January 6th, 2011
Alan Watt on the Alex Jones Show


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Alex Jones: Well, Alan Watt is an amazing researcher, and he’s also a radio talk show host, and we always find it very informative to have him on with us.  He’s on with us for five minutes into the next hour, and then we have a top meteorologist on, who’s been accurately predicting these frozen wasteland ice age winters, and he’s getting the credit that is due.  But, in the last two hours, yeah, we’ve got birthers screaming during the reading of the Constitution that Obama isn’t natural born.  We’ve got drones coming to Miami, Dade County.  And we’ve got the big announcements that they’re building giant DARPA face-scanning camera centers everywhere and giant NSA databases.  We’ve got announcements that the government is spying on all its employees right now with warrantless wiretaps.  I mean, it’s total evil being released, as they try to break our will and condition us, but for the last two hours, I’ve been talking about Paul Joseph Watson’s articles, Eco fascists Call for Prison Cities, and the other article on the same similar subject, Planned-opolis: Elitist Agenda for Eco-Enslavement.  Now, Alan Watt, I want to hear your expertise on this, but my basic boil-down is this.  There is an attempt to rebrand dystopia as mother’s milk, to show children being murdered by their teachers and it being a good thing because they don’t submit to the earth, open announcements that we should just kill all people over 65, A Logan’s Run carousel, London Guardian, you name it.  I mean, they are saying we are Nazis, we are fascists.  They are saying, yes, it’s eugenics.  They are just flaunting it, I guess, to change the Overton Window, to be so extreme that the sky is then the limit, and somehow break our will.  I believe it’s backfiring on them.  But they are really coming out with the world government, with just all of it.  Is it because alternative media has checkmated them, or brought them into check, exposing their agenda, and so stonewalling doesn’t work?  Or is it just simply to psychologically overwhelm us with the flaunting, and it’s all delivered in a gibbering, giggling way, by these psychopathic people engaged in this public orgy, as they prepare for a mass bloodthirsty feast.  Alan Watt, what is your take on them going into warp drive, or do you agree they’re going into warp drive?


Alan Watt: Oh, they are, but it’s on plan.  It’s part of the agenda.  They go by an educational timetable, and they go by five year plans for children, who will be five now, ten in a few years, and how they’re going to perceive their new world.  They’re getting ready for it now.  They’re training them for it now to be quite normal, and so this is just the educational part.  It’s time to implement this stage of the agenda.  They know exactly how much to push, of course, because they’ve already prepared us all for the present agenda and we accept it.  We’re always prepared in advance for everything that comes along, mainly through little bits and bytes of information from scientific expos on the media.  And we also get it through all fiction.  All fiction has it in it now, the coming system you have to live into.  And for thirty years now sci-fi has been pouring out this dystopic future, with a small group, elite, running the world, a scientific elite, of course, always a scientific elite who are in charge of all food rationing and so on, who will have a very good life, by the way.  And then there’s the ones, the masses, who are still working for them in their closed cities, where they’re dependent upon their masters for everything, as long as they tow the line under observation.


Alex: China already has those closed cities for their worker drones, who are even locked in their neighborhoods at night.  Meanwhile the globalists are doing everything they can to shut off the resources, while telling us that it’s naturally happening, but then we have all their own manuals admitting it.  Please continue. 


Alan: Yeah, and it’s all done by stages where they introduce new crisis.  There’s crisis after crisis.  And you think about life before 9/11 happened, it was fairly static to an extent, and no major changes, drastic changes, or certainly not a whole bunch of them all at once.  And since 9/11, it’s been crisis after crisis after crisis, and this is the technique of revolution.  It’s their revolution, not ours.  And they’re bringing their last phase into being.  And this phase, of course, will last up until about the year 2050 or so, as they drastically reduce the population, again through food rationing.  But this is not new, because the United Nations was set up really, to help coordinate all of this.  You need a massive bureaucratic coordinator.


Alex: Well, the British 200 years ago developed the reservation concentration camp model.  And then it was used on the Native Americans.  And then we have the British manuals that are in the Library of Congress, how to give them the smallpox blankets, how to open the wounds of the soldiers onto it.


Alan: Malthus put out lots of instruction booklets, educational booklets for the British empire, how to run their colonies, how to keep peasants at a working level, but not too bright and too strong to walk off at night, or run away.  And so they had the whole diet scheme figured out.  That’s why diet is very important to it.  And that’s why rationing is coming in to help us get to that stage.  Strong enough to be kind of pliable and workable, but not too smart enough to do anything about it.  And this is all part of it too.  So, that was introduced into the British Commonwealth in the 1700s. 


Alex: And they have manuals on how omnivores are less aggressive when they’re mainly on the vegetarian diet, but that we’re designed and triggered under especially a red meat diet with the hormonal endocrine interfaces to become more predatory and aggressive.  They don’t want that for us.  They want us docile, grass eating creatures for them to more easily roll over us.


Alan: Oh, yeah.  And they talked, when Britain went into India, they talked an awful lot with the Brahmans, very interested in their culture, because the Brahmans had kept that very system working in India for thousands of years.  And so, the people were taught a religion, that made them vegetarian.  And you can also restrict, of course, even what you give them for vegetarian, which makes them even more pliable and not too bright.  They’ve got this down to a perfect science.  They know everything that you need to eat to keep you bright and healthy and so on.


Alex: That’s right, the anthropology and archeology and biology shows that the brain cc-wise begins to grow even larger within even just a few generations on a red meat diet, because it has the fats and oils needed for brain development.


Alan: Well, the British soldiers in World War I, they were never fed properly before they became soldiers.  They came from all walks of life, generally the industrial towns and cities where meat was pretty expensive, very expensive, and very scarce for them.  And within the first, they found within the first, the average recruit was 5’3" by the way, at the age of 16, 17, 18.  And within three months of getting a high protein and meat diet, he would sprout between three and six inches.  That’s how starved they were.  So all this has been tested out on populations before, including Britain.


Alex: And they had to give them meat though to get them ready to kill because the Germans were gobbling meat and understood that.  It’s all scientific.  So, right now they’re really rushing all this out.  It’s been accelerating since the staged event of 9/11, but in the last year it’s like they put the afterburners on.  I mean, they are just out in mainline news saying that we’re going to kill you at 65.  They’re not even denying death panels now.  They’re saying we’re going to kill you.  I mean, we are murderers.  They are saying, we are murderers.


Alan: You’ve had write-ups in the British papers.  Again, Britain is the flagship for the world to follow, remember.  And they’re talking about putting up euthanasia booths at street corners, very much like you saw in Soylent Green, where you just get rolled in, hear some classical music.


Alex: Or Children of Men, they’re getting us all ready for the suicide.


Alan: And so, yeah, it’s a scientific dictatorship.  This was all promoted by Bertrand Russell who helped set up the system we’re living through now.  He was a big promoter.  He attended all the think tanks, and put forward lots of ideas along with Aldous Huxley and his brother Julian Huxley from the United Nations, UNESCO, and they talked about, they had it all planned out for this phase that we’re going through now, how the society would be turned into a society where there would be very little marriage at all, massive promiscuity but very little births.  And that was what was to be encouraged.  Of course, they’ve done that.  They’ve been successful with all of that.  And everyone is divided now.  No one has got a family to stand up for them anymore, so government is the boss, and so now they can just rampage ahead with all the rest of the agenda.


Alex: That’s why the Romans had to build that wall in central England, because they could never conquer the Scots.  The only group that they could never conquer, because they were so family, tribal oriented, kind of like Afghans.  They would die before they did it.  But now the Scots have been brought to heel quite nicely.


Alan: Oh, yeah, again through their diet.  Again, they were ruled by London for a few hundred years, still are.  And, again too, we’ve got to understand that the basic premise as well, from all of this, is how they pick the leaders of countries, and those who are the politicians, who are still lower level, but they’re higher level than we’ll generally see.  They are, Scotland is a very Masonic country.  You couldn’t get a job in Scotland that would pay you any kind of money, unless you were a Freemason.  And it’s the same thing in this system too.  The higher Freemasons are picked out at university level, especially Ivy League.  And it you’re an operative Mason, that means that you must attend every meeting when you’re called.  That could be three in the morning, whenever, to show you’re very eager.  And that’s how they pick the future prime ministers, etc, and politicians, the ones who will get up and be an operative Mason, do what they’re told, never ask why, and never ask the consequences of their actions.


Alex: Yeah, all the modern presidents, prime ministers, MI5, MI6, CIA, Sarkozy in France, all of them, Vladimir Putin, they’re just all secret society agents. 


Alan: Yes, and they must prove their worth.  And that’s the whole case with it.  They’ve got to be eager.  They’ve got to show that they can go to parties and not get too drunk.  They must not be loose lipped, because they’re monitored more than anyone else.  You see, this system is based on the Soviet system, and a hyper Soviet system.  They’ve announced in the declassified records of Russia, that there was so many dossiers on all the bureaucrats working for the Soviet system, way more than the average person, the prole at the bottom, because they had to make sure that those are the ones, just like George Orwell showed you in Nineteen Eighty-Four, those are the ones who must be gung-ho and always put on the good face for the Party, believe in the Party, that kind of thing.  And their telephone calls, everything was monitored.


Alex: Stay there.  We’ve had a bomb go off.  We told you the Feds were getting ready to start detonating those all over.  We’ll be right back.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: So, the naked body scanners go in, 9,000 locations getting telescreens at Wal-Mart and malls with Janet Napolitano and government messages about spying on your neighbors.  The last six years, they’ve trained local police in every county and city that domestic non-Al Qaeda will start blowing up the court houses everywhere, and then, magically it happens.  And I was watching Body of Lies with Russell Crow and Leonardo DiCaprio this morning, while I was jogging on the treadmill and it was all about in the near future Muslims blowing up soft targets.  So the answer is, they’ve said, shopping malls, streets, checkpoints.  Notice, the government is like, we’re getting ready.  And in every case, it’s linked to the government, directly.  They’re like, never mind about that.  We’re taking over, right as the depression comes in, right as the implosion comes in.  And here’s the news.  We’ll get Alan Watt’s take on it in real time here.  That’s how I knew they were going to blow up the World Trade Center, months before.  They were getting everybody ready and saying, when the attack comes give your rights up.  It’s like a Jim Jones Kool-Aid drinking drill.  "Bomb squad at building near statehouse after mailroom employee injured.  State FBI officials,” not servants, officials, “called to scene, second explosion reported at Hanover Office."  So we got it in Baltimore and Annapolis?  Correct guys?  "The Maryland statehouse mailroom employee was injured Thursday afternoon while handling a package.  An incident was being investigated by bomb squad according to Annapolis city officials.  Annapolis fire department’s bomb squad was investigating the incident, and the state’s bomb squad.  The FBI officials were on their way to the Jeffery building on Saint Francis St. where the incident took place".  Again, this is just now breaking.  Continuing, "Fire crews, hazmat sent to MDOT", I guess Maryland Department of Transportation, Jeffery Building.  Officials are investigating possible explosions at the Maryland Department of Transportation headquarters in Hanover, and the state government building in Annapolis." 


Now, the Feds have tried six, seven times in the last few months to get Hispanic, black, white, prison converts to Islam, converted by Feds to blow up Christmas tress and things.  And even the mainstream media has called it setups, entrapment, but they’re out there finding mentally ill morons.  In a matter of days, I could find a homeless schizophrenic and get them to blow something up, hypothetically, if I wanted to.  I mean, it’s not hard.  Give them whiskey and drugs and money, they’ll do it.  It’s the same old story.  But obviously, that wasn’t working enough.  So they may have gotten an actual lunatic to do this, or they may have done it themselves.  Let’s get Alan Watt’s take on all of this as it unfolds.  We do have a man arrested in Maryland terror bomb plot.  And this was back on the 8th of December.   Here’s another one, lawyer, FBI entrapped Baltimore bomb plot suspect.  No way Antonio Martinez could have assembled the phony bomb intended to blow up recruitment centers.  So, we’ve got a major operation already going in Maryland.  Alan Watt, what’s your take on this situation?


Alan: You’re quite right.  They can find whoever they want.  In fact, right after 9/11, the BBC had the top guy on from MI5, who was saying that if they keep putting up sites, and putting up their own agents there to entice youngsters into these sites to carry out bombs for sting operations, they’ll end up creating an actual organization, Al Qaeda, which did not exist before.


Alex: Yeah, just like they get kids to join the military, and have their heads shaved and be brainwashed, the government posing with recruiters can recruit people to radical Islam. 


Alan: Absolutely, too.  And most of them are actually sting operations, and they supply the fake bombs.  They get a bunch of youngsters there who’ve watched too many video games and they’re in on the plot, and they get caught red-handed with the goods, and they’re arrested.  So, see, if you’re going to change the world into a war scenario, and this is the whole thing since 9/11.  I said at the time, I said, you’re going to see rationing down the road, all the things that you see in warfare, even eventually refugees getting moved from one area to another, that will happen, because they must get all the things that worked for them in wartime.


Alex: That was in the UN report from Mexico last month, is that they are going to force-move people for the Earth.


Alan: And that is all part of it.  A true war scenario.  Because they know the psychological impacts of all these things, how it has on the general populations.  They buckle under even more.  They do what they’re told during these scenarios.  They’re terrified, and they ram whole bunches of new laws down their throats.  And there’s no objection from the people who are terrified.  That’s what they must do now.  And of course, that’s what the whole ecological movement is too, sustainability, so on, global warming, all this nonsense.  It’s an excuse to bring all of this on, into the controlled, scientifically controlled society.  And remember, Russell said that this will come.  He says, they were working towards it back in the ’30s, ’40s, and ’50s.  And he says, this will come.  And he said, when it comes in it will be a dictatorial and absolutely tyrannical system, but that’s what I prefer, he said.  It would have to be utterly tyrannical as a scientific dictatorship.  So, that’s what we’re going to see.  I mean, it’s all through the schools.  For the last fifteen to twenty years, the children have been taught to be Greenies, taught that government is good, taught that we must share the food with the whole world, and in reality, it’s nothing to do with that.  The United Nations Department of Agriculture was set up with the task, when it was created, to be the organization that will distribute food to every region across the world, in rations.


Alex: As Henry Kissinger said.  Stay there.  And they’re showing cartoons of young kids that say this.  The UN decides what you get for dinner.  I mean, it’s really happening.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Alan Watt is our guest.  He seems to come on whenever big events are happening.  I guess good luck or bad luck.  But he is here with us.  We’ve got a top meteorologist who’s been accurately predicting the weather for a long time, and finally getting the attention he deserves.  We’re dealing with this Ice Age situation coming up into the fourth hour today.  I know we’re on several radio stations in the great state of Maryland.  Great people up there.  We hope that no one has been injured, but they’re reporting packages exploding, and they’re not sure if there’s injuries.  This is a developing situation.  "Bomb squad at state building near state house, after mail room employees injured".  That’s the Baltimore Sun saying there are injuries, and other WBAL TV says they’re not sure.  My crew will continue to give us this as it comes in.  "Fire crews, hazmat sent to the Maryland Department of Transportation, where they were investigating reported explosions at the Maryland Department of Transportation headquarters".  And with all the drills and things they do, it just creates this hype and fear.  I mean, I saw big accidents the other night, looked like there were fatalities.  Do we all freak out and get scared of that?  We still drive our cars.  300,000+ dead a year, just in the US.  Millions dead every year overall.  But then a few deaths here and there from "terrorists" and our whole way of life ends?  And now they stick their hands down our pants with the TSA, breaking our will.  I tell you, Alan Watt, this is so obvious, what they’re doing.


Alan: Well, you’ve got to.  If you were setting up a world of totalitarianism and tyranny, you’ve got to justify the reasons for it.  So, if nothing’s happening, you make it happen, and this is a very old technique, of course.  They’ve even put it in comedy shows, like Brazil, where bombs go off every so often in restaurants.  They never catch a terrorist, but everyone believes the propaganda, oh, it’s the terrorists that are doing it, so we need all of these checkpoints and pat-downs and so on.  This is a simple technique and it works very well.  Most of the public, you know, listen to nothing but mainstream news.  And that’s what they believe.  They believe it’s all for their own good and so on, and see, they’ve already lost their ability to stand up for anything, most of them.  Because the first attack was on men, itself, and the family unit.  And men, traditionally, and the British government did studies on this, as they went into different countries to conquer them. It was always the men who stood up for their culture, their way of life, their family, their wife, and so on.  You take all of that away from him, you destroy the culture, you take away the wife, and he has nothing to stand up for.  In fact he becomes rather like a lazy dog, who just sits and watches all the porno movies that are coming out, goes to parties and picks up the odd female, who’s awfully available these days.  And that’s what you have.  This was all predetermined.


Alex: It’s all empty.  There isn’t that tribal fulfillment of taking care of your family, and the men and women being on a team.  It’s a bunch of unhappy people, mad that life is hell, so they break up, because they haven’t submitted to each other.


Alan: That’s correct.  It takes commitment, you see, for everything that you do, even to fight this, it takes commitment.  And you must only start with yourself.  And we’ve all been contaminated with this system, and that’s what it’s called.  Your indoctrination and your lifestyle is called contamination, and the Soviets called it that too, since they helped introduce a lot of it.


Alex: We’ve got their manuals, where they described everything that’s been done here.


Alan: Yes.  And you have to decontaminate yourself, starting with yourself.  And it doesn’t matter what the rest go and do, and they want you to go along with them.  You say, no, I’m not doing that.  And if they ask you why, you tell them, that things are going to get awfully bad unless we discipline ourselves, we’re doomed.  And that’s where you start.


Alex: What do the FBI training manuals say?  The white male, who’s nice and friendly, who’s professional, who exercises a lot, who wants to be involved in the community, that’s a Texas Homeland Security Manual, that’s the enemy.  That clean-cut, pure person is an enemy.


Alan: You see, what’s been left for the rest of the public, with their dysfunctional relationships, and casual relationships, is that they have no purpose.  And to fill up their gap for no purpose, they’ve got so much cheap entertainment just thrown at them, and enough cash in their pockets to go party at weekends, and that’s what they think living is all about now.  They have no bonding to any community or any family and they’re isolated.


Alex: Exactly.  Whether you’re African or Japanese or an American, if you’re a pure woman or a pure man or trying to be pure, they know that you’re going to see all of this, so that’s why you’re the enemy. 


Alan: Yeah.  And therefore, as I say, you’ve got to start with yourself, and change yourself, and decontaminate yourself, even the things that you might be addicted to.  I’ve had young people write to me, who know what’s going on, and they’ll tell me that they still like certain parts of it.  They like the partying.  They like the multi casual affairs that they have, sexual affairs, and they don’t realize that that’s all part of the destructiveness.  You can’t have it both ways.  Because, when you look at it all from the primitive tribes to our own tribes that lived up into the 1800s, they all lived in the same structure, the same family structure.  And you can’t go around just willy-nilly with promiscuity and all the rest of it.  That destroys everything, and that’s why it was the main weapon to be promoted during the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, until the present time.  You can’t have it both ways.  You’ve got to change yourself in order to change the world.


Alex: And they train the so-called middle class to be in love with their servitude, as Bertrand Russell said they would.  When you try to warn them, they have a defense mechanism.  They get a little creamy eyed look, you know, in their eyes, and giggle at you.  And then, they’ll even accept it, and say, yeah, I like it.  They think by doing that crime-stop mind trick it gives them power over it.  And the average male out there is an arrested development six year old.


Alan: Yeah.  Oh, definitely.  And even politicians in the US, I read an article, pretty recently too, where one of your Congressmen said that we must train the public by using the language of the media, which is meant for the fifth grade.  That’s what they’re using on the public and have been for an awful long time.  But you’re quite right, too, a lot of it is aimed at the male.  As I say, today, it’s a shopping mall for sex.  That’s all it is.  It’s like candy stores for them.


Alex: And notice, they don’t let males act like warrior males in any context.  And they put chemicals in the water to reduce testosterone.  But then, in one area, if you want to be a cop or a soldier, then you’re allowed to act that out, but against your own people. 


Alan: That’s absolutely true, and in other words, winners and losers.  And youngsters who grow up with video games too, and dysfunctional families, or no family at all, look, that’s all, they see things in black and white.  Winners and losers.  And they want to be on the winning team.  Some have told me that, by the way.  And they want to get into the black outfits and have the big machine gun, and order people about, because they know they’re going to get more privileges than those who are under the gun.


Alex: And they’ve gone from denying that police are being put on steroids to major city police chiefs, even here in Texas, basically ordering everyone to inject testosterone. 


Alan: Yeah, that’s correct.  And they’ve been doing this really for years, and long beforehand.  And they put on the beef, of course.  And you can tell too, it’s more than just an effect on your muscle, etc.  They become sluggish in their brain.  They become more primitive.  There’s no doubt about that either.  They become monsters, in fact.  They love to beat people up and go to excess.  And mind you too, for years they’ve been recruiting the lower IQ types for the police force.  I’ve read articles.....


Alex: I’ve been listening to Howard Stern lately, just randomly in my car on XM and every time I tune in, he’s glorifying police beating innocent people, and how good it is.  And then I hear it on other shows, that are for the lowest common denominator.  They’re teaching us that all of this evil is beautiful


Alan: And once again, the public have been so desensitized to horror.  What should offend them as being horrific, it’s not.  They actually get off on it, just like a movie.  They can’t tell the difference between fiction, and in fact, it’s better live.  That’s what some of them say, it’s better live.


Alex: Yeah, they’re blurring the two.  It’s also real popular on the internet for girls to abuse cats and dogs and ferrets and they get off on it.  But then the minute they’re being abused they can’t believe it and cry for mommy.


Alan: Yes.  Or say to the government, there should be a law about that.  And that’s exactly what government wants.  They love to put more laws on you.  But the public have been trained.


Alex: Yeah, they promote that we don’t govern ourselves, so they will govern us.


Alan: Yeah, absolutely, and it’s true, if you don’t govern yourself then someone else is going to do it for you.  And it’s the same with your mind.  If you don’t take care, because you’re the gatekeeper of what comes into your mind and effects you, then somebody else will, and they’ve been doing that for an awful long time. 


Alex: And now they have the kinetic game that’s come out.  And I heard the neighborhood kid telling my son about it yesterday, about how great it is that it face scans him, and knows his voice and follows all his movements, and Microsoft admits that it’s listening to your whole house with it.  It’s hooked into the internet.  And now they’re erasing the Jesse Ventura TV show off of the TIVOs and Uverses.  We’ve confirmed that.  Why would they let Ventura’s show come out, and then decide to start pulling episodes and banning the re-airing of certain episodes.  Well, I know the inside scoop.  They allowed it thinking that it would just be a conditioning mechanism, but for some reason, they decided it was having too big of a trigger, and they banned the Police State episode.  What do you think is going on behind that?


Alan: You’re probably quite right.  It probably was meant to be a predictive programming, overawing show.  And folk would say, “oh gee, what can you do about it?  It’s going to come.”  But the more folk talk about it, you see, and find ways to propagate the information to each other, and find ways around it to combat it, or they get a big backlash about it, then they find that it’s had the opposite effect than what they intended.  So, they’ve got to stop it.


Alex: But that shows an enemy miscalculation.  And again, not that Ventura is bad or I was bad.  I mean, we really put real shows on air.  And it was funny though, the network would come in to say, the episode on bio-weapons labs, bio-shield, and it was a really serious episode, but the network execs, above even TRU TV said, put a Montauk monster in there.  Put a dead animal washed up to try to discredit it.


Alan: That’s right, ridicule it. 


Alex: Yeah, but they were unable to get it all done, so now they’re just like, no, stop, no, don’t air it, no.


Alan: Yeah, and I’ve had the same offers too, to go on to some really big shows.  I turned them all down, because they want me to bring in the aliens and this and that and the other.  And what that does is, you then act for counter-intelligence.  Counter-intelligence takes the factual data, they mix it with the farcical, and then people parrot that and sound like lunatics. 


Alex: Yeah, same here.  I’ve turned down, just in the last year, multiple, big, national shows I would host, I mean, ready to go.  But they said, listen, the execs want you to do aliens mixed with it.  And I’m like, and let me guess, Chupacabras as well.  And I’m like, no.  And people can’t believe when you say no to them.


Alan: Yeah, I know.  Regardless of the cash that they offer and the whole thing, I just turn them all down, because every single biggie out there has asked me to do the same thing. 


Alex: Well, plus, once you’ve done that, they have weird rules, unwritten rules.  Once you’ve taken one of their deals, even though it’s unwritten and unspoken, then if I did that to use it to get even bigger, to then flip and expose them after, then they would kill me.  But because I’ve always stayed pure, it’s like a weird, unwritten rule.  I know you’ve studied that.  What is, what’s behind that?


Alan: Well, it’s partly compromise, as well.  They have their own set of legalities and rules.  It’s like a brotherhood.  You come into their confidence, and you’re agreeing to something that you suspect, and they’ll make sure that they give you enough information that you suspect they want to use you for something.  And that’s a real legal deal in their sort of brotherhood terminology and their way of thinking.  And they don’t let it go.  They will never let it go, if you’ve acquiesced to go along with something like that.


Alex: Unbelievable.  Why do the globalists enjoy throughout history, the initiated ones, the Illuminati priest class, why do they love destroying their own, even servants that serve them perfectly?  I mean, is it just part of a process of killing anybody who knows where the bodies are buried?


Alan: It’s partly that too.  It’s partly that, remember, they are an ultra-elite.  And they have a completely different upbringing, a completely different education than those that go to even Harvard.  And I can remember, Orwell put part of the initiation of the so-called Illuminati, or the rebel force, in his book, Nineteen Eighty-Four, and part of it was that you had to swear that if it was necessary to sacrifice you for the cause, they would sacrifice you, and you had to accept that one day they might just sacrifice you, throw you to the wolves.  And they have no problem doing that.  And you must remember too, that Julian Huxley, who was umpteenth generation inbred for his purpose, because they were already specially breeding the scientific elite.


Alex: He was the head of the UNESCO dehumanization program.


Alan: He admitted that he was, there were offspring of scientific elite, and he was one of them.  That was his family’s role. 


Alex: Yeah, most of the children died, but he and his brother were the only genetic expression, yeah.


Alan: And he did say that lots will think they’re fit to come through into this New World Order as a servant class, who have served them very well, but they’re in for a big surprise.  They will eliminate them too.  They will no longer need them.  And apart from that, they’ll know too much.  They will know too much.  And when they don’t get the proper rewards that they thought they would get, like they will not be living in these specially rural gated high-class communities, they’d be bitching, they’d open their mouths, they’d let the cat out of the bag, and they’d be a problem.  They’d have to be eliminated.  And they would be eliminated.


Alex: And I hope they’re listening, because the New World Order can’t wait to torture you to death.  So, all of you out there thinking you’re on the winning team, you lose.  The only way we beat this is by defeating it.  Alan Watt, let’s talk about solutions.  Your ideas, straight ahead.  Two more segments with Alan Watt.  Always appreciative.  We’ll give you his website as well.  Just amazing information.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Okay.  Going back to Alan Watt.  Alan, they’re not invincible.  They don’t have all the answers.  And I think one of the biggest keys, as you just eluded to, is reaching out to the superclass that Rothkopf called it, 6,000 super gofers, and really, and I’ve talked to some billionaires.  I’ve talked to people, medical doctors that have treated heads of state.  They will even confide in them that they’re depressed about this, but kind of through fear going along, just because they’re raised into this.  A lot of them don’t like it.  And, I think reaching out to them, to, you know resist and to speak out, I think that’s a really important thing to do, as we near this mass extermination program.  What’s your view on that?


Alan: It’s difficult to get through to them.  I understand the concept, but they’ve had a lifetime of this indoctrination, and they still cling, they’ll still cling to the hope that they’ll be the ones living in the more expensive gated communities, well armed, well defended, well fed.  See this world is to be a world of privileges, you understand.  And every tier gets extra privileges.  Even the cops get extra privileges and extra food and so on.


Alex: That’s what Nick Rockefeller, it’s an artificial state-run class system.  Nick Rockefeller told Aaron Russo that.  The elite are all going to have chips that say, kiss my hind end.


Alan: And as I say, too, they’ll have to.  And they do.  They’ll have to work until they drop, the elite as well.  They don’t retire, as you well know.  They’ve sworn on for life, and they don’t get a break.  They must go along, and along, and along with everything, and never give a slip of the tongue.  It’s hard for them to do that, even at parties, etc, because that means an instant death sentence or a cutoff from the food supply or you’ll get bunged in with the peasants.  The cities themselves, as you well know, are getting set up to be the prison camps, as they take us down.  They haven’t upgraded these cities.  They don’t intend to upgrade them.  They’ve let the roads rot for the last thirty-odd years in preparation for this.  And it’s for rapid depopulation.  They hope to depopulate rapidly over the next fifty years.  And Rockefeller said that at the last meeting of what they call the Lucky Gene Club where Oprah and Gates and all these guys go.  He said, we’ve been very successful with sterilization and so on across the world, but now we must go into rapid depopulation.  That means getting everyone off the land into these cities that are falling apart, and there will be other ones put up, special ones for the managerial class to have their extra privileges and their better lifestyle for a while.  And that’s how it’s really being set up at the moment.


Alex: They’re even building on the fifteen acres they stole from landowners fourteen years ago in Austin, elite areas, actually owned by the former city council people that took it.  They’re now the bankers and the state Senators and it’s openly neighborhoods with the criminals living in the luxury homes.


Alan: That’s right.  That’s how it’s always been intended.  Just like Brave New World predicted, yeah.  And the barbarians will live outside the gate.


Alex: They are so diabolical.  They are so fully sick.  Man, I tell you.  Mm.  Mm, mm, mm.  Back in 60 seconds.  Final segment with Alan Watt.  Alan Watt, fire out your website.


Alan: It’s cuttingthroughthematrix.com.


Alex: We’ll be right back.  Stay with us.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Alan Watt of cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Again, I’m Alex Jones of infowars.com.  Alan, again, I study the globalists, and they’ve got these overall managed systems.  But they want managed systems that are totally surveilled, because if it isn’t inside that surveilled system, they can’t control all the outcomes.  And I do see them making a lot of mistakes, but because they do have the finance, the capital on their side, they’ve got, you know, a lot of momentum.  But I’m getting really positive, and a lot of the political minds that I admire, really agree that the globalists are not invincible, and are not all-powerful and that things are not going perfectly for them.  But I know that your view varies a bit on that.  Give us your view.


Alan: Well, you see, they’re quite right.  I read an article recently, where some of the top politicians said that for everything that they do, and for everything that they put forward, in plans and rules and laws, the public must accept them and acquiesce.  In other words, they need our approval, our tacit approval and silence really connotes your approval.  And without that, they can’t do anything, to be honest with you.  If enough people simply said, and they could, but the problem is getting them to do it: No, we’re not going along with this.  We’re not going along with this or that or whatever.  We’re boycotting all your airports, yaddah, yaddah, yah.  That could so easily be done, but you cannot get the public to come together in this day and age, they’re so divided.  That’s your problem.  It could be done.  But for every totalitarian measure that comes out, you can simply say No.  That’s it.  It will take martyrs.  There’s never been a change in history to get out of under the boot of tyranny that did not take martyrs going to prison for saying, no, I’m not going along with that.  You’re not going to do this in some nice, hygienic way, believe you me.  It’s not going to happen.  And it’s not going to happen by pleading with them either, because these guys have got too much to look forward to.  They’ve been in the planning for hundreds of years.  They don’t plan to change it and turn round and be nice to us.  These are monsters at the top, who literally see, like H.G. Wells, he knew darn well about the killing of millions in Russia and the Ukraine with the Soviets, and he thought it was a good thing.  He saw the same thing coming across the Western world, towards the end of the millennium, into the new.  And he says, they would have to kill off millions and millions of young people as well, because they’re all fertile, basically, and that will just simply have to be done.  Very matter of factly.  These guys are monsters.  But at the same time for every law and the minor laws too, that get put out to tax you, and carbon taxes and all the rest of it, you must say, okay, okay.  And when you sign that tax form, you’re acquiescing to them.  And that’s pretty well all you have left at the moment is to change yourself, and say, no, okay I’ll suffer and take the consequences, and with enough people locked up as martyrs, that’s how Ireland helped to free itself, too, with all the thousands of people who were getting slammed in these prisons, during The Troubles, and it was the same thing.


Alex: And notice though, Alan, how they tried to pass the EU the first time, and then they passed it the second time.  Ireland was this panacea of great wealth, and then overnight, oh, you’re bankrupt now.  Foreign bankers are taking you over.  And the head of their Central Bank admitted it.  He said, foreigners now rule us, I think that’s good.  I mean, so in your face.


Alan: Well, the Russian mafia moved in, on bloc, a whole lot of them went off to L.A. and the rest ran off to places in Europe, but Ireland was a big place, because they were getting lots of grants from the EU, and of course, the mafia was in there like a shot.  And when the Russian mafia accumulated all the dirty deeds and fake bonds and all the rest of it, they ran off with the loot and helped bankrupt the country.  That was all set up in advance, because the Russian mafia works with the globalists, you see.


Alex: Absolutely.  Well, Alan, we’re out of time.  I appreciate you joining us.  Look forward to speaking to you again with the great work you’re doing, and an upcoming Eugenics film we’ve got with incredible interviews with you.  Great having you.  Continue your great research.


Alan: Thanks for having me on, Alex.


Alex: Great having Alan Watt of cuttingthroughthematrix.com.


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