May 10th, 2006
Alan Watt on
"Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru
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Jackie Patru: Today is Wednesday, and it is the 10th of May, in the year 2006.  I canít believe May is half over, Alan. 


Alan Watt: I know.


Jackie: So, thank you for being here tonight.


Alan: Itís a pleasure, yeah. 


Jackie: Yeah, well, I almost missed getting online on time, folks, because I was just having a little chit-chat with Alan.  I get into my idle chatter.  I think that would be a very appropriate word, wouldnít it Alan?† Idle chatter.


Alan: Thatís it.


Jackie: And Alan said, itís 9 oíclock, you better call in.  I hope youíve had a nice day.  Weíve been having beautiful weather here folks.  I watched, Alan has two new videos on his website at  And when weíve talked in the past, heís talked about the sprayings there.  Alan, how far from the Canadian border, the Southern Canadian border, how far north are you?


Alan: Oh, quite a few hundred miles.


Jackie: Yeah, five?


Alan: Oh, yeah, Iíd say that.  Probably a little bit more.


Jackie: Youíre way out.  Youíre way out.  You must be in a stream there where they want that to carry to.


Alan: It is a stream.  It comes up through Michigan, the jet stream, and it loops just about where I am, and goes right back down to the States again.


Jackie: Well, youíve told me in the past, when you talk about the spraying, and you talk about it often.  And they do spray here, but remember I said, the way youíre getting it, we donít get it like that.  And you described it as mush.  That the sky just gets filled with like Mush.  And when I saw the video, and folks, if you havenít seen it, you certainly, definitely will want to watch it.  The first one Alan did is called Reality Check.  If we have any new listeners, and if you havenít watched that one, you will want to do it.  And then watch the Casual Conversation in the Woods.  And then the last one, Iíve watched that twice now, and when you called earlier this evening, as I told you, I was watching it again, Alan, Peeping Through the Clouds, folks.  And the one Iím discussing right now, they were taking videos of the spraying, the chemtrails, and itís just, itís way more than you said it was.


Alan: Yeah, itís staggering.  Because really, what theyíre doing, as I say, around the Michigan area, because it comes up through Ontario, they use it.  They spray heavily there to carry a long distance.  And at the top of the loop where I am, they spray heavily here, because then it takes it down through Eastern Ontario, and down through Buffalo, New York area.  So, theyíre really covering a vast area with it.  Thatís why the spray in these two main particular spots.


Jackie: Spraying where youíre at.† Itís pretty much overhead, isnít it?


Alan: Very often.  Sometimes, Iíve noticed, just by the feedback you get from people, if too many people are noticing it, theyíll start spraying off outside of the cities to the West, and the westerly wind.


Jackie: Youíre not near a city.


Alan: No, thereís one to the north there.  But people in the cities, Iíve noticed, the clouds will trail over them, and it means that theyíre using the Westerly Wind to bring it over the cities.  Theyíre being very sneaky about it, in other words.


Jackie: They look real sneaky to me.


Alan: And then, at sunset too, youíll see a lot of them beginning to spray into the sun, where itís hard to look.


Jackie: They do.  Yes, they do.  And thatís a lot of times, when the sun is setting, and if theyíre spraying just over the setting sun, you can see the black underneath the clouds.


Alan: In fact, sometimes, you can see it coming through a cloud, a normal cloud, youíll see the straight line of the trail, and itís darker, because of the metallic particles in it.  And weíre not supposed to notice.  In fact, weíre not supposed to even know about this.  Thatís how audacious they are.


Jackie: Right.  I want to make it clear too, that the entire video that weíre discussing is not about the chemtrails.  Itís the beginning of the video, but once again, you do a dialog, as the thoughts roll.  And go back into ancient history and bring it up to today.  One of the things that I caught when you said, you know all the laws, you mentioned specifically at one point, crime prevention.  And you said, how can they prevent crime?  Because theyíve said themselves that anyone is capable of committing a crime.


Alan: Thatís right.


Jackie: Well, then do you know what it reminded me of?  Well, remember Ayn Randís Atlas Shrugged.  Itís because theyíve made everything a crime.


Alan: Theyíve made everything a crime, and that was how the Soviet Union worked, in fact.  When they wanted to arrest someone, a citizen for political purposes or something.


Jackie: They made what that person did a crime?


Alan: Well, no, what they could do is just watch them throughout the day, because youíd break so many crimes, just going to work, that they could pick you up on anything.  And if they didnít want you, theyíd let you go, you see.  And thatís why theyíve got so many laws on the books.


Jackie: Another thing that you said that really hit home or struck me, when you talked about the fact that they controlled the legal system, and the illegal system.


Alan: Thatís right, above and below.


Jackie: They control the criminal element too. †The mafia. 


Alan: All sides of everything.  Thatís how total the system is.  And they use both of them when, you see, without, itís true enough, to govern in a totalitarian way, you canít have one without the other.  They need to create the crime, to create the police force, to watch the people on the prelude of stopping crime.  So, they need each other, you see.  And then to satisfy the citizens sometimes, theyíll make a strong, say, drug raid, and show the public what theyíre doing.  But they donít tell you about all the legal stuff thatís shooting through in the meantime, while this PR stuff is going on.  So, they control both sides of it.


Jackie: Well, they certainly are worth watching, all of them, actually, and every time you listen.  And you know, I was thinking that tonight.  Because I actually, this last time through, and Iím only about, I donít know, maybe twelve, fourteen minutes into it, again.  But as I was listening, the questions keep coming to my mind.  And I thought tonight, if I had written my questions down, weíd need three hours, Alan.  And I thought, you know, we have to, you and I, besides on air conversations, we have to have had hundreds of hours of conversation.  And there are still times that youíll say something that will explode questions in my mind that lead from one thing to another to another.  And you know, one of the questions I did write down, this was later on, and the thing where you said it, and where you talked about, and maybe you donít want to do what you did on the things, but just in this one instance, the video, where you talked about the aristocracy or the elite, how they see the priesthood.  And you said, they refer to themselves as the priesthood, right?† And they wanted to perfect humanity, because "God didnít do a good enough job."


Alan: Thatís right.


Jackie: Well, okay, the word God, Alan.  I wonder if itís on purpose that the word God backwards spells dog. 


Alan: Oh, thatís right.  Thatís what the dog priests used to be called.  The god is dog, dog priest.† Thatís why they wear dog collars.  They call them dog collars.


Jackie: So, when they say they donít believe that God finished it, who are they talking about?


Alan: What theyíre talking about really is that, in their own inner religion, this thing called Progress, thatís part of their plan, itís called Progress. And what they claim, itís because they are rebels, and they do everything through Revolution.  Now, most revolutions, the public are generally unaware of, like the sexual revolution, the pop and rock revolutions, the feminist revolutions.  Most of them are bloodless, or fairly so.  In other words, theyíre constantly changing society and upgrading it towards a destination, a pre-planned destination, and itís to really perfect that which they claim was left imperfect, which is basically the population of the planet. 


Jackie: But left imperfect by what and who? 


Alan: Well, they talk about the one they rebelled against.


Jackie: Would that be Creator?


Alan: Itís something to do with that.  Theyíre never specific, but you always get the hints.  Iím pretty certain that all holy books that mention this are put out by them from the beginning.  And they give us little clues, but they warp it a little bit, and make us serve them, you know, in the process.  But thereís always the hints of somehow being imprisoned here.  And this is their world, therefore, through their own intellect, they will break out of this prison, through science.  And they wrote more about this in the 1500s and the 1700s. 


Jackie: Theyíre imprisoned here.


Alan: Basically.


Jackie: Is that what they say, Alan?


Alan: Yeah.  And thatís why they gave us a story of a fall of a deity and an army, you know, behind the deity.


Jackie: Lucifer here.


Alan: Thatís pretty well it.


Jackie: Lucifer, how you have fallen, da, da, da, da, da.


Alan: And they say one-third fell with him.  You know, this army.


Jackie: One third of the, what, spiritual beings?


Alan: Yeah.  They claim about two million. 


Jackie: Oh, you actually have numbers.† Well, thatís like, thatís like, you know the Talmud claims to know the exact time and date God created the universe.


Alan: Thatís right.


Jackie: Because I donít know all of their codes and etc.  This is why I was asking you this.  When they say, well, theyíre perfecting what God left unfinished.


Alan: Imperfect.  Imperfect is the word.


Jackie: Imperfect.  Yes.  Are they referring to Lucifer?


Alan: Theyíre referring to the people that were basically here.  The natural people. 


Jackie: But who do they think created the natural people? 


Alan: Oh, they still believe thereís a creator. 


Jackie: They what?


Alan: They still believe that thereís a creator there, but they rebelled against the same one.


Jackie: In other words, they know that Lucifer is not creator but Lucifer is their god.


Alan: But they believe that Lucifer, and also themselves, and everyone who takes on the high secret societies or goes into them, believes that they themselves can attain that same power of godhood through pure will and intellect.  They can achieve godhood, and be the equivalent of that, you see.  And so, what they always claimed is that they could break out of the prison through science, through the use of science.  And what theyíve been doing all this time is using the populations to work through their sciences for them.


Jackie: When they break through, where do they think theyíre going?


Alan: Oh, probably forever, just going through the planets, all over the place, and sucking them dry no doubt, and you know, carrying on.  There was a poem written back in the 1920s, I think, and it was along those lines, that eventually they would leave the planet, and leave the earth spinning like a burned-out cinder, in its wake, as they went on to the next one and then the next one and the next one.  Under the guise of loving everything in nature and so on Ė itís nonsense Ė all these laws are passed to put us in a prison.  And they can reproduce anything, right now, through cryogenics and genetic manipulation.  They can reproduce anything on this planet.  And theyíve even had programs on public broadcasting services about it.  Theyíve shown us these huge arks, where they have all the DNA of every living creature, plant and animal and insect.  And they admitted that they can bring them out of cryogenics, after many years, and even use different hosts as the carriers to bring them to term.  So, these guys donít give a damn about nature.  Itís just to put us in a box that all these laws are passed, you know. 


Jackie: Yeah, well, the prison that they have made besides the fact that somehow they just own peopleís minds.  But of course, it is said that the mind is the gateway to the soul.  Because theyíre imprisoning souls, arenít they Alan?


Alan: They imprison souls and they also use our wrong choices for their own benefit.


Jackie: Our wrong choices.  Good way to put it.


Alan: Because we tend to do their wars for them.  We battle for them down through the ages.  We actually kill and die to bring around an agenda.  And once their agenda is over, then we will be pretty well wiped out.  Because we only have a function to these people, and nothing else.  Thatís all we are, is a function.  And the other thing is too, you see, if we cannot master ourselves individually, then these people will master us for us.  And thatís the other key to it.  Because weíre so willing to go off and slaughter at the drop of a hat.  We donít really even need a good reason to do it.  And young men, of course, full of hormones and tribal instincts have been used forever for this purpose.  They never recruit guys, youíll notice, forty and up, because theyíre too wise.  But when youíre eighteen, youíre invincible.


Jackie: Today theyíre not though, Alan.  And they are recruiting.  You know, I have read that they have actually talked about upping the drafting age to thirty-eight. 


Alan: They made exceptions for undertakers up to fifty-nine.† But for young guys who go off and do this stuff, all you need is bodies, really.  You need bodies.  And you need bodies that donít think theyíll ever die.  And men and women at eighteen canít imagine death.† Itís always going to be, it doesnít happen in the movies.  The good guys always win.  And the bad guys can never shoot straight.  And yet, this game has been played down through the ages forever.  They used to have dramas in the British Empire, traveling shows where these plays were written about wars, either in Africa or somewhere, anywhere where the empire was striking out. And theyíd put these shows on, and theyíd give cut rates for teenagers, teenage men to get in.  And it was all noble and it was all hero stuff, and the good guys always won, and he always got his fair lady. And this was the kind of stuff they fed them for centuries.  And they still do today.  You take a young person at the bottom strata of society that has almost no dignity at all.  Heís ignored by everyone.  No power of any kind.  Very little chance of getting ahead in life, as they call it.  And you put a uniform on him, and suddenly your own country treats you as though youíre a brand new being. 


Jackie: Yeah, right.  The uniform.


Alan: You see, this has been used for thousands of years, this same technique.  And these are sciences.  They understand the science of the mind.  And they know the sciences of the mind.  And they know how it changes the older you get. So, they can hit you at any age group, according to whatever they want to hit you with, to make you respond.  And even advertising companies know these techniques very well, how to hit even children at six years old or five, to nag their parents to do something.  Or teenagers to join up, you know.  So, this is instant status.  And instant respect.  And all you have to do is go wherever youíre told to go and kill people.  And they always dehumanize the enemy of course.  And now, the same techniqueís to be used.


Jackie: Dehumanize the enemy.  Yeah.  Itís somebody that really in fact is not an enemy. 


Alan: Now you take the doublethink of all this.  See, logic is like mathematics.  Two and two must always add up to the same number.  Now, here you have a society where if you say any ethnic slur you end up with a fine or prison or something, because youíve got to get cooperation in society, because people have to get along.  But you put them in a uniform, and you can get people from all ethnic groups in that one army, and then tell them to hate this other group over there.  And itís okay to go off and kill them.  See, so something is wrong here.  Itís doublethink.  Itís Orwellian doublethink.  And if you kill someone in your own society, you end up on a murder charge.  But if you go over and become a sniper and assassinate people at long range, you get a medal for it.  Whatís wrong with this picture here?  How come weíre so easily manipulated?  Well, the reason is, itís through indoctrinative techniques, and the perfect understanding of our minds and the young teenagers.  This is ancient science thatís been used for thousands of years on how to get young people and train them to go off and kill, and still teach them itís alright to do so.  And yet we like to call ourselves progressive.  Weíre progressing in society to this fantastic utopia, which they claim exists or will exist.  And every century that we go on, we slaughter more and more millions than the previous one.  And they call this progress.  Thereís something wrong here.


Jackie: Well, of course thereís something wrong.  But not for them.  Itís the perfect plan for them.† Thereís something wrong to somebody whoís sane. 


Alan: And yet, at the same time, they use a flaw in humanity, where we have either been gulled into believing the system is real and genuine, with all of its doublespeak and doublethink, or else we have an inherent problem here, where individually, we mustnít let ourselves be conquered by these people who know how to use ourselves, our age, the tribal instincts to go off and slaughter other people.  Because we never benefit from it.  The public never.  In any country, whether itís conquered or the winners, or whatever, you never win.  Only a small group win in this whole strategy here.  Itís like Henry Kissinger said in the Last Days.  The book written by Woodward and Bernstein about the Vietnam War.  When Kissinger was asked about the troops that were still there, and he says, what about them. He says, the troops are just dumb, stupid animals to be used for foreign policy.  Now, here is the monster telling you the truth.


Jackie: Alan, where did he, was that actually in an article?  Were they quoting him?


Alan: It was in a book.


Jackie: Okay, in a book.  Okay, they said that this is what he said. 


Alan: He was talking to a bunch of reporters after the main interview, and they asked him, that question, and that was his reply.  And, now, he was telling the truth, because, young people who are drilled, theyíre drilled.  These are all mining terminologies they use as well.  Itís Masonic, because the whole military system is Masonic, and you do square bashing on the square, and all that kind of stuff. And youíre uniform.  Youíre one form.  You stop being individuals, and you become one.  You act as one, and you do what youíre told.  And so, itís all Masonic, you see.  And their symbols and rituals are actually Masonic.  And, they train you not to be an individual anymore.  They give you a whole new set of values and tell you to obey instantly, without thinking.  Now thatís what all Masons are told, that when a superior gives you a command as a Mason, you will obey the order, without question, and put all moral judgments to the side.  You will simply carry it out.  All these things are Masonic.  And people should question themselves why every army on the planet has the same types of uniform, the same types of drilling on the square, and marching.  And you go back to the ancient steles of Egypt and Sumer even, and you look at the pharaohs there.  In any of the statues, youíll always see the left foot forward, because thatís the beginning of the journey, by the left quick march.


Jackie: Thatís a Masonic thing?


Alan: Yeah.  By the left quick march.  This has been done for thousands of years.


Jackie: Oh, yeah.  And thatís even when counting cadence.  Your left, your left, your left, right, left.


Alan: Thatís right.  So this is an ancient science, by ancient priesthoods that are understood and are right up to date, and weíre still doing them yet, because theyíll never let go of science which works, and they understand this perfectly.  And they have the same type ofÖ


Jackie: Do they actually think thereís some kind of a power?


Alan: Itís a symbol.  Itís a symbol of their dominance.  If you go to Luxor and you look at the temple, or the pillars of Isis and Osiris, Isis is the mother.  And itís not a person, itís their church.  Collectively, itís their church.  And they are Osiris, the body of the church.  And then, the inscription for Isis says, I am Isis, I came from a perfect wonderful egg, nothing that exists exists without me. 


Jackie: She comes from a what?


Alan: A beautiful egg.


Jackie: Egg, okay, and that.  Thank you for, thatís where it comes from, because, the Easter, Ishtar is Isis, right?  Another name for Isis?


Alan: Thatís right. 


Jackie: And I remember reading that thatís why we have Easter eggs.  Because it really, Easter, the time when Easter is is the celebration of what, the creation of Ishtar hatching out of her egg.


Alan: What it means is that all things within the world, the physical system, come out of the mother.  In other words, this high, high, high occultic church.  Thatís what it means.  They are the body.  Their members are the body.  They are Osiris.  They are the body collectively of the church which is a mother.  Itís allegories for their system. So, Isis is everything in their system, which is basically everything.  And so, everything in their system which is orderly, and marching is orderly, you see, starts off with Isis by the left quick march.  Because the female is left. She is called sinister in knighthood.


Jackie: Sheís called what?


Alan: Sinister.


Jackie: The woman is sinister?


Alan: Yeah.  And knights, youíll find Dexter is the right.  And Sinister is the left.  And thatís why, because they donít like women, you see; the females are sinister.†


Jackie: But you know, you got talking one time like you didnít like women too well either.  You were saying that women were the cause of all the problems in this world.


Alan: No.  What Iíve said is that they understand that through Eve...


Jackie: Okay, whoa, whoa, you know what. Letís pick this up.  I donít want you to get started and then weíre going to get cut off.  Weíre going to be taking a break here.  Well, right now, and folks, so, remember what weíre on here, Alan.  Okay.  And weíll be back with you folks in just about two minutes.  Weíll be back, with Alan Watt and Jackie Patru.


(Commercial Break)


Jackie: Okay, Alan.  We were talking about Ishtar, and then I mentioned that you had made at one time on the air, you sounded like one of them.  Not really, but that women were a source of the problems in this world.


Alan: No.  Theyíre not a source.  Theyíre understood.  And because theyíre understood, the higher priesthood have always said that they will bring fruition of their plan through the female. And thatís what the whole allegory of Eve is all about.  Itís the nature of the woman.  Now, Caesar himself said that to take over a country you put fear into the people.  The women complain and want security, and then you offer them security, food, etc, and theyíll come to you.  Now, Stalin did the same thing.  So did Lenin.


Jackie: So, do you see that thatís true in your own?


Alan: Oh, yeah.  Itís a natural thing.  I watch it on the surveys on television.  Even when thereís things that government actually wants done, theyíll have these interviews on the street type of thing, and theyíll ask the women what they want.  And the women always say there should be a law about this, or there should be a law about that, or whatever.  And itís always what the government wants.  So, in other words, women naturally look for security, you see, and Hitler did the same thing.  He said, all our propaganda must be aimed at the woman, who wants food for herself and her family, peace, and security.  And he says, then will follow the children.  And then must follow the man. And he was basically quoting Caesar.  Because itís an ancient understood mechanism.  And youíll notice today.  Well, even after 9/11 when they had the surveys on the street, the usual thing, would you give up your freedom for security.  And the polls that came out here in Canada, reflecting the States, actually they were from the States, showed about 88 or 90% of women agreed, according to them, that they would give up freedom for security.  So, these were techniques which are understood.  They know how to manipulate the male, because of his nature.  They know how to manipulate the female, because of hers.  And they also know how to manipulate the teenagers of both sexes, right down to the pre-puberty children.  Itís an art in every section.  So, this is understood.


Jackie: Iíve got a report.  I read this several years ago.  And it was very frightening.  It was a report on brain research.  And they were talking very technically about the synapses and how at first, from birth, until about seven years old, they said that the synapses, itís like thereís explosions going on in the childís brain.  And then, itís maybe seven or age nine.  I think itís well, between there, that it slows down to more of a normal pace.  Of course, thereís always constant learning as weíre growing, but think about those pathways that are being made in those babiesí brains, Alan.  They know exactly what theyíre doing.


Alan: Itís a road well traveled, you might say.  Thatís what the pathways are.  But, if you take these sciences that were understood in the days of the ancient Greeks and the Egyptians before them, Plato talked about this coming time, even in his writings in the Republic.  Where he talked about his, the creation of the perfect republic, with a dominant minority at top, with a Guardian Class, and then the strata of bureaucracy, and then the military class.  And he said, towards the end, that they would bring in the women, into the military, who will fight alongside the men.  Now thatís two thousand, three hundred-odd years ago.


Jackie: And here in the US, there have already been, I believe, Congressional debates on, you know, when theyíre talking about re-instituting the draft, with the women.  And there was, there was a bill that didnít get passed here, but the bill was if it had been passed, any young child who goes to get a drivers license, has to sign up for the draft at the same time or they donít get a driverís license.  And it said, men and women.  And then, when a new version of it came out, it just said, I think it mentioned the males.  So, there must have been a heck of an uproar at that time, but you can see it coming, canít you?


Alan: Itís coming.  Itís planned.  And they must have a military class, where theyíll inbreed the male and the female for a period of time, because this isnít forever, to make sure they breed the offspring in a military environment, to take care of the people.  This is all, again, old science.


Jackie: And getting back to the crime thing.  Itís a crime to drive without a state driverís license.  And yet, to use that was a tool to get young people to register for the draft.


Alan: And thatís what they all want, is a driving license.  They want a car.  They want to drive.


Jackie: The new bill had a thing at the bottom of it, and I donít know if that passed, Alan, but there was a box that you could check the bottom, that said, do you want to use this as, you know, your application as registration of the draft, yes or no.  And it said that the draft, you have to register at such and such an age anyway, because it is the law.  It isnít the law.  It isnít the law, because here in the US, the draft registration "law", I forget what title, it may be title 52.  It is not positive law.  Which means that it is not law.  Maybe if you live in Washington D.C. or the territories, you would have to, but it is not actual law.  I wanted to say this as weíre talking, because the thoughts are in my mind.  For any of our new listeners, if you have children, or you know people with children, have them not register for the draft.  Have them not register.  It is not a law.  Iíve got the thing that they mail out to young people, and they do say, well, you have to do it.  And one of the frequently asked questions is, what happens if I donít register?  It says, you may be fined, you know, so much money.  You may be.  Thatís because it isnít a law.  It doesnít say you shall be.  And then it says, you will not be able to get government grants if you donít register for the draft.  Well, to hell with government grants.  Anybody thatís listening to this, right now, if anybody you know, in fact, a friendís son was helping me here today.  Heís going to turn sixteen very shortly.  And I talked to him seriously about it, for that reason, and he said, well, I canít.  Iím the last of my family line.  I said, then tell all your friends, Michael.  Tell all of your friends.  Because, I mean, you know, weíre living under commercial law, and when that young person signs that draft thing they are held to what they are told is a contract.  And yet, you have to be 21 years old to sign a contract.  Donít you find that interesting, Alan?


Alan: Well, everything is conology, con being the priests.  Itís, thatís the world we live in.  Itís coercion by threat.  And then, ultimately the use of force to back it up.  And thatís how the herd are managed, and always have been, really.  But I think itís a sad, sad, thing you know, when you look at what theyíve done.  Theyíve done their best through the unisex movement that began in the sixties, that the same clothing and stuff, all this kind of thing, that weíre all the same.  And then of course, the American psychological association did their politically correct agenda, and said, well, girls only play with dolls because theyíre taught to do it, you see.  And theyíre really the same as guys.  And this is all a big, big preplanned thing done back in the early 1900s through experiments, through special schools, like Bertrand Russellís, when they planned to destroy the family, destroy marriage, and all other things that theyíd used actually up until then, for their own benefit, for a post-industrial society.  And I think it was Carl Gustav Jung, the psychiatrist, who was way beyond Freud. He actually visited America, in the late í40s, the early 50s, and he said.† He said when the female loses her Eros, you know, her natural femininity, when the female loses her Eros, and begins to emulate males, then that society will plummet to the ground.  And he said America was leading the charge there.


Jackie: They talked about that in the New Order of the Barbarians.  In the shadow government section, if you havenít read it, New Order of the Barbarians, and they said the exact thing that youíre talking about, and how they were going to take that, did you call it Eros from a woman.  They were going to get rid of, baby dolls and go to different things.  Okay, in the 60s, out came the Barbies. 


Alan: Well, Barbie is for Barbarian.


Jackie: Oh, yeah.  Well, thank you.  The whole thing, is sheís a grown-up buxom, you know with big buns doll.  And sheís got a boyfriend.  Okay, plus all of her, whatever. The point is, little girls, this is what I wanted to ask you, do you think the maternal instinct is a natural thing and can be taken out of them?† I think so too.  You know why? Because you see it today. 


Alan: Itís been written about long ago.  Carroll Quigley wrote about it in Tragedy and Hope.  He said that after World War II into the early 50s, he said.  Now, he was a professor who was an advisor to various consulates for the US.  A bigwig.  A guy who chose Rhodes Scholars for World Government to get sent to Britain.  He chose Bill Clinton to go over.  When they say something, you listen to their words carefully, because they donít waste words.


Jackie: They say what they mean, and they mean what they say. 


Alan: And a thing, an extraordinary thing, extraordinary thing happened to women, young women.  He said, they suddenly, suddenly, began to mature physically, sexually, far quicker than before.  In other words heís telling you that something extraordinary had been introduced into society, and it was through the inoculations, etc.  And because of that, they would race ahead of the young males.  But it would also make them more aggressive as well, and thatís what we see.


Jackie: When I go back, you know, when I was a little girl, we had baby dolls.  But we didnít have a whole bunch of them.  I had, I remember, I think I was in the fourth grade and that was all I wanted for Christmas.  It was a newborn baby doll.  And I got that doll for Christmas.  And for the next Christmas, I got a buggy for her and grandma made clothes for her, and that was my baby.  And you know, when my girls were little, I wanted them to play with dolls.  And I got them baby dolls.  And Iíd go in their rooms to straighten up and whatever, and Iíd find their dolls laying on the floor, you know, all tumbled.  And Iíd pick those dolls up, and Iíd wrap them up in their little blanket, and put them in their little cradle.  I said, Mom, I feel like not a fool, but itís so natural to do that.  You know.  She said, itís just your maternal instinct, honey.  See, Jodie was my firstborn, and out came Barbie doll.  And I got her Barbie dolls, because I had no clue, Alan.  No wonder she didnít want to play with baby dolls.  And I noticed that this happened to all the little girls.  I wanted a dollhouse when I was little.  I had a friend that had a dollhouse, and I would play for hours.  And that was one of the first things, when Jodie was old enough, she wasnít interested in a dollhouse.  You know.  I got her a little clotheslines and clothespins and little tea sets.  She played with those things, because I played with them with her.  As they got older, they just werenít interested.  And it is not just my two girls.  Itís women today, how they, even when theyíre there with their children, and I see it with my neighbors, with my friends here, their children are almost like a nuisance to them. 


Alan: Well, hereís the key to it, you see.  They knew, they knew, and this is true.  Ask anybody whoís been in a war.  Who does a soldier cry out for when heís dying?  Itís not his dad.


Jackie: Mama.


Alan: And you see, the motherly instinct is a counter to the male, the young male, whoís more aggressive.  And they had to do their best to destroy that, because history, primarily, was taught from mother to child.  And John Dewey mentioned it, that theyíd have to eliminate this contact between the mother and the child to get racial harmony throughout the world, because most history is taught through.  See, the children donít really bond with the father until theyíre sometimes quite high up in the teens.  And itís because the fatherís instinct is different from the motherís. 


Jackie: Well, in the past too, it used to be this way, the mom was home taking care of the children, the dad was out earning the basics. 


Alan: But itís also easier for the child to talk to the mother.† Itís far easier for communication-wise.


Jackie: Because of her receptivity.


Alan: A male tends not to bond so quickly, until theyíre actually adult.† Thatís when the male kicks in.  So, they understand this, and they had to destroy that.  And now, of course, it was interesting, a recent survey that was done to do with universal child care that theyíve pushed in Canada, and theyíve found that the vast majority of women were demanding as their right that the state basically pay for mandatory daycare and all the rest of it.  So, there you go, youíre right.  That bond has been severed.  And that was intentional.  And the people who go along with it have no idea of the big sciences that are motivating them.


Jackie: You know, you might want to link the New Order of Barbarians at your website.  Because, Iím telling you Alan, they said it all.  They even told this Dr. Richard Day, they even told how they would do it.  When I started reading the first transcript, I got about, I think a transcript of the first half of the first of three tapes, that that Dr. Denigan did, I kept gasping as I was reading it.  Because you could see it.  You could see everything that he was talking about, back in whatever, 1960 something, today, you could see it all.  And they did it.  Even to the point of people stopping buying Made in America.  Oh, well, weíre going to start making chintzy cars, little things like, you know, the door handle will fall off, and people will get so fed up with it, theyíll start buying foreign cars. 


Alan: But you see, the thing is too, that Iíve never fooled myself on either.  You see, Iíve never looked upon this system as being mine, and the one that Iím born into as being mine.  Iíve always known that we had no say in this system.  The system is theirs.  All they are doing is upgrading their system for a new era, for the next phase of the plan. 


Jackie: Yeah.  Well, see, you came in with some very, you came in with knowing.  I came in with some knowing, not the same kind you did, but because, as Iíve told you, thatís why I believe I can relate to our listeners.  I didnít see this world, and this life that we live as a system, Alan.  I didnít even see it as a "system".  It was just life, you know.


Alan: Thatís what Iím saying.  In all mammals, they look towards the parent for danger signals of any other creatures and so on.  If the parent doesnít warn them, that mammal will go up quite happily to its worst enemy and be eaten.  Now, if your parents have been brainwashed, and most of them were, they donít know to pass it on to the child and say, look, I know the world appears this way, but hereís the real story.  So, you see the child grows up clueless, and itís like Lenin said.  You know, thereís a thousand paths that a society could take.  But the public mustnít know this.  They must think the one that weíre born into, every generation is born into, is a natural development.† So, this has always been perfectly well understood.  And of course, religion had a big, big role to play, down through the years, in keeping this order together, for this particular elite.


Jackie: Well, you know the sad thing is, I, from things that Iíve learned in these past twelve, thirteen years, in documents and writings and things that I have, there was a time in this country, when people were "politically involved" and they actually believed they had a say in the government, Alan.  And I saw that, you see, I saw that as I was reading those, what a shame it is today, that nobody is involved.  And yet, those people then, that were so involved contacting Congressmen, and interacting and da, da, da, da, da.  They believed in America, as I did, up until not too many years ago.  And all of the activities that they were involved in, they were supposed to be involved in it.  Because there has to be opposition to move the plan forward.† And the whole pathetic thing is, that America itself, or not America, the US, was without a doubt, was founded to do exactly what it is today.† And do you know what I saw in, Iíve got a big satellite dish and I was going through the satellite guide.  Do you know, they have a movie out called, listen to this, Team America: World Police.† Itís for children.  I should watch it.† I really should watch it, just to see.  You know, you watch those kinds of movies, because you want to see what theyíre doing.  And I look at it and I say, oh my God, I just want nothing to do with it, but we really should watch movies like that, shouldnít we? 


Alan: Yeah, they do indoctrinate us through movies into the possibility that this will come.  Once you accept the possibility through fiction, youíre more apt to accept it when it comes into reality. 


Jackie: That Team America: World Police.  Thatís here today, Alan.  The US is the World Police today.


Alan: Thatís right.  Well, the head of NATO in 1956, he was a Frenchman, and he put a book out on this very topic.  He said, America has taken over as the world police, but they will have a couple of minor wars then fail towards the end.  Then, the universal society will kick in.  And there will be a universal police force.  So, they understood this.  Nothing happens in this system without their go-ahead, basically, their planning.  But through predictive programming, we are gradually shaped, our minds are shaped towards whatís to come next and next and next. 


Jackie: Do you hear, talking about predictive programming, did you hear about the docudrama, I think that NBC did, it was about the bird flu.  Did you hear about it?


Alan: We had one here in Canada about a month or six weeks ago. 


Jackie: I wonder if it was the same one.† Well, I donít get the networks, but Jeff said he watched about the first five minutes of it downstate there, and he said, he couldnít watch it.  I said, you should have watched it.  I would like somebody, if somebody taped it, Iíd love to have a tape of it.  You know what he said in the first five minutes at the very beginning of the movie.  There was an Arab person at an airport with a suitcase in his hand.  And then the plague hit.  And evidently, this thing was billed by the network as, this is ahead of the headlines.  So, whatever they did in this production, American people, people who were watching it, led them to believe that there is going to be a plague, and there are going to be millions dying, and theyíre probably pushing the vaccines like a son of a gun.


Alan: Theyíre also conditioning the public on how to respond if they ever say itís hit through stay at home, do what youíre told.


Jackie: Did you see it, or did you hear about it?


Alan: Yeah, yeah.  They had a docu-drama. They used real people from the UN with the actors as well, to mix it all together, to try and get this home to us and train us.  Just like they trained the British public before World War II.


Jackie: Well, at the beginning of the movie, the hatred they are promulgating against Arabic people, the Muslims.  There at the very beginning of the movie, to imprint into everybodyís brain, because probably somewhere in this movie they donít know how the thing started, the plague.  But in everybodyís mind, they knew, because they saw that Arab at the airport.  The Arab terrorist.† Geez.


Alan: I know.  Itís pathetic what they throw in our faces.  But itís also pathetic how the public swallow it, subconsciously.  Thatís the scary part, because they are conditioned. 


Jackie: The real pathetic part to me, because Iím always relating back to myself, when I may have at one time watched something like that and believed it, if I hadnít begun to learn, what I began to learn.  Itís like I told you Alan, during the "six day war", I looked at the newspaper laying on the table, I saw the headlines, "It was over.  Israel Won."  And I said, isnít that cool.  That little tiny country.  But whatís really pathetic to me are people who are told and donít hear.


Alan: Well, you see, they do, and this is, Brzezinski was quite right.  Theyíve trained the public that you donít have to reason things out for yourself.  The media is there to do it for you.  Itís there to reason for you and give you your conclusions. 


Jackie: We have about thirty seconds.  So, do a commercial forÖ 


Alan: Well, people want to see the website.  You should look into  Thereís lots of downloadable stuff there for free.


Jackie: Folks, if you havenít, go over to the website.  Good Night, Alan.


Alan: Good Night.



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