March 17th, 2010
Alan Watt on the Alex Jones Show

(2 Hours)
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Alex Jones: For the next hour and fifty two minutes, Alan Watt of Cutting Through the Matrix is going to be joining us to cover a host of issues.  The economy, the New World Order, the police state, and the media mind control.  The awakening that's happening.  But a caller called in, in the last segment and was talking about how he listens to me on global shortwave.  We've been on shortwave thirteen years, and we're on eight hours a day. The live four hour show, and then re-aired, what 9 Central PM to 1 am on WWCR, the best shortwave outfit here in the U.S.  100,000 Watts, really great folks.  And how we're jammed, by Voice of America, they follow us when we change frequencies, by the Communist Chinese, by North Korean radio, and by government tones.  And it's the government that broadcasts these tones.  That's what the shortwave experts have told us, because the government admits they put out these timed tones, and Morse Code, and the government always requests to be right next to us, and they bleed over.  And I've had discussions with WWCR over the years, and they go, yeah, we agree to change frequencies, and then they move wherever you're at.  Time changes, they move.  They have people that fire up on shortwave and attack me, and lie about me, and play music over us.  And we get hack attacks of all different types.  You name it. 

But another example of tyranny is zoning.  Almost a year ago I signed the lease, for the thousands of square feet next to this office.  And it's a warehouse, in an area of Austin that you can basically do whatever you want.  It's a standard building.  Standard thing we're building.  They keep coming in, and nickel and dimeing, saying change this, change that.  You've got to put in another firewall here, when they don't make the other people in the same complex, the exact same buildings do it.  And they do what they want.  They do what they want.  In Austin, they harass everybody.  But they're really harassing us. 

Here's the Austin American Statesman on this.  Appeals court sides with South Congress Cafe in city lawsuit.  The cafe wanted to build a little deck, on their own property, and the city of Austin made them make $200,000 of improvements.  Then they said, you know what, we've changed our mind, you can't even build that.  Now they've spent hundreds of thousands in the appeals process.  The City of Austin is spending hundreds of thousands.  And now it's going to go to the Supreme Court over a wooden deck at a restaurant.  I guess they didn't make the right payoffs in the city.  Suit against the City of Austin over banned deck, likely headed to a jury trial attorneys say.  And if that doesn't work it will go on to the Supreme Court.  It looks like a jury will decide whether South Austin Cafe has to tear down its deck.  Which they got approved, and then they said, no, you can't.  On Thursday, a state appeals court sided with the cafe's owners, ruling that a lower court did not give South Congress Cafe a proper hearing before siding with the city, which contends the deck was built illegally and should be torn down.  And they go through the whole story of how, what Trudy's did.  How they had approval in writing.  How they made hundreds of thousands of dollars of changes to do this.  And this is feudalism. 

In ancient Europe you couldn't plant onions unless you had an authorization.  Serfs couldn't own a knife with a pointed end.  They would take serfs who were allowed to say have a sheep dog to guard the local noble's sheep, but they would cut off several of the paw digits, so that the dog couldn't hunt the king's game, deer, stags.  They had prima noctu, where they were allowed to have sex with your wife on your wedding night, as a system of control.  I mean, and I'll tell you who's an expert on this, is Alan Watt.  Let's get into zoning first, Alan, and how it's all written by the United Nations.  You know this, but break it down for folks.  It's just, I know you go through a lot of harassment and hacking, and attacks as well, which is the signet, or the certification that you're the real deal.


Alan Watt: I had three websites that went down last week.  And one of them was a transfer from one file to another on the server side, and they lost the last thirty shows.  So it's really harassment, because they know with the speed I'm on with satellite upload, they know it takes me time to upload all this stuff again.  It's constant harassment you get with this kind of thing.  And same with satellite guys, I'm on Xplornet which is a subdivision of Via Sat, which is also a subdivision of Hughes corporation, the military-industrial boys, and they have admitted to me that they've got me on a lock for upload.  So they claim I'm using too much bandwidth and so on.  They simply kick me in every ten minutes, and I've got to wait ten minutes before I can reset it and upload it again.  It's nothing but constant harassment.


Alex: And I talked to you about this. Even though you're paying for the bandwidth, they just won't give it to you.


Alan: They won't give it to me, and I'm paying for high speed, supposedly.  And often it goes down to about twice the speed of dial-up.


Alex: Amazing.  But zoning itself, being used globally.  We have the same zoning laws in the U.S. you have in Canada.  The same in Europe.  The same in Australia.  Under the green legislation, they're really accelerating that.


Alan: Yes.  They've had it actually for years.  We don't realize that for the last fifteen to twenty years every zoning law to do with plumbing, septic, electrical, building codes of all kinds have all come via the United Nations departments.  See, the UN is a copy of your own federal government, only it's designed to handle the whole world's federal governments.  And they have a department to do with building codes and all that.  And I've got this from town planners, one in Cincinnati, other ones in the U.S. states, who are the head planners for the cities.  They've told me, and they've written to me, and given a lot of information on this, all of this is coming from the United Nations, and they're really pushing now.  They've set up divisions within each country to go around and inspect premises on top of your local building inspector's codes.  So they're enforcing these world standard codes everywhere. 


Alex: And it gets worse and worse and worse and worse.  And there's this entire criminal class.  Did you see the big Canadian study that the BBC covered, where they did tests of people that are self-professed environmentalists and they're six times more likely to steal?  They hate their fellow man.  They're greedy parasitic control freaks on average.  Did you see that study that came out two days ago, A.?  And B. what's your take on it?


Alan: Yes.  Well, you've got to understand the mentality of the people who join what are called fringe groups.  It's a science in itself, because Communism understands it.  All the big movements understand it.  The people they go for who they target are generally on the fringe.  They've got a personal chip on their shoulder, and they submerge themselves.  They actually hate themselves in a sense, but they'll submerge themselves and lose their individual identity within the big group.  And then they become devoted, fanatical followers.  But you're right.  They're not stable to begin with, the ones who join the big groups.  And there's a lot of university books out there, on this particular subject.  It's a science which is used, but they're used on mass for the big boys to get their agendas through.  So you're quite right. 


Alex: Well, Alan, so much is going on in the world.  Iceland has said no to the banks.  Greece is getting ready to say no to their takeover.  They want to launch new wars with Iran, and the brainwashing is really intensifying.  They're now proposing drugging children before they get depressed.  I mean it seems like they're really pulling out all the stops. 


Alan: This is the whole Brave New World scenario.  It's been planned, well over a hundred years ago.  The science of the mind is the most important science of all, and the big boys have the real histories and archives of controlling whole continents and empires of people.  They understand how we tick, and they're going the whole way now to the Age of Austerity, which means basically teaching us to be poor and happy at the same time.  And they've discussed all the ways they can actually keep us happy and poor, because I said last night on my show, we can be dressed in rags, but as long as you've got that little ipod there, or your little cellphone, and give you cheap entertainment, they can keep us going for years this way as we're taken down.  This has all been discussed at the think tanks at the top. 


Alex: And of course, then your iphone or your cellphone is your little personal computer that tracks your location, everything you're going.  You know, all the places you're traveling to. 


Alan: Your iphone actually is also your main ID, that's becoming the ID.  Google has said itself within about two or three years they'll phase out the computer as we know it, and you might have monitors, but you'll just plug your iphone in, and that will be your personal computer that goes everywhere with you.  You'll do all your banking through it.  They can monitor everything that you personally are transacting, and all your emails, etc.  This is the agenda.  Then, of course, the big one is the Cloud.  They're going to do away with computers with personal hard drives.  You won't need it, they'll tell you, we'll keep all your data up there in the cloud for you, and you can access it any time you want if you're a good boy or girl, because it's going to be used for punishment as well as reward.


Alex: That's right, the new internet, internet 2, you will have a subdomain, with another big company.  Cloud computing is where it's all going.  They're building the infrastructure so that you can't use servers or even CDNs.  You'll have to be in the Cloud, and so the computers won't even be designed, you won't be able to buy computers basically where you save your own data, because they won't be able to interface with the new cyber security global rules.  You'll have to be in the cloud, and then they have all your data, all your photos, all your videos, all your banking data.  And if you're not a good globalist, they're just going to turn it off, and they're saying that.


Alan: Yeah, it's going to be used for punishment and reward.  Everything in society, we don't realize this, but even money itself is used as punishment and reward.  Very Pavlovian.  And it's the same with your entertainment.  But once they make it mandatory that all transactions must go through electronic transactions, through your iphone, and that's coming.  There's so many articles out, even today about that coming up from the mainstream banks.  Then they can literally, as Bertrand Russell said, sixty or seventy years ago, eventually they'll use a credit system, and if you are anti-social, that's the big word now across the world, especially in Britain, you're anti-social.  If you're anti-social, and you're not part of the communitarianism project, then they'll cut you off, as a punishment until you toe the line.


Alex: Alan, stay there.  When we come back, I want to get into anti-social behavior as they call it, where if you're rude, or if you don't accept what the government's saying, or if you don't volunteer, you're a criminal, and they have these databases even on children, all over the world now, where, oh, your data stream shows you might be mentally ill, or you might be predisposed to be a criminal later, we're going to force drug you.  We'll be right back with Alan Watt, stay with us.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: We are back live, Alan Watt is our guest.  Your phone calls are coming up.  The toll free number to join us 1-800-259-9231.  Alan's one of those few guests we can get on to talk about basically any subject.  I have read hundreds and hundreds of books written by the globalists.  I have read thousands of their own documents.  Tens of thousands of news articles, their white papers, and so that's why when I get Alan Watt on, I know he knows what he's talking about.  Because he knows the exact same info I know, but from sometimes a different perspective, and his own way of delivering it.  And so, I've been asking some of the questions here.  I want him to get into whatever he thinks is most important, and news that's happened lately, and things that are developing, and where he sees the world, what he thinks of these shootings at the Pentagon and the kamikaze attack, and the calls for censoring the web.  But you were getting into anti-social behavior.  They now call taking a photo our your child in the U.S. or in England at a park, anti-social pedophilia.  They are arresting people who take photos of their daughters in bikinis in their own pool.  That's now illegal, though there's not a law.  They're now demonizing, I mean, it's political correctness into every level where they're just coming after the citizenry.  So, Alan Watt, continue along those lines. 


Alan: This is the Fabian technique that was also used in the Soviet system, where they believe that through scientific alteration of the mind itself through different techniques, they can create the type of person they want.  And it's a form of political correctness.  Now, they tried it out extensively in China.  China was the prototype model after the Soviet Union for this more advanced form of Collectivism, where everyone thinks the same, says the same things, behaves the same way, even sometimes dresses the same way, depends on the era.  They had two men working at the United Nations, who dreamed up the idea to test out on China, using social approval and social disapproval.  And what they did, they studied the cultural history of the Chinese, and they found out that traditionally, with certain objectives in mind, depopulation was one, and traditionally China had often, very often as a matter of its culture, had killed off newborn children, especially females if they didn't need so many type of thing.  And they thought, how can we bring this into the new system where we want to really drastically reduce their population.  They actually encouraged that, as you know, and they brought in the one child per family policy.  Initially, and the guys at the UN said this in one of their own statements recently, they said, initially the militia had to come to drag women to the abortion clinics, if they had a second pregnancy.  Now they've trained the public that the neighbors themselves will drag the woman into the clinic, because they consider it as anti-social to have a second child.  You're robbing the food from someone else's mouth type of thing, you're not collective enough, and they get really angry.  They'll do it.  You can train the public to do this.


Alex: And that's what the phony environmental movement is all about, is teaching us the pie doesn't grow, rising tides don't raise all ships.  Anyone doing well is your enemy, and so you need to get into the collectivist model, and once we have collectivist healthcare, then we've got to tax what you eat and do, because we're all paying for it, and this is the nasty trick that the collectivist paradigm uses.


Alan: As I say, it's called social approval and disapproval.  And in China, the two guys said it was such a success that these guys dreamed up, these neuroscientists, they dreamed up this idea.  They said it was such a success that they then turned, they were the guys who brought in the United Nations' War on Smoking.  And they trained the children at school to have Pavlovian responses if they saw anyone light up a cigarette twenty feet away.  And I've witnessed that myself.  They go into a sort of paroxysm, a spasm of coughing and waving their hands at twenty feet away.  That's Pavlovian response.


Alex: Alan, I have trouble with smoking.  I start it, I stop it.  I've got a real problem with tobacco, and I was down at Port Aransas.  My wife and kids are inside eating.  I don't smoke anywhere near them, a few weeks ago, and I fell off the wagon, and I was smoking cigarettes, and I went out on the back deck and fired up a cigarette, and a woman in the parking lot, no exaggeration, had to be forty feet away, I just lit the cigarette and she starts waving her hands coughing, and freaking out and runs over and says, your cigarette is hurting me.  I mean, this is a control freak.  And I said, "Hey, Lady.  Don't worry your police state is taking over.  Don't worry.  But I said, enjoy the fluoride they put in your water.  Enjoy the mercury in your shots.  I bet you don't have a problem with that."  And then she kind of got mad and ran off.


Alan: Yeah, meanwhile she's being sprayed every day from aircraft, and she doesn't even notice it. 


Alex: And the GMO food sterilizes all the rats they feed, but she likes that.


Alan: She likes that too, and it also brings down the population by cancers of the stomach and elsewhere.  Getting back to social approval, the same two guys at the United Nations said it was such a success, with their no second child policy that they introduced, and they run it.  They really worked out the mechanism for it for social approval and disapproval, then the anti-smoking law, then they, the same two guys came out and boasted they're using it now on the War on Obesity.  Now in Britain, they've already started to weigh your children at school.


Alex: Stay there.  Let's talk about it.  Let's talk about it.  And yeah, then if you're one pound overweight, they'll take your kids, but they'll use some example of an 800-pound woman.


(Commercial break)


Alex: There's hundreds of different ways that the establishment conditions us to be tattle-tales, to hate our fellow man: the torture porn in the movies, all the violence, the conditioning, the dividing us into all these different groups along race, religion, sex.  But look at Europe.  They say we're going to ban Nazi websites.  Oh, sounds reasonable to some, you know, Nazis are bad.  Then they've got the precedent set, and now, oh, you can't criticize the EU.  You can't criticize GMO food.  You can't criticize the town council.  Now the White house says you can't criticize groups.  And so once they set the precedent there, they expand it.  They create the perception that guns are illegal with TV ads and billboards showing a picture of a revolver, or a shotgun, legal almost everywhere but a few cities, like DC and Chicago.  And they say, report illegal guns, and then your neighbor is ignorant.  I see every few days articles where some old guy comes out with his rifle to go to the shooting range, neighbors call the cops, they pull him over, they go ahead and arrest him.  So, it's all this perception with this dumbed-down population, and now they're going into the next phase.  Alan has talked a lot about this, and we're going to get more into how they're conditioning us, but then I want to get into, contestants turn torturers in French TV experiment, and how they're duplicating.  Give me a document cam shot please, the Stanford prison experiment, and we're going to go over that experiment.  In 1971 a team of researchers led by psychology professor Philip Zimbardo at Stanford University, 24 undergraduates were selected out of 70 to play the roles of both guards and prisoners in a mock prison, in the basement.  And they told them that they were going to randomly torture them.  They were told it was real.  They hired actors.  And they found that the vast majority would murder people, and believe they were murdering.  Well, now, there's all these new Hollywood movies coming out about torture.  I saw another one, I think I sent you the trailer.  I think it was called the Final.  In fact, pull up that.  It's on youtube, it's the top video right now, ad, the Final.  And oh, the kids that aren't cool, they capture fifty of the other cool kids and they torture them and murder them, and it's a great, good thing.  So, this is the massive conditioning, so when our neighbor is being drug away, we don't care if we're being drug away later, and our neighbor won't care when we're drug away, because we're all being conditioned to it.  Alan Watt. 


Alan: Yes.  In fact, there's a movie, a very good movie that came out in Germany called The Experiment, and that was based on that particular experiment, because they were doing it in other countries too.  And it works the same way, wherever they do it.  People, you see people really who don't know themselves, and that's the old maxim, from thousands of years ago.  Know thyself.  If you don't know yourself, you immediately get submerged into role playing, and you adapt into the role, and sadomasochism takes over, actually in prison guard society, with being the prisoners and the wardens.  And once the actors themselves, the people who take on these roles as prisoners, once they start talking back to the wardens, the wardens literally react with anger.  "How dare you?  You're subservient.  We hate you because you're so compliant."  You're on your knees.  This is sadomasochistic behavior, and it's also used in the military.  That's where they really got it from.  When you join the military, the first thing they teach you is you're not a person anymore, an individual, you're part of the team.  All that matters is the force.


Alex: Well, it's classic cult brainwashing: they shave your head, sleep deprivation, they torture you, and then you're no longer a maggot.  You're now a human because you're part of our group, and that's your only identity, and now in the public schools, the terror attack drills, where they tell the kids, it's real.  They tell them, it's the gun owners that are doing this, it's the conservatives, it's the libertarians, it's the home schoolers that are going to do this.  That's why we had to torture you.  That's why we've got to watch you with cameras in the bathroom.  It's their fault.  And it's like all these different syndromes, the Stockholm syndrome, they start loving their abuser.  And take all the FEMA drills and police training, and government, it's like in your role, and when they run terror attacks, they do it through a script.  And so everything becomes role playing if you don't have your own identity, if you don't have your own moral compass that was taught to you, you know, through your culture.  Don't trust the government.  Never snitch.  Stick together.  Those were truly passed on ancient human attributes against tyranny.  As they removed that, yuppies, you know trendies, liberals, they're all in a role, and they play a role.  And it's like a three year old, playing princess, or playing cowboys and Indians, and I remember when I was three years old having a giant paradigm shift in my backyard, when me and my friends were playing Batman and Robin.  And it clicked.  I said, I'm playing a role.  I'm not really Batman, and I had this paradigm understanding that everybody was playing roles, and then I never basically did it again.  Do you see what I'm saying?


Alan: Exactly.  And people really do become their role.  When they get a job they become their job.  They tend to lose themselves as well.  Mr. Postman actually becomes Mr. Postman.  And the same with Mr. Policeman.  They get into this role and they don't think like an ordinary individual would ever think again.  They think more like a machine.  They're conditioned machines.  Same with the military.  But remember too, we're run by experts at the top, with unlimited financing, with thousands of think tanks working on every possible repercussion for their agenda at every stage.  And they work out what the reactions from the public will be.  They have risen a generation on militarized video games, which were intended to desensitize the military from killing or turning on anyone they're told to turn on, including their own people if need be.  And they've raised them with this.  It's very addictive.  They know what they're doing, and these guys now are the real Johnny with a gun.  They're wearing the uniforms, and when they're told to turn on their own people, they will do so.  This is all the plan.


Alex: Exactly.  They found that in World War I, soldiers would shoot people a thousand yards away, but over half of folks, unless they were fighting for their lives, wouldn't shoot somebody 20 feet away.  By Vietnam, with pop-up paper targets to habitualize instinctual shooting, they got it to where about 90% would pull the trigger up close.  You know, you must heighten your killer instinct, or you will be dead, marine.  Doom, the video game, was developed over fifteen years ago by the Pentagon.  We talked about this, and now they even use the playstation controller with the Predator Drones, and they're actually hiring teenagers who have the top scores on these pilot programs that they now admit the Pentagon funded Microsoft.  And I talked to a high-level former, well he's actually a Hollywood producer who for five years worked at the highest levels of Microsoft, and it's all basically a Pentagon program to precondition, and it was like, what twenty years ago they had the Last Starfighter, put in the science fiction thing, where they put out these video games to find out who can beat the game.  Then they land, and say, you're now going to be part of the intergalactic Starfighters.  But instead of really working for aliens off world that put these video games in, the Pentagon now admits they are literally getting the best robot pilots to now be in these trailers in Arizona or Nevada, or New Mexico, with drones, 10,000 miles away, and they've been habitualized on very games designed to pre-program them.


Alan: They also go through a very specialized testing for the ones who do that.  And this was disclosed in a documentary in Britain, where the U.S. nuclear subs are based, at the Holy Loch.  And the commander of the base was asked how they select the two men aboard every sub who put the keys in together.  They look at their little computers and so on.  Everything is computerized so the little figures and so on aren't just continents and aren't just people.  They're just like cartoons to them.  But he said, we select the psychopathic types, because they will do what they're told, and they will turn those keys, and they will press those buttons, when they're told to do so.  Because they can't empathize with other people.  So they actually have selective courses, and tests to get the right people to sit behind, as you say, in these trailers, while they kill hundreds of people, thousands of miles away that they never even see. 


Alex: And they have drill after drill after drill.  Now people are asking, well, how do they know who is the best drone pilot.  Well, now, almost all the games are interactive.  And so, it's all on a database, and now, the Microsoft X-box, the Playstation with Sony, all these companies admit, it's got voice identification, infrared face scan.  They're now going to add pain sensors to the games.  Remember, what 20+ years ago, that James Bond movie, where they're "Global Domination" and they're playing the game and they're getting pain.  Pain when they get hit.  This, again, it's all pre-programming.  And they admit it.  This is not our opinion. 


Alan: That's right.  People don't realize that the biggest corporations out there, were all funded by the government agencies.  And I'm talking about legitimate, commercialized corporations.  They bring up the guys like Gates to be the front men.  They couldn't have competitors with different technologies giving it to the public.  They have to make sure there's one.  Remember their old saying through all the movies, "There can be only one."  Well, they make sure that they are the one.  And they create these characters.  They create real corporations that really make things. 


Alex: His father was Army Intelligence, the top board member on the eugenics organization, Planned Parenthood.  And it's admitted that IBM gave it all to him, so that they wouldn't have anti-trust problems, and Microsoft is a fake spin-off of the eugenics corporation, IBM. 


Alan: Yes, and the Gates family too go all the way back to Rockefeller, because when he killed all the miners in the strike down in the states, turned a militia loose on them, they sent in PR guys.  And Gates relative was one of the PR guys who created the new Rockefeller, the philanthropist, the man who cared about poor people.


Alex: And now, Bill Gates is giving free shots to the people in Africa, but then he gave a speech and it's doublespeak to his people.  That's why the audience laughed.  The sickos laughed.  We played the audio and video here just a month ago, and he says, we've got to get everybody's vaccines, so we can cut the population by half.  And everyone laughed and clapped.  It was a sick, psycho enjoyment.  We're saying we're killing them out in the open.  And they don't even see it.  And it's ah, ha, ha.  We're murdering.  We have power.  Trampling and being trampled.  We're priests of power.  We're pressing on the nerve, Watt.  We kill.  We're mega-deathing.  We're killing.  We count.


Alan: And the thing is too, you see, they are super-confident now, because the public have never been so dumbed down, the general public, as they are today, with scientific means through media, all media, entertainment.  There's not a thing you can watch in entertainment that isn't full of predictive programming, and messages, and how you should behave, and how you should feel about this, and feel about that.  You're given it all, and they've never had such a dumbed-down population with inoculations as they have today.  Thirty injections before a child gets out of hospital after getting born.  And then they're full of fluoride from then on too.  We are really working at less than half speed to be honest with you.


Alex: Absolutely.  And why do you think some individuals are predisposed to be resistant to this, vs others that fall right into it.  A lot of it's upbringing, genetics, but obviously the most aggressive, anti-government, anti-tyranny group in the world were North Americans, just because of the selection of who came here: the rebels, the criminals, the trailblazers.  And so, that's why we were the first to be fluoridated.  We're the first to be targeted, and then we're the beta test.  If they can do it to us, they can do it to anybody.  And they really hate the Muslims, because they've got their own in those countries, kind of Old World, repressive system in some ways, but that's they say one of their biggest threats, because they won't allow in any of the Western control.


Alan: And the Muslims too, you see, the whole world is almost standardized.  The whole world is almost standardized.  The Muslims have held out.  They have an intact culture, and they're autonomous to an extent too.  They've traditionally never joined the world bankers.  Traditionally they've never used usury, so they can't get put into massive debt.  That's been changing since the late 1800s, but still, there are holdouts there.  They don't fit in with the globalized, standardized system.  And that's what it's all about, standardization of a world system across the entire globe.  So anyone who won't go under will be bombed under and forced under, or simply eradicated altogether.  Well, it's the same thing too, with the oil and all the rest of it too.  We know it's just land grabs.  It's mineral grabs.  It's oil grabs.  Not for our countries, because we don't have countries anymore, to be honest with you.  We're run by internationalists and we have been for a long, long time.  But they're making sure that they have all these resources for themselves for a hundred years, two hundred years in the future, and I've read the Department of Defence's own projections for the next fifty years.  They know, and they've published it before the dollar bottomed out and the crash came.  They said there would be financial crashes.  They said there would be food shortages, there would be riots, as they bring down the Western world, and 2010 to 2012 was around their starting date for the actual riots.  Well, we've seen the riots break out in Greece and other countries.  There's articles in the paper now, they're expecting riots in the U.K. shortly. 


Alex: Let's talk more about that, but let's go back.  You made a big deal out of this in 2007.  We realized it was a big deal.  We wrote articles about it at and  You did at  The London Guardian reported on it.  We got the whole 100-page report, the British Ministry of Defence Program, and they said, we're going to financially collapse it into 2010, we're going to have flash mobs, riots, and they talk about how we're the enemy.  They talk about using nuclear weapons or the neutron bombs if the people were ever to try to take back London or Ottawa or DC, they will neutron bomb the population.  And they just admit it.  We're standing by with neutron bombs.  They're public.  We will kill you.  And they say, there's nothing you can do.  We're going to poison you.  We're going to sterilize you.  And if you ever try to take a capitol, we're going to neutron bomb you.  I mean this is, this is, so the cops, the military, that serve this, and the bureaucrats, you're drinking deadly poison.  You're being poisoned with GMO.  Your sperm count has dropped 85%.  You're becoming sterile.  You're dying of cancer.  And you will salute the government and take your five year old that died of cancer and bury him, and then just salute the government.  Thank you for killing my child.  Thank you New World Order.  I like my petty psycho power, so I'm going to serve you straight to hell.  Thank you.  Yes, sir.  I'm not strong enough to break my conditioning.  I'm not strong enough to read where they say they'll neutron bomb us.  I'm not strong enough to admit this is a psycho kill grid we're in.  I'm going to submit.  I love being a tyrant.  So you go ahead and smash me. 


Alan: And also that was followed, remember from the Guardian, and from the Department of Defence, for the U.K. and NATO, all NATO countries, followed immediately a month later, by the United States Military one which was pretty well identical to the British one.  So, this is the World Agenda, and they said the same thing will happen in the United States, so, this all falls in again with Agenda 21, the Agenda for the 21st Century, which is the Century for Change, planned change, of course.  And they're already starting to smash down a lot of the suburbs, around the urban areas, in Detroit and places like that.  That's all part of the plan.  Everyone is to get forced into the already overcrowded cities over the next fifty years.


Alex:  And they said that twenty years ago.  They said, we'll get everybody dependent, through the Trilateral banking system, and then, we're going to destroy half of the homes in the cities, and Detroit has announced, they're going to destroy a third.  And they're announcing massive new energy taxes, all designed to bankrupt us. 


Alan: Yes, and also to, you see, we have to be managed for the next fifty years, as they take this system down.  And if you go into the Council on Foreign Relations own website you'll see that they've got think tanks on one of their sites, one of their links, full-time think tanks from the CFR on all topics and subjects.  One of them is on the coming food shortages.  They've been working on this for over fifteen years, the coming food shortages.


Alex: Break it down.  Let's break down their agenda, their enemy operation, how it's going to unfold, and again, I'm going to pull up the name of that British Ministry of Defence Report on the next ten years.  I believe that's the headline.  We're going to get that during the break and put it up on screen.  If not, call Watson, he'll know the name.  We'll be right back.


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Alex: Almost exactly three years ago, in April of 2007, revolution, flash mobs, and brain chips, a grim vision of the future.  The governments will use neutron bombs on us, somewhere between 2015, they believe that with their computer models, their predictive systems tracking human movements, that there will be desperate attempts, as people know they're being poisoned, as they're being killed, as they find out it's a eugenics model, people will attempt primitively to take the capitols.  The capitols are facades, it's the big underground NORAD bases, the continuity of government bases, Cheyenne Mountain, systems like that.  Systems out in Colorado Springs.  But they will use Neutron weapons on you, that's a nuke that doesn't destroy the cities, it just kills all life.  It's a radiation burst weapon.  They say, you're going to have to have a brain chip to have a job.  That people will have to accept it just to have a job.  It's like, oh, it's free market.  You don't have to be here, but you'll starve to death.  They talk about flash mobs, how they're going to control us.  Their New World Order, their World Government.  And you can read the 100+ page report.  They have a link to it in this article, and if it's not linked now, ask Watson, he can pull up the actual British Ministry of Defence report.  U.S. Government report.  I mean folks, I at a primitive level get excited and try to warn you.  Because, I mean, I'm a fellow human.   I want freedom.  I want to be happy.  I want a good future.  I want to build and work together and go to space.  These control freaks don't.  So, Alan can calmly talk about it.  He's a great guy.  Me, it's like we know these are mastermind criminals.  We know what they're doing.  We're not lying to you, and you need to check out what we're saying.  And no one in the government, or the military or the police should serve these people.  You're with us, the people, even if you think you're part of the system.  Alan, isn't that the biggest trick, is that people that serve the system feel like they're on the winning team?


Alan: It's a fact.  It's also a technique and a science all in itself.  It's called obedience to authority.  The same technique they use in the military.  You're part of the team.  I'm too important to be discarded, that kind of stuff.  And it's worked through the Soviet system, well tested, tried, lots of books written on it.  Obedience to authority.  What they don't realize, once, for instance, look at all the bureaucrats you have to take care of millions or billions of people.  Once they've reduced the population, they won't need the bureaucrats, so they're next to go as well.  You won't need all the cops out there, or the military, if you wipe out most of the planet.  So what are they going to do...They won't keep you around as a pet, believe you me.  These guys are all about economics and what seems to be appropriate at the time.  And if they claim that you are eating up the resources that their future offspring, the elite's future offspring will have for the next thousand years, they're going to get rid of you very quickly, if they don't need you.  Everyone is used in turn here.  Every organization out there is used in turn.  The Communist organizations are all used in turn.  The right wingers as well.  And they don't realize that they're all used in turn, all to serve and bring about the same agenda, which is simply the elite's survival.  This goes back to the Darwinist philosophy.  It's a whole philosophy to do with Darwinism, to do with eugenics, survival of the fittest.  And, whereas we can talk about psychopaths as being almost alien to our mentality from us, because they have no empathy for other people.  They're very cunning.  They're like cameras that watch and study you, emulate you, and are very good con men, but they feel nothing for you.  Well, in the Darwinist philosophy, they are the natural successors to take over and rule the world and keep it for themselves.  They believe that they are the most advanced predators on the planet.  And they're not ashamed of being predators.  They think that's a natural order.  So, predators who are ruthless will always survive.  And that's what they discuss at the top think tanks, amongst themselves. 


Alex: And we can't recognize them, because, what, maybe one out of a hundred people is a psychopath.  Maybe five out of a hundred is a sociopath.  But they're conditioning the public to artificially create psychopaths and sociopaths, and it's come out in government documents, most of the chemical and biological testing where they kill our own troops and people, isn't to test the chemicals or biologicals, it's to test their scientists to see who enjoys killing people, who believes end justifies the means, to take them as seeders to then create larger cadres. 


Hour 2


Alex: This is what is so frustrating.  We're going to put the PDF up on screen a little bit later of the actual British government document.  It's one of literally thousands that say the same thing.  They talk about us, how we're animals, how they're manipulating us, how they're controlling us.  And when you have all these admissions of what they're doing and how they want to kill the majority of us, and then the public argues with you.  "Oh, the government wouldn't kill 3,000 on 9/11.  Oh the government wouldn't stage Gulf of Tonkin."  It's just asinine.  We're going to go to calls coming up in the next segment, but Alan, you've hit upon the key here.  It's this predatory mindset.  They believe it's a virtue.  It's like a wolf killing a sheep.  The wolf doesn't feel guilty, this is what it's doing.  And how do we get people to recognize the scientific and technological elite takeover that Eisenhower warned us about.  How do we let them understand that there is a group, watching and manipulating us like we are bacteria in a petri dish.  Only by getting outside the control paradigm, seeing the larger picture can people have any chance of stopping this.  But they've trained the slaves to giggle and laugh, and be delusional, where if they laugh something off that makes it not exist, and laugh at their utter destruction. 


Alan: It's that, but also we've got to understand something, most folk don't know there's been a war on their cultural values for well over a hundred years.  I mean complete, all-out war by the media, by entertainment, by all the so-called lefties that work together with the boys at the top.  And the first thing they said in the late 1800s, H.G. Wells said this, we must destroy the family unit.  That was taken up from the Fabian society to the Marxist groups.  That became a prime tenet of the Communist Manifesto as well, destruction of the family unit.  Everything that stood in the way of takeover as a group, which is really a small clan, you'll stand up for your relatives and for those you love.  If they can destroy all that, and Bertrand Russell put it even better, he said, If we can create a egosyntonic and egocentric narcissistic society, where everyone is in love with themselves, they'll stand up for no one; therefore the government can rule each person, right down to them, and no one will stand up to defend them if we go for them.  That's happened today.  That's happened.


Alex: And I want you to talk more about that, but they also create counterfeits for different personality types.  They know psychos and sociopaths will buy into the Narcissism, and go ahead and abort their babies, or go ahead and let the CPS take their kid, because the kid was trouble anyways, and who cares if my neighbor is being drug away, he had a nicer car then I did.  Or, oh, I love being an environmentalist, we're going to sock it to the business owners with more taxes.  You know, this rat-like mentality.  But for gracious, good people who are centered, and realize we should be giving and should have honor and courage, and should be informed and be involved in community, and stand up for our fellow man, and that we're all part of a larger species, they come in with fake liberal and altruistic systems to then take the best of us and get us working for them towards their goal.  So they've typecast everything, in a different media, different strata, different propaganda, different niches, different subgroups, and they write all about it even in the twenties, with you know the fellow that wrote the book Propaganda.  I mean, it's just, it's all, Edward Bernays, it's just all there, and we're here desperately telling people. 


Alan: Yes, and they knew that stuff from Bernays in the 1800s with the book called The Crowd.  And he was taught by experts from childhood for his role, by the way.  So they understood that through scientific indoctrination, they could create the kind of society that they wanted, helpless, actually helpless.  They wouldn't even know they were helpless in fact, but they'd be very happy.  And Rockefeller said it himself.  He said, the people will come to us with perfect docility at the end, when they take it all away from the public and give us a substitute system.  That can be done for most people.  Most people cannot think for themselves.  They live in Plato's Cave.  They can only parrot what each one parrots from the media.  And because they're all parroting the same things, they think they're sane.  They actually think they're sane.  And they're living in a false paradigm, completely, a false reality.


Alex: This is key.  Alan Watt, a big part of Fall of the Republic.  A big part of the next Fall of the Republic, get it on DVD, make copies, get it out to people still in the Matrix.  We'll be right back.


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Alex: Okay, I've got a really good memory, but it's not perfect.  No one's is, unless it's the borg mind of the computer system, and that's full of mistakes.  But it's like yesterday, I was up on air talking about Pentagon technology to get the heat resonance, biometric print of your body or even your shoulders and the top of your head.  And I got an email saying, Alex, they can't brain scan you from orbit.  People got confused by that.  I was reading a BBC article from what, five years ago, about twenty five meters away they can brain scan you and they're putting these up.  It was also on CBS news.  Then I went into identification biometrics systems of how you walk.  From the ground, satellites that can identify you once they have your heat resonance print of your shoulders and the top of your head, from orbit.  Okay, that is admitted.  So people get confused by that.  Now I was going from memory on this DCDC Global Strategic Trends Program, 2007, 2036.  Here's the London Guardian: Revolution, Flash mobs, Brain Chips, A Grim Vision of the Future.  I need to get Paul Watson, Steve Watson, Aaron Dykes, Kurt Nimo, somebody, one of my great writers, researchers to go through this report three years later and show how much of what they talked about that would start happening by 2010 has now begun, okay.  And, but in here, I had them search on the PDF file, it's a hundred and something pages, the term neutron weapons.  And they did find it, but it talks about how they may be used in war.  Kind of what Bertrand Russell was saying of, we'll use nuclear war to knock out all our enemies and then have an Age of Peace.  So it must be the U.S. version of this, or perhaps even a PNAC, because I know I've read it and did a story about it, where they talk about we'll use neutron bombs against populations if they try to take over the government.  So we need to ferret that out, because again these things all mimic each other, and are very similar.  We're going to go to calls here, but Alan Watt, you were getting into the narcissism, how they train people to not care.  I've read Roman historians who wrote about the fact that early on in Rome they didn't have gladiatorial events, and that they scientifically as a way to dehumanize and so people would put up with tyranny, first it was convicted hard-core criminals that had to fight.  Then it was old slaves.  Then it was basically everybody.  Then it was your neighbor, next week.  And as long as the public could cheer for somebody being torn apart this week, that dehumanized everyone and made them enjoy seeing their fellow humans killed.  Next week it would probably be them.  And that things got worse and worse as the empire declined.  They did this consciously, 2000+ years ago, right through their fall in 410AD to the Visigoth chieftain Alaric.  And so they had scientific control 2000 years ago.  The Greeks had it 2500 years ago.  Continue.


Alan: And what you find too is that the big authors who worked for the Fabian Society, which is just an arm, a specialized arm to control left wing for the Socialized World they're bringing in on behalf of the elite.  In fact it was all started up by the elite themselves and funded by them, and the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  They're all branches, specialized branches of the same thing.  You'll find that their authors have talked about this particular age we're in today.  One of them was Arnold Toynbee, a professor at Oxford.  He was the one who taught Rhodes Scholars for world government on behalf of the elite.  And he said in his own history books, he was a philosopher and historian, he said that this is what happens at the end of an age when an empire is going down.  Now the elite always move out before the empire crashes by the way.  You never see that the rich people get put under.  And they bring homosexuality to the fore, lesbianism.  Party, party, party for the wealthy elites, and then the rest emulate that too.  They have fewer and fewer children.  They have infanticide, it becomes very common, and so they know the techniques of bringing down a society.  Everybody is partying, having fun.  Entertainment, drama, plays staged as never before.  And this can be reimplemented at any time, in any culture, in any empire, as long as you bring in the same formula in sequence, you can recreate that and bring the people down to basically a slave level.  Now that was also said by Carroll Quigley, Professor Carroll Quigley, who was a historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, and he taught at the U.S. State Department.  He taught the diplomats, and he also taught guys in the Pentagon.  So they use knowledge for weapons.  Knowledge is power.  And it can be weaponized if you understand the techniques and the formulas to reintroduce the same sequences, you can bring people down as you control them, every stage of the way.  And today we're living, it's like Sodom and Gomorrah.  Regular television now is basically pornography.  They're bringing up live simulated sex shows on British morning TV.  This kind of stuff.  This is the key too, to break all natural bonding rules that creates a strong cultural society, and it starts really with the man and the woman.  That's their first target.  You divide them.  You conquer them.  You then separate the children.  The state rear the children with new values, which are all politically correct.  Every intake in kindergarten is taught to a scientific formula, so that the intake on the previous year are given a little upgrade from the previous year before them, for what they will expect to happen culturally in society, in their lifetime, so that when it happens they think it's normal.  And Beria, who was the KGB, or NKVD head of the Soviet Union in 1934 at the International Communist meeting, talked about this.  He said it used to take seventy years to alter society in a cultural way to our advantage.  Now, he said, in 1934 it takes five years through indoctrination of the intakes of children.  Today it's down to year by year by year through kindergarten.  It's a scientific indoctrination, so that they'll get brought up in a world where brain chipping will be normal.  Hermaphroditic beings, cloned in laboratories will be normal, all kinds.  There will be no such thing as pedophilia, anymore.  That's another big goal, destruction of all normalcy means you are defenceless against the Big Boys, because you have no cultural values to hold on to and stand up for.  When you can't stand up for anything, you are totally defeated.


Alex: You're now a blank slate that they can program anything they want into.  You're an empty hard drive.  Now, I want to go over this, and then we're going to calls.  I mentioned this last hour.  Contestants turned torturers in French TV game show experiment.  And here's the Stanford experiment from 1971, where the professors themselves went crazy with the mock prison and torture, and even began actually trying to hurt people and kill people.  And they were telling people to do mock executions that they thought were real, and they were actually carrying it out because of the mad, crazy power trip.  And this was almost forty years ago, ladies and gentlemen.  This was thirty-nine years ago.  Think of how far they've taken us now.  I want to play a Fox News clip, of this torture show, where we're all being taught it's beautiful and wonder.  Roses aren't beautiful.  Beautiful green fields, beautiful oceans, love, innocence, honor, it's not good.  Death, destruction, blood, torture, this is what's beautiful.  This is what's good.  This is your power.  Your power to hate and kill and to give support to killing.  An evil culture by design, so we're defenceless.  Virtue, sovereignty is the antidote.  States rights, cutting the size of government.  Not putting your children in government training camps.  Warning everyone you know.  Getting upset.  Getting through the comfort zone.  Breaking out of your bubbles.  Realizing how serious and real this is, and that everything else you're being programmed with is fake.  What's real is the government think tanks.  What's real is the documents.  What's real is what's really happening, not the false spectrum analysis projected on you, that is literally a matrix like system, that we're now digitally television now all going now to 3D, which they admit is total mind control.  It makes you mentally ill.  Just total programming.  Drugging the water supply.  We're deep into this technological dictatorship right now.  Let's go to this clip.


He shows.  Well, it is that and then some.  French producers actually mocked up a game show.  Contestants were posed questions.  If they got them wrong, they're commanded to throw a switch and zap a fellow, on literally, on the hot seat.  Now it appears that he gets hit with electricity upwards of oh, 420 volts worth, all the while the audience of this game show shouting, "Punish him!  Punish him!"  Take a look and listen."


ARRGGHHH!!! Merci!!!! (Biff, Bamm, Boom!)


Bizarre.  Contestants and audience are real.  They think the game is real.  The guy on the hot seat is an actor.  He is faking it.  Faking it very well.  It looks like he's almost about to die.  And here is the punchline.  I saved the headline for last, John.  Well, some of the contestants said No, they would not participate in this.  82% said Yes, and pulled the switch. 


John: Mm, pretty bizarre, TV experiment.  What's the reaction?


Commentator: Well, producers are defending it.  They say they're just updating a psychological experiment which was actually run in the United States about fifty years ago.  But France is taken aback.  I spoke to one top commentator, and his words to me are, it was stupid.  It was crazy.  The French newspapers are....


Alex: Okay, let's stop.  Last week, Georgian state controlled TV broadcasted that the Russians had invaded again.  They never invaded to begin with.  They have simulated cyber attacks, simulated terror attacks.  They announced on U.S. TV it's fake only at the beginning.  All this War of the Worlds, psychological brainwashing.  This is done so people associate torture as fun. That's why they brought out the Abu Ghraib torture, was to get you ready to accept it.  Now police all over the world are taught pain compliance, and a federal court and a state court have ruled, police can now break arms and tazer you, to answer questions without a warrant.  Alan Watt.


Alan: Yes, in fact, it has come out in different court hearings, or it's not even court hearings, I don't think it even goes to court when they tazer people and kill them, that the police were now using tazers for compliance.  Compliance.  That's what it's all about now, compliance.  You comply, you do what you're told.  There's no such thing as rights anymore.  You're taught to simply obey, or else.  Sadomasochistic techniques have been bombarded into the public's brains by movies for the last forty years, getting worse and worse and worse.


Alex: Stay there.  We're going to come back and finish up on that Alan.  One of the headlines was in New York, I believe it was AP, "Judge Rules Police Can Tazer to Make You Answer Questions."  But you have a 5th Amendment.  Or, "Court Rules They Can Tazer You to Give DNA Sample."  I mean you're in a gurney, strapped down and they're tazering you over and over again, just enjoying it.  Oh, yeah.


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Alex: Ladies and gentlemen, we are in a scientific kill grid, thousands of government documents say, once the scientific dictatorship is in place, and they're getting close, they're not going to just soft kill a few million here and there.  They're going to just kill in mass.  Alan Watt is our guest.  I want to go to Alex, Shannon, Dirk, Kay, Tim, and others, but, Alan, I see a blurring of reality and fiction, with all these fake drills or Russia attacked.  Georgia, it was a lie two years ago.  It's a lie now when they ran the newscasts nationwide.  The people are very angry in Georgia.  They have all these TV shows where they don't tell you it's real or not.  They've announced they've captured an Al Qaeda leader sometimes fourteen, fifteen times, never retract the last time.  They're scientifically setting the precedent where they just like and deceive all the time.


Alan: It's a technique too, because, you see, this is a war of terror, not on terror, it's a war of terror.  You always use terroristic techniques on the vast population when you're drastically changing quickly into a new system, and you want that again for obedience and compliance.  And that's what we're seeing happening now.  When you see, there's so many television series out now on terrorism, terrorism and government agencies dealing with it all.  And it's all so far-fetched and crazy scenarios, but people are lapping that stuff up.  They can't tell fact from fiction anymore.  They see the guys in the streets with the combat boots, the cops and all the rest of it.  It's all quite normal to them.  And what happens is, you get into a state of flux.  They call it flux at the top, where you can't rationalize reality and separate it from fiction, and use your own perceptions to say, am I really under attack right now, or is it mainly in my head.  But all the symbols they're giving you is that you're under attack, you're under attack, comply, obey, obey.  And they can rush forward a whole agenda, with rationing, fuel rationing which will come too, as they get us off the roads gradually into the new system.  And as they're doing it, yes, they will step up the decadence within society.  Because in the feudal systems, they knew that when they brought out someone who'd fought against them, a hero like William Wallace for instance, the peasantry would turn up, living in their own misery, and they would actually hate someone who tried and failed, and they'd watch him being drawn and quartered and sliced up in a ritualistic killing on behalf of the king.  And they'd cheer because they hate the losers.  The public hate the losers.  They know it within themselves, they're losers themselves, and they transfer it onto the victim who stood up, and had the guts to stand up, but actually lost.  This is the same technique they're showing you now.  They're telling you you're nobody.  You're weak.  Obey, and maybe survive.  If you don't obey, you definitely will not survive, because we'll get you.  That's the message now.  And they've borrowed all the terms that they used to use in the Soviet Union, like political correctness is a direct translation from them.  So is anti-government, anti-government.  Any statement, any criticism of any policy at all is called now, you're anti-government.  Which really would mean the opposition party is the most anti-government party around.


Alex: Well, we love our country.  We fear and don't like our government, and have common sense.  Here are some of the headlines.  Kucinich kisses the ring as Obama deceptively sells totalitarian care in Ohio.  Kucinich sells out on healthcare after ride on Airforce 1.  When I saw that photo yesterday, I knew Kucinich had sold out, with Obama smiling triumphantly.  He's the type of psycho that hates America, hates good people.  They enjoy destroying you.  They enjoy making you poor.  And now, this medical tyranny, that does have the rationed care, does have the death panels, it's all coming in now, Alan. 


Alan: You also get compulsory sterilization.  That will be on the books, because look who's up there, Mr. Holdren that wrote the book with Paul Ehrlich.  Paul Ehrlich's wife is a high member of the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations, and they wrote about that years ago, that they would bring in mandatory sterilization for the unfit, and that's coming now.


Alex: Yeah.  Now they're saying now, look at this mother that had a genetic problem, and she had a kid.  We need pre-screening to license you to have kids, and then, oh, we have been taking your blood at birth for the Pentagon for thirty-seven years, globally.  It started thirty-seven years ago.  We were in a World Government thirty-seven years ago.


Alan: Yeah, we were.  And again, generations haven't even known it.  Apart from the Federal Reserve getting created back in early World War I, in fact, there would be no World War I if it wasn't for that being created.  The fact is, when FDR gave you the New Deal, that was the announcement of, this is the New Way.  This is the new system.  This supersedes the Constitution.  The Constitution is out the window.  And the bankers and so on, we're running the show.  That was a legal declaration.  


Alex: Absolutely.  And he declared the War Powers Act in 1933, and put the country into a permanent emergency, and that's what we're still under today.


Alan: So we've never had such a thing, there was a Republic in the U.S., that's been wiped out.  In fact, the CFR's own writers, in their own magazine, the Foreign Affairs, said that we'll do an end-run around the Constitution.  In other words, ignore it and go around it.  They've done that a long time ago.


Alex: The SPP documents say we're going to set up a North American Union by stealth.  Okay, I promise, we're going right to your calls, out of this break, with your key questions for Alan Watt and myself.  We'll be right back.  His site is 


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Alex: I want to be clear here.  The globalists are not gods.  They've not invincible.  They're organized.  They control the issuance of currency and credit.  We can take back our town councils in England, our counties, our cities in the United States and Canada by education.  By showing people the false reality that they've been living in, and educating them about tyrants of history, and how this is a high-tech version.  We can cut big government.  We can support the family.  We can trust in our creator to lead, guide and direct us, not the big organized religion.  There is a big awakening happening, and the globalists are trying to manipulate that and control that, but their global warming taxes are in trouble, record numbers didn't take the swine flu shot or the seasonal flu, so we had record low flu.  That was in Wall Street Journal.  Because it's the shot that gives your the flu, all the evidence shows.  The people are trying to get healthier.  That's why they're trying to wreck all the agriculture and industry, where you are totally dependent on them, so even if you're awake, there's nothing you can do.  And we're very close to entering a time when it's going to be even harder to beat these people, but I see a lot of positive things happening.  Alan Watt, what do you see on the positive front?  And then we're going to calls.


Alan:  Well, I think people will be standing up more on an individualistic basis.  As you know, groups are penetrated so darn quickly, and taken over very, very quickly.  Because they've got unlimited financing at the top, and unlimited agents basically to go and do that.  I've got reports here of them doing it in Canada recently, as well, and living under cover with far left groups and in Britain too, the anti-racist groups.


Alex:  They're out of control in Austin.  There are just out of control operations here in Austin.  But it's having no effect, and people are seeing through them.


Alan: Yes, and that's the key to it.  If you retain your individuality, and you mix with different people, you think you're a group.  Whenever you see it veer off from its initial intent, then you know you've been taken over.  You've got to, and then you leave it.  You don't submerge yourself and lose yourself within the group.  You must always think as an individual and keep your mind on track.  That's the key to everything.  And the boys at the top, now here's the thing too.  They've taught us to think that everything is fair, and that we live in some kind of democracy, where everyone gets to say, and those who make the most sense will always win.  The Big Boys at the top do not and never have played by any fair rules.  If you want power, and you want to maintain power, you don't play by "the rules."  That's why they don't care if they're caught out with all their lies.  They continue regardless as though they never heard you, and they'll stoop to nothing to get their way.  If it's blowing up buildings or a whole city, they will do it if need be.  If need be.  And we've got to understand that, never to panic when we see these things come down the pike.  Don't fall for the spin.


Alex:  I agree with you.  That's why they're so angry at 9/11 Truth and demonizing it everywhere, because we've taken their toy of false flag terror, and now people are automatically thinking, "Is it the government?"  Qui bono; who stands to gain?  And it's really angering them. 


Alan: It's angering them, and they've put so much money out, and groups again, anti-groups you might say, and propaganda from the Pentagon through various agencies that appear as independent news clips.  And I've read articles from the Pentagon where they actually do this, to brainwash the public, and try and pooh-pooh it.  And these silly radicals with their crazy paranoid ideas, and repetition of language like that.  That's what they hope to win over the general public with.  The general public unfortunately, as I say, you cannot live in reality if you're consuming daily television fiction.  Fiction is not fiction to entertain you; it's there to indoctrinate you.  And I've lost count, I've tried to keep track of all the shows that have come out since 9/11.


Alex: Well, the message is the anti-family, anti-gun, anti-home school, anti-free market, anti-, Pro-World Government.  All the messages in cartoons about the Illuminati, making it a joke.  I'm going to make this point, and then go to calls.  You mentioned how they create mass insanity, where people accept mass murder, war, torture, human sacrifice.  Look at the Romans.  Look at the Aztecs.  Look at the Druids, where, oh, the sun won't come back during an eclipse, if you don't give us your children to sacrifice.  Every culture does this.  They make you give over your children to be burned in fires or flayed or have their hearts cut out, because, if they can make you do that, willfully, they have full mind control over you.  So human culture always ends up getting dominated by the psychopaths, and they turn the world into the type of world they like.  Death, destruction, torture and killing.  It's 1% of the population.  We've got to identify them, educate the virtuous and the good and the mighty to rise up and be the leaders they are to defeat this scum.  Do you agree with me Alan, it's about 1% are psychos?


Alan: Oh, I'd say there's a bit more than that.  The elite have been breeding for a couple of thousand years at least, probably three, with winners.  In other words, those who dominated.  The male is married to a female that's the offspring of some warlord or whatever.  And they continue interbreeding with what they call successful people, ruthless people, until you have generations of them.  And they're psychopathic.  They also recruit lesser psychopaths, who are not born into such high power, to serve them in bureaucratic positions.


Alex: There are actual idiot savants of like this dark mathematics or logic.  And they talk about it.  I mean, a lot of them don't even have to think to do all these evil, duplicitous things, it just flows through them. 


Alan: It does flow through.  You see, to a psychopath, they look at a problem, and they'll immediately see what seems to them to be the natural straight solution to it.  It doesn't matter if it means killing off a bunch of people in the way, as long as you solve the problem.  It's very, very easy for them. There's no mental qualms.  They don't have guilty consciences.  They're very good at problematic solving.


Alex: And that's why the final test for Special Forces at Delta level is Machiavelli's The Prince.  End justifies the means.  And if you say, no, I don't believe in end justifies the means, say kill a whole village to blame it on your political enemy.  If you say no, they go, oh, you passed, we're going to put you in the bureaucracy somewhere else.  You're the type of good guy we want.  You're going to be in procurement now.  But the ones that say they will kill people, who are innocent, they say, you understand the greater good, you're going to be promoted now. 


Alan: That's right.  They call it the noble lie.  Whatever you do must be through deception over the public, and it's called the noble, it's for the greater good, the noble lie, same thing.  And this technique is widely understood at the top, and they do employ lots of psychopathic people to carry it out.  Who are well paid, by the way.  And then you get the stringers, you see, the Pentagon back in the 1940s joined with academia, for training the public along certain directions of thought.  And in academia, it's completely politically correct.  Whatever is the latest PC.


Alex: It came out three months ago in the UN document that all the major universities went to UN meetings, hookers, meals, everything, for the World Government to get them all involved.  They know the environment, carbon dioxide isn't bad.  They know.  They know it's about bringing in a Communist Collective World State, and it's all there.  And they did the psychological tests of these people.  They hate their fellow man.  I mean, I see somebody doing well and happy, or someone with a beautiful wife, I am happy for them.  It's like I'm seeing something good, like a sunset.  I appreciate wholesomeness.  To them, they see you healthy, happy, successful, they hate it. 


Alan: Oh, they hate it alright, and academia really is a form of totalitarianism.  Believe you me, if you rock the boat within academia, you're out right away.  If you don't go along with the agenda, you're demoted or you're out the door very, very quickly.  They all know this.  They smell the wind, and they're really in it for their personal gain, most of them.  They don't care who they're brainwashing, or what they're taught to brainwash the youngsters with.  They will go along with it quite happily, because they're psychopathic themselves and they're very well paid as well.  Self-interest rules them.


Alex: What percentage would you say are genetic psychopaths vs the psychopathoid biological android version through the conditioning and the media?  What percentage are natural psychos vs. quasi-horde of hell, servant wraith?


Alan: I'd say, probably, at the ruling elite's level, you're probably looking only at about maybe twenty thousand very important families, in a descending order.  Remember, in a psychopathic culture, and that's what we've had since the feudal age and before.  Psychopaths get to the top through viciousness and cruelty and slaughter and stealing, but they always give you, in the system they give you to dominate you, they also give you a psychopathic culture which we follow.  We follow into dog eat dog, etc.  And that again divides us further.  We're all under control.


Alex: Triple mode there, just within that one layer of programming.  They train their people to be ruthless, they'll always protect them and slaughtering, dominating.  But then the public is taught to love the torture when it's being done to them or others, but that they've got to be weak and disarmed and servile. 


Alan: Well, here's the key to it, to controlling the masses.  As I said earlier, the masses would turn up in the village, or the City of London to watch someone being hung, drawn and quartered and their stomach pulled open and their guts ripped out.  And they'd cheer on, because the masses who feel helpless and under fear themselves, and one step from poverty, I mean utter poverty or even starvation, will project themselves being helpless into that victim.  And it's actually a symbolic ritual of the death of the self.  And that's what you're cheering on.  You hate your life so much that you hate the person who tried and lost, and you lose yourself in the execution.


Alex: There's also a mirror there, where you imagine yourself as the elite at that moment.  You're scum, but you're finally having a victory by crime-stopping and joining with it.


Alan: Yes, because, they've found, again, in a psychopathic culture, which they give you, and they always generally give you the Soviet or the Nazi model, because it's the most recent in our age for such an organized culture.  The junior officers around, or the officers around Hitler, literally were psychopathic.  They admired the man at the top who has more power than themselves.  They worship him like a God.  But those beneath them, they treat with a descending disdain to the lower officers, because they've got less power than themselves.  So sadomasochistic behavior, always is wrapped up with the psychopathic personality.


Alex: Absolutely, and it makes them feel powerful to see innocent people being torn to bits.  Let's take calls.  Alex in Illinois.  Thanks for holding, you're on the air.


Alex in Illinois: Yeah, hi Alex.  That's for taking my call.  I love your work.  Hi Alan, you're doing great work out there too, so I thank you both, and God Bless both of you, and your families.  Now, my question is for Alan, but after sitting on hold and listening to you guys talking on so many important issues in such a short time in such a seamless manner, I just wanted to bring up a quick point, it's a quick sentence from a young artilleries captain letter home, on the last day of World War I.  And it goes as follows: "It is a shame we can't go into devastate Germany, and cut off a few of the Dutch kids hands and feet, and scalp a few of their old men, but I guess it will be better to make them work for France and Belgium for fifty years."  Now, that was sent home on the last day of World War I by Harry Truman, nonetheless.  So when he asked, is it a tough decision for him to drop the bomb, I think we know the psychopaths we're dealing with.  But now to my question.  Alan, on the internet, and I heard you talking about how they're going to shut it down, and Alex talks about shutting it down.  Do you think that this has anything to do with the next presidential election?  Because I know that an internet candidate has been predicted, by I think it was by Jerry Corsi, for the next election.  So I wonder if we're having such a huge impact on the internet, where they can't let it.


Alex: Well, let's be clear.  They're not going to just shut it off overnight.  They're going to transmute it over into an unfree web.  We have their cyber-security program.  Alan Watt.


Alan: That's right.  See, they need you to be on the internet, because you don't realize, they gave it to you to monitor you and to do subroutines and see what groups you mix with, and see what you have in common.  And they actually, I've read the articles where the Pentagon has a virtual reality world, set up in a massive computer, supercomputer, Cray computer, with every one of us in it.  And they update it daily from the data that we put out on emails.


Alex: A 93% predictability of what you're going to do, where you're going, what you're going to buy.  And they say 93%, that's Washington Post, BBC.  It's probably much higher.  This is literally a crystal ball they have.  Go ahead.


Alan: Yeah, in real time too.  It's in real time.  It's instantly uploaded into their sites.  Whatever you're doing, who you're corresponding to, what you're buying, what you're talking about.  So they have their pulse on the public.  Now what they've done...


Alex: And that's why it's such a joke, to go, oh, is the government spying on me without warrants.  Of course they are.


Alan: I know. (Laughter)


Alex: And then others will say, because they admit that they're feeding everything in.  Others will say, well, why are we on the web, then.  We are going into the Matrix, you know, picture it as people plugged into the Matrix, but it's really a physical interface through the eyes, which is a computer plug-in, folks.  Your eyes into the TV, into the computer, into the ears.  You are plugged into a Matrix.  And we're literally like that ship coming in and jacking in, and going in to get people.  That's literally what's happening.  Of course the internet is evil and built by DARPA.  Of course it's the worldwide wiretap to dehumanize.  But people say, then, but why are you there?  That's were the war is.  We're blasting in every direction.  We're waking a lot of people up.  But the enemy actually sees Alan Watt and I, and I'll see if he agrees, as part of another war game program, they're playing against us, and learning, and getting better with their computers and their experts on how to understand and track people and see how we're going to move, and what movements are going to happen, to be ten steps ahead of us, to try to take that over.  The key here is reaching through to people who aren't psychopaths in the system, and asking them, do you realize the bigger picture?  Do you see the larger Matrix?  Do you really want to be part of this?  And I think in that lays the key.  Alan Watt?


Alan: Exactly, you see, Rockefeller himself talked about the window of opportunity to bring this world agenda through.  Well, the internet to me, and yourself I'm sure, is just our window of opportunity while we have it.  And they are closing down.   You see, the British Empire, it still exists today.  Canada is a Dominion of London, basically, same as Australia. They're using new censorship, government-run censorship techniques on their servers.  All servers have to join it.  Under the guise, of course, pedophilia.  Well there's more pedophilia acts up there in government in the British system than there are people who are not.  So it's not, so they use this as an excuse.  And the first site they attacked was a Christian site, that mentioned the word abortion, because it's politically incorrect to say negative things about abortion.


Alex: They're banning dental office websites, Christian sites in Australia, to set the precedent they can ban anything.  And literally, it's like all the TSA employees keep getting caught raping kids. Of course, who do you think the globalists hire.  They look at your internet traffic, they know you're a pedophile, and so when you go to become a Homeland Security person, you're going right to the top, because they already know you're one of them.


Alan: That's right.  And you're blackmailable too, should you ever turn against them for some petty reason or spite.


Alex: Absolutely, you're compromised.  Shannon in Texas, you're on the air.  She hung up.  Dirk in Oregon, you're on the air.


Dirk: Hi Alan.


Alan: Hi.


Dirk: Alex and Alan Watt, I just want to tell everybody in the whole world, they need to wake up and realize that everything you are saying and doing is the absolute truth, and that we are in the info wars with the Reptilians.  And they're in power, and they're trying take over the world.  They think they...


Alex: Well Dirk, let me say this, they might as well be Reptilians from planet Pop Tart, because they're so anti-human and so different from us, but what they are is a bunch of psychos.  Alan Watt?


Alan: The term, Reptilian, which of course has been blown out of proportion deliberately, is actually used in psychology when they talk about a part of the brain where basic survival functions are in all animals and reptiles.  It's your survival, that's sex, violence, eating, fighting to survive, that's what they call the reptilian part.  Well, it's true the psychopath lives on that part of the brain.  They're egosyntonic, meaning if they want something, they'll do it, regardless of rules, regulations, or cultural norms.  If they want that little boy or little girl, they'll have it.  And that's a psychopathic personality, they don't go by the rules of ordinary people.


Alex: And so they build a big government, so they can carry out their torture, murder and rape, and war with impunity.  More calls straight ahead, for Kay, James, Eric and others.  Stay with us ladies and gentlemen.  The transmission continues,,


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Incredibly massive news has broken.  Perfect timing for the next hour when we get into 9/11 Truth.  This is incredible.  Took me a few breaks to be able to read through it.  Revealed, Ashcroft tenant Rumsfeld warned 9/11 Commission about line they should not cross.  Sr Bush administration official sternly cautioned 9/11 Commission against probing too deeply into the terror attacks of September 11th, 2001, according to a document recently obtained by the ACLU.  Here is the secret document.  Now, why is this so important?  Several 9/11 Commissioners said they were told not to investigate 9/11.  All ten were appointed by Bush.  Six of the ten have said there was a political cover-up.  John Farmer, the head lawyer says a criminal cover-up by the Pentagon.  ABC News Nightline did a hit piece last week saying none of that was true but never showed any facts.  Here is the actual document, this is coming up.  My hand is actually shaking.  It's just these people did this folks.  Dick Cheney wrote they wanted to stage a terrorist attack in the PNAC documents.  I can't believe what killers these people are.  We're going to be going over this.  Alan Watt is with us this segment and the next.  I appreciate him giving us so much time. is his site.  Great site, great material, great info.  Go in there, buy books, videos, material.   Support him.  It's just this is so real.  And I understand why the average person can't face this horror, because it's scary to know the government is a bunch of murdering criminals, but it's more dangerous not to fight it.  And my ancestors fought tyranny.  I love liberty.  I mean, I am innately a loving person.  That means I'm also innately, very aggressive and violent towards tyrants.  Alan Watt, what would you call the type of person that you are, that I am, who have an instinctual love of humanity vs. these psychos?


Alan: I think it's summed up in the poem that says, "Will mankind go out with a whimper or a bang?"  That's the difference.  We have no option.  Your very survival and all that's decent and good in humanity that's been around for an awful long time, is going to be wiped out, unless we do something to save it.  And it's not going to be easy.  And we're dealing with ruthless people, utterly ruthless, who have all the money and think tanks and propaganda arms in the world to obey them, and armies and so on.  It's David and Goliath, but as I say, Truth's got to win out.  We have no option.  They plan to annihilate us.  They're actually doing it with the food, the injections, the spraying in the skies that are going on every day.  All that stuff is being done to us.  Fluoride in the water.  We're dealing with utter psychopathic murders, mass murderers, who believe they're doing it for their own greater good, being the natural survivors.


Alex: We've now hit a jump point.  We've now hit a jump point.  They're clearly accelerating everything now.


Alan: Yes.  They have to, to ram everything through, the whole new system.  Remember what they kept saying in the last century, that the 21st Century is The Century of Change.  That was Obama's speech as well.  He's another front man.  It wouldn't matter who they put in, to be honest with you, as president.  We all know that.  They're front men.  They don't change the banking system.  They don't write off the debt.  They don't do any of those things.  They work for the same system.  And they have to bring this in.  The Century of Change is where we're being taught that we must reduce our numbers.  They are going to force us to reduce our numbers.  They're going to force sterilization. 


Alex: This is real for folks.  This is not a game or a joke.


Alan: No.


Alex: Let's talk to Kay in Ohio.  Kay, you're on the air.


Kay: Hey, God Bless, say, thank you, Alex. Thank you, Alan.  You've done an outstanding continuity job of outlining the whole deal, and I can't thank you guys enough.  Much admiration.  Hey, I wanted to talk about the scientific dictatorship hooked up with the military-industrial complex.  The problem also goes throughout China.  The scientific community, a large portion of them, have lost their moral, ethical compass.  We established people like the....


Alex: They don't even have the Hippocratic Oath anymore, do no harm.


Kay: No, but what I'm saying is a large portion of the scientific community, and I say that about the biological, the chemical, and the technical people, have lost their moral ethic compass, and standards and we set up a lot of these people to uphold and...


Alex: I'm going to get Alan to talk about that.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: This is such an intense broadcast today.  So much is happening.  Alan Watt is our guest, and, what about his statement about how they've removed morals?  Yeah, they say there is no morals, beyond good and evil, but then they tell you their political correct morals that make you stand down, and never stand up against them.


Alan: That's correct.  It's "do what thou wilt is the whole of the law" at the top.  Do whatever you want at the top, because you've got all that protection to safeguard you.  You don't end up in court at the top, regardless of what you do.  But for us, down below, they've also destroyed pretty well all of the culture, which binds you together for survival.  Survival isn't an individual thing.  It is a collective thing to an extent.  We all came from tribes, that came through hell and harsh winters, and often starvation, but we did it as tribes.  And that's how you get through things.  When you break every bond, and that was what the attack was on, all bonds.  Internationalism was to break national bonds and tribal bonds, and then you break the bonds of man and wife, until really, you have nothing left to bond for.


Alex: And you have the kids reporting on their parents.  Let's jam in another call.  James in Ohio, you're on the air.  Okay, Eric in Georgia, you're on the air. 


Eric: Hello?


Alex: Yeah, go ahead Eric.


Eric: How you doing?


Alex: We're doing alright, worldwide broadcast, what's on your mind?


Eric: Well, first off, let me say, David beat Goliath, by the way.  But my question, I've got two, one for you, one for Alan.  Alan, how do we as a people even begin to try to defeat these people?  Because they have control of all the major weapons, all the military.  How do we even begin?


Alan: You begin with yourself.  You cannot be in their world, and try to be rational and an individual at the same time.  So you conquer yourself.  That's the first thing.  You must get rid of your own programming.  And then you perceive things much more clearly.  Then you can put it across to other people of a similar ilk.  That's your ability for self-preservation, as well.


Alex: We're almost out of time.  Let me just throw this in.  The Pentagon says 90% of war is psychological.  You unlock your mind to their public blueprints.  They think so little of you, their plan is all public. You look at this and realize this isn't fiction, this is real.  And then once you see it, you unlock people's minds, it's over.  And we don't need to get everybody, do we, Alan?


Alan: No, you don't.  Again, too, remember what Mao Tse Tung said, he said, he wasn't afraid of guns or weapons or bombs.  He was afraid of someone with a good idea.  That's what they're scared of, someone with an idea, that can put it across.  And it catches on like wildfire.


Alex: No army can stand against an idea whose time has come.


Alan: And it's pure self-preservation now.  We also have to purify ourselves, because we're all contaminated with indoctrination and the separation of sex from bonding, that was one of the prime tenets too, that Bertrand Russell said they'd have to do.  That's what you're lapping up as entertainment, you're being corrupted as you do it, and you can't stand together if you have no one to stand with you. 


Alex: God Bless you caller.  I appreciate it.  And I wanted to get to everybody else, but we're just out of time.  Alan Watt, one minute to give us a summation.


Alan: Yes, we're going into the final part of this battle.  As you say, most of it is psychological.  The war of terror is a psychological war, and the greatest writers on the Soviet system, and all revolutions, will tell you in totalitarian systems that they don't lose their grip until they become more liberal.  That's when the people start to demand things, when the totalitarians become more liberal.  These guys are rushing ahead to terrify the hell out of us.  And we must not be afraid, no matter of what they throw at us, and when you become indignant about something, that's the start.  You all become indignant.  We've lost our ability to be indignant.  And you don't have to wait for a crowd.


Alex: Alan Watt, I'm going to have you back a lot sooner.  Thank you for all your time.  Folks, you have to be afraid for the species.  We're all going to die but the species goes on.  You're part of something bigger.  You should be afraid of not fighting this.  I'm not worried about being destroyed, killed, demonized.  I know Alan isn't.  Commit, never stop, we're all in this together.  The police, the military, the system.  You're with the people whether you like it or not.  Join us.  Alan Watt, thank you.




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