April 17th, 2012

Alan Watt on the Alex Jones Show

(2 Hours)

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Alex: Everybody knows now.  There are very few who are in denial.  Everyone knows that the governments and major banks ship in the majority of narcotics, and even grow and produce them.  They own the aircraft.  They ship the arms in.  Itís all come out in the news over and over again.  The coca plants, the poppies, all of it.  And they keep drugs illegal so that the price will be higher so people will have to rob your house or rob your wife or rob you to pay it, and that money goes back to the banks.  Then, when they catch the low-level zombies who are on their product, they then put them in large private prisons owned by the big money laundering banks to then work for 25 cents an hour, driving down wages, and displacing your jobs.  And the good old boys cheer it.  And they say, I work at the prison.  I work at the justice center.  And then, their own son is in there, and theyíre proud of it.  My boy is in prison.  Now, Iím over him.  But thatís a good thing.  Thatís America.  He got caught with some of them drugs.  Because the only job was dealing drugs or running the prison.  And thatís the predatory New World Order economy. 


Vincente Fox who is a globalist though is probably pretty sad that his ranch is overrun down in Mexico.  And the criminal government down there is going to lose control.  See, theyíve lost the war with smaller cartels, who, the people are so poor theyíre ready to die.  Theyíre not afraid to die.  Pretty macho, down in Mexico.  I mean, itís more people dying every year than died in a year times, three times at least.  Three times the people die every year or more in Mexico, in the fake drug war, than died on the US side in the Vietnam War every year.  Itís forty something thousand the last three years.  58,000 died in over a decade of Vietnam.  So, do the math.  So, now theyíre like cease-fire, cease-fire, letís decriminalize this stuff.  And at the Summit of the Americas, with all the hookers and the rest of it, with all of this going on, the news with the Latin American leaders was, decriminalize.  Stop it. They know Europe and some areas have done this.  Crime rates have dropped massively.  People then see drugs as a sad disease, not as sexy, associated with money. 


But, see, the system has a two-pronged attack.  Get now over 20% of the population of women or higher, men close to that, school children over 20% on psychotropic brain damaging drugs.  And when they go haywire and kill people they just then call for taking our guns.  And then also push the illegal drugs on them.  And ďthe US governmentĒ that means the big banks that run our government, that launder the money and control the Federal Reserve, they said, no, weíre not getting rid of it.  In fact, weíre going to keep shipping guns into Mexico and Honduras to keep destabilizing things.  We like it.  We like it just fine, because the war on drugs is a success.  Corrupt the police, imprison the population, bring in drugs, kill the people with ODs, destroy society, have SWAT teams bust in houses, kill old people, kill peopleís dogs, kill insurance salesmenís wrong house, corrupt the police.  You think prohibition, ten years of alcohol prohibition, tripling the size of the Mafia, corrupting police, hundreds and hundreds of millions made in those daysí numbers, a year, do you think that was a success, prohibition, for the mafia?  Or was it a failure?  Oh, no, donít make alcohol illegal.  You just made it criminalsí domain. 


The government, the Feds deal with child molestation rules and kidnapping rules, because they publicly run most of the child kidnapping.  Theyíll make a big deal out of some lone scumbag, but when theyíre lone little kids on C130s to be flown to Saudi Arabia to have their heads beat in with claw hammers and snuff filmed with shotgun blasts to the head.  You know what, it comes out, Italian news reports it, German news reports it.  They fire the people that report it.  Not because they were wrong, but because US government officials are involved.  Youíve got people that like to beat little kidsí heads in with hammers after they rape them.  Thatís who runs the world.  Okay?  And go look into what I just said, by the way.  Youíre going to be like, thatís a true story?  Oh, yeah.  Would you like to hear more?  Itís kind of like Starship Troopers on the news.  Would you like to hear more?  We take you now to Klandethu.  We take you now to the Planet Earth where the crazy people run things.  The New World Order is insane. 


And I want to bring this up to top researcher, heís a great researcher, Alan Watt: musician, author, radio host in his own right, cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  I want to get him on with us, and out of the gates hear what he has to say today, and maybe hold him a little bit in the next hour and take some calls.  But I wanted to get Alan on today to bring up this point, because I have a theory, but itís not really a theory, itís kind of like I have a theory that crawdads come up to the edge of the water and hunt little frogs and things, little crawdads, little freshwater lobsters, little freshwater crustaceans.  Itís not a theory.  I watch them do it.  I donít have a theory that ducks fly south in the winter and back north in the spring.  I know it. 


And Iíve studied elites, itís like a tropism in every case, going back to the beginnings of civilization, every culture built pyramids and sacrificed children on top of them every day.  Every culture ate children.  Every culture tortured people.  What is that?  Thatís what cultures always end in, because psychopath inbred crazy people keep inbreeding.  Theyíre the ones that are like cancer.  Theyíre willing to do whatever to have power.  They lust after it.  And then something happens.  They interbreed, which in every mammal species causes crazy behavior, anti-social behavior, megalomania, aggression, a sense of psycho-domination.  Masochistic bloodlust, blood thirst.  Every culture, study history.  But then something worse happens.  Syphilis has been with humans as long as weíve been on this planet.  Syphilis basically is microscopic worms that eat your brain.  And almost all elites that have been studied had syphilitic brains, pharaohs, mafia dons, British royalty.  Jack the Ripper, the crown prince running around killing people.  So youíve got syphilitic brains interbreeding with aggressive dominant people creating hyper-psychopathic blood-drinking goblin creatures, basically.  Thatís what the New World Order is.  Thatís why they do this.  Why does a spider spin a certain web?  Why does a squirrel bury nuts?  Itís inbred into them.  Normal wholesome people are blind to this, because itís so alien.  If we can ever admit and discover this historically, we wouldnít be doomed to repeat it. 


All right.  I take you now to Canada, and Alan Watt joining us.  Alan, what do you think of my statements, and what do you think of the point I made with the inbreeding and the syphilitic brain overlay?


Alan: Oh, itís pretty accurate.  I mean, even Lenin, they found out the left part of his brain was pretty well eaten away when he died.  And of course he was insane basically for the last few months. So, itís a very common thing.  But it really turns up in the 2nd and 3rd generation of elite where they might all start off as gangsters or robbers or murderers, probably all of them, in fact, and then the 3rd generation, who get the education, come along and they start to form their clubs.  And then they discuss the normal topics, like, why are we so different from all the peasants that we rule over.  And they come up with their own theories.  And what they came up with of course is that thereís always been slavery.  Itís a natural thing.  Slavery is a natural thing.  And the peasants are always in a different mindset than we are, because weíre the leisure class, and we have time to think about things, where the peasant doesnít.  And then of course the 4th generation comes along, and then they say, well the peasant actually canít think about that.  Heís actually inferior.  Heís low IQ.  And this goes on for many, many generations, until you hit the present time.  Today youíre ruled by the same descendents that have been here for an awful long time, an awful long time.


Alex: And again, if you study the royalty, the Rothschilds, all of them, generally half the offspring are locked up in asylums.  Thatís the half that survived.  Generally about half die.  And then of the half that live, half are criminally insane, literally acting like monkeys and then the other half are just psychopathic control freaks. 


Alan: Theyíre control freaks, but you must remember too, these characters like the Rothschilds belong to their own secret societies.  And they have them.  And Benjamin Franklin in fact, joined a couple of them in fact, one in Britain and oneÖ


Alex: Hellfire Club.  Yeah.


Alan: And one in France too, the Nine Sisters Lodge.  And he lived the same kind of lifestyle as they did over in France.  When you see how much he was given per month by the French government and the mansion that they put him up in, and the parties he had, endless parties and all the top women of the day, etc.  He actually enjoyed that lifestyle. But the thing is, corruption has always ruled the world.  Charles Galton Darwin said the same thing, and he was another inbred descended from Charles Darwin, related to the Huxleys, of course, all the top names are all related together, and he said that thereís always been slavery in one form or another.  And of course, democracy is another form of it.  Itís a disguised slavery, with income taxes, etc, and property taxes.  And he says, we are in the process of creating a more efficient form of slavery.  That was in the 1950s.  Well, youíre seeing the birth pangs as they go through it all, training the public to be terrified, because they use the Soviet system as well, by the way, and weíre supposed to buckle under the threat of power being used against us.  It works very effectively as I say.  It worked terribly well in the Soviet Union.


And the kill method here isnít taking you at the moment into the streets and shooting you.  The kill method is of course, as you mentioned earlier, is to do with giving you cancers.  Cancers and various diseases that youíre never fully 100% fit.  Nobody today is.  You canít be with inoculations and the poisoned foods, etc.  The elite donít get those injections.  They donít eat the food that you eat.


Alex: And by the way, they brag about how they do it, but when you tell the general public about this, theyíre like, oh, thatís scary.  I just decide that isnít true.  And the elites say, see?  We openly admit weíre killing them and they donít care.  And the mothers are like, thatís right, Iím taking my kid in to give him a cancer shot right now.  And the mother will get attention when their kid dies a horrible death of cancer.  And that at the end of the day is really what matters.  Itís like gee, can my kid get cancer so I can buy them the cancer Barbie?  Thatís what they really want.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Alan Watt is our guest.  Weíll open the phones up for those that are holding.  You can talk about any issue.  But weíre discussing total control freaks who enjoy hurting the natural order.  They want to be god.  Theyíre trying to overthrow the natural creation.  Ugliness is beautiful to them.  Alan, you were getting into their admissions.  Whatís incredible is weíve posted all these documents, youíve covered it.  They admit theyíre putting cancer viruses in the vaccines.  We have videos of the inventors of some of the biggest vaccines joking about killing hundreds of millions and laughing on PBS.  And you talk to trendies, and they go, well, there are too many people.  And Iím like, listen, you maggot.  Youíre being injected too.  The GMO is for you.  And theyíre like, whatever.  Itís like they think if they decide theyíve joined it, itís like theyíre on the team.  Even though theyíre being destroyed by it, and thatís part of the mind-control.  Alan Watt, continue. 


Alan: Thatís all part of the education, in fact, they get at school in social sciences.  Thereís many names for it, but itís really in a new indoctrination into the value of life.  What is the value of life.  Are we more important than those guys over in sub-Sahara, or wherever.  And theyíve already indoctrinated a whole bunch into that death is good.  Huxley mentioned this too, in Brave New World, where the children are brought round the dying and itís a big party time.  And now, of course, weíre getting into euthanasia now.  Theyíve already been prepared for it, a whole generation is prepared that death is all right and we should just celebrate it. And from then, it goes on to, ďwell, why donít we just kill them off earlier?  Thereís too many people.Ē  Or, ďthe pensioners will take all the money.  Itís going to cost a fortune to keep them going.  Why not just use the money for us?Ē  And this is all happening right now as we speak, and no one really understands how itís all connected.  We live through a plan.  Everything from government is still the same part, of the long-term agenda.  Depopulation.  A Sovietized world, technically thatís what it is.  Itís a Sovietized world, as I say, where right now they havenít bludgeoned everybody to death that they donít like.  Theyíre simply doing the soft kill and bringing down the populations globally.  And whenever these Third World Countries sign on to the United Nations and the baubles that they give them, baubles are awfully good.  Weíve had it used on ourselves at one time, a long time ago.  And they take the baubles, and then they take the injections from the World Health Organization and immediately theyíve got fertility problems.  And they have very early cancer onsets, especially in women too.  It disrupts their whole hormonal system.  Males as well turn into females almost.  And thatís the bisphenols, the estrogens.  Theyíve known about the bisphenols since the late 1800s, when they first discovered them.  They knew what it did to the public then.  And they waited until the 1950s to put it into the plastic bottles, plastic pipes, everything thatís plastic, knowing youíre getting a good daily dose of it wherever you happen to be.


So, youíre under full-scale attack.  And youíve got to understand, this is not a happenstance thing from one president or prime minister to the other.  Thereís not a difference between any president or prime minister.  Theyíve all belonged to the same organization worldwide since the late 1800s, and thatís what Carroll Quigley talked about in his book Tragedy and Hope.  So, itís hard for most folk to think that can continue, but it does.  Youíve got to understand how long the Soviet system lasted. It took a hundred years to plan the takeover by the Bolsheviks.  A hundred years before even the first revolution in Russia.  These guys are long-term planners, because the world is their goal, and they work intergenerationally.  They employ and train intergenerationally.  And now, of course, with the school systems being pretty well universal, same curriculum, theyíre all indoctrinated from school.  The education has plummeted since about the 50s, definitely the 60s.  It really went on a rampage then.  And the children are simply indoctrinated into socialism and groupthink, and especially in the US, individuality is pretty well eradicated.  Itís a nasty thing to be an individual. And the United Nations itself has said their main enemy to their whole agenda is individualism; it must be destroyed. 


So, we are living through a plan.  Weíve got taxes that are crippling the public.  Never mind all the taxes on food.  Theyíre putting a tax here in Canada across all the foodstuffs as well now, a value added tax or GST, HST.  It doesnít matter what they call it, itís all a value added tax.  And we must go into Value Added Taxes because when youíre signing all the free trade agreements, then youíre allowing imports from all those countries which are tax exempt at the import, customs.  Therefore, they donít want to lose that money.  They simply put what theyíre losing on to you and make it up that way, through your taxes.  Thatís why they had to bring in value added taxes for all free trade countries.  The US is still to get really hit by that in any significant way.


Alex: Stay there.  Stay there, Alan.  But what youíre saying here is empires donít die.  They just reinvent themselves.  And this is a secretive, parasite illuminati cult, thatís much older than the Illuminati, thatís just one of the more modern names, that understands how to control humans, that has advanced technologies, and who basically preys on humanity as a predator class, which was put into an allegorical form of the Morlocks and the Elois.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Ladies and gentlemen, we are here Monday through Friday, 11am to 2pm Central, 12 noon to 3pm Eastern.  Blasting out on XM channel 166.  Blasting out on over 100 AM and FM stations.  Blasting out on WWCR 100,000 watt global shortwave.  And number one on all the major metrics from Alexa to Shoutcast on audio-streams and podcasts.  One of the number one on talk radio, on iTunes, now number one on Roku, everything, streaming video, prisonplanet.tv.  And you know, I get really fired up.  Their conditioning didnít work on me.  I read hundreds of government documents and republish them, where they admit theyíre putting cancer viruses in the vaccines.  The GMO is designed to sterilize us.  The elites all have their own private farms.  Theyíre obsessed with it.  Wall Street Journal, LA Times, wonít eat GMO.  The Monsanto cafeterias at their elite facilities with their scientists, since 1999, they had a rebellion and will not eat GMO.  This is the genetic engineers.  Thatís associated press.  The Germans, the memos came out a few years ago, said donít take vaccines. And if you want them we have a ďcleanĒ vaccine.  Itís real.  I take it personal.  I get upset.


Last week we worked real late.  We were up here at 9 at night.  And I said, guys youíve really kicked some rump.  Weíve reached millions of extra people thanks to your work.  Let me take you out to a Brazilian steak house.  We get there about 9:30 and there is a child obviously damaged.  And I go out on the street afterwards and see people with another child thatís got neurological problems.  And I started crying.  And I mean sobbing in front of the guys, and theyíd never seen anything like it.  A few times on air, Iíve kind of thought about something, bring up the image, because it gets to me.  This is a soft-kill, covert holocaust against humanity.  The West is dying.  1.3 children for every two adults. Weíre dying.  Itís painful.  Iím not just some selfish idiot that wants to go, whatever, Iím going to drink beer and watch a football game.  I love beauty.  I love poetry.  I love humanity.  I love creativity.  I love the innocence of my children, and I want them to have a future.  And I think about how weíre in the grasp of highly intelligent inbred super-psychos, who base their culture on syphilitic hallucinations.  Weíre living in the creation of hallucinating syphilitics.  I mean, thatís it.  This is Planet Syphilis-Brain.  And Hitler it turned out had syphilis.  All of them.  Stalin, Lenin, all of them rotten brains.  I mean, I now understand it.  We are living in the wonderland of syphilitic crazy people.  And again, even though theyíve cured syphilis, or the treatments for it by the 40s, the point is, the whole culture is set by that.  Inbreeding, syphilis.  This is what democide is.  This is why leaders, throughout history, right when they have total control, just say, black uniforms, mass murder, burn cities, death, blahhhh!  Thatís what, somebody with syphilitic brain rot will just go out and just start stabbing people.  Well, you give people, because again, the elites are having sex with twenty, thirty women, men a day. 


Nero, every time I say this, people donít believe it.  You can look it up in the history.  Nero, they would have these big, daylong parties, on holidays, that they had basically every week.  And his favorite thing to do, with all the Roman elite, in his palace, is he would dress up like a werewolf, theyíd chain up a child, and heíd run up, you got to read deeper to the histories, because the mainline ones donít like to put this in there, but heíd rape a child in public, and then bite their throats out, ripping their arteries out, spraying blood all over him, dressed up in a wolfís outfit. 


Caligula after him married his horse.  You donít get the full story on that.  He was married to it.  You know, he made it the consulate, the head of Rome, the head of the Roman Senate.  He would have the high priest, you read tea leaves, or they throw bones on the ground, or theyíd cut a bull open, and read their liver, well he would have the high priest, and that was one of the last straws for him, read its excrement. 


They all announce themselves god.  And thatís what Ray Kurzweil and all of them are doing.  Oh, weíre god.  Weíre merging with the computers.  Release the GMO, whatever happens is natural, because we did it and itís a mutation.  Theyíre going to destroy the planet.  Okay, theyíre crazy.  If Nero wants to marry his horse and rip childrenís throats out, 2000 years ago, or whatever, or 1800 years ago, or whatever, thatís bad enough.  Theyíve got nuclear weapons.  Theyíve got anti-matter weapons.  Theyíve got biological weapons.  And theyíre going to kill everybody, including, theyíre building giant underground bases, huge redoubts, seed vaults, total insanity, and everybody that works for these people better start sabotaging them however you can to resist them.  And I donít mean physically.  I mean, you just better start resisting however you can, or thereís no future.  Alan Watt, can you feel the sense of immediacy?  Youíve got the floor.  What do you say about what I just broke down?  Whatís the latest on Alan Watt, cuttingthroughthematrix.comís radar screen?


Alan: Well, theyíre definitely ready for a big cull.  I mean a physical cull as well.  You look at the nonsense with the Olympic Games in London.  Youíve got a warship in the Thames.  Youíve got guided missile systems.  Theyíre now putting snipers in helicopters to go over the crowds, army snipers.  I mean, this is supposed to be a peacetime country, and everyone is literally living inside a prison camp.  This is the sort of thing youíd expect in a prison camp.  I mean a real futuristic prison camp.  This is not life for the general pubic.  But theyíre training, theyíre using these big games, etc, to get us all trained, either through attending the things yourselves, or watching it on television, that this is the new system, be very afraid of the new system, because theyíve got a lot of really nasty stuff to implement socially, still yet.  And theyíre training the people, step by step through fear.  And to be honest with you, I donít see any peaceable way out of this, because, remember, Quigley said that these guys have been running all the countries in the West since the late 1800s with this particular agenda.  I cannot see them giving up because we ask them nicely.  I canít see them giving up if you even try to run your own guys in there into the offices of the presidency.  I canít see it happening.  Itís never happened in a hundred years.  Itís always their boy that gets in.  And so, youíre living through an agenda, as I say. 


At the top of the tree, above even the syphilitics, you have another group, who do run the banking system.  Their names are generally never mentioned much in the papers at all, because theyíre not open to the public.  Theyíre not really public figures.  And they have their own particular agenda.  But youíve got to go back, to ancient times to the present, and this particular society has always said, and Albert Pike said this in his own book, Morals and Dogma, for the Masons, the Bible of Freemasonry at the time.  He said, those who will not use their own intellect to think for themselves are therefore meat on the table and beasts of burden by choice and consent.  Now, that really is whatís taught to all the elite, generation to generation.  Thatís the simple explanation, they claim, as to why youíre all down there, and theyíre up there, you see, youíre an inferior species.† You are slaves.  And you never complain.  If you complain, itís always petitions and please, please, please, to a bunch of wolves.  And you get nothing done in return for it.  It doesnít work, obviously.  So, they know theyíre getting to a step where, you understand, democracy, even this farce, I call it a farce, thereís never been democracy, but the farce of democracy is to be eliminated all together eventually in the planned society, where youíll have your own Communitarian areas, like they have in Britain.  Theyíve got regions set up in the States as well.  They take power away from your local education authorities.  They give it to the state, or even between three states.  So, it gets further and further away.  The ability for the ordinary person to go and complain about anything to a politician or a representative or an official goes further and further away.  And that trains you that it is remote.  It is remote, until eventually you donít even think about complaining to them.  Itís out of the question.  You take it for granted youíre now simply ruled by experts and scientists.  And thatís how theyíve already trained the youngsters.  Youngsters today are already trained in this.  Theyíre getting that at school.  And itís a better way they claim.  And they can do away eventually with elections all together. 


Technocracy is the techniques now.  Weíve watched it in Europe.  They placed their own boys from the Central Bank of Europe right into countries as the prime ministers, no election.  Thatís to happen elsewhere too, and in the States as well.  I think in the US though, theyíll have a lot more trouble.  They do expect resistance, more, really what youíre going to expect in the States is just simple, not even rebellion.  It will be on a personal level when people start losing their homes on mass.  That type of thing.  Or theyíve been told, there will be no more private property under Agenda 21, and they simply burn your house down with you in it, or you evacuate it.  Thatís really whatís happening.  So, in the US, there will be rag-tag, sporadic, uncoordinated, non-disciplined rebellion on small levels. 


Look what theyíre ready for.  Look at the ammunition they ordered in for the Homeland Security for close-quarter battle.  You donít use pistol dumdum bullets, hollow-points, for overseas.  You canít use them overseas against other armies.  You can only use them on your own population.  But theyíve got 750 million rounds ordered.  What do you think thatís for?  What do the people out there think that is for?  Itís not for target practice.  Itís too expensive for target practice.  You use the ordinary rounds for that.  Itís simply to be used on the public.  So, the elite are taking no chances whatsoever that anything possibly could go wrong.  But it also is very ominous, because youíre looking at a war situation where those who will represent government, just like the henchmen in the Soviet Union, you always make sure, and they do, they select the guys, they pre-select the guys out of the armies, you know.  Every soldier is given psychological tests on the way.  And they know the ones, and how many of them they can count on, to be the new Soviet Army in America.


Alex: Thatís right.  And the ones that are good, they send them to fight the insurgents that are actually financed by the bankers, and itís a full spectrum dominance, false system, where, they just need an excuse to be in a country, so they fund both sides to create the fake war.  And then the ones that like to be psychopaths and dominate and control everybody, they bring them back here and put them in command. 


Alan: Yes, they do.  And theyíve been doing that for years now.  Every person who applies to be a police officer has a psychological evaluation.  They donít want an IQ over 95 or 98, but they want the brute force type ones, the ones who get off on slaughter and power, and watching civilians quiver in front of them.  Thatís the type theyíve been employing, very deliberately.  Remember, everything is; nothing is happenstance.


Alex: Okay, well let me say this to you, because, because I know theyíre scientific, they study every facet for the military-industrial complex.  But, but the globalists are not invincible.  Give me your take on that.


Alan: It depends how you see it.  You understand, most of whatís happening today is through almost perfect conditioning, generation by generation through the school system, itís taken over by entertainment and television.  And people are pretty well perfectly conditioned.  They really will adapt to almost anything.  They know this by the studies theyíve done already, that the public, the general public will adapt to almost every situation that you push on them.


Alex: Let me stop you right there.  I was on an airplane, and even wrote his name down, and told Ted Anderson about it, and he looked at it on his iPhone, and then later I lost the guyís name, but he was one of the managing director presidents of one of the biggest banks in New York, and I was being flown up there to be on The View.  So, I was in First Class with him.  Heíd come to Austin to visit his dad, that was a retired general.  And he knew who I was, I later learned in the talk, and he said, look, people will muddle through anything.  Whatever we do, theyíll just adapt to it, and we basically use that against them.  And I told him, no, humanity will prevail.  It was kind of like Winston talking to OíBrien.


Alan, Iím going to be honest with you.  Thereís only one area with you that I donít totally agree with you.  And thatís that theyíve got their act completely together.  They have general programs.  Theyíve studied things.  Theyíre worried about the wild card individual.  Youíve talked about that.  But Iíve also heard you talk about, you know, the elite will give us leaders.  And the elite will do all this.  Well, I know Iím for real.  I know that I came out of nowhere by the, you know, going to Access TV and stuff like that.  I know youíre for real and not controlled.  And I know so many other people in the system itself, not just independents like us, that donít like whatís happening.  And I do see a bigger awakening.  And I do see victories.  You know, people canít believe I snuck into Bohemian Grove. 


They think it must have been fake.  People canít believe that other stuff, like they think my David Gurgen is fake.  Well, no.  They never just went and stood outside the main entrance to Madison Square Garden during the RNC, in 2004, knowing bigwigs would come in, to confront them.  I mean, thatís not rocket science to know, okay, thereís one of the back entrances where all the VIPs are coming in.  Letís sit here and eat hot dogs, you know, at this stand for an hour.  And at the time smoke cigarettes.  See who comes in here.  Hey, thatís David Gurgen, letís get him.  People who sit there on the bench cannot imagine men of action.  So, all Iím saying is, people have to believe they can take action, because I know laying down is not going to do anything.  I mean, what do you say to that?


Alan: Well, they know consistently that 80-odd percent of the public will do nothing.  And again, theyíve got all the statistics there, other countries, theyíve measured it.  They did it with the Soviet Union.  Dzerzhinsky said at the time, he says, you can beat them, you can starve them.  He says, will they turn around and fight?  He says, no, theyíll eat each other.  Now, that wasnít the first time in history thatís happened with overwhelming force.  But the public here havenít seen that.  You can read about the brutality on the occasional individual.  We see them tazering folk when theyíre down, unconscious, that kind of stuff.  We see them kicking and punching them.  But, again, we always take it as to be the isolated incident, you see.  It hasnít happened to most people yet.  And because of that, they still think itís being exaggerated when these cases come on television, or the internet, or whatever.  Itís not happened to them.  Theyíll actually do all they can to try and keep normalcy even though youíre going through an abnormal situation. 


Alex: And to keep the illusion of law and order, while they break the law.


Alan: Absolutely.† At the top, letís be honest about it, they break the law all the time at the top, in so many ways.  I mean, if the American people truly were American people.  Remember, the American person of today is not the American person of the 1950s or 40s.  They wouldnít have put up with whatís happening today.  Even the average educated person.


Alex: Well, thatís the hormones.  I mean, thatís the hormones, as you know.  People eat, compared to the 50s diet, a lot healthier now, and theyíre a lot more obese.  Thatís on record.  Theyíre just killing us with the hormones.  And they love it.  Itís fun.


Alan: Yeah.  Also itís to do with the massive education.  If you were ever to try and truly alter the main thing.  I mean, Lenin said the same thing.  Stalin said it too.  You must pay your police, your military, and your teachers the best amounts of money and take care of them, because the teachers, especially, train the next generation.  They indoctrinate the next generation in the agenda.  Itís not the same agenda.  Itís updated, just like a computer gets updated with its programs. 


Alex: And by the way, I saw this article where a six-year old girl, weíll talk about it when we get back briefly, they donít let the parents discipline their children, then the kids get out of control, then they handcuff you, tazer you, put you in a mental institution.  Itís like only the warrior ants can engage in discipline.  Itís ending parenthood.  Weíll be right back.


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Alex: You know, itís depressing to hear some of the things Alan Watt says, but itís better than living in denial.  But I know we can beat these people.  I know that if you have a total awakening by a large enough minority, to the full spectrum of just how bad it is, and how this is a false reality to a great extent, a false environment theyíre trying to complete.  Theyíre not done with it, but theyíre accelerating their program.  And theyíre accelerating their program, because, from my research, they got behind in the 80s and 90s.  Now theyíre trying to catch up.  And now theyíre at warp speed.  Theyíre at warp speed.  Alan, I was mentioning this KENS San Antonio article, and then Iíve got another one here.  This is out of 13WMAZ, ďPolice handcuff six-year-old girl for misbehaving.Ē  And they said, youíre not allowed to spank your kids, but weíre going to tazer them or handcuff them and theyíre charging her with resisting, and now want to put her in the juvenile hall, where sheíll probably get gang-raped and learn how to have diseases.  What is this all about?  Weíre about to go to break, but tell us briefly.


Alan: Again, itís the Sovietization.  They used these techniques in the Soviet system.  And theyíre training the public here to get used to it as well.  Pretty well everything thatís happening is Sovietization.  The regionalism, the Free Trade Agreement all came out of the Council on Foreign Relations.  The Council on Foreign Relations is one of the main spearheads that control all of this in the US, and across the world too.  They run the EU Parliament.  And they boast on their own website in Britain that it was their members that brought in the personal income tax and the property tax, in the States and in Britain.  I mean, these guys want to bring in their planned society, which they rule over totally, with peasants going back to renting, and of course, to get the cash for renting, youíve got to be very politically correct.


Look at interviews.  Iíve got lots of folk telling me about interviews now.  Itís all PC stuff.  ďWhat do you think of this?  What do you think of that?Ē  Itís all the latest upgrade in PC.  And if you get that job, then you can pay your rent, you see.


Alex: Itís all about trendy.  You donít have thoughts.  Youíre successful because you do whatever theyíre told.


Alan: Yeah, and people will adapt into what is politically correct.


Alex: Stay there.  I want to bring up to you how HBO is pushing pedophilia now.  Why are the elite pushing that?  Alan Watt is our guest.


Hour 2


Alex: Iím Alex Jones of Infowars.com.  Alan Watt of cuttingthroughthematrix.com is our guest.  Spot-on research into the globalist hierarchy, we debate just how insurmountable, dislodging ourselves from their grasp is.  But what about just assailing the normal values, having the TSA grope, the TSA every day, new pedophile scandals.  HBO, I donít know if youíve seen this, is now promoting children doing things on TV I canít even say on radio.  And then youíre bad if youíre not into it.  The media makes fun of ďconservatives.Ē  Iím not even what youíd call a conservative.  Iím not a sicko that wants to hurt innocence.  And then youíve got all these comedians doing, talking about how great abortion is, and how killing babies is great.  You know, they say itís fun.  Itís like before, itís a right.  Now, itís like, we like killing babies.  So, weíre really seeing, I guess theyíre turning the public into themselves.  I mean, whatís going on here?


Alan: Well, remember too, the whole Manifesto, and thereís two or three Manifestos for the lower, middle, and high, the top Manifesto talked about what theyíve pretty well accomplished for the majority of the public, and that is the end of the family unit.  Iíve lost count of, thereís so many youngsters phoning me, and theyíve never known a dad, most of them.  A whole generation.  So that was part of it.  Because only the parents, and generally the male, would stand up for protecting his wife and his children.  So that had to be abolished.  Once you destroy the family unit, the male, if heís still a male, has nothing much to fight for except himself, you see.  And heís far more ferocious when heís fighting for the rights of his wife and children.  So, heíd never allow the groping and all this kind of stuff to go on in the first place. 


Plus, again, the culture industry is a big part of this, in the movies.  When you watch movie after movie, and thereís sex, sex, sex, youíre being again, upgraded, just like a program, with the latest download, into the new normal, the new normal, well, thatís acceptable, thatís now acceptable.


Alex: Thatís like what girls watch in all this hardcore porn, the women studies show, donít even really like it.  But then the women start doing it, because, well, thatís what youíre supposed to do. 


Alan: Yes.  And youíve now got women dressing up like theyíre show children.  They go to these parades, these shows that they go to for top beautiful child sort of thing, thatís dressed like a little whore, and the mothers dress exactly the same with them, like an older whore.  I mean, this is the new normal.


Alex: Thatís the new feminism, is turning women into abject whores.


Alan: And once youíve done that, you see, youíve destroyed the family unit.  Thereís no male input into anything.  The males kind of watch all this stuff, and maybe google it too, because theyíre all degenerate as well.  We all become degenerate through our indoctrination, mainly through comedies and television.  The most perverse stuff will start within a comedy, where you donít want to turn it off.  Youíre kind of used to the characters, and it comes near the middle of the story, or the movie, and then youíll follow it to see the end.  The same with thrillers.


Alex: And, again, because they know that when they destroy your normal basic human programming, they override it so you canít recognize threats to society, so youíre just basically being wrecked psychologically.  This is an attack.


Alan: Yes.  And at the United Nations, remember too, which is a big pusher of all of this stuff.  I mean, thatís their prime function, is to destroy all this stuff, and bring in a Sovietized type system.  The Sovietized system, remember is Communitarianism, where itís all run by councils, right down to your local level.  Anyway, getting back to pedophilia and so on, itís being taught, gradually.  And this is a very old thing that they tried to push, even in the Middle Ages in some countries, that withholding your body from a person who wants the use of it is anti-social.  And theyíre teaching this gradually.  Theyíve been teaching it for years now.


Alex: And thatís so they can forcibly inoculate you, which is now beginning without parental consent, and then the state says, not only is it your right, now weíre going to make you, the state wants to, theyíre getting you used to being in your space.


Alan: Yes, and theyíre also doing away, you see, gradually, because theyíre very clever with the use of words and terminology.  I mean, Bush used The Patriot Act, which is the most Unpatriotic Act you could have possibly have passed.  Itís the opposite.


Alex: Letís talk about word games when we come back, and then go to phone calls.  Alan Watt is our guest.  Yeah, I mean look at the TSA.  They take your little child away from you, theyíre crying.  A big fat man comes over and the groping starts, but itís authority doing it.  Theyíre training you to have your children taken.  Weíll be right back.


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Alex: All right.  Weíre going to your phone calls here in a moment.  Christopher first, whoís been patient, and others.  But Alan, I wanted to talk to you about the acceleration of the cashless society.  We always said it was coming.  Even if you use cash, theyíre going to thumbprint or face-scan you.  The IRS, same thing Russia is doing.  If they say you havenít paid taxes, no judge or jury, no proof, plus itís even paid to the private Federal Reserve, so itís illegitimate and a fraud, then you canít leave the country.  Theyíre saying you wonít be able to have a job.  Youíll just be homeless.  All of this is coming into place.  Open war against farmers, ranchers, weíve got some big breaking news on the TSA.  Itís now been announced, theyíve got undercover officers on the streets.  A congresswoman has admitted this, and on buses.  Even here in Texas, in Houston, thatís going up on infowars.com in the next thirty minutes.  All of this is just, I mean, itís leaping forward.  And then the word games they play of how theyíre doing this all for our own good.  Alan Watt.


Alan: Yeah, itís Orwellian, isnít it?  Everything that they do is Orwellian.  It means the opposite of whatever they tell you itís for.  And itís going to escalate and escalate.  Because they do know, they expect kickback from all the laws that theyíre pushing through.  And they run these programs through the RAND Corporation to even give estimates on sporadic violence here and there and kickback from the public, who are very unhappy with whatís happening.  And so, theyíre making sure, like all governments have done in the past, by the way, that theyíve got so many spies out there that they canít miss anything.  They canít rely totally on electronics.  Theyíve got to also listen to conversations in bars, in restaurants, in buses, wherever people are chatting.  Thatís what theyíre out for, to take the pulse of the public, to see if theyíre dumbed down, talking about the latest movie, or theyíre talking about, you know, this is pretty awful whatís happening with taxes and so on.  Or, America is becoming a scary place.  Thatís what theyíre out there to do.  Britain did it even in the early 1900s, when they sent Lawrence, who became Lawrence of Arabia. 


Alex: Oh, BBC, a few years ago, if they hear you just say you donít like open borders they arrest you, even though thereís no law, they arrest you just to create a total fear.  And I told people, the TSA is the new Gestapo, minimum wage thug, which Stalin, Hitler, they all create their little goon force, and then expand it, and theyíre now everywhere, and again, theyíre caught committing crimes everywhere.  Theyíre just acclimating us to that.  And now theyíre admitting on Houston TV, and weíve got the report going up, that yes, a Congresswoman is so proud of it, theyíre there spying on everyone.  So now, spying and people are like, man itís good.  And then I randomly go to churches now to check them out, and even little country churches are like, worship your government.  I mean, itís just total Soviet Union.


Alan: Yeah, because they all belong to the World Council of Churches and Rockefeller started that up for that very purpose long ago.  So, youíre living in a planned society.  Weíre going generation through generation through a plan.  And theyíll update the plan once in a while, fine tune it here and there when they want it to be more effective.  But the reason they publish these articles themselves is to instill into everyone to be like the Soviets were too.  You walk along the street.  You look at the sidewalk.  Donít look up.  Donít look at anybody in the eyes.  Donít make conversation.  Youíre being trained, literally, not to express your thoughts.


Alex: And you donít care if they kill you with GMO and cancer viruses and fluoride and radiation, as long as everybody leaves you alone and youíre comfortable.  So, itís all these cowards, who are just afraid of being looked at.  So, they wear the proper outfit to be trendy, whatever that is in their area.  And then, thatís just it.  And we better shut up.  You know, the governmentís corrupt.  Alex is still a kook and crazy and so is Alan Watt but itís all real so we just better shut up.


Alan: Yeah. Itís all training the public.  And again, itís great too with their iPhones.  They can stare at that, instead of staring at people.  And simply, you live in your own little world, out amongst the general public.  Thatís the whole training exercise of it.  Donít be involved.


Alex: How do we shock people out of the trance?  Because I do see a lot of people coming out of the trance.  It is a minority, but itís explosive compared to what it used to be. 


Alan: And they have to get ready to start expressing themselves.  You understand, any change at all, and Iím talking about even peaceful change, will still take sacrifice, of many individuals, who are persecuted and tortured or killed, until enough of them are tortured and killed, until even the general public say, you know, this canít go on.  And thatís whatís happened in the past, when tyrannies have risen up to this height.  So, itís not a matter of looking for a big, massive group to form.  Generally they fall back into the con game of politics.  Theyíre infiltrated and then it goes round in circles.  Both parties, and Carroll Quigley said that, since the late 1800s, at the top levels, have belonged to the same organization, and across the world.  So, itís nothing new.


So, you understand, something else has to happen here.  Everything, of course, is within the publicís ability, but the public are never unified on anything.  And they could stop going to work tomorrow.  They could stop driving their cars.  They could stop paying their taxes.  They could stop doing a hundred things, but they wonít be unified in doing it.  And again, the elite make sure that a good percentage are terrified of being singled out, and made an example of, and thatís the common thing.  They make an example of you.  Or else, if they are married, or they have a partner or whatever, the partner will nag them.  ďDonít stick your head up.  Donít bring the heat on our houseĒ and so on.  So, itís fear that keeps people down.  And fear allows tyranny.


Alex: And itís like, give the kids the cancer shots, because, you know, they might get in our face about it.  So, go ahead and brain damage our kid.


Alan: Oh, yeah.  I mean, thereís no doubt about it.  I mean, just going over the statistics, and you can get them anywhere, pretty well, the graphs for autism and the introduction in the 50s of all the inoculations, and theyíre side by side on the same graph as it skyrockets across the country.


Alex: Well, pediatric cancer, on average is up 10,000%.  And I havenít done the graph on it, but if roughly 30-something years ago, autism was 1 in 25,340-something, and then now, depending on the actuary, itís 1 in 65 or 1 in 54.  It varies right in that area.  And folks can pull up the numbers on that.  I mean, how many thousand point increase is that?  Or diabetes, I know, is like 3000% for Type 2.


Alan: Yeah.  And if you tack into that, itís about 1 in 4, 1 in 5, whoís got a form of autism.  Because, really, attention deficit, hyperactivity, all these things, are simply degrees of the same thing.  Real autism, of course, is when itís really pronounced and they canít look you in the face, and they canít pay attention to you at all.  But youíve got all these other categories as well. 


Now, interestingly enough too, the World Health Organization announced about three, four months ago from their own website, that theyíre getting ready for these Third World countries that theyíre so-called liberating and bringing into the new system, to bring them up with their standard of living, well the first ones in are the World Health Organization.  And they said, theyíre going to have to do multi-vaccinations on everyone.  And then it said, theyíll have to get ready for the sudden, tremendous increase in cancers.  This is from the United Nationsí website.  They know what theyíre doing.  This is deliberate. 


So, you understand, itís already happened to us.


Alex: Oh, yeah. I know.  I saw a big American Medical Association report where they said, we need to start giving children painkillers and tell them to go lie down and get in bed for a day when we give them the shots, because itís freaking mothers out to give them the shot and they throw up, get sick, convulse, and theyíre just like, itís normal.  Thereís special things in this.  And all the doctors who have gone along with it, theyíre not consciously aiding and abetting, but they have to like fully commit to it, because they know itís crazy deep down.  I mean, itís just, theyíre getting everybody ready.  Itís like, itís time to die.  Itís time to have fun.


Alan: Well, thatís it.  You know, increased death and early death now becomes normal.  They normalize everything that they bring into the system.  And, you know, right now, itís not like having five people on your street dying all at once.  But eventually it will get to that step and even then, people will say, whatís going on, and theyíll want to believe the doctorsí excuses, and itís just one of them things, etc. 


People always take the easy way for their own mental, what they think is their mental health.  ďI wonít look at the bad stuff.  I prefer to listen to...Ē


Alex: Yeah, thatís delusion over reality.  Oh, itís too scary theyíre doing this to my kid.  Iíll just do it and hope everything is all right.


Alan: And the doctor, the doctor will give you the scientific explanation, of course, which is no explanation at all.  Itís just a cover.  But youíll want to believe it, because youíll avoid pain.


Alex: No, no, no.  Doctors will still lie and say thereís not mercury, and Iíve got my listeners, who go, give me the insert.  And they go, hereís the thimerosal.  And the doctor is like, ďOh, you got me.Ē  Because the mid level folks get off on lying.  Itís like a power to deceive somebody.  They enjoy it.  Oh, yes.


Alan: And thatís what they do.  And actually, you understand, thereís a psychology behind all of this, even with the elite, how it affects them.  Because, as the public go along and adapt to all this stuff, they adapt to massive autism, diabetes, all the cancers, juvenile arthritis, all these things.


Alex: And they always create a gimmick.  Weíll have a race for breast cancer.  Not to find a cure.  Not to find out why itís up by several thousand percent.


Alan: Itís never asked.


Alex: And theyíll make it fun, like, the kids are all getting cancer, but they get a cancer Barbie.  Put it back up.


Alan: Yeah.  And that becomes cute.  And Oprah will show it, Iím sure, and all the rest of them, because thatís how theyíre all conditioned now, is through the big television talk shows like Oprah.


Alex: Because fifty years ago, they would put medical students on aircraft or trains to fly in hundreds a day, to come see a child with cancer.  But now weíve been given the gift.  And people are like, whatís wrong with a cancer Barbie for kids with cancer?  No, Iím saying, letís find out why theyíre all getting cancer.  Oh, I happen to know.  The people running things are murdering our children.  And people are like, well, thatís just too extreme.  Yeah, I know, reality is extreme. 


Alan: Yes.  And theyíve built these massive new hospitals in the States, and in Canada.  They look like big factory blocks.  Huge things.  And to treat cancers and the dying.  And of course, youíre offered euthanasia. 


Alex: Well thatís how weíve got our new economy now.  Prisons, cancer wards, brain damage, diabetes.  The fruits of New World Order.  NAFTA, GATT, no jobs, giant crime waves, huge prisons, truncheons, tazers, tazer bracelets, children wearing tazers in school.  Death, murder, stinking war.  Millions of dead Iraqis.  Trendy.  Oh, itís wonderful, Alan.


Alan: Thatís what theyíve done.  And then again, they turn so much of what was governmentís job, you know, at one time, over to private sectors, including the health industries in Britain and elsewhere, for profit, of course.  And so then, the next debate comes in, oh, itís costing too much to treat these people.


Alex: Alan, stay there.  Weíve got to keep you even longer now.  I promise Iíll get to Christopher, whoís been holding for quite a spell.  Skywalker, Judy, Jessica.  Whoís been holding the longest?  Christopher, Skywalker, then Jessica, Richard, Judy.  Weíre going to get to all of you.  Alan Watt on with us now.  And it sounds really horrible, but arenít you glad you know now?  Arenít you glad?  And then later Iíve got a special question for Alan Watt.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: All right, this segment and a little bit of the next, Iíll jam in five of your calls or so for Alan Watt.  And then I want to get into Ted Nugent and this video that the establishment globalists are freaking out about, where he talks about Obama being a criminal.  Which he is a criminal.  But, Mitt Romney is going to save us.  And this is part of the mind game that people play.  So, Iím going to talk about that coming up.  Christopher in Missouri, youíre on the air with Alan Watt.  Go ahead.  Christopher, going once, going twice, gone.  Okay, Christopher.  Letís go ahead and go to Skywalker in California.  Youíre on the air.


Skywalker: Hi.  I just want to talk about the situation that happened on Thursday.  I live in Modesto California.  I live like five blocks away from where the sheriff deputy got killed on the eviction notice.  I heard rumors that day when it was happening, on a Facebook feed, that it was an army vet that actually did it, and they couldnít find him.  He like barricaded himself in the building and when they burnt it up, they found a body that was just bones, they donít know if itís a male or female.  So, Iím thinking it was a cover up.


Alex: Yeah.  I saw that report.  And as they go, to take farms, ranches, and the cops reportedly just burned it down.  The new thing is theyíre going to burn you out.  But, people arenít going to just be waiting to be burned out in the future.  Thereís a lot of evidence they murdered this guy up in Georgia, burned his house down with him in it.  And we got there, and the police said, youíre not allowed to film the city hall, and youíre not allowed to enter.  This is not America is basically what they told us.  I played that yesterday.  Alan Watt, weíre going to see more and more of this arenít we?


Alan: Definitely, again, go back to the old videos.  Thereís plenty up there on the net to do with the Soviet system in the Ukraine and in Russia, where they sent the armies after farmers.  And not all of them caved in.  Lots of them went down with their houses, and you see them firing back at the troops and so on, as they tried to take off the only little bit of property they had and their livelihood away from them.  This is obviously, again, itís a global agenda.  Itís not happening just in one country.  Whatever happens in America is happening across the world at the same time, because theyíre standardizing the culture of the world, and the system of the world for global government, you see.


Alex: Well said.  Anything else, Skywalker?


Skywalker: One more thing.  Itís surprising to see it in my neighborhood, happening in front of my eyes, but yesterday, the two neighboring towns, two people were killed by two different officers on two different incidents.  One was a report for a family dispute, but it turned into the officer had to shoot him and he ended up dying.


Alex: Yeah.  Whatís going to happen is the public is degenerating.  The police are degenerating and stressed out.  And thereís five million guns or more being sold a month.  And the police are going to start getting scared and theyíre going to start killing people.  And so, the public is going to start just shooting when they see police, which is a bad idea.  And thatís what they want.  The globalists want a civil war.  Thank you, Skywalker.  Do you agree with my statement on that, that the globalists donít care if the military and police get chewed up?  They want to have a civil war in North America. 


Alan: Iíd say so.  In order to justify with overwhelming force, in a pre-planned agenda of how theyíd tackle it all, to buckle whatís left really down into obeyance.  Thatís what itís for.


Alex: And SVP says that, as you know.  The North American Union documents weíve got, they admit that.


Alan: And also too, the police are not the same police.  They have been trained to be paranoid of the public for years now.  But theyíve also been given permission.  Itís a tacit admission and permission to simply tazer the people to death or shoot them, kill them.  The inquiries go nowhere.  Eventually theyíll just do away with inquiries all together.  Thatís where itís going.


Alex: Well said, Alan.  Letís now go to Jessica in Texas.  Jessica, youíre on the air.  Welcome.


Jessica: Hi, Alex.  Iím wondering what you think is the realistic level of complicity by the media, politicians and Hollywood in bringing in the New World Order.  Do you think that theyíre aware of what theyíre helping to create?


Alex: Yeah.  I just talked to a national media figure today who was actually brought into the meeting and given the speech that I was given years ago, that, sell out, youíll get all this power.  And of course, heís all freaked out about it.  But the point is that low-level media just regurgitates the national media.  At a local TV station, you get national packages and then just read your voice, so it looks like itís local.  Or you stand there and read it.  So, itís talking points.  Most people are just thinking about how they want to go home and get drunk, or go home and see their girlfriend, or go to the park and play Frisbee golf.  So, itís a selfishness.  Iíd say, what, 95% of people that work for the system donít know it, Alan. 


Alan: A lot of them, well, actually, a lot of them do know it as well.  She made a good point about Hollywood.  Hollywood is an essential arm, itís the essential arm for the culture industry. 


Alex: Tell you what, stay there and I want her to stay there too.  Jessica weíre going to come back and have a follow-up and let Alan comment on that riveting information.  Iím talking about locals, 95%.  Oh, yeah.  If you get into manager levels of Hollywood, national TV and stuff, these people are smart enough to know whatís going on and to follow orders, and they get off on it.  So, I agree with that statement.  So, just enjoy then.  Weíll be right back.  Stay with us. 


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Alex: I was just looking at Infowars.com and one of the top stories there in the tiles, ďJohn Stewart Exposes the Fraud of the Federal Reserve.Ē  John Stewartís brother is the head of the New York Stock Exchange.  John Stewart is a fake stage name.  And you talk about victory.  The fact that fifteen years ago I would have national media call me and say, ďYou are insane.  The Federal Reserve is not private, and itís racist to say it is.Ē  That Iím racist.  You know, that they would inject that.  Donít like government healthcare?  Youíre a racist.  They just throw that in there.  It doesnít make any sense.  Itís a non sequitur.  They do it.  And now, all these years later, over 90% in major polls know the Federal Reserve is private.  So, now, John Stewart can expose it to his idiot viewers.  Of course, theyíll just change the name.  I predict, when the charter comes up next year, in 2013, that theyíre going to change the name of it.  Theyíre going to reincorporate, same owners, new name.  At least theyíre going to try it.  Now, going back to Alan Watt and Jessica in Texas.  Alan, you were cut off by the break, getting into Hollywood, and how many people in the media system know what theyíre doing.  Go ahead. 


Alan: Well, I put a list up of the CFR members, from their own website in the US.  And anybody who is any kind of reporter at all, across the whole country and the world, is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. You canít join it.  You have to be asked to join after youíve been vetted for your opinions on things.  Will you go along with this agenda?  Yep.  And thatís it. 


And getting back to Hollywood though, Hollywood was almost like an invasion into the US.  People donít even know how it started from the European guilds that came over, especially when Hitler was coming in.  And they started pushing their Communist ideals through movies, right away, again, destruction of the family unit, affairs.  Everybody had affairs in the movies, and made it exciting.  And the same techniques were used, until of course, they had the anti-American hearings, of course.  And even the top owners of some of these big television companies, big movie companies had to admit they had employed lots of writers and they blamed the writers for bringing all this Communistic stuff in, all the agendas.  And then they cooled it down for years and gave you nothing but Westerns after that.  Do you remember that?  Lots and lots and lots of Westerns with not too much political mention at all in the dialogue.  But then they went back again.


Alex: Yeah, just pro-war, so they shifted.  And again, folks in Hollywood have admitted that they saw it as revolutionaries to destroy Christianity and destroy the family ethic, to render us down to be weak, servile minions. 


Alan: Thatís right.  And also Susan Sarandon came on television at one of the big meetings, big, big award things for actors and producers, she was on live television, along with Michael Moore, of course, and she said, ďWe are the culture creators.Ē  So, see, thatís how they refer to themselves in the industry.† They donít follow culture.  They create the next part of culture.  They update you, you see.  And thatís well known amongst all the Hollywood peoples, what theyíre actually doing.  They are the prime people to give us our thoughts, our emotions about things.  Most folk think emotionally.  They donít think through logic.  And you remember the scenes, etc, with emotion attached to it, and of course, you donít understand that this is all to affect you and alter your opinions.


Alex: And by the way, I have at the highest levels, take Jesse Venturaís TV show, when we actually got shows on about FEMA camps and the takeover plans, Homeland Security threatened people.  Once youíre part of something and as a journalist you promise not to reveal things.  I canít go into all of it, but it was stuff being broken into, threats, not just Congressmen calling, and they took that show off the air.  And then now, basically, Iím not even going to get into it.  People are like, whereís the third season?  Well.  The point is that itís real.  And I just talked to another national media figure earlier who said, oh, my God, itís all real.  And I know all the behind the scenes stuff.  And of course, heís like, in confidence, Iím going to tell you this now, because this was in confidence, and itís so real.  Itís so real.  Itís so real.  And people say, well, if you were in media meetings over the years, and people offered you jobs and admitted the New World Order was real, why donít you expose them?  Because they say, as a journalist or in business, weíre going to offer you this, but this is off record.  If I ever break an oath, then thereís no point in people ever giving me information.  Now, if it was of a criminal act, like hurting children or something, I would break it, or a bank robbery.  And itís also the way they, the way they do it.  Iím just telling them that when Iím talking to fade the caller down, because thereís a buzz on the line. 


The point is, that when youíre sitting there talking to people, itís like, well, yeah, thereís got to be a global government to help people.  And weíve got to get rid of this system to bring it in, and weíre going to help others.  And it needs to be managed.  And yeah, itís real, but the public doesnít want freedom.  The fact that youíre to the point youíve gotten means youíre one of us.  Youíre successful.  Join the team.  Itís almost like ďThey LiveĒ, when they get into the underground complex and they see the guy they thought was just a bum, but was really a spy working with the off-worlders.  And heís like, ďHey, guys.  Good to know you made it.  Got to get yourself some fancier duds now that youíve joined the team.  Letís go on in.Ē  And heís like, ďIncredible technology, isnít it boys.  Itís good to be on the winning team, isnít it.  You know you want it.  You know you wanted to join the team, boy.Ē  Iím sorry.  Go ahead, Alan.


Alan: Well, thatís exactly how it is.  And so self-interest and ego is pampered to.  And most people take the bait and go with it.  They think, ďokay, I donít belong to the masses anymore.  I belong to a better group.Ē  And thatís how they literally see it and talk about it amongst themselves.  So, but Hollywood itself is the culture industry which gives you the updates on the culture.  And the people follow it, because, monkey see, monkey do.  Thatís what they said, you know, sixty years ago in Hollywood.


Alex: Have you had them come to you and say, Alan, youíre really smart.  You know, you really know whatís going on.  Join us.  Because thatís the speech everybody gets.


Alan: Iíve been approached by the top ones, whoíve asked me to come to the Round Table Societies for the Global Citizenship Committees, for the Council on Foreign Relations.


Alex: I have too.  Iíve been invited to the UN, everything. 


Alan: And of course, I wonít take the bait, and I know too, if I did, Iíd be sitting on easy street.


Alex: So, you get there, and thereís like a gorgeous woman whoís going to be with you for the weekend, and all these business opportunities.  People are like, oh, that sounds great.  Sell out.  Sell out.  No. It is a heartless, soulless system.  I will not.


Alan: And then theyíd even offer to you, theyíll do all, you donít have to write your own books.  Ghostwriters will just churn out books for you, one after another, you know, because youíre useful.  Once youíre a public figure, you see, they can use you.


Alex: They told me, youíll be a big national talk show host whoís young, like Limbaugh.  Youíll be on TV.  I was described Glen Beckís job before he even had a political show.  Three separate times by different groups.  I mean, they were looking for the new Glen Beck.


Alan: Well, yeah.  And itís in the Council on Foreign Relations own reports.  I have them here, where, a few years ago, Iíve kept them all, where they said theyíd have to take on board more celebrity figures in the culture, actors, even talk show hosts and bring them on board, because the public will follow them, like sheep you see.  And they did.  They recruited quite a few from Hollywood now, to lead their fans along this new way of thinking of globalism, internationalism.  And of course, the people are already going along with them.  Whatever they say, theyíll start parroting it too.  ďShe said that.  Iíll parrot it.Ē


Alex: And notice, they take people like Charlie Rose, and heís got ABC shows. Heís got PBS shows.  And heís one of the few journalists allowed into Bilderberg.  Letís go back to Jessica.  Jessica, does that answer your question?


Jessica: Yes, it does.  And Iíd also just like to say that I notice how you often make reference to historical events and I think thatís really important in giving people context for whatís going on now.  And I was hoping that you would consider having a contest for writers in addition for your contest for reporters so that people like me have a platform to submit the things that we write about and the research that we do.


Alex: Well, number one, anybody can submit stuff to writers at InfoWars.com.  And from your blog or whatever.  Weíll post it with a link, you know, at the top to your blog, if we can read over it and find that we think itís accurate information.  So, you can write for InfoWars.com.  I mean, I donít do what other people do, is go through all the other sites and try to take peopleís contributors.  Sometimes sites that want us to post their stuff later say donít post it.  And I watch their Alexa rating drop.  You know, because they think that being on our site actually takes traffic, when it actually gives them traffic.  But all we care about is getting the info out.  So, if youíd like to write stories for us, go ahead.  But an on-staff writer job would be good.  We just have the limited capital.  In the final equation, if I can pay my people a living wage, and try to give them bonuses, so they can be comfortable in their work, I canít hire that many more people.  But weíre working on it.  Thank you so much.


Letís jam in some other calls now quickly.  Judy in Florida, youíre on the air.  Go ahead.


Judy: Hey.  This is a dream phone call for me.  Iíve actually spoken with both of you gentlemen and itís an honor to speak with you now.  Can you hear me okay?


Alex: Yes, we can.


Judy: Good.  What Iíve been thinking while Iíve been listening to you, and just what I consider a lot is that weíre in a time right now where I think thereís going to probably be, probably fairly soon, some type of false flag.  And, I hope Iím wrong.  But it seems as though thereís two paths.  See, the acceleration is occurring, because, as Iíve heard Alan say, the globalists are right on course.  Or they could be just as fearful as theyíre trying to make us.  And I was wondering what your thoughts are, both of you, on whether or not, if there was a day when everyone, including those of means, those in Hollywood that had consciences, people, I mean, thereís organizations that Iíve worked with.


Alex: Sure, sure.  A day that we do what? 


Judy:  In order to, internationally, show a, you know, not just a disdain, but to, you know, go to government places and say, we want individuals removed.  We want this to happen now.  And to show this peaceful force of people that would be.


Alex: Sure, sure.  Hereís the deal, like shark teeth, and I appreciate your call, another row of teeth will roll up.  Youíve got to expose the entire false system, or theyíll just replace it with new puppets.  Youíve got to have a full awakening, and Brzezinski did say a few years ago that humanity is waking up politically for the first time in history, to the man behind the throne.  And in that is the victory, in realizing youíre in a manipulated, scientific dictatorship.  In that.  You know, Iím not saying itís a bad idea just to go have a day, but we need like not an anti-corporate day or an anti-whatever day.  An anti-scientific-dictatorship day.  Alan?


Alan: You do, but you also have to write about and get into how many nongovernmental organizations are attached to every government across the world.  The same ones, by the way, by the same foundations, who help make policy for governments to run.  Remember, divide and conquer was the initial way of the Communist system.  And under different names, the same system, same guys, same people, pushing the same stuff.  And theyíve got so much divisiveness in society now.  Rights of the Child, means no rights of the parents.  Theyíve got men and women as a couple almost eliminated.  And of course, they really want to eliminate it.


Alex: Yeah, if you want to defeat the New World Order, get families back, get humanity back.  Thatís how you defeat the New World Order.


Alan: And youíd have to literally wipe out, I mean get rid of, just expel them all, all these governmental organizations that now are appointees to governments, across the world.  Theyíre the same ones.  And the ones that cause the divisiveness, etc, etc, and who know the agenda and know their part in it, and who get legislation on the books.  You donít elect them in.  And therefore, they shouldnít be there at all.


Alex: Youíre right.  The unelected boards, the NGOs, the shadow government.  Kick it out.  Identify the shadow government, the parasite illegitimate system.  Kick it out.  Get rid of the Federal Reserve.  Get rid of it all.  Great points.


Richard in Canada.  Richard, youíre on the air.  Go ahead.


Richard: Hi, guys.  I just wanted to say, growing up in this little town I live in, in Canada, there were four main pedophiles.  One was a cop, not to put down police officers, because of a bad apple.  One was a priest.  One was a teacher.  And the fourth one was a high ranking member of the Mormon Church.  And the other thing I want to point out is now Iím forty years old.  And you know, we tend to look at pedophiles as being an old man.  But Iím of that generation now.  Iím of that age group, where, you know, look at Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray, and half-naked pictures of them on television, and this sort of thing.  And, I donít know, maybe Iím not making a lot of sense, but Iím seeing the demise of our society and the pedophilia thing seems to be...


Alex: Look, itís just like Rome.  Itís just like the Aztecs.  Weíre a society in deep, deep decadence. 


Alan: Well, you understand, too...


Richard: And it seems like itís organized.


Alex: Sure.  Go ahead, Alan.


Alan: It is.  Hereís the kicker for this one.  They want to do away with the name pedophilia altogether.  The United Nations has said this, and the International Department of Censors.  They have their meetings every year for your Censor Committees.


Alex: NAMBLA is an NGO.  Exactly.  They love NAMBLA.  They love it.


Alan: Well, they actually say that they want to do away, two professors said it at the same time, same script, actually, Canada and the States after the last Censor Meeting for Television, internationally, that they had.  They said, now that weíve won the rights for homosexuality, we must now go into removing pedophilia from the books and introducing animal-human sex as well.


Alex: And bestiality.  That was in one of the bills they passed, that the troops can have sex with animals on base, yeah.


Alan: And that was straight from the United Nations and professors at universities, etc, because, you understand, everything that they introduce this way, causes an opposite reaction.  Thereís chaos in different new areas now.  And then the government steps in with even more authority, new bureaucracies to deal with all that, until eventually thereís no family at all.


Alex: Exactly, and before you know it, youíre a pedo-phobe.  Youíre a bad person, because you donít want them grabbing your five-year-old.


Alan: Thatís right.  So, thatís the whole thing.  Government wants to run everybodyís life from cradle to grave.  So the more chaos they can introduce by legislation, the better for them.  And now theyíve got, even, someone sent me a disc, I donít watch television, so they sent me a disc from whatís showing in Britain, and theyíre showing you twelve-year, thirteen-year-old girls with guys in their fifties, sixties, and how much they love each other.


Alex: And parties eating fetuses. 


Alan: Yes, that too.  So, youíre being totally degraded and degenerated, until you cannot take care of yourself or your own.  Thatís the whole purpose of this.  Itís a war.


Alex: And then, just like in one of the old books of the Bible, is it Genesis, where theyíre in Sodom and Gomorrah, and the guys come to the door and bang on it, and say, give us your kids.


Alan: Yeah.  And your boys.  I mean, it was really the boys they were after, you know.  And of course, he offered his wife to them.  They didnít want the wife.


Alex: Thatís right.  Heís like, hereís my wife.  Theyíre like, no.  We want your little kids.  They want to wreck the innocence.  Itís always the legion vanguard of the New World Order for thousands of years, is pot-bellied men coming for your children.  And thatís the TSA.  I mean, this is a planet pedophile, ruled by pedophiles with nuclear weapons. 


Alan: Yes.  And as I say, it strips all, theyíve already stripped almost all the rights of the parents away, if thereís a parent at all, and then of course theyíre given the Rights of the Child, with the intention that the child can then make their own decision if theyíre going to have sex with this old geezer.  I mean, thatís really what it is.  And theyíve actually used that already, that course in some cases in court. 


Alex: Well, thatís why theyíre saying theyíre going to inoculate kids and have abortions if the ten-year-old says they want it.  Again, and they say itís their consent.  I mean, and they say theyíre going to start killing children up to age three.  We havenít talked about that.  Alan Watt, incredible, incredible having you on with us today.



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