May 24th, 2006
Alan Watt on
"Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru
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Jackie Patru: Good Evening, ladies and gentlemen.  Thank you for joining us tonight on Sweet Liberty.  Today is Wednesday.  It is the 24th of May in the year 2006, folks.  Alan Watt is with us, this evening of course.  And thank you for being with us, Alan.


Alan: Itís a pleasure, yeah.


Jackie: So, is there anything particular tonight that is on your mind that you want to begin with? 


Alan: I was just going to mention that apparently it was, I think it was NBC in California, or Los Angeles I think had broadcast last night or this morning on a town which has been affected by these trails, these chemtrails.  And they mentioned that there was a yellow powder coming down.  Now, this was back in February.


Jackie: And NBC broadcast this?


Alan: I believe so.  And they were streaming it today. I never caught it myself, but what I was told was that one of the Departments of the Environment sent out someone who tried to say it was pollen.  But it was too early in the year for pollen.  And the townspeople had been getting sick.  And they said that they saw the stuff coming down, and it exploded in the air at one point.  Now, what kind of pollen explodes, overhead?


Jackie: When they say explode, I wonder.  See, I canít picture that.  What?


Alan: It was kind of like a gaseous type of cloud that was just yellow.  And they saw the aircraft spraying them. 


Jackie: And the news reported it. 


Alan: This was on this broadcast.  Iím just wondering if theyíre going to broadcast it across the country eventually.† Because here, you see, about a month or so ago, on the first rain that we had, a couple of hours later there was a three or four inch wide yellow band around every puddle.  Every puddle had it.  And it lasted for a few days, and even when it came down really heavy for the next couple of days, that yellow band stayed there.  And when the puddle started to dry, it left this band behind them.  So, I got some samples and I may try and get them tested.  Itís not pollen, because we didnít have any film of pollen coming off anything.  Generally you get a film on your windows and on your vehicle.  But there was none of that.


Jackie: Exactly.  You would.


Alan: So, Iíve never seen this.


Jackie: Do you have any thought of what type of mixture this could be that would be a yellow?  I mean, what would be in it that would have it yellow?


Alan: Well, we know that Britain has declassified documents from the í60s, only recently.  And they admitted to using cadmium, which they...


Jackie: Cadmium red.


Alan: Itís a yellow powder.


Jackie: Oh cadmium is.  Oh, there is cadmium yellow, isnít there?


Alan: And they sprayed this from ships that blew it in over Norfolk in England.  And then they observed the public for years.  And they had the highest esophageal cancer rate and no doubt.


Jackie: Esophageal is the Esophagus.


Alan: Itís a tremendous carcinogen.  So, we donít know what theyíre up to really, unless we get the stuff tested.


Jackie: Alan, okay, there is a cadmium yellow and a cadmium red in the oil paint.  Is cadmium itself yellow, and they do something to make cadmium red?


Alan: It makes it inert, in other words, not dangerous.


Jackie: What, the cadmium red?


Alan: I believe so, in paint.


Jackie: I can remember once I was taking a painting course at the Art Institute in Springfield.  And I, you know, I would get paint on my fingers and wipe my face, you know.  And my teacher came over, and she said, Jackie, get that off your face and get it off your fingers.  That is very dangerous.  And I thought she was really overreacting, but maybe not?


Alan: Well, it may be not so bad there, but if youíre breathing a powdered form in, it certainly would be.  And itís just amazing that this stuff is being declassified.  I mean, this is what I keep trying to tell people.  There are so many levels of real government above the one that you elect.  And I talked to Don Scott about it, up in Sudbury, and heís been on the radio about these trails, and what theyíve been doing.  And he got his federal MP, now thatís the federal politician Member of Parliament, to bring this up in Parliament, and the Minister for Defence refused to answer.  He said he didnít have to answer.  So, we have no, literally no complaints department here as to whatís happening.


Jackie: No, of course there isnít.  Tell me what you know about, or what, Donald Scott was one of the authors of the Brucellosis Triangle.  I did have a conversation with him one time.  And it was after, I donít know if you recall this.  Remember the people that had the four shepherds.  It was a sheep farm and they had imported these sheep.  And the EPA came, you know, with their flack jackets and their jackboots and their guns, for a family of four.  Two children and the mother and father.  They took every single one of their sheep and they killed them all.  And I had them on the air with us.  I had the father.  And I got all of their, or a lot of their documentation.  And there had been testing of those sheep, and there was nothing wrong with them.  But their sheep were taken anyway.  And of course, their whole investment was gone.  It was one of those power grabs.  And when I was talking with Don Scott, he called me, because evidently one of our listeners told him he should come on Sweet Liberty.  And at first, when he called, I said, well, you would have to call me on your dime, because I donít have an 800 number.  Oh, thatís no problem.  And then we got talking about that family.  And he just insisted that those sheep had to be killed.  And I said, you shouldnít say that until you read all the information, and the crime and the corruption and deceit that went on in regard to this.  He said they had Kreutzfeldt-Jakob disease.  Kreutzfeldt-Jakob, or however you would do that.  Well, anyway, as we talked, he was going to be, as I said, on the air with me.  And then before we were off the phone he said, well, I guess he called me back, he said, well he had talked to his partners or whatever, and he just couldnít do the broadcast with me because their budget was so low and he couldnít afford the call.  And initially, everything was fine, but the point is, he was going along with the stealing of these sheep, like it had to have been done, and Alan, it didnít.


Alan: Yeah. But, I donít know anything about this particular case.  But, generally thereís some recompense or something if they do something like that.  Although, in Britain, with the mad cow nonsense, they literally went into farms and they flew teams by helicopter in, and theyíd walk into barns and just shoot them all and fly off again, and leave it to the farmers.


Jackie: These sheep were bred from a strain that had been tested and tested for any disease.  And then, after they were bred and these people were importing them, first they were quarantined in their home country, before they were able to come over here.  Then they got over here and they were quarantined.  And they paid a very high price.  And these people were making their living, making, I guess, just delicious cheese and stuff like that.  Well, they lost everything. 


Alan: See, thereís so much going on that we have no idea about, really.  And I donít like to alarm people, but I think they have to stop thinking that the world is going to come to an end sometime in the distant future, all at once, because youíll find out that weíve been given poisons and so on, and tested on.  In fact, itís been happening to people before I was born.  And itís happened during my generation.  And theyíre doing it to the next generation.  Itís an ongoing program here, where we are, this is the laboratory, and weíre the guinea pigs.  And not only that, they know I think what theyíre really, really doing.  Itís an interesting thing.


Jackie: You think they know what theyíre doing.


Alan: Yeah they do.  These guys have such incredible plans.  And you cannot go by the media.  The media will put you into a certain mindset so you canít really fathom out whatís happening, because youíre trying to use normal logic, according to the data.  But when you use the observations and the facts that come out over the years, you start to get this incredible picture that these characters know exactly where theyíre going with it all.  And then you tap into the global meetings on depopulation, and also rendering people ill, so that theyíll be very poor marriage partners, and all of this has been going on for donkeyís years.  And here we are getting sprayed like bugs every day, from these aircraft, and thereís not a peep from anybody near the top or any media.  Now, a media that wonít even talk about this, I wouldnít listen to them about anything.  Because thatís how controlled they are.  That shows you, thereís total control.  And no one in the media is going to risk their job and their career by stating whatís obvious if we just look up.  And thatís a scary thought when you think about it.  So, weíve got to stop relying on them for information on anything, and do it all ourselves. 


Jackie: Gonzalez.  What the heck is hisÖ  I canít remember who he is.  Attorney General?  Well, I got an email this weekend, this past weekend, where he was quoted as saying that journalists can be prosecuted.  That is, evidently, if something theyíre reporting is considered to be a threat to national security.


Alan: Oh, I know.  Theyíre taking this all the way.


Jackie: Journalists.  And you know, there have been a lot of journalists killed over there in Iraq and disappeared.  So, some of them when they try to jump ship, and do it right, Alan, they just do them in.


Alan: Thatís the real world.  See, thatís the real world.  Itís a scary thing for most people to realize that all these glossy magazines and newspapers, really, on the one hand, theyíre not telling you really whatís happening.  And a lot of what they are telling you is total disinformation, to keep you twiddling your thumbs and smiling away. Thatís part of mind control.  Mind control works primarily through the data that you receive.  And when you believe that the media is there to do your thinking for you, then youíre under mind control.  And Aldous Huxley pretty well said that, you now.  So, this is well understood.  We form our opinions on what we are fed. 


Jackie: Well, you know, I remember one time, when we were talking, I know I brought this up last week, more on the spiritual level, when you said that theyíre at the top, the ones that we believe are in control are actually controlled by another level.  People that we donít, or creatures, I donít know what we would call them.  But when I said, well, you said that their greatest fear is that enough people will realize the power that is within us.  And I asked, you know, at that time, how many you think it would take, and you said, I donít think too many, because there really arenít too many of them.  And Alan, you see, to me, thatís important for people to realize that all of these plans, and all of what theyíre doing right now, and I know that weíre part of it, and we have been, but we know that with creator, all things are possible.


Alan: Theyíre possible, as long as we understand fully, and I mean fully the situation weíre in.  You see, close to this, on the mirror image of this, you have all the new age movements, which grabs all the real data.  You see, intelligence, this is what intelligence and counter-intelligence is.  Intelligence is information thatís been passed around to the ordinary public.  Itís leaked out.  Itís getting passed around.  Counter-intelligence agencies that work for the supergovernments grab that information.  They put out their own people to become superstars.  And so, the public immediately listen to them speak.  Weíre trained to follow the stars, like Hollywood.  The big successful ones.  So they say the same things, the intelligence, then they counter it by wrapping it up in a lot of nonsense and throwing it into outer space, or telling you it doesnít matter, itís all illusion.  And thatís the trick of counter-intelligence.† So, you see, Iím trying to tell people.† And Iíve heard people who phone me up.  Theyíll follow the big ones, and thatís what theyíll tell me, ďit doesnít matter, because nothing is real anywayĒ.  And I thought, boy, what a mind job has been done on them, because now theyíre rendered utterly harmless.


Jackie: Well, you know when I was listening to one of your videos, watching.  And the questions that come in my mind, and one of them was, okay, why are we here?  Why are we here?  Who are we and why are we here?  We are here.  At least our consciousness is.


Alan: We wake up every day as ourselves.


Jackie: Yes.  Well, what Iím saying is, and we had this.  Actually it was a wonderful, spontaneous conversation once, on the air.  And I remember the date.  And I went and got that tape, because I wanted to hear it.  And the tape was totally inaudible from my own machine.


Alan: I told you what happened here, a little while back there.  I was taping something down to the States.  He listened to it, and all that.  He put the tape up on something, on top of a speaker or something, or a table, and the next morning it was wiped.  He could hear his voice asking questions and my voice was gone.  Everywhere I answered was gone.  And thatís the technology.


Jackie: Well, thatís what happened.  I was just sick about it, because it was so important what we talked about, basically, that we are all existing, even though our consciousness is fully focused here in the physical realm in the third dimension, but that every single thing we do here matters in every single dimension.


Alan: Yeah.  Iíll tell you one thing.  The proof of it is, in this incredible length in planning.  Now, 9/11, letís start with this nonsense here, 9/11, because we know they published in The Project for the New American Century, the whole war plan to attack Afghanistan, Iraq, then Iran, then Syria, and then so on.  And then Brzezinski brought his book out, The Grand Chessboard, with the same strategy and battle plan in it.  So, this was planned long before 9/11.  And the proof is also in the fact that pretty well every country on the planet is signed into this anti-terrorism campaign.  And they went into action at the same time, with the same plans, to make sure they can survey every single person in their population totally in all communications.  Now, that obviously tookÖ  Do you know with the speed of bureaucracyÖ  Do you know how slow bureaucracy is?  You know, so this shows you the tremendous work that went in worldwide, long before 9/11 came into being.  And hereís your key.  Now, what is it theyíre afraid of?  Thereís people going through the border there, who certainly do not look like Arabs.  They donít look like Arabs.  But everybody is going through this farce in every country.  And your telephones are being tapped, your email, your fax, all communications.  You, everybody, has obviously got something in them that terrifies them.  Everybody.  It terrifies them.  Theyíre going to incredible lengths.  You see, in an absolutely totalitarian system, everyone must be predictable.  And this is taught in law enforcement.


Jackie: So we must be unpredictable and unreasonable. 


Alan: We have to think for ourselves.  And thatís the key, itís thinking for ourselves.  And you canít figure out what the world is all about, until you start figuring out what youíre all about, you see.  Now, that doesnít mean you sit and navel-gaze, and cross your legs and shout Om, or whatever.  Itís a matter of realizing that tremendous powers play in this world.  And no matter where you go, with following the history, and the way weíre shepherded.  So perfectly shepherded down through history, by a small group of elite masterminds, you might say.  Youíll always come up against the perfect planning of a diabolical type mind.  And unfortunately, in the language weíre given, which again, was created deliberately.  Itís minimalistic in its descriptive capacity.  But you canít help but coming across something, which is so intensely cunning and evil and just beyond the ordinary crook or even the super crook.  Because everything today is coming into place at the same time, that was all started a long time ago.  Everything is falling into place, and coming together.  We can read about this with Blavatsky and the creation of theosophy, which was intended to blend Christianity with Hinduism.  And then they brought that out across the planet in an explosion with the Beatles when they went off to the Maharashi, after they had gained their audience, remember.  They didnít start like that.  First youíve got to grab the audience, and the people follow the stars.  And once they were accepted and superstars, then they went off to India, and all their followers were suddenly delving into all these books on Hinduism.  That was planned that way.


Jackie: Okay.  Let me ask.  Oh, gosh.  These conversations we have sometimes, so many thoughts and questions just explode in my mind.  Trying to keep it in order here.  The reason that we have the religions, the reason that they control education and entertainment is that they want to control our thoughts, because they know, absolutely, how powerful our thoughts are.  And they know how powerful our words are.† And behind the thoughts and the words, what drives the force or the power of them are our emotions. 


Alan: Yes.  The emotions and experiences.


Jackie: Exactly.  So, they want to control our thoughts.  And you have 40,000 Judea Christians, who are clamoring for "Jesus to hurry up and come" because heís going to take his seat in Israel, and this is Godís plan, itís all Godís plan.  So, thatís how religion does it.  And the emotions.  The fears, the concerns.  When we start worrying and we start getting, well what am I going to do when this happens.  I spoke with a friend today.  An associate, let me say that.  We had met at one time, and we had had several conversations.  And he was getting so frustrated with me, because, you know, he was talking about, we do know this.  As self-sufficient as we can be, we must be.  However, we can only do the best we can do, and if we sit around and worry about whatís going to happen because we havenít done this, or we havenít got that, the worry itself, the fear, is a negative energy that is being generated, that they want us to generate. 


Alan: This is obvious.  And this is a strategy which has been used so many times before by the same people.  And theyíve got the audacity to publish this in books.  Such as Carroll Quigley.  He published the strategy of terrorizing the general population, so as when you went to war, youíd breathe a sigh of relief.  And they scared the British people for years, telling them they were going to get gassed.  And all the major cities in England shoved off their children, millions of children, off to Scotland and Wales and different places.  So they split up the families.  And Quigley, who was the historian for the CFR.  You know, he wasnít just a member of it. 


Jackie: Right, he was their historian.


Alan: He said that the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which is the British one, of the same company, the same group.  He said that the newspaper men had all met together in the Royal Institute of International Affairs and decided and planned this strategy to terrorize the public for three years.


Jackie: Yes.  To keep us afraid.


Alan: And then, when they declared war, you see, everybody almost breathed a sigh of relief that something was happening.


Jackie: Something is being done.


Alan: And they gave gas masks to all the people.  Everybody had to carry them.  And itís same stuff theyíre using now with the flu.  Oh, the flu.  Theyíve been saying this for years now and drumming, you know, get the drums going, and terrorizing the public.  And now theyíre announcing, oh, itís definitely going to hit this fall.  They already admitted a few months ago it was going to hit here come about March or April.† And now theyíre churning out these movies, these docudramas, using real members of the UN and their various teams and their WHO, or Dr. Who, I call them.  So theyíre using actors and real people to make this seem so real to the public.  And it goes through, just like the disaster movies that weíre all trained to watch.  You see, itís all done through fiction and then comes the reality.  They start off with Day One, when the first report comes in.  Then Day Two.  Then theyíll show you what happens.  Then it goes up to Day Fifteen, and my God, theyíre rioting and looting.


Jackie: Yeah.  And itís total chaos. 


Alan: And this is all training the public in the same type of mass hysteria, so youíll do what youíre told, like a robot, and go along with whatever is part of the agenda.


Jackie: And Alan, the energy itself that is generated.  This is the way I see it in my mindís eye.  These creatures have no emotion.  The ones in control.  They have no emotion.  They have to have, an emotion is energy, and it is powerful, and they have to have it in order to move their plan forward.


Alan: Well, we do have...


Jackie: So, they generate the negative emotions. 


Alan: They make us generate it. 


Jackie: Exactly.  Well, they promulgate the fear, the concerns, the worry, the anger, the hatred.  And people say, well, itís righteous anger, and whatever.  I just know that when we get like that weíre doing and being and feeling the way they want us to. 


Alan: Absolutely.  And I tell you something too.  When someone is furious or angry or afraid, theyíre missing so much around them.  They donít see things.  And thatís why theyíre giving us all this incredible fear all the time.


Jackie: Well, this guy that I was talking to today, he was almost not hysterical, but he was so intensively emotional about, Jesus, Jackie, donít you know what theyíre going to do.  And do you know that theyíre going to nuke this country?  I said, I believe thatís what their plan is.  You know, Iíve said that before, that theyíre probably going to set a nuke off in one of the...  He said more than one city.  I said, how do you know?  But you see, I wasnít reacting or responding with enough emotion.  And he said, you donít seem to get it.  I said, yes, I do get it.  I said, but what good is my sitting and worrying about something?  He said, because then you can be prepared.  I said, how do we prepare?  We have to be self-sufficient.  I said, well, do you have any suggestions for me?  Well, you have to talk to people, and you have to do this, and get a group of people together.  And basically, he was frustrated with me, Alan.† But I said, Iím not going to live in fear.  And Iím not going to live in worry.  Because, I discovered a long time ago, my worry changes nothing.


Alan: Thatís right.


Jackie: And I will do the best that I can do.  And thereís where our faith comes in.  And we are going to take a break here in about 40 seconds.† Folks, Alan Wattís website is Alan has three videos now, if you havenít seen them, you will want to take the time.


(Commercial Break)


Jackie: Alright, weíre back with Alan Watt, folks.  You know, I wanted to say again, just before the break.  When we think about.  And I know that Alan, it takes, what does it take?  Maybe understanding.  I donít think it takes will power.  I donít think we can make "worry" until we understand and really get it that worrying about something changes nothing.  And Iím not saying, you know, we donít have concerns about somebody we love, or etc.  But what Iím getting at is to sit and worry.


Alan: Thatís immobilization.


Jackie:  Yeah.  But, say it again.


Alan: Itís immobilization.  Thatís what pure worry does. 


Jackie: It immobilizes you.


Alan: Yeah.  It immobilizes the person. And it truly will give you very poor health to begin with.  It will bring you down quickly.  And if youíre worrying and fretting, it also brings those around you down quickly too.


Jackie: Well, you know what?  Given that our thoughts, our emotions, our fears, etc, that we do attract to us that which we fear.  Itís all, but the thing is, to say to somebody, well, donít worry.  Theyíre like, what are you, nuts?  How can I not worry?  Chuck and I talked about this a lot, because he was a worrywart.  And we had so many conversations about it.  Finally, one day, I mean, I asked him.  I said.  He was concerned about finances.  And of course, if youíre in sales, and youíre hungry, and you show that youíre hungry and that youíre worried.  Youíre an opposite, like an opposite magnet, like you repel instead of attract.  And one day, I finally said it in a way that he understood.  And I asked him, Chuck, could it be any worse than it is right now.  And he said, No.  I said, so what has all your worry got you?  He said, nothing.  I said, well, then try giving it up.  Because it is useless.  And it does.  It de-energizes you.  And maybe you could just go out and have fun with what youíre doing, enjoy the people that youíre talking with, and donít worry, because thatís what the stoppage is. And Alan, I saw it in his eyes, that it finally sunk in.  And Iím telling you, it was, even that same day, he did something that he said when he got home, I donít know what made me do that.  Well, he gave up, basically is what he did, and wound up getting a sale that gave him a $700 commission, that same afternoon.  It was within an hour after he left that the call came to the house.  And so, to say to somebody, donít worry, they look at you like, well, how can you not worry.  Well, because I found out that worry changes nothing.


Alan: Well, thatís the same thing we were talking about earlier with the language itself.  It isnít specific enough, as compared to other languages.  And so, really what weíre talking about is when you get to a state of fretting.  When you fret, you know.  And when youíre fretting about something, thatís worry that is not constructive.  Youíre worrying for the sake of worry, with no solutions.  You see.  Thatís destructive.  Itís a destructive state.


Jackie: But what good does worry do?


Alan: Well, what I mean is, we should really differentiate it between concern.


Jackie: Concern, yes.


Alan: You see concern is different.


Jackie: Exactly.


Alan: In other words, you always know, yeah, this is wrong, and I see what theyíre doing, and youíre aware of things, but you donít let it get into a panic state where you sit and fret about it.


Jackie: Well, for example.  You know, frantically saying, they are going to do this.  They are going to do that.  They are going to.  And I said, well, I know what their plans are.  I know what their intentions are.  I am not going to help to speak their plans into the material world.  And thatís what they do.  And I know that they know this, Alan.


Alan: Well, they know it.


Jackie: And thatís why theyíve got us saying, oh, well, itís Godís plan.  Itís Godís plan.  I had somebody call one day, and said, you know, what I was talking about.  He said, I love listening to you because youíre so inspiring.  But, he said, Jackie, donít you understand, itís Godís plan. 


Alan: Itís preordained. 


Jackie: Yes.  And when you can get a billion or two or three billion people thinking.  You know what I believe, I believe that if enough of us said the sun comes up in the West, that the whole physical apparatus would change, Alan.  That our belief holds it in place.


Alan: Iíd have to move my kitchen to another room. 


Jackie: There you go.  Yeah, me too.  But that is so important for us to know, that with all of this terror that they are trying to create, and they are terrorists. 


Alan: This is a Reign of Terror.  Itís not a War on Terror.  Itís your standard Illuminati type Reign of Terror.  And I was thinking about Trotsky the other day there.  And Trotsky wrote a few books.  One of them was a book.  I think it was In Praise of Terror.  He was justifying.  He said the techniques of terrorizing the populations, so that they would go along with what the elite had planned.  And of course, he counted himself amongst the elite of his day.


Jackie: They do know what theyíre doing. 


Alan: They know.  This is an old technique of stampeding the public.  You know, I think it was around the 1500s, when Britain wanted to.  Well, it wasnít Britain.  We should stop using these terms, really.  It was a group in London who wanted to go to war with the whole of France and loot it basically.  And they put out propagandists to go into communities and, I donít know if youíve seen these speakers they had that would say, oh yea, oh yea, and everybody would gather around a village.  And heíd give the latest news.  Thatís what they did.  They sent them from London.  And they told the people.  These were ordinary people.  Actually, they were illiterate.  And they told them, that there was strange events, strange events happening, that sounds kind of familiar, where shipwrecks were coming up on the coast of England, and these strange Frenchmen that donít look human were being caught.  And it actually came that a ship came across and did flounder off England.  They had some pet monkeys on board, and some of the local people hung them, thinking they were French.


Jackie: Oh, my. 


Alan: Thatís what they do.  Well, weíre hearing the same stuff with the aliens are here, and all the rest of it.  Itís the same strategies theyíve used down the ages to confuse us, panic us, into doing ridiculous things.  And we see this.  You remember Orson Welles did the War of the Worlds on radio.


Jackie: And people jumped out of windows. 


Alan: They were shooting at water towers, thinking these were the aliens.  And people died, you know, during that panic, and smashes.


Jackie: People killed themselves before the aliens could get them. 


Alan: And then they admitted in conjunction with the CIA, it was a national psychological test on the public, using the Psychology Department of Princeton University.  This was authorized.  They authorized them to do it, to panic the people.† And this was for future use.† And now weíre seeing the similar techniques being used today, where thereís always a great enemy or multiple enemies. So, now all Arabs are suspect.  And even though you donít look anything like an Arab, youíre going to get stopped and questioned too.† And then youíve got bird flu that you canít even see, you see.  So youíve got all these strange enemies all coming at you at once.  And then the CIA is putting out, well, youíre going to get nuked, and itís coming in as well off the harbor, and blah, blah, blah.  And this is all to panic the people.  And when youíre running in a circle, the big boys are moving swiftly.


Jackie: Well, you know what happens too, Alan.  When weíre in fear like that, we disconnect from our spirit.


Alan: Spirit and personal power, and your right to participate in life and the creation of destiny.  Because you forget it all.  Youíre looking for a savior to come, generally in a suit and tie or a uniform.  And itís not going to happen.  You are your own champion here.


Jackie: Thank you.  Yes.  If there is a hero, itís each and every one of us, and it comes down to this, really.  Well, youíve said it.  And in fact, when you said it, it took me maybe six months to really get it.  That itís up to each and every one of us, how we live our lives, Alan.


Alan: And we have a right to.  You see, we have.  Weíre all born the same way.  I donít care if someone is sitting in the top of Buckingham Palace, or the Pentagon, or the White House.  Weíre all born the same way. And really, they have no special rights over our destinies.  Theyíre not my shepherd, put it that way.  I donít need a shepherd, not a physical one.


Jackie: Yes.  Exactly.  And the thing is, that if weíre living in fear, thereís no way that we can live in a way that could make a difference.  Because weíre not connected.  Weíre not hearing that inner voice, that inner guidance.  I shouldnít say voice, maybe, because Iím not talking about an actual voice, but the guidance.  The understanding and awareness that is within us.  Thereís no way, weíre going to be able to be in touch with that, if weíre living in fear and anxiety and anger.


Alan: Youíre just like sheep running around a pen, bouncing off the walls because youíre panicking.  Panic is the word.


Jackie: So, maybe sometimes, when somebody says, what is it we can do. 


Alan: Itís a long journey because itís a process.  You have to really look into yourself, first of all.  And most people truly want this system, just time to stop.  They want time just to stop, and they can continue slowly in their system.


Jackie: In other words, itís just donít let it get any worse.


Alan: And I keep saying, look, this system, which they call civilization, is a moneyed system, which they gave us thousands of years ago, at least, many thousands of years ago.  And that gave the leisure class.  It also gave the ability to tax labor from people, because we are all working towards their great plan, you see.† And you canít save something that is corrupt from the base upwards.  You canít do it.  You canít save.  What part of the corruption do you want to save?


Jackie: Yes.  And I know that weíve talked about this, but I will say it again.  It was Betty Mills and I, when we were having a conversation.  Like, one day, okay, I said, Betty, if we could stop it, right here, how in the world would we ever start turning it around?  Well, then, years later, it occurred to me, thereís nothing to turn around to.† Why would we want it to turn around?


Alan: What part of the corruption in history...


Jackie: Yeah, would you like to have back.


Alan: Yeah.


Jackie: Or would you like to preserve or go back to? 


Alan: Because, as long as money has been here, which brought around the ability of a ruling elite to live and hire people to scheme and manage the people, itís always been corrupted.  Weíve never truly been free.  In fact, we have no real records. In fact, all the records weíve had were given in history as given by the authorized historian, just like the authorized Bible.  Itís authorized by the top.  And so, they give us authorized history.  And when you dig into the history yourself, and the various writings of ancient times, you start to piece it together for yourself.  And these characters have tried this before.  Thatís why theyíre going to such incredible lengths today to try and ensure they know what everyone else is doing, everybody on the planet.  I mean, that is a fearful state to be in for them, when they must have minute observation of every single man, woman, and child on this planet.  That tells you that this is a critical phase for those at the top.


Jackie: Their window of opportunity.


Alan: Because this has never, ever happened on a world scale like this before.  Even during World War II, we didnít have all of this hassle, listening, snooping into every single individual.  Theyíre going to every extreme.  Thereís never been a tyrant in history who would have dreamt of having this power, or even going this far, as theyíre doing today.


Jackie: Well, I guess they dreamt of it.  But they didnít have the...


Alan: The know-how.


Jackie: Right.  Exactly, how was that going to happen.


Alan: So this is an incredible length theyíre going to.  And theyíre having their world meetings.  Theyíre having one in Ottawa in June.  Thatís a Bilderberger meeting.  So, they have their big world meetings.  And Bilderberger, you see, this is High Masonic.  Build, the builders.  Thatís why they called it after the Bilderberger, they named it Bilderberger Hotel before they had their meeting.  This is how they do it.  And they build the Berg.  The Berg is the mountain, you see.  And the mountain, of course, is the symbol of the pyramid.  The pyramid is an artificial perfected mountain.  They want to perfect nature by completely recreating it scientifically.† So, they give you this in your face, all the time.  And we see what appears to be some of the main characters, but weíre not seeing whatís in those characters.


Jackie: And say that, what you shared with us one night. In other words, and I was thinking about this earlier, that there is, if you would call it, maybe another dimensional force that is at work here.


Alan: Definitely.  As I say, you must look at today and all of the things which have been pushed since about 1960 onwards.  And even though they started in the late 1800s, with this push.  They really brought it out.  And theyíve got everybody into channeling.  Everybody from psychologists and their patients, to even visualization, into, which is really to help promote the next step of channeling.  Thatís what theyíre really pushing.  And channeling is bringing something into you that doesnít belong there.  And I look, I look at these guys like the Kissingers and I see a very dark person.  A darkness around them.


Jackie: Well, remember you were telling us about that High Freemason you were talking to.  And you saw.


Alan: Oh, I saw that.  You see, Iíd love, personally to be able, I really would, to be able to say this is all advanced science, and they certainly have incredibly advanced sciences, beyond what weíre given even as science fiction, at a high level, the higher matrix.  But thereís no doubt.  Weíre up against something else here.  These are entities which can flit through them, and they bring them in.  I didnít want to believe it, until I saw it.


Jackie: And they welcome them. 


Alan: Yeah, because with the high degrees, they take in higher entities.  This is what they claim themselves.  And at first, I didnít believe it, until I saw what was flitting through the guy.  And it was unmistakable, yeah.  And I would love, I would dearly love to put it all down to just basic science and so on.  And I do know, they can certainly put thoughts in a personís head through science, because theyíve been doing that since the 1800s.  With Alexander Graham Bellís father, thatís what he was specializing in.  And Alexander just took over the job, you know.  So, so yeah, they have advanced science, but thereís also this other added entity, which is above the human intellect.  It certainly is beyond the cunningness of the average individual.


Jackie: And beyond the physical world.


Alan: Yeah.†† And of course, they get a trade-off.  They get a bit of longevity and tremendous health if they take these entities on.  But they also have to allow the entity to take on or to spend more time within them.  Hell to an entity is absence of the physical world.


Jackie: You mean hell to one of those entities.


Alan: Thatís right.  If you can imagine being a mind, say in one of those, what do they call them, those deprivation tanks, where you float in water, desensitization.  Well, if you were just a mind floating in space, and you couldnít move or go anywhere.  Youíre just a thought.  Youíre thinking.  And you couldnít feel, touch, smell, or anything, that would be hell.  And so, these characters want to inhabit the physical realm, because, for some reason or other, theyíre basically trapped within this realm.  And because theyíre trapped, they want to first conquer this realm, in order to break out of it.  But they want to createÖ


Jackie: Oh, you believe, in other words, are you saying that they believe, if they can conquer this realm, they can break out of it? 


Alan: That is right.  Ultimately, through their own intellect Ė I mean, this is the boast down through the ages Ė they will become gods over all the gods.  In other words, break out and be above everything. 


Jackie: What do theyÖ  Do they believe in a creator?


Alan: They certainly seem to.  Something definitely has put them here.  But itís not the same as humans. 


Jackie: But, Iím not talking about letís say, what they call the fallen angels; what I mean is, the spirit or the energy, the force, the intelligent thought that created, the spirit that, man, I know, itís just hard toÖ


Alan: Itís hard to formulate, but they want to, because they are basically eternal, you might say, spiritually or whatever you want to call this thing, this entity.  They want a physical body, ultimately, to inhabit, which will also match it and live forever. They want physical immortality.  And thatís why weíve been driving through science all this time.  Itís to create this for them.  Not for the people here, but for them.† Barring accidents, thereís no reason why they couldnít.  And David Suzuki, whoís a geneticist, and he does all the nature programs for the Audubon Wildlife Society and all these big societies.  He said on national television here a few years ago.  He said, we now have the ability to make a person live to five hundred years if we want to.


Jackie: I believe that.


Alan: Because they can stop the aging gene from kicking in, the time gene.


Jackie: The time gene.  And Alan, do you think that it is a probability or at least a possibility.  I see it as a probability that the human body did live for maybe hundreds of years in the past.  And that the DNA was messed with, sort of like a self-destruct mode or something that.  Well, like in the Old Testament.  It says that we are allotted fourscore and ten years.  So, thatís [ninety] years.  And if we really live well, we might get eighty.  Well, thatís in the Old Testament.  And yet, in those days, Methuselah and all of them were living for hundreds of years.


Alan: Again, you see, itís mixed with allegory.  Itís just like other writings to do with solar events, not real people.  And what theyíre really telling you, you see, these are not really physical people.  These are solar events.  And of course, over the course of the many thousands of years, such as the great zodiacal cycle, itís the journeys of the sun and so on down through the ages, and the ecliptic, as they go, as the earth wobbles.  So, different constellations come into view and dominate for a couple of thousand years.  These are all to do with solar, stellar, and lunar cycles.  Theyíre not real people.  And thatís what the elite have always known.  Theyíve given us this.  They have wrapped truths about human nature and their system in it.


Jackie: But, do you believe that in years gone by or eons gone by, that the human body lasted a lot longer than it does?


Alan: I think if it was not tampered with and injected, and our food was modified before we even knew it.  Weíre the last to know how long this has been going on.  Yeah, without all of this tampering with us.  And Iím sure the disease creation as well.  Yeah, we could live a lot longer.  And definitely healthier and fitter right up to the end.


Jackie: And think about this.  As we live longer we become more, not intelligent, but more knowledgeable.


Alan: Wise, wise.  You see, thatís the thing too.  In old cultures, in tribal systems, before this infection came in, the elderly people were held in the highest respect, because they had the wisdom that was necessary for survival of everyone.


Jackie: And the elders, also, were caretakers of the young people, because they passed their wisdom on.


Alan: That was why it was so vital to split up the family and really remove the older people from the family, because they passed down the knowledge.  And theyíve been very successful at that. 


Jackie: And today, of course, the elders are "useless eaters."


Alan: According to the elite.† And even the UN, theyíve said that, a good world citizen; now, world citizen was an Illuminati term.  That was the first time it was used, was by Weishaupt.  And the Rockefeller, Iíve got tapes from Rockefellerís foundation, where heís giving awards for world citizenship.  This is no coincidence here.  And itís the same bunch, you see, but long before Weishaupt as well. 


Jackie: You know, we talked about this, a couple of weeks ago, or whatever.  We have the New Order of Barbarians and they talked about how important it is to break up the families, and especially the extended family.  And I remember when Effie was going to come to visit that one.  Folks, listen to me what Iím saying.  Iím saying this, well, of course, our whole conversation is for our listeners, but this is so you can understand how they do what they do.  Effie was going to come to visit.  She was going to get a senior citizens discount on her airline fare.  And they said, that if she wanted a senior citizens discount, she had to make her trip, her round trip, within four weeks.  And when she told me that, I thought about that, New Order of the Barbarians.  And I said, Effie, why?  Why does it matter to them how long you stay?  If you have an open round trip ticket, why do they care?  Why do you have to come back in four weeks?  Well, I say, that itís because they donít want children with their grandparents.  She called every other airline, and every single airline had the same policy, Alan.  And so, that means, if grandma is going to go to visit the family, you canít stay more than four weeks, or you donít get the discount.


Alan: Thatís right.


Jackie: And thatís how they do it.  Itís little things like this.


Alan: And you talk about the coordination between all airlines.


Jackie: All airlines.


Alan: Thereís obviously coordination.


Jackie: And here we are, at the end of our hour.  And this is, these are the times I wish we had two, or maybe three, Alan.  Folks, Alan and I will be back with you next Wednesday night.† Thank you for being with us tonight.  And Alan, this has been lovely, and thank you tonight.


Alan: Itís a pleasure.


Jackie: Thank you so much.  Good Night.



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