August 5th, 2010
Alan Watt on the Alex Jones Show
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Alex Jones: Now with us for the next hour and fourteen minutes or so is Alan Watt, and I want to get into the medical, scientific dictatorship today with him, and why he thinks they're now coming out and saying, okay we are recording your naked bodies.  Okay, we are putting lithium in the water.  Okay we do want to put Prozac in the water.  Okay, we do want to give you shots, that literally go in and reprogram your brain by destroying receptor sites, or causing autoimmune responses every time your body releases stress hormones to literally kill the active resistance.  To literally neutralize the instinct of self-preservation and make us servile slaves.  They've gone from denying this was their plan, even though we analyzed their own documents that have been warning you for more than a decade.  To now, suddenly, over a hundred articles in the last week.  Hundreds, I mean just hundreds in the last month, suddenly telling you, your brain is malfunctioning.  There's a human defect.  We're going to fix it with live viruses we inject into your body that go into your brain, and with lithium an anti-psychotic that's highly toxic.  Alan Watt is a long-time researcher and he really needs no introduction here on the show. is his website.  Alan, good to have you here, my friend.


Alan Watt: It's a pleasure to be back on again, Alex.


Alex:  Alan, let's cut to the chase.  I know you scan the news, and enemy transmissions.  Why are they suddenly coming out and saying, yeah, we've been drugging you, and we're going to drug you more?


Alan: That's just a matter of training the public.  We've been trained, incrementally, over the years, up to this present condition, and most people do accept that government is now an authority.  It's not really a matter of thinking through it.  It's a matter of just accepting your training.  You come to this very vague conclusion, that government is the boss, basically.  We're not a sort of Republic or Democracy, it's a matter of training the public.  And that's what the big boys said they'd do fifty years ago, sixty years ago.  They would train us to accept a form of scientific dictatorship, a world ruled by experts, better people than we are, and unfortunately it works on a lot of people.  They do accept that government is now an authority.  That's what it is, it's an authority, it's The Authority.  And we're supposed to simply obey whatever they do, because they know better.  That's the end of slavery, when you accept that type of rulership.  That's it.


Alex: Well, I mean, to openly now admit that they naked body scan us and save every scan.  To openly admit they're putting poison in the water.  Now they admit bisphenol A is sterilizing us, and the news giggles and says, maybe that's good.  And maybe, being injected, and having your emotions taken away, literally having your life ended, I mean, they're murdering you.  You're still moving around and walking, but you take this shot, bye-bye.  Bye-bye.  And you like that, government wants to destroy my brain.  Please, right here, inject, inject.  Inject.  I'm not a conspiracy theorist.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Okay, folks, Emergency situation, I'm consulting for Jesse Ventura's TV show and we're going to different federal prisons, FEMA camp sites that they admittedly have up in Taylor and in Camp Swift, which is a WWII prisoner of war camp, and in America, Rob Dew and Aaron Dykes, this is out in Bass Drop, right outside Bass Drop, simply pulled up, far away from the camp, we're video taping.  A Captain Martinez came over, he said, "What are you doing?"  They said, "We're shooting establishing shots for a TV show, and he said, I'm calling police on you, and has been somewhat.  Well, let's go to Aaron Dykes and Rob Dew. The police are coming.  In America, you don't go and video tape these FEMA centers.  You don't show the camps, because then Glenn Beck will have to admit they exist.  What's going on gentlemen?


Rob: Well, we were over here, across the street from Camp Swift, and shooting some establishing shots and I was far away from Aaron, I was over on another part of it shooting some stuff and I saw a car pull up, and I turned the camera over to the guys talking to Aaron, asking him questions.  So I finished shooting what I was shooting, and then I walk up, and you know, the guy was repeating the questions.  And you know, Aaron is under no obligation to answer his questions that he was asking so Aaron didn't answer, and they asked me, and I said, we're just shooting establishing shots for a TV show, and he said, who do you work for?  And I said, I don't think I have to answer that.  And he said, okay, fine.  They're not answering the questions, he was talking on his camera that was running video at the time, and then he was going around, I guess, making a report, shooting the license plate of the car we were in, and...


Alex: Guys, give me the number, give me the number.  Look up the number to Camp Swift.  I'll call them.  It's Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura.  That's who.  That's who.  They told you it was a TV show.


Rob: Do you have the number on you?  Right there, we can give you the number over the air, actually.


Alex: Alright, yeah.  Make sure it's the right number, what he gave you.  His card.


Rob: For this camp, it's 512-782-5001.


Alex: Is there a lot of wind out there, because your phone is really ruffling?


Rob: Yeah, there is.  I'm getting in the car, real quick.


Alex: Yeah, get in the car.  Get in the car, and now, this happened in Pittsburgh and they called in a terror alert and said you were trying to base the base up, and that ended up making the news.  And we had all the videos in Police State 4, the Rise of FEMA.  You politely walked up.


Rob: All we do is ask the guy questions. 


Alex: Yeah, and then you politely left, and then they lied and filed false reports with the police, that you were trying to run a terror attack on them.  And we see in the news where they arrest women.  Anybody that even tries to ask questions about the camps, in America, you get arrested for this because we're Land of the Cowards, Home of the Slaves.  And we're going back to...


Rob: That's a historical marker, Alex, I mean, it's a public place. There's a sign right here that says historical marker, and it's pointing to the thing.  But you put your camera on it, and you know, they ask you a bunch of questions, like you're a criminal, and now I'm afraid if we leave, if we drive down the road, we're going to get pulled over by a sheriff.  And I don't want to get, and be in that kind of confrontation. 


Alex: And then they'll claim, then they'll claim you tried to do something.  I mean, lying is standard procedure.  Give us the phone number. 


Rob: It is, 512-782-5001.  Do you want to put Aaron on, because he actually had first contact with the guy?


Alex: Yeah, but give us the number again. 


Rob: 512-782-5001.


Alex: Alright, you're at Camp Swift.  Tell folks the road that's on. 


Rob: Camp Swift.  It's off of 95 about 6 miles north of Bass Drop Texas.  So you can look it up.  It actually used to be a lot bigger.  We were driving around in another area, and talked to a lady, because we were asking her where it was, and she said, this all used to be Camp Swift.  They've consolidated it, and sold it off after it was a World War II prison camp.  She said her dad was actually one of the first people to buy a section of the land. 


Alex: Now, by the way, that's not even your main site.  That's where you were supposed to go second.  I want you to go to the main admitted FEMA camp.  I mean, I don't, I mean you guys can stay there and wait for them to come claim that work for Osama Bin Laden if you want, or you can just get on down the road and make a few turns. 


Rob: Well, the sheriff is here, right now.  He just pulled up.


Alex: Oh, good.  We're back in one minute.  Alan Watt, I apologize, this is live and breaking, but he'll be with us after this ends, and we'll have Alan back up in the next week or so for a full hour.  But Alan Watt, stay there.  Third hour, coming up, Infowars reporters, Rob Dew and Aaron Dykes, with the police for daring to be at a historical marker, a concentration camp.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Alright, well done. Here come evil Americans, trying to show the FEMA camps, and we'll see what happens in Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.  Alan Watt, I apologize to you for this happening, live, but I think their phones getting blown off the hook, made them back off my guys.  But this is just another example of the freedom we live under, isn't it Alan?


Alan: Yes, and it's happening in other countries at the same time.  I've watched videos from Britain, where women have walked across hills and been stopped again under the same terrorism/anti-terrorism act, even though there's no warning signs that they're near camps or anything.  In fact, they're getting approached by the military and the police at the same time.  So they're using this anti-terrorism law worldwide.  And that's what it goes under, for anybody who's inquisitive as to what's happening in a particular area, even if they're innocent as I say, and they're simply on a hike, and they come across something, they're often detained, questioned and maybe let go.


Alex: And all of the training is for the American people, the British people, the Canadian people.  That's only a smokescreen about quote Muslims.  And of course, remember the lady in upstate New York, who heard that there was a big FEMA camp, which it is designated as an Emergency Center, under the Emergency Centers Act.   And they just arrested her.  And they said, we're charging her with terror.  It was an American, Glenn Beck, Alex Jones listener, and no, no, no, no, you don't do that in America.  You are the enemy.  And they are chomping at the bit to throw our people in prisons.  I mean, you're an uppity slave, who dares to ask them questions, or video police?  You're going to prison. 


Alan: Yes.  This is the new authoritarian system.  And they said in their writings, it would have to be authoritarian.  And that's what the century of change is all about.  And as you say, they kicked it off with 9/11, just to get it all through, to train the public worldwide that this is the new authoritarian system.  Any idea of rights or freedoms or democracy is to go out the window.  They've said that openly in their writings from the very top.  So this is the new system.  By the way, they've also got a lot of new private prisons they've already built in Canada.  They're owned by some companies in the U.S.  They're only up to 10% capacity.  They're not taking anybody else in at the moment.  These are very high-tech prisons by the way, on the circular basis, where it's all cameras.  They can see around all the cells at all the time.  That's right.  And so, they're sitting idle, waiting as well.  In Ontario, the Grand Bend River, there's a big army facility there since WWII.  It's well stacked already with beds and so on, for people getting moved into it.  So they're all over the place right now, and they're all stocked up, just waiting. 


Alex: And by the way, when I was telling the guys where to go, you've got the admitted FEMA center with whole families.  You've got Swift, that's designated as an emergency FEMA camp, admittedly on record, model state self emergencies power act, and of course some of the other acts, the Emergencies Centers Act, which hasn't passed yet, but everything in it is already in place.  They always do it that way.  And kind of like we had national ID cards in 1994 under executive order, they just announced them two years ago to the slave grid. Still has the state seal on it, but it's a federal/international.  Call the guys, I want them to go to Lake Line Mall.  That's shut down.  And we got video of this a year ago.  And FEMA have taken over half of the old mega mall, and they have Homeland Security Buses and if you even try to videotape the mall, police and FEMA boil out and get in your face. So there are just FEMA camps everywhere.  FEMA burrowing in, but let's get back to the medical lobotomies.  They've come out of course in the last decade and announced all of these new type of vaccines that go in with live viruses, either create viral plaques to plug up receptor sites for anger and aggression and resistance and freedom, or they actually eat, that is replicate and destroy the receptor sites.  Or they cause even more deadly auto-immune responses that block these regular steroids is the main thing they're trying to block, naturally occurring, the estrogens, the testosterone, in the brain.  And that's admitted, and so there's an autoimmune response, which causes chronic brain swelling, which is of course Alzheimers, that's why you're getting people 25 getting it, and then, so it causes continual brain swelling.  And they're announcing they plan to start injecting people, Alan, and after we have the shot, we'll feel much better, Alan. 


Alan: That's right.  And remember too, what's happening today is 90 years behind the times, because Huxley wrote about that in Brave New World.  How do you think you get them from one type of society to a nice placid genetically altered and created society?  You must take them down gradually, and Britain in the 1930s, remember was the first country that was teaching at Sandhurst the aspect of total war, where whole populations are the enemy.  That includes your own population during a full-scale, all-out war.  This is full-scale world war, and we are all the targets, and we must be brought down, until we cannot use our critical thinking faculties any more.  Back in the 1960s, remember, Arthur Koestler, who worked with MI5, who was a propagandist for international, he was a Trotskyite too.  They hired lots of those guys to write novels and books and so on.  He also took part in an actual survey they were doing for the United Nations to find ways to lobotomize the general public, through chemical means, through water, the food supply, injections, in order to bring about what they called World Peace.  World Peace is absence of all opposition, and that's what's happening today.  As I say, we're way behind the times.  For a lot of people it's already happened, as you well know.  You can't get through to the ones who have already had their ability for self-preservation destroyed.  And Kessler said that, we can destroy that particular part in the brain, very precisely, that makes you an individual you.  That's what he called, the ghost in the machine.  That was you, your personality with your innate ability for self-preservation.  He says, that will be destroyed through chemicals or injections, food and water, to bring about world peace.  He said the public won't need to make decisions, because the state will make all their decisions for them.


Alex: And they call this full-spectrum dominance, and most of the public has succumbed to the chemicals in the water, and now they're going straight to the endgame of an injection that turns you into a biological android, and the cops are going to hold everybody down, and they're going to do it themselves, and they just want to lose their soul, their body.  They love it.  They love it because they feel that petty power trip of submitting, and so good, your family, your whole family line.  They plan to neutralize us, psychologically, before they release mega-plagues and actually kill you.  And so, I know I'm the enemy.  The cops and military, you want to die.  The bureaucrats, you want to die.  You love it.  You love it.  You love it.  You just love it.  And we're 100% accurate. It's all on record, and now they're announcing their coming to inject us with literal brain-eating vaccines, and they're trying to force inoculations everywhere.  They're taking people's kids that won't take them, with the quote, flu shot, and they admit tenfold in brain damage, in Guillain-Barré, in convulsions.  It's all admitted.  The Gardasil is killing people, and they love it.  The cops love shooting their kids up and watching them die.  The school teachers love shooting them up, watching them die.  Why do they love the death and the kids all over the block dying of cancer?  Why do they love it so much, Alan?


Alan: Well, they are sado-masochistic.  See, totalitarian societies run on sado-masochism with an intelligentsia at the top, who literally go by a completely different set of moral rules and principles than anyone else, and they get off with it too, because they're so incredibly wealthy.  However, all their generals and all the way down, respect the guy above them, who's got more power than themselves and they despise the person beneath them, who's got less power.  So it's a sado-masochistic system.  It came out during the Nuremberg trials, we saw the generals and all the different officers behind Hitler, still praising him as though he were a god, literally, and the same thing happened with Stalin of course, when he died, all the people came forward, and the officers themselves, who knew that they were slated for death next if he had lived.  They were still praising Stalin, as though he were some kind of God, so sado-masochists are attracted to power.  They will literally deify the person with more power, that's what they're after.  They deify the ones with it, and they despise those with less.  Those at the bottom, with no power, literally they're utterly cruel and ruthless with absolutely.  And they enjoy it too.


Alex: That army captain and that sheriff's deputy, they looked at, these were citizens, these were piles of garbage.  These were filth.  These were blood bags to serve them.  How dare you in America video tape anything.  How dare you!  How dare you slave!  How dare you scum!  We'll be right back with, Alan Watt.  Enjoy the shots.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: I want to go over some documents with Alan Watt in the next segment, and I want to get him back up in the next few weeks, because he has so much knowledge. is his website, our sites are and  We're launching a major information warfare salvo today.  We'll tell you about that coming up in the middle of the next segment.  I need your help.  We're all in this together.  Ladies and gentlemen, I get agitated and upset, because I haven't had my neurons destroyed, and I've been reading a lot of globalist documents, in fact some of which I just read in the last few days Alan, and I've noticed you've talked about this years ago, that a lot of globalist documents bemoan the fact that lithium and fluoride in the water doesn't seem to work on some people, and actually makes them more angry.  Then I noticed the movie, Serenity, throws it in your face.  And I even saw the interview with the director talking about it.  He's anti-New World Order, and it was a great movie, but they take a whole planet in the future, and put in the atmosphere Prozac or a Prozac drug, but it ends up killing most people, they become so passive, like the shrimp that are ingesting Prozac now in the news, that just give up and die. But others become more aggressive, and do you, I'm seeing that.  Do you have any take on that?


Alan: That's true to an extent with a lot of drugs.  You'll find that there are some people who can't even take an aspirin for a headache.  It will actually make the headache worse.  Others can take painkillers, even higher-grade painkillers that will intensify the pain, so some people do react in an opposite way with certain medications.  However, what you're finding as well is that a lot of, see, the whole thing starts when you're young.  They talked about this back in the twenties.  How could you literally alter the chemistry of the brain, and the chemistry of the person if you wanted a world of peace?  And they talked about inoculations were the best ways to do it.  And they could target specific areas of the brain.


Alex: Diet, injections, injunctions, Bertrand Russell.


Alan: That's right.  Yes, and even before he came along with that too, and said that openly, there were others that talked about that as far back as George Bernard Shaw in 1918, who belonged to the Fabian Society that belongs to the Royal Institute of International Affairs or Council on Foreign Relations.  So this is an old, old agenda, and what they've found too since then, with your first inoculations as a child, they're supposed to piggyback on certain enzymes that go to the brain.  And it's interesting you see that every cell in the brain, every type of tissue in the body vibrates at a particular frequency, a very small electrical frequency.  Not a large one, very small, and that's how you alter it.


Alex: Electrochemical.


Alan: Yes.  And therefore the nutrients for that particular part of the brain, will vibrate at the same rate as the tissue it wants to go to, or the tissue it wants it to come to, and that's how it finds the tissue with a particular nutrient.


Alex: And that's what they're saying with all these new vaccines, it will literally block you from being able to become upset or resist, and suddenly it's all over the news.  They're now moving against us publicly.


Alan: Yes, but along with the fact that they could take up the nutrients to different parts of the brain, they knew they could piggyback the chemicals or even a virus onto it as well.


Alex: That's what they say.  They say they're piggybacking the steroid on the back of a live, with this particular one in the new this week, with a live herpes virus to take it right into the brain and hit you hard.


Alan: That's right.  And therefore they could lobotomize different parts of the brain that makes you, not so much aggressive.  If you're aggressive you can be aggressive for a very good reason and that means surviving, and all of these characters from the Fabian Society and long before talked about the fact that the world they'd bring in had one obstacle and that was the general public.  How do we lobotomize the public and make them passive and obedient?  And so they hit upon this idea.


Alex: There's no doubt from studying all the last major vaccines, to interrupt, I want you to comment on this, that they're adding these piggybackers into the vaccines for at least the last 30 years.  They've already hit the public.  That's why they're zombies.  Most people out there are already brain damaged.  That's why we can't reach them.


Alan: They can't understand.  It's not that they don't want to understand, they can't understand.  And those parts that should kick in with anxiety and a little bit of fear leading to decisive action are gone.  However, the thing is, some people sneak through, just like, as I say, the medications often have the opposite effect.  Some people they'll find that because their physiology is slightly different, those enzymes that uptake to the brain can be diverted to other parts of the body, often into the intestines.  And they've found people for instance with lots of allergies somehow… 


Alex: Well they now admit Crone's is a measles vaccine, and that's why you have all these new diseases.  It ends up attacking with an autoimmune response in the intestines and that's almost killed one of my great employees who got very close to dying from Crone's.  And they know exactly what they're doing. 


Alan: They've known what caused that for over fifty or sixty years at the top levels. See, there's different levels of medicine.  Whatever is in the Lancet journal is what all the doctors believe.  That's what's taught in university, but in the higher levels of medicine, it's part of the military-industrial complex, because warfare takes in medicine in a big way for bringing down populations long term.  So they've known this for fifty years what they were doing, and even longer. 


Alex: Incredible.  Stay there Alan, finish up on the other side.  Riveting.  And everything that Alan is saying is in all their own literature. For banking, for government, they have super advanced schools that once you become a general or once you become a governor, they then send you to the advanced Woodrow Wilson school or others to be really taught the secret plan. 


(Commercial Break)


Alex: And they don't want you leading a frontal assault.  They always want to intimidate you and put the onus on you, like you're morally bad while they're sucking off of you, while they're poisoning you, and all their minions are being slow killed, but they love it, because most of them are already so brain damaged.  Now we're launching a key operation.  We're going to Alan Watt in two minutes.  Poison tap water.  We've had seven terms in a row.  We've never failed, thanks to you, the listeners, making whatever term we put out the number one search term.  Then it leads them back to our articles, and our battle plan of action.  Two days ago it was brain-eating vaccine.  It caused over a 100 blogs in newspapers like Wired magazine to go absolutely ape.  Even News of the World tried to spin it to make it look like disinfo.  That's one of your big tabloids on store shelves.  It is not working.  We are countering them.  The new search term is poison tap water.  It's at by Matt Ryan.  Paul Watson is going to expand this article with even more documentation, again, I have these ideas live on air, during the live battle space.  That's what this is.  This is total resistance for the species to survive against the scientific technocracy.  This is not a game, that you're living in a hardcore science fiction nightmare, but humanity is rising.  And for all you who want to make jokes about it, you're already casualties, enjoy it.  If you can't see pure tyranny when they're out in the open, now saying they're going to put lithium in the water to control you, when they're already doing it, then fine, enjoy yourselves.  They admit corn syrup, they knew increased cancer massively, and now more medical journals admit it, and they don't care, they're going to hit you hard.  Aspartame, bisphenol A, sterilization, cancer, and it lowers aggression.  Everything they do in standardization in products you eat and drink and the packaging is meant to sterilize and this is key, and reduce your aggression.  It's aggression that fires the resistance, that fires determination as Alan Watt said.  Here's the article. 


Alex Jones is launching a new campaign to inform the public about the toxic chemical fluoride being added to the water across the country.   While EPA scientists and workers are calling for an end to water fluoridation, we have a link to their top scientists coming out and saying that it's deadly, the government is doing everything in its power to continue and even increase the amount of toxic chemicals being added to the public water supplies.  Click here for a PDF of this.  Of this yellow, white, and black document.  There is poison in the tap water.  That will get locals' attention.  Post it in legal areas.  And it goes on in the piece to say, Fact: Fluoride is a dangerous substance, and the active ingredient in most insecticides. If ingested, as little as 1/10 of an ounce of fluoride can kill a 100lb adult. 1/100 of an ounce can kill a 10 lb infant. Studies have shown that exposure to fluoride can cause neurological damage and an increased risk of bone cancer.  Fiction, fluoride added to the public water supply strengthens teeth and helps prevent cavities.  Demand safe water. Demand the truth.  Visit  There is poison in the tap water.


This is how a free humanity would resist.  They would go out and hit the enemy everywhere.  Now the media is going to go absolutely ape over this if you post these everywhere.  They're going to try to demonize whoever did it in your area.  They're going to demonize yours truly, but then it's going to spur a public debate that this is poison.   And a lot of local media is now admitting it's poison because they're reading about the EPA scientists saying take it out.  So, the key search term is poison tap water, get it out to everybody.  We're unstoppable together, God Bless You.  Alan, I'm going to try to sit back in the last 23 minutes and shut up, and have you break down this, and while you're talking about all the different poisons and things, I'm going to show mainstream news articles proposing drugs in our water to make us servile.  Alan Watt, break it down.


Alan: Yes, I mean it's obvious if you want to take down a whole population and a whole world's populations, you must literally attack the one enemy they have, and that's your ability to survive, because you have innate, you're born with innate survival principles.  Part of it is intuition, reaction, and your solution to the particular problem.  When they can knock out that part of the brain so that you're passive, you don't even notice there's a threat in any direction, then you're a happy citizen.  You're exactly what they want you to be.  In fact, I keep referring to wild animals, just watching wild animals.  I get foxes coming around here all the time.  And if there's a tree down, the fox, you can sit and watch him at the top of the hill.  He won't go past that tree.  It's something different in his route, his little circle, and he'll observe it from 50 different angles before he decides it's safe or unsafe to go past it.  Because he doesn't know if it's a bluff, there could be somebody behind there with a gun to shoot him.  Who knows what it is?  But that's innate survival instincts; you're born with those things.  And we're supposed to have that.  Now the big boys themselves, Charles Galton Darwin and all the rest of them, in the 1950s, a descendant of Charles Darwin, and he was a physicist this guy as well, who worked on the Manhattan Project.  He was a top eugenicist.  He was all for world domination.  And he talked about the need to eradicate the useless eaters, just like Bertrand Russell.  They all knew each other.  And he said, we have to.  He said, we must retain our capabilities to remain wild.  Those who survive are wild men.  He says, therefore, we are leading the planet Earth, we're the captains of the ship, we must retain those wild men capabilities.  But the rest of the public, he said, must literally have their ability destroyed to preserve themselves.  They would be managed by the state.  They've all like of the same principles, and it's been happening all our lives long.


Alex: You just read a quote from one of these psychos! 


Alan: That's right.  And they mean it.  And not only they mean it, they work for top world societies, linked with the United Nations.  The United Nations is their front of course.  Where ever they've gone with inoculations, that's what they've done is to destroy, especially the so-called primitive tribes that have lived for thousands of years completely independent from the rest of the world, they've given them inoculations.  It's the first thing they do.  When we went into Iraq, the first group that went in after the troops was UNESCO for inoculations, to make sure the children got the inoculations.  That will raise up a population who are easily managed, and pliable.  Now, when you go into military strategy, going as far back as WWII, they talked about prolonged warfare over populations.  Prolonged, that meant intergenerational warfare, if something lasted forty, fifty years, because we've had hundred years wars in the past.  We forget these things, these guys don't.  They're trained in this stuff.  They said they'd have to make sure that the upcoming future troops would have to be hit either at birth, pre-birth, that meant inoculating the mother while the child is in the womb, or getting the child very soon after birth with inoculations to make sure that he grows up and he will not be a fighter.  He won't mind being dominated or ruled.  These are in military manuals they teach at the top at the military colleges.  So they've been doing this in Iraq of course, and I'm sure in twenty, thirty years time, you'll see the results of it with a dumbed down, happy population, with hats on backwards, dancing to rap music and taking drugs and all the rest of it.  But they will be unconcerned that they're dominated by foreign powers.  This is long-term strategy for the entire planet, and as I say, the ones at the top, who formed the League of Nations, and formed the United Nations.  That was their goal, to bring about a world of peace.  Peace is where those who should naturally rule the world are ruling the world, and I mean naturally ruling it.  And they believe in the Darwinian principle that those who'd achieved total success and held on to power and money through successive generations had proven by the Darwinian principle of survival of the fittest, that they had the right to rule.  Everyone else who hadn't achieved that particular level or standard of living was therefore a failure.  They were the junk genes, and they would only reproduce junk genes, and therefore they had no need for them in a post-industrial society.  This stuff was discussed before WWI, by those who formed, eventually formed the League of Nations, then the United Nations.  So, this has been a long-term warfare.  We are seeing the effects of it.  And we see them going further, they can go further now because most of the public, to be honest with you, cannot take any information critically anymore.  They are damaged, too damaged to take it.  On the one hand, it's a double think.  They think, we're being managed and they're happy to be managed by superior people, that's what they think of politicians, as superior people, and on the other hand, when they read the articles about how damaged they're becoming and what they want to do to them next, they can't, they go into double-think.  "I love my government.  I love those special people, who allow me to go out and play all the time, while I don't have to make any big decisions, and they wouldn't do anything to hurt me, surely."  And so that's how they react to articles that come out with the proof and the evidence to what's happening to them and their children.  "They wouldn't do anything to harm me." They 're too far gone to put two and two together.  They are out of the running.  They're the casualties of war. 


Alex: Well said, Alan.  And while you've been talking, I'm just showing New York Times, LA Times, how great it's going to be to put lithium in your water.  How great it's going to be to inject you.  You'll never be upset again.  This is literally destroying free will, and you know the housewives and the soccer moms are going to march their daughters and sons in, and Jimmy's not going to be bad anymore, he's not going to even be alive.  He'll just be a worker that does what they're told.  And it says, the government is going to fix our malfunctioning brains to make us better workers.  We're not going to get tired.  Stress is meant to make you tired so you don't work to death.  You're not going to complain.  We are literally biological androids and they're shooting all the cops and military up with it, and they're just gone.  They're gone.


Alan: You're right with the cops and the military.  I mean, you've read the same articles, I'm sure, from one of the chief of police officers who belongs to the World Society of Chief Police Officers, under the UN in the US, and he said himself that he and his men were on testosterone implants under the skin.  They get them renewed every month or so.  And it makes them more aggressive.  They're not brighter.  They're still being damaged mentally, which makes them even more a threat.


Alex: They talked about that in Wired Magazine ten years ago. They said because we're drugging the water to make people servile, our troops are becoming wimps.  We're going to have to supplement aggression drugs and testosterone and then later amnesiac so they forget the mass murder, and so now, major police chiefs, like the police chief, the one you're mentioning is in Fort Worth, that was three months ago, said, yeah, we're going to go on 'roids.  So they have to take drugs, to remasculinize themselves, because they've all been hit like the general public. 


Alan: Yes.  They've all been hit but they have no wisdom, therefore they're even more ruthless once they get high doses of testosterone.  So they're more lethal.  They're more aggressive.  And they have no wisdom.  They have no humanity actually left in them, they're so dumbed down.  So that, yes, they're aggressive, but they don't have the wisdom or the compassion to balance the two in comparison to the job that they're supposed to be doing, so they're very dangerous.  They're great tools for them. And remember too, remember, this is the thing.  So many articles came out years ago saying the mind is the final frontier.  The conquering of the mind is the final frontier.  And that of course is what Brzezinski and all the big boys were in.  He wrote about that to an extent, little hints here and there, in his book, Between Two Ages, and the Technotronic Era, where he said that through ELF waves and various other things.  As I said, remember, all your cells are programmed by very tiny, tiny, electrical currents.  Very tiny, and they can match those electrical currents by using ELF waves and so on, and pacify....


Alex: That was in the Baltimore Sun about seven years ago, and now Darpa admits, oh, we're now testing soothing ELF wave towers, and so from us being kooks saying it, to we are drugging you, we are going to inject you, there will be no more pain after this, and we are putting up towers to make you happy.


Alan: That is correct, that's right.


Alex: I mean, how.  And to show the public is under mind control, they're announcing all of this, and notice, only the illegal aliens can march by the millions, because they've been in Mexico, and haven't been on these drugs as long.  So they're coming from a primitive society up here, and then meanwhile, Bloomberg announces all the major insurance companies are now taking people's insurance when they die and just saying we're doing it.  They're now just stealing everything.  Because they know, from your research what percentage of the public has already been pretty much lobotomized. 


Alan: I'd have to say, it's over 70%.


Alex: please continue.


Alan:  Yeah, I mean, everyone really.  It isn't just the fact that you get one set of injections.  It's the follow-ups, and what they can actually do, and they've admitted this too in warfare principles, is they can release a chemical or something into the bloodstream, and any way that they get it in, food, water, whatever, spraying it from the air, which they're doing it too.  It's like cocking the trigger of a firearm.  That can cock the body's system ready for a booster shot, years down the road.  And the booster literally kicks it off.


Alex: A binary weapon.


Alan: Yes, absolutely.  These are so far advanced in this technology that it's incredible how little doctors are taught.


Alex: For years Alan, just like you, all I do is read the research papers.  They're all bragging about it.  What do you make of Jonah Leare, who's a Rhodes Scholar, and is an expert on psychology and neuroscience for Wired, the New Yorker, all the major elite publications, he also works for NPR, he's come out and called me a liar, saying that they're proposing putting lithium in the water, when his own colleagues, including at Oxford are calling for Prozac drugs.  Everything.  And then, even though the video he critiqued shows the mainstream news articles saying they're doing this, and that these new virus vaccines go in and block aggression and anger and resistance, he comes out and just says he's a kook, and wrote a story saying that I'm basically into the end of the world and aliens.  I mean, he, he, he's not addressing me.  He's not addressing I or you, he is addressing the zombies.  And he says, no zombies, there aren't space aliens, when that's not, and there's no lithium in the water.  So he mixes it together, and you look at it and it's dumbed down to like a four year old level and you go how do people buy this? 


Alan:  It's because, Russell explained that very, very well.  He said that there are techniques of training the general population to only accept the opinion of experts.  And of course, once you bring up these celebrities, who are experts with a lot of letters behind their names you see, from official world recognized organizations, that's how the public has been trained.  That's the word they'll take.  And unless you're up there with them with all those multi-lettered numbers behind you, they're not going to listen.  They've already been trained that way, listening only to experts.  Look at the weather station.  When the weather station first came out, I thought, what idiot wants to sit and watch the weather 24 hours a day.  It wasn't for that purpose, because the first little rain that they had, it was going to be a storm.  Same with the snow too, it was oh, everything was going to be a storm, a crisis.  It was part of the getting ready for the weather modification stuff and so on, and the climate change nonsense.  It was training the public for that.  Also through their little ads, they'd have, oh, it's going to rain today.  Then they'd show you someone wearing a raincoat and they're teaching like a child that you can't make a decision on your own.  You must get an expert even to tell you how to dress for the day. 


Alex: That's why the news will say, it's going to rain today, so take out an umbrella, or it's hot out, drink water.  And they talk, and I've noticed, like Congressman Stark and others, and Nancy Pelosi, they talk to you like you're a child, with neurolinguistic programming and they talk to you.  And then in town halls, they'll make little giggles and like faces like my grandmother would make to me, like little charming, oh, get in the car little boy, but you know, it's not grandma, it's these killers.  And they've all been trained with the Delphi technique.  They're just hardcore crooks.


Alan: They are crooks, but I'll tell you another thing too.  There's a lot of people today, as you well know, who listen to nothing but junk news from the regular media, and the celebrities in Hollywood and all the rest of it, who cannot think for themselves anymore.  They literally wait to be told what to think and what to talk about by the so-called experts.  Even if it's junk, junk Hollywood news. 


Alex: Alright.  When we come back, final segment, Alan, and I want to talk to you during the break.  I want to get you back on, for an hour and a half in the next two weeks, because you got short by my guys getting harassed at the local FEMA camp, but I want to get you back on.  This is so important.  You're one of the leading researchers in it.  I mean, I research it constantly, and I always learn something from Alan Watt.  But I want to talk to him about, when are they going to go with the real hot kill weapons like they've been using in Africa, because they really want to start murdering everybody.  We'll be right back.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: We've launched operation poison tap water, to expose that there is poison in over 70% of the US tap water.  Same thing in Canada, and now moving towards that number in England.  They're spending sometimes $10 million or more on a small town to lobby to get this done, because they care so much about your teeth.  No.  They're poisoning you, on record.  There is poison in the tap water.  Here's the flyer, download it.  Post it everywhere legal.  Give it to everyone you know, and it will spur debate in your area.  You need to resist these people and the article is up on  Watson is doing an expanded article.  Poison in the tap water.  Poisoned tap water.  The prison planet article is sodium fluoride, poison in the tap water.  The key article at is poisoned tap water.  We're making that the number one search term today. We've never failed.  Thanks to you, let's do it again.  Let's have that fighting spirit that they're so afraid of.  Alan Watt, we've got four minutes.  He's a big part of course of Fall of the Republic.  Get four copies for 1995.  Buy one get one free.  Support us.  Alan Watt, closing this out.  They're moving towards, some African countries have lost over 40% of their population with engineered AIDS.  The globalists are talking about, they even said last week in the British papers, it's time to stop mincing words, we need to start getting rid of everybody.  I mean, they're now coming out.  They're getting really ready for the hot kill weapons, and so for the people out there that are laughing right now, you know, when they release these, and we're unable to stop them, just, I want you, at least, while you're dying to know who killed you.  The news will be telling you Al Qaeda did it.  But how long before you think they really start the mass plagues to, because they've just been testing the soft kills up until now.  They really want to devastate and kill a lot of people.


Alan: Well, they do.  And that was all part of the fake swine flu and other flus.  The avian flu before that too, remember too, that fizzled off into nowhere.  It's getting us used to the idea that it's definitely coming.  And that's what even the professors will tell their students in university, the plague is just around the corner.  And so they will release it when it's the right time, when people are dumbed down enough to simply die off quietly and say oh, well, what could they do, they tried their best.  And most folk, actually, unfortunately will go that way.  But it's coming.  There's no doubt about it, it's coming.  And remember too, I've gone into bacterial and viral warfare in a big way over the years and in all their writings that they've disclosed to the public, on these topics from the governments themselves, they admit that for every plague that they create in the laboratory, and they've got thousands of them, since WWII.  They had lots during WWII in fact they created in the lab.  They always must have by international law, the antidote for them as well at every stage of mutation of virus or bacterium.  They have them, and the bigwigs themselves, of course will get a real inoculation that will prevent them from catching it.  And that's one of the incentives to get on board for those who are climbing the ladder of course, is to get up there, and to make sure that you and your family, it's promised that your family will also be preserved and looked after, but it's all in the name of bringing down the population, because we, you see the useless eaters are now unsustainable.  We are using the resources they claim, that will feed their families, you know, the right kind of people's families, who should survive, to feed them for thousands of years, so they must get rid of us now.  That's what they're openly saying, and you're quite right.  They are openly saying it now.  They aren't hiding anything.


Alex: Well, first they're going to collapse the population, give people inoculations for flu that have the viruses that will destroy the resistance centers.  So what.  If we don't back them off, I mean they're already slaughtering people in mass in Latin America, they've admitted caught over and over again.  What's the time frame Alan, when they'll really start releasing mega death on people?


Alan: I'm sure, you know, like everything else that they do, I'm sure 9/11 was planned probably 40 years before they hit it, that's how they do things.  Long, long-term business plan.  Long war strategy.


Alex: North Woods was forty years ago, about thirty or forty years before.  Yeah.


Alan: And so they'll have a definite time table.  They'll know exactly when the public's ready to accept it, by how dumb we are in the polls they constantly take, and then they will release it.  I've already got reports on the last flu injections, and how many people they've taken down with that alone, with chronic fatigue syndromes and so on. 


Alex: I've gotten hundreds of emails, and also see it in the news.  They inject the baby.  Baby goes into a coma, dies.  And it's like, that was wonderful, we murdered another child, we're the loving government.  Alan Watt, great job, thanks for joining us.


Alan: Thank you, Alex.




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