Alan Watt on

"Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru

September 1, 2004




Jackie:  Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for joining us tonight on Sweet Liberty. Today is Wednesday and it is the 1st of September in the year 2004 and Alan Watt is back again with us again tonight. Alan, thank you for being here.


Alan:  It's a pleasure.


Jackie:  I want to do our spiritual message here before we get started. This is from Matthew 5 and it begins with verse 14, and this is in the red, folks. These are the words that attributed to Jesus. He said, "Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid and neither do men light a candle and put it under a bushel but on a candlestick and it gives light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your father which is in heaven."


I think Paul said that the only way you get to heaven is by grace not works, right, Alan?


Alan:  Yes, there was a dispute about it I think. Actually, James really took over from Jesus, the brother supposedly of Jesus, and he was promoting good works.


Jackie:  Where would you like to go tonight? There is something I would like to share. Remember last night when you were talking about genetically engineering the worker bees to be good workers? I've got something that's not real long. Hold on a sec. It's amazing, Alan, because every time you start talking about this stuff our listeners start finding information.


This was actually from BBC News, August 12. "Monkeys Test Hard Working Gene. Scientists in the United States have found a way of turning lazy monkeys into workaholics using gene therapy. Usually monkeys work hard only when they know a reward is coming, but the animals given this treatment did their best all the time. Monkeys are rather like people in their approach to work - at least, those who live in a laboratory and learn to press levers for rewards of food and water. They concentrate on their task only when the moment of delivery approaches.


Listen to this. "Monkeys under the influence of the treatment don't procrastinate. Dr. Barry Richmond U.S. National Institute of Mental Health. It says: "Researchers at the National Institute of Mental Health near Washington DC, led by Dr Barry Richmond, have now developed a genetic treatment which changes their work ethic markedly (and this is a quote by Dr. Richmond). He says, "Normal monkeys and people procrastinate - tend not to work very well when they have a lot of time to get the job done, and work better when the reward is nearer in time. The monkeys under the influence of the treatment don't procrastinate he said. The treatment consists of blocking an important brain chemical - dopamine. After about 10 weeks it had worn off, and the monkeys were back to their usual unmotivated selves. Dr Richmond believes treatments based on this concept could one day benefit people with conditions like depression, where motivation has largely disappeared from their lives. But for the rest of us, the day when such treatments fall into the hands of our bosses may be one we would prefer to put off."  That was from the BBC News, August 12th. Eric sent this over, Alan.


It’s exactly what you were talking about.


Alan:  They've been doing this for a long time and conditioning us to the acceptance of it.


Jackie:  It's confirmation and you say some things that are so far out that sometimes people just sit there with their mouths open. In fact a listener called today and he's been really appreciating the broadcast, but he said he sits there half the time with his mouth hanging open in awe or in shock and that's why I wanted to share this because it is blatant, just exactly what you were talking about.


Alan:  Aldous Huxley gave lectures on stimulating the brain by mechanical and electrical means and also by the use of drugs back in the 1960’s. He worked for the Tavistock Institute in London and most of his work was not involved in fictional writing. We know "Brave New World" was one of his, but most of his work was actually promoting these so called benefits of science and he thought it was fantastic that they could change the behavior of people by putting wires into their brains and having other people control them. He thought this was just great and he gave a lecture at Berkeley University in about 1967 on that very subject, so they've been doing this for an awful long time.


Jackie:  This said it was gene research and it is from the National Institute of Mental Health. You know that is creepy.


Alan:  Someone should really define “mental health,” because who is defining it for us? We never think about that. It's the same with that little topic about dopamine you mentioned there. Is our primary function here to serve the system as workers?  These questions are never asked; or is the spare time that a person has perhaps necessary for your real mental health? And if you're being deprived of that to make you work more and more efficiently, a system will definitely benefit but I don't think you personally will. You understand?


Jackie:  You don't think we personally will?


Alan:  I very much doubt it.


Jackie:  You very much know that we won't.


Alan:  All these institutions have an agenda. They all get their agenda from the apex of the pyramid and they define what's normal and what our functions as human beings are supposed to be. They can completely reverse the meaning of their own “laws,” you might call them, of psychiatry or psychology when they change their politics. In the Soviet Union they'd lock people up for simply pointing out that the government was completely corrupt and they'd lock you up as a psychiatric patient for saying so. We have to be very, very careful about these definitions that keep getting thrown out and we just blindly accept them.


Jackie:  You mean like “mental health”?


Alan:  Yes. What is mental health? Who is defining it for us?


Jackie:  I've told this before and I've probably have told you, pre-95 or sometime in '95 so I lost the document but I was faxed a proposed bill from Colorado State. They were redefining the term “mental health” for insurance purposes and I actually got it from the legislature, but one of the new definitions of a person who was mentally deranged or mentally ill is somebody who has an abnormal fear or unnatural fear of the government.  I don't know what ever happened to that. I don't know if it was a proposed amendment to the insurance act I believe, so if we have any listeners in Colorado and if they were doing it there and that if dog gone thing passed it's probably laying there, at least unknown by most people in a lot of states, maybe all of them. "An unnatural or abnormal fear of the government."


Alan:  I guess all historians must be crazy because that's the one thing that crops up over and over down through history is what the government ends up doing to the people. Once they get to a certain level of power and arrogance, all hell breaks loose and it's generally caused by the very government that’s supposed to organize our lives for us. Yes, we always have to be watching governments. Apart from that, the governments are far too big anyway. You cannot watch them if they're too big. There are too many departments. They have a department for every part or function of your life today.


Jackie:  That follows right along with the Talmud, doesn't it?


Alan:  Yes. It's literally all encompassing and it isn't just your federal government. It's also your state government. They all get the laws passed from the United Nations, and that's another super government with an equivalent department of bureaucrats dealing with everything that your federal government is dealing with, so you have millions and millions of bureaucrats with their own little agendas written down for them, their own protocols to follow, regardless of who you think is in power.


Jackie:  The bureaucrats actually don't have their own agendas. I mean the minions, the ones that are following out the orders, but they do have a school – a special school for bureaucrats. Our listeners need to remember that a bureaucrat is a non-elected – it's an appointed or paid, but they're not elected so they’re not answerable to the people.


Alan:  You’ll find when you look into a federal bureaucrats, they're all hereditary positions and so you have more family dynasties – old family dynasties stretching way back down through time, simply putting their own children into their own jobs. It's just amazing and of course they're never talked about. We always get diverted to the politicians, the front men.


Jackie:  Do you remember the woman governor of New Jersey, Christie something? Whitman I think. Well that really was driven home to me, the point that you just made, when I saw a photograph of her 4 years old with President Eisenhower.


Alan:  It's just incredible when you think of how we're trained from birth to believe the system is and how it truly is, which is completely different from anything we've been told. Every bureaucracy has its protocols. They have their agenda written down to follow and they implement them day after day, year after year. Back when they created the League of Nations, H.G. Wells was writing that now the heads of the bureaucrats at the federal level could correspond and travel and meet their brethren in other countries and basically iron out their differences.


Jackie:  Their counterparts.


Alan:  Yes. It makes to an extent the politicians almost irrelevant.


Jackie:  However Alan, that is also on the state on the local level because they have international mayors associations. The Council of State Governments is an international organization.


Alan:  And the same with the International Association of Police Chiefs.


Jackie:  They almost all have their counterparts today all over the world.


Alan:  That's right and you find that the heads of them attend meetings at the United Nations to find out the next part of their policy.


Jackie:  I read something one time where I think it was one of the UN when they did the women's group and those different – what do you call them? Anyway, one of the elite said that they had invited state, national and some local officials so that they could feel that they're part of this whole process. That's actually what he said. So they feel like such big shots.


Alan:  The ego is a tremendous thing to play with.


Jackie:  I think that's Lucifer.


Alan:  They know how to manipulate the ego – have their photograph taken at some high function at the United Nations and that's on the mantelpiece for everyone to see.


Jackie:  Oh yes, blown up big on the wall.


Alan:  Really the public have no real input into what's happening. In fact, they don't even really know what's happening most of the time until laws are actually implemented.


Jackie:  They're kept too busy.


Alan:  You know even all the housing codes to do with building houses, electrical, plumbing, everything structure wise, septic tank. All that is coming from the United Nations.


Jackie:  Yes it is. I have a report on two international meetings that were held. One was in Moscow in the USSR and this is exactly what they were dealing with, zoning laws, regional governments et cetera. It was very creepy to read it and because they don't really pull any punches at all, even a layperson can understand what the heck they're saying.  I remember a quote where they were talking about the regional planner. One of their most important functions is the transference of property from private to public use with the least amount – with ease, in other words. They have to learn to be able to do it.


Alan:  Now of course they have new weapons, they have weather control to flood out the farmers or give them a drought and dry them out. They have so many weapons at their control, which they have been using for years, and they are gradually getting their way. You'll find that all the major hurricanes and cyclones and so on that hit the world today are right along the paths of the very areas they want cleared for the wildlife species, but they want them cleared of human habitation.


Jackie:  I received an email about this hurricane Charlie. It was a man who was there on the spot and he took pictures and he said that they are so under-reporting as far as the deaths and the devastation that had taken place and my little flags went up. The guy who sent it over to me, I said I wonder what's going on here. What's to hide? I wonder if this was a real one or was it part of weather control.  I asked him if he would please send me anything that he gets on it and the one I got today, which I haven't read yet, said "Hurricane Charlie, is this Scalar Weather?" The scalar weather control and that when you mentioned this, too, about where the wild lands are going to be, I found a map and this was from their wild lands project and this was in the North American continent, basically the U.S., and they were talking about this sign of the western border. They had this great big grey arrow, a real wide swath that went all the way up from Canada all the way down Central America into parts of Mexico.  The other one, I think they called it the Artic something, this arrow went all the way across the top, partly in Canada and the U.S., mostly in the U.S. from the northern U.S. all the way across and it looked like almost the entire state of Pennsylvania was inside that arrow, Alan.


Alan:  They had their plans already made with the Tesla technology. I think eight years ago they admitted there were over 54, 55 of Tesla HAARP stations worldwide. That's what they admitted to. In the 1970’s the U.S. and other countries signed a treaty not to use this as weaponry against other countries.


Jackie:  Actually it was the ENMOD treaty and what they said is that it prohibited the hostile use of the technology that can cause earthquakes, tornadoes, and I can't remember all of it, but it mentioned rainfall.


Alan:  They said they could actually create a hurricane out at sea and bring it in towards land and guide it anywhere they wanted.


Jackie:  That was in the '70’s. I've got it in a book from the United Nations.


Alan:  They've got it all and it's a great weapon because they'll never admit they're actually using it to the public. Although if the public look up and watch all the spraying that's going on, I'm sure they're using it hand in glove with this technology because with the aluminum oxides and titanium traces in the air nowadays, they're literally creating a fantastic circuit for this electromagnetic pulsation to travel along. Yes, they are using it but they won't admit it. The governments will admit if you ask them that the skies are being sprayed with something but they cannot tell you for reasons for national security. That's the standard reply letter you get back.  Advanced sciences have always been used on the public and the public are always the last to know. No different from the polio vaccines and the fact that they knew what all the simian viruses would cause down the road. They tell you 50 years later.


Jackie:  I told you that I'm in the process of writing a book. It's been going on for a couple of years. It sat for almost a whole year after Chuck passed over, but in the preface of it I was talking about the plan for world dominion and I said this means everything, every aspect of our lives. We can get along without a lot of things but we need good clean, healthy food and fresh water and clean air. Then I went down the list of the food and the water and the air and what they're doing to it, and that has been bothering me because I never had brought up – I didn't know about it at the time, the estrogens that we were talking about last night because I had quoted in there that statement by Charles Galton Darwin in "The Next Million Years" and that was 1952. He said that "it is in the biological sciences that the most exciting possibilities suggest themselves. I will only speculate on a few among these possibilities which might have great affect on human life. I've already referred to the possibility of [quite] new sources of food and I need not enlarge on that further." 


Then when he mentioned this thing on hormones I really didn't see how that – but I put it in there anyway. He says, "Hormones. Those internal chemical secretions which so largely regulate the operations of the human body. The artificial use of hormones has already -- (this was 1952) been show to have profound affects on the behavior of animals might have similar affects on man."  Then he talked about a “drug which might remove the urgency of sexual desire and so reproducing humanity the status of workers in a beehive. To produce effects of these kinds there must be a master and the master must be above and not subject to the procedure he is enforcing on his subjects.” That's what you mentioned last night and because that really had bothered me, I decided I was going to add that information on xenoestrogens and there's an article I found. Now remember this book that Darwin put out was '52 and a report from 2002 I believe from a Canadian, a Dr. Kay Jensen. He said, "over the past 50 years we have seen a dramatic increase in estrogen dominant conditions."  And I thought wow, fifty years ago was when this book or over 50 years ago but it was when the book was published and what I realized is because this one article gave different sources of xenoestrogens. Xenoestrogens are in the food we eat. They are in the water that we drink and it is in the air that we breathe, and we slather it all over our bodies and our children's bodies, so they've covered the whole gamut. There are over 60,000 ways that we ingest or osmotically – is that the word, osmosis, take it in through the body. Over 60,000 ways and the devastating effects, it’s unbelievable.


Alan:  We already see the changes in society too and they have the effeminate men and the very masculine women.


Jackie:  He said that Canada has the highest incidence of hysterectomies other than the U.S. and it's double of any other country in Europe and that many of the reasons that women – and endometriosis is a big one and endometriosis is caused by estrogen dominance. He says something like 35 percent of women by the time they're 60 will have had a hysterectomy and many of them would not even be necessary if the hormones were balanced. All right, we're going to be taking a break here.


Alan:  I'd like to mention for the farmers who are interested in what's happening to their industry, there is a booth at the International Plowing Match, an expo which is held every year in Canada. This year it's in Neford, Ontario, and it's September 22nd to the 26th and there will be a booth there and it's called "Matrix Explained."


Jackie:  Is that you?


Alan:  There's a couple of people I know who are holding this booth to tell the farmers and others what's really going on with the weather, with their crops and what the UN agenda is and I might be there too.


Jackie:  That's in Neford, Ontario, September 22 to 26th and the booth is the Matrix Explained. That sounds exciting.


Alan:  It will be, yes. The farmers don't really know the full agenda because they can't believe their own governments are intent on putting them out of business.


Jackie:  They think the governments love us.


Alan:  Yes. They don't know the agenda that food simply will not be produced here in the future. That is the agenda under the United Nations and NAFTA they've already set up Chile and other countries to be the food manufacturers for basically the world.


Jackie:  I was just going to say that it appears that the farmers that they're taking down are in Canada, America, Australia, probably the UK or do they do much farming there?


Alan:  UK's in the same boat. They had their mad cow slaughter, one cow and everything in Britain was slaughtered. Of course they are trying to turn the world into a vegetarian world so we'll have nothing to eat but their modified vegetables.


Jackie:  Alan, in this report on xenoestrogens.


Alan:  I think you should really call it Zena.


Jackie:  Zena?


Alan:  Yes, the warrior princess.


Jackie:  They said that in virtually every single vegetable that's grown today is filled with xenoestrogen in fruits, berries because the xenoestrogens are used as the weed control and so it's in the soil and now it's in the plants.


Alan:  Now it's in the people because they must get rid of the excess weeds.  It's fantastic too how they encourage people to go through the fad of buying this spring bottled water that comes in these lovely plastic bottles and that plastic is not completely inert. It's giving off molecules all the time and all plastic molecules contain synthetic estrogen.


Jackie:  Yes and that's mentioned also and it says that the softer the plastic, and I don't know if – I guess the best thing to do is to avoid plastic, period, because if you buy juice in plastic bottles in so many of the things and of course, like you said, all this water, but they said there's a number in a pyramid on the bottle and if it's less than a 7 it's leeching estrogens like the devil. Saran Wrap is really bad and of course people shouldn't be using microwave ovens anyway and they do and they cover this stuff with Saran Wrap and according to Kirk Newbie it's sort of like – I could be overstating this but I don't think I am. When you cover something with Saran and put it in your microwave, you increase the estrogen in it by 20,000 times. It all leeches right out of the plastic. .


Alan:  They've covered all the bases and Monsanto knew all this back in the 1950’s, what the estrogen from plastic does to people. Nothing is ever by accident, nothing. It's all well planned and rehearsed long before and that's the world we really live in. They tell you generally 50 years after the fact, when most of the people have died and the generation growing up then don't care because if anything happened a few years ago it’s ancient history.


Jackie:  They've been demoralized.


Alan:  Everything is used as a weapon and I believe one of the women who were in charge of the UN agricultural department said that – and I think most people really miss the point. There's a double meaning there when she said "food has always been used as a weapon of war and we shall use it."


Jackie:  And she said, "We make no apologies."


Alan:  That's right.


Jackie:  I've got quote right here on this sheet that I printed out and she, by the way, used to be a Rockefeller before she had her post. She said, "Food is power. We use it to change behavior. Some may call that bribery. We do not apologize," and before she was with the UN she was a former confidential assistant to New York State Governor Nelson Rockefeller.


Alan:  That's a lovely philanthropic organization.


Jackie:  Change behavior. That's important that word. That statement that she made just speaks volumes.


Alan:  It does. More than the average person would think, because these people plan the future, sometimes hundreds of years before, and they knew all this stuff about the estrogen back in the 50’s at least.


Jackie:  Evidently, that’s what I found interesting, the correlation, this article by this doctor that said for the past 50 years we have been seeing a rise in and they call it estrogen dominant syndrome and that was 1952 when Darwin's book was published, where he said we're going to use artificial hormones.


Alan:  He was a physicist.


Jackie:  I've got Dr. John Lee's audio tape and also a book that he wrote and I had no idea – when I think of hormones and I think the average person thinks of hormones, we think of progesterone, estrogen and testosterone, yet there are so many of them and according to Dr. Lee, he seems to have risen to the top with his research. They literally – what am I trying to say here? In every function of the body, hormones are involved.


Alan:  Yes. The whole endocrine system that sets even adrenaline and so on into operation receives information via hormones.


Jackie:  Regulate, that's the word I was looking for, and there's more than just the three.


Alan:  There's lots of them.


Jackie:  That's what they're doing. They're genetically engineering the body by the use of their artificial hormones.


Alan:  They know exactly where they’re going with it too, and they will have eventually a passive docile population if they get their way.


Jackie:  What do you mean eventually?


Alan:  They have the bulk already but they always did really. It's those who have the capacity to wake up and stand up for themselves that they're really after. Although, they are trying to make the rest far more efficient in ways that they've never been. In fact, Charles Galton Darwin also said that. He says, "we are introducing a more efficient form of slavery," and that book was applauded by all the big newspaper companies of its day, if you look at the acclaims on the back page.


Jackie:  I want to remind our listeners you said it and I heard it but I didn't really hear it, but we were talking about it later about – you were mentioning it with this Dr. Kelly. Was he a biophysicist, is that what you call it?


Alan:  Yes.


Jackie:  A lot of people are aware of this if they have internet access and of course I guess it was on the news, but he was killed and what you pointed out, which I did not know, is he actually admitted that he was involved with Israel in a program that was creating a DNA or gene selective, what, virus or bacteria?


Alan:  Porton Downs, that's the big bacterial warfare department for Britain, collaborated with Israel and mind you they've been doing this for a lot longer than five years, but Kelly mentioned they had been creating race-specific viruses, smart viruses that would attack people with certain ethnic genes and there's a whole range of them for every basically ethnic group on the planet.  I think he knew once he admitted that – it wasn't just the fact that he exposed all the lies that Blair was talking about the weapons of mass destruction being in Iraq. It was also because he knew he was blowing the whistle on a far greater danger that had already been developed, all this stuff with Britain, Israel and I have no doubt the U.S. was involved as well.


Jackie:  The U.S. is under the control of the Zionist neo-cons they call them today.


Alan:  The U.S. certainly funds them.


Jackie:  Alan, they’re in every high position in this country. They control the military. They control the State Department. They control the U.S. Government, Inc. literally. I read a list to our listeners a few weeks ago and it was a list of 30 in some of the top positions and they're in total control of the U.S. government.


Alan:  If people were to dwell on all the things that could happen, it could collapse your whole mind basically. 


George:  Jackie?


Jackie:  Just a minute. I'm sorry Alan. I didn't say we would not like to take calls tonight. Do you want to take a call?


Alan:  Sure.


Jackie:  Hi. You're on the air.


George:  Hi, Jackie, your old friend George from New York. I said I'll call you up to tell you about it’s nuts over here with all this traffic and cops just one big [mess].


Jackie:  George, we're on the air with a guest.


George:  I'm incorrect and I'm sorry.


Jackie:  Okay, thank you, George.


George:  Okay, Jackie, have a nice evening.


Jackie:  You too. He's calling from New York. They're having a Republican Convention there and I guess he wanted to report on what was going on. I'm not saying that it is not important but it's just one of the jillions of details of what is happening, and to dwell on that stuff, it just seems a waste of our time and a waste of our listeners’ money.


Alan:  Absolutely.  The problem is there is so much going on and if you knew it all, never mind some of it, some of it's bad enough. That can close you down. That can paralyze you with fear and I think that's what its intent is also to do.


Jackie:  Yes, well some might say that this broadcast that we do could paralyze people with fear.  I was thinking about that at a quarter till and I was thinking of saying is there something uplifting that we could talk about before this broadcast is over tonight? Can we?


Alan:  I think it is, because until people come to their own spiritual consciousness and stand up for themselves as an individual against basically anything and everything that they disagree with, it doesn't matter what really happens to you eventually here on this planet, this world, because this isn't the end of everything, but you can always say and know that you've done the right thing for yourself, and by doing that it can benefit others anyway. People take a long time to follow that which is right and they generally do it by example and you will get hit hard if you simply stand up for yourself in this day and age. Those who think they're still in a free society will find out very, very quickly how free they are when they start saying no to all the officials that come around in this day and age demanding things et cetera.


However, you have to live what is right for yourself and take the consequences for it, and in the knowledge that others will eventually follow that same route. It simply takes people to start doing it.


Jackie:  In other words, become an example, a demonstration.


Alan:  You have to be an individual, walking, breathing, demonstration of what it right. You cannot join a group because the groups are generally created by the elite for you to follow, or else they're so quickly infiltrated they're taken over by experts so quickly. Bill Cooper I think even started a party up. Was it the Libertarian Party or the Constitutional Party?


Jackie:  He didn't. He was involved in the Constitution Party for a while.


Alan:  Then he came out on the air and said he was giving it up because it was already infiltrated and taken over. You cannot form groups and try to fight this system by using the system. You cannot do it. They haven't left you any real method of redress whatsoever; and let's be honest. We're not multibillionaires who can go into court and fight things forever. They know that too. That's why the system was set-up that way. However, you will generally suffer for doing the right thing in this world, but as long as you realize that you are a spirit, basically, then you can leave this place behind at the right time regardless of what happens and you have done the right thing for yourself.


Jackie:  And for many other people.


Alan:  And for many others.


Jackie:  We were talking last night about time not being linear but that there are many dimensions and that is when it hit me and occurred to me that everything that we do here is affecting every other dimension and vice versa, and so everything we do right for the right reasons make all the difference in the world.


Alan:  In a flash of creation every possibility already exists for everything to happen in time – this thing called time that suddenly bursts forth into existence and so past, present and future are all to an extent coexisting at the same time. You will influence by finding out who you are and doing the right thing when you're here all through your life.


Jackie:  In other words, instead of waiting and saying “I'm earning my place in heaven” and saying certain things that the church tells us we're supposed to say, you know, “I believe in Jesus Christ and his blood. He's God’s son, God in the flesh, and he died on the cross and he saved me from all my sins. He saved the world from all the sins.” That is so weakening and limiting to the individual and besides that, if they read in the Old Testament Jesus said, "As you sow, so shall you reap."  He didn't say, okay, my blood is going to wash away your sins. The church said that, Alan.


Alan:  Yes, I know. The church also made a dogma of the fact that he came to save the whole world and he didn't. He said I come to look for the lost sheep, the people who were lost in the system and knew it. They knew it was a system. That's what he was looking for, those who are alive or “trying to stand up,” you might say, and it's never been any different. He also said, "follow me, do as I do."  He didn't say I'm going do it all for you, and it's never been any different.


Jackie:  You made a statement one time and I'd like to repeat it. You said I don't really believe that he used the word sheep, because sheep are the stupidest animals in the world; but the good shepherd with the crook and we talked about this sometime ago how the crook is used – they're so stupid that if they get into a corner they don't know how to get out and pull them out of a corner and turn them around and that crook, that of the good shepherd has been pictured many times in the hands of the pharaohs, Alan.


Alan:  The pharaohs had the rod and the staff and the staff was the crook and every bishop including the Archbishop of Canterbury and you'll see the same thing in Rome has that crook there you see and it's well named, crook, because they are all crooks. They've certainly fleeced the sheep indeed for a long, long time. However, Jesus told his followers, "the Father's in me and I am in you," well I don't think he was meaning that the father is also a sheep or that he was or that you were.  All church organizations have been given to the public for control purposes only and whatever truth manages to survive a particular individual is vastly warped in favor of governmental control and it makes the people placid and they follow along. Christianity was supposed to free you and the truth would make you free.


Jackie:  Jesus didn't say Christianity would free you. He said "the truth will make you free."  They took some of his messages and they turned it into a religion. We're out of time here. Will you finish off this week with us?


Alan:  Sure I will.


Jackie:  Tomorrow night is the last broadcast. Alan will be back with us tomorrow night. Thank you, Alan.



(Transcribed by Linda)