were bringing Europe together, and he says, "progressing towards a common goal and spreading democracy through the entire continent." Yes, he couldn't help himself. He was too enthusiastic and he gave too much out of the bag really. It was only last year that the British people were given the released documents that had been classified since 1972 when they had actually signed Britain into the Union, sovereignty and all, and it said in the document that the British people must never be told the truth until this is accomplished. Now that's democracy for you. Democracy again is an elastic band that's never had a fixed definition.


Jackie:  You're laughing.


Alan:  Yes, because you have to stand back and look at the farce of it.


Jackie:  But Alan, how do you know all that you know and understand all that you know and can bear it?


Alan:  Because I was born like this. I mean I was a camera for the first five years of just watching and from then on I got to the learning stage to investigate what was going on. When you realize how old this plan is and the techniques used upon nations and peoples are ancient techniques that were known thousands of years ago and they're formulas actually and they were used in ancient times when the international bankers of 2,000 years ago were taking over the Middle East and Aegean Sea. The exact same techniques were used.


Jackie:  The money changers.


Alan:  They had international bankers back then.


Jackie:  You said the money changers were international bankers.


Alan:  They were the bankers but you know you can go into the writings of the old philosophers of Greece and Athens and Attica and so on and some of them actually explain how these guys came in and introduced their coinage, their gold and their silver. They set up local branch offices, branch banks and then once the public were used to using this strange thing called "money" rather than bartering with each other, the bankers would say your money isn't safe out there. Bring it into this branch bank--


Jackie:  And we'll give you paper receipts.


Alan:  What they gave them then was clay facsimiles and they found thousands of jars of this stuff. Clay facsimiles and as soon as the gold and silver was in the local branch bank it was shipped across the sea to the Middle East again and put into the temples.


Jackie:  Let me ask you a question. What's the big deal about gold?


Alan:  Gold of course--


Jackie:  I know it has intrinsic value but there's something about gold that has meant something to them throughout all these years.


Alan:  It's the old god. It's G-Old, Old G, the G of freemasonry that they have in all their symbols.


Jackie:  Gold, is that where the word God comes from?


Alan:  Well, God is also "dog" backwards because the symbol of the god in his night form was the constellation Orion who was always followed by the two dogs, his faithful dogs. Of course, Sirius is the main star that rises and tells them when the Nile flood was coming is the eye of the Canis Major, the dog that follows.


Jackie:  What is the Dog Star?


Alan:  That is Sirius. That's the eye of the dog that follows Orion.


Jackie:  There's something in the bible that that woman that was asking Jesus to help her and he wouldn't and she said I'll pick up the crumbs that you feed the dogs. That's symbolic. What did that mean?


Alan: Well, it's a racist comment if he actually said it. She supposedly replied, yes, but even the dogs will eat of the crumbs.


Jackie:  I didn't believe that he said that.


Alan:  It would have been something if he did.


Jackie:  He wouldn't, yes, exactly.


Alan:  It would negate the whole idea that he was for everyone.


Jackie:  That right. So forget that he said it but they said he said it. What did it symbolize to them?


Alan:  Again, it was to differentiate between who a true Jew was and who a Samarian was because they both come from Babylon. They both had been led out of Babylon and the invading kings who released them from Babylon had first sent out a group who were told you can only study the five books of the Bible and they were then called the "Samarians." Then he sent another group out a few years later who were the rest of the Jews supposedly and they were given also the Babylonian Talmud and they became bitter enemies, these two groups.


Jackie:  Were those the Pharisees and the Sadducees?


Alan:  They were very sad you see.


Jackie:  I have to let Mariah (the dog) out, she's bugging me, so will you explain the books that you have available. I'll be back with you in a minute.


Alan:  I have 3 books put together and they explain some of the occult terminology which is included within religion, because all Masonic temples in the West use the Bible, although they read the esoteric meanings from it, which "the profane," as the rest of the people are called, are not taught in their churches. [See for ordering.] If you're interested in learning some of the occult terminology, I'm sure you won't be disappointed with this.


Jackie:  That was just perfect timing. Alan, thanks for coming on tonight.


Alan:  It's no problem. It's a pity the reception is so poor.


Jackie:  I know it is. Maybe I'll just play this tape another time and surprise them and see what happens. This past two weeks that this has been going on, three weeks I guess, I can't even describe to you where I've been because maybe I don't know. You know what I mean, Alan? But it's just nice to have you on for tonight.


Alan:  Well, at least we can shed some other light on it than that which has already been put out there. I don't know if the people also know that that Clearwater area is basically the center for Scientology.


Jackie:  Maybe they don't, but I've got another piece that's going to be posted on our website but Judge George Greer was given an award by the Clearwater Bar Association and you know what it was for? For passing the test. Literally the guy that gave him the award was a lawyer who was a lawyer for Scientology.


Alan:  In fact their main broadcasting station is right next door to the hospital and they have a degreed system because they are a higher freemasonic system you see and the OT8 – the degree of OT8 is the degree where you can kill with a thought.


Jackie:  Are you saying O like the letter O?


Alan:  Yes.


Jackie:  T as in Thomas?


Alan:  Yes.


Jackie:  8?


Alan:  Yes, number 8. That's their 8th degree and--


Jackie:  What does O & T stand for?


Alan:  Well, here's the thing. It's "Satan" with a lisp, because it's the Order of "Thatan," T-H-A-T, you see?


Jackie:  Order of Satan. Oh my God, Alan.


Alan:  The degree of 8, which is "as above, so below," the number 8, is the ability to kill with a thought. It's one of their higher degrees and of course once that's thought and been put on paper by a judge, they just killed with a thought.


Jackie:  Let me tell you something. I've got a quote by Greer and as a matter of fact I've sent it over to Darrin to put up at the very top of Terri's page and basically that's what he said. This girl – that was back at another time when they took out here feeding tube, is not to be fed. This girl is going to die.


Alan:  She starved to death.


Jackie:  It doesn't matter how. Well it does, but--


Alan:  You're starved to death and you die by dehydration. This is murder, obviously.


Jackie:  Well I know that. That's not the point. You just said their 8th degree when it's put on paper.


Alan:  That's them killing with a thought.


Jackie:  That's exactly what he said. "This girl is going to die." Well, it didn't happen then. It’s happening now and Alan, I really believe she has stepped outside of it. I think I've mentioned this to you in our conversations. I call it my twilight zone and sometimes as I'm drifting into sleep by I'm not sleeping and I saw her standing outside of her body and she was very, very peaceful and there was still that life flow, what they call the silver cord. Not that I saw a silver cord but it wasn't like okay Terri's gone "dead." But that she was standing there very peaceful and very lovely and she like you know watching.


Alan:  Well, you know the lawyer for the husband.


Jackie:  Felos.


Alan:  He's also a member of all these groups and in 1991 he was in I think it was "Future Magazine" as a prime advocate for the right of euthanasia and he claims that when he went into see Terri he saw her soul inside communicating with his and screaming to be released. That's what he said.


Jackie:  Do you know what he said a couple of days ago on Network News? That "Terri has never looked so beautiful" and Bobby Schiavo her brother said that is such a lie. But he told his mom don't even go into to see her anymore.


Alan:  No, because she's bleeding from her eyes and nose and so on.


Jackie:  From her tongue is bleeding and Felos to that devil she looked beautiful to him. God, Alan.


Alan:  Well, you know there are creatures from hell unfortunately.


Jackie:  And where is hell, Alan?


Alan:  This is it.


Jackie:  This world.


Alan:  Hella is the Norwegian or Nordic word for the earth, and this is it, folks. You're here and you're certainly being run by the master liars.


Jackie:  And what in the hell are we doing here, Alan?


Alan:  Maybe there's a way out for some people, some of the fallen angels. Maybe they've done some repenting.


Jackie:  Or like you said earlier today when we talking that the good news is that we can wake up in hell.


Alan:  Oh, that's a miracle. That is a miracle in itself when you realize the intense amount of indoctrination that we get as soon as we comprehend what's happening from the system in kindergarten, media, cartoons and school and the media, I mean that's all an intense matrix system to give us a version of reality which most people will never question right to their death and yet it's not happening just in this generation. It's happened for thousands of years.


Jackie:  Well, but you know what? Maybe not this intensely and I think you had said this a long time ago that there is nothing new under the sun and the technology today that you believed they had really advanced further in this time than they have ever advanced before.


Alan:  They've had the knowledge and we definitely know from Francis Bacon's books written in the 1500's and published in 1602 with "The New Atlantis," he's talking about a weather machine to control the weather and earthquakes and storms.


Jackie:  And genetically modifying the plants.


Alan:  Plants and animals and engineering mosquitoes to carry diseases for warfare purposes and this is in the days of the horse and buggy and the candle. 1602 was the first time it was published. It was written in the late 1500's.


Jackie:  "The New Atlantis."  You know, Alan, I never got that book. I called colleges. I just never got that book.


Alan:  It's worth the read because if you can plow through it--


Jackie:  I was trying to find – can I get the real "New Atlantis" like from Barnes & Nobel or something?


Alan:  Yes. They'll have a list of different upgraded additions.


Jackie:  I think I had called and they didn't have any but they could order them for me and you had suggested that colleges will have them and I called colleges up there in the New York phonebook that I had and here in Pennsylvania. None of them have it.


Alan:  You have to make sure you get the proper one by Francis Bacon because the last couple of years they've churned out ones by other authors who've adopted the story and taken it off into outer space.


Jackie:  Right, and I'm not so sure it's all that easy to get today.


Alan:  You'd had to get the reputable authors and you could actually ask for original type in the old language, in other words in the language of that day if you want to. In other words, they haven't been tampered with. They're just straight facsimiles of the original addition.


Jackie:  Would we be able to understand it?


Alan:  You will be. There are some spelling differences.


Jackie:  Well, like time is TYME.


Alan:  And Moses is MOYSE but you can figure it out quite easily. You cannot imagine where science would take you like science fiction unless you have a basis to take it from and of course we're expected to believe he knew all this stuff just by a dream or whatever in the 1500's, when, as I say, the horse and buggy were your means of transportation and a wax candle was your light. It's impossible. No, they had the knowledge. That was the days of the Rosicrucians.


Jackie:  We're out of our hour. You want to come back tomorrow night?


Alan:  Yes. We should really try and get it out. I think we weren't even on the air for the last 15 minutes.


Jackie:  Oh, you're kidding me.


Alan:  I think so, yes.


Jackie:  Anyway, we can have these played again by the way; and Scientology, maybe we should take a look at that a little closer tomorrow.


Alan:  Yes. That was a Masonic creation.


Jackie:  We will be back tomorrow night. Alan will be back with us and thanks for being here.



(Transcribed by Linda)