March 29th, 2006
Alan Watt on
"Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru
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Jackie Patru: Good Evening, Ladies and Gentlemen.  Thank you for joining us tonight on Sweet Liberty.  Today is Wednesday the 29th of March, in the year 2006.  And Alan is with us this evening, of course.  ...Alan, thanks for being here tonight.


Alan Watt: Yeah, itís a pleasure. 


Jackie: You caught me not at a real good time.


Alan: Not at a good time, eh?


Jackie: When you called me earlier.† I was sitting there going through those emails.  And itís so sad, the propaganda.  And well, as I mentioned to you, somebody sent me an email and I clicked on it, and it was photographs of a rally that was being held, evidently in Mexico.  I think thatís where it was.  But these were, the majority of them were young people, and they were very nicely dressed in all the photographs.  Very neat, clean looking.  They had big banners, big signs, this is our continent and we are not Latinos, we are not Hispanics, we are Mexicans, and our land was stolen from us.  And they said thousands turned out.  They had a big march.  And they had evidently, because there were photographs of people who came up to read their signs, that they were presenting the information.  They were presenting, so theyíre rallying and riling up people in Mexico.  And of course, these young people, and when I say young, Iím not talking teenagers, but you could see that at least a lot of them were in their 20s and 30s, but they had been riled up.  And I put myself in their place.  And I think, you know what, if I knew history, as I know it now, I mean what I know of it so far, it is true that their land, not their land, but the land that was once Mexico was stolen by the U.S.  It was literally stolen.  And you know, think about it, that was another good reason for the War of Northern Aggression.  It was a good reason for it, because they had their army and they started sending them there.  They started sending them, you know, out West, and setting up their forts and doing all this.  And even the Southern troops, if they pledged their allegiance to the Union were able to join the army.  But Iíve read a lot about that, Alan, and itís true.† But then, when you look back at that whole scene, you see how, for example the war between the states, how much these creatures accomplished by that war.  So many things.  But whatís happening today was laid out all that long ago. 


Alan: Yes, it was.  I mean, divide and conquer is the old story.  And then of course, people forget that the Free Trade Movement has been on the go for an awful long time, long before it was announced to the public.  The Royal Institute of International Affairs in Britain had published books on ultimately the unification of the Americas and the unification of Europe, etc, and then the Council on Foreign Relations went into motion working towards this great plan, you see.  And the public really didnít hear about Free Trade for the Americas, until about the 1980s with the Free Trade Agreement, which really is the big one.  Itís more, really, important than NAFTA.  And in there itís got the free movement of goods and labor between nations without impediment.


Jackie: That was when?


Alan: That was in the 1980s.† The Free Trade negotiations, that was written into it right there and then.  And of course, that was already in the British charters of the Commonwealth, the British Commonwealth countries, from the time that the Rothschilds took over, they had talked about Free Trade between nations belonging to the Empire, and no impediment to trade or labor, skilled or otherwise, as needed.  So, itís the same agenda thatís ongoing.  Weíre blaming the effects of this on the people that are moving in, rather than the cause of it, and thatís typical, you see. 


Jackie: Itís because they donít know.


Alan: They donít know, no. 


Jackie: And so many of us wouldnít know so much of what we, the bigger picture.† See, I was beginning to learn a lot about recent, more recent history, the last hundred, couple hundred years.  But I didnít have the whole picture.  I didnít have the big picture.  You gave us the big picture, Alan.


Alan: Well, itís old really.  The first time this was voiced and written down in any governmental papers was in the 1500s in Britain, when John Dee went to Queen Elizabeth I, and he coined the term, we could create a Brytish, meaning a British Empire.  He spelled it with a B-R-Y-tish Empire.  And he said, to consolidate our rule over the world.  And it was to be done through trading blocs, setting up of trading blocs, and then they would all share the common monetary currencies, etc.  The same rules, regulations.  In other words, theyíd standardize the same system worldwide.  Now itís called democracy, of course.  And the same bankers would run the moneyed side of it.  And the same higher-up brotherhoods of the nobility would run the economic side, the law side of it, legal side of it.  So that was the 1500s, you know.


Jackie: Yeah.  I think I told you this, speaking about England way back then.  I was watching a bio on Queen Elizabeth, the first Queen Elizabeth.  Well, actually, it was sort of like done as a docu-drama I think they call them.  But when she came to the throne, they said that the treasury was literally bare.† And these people, her handlers, they introduced her to this man, and said, heís going to be the new, whatever they called it of the Treasury.  And the name that they named was not a British name, it was a foreign name.  And I thought to myself, well, thatís how they get a hold of the crown.  They get control of the Treasury.


Alan: Well, youíve got to understand... I think actually they were brought in for their purpose, because they understand this system.  And Queen Elizabeth I, they always talk about the Spanish Armada, you see, attacking England.  But what they donít tell you, but it is in the old history books, that after the battles were over between the British fleet, and really, British privateers, like Francis Drake and so on, was that afterwards all the people that theyíd conscripted and theyíd had conscription then to do this and press-ganged into the quick navy that they drew up, they had no money to pay them.  So, after the battles, it was ordered by Queen Elizabeth I, to leave them at sea, anchored off the coast.  And these are the days where guys couldnít swim, very few people could swim.  And they waited until plague and famine broke out amongst them, and they had another ship going around them all taking reports of how many were dead or dying, and once most of them were killed off, they simply drew their boats back into harbor after dumping off the bodies, because they didnít want to pay them any money for what theyíd done.  Thatís the reality of the people who ruled the world then and their descendants are still running it.


Jackie: Theyíve ruled the world since time immemorial, almost.


Alan: Yes, exactly.


Jackie: Thatís the whole point. 


Alan: And of course, getting back to the, I was surprised today, you just skim through the short wave stations for ten minutes, and itís so strange that every station you listen to has got the same reports on about these illegal aliens coming into the country, as though thatís the only topic they have to talk about, which tells me thereís a coordination between them all.


Jackie: Well, sure, but how are they reporting it, Alan?


Alan: Well, theyíre blaming the immigrants of course.  As I say, theyíre blaming the effects and not the cause.  And itís to stir up a racial hatred.  They want internal strife to get all their laws put into motion.


Jackie: But you know what of course they leave out, the laws.  I mean, the US has been sued by Mexico for not providing drinking water at the places where the Mexicans are coming in.


Alan: I know, but this is all to agitate the people in America.


Jackie: I know it is.


Alan: Thatís what itís for.  Itís a deliberate agitation to create the racial strife, because this again is an old trick.  Britain did it in India.  India at one time was a conglomerate of small independent little princedoms.  And the British East India Company went in and in no time at all they had armed different factions, had them all fighting each other.  Then they come in to give them the solution, which was unification and peace, you see.  So, theyíre doing this.  Theyíre building up to the same thing again today for a unification of the Americas.  Theyíve already signed it into law last March, remember, when Bush and Paul Martin and...


Jackie: The way they billed it was, weíre expanding our borders.† And people think, oh, Canada is going to be part of Mexico.


Alan: Thatís right.


Jackie: Canada is going to be part of America. 


Alan: And then a reporter for the Global News in Canada stood up right there at Waco, where the meeting was held, and he said this sounds awfully like the European Unification.  He says, is that what it is?  And then Paul Martin for Canada jumped in and he said, well, itís not quite the big bang.  And then he floundered a bit.  He was trying to say well itís not the full thing.  But then George Bush stepped in and got carried away.  And he was all excited.  And he said, well, whatís wrong with free trade and free this and free that, and sort of an amalgamation, basically.  Not in that word, but thatís what he meant.  And this is the old plan thatís come down from the 1500s.  It was reiterated by the Cecil Rhodes Foundation, that was set up with Lord Rothschild, as a founding member, to create a British-styled Empire across the world under democracy, under the same central banking system, and with free trade areas.  Anyone who wouldnít join the free trade areas since the 1500s in Britain has been shunned.  In other words youíre not allowed to trade with the Commonwealth.  Thatís how they blackmailed the little countries into joining.


Jackie: How wars are made behind the scenes, weíve put quite a bit of stuff in there in chronological order.  But on the Second World War, out of the book that I have called voices of history, and this was for the year 1941, they had, they were important speeches and documents.  And they had the final, if you would call it, offer by the US to Japan for peace, the agreement that they wanted Japan to agree to, and in there, you talk about trade, Alan.  That was a biggie, because it had be accessed, be accessed, thatís what Japan had to agree to.  And of course, it was an agreement that they knew Japan could not accept, would not accept.  Of course that was all part of the program too, wasnít it?


Alan: Exactly.  In fact, thereís so much on that, because Japan tried to stay isolated.  The only ones, mind you, who had been in there for a long time were the Jesuits.  And they had a going concern in goods and stuff from Japan.  But the US Navy sent a warship in to force Japan to trade, you know.  And that started off the whole thing.  Then Japan thought, well, weíre so far behind Europe, how do we catch up?  Then they sent a delegation over to the United States, to try and get bank loans, and they met with Mr. Baruch, the great Mr. Baruch.


Jackie: Bernard Baruch.  They called him Barnie.


Alan: And thereís a book called the Fugu Plan, and itís written by a rabbi, Rabbi Tokayer, whoís a Japanese Jew, living in New York, and he goes through this whole plan, how it was set up, how Baruch financed the Japanese on condition that they build up their military, their naval ships and so on, and attack China.  Thatís all documented in the plan.  And then of course, they built up Japan for World War II. 


Jackie: And of course the Communists that had flowed into China were flowing into Japan.  And Japan was trying to protect its borders from there.  I wanted to say one thing back about what you were talking about last March.  The one thing, I made a note so I wouldnít forget.  I remember in one of the newspaper articles, they referred to it, this merging, that a continent was restructured in an afternoon.† And that was Vicente Fox and Bush and Paul Martin.


Alan: Well, the comical thing is, I donít know if people realize how much bureaucratic legwork went into all of that, long before Bush and Fox and Martin met together.  These guys were just meeting to...


Jackie: Oh, well, they just rubber-stamped it.  It was all ready, right.


Alan: Thatís it. 


Jackie: Of course.


Alan: They didnít sit and make about five or six hundred pages up in an afternoon.


Jackie: Yeah, right exactly.  Well, like George Bush in an afternoon, you know, after 9/11, came out with all the plans for the war, and the Homeland Security Department and all that.  He gets off Airforce One, all the plans are ready.


Alan: Well, heís a genius, you see.  He just doesnít show it.  Thatís right.


Jackie: Okay, well, one of the things too, that you brought to our attention was that that thing was taking place at the time Terry Schiavo was on national and "international" news.  So everybodyís mind was diverted, attention was diverted from what was going on.  Now, one thing that Iím not, I donít know about is that Japanese-Russian War.  How did and why did they orchestrate that, Alan?  And when was that time frame kind of?


Alan: That was just after, and during actually, really, the First World War, and the idea was to, it was actually before, just before the second Revolution in Russia.  The first one was 1905.  The next one was in 1917.  And it was to get the Japanese to attack the eastern side of Russia and forcing the Tsar to tax the people to get railroads for supplies and military down through right to the East.  And that really was to help foment the anger amongst the people, who were being taxed to death, and help the Revolution get under way.  That was one of the reasons for.


Jackie: Now, who was that to?  Did Japan go attack Russia?


Alan: Yeah.


Jackie: What was the ostensible reason that they gave the people for this?  Why was Japan going to attack?


Alan: The people of Japan at that time didnít need a reason, because it was such a patriarchal system of just you follow and do what youíre told.  So the Japanese did what they were told, you know.


Jackie: But they never even said why?


Alan: They didnít really have to in Japan.  They had this Bushido Code and the Japanese warrior stuff and nobility.  Theyíd never known voting or anything like that.  It was just follow.


Jackie: Well, letís say then, the students of history, what are they given, what reasons are they given for that war?


Alan: Well, theyíre generally, in the very thin, I call them the thin schoolbooks, in the very thin schoolbooks, especially the modern ones, theyíll say well, there were certain territories and islands that were technically owned by Russia over time, and the Japanese wanted to expand.  Thatís what theyíre told.  And so, conflict came between the two countries, and the usual.


Jackie: Go ahead, just for a minute, Iím going to let the...  Alan, youíre only going to be with us till about 20 till.  I want our listeners to know this.  Heís been invited.  I have to go let them [dogs] out.  You tell them about it.  Tell them how they can hear you.  Iím going to go let these girls out so they can chase the critters out of dodge.


Alan: It was last night at five to nine, just before I went on the show with Jackie, someone phoned me, and just asked if Iíd go on this show.  And I was trying to remember afterwards, who exactly it was whoíd called, but itís I believe, I hope it is, anyway, itís called Rollye James Show.  And thatís found on the net at  And itís on satellite as well.  And itís also on a lot of AM and FM stations across the US, Albuquerque, Gulf Port, Charleston, Cleveland, Columbia, etc, on a whole bunch of AM and FM stations, and so, Iíll be getting a call at quarter to ten, and Iíll have to go off the air with Jackie earlier to get that call coming in, and Iíll be on for three hours, till one in the morning.  So, this is a marathon tonight, beginning at nine, and then after this for another three hours.  So I hope those who are listening to the show can tune in.  I know that itís on XM Satellite, I believe, 165. 


Jackie: On what, Alan?


Alan: I was mentioning that itís XM Satellite 165 I think itís called.


Jackie: Okay, I donít know anything about that but maybe our listeners do.


Alan: I havenít a clue either.  But, as I say, itís on, at 10pm.  Thatís Eastern time. 


Jackie: So, youíre copping out on us, so you can get your breath.  Make yourself a pot of tea or something, Alan.


Alan: And go to the washroom.


Jackie: Yeah.


Alan: Thatís right, and get ready for three hours.  So, it seems to be a lot of stations.


Jackie: Itís a wonderful opportunity to wake up some people.


Alan: It is.  I was just thinking today as I watched these manufactured clouds being made right above my head.  The mess weíre living in, and all this stuff that you started with that you were telling me earlier about this thing going around the internet.


Jackie: Yeah, and Iíll tell our listeners about that after you leave us.


Alan: Yeah, because itís such...  Right now, thereís so much fear and terror of either natural disasters or whatever coming our way.  Meanwhile, people canít even look above their heads and see this mush thatís being poured down upon them through the jets.  And yesterday we got a video clip, right here, of a jet going across and they had a zoom lens on it, and you could see these two huge tanks underneath the wings, actually theyíre in front of the wings, separate from the wings.  They were not the engines.  And they were like two round, big round tanks, massive things.  And this thing was just spraying right across the sky.  This is happening everyday, everywhere.  I had calls from Quebec today.


Jackie: Where did you see this video clip?


Alan: I made it out at the back, here, took the shot right outside my home.


Jackie: You could actually see the tanks on the one.


Alan: Yes.  A good zoom on this video.  And you could see these huge, huge tanks actually jutting in front of the wings.  Whatever held them on must have been very, very, slender, but they were definitely not the engines.  They were separate.  Iíve never seen anything like it.  And this is whatís going over the skies all across America and Canada at the moment.  And whatever theyíre spraying on us is of no good to us, because no one in the main media is going to even touch this.  Meanwhile, theyíve got us looking for catastrophes.  There was one report in the newspapers today, oh my God, if an earthquake hits Tokyo, so many thousands will die.  I mean, this is all fear mongering while we donít look up at the sky.  You know.  Itís all diversion. Itís just amazing the terror and fear theyíre putting out there to keep us confused, anxious, while they literally poison us from above.  You know.† Amazing techniques.  And meanwhile they wonít even mention this to the public, whatís happening. 


Jackie: Well, Alan, are you wondering why not?


Alan: Oh, itís a big puzzle.


Jackie: Right.


Alan: Yeah, watch this hand, but donít watch that hand.  And this stuff doesnít bode well for anyone.  I could taste this stuff this evening, outside.  It was so thick.  It was a definite.  Thereís a sweetness to it as well.  But itís definitely a chemical taste.  And this is dumped on us on a daily basis.  We donít have to speculate about it, we can see it happening.  What a wonderful world.  But getting back to that Free Trade deal, people should read the book, Millennium by Jacques Attali, who was the Kissinger for Europe for France, and he was the main advisor to a whole bunch of presidents and the United Nations, and in his book called Millennium, he goes through the whole takedown process of the borders for America. 


Jackie: That book is out of print.† And our listeners should know, they possibly could find it at Abe books, because thatís where I found my copy, and you know, I canít find my book, Alan.† Itís such a little book.  I think it was a red book.  And itís such a little one. And I probably put it some place where I could find it easily, and I canít find it. Jacques Attali.† Folks, itís an awesome, itís just an awesome read and itís a small book.  And even the Intro to it.  Was it Newt Gingrich who did that?  No, who did that?


Alan: There was a Francois Mitterrand, a whole bunch of them, the presidents of France. 


Jackie: Okay.  The subtitle of that, is Winners and Losers...


Alan: In the New World Order.


Jackie: In the New World Order.  And he said that the majority of the people will be like boat people. 


Alan: He said the next boat people in the world will be Americans leaving in little boats, looking for work abroad.  Thatís right.


Jackie: And those who are winners, he actually said that they will yearn for, you know, the neighbors...


Alan: A home.


Jackie: other words, the way things used to be.


(Commercial Break)


Jackie: Alright, weíre back with Alan Watt.  Folks, Alan is going to be with us for another ten minutes, and then heís going to go to get prepared to do a three-hour marathon.  And Iím glad youíre doing that, Alan.  When youíre doing a broadcast like that, when youíre on AM and FM, are you careful about what you say, or do you just use the opportunity to get it all out?


Alan: Just get it all out, because we donít have, we canít dance around anymore.  Weíve watched the dancing happen for so long that weíre almost over the brink here.  And thereís no time to be so, you know, wishy-washy about, well, when youíre presenting facts you donít have to be wishy-washy.† And as long as you have the facts there, and you can point them what to read by the guys who are helping to do all this, and bringing it about, well, thatís all the proof you need, you know.  These people donít print stuff just for the fun of it.  When the Brzezinskis of this world publish the books and tell you what theyíre going to do to you, you can take them pretty well at their word theyíre going to do it.


Jackie: You know, Alan, you know something I noticed about that book, Between Two Ages.  He writes it as though whatís happening is just a matter of course.  In other words, itís just happening.† He mentioned I think three times in the first nine pages, the force behind it.  The force that is molding it. 


Alan: Thatís right. 


Jackie: But somebody could read that and just think that itís an...


Alan: An evolution.


Jackie: Right, exactly.  So, even though heís telling so much, heís telling it almost in some ways like heís concerned about it.


Alan: Well, yeah, he has to.  Thatís so that when we see the things actually happening, weíll never believe that nasty people could have done it deliberately.  Thatís the technique that they use.  But they publish it.  And then other writers like Bertrand Russell, the Lord Bertrand Russell, who put out a whole stack of books for the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and the scientific community, talking about a world run by experts and there will be no right of choice on anything with the individual anymore.  Itís just too inefficient.


Jackie: Well, if you canít think for yourself, you have no choices anyway.


Alan: Thatís right. 


Jackie: But when they talk, when they literally use the term bio-chemical manipulation of the brain, that should not be taken lightly.   And when they say biochemical, theyíre talking about biologicals and chemicals, right?


Alan: Chemical, and also, psychotronic, Brzezinski, which is the HAARP type EMP pulsations.  Itís all of these things.  And thatís for peace on the planet, you see.  When you canít think, thereíll be peace.  So, theyíve published all their agenda, their protocols, you might say, and the public, even though, you know, you tell them to read it, theyíd rather listen to Art Bell and the men on Mars.  Itís a sad state of affairs in this great age of confusion. 


Jackie: And a sad state of affairs in my mind, is like this stuff that I was telling you tonight that I had been reading.  And when you called, I was literally, literally nauseous.† That there are many of our listeners of Sweet Liberty, who fall for this.  Who fall for the Paul Craig Roberts and the Ken, what the heck is his name, whatever, Ron Paul for Godís sake.  Ken Welch.  This Ken Welch thing thatís going around.  Greg Szymanski, heís all over the internet.  And heís a writer also for the American Free Press, which once was The Spotlight, and if anybody, if anybody needed to wonder about The Spotlight, I found out as you know, because when I first started subscribing to The Spotlight, I started getting all that political mail from all those phony conservatives.† Alan, I was spending thousands of dollars.  I owned my business at the time, and I was getting concerned.  I was starting to wake up, you know.  And, oh my God, Iíd get these letters, that would say, oh, do you know what theyíve just done in Washington DC?  And you better send us money so we can, you know, send this message to a lot more people, or weíre dead.  I mean, basically thatís what they do to you.  I couldnít open my mail without getting out my checkbook. 


Alan: Yes.  And the guy who basically spoke for The Spotlight on radio was Tom Valentine.  And Tom Valentine in the 1960s, when he was a very high Freemason, way above the 33rd degree, when he was a member of the Stella group, wrote a book himself, and you can find it.  Youíll see Iím telling the truth here, it was called Manís Monument to Man: The Great Pyramids.  And he goes through all the Masonic folklore that he was completely steeped in, and this is the high mason, the international brotherhood here, suddenly heís leading a charge to save America?  You know.† Whoís kidding who?


Jackie: But he did say on the air, somebody called in one time and was mentioning, you know the societies, the Masons, Freemasonry, and Tom Valentine said, oh, well, you know Freemasonry is really dead now.  In other words, itís just a good old boys club and theyíre totally.  And even by that statement anybody who knew about, really understood about Freemasonry was going to know that he was phony.


Alan: Well, they have to cover themselves.  But the proof is out there, because he wrote the book himself, Manís Monument to Man: The Great Pyramids.  And he was a member of the Stella Group, the High Masonic Stella Group when he wrote it.  And he canít live that down, you know.  But I should really get off now, Jackie, and get ready for that show thatís coming up here.  I think theyíre calling at quarter to. 


Jackie: And you can call any other broadcast a show, but donít call Sweet Liberty a show, okay, Alan?


Alan: I know.


Jackie: I know.  I know I split hairs with words, but.


Alan: I know, weíre so used to it. 


Jackie: Iím not. 


Alan: Anyway, the ones who want to tune in can do so at about ten.


Jackie: And that was  And itís live streamed from there.


Alan: And itís repeated during the week too, I believe.


Jackie: Alright.  Well, Iím not used to doing this by myself anymore, you know.


Alan: I know.


Jackie: Alright, well, just break a leg, Alan.


Alan: Okey-doke. 


Jackie: Okay, bye-bye.  Thanks for being here. 


Alan: Itís a pleasure.  Bye now.


Jackie: Gosh folks, I almost hung up on you.  Good night, Alan.



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