January 31st, 2012

Alan Watt on the Alex Jones Show


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Alex: All right.  His website is cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And he is a musician, researcher, and just has an incredible grasp on all things inside this global New World Order system.  Really, this attempt to construct an alternative technological system for the elite, and to insert us more and more into an artificial habitat, where every facet of our lives are controlled, drugs and chemicals added to the food and water, GMO forced on us, like I was covering earlier.  New Jersey and Arkansas passed laws to forcibly inoculate.  Well, California has passed a law to inject your kids without your consent.  This is to forcibly inoculate our bloodstream with the deadly sodium fluoride, on record that they know is killing people.  So, when you start getting control of your cities and saying no, they’re coming and saying, we’re going to force it on you.  And they’re now, the American Medical Association came out last week and said, we want to forcibly inoculate the public as well.  So, they’re really taking the velvet glove off the iron fist.  Alan, I didn’t talk to you before you came on with us.  I’ve got a lot of stuff that I want to ask you, but out of the gates, what is front and center on your radar screen?


Alan: Well, we’re definitely going to war with Syria and Iran, in whatever order they choose fit.  And it might be at the same time, in fact.  And of course, at the same time, at home, we’re going into massive austerity, which is to be the world system, from now on.  And even the Federal Reserve headman there said that you’re going to see inflation for twenty years, inside the US, gradual inflation.  And so, that means at the end of twenty years, everything is going to be double the price or more.  So, we’re going into a planned, a planned long ago, by the way, planned austerity for the whole world, while your disposable income goes to taxes and fees to fight wars and to redistribute the wealth across the world.  The Marxian concept is here and implemented.  And, of course, everyone thinks that Marxism was completely opposed to capitalism, and nothing is further from the truth.  Capitalism and Communism were set up by the same boys.  It’s a dialectic process.  So, they’re bringing together their plan, exactly as Lenin said they would be.  Lenin said that the Communist system would eventually, after a generation, about seventy years or so, change, and stop being so insular in Russia.  And then it would spread into the West and the two would merge and become something in between Capitalism and Communism.  Well, this is it folks.  You’re here already.  And it was planned long before you were born.  These guys make long, long term plans.  And they always pull them off.


Alex: And by the way, you’re not just saying this.  They admit it’s beautiful to have a post-industrial world.  We’re going to shut you down so you can’t afford to have children.  We’re going to force-drug you.  They, I mean, in Austin, they’ve announced carbon taxes.  80% increase in power bills.  And they said, it’s for the earth, and we’re going to pay it to a foreign company.


Alan: That’s right.


Alex: I mean, it’s just we’re doing this because we want to.  And we’ve gotten leaks out of Bilderberg and other groups where they say, people are too uppity.  We want to make you poor.  Isn’t that just feudalism?


Alan: It is feudalism, but again, we were told this by the historian for the group that created Capitalism and Communism, Carroll Quigley.  He said that this new feudal system, the new feudal overlords in the feudal system of the world would be the CEOs of the international corporations working with government, and that’s what you have.  It’s already here.  It’s been here for quite some time.  And we see that with the big banking companies, going across the world, just plundering and taking everything over.  They’re into every country in the world.  Literally it’s a private organization that runs the world.  And democracy is simply a front to get the radical groups, which they pay, by the way, the NGOs, to protest and demand that we go into the system even quicker and faster into the same Utopia where we share our wealth with the whole planet, basically.  So, there’s to be no favorites in this New World Order.  Every country is to be leveled to the same extent, pretty well.


We see the same thing happening with your medical system in the US.  The RAND Corporation was hired to do a study to see what Obamacare would be like, who should they choose as a model to copy.  They copied Britain.  Britain’s National Health Service is an utter disgrace.  You can’t get cataracts treated nowadays.  You have to go elsewhere to get them done.  You can’t get knee operations done, things like that.  And yet, the US is to copy that.  And they’re closing down wards in hospitals, across the US right now, and it’s been kept very quiet.  So, you’re really going into a state where you’ll be at about the level of the Philippines eventually, once they’re finished.


Alex: Continue.


Alan: Well, the CFR, people keep missing the Council on Foreign Relations, which is just one branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which is the big World Order system.  They connect all the corporations together.   They have their members in IBM, right across the board, and all the big banking systems.  And they also have all their members staffing the Bank for International Settlements, which is the bank which oversees all central banking, for every country.  And they own all the media.  And they tell us where they’re taking us, and how fast they’re going.  And they even give you time levels for implementations of different parts of this big agenda.  And they’re all for carbon taxes, for austerity, and they have no problems at all about literally eliminating what’s left of what’s called the middle classes.  And you’re already replaced.  We have it all replaced, the middle class, really, by technocracy.  Technocrats really are running the show.  They’ll be kind of semi-important, but the general middle classes are gone. 


If you go back even further to a high member of the same organization, Margaret Thatcher, she said that eventually, she says, we’ll eliminate all small private businesses.  There’ll be only international corporations, and that’s the way it will be.  And she made it almost impossible to run a small business, because half the day you were doing paperwork for the government.  So, it’s the same in the States right now, Canada, elsewhere, across the world.


We’re also seeing countries sell off their national assets, Greece and New Zealand is doing it too.  Other countries are following.  Rothschild himself put forward the bill in Britain last year to sell off the British roads to private international corporations.  So, we’re interdependent, in other words.  There are no real nations anymore, as von Rompuy said in his speech at the EU.


Alex: And just to insert something here, backing up what you’re saying again.  I remember a decade ago, and then a few years ago, and then again, just last week, in the US, Europe, and England, Australia, New Zealand as well, they’ve cut the white-collar crime and the investigators for tax evasion for billionaires.  They don’t exist.  And they’ve put them on small businesses.  And now, they announced last year, they’re going to focus on blue collar, who almost, you know, pay no income tax, just so there’s no enforcement.  And it turns out, all the rich guys pay almost no taxes.  Then they double back and say, raise taxes on the rich, it’s not fair.  But the proposal only raises it on the middle class.  I mean, it is so diabolical.  They are harassing.  IRS tells small businesses, we don’t like you.  We like big companies.  We’re going to shut you down.


Alan: And they are shutting them down too, and really going after them in every single country, there’s no exception, because it’s a World Order.  People think, well, it can’t be the whole world.  Yes it is the whole world.  It’s a World Order.  And every country signed on to this World Order at the end of World War II, when they signed the charter and the treaties at the United Nations in San Francisco.  So, this is all part of this ongoing New World Order, a form of Marxism basically for the people. 


And Britain, as you know, Britain is the big flagship for testing Communitarianism, where literally you displace your local councils, elected councils, and you now have appointed technocrats basically, that already belong to the big organizations.


Alex: Let’s explain that, Alan, on the other side, and get into the super-flu, SOPA, and more.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Think about the magnitude of all over the world now trying to forcibly inoculate and forcibly fluoridate water as cities, states, and counties, and sub-states, and jurisdictions wake up to it.  Think of how horrible it is that they’re trying to do all these home and farm inspections now with this new bureaucratic class to eat out people’s sustenance.  I remember reading an article in the Austin American Statesmen about fifteen years ago, where Tyson Chicken had thousands of violations at one plant alone, but a smaller plant had one violation and got shut down.  And that’s even in an establishment publication they admit that.  That’s what this is all about, shutting everything down.  And what’s out of control is, they want to shut it down to get you impoverished, so you’re on welfare, living at subsistence level, so they can force vaccines and things on you.  They force those on people to get their welfare, so they can basically soft-kill you. 


And Alan, they’ve got a problem though.  More and more it’s coming out that they’ve got cures for cancer, but won’t let people have it, that the vaccines are killing people.  People are waking up to the global banksters.  I’m seeing all sorts of awakenings happening.  And I know you’re usually a little pessimistic because you realize how organized this is.  But I do see a challenge to these globalists. 


Alan: Well, the thing is, though, you’ve got to remember at all times, everything that you’re experiencing now, because of the agenda that’s going forth and released into the news, everything was planned many, many years ago, including, I mean, they have a thousand think tanks working on every aspect of society, including how we’ll react to the news ten years down the road when they release something.  And they go through it like a chess game: Okay, they’ll react this way, how can we counter that?  They work it all out abstractly before they actually go into action and do it.  And so, they’ve got pretty well everything figured out, and we are easily distracted as well.  And to be honest with you, these guys are not going to give up after working at this for well over a hundred years in the open.  It’s called the Open Conspiracy, according to H.G. Wells.  Well over a hundred years.  They’re not going to give up because people start to protest.  They’ve been building internal armies up in every major country for thirty years.


Alex: Well, speaking of H.G. Wells, he said there’s going to be a lot of beautiful, well meaning people we’re going to have to kill for the New World Order.


Alan: That’s right.  He says many decent people will die protesting this New World Order, die in vain.  That’s what he said.


Alex: And you’re right.  They’re militarizing.  The TSA is there to train you to let us grab your children’s crotch in front of you.  Just totally break your will.  It’s absolutely criminal, but they just do it.


Alan: And also too, he talked about they would make a military class.  And of course, we have a military class now.  It’s so easy to get young guys and indoctrinate them into being separate from the general public.  It’s old techniques of course, but very, very effective.  And in Britain, they’re training the paratroopers, who are shock troops, to deal with the next demonstrations in Britain.


Alex: And remember, before they wanted to announce all this, we were conspiracy theorists to get the documents.  Now, it’s just, oh yeah, the marines are training to take your guns and kill you.  We’ll secretly arrest you.  Yeah, the paratroopers, you know, BBC, are preparing, and it shows them searching women on the side of the street.  Yeah, the TSA is going to stop you at checkpoints.  And they take these young men and tell them, you’re part of the elite.  They’re hiring all the Boy Scout Explorer Scouts, in the news, and they’re training to kill veterans. 


Alan: There’s no doubt about it.  And they’re quite open with everything.  Most folk, of course, most people who are outside, say, Patriot Radio, they go into disbelief.  They hear it, but it’s not real to them.  They can’t imagine.  It’s unreal.  And so they dismiss it.


Alex: Let me stop you again.  When it came out about five years ago, they were training the Explorer Scouts in every drill to take on gun owners, farmers, people dressed up literally in John Deere outfits and overalls, I would have Explorer Scout people call me going, we are training to take on extremists, but you’re anti-Scout.  So, I’m right about this, but I’m still bad.  Or, it can’t be true.  And then when it came out, well, it’s okay.  And then now, it’s in the New York Times and other publications.  It shows little boys training to kill veterans and training to kill guys dressed up in John Deere Outfits.  I mean, they train them to kill farmers.  If you’re into freedom and self-sufficient, they’re training giant armies of children, who are now, many of them, nineteen from the first wave of training, to kill you.


Alan: And again, this technique was intensely studied by the West, of course, that worked with the Soviets, and the Soviets always say that you go for the child first and you make sure they’re yours.  It’s quite easy again to indoctrinate a child, and they are yours for life.


Alex: I’ve got the old newscast where it showed the tax police are orphans.  And they train kids from age five up to twenty to beat people up for the tax money.


Alan: Yes.  And also the CIA, of course, were instigating in Cambodia, and we know what they did there.  They trained, it was the young children they gave the machine guns to, to blast the adults away.


Alex: Let’s talk about that when we come back.  Yeah.  The Boy Scouts are being taken over.  Guys, type in during the break, Girl Scouts and Brownies trained to fight terrorists.  And the little girls are trained to spy on mommy now.  But it’s for the Homeland, after all.


Alan: It’s for the Greater Good.


Alex: It’s for Uncle Chertoff and Mr. Napolitano.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: My friends, we have the partnership announced a few years ago with the Girl Scouts and Homeland Security, the Preparedness Patch.  And then, if you read deeper into it, you then discover it’s spot terrorists and trained to fight terrorists, but the girls are mainly the good little spies.  And of course, then I have footage from 1998 in Hebrane, Maryland and other places, in Police State 2000, of young children training, to go into their parents houses, can come back and report to regular Marine Corps, this is on video, what guns they own.  And since then, we’ve seen drills in Arcadia, Iowa, you name it, that literally have mind control in them.  The article says, they’re training with the local gun shop owner, with the six-hundred-and-seventy-something residents to go door to door looking for guns they’re going to pre-hide in a drill for civil emergency.  And, you know, for domestic operations.  Then, they have the drill.  I talk badly of it, and they say in the news, I’m a conspiracy theorist because I don’t like it.  Alan Watt, that’s the new level of control, where they admit we’re right, but then say we’re a conspiracy theorist for not liking it.


Alan: They’re using herd instinct and they talk about this too, how most folk want to comply with government.  Most people do, unfortunately.  And for those who comply, whatever you do that’s against government is therefore bad, naturally.  So, goodie-two-shoes, and they’re all trained to be goodie-two-shoes.  They’re trained at school, of course, in groupthink too, where there’s no dissension.  You all must come to a common agreement.  And so, everyone wants to be the same as everyone else.  And government is good.  They’ve watched all the movies.  How many movies are out there to do with Homeland Security stopping spies, all fast-paced dramas, Eagle Eye, all these kind of things?  And they think this is fantastic, the youngsters.  Apart from that though too, there’s a lot of pre-programming that went on, predictive programming.  Even in the 90s, in Canada, you had a series here where youngsters got together and formed their own spy group, and spied on all their neighbors, and their parents as well.


Alex: When I go to the toy store, like half the toys are spies.  And spy on your parents, it’s fun.  You’re a secret agent.


Alan: And this is the same technique that they used again in the Soviet Union.


Alex: By the way, almost all the toys, I never see them that say USA or anything.  It’s always UN Defence Force.  But the GI Joe guys don’t have smiles on their faces now.  They’ve all got like ‘grrgh’ looks. 


Alan: Well, Plato said it.  He said that if something works on a generation, whatever formula works to make the culture go one way, as long as you know the formula, you can reintroduce it down the road.  It will always work again.  This is the same techniques that the Soviets used with the Young Communist League, where parents daren’t say anything in front of their children wearing their little Communist uniforms.  Same in the Nazi system.  Parents were terrified when their children joined the Hitler Youth.  And they were told to spy on their parents and turn them in.  It will always work with children.  And they know this at the top.  You know, they’re the masters of war.  They’ve been doing this for centuries.  So, it’s a very dangerous time, for everyone.  I mean, I’ve had parents, you’ve probably had it too, who have called me, and they’ve actually said that they’re afraid of their child.


Alex: Oh, that’s the system.  And then they come in their black uniforms and sit around the kitchen table.  I’ve read about this in every culture, and the parents grovel, and the kids get off on it.  And the kids now are told, “I can report you for spanking me.  I can report you for what you said.”  I saw a case a few years ago, where they took a guy’s kids, because he said don’t trust the police in Round Rock.  Don’t trust the government.  And don’t take shots if they tell you to.  And it was on the news that well, CPS has taken the children, because the police say, he said, don’t trust them.  I mean, that was on the news.  And boy, I later heard those kids were absolutely in hell, because once they were with the little pedophile rapers, they found out.  People find out once they get in the clutches.  You thought mommy and daddy were bad?  Now you’re going to meet a pot-bellied rapist.


Alan: And George Orwell also put this in Nineteen Eighty-Four, his book, and the movie, where the youngsters are dressed up in their little outfits, and they’re maybe around seven years old.  And they’re saying to Winston, “oh, you’re a thought criminal.  You’re a thought criminal, aren’t you?  We’re going to report you.”  And so sure, they go around terrifying everyone who’s an adult.  And this is the way they’re getting raised in school.  And so, see, America itself, and every other country too, is divided in many different sections, and part of it is between young children and even older children.  They’ve got a different indoctrination.  So, there’s about three or four indoctrinations on the go at the same time with different generations.  And that’s part of the problem, but it’s been orchestrated this way and it’s all managed this way by those who oversee the whole system.


Alex: Well, take the TSA pedophile training force.  I mean, all these psychologists have come out and said, oh, it’s training kids.  That’s how a pedophile will touch, to test to see if the kid will go along with it.  This is totally screwing kids up.  They’re grabbing the women’s breasts, going in the pants, radiating everybody.  And, of course, we knew this was the plan, but now they’re going on the streets, the highways.  It’s clearly a program to train us we have absolutely no rights and the state is going to put their hands on us.  And now the cops take the blood.  That’s training them for medicalization.  I remember a decade ago they couldn’t get the cops to carry out forced inoculation, so they said, we’ll get them to do other medical stuff first, you know, to create that.  So now they’re going to be medical enforcement officers.


Alan: Yes.  And they’ve even had that in science fiction movies for the last forty years this would come, because these guys are all picked, of course, for predictive programming too, but we’re in it now.  And you’re in, you’re under martial law.  And they’re training the public, just training the public, that’s all it is, into complete obeyance, and fear, fear of reprisal if you don’t comply.  It’s incredible.  Even the situations in the main stations, the train stations, in New York and places like that, where there’s screens everywhere, running these little promos about Homeland Security and oh, you have 200 agents, right now, amongst you, right now, in this place, and you might be standing next to one.


Alex: And only trust government.  Only telescreens at Wal-Mart, and Mall of America, and town squares, like out of a dystopic nightmare science fiction movie.  Watch everyone.  Only trust us.  What’s your neighbor doing.  Your children being trained.


Alan: That’s right.


Alex: Little discount credit cards given to them.  Oh, report on your parents.  And I have those promos.  I’ve played them.  And they’re doing it all with a completely, totally straight face to everybody.  It is so incredibly diabolical.  And they’re pushing it into overdrive right now.  Why is that?


Alan: They’re pushing it into overdrive because they have talked about more riots.  They have further plans to crash us again, economically.  And to get us down to the proper level, the proper level of austerity, you see.  You still have it too good right now.  You can still afford an ice cream once in a while.  So, you’ve got to come down much further, because they want all that extra cash that you spend on yourself to go.


Alex: But more importantly they can buy you.  Once you’re totally broke-back in your hierarchy of needs and are starving, you’ll do whatever you’re told.


Alan: Oh, you will.  Food is a weapon, of course, and they’ve said that at the Ministry of Agriculture at the United Nations, that they’re willing to use.  Actually, the UN has used food as a weapon.  That’s what the embargo on Iran is.


Alex: That’s Memorandum 200.  The Onion came out this week and said, it’s great, let’s kill billions of people, and let’s mow down Africans.  But in the real world, the New York Times is reporting, hey, the UN is mowing down people for their land.  It’s for the earth, maybe it’s good.  Mow them down.  It’s trendy.


Alan: That’s right.  And also too, they’re really going after the farmers, small farmers.  There’s very few small farmers left, really. It’s all big agri-farm.  Five corporations run the world, all the food supply.   And in Australia, they’re creating national parks, and they’re telling the farmers to get their cattle off them.  So, there’s going to be no meat for the ordinary folk in the future.  That is the plan too, a vegetarian society.


Alex: I have the news out of England today where they’re teaching kids they’re going to eat bugs for protein.


Alan: That’s right.  They’ve been doing that for four or five years and the EU has allocated about three million euros to the study of eating crickets and things.  And then you have the Hollywood stars.  There’s one major Hollywood star, who says her children just love these cricket sandwiches.  They always find someone, because the people follow the stars, right.  So, this is the future.  It’s complete and utter austerity.  And then you go back two or three years, and you find the head of the Green Party.  He said, oh, you know, everybody obeyed in World War II.  They had very little money.  They didn’t mind rationing everything. 


Alex: We’re going to have carbon rationing cards and now they’re announcing them.


Alan: That’s it.  I said this in 2001.  That’s what you’ll see.  Everything that goes with warfare you will see at home, including refugees eventually being moved around the country.


Alex: Yeah.  And it will be, oh, we’ve got to put these homeless people in the sports stadium.  That’s already begun in Tampa, and in Northern California, Central California, in Sacramento.  You can’t have homeless out at night.  They’ve got to be locked up.  And, oh, we’ve got to arrest the dissenters, you know, they’re causing problems. 


Alan: Yes.  So, they are ready.  It’s not really a planned rebellion they’re ready for.  They don’t believe there’s going to be a planned rebellion, but they do believe there will be spontaneous riots, as people who are at the bottom of the ladder get hit even harder.


Alex: And then they’ll use them to say, see, we’ve got to raise the taxes on the rich, that means somebody making $50,000 a year, or a $100,000, to pay them, and then all the money is siphoned off to the foreign banks, but the unwashed masses don’t know, because they literally, and I’ve talked to some of the general public.  They can’t talk now, the language is gone, and if you bring up a serious issue, they begin to laugh at you with a pre-programmed response.


Alan: That’s right.  Every response that you see from anyone out there, has been either in a comedy or a movie or some soap or whatever. 


Alex: They’re not their own person.  They live in a play land of arrested development, like the Psych Warfare Chiefs talk about, and they’ll repeat something that they think makes them look blingy.  Instead of actually being intelligent, it’s just all a big fake.  And like the yuppies watch the news that’s propaganda and repeat it like they’re real smart.  Oh, yes.  Oh.


Alan: Well, that’s what Brzezinski said.  The public will be unable to reason for themselves.  All they’ll be able to do is to repeat last night’s news to each other.  And that was in the 70s he said that.  So, we’re here.  We’ve been here for a while.


Alex: And men try to impress each other on talk radio about how upset they get for their team.  And they sit around like men five thousand years ago would talk about defending their village with the same concern, you know, against marauders.  It’s just like, yeah.  Man, I tell you.  We’ve got to have the Giants win, or I don’t know what I’ll do.  Meanwhile, their kid is being fed GMO, they’re going to be sterile.  They’re going to get cancer at age seventeen probably.  You know, total death, and the numbers are increasing.  We’re being murdered.  And you talk to that man, they’ll look at you and just laugh, because you’re not manly, you don’t know how to stand around and go, ughh, football.  Ughh, ughh.  While poison is put in our water and food.  I mean, you’re just not a man.


Alan: That’s it.  They’re all conditioned, but they will obey government.  They will obey government. 


Alex: Oh, these guys will bug their eyes out at you and, you know, have their shirts cut off.  And I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that folks.  The point is, you see them in the grocery store or whatever, walking around trying to act all sinister.  You see these tough guys and they see a cop, they look like a dog, like groveling, almost rolling.  Going, oh, oh, oh, government.  Oh, oh, oh.  They’re just total cowards. 


Alan: They are.  And, again, they can only act as a mob, you know.  So, the problem is, as I say, though, the big boys are ready for all of this.  They planned it.  They probably will even set off the riots themselves, spark them off when it’s time.  And that’s their usual thing.  They don’t wait until people do something.  They generally do it, because they have the plans and time tables.  And then, of course, they’ll turn round and say, see there are crazy folk amongst you out there who are going to riot, and so we need even more security.


Alex: Well, in England, which we’d all predicted, the police stood down, and it turned out a lot of those riots were organized, pushed by the media.


Alan: Oh, yeah.  And mind you too, see, every organization is infiltrated.  And in every area, they have their instigators, living amongst them, by the way.  And they go out and drink with them, all these young guys.


Alex: Before I knew how bad it was, I don’t know, six, seven, eight, nine years ago.  A few times I worked with a few people locally, who later I found out were sabotaging, lying, doing everything you could imagine.  And it was, I mean, it had to be professionally being done.  And you’re just like, my God, you people are everywhere. 


Alan: Well, one case came up in Montreal recently.  It was a policeman, but he was one of the three who had access to all the informers to do with what they call the local mafia in Montreal.  It’s not an Italian mafia, but it is a mafia.  And he was going to turn over 2000 informant spies in Montreal alone, to the mafia.  2000.  And I’ve told people for years.  You don’t realize that since the 50s, they’ve had these people placed in your communities.


Alex: It’s now admitted, the cable person, the phone person, the everyone.  And I’ve noticed this.  Usually they end up being a listener, but a lot of times, you can just tell, when the person doesn’t know who’s house they’re at, and I get home late, or whatever.  And you can just see, whoever is in your house, they’re casing it.  They’re looking at things.  You can see it’s a power trip that they’re watching you.  And it’s on record, they are.  You know, nurses at hospitals, everywhere.  They get off on the little informerness.  And they get little cuts of juicy too.  They get a little money.


Alan: That’s right.  Or a promotion at work or something.  As I say, this technique is very old and it works very, very well.  They know how to bring countries down.  They did it with East Germany too.  They’ve had so much experience and everything is documented.  It’s like a massive laboratory when they do these experiments.


Alex: Disney World, I was reading, now calls its parks a laboratory.  And it turns out, they taught the Department of Defense how to lock a city down.  Because, think about it.  You’re getting in.  You’re being scanned.  You’re being controlled.  You’re being surveilled.  Disney systems are the model of actual what will be gulags. 


Alan: Yes.  And they had, remember, the wrist bands too, with the chips in them, to get inside.


Alex: And biometric scanning, and you’re under laboratory scanning.  Let’s go to a phone call.  James in Minnesota, and then Tara, J.D., Noah, and CJ.  Go ahead, James.


James: Yeah, Alex.


Alex: Yes, sir. 


James: Do you hear me?  Yeah, I wanted to talk about a, and of course I want to say what a pleasure it is to be on with you.  I wanted to talk about a misunderstood subject, which is the Separation of Powers doctrine, the 10th article in the Amendments.  And what I see is that prior to ’39, it was unlawful for the federal government to come in and tax the state employees.  And likewise, it was unlawful for the federal government to tax the state employees.


Alex: Yeah, the income tax wasn’t even really used until ’51.  It doesn’t run the country.  It’s all paid to the private offshore banks.  Do you have a question for Alan Watt?


James: Well, this gets into the matter of visitation.  And the fact of the matter is that when they passed the Public Salaries Tax Act, that provided for agreements where in any state that entered into an agreement with the federal government, the federal government could now tax their state employees, and likewise, the states could then tax the federal employees.  And it was Constitutional, because it only applied to the government employees.


Alex: That’s right.  Listen, I’ve got to jump here, because we’ve just got a limited time with our guest, what is your questions for Alan Watt.  Getting into technical vagaries.  Bottom line, the feds are completely criminal, out of control, federalizing everything.  I mean, they’re really coming out in the open, Alan.


Alan: Well, they don’t care about the Constitution or laws, you know.  Power is law.  That’s it.


Alex: All right, let’s talk to CJ in Michigan.  You’re on the air, CJ.


CJ: Hey, Alex.  Hey, Alan.  Calling from the Prison State of Michigan.  I want to ask your guest.  I’ve heard you talk about it Alex, about, you know, hope, and not giving up.  I definitely want to tell you that I am not.  I am very optimistic.  Prophet Muhammad said, if you see the end of the world coming, and you had a sapling, to plant it.  That means, you know, keep going, until the end.  But I talk to people and I get kind of, everyone is so like, you know, I don’t know, fluoride head, or whatever, but it’s hard to be optimistic.  Can you point us to some hope?


Alex: Alan?


Alan: Hope comes from each individual that understands what’s happening.  The problems occur where you join groups that are pre-made for you to join.  Or they’re infiltrated immediately, and you’re spun off into another diversion.  Individuality can do so much, like that guy who refused to go to the White House, the sports player.  As an individual he stood up, and he said that: I speak as an individual.  The government is out of control.  I will not attend this function.  Individuals count.


Alex: Stay there.  That’s right.  Individuals count.  We’ll be right back.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Look, the caller asked a very, very serious question.  I’ll do a little bit of overdrive to finish these callers with Alan Watt.  You know, the caller asked, how do we have hope?  Look.  You’re in this situation, so, even though it’s overwhelming and scientific, and been very well calculated, you now know about it.  And so, I think the most important thing is to fully wake up out of the trance that we have been inserted in a planned economy, a more and more planned habitat.  They’re trying to force us into artificial habitats, controlled compact cities.  I live in the country, Alan lives in the country.  That’s the first instinct.  And to try to get to know locals who you can trust to work together, to move forward, and expose to people that it’s beyond what you can even imagine when you first realize it, and how cold blooded it is.  And I think the fact that the system is so over the top, they’re able to hide in plain view.  But that can also boomerang back against them.  Alan Watt.


Alan: Yeah, I mean, they’ve infiltrated right down to the local county level.  There’s organizations, I’ve mentioned them on the air too, where they graft themselves onto your local council.  They just turn up and graft themselves on, claiming they’re environmentalists.  And no one votes them in.  They’re just there.  The next thing you know, they’re writing the laws on what you can do on your land.


Alex: And they’ve got the money of the globalists, and they are basically the Red Terror Vanguard Investigation Agents.


Alan: And many of them are actually retired, early retirement bureaucrats.  This is where they go.  They’re given jobs and full salaries, and settle yourself down in a village here or a town there, and start up a little NGO. 


Alex: Oh, we’ve had that happen everywhere.  It’s always a retired colonel or a retired bureaucrat, and they literally are spying and harassing everyone.  And everybody kisses their hind end.  Oh, leave us alone.  We’ll put you in power. Then they take over.  They’re parasite scum.


Alan: Yes, that’s right.  And so, we’ve got to know who they are.  Their names are out there.  Their organizations are out there.  But we’re also into this age of technocracy.  You understand, the Council on Foreign Relations, as I say, the big branch that helps run the world, they said that they would build a structure around everybody’s constitution, which they have.  They’ve bypassed it all, and overlapped it.


Alex: Yeah.  They build these bureaucracies, and then sign the authority over to that, incrementally.


Alan: And then the next step was to do international treaties, binding treaties, that would bring them together.


Alex: Take the new internet treaty.  Couldn’t get SOPA through, just make it a treaty.


Alan: Make it a treaty.  And then, of course, they make supranational governmental bodies.  Well, no person, no individual has had a vote on the creation of the G-20 for instance. 


Alex: Take the real Euro Bureaucracy.  They have a Parliament, but it has no authority.  The Bureaucrats run it.  Lets jam in another call.  JD in Texas.  You’re on the air with Alan Watt.  Boom, he’s gone.  Tara in Virginia.  You’re on the air.


Tara: Hi, Alex.  Hi, Alan.


Alan: Hi.


Tara: I wanted to say I’m officially awake, December 24th.  So, I’m on a real big learning curve.  And I really enjoy everything that you talk about Alan.  You’re a great inspiration.  I’ve got an off topic comment from your Naomi Prinz interview yesterday, you know, the comment where she said that they’re going to start focusing on South America.  Mitt Romney was talking about that in a campaign speech yesterday in Florida.  And it just blew my mind how on spot she was.  And also, the Chris Hedges interview was awesome, and it goes a long way to try and bring progressives over to listening to what you’ve got to say and getting over the whole conspiracy theory thing.  They have a hard time with that.


Alex: Well, it’s a global corporate program, and it is a conspiracy.  And when we expose them, they just say it’s a theory.  But there’s no theory, it’s just an open conspiracy. 


Alan: It is open, yeah.  It’s open. It’s taught in schools now, they’re told, youngsters at five years of age are told what kind of world they’re going to grow up in.  Interdependence. 


Alex: Yeah.  And then they’ve got fake environmentalists to cover up the real environmental degradation.  We’re not saying environmentalists are bad period.  Thank you so much for your call.  Great talking to you Tara.  Stay with us.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Alan Watt is with us for another five minutes, so we can get into all the other important news coming up, but I want to try and get to as many of these calls as we can right now.  His website is cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Ours are prisonplanet.tv and infowars.com.  Let’s go ahead and go to Noah in California.  Noah, you’re on the air.


Noah: Hello, Alex. I just want to say I love your show and your website, but I had a question. I was just wondering.  What moment do you think it’s going to take for everyone to be woken up?


Alan: Well, everyone will only wake up, when literally government comes out to issue ration cards and beat you over the head if you complain.  Most folk are under a trance, you understand.


Alex: A literal trance, and then you’ll be so herded into compact cities, with the farms all shut down, except for big agri, you won’t be able to live without them.  That’s why Forbes said, why is there a war against lemonade stands?  Why is there a war against people selling pecans?  Because it’s all getting shut down.  And I watch people in public places, when cops are bugging their eyes out, or security guards.  The people get off on groveling, and the cops get off on it.  And it’s just pathetic.  I mean, this isn’t America.  This isn’t England.  This isn’t Europe.  This isn’t anywhere. 


Alan: And plus, because we live in an era of electronic media basically, and incredible amounts of entertainment, science fiction and so on, the general public, everything is a blur to them.  When they come home for the night, they just sit there and trance out.


Alex: People all the time say, I like your show, but you got this from this movie.  And I’m like no.  That movie is fictionalizing what’s really happening, so you can’t differentiate.


Alan: Or else, it’s showing you what’s the next step, so that it’s familiar to you, and you go along with it, just like the people in the movie went along with it.


Alex: Yeah.  Every science fiction movie that I see now explains that you’re not allowed to have children in the future without a special license.


Alan: Absolutely.  There’s so many like that too.  Either that, or a virus comes along and sterilizes us all.


Alex: You know what Alan, I meant to get into this with you and it’s so important.  We’ve got to have you back up very soon.  They’re really hyping all these weaponized viruses they’ve got now, that they’re saying are just going to get out on accident. 


Alan: They’ll do it when it’s necessary.  Remember too, Rockefeller at the last Lucky Genes Club meeting they had, he says, we’ve been doing the steady march for depopulation by abortions and sterilization.  He says, but now we must go in and ramp it up, he says.  We’ve got to create massive, massive death.


Alex: Yeah.  And by the way, I have the article I meant to get to today.  London Times.  Billionaire Club in bid to curve overpopulation, says they meet in secret.  David Rockefeller, Warren Buffet, and others, at the Rockefeller University, to try, with Bill Gates, to figure out ways to reduce population faster.  Did you know the London Times, you can’t find this.  They pulled it.  They don’t want you knowing, because we’re supposed to be told Bill Gates wants to help us. 


Alan: Well, he’s trying to help the poor people in Africa not to get sick.  Ha, ha, ha.


Alex: He loves them.  He likes them a lot too, doesn’t he?


Alan: Well, again, we know what Kissinger said about them back in the 70s, when he brought his bill out, about the dangers of the Third World exploding in population, how they must....


Alex: Memorandum 200.  We’ve got to kill them.


Alan: That’s right.  And so, they’re going ahead with the whole agenda.  We’re living, everything we’re living through right now, as I say, was put on the table and planned thirty, forty, fifty years ago.


Alex: But that’s an ace in the hole, the fact that the old timers warned about all this.  People thought, oh, that’s a conspiracy; and now it’s happening.  Light bulbs are going off everywhere, and people are going, wait a minute.  I was told exactly this was going to happen thirty years ago.  I mean, I think that’s our real ace in the hole, Alan, is that, people have been there for so long exposing this. 


Alan: That’s right.  And again too, it’s a matter of teaching the younger ones, and understanding the younger ones have a hard time with holding a concept for any length of time, because their attention span has been brought down to such a minimalistic level.  So, you have to find a way to get things across almost in bits and bytes, the way they’re used to it. 


Alex: And we’ve got to do it quick. You’re right.  Because they’ve reduced the language so far down.  Young people are either awake or they can’t speak.  And it’s seen as trendy to not be able to talk now. 


Alan: And they’ve been trained, you see, even from cartoons, three second bites, from movements in a cartoon, otherwise the child loses interest now.  They’ve been trained that that’s the way it is.


Alex: And that’s where most of the propaganda is, it’s in TV, cartoons and fiction.  That’s where they’re bombarding you.  Sorry to the other callers from Canada.  Cliff and Dustin, get to you next time.  That’s it for this segment of the transmission.  Alan Watt, thank you, so much, my friend.


Alan: It’s been a pleasure, Alex.  You take care.


Alex: All right.  It’s been a pleasure having you on.


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