May 3rd, 2006
Alan Watt on
"Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru
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Jackie Patru: So, hereís Alan Watt with us folks.  I was sharing the spiritual message.  "Can you thank me for trusting you with this experience, even if I never tell you why."  Thatís from James 1, verse 2-4.  And I told our listeners that I share these that are meaningful for me.  Maybe itís for me that I do it.  But, you know, itís like this wrist of mine.  And Iím not a Buddhist.  However, I am, to me when something happens, there is a reason.  We donít always know what it is.  And sometimes we find out and sometimes we donít.  Know what I mean?


Alan Watt: Well, the message there is, stop practicing karate. 


Jackie: This wasnít karate, as you well know.


Alan: Yeah.


Jackie: My precious little Molly swept me off my feet.


Alan: That was it.


Jackie: Well, anyway, thank you for being here with us this evening.  And folks, thank you for being here.  Iím glad that you are.  Alan, we were talking last night, and I said, uh-oh, we better quit this, because weíre doing a broadcast right now.  Because you were talking about things, and of course, as usual, I have my dozens of questions.  And what we were talking about, youíve been on a lot of different radio broadcasts now, and from what I understand, youíve been pretty much zeroing in on the secret societies, specifically Freemasonry, but all the Secret Societies.  And we got talking about that, and we talked about bringing it up tonight as relevant.


Alan: Yeah, itís quite interesting to see how politics has gone in the last fifty years or so, where theyíre always talking about divisions between government and religion.  And how thatís been pushed to the forefront.  Then, when you look at this division to keep them separate, you find that you have people belonging to a thousand organizations, which are simply other branches of Freemasonry under many names.  And Albert Pike tells you right there in his own book, the Pope of Freemasonry, Freemasonry is a religion.  And youíll find pretty well all your government officials, right down to the local level, and the people on the school boards, and even the people who count your votes, are members of these organizations.  And we seem to take it for granted and never inquire, how come?  Who are these organizations?  Whoís behind them?  Who connects them all together?  Where do they get their instructions for?  Because they do all belong to the same head at the top in this pyramid fashion.


Jackie: You know what?† Thereís some of the initiations.  You know their different levels.  Itís very Talmudic, Alan. 


Alan: Oh, itís pre-Talmudic. 


Jackie: Well, okay, maybe the Talmud is a takeoff on another religion.


Alan: In fact, you see, Albert Pike himself stated that they could have used, rather than use the Old Testament, they could have used the knowledge of Nimrod and based all their foundations on that.  Because, the Old Testament is simply a tool they used when they updated Freemasonry around the 1700s.  So, he said himself, we could have used Nimrod and based it on Nimrod and the legends of Nimrod.


Jackie: Was Nimrod from Babylon? 


Alan: Well, that area, but itís thousands and thousands of years ago.  You know.


Jackie: Well, are you saying then that Talmudism didnít begin whenever they say that it did?


Alan: Oh, Iím pretty certain it didnít.


Jackie: In other words, well, first, weíve got the first five books of the Old Testament, which they refer to as the Torah, although from some of their websites, they say that the entire Old Testament is.  Mostly, I understand that the first five books of the Old Testament is the Torah, and then the Talmud is based in gnashing at (unintelligible) so to speak from there.


Alan: Well, no.  Not really.  Thereís two Talmuds.  Thereís a Babylonian Talmud and then thereís a later Jewish one that was a sort of an updated version that continued on from there.  And itís nothing to do really with the Old Testament.  You see, all religions, and I donít care whose religion it is, even if youíre Buddhist, are run by the same people at the top.


Jackie: I know that.  The reason I said that, because when Nicole was working, she said, she asked me one day, what is a Buddhist?  And I said, well, I donít know that much about Buddhism.  She said, people at work keep telling me Iím a Buddhist because if something happened Nicole would say, well, thereís a reason for this.  And thatís why I said that, Alan.


Alan: Yeah, because I just looked recently at some famous guru whoís coming to New York, whoís a Buddhist.  And he had a big ad in a magazine.  And the temple in New York that heís coming to has a whole bunch of kneeling mats laid out in the form of the chessboard.  Thereís your Masonic floor.  And then, just near the altar at the front, thereís another.  The actual tile itself is a Masonic tessellated floor.  And then the logo they have there is the tetrahedron, the double tetrahedron.  The Ďas above, so belowí.  The diamond shape.  And itís in blue, different segments.  And in the middle, thatís the blue lodge, you see, and in the middle theyíve got a white and another one, a gold number six, which is also the letter G for the usual stuff, Geometry, God, up to Gold, and Graft.  And it also stands, if you look further back from it, youíve got a hidden swastika in there, which is pretty typical.  So, these societies are all run by the same people at the top. 


Jackie: You know, Alan, a lot of these symbols, they are so ancient. 


Alan: Oh, yeah.


Jackie: It doesnít mean the symbols themselves are evil.


Alan: All these symbols are symbols of the same ancient society behind all societies.  Theyíve used them for at least many thousands of years.


Jackie: And I have a sense that there is within their "religion", there is also truth.


Alan: Oh, yeah.  Thereís a lot of truth and itís based on the law of nature.  And they always tell us that, so itís their right to dominate the lesser.  And that basically is the system that we live in.  Itís all centered around that very thing.  Weíre taught at school to run fast in races, and to get the best marks, and you know, you go on in life as the ones below you get the dreary jobs.  In fact, job comes from Job in the Bible.  You get a job at the bottom level.  And of course, if you play with the sun, and youíve got up higher, you get a salary, you see. 


Jackie: Say that again.


Alan: If you go higher and you get a salary.


Jackie: What does that have to do with salary?


Alan: Well, salary is sal.  Itís a play.† So, the lower guys get the job.  And thatís from the Bible and Job of course was cursed and cursed and cursed and the old story was that God gave him boils and everything, and plagued him, and even sent Satan down, because at that time Satan worked for God, youíll notice.  And made the life of Job a misery. 


Jackie: Are we talking Job, the one?


Alan: Job is job.  Thatís where job comes from.† Thatís where a job comes from.  And if youíre at the bottom of the totem pole, because you canít compete, or whatever, then you get a job.  You know. 


Jackie: You know something, though.  A job, I mean, because of the monetary system, there are people who have jobs, and who take pride in their work.† And they do their work well.  Unknowing of all the stuff weíre talking about.  I was thinking, when I was in high school taking typing.  You know how certain things, something somebody says, or something you read, and it just sticks with you forever.  And it says that there is no job that is too menial.  In other words, if we had a job as a janitor, and we did a damn good job, and took pride in it, and looked at it, and felt complete with what we were doing.  Thatís beyond them.


Alan: Itís beyond them.


Jackie: The integrity and the honor and all of that within the individual, thereís nothing that can take that away from a person.  No one can give it away.


Alan: But the point Iím making is though, that the system that we live in is based on the law of nature, which is not really a humane law.  Itís an occultic religion that runs this whole thing.  And from school onwards you keep competing, competing, competing.  Even in racing, you know.† I mean, I used to win all the things at sports from javelin to running and sprinting and all the rest of it.  And I can remember one time, I had won everything that there was to win.  And they said, youíve got one last race, you know, and all the rest of it.  And I said, well, I donít want to run.  You know.  He says, Why?  I says, I donít need to.  And he sort of looked stunned.  This was the teacher, you know.


Jackie: In other words, you werenít interested in "taking all the prizes".


Alan: Well, yeah.  I mean, I thought, well why are people cheering you on because youíre born with a particular type of muscle that makes you faster and a bit stronger than other people.  In other words, you didnít work for it.  You just were born like that.  And yet, our whole system from that, from competing even in sports and education through everything in life, is actually going towards the creation of the Great Work, as they call it, which is the New Man.  The New Man to come.


Jackie: What is one to do, Alan?


Alan: You have to understand what itís all about to start with.  Now, you take the...


Jackie: Sports in school in other words?


Alan: Well, donít think itís so necessary for you to, you know, be faster, stronger.  You see this faster.


Jackie: In other words, donít feel like a failure, because youíre not on top of the heap.


Alan: Yeah, absolutely.


Jackie: Like the person who does their very best, thatís the greatest thing you can do.


Alan: Well, and itís supposed to be a fun thing, but itís not.  Itís taken seriously.  Because, really, it is serious.  Itís a training for everybody in the world.  The whole world has been standardized into the same system.  And youíll find that theyíre going towards a new type of creation.  And youíll see it primarily in sports, because theyíre all taking steroids, even in the Olympics.  And we know that theyíre turning a blind eye now, because theyíre getting the public to accept it, that through engineering, re-engineering...


Jackie: They look like men.


Alan: Yeah.  Through re-engineering we shall create a new type of creature.  Well, you take the whole New Age Philosophy that theyíre pushing out there right now, that something wonderful is going to happen, because weíre in a New Age, and there will be a new type of human, and all this kind of stuff.  Itís all tied in together, because itís a religion driving the whole system.


Jackie: Here we all are, Alan.† Here we all are in it. 


Alan: And most people donít know.† They donít know itís a system.


Jackie: Yeah, I know that.


Alan: And itís like Lenin.  I mean Lenin who was really trained by the best, the best bankers on the planet, stated that the public must never realize that human kind can go off in a thousand different directions.  They must think that the system that theyíre born into simply evolved and is the natural one to be in.  And thatís why people never question the system.  They think itís all evolved this way naturally.  They donít realize that itís being guided very carefully with a lot of planning to where we are and where weíre going.


Jackie: When I was married to Nick Patru, well, I worked.  I mean, I worked before I met him.  I worked after we were married, but finally I said, Iím done.  I want to stay home and be with my children, and just be a mom and a wife.  Of course, we wound up divorced.  But we went to marriage counseling, and this guy sat there, his name was Zacher by the way.  And he saw us separately, because it just wasnít working out us being together.  But he said, I think your husband is upset because youíre not working.  I said, well, I think itís important for him to know he can do it without me.  And then he looked at me and said, I donít understand you, a woman with your intelligence, why arenít you out there competing in the business world.  I said, Dr. Zacher, I donít have anything to prove. I donít have anything to prove to anybody else or myself.  I just want to be a mom and a wife.  But thatís what he was leading me to.  I see what youíre saying.  And women, women who were moms and wives began to feel inferior.  One of our neighbors said, we used to walk in the morning, and thatís what she was.  And she saw her son off to school in the morning, she got his breakfast, she packed her husbandís lunch when he went to work, and she was complaining.  And I wanted so much not to be in the workplace.  I wanted so, I would have loved to have been in her place.  And I said, Sandy, donít let them do this to you.  What youíre doing is the most important thing in the world that you can do, is to raise your boy, be there when he leaves for school.  Be there when he comes home.  And nurture your husband.  I mean, women need nurturing too.  Iím not saying, being you know, some little slave or something, but I heard her feeling inadequate Alan, because all she was was a wife and a mother.


Alan: And thatís been pushed so strongly through movies and magazines, and then they create a peer pressure.  Because they said many, many years ago, they had to destroy the family unit, in order for the state to be supreme over every individual. 


Jackie: Then she went to work part time, and then it became full time, and they wound up divorced. 


Alan: Thatís pretty typical.


Jackie: She wound up, you know, meeting somebody else, and the grass was greener, and it was yeah.


Alan: So, itís a system, and back in even the 1800s they were starting that trend.  And it all came from the top, authorized by chartered agencies in England to begin that push towards the dissolution of the family.  I donít think people realize that in the late 1800s, they were actually pushing what they called free love.  And some of the biggest authors of the day were pushing that.  All connected with Sir Thomas, Professor Huxley in London.  He taught at some of the biggest schools, including, I think, Eton.  And he recruited certain authors to write under him.  And they were pushing, including H.G. Wells, he was one of his students.  And he ended up pushing free love as early as the 1800s, late 1800s, and that was intended to, as I say, destroy the family.  Because they knew that the earlier they could get children acting out sexually, the less chance there was of them for mating up for life.  So, that was the plan, because the state cannot be supreme as long as there is any semblance of the family unit.  It has to be totally dominant over every individual.  The family, in fact, is the smallest type of remnant of a tribe, and they tend to stand up for each other.


Jackie: So, here we are, all of us, in this system.  And I donít know, maybe thereís a way to be in this world, but not of this world.


Alan: Well, I think people at least have to start a ripple.  You see, weíre up against something thatís thousands of years old in the continuous ongoing planning stages.


Jackie: Maybe itís more than thousands.


Alan: Very possibly.  It could be millions for all we know.  And I think personally it is.


Jackie: I think itís almost been from the get-go, Alan.


Alan: Well, as I say, from what they give us as the birth of civilization, and thatís their term for their system.  So, itís a ripple.  Itís been on the go so long, that you start off a snowball with a small flake, which you start rolling, and thatís what youíre up against.  And people have to stop using traditional tools to try and figure out whatís happening here.  Thereís no point complaining about politics.  You donít, thatís just the show.  Thatís the middle man, the political politician.  You have to start to demand, since you are putting people, even in local levels in positions of power over you, and you are going to pay them to do it, then you must demand to know what organizations that they have sworn allegiance to, and what oaths theyíve taken.


Jackie: You know the most upsetting thing about that today, Iím sorry to say, even here in Tioga County, itís a huge area.  I was talking to a guy the other day, and he said Tioga County, the square, you know miles, is actually bigger than the state of Maine.  We have about 40,000 people here.  Theyíve got electronic voting machines now, Alan.† Well, weíre not putting anybody in office any more, but at least, what youíre talking about is those that are running for office, that they should be questioned.


Alan: Well, those who are already in office.  I mean, letís be honest.  We know itís a con.  But theyíre supposed to be public servants.  Theyíre taking money from the public, and theyíre supposed to serve the public, and so therefore, their lives should be an open book when it comes to the organizations which they have sworn allegiance to and sworn oaths to.  And people who are adults take these oaths tremendously seriously.  And these oaths override any later oaths they take to the public.  In these organizations loosely called Freemasonry.  And, as I say, theyíve got a thousand different names.  The thousand faces of Isis.  Isis being the church.  Thatís the symbol.  Thatís the esoteric meaning behind Isis.  And the body of Osiris that was scattered are the members of the Masonic people who joined them.


Jackie: When you talk about Isis, I think of Isis, Ra, and El, Israel. 


Alan: Thatís not what Iím saying Jackie.  What Iím saying is itís, and El is not a Jewish god by the way.  It was a Semitic god, because there was many Semitic gods because there was many Semitic peoples, but it wasnít a Jewish one.  It didnít come in until much later.  The Al version is the Arabic version.  Thatís why you have Allah.† And it doesnít mean what most folk think it means.  Itís a hermaphroditic term.  Itís a religious term, which is a whole different thing from standard religions.  Itís the religion behind the religions.  And as I say, as Isis is not a person and never was a person, neither was Osiris.


Jackie: In other words, Talmudism is just a cover too, the same as Christianity, itís a cover.


Alan: Everything which is authorized is a tool.  Itís a tool.  Every religion which has been authorized is a tool towards an end, which the followers donít understand.


Jackie: Towards what?


Alan: Which the followers donít understand.


Jackie: You said towards something.  Towards.


Alan: Itís the Great Work, you know, they call it.


Jackie: Oh, you said an end.  Towards an end. 


Alan: So, you have all these different people, in all the religions, which, letís be honest, all authorized religions, number one is to create a type of order in a society, to make the society obedient to those who rule that particular society.  And that goes for every, every major religion.  And even the New Age, even though it doesnít think, itís meant, itís been taught that itís free and itís easy and itís open.  Itís nothing of the kind.  Because the New Age really started the roll off with the French Revolution.  Actually with the American Revolution, then the French.  They started bringing out all the symbols then of the real guys behind the show.  And then, right up to the present day, the Wiccanism and all the rest of it, with their simple three degrees at the bottom, itís all from the same Masonry that runs the whole show.


Jackie: Iíve got a book here on Freemasonry.  I donít remember who wrote it.  Iíd been looking for it.  Itís on my shelf someplace.  Because what I noticed, at least, by this particular author.  There were so many break offs, and so many different, thereís like you said, every single secret society is part of the same thing.


Alan: Same thing.  Same head, yeah.


Jackie: But, when I got towards the end of the book, it got into New Age, and I remember making a note, a bracket, and said, they invented New Age religion.  Because you could see it, the way this thing was written. 


Alan: It was boasted about in the main publication of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonryís Journal back in the 50s.  The name of the Journal was called The New Age.  And they boasted about bringing in the New Age of Aquarius, with all of the old stuff, you know, the horoscopes, and the tarot cards, and all the symbology and so on.  Which again is to make a form of predestination.  When you convince whole peoples, just like religion has done. Christianity did a great job on the public in the same way.  When you can convince lots and lots of people thereís nothing they can do, because itís all preordained, then they sit back and let things happen.  Thatís the purpose of.


Jackie: You know, I had an astrological chart done one time.† I think I was, well, weíre going to have to take a break here in about 60 seconds.  But I want to mention this, because this is the confusion for me, Alan.  The woman that did the chart didnít know me from Adam.


Alan: Yeah, I know these stories.  I know exactly what youíre going to say.  I know what youíre going to say, yeah.


Jackie: Okay, you tell me when weíre back from the break what Iím going to say.† Now, one of the things this person said is that this isnít to be used to run your life by. It shows you what, well, weíre running out of seconds here.  So, when we come back, you tell me what I was going to say, okay.† Well, folks, we do have to talk about though, Alan, what we talked about last night, because I think itís important.  Weíll be back, folks.


(Commercial Break)


Jackie: Okay, Alan, tell me what I was going to say. 


Alan: They generate your charts with many years ahead and all the rest of it, and theyíll give you a basic guideline as to the things you could aspire to.  And then theyíll tell you, itís not the way you necessarily have to go, etc, etc, etc.


Jackie: No.  This was what was called a natal chart.  It wasnít a progression.  I was about thirty years old.  And when I met her, somebody said, sheís an astrologer.  And I said, oh, Iíve always been interested in that, or curious, would you do a chart on me.  The woman knew me, she didnít know me.  But when she came back and was explaining this natal astrological chart, Alan, she said things that I am, that I was, without knowing me at all, based on this astrological chart.  And one of the things she said, this was interesting to me, because, I have what they call stage fright.  I went to a fairly small high school, and I knew everybody, almost everybody there.  Actually, at that time it was from seventh grade up to the twelfth.  And every time I had to get up in front of the class, I took speech class, I got the jitters, I got the butterflies, I had stage fright.  And yet, I was in the lead in the play, I played sports, but standing up and talking to a group of people made my stomach literally flip.  Every single one of them in this small class, I knew them.  Well, she said, I see you talking to large groups of people.  And as soon as she even said it, my stomach started to flip, because when she said it, you know, I think in pictures, I saw myself standing in a podium in front of a group of a bunch of people.  I said, I donít think so, Sheila.  She said, it has nothing to do with what youíre doing now.  And I thought about that later, I was on the air for ten years, Alan. And shortwave for most of that ten years, talking to large groups of people.  She also told me that I felt like a misfit.  And I always felt like a misfit, Alan.  And she said, but it isnít you, itís them.  I said, oh, in other words, Iím not crazy, the rest of the world is.  She said, in a sense, you could say that.  And she told me so many things, based on the astrological chart, that nobody could have said to me, that hit me more deeply.  She didnít tell me how I was going to live my life.  And she also told me that I was here to serve, to serve humanity.  Well, thatís about all Iíve been doing all my life when you think about it, Alan.  I mean, I was.


Alan: Yeah, I know, but there are true believers, and there are ones who are not. 


Jackie: Thereís what?


Alan: Thereís true believers really, thatís the bottom line.


Jackie: I donít know what you mean by that. 


Alan: Thereís people who are true believers in it, and there are the ones who are not.  You know.  There are those who are true believers.  You know.


Jackie: What are you saying though?  Iím a true believer?


Alan: It seems to be, yeah.


Jackie: Well, was that coincidence?  Was this woman? 


Alan: I canít say without knowing it all or seeing it all.  But personally, the stars, letís be honest.  Who drew up all those patterns in the sky, because they look nothing like what theyíre supposed to look like, you know.


Jackie: You know, in the Old Testament, it says, not to go to, what does it say?


Alan: Astrologers and...


Jackie: Yeah, right.  Well, is that a possibility that, I mean these creatures that are in control have been ruling and running their plans by this as a...


Alan: Well, they use it as a time clock more than anything, but they also use it as parts.


Jackie: What do they know that we donít know, Alan?


Alan: Well, they know the course of the stars.  And by that, I mean, the time.  The ancient ones used to con all the people into creating darkness by knowing when eclipses would happen.  Theyíve been studying the stars probably for millions of years.


Jackie: I know, but thatís different than what weíre talking about.


Alan: Not really, in a sense, when you understand what astronomy is as opposed to astrology.  And as I say, when you understand all of the meanings of the characters that they give you in astrology, thereís an esoteric meaning behind them.  And in fact, if you understand the esoteric meaning behind them, then you understand the plan.


Jackie: Well, this is a confusion for me.  Because I know that weíve been told so many lies.† And I know that so much truth has been hidden from us.  And I know that much of the truth is hidden amongst the lies.  And I think, we need to be careful and discerning.  Iím not a "New Ager" all though maybe you think I am.  I donít know about the New Age movement.  I donít know about it.  But I know that people have said that I was New Age, you know.  I like Steven Halpernís music, beautiful, well not anymore.  It used to be.  But, Iím not New Age.  Whatever their term of the New Age is, but there are ancient truths, Alan, that have been kept from us.  And there is a lot more to this physical world than their plan. 


Alan: Yeah.  But what Iím saying is, Iím trying to deal on with what we can deal with.  You see, as opposed to that.  I think if you can deal or start dealing with whatís here, now, the rest of it falls into place.


Jackie: Okay.  How do we deal with it?


Alan: As I say, we have to start to demand and to expose those, this system, whatís behind this system, and this religion thatís behind the system.  The policemen and soldiers and everything get, I donít know if you realize that most of them get Masonic burials, you know.  And theyíre also your public servants.  Youíre paying them. 


Jackie: Yeah.  Itís a little boys club, isnít it?


Alan: Itís not just little boys.  Girls, thereís little girlsí ones too.  So, I donít know if thereís anything in between.  I wouldnít be surprised.  But they certainly do have many, many branches and organizations, all over the world, in every country.  When the British troops went into India, in the 1700s, they had traveling lodges with them, Masonic lodges, and they were astounded to find that every little village in India also had one.  They thought they didnít know they had them there.  This was already worldwide.  There was a very good movie put out with Michael Cain, and who was it that did the James Bond movies, the older fellow, Sean Connery.  And it was called The Man Who would be King.  And many Masons got upset with it.  It was written by Rudyard Kipling in fact, who was a Mason.  And the movie showed two travelers going through the north, north of India, to find this priesthood who dealt with the square and the compass.  And they used some of the Masonic terms there that Masons use amongst themselves.  And the Masons were furious when they made a movie out of it.  So, people should get it.  Itís worth the see.


Jackie: And you know, another one we were talking about last night.


Alan: Oh, From Hell


Jackie: From Hell.  Well, I did see the movie.  Remember I told you.  But I didnít catch it the way that you explained it.  Would you explain it to our listeners?


Alan: Well, itís based on a true story of Jack the Ripper.  But itís also, it also uses what are now the declassified documents from Scotland Yard, the main police for London.  And they kept it secret for a hundred years that it was Sir John Gaul, who was the physician to Queen Victoria, who was the ripper.  They knew who it was, because he was going out and killing these women, because they knew that one of the prostitutes had given birth to a son, and actually had been married, secretly, a Catholic prostitute.  And he was sent out to kill them.  And he did it with Masonic rituals. 


Jackie: Every one that knew her.


Alan: And everywhere they left the bodies was a Masonic name, the Miter Square and so on.  And he tried to blame the Jews by writing it on the wall, but he used the Masonic writing of Jews which was J-U-W-E-S.  He said, "The Juwes will not be blamed for nothing."  Well, thatís a little Masonic coding in there. 


Jackie: What does that mean?


Alan: I could go on for about an hour about what it means.† But the thing is, the point is, in that movie, you will see part of a Masonic ritual with the, and these were the upper, upper elite of London, the Sirs and the Lords in this particular temple.  And they reconstruct it.  And youíll see how the candidate eventually gets risen up, when heís seeking the light as they call it, and theyíre wearing their Masonic regalia.  This actually happened, you know.  So, itís worth seeing that one.


Jackie: Itís worth me seeing it again, because Iíll see it in a whole different light now.


Alan: So they can keep that secret for a hundred years, because all the guys in Scotland Yard were Masons. 


Jackie: And this was the surgeon, wasnít it?


Alan: He was the top surgeon.  And he surgically removed organs.  And each woman had the penal sign committed to her.  Because, when you take an oath in Masonry, you also take an oath to whatever.  Plus, you also take, youíre shown your signs and passwords for every degree, but youíre also shown a penal sign, which you must use. 


Jackie: Whatís a penal sign?


Alan: Thatís for penalty.  For breaking the oath.  So, you know, you cut them across the neck.  And sometimes the other one is to rip their stomach and their chest, and throw their entrails over their shoulder.  Well, this guy actually did it to these women.  This was a purely Masonic...


Jackie: To let those brothers know that it was Masonic murder.


Alan: Thatís right.  And that was kept secret by the whole establishment, because all of the establishment at the top are Masons.  And thatís the power of Freemasonry.


Jackie: So, what did, Iím sorry, you piqued my interest and my curiosity.  ďThe Juwes will not be blamed for nothing.Ē  What did that mean?


Alan: Itís double negatives contained in the whole thing.  And if you looked at, itís the three unworthy craftsmen, thatís what they mean.† Thereís the three unworthy craftsmen, and the myth that killed Hiram Abiff.  Thatís what they claim.  And itís not a true, see, this is the problem when you explain things.  Most people think of people as soon as you mention names, and theyíre not people.  Just like the old Egyptian gods werenít people either.  So, when you say, Hiram Abiff, you say, well, thatís a person.  You picture it in your mind.  You picture him getting murdered with these apprentices, who didnít know the upper passwords to get higher pay, and killed him.


Jackie: And really, itís all symbolic. 


Alan: Itís all high, highly symbolic.  Because the three unworthy craftsmen, Jubelo, Jubelum, and some other one.  But basically, itís really the death to the Knights Templars was so they had to put them down as the unworthy craftsmen, which is the Church, the State, and the Mob, the people.  Thatís what they stand for really.  The Church, the State, and the Mob.  Because these particular high Masons control all of it.  And thatís what it really means.  So, the three blows that were given to Hiram, and they go through these rituals in degrees, these supposed blows, is all to do really, with their dominance.  And actually eventually destruction, of what was the Old Church, the Catholic Church, and then the State, the old Royal State, except for Britain, because they were given refuge there.  And the Mob, the general population.  Each one is despised by the very high degrees. 


Jackie: With the Mob.  If we so declare ourselves, maybe.


Alan: But this is where it gets down to the individual, because, you see, rather than believe in anything being ordained, the individual must grab the power that theyíre born with, and they must create their destiny, rather than saying, well, itís all laid out for you.  Thatís the difference.  When you understand that you can grab that life force within you, and I donít care what you think your connection is with whatever deity you follow.


Jackie: Or maybe not grab it, connect with, Alan?


Alan: Well, you can grab it, you can grab it, because itís your right.  You know.  Youíre born here, and you have, you have it there if you want to find it, youíll find it, and you take it and you run with it, because you must create a destiny, instead of leaving it to others to do it for you.  If you leave it to others, then you are a slave, and youíve never lived, and that was always the esoteric meaning of let the dead bury their dead in the New Testament.  It was used long before them, that same saying.  And people who go through their whole life, never knowing, thatís what they say in High Masonry.  Itís as though they were dead, because truly, they leave nothing behind them.  They altered nothing.  And thereís so much each individual can do, if they just take that power back, and stop being slaves to those who know how to control them.


Jackie: And I know I split hairs with words, but Iím thinking about this spring, after Chuck passed over, looking out the window, and it had been raining forever, and the grass was so that you could never mow it, and wet.  And I was just saying, father, please give me strength, and give me courage to do this.  And suddenly Alan, and thatís why Iím saying, connecting with maybe, not grabbing it, but maybe weíre saying the same thing.  It suddenly occurred to me that everything I need is within me.  And I have the strength, I have the courage.  And then I started to think, thank you, thank you for giving me the strength and the courage to go on, and please help me to find it, and to hold onto it.  That was my asking.  And that was my thought about, well, you said, grab, didnít you.† And I said, please, let me find it and hold on to it.  Because I knew it was there.  But I didnít know, you know, when I was asking for it.  Weíre asking for something that we already have. 


Alan: Usually we are.† And itís insecurity.  Itís fear of the system.  See, this world lives on fear of poverty, loneliness, ill health/sickness, all of these things.  This system exploits us all on it, in fact.  A person whoís successful, and called successful in this system is one whoís battled their way to the top over everybody else.  And this is called, itís civilization?  Itís the cruelest system you could possibly have.  Itís anti-human.


Jackie: When I owned my business this insurance man came in to see me, and he wanted to lay out a plan for me, you know, so I could invest, leave a whole bunch of money to my children.  And, when youíre doing well, because I was doing well financially, at that time, you could, if you allowed it to, you could allow it to control your, you know, your thoughts, and get you anxious.  What am I going to do to "preserve it".  And while we were talking, I said, Roy, you know what, Iím not here, and what Iím doing, you know, in my lifeís work here, is not to leave my children a lot of money.  I hope and I pray that what I leave them with, is the strength, and the inner knowing, to know that theyíre self-sufficient, in other words.  You know, are you following my?  Thatís what occurred to me at that time.  The most important thing that we can leave our children is the values, and the honor, the respect, the compassion, all that is real in this world, Alan.


Alan: Yeah, I know.  I know, itís getting connected again, you see.  Weíre being disconnected, on purpose, over many years in a carefully laid out agenda to separate everyone else from everyone else.  And thatís divide/conquer down to the lowest common denominator, until there is nothing to stand beside you, and thereís nothing that opposes you, except the top.  Thatís all done deliberately.  And it was discussed by the big boys in their own books, many years ago.


Jackie: So, okay, so, because weíre running out of our hour, when we were talking last night, and you were saying, I asked you how the last broadcast you were on, and what you were saying is that we alluded to it earlier, that these people who are in public places, public positions of power, that people have to ask them and demand that they give them information on any secret societies.


Alan: Well, societies with secrets. In fact, all societies, because you have to.


Jackie: Anything they took a nose to.


Alan: Yeah, because youíre giving them power to make rules and laws over you.


Jackie: And when you said that to me, the first thought I had, was, well, what good is that going to do.  And thatís what I asked you.  I mean, do we really expect, because I remember you saying this one time, a long time ago, go to their meetings and speak up to ask them, you know, what.


Alan: If enough people do that, if nothing else happens, youíll start a ripple effect.  These people have never been questioned on the proper things.


Jackie: Well, right. You see, thatís what you said last night, that they sent to me.  Because, when you said that a long time ago, I thought, yeah, right.  Weíre going to ask a public official, are you a member of the Freemasons, or etc, and theyíre going to be honest with us.  And what you explained last night, that I thought it was so important that you expanded upon is whether they answer or not, ask.


Alan: Because youíve got to start.  Because people have to stop being on the defensive.  Weíve got to stop it, you see.  And itís their right to demand, since youíre giving them a job, and youíre also going to pay them to make laws that will affect you.


Jackie: What is Pat Buchanan?† Heís a Knight of Malta, of the sovereign military order of Malta.  And I know this for a fact.  And he has taken an oath to the Church, the Catholic Church.


Alan: Well, it doesnít matter.  It doesnít matter, because itís the same.  I donít care what they think at the bottom, the gangs at the top all belong to the same capstone.  They think theyíre on different sides at the bottom, but, yeah, thatís the con game.


Jackie: Yeah, the Catholic Church.  It doesnít.  What about this, the Lodges, the Moose Lodge, are these all lower extremities?


Alan: Well, a lot of those lodges, the side lodges, are guys who are Masons, and thatís their basically fun place.  So they have their main lodge to go to as well.† Iíll be doing a further expose in an upcoming video.  And people should check the website into  And check out this one that went up today, this video.  Itís called "Peeping Through the Clouds". 


Jackie: And that was the one you did outside?


Alan: Yeah, thereís some wind interference there. 


Jackie: You cut some of the wind out of it?


Alan: Itís less long-winded.  But itís the best we could do.


Jackie: Your dry humor cracks me up. 


Alan: Well, at least I tell the people at the bottom, itís free, so donít complain.  You know. 


Jackie: Alright, well, for our listeners.  Give your website again, and about your books.  Weíve got about four minutes left, so you do that.


Alan: Well, the three books are on the site.  Thereís also an MP3, the CD.


Jackie: Cutting Through the Matrix.


Alan: Yeah,  Thereís also a good article, and the books are Cutting Through 1, 2, and 3 in a series.  And Iíll be doing more of them.  And thereís also a good connection tonight on that website there, of recently, thereís an inquiry going on now in Britain, because they were spraying Cadmium over Norwich, the city of Norwich, back in the 60s, and now theyíre saying it causes lots of esophageal and lung cancer.  So thatís up on.  And thatís from the BBC.



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