July 26th, 2011

Alan Watt on the Alex Jones Show


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Alex: Well, it’s always riveting when Alan Watt joins us.  He is a research, an author, radio host.  Alan Watt of cuttingthroughthematrix.com joins us.  And sometime I ought to read his bio.  It is very, very interesting.  He’s also a musician and published a lot of philosophy and poetry under pseudonyms for much of his life.  He was heavily involved in the music industry as a singer, songwriter, performer, involved in folk music, blues, pop, rock and even classical.  He’s also known for his session guitar work.  He has played with some of the most well known artists and groups.   Born in Scotland, he watched the subtleties of politics and media as they guided the population of the UK covertly into the European amalgamation.  And I was just talking to Alan, it’s funny, he’s got allergies and sinus like I do today.  So, we’re like the dynamic duo here, but I doubt he’ll sound as doltish as I have today. 


Alan, so much is going on.  So much is happening.  I said, what’s your take on the shooter.  And you said, well, I feel like the fool on the hill watching the world spinning round.  But really, the fool on the hill isn’t a fool.  He sees the majesty and the beauty of the world, but also the ugliness.  Just the incredible spectacle of consciousness that the establishment tries to keep us from opening up to, because then we would be aware and not easily tricked.  So they wish to keep us psychically and mentally and spiritually and financially stunted.  But I want to get into the Hadron Superconductor Supercollider, and the dangers associated with that.  And I want to get into, 150 human animal hybrids grown in UK labs.  I’ve got a special report coming out tomorrow on this.  “Embryos have been produced secretly for the past three years, The Daily Mail can reveal.  Human cow, human reptoid, reptile, human fish, human frog, amphibian.  And but there’s something funny here.  I remember fifteen years ago, because I know I had been on air a year and a half or so.  I remember covering BBC articles about human embryonic chimeras, because they said the only way they could do it was make them part cow, so that they wouldn’t have rights, and growing them in the uteri of cows.  And they were saying that had been done for five years in 1996.  And since then, every year, they say, for three years we’ve been doing this.  For five years we’ve been doing this.  And that’s the two stories, and it’s always done the same.  And you’d think Daniel Martin and Simon Cadwell at the Mail would know how to pull these articles up or use a Lexus-Nexus. 


And then I remember, Alan, I want you to speak to this, in fact, we’ll speak to this first and then get into the shooter and the Knights Templar thing and the rest of it that I know you’ve studied.  That’s why you’re here.  That the Washington Post, it was in 2004, I think, or was it 2005, because I had recently read it in the Washington Post and about a week later I was on the Ian Punnet’s Saturday Coast to Coast AM.  A great interview, I loved the interview.  I’ve never been invited back on.  I need to get Ian Punnet on this show and return the favor, but I’d like to go back on that show.  But he would challenge me a lot.  And so I’d say, well, this company came out, Protygin with a corn that grows live HIV virus in it.  And he wouldn’t believe it.  And he’d pull it up and it would be in the Associated Press, and pharmacological corn.  And I remember mentioning that Washington Post Article about, was it his show or George, but I remember it was around that time.  The Washington Post said, “Yes.  There are chimeras, part chimpanzee, human at big labs in Costa Rica, but you’re not allowed to see them.  And I think it was Punnet, but maybe it was Noory.  But he was like, oh, really, and I pulled up the article and read it to him.  It all blurs at this point.  But the issue is, you talk about spider-goats.  You talk about things like this that have been out for decades, people still don’t believe it. 


And the issue here is, if they’re admitting this has been going on for decades now, imagine what’s really going on.  And so, why are they now introducing this to the public.  I mean, this is HG Wells’ The Island of Dr. Moreau, you know, with the humanoid creatures demanding their rights.  Wells, over 100 years ago wrote about atomic bombs, and basically world war, and how the UN would come out of that.  And of course, he was a top futurist and predictive programmer that Alan talks a lot about.  So, more and more, it does look like they’ve got a lot of secret technologies and things.  And they may not be 30 years advanced as they admit they are, in their technological systems.  It may be 50, a 100.  We don’t know.  I mean, more and more I realize we are basically in a matrix.  We’re physically here, but through the eyes, through the olfactory, through touch, through everything we take in this data and the modern civilization is a false reality.  It is an artificial habitat that we’re in.  And they’re just bringing us into deeper phases.  And Alan Watt is our guest.  That’s my preface.  Alan, break down what we’re facing here.


Alan: You’re quite right, actually.  They do give you a reality for the mass population.  And it’s an antique reality.  We think we’re on the cutting edge.  And the media, of course, is there to reinforce that and give out little tidbits.  Oh, we’re trying to explore this and trying to explore that.  One day we eventually hope to do this.  And we believe it all, you see.  And in reality, as you say, a much higher level of reality is the true cutting edge.  We don’t even know how high that goes. We know it’s way above top CIA level, when in the 1950s, they had solid-state circuitry.  They had little gizmos that you could put in your pocket that could turn someone’s heart off, basically.  And they used them too.  And Nick Begich came out and showed some of this stuff and talked about it as well.  So, we are really in the past. 


And that’s how you can at the top, that’s how you can control the future.  You plan the future.  You bring it in, and you feed the public predictive programming a little bit and a little bit at the time.  You must also do social changes and dehumanize the people.  And dehumanization is a big, big part of this agenda, because Julian Huxley, who was the CEO of UNESCO, the first one of UNESCO, he did say that in his books, that they’d have to knock man off his pedestal as being supreme on the planet.  Bring him down to the level of animals.  Now, once you start to think of yourself as an animal, and again, you have all these nature programs, all the green programs telling you, well, you’re just another animal amongst animals.  And you have no more rights than any other animals. 


And then, you have to go into the future dehumanization of the destruction of the old cultures, where families normally had children.  That was the whole point of them.  And now of course, we don’t even have so much that.  So, we’ve seen abortion rackets going on.  We’re now seeing body parts sold across the world.  We are a going business.  All of us, we’re a going business for someone else.


Alex: And they’re teaching us with the gladiatorial events and all of it, to dehumanize ourselves and to see beauty as ugly and ugliness as beauty and to just wallow, because a human would be shocked by the disgrace and the indignity of humans being spliced with animals, and would be concerned for these poor creatures, but because they’re part human, they have no right.  When you torture a monkey, people will burn down your business.  But with the transhumanist environmentalist, there is a giggling sacrament in trampling humanity, because they really fear the power of humanity, so it’s important for them, the predator class to trample it and to hike their leg on it, and to turn it into a servile gibbering religion, where the slaves revel in their own destruction. 


Alan: That’s pretty well it, actually.  Dehumanization.  With dehumanization comes depersonalization.  When you lose your identity of who you are, you are in flux.  When you’re in flux, of course, the massive propaganda machine comes in, takes you over, and then you flow along with the ‘newthink’ as it’s called, always ‘newthink’.  And so, we’ve been programmed like this for such a long time now.  Now, recently too, we’ve seen the big push for euthanasia.  That was the next nail in the coffin.  And they keep the pulse on the public now with the internet.  They know what we’re thinking, what we’re chatting about, what we’re worried about.  And so, they can tell when we’re ready for the next step of it.


Now, I’ve got books going back from scientific journals, going back twenty or thirty years, when they were talking.  And I’ve got one here, actually.  It’s the future of mankind and the planet.  And top names in it, of course.  And it shows you them breeding the public for different functions, just like Plato talked about in the Republic, only a bit more advanced.  And they said, we can create men who eventually will be divers.  They’ll have gills, like fish, and they can go down, and they can weld the legs on the big platforms at sea for oil and do that kind of stuff.  In other words, they’re going to make purpose-made humans, or semi-humans for the particular job they’re designed to do.  And that’s what it’s all about.  Designer humans for specific tasks, rather, you see, we are supposedly, according to high sociology today, we are the useless eaters now.  We’re post-industrial.  They don’t need us.  We’re almost post-war, once the Middle East is standardized into the world system.


Alex: And then they have the predictive programming with movies like X-Men that show you everybody mutating and how they’re the poor groups whose rights aren’t taken care of.  And now, they’re going to come out with more and more of these clones, these replicants.  And then the government is going to give them rights and protect them, and then basically use them against the rest of us.  Those that won’t buy into all the new technological augmentation that are really backdoor systems for them to hack the brain, because there is no firewall, as the Pentagon has said.  They’ll be sequestered like Amish, but then our children raided and taken.  It is a charnel house of trampling and being trampled upon, as O’Brien tells Winston that is being entered here.  And just notice how they’re calmly saying, yes, we’re splicing humans with animals.  I mean they’re just telling you, but it’s secret and you’re not allowed to see them.


Alan: Yeah.  And there’s no doubt about it.  And most folk really, I kid you not, most folk today who haven’t had an original thought in their heads.  They like the mainstream media, they won’t have a thought on this.  They’ll not be hot nor cold.  They’ll just say, oh, well, that’s science for you.  That’s progress, by the way.  That’s what science always tells you, it’s progress.  And they’ll go along with it, never thinking about the implications of where it’s all to go.  But, make no doubt about it, this system is not about ‘a’ New World Order.  There’s lots of stages of coming New World Orders and societies and systems, already on the books.  And we’re just seeing the step for the next step of purpose made humans for specific functions.  And you don’t need the silly humans anymore with their limited capabilities.  That’s really what it’s about.


Alex: Yeah, you’ll have a sex slave who looks like Marilyn Monroe, and even has her DNA, but she’ll be 1% squid, so she has no rights.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Your calls are coming up.  We’re going to get into Alan Watt’s view on the situation in Oslo, Norway, now being used to call for crackdowns on the internet, free speech, the second amendment and gun ownership.  It is really, really obvious what’s going on here.  And this guy now we learn, Norway Nazi was on drugs.  Maniac took substances to make him strong.  We’re going to get more into that.  Alan Watt, it is so fundamental, it is such a huge issue to sit here and talk about how we’re living in an antique reality.  That’s a great way of putting it.  That there is a breakaway civilization.  That the establishment has written white books, white papers on all of this for decades.  That the cloning is much more advanced.  I mean, they admit, oh, yeah, we kept it secret from you in England.  We’re splicing humans with everything.  Don’t worry, they don’t have rights, because they’re part spider, they’re part.  I mean, this is so incredible, that they for at least twenty years they’ve been growing humans in cows that are part cow, so that the cow doesn’t reject them to then harvest their organs.  I mean, again, that was in BBC 15 years ago, and they said that that had been going on for five years secretly.  Now, this is what they admit they’re doing. 


From your research Alan, how advanced is it?  Because the word I’ve gotten from a physician and others that have treated heads of state, is that they’re already staging their deaths, and that it’s not just Ken Lay that went to Paraguay, you know, right before he was about to be sentenced, or after he’d been sentenced but turned himself in, that this is going on.  But, I mean, undoubtedly, there’s a lot of secret technology.  From your research, how much more advanced is it, or do we have no idea? 


Alan: I think from the clues of the past, that’s what you go on.  And they’re probably at least 200 years ahead of where we are.  When you look into the writings even of Mary Shelley for instance, Shelley, her husband the poet was a member of the high societies.  At that time they clouded themselves under secret societies and Masonry and so on.  But in reality, at the very top of that, there was pure science there.  And they were given access to the sciences of the time.  And she didn’t come up with her idea of a Frankenstein, someone, a human being put together by body parts by herself.  It was because she was in with the groups that were actually discussing this, and maybe some who were actually trying to do it at the time. And really, they’re so far ahead that it boggles the mind.  As I say, in the 50s, before we even had the transistor radio, they had, the CIA, as Nick Begich showed on television, he showed the equipment which could beam a thought into your head, or a sound, or music, into the middle, the center of your head, on line of sight.  So, it could go for miles, if you were high enough on a hill, you could literally pick your target and do it then.  It was more than voice to skull.  These things also had the capability of interfering with basically the wave that becomes the pulse for your heart.  It originates in the brain, and you can interfere with that pathway and give a person a heart attack. Now these little gadgets you could put in your pocket, back in the 1950s.  They had to be incredibly amazing solid-state circuitry with micro-transistors etc. 


Alex: Oh, let me stop you.  You know, you talk about it too, Aldous Huxley, Julian Huxley’s brother, who wrote about genetic engineering and GMO food and different classes of humans in Brave New World, published in what, ’32, ’33, he gave a speech, when he knew he was dying, and he said this is all real, and even though I’m telling you, you’re not going to be able to stop us, and was laughing at everyone.  And they thought he was being a good guy, warning them.  And he said, at our universities, we have people with microelectronics already in their brain, and we’re already testing this to be able to remote control humans.  And then, by the 70s they admitted they had microchip remote control cockroaches in university reports.  They’re just now telling the public now.  So, here he was saying, actually my book isn’t fiction, this is what we’ve been doing secretly, you know, decades ago we had microelectronics in people’s brains. 


Alan: And you had Delgado, famous for his bull, where he put a microchip in its brain, and remotely controlled it, he could stop a charge from the bull.  And there’s actually videos up there on YouTube where he’s talking about it wasn’t just animals he was practicing on, he was practicing on humans.  Of course he was.  So this is very old, this is very old stuff, because the idea when they began this Socialist movement, that most folk think is left wing, it’s really the top of the right wing who run the Socialist movement.  And that’s why banks are all behind it, and so on.  But they knew they wanted to bring in a society of well-behaved people, who would simply be a slave society, cause no problems, no crime, and how do you make that happen?  Well, they dissected all forms of conflict.  All conflict, right down to the family home, by the way, and that was part of the reason they came up with “we must dissolve the family unit.”  So it was on the go.


Alex: And they admit the whole plan is to play men and women off against each other, and then they give the cues to men how to behave that will enrage women.  And then they give the women cues to tell them, act like this, and you’ll be successful.  It’s really the opposite.  Total civilization sabotage.


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Alex: 50,000 unstoppable Alan Watts.  They’re cloning him.  Look out.  Ha, ha.  Look, the globalists want to play god.  They want the life-extension technologies.  They undoubtedly already have them.  They’re now bragging they have them.  They’re offering extended lives to people now, who are ‘wealthy’ if they’ll buy into transhumanism.  But the transhumanist technocratic, technological systems they’re offering are basically enslavement systems.  So, that’s what the general public is going to get is an enslavement system in the name of life extension.  And we have no idea what the actual controllers are doing.  When you see people like Gordon Brown or Bill Clinton or George W. Bush or Obama, they’re meant to politically rise and fall, be built up and destroyed.  Like a shield that a knight holds up, and the shield gets all bent up and battered and bruised, and then when they’re done after four to eight years, they throw it down and pick up another one.  And it’s these fundamental things people need to understand. 


You know, if you look at the news today, they’re saying, no debt deal.  And oh my gosh, now we may default and have depression.  They’re already defaulting.  They’re already devaluing the dollar.  We’re already in a Depression.  And the bankers are training us to just, everything is about the government, everything is about the bankers, and everything is about the credit agencies ratings, I mean, they’re more important now than the president.  And then, who are they?  Revolving door minions of Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, and others.


And you know, now the GOP is revolting, just like in ’94 with Newt Gingrich, who ended up making sure the contract on America didn’t get through.  A guy who wrote the forward to multiple Alvin and Heidi Toffler books calling for World Government, calling for a Technocracy, calling for the end of America.  And they talk about how conservative Newt Gingrich is, because people say he’s conservative, when he’s promoting carbon taxes. 


But I’ve got to tell you, ten years ago, people wouldn’t wake up to Newt Gingrich.  Today, they do.  And so, that’s the good news.  But now they’re saying the GOP has revolted and isn’t going to go along with all this.  But, again, it’s all part of this process.  And as long as people can be kept in this false narrative, this false reality.  As you go up through politics and media, if you show that you’ll buy into the false system, you are promoted in the false system.  But, if you don’t go along with the false system, if you question the presented reality, then, oh, you’re a conspiracy theorist.  And now, having any opinion is a conspiracy theory.  And Cass Sunstein at the White House says, we’ll flood the internet with false conspiracy theories.  We’ll flood the internet with infighting, with bickering, and they’re trying to do that.  But in the writings of the ruling class is what they’ve really set up.  And that’s what Alan Watt covers, that’s what I cover. 


Alan, continuing, looking at the globalist program and operations, I see revolts from people within the technotronic, technocratic class being one of the biggest threats to their system.  That’s why they’re trying to go to an automated global computer system, where they don’t need armies, because it’s robot and drone driven, and the robots are worked on by robots, and robots work on those robots and then some human technicians.  They already admit, no one at a major computer company even knows how the computers work now.  It’s just different systems integrated together.  And the humans can’t even understand it.  This is going to get more and more pronounced.  And the elite are all over the news saying, we don’t need people anymore.  Humans, will humans be kept as pets?  And the elites are already talking about the computers, like they’ve already merged with them.  And Ray Kurzweil says that within fifteen years, the elite will merge.  But if the evidence is that they’re already more advanced than we know, the question is, have they already attempted to merge, or is it all a bunch of quackery, where they claim that they have these systems, but they can’t even really use them because they don’t understand them?


Alan: Well, they already have a whole list of things lined up they’re working on now, even DARPA has admitted that, Homeland Security.  I mentioned that on a page last week, all the things that are coming up and they’re working on.  And one was an artificially intelligent computer system that would literally analyze you and decide even if you should pass the information that you’re putting out there on to others or not or who they should pass it on to.  No one would interfere with it.  It would be on its own, independent.  And so they already have artificially intelligent machines, using various kinds of different algorithms and so on.


However, at the top, you’ve got to understand too that they’ve been doing amazing stuff, even in Sweden since the 70s that we know of on prisoners.  That’s where they first tried to do human and machine interface, brain interface.  This interfacing isn’t just to help paraplegics, believe you me, like DARPA would have you think.  It’s to do with, if they can possibly in the future – or they’ve done it already, who knows – download a person’s memory.  That’s the whole point of it all.  For the ruling elite who age, they can certainly slow their aging.  In fact, David Suzuki, a big player in the Greening Program, who calls people maggots by the way.  He’s the hero of Canada, but people are maggots, but he says there’s better kinds of maggots than others.  I guess he’s referring to his own class.  He said, on television years ago, national television live, and he is a geneticist by the way, he says, we now have the ability to make a person live to five hundred years if we want to.  Well, why not a thousand or two thousand?


The problem is, the brain would tend to deteriorate, so the idea, they even mentioned years ago in the science magazines, if we could possibly clone, and they said they could, by the way, clone a full human being within two weeks, because they can switch on your growth factors and your hormones and so on, and make you literally grow up from an embryo into a full human in a few weeks.  And at first they said it was for body parts, for special people.  But now it’s more into, could they possible take the memory of that aged person, especially the first batch, who haven’t stayed young, put it that way. They haven’t had the treatment for eternal youth, but could we possibly take that memory from the aged person and transfer it into his own clone.  And so, they’ve been talking about this, and working on it, obviously, and that’s what really the brain machine interface has been all about.


And again, the spin-offs are amazing, because they also say, well, if we can tap into the brain, we won’t need the torture techniques anymore.  We could just plug into you and find out what you’re thinking, download all your memories and they’ll know exactly if you’ve been lying to them or not.  This has been all going ahead as we quietly watch soccer or football or whatever else we’re watching, or Lady Gaga dancing with plasticized corpses.  I mean, this is the reality of where we are.  The elite’s prime directive is for their own survival.  We must always remember that.  They have contingency plans for all kinds of things that could go wrong in the world for themselves.  We know they’ve got underground cities, even.  They’ve even had characters in England going around the underground bases, not getting into them, but they admit they’re there.  And they’ve had them for years in case of all kinds of things.  Not just nuclear disaster, but possibly, oh, an asteroid hitting you.  Anything at all they can think of, because the elite, being at the top of the tree, the evolution tree, as they talk about it themselves, that’s what they say, the fittest to survive, must make sure, must ensure that their own personal survival comes first.  We are all expendable in the process.  And even your sci-fi movies show you that, like 2012.  It’s always the elite that survive, the rest are sacrificed.


Alex: Absolutely.  And expanding on that, just like I knew they were about to move from the Muslim Al Qaeda to the white terrorist, so the whole apparatus could be turned loose on everyone, as it was always built and designed for.  Now, they’re just admitting it’s true function, that they are now preconditioning how sexy it is.  The World After Humans, TV shows, movies, books, on end caps at grocery stores.  Everyone learning how trendy it is to hate their fellow humans, so when you’re SWAT teamed or drug away or dying of cancer, when half your block is dying of something, you know, as the soft kill is incrementally intensified, the ambient slow kill system accelerated towards fast kill, that it’s a subconscious preparation of a celebration of our destruction and the potbellied parasites ruling over us.  And I see this now building towards a crescendo.  I know they’ll want to release smaller bio-plagues first, pose as saviors, use that as an excuse to put in a tighter control grid, and then release even more deadly plagues, and then a tighter control grid.  Always playing the part of the saviors while they murder us.  But I see them edging towards that, and I see them debating, you know, how great it’s going to be when the airborne ebola is released.  And how great it is that the human mouse pox kills 99% and isn’t it time to just go ahead and pull the trigger.  Like it’s an exciting, sexy, something new for them, and they want to pull the Moonraker trigger.  How far away do you think that is until, I mean, they’ve got all these new movies coming out with Matt Damon, about billions dying and everything from the new bio-plague.  So, how long until they really get to have their holiday, their mass murder enjoyment time?  Because then they get to go to the bunkers, and be given the cure and everything, and kind of all be honest about it, and watch it on their robotic cameras the mass destruction.  And then they get to reemerge, and ah, everything is so much fun.  I mean, how long until they take the people that they’ve turned into mindless sports fans and just start mass slaughtering everybody?


Alan: Well, we’re in the phase now, which they have disclosed from their own military think tanks for the next fifty years or so, their projections.  And they’ve had that out for a few years now.  And both the US and the British NATO group came to the same conclusions, they’re going to, and they’re doing it.  They’re getting folk off the land, the rural areas, through incredible masses of new regulations.  The gasoline is going up.  That will get you off too.  They’ve closed down most of the country hospitals, so you have to move into the city if you want treatment.  A hundred different ways to get you to move.  Just like animals again, how do we get them to move from here to there?  And it’s all been discussed.  And so, once we’re all already in the overcrowded cities, they’ve already got an internal army.  Rand by the way.  I’ve got the Rand document on that too, where they talked about the coming civil strife in the US, as they push more and more folk into the overcrowded cities.  So, they always plan on ahead for the fallout.  And once we’re together, it’s easier then to release the plagues. 


Now, they’re talking up to the year 2020, to try to cram us into the cities, that’s why they’re on a roll now, with austerity.  Austerity suddenly comes in, after the last planned bank crash, which wasn’t a crash after all, really, and things didn’t just go to money heaven.  Somebody has got the key to it.  But the reality is, this is austerity and we’ve all got to share and reduce our standard of living, and eventually the United Nations, as it says in its own charter for the Department of Agriculture, will dish out the food.  They’ll dole out the food to each region of the earth, and then you must bring down your own population, according to the rations that you’re given.  That’s in their own mandates by the way.


Alex: Yeah.  That’s in the Kissinger documents and all of the new ones.  But instead of doing it secretly, like 30 years ago, now, Ted Turner comes out with Nat Rothschild and says, you should only be able to have one child and that child will be taxed.  But then, meanwhile, they’ve all got private jets and private trains and yachts, and you know, five children apiece.  And Kate Middleton is lecturing you on carbon taxes. And we’ve now moved into a cottage.  It’s only 300 rooms, for the earth.  I mean, it’s just all asinine hypocrisy in our face. 


Alan: Yes, but from their point of view, they don’t see that as that.  They truly believe that they are superior people genetically.  And they believe that they’ve evolved.  We’re junk genes.  We’re the junk genes left at the bottom.  And one of the arguments I saw in a scientific discussion was that the proof of the fact that the people are junk genes is that they would have been up amongst the elite if they had the ability to get ahead in their genetic make-up.  Therefore, because they haven’t gone up to multi-millionaire status, and have no desire to, then they equate that to what they call arrested civilizations of Africa and primitive tribes.  They’re junk genes.  They can’t move on.  “We do move on all the time, and we are involved in planning the future.  We control the future.  So we are the superior genes.”


Alex: Exactly.  And moving on is being willing to slit your grandmother’s throat and enjoy it.  The true human genes of helping your community, building, being admired because of your art or your strength or your ability to hunt or your ability to build.  No, no, no.  Now, it’s your ability to team up in gangs and lie and manipulate people and dumb folks down, and make things ugly.  And that’s why they’re selling us with Lady Gaga, with the dead Chinese corpses, just openly flaunting, look, I’m dancing with murdered prisoners.  It’s beautiful.  That way no one will stand up for you when you’re being murdered.


Alan: Oh, there’s no doubt about it.  People who are debased and thoroughly dehumanized do not stand up together for anything.  And so, it’s a warfare technique as well, and you use cultural wars all the time, and economic wars all the time as well.  But these elite you see are really the deviants.  And we’ve got to understand that, because, in the psychopathic nature of humanity, the groups that inbred over time were the ones that slaughtered their neighbors and they took over the land and then, that’s really, real estate was always land.  That’s ‘real’ estate as opposed to fake estate, you know, which is their money system, which we believe in.  We’ve been taught to believe in it.  But in reality they became kings and queens and nobles because they had the ability to always slaughter anybody as an example to others at any time at all.  And they’ve actually got books out trying to rationalize the necessity for this kind of behavior and that mankind can’t do without them.  That’s what they say themselves.  We can’t do without them because they’re the risk takers, etc, etc.  But in reality, we’re run by clubs of psychopaths, inbreds. 


So the deviants run the normal people, the ordinary people, who can get along, and who can cooperate for their own survival.  The elite are afraid of the masses, even though they’ve used the masses.  They say the time is coming when they will no longer need them, because they can then create specific job created beings for the specific tasks that we used to do, that the ordinary folk used to do.  And that’s what all this work is about. They’re using our tax money like crazy to make this happen, to ensure their survival, where they’ll be served with all kinds of chimeras, basically, that are specially bred for the purpose that they will do all their lives.


Alex: And that’s going on at breakneck speed.  Undoubtedly these chimeras are out walking the streets now.  This has been going on for decades.  And they’re just now telling the slaves this, because they think they’ve got us into a deep enough trance.  But I’m here to tell you, Alan, I’m seeing record numbers of people waking up, and I mean fully waking up.  How do you break people out of their trance?


Alan: You have to start with them by telling them why their dollar has been devalued.  Something they can understand that hits them personally.  Telling them why their families are breaking up.  Or their daughter is going off with another woman or something like that, this kind of stuff.  Where it’s coming from, and what’s the purposes behind it.  Things that they can actually relate to in their own lives.  And that’s the start of it all.


Alex: Yeah, I found people are like, wow, you’re right, bisphenol-A does give you cancer, and does reduce your fertility.  And now I get emails saying, oh, they’re taking bisphenol-A off the shelves everywhere, you conspiracy theorist.  It’s like, oh, it’s not a problem, they’re taking it off the shelves.  First it wasn’t bad for you, now we’ve been proven right, so we need to shut up.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: All right.  I meant to get to more calls.  And we’ll try to do it tomorrow.  I think I’m going to get a neti pot or something and try to get my sinuses cleared up so I’m not dingy here on air, but I think it’s been overall a very informative radio show here today, with our guest, Alan Watt.  I got you on here Alan, originally, because I wanted to talk about this shooter, who we now know is on drugs and all the rest of it.  I mean, I could see the predictive programming.  I could see the media getting ready to rebrand terrorism onto the evil white male, and I called it last Thursday.  I said, the attack is imminent.  And that’s what you talk about.  Once you see the fifth grade level propaganda, you know exactly what they’re going to do.  It’s so frustrating to, like you said, being the fool on the hill, but really you’re not the fool on the hill.  Everybody else is deaf, dumb, and blind.  Alan Watt, final comments on that.


Alan: Yeah, it’s like déjà vu, you know what’s coming and what they have to do, because even to do with the big bone of contention from the whole 9/11 deal onwards across the world, the Western World, in Britain and elsewhere, is why should everyone else have to go through all of this, have all of their mail ripped open, have all their emails copied and stored forever, be under the scrutiny of the microscope.  How come everybody, when supposedly it was all to do with, it started off with Muslim extremists in the Middle East and elsewhere.  So, people were saying why are old ladies who have lived all their life in America with blue eyes, an old granny being searched and groped at these particular checkout things.  Well, that was the bone of contention.  Now they’ve given you a reason why.  It could be any one of you, you see.  It’s a white guy.  So, they have to justify all.  Everybody has been complaining.


Alex: It could be a policeman.  Oh, it’s the returning veterans, exactly.


Alan: So they had to give you a reason why, because since 9/11 to the present, you see, we haven’t seen it.  And so they’ve given you the sacrificial lamb or whoever they’ve set up, whatever guy they’ve set up to do it.  And remember too, we’ll never get the truth on this story, never, ever get the truth, if this fellow did go over to London and meet with a top-ranking secret, supposedly, Knights Templars group, or were they a bunch of CIA, MI6, Mossad guys conning this little fool to go and do this job.  We’ll never know. 


Alex: But it’s got all the earmarks that it was staged. 


Alan: It does.  And believe you me, in this day and age you cannot do anything and get away without people knowing about it.  We’re all under observation.  And they’ve even admitted that the CIA were watching this guy in Norway, long before it happened.


Alex: So was MI5 and 6.


Alan: And the forums too that he belonged to.


Alex: So, it’s 100% staged.  And now we know he’s all hopped up on drugs.  He’ll end up going into the mental institution there and never be seen again.  Alan Watt, great points.  Thank you so much for spending time with us.  Re-transmission starts now.  See you back live tomorrow, 11am central.


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