January 6th, 2010
Alan Watt on the Alex Jones Show

(2 Hours)

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Alex Jones: In the next two days, I am going to write up the rules for the contest we're launching to expose the naked body scanners, that the London Guardian reports, according to British law, is child pornography.  It's going in Europe, England, the United States, and Canada, simultaneously from two major companies.  Billions of dollars of these were ordered in the last year, set to go in this year.  They have the underwear bomber, clearly staged, to fear monger everyone, to go, oh, I guess we've got to naked body scan.  The troops in Iraq, in the prisons, and at checkpoints, wouldn't even body scan women.  In fact, pull up the photo from yesterday, for prisonplanet.tv viewers.  The news shows you blurred out images.  This is what's really being recorded, and the people have a right to know.  Full genitalia.  Full breasts.  Everything.  And they're going to do this to your children, your wife, everyone.  They're going in everywhere. 


We need lawsuits to be filed.  We need injunctions to be filed.  We need protests of the stock of these companies.  Find out if your 401K has a mutual fund or something in it, or in your money market that owns these companies.  We're going to be cataloging.  I need people out there to catalog all this.  We have limited staff, but we're going to launch that, to boycott and protest that, to educate the public.  Because if they can break our will with naked body scanners, and let you be publicly humiliated and break your spirit, they can get away with anything.  First it's thumb printing and face scanning to get driver's licenses.  Then it's take your shoes off, your belt off.  Answer questions.  Not being able to have a blanket in your lap on a plane.  If you're in the toilet more than ten minutes they land the plane, it's national news.  All these acts of submission, all these acts of supplication.  We're going to hit them hard. 


We have a listenership of millions of people.  Hundreds of newspapers, I didn't even count it, thirty, forty, fifty, more, Japanese TV, British TV, Canadian TV, US TV, national TV, local TV, hundreds of papers, the local papers in Austin, the papers south of me, front page, the Obama Joker Poster.  We make the Obama Joker Poster, we have a contest, what, folks won $5,000 for that.  And they tried to intimidate people and said they couldn't do it.  People resisted the intimidation, they posted them everywhere.  And it took this image of this god, Obama, and showed him for what he really is, a criminal thug.  We defiled their god, their big daddy figure.  And it was also an exercise in showing the people the power of just pamphleteering.  Just posting posters, in your local area, where other people post them, where it's legal or lawful, or common law lawful.  They can't selectively enforce it.  They've always got some old county rule that you can't, we let everybody post stuff, but you can't.


$5,000 starting now, in one month, for the best video, and I'd like it to be posted to youtube, because that's where over half the video views are going on, but you ought to doppelgang it and post it somewhere else as well.  We're going to create the contest pages.  $5,000 for that.  $10,000 for the best naked protest.  Now, follow your local laws, but all over the country, the courts have found that for art or for protest, people are allowed to be nude.  I suggest you wear speedos or something.  And obviously, attractive women, if you want to fight the New World Order, this is a way to smash them.  You're going to be recorded naked, and kept by the government.  They're going to then make your children do it.  To save the children, we have to do this.  Look at this beautiful young twenty something year old woman, completely naked.  Look at her breasts, look at her body, look at her, that is what they're seeing.  And I told you, Homeland Security is now saying, and the former head of British Security, in fact, I forgot to print that article.  It's on prisonplanet.  I told people on Monday, it came out yesterday.  They're now proposing even more high-powered scanners that see into the body for hidden bombs under the skin.  Because they can sew up a bomb under their skin, and un-sew it in the bathroom.  It could be just in, and oh, we need to wear tazer bracelets they're now saying, or maybe Al Qaeda will get us, see how it's just always more, more, more. 


We're going to Alan Watt for the balance of the two hour broadcast in just a moment.  We're now again, 12 minutes into the 3rd hour today, 4 hour transmission, Monday through Friday, 12 noon until 4pm Eastern, 11am to 3pm Central.  $5,000 for the protest of the body scanners, launching now.  One month from now, the videos will all be posted.  We'll post them as they come in.  And you'll win $5,000.  $10,000 for the best video shot.  Can you imagine the level of views these are going to get.  People will then learn, and you ought to incorporate the images of what the body scans show, and then point out, we're doing this because this is what's really happening to you.  And if we're going to have to bare it in here, we're going to bare it out there, to show the public, to shock them, this is the kind of thing that will make government come after you folks.  This is really effective, peaceful stuff.  This is what I'm really all about.  We're taking a big risk doing this.  I think you obviously know that.  Because we're the tip of the spear.  We come up with these ideas.  We come up with the idea of the states and the cities to swear to the Bill of Rights.  800+ cities, 5 states, passed laws against the Patriot Act saying their police wouldn't comply with unconstitutional orders.  That got picked up by everybody.  That was very successful.  I mean, how many things have we launched?  The going to press conferences, confronting politicians, we launched that.  Code Pink, everybody else, We are Change have implemented it.  We are Change for good, Code Pink, more often not for good. 


My wife had this idea.  Why?  My wife, only for a year worked for PETA, very pretty, and she went to Tokyo and a few other places and just took her top off, and it was on the cover of hundreds of newspapers and magazines against killing whales.  Okay.  She painted herself up like a cheetah and everything, and went out there and faluted.  She got arrested too, in Japan.  But they dropped the charges.  Again, everywhere in the country, it's legal and lawful.  In Austin, they've had a bunch of court cases where women have protested naked, and what was it 15 years ago or more, they lost the court case, so now women, you'll be on the hike and bike trail and they walk by naked, you know, as part of their feminism or whatever.  The point is, this is, and we were on the Green Belt the other day.  I took Aaron and Rob for a five mile hike, a little hike, a woman comes walking by with her top off.  But, the point is, wasn't very attractive, I'll tell you that.  That's fine.  I mean the issue was, is that, this can't wait. 


So, we're going to have a big protest date, where everybody does it.  I say we can't wait long.  We'll set that out in about two weeks from now, where everybody who wants to do it on the same day, Federal Court Houses where they're implementing this tyranny, off the property of airports, you know, the side of the highway, at the entrances.  $10,000 for the best video.  That will be judged in a month, but I wouldn't wait.  And again, obviously, the number of hits will be important, how effective it is, what you have to say.  Needs to be 10 minutes long or shorter.


All right, I'm going to go to Alan Watt.  We're going to do that.  I'm talking to lawyers and other experts, looking at the U.S. code.  These are federal reservations.  The airports have been illegally taken over by the Feds.  They're off their jurisdiction, they're now metastasizing out with the TSA teams.  It's checkpoints all over the country, as we told you seven years ago they would do.  Searching everyone from Dallas to New York, from Los Angeles to Miami.  Wanding everyone.  Troops on the streets.  I've got more articles today.  We've got color scans of this up on infowars.com, but here's the black and white color copy.  Clear U.S. Army troops involved in house to house searches in Massachusetts, that's going on.  But we're just being hit from every side.  These body scanners are the key for like these different psychological syndromes where people serve the abuser, the Stockholm syndrome and others.  We've got to stand up and say, you know what, we're going to use you trying to humiliate us Naked to make us submit to you with these strip searches, with these men looking at the women and children and men being scanned and laughing.  All these photos of them smiling at the naked woman that's in the scanner.  This is a strip search.  We've got to show the public that.  Alan Watt, what do you think of my idea, my wife's idea?


Alan Watt: It could go either way actually.  I was thinking of someone who did that over the last few years, as a big art publicity stunt...


Alex: Yeah, they do it in major cities from New York to Madrid.


Alan: Yeah, and so in a sense, it becomes almost acceptable.  And we're also living in a culture that's been promoting this, again from certain quarters for certain purposes.


Alex: Well, Alan, I understand that the globalists at certain levels have been desensitizing, but this is using their own system against them. 


Alan: I think people should all turn up fully clothed and just put the protest out there, that's how they want to stay, personally, I don't want...  What's going to get pushed here is the fact that they're going to have...


Alex: No, no, no, no.  Alan, this is why I disagree with you, and I rarely do.  They're making you take your clothes off in the scanner. 


Alan: Yeah, that's why I wouldn't do it.


Alex: We are saying, look at what you want us to do.  I think it's going to be devastating to them. 


Alan: I'll tell you what I would do.  I'll tell you what I would do, personally.  I would just take photographs of all the mass graves of WWII and the Soviet Union, of all the naked bodies and have big placards of that, and saying we're not going to end up like this.  No, thank you.


Alex: Exactly.  Being unclothed, taking your shoes off, then all your clothes.  It's a supplication.  It's like herding people in to be shot in pits, stripping them down naked.  The humiliation.  That's another great thought right there.  That would be a good poster.  Dead bodies with the image of the naked woman from the scanner, saying we've seen this before, don't airport scan.  Go ahead.


Alan: Yeah, because that's what you have to get in, as to where this is going.  It's not fun.  It's not fun.  It's degradation.  It's the dehumanization of the individual, and the people in general, human beings in general.  And it's not going to stop there.


Alex:  We're going to have no dignity, no privacy, all the big government making us do it.


Alan: Yes, and they've already said that they're going to keep these files forever.  And they can also project how you're going to look in ten, twenty, thirty years time, according to all your profile, and your genetic history, and yadda ya.  And they'll be able to spot you wherever you are in the world, seeing through your clothes.


Alex: The biometric body scanning.  Totally, Alan.


Alan: So really, what they're telling you, is not only do you not own your body.  You own nothing.  You don't even own the patents to your own genes.  They're telling you you're a piece of property. 


Alex: Yeah, they're telling us that they take all our babies' blood at birth.  That's now admitted.


Alan: Yes.  And Australia came out too, they've been doing it there for thirty years.  One of the listeners went to get it back from them.  They have them stored up in certain quarters.  He wasn't allowed to get ahold of it.  Thirty years ago they took his blood.


Alex:  Globally implemented thirty-seven years ago.  Absolutely Alan, stay there.  Let's go over the body scanners, the humiliation, a lot more.  And we want more ideas.  Everybody take action.  We're going to expose the naked body scanners.  Shocking the public into seeing how much we're being made to reveal.


(Commercial Break.)


Alex: There's an article up on prisonplanet.com by Steve Watson, with a headline, breaking the will of the people.  The real purpose of body scanners, and you scroll down and it shows the Nazis and others strip-searching women in WWII.  And that's what this is really all about.  Going back to Alan Watt, great idea pointing out that they always strip you down before they kill you.  And it's a real act of submission.  Do you agree with me that this, telling everyone that you will be naked body scanned is a key point in our conditioning and we must resist it?


Alan: Oh, absolutely, absolutely.  It's a definite one, because Blair was talking about this, long before this happened, this latest farcical incident.  And it's an ongoing process of depersonalization, dehumanization, and getting the public to accept the fact that they're nothing but cattle.  Literally, you're nothing but cattle, and you feel small.  You start to obey and submit.  Submission is what they're after for what's coming after this.  If I was going to have a demonstration, I'd also have them wear those fake tattoos on their forearms as well, or bar codes and all the rest of it, as well.  Just to put a point, this was all done before, and this is where it ends up, in these pits, with bulldozers pushing bodies into pits.  That's what I'd say.


Alex: That's a great idea.  Hand out images of the women and the naked body scanners with bar codes on their heads, add that, or women and men could put bar codes on their heads, on their bodies, paint themselves with bar codes, as some type of covering.  That's another excellent idea, Alan.  Of course what comes next year is medicalizing all this.  Taking blood and urine at the checkpoints, that's already happening under federal grants.  Warrantless taking of blood.  They're also implementing, now announcing the DNA databases they've had globally, globally implemented for 37 years, all of this.  Implantable microchips comes next.  They're pushing that.  They want in our bodies.


Alan: Well, they decided a long time ago, that a stage would come where they'd have to eradicate, gradually eradicate most of humanity, so that a million people could live in high luxury.  That's a statement still put out by the United Nations today.  They said we can either live as 7 or 8 billion peasants, at a low state of living, or 1 million people can live in a high state.  So they're bringing us down through sterilization, through the total destruction of the family; don't have children.  And it's an ongoing, long-term project, but in the meantime, they must further make us humiliated, submissive to the authorities.  And when you're trained, the whole technique of training is to first break the first priori, which is self-preservation and rights.  You break that and then you train them to the next level.


Alex: And modesty.  Everybody knows the most evil governments strip you.


Alan: See, what it presents is no privacy, at all.


Alex: What do they do when you first come into a prison?  They strip you, do a medical exam to humiliate you.


Alan: And they hose you down.  They hose you down in front of the other prisoners, and they laugh at you, and make jokes about you, and that's all part of it too.  Humiliate the people, depersonalize the people.


Alex: When they arrested the protesters and my camera guy, they tortured Lou Kradouski and others.  Made fun of them when they went to the bathroom, strung them up naked and had troops there running it. 


Alan: And they joke away, and laugh away, whether you're male or female.  That's what they do.


Alex: And of course, that's really dehumanizing the soldiers as well. 


Alan: It does.  Actually, it brutalizes them.  It teaches them to be more brutal, because an odd thing happens.  It's been tested many times with different experiments, that they get into their roles.  They begin to despise the meek and humble groveling prisoners, and they become brutal.  This is standard fare.  Standard fare. 


Alex: Then they have their project hostile intent, with their face scan your facial expressions, saying, oh you were frowning.  That's my probable cause that you're a terrorist.


Alan: Exactly.  In fact, they don't like any possible come back.  They take it personally when you look them in the eye.  And they actually teach special forces what to do when you're in prison.  Be humble.  Always look at the floor.  Never look them in the eye.  They're training the public to do the same.


Alex: Remember Nineteen Eighty-Four when Winston said, you had to watch the look on your face.


Alan: Well, it wasn't just that.  This is an old technique you see.  Even with the movie, a very good movie, it's called The Madness of King George.  King George was mad.  He had manic-depressive bouts.  And they brought in.


Alex: Look at Bilderbergs, they're not allowed to look them in the face there.  I'm sorry, go ahead.


Alan: Well, back then, people don't realize that it was a crime.  It was a crime to look the King in the eye, an absolute crime.  You were locked up in prison for it.  And that was in the 1800s, and right up into the 1900s, you were not allowed to look them in the eye.  Hillary Clinton did the same thing, when she was in the White House.  None of the staff could look her in the eye.  It was a major offense.  And this is the standard technique of the psychopath at the top, who's utterly brutal, and wants total subservience from all the meek and humble beneath them.  And the more you comply and be meek and humble, the more they despise you for being so weak. 


Alex: And then that legitimizes their abuse of you, in their sado-masochistic minds.  And notice that all the torture in Iraq, and the secret bases in Europe, it's all sexual.  That's been declassified.  Raping children, using battery acid.  Jeffery Dalmer, Hell-Raiser stuff, is now good.  The psychopaths are turning the whole world's psychological atmosphere into hell.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: In the next few days, we'll post all the details at infowars.com and prisonplanet.com.  Three new contests, $10,000 for the best protest video.  And it can be whatever you want.  I think that the topless thing bare minimum, because the public doesn't fully understand.  You are naked being recorded.  I think it's going to devastate them to use their own tools against them.  I think, because that's an act that you willfully do instead of them forcing you.  You are taking that like judo and using it against them.  $5,000 for the best poster against airport scanning and whoever puts up the most and does the best job, okay.  You will win $5,000.  And then, what was the other one I came up with?  It was another $5,000 for something.  I'll have to go back and listen, I was spontaneously thinking of that on air.  I said $5,000 for something else...there was another form of protest that I said was another $5,000.  I'm going to have to go listen to that.  Did we write notes on that, my third?  No. No.  There's three contests $10,000 for the protest, best video, preferably topless.  Oh, $5,000 for the best political stunt.  That's right.  Good job, Dew.  $5,000 for the best political stunt.  You know, legal banner hangs.  Of course they always selectively enforce that.  Events, stuff on TV, whatever you can do.  Best stunt that you video tape and post to youtube.  Best legal stunt.  I mean, that can be in your county where it's legal, putting on a $5,000 free fireworks contest, and getting people there, and handing out to 5,000 people body scanners and telling them, let's go protest next week.  I don't know what the stunts are.  I mean, let's see what you come up with.  That's $20,000 in prize money. 


How do I pay for that?  You, the listeners purchase the books and videos from infowars.com, and we slashed all the prices because of the economy.  My mission is to get the materials out.  When you get Fall of the Republic for $19.95, my latest and most powerful film.  It's got Alan Watt in it, Max Keiser.  It's got Webster Tarpley.  It's got economist in there of course, George Humphrey.  It's got Gerald Celente.  The list just goes on and on.  Myself in the film.  It just documents their whole agenda.  And we're having victories against them.  They're not invincible, because we know their game plan.  Get a free T-shirt of your choice, or get a free video.  We have a bunch of special combo deals, right now at infowars.com, and when you purchase books and videos, you support what we're doing.  We're not funded by George Soros.  We're not funded by the government like all these globalists and right wing, left wing groups.  We are Patriots, standing up.  And the globalists hate the example we've made of leadership and strength and honor.  They don't want you to know that you have power.  They don't want you to know you can stand up.  They want to make you hopeless.  But we're standing up to show people the power of the people.   Look what happened in Copenhagen.  That was annihilated. We'll get Alan Watt's take on that.


Okay, Alan, I'm going to try to shut up now.  I'm just so wound up about what is happening, because, I have never let my family.  My children have never flown, because I won't have them strip-searched or beat up, or they're always killing people in the TSA.  I can't watch them being humiliated, taking their shoes off or being indoctrinated to be slaves for the next phase of being naked body scanned.  And they use the instrumentality of a machine, like that makes it okay.  Be like, instead of a cop shooting you in the head, you had a robot shooting you in the head, so it's okay.  It's men looking at a screen of your naked body, and saving it.  It's even worse then a strip search.  It would be like if they led you in and stripped you and video taped it, and laughed at you.  How do we beat this?  How do we resist it?  How do we not just contribute to the Stockholm syndrome of covering all of this, and then people just get hopeless?  How do we fight back?  How do we defeat these people?  Then I want to get into how worldwide from Germany to New York State, they're arresting home schooling parents, for no reason, in big public raids trumping up fake charges.  I'm going to give the number out to that county coming up, folks, for people to call later.  Alan, I mean, they are moving on us on every front.  Copenhagen was mainly a defeat, but Gordon Brown said, I don't care if you didn't sign on, we're still going to implement it.  Alan Watt.


Alan: Again, people have to realize that you're not a nobody.  No one is a nobody, and that's been the technique that's been used for so long, is to make us all think we're nobodies, and that special people that come out of special wombs are up there to guide you and to manage your lives for you.  We have been taught, since the sixties onwards to be children, perpetual children.  Don't get involved in politics, ignore it.  Just have a good time and play. And now it's all coming home, because you have people now who are at that stage of mentality where they've never matured.  A lot of people out there have never matured.  They're living now as they did when they were eighteen years of age, even if they're forty.  So we're aiming at the people who can still think, who still have a sense of self-respect and know how to give it back to people who have lost it along the way, their own self-respect.  Government exists by the will of the people.  Government is only an idea.  That's all it is.  And it only gets away with, it's like money.  If you have faith that that money works and someone will accept it, then things will work.  If you have faith in the government, it will work.  But if you give complete faith to government, it will work in its own way, and not for your benefit.  However, it still only exists because you allow it to exist.  And that's got to get pushed home to these boys at the top.  They know this too.  They're preparing for all kinds of possible scenarios.  They've thought through the whole next fifty years agenda and they're preparing for all possible outcomes.  What they don't want is a passive, yet subtly aggressive push and mass demonstrations for people to take back their rights, and to put the government back in its place.  And every government in the world has got to start putting down on its books, the recall of people who do not fulfill their promises in elections.  When they go off on some strange tangent as soon as they're in office, they should be out the door immediately. 


Alex: Instead of, in England, the left and right, and the U.S., the left and right, most people are still caught up.  They hate the party that's in power.  They vote for the party out of power.  And then they hate that party, they vote for the next party.  It's all staged.  We have to have a paradigm shift and stop looking at the low-level puppets and see the real architecture of enslavement. 


Alan: Yes.  And we've got to get the big foundations and the CFR and the Royal Institute for International Affairs out, totally out of politics.  In fact, they should be, they should be outlawed, to be honest with you.  Because they've been behind the last hundred years of guiding this whole world and every country in it, into this mandated global society of a Socialist type formula, with its eugenics agenda, with its takedown of populations to a manageable level as they call it.  These guys have no place in politics.  We don't vote them in.  And yet, here they are with all their members inside the political bureaus and establishments.  They've got to be outlawed completely. 


Alex: And they are parasites.  And they love the fact that they're in the process of disarming us as is happening in Canada right now.  Alan, you talk a lot about how they and this is in their own documents, again Charlotte Iserbyt's books, full of the documents, about how they're turning man against woman, woman against man, black against white, Muslim against Jew, Catholic against Protestant, Northerner against Southerner.  Always vulcanizing everyone.  Here's an article, and give me a document cam shot for prisonplanet.tv viewers.  France to criminalize shouting at your wife.  Married couples could be arrested and charged for insulting each other under a new law in France banning psychological violence.  And in the US they're starting to take people's kids if they're seen yelling at them, even if it isn't against the law.  And then it says right here that it's going to be implemented with a ticket the first time, and then jail time, and then huge fines, and it says that they're encouraging men and women to tattle on each other.  And women are being taught, your husband is arguing with you, call the police.  And so again, they are literally moving forward with this agenda.  I wanted to read one part.  "Police are being urged to issue a caution in a first instance of reported crime, of raising their voice, but repeated offenses could face a fine or electronic tagging or jail. See, all these petty things that aren't even crimes, everybody has got to be tagged. 


Alan: Well I tell you, people have to stop being politically correct.  This is all training people to be politically correct.  And they keep updating it, because they know where they're going with it all, into a robotic society.  It's also to make sure that you cannot live outside the government's control.  In other words, if you're going to have an argument, you must have a professional counselor there to have it.  Otherwise, it's illegal.


Alex: Well, now they're saying out of sixty million, or fifty million French, whatever it is.  Pull up the population number of France.  They're saying a hundred and fifty seven French men and women killed each other in 2008, and we can't allow that.  Like one underwear bomber, all our rights leave, they naked scan us, and now, we may have to ban marriage and make everybody live in dormitories, because every once in a while people kill each other.  And oh my gosh, sometimes parents abuse babies, so twenty thousand homes in England, now, at birth cameras go in your home, until the kids leave when they're eighteen and the government watches you. 


Alan: That's right.


Alex: See, oh, well, my God, sometimes people fight, so we've just got to ban this institution.  They're even really talking about it.


Alan: It was back in the 1960s in the American Psychological Association's own magazine, they said in the 60s that eventually they will put cameras in every citizen's homes.  And it will pick up any signs of aggression, such as your mouth going down, eyes narrowing, and they will have intervention teams that will come in straight away before anything happens.  Now, we've got to understand, we're simply following through a script here.  It's an intergenerational script that's updated for each generation.  And it's not happening by the moment, happenstance with some strange new idea that came out of parliament or Congress.  It was implemented and written into U.N., various constitutions, forty, fifty, sixty years ago. 


Alex: And now they're announcing their world government.  By the way, France has 61.5 million people.  And now, Alan, why are they now coming right out saying, von Rompuy, the head of the EU, Gore, Gordon Brown, they're all saying global governance is here.  They announced at the conference, yes we want it to be a global one-child policy.  Yes, we want to shut down the money so you can't afford to have children, and then we'll CPS them if you're poor.  And yes, this is really all about population reduction.  And now Austin has announced, the city, yes, we don't want to build new roads.  We're going to force you to take buses.  We are your social engineers.  We own your butt.


Alan: Again, a very old agenda, written years ago, about how they would do this in fact, and how they would implement it by stages, as they gradually altered the perceptions of each generation, and prepared them for the new.


Alex: So why are they now announcing it?  Why are they getting so bold?  Why is everything moving so much faster?


Alan: Because they really, they really believe now it's time.  They believe now it's time.  You see, a long time ago, they said that 2012 was when the U.N. would come up to its full power and be accepted by the world.  They think it's now ready to be accepted by the various populaces of the world.  And they're almost right.  Most countries will go along, because they're so beaten down by everything, they probably will just go along with it.  In fact, they'll think, what can we do?  We haven't protested anything for years.  Most countries have not protested anything for years.  So they've been trained to comply and comply and comply.  So, at the top, they do believe that they're ready to accept global governance.  They've had forty years of brainwashing.


Alex: You're right.  And now suddenly, as you know, on CNN, Fox, they're going, the Japanese are looking at putting lithium in the water, an anti-psychotic.  And the lady on the show says, I think it's a good idea, and suddenly they're going, yeah, we are going to put statins in the water and Prozac.  And yeah, Prozac is in water supplies that don't have run off and it shouldn't be, because it's going to make you feel better.  They're just, they're just titrating the dose for those who don't know, to get used to say cobra bites, they give people small amounts of the venom and build it up.  And I believe that's why they let Ventura have the TV show.  He means well.  I mean well.  But they believe it's now time to throw it in your face.  That's why they're not too worried about me, because they believe it's now time to throw it in your face.  I just want to ask the controllers and the bureaucrats who get petty power out of this, who are compartmentalized, do you like giving your kids tap water in some cases over 300 deadly chemicals, but on average 150 plus?  Do you like the fact that your boys are effeminate, and a lot of them don't even have a sperm count by the time they're twenty?  Do you like the fact that everybody is dying of cancer?  I mean, do you really like this?  But see, it's a psychological trick, they get off on the fact that they feel like they're part of it. 


Alan: And they also, most people, go into denial.  They cannot believe that the masters above them would be so bad as to actually do this deliberately.  In fact, the masters count on the public saying, well, they're always screwing up.  It's got to be a mistake.  They wouldn't have meant to do that.  And of course they did mean to do that, because Julian Huxley said in the 1950s, and he was the first CEO of UNESCO, he said, we shall use all kinds of Pharma, in drinking water, food, and in inoculations to create a compliant, pliable population.


Alex: And in Endgame 1.5, we have Dr Michael Kaufmann, reading from official Pentagon sanctioned studies, of what they would do by the year 2000 from the 60s, and these are major universities saying, we will hype the sports up for everybody.  We will start drugging everyone with the soma type drugs we're developing.  They said, we will then start breaking up the families, and everyone will be literally like childlike people, and then we can start reducing their numbers.  So they're just getting everyone ready to where, oh, yeah, everybody on the block is dying of cancer.  Well, I guess I'm dying, I love the government, oh.  And the newscasters are, cold is coming tomorrow, be sure to wear your mittens and your hat, and they talk to you, I heard it on the news this morning, like you're a baby.  And the average person kind of, oh, I like the government, and everybody is kind of ninnies, and is real soft, and loves tattling, and loves, oh I've got cancer.  Oh, good, I love the government.  I mean it's just so sick, so sick! 


Alan: And it was all planned this way, and implemented by scientific means.


Alex: Oh, Alan, what do we do, man?  I mean, I am never going to be able to take my kids on a flight, which is what they want.  They want us to stop traveling, but I can't let them naked body scan my children. 


Alan: Well, they even want to do it coming into Canada by bridge.


Alex: Now they're going to have big ones on the highways.  You won't be able to run from it.  Sorry, go ahead.


Alan: That's right.  They're talking about putting it in the major crossovers of the Canadian borders, so you can't even drive across now without going through this humiliating experience as well.


Alex: They interrogate my people.  They make them have proof of the cameras they have with purchases, purchase proof.  They harass everyone.  They take your laptops.  I mean it's just unbelievable.


Alan: Yes.  This is what totalitarian society happens to be. We're in it.  You see, people have got to realize we're in a totalitarian society.  It didn't happen by chance.  It was planned a long time ago, implemented perfectly.


Alex: Well, the brutal proof of that is their own documents.  But look how it's the same system worldwide, run by the same companies.  And what they did though is they were smart here.  They built the grid and now they're launching it.  They lined up all their cannons and weapons and aimed at us, got us ready, and then just started blasting, what, about a year ago. 


Alan: And it's coming down so quickly now.  And we've got to get to the youngsters.  They're getting the bulk of the scientific indoctrination.  They're going to grow up accepting it.  They've already trained them first, going through their school scanners to make sure they're getting used to the idea, and I said years ago, this is ongoing for life.  They're getting trained for their livelihoods, when they're twenty, thirty.


Alex: And that will be the next thing.  By the time I left high school, they would bring you in under a federal program and have you answer all these psychological questions so the feds could decide what type of worker bee you should be.  Stay there.


(Commercial break)


News Reel: Seven years ago.  How was this allowed to happen?  Who should be accountable?  Fact finder Marsha Natel went and got some answers.
Marsha: Is it fair to say these four children fell through the cracks?
Responder: Well, from what I can gather, it sounds like there was education going on, so I don't if they really slipped through the cracks.  They didn't fulfill their legal responsibilities while with the school district to be home schooled.


Alex: And then they go to the police and talk about how horrible the parents are, and how, why don't we have home inspections of all homes.  And it's not even illegal to not register your kids.  It's a legalese.  They use the CPS to square out that they believed that it was child endangerment, meaning you have a kid playing with dynamite or something, which they didn't.  So they come and arrest them for a big event, and the media is like, more needs to be done.  You have this Soviet outrage of grabbing the kids, and arresting the parents, and showing their mug shots on TV, and then the message from the media is, that's not enough.  Remember, the media is so evil now that nationwide they tell you that mercury is good for your brain.  I've played that clip probably 150 times.  In fact, go to youtube, type 'news says mercury is good for brain.'  We'll play it again, it's only ten seconds.  I mean, Alan, they are practicing insanity and craziness, and we're going to naked body scan you, and we're going to do this and that, to just break our will or is it that people have been raised now with really no will, or no mooring, and so what ever they're told is good.


Alan: You're right, with no mooring.  You see they have no cultural mooring anymore.  That's why the first big attacks were to destroy all religions that gave you at least self-respect.  They had to destroy that.  They've been very successful.  They then told us to play during the 70s, the 60s and 70s, just play, be eternal children forever, don't worry about the big problems.  Just go out and have fun.  And of course, now, we've been trained that way.  We believe we're perpetual children.  Most folk who are adults today, think of themselves in a childish mentality.  They don't think they're mature.


Alex: Well it's an illusion that lets people drive around in their cars, they pay their taxes, they question nothing.  They think the world is a wonderland, and they're just passively going.  And every time the cops arrest somebody for no reason, or take their kids or kill somebody, the victims make excuses for them.


Alan: That's right, but they do know that through all their studies, over the last hundred years, 87% of the public will always believe what they're told by the major media.  They can't hold more then two major crises in their head at the same time.  And that way, when they give them a new crisis, they delete the last one.  They forget they even had the last one a month ago.  Well, first it's the bank crash, next it's the bailout, now the economy is down the tube, now it's the flu, it's going to kill us all.


Alex: And now, they're about to pass government controlled healthcare, but we're all talking about body scanners.


Alan: Yes.  And so, that's how it works.  87% of the public can only hold two major things in their head at once.  And when the third one comes along, they delay the last one, and forget it even happened.  So this way, you can keep them going from crisis to crisis to crisis. 


Alex: And I want to show the military, from crisis to crisis, when you're being brainwashed, now that you've learned these techniques, notice your commanders are doing it.  They're taught this stuff, and they think it's neat to be able to shutter minds and control people.


Alan: Yes.  Oh, absolutely.  Absolutely.  People really have lost their sense of dignity and self-respect, and definitely a common culture.  That was part of the big massive Communist move for multi-culturalism.  It wasn't be nice to other cultures.  It was to help you to destroy your own cohesive majority culture.


Alex: And with other cultures, to replace it with a corporate borg, Prozac culture.


Alan: That's correct.  And so when you have nothing.  You see, men tend to stand up for their culture.  They stand up for their family.  When you destroy the culture, their traditions, and their family, they have nothing left to stand up for.  They won't fight for anything.


Alex: The culture now is men making jokes about sex, and acting tough.


Alan: And watching sports and guzzling beer.


Alex: Well, Alan, I am so alive. I burn with passion and love of life and liberty and decency and honor.  And Madison Avenue first teaches you, as you said, to feel inadequate and to feel pathetic, so then the system can say, this is what makes you adequate, and that's all the slavery and weakness.  But then men feel even weaker, so they dive into weakness even more, and are never quenched, and I just wish people knew the burning, animating fire and liberty that Thomas Jefferson talked about.  I wish they could feel it flowing in them and through them.  I just want that spirit to rise.


Alan: Well, it's everybody's right.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Alan, I've analyzed Copenhagen in depth.  It was a 95% failure.  And we forced Gordon Brown, the real ringleader of this, kind of the current head of the circus, that it just come out when it failed, they couldn't get countries to sign on to the global taxes and controls, he just said, we'll just have the Western World go ahead and start levying the taxes and giving them to the IMF and World Bank.  And we'll go ahead and start monitoring the Third World and cutting off their funds if they don't do it.  So, openly showing he's a tyrant.  But I am optimistic.  They are drugging people in the water and food.  They are dumbing people down.  They are playing us off against each other, those of us that are awake.  But I do see them, things are not going as well as they wanted.  Now they readjust, they never give up.  But I think humanity has a chance of beating this.  You know, everything they've done is study us, to know how to stop us from ever defeating them.  But I really have some hope, Alan.


Alan: There's always hope, and it's a matter of, again, never giving up either.  They never give up, so we must never give up.   And for every day, new folk start to tune in to the radio shows and listen, every day.  And young ones do too.  And they're the ones who are going to have to take the brunt, and take the cudgel up eventually, down the road, to make sure they have their rights back.  We're only starting off the process and keeping the information alive at the moment.  They'd love to kill the information altogether, but they can't.  Not yet.


Alex: For those who don't know, isn't a cudgel a Scottish name for a war club?


Alan: Yeah.


Alex: Okay, I want to make sure.  Pick up the club. 


Alan: That's what they've got to do, because, it's going to, we're dealing with, as you say yourself, the utmost ruthless people at the top that's ever existed, who are so cocksure of themselves now, they believe they can do whatever they wish to the general population of an entire planet.  And they believe.


Alex: At the point of, hey, we're drugging your water, and we're going to start testing your blood to make sure you're drinking it. 


Alan: Yes, and they're already drugging most of the young boys out there that can think, and have leadership qualities.  I mean, this is full-scale war, thought out a long time ago.  As I say, Julian Huxley said, we'll use pharma, and so did Bertrand Russell, he said, we shall look for those with leadership qualities, and if we can't bring them in through scholarships into our system, we'll have to eliminate them.  That's what he said.  Because they couldn't allow people who could convey what's happening to the rest of the people, and become leaders.  They'd have to drug them or annihilate them. 


Alex: You know, I look at old photographs and old film footage of just like my grandfathers and people before them, and their eyes, especially their parents, you know, back in the 40s and 50s, they were coming out with small little reel tapes, and we found some and watched them.  And just normal people in photos, I mean their eyes were just burning with luminance and intelligence, and people looked so good, even if they were poor, or dressed scrappy.  I mean people just radiated power.


Alan: Yes, they did.


Alex: There is no doubt.  I mean, they admit the fluoride alone is a deadly toxic chemical that brain damages, makes you obese, attacks all the glands.  But they are drugging us in mass.


Alan: Yes.  And that was always a big part of it.  The combination of pharma working with big government was written about sixty, seventy years ago.  That was always their goal, a compliant, obedient population, absolutely.  Remember that movie, THX, was it 700 they called it? 


Alex: THX 1138.


Alan: 1138.  Fantastic, fantastic portrayal of the future.


Alex: That's what they're actually planning.  That's by George Lucas, his thesis film with Robert Duvall, based, for those who don't know, based on Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, which is actually the plan.


Alan: It is the plan.  It absolutely is the plan because Aldous Huxley was in on the big think tank meetings with his brother Julian Huxley. Both descended from the Darwin clan, by the way. 


Alex: Well, he gave his last speech before they probably killed him in '62, he just laid it all out at Berkley.  He said this is all the plan.  This is real.


Alan: And he said...


Alex: Because we're so smart, you listening in the audience won't even be able to stop them.


Alan: That's right.  And he said, a small group of men, very powerful, rich, powerful men, with the use of pharmacology and a good plan could literally take over and rule the entire planet to satisfaction.


Alex: Why do you think over 30% of police officers admit that they're on steroids?  They actually need it because they've been gelded.


Alan: They have.


Alex: To the police who serve this to know, you are being chemically attacked.  Chemically lobotomized.  Why do you serve the New World Order?  Because you're drugged right now and under a trance from television.





Alex: Alright, I said I'd take calls today, when Alan Watt was on with us.  We're going to open the phones up here in just a few minutes at 1-800-259-9231.  Dustin in PA, Justin in Montana, Mark in Maui, wish I was there, but I can't ever fly there.  I'm not going to be naked body scanned.  I'm going to still fly, but I'm not going to let them scan me.  Ken in Mass, and others.


What do you think you're doing?  Because you're given authority and a tin badge, you're going to put me in a naked body scanner, they wouldn't even scan Iraqis with?  And I was talking to Mancow Muller on his syndicated show.  They tried to do a bunch of stuff to him, the TSA guy, Mark steps, he started going 'mm, mm, mm, mm" with his wife and children, and he said, talk to me.  The guy said 'mm.'  And he said talk to me.  And the guy said, that's it, you're missing your flight.  I want you to book that book.  He had Atlas Shrugged in his hand, on the scanner, through the thing.  Put him in the box, put him in there.  You're missing your flight.  So he started yelling, "This is a police state!  This is wrong!  This is a fraud!"  And they said, "Get out of here.  Get out of here."  They didn't want to scare the other slaves, they want to see you dominated, but not see you stand up.


Alan: Oh, that's absolutely true.  The last thing they want is you to make a coherent accurate statement, and shouting out to the rest of the public what's actually happening.  You've got to shout out sometimes and break the spell, and tell them what is actually happening here.  And make them indignant and afraid. 


Alex: I've also noticed, I want your comment on this, that at Disneyland, or at all the other major theme parks, things like Sea World, you pay for your ticket, and then you walk up and they go, oh, you have to hand print with that ticket you bought.  And then I refused, and they let me through as soon as I started yelling.  And everyone else, it's the same thing at the airport.  You buy your ticket, and you go through, and they go, body scanner, put your kids in there.  And all these photos on the news, we were showing them yesterday, when they put these women in the scanners, it shows the guy smiling, looking at their naked bodies.  Because that humiliation is important.


Alan: Yes, absolutely, and there's no doubt about it.  They already say themselves, they can't keep anything secret that's on the net.  You've had so many scandals in Britain with social security numbers being sold by the millions from the government to private companies.  You can believe you me, the next big thing is going to be porno, a new porn across the internet, worldwide of everybody's body scanner silhouette and all the rest of it.  This is all going to come out. 


Alex: And then they'll have an investigation and reward whoever allowed it to happen.  In fact they're already saying the Hollywood bodies are going to go for big cash.


Alan: And people are obsessed today with sex as well, because it's been promoted over any rationale meaning of sex itself, or even the fact that sexual bonding between two people used to mean a good healthy family would come out of it.  Not the promiscuity you have today, and it's all taken so lightly on television, with the reality shows, which is all about that.  No bonding at all, just have sex.  So that's why they're hitting the public now with this.  They've degraded the public from the last generation to the present generation, and really, they've been degrading the public since, oh, the 50s onwards, quite steadily.  And so, it's no big deal now.


Alex: And that's why we have so many people that don't stay together, and the state ends up getting the children effectively.


Alan: Absolutely.  And that's again what they said they'd have to do a long time ago.  If we can get the children separated from the parents through scientific indoctrination, from kindergarten onwards, their minds are ours.  They'll be. 


Alex: Well, if you try to home school your kids, they come and arrest you now with trumped up, made up stuff.


Alan: Well, in the Italian newspapers, a few months ago, the prime minister of Italy said that there was an outright ban now on all homeschooling.  He says, the reason is he says, every child must have the exact same indoctrination.  Those were the words.  And that's the real purpose for it. 


Alex: Socialization.


Alan: It's indoctrination into the new PC terminology to alter your way of thinking about things for that generation to grow up in.  It's designed.


Alex: If you want to doubt that, that standardized programming they're being given, so they can have their social control, California two years ago had their court rule, it got overturned in a federal court, and we read it here on air, it said the state actually owns your children, you're not allowed to home school. 


Alan: Yes, that's right.  And Hillary Clinton too, ran on that ticket as well, that she would abolish all homeschooling.  It's a must-be for all the big top Communists.  I'll loosely call them Communists, for the world to bring in this system of standardized indoctrination. 


Alex: It doesn't matter that your children get no education at all, then to be put in public schools, go ahead.


Alan: Absolutely, because, again, for their wonderful utopia of Socialism and a passive society, the children all must parrot the same things, all believe the same things.  Oh, having sex with an animal is good.  And all this kind of stuff, this is all what's coming up in the very near future by the way.


Alex: About three years ago, the New Freedom Initiative got leaked.  Bush signed it, four years ago.  The internal documents from the Federal board came out, this was in the Associated Press, like it was a good thing.  They said, we've got 20% of kids on government issued drugs now, by 2015 we want 50% and then the decade after that 100% on drugs.  100% with forced inoculations.  100% on the drugs. 


Alan: And those drugs will be for life.  So you have a whole generation on drugs for life, just like the movie we mentioned there, THX 1138, just like that, and you'll get put into a workplace, you'll be tested for your urine all day long, you'll get blood tests to make sure you've taken all your proper drugs and medications.  There will be punishments if you haven't.  And that will become normal.


Alex: And what's sick about it is, you read UN and government documents that we've covered in detail here.  There's literally thousands of them.  And then everybody kept saying I should see the movie Equilibrium, and I saw it, and that's actually what they're setting up.


Alan: Yes, it is.


Alex: They just throw in our faces what they're doing. 


Alan: It's also predictive programming, because predictive programming is a strange thing, because when you're being entertained, you don't realize you're also being indoctrinated with an idea.  And you're not passing judgment while you're watching entertainment, because the censor part of your brain is not involved.  Therefore, it stays in your subconscious, and then when you hear it's coming out in reality, they're actually going to do this, it's familiar to you, and therefore it's not such a big deal.  You go along with it.  That's what predictive programming is all about. 


Alex: We know, forty years ago, they had these passive MRI body scanners, and now they're saying, oh, we've got to scan into your body.  It took them two days to do that, after I said they would, because that's their program.  Remember Total Recall with Schwarzenegger, and all these other science fiction movies, where you go through the airport, and men in black ski masks run you through a system that scans your naked body.


Alan: And the book that it came from was written in 1966. 


Alex: I just can't believe, I mean, I knew it was going to happen.  I knew it would start accelerating, but Alan, do you ever just pinch yourself to witness it, and to know, this is just the beginning? 


Alan: I'm never shocked to be honest with you.  I know what's to come up.  I know the next fifty stages that's to come up in the next twenty years.  So, I'm never shocked.  I read their books.  I know how they work.  I know they keep the pulse on the public.  They know when the public are now ready for the next move, and this is how they've worked.


Alex: I just can't believe how pathetic the public are. 


Alan: You've got to realize too, that 87% as I say, from World War I on, with the same tests, 87% never really disbelieve the major media.  They never question the whys.  They believe that government is telling them the truth.  They can't believe that big lies are told to get us into wars and stuff.  That's just too big a lie, so it must be true.  And those are the ones they concentrate on.  That's why they picked, by the way, democracy.  Democracy is not ruled by the mob.  It's that the mob will always be easily conditioned by the minority who rule them.


Alex: Alan, go over the next several phases.


Alan: Well, the Copenhagen agreement, what they agreed to was the most important thing of all, and I knew that they would, and I even mentioned it.  I said, they'll agree to agree to the next phases of the upgraded Copenhagen agreement.


Alex: And it's even nebulous, so they can do whatever they want to.


Alan: It's a blank board.  They can go in there now, and they've all agreed to sign on to whatever is put on that.  And they will.  That's what it's about. 


Alex: But, we are forcing them to not have everybody sign onto it, so it's illustrated that it's pure tyranny. 


Alan: Yes, as long as it's noted somewhere in the history books that there are protesters with another view on all of this, and who can cohesively put their view over in a good format, then that goes down in the history books, and that annoys them.


Alex: You know, with the Green Tyranny, they always try to make it unified.  Everyone agrees, no one disagreed.  Not one scientist disagreed. 


Alan: The science is settled. (Chuckle)  Yeah, the science is settled, said Al Gore, which is the most unscientific statement you could meet, because science must always go over previous findings and constantly dissect it, retry it, so it's all, it's a political Communist ploy, using the excuse to get Communism through.  That's what it is.  Remember, at the Reece Commission, they said their job was for the foundations, with all their thousands of NGOs, to alter the culture so drastically in the Western World, they'd blend it seamlessly with that of the Soviet Union.  Well, that's what it's all about, but they can't say we're going along with Communism now.  So they use different names for different parts of it, but it's the same agenda.  A Socialist system, worldwide, with experts running the world, and all the lesser ones doing what they're told, with obedience.  That's what they're bringing in.  So any excuse will do.  A comet from outer space will hit us, in the year 2060, or anything will do.  Any farce will do.  And this is the one they've picked on.


Alex: Oh, it's unbelievable, Alan.  I'm going to come back and take calls for the balance of the forty minutes we have left with you.  It just hurts me at a primitive level, because I have this defense mechanism for innocence, to watch them arresting homeschooling parents now for no reason.


Alan: Yeah.  Absolutely.  It is.


Alex: We have fallen so far.


Alan: The U.S. was the last country in the world that had strong family units, and they're demolishing right now.


Alex: They're outlawing it, and they take the rebellion of the children and turn it against the parents.  Unbelievable.


(Commercial Break)


Alan: We're going to Dustin, Justin, Mark, Ken and others, in just one moment, for the balance of the hour, taking your phone calls and hitting some other news.  But I want to lay it out there.  Joseph McCarthy, the Russians have now declassified it a decade ago, was absolutely right about everything to a certain point.  As soon as he found out the Pentagon was running the Communists, which has now been declassified, funding them, he was destroyed.  As soon as he found out big financiers were running it to consolidate power, to socialize our wealth.  We need to realize, we are up against a conspiracy of parasites and control freaks and compartmentalized crooks, that the social engineers hire and roll out their programs through Federal Reserve money worldwide.  They have unlimited money.  And really start recognizing, when somebody wants to interrogate your kids, they're a hardcore anti-American piece of trash.  When somebody wants to force drug you, they're your enemy, not just, oh, the government is out of control.  We need to gut up, and start letting these people know, we know you're criminals, and let their minions know they're criminals.  And they're all engaged in crime.  They all are immoral.  You track a corrupt mayor, a corrupt judge, you're going to find them doing crimes.  Put it on youtube, burn them.  I mean, folks, if you activate as secret operatives against the New World Order.  There's no orders.  You know evil.  You know corruption.  Engage them.  Turn yourselves loose.  Look what I've done in fourteen years, devastating the enemy.  Devastating the enemy.  And I'm only one person with one operation.  You can all activate and do things untold.  The enemy operates covertly.  You can operate overtly, covertly.  There's so many ways to beat them.  But when you realize, you're in a scientific dictatorship, you're fighting for your very future, they're already poisoning people in mass, we're in the middle of absolute war as Alan Watt was saying.  Alan.


Alan: Yes.  And hopefully, one day down the road there will be the biggest Nuremberg trial ever, ever put on in history, where all these characters will pay for their crimes against humanity.


Alex: And public service announcements will be educating people in sophisticated propaganda, so they know how to recognize scumbag lying and manipulation. 


Alan: I really think the signs and symptoms of the psychopath should be taught in school, because these are the type who go up into these positions.  They get into the Pentagon.  They get up the ranks of business.  They get up the ranks of politics.  They have an insatiable craving for utter, complete power.  And there are definite signs and symptoms with them.  They're totally corruptible, because they have no right or wrongs within them.  Whatever is right simply benefits them.  But we've got to expose them for who they are.  And you're quite right.


Alex: They're obsessed with the science of control that they spend trillions studying. 


Alan: Yes.  And you're quite correct though, when you say that they want to drug your children and so on.  This is the same as we're coming to kill your children.  If they're coming to destroy the brain of your child, then, you know.


Alex: Their soul, their destiny, their will.


Alan: Then you're dealing with murderers here, and they must be treated as murderers.  Don't lose what they're really doing through scientific garble. 


Alex: Exactly.  I think the biggest awakening, Alan is realizing.  I mean, I'm a normal, red-blooded aggressive person, who isn't stupid, but I'm not that smart, and when I read scientific manuals on how they're attacking everyone, I start warning people!  What are you supposed to do? 


Alan: And there's got to be a mass movement.  There's got to be a mass movement, grassroots. 


Alex: They're going to put up fake movements, and fake left/right, and fake tea parties, and fake.  No, you've got to go into all those groups, use those groups against themselves and use those organizations to educate the core people to then see.  Because most of the leaders don't even know.


Alan: Lots of them are out of the loop.  They don't have to be in the loop.  And a lot of them prefer to be out of the loop, because they've got plausible deniability.  Their own pockets are getting well feathered and nested, so they don't care how things are done, as long as their name is kept out of it.  Technically, one day shall come, and they will all answer for their crimes, their massive crimes, absolutely. 


Alex: Well, that's the sick part about the New World Order.  They have this sick logic, dark logic is what I call it, of where they have to warn us about what they're doing, and then they love statistically they attack their own mid-level and low-level minions.  It's like a religion.  They'll say, we did this to you, now watch us take this minion.  Arghh, rip him, about to, and they almost, those of us that are awake, they almost respect us, and if we get persecuted and go through it, then it's almost like we're a sacred cow.  I don't know how to describe it. 


Alan: Well, you've got to understand the psychopath lives on pure ego, their own ego.  And outside of that ego, nothing really exists.  So they love to boast.  It's like a serial rapist is no different.  They're very clever.  When they get caught, they will tell you everything, how clever they were with every one of their crimes.  Quite openly, blatantly.  No remorse.  No emotion.  But they want you to respect them for being so darn clever.  That's the psychopath.  So that's why they attack their lessers.  They in-fight at times for more power amongst themselves.


Alex: I've also been told by top globalists that they enjoy hearing about how evil they are. 


Alan: Yes, they do.


Alex: They love it.  This show is one of their favorite entertainments.  The public is just, oh, kill me.  Oh, I love it.  I'll be right back with your calls.


(Commercial break.)


News Reel: Our approval by the FDA.  And sick of your glasses and contact lenses, and need corrective eye surgery, is approved today.  Here's select medical headlines with medical watch reporter, Tina Mathis. 


Tina: Mercury-containing vaccines may help, not harm kids, according to two new studies in the journal of pediatrics.  There have been widespread concerns that mercury-based preservatives in vaccines might impair the neurological development of children.  These new studies suggest the opposite, that the preservatives may actually be associated with improved behavior and mental performance.  


Alex: That was aired nationwide.  That was the local Austin version saying Mercury is good for your children.  That's how dumb they think you are.  They are making insanity mainline.  Let's go to your phone calls.  Alan Watt of cuttingthroughthematrix.com is our guest.  Very nice of him to join us.  He's also in my film, Fall of the Republic.  Let's talk to Dustin, Dustin in PA, thanks for holding, you're on the air worldwide.


Dustin: Hey Alex, how you doing?  Long time, first time.  I was calling in regards to a, well first, I live in a small town of Lancaster PA of 55,000.  We recently had over 160 surveillance cameras put into our city.  The L.A. Times on the June 21st of '09 issue, did an article on us, little Lancaster and L.A. and how we have public/private companies watching us with our surveillance system.  I do work for the city of Lancaster, and I expected that we would be in charge, and asking questions, but nobody knows nothing, and yes, the government is federally funding over 170 surveillance cameras in our little old city.


Alex: And that's to track everybody.  Every town is getting them.  Private groups get it.  The government then in revolving doors, the private people in government make money as consultants, in working for those companies, so of course it's all privatized.  They take your tax money and then turn your town into a prison.  Alan Watt.


Alan: There's no doubt about it.  A lot of big bucks are passed to the Feds as well to pass it.  It's generally a company or companies from Israel that gets the contracts.  So, they're heavy lobbyists for it.  The Variant company, the ones who put them all throughout Britain as well.  And you're quite right, the whole idea is to, again, it's not just to track you, it's to get you used to being watched.  It's to alter your behavior.  You're not spontaneous anymore walking down a street, even in company.  You don't laugh the same, you don't joke the same, you're always aware you're being watched, so it's like Skinner said....


Alex: They love you.  They're the government.  They're the all-seeing god. 


Alan: It literally, it actually encourages you to alter your own behavior, until you become Sovietized.  In the Soviet Union, you didn't look left or right if you walked down the road.  You stared at the sidewalk and didn't make eye contact with anyone because it could be dangerous.


Alex: By the way, that's been in the news.  Because a lot of cops now, if you look at them, they pull over.  You don't look at me, boy.  You think this is America? 


Alan: That's right.  And all the cops, as you know have been completely militarized, same military training.  They're one big brotherhood now, on the winning side.  You are now called civilians. You're not the general public anymore, you're civilians, and you're threatening them when you look at them, or stare at them, or even ask them a question.  You're very threatening to them.


Alex: Yeah, a lot of police in the country, oh excuse me officer.  And he's like, do I look like a travel agency?  Get moving.  Pay the taxes.  Argghh.  It's just like, Oh God.


Alan: Well, this is what tyranny is, you see.  We're living through tyranny.  Living through tyranny, yeah.


Alex: And then the cops that aren't like that get made fun of.


Alan: Yes, and they'll be out.  If they can't fit in, they'll be out.


Alex: Anything else, Dustin?  I mean, why didn't the town's people vote out the government and remove the stinking cameras?


Dustin: Yeah, well, that's the thing.  A lot of these people here, now we're in a very diverse city.  They said that we're a study for the government, the federal government.


Alex: They always say it's a study.


Dustin: Well, they said we're a study to see how effective these cameras are.  Now these cameras are out there.  The cameras are at an intersection where a female was beaten to death by her boyfriend, but yet, they happened to not catch that part on the camera.


Alex: Oh, no, no, no.  They never prosecute any crime with it.  Because they like the crime.  It's all to suck off the sheep, and they're going to start nationwide, taxing you by the mile, sir.  It scans your license plate, point to point, and will ticket you, if you speed from point to point.


Dustin: The guy that they have, I met the guy that's monitoring us, in a back room somewhere, that's not even on government property.  And he looks like one of the slimiest men that you would ever see.  It's scary.  It's very scary.  And people around here feel like they're being safe, but they don't realize that their whole civil liberties are being ripped out from underneath of them with a blink on an eye.  Actually the eye doesn't blink, does it Alex?  It's always on us.


Alex: No, the all-seeing eye doesn't blink.  I appreciate your call.  But then every time there's a hijacker or a bomber, the cameras don't work.  That's right Alan, isn't it?


Alan: Yes.  The main purpose, as I say, is to make us alter our behavior.  We start to.  They have a term at the United Nations for how we start to alter.  They call it self-policing.  We police ourselves, because we're always being watched.  And it's almost a subconscious thing that creeps into you, and takes over the way that you behave personally.  It's a behavior modification project. 


Alex: Unbelievable.  Alright, I appreciate your call, sir.  You should gorilla shoot video of that , and then of course, in your free society, we'll see if you're allowed to in America, but shoot videos of the cameras, interview people, start a youtube channel.  You don't have to use your name if you don't want, and I would just come out in the open, it's your right, and start protesting these, and try to get the town educated about what's happening.  We sent to Kurt Nimo today, this is in color, this is just a scan of it: The Army out Searching Houses.  Lexington home searched in hunt for bank robber.  And they use any excuse to lock down cities, randomly search all the homes.  Someone can be seen with a gun, or they hear a backfire and they lock down parts of the towns.  They're training us that they're the boss to protect us, of course, Alan. 


Alan: Oh, absolutely.  I know, I know.  I've seen it happen in Canada in fact, where a hunter who fired off three rounds every year, just sighting in for the hunting season, fired off on his own land in the country.  He was opposite me at the time.  And a whole squad of cars just flew in there.  A woman over the hill who'd moved in, a yuppie from the city, had heard the shots, and in comes the SWAT teams because they heard shots.  And he was firing against a hill, which was his own hill.  He owned it, for a backstop, so there was no danger to anyone.  Miles from anywhere.  And he went through hell trying to clear himself.  He almost got shot by the SWAT team.


Alex: Oh, that happens out in Travis County.  People have their own thirty, forty acres. They shoot a shotgun and all these people move in from big cities, and they start panicking.  Guns, guns.  But when they hear police with guns, they feel safe.  But, you know, they move out in the country in Texas and hear a gun, and they're, "Oh, Oh, slaves got a gun!  Look, that neighbor is homeschooling, call the police! Arghh!"


Alan: They're brainwashed by television. And that's the purpose of all the cop shows and television.  They're not shows.  They're not to entertain you.  It's propaganda to make you think they're all powerful, always correct, always above board, and they have your interests at heart.  They're in charge over all the bad things.  And that's what all television dramas are.  They're actually propaganda shows. 


Alex: It's unbelievable.  Let's go back to the calls here.  I'll try to hurry through them now.  Let's talk to Justin in Montana and then Mark in Maui.  Go ahead, Justin.


Justin: Alex, Alan, thanks for everything you guys do.  I called about two reasons.  One about the gunpowder and anybody who hunts or owns guns, that they should start thinking about reloading and buying powder before they start making it expire.  There's talk about some powder that...


Alex: No, the federal government does want to do that, and they're openly buying up or shutting down the big gun manufacturers or the big ammo manufacturers.  And at the same time, they're now teaching realtors that reloading equipment is terrorism, and people get police called on them.


Justin: Yeah, absolutely.  And the second thing was, I was following the story a couple of days ago, about this unmanned drone that the Houston police department is going to be using.  And that they just tested here, I don't know if it was yesterday or the day before yesterday.  Unmanned drones for spying on citizens, with high-powered cameras on them.  I think the headline is Unmanned UAV, Houston Using Unmanned UAV.


Alex: Oh yeah.  No, two years ago they got an FAA Approval.  That's nationwide.  And they're using CIA spy satellites on the environmentalists now.  If you build a tiny shed on your property, I mean, it's just hell is being released. 


Justin: Well, it sure sounds like it Alex.  I just wanted to update you guys about that. Thanks again for everything that you guys do. 


Alex: Thank you.  And again, they want to bankrupt the economy.  The economic numbers have come in.  Everything is accelerating in its implosion.  And they're just hiring more police, more bureaucrats, more controllers, more harassment, more in your face.  I mean, it's incredible, Alan. 


Alan: Yes.  And now you have all the eco fees to come on top of every purchase that you buy, basically.  And that's what's they'd floated at the United Nations, over twelve years ago.  They said they'd bring in a general world taxation for ecology, ecological reasons.  And they're getting what they want.  They're adding eco fees to your tires, when you buy tires.  When you're taking them back.  Batteries for cars.  Now it's batteries now for your flashlights.  You're going to have to pay disposal eco fees.  So you're going to have all this stuff tacked on top, and then after that, you're going to have energy eco fees for every can of beans that you buy.  Do you know how much energy it took to make this?  You have to pay for that.  And this is all to go through the UN, after going through the Rothschild bank in Switzerland.


Alex: Now they're shutting down new power plants in the U.S. and moving them to China and India.


Alan: Yes.  And what gets me too, is when Maurice Strong, one of the big players at the United Nations in the 1980s, he came in to privatize the electrical system for all of Ontario, that was owned supposedly by the public.  He did privatize it.  He said at the time, we're not going to update the CANDU reactors that are built in Canada.  He said, we're going to let them fall apart, and only major corporations will have all these super devices to give them energy for the future.  For the rest of the public, it's just too bad.  We're taking it down, he said.


Alex: It's high-tech reservations, government and corporate grids.  And all of us, literally living in total, total, absolute and complete poverty, with new social services laws, where if you're poor they're going to take your kids.  All being announced.


Alan: And also, the CANDU reactor.  Canada still builds them.  We bought a whole bunch, and we're building them for China.  We're building them for India and elsewhere, but we can't build any for Canada, you see, because we have to get taken down.


Alex: Let's take another call here.  Thank you caller.  Let's talk to the caller from Maui, Mark in Maui.  Welcome. 


Mark: In times of change, the patriot is the scarcest man.  Brave, hated, and scorned.  But in time, with his cause achieved, however, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.  Put your flags on.  How are you doing, Alex?  Did you see my shirts I sent you for Christmas? 


Alex: I got a lot of great gifts.  What were the shirts?


Mark: My upside down, mayday, mayday, world citizen distress order.  Flip your flag for freedom, patriots in distress.  Mayday shirt. 


Alex: I believe we did get some shirts like that.  We get a lot of stuff, but the guys in there are shaking their heads, but I do think we saw those.  Are they, what color are they? 


Mark: They're a white shirt with blue and red print, and I sent 12 of them, 2 for gifts, and 10 of them you can carry in your store online, if you'd like. 


Alex: Yes.  Thank you, thank you.  What else is on your mind sir?


Mark: President Obama was over here in Hawaii, and they stopped chemtrailing, and then he left, and they started chemtrailing again. 


Alan: (Laughter)


Mark: I can't take it.  We live in the wettest spot in the world, and we're drying up. 


Alex: Well, Obama loves you.  He's a good man.  He's really our president, and everything is fine.  I appreciate your call man.  I tell you, he's fired up.  I tell you.  Let me go ahead and go to the next caller here, calling up my call list.  Let's talk to Ken in Mass.  Ken you're on the air with Alan Watt, go ahead. 


Ken: Hey, Alex.  This is a first time call.  Actually, I listened to your show about a month ago, and I'm calling about the body scanners.  I have a compromised immune system, because I worked for years in hospitals and universities in Boston, and had large doses of radiation without knowing it.  I came down with lymphoma about ten years ago. 


Alex: But that's what I meant by the New World Order.  We have CBS News, mainstream tells you that these scanners and similar systems do hurt people, and do radiate you, and the TSA guys, they're all going to love getting testicular cancer, they're going to love getting cataracts from the radiation.  I mean, that's the sick part.  The sick part is the system always hurts its minions worse.  Go ahead.


Ken: Well, what I did is ten years ago, when I got the lymphoma, is I went to Dana Farber, one of the best hospitals in the world.  And they told me that if I took the chemo every three months they'd probably keep me alive for five years.  So, I said, I don't want to be sick for five years and die, I'll skip the chemo, and now it's been ten years, I'm still doing pretty good. 


Alex: Oh yeah, they would have sucked all the money out of you and killed you. 


Ken: Oh yeah, they would have drained me.  Yep.  And now, I'm concerned about these scanners because I really can't afford any more radiation.  So this morning, I called Logan Airport security and I told them that because I have a compromised immune system, I really don't think I can go through these scanners.  And all that they suggested was that maybe it's a bad idea, if I could get a note through my doctor saying I can't go through the scanner, that they would just pat me down instead.  So I think, you know, if the listeners would go to their doctors, and get a note from your doctor, and be exempt.


Alex: Yeah, but let me expand on that, let me expand on that.  Then it's not saying it's bad to begin with and violates our privacy, and doesn't protect us, and that the answer is down to the airport has the stupid scanners, that gives into it though.  But it's an interesting idea.  Alan Watt, comments on that.


Alan: It's a way around it.  They did say that anyone who doesn't take it will get patted down.  However, this also has the added function when you're scanned of going along with another part of the agenda, which is complete sterilization of whatever fertility you still have left.


Alex: Yeah, we've got 85% or more down.  They've got to get that last 15.  And of course, that's not a big crisis.  In fact, I have a magazine in here, where did it go?  I see this everywhere.  Falling fertility.  Give me a close shot guys.  Falling fertility, how the population problem is solving itself, from the Economist magazine, and then you open it up, and it says, Oh, isn't it wonderful, fertility is falling astonishingly fast, and that's bringing big benefits.  So they never say why suddenly people can't have kids, or how the West is dying.  They say, this is wonderful, a dead, dying culture in the West is good.  Just like shooting yourself in the head is good. 


Alan: The agenda is working.


Alex: But the elites are all obsessed with having three, four, five, six, seven, eight children.


Alan: That's right.


Alex: But it's just everywhere.  I mean, I listen to talk radio, and it's always like, there's too many kids.  Look at this family that tattooed their kids.  Look at how bad parents are.  That's a P.R. thing.   But never what the government does, how they're five to seven times, depending on which country, more often to abuse than any other group.  No, they're the good ones.  They're the government.  They're going to suck you dry, unbelievable.  Let's talk to Steven in Canada, up where Alan Watt's at, Steven go ahead.


Steven: Hey, how's it going?


Alex: Go ahead.


Steven: Good, glad to hear you're on the airwaves, doing your thing.  I've been listening for about six months now.  Yesterday there was a major development in the Canadian News up here that they're putting in forty-four of these body scanners across the country.  Effective as of I believe the first of March.


Alex: And they'd already pre-ordered them last year.  I have the CTV on that, stay there.  We'll come back to you briefly Steve, Jim and John and Douglas.  Our guest's website is cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  He's also a big part of Fall of the Republic, my film.  You can order it at infowars.com and get a free T-shirt but that deal is ending soon. 


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Final segment with Alan Watt, cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  My sites are infowars.com and prisonplanet.tv.  Steve in Canada.  I have the article here in my stack, I forgot to dig around for it during the break.  Here it is, give me a close shot of this guys, prisonplanet.tv viewers.  The headline from CTV, that's the big TV station in Canada for those that don't know.  Ottawa ordered airline scanners months ago, it said the Transportation Minister Barret said, and he said, see we were trying to protect you.  Notice how this all coincided Alan, with the underwear bomber. 


Alan: Yes.


Alex: Anything else, Steve.


Steve: Yeah, I just had a quick question.  Oh, also, they said that if you didn't want to do it, you could opt out for the pat down, which I think is a little bit of a cover up.


Alex: Yeah, they said so in the news, but then they're going to phase that out.  Gordon Brown even admitted what we already knew.  First it's a few airports, then all airports.  Then you can opt out, then you can't opt out.  And then you get all these sheets by the millions in the database.


Alan: Everything starts almost semi-voluntarily, and then it becomes mandatory, because everyone else goes along with it. 


Alex: Everyone must biometrically scan to get their driver's license now.  Thank you Steve.  John in Florida, go ahead.  You're on the air with Alan Watt. 


John: Alex, it's a pleasure speaking with you.  Can you hear me?


Alex: Yes sir.


John: I've been following the news vigorously for about two years now, and it just, there's some things I want to get off my head real fast, I know you don't have much time.  But I've witnessed Bill O'Reilly here do what seems to be a complete 180 recently, even Glen Beck seems to be softening up.


Alex: Yeah, they get the audience, like I warned you, and then they call for taxes.  You're not a true conservative if you don't want to give the money to the banks. 


John: This is something that might enlighten people here.  Honestly, I never heard of Alex Jones up until like, I did something, I connected my computer to my flat screen television, and I started getting into other media that was out there, and that's where I discovered you.  Since then, I've been trying to spread the word and have people connect their computers to their flat screen TVs and by going on youtube and things like that...


Alex: I've got to jump.  You can call me back tomorrow if you want, but this is a big Revolution.  What's going to kill mainline TV, which is why they're moving to censor the web right now, is people plugging in into their television sets and stop tuning in to mainline TV, that's why, they're putting stuff like my self with Jesse Ventura, the big show I was in last week, I'm in multiple shows, but it's re-airing tonight, 8 o'clock central.  The new one appears at nine o'clock, but that World Extermination Death Plot Episode airs tonight, at 8 again on True TV Central, 9 o'clock Eastern.  But yes, they're moving to censor the web, while also mainlining some of this info, to kind of titrate the dose.  Alan Watt, comments on that.


Alan: Well, there's no doubt about it.  That's all coming down.  But the last part, I'd like to say on this body scanner is they've also floated, quite a few years ago, when they first floated the idea of body scanners, sedation, total sedation of every passenger from take-off to landing by pharma means as well.  And this is the next thing they're going to float after this.  How to drug you through the entire flight, along with the bracelet where they can shock you if they notice you get out of your seat or whatever. 


Alex: And notice, they're already turning the lights off, even during daytime flights, already telling you to stay, sit down.  Of course the stewardesses don't know, it's incremental.  Now, keep your hands in your lap, you're a prisoner.


Alan: That's right.


Alex: I mean, this is dog training, is it not?


Alan: It is Pavlovian.


Alex: Alan, incredible job.  Incredible contribution to Fall of the Republic.  You're also going to be in Fall of the Republic, part II, we're working on.  I just commend you for all you're doing, people should support you at cuttingthroughthematrix.com, find more of your great work there.  We'll talk to you again soon, my friend.


Alan: It's been a pleasure, Alex.


Alex: Take care, Alan Watt.


Alan: Bye now.




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