May 31st, 2006
Alan Watt on
"Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru
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Jackie Patru: Alan, thanks for being here with us, tonight. 


Alan Watt: Yeah, itís a pleasure.


Jackie: Memorial Day weekend.  You know whatís so sad, is that, well, of course, on Memorial Day, I guess thereís just a cause for celebration.  I donít know if people really stop to, too many people stop to think what itís all about.  But, weíre supposed to remember the brave soldiers who fought to preserve our freedom and our liberty.  Our freedom, Alan.


Alan: The agenda.


Jackie: Yeah, the agenda.  And thatís sad.


Alan: I know.  When they have the Remembrance Day here, and everywhere else in the Commonwealth countries, I look at all these old men with their uniforms.  Well, they wear a blazer and a little hat, and they have all their medals on.  And when theyíre spoken to, they have never really studied up on anything after the war, World War II.  And the same propaganda they were fed then, they repeat it verbatim.  Itís quite amazing to see how itís never changed with them.  Because they didnít realize they were bringing in the United Nations.


Jackie: And actually, the United Nations was already at work, wasnít it?


Alan: In fact, they had it on past newsreels, during World War II, and sometimes youíll see old re-runs and stuff, where actually the narrator will actually call it the United Nations.


Jackie: Oh, they make a mistake, you mean.


Alan: Not really.  I mean, they signed that deal in what, 1941.


Jackie: Sometime or other, but the thing that I remember specifically, well, not then, of course, but in Major Jordanís diary.  And it was, he had, Major Jordan had volunteered.  He was a business man.  He was a World War I veteran.  And he was assigned to United Nations Depot 84, something like that in an airport in New Jersey, Alan.  And that was, that was during the war.  And that was where they did so many, that is where they sent so much over to Russia, or to the Soviet Union, I should say.


Alan: From the base in Alaska.


Jackie: Right, under the Lend-Lease Act.


Alan: Well when you lent to Russia, it was like lending a cigarette to somebody.


Jackie: Yeah, right.  Yes.  Actually it was a Lend-Lease Act, was supposed to be lending to Britain, I believe it was.


Alan: Oh, they did a deal with Stalin too, though. 


Jackie: But it wasnít known.  The deal wasnít known.  The deal with Stalin wasnít known.


Alan: And whatís interesting too, is that there was a documentary on some ship that was a high-tech ship, a private ship that was looking for ships sunk on the route from the US to Britain, to Greenland, etc, all on the way to the Soviet Union.  And what it was, it said that they were carrying bullion, gold bullion to the Soviet Union, during WWII, and some of them sank or were hit by subsí torpedoes.  And they actually found one.  And they did manage to get a lot of the gold up.  And there was tons and tons and crates of gold bars. Now, what was the Soviet Union doing with all this gold, when they didnít need gold within Russia?  You know.


Jackie: Right.  And on top of that, they sent the printing presses and the paper over, of the US Treasuries so that they could print and draw directly from the US Treasury.  The printing presses and the paper.  And then there was all of the information for the bomb, along with all the materials necessary to build it. 


Alan: Well, I donít think they even had to sneak it in.  I used to wonder about the supposed threat of Communism.  And every book that you read, because it was never taught in school, really, you had to go into libraries to find out what Communism was.  And supposedly, all these authorized historians were telling you that the Cold War was going to be fought with high technology and science.  And whoever had the height of science would be the victor.  And yet, every year in Britain, youíd read in the newspapers at the annual meeting, where all the Westís top scientists were going over to Russia for their meeting.  So, you would never allow your top scientists to go over to an enemyís camp if you depended on those scientists for secrecy, itís impossible.† So the whole thing was an utter farce.


Jackie: Yes, it was, but it was pretty scary to people.  It was scary to people that didnít know.


Alan: Yeah, and you know, I got an email from someone in Texas, who was talking about the Cuban Missile Crisis.


Jackie: Alan, I was just thinking about that.  That was the same thing.  Go ahead, Iím sorry.


Alan: And he said he was at school then, he says.  And you know, they got all their inoculations, and then they were told, oh, my goodness, you might get nuked any time.† And the practice drills of hiding under their tables in the school, and all this kind of stuff, only to find out years later, the supposed missiles in Cuba were dummies.  I mean, you know.  Itís all to do with terrorizing the public.


Jackie: Exactly.  And I can recall that time.  And I can recall that throughout every day you were, you were almost flinching, expecting what they were saying was going to happen, if the Soviet Union didnít back off.  It was a very, very frightening time, and of course, we all breathed a sigh of relief when it was over.


Alan: When the wall came tumbling down, just by magic though.  And so, you know the whole thing was just the antithesis, you know.  And now weíre going into the synthesis, and that was the whole, thatís why it was set up in the first place.  They couldnít even feed themselves during the whole Cold War.


Jackie: You mean the Soviets?


Alan: I mean, Canada and the States used to put bids in every year, all the farmers, the biggest farmers for grain shipments to the Soviet Union.  And in fact, their economy depended upon it.  And they got subsidies from governments and so on to do so.  So, no, they couldnít even make a good television set, you know.


Jackie: Well, yes.  Iíve got a book here by W. Cleon Skousen, itís called The Naked Communist, and basically, the evidence there abounds that if it hadnít have been for all of the aid that came over from the Ďrepublicí, it would have died its own death.


Alan: Yes, it would have.


Jackie: Communism would have, the whole thing would have just collapsed.


Alan: And right from the beginning, the West was heavily involved with different fund raisers, etc, and was hand in glove with government, to keep the whole Communist regime going, or Bolshevist from the beginning.  And they used to send, you know, ships over with food, clothing, shoes, you name it.  Big, big drive.


Jackie: I wonder how the people, people were a littleÖ  They didnít know the whole story, of course, but I can remember when I was real little, there was a co-op grocery store, up on the highway, near that housing project we lived in.  And I can remember my dad saying, they wouldnít even go into the store, itís a bunch of G.D. Communists, running the thing.  And you heard the word Communist quite a bit.


Alan: Well, we didnít get anything really in Britain, the occasional little blurb in the paper, when you find out that your top MI5 and MI6 guys were defecting to the Soviet, until it became a boring routine.  And thatís when I caught on to the fact that they were hand in glove with each other.  They were all one and the same company.  And during the í60s, there was four guys who defected, top agents of Britain.  Kim Philby was I think the last one.  And he basically was put in charge of the KGB at one point, this guy from Britain.


Jackie: You mean, he defected to the Soviet Union.


Alan: Yeah, they were on the trail, and MI5 and MI6, they were on the trail ofÖ  They knew there was a bunch of, all this information was going right to Russia, right to the Soviets.  And eventually as they came down on each one of these men over a period of a couple of years, somebody tipped them off from the top and they absconded off to the Soviet Union.  And The Fifth Man, the book called The Fifth Man, they knew there was a fifth man there somewhere, and it was written about Baron Rothschild, and he was claimed to be the fifth man.  And he was one of the exceptions to the Rothschild family.  He was a scientist during WWII, and after WWII he was put in charge of the main security agencies of Britain, to fight the Bolsheviks or the Communists.  And he was the only guy who could be tipping off these particular agents.  So, a book came out about him years later, and itís called The Fifth Man.


Jackie: Now, who were the four other men?


Alan: Oh, one was Blake.  He came from, he was recruited from, they all had phony names.  And of course, MI6 just couldnít find that out.† But theyíd all been trained at Cambridge University.  That was the common denominator.  And they were being trained.  Cambridge was set up basically, always, to train the eliteís offspring to run the system, the old empire.  And each one was being trained at the University, just like Lawrence of Arabia.  He was picked as a young boy and sent there and trained in Aramaic, etc.  So, these guys were the same.  They were trained in the supposed espionage system.  And then they went straight into MI5 or MI6.  But Philby eventually ended up as the head of the KGB at one point.  The guy who was MI5 and MI6. So, itís ludicrous to think that weíre separate, and thatís the conclusion you come to, because the only people who knew that a raid was going to take place on any agent, was put in two boxes at the end of the night, and delivered straight to their destination.  One of the boxes went to the Queen.  And the other one went to the head of MI6. 


Jackie: Now, what was the difference between MI5 and MI6?


Alan: My 5 is the five points of Masonry.  But itís internal.  Itís like the FBI.


Jackie: Are they two separate?


Alan: Theyíre intertwined, obviously.  The FBI would be the equivalent of MI5.


Jackie: What does MI stand for?


Alan: Oh, itís got about ten different explanations, but itís even harder to get it yet, what exactly it stands for.  Thereís official ones, then semi-official, then the real ones.


Jackie: Well, give us one of them.


Alan: Well, you go into Master Instructor, and Masonic this and Masonic that Institute.  Because everybody in it, according to Peter Wright that belonged to it, he wrote about it.  In fact, he wrote about it and Thatcher brought him into court, because he was giving out information that they didnít want disclosed.  And Peter Wright, who was not a Mason, was into aÖ itís very much like the James Bond thing, where Miss Moneypenny gives you all your certificates and so on.  And the woman who was in charge of this part said, youíre a Mason, of course.  And Peter Wright said, no.  She says, well, youíve got to be a Mason.  Everybody here is a Mason.  And he wrote about that in his book.  And in fact, Thatcher, Margaret Thatcher eventually brought him up to court, because of his second book.  It was called the ABC of Spy Catching.  And they confiscated all the second books and pulped them.  They pulped the whole lot of them.  He was in High Court in England for that. 


Jackie: So, youíre saying, in order to be a MI5 or MI6, they had to be Freemasons.


Alan: Yeah, that was the rule.  He was an exception because he was an electronics expert in specific areas, and they needed him in the organization.  His father was a Mason.  He tells you about that.  But everybody in it was a Mason.  And then you jump to Leon Trotsky, and then you read his Memoirs, and Trotsky talks about how he joined Freemasonry while in prison.  And he started to write books on Masonry, praising it.  And even when he was getting escorted out of Russia, by the police, he said, my escorts went through three different borders in countries by giving Masonic signs to the guards.  So, everything is Freemasonry. 


Jackie: I know.  Iíve said this before, talking about MI5, itís on my mind, so I wanted to say this for maybe our newer listeners.  John Coleman, he wrote the book.


Alan: 300.


Jackie: Yeah, The Committee of 300.  And I want our listeners to know this.  First of all, I find thatís interesting, because then we would, could presume that probably at least, most probably, heís a High Freemason.  But in his book, The Committee of 300, I have the first edition of the book.  And in that book, he said, he actually said that he had been with MI5, and that thatís why he had access to as much information as he had.  And he also said that in the elite corp, most every one of them are homosexuals.  Okay?  Effie came to visit and she brought me the book.  But she had the third edition.  And I said, well, Effie, I already have it.  And then I got to wondering, would there be any edits made since that book first came out.  And sure enough, we sat down, I read aloud, she followed along, just the introduction.  And in the first edition, it was what I said there was.  In hers, in the third edition, he didnít mention MI5.  He said, because of the nature of his work, that he had access to a lot of inside information, and there was not a peep in there about the sexual preferences of the elite.


Alan: Well, you know, the CBC, I think it was the BBC maybe, did a documentary on one of these defectors of the 60s, and that was Philby, you know.  And sure enough, he had been recruited again at Cambridge I think it was.  All of his buddies at the top there were homosexuals.  He was one too.  And they displayed it fully in their documentary.  And he was picked up and he was doing the double agent thing, working for MI6 and working for the Soviets at the same time.  And I think that was the deal at the top.  It was to make sure that nothing did go wrong by somebody who wasnít in the know.  It was to make sure that they were both equally informed at the top.  Thatís the conclusion I came to. 


Jackie: I lost that. 


Alan: Well, you see, the boys at the bottom have to believe everything is real as well.  And they have all these different groups in their silos and nuclear bunkers and all this kind of stuff, doing drills, yada-yada-ya. And theyíve got to believe itís all real.  So, you have to have a group at the top that belong to both sides, if you want to manage them both.  Itís the only way you could keep it all under wraps, you see.  And thatís the conclusion I came to.  And then when that book came out called The Fifth Man, on Victor Rothschild, it really explained so much.  Because really, even most of the defectors, that they were on the trail of, while in Britain before they defected, theyíd all been lodgers in Victor Rothschild and his wifeís house when they were students.  You know.  So Victor Rothschild, he was the guy that was passing all the high-level information over to the Soviets and being a scientist himself, he was one of the main characters involved in the Porton Down LSD and bacterial experiments.  That was his job.  He was a scientist first of all.  It wasnít until much later that he went back into the banking system.


Jackie: I would imagine that theyíre never really very far away from the banking business.


Alan: Itís essential.  The whole system of what they call civilization and what we think is normalcy revolves around economics.  And the banking system has always been paramount in economics.  Every Prime Minister has to go to the banker first, cap in hand, to make sure that heís going to get all his loans.  So thatís really how it works.  And even Karl Marx, thatís given way too much acclaim, because his name wasnít put on the Communist Manifesto for years later.  Karl Marx said the same thing, that every system thatís ever existed in civilization has evolved around the economics system.


Jackie: Well, yes it has.  When wasnít there one, Alan?


Alan: Well, definitely pre-Sumer anyway.  You know.† We know that.  And probably pre-Hurrian as they call them now, the people before Sumer.  Because even they were known to be traders that traveled vast areas.


Jackie: Where did the Hurrians live?


Alan: They covered the same area, all the way from at least Egypt, all the way to China, they were doing trading.  And theyíre still unearthing tons yet in archeology in the people who predated the Sumerians.  So, who knows.  See, weíre far, far older than weíve been told.  The human race is far, far older.  And of course, it was Darwin who was brought up front to make us believe we were all scraping our knuckles along the jungle floor not too long ago. And that was to throw us off the track that people have been around for maybe even millions of years.


Jackie: Well, and then we have the rabbis, Pharisees, I guess.  Today they call them rabbis that claim to know the exact date and time.  Now, Alan, even for somebody to say that sounds so ridiculous. There wasnít, before there was creation, if you would, because they say that it was 6,000 years ago, there was no date.  There was no time.  And they say they know the exact date and time that the world was created.


Alan: Yeah, and the same thing happened with the Christians with Bishop Usher.† He was the guy that tied up all the generations that came to the same conclusion, about 4,500 BC, he brought up that.  And itís utter, utter rubbish, of course.† Because you go to Peru and see these ancient walls, etc, of Neolithic, prehistoric cultures, and all over the planet for that matter, and youíre astounded by the kind of building projects that went on, oh, maybe 10,000 BC, maybe 20,000 BC, maybe 50,000 BC, you know. 


Jackie: Well, and there was Atlantis.


Alan: Yeah, Atlantis.  And no doubt many other.


Jackie: Lemuria.  Do you think that thereís truth in the continent of Lemuria?


Alan: Not the way itís said today.  Thereís no doubt that there was huge land tracts off South America, that are under the ocean.  That can be verified by divers.  And not just there, I mean, all over the planet, actually.  Youíll find these places.  They even took shots of old ancient villages in the English channels and in the North Sea, going all the way to Norway.  And they foundÖ


Jackie: So, when you say, not the way itís chalked up today, what do you mean by that?


Alan: Well, since about the 1800s, they had this big outpouring of books by High Masons to create a new type of culture, put in lots of mysticism and things that grab the imagination.  And Weishaupt talked about it in his own writings, they would do this.  And it was almost a way of creating an interest in what we today would call the New Age.


Jackie: Well, are you saying that in other words, that I believe that another name for it, they referred to it as the Land of Mu or something. 


Alan: Yeah, but they can give all the differences, you know.


Jackie: Right.  I hear what youíre saying, but allegedly that Lemuria went under the ocean before Atlantis even existed, or do they say that they co-existed and then Lemuria went under and then Atlantis. 


Alan: I think if you took even the Sumerian tablets, you see, itís all a toss-up between part myth, part history.  Itís all mixed together.  Remember, the ancients too, they didnít really take the track of time in calendar as we do.  I mean, even in ancient Egypt, you had the reigns of the Pharaohs, and so a new era began with each pharaoh.  So, it wasnít like AD so-and-so or BC.  So, itís very confusing.  But we do know from the writings of even the Sumerians, they did say at one time, according to their legends, and their own mythologies, great upheavals had happened on the Earth, and that whole continents had sunk, while new ones arose out of the sea.  So, it was big tectonic shaking up going on at one point, for sure.  And then we do have the histories again, of the Greeks, the ancient Greeks who do talk about...


Jackie: Atlantis.


Alan: Well, the whole area in the Mediterranean that today we have the remnants, including Terra, where a massive volcano, you know, maybe hundreds and hundreds of miles of a land mass sank.  And now we have these little disjointed islands around the perimeter.


Jackie: Right.  Will you hold that thought?  We have to take a break here.  And weíll be back right after this.  But donít lose your train of thought, okay.  Okay, folks, weíll be back with Alan, Alan Watt in just a couple of minutes.  Stay with us.


(Commercial Break)


Jackie: Okay, weíre back.  Alan, you were talking about the land masses.  I was going to ask you about that, if the Greeks had any tales about that.


Alan: They had records of huge tidal waves coming in, when that whole area went under water in the Mediterranean basically, leaving the scattered islands in its wake, basically, which were on the outskirts of it. 


Jackie: Now, where is this?


Alan: Thatís, if you look up Terra, T-E-R-R-A, thatís the main island where theyíve found all the frescoes of this very wealthy civilization that existed there at one time.  Every bedroom that theyíve found, and every room in fact had hand-painted frescoes from top to bottom.  Lots of work went into all these places.  And they know that they were very big merchants as well.  They probably ran the ancient system.  And even the Egyptians had records of tidal waves and other countries as well, about the same area.


Jackie: Is this concurrent with what Immanuel Velikovsky wrote? 


Alan: Well, he was more on a global catastrophe.


Jackie: Yeah, his was, wasnít it?


Alan: And yet sure enough, weíve had big impacts with big, huge meteors coming in, meteorites, and theyíve found craters on different parts of the planet, which could definitely have caused certain phenomena across the whole planet.  And youíve also had the occasional place sinking here and there at the same time, or later or before, as it still happens today, you know.  The volcanoes are always coming up and the other ones are going down in the sea.  So, we always forget that we have an incredible lava core here, thatís always trying to get out.


Jackie: Well, youíve always taken quite a lot of stock in Velikovskyís writings.  Well, I mean, at least in, was it Worlds in Upheaval, was it?


Alan: Collision.


Jackie: Worlds in Collision.  Yeah.


Alan: I donít go with all his stuff.  I mean, he still is speculating to an extent as to what caused it.  Was it a comet coming past?  Thatís a possibility.  A comet close enough would definitely affect the gravity, and even the spin or rotation of the earth.  Huge meteor clusters would do the same.  Youíd have the burning parts falling across the sky.  And also you have to decipher the way that the Egyptians wrote about things, because they had a highly imaginative way of describing every catastrophe, even local, you know.  And it was a natural form of almost bewailing unfortunate events.  They would go off into the extremes to describe them.  But they did say that it was so hot that as these burning parts fell from the sky, that even some of the cattle were hit and went on fire.  You know.  So all you can do is take it for what itís worth.  We just donít know.


Jackie: Right.  That is one of the books that you recommended quite a bit.


Alan: Yeah, I mean, it was definitely good bits and pieces of history, wrapped up in there.  But again, the rest of it is possible.


Jackie: I donít know what the rest of it is though.


Alan: Thereís so many different things he brings in there which may or may not have happened.  And he was trying really to validate a history of Israel in his books.


Jackie: Okay, well, the other books that he wrote, I noticed that.  But in Worlds in Collision, the only thing that I saw, well, that I recall, was that he said that according to the rabbinical writings, that when that happened, especially it was referring to the time when they said that the sun didnít shine for, it was total darkness for three days.  And of course, all this happened, according to the Bible when all these curses that Jehovah was bringing down upon the Egyptians.  The children of Israel, the chosen, it didnít occur to them.  It didnít happen to them.  And according to Velikovsky in his book, the writings, the rabbinical writings say that 49 out of 50 of them were killed, and that it wasnít just the Israelites leaving that area, it was everybody, because they were trying to find out where the heck that they were or what direction the sun was coming up, etc. 


Alan: And also as they were coming out, the so-called invaders were supposedly coming in, and itís all terribly confusing.  I think he stretched it a bit there, to be honest with you.  I mean, the whole Bible, thereís so much myth in the Bible that when you, for instance, you know the one with Isaac talked to the Philistine King, you know, who fancied his wife.  And he told him that was his sister.† And the thing is, itís all myth.  It was pretty common in those days to put those kinds of stories out in legends and myths and so on, because this King of the Philistines did not speakóI mean what language did they speak? because the Philistines were a non-Semitic people.  They spoke a different language altogether.† So, yeah, I mean what language would they even converse in?  And then they found out that through the archaeologists, theyíre still digging things up all the time, that the Philistines didnít move in there until about 1200 BC.  And of course the story of the founder of this whole thing was supposed to be much, much earlier.  So, it throws it all out the window.


Jackie: Yes, yes.  Well, the thing I noticed, you had mentioned that it gave credence to the Bible stories and it did.  Thatís exactly what it did.† As though there really were a group of chosen people over there, and da-da-da-da-da.  You know. 


Alan: Well, I think to be honest, when it comes to religion, everybody whoís born into a culture, or a group, is conned.  I really do.


Jackie: You think what?


Alan: That everyone born into a group or a religion, regardless of what youíre given, I think everyone has been had. 


Jackie: Well, of course, Alan.


Alan: And thatís been the standard technique for many, many thousands of years.  When you read about how the Arians went into India, and all this Arian stuff is not Germanic.  Itís supposed to be the bunch who went into India, that the Brahmans are now descended from.  Itís well documented what they did there.  They would study the local populations.  Now there were so many different tribes and different cultures within India, and different languages, they studied them, and they put out Princes out, just like the feudal system of the Normans later on.  And they studied the people, and they made up a religion for that specific people.  And you wouldnít believe how accurately they understood the psychology of the people, and they knew exactly what kind of religion to give the locals. Itís fantastic.  And then they had them all warring with each other down through the ages when it suited them.  And this has been going on forever.


Jackie: Well, when you take a look at the so-called Reformation.  Well, they brought all the lies right down into the other religions. 


Alan: Yeah, because they had to keep it going.  Religion has been a great tool, right up until the present time.  And itís just phenomenal to realize that even Blavatsky in the 1800s was sent out there to create the next religion, the New Age religion for the world, to blend Christianity and Hinduism together for the upcoming new century and new age.  And then you watch it explode in the 60s and be pushed from the top down through music and movies and novels and books.  And here itís out there now, and then Gorbachev writes his book, Towards a New Beginning, you know, in civilization, telling you that theyíre creating, I am part of it, he says, and we are creating a new religion for the world, and it must be based on Earth worship.  And earlier on in the book he tells you that heís an atheist.  So, itís the same old ploy theyíre using over and over again.  Itís fascinating to see them pull it off.  They work in centuries.  They plan centuries ahead.


Jackie: I think the overall plan was probably, you know, they came up with that a long time ago.


Alan: Iím sure. 


Jackie: And it seems to me that every hundred years or so, they sit down, and according to some things, you know, that you read, they sit down, and they see how theyíre coming along.


Alan: They evaluate.


Jackie: Yes.  And they plan for the next century.


Alan: And even when I looked at the old Communist system, if they looked at the water supply and say the sewage supply, the road interconnections between cities, each one was given a designated time period.  So they had Five Year Plans for this, Ten Year Plans for this, and even Hundred Year Plans for other things.  And then you see the exact same formula in the United Nations.  The exact same formula is used in the United Nations.  So, the only way that you can be certain of pulling it off is to alter the culture.  And youíve got a hundred years or more to do it.  So, itís quite easy to do it when you have all the money in the world and all the think tanks at your disposal.  You can easily market ideas to the public.  Itís like George Bush Sr. said, when he was talking about the New World Order in his first speech on September the 11th, of course, 1990.  And then he repeated it on September the 11th, 1991.  And he said, itís not just a New World Order, itís a big idea.  And sure enough, they always export and market the ideas into our heads, our subconscious, through advertising and magazines and movies and thatís how itís all done.  Itís predictive programming. 


Jackie: I was talking to somebody recently, who said that anybody, anybody who believes that this is a plan, you know, by man, has got to be brain dead.  I said, oh, well, I guess Alan Watt is brain dead too.  And he says, well, you know, he kind of backtracked a little, but basically, what it was was, you know, trying to confirm that whatís in the Bible was prophecy and it was the divine inspired word of God.


Alan: Well, you see, God is really playing chess with himself.  Heís got the black and the white there, you see, the chess board, and he planned it all ahead of time, and he knows whoís going to win.  I mean, itís so ridiculous.  And what I hear is from Christians, who are all sincere about it, because theyíve been totally trained in this belief, you see.  Itís Platoís cave.  Itís all you know.  So, all your conclusions will come from that cave.  Thatís how it works.  Thatís how Plato described it 2300 years ago.  And hereís God, whoís planned everything ahead of time, which is predestination.  Which must mean too that God would also know whoís going to get saved and who wonít, before theyíre even born, you see.  Which tends to make you think, it doesnít matter what I do, Iím doing it anyway, because itís predicted that way.† And then they bring all these famines and plagues and horrors and wars and atrocities upon you, and maybe, just maybe, if heís preordained you to live, you will live.  And donít worry about all these horrible things, because heís got it all under control anyway.  I mean, this is the most amazing mind bender you could ever imagine.† Itís incredible.  Itís Orwellís doublethink.  God is good.  He does nasty things, and evil things, but heís good.† And of course, as the Masons knew, and they even wrote poems about it, that Jehovah, Jove, by George, itís the same thing.


Jackie: Jehovah.


Alan: And thatís what they mean by ages. You see, the old age, the ancient age, the Golden Age, as theyíre always tongue-in-cheek referring to, was the time of Saturn.  And Saturn, of course was the father of all the gods.  And the Greeks called him Chronos.  And the Romans just called him Saturn.  And his offspring that took over, his son, the son of God took over for the next age.  That was the Christian Age.  That was Jupiter, which is also called Jove.


Jackie: Jupiter, Jove, and Jehovah.


Alan: Thatís right.  So, now weíre going into the next age, you see.  And thatís the Age of Aquarius.  So, these are all ages, written by a mystery religion behind all the religions and guiding them all to the conclusion.  So, you can find this all down through history.  We are manipulated by those that know. 


Jackie: We had a conversation about, well, what you and I were talking about last Wednesday, because I was being told that, you know, we are going to go into this, and they are going to nuke the cities, and we, I tried to just suggest, you know, that if you donít have a crystal ball, for it to say that itís definitely going to happen, and the power of the spoken word, and basically he said, just because I say something doesnít mean itís going to happen.  And then he agreed with what I was saying.  And I said, well, then you obviously donít believe that you have that same power within you.  Oh, yes I do.  But just because I say whatís going to happen doesnít mean that Iím helping them bring their plan in.  And when you look at how slick they are, Alan, knowing that themselves, I mean, the creatures, you know, that planned all this.  They know it, as you said.  So, they make the religions, and they get people actually praying for it to happen.


Alan: And you know, you build up the stress enough, as I mentioned before in one of the programs, we talked about the Royal Institute of International Affairs and these big boys owned the newspapers in England, sat at a table deciding to terrify the British public and say that Hitler who had just taken over Germany was going to gas the whole of Britain, you know.  And for two or three years it was just, it was terrors coming, horrors coming, death from the air, until the public breathed a sigh of relief when the war started because now something was actually happening.  And thatís the same technique thatís been used today.  And all these fools that go around parroting the disinformation thatís put out there to terrify them, this is a Pavlovian technique of shocking the dog, you see.  Eventually the dog gets shocked in the corner.  He gets shocked in the middle of the room.  He gets shocked on the other side of the room.  It doesnít know where to sit.  It just sits and shakes.  And thatís mental breakdown.  Thatís when youíre easily controlled.  And thatís what theyíre doing to the public right now.  And people should know better than to pass this nonsense around.  Because if anything did happen, youíre not going to be told about it. 


Jackie: What do you mean, Alan?


Alan: They would just do it.


Jackie: Oh, right.  Like they did on September 11th.


Alan: The public, like Francis Bacon said and John Dee, but Francis Bacon wrote about it on his advice to the king.  He said, itís best that people never know the true motives of government.  In other words, you keep everything secret.  So, the public are the last to be told any truth.  So, when all this stuff is coming out, oh, gee whiz, thereís a nuke in a ship off New York Harbor, and these idiots pass all this stuff around, it never dawns where all this info is coming from.  Itís the disinformation guys at the top that want you to be terrified and want you to terrify others.  When youíre terrified, you cannot think straight.  Itís a simple technique used for thousands of years.  These are sciences.  Sciences.  And here they are putting out the bird flu programs, the docudramas, to terrify the public that they just know the bird flu is going to get us all this fall. 


Jackie: Well, if you recall, they said it was coming this spring.


Alan: Thatís right.  I did see one going overhead and it was sneezing.


Jackie: A bird.


Alan: It was sneezing.


Jackie: Well, here it comes. 


Alan: Definitely.


Jackie: But have they changed their story now?


Alan: Well, now itís coming in the fall, now.  But it still has to make the jump between animal to man and then man to man, you see.  And out of all the thousand directions it could go, they just know itís going take this one pass.


Jackie: Sometimes do you just get feeling weary, Alan?


Alan: Iíll tell you what it is.  I get so many calls from people, who have followed all the nonsense out there, including all the Annunaki and the Serpent People, and everything else all wrapped into one.  And theyíre nervous wrecks.  Some of these people have been following the whole New Age movement for thirty-odd years or more.  Theyíve been to every guru, every group that theyíve paid money to, and theyíre totally burned out, and totally confused.


Jackie: When youíre talking with them do you emphasize too though that thereís a lot of truth in what they call, you know, the New Age Movement?  In other words, thereís truth in there.


Alan: I donít even go there with them.  And Iíll tell you why.  See, they parrot, itís like Lenin said, he says, we shall win by slogans.  The repetition of slogans.  And when youíre talking trying to deprogram people who have been right into mind control, youíre going to hear the same slogans coming out of their mouth as though theyíre all clones of each other the world over.  Because all of these groups that theyíve been to, meditation schools, theyíre all run by the same bunch at the top.  And they just repeat their indoctrinations to you.  So, to deprogram, you canít encourage them at the same time, you see.  Maybe once youíve deprogrammed them you can touch on something like that, but when youíre trying to deprogram, and theyíve phoned you for help, you know.  Theyíve phoned you up for help, because some of them have been around this incredible roller coaster of thirty-odd years or forty years, and theyíve spent every penny trying to get immortality.  People should realize that immortality means that Iím Mortal.  Huh?  Think about it.  Right.  And hereís all these people.


Jackie: But when you say, trying to get immortality, do they mean on this earth?


Alan: Some of them do, some of them are.  In fact, thatís the biggest fad thatís been going on through the New Age Movement for years now.† And thereís people who live in streets and cities and so on who truly believe that if you eat all the right stuff and do all the right exercises and get the right chakras going, they can live forever.


Jackie: Isnít that a shame that somebody would want to live in this world forever, Alan?


Alan: Well, it gives you a clue about the elite.  Because theyíre using science in the hope that they can do it for themselves.  And there you have people at the bottom, if they had the money, they would be doing the same things as the elite. 


Jackie: Remember Steve Aim?† Well, just before he really kind of blew it, he had gotten really going into religion. I mean, not becoming "religious", but he said, he said there had to be something that keeps people so brain dead.  And we talked, and it was just before he went to prison.  But he said, Jackie, he was telling me some of the stuff that he had dug up.  And he said, Iím going to say something, youíre going to think Iím nuts, but he said, I have a feeling that some of these creatures have been around here for hundreds of years.  And he said, I mean it.  I mean, not coming back from another, you know, into another lifetime, but that they have not immortality. I was going to say immorality.  They have attained that, havenít they?  But that he had a feeling that some of them had been around that long.  What are your thoughts on that?


Alan: Well, I know they have life extension.  And even the Rosicrucians in their early books, and if you are lucky enough you can get an original for a lot of bucks, the early Rosicrucian writings.  And that was a sort of precursor.  They brought in Freemasonry later on.  They did mention that those that worked towards this great work would be given superior medicine, etc, and a longer life.  They did mention that at the beginning.† And the sciences as I say, thereís three levels of this Matrix here.  Weíre on the bottom level.  From Professorship down, thatís the bottom level of reality as far as the sciences go.  And all the media and magazines out there are meant to reinforce the fact that youíre on the cutting edge.  And when you believe that lie, it never dawns on you that theyíve got things way ahead of what they tell you.  And we know, as I say that Nick Begich with the showing of those mind control gizmos, the CIA had back in the 1950s, a whole table full of them, and they fit into your pockets, the size of a pack of cigarettes, and they had to be solid state before the world even heard the term solid state.  And they could literally put thoughts right into your head.  So that was the mid level.  That was the middle level, because the controllers never give even their highest weapons to their helpers.  So, that was the middle level of technology.  Simultaneously, youíve got the BBC showing flying saucers coming out the air force hangers in Area 51 in the 70s.


Jackie: Alan, Iím going to interrupt you here.  Weíre out of time.† Let our listeners know how they can find you. 


Alan: Just punch in,, and see the website and download lots of stuff for free. 


Jackie: Yeah, and your videos. 


Alan: Yeah, and Iím working on one right now and the next video will go into the occult, and itís going to be pretty good.


Jackie: Good.  Alright, well thanks for being with us, Alan.  Weíll talk to you next week,


Alan: Yeah, itís a pleasure.


Jackie: And ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being here.



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