May 17th, 2006
Alan Watt on
"Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru
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Jackie Patru: Alan, thanks for being here tonight.


Alan Watt: Yeah, itís a pleasure.


Jackie: And so, before I forget this, I wanted to bring this up.  I think you got the same email I did from one of our listeners.  The email, his name was Awake Now.  He said heís been listening to the broadcasts and his eyes are really open.  And he sent, he sent a link.  He put in his search engine, Masonic CHIP program, and I clinked on the link, and I brought up one of the pages.  The first one there was the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth program or something, and it was the chip program.  And that is the childís identification program, Alan, where they use biometrics, they use fingerprints, and etc, etc.  And it sounds so good.  But the thing that was interesting to me, is several years ago, and Iím thinking itís at least four or five years ago now, the state legislature came out with the program.  It was passed by the legislature, and it was called the chip program.  And it was the childrenís health insurance program for Pennsylvania.  And it was for the children whose parents couldnít afford health insurance.  No child will be left behind, you know.  So, then now, we have the Masonic, Pennsylvania Masonic CHIP Program.  And I sent it over to Darren and asked him to post it, well, he did, beneath one that he had posted several months ago.  And it was from Nebraska.  And theyíre promoting, of course, all this.  But whatís interesting is they started out here in Pennsylvania, CHIP, was the Childrenís Health Insurance Program.  Now, we have the Masonic CHIP Program, which is the Child Identification Program, and next it will be the real chip, wonít it, Alan?


Alan: Itís a chip off the old block.


Jackie: A chip off the old block, yeah.  And I wanted to thank our listener, who sent that over, and itís just very, very telling, just how fast they move.  And how insidiously, how insidiously.  And when I wrote back, I pointed out, you know, that the ostensible reason, makes too naive in a person who isnít aware.  It sounds so good.  Itís like oh, my goodness.  You know, weíll get this video, and weíll get the fingerprints and the hair, whatever, the DNA, I guess from the hair, right, Alan?


Alan: Yeah.  They get the cheek as well.  Inside their cheek.  They take a swab test.


Jackie: For the DNA?


Alan: Yeah.


Jackie: Well, in this little kit, I think itís a hair sample, or at least the one in Kansas.  I donít know.  But itís the underhanded and devious way that they worked in everything that the elite, everything that is done.† Isnít it?


Alan: Oh, yeah.  I know.  And itís always for a bit of pretense.  A good cause.


Jackie: Well, thatís the point.  It makes you feel so safe, like chipping your, your beloved pets.  And if they get lost, well, my, my, you can find them.  And then you chip your beloved children.  And then the beloved husband and wife, and then pretty soon everybody will have the chip.


Alan: Yes.  Just normalize it.


Jackie: So nobody can ever hide.  Thereís no place to hide, is there, Alan? 


Alan: Thatís the thing.  They normalize something, which really, if you stand back, it is bizarre.  But actually, normalized bizarreness.  And they do.  And they said theyíd do this, at that Loyola Meeting, where the world scientists met, chaired by Newt Gingrich.  And it was sponsored or paid for by the US Department of Commerce. And itís to do with an implanted chip in the brain. And they said they would promote this through kindergarten, through cartoons, through novels, through movies, and make it a positive thing.  And so, they can normalize anything that they wish if we fall for it. 


Jackie: Wait, now I, you lost me somewhere there, Alan.  Okay.  Would you repeat that?


Alan: Well, thatís their whole agenda, to normalize something which is a dangerous idea.  If we stand back individually, and think about it rationally, itís a dangerous idea.  But you can actually normalize it by good marketing strategies, really, to the people.  And all you have to do is give some PR out of how they found this womanís child that was lost. 


Jackie: But how would they normalize planting a chip in the brain, Alan? 


Alan: They could do it.  They can do it, whatever they want, because itís done primarily through fiction.  Young children already are watching this stuff with their superheroes in the cartoons, and in some of the movies.


Jackie: Okay, but how do they make it look good?


Alan: They give them extra, enhanced abilities of intellect, or you donít have to study.  You could be downloaded with all the data, and without studying for it.  Or you could have amazing strength, or whatever, you see.  So, thatís how theyíre promoting it to the very young children.  And so, they want to be like their heroes.  And they know this.  They always give people heroes.  Children like and want heroes.  So, they supply the heroes, and of course, theyíre being programmed for something thatís not for them.  Itís for a small elite to control them in the future.


Jackie: Right, right, of course.† Jeff came to visit and he brought a flyer that he took off the bulletin board down in Wellsboro.  And this is another, another example.  Itís just a page and itís in big letters, it says, Looking for a Job?  Use this checklist on your interview.  If your employer canít meet such simple demands, give me a call.  And thereís a yes or no here to check.  Will you receive at least $1178 to $1501 a month plus room and board? Will you earn two pay raises a year for the first four years?  Will you receive thirty days paid vacation per year?  Will you receive a pay raise if you get married?  Are full recreational facilities available, i.e. golf, tennis, theater, pool, horseback riding, etc.?  Will you be entitled to medical and dental benefits, with unlimited sick leave?  Will you be accepted without experience?  Will you be taught a skill at the firmís expense with full pay?  Can you quit after two to four years, to attend college and expect the employer to contribute all but $1200 to an educational fund of up to $70,000?  Will the employer pay for 100% of your college tuition while youíre working for him?  Can you ask for cash bonuses of up to $40,000, will the employer pay off your college loan up to $65,000, while youíre working for him or her?  Will you be allowed to work in locations where youíve never been, like Hawaii or Europe? An army of one.† And if you cannot, if your employer canít meet the simple demands of these, give him a call, Sgt. Pond.  Heís a recruiter for the military.  And I read that, and I said, hell, Iím going to go sign up, this is great.  A full recreational facility.  I can go to Hawaii or Europe.  Isnít this pathetic, Alan?


Alan: Well, itís standard PR.


Jackie: Well, Iíve never seen one of these before, maybe theyíre all over the place. 


Alan: Well, the old Masonic ones used to say ďI amĒ or ďI beĒ.  In the Middle Ages theyíd say ďI beĒ for ďI amĒ.  And that was the standard joke in Britain for years, when they were recruiting, during the troubles in Ireland with the IRA, and theyíd say, Be all that you can be.  And of course, they said the same thing, you could travel the world and meet people. And of course, the standard joke was, yeah, and you can run up the shank hole road with the bullets bouncing at your heels. So, they never tell you that thereís a bad part about it.


Jackie: Well, certainly, theyíre not mentioning Iraq, Iran, Syria, you know, Afghanistan.  Oh, and where are these recreational facilities for godís sake, Alan?† And they lie to them.  They lie to them.  Iíve got newspaper articles in there, and in our section, so, you want to go to war?  Thereís a lot of these items like this.  Like, promising some man, I forget what the heck the bonus was, if he would re-up, and once he did, they wouldnít give him his bonus.  Now, when you go to court today, when they try to go to court, you know whatís going to happen.  The government always wins. 


Alan: Thatís right.  And itís also the same when you come down with one of the illnesses after the inoculations if youíre in the military.  Some horror stories have come out of the VA hospital, about the kind of treatment they get.


Jackie: My dad died in a VA hospital, Alan.† And my friend, Mel.  He was in Vietnam.  And he was supposed to have surgery on his knee.  It was at least three years ago.  And they withdrew or lowered the money, you know, withdrew funds from the VA thing.  And so, they couldnít give him his surgery, so now he gets to have a walker.


Alan: This is the stuff they donít promote in the ads, you see.


Jackie: And you know what I want to say.  I know Iím talking a lot.  And I know that our listeners, they tune in, a lot of them, because they want to hear you.  So, if you get any complaints, tell them I get my chance every now and then too.  But, I got an email, and it was just phenomenal, and I was formatting it to send over to Darren.  And Alan, it was one of the best Iíve seen written, about the chemtrails.  All kinds of things.  And I get to this one part.  And this is a confirmation about the controlled opposition, how 99.5% of what they say is not only truthful, but itís really, usually, well, well, well written and presented.  Then, one of the paragraphs in there said something about, how was it that nineteen hijackers were able to fly around in our airspace for over an hour.  And so, there we are.  And then, of course, Saddam Hussein was brought into it, the monster, Saddam.  So, there we are, this one fabulous article, about global warming, chemtrails, illnesses, etc, etc.  And then thereís that one paragraph, and thatís the big hook.  You know, theyíve got to keep that lie going.  So, I went to the website, where it was posted.  Come to find out, it was Kinkaid.  Kinkaid is or was a long-time member.  Heís one of the phony, you know, controlled opposition, phony conservative, Christian Conservative.  And it was on his website.  And I said, well, that makes sense.  You know, thatís the same thing Phyllis Schlafly and all of them do.  Tom Deweese is another one.  He just puts out absolutely fabulous information.  And I called him one day, and it was something in one of his newsletters that he puts out.  He puts out free, of course.  Slick.  I mean, you have to wonder where they get all their money.  But whatever it was, it was so not right.  And I called him to talk to him about it.  And he said, Jackie, I agree with everything you said.  And I said, well, are you going to make amends here.  And then he went on to slip slide around me.  And basically, I did it to give him the benefit of the doubt, because I was pretty clear that, you know, he had all these little hooks in his stuff.  Little tiny ones.  They look little but theyíre big.  Theyíre big lies.† And the same thing with Kinkaid.  And Iím saying this for our listeners who fall for these kinds of things.  Folks.  You have to watch for the hooks.  And any time you read anything that talks about nineteen hijackers, 9/11, on September 11th, at the World Trade Center debacle.  Any time you read that, you know that itís part of the controlled opposition.  Because thereís nobody out there thatís out there with that kind of information, Alan, that doesnít know.


Alan: Thatís right.


Jackie: Okay.  Iím done.


Alan: Well, thatís the key to it.  Itís always been this way though.  The strategies that are planned way in advance, like a military type campaign over the public mindset.  They look for what will come out of the public.  What their responses will be.  And so, they always give them the leaders to follow, who seem to give very good information.  And as you say, then they spin it off somehow.  And thatís the little hook that they have in it.  They prepare in advance, even before they start their first move, by putting these people out, waiting for the event to happen.


Jackie: And you know, often times, their lies are lies of omission.  And you have to know the facts in order to hear.  And what reminded me of that was in í95, when we were working to stop the Conference of States.  There were two, Senator Jesse Helms and another US Senator from Colorado, who were promoting the Conference of States and wanted to be delegates that went to it.  Well, Phyllis Schlafly waited until it was really won.  It was, I mean, they had been beaten, and she put out an absolutely exquisite piece.  Differently, differently written than anything anybody had written.  But it never mentioned Jesse Helms.  She mentioned whatever the guyís name was in Colorado, but she wouldnít mention Jesse Helms.  He is of course a 33rd degree Mason and a member of the Council for National Policy.  And if people didnít know what really happened, they wouldnít have known she lied by omission.


Alan: Well, itís easy to present the wrong picture, by giving them half the story.


Jackie: Yes.  And protect their cohorts.  You know what Iíve been wanting to do.  When there is so much information that is given.  And sometimes, itís so overwhelming to, I mean, even people who are awakening, it can be overwhelming.  And like I, you know, I had received an email some time back from somebody who said, well, what do we do?  Do we just sit back and let them steamroll over us, and etc.?  And it looks to me like theyíre winning.  And the one thing that I feel that weíve been neglecting in part of the conversation, Alan, and you can present it so beautifully, is the fact that the power that is within each and every individual, and Iím talking taking it to a level, of beyond this physical, in other words, even though itís still in the physical.  And I was hoping maybe that you would share with our listeners, some of the information that you have imparted in the past, and havenít for a long time.


Alan: Well, I said, Iíd never be a cheerleader for the people.


Jackie: I donít know what that means.


Alan: What I mean is, I would never, ever go out there and tell them itís going to be alright.  What I do tell them is that on an individual level, you can make it alright for yourself, maybe.  And a spinoff of that, a side effect, is that you can help others along the way, even unintentionally.  Because I think for every person who truly, and I mean truly gets beyond the awake stage.  I donít mean the awake of realizing youíve just been taken over.  Weíve been taken over a long, long, long time ago.  And all youíre doing really, is waking up out of the dream that youíve been in for so long.  Your whole life, really, and your parents, and way back into the past.  So, I tell people, donít panic when you wake up, thinking youíre just losing it all now.  In reality, you never had it.


Jackie: Okay.  But where does that leave an individual?


Alan: Itís up to the individual, if they can even handle that much of it.  Most canít even handle that much of it.  And thatís the common problem that you hear in so many telephone calls, is how to wake up their friends and their relatives.  And I hear that every day.  And I say, why are you wasting your time trying to wake up people when the chances are maybe one in five thousand, or more, can wake up.† So what I tell them, is donít cause friction at home.  Thatís the first thing.  Because people spend years trying to change people around about them.  And I say, all that energy could be done trying to help someone whoís taken the first step.  Theyíre waking up and they need the information.  And hopefully, maybe along the road, if your relatives have it in them, if by hearing you discuss it with them, maybe theyíll be able to come to the same level.  But many will choose not to.  Thereís also a choice involved here.  A big choice.  Many people truly want to believe that they are being well managed.  And never forget that.  Thatís a choice they make.  And so, I tell them donít cause dissension.  Because, itís almost like evangelizing at home.  You know what thatís like.  Itís the same thing.  And if the person cannot get it, or does not want to get it, youíll end up with discord.  And everyone is unhappy.  So, itís best to try and find those who are trying to wake up.  And even then thereís a process of waking up into different levels of awareness.  Some get stuck in the money trap, thinking, itís just the money.  If we can get the money back, weíll be saved.


Jackie: No, if we can go back to a gold standard.


Alan: Thatís right.  Or, if we can just get the right politicians in, it will all change.  And all of this kind of thing.  They donít realize itís way beyond that.  And that itís always been this way.  Iíll give you an example of that.  I donít know if youíve heard of Don Scott. 


Jackie: Oh, yeah, Donald Scott.


Alan: Well, he did a lot on the chemtrails and....


Jackie: Wasnít he one of the authors of The Brucellosis Triangle?


Alan: He did that.† Well, he had got his Federal MP, his Member of Parliament, and furnished her with all this data, and went to Ottawa.  And she stood up and asked the Ministry of Defence why and what theyíre doing with all this spraying over the skies.  And she had all the facts to back it up.  All the data, all the photographs, etc, from all over.  And the Department of Defence or the man who was in charge, the politician in charge said, "We do not have to answer you."


Jackie: We do not have to answer you.


Alan: So, thereís your democracy in action.  See, there is no democracy.  Itís a charade for the public to believe in. 


Jackie: Okay.  Letís say weíre talking, youíre talking to an individual.  Or, letís say, on the air, where you have a lot of people listening.  And we talk about this system, and how ancient this system is, and how weíve always been programmed, how they have cultured us.  Literally, the world is their petri dish, and we are their organisms.


Alan: These are all sciences on human behavior.


Jackie: Okay, Alan.  Thatís what Iím saying.  And then, on top of that, there are religions.  And you know, you have the Christian religion, you have Judaism or Talmudism, whatever.  All religions, even though there is truth there, most of it is more just mind control and programming.  You know, people being "the fear of God", heís a good God-fearing man and all this stuff.  It goes beyond that too.  See, I think thatís what, part of whatís been missing, at least as part of or occasionally, to have people who are caught in that trap, Alan, to be able to see that that is a trap, like everything else.  And basically, they have trapped the soul.  Because they have removed or blocked, the ability or the grasp for a person to recognize the power that is within.  And thatís what I feel.  Iíve been wanting for a few weeks now to do this.  Because you have talked about it before. 


Alan: Yeah.  But itís multi-layered.


Jackie: Otherwise, what use is all this information if a person sits there bewildered and overwhelmed and says, "Well, my God, what am I doing here, then?  And why are we here?  What am I here for?"  Do you see what Iím saying, Alan?


Alan: I know where they all go with it.  And again, it depends how much theyíve come through it all to understand much higher things.  Many cannot go higher.  Some can.


Jackie: Yeah, but you know, unless a seed is planted for an individual to consider. 


Alan: But once a seed is planted, and it takes up within themselves, because, the first step really, is self-analysis.  Not world analysis.  Itís self-analysis. 


Jackie: Yes.  And what does that mean?  Would you expand on that?


Alan: Well, if you are truly, in a sense, and this is again the occultic side, because they know this is a fact.  That you are a microcosm, which basically contains all of the macrocosm, or everything around you.  Everything is known within you.  The truth is within you.  Thatís why you can perceive it when you hear it.  Itís already there, you see.  It means that unless you understand yourself, itís know thyself, has always been the rule.  How can you possibly point out whatís wrong with the world if youíre all wrong with yourself?  Thatís why weíre in the mess weíre in.  We have control freaks and psychopaths running our lives for us.  And they donít reflect for a minute on their own personalities or their own self.  They sleep well at night after planning mass slaughters called wars.  They go to parties and they laugh and joke and they have no conscience.  They are unable to even look at themselves as they are.  So, those who must bring the world into a different arena, have to start with themselves.  And look at every part of their own life, who they are as a person.  Who are they, in fact, as a spiritual being.  What is a spiritual being?


Jackie: Thank you.  Yes. 


Alan: And then again, you find out youíre constantly at war in this world with yourself.  Because this is the place where spirit meets matter.  The contest between spirit and matter.


Jackie: You know what that reminds me of.  The story in the Bible about Jesus sitting out there for forty days and forty nights, and Satan comes to him, and says, hey, if you follow me, look, and he showed him all this stuff.  You know, you can rule the world basically.  And in the Bible, Jesus said, Satan, get thee behind me.  When I read that, I mean, later of course.  I thought, that was a wrestling.  Weíre going to take a break.


Alan: Itís all allegory for the same thing.


Jackie: All allegory, but Iíd like to pick this up on the other side of this break.  Because, thank you, this is what I hoped that we could get into tonight.  Folks.  Weíll be back with you, with Alan Watt, in about a couple of minutes.  So, you be sure and stay with us.


(Commercial Break)


Jackie: Okay, Alan.  We were talking about the allegory of that story.  When I read it, later in my life, not as, you know, a young person going to church and stuff, the way it appeared to me was that it was symbolic of the wrestling that you were talking about.  That spiritual nature with the human nature.  And when he said, Satan, get thee behind me.  Well, the thought that occurred to me, is I thought, he didnít have to have Satan show him.  You know, if weíre going with the story in the bible of the miracles and etc, and walking on water, and da, da, da, da, da.  He didnít need anybody or anything to say, well, follow me, and Iíll give you this, and Iíll give you that, because he already knew.  And maybe thatís the whole point, is knowing within our own selves.  And maybe when he says, Satan, get thee behind me, maybe itís when there was no more wrestling.  In other words, weíre not here to be powerful controllers.  To be "wealthy".  And nothing wrong with it if we are, if it happens to happen, depending on what we do with it.  But I mean, the lust or the constant wanting more and more and more.  And what weíre always wanting more and more and more of, is physical stuff.  You see what.  Am I making any sense? 


Alan: Well, what it is, as I say, itís the battle of spirit and matter.  Because in matter, everyone needs to eat and live and sleep and have a roof over their head.  And of course, the system in which we live in is totally artificial and fake.  And what it does is exploit all the natural fears people have.  Poverty, sickness, loneliness, illness, no home, no food, all of those things.  So, success therefore is the opposite of all those things which they exploit.† Success is having all of those things, which means that you, in turn, exploit those beneath you.  So, personally, I donít think that riches can even be used properly.  We shouldnít be using money at all.  Itís an anti-human thing.


Jackie: Yeah, I know.  But if there is.  I maybe was relating to when I owned my business, and I began to question even the business that I was in, because, it was, you know, it was fitness centers.  It was all about, you know, getting a physical body in shape, in condition, healthy.  And I was making very good money, because the business was successful.  It was successful, I do know, because we were giving to those people who came in, what they, you know, we were serving them.  But the point is, Iíve wondered if it was okay that I was making that kind of money.  Well, you know what, Alan, I didnít go into the business to become "rich" and I wasnít rich, but I had lots more than I needed at the time.  I went into it, because itís what I knew, what I loved doing.  And it was serving people.  But then, it really does depend on, does it rule us, or does it make us think that weíre somebody or something above somebody else, because we have "more" than that person has.


Alan: This system worships multi-millionaires. 


Jackie: Yeah.  I understand that. 


Alan: And so, that in itself tells you that you canít normalize a deviancy. 


Jackie: Well, I wasnít a millionaire, but I had lots more than I needed.


Alan: But thatís the key to everything, as I say.  They exploit everything in this system which theyíve given us.


Jackie: But I wasnít exploited.  Thatís my whole point, Alan.  You said money cannot be used right, because we shouldnít even being using money.


Alan: Thatís right, itís a deviant system.


Jackie: However, it is a system that we are in right now, and you are too.  You need money.


Alan: Weíve been given no choice.


Jackie: Thank you.  And my point is, it depends if we have money, how we are with it.  Does it make us think that oh, wow, weíre somebody really good or superior or better or somehow over other people.  Or is it just something thatís happening to us in our life, and maybe we use it for helping other people who are lacking in. Do you see what Iím saying, Alan?


Alan: Well, I think itís getting off the whole thing.  The thing is, in a world of matter vs. spirit, thereís going to be a battle always, because, letís be honest here, when youíre young, when everyone is young, theyíre sitting healthy and they want to have a good time and enjoy themselves.  They donít want to be burdened with the worries the adults have, or the older people have.  But, life can really be pretty tough at times, for everyone.


Jackie: You know what, even if you have money, life can be tough.


Alan: Yeah, it can be tough.  And the world of matter is always transitory.  The world of spirit can, can possibly, but not always, be eternal.  And thatís the key, because in ancient times, they did not believe that the spirit had the right to live forever, or at least the soul.  There was a difference between soul and spirit. 


Jackie: There is.  I mean, in those two words there is a difference, isnít there?


Alan: Big difference.  In this modern language, theyíve tended to blend the two together interchangeably.


Jackie: Would you explain your understanding of the difference between soul and spirit?


Alan: Soul was the animating force.  Thatís why even Christians miss this, because theyíve been brainwashed again in the last century, really.


Jackie: More than that, all the way through.


Alan: Yeah, but really more in the last century, because they used to know the difference.  They used to know this.  It used to be taught that everyone was born with soul.  And soul is a sort of life animating type, separate from spirit. And the purpose of soul was to seek out spirit.  And thatís why in the New Testament, the disciples asked him how to get everlasting life.  You see, if they were already immortal, you wouldnít be asking that.  And so, he was talking about how to receive spirit.  How do you gain spirit?


Jackie: Or gain spirit, or connect with and recognize.


Alan: It comes to the person.  And this was taught long before the Christian Era, that when you were on the right path with yourself, then the spirit that was made for you, that part of you that was separated when you came into the physical world, it would draw closer and closer and when it united then you had the actual knowing that you would then go on.  If the spirit did not come to you in your lifetime, the soul literally after death could sort of linger for maybe a few centuries, and then die away, or be recycled, but know nothing.


Jackie: And whose belief is that?  The ancient belief. 


Alan: That was what they believed in all of the ancient religions.


Jackie: Well, you know what?  When I think of spirit "having to come closer to us" or come into us or whatever.  What would we call it, the consciousness, of everything that is in this physical world. And Iíll use as an example, the consciousness of plants.  There is a consciousness there, Alan, and you know that.


Alan: I know thereís an awareness here, you know.


Jackie: A lower form of consciousness.  Iím not saying that a plant thinks, I mean, but we do know, Iíve experienced it myself, with plants.  They respond to us.  To the care theyíre given.  To the love that, or the well, love your plants.  Maybe thatís not the word to use for it, but they respond to love.  To an acknowledgment, or maybe an understanding that there is a consciousness in all things.  Now, what is that consciousness?  Iíd call it creator, because, what else would it be, Alan?


Alan: Yeah, but again, itís not through everything.  And you see, that was the old Gnostic teachings. 


Jackie: Well, what do you mean, it isnít through everything?


Alan: Well, like rock and everything else, you know.


Jackie: How do you know that?


Alan: Thatís just my personal understanding.  And the fact is, getting back to people again, people have to know themselves, before they can truly come close to anything called or would even vaguely call a creator. 



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