August 15th, 2006
Alan Watt on the Alex Jones Show
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Alex Jones: For several years, I've heard him do radio interviews.  I've seen some of his work, read some of his articles, and I thought he'd be a great individual to have on for really about an hour and a half with us today.  We'll have open phones coming up next hour.  Maybe even some this hour for those that are patiently holding.


Alan Watt is a long-term researcher into the causative forces behind major changes in historical development.  Born in Scotland, he watched the subtleties of politics and media as they guided the population of the U.K. covertly into a European Amalgamation. (Alex: That's right.  Europeans didn't know it was an EU, until it was too late.) He has been warning the North American people for some years now that the same process of amalgamation is being carried out.


With historical documentation, he shows how cultures are created and altered by those in control, always to lead the people like sheep into the next pasture.


And again, he's an amazing individual.  He's got CDs and DVDs on the topic, and we have links over to his website on right now.  And first, I want to get Alan to tell us about himself.  Then, I want to get his take, which I know will mirror mine, because he's right on line.  Or I guess, my view would mirror his, I've heard him already speak on it in the last week, on these fake terror alerts, on the attempt to push us into World War III, who the globalists are, how this operation is being conducted, and ways to try to fight back against it.  Mr. Watt, it's good to have you on with us.


Alan Watt: Yeah, it's a pleasure.  It's interesting, because the techniques of creating terror are nothing new, in order to get populations to submit, and it's been done since the days of ancient Rome.  They were experts at it, always terrorizing the public, and then setting their own troops on the public to terrify them even more, under the guise of safety.  And they took all the rights from them, over and over again.  So, it's a science.  This is a science.  Generally or loosely called fascism.  And it's been done all down through the centuries.  And it's taught at some of the elite schools.  These are sciences taught to diplomats and so on.


Alex: Well, it certainly is.  Give us your analysis on the latest string of arrests, the headlines like baby bombers, and then you read deeper and they admit that there was no plan to blow up a baby, but the general public still parrots it.  How they basically get us to identify with our sitcom heroes.  I want to go through, just some of the basics of the mind control we're under, who's behind it, and what their master plan is. 


Alan: Well, the BBC did a documentary about three years ago on London, and primarily on the Islamic population of immigrants there.  And it was to do with the monitoring of the internet.  And they knew there were young guys, naturally, young guys are easily led.  They get angry when they think their culture is under attack, which it certainly is, and they were all chatting on the internet about doing something, or what could they do, and they hadn't even mentioned violence.  And so, the ones who were monitoring them, the security agencies, supplied them with leaders that joined them in these chat rooms and eventually led them right into the very situation they had never thought of getting into. 


Alex: Now, let's be clear, whether it's Miami or Toronto or London, it's a repeat, over and over again.  In some cases mentally retarded street children being led by FBI, MI6, MI5, Mossad.  And this always comes out in the papers, but it's in the back of the paper. 


Alan: It's in the back of the papers.   And then it doesn't matter, because the effect has already taken on the public.  They've heard the propaganda and the effect stays.  The terror, the initial fear stays with them – this is psychology – even though it's later exposed as being a hoax.  It's all a science, as I say.  We had the same thing in Canada, where teenagers were chatting on the internet.  The RCMP basically, as far as I can see, supplied them with a leader.  Then they gave this little group of guys, teenagers, fertilizer to make a bomb.  And then, as soon as they delivered three tons of it to them, the RCMP arrested them.  And then shouted, terrorism, terrorism.  And this is how it's done.  It's provocateurs.  And it's a standard technique they've used down through history.


Alex: Well, it is.  And then in some cases they actually arrest their own agents.  There's no group, and then a month later, it's buried in some newswire that oh, that bus in Pakistan, that was really a CIA officer, but they arrested him and had the news story as a cover to bring him back in, and there wasn't any alert to begin with.  So there's also those cases.  Then there's cases where they are actually able to provocateur people into carrying out attacks, then there's separate cases where the government itself carries out the attacks and literally goes and then arrests one or two true patsies. 


Alan: Yes.  And even here in Canada on the CBC, which is the government station, like the BBC, they did an exposé on the first World Trade Center bombing, in fact, the first bombing that went on there.  People have forgotten about it.  But it turned out that, sure enough, the FBI had been training some Arabs to make this bomb, a bunch of bombs, and one of the Arabs suspected he was being handled by the CIA and set up, so he taped his meetings with his handler.  And when he went into court charged with making the bomb, he played the tape, and that's what got him off.  Because he said right on the tape.  He said, you don't want us to make a real bomb, surely.  And the guy, the FBI guy said, oh yeah, we do. 


Alex: Well, it's now come out, it's a big headline on, buried in the mainstream news.  They admit that MI5 and 6 wanted to give them real bombs and let them go ahead and carry it out.  But the group could never get to that point, because it was totally provocateured and wasn't real.  I mean, I was listening to local talk radio yesterday, and people were calling in and talking about hanging and killing lobbyists.  And of course they didn't mean it, but if the government wanted to, they could trace that and arrest them and claim they'd foiled another major terror attack.


Alan: Definitely.  And this is an age where you've got to be careful how you phrase things, and even in jest you've got to be very careful, because it can be used against you.


Alex: You're absolutely right.  What do you see happening in terms of attacks on Iran and Syria?  It's now come out in the New Yorker magazine, Sy Hersh, an impeccable source, that White House sources have reported that Dick Cheney basically gave Israel the go-ahead and the order to attack Lebanon, and said, do it soon, and that it indeed is for the elections in an attempt to be "a curtain raiser of the beginning of a full-scale war with Iran and Syria." 


Alan: There's no doubt.  That was all done and published by the Project for the New American Century, by this coterie of instigators.  They published it before the 9/11, 2001 Attack.  So they gave us the format of Afghanistan and then Iraq, and then Iran, and then Syria, etc.  They're standardizing the whole world into the one system.  And anyone who holds out, be it a Bosnia or any country in the Middle East, they must be brought under the same central banking, so-called democratic system that we're all under.  And that's what it's about.  They're standardizing the world.


Alex: They are.  The programs have the exact same names in Canada, New Zealand, England, as we have in the US.  They're handing over the Infrastructure to foreign companies, including the roads.  And that means when these nongovernmental bodies are created, they then give governmental power to them, folks, and there's no checks and balances, due process is being erased, the police are being militarized against the people.  I want to get more into terror.  More into what we're facing right now, but let me ask you, Alan Watt.  I don't know if you've heard of my prediction, but back before 9/11, I said they're probably going to attack the World Trade Center.  They'll try to blame it on their asset, Bin Laden.  Call the White House, tell them don't do it.  I've now made my second prediction, that we'll see a major terror attack in the next two months, unless we all really get the word out and expose this.  And even Fox News has now covered my prediction.  I wanted to get your take on this.  Do you think we're in a prime danger window for a major event?


Alan: There's no doubt.  These guys will go to any means, any lengths to get this through, and if it means terrorizing the public into it, with their very lives, fear of their lives, they will do so.  There is nothing they will not do to get their way.  They cannot go back now on their agenda.  It's been so far in the planning, so long in the planning.  I always say when the ax man's ax is halfway down, they can't pull it back.  They can't backtrack now.  It's all or nothing for them.  And whatever it takes is what they'll do.


Alex: Now, for listeners that just joined us.  We're going to get into some of the more esoteric roots of this, the history of it briefly, who the new world order is, are, what their plans are, and then I'm going to look at the way they implement this, the published admissions of mass mind control through the culture, through the television, through role modeling, because we are mammals, and they use the techniques that you know, mammals are based on, the kind of pack, tribe mentality to control us.  That is mind control folks, not the classic, you know, electrodes to your head and LSD.  Really the more sophisticated mind control is peer pressure, it is cultural.  I want to get into that with Alan Watt, who's really an expert on that, and tell you about his website and some other issues.  And then I want to get into solutions with him as well.  But before we go any further, Alan, why don't you tell folks about your website.


Alan: Yes, they can look at, where I have lots of interviews there for free you can download.  And I also have some things for sale, some information, DVDs, CDs, some books, which help to explain, and deprogramming, deprogram the reader or the listener as they’re going through it.  That's what I attempt to do, is to deprogram them from their conditioning, and bring them into the true reality they're living in.


Alex: Well, I call it imperial conditioning.  And you notice countries that have been under a corrupt system, an aristocracy for a while, have the same submissive traits, look at the Brits and the Japanese, you know, the head bowing, the submissive, you know accent, the going along to get along.  This really is imperial conditioning, isn't it?


Alan: It is.  Again, based upon tribal instincts, which are exaggerated and understood and used against the populace.  Their very instincts for tribalism are used against them.


Alex: Exactly.  And then men have facsimiles of warfare, facsimiles of being men.  You go watch a football game and are a spectator, when even the event itself isn't true warfare.  It itself is an android, a facsimile.


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Alex: Later in this hour, I'll get into this report, the Dominican Today, President Chavez, US governed by genocidal mafia that violates human rights.  Alan Watt is really an expert on the New World Order, and I want to give him some time to run here and get into it.  But, Alan, I want to get into the history, as I mentioned, and what their master plan is, but first off, we have thousands of admissions of nerve gassing troops, radiating babies, giving pregnant G.I.s’ wives uranium pills, all declassified.  Radiating 110,000 Jewish children, not in Nazi Germany but in Israel, with US funding.  The elite believe in survival of the fittest, Social Darwinism.  They really believe, as you know well, I'd like you to elaborate on this, that the end justifies the means.  It's really a sick psychological salve.  We can kill whoever we want because we're the grand architects and we know best, and got to break a few eggs to make an omelet.  Then you've got the naive population, whereas fifty years ago, Americans knew government was corrupt, couldn't be trusted, sixty, seventy years ago.  Now, a lot of people just say, no, government doesn't do bad, and I mean, it's like they've driven the survival instinct out of us.  And the people, I see them like a bunch of blind guinea pigs, not even aware of the fact that they're curled up next to a huge boa constrictor.  Alan Watt.


Alan: Well, you see, they've been domesticated, scientifically.  And you can find the proof of this in the writings of men like Bertrand Russell, who was a British Lord, and who was put up in the forefront to guide the elite themselves, and to recruit many students at universities, across the planet, into helping create this world order they're bringing into view. It's the world where the intellectual elite have the right to rule the lessers, as they say.  And he talked about methods of conditioning the general public.  He was given his own schools to practice in, in England.  And he practiced mixed schooling, he practiced schooling with promoting pre-puberty sexual activity amongst the students, to see what the outcome would be, because the ultimate goal was to destroy the last vestige of the tribe, which was marriage itself.  And once they had done that, and they had found that their findings could be implemented through fiction, through movies, through drama, and the public always emulates their drama, then they could actually destroy the old to bring in the new. 


Alex: Now that's key, that's key, that's key.  On these TV shows they'll have a hero who's cool and great and everybody admires.  And then over the next few years, he will change, and so you can get a big, strapping, say, man, to then see his hero become a homosexual, and suddenly he likes that.


Alan: That’s right, yeah.


Alex: I mean, they're doing this scientifically.  Let's start at the beginning.  Who is the New World Order?  What are we facing?  Let's go through how they've orchestrated this.  I know you get into Huxley, one of the few people I know who actually talks about that speech, I've played it here, from '62, where he talked about how he'd been in the laboratories, with the wires hooked into people's brains.  How they were going to do all this to us.  Folks, this is really the plan.  Go over it for us. 


Alan: Well, you can go way back into the English Revolution, and the aftermath of the English Revolution, and what came out of there, where they brought in what they called democracy.  But it was only for a nobility class, not for the general public.  And you'll find the writings of John Dee, who was a big worker in the scientific program, and what they did at that time, in the court of Queen Elizabeth, which was the first openly kabbalistic court, they adopted the Cabala into Christianity and called it a new mystical Christianity.  And they coined the term the British Empire.  The British Empire was to be an Empire that would spread across the whole globe, under the guise of Free Trade.  And this was in the 1500s.  And they said that they would set up a duplicate of themselves to govern the public within every country.  Any country which would not join, they would simply eradicate by warfare, or they would put embargoes on them, so they couldn't trade at all.  And they've been very successful, working down through the centuries, towards this goal.


Alex: Well, you're right.  And we're talking about economic warfare.  They come in.  They openly pay off your politician.  They give him a billion bucks of say, 18 billion, if it's Nigeria.  They openly don't pay it back.  The politician signs over the population, the forest, the factories, the roads, and then they literally get the whole country for credit they created on a computer balance sheet out of zeroes and ones, and now they're doing it to the US.


Alan: Yes, and every time, I've noticed too, even in the music industry, they bring forth certain heroes, once in a while, well known to the teenagers, and they'll go to prime ministers and presidents, and ask for Third World loans to be negated.  And everybody cheers thinking this is wonderful, it will help the poor Third World countries.  But what you fail to realize is, that every five years your governments loan this money out. They borrow it first from the World Bank.  They loan it out to those countries, and when it's written off, you, the citizen of the country, like Canada or the US, you're on the hook for it.  You're the guarantor.


Alex: But it's worse, you're right.  This is all official.  This is all admitted.  It's much worse, and I'll tell people how it's worse when we get back.  The final little part of the equation that Alan Watt was just bringing up.  You pay for it and something else happens.


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Alex: Welcome back, ladies in gentlemen.  We're about to go back to Alan Watt, our guest, and later we're going to open the phones up.  I've listened to Mr. Watt.  I've researched his work for several years.  And he's basically found the same things that I've discovered.  He's more articulate in some respects.  That's why we have him on with us today.  Because I get upset about this.  I mean, to openly read elites publishing textbooks, writing autobiographies, I mean, presidents, prime ministers, chancellors, calling us slaves.  Talking about how they use animal psychology, comrade Lorenz type stuff on us, to see them.  And then to see the public giggling and laughing at people like Alan Watt and myself, who try to warn them.  I'm like, hey, here they are calling you slaves.  Hey, they're going to break up your families.  They're going to do all these horrible things to us.  Because they're threatened by the family.  They're threatened by you owing allegiance to your family.  They're threatened by your culture.  I don't care if it's a Mexican culture, or an American culture, or a British culture, or Scottish culture, or Chinese culture, globalism is about destroying that and replacing it with this new elite, aristocratic, technocrat culture, with one child policies if you're lucky, forced sterilization, bio-ethics, you know it as eugenics.  I mean, these are cold-blooded people.  They're on serious power trips.  And they talk about survival of the fittest, but normally, they're inbred, they're mentally ill.  A lot of these elitists end up in mental institutions.  These really are spoiled, rotten, scum.  And, but they have been focused, and they are intelligent, and they are ravaging, ravaging our society.


Going back to Alan Watt.  Alan, I'm going to try to control myself here.  You bring up so many points, and then I want to comment on it.  But let's get into the history, who these players are, go through the science, go through how they published it, how they admit they're doing it, knowing that the dumbed down public isn't reading industry publications and scientific psychology reports commissioned by the defence department and the ministry of defence in England.  Let's run through it and then get into their master plan.  But first, my question to you.  You know, when I talk about the frustration, the anger of seeing zombie-like fellow humans, who've been turned into really facsimiles of free men, who've been turned basically, and I mean this figuratively, into these androids, who are totally programmed to the point of just being bestial creatures that just feed their lowest animal centers, not knowing that there's a whole other world out there for them.  I see the elite robbing the entire society of its intellect, and thus robbing the group mind of its intellect.  This is a crime that is just unspeakable.  These guys are soul suckers.  Will you give me your take on that?


Alan: Yeah, they are, because they've always looked upon the masses as a separate entity, building material which they can manipulate and use and rebuild and destroy when need be.  They've never looked upon the general population.  In fact, that's why they call them commoners.  Commoners pick their own mate.  They don't have them selected through genealogies and matched up for certain qualities.  So they're called commoners, you see.  And this has always been behind this elitist movement.  Even the ones who pretended they were the leftists in history and who were put out there to really steer the masses into particular directions, which would bring them further into this New World Order, they were all working for the same elitists, in fact.  We find at the beginnings of this social fascist movement, back in the 18th century, being written about by guys like Saint Simon.  And he laid the foundations which later became Marxism.  And the only difference is though, he combined fascism with it, and he said, at the very top we must have those in control who are used to dealing with economy, and so bankers will be the executive branch of this New World system.  So this is what Marxism, and all the other isms were based on that came later.  It's a form of a science which they created back in the 18th century.


Alex: Let's go into the 19th century, the 20th century, the Edward Bernays, people like that.  Let's go through the Tavistock Institute, how they interlock in to the real governments of England, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Council on Foreign Relations.  I mean, let's run through how they're using television, how they're using media, who we're really dealing with, and then maybe go for some of the tricks they use so people can recognize this when they're watching television.


Alan: Television really was the great breakthrough, but radio before it was immediately recognized to be a fantastic propaganda tool.  And the BBC International was the first to come out for that purpose in fact, in World War I.  And they realized they could hook in listeners every day, with drama, especially a serial type drama, which would leave you at the end of the hour with a cliffhanger, so they would tune in the next day at the same time to hear what happened to their hero.  And those stories in those days were geared at soldiers, young men.  Now every young boy wants to be a hero.  That's another tribal instinct which they use.  And so the heroes were always young men, who would end up going to war with Germany.  Britain was losing so many of its population in that war, they had to get recruits in fast, and so, through the dramas on the BBC, they found they could stimulate young men to join up and try to become these heroes.  And they also created a movement where the females, if there boyfriends would not join up, would wear openly in public a white feather in their hat, and that brought disgrace upon their boyfriend.  So they used coercion to get the men into war.


Alex: Exactly.  Once we're living under the New World Order fully, literally the heroes will all be big thugs with black ski masks and helmets.  They'll show succulent, luscious women all over television worshiping them, and then your girlfriends will leave you.  They will report on you.  They will fall to the knees and literally lick boots.  That's the power of this.  And folks, it's all a facsimile.  It's all a fraud.  Who cares about Friends on television?  Who cares about stupid sitcom stars?  Who cares about all that garbage?  You're buying into a literal illusion.  Go ahead.


Alan: Well, again, we can trace all of this back to ancient Greece, where the philosophers wrote about the structure and creation of cultures.  And Plato put it in his book, The Republic, which was to be a utopia, for an elite group in the future, where a guardian class would basically rule the world.  This guardian class exists today.  They are the elites of the world of every culture and nationality.  One big club.  And they would employ the lesser class beneath them, certain ones to form a giant bureaucratic class and a military class.  And Plato even said, this is 2300 years ago, Plato said, towards the end, they would bring in the females into the military as well.  The females in the military would breed with the military men, and they would produce military offspring that would be trained.  So, it was selective breeding for specific purposes, which was perfectly understood, 2300 years ago.


Alex: You understand, folks, the Greeks would literally just sit around 24 hours a day, trying to come up with different plans and systems for society, and the Greeks at that point, of course had hit their crest.  And they were a military camp, a military style society.  And all of this just got picked up, and it's being used today.  So, understand, we'll get into science fiction later, and how it's been used as a control mechanism.  But, in that description in War of the Worlds, where the author is talking about the Martians looking at us like amoebas in a petri dish, coldly calculating their designs.  He wrote a non-fiction book, H.G. Wells, titled The New World Order, where he talked about us like that in political terms.  So, that's really a kind of an inside joke.  It's like when he wrote The Time Machine, you've got the Morlocks who feed on the mindless, what are they, Eloihim, and again, this is the same analogy of what the elite is doing.  And I would point out, that this is not a guardian class.  This is a cancerous, oppressive, inbred, psychopathic class.  Would you like to comment on that?


Alan: Well, that's true, and again, going back to Plato, which ties in with that very thing.  Plato described the traveling theaters that came into Greece, and traveled round the major cities, and it was law at that time that everybody had to attend at least once, including the slaves.  And that is where Plato himself used these terms, he said, because that is where the people will emulate the drama they see portrayed on stage.  They'd copy the action.  They will act like the actress, the heroine, or the hero.  And he said that's also intensified through the use of music, and the fashion industry.  Those were his words.  So these are all part of culture creation.  He said, nothing is allowed to come up from the grass roots, because if it did, the elite would lose control.  So, anything that happens in culture is actually authorized from the top.  That goes too for the flooding of Britain and the US with drugs, back in the ’60s.  That was authorized from the top. 


Alex: Oh, and then every time you look at it, it's the government introducing LSD, I mean, the TV shows and the dramas make it look stylish to use drugs.  You know, the cops come after you, but the really good-looking girls and the good-looking guys are on it, and it's really cutting edge to do it. 


Alan: And of course, Britain, who was right into India, long before that, studied the Brahmans intensely, because the Brahmans had held India under their sway for thousands of years, with a perfect caste system, incorporated into a religious system, where even the guys at the bottom really believed they deserved to be there because that was their bad karma.  It was a beautiful system, so this also, these techniques were brought into this new system.  And we find in the writings of Carroll Quigley, he said that the system coming in for the New World Order will be a new type of feudalism and a caste system, a perfect caste system.


Alex: Well, that's what they're doing right now.  And, so does it frustrate you to just be like at the shopping mall, or walking down the street, I know you live out in the country, but to be around that and just to see the people?  I mean, I look at photographs of, say, my forbearers, a hundred years ago, seventy years ago.  Their eyes all looked intensely intelligent and were sparkling.  And I look at other photos, of, you know, folks a hundred years ago, and they look so intelligent.  And I read newspapers from a hundred years ago.  There are words in there, half of them I can't read, and I'm pretty smart.  And then I look at the eyes of people today, so many of them are dead, Alan.


Alan: The problem is, and I have no doubt about this, and it's horrific to really understand, and the more you read about it, the more horrific it becomes.  You've got to steel yourself to even go into these books, but you read books like Charles Galton Darwin's The Next Million Years, now that's quite a boast to begin with.   He talked about methods of sterilizing the populations, dumbing them down through drugs and even hormone alterations in their body, and I think they have been doing this.  I think they've actually been pretty successful.  They've dropped the standard IQ, which is innate when you're born, across the world, since inoculations, and especially since 1950.  They've been dropping the points in the IQ score, and now we have a new normal, which is about 5 points lower, the same test, than it was 30 years ago.  That doesn't happen by itself.


Alex: You're right.  I mean, it's an innate programming in the brain, and they're damaging the operating system.  Well, cancer is up, everything is up, and then we can get their own documents, where they're caught putting sterilization hormones in the tetanus shots, and then still the public goes out and rolls their sleeves up.


Alan: What's even more frightening is you can go back to the League of Nations, which like the phoenix transformed into the United Nations, and they have a department of population control.  And Arthur Koestler, who wrote The Ghost in the Machine, worked for them in think tanks on ways to literally, physically target specific parts of the brain, which would lobotomize those parts of the brain, which give you your self-preservation instincts and individuality, your survival mechanisms.  He said, the public will not need them anymore because the state will be making all their decisions for them.  And I think that's what the inoculations have really been doing.


Alex: And for those that don't know, you are innately designed to be warlike and aggressive, because there's normally a tribe over the hill that's trying to dominate you or the elements or the wildlife, and so men have this hard, driving charge.  And the elite are threatened by that in business, because business is war, and they know that if you're not dumbed down and controlled and toxified, you're going to go out and wage economic war on them, and you're going to develop new elites that threaten them.  So really, I describe the globalists like a lion going into the pride and trying to eat the baby male cubs, because he's threatened by them.  Male grizzlies do that too.  A lot of bird species do it.  So what we have is the elite literally mass culling just like in Brave New World, which Huxley admitted was real plans they had – of course, his brother ran UNESCO's system at the UN – and in ’33 he wrote a book about genetic engineering and X-raying the eggs to dumb down the subclass.  This is all really being done.  The question is, when people are hearing this right now, will they be able to face the horror, sir, and go research this and find out we're telling them the truth?


Alan: Yes.  The ones who can.  I always tell people if you're after the truth, make sure you really are, because it's hard to handle.  And you have to be able to cope with it, because it's a horror show.  You wake out of the dream into a nightmare.  And that's what this is all about.  Reality at the moment is a nightmare.  It's a manipulated, scientifically controlled nightmare.  And they have been doing this with the public.  They weren't talking about culling the population, giving them crippling diseases, targeting specific areas of the brain, they've actually been doing it for quite some time. 


Alex: You’re right.  Earlier I said I'd give the answer to the IMF and the World Bank, how they loan the money out and then forgive the debts that we backed up, and I said that's part of the equation.  I didn't finish up with the final equation, and I'll make myself remember, when we get back I will tell you how that works.  With our amazing guest, who will be with us in the third hour as well.  I'm Alex Jones, your host.  Alan Watt's our guest.  Stay with us.


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Alex: 3,000 years ago in Egypt and Babylon, they had very specific caste systems, elite bureaucracies that control the populations.  Can you imagine what the elite has in place today?  Well, they have written about it, they brag about it, they've talked about it.  And they're conditioning us so good that whereas a slave in a mud pit in ancient Israel or in ancient Egypt would know that there was an oppressive government dominating them, today the general public still has been taught to giggle at a discussion of an elite even existing, while the elites publish books that are available at major book stores, calling us slaves, because they know only other want-to-be elitists, this is how it works, you know, they have masters in England and Europe, they have duplicates here in the US, and smaller duplicates down to the county level.  You will hear the same, we need to get rid of the population and we know best and we've always ordered society.  You will hear that down today, save our springs, environmentalist meeting.  You will hear that, you know, at a UT University of Texas board meeting.  You will hear it, as above so below in their whole Masonic nomenclature.  And Alan Watt is our guest.  We have links to his website on  Let's get into Aldous Huxley.  You know, he was one of their futurists.  But before we get into that, explain how by controlling the futurists, by crafting through science fiction and television and movies what the future will be, they are really able to guide and control the future by creating these foregone conclusions, or these self-fulfilling fantasies basically.


Alan: It's predictive programming.  And what it is is a repetition of certain themes, which would change culture.  Certain ideas, as Bush Sr. said, the big idea, that's the masonic term.  First you bring an idea out, a possibility into the public's mind, through fiction, because the censor part of your brain is down when you think you're being entertained. 


Alex: That's why Bush Sr says, the New World Order, it's a big idea.


Alan: That's right, a be-be.  To be or not to be, the masonic way.  So, you'll find that they'll show you certain possibilities, science fiction for instance, and the possibilities of where we could go with science and science fiction, wrap it up in intense stories, which captivate us, and we're really being downloaded with the possible idea of something to come.  And then when it actually is presented eventually, down the road, we think it's quite normal.  We've already been programmed to accept this particular way of going.  Now Lenin himself said there are a thousand ways that society could go, but the public must never be allowed to know that.  In other words, they were being steered along a certain direction, and it's done through predictive programming and primarily drama.


Alex: Well, here's an example.  Let's take Star Trek, 1968, from the first episode, the symbol of the World Federation is the United Nations flag, with a star field behind it.  See, right there.  We're going to have a global government. 


Alan: And also, the federation in the later movies had basically the same oak leaves around in the shape of the United Nations, and the grid on the wall of the United Nations.  And there's 33 parts to that grid, by the way, for the 33 degrees of lower masonry.  And Gene Roddenberry's name even is occultic, because it's the gene of the red berry.  They always go back to Eve, breaking the rules and getting knowledge.  Knowledge is the thing that they put on the altar, above all else. 


Alex: The symbol, the symbol of apple computers is an apple with a bite out of it.


Alan: That's right.  And a Macintosh is the best red apple you can get.  So, everything is tied in, and it's put right in front of your face, but you never really sit and think about it.  Or if you do, you say, my, what a coincidence.  And there are no coincidences in this system; it’s all tied in.


Alex: Well, Alan Watt, stay there.  The second hour starts in 70 seconds.  I want to get into H.G. Wells, Aldous Huxley and many others, and then talk about where these globalists are going, what life will be like under them. 


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Alan Watt is our guest for the next hour.  Got a little five-minute report I want to play later of Keith Obermann on NBC, MSNBC, just admitting how they stage these fake terror alerts at key times.  More on that has now come out.  It's on and  But we'll cover some of that with Alan before he leaves us, as well.  There's so much more we need to discuss here.  And we'll have to him back up again.  The toll free number to join us on air, we'll be opening the phones up, is 1-800-259-9231.  We literally are in a matrix-like system.  Why do you think the establishment, the Wachowski brothers have released films like the Matrix Trilogy and now V for Vendetta?  A. Have you seen those films? and B. Why do you think they've released those?  Are they part of the system, have they been allowed to do this, or are they rebels in the system?  Because, I do know some people in Hollywood, not the Wachowski   brothers, who really are rebels, and who are trying to get away with what they can.  I don't know about the Wachowski brothers though.  I know some big Hollywood people, and when they do make a film that is truly rebellious, against this system, I know that the studios do the best they can to suppress it.  What's your analysis on this, Alan?


Alan: The Matrix movies were well done, showing you a duality, sure, where the human individual was fast asleep in a sense, and he was really just a battery that was used by this upper elite.  However, within the story, the hero himself is Neo, which means new, and Anderson, it means the New Son of Man, Andra from the Greek.  And so, the new son of man in a sense, is also, as they expose this system, they're showing you the next part of the inner system, which is a new type of god, you see, that breaks through all the rules.


Alex: And then he even has an argument with the great architect, which is what the masons call Lucifer. 


Alan: Yes.  And yet, that is behind high Freemasonry, that is the goal of high Freemasonry, is when you overcome the architect, you have become a god.  So the architect really symbolizes the Talmud, the laws of the world, you might say, of the physical world.  The same thing was shown symbolically in 2001 and 2010, Arthur C. Clarke's movies.  They showed you one of the spacemen overcoming the rogue computer, which was the lawgiver, the logic.  Its name was HAL, and HAL was just IBM if you take the letter after each letter.  HAL is the sun, it's IBM.  IBM is the Eye Beam, and of course, he overcame it, and he became a god.  That's what it meant.  So we're always getting this reference to the New Man, the great leap forward, as they keep talking about, the new type of Super-Man. 


Alex: That really is it.  But instead, they create death and destruction everywhere they go.  Then they claim, oh that's the balance.  We have to bring balance.


Alan: Yeah.  I watched a program of an interview at a party with some of the top Hollywood producers, and Steven Spielberg and George Lucas were there, and each one was asked if they really believed in evil, because they put so many movies out to do with horror and evil forces, and each one gave a Kabbalistic answer, because that is their religion.  They said there's no such thing as good and evil, it's just a human perception on events, because what you term as good can come out of evil acts. 


Alex: Well, that's why Darth Vader, you know, there's the legend that he's going to bring balance to the Force and defeat the Dark Side, but really, he comes and defeats the good guys, and then in the end destroys the bad guys too.  He brings balance.


Alan: That's right.  And that is an ancient religion, going all the way back to at least ancient Egypt.


Alex: Well, I want everybody to know that part of their religion is killing humans in mass.


Alan: And that's part of it though, this intense sacrifice, “the few must perish for the sake of the many” is one of their sayings.  And you heard that even in the Star Trek series, with Mr. Spock, who represented perfect rationality and reason, kept using that phrase.  The few must perish. 


Alex: Stay there.  We've got to break again.  I want to come back and get more into the mechanics of this via television.  Stay with us. 


(Commercial Break)


Alex: For those that just joined us, I guess I can re-tell this story.  I kept forgetting to finish it.  About thirty minutes ago I ran into a break when Alan Watt and myself, our guest, were talking about how the IMF and World Bank run their scam.  They'll go into a Third World country, they'll openly loan to the dictator or the leaders, billions of dollars, and then they will openly retire to Switzerland or Spain or New York with most of the money, after signing over all the assets of the country in perpetuity to the IMF or World Bank, who took that money from the American tax payer, which itself was created out of thin air inside the Central Bank's computers.  So, here's the New World Order, out of a big idea, out of a hoax, just getting everyone to accept "their money" which is really private, backed up by nothing, created by hocus pocus.  Then they go to the Third World country and you may have in one case, of an African nation I was reading about, a $4 billion loan, and by now, over the last twenty years, they've paid $36 billion, but they owe another $20 billion.  They could never, because the interest compounds, it gets bigger and bigger, so they've already paid back many times the billions they've borrowed.  Their dictator ran off with the money twenty years ago.  And then now we hear, oh, debt forgiveness, they've already paid back, you know, five, ten, in some cases fifteen times what they've borrowed, be reasonable.  And Bono goes and you know and meets with, or Bono, whatever his stupid name is, but we've written big article about it.  I like U2 folks, I'm being sarcastic. The point is, he's definitely being used as a puppet, and may even be involved.  And he goes, oh, debt forgiveness.  But what they're doing, the thing I didn't finish up telling you is, they're not giving debt forgiveness to those countries.  They're saying, go along with these conditionalities, hundreds of them.  There's what, a 112-point plan.  Sign over all your water, your schooling, your regulations, everything you'll ever do, you've got to agree to this form of government and this system and these textbooks of how to operate.  You've got to seize all the property and give it to us.  I mean, it's feudalism.  So, you know, we loan you $4 or $5 billion, you pay us $30 something billion back, and then we do you a favor and take full control of your country.  That's the liberal forgiveness of debt, instead of, hey, how about you pay billions back, this whole thing was set up to be a scam to begin with, and this money is just a currency you've created to get control of societies.  The truth is, the elite are holding back human development.  The truth is, the elite, the Luciferians claim, that's what they are, that's who they say they are, that oh, they're pushing us towards this big grand design.  Well, I've looked at it and it's the complete opposite.  They are threatened by dynamic free human spirits.  They are threatened by God's plan.  They're setting up Hell on Earth.  Going back to Alan Watt.  Alan, do you agree with what I've just said, or do you want to add anything?


Alan: Yeah, it's true, this is their plan.  They hate the idea, they always have, since the feudal system seemed to change, they've always hated the fact that lower classes began to get private property.  And that's why all of their movements, which were financed by the elite, including Communism, including the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, etc, etc, all said that they would abolish private property and that everyone would be born eventually with a duty to serve the state.  That is their ideal system.  It's a new feudalism.  Absolutely.


Alex: The amazing thing is, they say it in their own writings.  Why are they so arrogant to just brag about it out in the open?


Alan: I think it's because they know that they have the general population so conditioned that they can actually hear these little bits, but it goes right through their mind.  Brzezinski said it perfectly.  He said, we've trained the public so well that they've given over their rights of reasoning for themselves and they've given it to the media.  They believe the media is now there to do their thinking for them.  So it's the media.


Alex: Back in the ’70s, David Rockefeller wrote a book and he said that the public schools are helpless people, yielding themselves to our molding hands. 


Alan: And they'll come with perfect docility.  He said they would deliver themselves to us with perfect docility.  And that's exactly what we're seeing.  The public have truly been trained to believe that we should worry about what the media tells us to worry about, and disregard our own observations.


Alex: Well, that's right.  Here's an example.  Bayer knowingly kills 200,000+ hemophiliacs and others in the US for a decade, knowingly, on purpose, putting HIV and hepatitis in the blood.  I tell people ten years ago, when we first learned of it, now it's finally on MSNBC and admitted, but no one is going to get in trouble.  But the public isn't worried about just one drug company killing hundreds of thousands.  They're worried about imaginary Muslim extremists. 


Alan: That's how it works.  That's right.  We worry about what the media tells us is important.  And it's also done by the way that they pick these anchor people to read the dummy boards and train them.  They use expressions when we're supposed to be anxious or carefree or happy or sad.  You watch the expressions change, and we've been conditioned, oh, I should worry about this part.  Oh, I should forget that part, this is unimportant, that is important.  That's how easily we're conditioned. 


Alex: Watch Fox news anchors.  Whenever they talk about George Bush they smile confidently, and it's like you're discussing a fine steak they just had.  But whenever they talk about Alex Jones, they get real angry looking, and cough, and look like they're basically giving birth to a fifty-pound baby. 


Alan: Yeah, or they'll smile with that little smirk, as though it's a joke or something like that.  You see, language isn't just the spoken word.  Most of the language is also visual as well.


Alex: 90% is body language.  So folks, when you just sit there and give yourself over to suspended disbelief when you're vegetating, watching television, shouldn't you be insulted?  Wouldn't you be insulted if your neighbor was trying to con you?  If your coworker was trying to scam you like some used car salesman?  Oh, but when the television does it, cold-heartedly trained, you just sit there and accept. 


Alan: And again going back to Bertrand Russell, he said they'd have to bring in the expertise of Madison Avenue, and he meant the big advertising and marketing companies, to market ideas, via media, to the public and use all of the tricks of marketing, and that's what they have done.  They've adopted all of those techniques of psychology. 


Alex: Get into Aldous Huxley for us. 


Alan: Huxley was an amazing guy.  I mean, he was the grandson of Thomas Huxley, Professor Thomas Huxley, who was the champion and best friend of Charles Darwin.  They both came from lower aristocratic families, and it's part of the whole thing.  If you do well, for the Great Work as it's called, since at least the 1500s, and join the proper societies, you are supplied with a wife, which they call a Dolly, a carrier of specific genes of quality, as they say.  And you'll find that Huxley pushed with that Darwinistic theory, and so did his offspring as well, right up to Aldous Huxley.  It's inter-family agendas.  Each family has their part in this agenda.  You'll find the same with the Darwins, the Darwins only married into the Wedgwood family for generations.  Charles Darwin's grandfather, Erasmus, who really wrote The Origin of Species long before Charles did, he married a Wedgwood.  His sons married Wedgwoods.  When Charles Darwin's wife died, who was a Wedgwood, he married his mother's sister, his own aunt.  So they married into specific families for the gene quality.  So we're looking at a selective breeding here.  It’s eugenics.


Alex: Now, the total proof of this is, we know the Egyptians, 4000 years ago were doing this, so they believed in breeding them.  We know the Queen of England today, that's all she does is breed dogs and horses and everything else.  They're into this, and so that shows the theory of, you know Darwinism, really was nothing new to their world view.  And folks, I'm not debating the theory, I'm just talking about its origins here.  It's the same thing.  We have the big State of Texas doctor, psychiatrist, testifying last year, it was in the Associated Press, about why are over two-thirds of foster kids on all these dangerous psychotropics.  And he said, because they come from bad gene pools.  He actually, in testimony just said that all these kids have bad gene pools.  So see, that's also their excuse to do whatever they want. 


Alan: And also, H.G. Wells and Huxley, and others, and Bertrand Russell talked about if only we could have our way, and mandate that our, meaning the elites’, sperm were implanted in the female populations and bypass the regular guys down below, they could breed a better type of society.  They really believe in this stuff.  And so they've been going at it big time for genetic alterations into creating a new world, the world of Huxley, the Brave New World, as they call it.


Alex: Yeah, they're in incredible power trips.  I mean, they think their seed is the best, and of course, then we get into population reduction, Dr. Peter Singer, Dr. Pianca, he gets up and says we need to kill 90% of people, and 95% stand up with a standing ovation.  Can you speak to that?


Alan: And it's also in Agenda 21 from the United Nations that by the year 2050, they want three-quarters of the world's population reduced.  So they bring it out in the open if we care to read it.  And I think we suspend our disbelief, once again we can't believe they really mean it.  But they do, they do mean it.  If you look at the United Nations statistics they give us every year, they tell us around April or so what the male sperm count is in the West.  And they never comment on the result.  They just give you the statistic and two years ago, the Western male was down 75% of the sperm count of the male from 1950. 


Alex: And in cities itself it's up to 87% and that's a celebration for them.


Alan: And then you tie it in again with books by Huxley and others, talking about this very thing, and Charles Galton Darwin, The Next Million Years, of doing this very thing, destroying their ability to reproduce, by attacking their hormonal production centers in the body through inoculations, and it all makes perfect sense.  They've been doing it. 


Alex: And then they've been caught.  This has been in major papers and it's just kind of swept under the rug, oh, we add a hormone to a tetanus shot to sterilize all the women.  Take your daughters in, there's a new special shot for them.  We're going to come back and go straight to your calls and then get into what this New World Order will look like, if they’re able to get it into place.  Have your questions and comments ready.  Jim, John, Chris, John, Jason, and many others.  Toll free number to join us, 1-800-259-9231.  I'm Alex Jones, and our guest is Mr. Watt.


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Alex: Well, it's really common sense.  Elites throughout history have always been on power trips, and think they're gods and have always thought of the commoners as scum to be used like so many cords of firewood.  And the elite is waging war on free humanity.  Our guest is Alan Watt.  Great to have him on with us.  We're going to take some calls right now. And then later, we will get into what their master plan is, what life on earth will be like if they're able to succeed.  Jim in Texas, you're on the air, go ahead.  Okay, let Jim go.  Let's go ahead and talk to John in California.  John, you're on the air. 


John: Hey, Alex. 


Alex: Hello.


John: You know, I talked to you at the Sheraton, and you said you'd give me twenty minutes to discuss something.  I know you don't have that time now.  But I was wondering if we could discuss a possible solution to all this mess.  And I know that on the C-SPAN segment.


Alex: Oh, I remember.  Yeah, sir, you followed me around the hotel, constantly bringing up Constitutional Conventions or ways to have the states vote on throwing stuff out.  And you were on C-SPAN and brought up your point there.  So go ahead and bring it up again.


John: Well, I didn't really get to bring up my point.  I did not get it clarified, some of the facts that you seem to be.


Alex: Hey, look, thanks for the call man.  Listen, I couldn't eat a meal at that hotel.  I couldn't do anything without having that brought up to me, and it's just not what I'm talking about right now.  Okay.  Let's talk to Craig in Kansas City.  Craig, you're on the air, go ahead. 


Craig: Hey.  You were talking about that movie V for Vendetta.  There were some things in that, that only I would get.  Like the way he walked and the knives, and the woman he was in love with. 


Alex:  These are weird calls today, I'll tell you right now.  Exactly what are you getting at sir?


Craig: Well, I got possessed by a Draconian.


Alex: Alright, thank you for the call.  I just want to tell you something, Alan.  I don't normally have calls like this, on the show.  It's pretty weird.  John in Georgia.  John, you're on the air.


John: Alex, excellent guest.  I've called you before talking about the State Guard and the State Guard Organization here in Georgia and Tennessee, and I'd like to just remind everyone to look into that.  But your guest, excellent, excellent guy.  And I'd just like to ask him about what's his opinion on the mechanics of how exactly they do this.  I'm looking at this from the angle of, everything kind of goes back to the Garden of Eden in a sense.  It looks like they're trying to take away from us our sense of nobility and shame.  And you know, it's kind of like the serpent offering us the dialectic, the knowledge of good and evil.  And if we participate in that system, we can become deified through that.  If you look in converse to that, the Eastern Orthodox Church offers god through mystery, not god through rationalization.


Alex: Let me get him to comment on that.  Go ahead, sir.


Alan: It's all allegory.  These are very deep allegories though, but they're allegories none the less.  And sure enough we've always had that problem of how do we cope with knowledge.  Who should have knowledge?  Should we all have the same knowledge?  And the elites long ago decided, no, we should not all have the same knowledge, because then you couldn't have an elite over the rest.  Eden represents the world in general, nature in general.  And nature to these boys who rule the world is their enemy.  They want to reconstruct all of nature, everything that exists, including the plants, animals, and insects. 


Alex: They want control.  They want to be god.


Alan: They say it themselves, they want to perfect all that was left imperfect, in high Masonry.


Alex: Which is totally, totally delusional.  And again, most Masons aren't even bad people.  They don't even know what goes on in the degrees of 33rd and above.  They don't even know there are degrees above 33rd. 


Alan: Yeah, they're happy with their little payoffs.  They do get a lot of things the general public are out of.  They get promotions.  They get better jobs.  They get to bypass petty bureaucracy at taxation time.  They get instant loans.  So they get a lot of payoffs to help keep this system going and that's the key to it.  They help to keep this system going with the police, the military, and all the rest of it.  That's all part of the structure.


Alex: Anything else, John?


John: There's a lot of people on your side, just a cool news report I read the other day was an elder in the Eastern Orthodox Church, there's a monastery of his your way in Houston, called Holy Arch Angels, came out against the FEMA Camps and made a big announcement that, I think he cited a lot of reference sources, he's a famous guy, and he's catching a lot of crap from that from a lot of people.


Alex: Well, it's in the Houston Chronicle they're building camps for us, so, you know, you've got to love it.  It's bad to talk bad about the camps.  The camps are good.  Thanks for the call, caller.  In fact, when we get back, I'm going to hold off on calls a few minutes so our guest, Alan Watt, can answer that question and can get into basically where he thinks all of this is going and ways to stop it.  And I think I know what his answer will be.  But we'll find out on the other side of this quick break.  And we'll continue with your calls.  I want to thank John for actually having a question for the guest.  That was a real rarity.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Let's go back to our guest, who I'm really honored to have with us.  We have links to his fine website and materials on the work he's done up on, right now.  Alan Watt, who resides 400 miles across the border, up in Canada, in the hinterland.  I'm kind of envious of that, beautiful country up there.  Alan, the globalists, other key points you haven't had time to hit on, and where they're going in the future, what the world would look like if these nut cases really had their way.


Alan: They will bring in a world, ultimately similar to the one that Huxley wrote about in Brave New World, where you'll have certain castes of people, purpose-made for their function, their work function, who will not have an independent, sentient mind of their own.  Who will also be titillated by drugs for different things.  That will be their happiness, and they'll be happy to serve the world state, their masters.  They will not even have the ability to understand that they could possibly be unhappy.  That will be gone.  But that's the final step.  The intermediate steps is to use, what they've been doing is using the homosexual and lesbian movements to destroy anything called normalcy, because we only complain about change when we compare it with what is.  So when there's no more normalcy, they can bring forth the next part, which is a new type of human.  Now the American Psychiatric Association spent a couple of years in a symposium discussing what they would do to bring a truly functional human into the world.  And they decided after two years, this big national establishment, that they'd have to create a form of hermaphroditic person.  A servant you might say, who was neither quite male nor quite female.  And they went on about cloning that type.  I can see the future where your reward for serving the world state will be having yourself cloned.  That will be the ultimate prize.  I can see that coming into view. 


Alex: And obviously they've got to reduce world population, because you can only have the elite having access to these advanced super medical advancements, these technologies.  And again, they've openly written about all this.  Bill Joy went to elitist meetings in 1999.  In 2000 he broke ranks.  He's the owner of Sun Microsystems, boys and girls.  Panicked, wrote an article saying why the future doesn't need us, and said, I've been at meetings where the elite plan to kill everyone or 90-plus percent of us.  And he was against that.  So, there's a lot of them starting to panic who go to these meetings, and again, a major magazine can have the owner of a $20 billion company, worth about $5 billion himself, openly say, I've been to meetings where the elites say they're going to kill everybody, most people.  We've got Mexican attorney generals making employees take chips.  I've had police chiefs on saying they'll make everybody take chips.  We've got the new freedom initiative, where all children are being psychologically tested, and their own documents say they want to put half the kids on drugs.  Foster care puts an average of over two-thirds on drugs.  They're poisoning the water, putting drugs in the food.  They're talking about putting vaccines engineered into potatoes and carrots now, so you can't escape it.  We know they're spraying stuff in the skies.  I mean, Alan, these people really are creating a Hell, and you've got the average person driving around with UT football gear on just giggling and smirking and drinking beer like a bunch of idiots.


Alan: Yeah, I know.  I know.  They're totally conditioned.  They're domesticated.  They've swallowed the reality as it's been presented to them since childbirth.  They've never broken through into reality, and most of them won't.  I've never ever thought that the masses of people would be cohesive in standing up against this.  That never will happen.  It's never happened in history.  And that's why we've been led to the path we're on.  History has always been changed by the few individuals who can expose what's happening and give solutions to it.  And the solutions themselves are often difficult, because when you realize...


Alex: Well, we're going to talk about that, Alan, in a moment, but right now you just hit on something.  That's really it.  I've never been a jealous or envious person.  And I know that in this system the main thing they drive off of is jealousy and envy and then modeling.  People idolize something because they're jealous of that image and they try to mimic that, in an attempt to overtake it and become it.  Which is really what the New World Order does.  They hate god, so they're trying to become god.  But you just hit on it.  I actually have the reverse of that.  I have extreme empathy.  Not that I'm even that good of a person, folks.  Really aggressive male mammals, especially you know in canines or in homo sapiens sapien, you normally have a lot of empathy in the tribe.  That's because you would violently tear up those in your tribe nucleus if you didn't have a strong, ingrained empathy and protection mechanism, which you correctly talk about, Alan, is manipulated through a tribal instinct, scientifically.  But I get angry, and I am in pain, and I am upset to see these people being robbed of consciousness, being robbed of being free, being robbed of seeing reality, being robbed of being able to control their own destiny and set their own course.  You know, god wants us to have free will, but really the New World Order claims that they want to give us free will, but they're the ones trying to take it away, Alan.


Alan: Yeah.  And that's so beautiful, the way they do it.  Liberalism has always pushed this equality business to the extreme, but in reality they give you political correctness.  And they're the most intolerant of all if you don't go along with it.  They don't allow individual opinion on a particular topic when it's already been put in a category of political correctness.  So they're the most intolerant of all, you'll notice.  And I always think about all the generations who have gone before me, and lived and died never knowing that their whole lives were manipulated towards a purpose, a goal they were never told about, for an agenda they were totally unaware of.  So, it's not just for the living we're fighting, it's for all those that have gone before, and never known.


Alex: Well, now we see a New World Order coming into view, what else will life be like under this control grid and what are the steps they're going to use to lead us into that?


Alan: It's quite simple really, they always go for the children, the up-and-coming ones.  Now, we can go back to Beria, who was the chief of police of the NKVD at the time, the precursor of the KGB in the Soviet system.  And in 1930, he gave a world meeting of the Comintern.  And he said, we can alter culture now in every five years.  It used to take 70 years to get a generation to accept a change in culture.  He said, now, with getting the children, we can alter them so that every five years they'll accept a major new change.  Well, that's been implemented into kindergarten, scientifically.  So a child going into kindergarten today has been indoctrinated for the changes they will experience thirty, forty years from now.  And then the one going in next year is indoctrinated slightly further ahead than that and so on and so on and so on.  This is a planned, scientific system.  Now, the children with their iPods and everything else are going the road that they said they would take at the Loyola meeting of world science.  They will promote the brain chip through movies, as being a very positive thing to have.


Alex: Well as rebellious, your parents don't want you to have the chip, body modification, even the Washington Post admits, Wash Tech admits, their technical publication, that corporations do want implantation, and that they are using body modification as a "radical, stylish thing to do" and we're all used to the iPods hooked in.  We are one step away from being the wire heads.


Alan: Yes.  For convenience's sake we will sell out our souls.  And they will tell you, that this will do away with the cell phone, the internet, everything.  You'll have a chip in your brain connected to your brain tissue.


Alex: Oh they're openly now all over television.  Ten years ago I'd read it in government documents.  Now they're on TV going, if you don't take this, you won't be able to have a job or live.  You'll be a bunch of idiots.  And they're already saying, there will be a bunch of religious crazies that won't do this, but we'll need it to stop terrorists too.  In fact, I have Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes saying we all need chips to prove we're good people.


Alan: Yeah, a chip off the old block, as the Masons say.  That's what he's pushing at really too.  This has always been their agenda.  Again, back to Huxley with his wires in the brain.


Alex: By the way, it's Masons nationwide with a program called Chip program, getting kids to biometrically scan into the system.


Alan: This is all part of it.  So they'll tell the children that my goodness, you can get stereo or quadraphonic effects in your head.  You'll be in the movie.  You'll imagine you're in the movie.  And this is how they're going to sell this to the children.  But once they all have it, the main switch is pulled, and the real function kicks in, because there will be no more you as an individual thinking, sentient being.  And that was discussed at the Loyola Science Meeting, funded by the U.S. Department of Commerce.


Alex: Arthur C Clarke in his final 2001 book, wrote that.  Everybody has brain chips.  Everybody is totally controlled.  And this is his Utopia. 


Alan: Yeah, their Utopia is a Hell on earth for the public.  That's right.


Alex: No, you're just not stylish.  You're just not stylish.  The latest pop star, Big Bopple Bibblesnap or whatever his name will be, he's got the 9M7Q Chip, and the government doesn't want him to have it.  He's acing them, man.  He's got the chip.  He's rad.  We've got to get one.  Don't you tell me, you old square.  I'm getting the new IM70 Chip.  You can't stop me.


Alan: Yeah, that's right.  And in fact, at that meeting they talked about giving it snob appeal.  And now there are marketing companies. 


Alex: It's like seeing people getting their thumb scanned to get in their brand new hundred thousand dollar Mercedes, when I'm out in the parking lot of IHOP.  Exactly.  It's as though this was stylish.  They'll probably make us start wearing chains around our necks and it will be stylish.  I mean, hell, they can show, you know, the new style could be chains, and half the public would start wearing chains. 


Alan: Yes.  And then we can hook them on to the rails in airports as we go along the lines, like cattle, to be searched. 


Alex: Yeah, I mean, that's an extreme example folks.  But literally, literally, if Madison Avenue had the nerve to do it, they could say eating feces is cool.  And 20% of the public would start gobbling their toilets.  And by the way, Alan, I'm not joking when I say that.  The public is so weak minded right now, they could tell them sticking babies in garbage disposals is good.  They'd start doing it.


Alan: Well, they can.  And that's again the diabolical cleverness of this system.  They know how to make the public do anything within their culture.  Anything at all.  And now of course, the biggest fad out is the eating of fetal tissue to try and rejuvenate themselves.  And rich women are going off to China.


Alex: Oh, they have BBC articles where they act like the women are good, knowing it's coming from dead babies.


Alan: Yeah, I know.  I know. 


Alex: And, oh, it's so.  She says, I don't care.  I'm going to stay beautiful for many more years and acts like she's good.  She's good.


Alan: And that again was put into the futuristic movie, Brazil, by Terry Gilliam.  A fantastic movie of a world run by bureaucracies. 


Alex: Well see, that's it, that's it.  People don't realize, once you get to a corruption jump point or flash point, then it all suddenly goes downhill very rapidly.


Alan: Yes.  When you have no normalcy to compare anything with, and that's why they like to keep us moving with crisis after crisis.  You have no more normalcy left to compare anything with, then you can always bring forth the new, the new, the new, even though it's very bizarre, really, you'll think it's quite normal.  You'll have nothing to compare it to.  You'll think it's a natural progression.


Alex: Well, we've got to have you back up for longer in the near future, because I know you've got a lot more knowledge and you're right on target.   Let's come back and take a few final calls with folks holding with our guest, Alan Watt.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: The elite are waging war on the people.  They've convinced many of you to not realize this war is ongoing.  Break your conditioning.  Our guest is really an expert on these issues.  You can visit his website, linking through at  We've got it up on the main page, and we'll have it up there for the next day.  Let's try to jam a few calls in.  Whenever we have a guest this good that's on, I want to take your calls, but there's just so little time.  Sean in Arizona, you're on the air, go ahead.


Sean: Hi, Alex.  I want to make a couple of points.  First, before the new liquid alert came out I received in the mail my new gallop poll which focused on, oh, is Bush going far enough in taking our liberties away for safety and stuff.  And I found that rather odd.


Alex: Yeah, notice how it was stacked up so you'd get it right when it came out so they'd be ready with just the right question.  You can, I mean, we have the documents they're coordinating it, but you don't even need the documents.  You can see the coordination all around you.  Let me get a comment from our guest on that. 


Alan: There's no doubt.  All the media is.  Media is the middle man.  Media means the middle.  They're the middle between the elite and the general population.  They give us our thoughts, our realities, our conditioning, our upgrades to our conditioning constantly.  And it's been ongoing forever.  It's so simple.


Alex: And you look at all these status hungry people that will do anything for just some petty power.  They're the most unhappy people you could know.  Go ahead.  Anything else, Sean?


Sean: Yes.  Another issue is, I think there are several points working in our favor.  The elite have been trying to accelerate their schedule, first of all because I think their global currencies are going to start falling, going through the floor.  And that kind of like limits the time which they have to implement all this.


Alex: Yeah, isn't that really the good news, Alan Watt, is that their program is having a lot of problems, and people, there is a wide group of people that are waking up?


Alan: It's true, however, eventually they are going to do away with the cash system anyway, and bring in the global cashless society.  In fact, the ID card has a part on it, it's been admitted in Britain, for this coming cashless, global society.  It's on the ID card. The same one as they're introducing in the United States and Canada. 


Alex: Oh, yeah.  It's admitted the global ID, it's really a global ID card, it’s all standardized globally.  But I mean, the good news is, there is a growing resistance, Alan.


Alan: There is, yeah.  And the public, it's organization they lack.  They have no organization.  The elite know this, so they call them the rabble.  An unorganized rabble never could get anywhere.


Alex: Thank you for the call, Sean.  We're going to jump now to another caller, Ron in New Jersey, you're on the air.  Go ahead. 


Ron: Yes.  Hello, Alex, and hello, Alan.  Alex, the reason I'm calling, you guys mentioned the Matrix, and I'm currently involved with the person who really wrote the Matrix.  Her name is Sophia Stewart.  And Wachowski brothers.


Alex: Yeah, I've heard that story about out of California.


Ron: Yeah, well, I'm involved in that, and that's a true story.  She's been in a seven-year battle against Fox Studios and Warner Brothers, just so you guys know how the system works.  The system is definitely stacked against us.


Alex: Sure, sure, sir.  I mean, I'm aware of this.  It's been in the press.  What's on your mind?


Ron: Well, that was just one thing that I wanted to bring out.  You know, I didn't know if you were aware of it or not.  But I was just bringing out an example of how the system is stacked against us.  As far as things go when you talk about the media, when you talk about the courts.


Alex: We're almost out of time, bro.  What else is on your mind?  Did you have a question or anything for the guest?


Ron: Well, I'd just like to thank Alan.  He has an awesome knowledge on things going down, and I'd just like to thank him for coming on your show. 


Alex: Thank you.  And again, I'm frustrated folks, because I wanted to get all the callers on, and I can't now.  Sorry everybody.  Maybe Friday or something I won't have guests and we'll just do three hours of calls, because your calls are all so great.  Okay, well, Alan Watt, thank you so much for coming on with us today, and folks can visit your website through, and I hope to have you back up in the near future, my friend.


Alan: It's been a pleasure. 


Alex: Take care.  Listen, you couldn't make this stuff up.  It's too weird.  And it's really going on and it's not pretty.  And these people are totally cold blooded and do not have your best interests at heart.  I suggest you wake up, you wake your friends and neighbors up, and we fight these people.  God bless you all.


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