August 2, 2007





Alex:  They've got the government going around saying have a week's supply of food because Al-Qaeda is going to nuke us. That's not the real threat. The threat is the military-industrial-complex staging some kind of nuke attack; and believe me, they may do it. The economy could implode. That's already starting to happen. I don't want that to happen. I fight against that happening. That may not happen. Speaking of somebody's who's prepared, he's in the outback of Canada. He lives off a wood burning stove out in the country but he's got a website. We've got links to it on He's Alan Watt – meant to have him up for an hour and half but this tip piece news broke and so we're talking about that, but I want to get him back in the next few weeks for a full two hours. Alan Watt, tell us again a little bit about your background and let's get into this whole Hearst Publishing thing and media manipulation because you're well versed on that.


Alan:  I’ve followed the history of these characters that give us our perceptions – and that's the whole thing. Perceptions become reality for the general public. They don't imagine that they've been lied to on a daily basis everyday of their lives by the major media; and yet, if you go into the histories of these media, especially the Hearst and other families, these are the guys who helped start wars by saying it was already underway. Nothing was really happening. They did that with the American Spanish War and Hearst sent his men down there to see what was happening. Nothing was happening. He says, “Make it happen. Just write about it and say there's a war started.” That's how the whole thing started. Next thing you know the American citizenry was all gung ho for it thinking it's really happening.  They created a war, a fictional war to begin with.


Alex:  Yes. They wrote stories about how the Cubans were raping all the women and atrocities and camps, and then finally blew the battleship up; and that goes things going nicely.


Alan:  This is nothing new to them. If people could understand the major media has always been in the business of controlling the minds of the populations, they begin to catch on; but they've been trained over the last 30 years especially. Zbigniew Brzezinski went into this whole process when he said, in his own book "The Grand Chessboard" and "Between Two Ages" he said, "Shortly the public will be unable to reason for themselves. They'll only be able to repeat what they've learned on the previous night's news.”  That's happened for most people. They cannot imagine they're being lied to on such an incredibly grand scale, even though Goebbels the propagandist for Hitler said, “When you're going to tell a lie you tell the biggest lie possible.”


Alex:  I use this example a lot, because it's simple. Both the chairman of the House and Senate Arms Services Committees do not know the difference between a Shiite and Sunni.  The general public can't even find these countries on maps.


Alan:  They can't. I watched that on a so-called newscast not long ago, and they were asking the average American where these countries were. A few of them were actually pinpointing Australia.


Alex:  Yes, I saw that video. That's where they thought Al-Qaeda lived.


Alan:  That's right, so you know you have an ignorant population easily led, easily manipulated. They're on a roll now. The whole thing is run through fear.


Alex:  Remember a year or two ago when gas hit $78 a barrel. It's now almost 80 dollars a barrel and people don't even know what that means. The dollar is plunging at free-fall speeds. I'm totally freaked out and the average yuppie is just getting more nose rings.


Alan:  It's funny because Donald Rumsfeld came on the news when the oil went past the $50 a barrel mark and he said the psychological barrier has been broken. He said don't be surprised to see it double in the course of a year.


Alex:  The New York Times saying $100 a barrel, folks. That's going to mean $5 to $6 a gallon depending on where you live within a year.


Alan:  That goes right along with again the Kyoto accord. People better take note of this Kyoto accord, where all the leaders have signed in to cutback all emissions of all vehicles.


Alex:  They say it's not just a form of taxation grid but to blow out the middle class further in England, Canada, and Western Europe who are so broke we literally have to go into their system.


Alan:  We must go. That's the whole thing; and then eventually to clear out the rural areas. They're going to tax them even more.


Alex:  The new animal ID and premise ID in Canada with inspectors to shut you down.


Alan:  Yes, and move you to these so-called habitat areas, just overcrowded cities where there will be no private property according to the United Nations. There'll be no private property.


Alex:  Federal courts have now ruled if you live in housing you have no Bill of Rights.


Alan:  Yes. In Canada, I cannot buy oil for my tank if I wanted to use oil heating. That's why I'm getting wood in, unless I pay the government to inspect my premises and my oil burner – and I told them where to go with it.


Alex:  People have no idea, Alan, how vicious this elite is. How soon do you think on the timeline where they're at right now until they'll be doing just a huge mass exterminations?


Alan:  It’s within the next two to five years, because they have to do something to keep this panic going, this change. It's this change they're after. Panic and change to get us all panicking. They'll direct the changes and where we're supposed to go; and it's on a roll. Rumsfeld said something after 9/11, and these characters don't just talk off the top of their heads. It's all symbolic and occultic for the higher boys involved. He said this war might take 100 years. He didn't mean just the war with the Middle East. It was a war to change the whole structure in society of the world.


Alex:  It's a war on humanity. It's a war on goodness. Briefly, because I concur with your analysis, but I want to get your angle on it, how they revel in hurting innocence. How they have a kind of profane logic and it is genius how they work things – their Order out of Chao system.


Alan:  It's well known in the higher sciences, even in ancient times.  Plato and others wrote about it, of how to change society drastically, at the end of ages as they call it and how you must completely destroy all that was, in order to make room for all that will be new. They're talking about a completely reorganized structured society coming from a caring society with some humanity or some humanitarian causes, be it at the top of the list, and changing into a society of service – Service to a world state.


Alex:  They opened the Club of Rome last year with the Prince of Jordan leading it; and of course they probably say reduce 80% of the public; and he started with an H.G. Wells quote, and to paraphrase. I actually have it here on the stack. Maybe during the break, I'll dig it out, Alan.  He says in there and I'm sure you're aware of it. He says, there are no morals, no compass and that we should be ruthless like the universe and we should be, and so they say it's scientific that they're allowed to kill and murder and it's a good thing, but I guarantee you if they're the ones getting killed or murdered - they don't see it that way.


Alan:  Absolutely. These guys are psychopathic, inbred and at the top of every country of the world, the people who have risen there and become the aristocracy of all cultures and races, tend to be psychopathic to fight and claw and kill to get up there and hold on to power and garnish all the wealth from all the people below them.  We have inbred hereditary psychopaths that have formed a huge club. They are the global elite. They all go over to London to get knighted, even the Japanese ones at the top and a lot of the United States ones. That's what gets me. Even the top gangsters want to get knighted by the Queen. It's quite an amazing thing to see how they all arrive at the top by clawing their way up and destroying many people to get up there, and then they want to get knighted by the Queen. That's their mark or their badge of honor, being accepted into nobility.


Alex:  Powell wasn't just made a knight. He was made a knight commander.


Alan:  Yes; and of course Papa Bush got knighted and Kissinger got knighted.


Alex:  --Also Knight Commanders. Again, it’s come out that the Queen actually owns controlling interest in most of the tabloids that are making fun of herself. She creates an artificial image of herself as a booby, when in reality she's completely wicked.


Alan:  That's right. It's incredibly amazing to show the Royal families propagandist team making propaganda movies about royalty; and two or three years later, they're allowed to expose how they did it and how it was all fictional. They're so arrogant about it.


Alex:  The average person says the Queen's a joke. She can't run anything and I'm like, she produced all that? She literally owns half of Canada, the oil. Every time I say that I get an email going that's not true and we have all the proof she literally owns Australia, Canada, South Africa. The blacks didn’t get South Africa, folks. We'll be right back with Alan Watt and talk about a lot more. I'll tell you about his website. Please stay with us.


Folks, the elites thousands of years ago learned about psychology, how to control civilizations. It wasn't about who could create the best art or who was the best craftsman or who knew how to plant crops the best. It was who knew how to manipulate and lie to people, and so we now have a synthesis and private guilds who guard this knowledge. Private intelligence agencies and they have a lot of occult trappings because they're so ancient they've vestigially kept all of that, but they also believe in it and they are predatory. They revel in hurting us. They revel in being ruthless - just like a killer whale might play with a baby seal before it eats it before it slings it about its head; and then we've been conditioned though – a baby seal will run from a killer whale. We've been conditioned to hop right over to it so it can eat us at its leisure and then rip us apart in front of everyone, and the baby seals run forward thinking it's mama. This is mind control.


Alan Watt, you're up in Canada. Bush a few months ago on C-Span, it's in my film "End Game" coming out, said they're merging the North American Union with Europe. They say we're now merging – they're already merging that. We can't even get Americans and Canadians to know when we have VSPP documents that they're merging them. They just say it's all lies, all lies and about 30, 40 percent of the public still buys it. The rest know what's happening but still just caught up in arguing with the denial. That's mind control, isn't it?


Alan: It is mind control. It's also legalistic. They legally tell you what they're doing and then you have the media coming on and almost drifting you back off into the irrelevant little stories. People think “things are really still normal” and so they're in a form of – they are under mind control, there's no doubt.


Alex:  Yes. They introduce it to Pavlovianly acclimate you to accepting; and then at the same time come in and deny, which psychologically creates where you like the media. The government tells you Al-Qaeda is going to get you and then the media says, “No, it wasn't a real threat.” They were just warning you. Everything's okay. Bush will say Al-Qaeda is going to hit and the next they say “no it isn't a threat,” so he scares you and then he also comforts you.


Alan:  They put you in a form of disassociation. You're dissociated with reality; and because it seems so confusing, the average person will simply close down to that and put it out of their mind and carry on as usual. That is a psychological process.


Alex:  Alan, it's so obvious to me and so obvious to you – it was obvious to me just growing up. Then I read history books and there it was. Is there something wrong with us, or is there something different with us and those millions of people out there that instinctively, organically are almost immune to this?


Alan:  I think, personally – because I do know that they did intentionally give everyone inoculations, which were meant to target specific areas of the brain, beginning around the 1950’s, this is documented, to kill off the higher levels of thinking. They wanted a passive population that they're going to bring through incredible changes, but all of us got affected the same way, so there's no doubt about it. Some people have lost their ability to reason. These are critical thinking abilities which you need for survival.


Alex:  Yes, they give them chemical lobotomies. You're literally talking zombies.


Alan:  You were mentioning earlier about the leadership qualities amongst the people. The reason they gave the Ritalin for instance to children, mainly young males, was to knock out those who had potential leadership qualities.


Alex:  Everybody knows when you go pick a puppy for hunting, you generally want the male puppy that's the most, not even aggressive, but the most hyper.


Alan:  Yes, absolutely.


Alex:  The same with race horses.


Alan:  It's the same thing with young boys who are intelligent and got lots of energy and ask questions.


Alex:  In fact, asking questions is when they put you on Ritalin, disrupting that leadership.


Alan:  That's what they're after. They said a long time ago they'd have to eradicate those with leadership qualities to bring up a whole world population through massive changes; and that's what they've been doing. It's been warfare on us all.


Alex:  Notice how in the name of liberalness they say: no more valedictorian. No more dodge ball. No more rewarding excellence. They want us to be just this mindless group of kind of green-skinned minions.


Alan:  “We're all one,” you see. We’re all one.


Alex:  Alan, plug your website right now.


Alan:  It's and the European site is where you can download transcripts of my talks in other languages.


Alex:  Yes. You're smart to have a mirror site too.


Alan:  Oh yes. These days you have to.   


Alex:  Give the websites again.


Alan:  It's I also have other ones etc.


Alex:  Does that ever frustrate you that – I mean you have to do this, because I know I do. This burning desire to warn people and a lot of times there's nobody home. They're just glassy-eyed zombies.


Alan:  They are, and they’ve been brought up again with television from day one. The fiction on television which is constantly programming them through fiction that becomes their reality and they cannot tell hard fact from reality anymore. It's all one big mushy thought in their head - this whole reality they're living in. In fact, often the characters on TV are more real than their next-door neighbors.


Alex:  They say that's their friends. They have little relationships with the television and it's all about making you feel inadequate, powerless. Oh, it's sick. Stay there Alan Watt.


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Alan, there's so many examples of this control, but take a police officer who's been told you've got to guard society. You've got to manage the people. That's what they tell them now in Canada, the U.S., and England. You've got to mind them like they're children. I want the cops to note, I mean they give you the shots with the mercury and, by the way they didn't take it out, they increased it.  Bush, when they tried to take it out in Congress, voted and said it stays in, and then we've got studies written, and we've got Julian Huxley and all the rest of them, Bertrand Russell. These are the people that set everything up today, saying they were going to use mercury to brain damage you. They've done studies 80 years ago - they knew it would attack the cerebral cortex. You know the key areas where they believe consciousness rests, where it integrates all the rest of the data from the brain. Alan, can you speak to the police, the military, people who have been conditioned? – and just hear us.  When the government got caught buying billions of dollars in fake news, and it turned out the very people bought to go put out fake news were saying marshal law is the next step and the police state is good.  They're putting transponders and inspection stickers from Missouri to Texas to start the taxing of the roads. The people don't want it. Government doesn't ask now they just do it. I mean just speak to those points that I'm raising.


Alan:  What they've created is: They understand tribalism and when you create a dysfunctional society and that's what we have at the moment is dysfunctional, intentionally so - through incredible indoctrination and the creation of dissatisfaction throughout society and families, et cetera who’ve been under attack for a long time. People still crave this cohesiveness of a tribal nature and so they bring these guys into the military or the police and they bolster – they gave them all those outlets for those tribal instincts to bond until they see themselves almost as a separate species, separate from the population.


Alex:  That's the key. They start attacking the family and I read the '20s and '30s and '40s. I mean I have textbooks right here at U.T. I have textbooks in England. They say -“We're going to take the true tribe of the family away. We're going to turn men and women against each other. We're going to create modern feminism. We're going to do all this.” Margaret Sanger the eugenicist; they all create it, and then we're going to give them the state as their new tribe, just as 1984 says. Go ahead.


Alan:  If you go back into – see all these guys, Russell, et cetera and H.G. Wells who was writing on behalf of this elite as a propagandist in the late 1800s even.


Alex:  He says this.


Alan:  Yes. He was recruited by Huxley's grandfather, Sir Thomas Huxley who was a professor at the university there, and each member of the propagandists that were recruited were given a red tie for revolution – their revolution, funded and chartered by the Royal Family. They were chartered to exist to do this job.  Wells was writing about the creation of what they called free love back in the late 1890’s.  This is not a new thing at all. They said we must destroy the family unit to bring in the scientifically controlled society.  


Alex:  Now I look at the general public – now you see people who are aware. You can see it in their eyes. They still have that fire, that electricity. Look at photos from 100 years ago, black-and-white and you see how the photos stand out? There's this energy that people were energized. They were also ready to fight and die at that time and I've seen footage of people. Even serfs, there is an energy and now I look at people and it's like they have no souls. You see the dead eyes and then I see evil people. They've got the electricity in their eyes, that as evil servants and the people in control. They see that we have – and I'm not trying to get kooky here, folks, I mean it. You can see the consciousness in the eye. Alan, you want to talk to that?


Alan:  Yes, again going back to what we were talking about with the elite.  Every one of these authors say that Plato's "Republic" was the blueprint for their world agenda. The public was to be their utopia of a guardian class that owned the whole world and everything in it and everyone in it; and the commoners would be called the ‘its,’ not human, and they would breed. This was written 2,300 years ago. They would breed the commoners to do specific tasks: tall ones to pick apples and short ones to be miners and all this kind of thing by selective breeding. They would also create a military class; and then at the end, they said they'd bring in females into the military, and they would work alongside doing the same work as the average soldier.


Alex:  That's the big secret about positive and negative eugenics; and that's their term when you actually read their writings, they say we tell the public it's to make the race better, but actually we want to dumb people down. We want to hurt people. We want to make them – as Huxley wrote in 1932 in "Brave New World".


Alan:  Once they get inbreeding between the male and female in the military class, then they have a more permanent type of separate class over society, again, who also think they're superior this military class. We see that already in police and military today. They're being taught drastically that they are different, they are superior to the common civilians and the power is going to their head. We're looking at hell coming shortly here, because these characters are pretty vicious. They see us as the enemy, and they plan to let loose these characters on those who are speaking out.


Alex:  We see now two of our listeners, actually three separately at two different events. The cops came to their home and said “I'm under military orders to arrest you” and beat the daylights – choked one of them. Busted the window out and then charged them with that, even though there were witnesses that stated he assaulted them and then they just take them to jail now. You're not allowed to fly a flag upside down.


Alan:  Again, now it's becoming policy. They’re not worrying about laws. It's their policy to do this.


Alex:  It's our policy you can't videotape in New York. It’s our policy to take your children.


Alan:  I did an interview with Butch Chancellor, whose wife had been in the hospital and they wanted to put her in a hospice, and he managed to get her back because I put a show on and they bombarded that hospital with emails and letters.


Alex:  Tell us briefly about that story.


Alan:  Ten years ago, he (Butch) had taken his wife into a hospital. She felt a little bit dizzy. In the hospital they brought in a top surgeon who was doing experimental surgery, who basically drilled two holes through her brain to relieve pressure and left her paralyzed with short-term memory; and then they kicked her out at that time; so he took care of her for ten years. Then recently she had to go in. She had some kidney problems, kidney stones and they decided wanted her back in again, because you see it's a business. The healthcare industry is a business.


Alex:  They admit it now.  I'm not saying there aren't some good individual doctors, but the system – the Rockefellers took it over in the '20’s and you can actually find the university documents where they put money into how to spread cancer through vaccines. How to put in a crystallized form - cancer to spread it; and look, now it's up since the twenties - 3,000 percent, Alan.


Alan:  I've got the videotape of the talk that was given by Dr. Salk and his staff, the guy who did the polio vaccine and he admitted right in it. It says, yes, we knew we were putting cancer viruses in. There were 100 cancer viruses, simian viruses that could only create cancer. There's no other function in every polio shot. He admitted that. Then I went into his history and Dr. Salk was one of the leaders of the whole eugenicist movement. Why was the wolf coming out to help the public?


Alex:  There's a lot of evidence now showing that they actually released the polio itself.


Alan:  Absolutely. They created these problems. However, getting back to Butch: He's got his wife back because we did some shows on him, and he had a visit a few nights ago from a social worker who lied about the department she worked for. He got his video camera, went to the door--


Alex:  Start over. Your phone cut out. Start over.


Alan:  A few days ago he got a visit from the social worker department, and at least that's where she said she was from, this feminazi-type. He went and grabbed his video camera, and went to the door, and two cops appeared from either side of the door. Now they're coming to your door for a social work visit with policemen.


Alex:  Let's stop right there. In 1900, the British created social workers nationwide to be spies of the community. To sterilize and in England actually kill people quietly, who have any type of mental illness or deformity, and so that was then brought here. Social workers are their social change agents. They are literally the front line and core of this.


Alan:  Absolutely. You cannot get a straight answer from them. These “public servants” as they call themselves, you can't get a straight answer. They lie as to what department they came from. They'll leave you no calling card or business card or any ID.  After they've gone - Butch tried to get the police report, which is supposed to be public information, and he couldn't get the police report either.


Alex:  Now, coast-to-coast, they're going to the smallest towns and they want you to fight terrorists; and people go to the meetings. It says it in the paper. Oh, you're here actually to fight crime and spy on your neighbors and we're going to give you file in points – log in points to just report on your neighbors routinely at these files. You can get some money to do this. I mean they're setting up people just to report on their neighbors. What are your neighbors doing? I mean it's already going, folks. It’s already happening.


Alan:  It's even worse than that because what I've found out was for the last 50 years, civil servants who often intermarry on the federal level – they're another interbred crew and have been for a few hundred years. When they’re semi-retired, they're given training to go into communities and they're given positions…


Alex:  Oh no. It's worse than that. They get bonus checks and are continually paid for doing just a few hours a week work. They’re literally funded to become the sheriffs, the police chiefs, the heads of the environmental groups, exactly.


Alan:  All of those. The NGOs, they set up committees in your local area and then they collect the data on every individual in that area. They've been doing that for years.


Alex:  I'd run into them. I mean I've had them before like they're doing the old lady act and all of a sudden, if they see you don't have a camera, they'll get you by the arm and they'll kind of pinch you and go “You just better stop what's your doing.” They'll even show their teeth.  I guess it's a game thing. They love the evil, love that the cattle can't see them. They just revel that you can't see them.


Alan:  One of them in the last place I lived was collecting data from even the dogcatcher on all the local inhabitants – every pet that they had. All this stuff was going on.


Alex:  It's worse than that. The carpet cleaners, the plumbers are spying on you; and folks, don't get paranoid about this. Get angry. Get a family plumber, somebody you trust. Work in your own communities. I mean the good point is we're waking – a lot of folks are waking up now and aren't going along with this. They say in this article Al-Qaeda (on Fox News) is sure to hit us in the next 90 days, but it says just be paranoid. Don't ever go the same route to work. Now when they say that on Fox News, they're wanting you to habitualize and ritualize being personally afraid. That's why they have terror drills and then report real terror happened, it creates that basic psychological image. Can you speak to that? I mean on its face that doesn't keep you safe from terror, taking different routes everyday unless terrorists were targeting you specifically. They know that. It’s just trying to get people to habitualize this fear.


Alan:  It is. You see, this technique was tried and tested in the Soviet Union and Solzhenitsyn talked about it how they set it up there and how it's not set up here. The same techniques of fear and terror and impending doom, and “terrorists are going to hit you at any moment,” was used and tested at the Soviet Union. It’s even better here because there's more media coverage here to indoctrinate you.


Alex:  That's why four years ago they hired Primakov, the former head of the KGB in mainstream news to help set up Homeland Security and Markus Wolfe, head of Stasi.


Alan:  That's exactly right. This is amazing that they've actually brought the experts in from our supposed archenemies to do the same thing here. Really, as we know, there was no such thing a big bad bear over there in Russia. It was all set up and funded from the west, but it was a great experimental tank to test the subjects of whole populations and see how they react. That's why they hope to have it work here, even more perfectly, since it's been tried and tested and all the problems ironed out. However, once you have a society that's living in fear, no one looks at anyone else on the street. That's what happened in Moscow. No one dared look at your neighbor as you passed them by. You looked at the sidewalk and the pavement. Then you have a society where there's no communication between the people; and then the ones at the top communicate directly to them via the TV.


Alex:  Then you've got a class of psychopath cops that just run around and enjoying themselves.


Alan:  There's no doubt now. You see it on these ride-checks that you see in town. It's become habitual now each time they have a holiday weekend. They’re out there, and not just with their breathalyzers or smelling your breath, which again is an aggressive instinct. When a man shoves his face through your windshield and sniffs two inches from your nose to see if you're drinking, that's an aggressive act.


Alex:  That's getting in your space and that's only training you, so when they put hands on you to take you to an execution center you'll go.


Alan:  Exactly. It's truly an aggressive act.


Alex:  That's what the rubber bullets and black uniforms are, with images of fire shooting out. They’re getting us ready for Tiananmen Square, mowing us down in mass. We’re being conditioned to accept that image. 


Alan:  Yes; and again, as you probably say, and this is what really gets people upset – it gets everyone upset. Most people today are buckling under and when you tell them look, you're getting no privacy, they don't mind. That tells you something has happened to their brain.


Alex:  By the way, they admit this is not a conspiracy, folks. Mainstream universities will teach you when you take RTF that of course there are subliminals. It’s in billboards. It's in any highly produced TV program. They've had mainstream articles about it where most the time it's Satan, death, blood, kill your baby, death, death, death and explain to them why they put death, death, death into the TV show.


Alan:  Everyone is again afraid of this death thing, especially in today's society. Death used to pretty well understood even by youngsters 100 years ago because we took care of our dying in our own family homes. We matured much earlier and we had more respect for life because we handled the death of the loved ones around us, our grandmas and grandpas.


Alex:  That's actually a very holy thing.


Alan:  Very holy. Now today everything is sterilized. Your meat comes to the grocers all packaged and nice, and people don't know what that animal went through, or how it got there. When grandpa dies, it's in hospital and then the undertaker gets him all dressed up for a couple of days.


Alex:  He just disappears. We just warehouse him and let him die. The humanity, the adoring the elders is gone. The literal humanity being ripped out and of course the eugenicists started trans-humanism. I want to give you four or five minutes on the other side to talk about that, but the trans-humanist I mean they are incredibly wicked and they say “oh, the gloriousness of merging with machines.” Actually, it is humanity being destroyed.


Alan:  It is absolutely. It's a new race of people to be created as better servants.


Alex:  Which is what the elite always said: They would create a master race for themselves and then a servant sub-race and then kill all the rest.


Alan:  That's right.


Alex:  Thirty seconds. Speak to trans-humanism.


Alan:  This has been on the go for 50 years, mainly through the science fiction writers who take their orders for their stories from The Futurist Society. That's the big one. That's the one that gives us predictive programming from Tavistock. They fund these guys to write them novels and make it sound very exciting.


Alex:  That's how it works. Then they get the awards. They get the publishing deals. That's actually come out in the news, again, guiding everything. Star Trek with the UN symbol. All of it, ladies and gentlemen, all mass programming, unbelievable. We are facing the greatest threat to humanity ever. We've got to pray that the spirit of the Lord be with us against this evil, because that's the only thing that can prevail.


Alex:  Folks, you're living in the middle of a nightmare science fiction movie for real. Believe me, I wish it wasn’t true. There's very few of us that actually have a great knowledge of what's going on; and I'll tell you I've learned more every month now than I knew in the previous year. Alan, how do we get out of this nightmare? How do we turn this thing around? How do we stand up and expose the trans-humanists and show people what this real agenda is?


Alan:  What they're going for really, as you probably know, they're going for the youngsters. They always bypass the older generation because they're always looking towards the future, and it's the youngsters who already are watching the cartoons with their heroes with brain chips and all this kind of thing with special powers. People have to start to communicate with the young.


Alex:   I agree. Very quickly, interface with the young.  How the schools have been turned into prisons. Thumb scanning to get lunches. Go ahead.


Alan:  They've got to start this, because if they don't it's game over. It's the up-and-coming young ones that are really targets for the biggest changes.


Alex:  Cameras are now in thousands of school bathrooms. I mean that's 1984. They're learning to go to the bathroom with a camera.


Alan:  They're training them for adulthood actually. They're training them for adulthood in a totally controlled society where everyone is watched 24 hours a day. That's why they start them off at school with this, to get them used to the idea, so they think there's nothing wrong with it when they grow up.


Alex:  We need to create a counter-youth, which is really done organically, but to consciously go in.  If you can explain to the youth—those who haven't been ruined by mercury and other toxins—how they're being manipulated, then they can see it; and can't the enemies propaganda then work against them?


Alan:  Oh absolutely. I mean that's the wondrous thing about what I'm doing here. I do get so much feedback from the young who stop beating their own heads against the walls, and blaming themselves for not making it in the system—the system that's drastically changing.


Alex:  That's the number one thing. Now we are on the same page. Folks, you don't have to make a bunch of money. You are adequate. You're not inadequate. Stop trying to be cool. All of that is scientifically crafted to destroy you. Go ahead, Alan.


Alan:  Once they start putting the pieces together, or at least you're helping them to do it, everything suddenly becomes clear. The younger they are, actually the faster they can grab ahold of all of this and understand it when it's presented to them in the right fashion and they become active. They become active and then they start telling their friends, and they've got more chance waking their friends up in the young generation than the older ones have, actually.


Alex:  Bottom line folks, I don't care how you dress. That doesn't matter to me. The point is, the media and the government tell you to dress in a certain way. They tell you it's cool, then the cops are taught that's an enemy uniform to be altered on. It's like their Pit Bulls that have been trained to attack what you're wearing. Alan, do you agree with that?


Alan:  Absolutely. A man at the FBI academy sent me a whole bunch of all these logos that the gangs use throughout the United States. They're all very high occultic Masonic logos. They all agree that these children did not invent these logos themselves. They were done by very clever people above them, so they could join these gangs. Gangs are very important to disrupt society and to keep it going--


Alex:  Then they put your child in jail for petty no reasons, then they get initiated into the gang or they get raped.


Alan:  The police love it because the police can then recruit more cops all the time to control the whole of society.


Alex:  Then they actually recruit out of the gangs. Alan Watt, got to have you back up. Thanks for all the time.


Alan:  It's a pleasure.


Alex:  You bet. We'll have you up soon again. God bless everybody, ladies and gentlemen. Get out there and take on the New World Order.



(Transcribed by Linda)