May 5th, 2008
Alan Watt on the Alex Jones Show

(3 Hours)
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Alex Jones: It is Monday, May 5th, 2008.  Iím Alex Jones, your host.  For the next two hours weíve got Alan Watt, researcher, author, musician.  Weíre honored to have him on with us today.  I had a lot of news items I want to bring up to him.  But before we do that, letís just ask him in this short segment what heíd like to talk about in the next two hours with us today.  Alan Watt, thanks for coming on. 


Alan Watt: Yeah, itís a pleasure to be here.


Alex: What is most on your mind today?  What do you want to break down for my audience, today?  I mean, I want to get into the behavioral psychologists, the false paradigm, the reality weíre in, and how to break out of that.  Solutions for people to deprogram themselves, where you see things going in the next step in their phase.  Those are some of the issues I want to raise, but what do you think is most important to talk about today, Alan Watt?


Alan: I think itís the even bigger picture, because while all of this is going on, all of this is really happening, and society is being altered drastically, quickly in so many areas, all of its facets, in fact, that make up culture, even global society.  Youíre finding theyíre rushing ahead with the genetic research, which is all to do with the old, old plan of perfecting society the way they want it perfected, meaning to bring in a good class of servant slaves. 


Alex: Playing god.  So, theyíre already talking about designer babies.  Theyíre already looking at the genetics and having social workers putting two year olds for at least three years in England and Canada on databases.  Crime because of your genetics.  Made-up quackery as they play god. 


Alan: Yes, and even Bush and the rest of them, theyíve signed bills for all newborn babies to have their DNA collected at birth.  And this has nothing to do with the health of those children, as the parents see it.  Itís to see if you carry what they call recessive genes, genes which are throwbacks to previous racial mixtures and so on. 


Alex: And of course, you werenít listening earlier, were you?


Alan: No.


Alex: I didnít think you were.  Weíre always on the same page it seems.  I was covering how Bush signed a bill to take all newbornsí DNA.  Now they admit, this program has really been going on for thirty-five years.  Theyíre just now having to do this, because it got exposed and they were being sued.  So heís retroactively trying to give them liability protection.  But they admit, and Iíve spent days reading.  University of Texas runs it in the US.  They have universities globally doing it in each country.  And they admit in there that itís used for Homeland Security in criminal database, itís used for genetic engineering and itís given to the insurance companies, your complete map, and they admitted that they are looking for certain key racial traits, just like the human genome project is run by the eugenicists for making race-specific bio-weapons to kill some of us, but also to use traits for the elite in their life extension.


Alan: Oh, thereís no doubt about this.  This goes all the way back to the 1800s, when they set up the first census collection databases with the Carnegie Institute and the backing of Congress.  And Charles Davenport was behind that in 1890, and they wanted from then on everyone to have an 11-digit number, so that they could track you down through your family history, follow your offspring, and collect the medical data.  That was the most important stuff they wanted, all medical data to do with what problems you carried in your genes.  And this is still going on today.  This is an old, old plan, run by the same big foundations in cahoots with the global elitists. 


Alex: But now itís 2008 and weíre going to get to see it come to fruition. 


Alan: Thereís no doubt.  Thereís no doubt at all.  Theyíre also talking now about creating the new chimeras.  Even the Catholic Church has got into it on behalf of the scientists, strangely enough, if you look at it from a different perspective, and they say that anyone with a part human gene in them, any creature at all, is therefore human in all full respects.  Thatís exactly what the scientists want.


Alex: Stay there, Alan Watt.  For listeners that are listening on the streams, weíre going to continue the discussion.  For everybody else, weíll be back in three minutes.


Alright, Alan. Go ahead and take me over to Alan Watt, please.† Alan, during some of these breaks weíre going to have other discussions.  That way we can come back and do the main topic we were on and then switch back into subtopics during the break, so we donít waste any time here.  So weíll go back into the genetic engineering here, in about two minutes.  Overall what do you think about staged terror?  Reading the tea leaves, looking at what theyíre doing, do you think theyíre going to like go ahead and hand the baton to somebody else in a new administration, or do you think theyíre going to go ahead and stage something before the election?


Alan: I think theyíll stage mini events before the main election, and it really wonít matter who gets in.  We know that.  We know theyíre all vetted at the top, regardless of the party, and thatís what Quigley said, we always own the leaders of both sides.  And thatís all they have to do.  The agenda has never faltered, regardless of what party is put in power for the last hundred years.  Itís the same all over Europe in fact, the exact same agenda. 


Alex: Why are they coming out so publicly now, and just admitting that theyíre setting up a world government?  I mean, theyíve always admitted it in some texts, but now the head of the Kissinger group has come out with a book.  You may have seen it.  You know, just saying, weíre going to take your rights, take the internet, youíre our slaves.  I mean, itís a very arrogant declaration.  Is that a psychological tactic to make us feel like theyíre invincible?


Alan: It is.  Itís inevitability factor.  You think itís inevitable.  Most people collapse psychologically and take that for granted.  They donít think beyond that statement and it becomes a fact for them.  So they donít react or protest it.  Now the majority of the public do react that way to all the big declarations that are made.


Alex: Absolutely.  Weíre about to come back on the main program, and weíll get right back into the genetic engineering.  Iím glad youíre bringing up this topic, because as you said, this is what theyíre completely obsessed with.  And then later, if you want, do you have any comments on the Debra Jean Palfrey murder of the DC madame?


Alan: Iím not surprised.  Thatís the main one.  Itís no surprise at all. 


Alex: Yeah, stay there.  Weíll be right back.


Weíre back live, ladies and gentlemen.  Alan Watt is our guest for the next hour and fifty minutes.  Weíre very honored to have him.  Weíll give out his website and other contact points throughout the hours.  Alan, I want to get into the whole genetic engineering angle and how theyíre playing god, but first, I want to make the statement that driving to work, you look at the people, acting more sheepish, acting more and more stupid, looking more and more dull.  Donít even talk to their neighbors, donít talk to each other, they donít really interact.  They simply as spectators watch television.  The language being reduced.  Everyone being dumbed down.  The test scores dropping and dropping by design in their own declassified documents.  And so the elite say, see, theyíre all a bunch of dumb animals, they deserve to die.  They say itís prima facie evidence that the population deserves to be reduced and exterminated and culled, because if they were the fittest they would be fighting back, or at least joining the elite.  But when you really study the global elite, they actually say they want to catch people at birth and use genetic screening to target what they call kind of rogue elites.  So this really, itís evil enough to say they want to dumb everybody down and enslave them and kill them, because thatís what theyíre doing for the species.  But itís even worse when you really find out theyíre trying to mutate humanity, dumb humanity down, and that they have accentuated and created a feedback loop to really turn the public into these self-propelled stomachs that literally can hardly think or talk.  So, itís so diabolical.  And I want the public to know, from all the gages I have, weíre just five, ten years off, maybe even closer at current growth, of them releasing the mass bio-plagues.  Theyíve just got to have a few more staged events to fully get us locked down.  And then they can really start the job of culling 85-90% of us, depending on which globalist document you see.  And theyíve done everything else they said they would do.  Thatís the thing.  Weíre not saying this for effect here.  They really are going to do this.  And they really are going to carry this out.  They really are going to kill most of you listening right now.  Theyíre saying it.  Theyíre not joking.  They have to be taken serious.  Alan Watt, your comments on that subject, and then back into their main push, genetic engineering. 


Alan: Thereís no doubt about it, even to do with their ideas that they came out with in the 1800s and you had Galton in England and you had Davenport in the US, backed by the Carnegie Institute and the Congress at the time.  They set up this whole eugenics experiment at Cold Springs Harbor.  And they called it the Station for Experimental Evolution.  Itís a major tenet of their belief system, is evolution.  And they had already come to believe at the top that some big leap forward had occurred in the past, and that they, being the elite of the day, were the natural products of that, and everything else beneath them was an inferior type of human.  And they really believe this.


Alex: And now weíve seen all the headlines.  Weíve seen BBC and Reuters showing the super-human and then the suboid dwarf goblin.  Theyíre now saying, and the joke is, theyíre now saying weíre the suboid dwarf goblin.  And we do kind of look like that and act like that.


Alan: Thatís correct.  And they said that, and this is another basic part of their whole philosophy, is that you canít breed people up from the bottom.  They will bring the top down if you try to mix genes with the so-called better class and the inferior class.  And therefore their whole idea, as far back as the 1800s, was to gradually eliminate the bottom class and then through understanding what became to be known as genetics, they would create a new type of slaves to serve them.  But they also knew, and Lord Bertrand Russell stated this, that theyíd have to catch children at school, young men, very early on, who had leadership abilities and intellect, but whom they knew because of their genetic lineages and by studying the parents and grandparents and personality types, they knew they wouldnít confirm and serve the elite.  They could rebel against them.  And therefore theyíd have to pick them out, and if necessary, theyíd have to eliminate them.


Alex: And by the way that is in hundreds of government PhD documents and let me give sources now.  Dr. Dennis Cuddy of course worked at the Department of Education, highest levels.  Heís written several books on the subject.  The number two at the Department of Education in the í80s, Charlotte Iserbyt, whose dad was Skull and Bones, and Bohemian Grove, East Coast Elite.  They brought her in, and sheíd been in the foreign service, and they put her in charge, and said, okay, and she has a phone-book sized book, where they said, they are meant to dumb everybody down further, but also single out the leadership males, put them on drugs to brain damage them, but then take some select ones and make sure theyíre recruited into elite circles.  So, thatís official US government policy.  Thatís why your boys are targeted.  Go ahead.


Alan: Bertrand Russell stated that in the í50s and í60s.  He said that the ones that they couldnít sway over, whoíd accept the scholarships and serve them, would have to be literally eliminated, destroyed, but also the alternative was to, as you say, get them on drugs which would alter their brain patterns.  And we know that Ritalin and all the rest of it shrinks the brain, gives them tremendous problems.  And itís primarily young men, young males who are picked out for this.


Alex: Yeah, little do they know that their DNA has already been tested by the government decades ago.  Theyíre already in a file.  Everything theyíre doing is being tracked.  And then they make sure they destroy you.  And thatís all official.  Thatís your loving government helping you. You know, running checkpoints to keep you safe from Al Qaeda.  Letís get into the genetic engineering because this is important.  For those that donít know, a decade ago, the major scientific papers reported and I remember them, that they had human bovine, human cow, cross species creatures, but they would kill them in the embryonic phase.  They had humanzees, and then Washington Post five years ago reported that Latin American countries do have laboratories with humanzees, part human, part chimpanzee, and then now they admit that human genes are put in the food we eat, insect genes.  Part spider, part goat, thatís been around for twenty years, remote control cockroaches, robo-rat, thatís what theyíve told us about and now, theyíre just now introducing it to the public, which means weíre even more advanced, so, Alan Watt, break down what we know theyíve got, then what your sources have told you they really do have, and then why theyíre hoarding this for themselves.


Alan: They do have a breed, basically, they can bring on at any time they want.  A new breed of servant class.  And I often wonder if theyíve not already introduced them to some higher levels of bureaucracies to be honest with you.  Perfect servants who will not question whatever theyíre told to do.  They have no human qualms about things, but they still have built-in fail-safes to serve their masters.  Itís almost like breeding psychopaths with fail-safes in them to serve the master.  Thatís the only difference between them really, and their creators you might say, the elite who already do exist.  These psychopaths can cooperate at the top, because theyíre all in the same group, working to the same goal.


Alex: Well, they donít even need to produce those, although we know thereís been programs to produce the super soldier.  They just put 100% of the troops in, and they know about 30% are going to come back with psychopathic breaks, who already had sociopathic, sadistic tendencies, who have now been perfected into a psychopath, or they can find the one psychopath out of a hundred that already exists, but they already have ways to produce them, and then they put them into law enforcement. 


Alan: Well, theyíve already started up a school, I think itís in Delaware, that just got the go-ahead to go ahead for the first time under Homeland Security, and itís going to be school-to-work, the only difference being, theyíre going to train children from school to go into SWAT teams, some to go into the military, some for Special Forces.


Alex: Oh, yeah.  All over the country they already have that.  They call it law enforcement, 6th, 7th grade they write tattletale reports on their parents.  I have video of it in my films.  Road to Tyranny, thatís almost 7 years old and yeah, right here in Austin.  But, go ahead.


Alan: Theyíre rushing ahead with this to create a new society, while the adults play themselves and entertain themselves, and are distracted by trivia.  And these characters, remember, work intergenerationally.  We are short-term thinkers and planners.  We think in one lifespan only, and we donít realize that these characters will go through three generations, four or more, however long it takes to achieve their objectives, and they have big foundations which outlive all of them.  And they can keep going intergenerationally and complete their part in an agenda.  Itís that simple.  Theyíve been doing this for centuries.


Alex: Well, if you look at who is in the 3000 CFR that really runs this country, theyíre all grandsons or great grandsons under, you know, the other family name of the Rockefellers, the Carnegies, the Astors.  Take Tucker Carlson.  Take Anderson Cooper, heís an Astor, the heir to the billions.  I mean, if you look at who runs the UT, CIA recruiting, you know, who openly writes articles in the paper saying get rid of all freedom in America, Mr. Bobbitt is the nephew of LBJ.  I mean, literally, it is just a few families. 


Alan: Itís family dynasties, and itís been that way for a long, long time.  And itís the same in every other country in Europe too, by the way.  Youíll find theyíre all inter-related.  These characters have been selecting their mates for centuries, or having it done for them, and theyíre mated up purely for their offspring and for their background heritage. 


Alex: But really, itís giving them health problems and not even advanced intelligence, a lot of the time.  What itís actually making them do is as we saw with the pharaohs and the Caesars, is that theyíre psychopaths.  Interbreeding causes all sorts of mental illness. 


Alan: Yeah, and the psychopathy is an interesting topic, because it isnít a normal mental illness as such.  Itís like Plato said thousands of years ago, speaking on behalf of the psychopaths of that day.  He said that he, being a member of the aristocracy, had been specially bred, as all aristocracy was specially bred.  And he said, just like animals, domesticated animals, you can breed quality in or out.  And for those who rule over the lesser people, you donít want to breed in someone with emotional tendencies.  So you breed out the emotional tendencies, and you end up with these very cold and calculating and cunning people, but they have no human empathy for others around them.  Thatís been done.


Alex: But I also notice the type that theyíre very cold-blooded, theyíre very neurotic, theyíre very obsessive compulsive.  You know, reading about David Rockefeller, Prince Philip, all of them, even being around really wealthy, and I mean really wealthy people is that the yardís got to be cut right, every light bulb has got to be in, the bank account has got to be perfect, and it is that attention to detail and complex things that allows them to maintain control, but they also enjoy the cold crushing of beauty.  They are very envious of beautiful young people.  They are very jealous of happy, independent people.  They have a real pleasure in murdering masses of people.  Itís a power trip 


Alan: Itís a power thing, and that control, even that obsessional control you mentioned, and compulsive behavior is part of control.  Anything at all, even something in a house thatís out of place, or a picture thatís kind of squint on the wall, will distract them, and they have to have it rectified, because everything must be correct, as theyíll say.  What they really mean is everything must be in order. 


Alex: And theyíre also breeding that neuroses into their minions, the police and bureaucrats, where oh, we, you know, youíre at the baseball game, you ordered lemonade for your son, we brought you a hard lemonade, but it looks like a lemonade bottle, he takes a drink, we instantly take your kid, your life is over, and we say, we know you did it on accident.  The order must be followed.  And so itís just like, you didnít instantly comply with me, Iím going to put you in a coma now.  Iím going to beat your head in. 


Alan: It really is getting to that stage, where youíre stopped for just about anything.  I was stopped in town a few weeks ago, I was tailed through town actually, and then stopped eventually on a pretext, of course, that Iíd flicked a cigarette butt out the window.  And I happened to smoke, and I said, is it this one here, I had a cigarette in my hand, and I said, well, it couldnít have been that, it must have been the ash.  He said, oh, you can get a hundred dollar fine for that, he said.  And then of course he proceeded to go through all the papers and all the rest of it.  But I get tailed around.  Iím sure you do too.


Alex: Donít these guys know that this isnít freedom?  I mean, donít they understand that this is bad? 


Alan: Well, when you have people who have been transitioned from peacekeeping and into law enforcement, and theyíve been brought up with twenty, twenty-five years of cop shows and TV dramas, and SWAT teams and so on, and video games which were meant for the military, you have a militarized mentality amongst young people, who would never get a job anywhere else, especially the intellect theyíre hiring.


Alex: No, they canít.  All theyíve done is, exactly, and they think itís manly to just crack heads and beat people up.  And theyíve simulated murder millions of times on the video games, and now theyíre going to do it for real.  Did you hear about Taser International?  They went into a county where three people died after being tazered, and theyíre suing the doctors and coroners saying youíre not allowed now, and the judge is telling them, youíre not allowed to ever say tazers could hurt someone.  Theyíre telling doctors, now, what their medical rulings can be.† I mean, look at the control of that.


Alan: Yes.  But we are in this kind of totalitarian system right now.  This happened in Nazi Germany, when the order went out for racial hygiene.  And they went around the hospitals and thereís lots of documentaries that you can still pull out, where they taught it in school, and tried to convince the children in the í30s, the ones who were growing up and who would be the guards, etc.  They were showing these videos on mental deficiency.  And they reworded it and retitled it and so on, so that it wasnít really a human being anymore.  So through the change of words and law, you couldnít say murder was murder.  You couldnít say genocide was genocide.  It was ruled illegal to do so.  So itís the same thing thatís happening now.  Theyíre telling the doctors, put down anything on that certificate, cardiac arrest, whatever, but the final...


Alex: Exactly, theyíre the doctor, itís their profession.  They are supposed to make the ruling.  And then they say, oh, they didnít die because you tazered them.  Iím the judge, and now Taser says theyíre going to sue any doctor or any medical examiner that says cause of death was tazer, pre-emptively threatening them.  And to their credit, the different associations are freaking out, saying you know, you canít do that.  I mean, here it is, right here.  Judge rules for tazer in case of death decisions, Arizona Republic.  Chief medical examiner, Lisa Kohler said the examiners rightly concluded tazering contributed to the deaths, and said county lawyers will appeal the judgeís ruling.  And it goes on to say, it is dangerous, dangerously close to intimidation says Jeff Jetson, president of the National Association of medical examiners.  At this point, we adamantly reject the fact that people can be sued for medical opinions that they make.  I mean, this is pure intimidation.  I mean everybody knows the tazers are killing everybody, but they say, no, weíll sue you if you say that, because they admit that theyíre training cops to shoot us with real guns.  This is about torture.  Go ahead. 


Alan: Well, thatís true.  It is torture.  And I think thereís probably another reason for it too, that theyíre even pushing out the stories, and allowing us to hear them, because theyíre going to bring in even more futuristic weapons which can do the same kind of damage, even worse damage, without the use of wires and without being within a certain range, either.  The technotronic weaponry.


Alex: Well, youíre in Canada, where they admittedly, it came out in the news that if you donít have your ticket on you, they tazer you for punishment, and the papers said that, and people didnít believe it.  And then the police chief came out and said, yes, itís your punishment.  I mean, now, judge, jury, youíre going to be tortured with something that has a good chance of killing you.  I mean that is just off the chart.  And theyíre being told keep doing it. 


Alan: Theyíre making a major shift between using techniques of restraint, etc, into techniques of coercion.  Theyíre using it as a tool to make someone comply, a compliance tool, rather than something thatís only to be used in an emergency.  So theyíre gradually changing the meaning of words, as I say, into law, to allow themselves to use this kind of weaponry. 


Alex: Alan Watt, stay there.  Weíll be right back after this quick break. 


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Alan Watt, I want to get your take on this.  Theyíve got thousands of laboratories with gene guns firing genetics into a different species.  Itís admittedly already given rise to super viruses, super bacteria, theyíve got giant superconducting, supercolliders, cyclotrons, hundreds of top physicists in quantum mechanics, experts, engineers, theyíre saying it could blow the planet up, create a strange, I mean this is the same equations that you know created A bombs and Hydrogen bombs, sixty years before they had them.  Fifty years before they had them, we know that people like H.G. Wells were writing about it.  So the elite also are very reckless.  I mean, theyíre not gods.  Theyíre not invincible.  And I really think that theyíre out of control.  I mean, theyíve got control of us, but I think theyíre getting very nihilistic, very psychopathic, and a lot of their own writings admit that theyíre getting very, very decadent and very, very evil, and you know the new thrill to them is playing with things that could destroy themselves.  Can you comment on that?


Alan: They go through cycles of this down through history.  Youíll find this happening every fifty years or so.  Theyíve got to have some big blood-letting almost.  They rise to an incredible degree of even more wealth, more power, and then they become rather careless in the way they handle themselves, and what they say to the public.  Itís only after wars they retreat and are careful in what they say.  They play politics then.  But when they really believe theyíre on the verge of conquering something with a new era, they come out into the open and start to boast.  Thatís also a trait of the psychopath, because they have tremendous egos.  They cannot keep their mouths shut.


Alex: Psychopaths, I mean, just run of the mill, kidnapping people and killing them, at first theyíll kill one person a year, and then one person every six months and then one person a month, and then one person every day, and by the end of it, theyíre drunk driving with two dead bodies in the car looking for trouble.  And notice, itís always a local police commissioner or a, I mean, itís just craziness. 


Alan: Yes.  And also, psychopaths, once theyíre caught, regardless if theyíre mass murderers or serial killers.  Theyíll then love to tell the world how they did it, because they truly believe theyíre so clever, and they think theyíll impress the world by revealing how clever theyíve been with their techniques.


Alex: Well, hereís another example, since you raised that.  Super-class.  The global power elite and the world they are making, David Rothkopf.  And he just says here in the book that theyíre going to take the internet away.  How theyíre going to enslave us.  How theyíre increasing the police.  How theyíre going to take our freedoms.  How weíre going to have a world government, whether we like it or not.  I mean, and heís the head of Kissinger and Associates.


Alan: Thatís right.  Yeah, theyíre becoming very open now.  They truly believe that theyíve almost, in fact, some of them do believe that theyíve taken over the world already.  Itís a matter of just getting the few remaining public who can still think to accept it.  And thatís the only problem that they have.  They do studies all the time on the general population.  They keep the pulse of the population all the time, and they know how Joe Average is going to accept whatever.  And itís true what Aristotle said, that revolutions never happen from the base people at the bottom.  They need leadership that comes from a middle class.  And theyíre so confident that theyíve wiped out pretty well most of the major middle class.  The rest, they do keep tabs on their children, as I say, they dumb them down with Ritalin and so on, and theyíre pretty sure they can pull all of this off, without any problems from the general public, who will simply go along with anything at all.


Alex: And itís a cold-blooded way of extincting any resistance in the future, to just completely destroy the middle class, and then dumb down the few that are left, and then go ahead in an orderly fashion and exterminate the majority of us.  And a lot of you yuppies think youíre part of the elite, youíre not.  Thatís another mechanism they use.  Weíll be back in one minute with Alan Watt. 


Hour 2


Alex: You know, I am somebody who doesnít claim to be the nicest person or the best person in the world.  I just have instincts, human instincts, normal instincts.  I like to see people do well.  I feel good for a neighbor when theyíve got a fancy car or a good-looking wife.  I admire beautiful women.  I admire handsome men.  I admire people that have beautiful horses or people who paint beautiful paintings.  And I, growing up, thought that that was normal.  I thought that everybody else was like that.  And so when kids would be mean to me, or people would beat me up when I was a little kid for no reason, or when I found out that the cops dealt the drugs where I grew up, and then would still put kids in jail for using drugs, that their associates sold them, it would really freak me out.  And then I found out there were evil people in the world, but I still thought that everybody else thought like I did.  And now Iíve learned, growing up, that the elite have given us their view.  Itís totally envy driven.  Itís totally about cutting everybody else down. Itís totally about being hypercompetitive.  But we all fight with each other while the elite basically rule over us.  Now, Iíve gone from the extreme of not wanting to compete with people and always turning the other cheek, until now I realize so much of the publicís scum, to protect myself I have to once somebody makes a move on me, Iíve got to go ahead and beat them and dominate them and try to knock them out if they keep going after me, just to protect myself.  But thatís done out of defence.  And so, I can see the psychology of the elite.  They say, look, we have to go ahead and dumb everybody down.  Theyíre a bunch of scum, back-stabbing rabble, but itís more than that.  They actually accentuate all of that, and use our weaknesses to bring down society so they can manage us and control us and then finally get rid of us.  Alan Watt, your comments on that statement.


Alan: What you find, and thereís been studies done on this, very good studies, even amongst the old Communist bloc.  They found their leaders had much the same traits as the leaders of the West, being psychopaths in other words.  Thatís the conclusions they came to.  They also went through history and found out that psychopaths always tend to get to the top in a monetary system, based on commerce, because you can get cartels together.  You can monopolize whole areas of commerce.  And once you do that, you can hold, or even create a society thatís now held at ransom, because you dominate the essentials for what they need.  Thatís whatís happened today.  They went after all the resources of the world.  Theyíve gone after the food.  You have five agribusinesses taking over for the food, and now theyíre after the water supply to get the whole world at their mercy.  However, psychopaths also give you a culture, which we will adopt and itís based on competition, at the bottom, until we compete and compete with each other, like some ancient games that they held in Greece.  And of course, those who get up there, showing psychopathic qualities and basically eliminating all competition on their way up, regardless of how they did it, they are accepted into the higher circles.  Theyíve proven their worth, as they say.  And so, we are trying to emulate the psychopath and be successful.


Alex: Well, let me stop you and just say that Iíve been around a lot of elitists and I would imagine you may have, Alan.  And they actually openly say, we respect you that fight us.  We respect, but listen, one day youíre going to want to join us, because the scum is so dumb out there, they donít even want your help.  I mean, Iíve had the elite, time and time again, openly say that to me. 


Alan: Yes.  And Iíve had the offers too, to join some of the associations, even with the United Nations and other big organizations and Iíve turned them down.  But thatís exactly what they say.  They say, you donít fit in there.  You donít belong with those people.  Those people will tear you to shreds, because they donít want to hear the bad news.  And unfortunately, to an extent, they are right.  However.


Alex: Yeah, but they, I mean, listen.  Theyíre running child-kidnapping rings, as you know.  You know, the point is, theyíve got all their arguments, but when it gets to the final equation, if we just say, go ahead, be evil, where does it end?  Well, it doesnít end.


Alan: It doesnít, no.


Alex: I mean itís an acquiescence.  Stay there, Alan, I want to talk to you during the break, for people listening to the streams, you can go over there.  Weíre going to have a little behind the scenes discussion and for viewers.  Weíre live on the cams right now with Alan Watt.  In three minutes weíll be back for everybody else.  We appreciate everybody.  Stay with us.  Iím Alex Jones.  Weíre talking to Alan Watt.  Weíll also give you his website on the other side of this break.


Alan, shifting gears back to the whole police state.  I mean, we know they brainwash the cops.  They train them to abuse us.  And then, when they abuse us, we hate them.  Theyíre telling the cops, hey the public hates you.  Then, when their actions make us hate them, they say, see, weíre the only ones that take care of you, the only ones who care about you.  Have you found any way to break through that, and actually reach out to the police, or is it all just going to hell in a handbasket? 


Alan: It is going to hell.  The conditioning in the police now is scientifically induced.  And major players have been at this for a long time to find a way to indoctrinate police from the beginning, as cadets, right through their whole existence into the force, to make them bind stronger.  Itís the same techniques theyíve been using in the military to create a new fraternity bonding.  And they will eventually see themselves as a separate category in society in fact.  Even Plato said that.  Theyíd create this special military towards the end with male and female in it.


Alex: Well, Third World countries and dictatorships always have special cadres, sub cities where there is good food, good clothes, and again, it isnít that dictatorships canít produce milk and honey for the population.  They want them in tiny, controlled, you know, slums as a mode of keeping them down, while their little spoiled Praetorian are in their lap in little sub warrens.


Alan: Yes, and you found too, even Stalin said this same thing, and Lenin before him, you must make sure that those who indoctrinate the children are paid well, meaning the teachers, and from the teachers, then he said you must make sure your police and military are paid well.  He wasnít talking just about monetary compensation.  He meant through other social rewards as well.


Alex: I do though see a lot of police actually waking up, but the problem is that those are generally non-military.  They take troops who have been through trauma-based mind control of three, four, five tours in Iraq, which no mind could survive, even in WWII it was one tour, or Vietnam, one tour, Korea one tour, or one year, or about eleven and a half months.  They know theyíre completely wrecked when they come back, and are addicted to the adrenaline.  They fall apart if they donít stay in dangerous situations.  Now theyíre going to keep "fighting an enemy" and thatís us.  I see them, Alan, trying to push us into a confrontation by showing all the abuses of their Praetorian. 


Alan: They will at the right time.  I have no doubt on that, and theyíre also using a lot of medications and drugs on the troops abroad, too.  Now, Janeís magazine wrote a lot about this in the past, how theyíd create the new super-soldier, and theyíd also use medications to do it.  And Iíve talked to some of these troops that have come back.


Alex: Yeah, yeah.  Wired magazine, about how give them amnesiacs after theyíve done all this stuff. 


Alan: Weíve had cases even in Canada where they admitted they were hallucinating on their whole tour, and pulling out their pistols and putting it to the heads of young children.


Alex: Stay there.  Letís talk about that after we get more into genetics and mind control.  Here we go, back to the main transmission.


Weíre going to be opening the phones up in the next segment at 1-800-259-9231, 1-800-259-9231. Weíre on the studio line here in Austin, Texas at 512-646-5400.  If you have unlimited long distance, 512-646-5400.  Questions for Alan Watt.  Heíll be with us graciously 20 minutes into the next hour.  Alan, before we go any further, give out your website.  The great audio, books, the videos, the work youíve done.† I was asked on national British radio a few months ago who I thought one of the best leading minds in this fight was, who doesnít put out bull, but actually covers, you know, what he can prove, and I plugged Alan Watt, and I mean that.  Youíre a real treasure.  You know, in full wide-spectrum analysis of enemy operations, tell us about some of the things, some of the books and videos you have.  Most of itís for free, but people should also buy some of the things youíve produced, because you deserve support.


Alan: Thanks.  Yeah, is the website and you can see as well, for transcripts.  I do have some books to sell that Iíve written and CDs as well, going through the histories, even to ancient times on these particular elitist families, and how they created religions to control, how they used those religions, always towards the same agenda.  They knew where they were going a long time ago.  And I put it together for them as best I can through talks, and thereís also dvds they can buy, where I give special talks on the so-called occultic side, or hidden side of this as well, to do with the belief themselves that the elite hold.  And they do have their own little belief structure there, their own inner religion.  Thereís no doubt about that.


Alex: When we go into overdrive in the next hour, letís spend some time on that after calls.  Right now, I want to get more into the genetic engineering, not just what theyíre doing, no doubt all the cures going back over thirty years that they have for every type of cancer that you can imagine, while at the same time implanting us with the cancers.  I mean, itís admitted.  I had guests on last week about it.  Hundreds of different cancer viruses. One in thirty-three having cancer fifty years ago, now one in three.  I mean, itís like getting a cold now.  As this gets more and more horrific, I see it as a real chink in their armor.  If you can explain to the cops, and have them go see the documents that their mother, or their son, or their daughter, or they are going to die, or have already died from what their masters gave them, maybe that will have them, maybe that will make them wake up. 


Alan: Yes, itís true, the younger you are, the more difficult it is to believe youíll ever die.  Thatís part of the problem. The ones you have to target are the ones who are married, that are a bit older.  Theyíve thought about life and death itself, including their own one day, and thatís when you start to think and realize that you are more than just a human being.  I think every human being is to an extent sacred.  And they start to think about the first and last causes of life.  But the very young, of course, thatís why they recruit the young for the military, no young person would go into the military thinking that he or she was going to be killed.  They would never believe it.  They would stop right there.


Alex: In fact, these big tough guys, when their arms and legs are blown off, you know, they cry for mommy, and they cry and canít believe theyíre dying.  Theyíre so afraid. 


Alan: Yeah, itís an impossibility and thatís why theyíve always used young children.  They tried this out in World War I, when they were trying to really reduce the population, and bring in the League of Nations as a world government.  That was the purpose of World War I, well written about by those behind the scenes, after the war.  And they were putting in men in their forties eventually.  They were running out of young people, after sending wave after wave into machine gun fire.  The average regiment would last fifteen minutes in the field.


Alex: And it turned out they knew that areas werenít even being defended, or areas didnít even need to be taken.  The French and Germans would just send wave after wave after wave, and they found that a thirty, forty year old.  It wasnít that they were cowards, they would at least try to avoid the machine gun fire, whereas the twelve-year-old child wouldnít. 


Alan: Yes.  And they also came to an understanding on both sides of the trenches, because even the Germans were putting older guys in too, and they were too mature.  They realized it was all a farce to begin with.  Theyíd fire a few shots over the lines over the heads of the enemy every day just to keep their officers happy and it was a stalemate.


Alex: And then you had psychological tests that came out and then publicly, they started having the paper targets in the í30s and í40s pop up to habitualize you to shoot the image of a person.  Then they pioneered the video games, and theyíve gone from 90% not killing somebody up close to now 95% will kill somebody up close.  And now theyíre your cops, and now theyíll kill you.  Go ahead.


Alan: And theyíve had twenty years of playing on video games where the only object is to kill as many of the enemy as possible and get to your destination.


Alex: Murder simulators.  Murder simulators.


Alan: Yeah, absolutely.  This was all planned this way.  All planned this way.


Alex: They admit itís all planned that way.  I mean, thatís the thing.  This is so diabolical.


Alan: They needed a generation that would do this.  A generation from the í60s, say, would not do it.  So they created a generation who would do it.  They purpose-made, they designed a generation to do exactly this today.


Alex: Getting into genetic engineering.  Whatís your info on why theyíre so madly doing pure research thatís so dangerous, and why theyíre putting GMO food on all the store shelves that they know is killing people in mass, killing all of the lab animals that are fed it?  I mean, is that just part of the population control?  I mean is that part of the power trip, because we know that all the elitists are obsessed, own their farms, filter their water.  I mean, I guess thatís just another little friendly thing they do. 


Alan: Itís definitely to do with making us sicker to die earlier and to die faster.  The death rate now, as you say, is skyrocketing, with all these illnesses and diseases.  It wasnít enough to have all the viruses in the various vaccines we were given, so theyíre simply speeding up the process.  And theyíre teaching, itís what interesting, theyíre teaching doctors who are just coming out of medical school that one in two dying of cancer is now normal.  Theyíre not given any history, even forty years ago, of particular cancers, and how rare most of these cancers were.  So theyíve trained them too to think itís all natural.  And thatís the beauty of intakes in university.  You can train every generation a completely different bunch of theories, and fake history if you want, and they wonít question it.  They think itís all true.  They have no reason to question it, really.  And so they accept it as well.  Itís just like natural. 


Alex: And they love the cancer.  They love their government.† No, the government couldnít be giving me cancer.  Iím a member of the government.  Iím an officer.  They love me.  Oh, Iím a good doctor.  I help people.  I follow the AMA guidelines.  And of course, the doctor is not involved in that.  They donít know the Rockefellers in the í20s spent hundreds of millions of dollars studying where cancer came from.  I mean, I remember getting on the air twelve years ago and saying, most cancer is viral, and having top scientists on, and people wouldnít believe me.  Now theyíre teaching you, most cancer is viral, but we have vaccines that will protect you, and then you find out that actually the cancer vaccine massively increases getting cancer.  It says on the insert, but theyíll never read that.


Alan: Yes.  And also, if you go into CBC, thatís the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation archives, thatís .org, .ca, look at the special report that was done on Dr. Salk.  Itís old footage they showed on television a few years ago, and in the footage, Dr. Salk says, oh yeah, we knew that the Simian 40 virus and many other cancer-causing viruses were in each shot of polio, but we outweighed the risks and went ahead anyway.  He said it was worth it.  And they talked to his other technicians, who also knew that they were basically condemning a whole generation to rapidly growing cancers.


Alex: And by the way, heís the inventor of the Polio vaccine, which we know was a government bio-weapon itself.  Thatís now been admitted. 


Alan: And he was also the top eugenicist for this, the whole American and British Association.  He was the man who writing books before the polio vaccine on the necessity to bring down the population by any means possible.  And he comes out as the savior?


Alex: Well, thatís what I was going to say is, itís funny you mention that.  We actually played that clip from the CBC last week on the show.  And heís laughing.  Heís going, hundreds of viruses, and he goes, you know what we did?  We took the monkeys from the bio-weapons labs and then we grew the vaccine from them.  And he starts laughing, and the people with him go, ha, ha, ha, ha, and they all start laughing.  Oh, itís so, because, hey, having a big house isnít power, having a fancy car isnít power, killing all those people, ooh, ooh.  You know, Iíll never forget, a PBS documentary, probably, it would be fourteen years ago.  I wasnít even on air yet.  And Iím visiting over at my parentsí house, I guess itís longer than that, because I was in college.  That had to be fifteen years ago.  And Iím over at their house.  PBS is on, and itís a show about Jack Kevorkian before he went to jail.  And it was him in New York at an art showing.  And I wish somebody would find this tape.  And it said Tom Cruise was there, and it showed all these supermodels, and these beautiful women were walking up going, oh, my, giggling and rubbing on his jacket.  And he was like a rock star.  And they were looking at his paintings, and he was saying, I painted this in my own blood.  This is oil, this is blood.  And it was demons eating babies as they came out of womenís wombs.  And it was shocking art.  It made me step back.  It was very powerful art.  And they were all going, ooh, ooh, ooh, jumping, because itís so much, oh, ooh, ooh, I mean itís just fun.  Itís fun that they did this to my grandmother whoís on crutches at eighty-four years old, that it ate most of her nerves and that she almost died and was in there with an iron lung.  Itís fun isnít it?  Isnít it fun, Alan?


Alan: Itís just amazing.† Itís amazing, and also itís a resurgence of the art that was shown in the 1930s.  It was called the New Man, and all the western countries including Germany were part of that, and they had, they were pushing what they called the New Man at that time.  The Man to come, the Super-Man.  And it didnít start in Germany.  It started actually in England, and in the United States.  And thereís an art exhibition coming up in Ottawa in June to show you all of this art, and thatís exactly what it looks like.  You have these characters, theyíre like big gladiators with demons hanging on to them, and so on, and even giving birth from their own wombs, because the New Man, by the way, the kind that theyíre going to bring in in the future, is going to be self-replicating, a form of hermaphrodite.  And oddly enough, I was reading in the paper, just today, that some scientists have just done that very thing.  Theyíve actually created a hermaphroditic embryo, and theyíve been told to destroy it.


Alex: Yeah, stay there, stay there, stay there, Alan Watt.  Weíre going to do a segment during the break, right now.  If youíre listening on the streams, all of our affiliates and everybody else, weíll be right back.  Appreciate everybody.  And your phone calls are coming up as well, at 512-646-5400.  512-646-5400.  Weíll be right back.


Okay, Alan, letís continue.  I mean, Iím not kidding.  People canít believe this unless they saw it.  It was literal demons eating babies.  It was Triple X, and he was a good oil painter.  It was very disturbing.  And he was like a movie star.  They really are a death cult.  And I donít think the general public can understand this or know that this is going on, Alan.


Alan: They canít.  Itís too far from them.  However, in some sense, they can, because theyíve been brought up to worship the stars, as we know.  Thatís all we hear amongst all the news now, is the scattering of whatís happening to stars, their little sordid affairs and all the rest of it.  So anything to do with sex and crime and so on, and stars, will attract them.  You have this odd image, as you say, this star image, created out of these monsters.  And they do have a death cult.


Alex: Exactly, but expanding on that.  Have you ever seen Schwarzeneggerís favorite art?  I was doing a deep search for images of him, because he was in a lot of gay porn, for about four or five days, back in 2005, for martial law, and I came upon all these photos of him with his favorite art, and flying to Germany just to see this one artist.  I should have done a show on it, we didnít put it in the film.  But itís images of dead babies and car wrecks and dead babies in the morgue.  Real photos.  And little girls in S.S. Uniforms.  But itís not pornographic, but like spreading their legs, you know, in weird positions.  And I remember finding that.  And it was Arnold, it said, you know, it was photos of him.  Just, oh, he went all the way to Germany just to meet his favorite artist, and it was dead babies.  And I could barely look at these images of dead babies.  They love it.  They love images of dead Iraqi children and stuff.  Itís like beautiful.


Alan: Youíre right.  Thereís no doubt about it.  Youíre dealing here with what used to be termed demonic.  We have nothing else except that term to use, because itís so anti-human in every respect, and everything that we think of as being a normal functioning human being, they are the complete opposite.  They are obsessed with this.


Alex: Well, my instinct as a tribal male is to feel very angry and aggressive towards this.  I mean these are people just in a predatory orgy, are they not?


Alan: They are predators.  Thereís no doubt about it.  Their whole life is predatory.  And even amongst themselves, they play a lot of games with each other for dominance, but youíre quite right.  Theyíre sadomasochists to an extent, and thatís part of the psychopathic personality.  The sadomasochist will worship the officer above him.  And I mean worship.  And heíll definitely worship the leader, the one with more power.


Alex: Well, have you seen all these videos where Bill Clinton in public will kneel and bow to George Bush Sr?  And now they all bow to each other in the hierarchies.  Theyíll just suddenly on C-SPAN turn and kneel, like itís the Emperor. 


Alan: Exactly.  And we know, watching the Nuremberg trials, that the officers that were brought up on charges there, stood up for Adolf Hitler, their hero to the very end. They worshiped the man.  They literally worshiped him because he had more power than they had, while they despised the men beneath them.  Each psychopath is like that.  They hate the weak beneath them, but they admire those with more power above them.  Thatís standard. 


Alex: God help us.  You know, the Nazi model, the eugenics, all of it, there really is a thread of that, but theyíre only, you know, when we say itís Nazi, they really got it from England and the United States.  The black uniforms, Homeland Security, all these terms.  Thatís why it doesnít matter what racial group it is, they all like it.


Alan: Yes.  Thereís no doubt about it.  In fact, the Fabian society that was set up by the funding of the Astor family that came over to England.  And you had writers, Bernard Shaw.  And Shaw himself was a eugenicist.  He believed in the eradication of the lessers.  He wrote the book called Man and Super-Man.


Alex: I tell you what, weíre going live right now.  Here we go. 


Your phone calls coming up at 512-646-5400 and 1-800-259-9231.  Alan brought up how theyíre brainwashing the young, how theyíre training them for law enforcement in school.  It starts with betraying your parents.  I have it on video.  Whatís in mommy and daddyís cabinet, medicine cabinet?  What do the guns look like?  I mean you parents send your children to a predatory demon government.  And the cops think itís normal now to do that, but the Soviets were bad twenty years ago because they did, right?  Chartered school will focus on Homeland Security.  The first high school dedicated to preparing students for the front lines, the front lines.  And the nationís Homeland Security has gone from theory to planning, in Wilmington.  The project manager for the Delaware Academy of public safety and security, Newcastle, Anthony Thomas Little signed a contract with Innovative Schools, a professional firm, which will coordinate the mechanisms preparing the school for its eventual opening.  Now, before 9/11, they already had Secure Corp, division of Ameri-Corp, training the kids with M16s, weapons, everything in public schools in Philadelphia to do "warrant service, round-ups."  That was in the news.  So, they always tell the town, youíre the first to do this.  But thereís also that feeling of elitism.  I would go to town after town that had Delta Force there bribing them and getting them ready for martial law, and Iíd go in to the SWAT team commander and say, let me guess, they gave you your card and said you were the first, right?  Well hereís a video of them ten years ago.  And that would really freak them out that I knew everything they told them, because they talk to you like little children.  Alan Watt.


Alan: Oh, they do, they do talk to us like children.  Theyíre given lectures on what to say to the public.  Every division of every governmental department today has a PR team.  And their job is to soften everything in a childlike fashion, and decide how much you will be told and what you will not be told.  And that goes even for your local police.  Everyone goes through PR spokesmen today that are basically lawyers.


Alex: Well, hereís an example.  I went down to the SWAT teams office, because Iíd already been at the county commissionerís and they had one of their guys come in and threaten me, so I, instead of cowering, I went right to the commander and said donít do that.  Iím allowed to come in here and speak.  Iím not intimidated.  And he said, oh, look, weíre all good guys, Iím a Vietnam vet, and he had the Oklahoma City Bombing video on the shelf behind him.  And I said, Delta Force will be here soon for a martial law takeover drill.  They want to co-opt you and give you money.  And he said, no theyíre not.  Thatís illegal, and laughed at me.  Two years later he calls me in his office and says, hereís their card, everything you said is true.  Guess what, they had him bugged or something.  He was fired two weeks later.


Alan: And this is standard too, you see, youíll find that the Club of Rome, one of the big think tanks that makes up policy for the future, theyíre the guys who dreamed up the global warming scam and admitted it in their own book, The First Global Revolution


Alex: Oh yeah, they just republished that though, two months ago, where Haass says, itís all fake, but we use it to "make humans the enemy."


Alan: Yes.  Thatís correct.  And so mankind is the enemy to the environment.  And they said during warfare people do what theyíre told, so theyíre more cohesive, and we can get our agenda through then.  We work together in a wartime situation.  So they had to get a global type war going.  So they use these techniques for sure.  And it never really fails the way itís put over.  They use Madison Avenue, they use the big marketing companies to market ideas via the news, via news clips and so on.  They even pay newspapers to write pro-active as they call them talks or pieces on globalization.


Alex: Oh, yeah, they take our money, they take hundreds of billions a year and put it into fake news. 


Alan: Oh, yes.  They soften everything and they must sell it to the public.  Theyíve just been told in fact, from Bush, to start writing positive success stories on NAFTA and integration of the Americas, so find the good few stories and push them.


Alex: There is a problem though.  And thatís that the public isnít as sophisticated and doesnít know how theyíre being lied to, but they all know the government is criminal.  They all know itís dangerous.  Everybody has this feeling of danger.  The psychological warfare experts know that we have a sixth sense, and so, an instinctive survival mechanism.  Everybody knows weíre in danger.  So they try to put in front of that and say, you feel upset because of Al Qaeda, and people feel the fear, and they go, yeah, thereís something real, but what they donít understand is their fear is of the globalists.  Do you understand what Iím saying, Alan?


Alan: Yeah, itís called transference.  They do transference.


Alex: Stay there.  I want to know about transference during the break and then I promise, your phone calls, Will, David, and many others on the other side of this quick break.  1-800-259-9231, 512-646-5400, is the website.  Stay with us. 


John, I havenít gotten calls from you.  Iíve got my board of calls.  Give me just two of the first calls and I want to, then we will go ahead and take some of those calls right now.


John: Iíve got AJ in Arizona, and then weíve got Mark in Missouri. 


Alex: Thatís enough for now.  Letís go to AJ in Arizona.  AJ in Arizona, youíre on the air. 


AJ: Okay, great to talk to you, Alex.  Iím prior service Special Forces, and I just want to weigh in on the mid-1990s, and how their NLP program failed, United States Army, and also failed the New World Order. 


Alex: Well, I tell you what, stay there.  This is an important call.  And I think during the break weíre having a problem, because this is, Iím archiving all this live on the web, so your call will have a big life on the internet with the video and the audio streams, but then Iíve never tried to take a call on the network end during breaks, so Iím going to put you on hold, AJ in Arizona, and come back to you.  Okay?


AJ: No problem.


Alex: Alright.  Letís try to take one on our end.  Letís talk to Will in Austin.  Youíre on the air, go ahead sir.


Will: Hello, Alex.


Alex: Yes, sir.


Will: Yíall were talking about cancer viruses.  And back in í61, maybe, there was a Dr Mary Sherman involved in a laboratory in New Orleans I believe, connected with Dr. Oxner down there, and they were doing a, there was a book out called Dr Maryís Monkeys about cancer viruses getting into the vaccines of the time.  Do you hear me?


Alex: Yes, sir.  I do.  


Will: Okay.  In fact, David Ferry, you know, that weíve heard about through the assassination of Kennedy, was one of the people involved in that, as well as Lee Harvey Oswald and his mistress. 


Alex: Let me get a comment on this from Alan Watt.  Alan?


Alan: Well, I do know that as far back as World War II, and this has been put out in books in Canada from declassified documentation from the government, they already had cancer viruses.  They knew they caused cancer and they were wondering on ways to use them against the enemy.


Alex: Oh yeah, they had those in the í20s and í30s, major university studies.  Iíve seen them.  And then, by the í70s it was declassified that since the í50s they had weaponized cancer that would kill you in a few weeks.


Alan: This is old stuff.  Old stuff.  And they had perfected it.  They could actually decide what kind of cancer youíd have, what age it would kick in.


Alex: I want everybody to understand.  Most people who die of cancer, okay, you were killed by the globalists.  You need to understand that.  Thatís why this is serious business.  These are eugenicists.  Theyíre killing you.  I donít want to die from it.  I want to have them arrested, bring all the documents out and get the cures theyíve got.  Anything else, sir?  Well, I tell you what, stay there.  Weíre going to come back live, and weíll bring you up.


There might still be time, folks, to turn this around.  Iím begging you.  Wake up.  For those of us that arenít psychopaths, very painful to watch them tear children out of peopleís arms.  Itís very painful to know theyíve given each and every one of us the DNA implantations that will give us cancer.  Itís very painful to know that theyíve robbed me of my innocence, and Iím here to rob you of yours, because if you continue to be in denial, theyíre going to be able to have their way with you.  So, Iím sorry that childhood is now ending.  But I need you to consciously break your conditioning now.  I need you to consciously realize that very serious people have you in their cross-hairs.  Iím tired of all the autistic children having their lives ruined.  Iím tired of watching the globalists have their way with us.  I want to change it.  Thatís why Iím risking my life.  This isnít about having my name being known.  Itís not about being a big shot.  Itís not about being a film-maker.  Itís about survival.  Itís about me being a natural human being that resists tyranny in an attack on my species and an attack to alter my species and to experiment on my species by a malfunctioning sub-group, who are like a cancer.  They are a cancer.  They think theyíre dominant, theyíre controlling, because theyíre willing to take over, dominate societies, feed on societies.  They think itís their right to rule us.  They think theyíre the elite because they can race through the body politic.  No.  Itís because theyíre malfunctioning.  Itís because they are psychopathic that theyíre able to do this, because the rest of us have default switches against doing what they do, because weíre part of the species, not this aberrant malfunction.  Alan Watt, then Iím going to go back to Will and others.


Alan: Well, itís true.  Thereís no doubt about it.  This is one of the things that Davenport put in charge of this particular Cold Spring Harbor investigation said.  He said, until we deal with the eradication of the inferior types, he said, unless we do this, he says, they will eventually take over, and they will take control of the world, and we shall lose control.  Thatís what he said in his own writings.


Alex: And Dr. Watson, the head of the Human Genome just had to leave for making similar comments. 


Alan: Thereís no doubt.  Theyíre all part.  Theyíve never changed.  Never, ever changed any of their thinking on this whole agenda, and the reasons why they think they must do it.  Thereís not one part of it where theyíve softened at all.


Alex: I want to go back to the calls.  Will, you had another comment.  Go ahead, and then weíre going to go to AJ.  Go ahead.


Will: Yes, in the recent book thatís been published called Dr. Maryís Monkeys, Dr. Mary Sherman was the cancer research scientist in the í60s, that was working on, apparently working on a, they were using a particle accelerator somewhere in New Orleans to make this fast-acting monkey virus cancer formula, a cocktail, that they wanted to supposedly use on Castro at that time.  And she was mysteriously murdered and found in her apartment, with her arm burnt off.  And well, anyway the book is very interesting.  It gives a lot of theory and a lot of information.  They talked about the monkey viruses that were used in the Salk and the Sabin vaccine.  The author makes it sound like, you know, by accident, because itís sloppy research.


Alex: Yeah.  Hundreds of millions of Americans accidentally got SV-40.  But when you listen to Salk and read the research, and I see the studies, like all the time youíll hear, oh, a vaccine was contaminated, and thatís because it, you know, it accidentally would go ahead and just kill you, or make you have a convulsion.  Ooh, itís too obvious, they recall it, then you can read the rundown on what the regulators said was in there, and it will be, you know, just in one vaccine, 27 different cancer viruses.  Then it will say.  I mean, there are cancers now that are like purple yogurt that spill out of your nose.  There are cancers that you know, eat your liver.  There are cancers that, I mean, itís thousands of new ones.  Cancers that didnít exist are now spreading everywhere.  I mean, Alan Watt, do you want to comment on this?


Alan: Thereís no doubt at all about this.  As I say, during World War II, they had so many of these particular viruses perfected.  They could grow them in an hour from scratch and introduce them in various means.  And they also could target when in your age group that would eventually come out and manifest in you, depending on your hormonal level, etc.  So, if they want you to die at 40, as soon as your hormones start to decline, this would kick in and take over.  So they actually had them time released to an extent, according to your physiology. 


Alex: Yeah, by the way, Iíve played clips of Dr. Salk, and all of this, and people want "evidence", just google it.  Start searching it.  But I remember reading, six, seven years ago, when I really researched this, Iíd always heard it and seen pieces, where the Rockefeller foundation in the í20s and í30s cornered cancer treatment, and then literally isolated it was viruses, and then had them spread.  Had them put in the vaccines.  Had them put in water supplies.  I mean, these are bastards, folks.


Alan: Itís even worse than that, because I was going through the history of the Rothschild family and the two children at the beginning, the turn of 1900, both had written small booklets on the ways to spread contagious diseases amongst the poor.  They were fascinated by disease transmitted by parasites and so on, like lice and all that.  And hereís two children, twelve years old and ten years old, writing books on this, and they just happened to be Rothschilds.  Now, what was the fascination?  Until you go into understanding, these are the economists of the world.  Theyíre not just bankers.  They project the future, many generations into the future. 


Alex: Theyíre the great architects.  They are the architects.  They design the whole hell world we live in.


Alan: They look upon the whole human herd, and thatís what they call it, the human herd, as a farmer looks upon his cattle or his sheep.


Alex: Thatís why I want the police to know, you are the biggest joke to them.  They hate you.  They donít care about you.  The military.  Letís go to AJ in Arizona.  Thanks for holding, AJ, go ahead.


AJ: Hey, thanks Alex.  Itís great.  Itís great to speak to you and Alan, both.  But I just wanted to weigh in on the mind control.  In the early 90s, 1993, I was part of the armyís test program for NLP.  And the problem with that program was it backfired on them.  And it was all pivotal around the Pillar 3 of NLP.  Anybody who studies and understands NLP knows thereís 4 Pillars.  And what they didnít count on was that we would all, at that time we were all classified as Eagles.  In other words, we took our oath to the Constitution, and thus, we believed, we honestly believed that we were protecting, you know the Constitution.  And what NLP enabled us to do was actually create a crossover matching group, and in November of 1994.


Alex: Explain to listeners what that term means.


AJ: Well, the crossover matching was basically, we became a mastermind of truth.  So, what they didnít implement in it was all the Black-Ops, and any of the....


Alex: Go back to the other term you were using.


AJ: Which one, Alex?


Alex: The NLP.


AJ: Neuro-Linguistic Programming.


Alex: Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  Yeah.


AJ: Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  Itís a manner of organizing your thoughts and being in control of your own mind.  If you will, Alex, itís the basic form of true freedom.


Alex: No, I understand what it is, but for the listeners out there, they teach them this in advanced Olympic-level sports.  Itís like preparing your mind, you know, setting different perimeters, trying to focus and control and literally give your brain orders so that you can then carry out the task.  And, but really, thatís the first step into mind control.  For those that donít know, weíve had General Stubblebine on who ran this, one of the projects, where they tried to kill goats with their minds at Fort Bragg, and mind control.  And he thought it was for good.  But Stubblebine I think was there a little bit before you were there in 1993.  Is that the program youíre talking about?


AJ: Yes.  And it all came to a head, and this is key, is in November of 1994, when our operational detachment was sent to Kuwait to bolster Saddamís southern movement.  President Clinton came to give a speech, and they actually grounded all American forces and troops.  And I believe it was because there was a potential mutiny at the time, and he was actually booed off stage.  And I think that once the generals realized that, in the Fall of 1994, and actually in the Spring of 1995, they began a genocide of Eagles in the Spec Ops, and thatís why you see all....


Alex: Well, we know they killed the top admiral in his office, shot him in his chest, and they killed a bunch of other officers.  I know there was a rebellion in í94, í95, í96, they killed a bunch of people.  But also, now thatís why they hire the former Latin American death squads.  Thatís why they hire aggravated felons, Iím sure you know about that now, how theyíre just bringing in the foreigners, not as foreign divisions of troops, but integrating them into the force. 


AJ: Thatís true.  But what they failed to realize is that all those Eagles just became emboldened.  I mean, when you talk about a mindset, look at Luke at We Are Change.  What doesnít kill you makes you stronger, and we are here.  And what Iím trying to tell you, Alex, is that people can empower themselves with NLP, and if they would just take a look at those four pillars, once you make it to pillar four, nothing, nobody can stop you.  If you donít understand NLP when youíre watching CNN and all the news programs, if you donít actually plug your ears, youíre actually being code-ected.  Whenever they repeat their question three times to a public official, and he repeats the question, three back, three times, that third time, if you donít plug your ears, youíre code-ecting it into your brain.


Alex: Let me explain this to people out there that donít know.  At the University of Texas, down the street, what I was allowed to see by a friend of mine thatís very high level there, Iíll just say that.  He wouldnít let me into the monkey control rooms, or other things, where it was hooked into cameras across town, and out in Bass Drop, down at the monkey farm, but entire, an entire floor was just how to flicker TV sets for primates, and it was DARPA documents.  He showed it to me.  He said, Iím allowed to show you this, Alex.  And the program was publicly how to flicker the TV to control our mind, put you in a mesmerized state, then repeat the questions.  Alan Watt, comment on this.


Alan: This was known when they first gave television to the people.  And thatís why it was given that particular sequence of flicker rate.  And they found initially, the people who were potential epileptics, and perhaps had never had a seizure before, would have seizures when it started to do that roll-over that the screen used to do.


Alex: Remember Pokemon, Pokemon in the mid-1990s causing hundreds of thousands to have convulsions globally?


Alan: Yes.  And then it was admitted too, that the men who designed that particular game worked for the military-industrial complex.  So, it was a test on the minds of young children.  Everything that we are given electronically, really today has an ulterior purpose.


AJ: Thatís crossover matching, Alex.  That is the implementation of crossover matching.  Just like when youíve got a police officer that approaches you on a stop.  If heís calm, cool, and collected, what heís trying to do is you know that he has evil intent.  But if youíve got a cop that comes running up on you, and he is ostentatious and he definitely has a confrontation set in mind, the best thing that you can do is actually just stay calm, cool and collected, and you can crossover match and actually control his mind.  I know plenty of cops myself, Alex, and let me tell you, Iím waking them up.  Not by one or two or three, Iím talking hundreds right now.  So, I just wanted to call and let you guys know, kudos, keep moving, and definitely, we have Eagles everywhere, everywhere, Alex.


Alex: Oh, I know that, but the globalists understand that.  Thatís why thereís no telling what theyíre going to do. 


AJ: Youíre going to see a major changeover in a lot of the security companies, as well.  And youíre going to see a lot of foreigners come in.  I think youíre picking up on that, but you know, we all want it to happen overnight.  This country wasnít built overnight, and itís going to take, weíre not going to take it back overnight, so. 


Alex: Well, I know a lot of the people in the military, I mean, 76% or 77%, I forget, of the donations to Republican candidates went to Ron Paul.  I mean, we know, the police say, 98% in polls are pro-2nd Amendment.  But theyíll still take somebody to jail, because the vender gave the guy, you know liquor lemonade for his kid on accident.  I mean, the cops say they know, but they still follow orders.


AJ: So true.  And they should have also arrested that vendor that distributed alcohol to a minor as well.


Alex: My point is, is that thereís no, theyíve somehow conditioned government people to like switch off their own thinking process. 


AJ: Right.  And exactly.  In the early í90s, they just made us too smart, and so, I think they realized that, but there were thousands of troops too late at that point, and so I think thatís why the Clinton administration failed.


Alex: Well, I mean, for those that donít know, I mean this is mainstream news, for people listening that donít believe this went on, itís a huge program, and I know it was cut back in the mid í90s.  I mean, what were they doing, like hooking you up to computer screens, virtual reality, different programs?  Were they using drugs in the program you were in?


AJ: There was no drugs.  It was actually all mind control, and we talk about crossover matching.  Thatís where you actually monitor the heart rate, and you monitor body movements, and you go through repetitive motion.  If, for lack of better words, itís like synchronized dancing, only itís synchronized fighting and killing at that point.  So, once you implement a person committing a crime, or committing a death at that point, which is a huge threshold.  Probably the biggest indoctrination at that time in that program was the ability to actually kill somebody.  People donít realize psychologically and morally and soul damaging is that threshold.


Alex: Yeah, most people have a built-in, even like large elephants fighting, bull males, itís in all mammals, they hold back a little because it would be bad for the species to be always killing each other.  And then with predator species, especially with your own species, even sharks tend to have a disconnect with attacking each other.  To go over that point and kill your own, itís not that youíre a wimp, your brain has a governor, and the natural born killers donít have that governor.  Iím not even saying theyíre a psychopath, but people who get in a fight who immediately, like anybody, even a scrawny guy walking down the street, if they totally unleashed on you, would kill you pretty quick, whereas most people hold back.  Is that what youíre saying?


AJ: Thatís true.  And once you harness the mind, itís the most powerful weapon in the universe.  And I know that you drive this home everyday is that thereís definitely a war going on every day for everyoneís minds.  And once you can actually implement true freedom, which is control over your mind to make decisions and process information, then youíre just a slave.  Youíre just a slave to the system.  You might as well just wear earplugs everywhere you go and blinders, because you will be controlled.


Alex: Thatís it.  I appreciate your call.  I always say folks, donít let your children watch TV.  You better indoctrinate them or the government will.  And people say, well, Iím not going to indoctrinate my children.  Well, if you donít, somebody else is.  If you donít program that brain like youíre supposed to, somebody else, and youíve got to program it to recognize programming.  And yeah, thatís why I donít watch TV, because itís so upsetting, the programming is so angering, it has the opposite effect with me.  Alan, can you watch television?  Does it make you get upset?


Alan: Oh, I canít watch it.  I canít watch it.  Itís so obvious to me what theyíre doing.  It doesnít matter what you turn on.  Itís very obvious, immediately what theyíre doing, yeah.


Alex: But I mean, does it agitate you like it does me?


Alan: It does. Especially when you havenít watched it for years, and you realize that theyíre actually gearing this towards what now are an adult audience, and yet, I would have to say, Iíd be a child if I accepted what they were telling me in that fashion.  Theyíre talking down to the public now, as though theyíre children, but most of the public donít know.  They watch television every day, and havenít noticed the changes. 


Alex: Theyíve been habitualized.† Alright.  Weíve got another 30 minutes or so with Alan Watt.  Give out his website on the other side.  Stay with us, weíre going to continue our discussions during this break, right now.  If youíre listening on the streams, youíll need to listen there, during the overdrive, to hear the show.  Weíll be right back, with Alan Watt.

Alan, boy, that guy was a great caller, wasnít he.


Alan: I understand that science, and I know the history of it too, that most of the public donít know, because most of the data was collected on groups that they tested all of this out on, and counter groups and rolfing and all the different names they gave the same kind of thing.  Thatís when they were collecting all the data that they could eventually use on the public.


Alex: People donít realize, when they do thousands of different separate research projects, just to find out basic simple things, the project itself looks basic, but then with that they have a certainty like mathematical data in ranges of mammalian, homo sapien sapien behavior.  Then they take all those pieces and integrate them into programs, where they can control us like a car. 


Alan: Yeah.  The CIA literally were sponsoring all these great movements of the í60s, í70s, and í80s, and up to the present time, with primal screams and all this kind of stuff, and they get the public, the participants to do the oddest things, be part of the team, fall back, be caught, you wouldnít hit the floor, and then theyíd have them do more drastic things, swimming about on dry land as though they were fish, etc, using visualization, and all that data was being fed back to basically the CIA and the Pentagon for warfare purposes.


Alex: Exactly.  They had the Stanford thing where, what was it, 90-plus percent of people would follow orders to the point of murdering other students, as long as an authority figure told them to do it, and they thought it was real.


Alan: Yes, thatís right.  So itís ongoing all the time.  Much of it happens in the public realm.  We think itís private institutions that do it.  Now, a lot of this stuff is also used on bureaucracies.  Theyíre sent off for these types of encounter groups and upgrading groups and so on, and management, and they take this back into government.


Alex: Oh yeah, I told the story the last time you were on, and my dad, you know, is a pretty high level executive, just in healthcare, and they send him to big meetings now where they just openly admit all of this.


Alan: Yes.  Thatís correct.  And these bureaucrats come back, they get placed back into government, and theyíre far more, they go along with anything without question, after that.  So their minds have been affected. 


Alex: Well, not my dadís.  He just said it was amazing.  But he said one of the big ones he went to in Austin, with one of the top guys in the country, the guy said that the elite had done too good a job brain damaging and dumbing everybody down, and so now they were in a crisis because they couldnít find enough people to functionally carry out their operations.


Alan: Yes, I could believe that.  I could really believe that.


Alex: Well, my dad called me on the cell phone, freaking out from the Four Seasons.  He said, son, this guy is in here saying everything that you say, but he says thatís why they had to go get all the home schoolers.† And then this bubble went off above my head, about how, I mean, they recruited my home schooling cousins and everything else into IBM, everywhere else, I mean, they really want them.


Alan: Thatís true.  And now theyíre going after them in big communities, and just taking their children off them, at once.


Alex: Here we go my friend.  Oh, listen, I was rude to ask, you can stay 30 minutes or so next hour, right?


Alan: Sure, yeah.


Alex: Okay.  We need to call you back in three minutes, so make sure we have that number.  John, IM that to the guy down here please, okay?


John: Okay.


Alex: Here we go.


Stand tall. If you think Iíll sit around.  Ladies and gentlemen, you only live one life.  If youíre not in control of your mind, they are in control of your mind.  Period.  Alright, weíre going to end the main transmission in about four minutes, and I apologize to other Genesis callers.  If they call in right now on 512-646-5400, I will make sure they get in, in line, because they called in first.  512-646-5400, call in on that right now and weíll get to you there.  Weíre going to do thirty minutes, forty minutes, maybe an hour in overdrive, as long as Alan Watt can give us.  The only place to listen though, and Alan, go ahead and take about a three-minute break.  Weíre going to call you right back now.  I want to thank you.  Weíre going to take a break and come back and start an overdrive thatís just on the internet at  Before I end this global transmission on the main network, I want to thank the sponsors, affiliates, everybody.  I want to thank John Harmon, doing a great job on the main Genesis show, that now comes to a conclusion.  Back tomorrow live, 11am to 3pm.  We go into overdrive with Alan Watt, whoís been kind enough to stay with us.  Heís going to get into the occult beliefs of the elite on the other side, riveting info, got to go to to listen or to watch, right now.  Transmission continues at, thatís the coordinates.  Weíll see you there in one minute.  Stay with me.


Hour 3


Here comes Alan Watt to the rescue.  Really appreciate him agreeing to stay with us into this hour.  Very honored to have him.  I want to continue to go with your calls, David, Joe, George, everybody else is patiently holding and weíre going to take your calls in rapid succession.  Alan brings up so many points.  I want to back up everything heís saying.  I try to not interrupt, heís just such a great guy.  Heíll give you his websites, books and videos before he leaves us, and itís up to Alan, if he can go 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 40 minutes, whatever heíd like, weíll just play it by ear.  Alan Watt, getting into their actual beliefs, what they really believe, not all the layers of bull, or things they use to balkanize us, what do the globalists, the global controllers, what would you call them, what do they really believe?  What makes them tick?  Youíve got the floor.


Alan: Well, they truly believe their ancestry, which is different only in the fact that theyíve had their partners chosen for them down through history, so money and power has always married money and power at the top.  Love, in fact, between man and wife doesnít enter into their philosophy at all.  And itís simply for the offspring.  And they claim they go back for thousands of years, when some great leap forward occurred, some great evolutionary process occurred, and they are the highest or most evolved species on the planet.  And they do look upon those beneath them as literally a separate species.  Again, in the writings of Sir Charles Galton, that really took up the champion, the glove for Darwin, and Darwin himself being a champion of this old elite crew, who was also interbred for five or six generations with one other family, they all said the same thing, that theyíd have to eventually either eradicate the lesser species, because, if they were allowed to breed up, they would overthrow those who brought order to the world.  And they didnít believe that you could improve those at the bottom by breeding them up with better stock.  They believed that, by judging from animals for instance, they used animals, in fact, even Charles Davenport with the Carnegie Institute in 1904, when they opened up Cold Spring Harbor for this project, they brought in the American Breeders Association, and they took all the data from breeding cattle and livestock to see if it could be applied to humans.


Alex: Well, thatís why, thatís why Hitler actually made the head of the S.S. Heinrich Himmler, because he was also a cousin of the king, but more importantly, he was a chicken geneticist who was into breeding chickens.  And they cited, oh, he breeds chickens, heís good. 


Alan: Yes, but they found they couldnít, in the children for instance of even those who are bred up, would still contain what they called recessive genes, and theyíd have throwbacks that would be problems down through the ages, so the only way they could imagine doing this was to create a new type of servant class, while they were eradicating the old.  And that is why, since the beginning of the 1900s to the present theyíve put so much of our tax money into doing genetic research, to create a new type of perfected slave that will give them no trouble, while they kill off the remaining types of the old stock.  So, this is a religion with them.  Itís a firm belief with them.  Read the books, as I say, any listener out there, read the books put out, and the letters of Charles Davenport, who was head of the Carnegie Institute.† This is the same Institution by the way at Cold Springs Harbor, that were funded partly by Congress as well as the Carnegie, and then Rockefeller took it over, Rockefeller foundation, and right up into the 1970s they were doing mandatory sterilization on what they deemed the unfit, throughout the Americas, throughout the USA.  And this was where it didnít matter so much just about IQ level.  They looked upon poverty itself as a hereditary disease.  And not the conditions youíre brought up in, but an actual genetic problem.  And they believed that you were born with a poverty gene, and that all those types.


Alex: And they teach this in all the major colleges, an example in Endgame is the head of the state board of psychiatry, before the state legislature, and they say, why are 67% of the children on psychotropic drugs.  And he said, well, they come from bad gene pools, thatís why theyíre poor, because, so thereís no even genetic testing, as if Ritalin and Prozac is for bad genes, when those are toxic poisons that further brain damage them.  Itís just we donít do any testing, theyíre poor, so thatís the proof.  And now, I put this in Endgame, I know youíre aware of it.  Iíve heard you talk about it on your own radio show, Alan, you have all the news articles out of England, where for several years, if your parents ever committed a crime, or youíre poor, at 2, you are put on probation and have monthly visits with your government agent and the schools openly say itís our job now to run the family.  Go ahead.


Alan: Thatís correct.  And it goes further back than that.  Along with this great surge forward in the supposed poverty gene theory that they came up with in the 1800s and built it into the first census taking in the Western hemisphere, including the US, they were taking your medical data and any criminal data as well, and then they follow you down through history to see how many criminals come out of that particular family, or how much money it costs the government if youíre poor and you need medical treatment, what was the problem in medicine, is it hereditary too?  And so, itís basically farming.  Itís basically farming.  And the head of the American Breeders Association was Willard Hayes, that was his name.  He was part of this Cold Springs Harbor Institution on genetic research.  He said that.  He said all livestock breeders know how to solve this problem.  Itís a matter of convincing the public to allow us to go ahead and do it.  Well, guess what, theyíre actually doing it all.  Theyíre killing off the old stock while they genetically modify a new type to come in and replace them.


Alex: Yeah, letís be clear.  Whenever you talk to an intellectual, liberal, conservative, most educated people donít know why they have the view, but they say, yeah, thereís too many people, we need to kill them.  And I go, well, are you going to die?  And they go, no.  Well, are you going to go kill these African kids?  No.  Then you point out that population is actually going down in the West, that itís the West thatís dying.  Then you show them the numbers that within 20 years, the Third World is going to start dropping.  Thatís on every graph.  Then you point out, hey, the elite actually see you as bad stock, and want you gone.  See, they see themselves as elites.  They donít understand theyíre already under eugenics attack, that itís already happening to them.  So, thatís another thing the elitists use, is they have subclasses that think theyíre members of the elite.  That seems to be a key control mechanism. 


Alan: It is.  In fact, in their own writings, they talk about needing seven special generations, seven generations to create the perfect hybrid.  So if you donít have selective breeding for seven generations, even though you think youíre earning a lot of money and youíre serving them well, youíre not in their class at all.  And thatís the key to that.  Thatís the key to the whole thing.  So all of these people who have picked their own wives, or their fathers did and so on, are called commoners.  They married out of the common stock.  They werenít particularly nobly selected.  And therefore, youíre not even in the running.  Youíre not even in the running.  They still claim by their own philosophy that you will have throwbacks in your children that cannot be predictable. 


Alex: Now, notice though, that they already had their view of royal bloodlines, royal breeding, that they were the best, and so these scientists come along, who were married into the gentry, and married into the elite, the Galtons, all of them, the Darwins.  They were already intermarrying together, and you know, half their kids or more were dying at birth.  Ooh, the super-humans of it.  And the mental illness and the insanity and the schizophrenic paranoia, mixed in with psychopathic genetics, and so really, they have made a different race of super-demons, who are stumbling around with all these, you know, genetic disorders.  In reality, real genetics shows hybrid vigor, and that mixing actually does create more intelligence.  And do you want to comment on that?  So, they tailored their science from an idea, and then they build everything around, keeping that false idea around.  Go ahead.


Alan: Well, they hope themselves to be able to perfect themselves as well, all the defects that have shown up through, and itís true, if you have, I mean, mongrelized dogs are the sturdiest hardiest dogs out there.  Theyíre less prone to neurosis of any kind, and theyíre far healthier physically.  They donít have allergies and so on.  And itís the same with humans. 


Alex: Theyíre also finding theyíre the best guard dogs, theyíre the best search and rescue dogs.  They are vastly more intelligent than say a heavily bred dog. 


Alan: Absolutely.  So, all the problems thatís come down with Galtons or the Darwins, say for instance, I mean, Charles Darwin himself was married, he was about the fifth generation who had all married into one other family and that was the Wedgwood family of Britain, the big pottery family.  And so his wife died, after having ten children, two of whom survived in mental hospitals.  The rest of them all died.  And he married his motherís sister, who was also a Wedgwood.  So all of them had married into one particular family.  And why they did that, not into special other select families, but only into one other family, they thought that for instance that if the male was a good scientist, and so was his father, then if they married a female with similar abilities or a good mathematician, then that should technically show up in the offspring.  They were already breeding themselves.


Alex: But now we know from the genetic engineering with the plants that itís random expression, and thatís why they can change one gene and get the one characteristic, but then it randomly changes thousands of other things, each replication.  Itís random.


Alan: Itís random.  And they got all this theory too from Mendel who was a monk who first came up with the hybrid peas, thatís where they grabbed on this whole thing to do with seven pairs of peas and this fact that this monk could predict by certain mixes exactly how tall it would be, its structure and so on, and its yield.  They tried to apply that to humans and it didnít work the same.


Alex: But a hundred and fifty years ago, when all this got codified, as you said, 2400 years ago with Plato, itís all the same thing.† But all the major robber barons, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Carnegies, the Bronfmans, all the money believes this.  Theyíre told it will give them better health.  They finance it.  Bill and Melinda Gates give 80-plus Billion with Warren Buffet.  Itís all they do.  David Rockefeller is 90-something years old.  I mean, he grew up in this.  People think this is some old thing.  No, no, this is just now coming to fruition.  Their old stuff didnít work, so now they say, itís the Trans-Humanist, Post-Humanist, weíre going to merge with machines, that will give us our advanced Valhalla, which no doubt itís going to give us the horrors and the centralization and control over individuals, and then you watch the top scientists, Warwick and others, they say, yeah, weíre going to kill everybody.  Notice that Trans-Humanism came out of Huxleyís brother, the head eugenicist.  He then coins it in the í50s, because he was the head eugenicist.  It had a bad name, Trans-Humanist, and again, the robot cyborgs, we have to kill you all first.  You see, itís always, itís always that psychopathic impulse that they then dress up in science.  Comments.


Alan: Yeah, exactly.  Aldous Huxley spoke on both sides of the fence, because he was in at the big meetings.  He worked for the Tavistock Institute.  He himself was from a long line of aristocracy.  In fact his grandfather was Sir Thomas Huxley, who was the best friend of Charles Darwin, and he really championed Darwinism after that.  So they all believed firmly, every single generation believed firmly in the same belief system, or religion, and it is a religion amongst them.  And Huxley himself, interestingly enough in one of his interviews, thatís available on the web, he said, itís not impossible with the tremendous money that these magnates have acquired over the centuries.  Itís not impossible for a small group of men to scientifically take over the entire planet and everything in it.  Now, he was talking not from his imagination or speculation, but because he was in on many of these discussions to do, that came from the big meetings themselves.  He was part of it.  And sure enough, his brother, Julian Huxley became the head, he was appointed the first CEO of UNESCO, where they were going to create a world society by universal training of children from the United Nations.  Thatís its function in fact, to train them in a specific way so they would accept these changes as they saw them occurring down through their life.  They were already planned to happen, now you to train a generation to grow up and indoctrinate them early, so they donít freak out when they see these changes actually occurring in their lifetime. 


Alex: Theyíre in control.  Theyíre turning the world into their own private nightmare laboratory.  Having their way with us in every way.  And the good news is though, humanity is waking up and I hope we wake up before the brink.  Do you see any reform coming out of the elite, or I mean, is it all just their own personal power trip?  Theyíve got to always press on the nerve of power, Alan.


Alan: They canít help themselves, unfortunately.  As I say, theyíre sadomasochistic.  Even in their personal lives and in their interaction with each other.  They play games all the time for one-upmanship.  That type of thing.  They canít help themselves.  They cannot reform themselves.  A psychopath has no ability to stop their own ego.  Their ego is everything to them.  They will take the world down rather than admit they were wrong.  And Hitler said that too.  In the bunker he said, if Germany cannot take over the world, they do not deserve to exist as a people and therefore they should all die.


Alex: Well, thatís when he flooded his own people in the tunnels.


Alan: Yes.  And we had the same thing with Prime Minister Begin who was diagnosed psychopathic in Israel, when he had the Samson complex back in the í70s, and he said that if Israel goes down, weíll unleash all the nuclear weaponry and take the world with us.  That was also a psychopathic trait he was showing right there. 


Alex: Well, I hope the elites know that itís their own trait thatís going to destroy us if they donít get control of themselves. 


Alan: Thatís what frightens some of them actually.  Some of them understand that and theyíre wary of each other towards the top of the pyramid structure.  And I do believe they will start fighting each other, when they see their end in sight, and thatís maybe one of the best advantages we have, because they will start to fight for power.


Alex: Well, theyíre so nihilistic that every time a King Rothschild dies, you see a bunch of the kids die as theyíre killing each other.  And they do the same thing in the British Royalty.  I mean, itís the same pathology.  Look at how royals going back to Egypt and the British are always killing their children, killing their parents.  I mean, normal people donít do that.


Alan: No, theyíre famous, famous for patricide and so on.  Alexander the Great was the same.  All down through history itís the same characters, you know, trained by the same high philosophers that really were just the high priests of their religion.


Alex: And arenít they, the high philosophers, the real power behind the throne?


Alan: They are. Theyíre also the ones who select the mates.  They keep the genealogies for these people.  Aristotle, for instance, he taught Alexander the Great, and Alexander came out believing that he could become a god on Earth.  And that hasnít changed.  We find that not Prince Philip, whoís bad enough, but Prince Charles....


Alex: Prince Charles has these things of him erected as an angel and then heís worshiped.


Alan: Yes, and he says, I am an Olympian.


Alex: When really, heís a doddering scumbag, but he has a bristling armored, almost A.I. fortress.  Itís these institutions that serve them that go on.  And itís a cancer. 


Alan: Yes, it is.  And theyíve given us their culture.  We think itís our culture.  Theyíve actually given us their culture.  And we have to stop fighting each other and see who the enemy is.


Alex: I was in London at a decent hotel.  It wasnít even that fancy, but it was down by Windsor Palace.  And I was with the Watson brothers, right during the 7/7 bombings.  They were covering all of that.  And this woman and this man kept looking at us with hatred and then laughing at us, and then she even said, oh, Alex Jones, ha, ha, ha.  And I said, who are you.  And she was like, oh, Iím the such and such of Marlboro and this is the such and such.  And I said, oh, what do you do?  And they laughed at me, and they said, we have a life of leisure and research, and they laughed at me.  And I got home and googled them, and sure enough it was them.  But I saw in their eyes, they were jealous, they were hateful.  I was real.  I had a real life.  I was standing up against the corruption, and they were so unhappy.  They hated the Watson brothers, because they were young and good looking.  They hated me, because I wasnít scared of them.  And they had to sit there and shoot their mouths off and tell me that they were better than me.  I mean, that is so pathetic.  They are so disgusting.  And it turned out that it really was who they said it was.  I mean, thatís when youíre pathetic.  When they identify one of their enemies in a restaurant, you know, two tables over, and then they get your attention to get you to talk to them, just so they can then turn their backs on us and act elitist, like that would hurt me, like Iím at an ego level.  I mean, theyíre very childlike, Alan.


Alan: Oh, they are childlike, very, very childlike, the women especially.  But the women as I say are mainly used as breeders.


Alex: Yeah, it was the woman.  The male was horrified that she was talking to me.


Alan: The women are like that.  Theyíre very childish.  Theyíre kept in a life of leisure.  Theyíre perpetual children, in fact.  One of them I talked to, said to me, she says, I was brought up with my own personal butler, and stuff like that.  She said, I used to wonder how the cups would get brought through that door to the kitchen, and how theyíd always come back clean. Sheíd never been in a kitchen in her life, even her own one.  They have no idea of reality.


Alex: But they have the best think tanks in the world organizing the system to keep them in control. 


Alan: Yes.  But the females absolutely, generally they tend to be terribly immature.  Now, Iíve met some of the other ones that work for the system.  Some of the other ones have gone into the system.  They work for the United Nations.  They work in high levels of governments in Europe.  And I used to talk to some of them in the í70s and í80s, and theyíd bring me back home in fact if Iíd been on stage in some places.  And I was still putting everything together at that time, but when I look back at the questions theyíd ask, and some of the comments they made, one of them in Norway, who became a top person at the United Nations, she said to me, she said, you realize that Europe is over, itís being integrated and by the end of the millennium it will be one government.  And she says, then the push is on, to establish the global government.  And I realized this woman did come from a long lineage of these particular families, so they do use the brighter ones, but most of them, I must admit, donít have too much smarts. 


Alex: Well, I donít understand why I see elitist writings and Iíve interviewed them, and Iíve talked to them, and they go well, soon there will be no more war, and peace, and whatever we do to get that is okay.  And Iím like, look at you.  Youíre a bunch of psychos that like to hurt people.  I mean, really they claim that itís an end justifies the means, but really itís the end justifying the means.  They just like stomping around, playing god. 


Alan: Theyíd have to kill each other at the end, if they had no more beasts to torment, they would have to turn on each other.  Itís a trait that they have.  Theyíve never ever figured out that.  Actually, one person did.  Theyíve had meetings about this, how they control each other.  And Arthur C Clarke, who was a big writer on their behalf for predictive programming, with his 2001 and 20102001, remember was written in the í60s.  In its allegorical form, it meant the creation of a new system on Earth beginning in 2001 to be completed by 2010.  He wrote another book called 3001.  And in this particular book, the elite themselves, the survivors of all this catastrophe that happens on Earth, are monitored by computers to ensure none of them get the urge to be number one tyrant and take over, over the rest of them.  So theyíve already asked these questions.  They know their own problems down through history.


Alex: Yeah, thatís right.  Theyíve all got brain chips that monitor them.


Alan: Yes.  Same thing too with Rockefeller, David Rockefeller, heíll tell everyone at every meeting in every interview he has, you must know your history.  He also means the elite themselves must know their own history, because down through the ages theyíve battled each other, theyíve taken countries to war against each other, not because of the people or the flag, but because they want personal aggrandizement.  They want to be at the top, the pinnacle of the planet.  They have this incredible lust for power.  And they do every fifty years or so, have a lust for blood.  Itís almost like a bloodletting that they have to go through to satiate themselves.  So thereís something more than just basic psychopathy here.  And itís best to leave that to the religionists because itís into a different realm altogether.


Alex: Well, itís so sad that all of this is happening, and that they rationalize their psychopathic behavior.  And humanity can do so much, go so far, if we had an elite that truly tried to empower, truly tried to awaken, truly tried to have true debates.  I mean, it wouldnít be a perfect world but it would be a thousand times more regenerative, explosive, dynamic, and we would already be across the stars.  There is no doubt to me that these people are holding us back.


Alan: They are holding us back and thatís part of the reason theyíve always done so.  As I say, they believe that if they give power to the masses, and let the masses start running their life for themselves, then it will go either two ways.  Theyíll either fizzle out because they wonít compete enough, they believe.  Or else theyíll compete so well, or actually cooperate so well amongst themselves, they wonít need the elite anymore. 


Alex: And when you look at that, they talk about a neo-feudal state, where they will be in centralized spires of advanced technology, walled off under national security, and then a new reality, an advanced reality, and it already has begun since 1947 with the National Security Act, and before then, they are kind of like the gods in their inner city command centers, and then we are, those of us that are left, almost like museum pieces that they just play with. 


Alan: Thatís correct.  Theyíve discussed all of these possible scenarios, and used big money and lots of time to do so too.  They leave nothing to chance.  Again, itís part of their nature to want to control, so they want to know all the different possibilities, and they have teams, and countless think tanks working on every facet, because they are control freaks.  They must have data in order to control.


Alex: Did you ever see Zardoz with Sean Connery?


Alan: Yes.  Excellent movie.


Alex: Yeah, where theyíve depopulated the earth down to almost nothing, but thereís a few lone bands of humans.  So theyíve got this big hovercraft that flies around like in idol, disgorging shotguns and shotgun shells to this clan of killers, and they tell them, go out and kill, kill, kill.  And itís population control.


Alan: Itís population control and in that movie too, you have the descendants of the elite who have given themselves physical immortality, but they couldnít breed with each other.  Theyíd lost the urge to breed, but they live forever and live within their own little protected enclave in the mountains, while all the commoners, or the descendants of the commoners, as you say, were breeding outside and being killed by the destructive specially purpose-made group.  And even the whole reality that was given to the killers was a fake one.  The cops and the military should listen to this, because the whole philosophy came from The Wizard of Oz, the book. 


Alex: Well, thatís it.  Theyíve got to save the earth and the god gives them the guns to make them the dominant group, but they must go around killing.  And they just run around killing everybody.  And I forget, I havenít seen that Zardoz in years.  How does he wake up?  Doesnít he climb up in it or something?


Alan: He climbs up in it.  He manages to get to the headquarters where the elite, the immortal elite live, and the immortal elite are all connected by crystals in their brain, by the way, thatís an old movie, and a computer is partly running the show, and he eventually gets into where the computer is and basically destroys it and tries to start the old system over again, working over again, because the immortal elite had become so decadent, that there was no progress, no change at all in anything.  Nothing was changing whatsoever.


Alex: Stagnancy.  By the way, I saw a new movie a couple of years ago called Aeon Flux, same story.


Alan: Same story, over and over and over again.  They keep giving us the same kind of scenario with the masses being impoverished, war-torn countries with elite bands, well paid bands of military enforcers, of course working on behalf of the elite.


Alex: And now theyíre telling us, weíve got to take the water.  Got to take the food.† Weíve got to take the oil.  All admittedly artificial.  They even admit that but youíve got to be intellectual enough to go read their own articles where they admit it, and theyíre bragging that youíre now going to learn how to be a slave.  Youíre going to now going to learn how to die.  Now, one in two is going to have cancer.  Now youíve got to die.  This is normal.


Alan: Thatís correct.  And as I say, theyíre now teaching, theyíre actually teaching medical doctors that one in two is normal.  Now, years ago at medical school, you were taught all the different kinds of cancers, you were given the countries it was more predominant in, how rare certain ones were and so on.  Youíre taught none of that now.  Theyíre taught that all cancer is just quite natural, and that people will just die off of cancer.  And so, thatís how easy it is to train each generation.  You simply eliminate the past, the past data, so they wonít ask questions and say why.


Alex: And by the way, or theyíre so drunk and on Prozac watching TV, they donít care.  I hope youíre listening to me, and I hope youíre watching out there viewers.  I wish they werenít putting cancer viruses in the air and in your water and in your vaccines.  I wish, believe me, I wish every day this wasnít true.  Youíre being told the truth.  Now you have a responsibility.  But you know, they even tell us too, they even tell us, oh, ten years using a cell phone, you will get a big fat brain tumor.  Oh, the incubators are frying the babiesí hearts, but weíre going to keep doing it.  I mean they just admit everything now.


Alan: They admit too, even the laptop computer, itís called a lap top, because young children put it on their laps.


Alex: Sterilize.


Alan: It sterilizes the males, yeah. 


Alex: And itís not just the "heat", itís the radiation.


Alan: They now have built in, they built in the infrared cards, microwave cards are in it, yeah.  You see, nothing happens by chance in this system.  Believe you me, nothing is put on the shelves, where they donít know what the effects are going to be.  They know; this is old stuff, old understanding and technology, old science.  So they understand exactly what itís going to do to the population. 


Alex: Well, cell phones, itís burning the cells out.  Well, folks, you can get to where you donít use your cell phone, except in emergencies or to get phone numbers off, and still you shouldnít.  I mean, I see children all over the streets, you know, five years old, six years old with cell phones.  And I even try to rudely now get in peopleís business and I donít call CPS on them, because CPS would probably give them a cell phone, but I mean, I say, listen, you might look at literature.  Thatís really bad.  Hereís an example.  I went ahead and had my child, my third child, at a government facility.  Weíre about to take calls and let Alan go, but you know, there can be complications.  I know the doctor.  I know the hospital.  I know itís a facility, but statistically I know theyíre hunting down the midwives.  Itís very hard to get them.  My wife wanted to have the third child at a hospital, we did it.  And I walk in, and the lady says, oh, will you go tell the desk downstairs, just give them this piece of paper.  And I looked at her and smiled and walked out, and the lady walked back out when I came back up, and I said, did she ask if I beat you?  Yeah, he asked.  I mean she asked.  Let me tell the story.  Iím trying to hurry here and then I babble.  I go to the hospital.  My wifeís having to have a cesarean section, because sheís already had one.  I go in and I go upstairs, and sheís there having my wife answer like a hundred questions, entering it into the health department computer.  It all goes right to the federal government, right to the local government.  Itís the eugenics local bureau, thatís what founded the health departments, ladies and gentlemen, the health hygiene departments. The nurse doesnít even know that.  She just knows that well, she is getting this for the police.  And then, like they did the times before, she says, oh, will you carry this, you know, like Iím one of the animals that doesnít understand this, but sheís one of them too.  Sheís just habitualized to it.  But she gets to be a little higher level, and manipulate me the lower level cow, the lower level goat, the lower level domesticated animal.  She says, will you bring this file downstairs for me please, down to these folks.  And I said sure.  I come back.  She goes out of the room for a minute, and I go, did she ask the question about whether I beat you?  Yeah, she asked if you abuse me.  She asked if our home was good.  How our money is.  Of course, they didnít tell my wife.  She already knew.  But other women are just trusting.  This is your doctor.  This is your nurse.  Youíre about to have a baby.  Oh, itís so nice.  And see, itís all just standardized that, hey, thereís no due process.  That this is law enforcement.  That this is going into a government database.  That weíre going to take your babyís blood, and put it in a DNA database.  And then they go in and they want to give the baby Hep shots.  And I said, no, you know that brain damages them.  And itís only for sexually transmitted diseases and isnít good.  And both nurses, later when they were giving the baby a bath, said, yeah, we donít give our kids it either.  We know itís bad, but weíre just supposed to ask you.  And then another dad is in there ten minutes later, and the nurses are trying to push him to take it.  And I just couldnít help it, I just said, you know something, sir, not only is that shot not good, and these nurses donít give it to their children, but theyíre going to put your child in a DNA database now.  And you know, the nurses all kind of were red-faced, but halfway mad, halfway agreeing.  All in this culture of fear, all carrying out black-ops against each other.  Alan, comments on that, and weíre going to take calls.


Alan: Itís so sad.  So true.  Youíre right on with that because the nursing staff know that.  And itís the same all through the society.  Those who are paid the wage, the paycheck there are terrified to inform the public of the reality of whatís going on.  They tend to go along with it.  And thatís how the whole system works.  Itís the same in the school system.  Iíve talked to lots of teachers, Iím sure you have too, who know exactly what theyíre doing.  Itís really social indoctrination for specific purposes.  And itís social engineering.  And yet, theyíll tell you, I cannot leave.  I need this job.  Where else will I get this kind of paycheck, which is very true, for teachers.  So, the whole structure of society depends on this darn paycheck, unfortunately.  And people are terrified of losing that job and telling the truth.  Itís like blackmail. 


Alex: Well, youíre absolutely right.  And if you look at what theyíve put doctors through, the eighteen-hour days, the brainwashing.  You know, once they even have their degree they have to do a year or two of residency.  Theyíre bossed around by the nurses, everybody.  And itís all about, in the power position, just like the Nazis, once they get in that power position, theyíre controlling over those above them, I mean below them, and then minions to those above them, and itís this whole hierarchical system of control, because theyíve paid their dues.  Theyíve worked hard to get this position.  Theyíve got hundreds of thousands of dollars in college bills.  Theyíve got to buy into the system.  Can you talk about that?


Alan: Iíve got one right now I know, whoís a top specialist surgeon, who was approached recently by the United Nations to set up, once they take over the complete Middle East, they want him to go over and set up the beginning of a Western structure of medicine.  And no doubt, implement the whole scheme of inoculations and so on.  And he phoned me, just at the weekend, to tell me he canít, heís scared to talk to me anymore, in case they find out.  He actually told me this.  Heís now terrified, after he was approached that heíll lose this position, and he works in a big....


Alex: Oh, yeah.  I talk to mid-level technocrats all the time, and theyíre like, listen, theyíll hear.  I canít be talking to you.  Do you know what theyíre going to do to you?  I mean, exactly.  The whole intelligentsia is like now figuring it out, and like oh, my gosh.  Weíre, I better go along with this. 


Alan: Yes.  When people actually tell you, that have been talking to you for a couple of years, that they canít talk to you anymore, or theyíre afraid to, because of who you are or what youíre doing, and because of the lucrative positions theyíve just been offered, then what can you say?  In a sense, theyíre letting themselves down.  Theyíre letting the populations down.  Even their own children theyíre letting down.


Alex: Well, the globalists, again, control the entire financial, psychological, physical paradigm.  Theyíre just issuing the money out of nothing.  Weíll sell our souls for this made-up commodity, which is a fiat currency in credit. 


Alan: Yes.  And it is true that, you know, thereís going to be no lack of food to go round.  Thereís going to be a lack of the money to buy it.  The same as the last depression.  They did the same in Ireland.  They called it the great potato famine.  It wasnít a potato famine.  Ireland was exporting more grain and other kinds of foods, and beef and cattle and so on, than youíd ever believe to the top corporations in England at the time.  And Ireland at the same time as they were loading the stuff on the ships, they were starving to death.  And the British troops were stopping the public, the peasantry from getting their own food.  They were exporting it all abroad.


Alex: Well, take New Orleans.  Iíve talked to people on air who were there.  Iíve had family that was there.  For five days they held the food, within yards of the people at the Super Dome.  It was all a test.  And so they could also then show that and say, oh, look, we donít have enough money and power and funding, we need even more power now, because we "screwed up."


Alan: That is correct.  That is absolutely correct.  Money is an idea.  Thatís all it is, itís an idea.  A price on something is someoneís idea.  And yet weíve been trained to believe that nothing works without money.  Well, hey, you can still grow food without money.  You can still trade and barter it without money.  Thereís no reason for anyone to starve.


Alex: Which is why theyíre going after the family farms all over the Western World.† And the main reason the food prices are up is because the dollar has been devalued by 60-plus percent and now there are trillions of dollars globally, and so these companies and speculators are buying it all up, so America canít have its own food.  Itís being shipped to other nations. 


Alan: Thatís correct.  And also, the Council on Foreign Relations that drafted up the integration for the Americas, and they admitted that on television in Canada, on national television.  Theyíre now beating the drums to say that weíll have to amalgamate because of terrorism, because the dollar is falling and weíre so integrated and dependent on the dollar.  And theyíll bring out the new currency.  Now, they did this in Europe with the euro, and you better believe that when they bring out the new Amero, it will be worth half, purchasing power wise, of the dollar.  Weíre all going to see incredible price increases.


Alex: And that goes after people that have been putting their money in their mattress.


Alan: Yes.  And yet, some man at the top, this great person that walks out from the Federal Reserve as though he is the king of the world, and declares what the dollar is worth, and everyone goes into action as soon as he utters it.  Weíve seen this down through the centuries.  Lord Rothschild does the same with the gold standard everyday.  He sticks his finger out the window and tells you what gold is worth.  I mean these characters have run the world for thousands of years, and theyíve got us convinced that we cannot survive without their system.  And yet, we have no say on purchasing power and what money is even worth.  Something is drastically wrong here.


Alex: Well, it is, Alan.  Iím going to take, do you have time to take five calls with us?


Alan: Sure, yeah.


Alex: And then weíll let you go.  We appreciate all your time.  Letís talk to George in India.  George, youíre on the air.


George: Alright, Alex, Iíve never disagreed with you, but thereís something that happened in my town that I want to know.  You say that they wonít come out for a mugging.  Our cops come out for everything.  I manage a seven-room apartment building, and one lady has called them seventeen times in one week.  Can you tell me why that might be happening?


Alex: Well, thatís wonderful.  Iím telling you that what I have dealt with is my car being stolen, house being broken into, the coffee shop got broken into, and the police never came.  But they will give you a ticket now for five miles over the speed limit, where they didnít used to do that in the past.  And so, it sounds like theyíre doing a good job in your town. 


George: Well, theyíll come for aliens.  I mean, these people, they must be paid for every time they make a stop. 


Alex: Well, that does jack up their number.  I mean, I know here in Austin, Texas, that itís hard to get a cop.† And they have massively increased the amount.  But Iím telling you.  You go five miles over the speed limit anywhere, theyíre going to catch you.  I mean, theyíre on every road, twenty-four hours a day, and now they just randomly pull you over and want to search your vehicle. 


George: Yep.  Iíve got something else to talk to you about, but Iíll do it another time.  Nice show, guys.


Alex: Hey, I really appreciate you calling.  I appreciate you holding.  Letís go to Joe in New York.  Joe, go ahead.


Joe.  Yeah.  I first started coming into informing myself, actually because of Ron Paul.  I really supported a lot of his views and started to inform myself and get a lot of information out.  Now, Iím starting to look at the other presidential candidates and see if thereís anything that....


Alex: Totally staged.  All three, well go ahead and make your point, and then I want to get Alan Wattís take on our election.


Joe: Sure.  Well, the only thing that I looked at, is there any possibility for reform in what people want in a monetary policy in this country, would a candidate like Obama maybe take an issue like that up, or is it just so behind the scenes that nothing like that would even be able to get?


Alex: Let me just explain something here.  We get 60% turnout for presidential elections.  They give it endless coverage, and then theyíre total puppets run by the interests that put them into power, and the minute they donít follow orders theyíre Kennedyed or Lincolned.  Now, instead, we get about 8% on average in the US, I donít know what it is in Canada, turnout for local elections, where you can actually have an effect, where you can sabotage peacefully what the globalists are doing.  And so we need to get people to focus on local elections, instead of, look, the mainstream media says focus on national.  Why do we focus on national?  Where you can have an effect is locally, but the window is closing with the fraudulent machines.  Alan Watt?


Alan: Yeah, itís true, but even with your local too, I keep telling people, you better investigate anyone who wants power over you, power to make laws over you or your children, even the ones who get into the school board or your local town council, because you should demand to have their life open, as an open book, to the public if they want the power to make laws that affect you.


Alex: Yeah, hereís an example.  I donít want power.  I donít want to be in government.  I want to have enough power to protect myself and be left alone.  I mean, hereís an example, and I use this a lot.  And I like going to events, and weíre going to have some Alamo Drafthouse showings later this month to show my film, the new film Iíve made.  Itís one of the best Iíve ever made folks.  Itís totally different from any other film that Iíve made, but I need to talk about that.  Iíve been so busy making it I havenít even talked about it yet.  But I like watching you enjoy the film or laugh, or see your response.  And I like seeing you.  But I donít like being told how great I am, and having person after person fawn after me.  It actually is upsetting to me, because I kind of donít have a low view of myself, but Iím much more interested in you than I am in myself.  And Iím not saying Iím some great person.  I mean, I remember ten, twelve years ago, when I first got involved it was fun for people to like me, fun to go out and do events, but I always wondered how politicians and people can run around to thousands of meetings and love shaking hands, they are getting off on it.  So youíve got to wonder about somebody who wants power. Alan, go ahead.


Alan: Well, thatís exactly true.  Again, the psychopathic types gravitate towards powerful positions.  And they are the ones who go into these particular jobs.  Look how Hitler ran across the whole of Germany in an aircraft, he hated flying too, and attended two, three, four speeches in different parts of Germany per day.  These characters are tireless when it comes to grabbing that seat of power, way beyond the normal personís capacity, but they crave it, and theyíll do anything to get it.  Thatís true. 


Alex: Anything else, Joe? 


Joe: So you really donít think that there could be any kind of, is there any way we could form a movement to change monetary policy, to change this idea that we should be blindly following the Fed?  I mean, I think that goes to the root of all evil, and nobody even talks about it.


Alex: Well, sir, we talk about the Federal Reserve every day here.


Joe: Well, I know you do, but mainstream media doesnít.


Alex: But we have to make our own media, you see.  And I appreciate your call.  Youíre going at it, trying to seize their territory.  Instead of, Alan and I are saying, they are not the entire paradigm.  We can make our own paradigm.  We can create things outside of their system.  I mean, let me tell you where things start, itís with you getting a hand-cranked printing press and making one-page handbills, you know, and handing them out to your neighbors.  Itís in you picking a few issues locally, that you rally people to defeat, even if itís in your neighborhood, then you show you can get things done.  People then learn who you are.  Then you can do more as an active saboteur in their system.  But if we imagine some huge national movement, and some stroke, you know, Hollywood shows us this Herculean image of one strong man that saves us, of one guy, who, like Schwarzenegger, takes out all the bad guys.  It is a process of waking others up, of not supporting the mainline system, of supporting alternative media, of spreading the word.  Alan, you want to give people suggestions for solutions? 


Alan: Yeah, they have to, see again, thatís exactly right.  One person concentrating on just one aspect of it, like the money, is going to be lost there.  Even thatís overwhelming in itself.  Youíve got to start being individually involved, as an individual.  Stop looking just for groups all the time, and start printing up information yourself and passing it around.  I donít care if you get laughed at.  If you get one person out of a hundred that listens and they spread that on too, thatís how the whole process works in history.  It takes time.  Weíre looking for a quick fix in the day when we take an aspirin for a headache, and it doesnít work that way in societal changes.  Itís intergenerational.  These guys work through generations.  But we want an immediate righting of a system.


Alex: Exactly.  The huge awakening that weíre seeing now, is nothing compared to one in a decade.  The guys that came thirty, forty, fifty, a hundred years ago, exposing this controlling oligarchy, this scientific dictatorship, their work was tiny, very small.  They might write a book and two thousand people read it.  And then that creates a ripple.  And then bigger ripples and then bigger.  Now, weíve got millions listening every day.  Weíve got people awakening all over, but theyíre still looking for a pyramidal, top down solution.  And youíre absolutely right, Alan.  I mean, Iíve been doing this almost thirteen years, and Iíve been doing it, seven days a week, and Iím like a farmer.  I see it as a process.  Iíve got to plow the field, plant the seeds, Iíve got to bring it in, Iíve got to then do a bigger field the next year.  Iíve got to teach others how to plant fields.  And I always work hard and donít expect big results, so Iíve gotten exponential results.  Now, it is getting to chain reaction level, just in my area, because I have listeners that understand that and are active.  And so again, stop looking for the big fix.  Realize, every mind, every person we unlock, thatís the process at the cellular level thatís going to change the body politic.  Alan.


Alan: Thereís no doubt about it.  As many fingers pointing to the same target at once is what scares those at the top.  Theyíre not afraid of one lone guy pointing a finger and accusing them of something, but when thousands or millions understand something and are all looking at them, these characters want to cower into the shadows very quickly, believe you me.


Alex: And exactly, that sounds like an oxymoron, but itís not.  Youíre talking about billions of people, millions of people, individually pointing from different angles, different places, and itís the act of pointing.  A lot of people around you, theyíre scared to speak up.  Theyíre scared to step out.  As more people go public on 9/11, more people go public on global warming, and the solutions to it being a fraud and Trans-humanist excuse to be anti-human, again, more and more their confidence is shaken.  I mean, I know so many Patriots that have come and gone.  So many Patriots that are Freedom Lovers, Truthers, who come and go.  They work for a year or two years.  They donít become big shots overnight.  They drop off.  They throw a fit.  Or they come into it, the elite sees all of us as people who are want-to-be aristocrats. They think Iím fighting them because I want to unseat them and get power.  And itís true, a lot of people like me are doing it for their own personal power.  Iím doing it organically, instinctively to survive, and to defend humanity at a species level.  Iím doing that organically.  But it is true that a lot of people in our movement arenít successful because theyíre just, theyíre just prototypes or failed bad sons of kind of the same mindset of the elite.  And then, they always appear and say, everyone under me, everyone do what Iím saying.  I have an organization.  Under me.  And then thatís why they fail, but they always self-destruct, because theyíre in it for the wrong reason.  Go ahead. 


Alan: Thereís no doubt on that at all.  Youíre right.  They do.  Again, psychopaths will always sniff the wind to see where popular opinion is going and theyíll try and jump on the bandwagon and get to the top any way they can.  Weíve found again, this happens down through history, and youíll find it too, with conquerors, after they take over a country, those they were fighting against at the top immediately join with them.  We found that with the Communist system as well.  The countries that were conquered, their members at the top would immediately become communists and be part of the politburo.  So, theyíll use popular movements to get in, but they donít last long, these people.  It is true, they donít last long.  They tend to argue, fall out with everyone around them, and people just fall away from them.  This is a collective process here, because, you see weíre fighting not for personal power, weíre fighting for everything thatís been.  For all the hardship that created us, and brought us to where we are today, all those that went before, all those who were used and abused down through centuries, thatís what weíre fighting for.


Alex: Thatís right.  Weíre fighting for humanity that has succeeded, despite the elite.


Alan: Yes.


Alex: And I think the elite overall are failing though, Alan.  I donít think they have full control.  I think theyíre mad.  I know theyíre mad at how, I know their New World Order is behind.  I know theyíre very upset right now. 


Alan: Whatever they do, and this is the key to everything, whatever they do to the public, and that goes for the schooling system, the police system, everything, they need our acquiescence.  They need us to cooperate and silently agree with them.  They need our cooperation for everything they want to do, even inoculating your children, bowing down to them, allowing them to control all your food.  They need our acquiescence.  And we have more power than you can believe if weíd just understand that.  We have the power to say No.


Alex: Iíll tell you, Iíll tell you what defeats them.  Everybody, even if youíre a busy executive, youíve got to start a garden, even if itís a separate piece of property, and then just start giving the food away.  Start having neighborhood cooking classes on how to cook the food you made.  People have to, weíve been domesticated.  But not even domesticated.  Weíve been brought to the level of like Chinese princesses, where they would tell them, oh, you bound your feet, you bind your fingers, you have long nails, youíre so beautiful, we have to take care of you.  Thatís how the support guilds would become the true power in so many imperiums.  We even see that with the elites, where we become these kept creatures.  Theyíve done what they did to Chinese Royalty, theyíve done to us.


Alan: In one generation, in just one generation, they have systematically destroyed the small farmer and almost eradicated the complete knowledge of being self-sufficient, and thatís their goal.


Alex: Yeah, horticulture, all of it.  Letís take some calls, quickly.  Alan Wattís got to go.  We really appreciate him.  David in Texas, youíre on the air.


David: How are you all doing?  Great show as usual.  I want to briefly say a couple of things.  First of all, I want to thank Alan Watt for all the research and all the broadcast work that heís doing in his various endeavors.  And I also want to thank you too, Alex, for all that you have done in the Patriot Movement, for all these years.  Your contributions have been very invaluable, and Iím very appreciative of that.  I want to make a quick point about some, when you started off on the police system that we used to have, and then I have a question for Mr. Watt, where he thinks all this is going.  Iíve kind of come up with a personal observation that I think I may be onto something here.  A lot of these elites believe in this supposed deity from Babylon, called Moloch, and I think it also, the ancient pharaohs, people in Egypt have their God Horus, which was a falcon-headed god, and supposedly Moloch was an owl-headed god.  I kind of think they may be two different variations of the same god, that both are worshiping.  And I also think that, my belief system is itís Satan, itís Satan worship.  And these people are very evil, and theyíre very misguided.  They think theyíre elite, and better than everyone else, but theyíre not. 


Alex: Well, let me just stop you.  I get attacked for saying Moloch is an owl.  At the Bohemian Grove they call it Moloch and they call it an owl.  Everybody knows that Moloch was a bull-headed god.  Whatever it is, itís a big statue with some horns.  And, but the occult is always changing names and changing things.  The point is, it is a Canaanite/Babylonian, but they did it all over.  Greece did it too.  Burning children in a fiery altar before a horned god that symbolizes the male side.  And then you have the goddess worship on the other side.  And so these occultists send me emails and get real mad, going Molochís a bull.  You wonít correct it.  Iím going off what the Bohemians say it is in Northern California.  You know, the Indians have 10,000 gods in India.  Iím not getting into all that, okay.  Iím saying what they believe, what this current cult is doing.  Comments on that, Alan Watt.


Alan: Yeah, itís true.  They have many names for the same thing.  And even in ancient times they did too.  And even Isis was the goddess with a thousand names and faces.  So, but really, the owl is really those who can see in the dark, meaning the darkness by the way is the common people in society.


Alex: Yeah, weíre in the dark, theyíre a big predator that hunts us in the dark.  It has light.  Itís illuminated in the dark.


Alan: And Horus, of course, Horus the hawk is the one who can fly high as the sun and look into the light of the sun, meaning themselves, the elite.  They can go both ways.  They can see in the world of darkness, where the profane live, as they call it, and they can also rise as high as the sun.  Thatís what they mean by that.


David: I have a quick question.  Where do you think all this is going?  Do you get the feeling that they may be about to try to pull something or a major catastrophic event, possibly on a global scale, that might be contrived, and theyíll try to seize power on a global scale in the not distant future?


Alex: Thereís no doubt of that.  I appreciate your call.  Alan.


Alan: Yeah, thereís no doubt.  Theyíve said themselves.  Brzezinski said it in his own book.  So did the Club of Rome in their books, that they most create a global threat, and theyíre using the environment as one of them.  Terrorism is another.  Now terrorism is a technique of warfare, not a war itself.  So theyíre using a technique and trying to convince us that terrorism is everywhere, it could be you, it could be your neighbor, it could be you tomorrow.


Alex: And weíre going to have millions of trained children, and everyone spying on neighbors to fight terror, terror, terror. 


Alan: And therefore the only way to save the world, will be to put the world into the hands of experts and have everyone monitored from cradle to grave on a daily basis.  And thatís going to be given to the public.


Alex: Meanwhile, the police chief says, we wear black uniforms to terrorize you.  We know who the real terrorists are.  Letís go ahead.  Are you scared of the cops or Al Qaeda, folks?  Kelly in Iowa, youíre on the air.


Kelly: Hi, howís it going?


Alex: Good. 


Kelly: Well, I caught your show at the very end.  But I was listening to Alan, and it sparked me, I remember it was either H.G. Wells or George Orwell, known as Eric Blair, he said, the New World Order would be like a boot stomp to the face of humanity, forever and ever. 


Alex: Yeah, always pressing on the nerve of power, tearing each other apart, tearing down the language, tearing down the species, until all it is is men in black uniforms torturing everyone and being tortured themselves, being ripped in pieces, pressing on the nerve of power for powerís sake.  And that is, do you want to comment on that, Alan Watt?


Alan: Thatís what it is.  Theyíre using terror openly now to terrify the public into compliance.  Or the threat of power.  The first part of law as Washington said is coercion.  You coerce or threaten the public.  The second part is you actually use force on the public.  So weíre seeing bits of both.


Alex: Well, now, I mean, for any reason they tazer you.  Oh, you didnít pay, tazer.  On the bus, oh, hey, take a Breathalyzer, no.  Get out of the car, Iím tazering you.  Thereís no law you have to take a Breathalyzer.  But still, they say, well, our officer, weíre going to do it now.


Alan: We are the new Pavlovís dogs, simple, very simple.


Alex: Well, hey, I just want to tell the guys enforcing this, youíre not getting away with anything.  Your bosses are hurting you a lot worse than youíre hurting us. 


Kelly: I do have one more question.


Alex: Yeah, go ahead, Kelly.


Kelly: Okay, Iím a fourth degree Dan in Ninjitsu, so Iím pretty much trained in back-pedaling, and one thing I would like to ask you guys, is, as far as geo-strategy, whatís going on over in the Middle East, one thing Iíve noticed is that where they demonize Iran, if you ever had to pull back or back-pedal, Iran would be the perfect place, but yet, they demonize Iran, and say how great everything is going in Iraq, which we know is not true.  So, if you had to back-pedal, and you actually had to beat feet, you would pretty much high-tail it to Iran, because theyíve got air bases, they have everything that you need.  And as far as geo-strategy wise, SunTzuís Art of War, 3rd Chapter, Know Thy Enemy, they ignore that.  They have ignored everything that has to do with military strategy that weíve learned in the last, oh, what thousand years. 


Alex: Well, they think theyíre going to get the US into a fight, that then people will refuse to pull out of, and they think that if they can escalate it into a big enough conflagration, that, Alan, do you want to comment on that. 


Alan: Well, theyíd always planned, H.G. Wells wrote the Shape of Things to Come, and he said that the New World Airforce would be based in Basra, which is in Iraq, and he wrote that a long time ago.  These guys donít like to change their plans.


Alex: Yeah, thatís in Things to Come, they made into a movie.  That was made in the 30s, and they fly around in what looks like B2 Bombers, landing, and theyíll tell leaders, you will submit to the world government. 


Alan: They donít like to change their plans. 


Kelly: Yeah, Iíve noticed that.  They donít, theyíre like living 50 years ago, I mean, they donít, they donít want to give quarter, but they donít want to take quarter either. 


Alan: They try and mush a square peg into a round hole if need be. 


Alex: Well, it is stick-to-it-ness.  They donít give up.  And theyíll slightly change course, but itís all going in the same direction.  I appreciate your call.  Weíre about to end this show.  John, in Pennsylvania, last caller.  Youíre on the air with Alan Watt.


John: Hi, how you doing.


Alex: Good.


John: I have one question.  I noticed earlier you had said that, you know the way that the media portrays some standing, shining hero, that delivers everyone from evil and all that, how they like to put that image out there, well, what would you say the possibility of the elite throwing, sacrificing one of their own, or maybe getting somebody from the Patriot movement indoctrinated with elitist values and then tricking everyone, making everyone think that heís some great Patriot, and heís going to save the country, but then just delivers everyone into the same New World Order, like master plan.


Alex: Are you trying to say Ron Paul is like that or something?


John: Whatís that?


Alex: I mean, who would that be?  Are you saying hypothetically, or are you implying like Ron Paul or somebody is bad?


John: Well, just the possibility that they would sacrifice somebody of their own to deliver everyone but yet lead them into the same New World Order, but yet make everyone think that this guy is against the New World Order.


Alex: I donít understand the sacrifice part.


John: Iím sorry, weíre breaking up, weíll have to let you go.


Alex: No, no.  Donít go.  I donít understand your question.  You said, why would they sacrifice their person?  Well, Iím not saying that person is a government disinfo agent, because the general public has just been inculcated on how to not think, and how to not get along, and how to always just interject some excuse to not move forward and wake up.  He said, sacrifice one of their people to be a Patriot and then bring the people in against the New World Order to only then do something to that person.  Maybe, Alan, youíre smarter than me.  Did you understand a logic in what he was saying?


Alan: I wasnít sure if he meant that someone would actually believe that what the elite were suggesting was the right thing to do.  Itís hard to tell, the way he phrased it. 


Alex: Well, just taking the second half of it, kind of like from one statement he made, like thereís going to be leaders in our movement that are bad. 


Alan: Well, maybe he meant that eventually someone will be sent out to lead a rebellion or something, or a counter against the system.  Maybe thatís what he was on about. 


Alex: Well, I mean they did that with the Bolsheviks but they were funded out of New York and London, and they went in, but it was so obvious, and they were calling for collectivism, and control.  They are not going to do that.  Hereís the deal.  Take the no-planers and the people that say particle beams did it.  They are not schizophrenics.  I mean they make videos where theyíre acting crazy and saying stupid things and cussing and yelling and running around saying that they carried out bombings, and you know, wearing mustaches and things, saying theyíre Hitler.  That is all done so that then the TV news, which theyíve done, and the anti-9/11 Truth group blogs can then say, hereís 9/11 Truth. 


Alan: Itís called Counter-Intelligence.  What you take is the actual fact, you add some fiction to it, and then the fiction ridicules the Truth. 


Alex: Exactly, but I think theyíve acted so stupid, that itís really woken up a lot of people. 


Alan: Yeah, turned back on them.


Alex: But what Iíve really seen is, listen.  Youíre not going to have operatives that go ten, twelve, fifteen, you know thirty years.  Youíre not going to have people that say you have power individually.  Take action, get involved.  Wake other people up.  What youíll get is a group that arrives suddenly and says, weíve got lots of funding, join us.  Do what we say.  We have a battle plan.  Come under us.  And then theyíll badmouth every other group.  And weíve seen that, time and time again, and then theyíll say everybody else is an agent. 


Alan: And theyíll be well funded, too.


Alex: Yeah.  There arenít many of those, because they come up like a sore thumb, then they disappear, because itís so obvious.  The elite have their big guys put their ideas out, then itís regurgitated.  Their control is mainly that society is sick, back-stabbing, twisted, that groups all balkanize into hundreds of sub-sects that all fight with each other, not because theyíre agents, but because theyíre egomaniacs, or they hate anyone whoís been successful in waking others up, because if theyíre successful, they must be an agent.  I mean, they teach us how to not work together.  They teach us how to just basically flounder around.  I mean, do you see what Iím saying, Alan?


Alan: They also are very apt to send in agents.  The Communists, thereís a good book put out that said, You Can Always Trust the Communists.  And the technique was there of how they sent in infiltrators who worked tirelessly.  Theyíd do all the hard work, theyíd lick the stamps, theyíd do the envelopes, and eventually went it came round to voting in a President or something, they would get voted in and then theyíd rule over and change direction.  So, you also have the other factor, as I say, you get psychopaths even at the bottom, who will smell the wind, and see where they can pick a winner.  And they will either take a group over or start up their own.  Thereís a lot of egos involved at the head of a lot of these groups.  And Iíve heard some of them slang each other publicly.


Alex: Well, no, thatís the point I was going to make, is that Iím trying to save people.  I mean, I say, warn people about the vaccines.  Warn them about the water.  Get self-sufficient.  Operatives donít do that.† And then, I can, but most of these people that attack me arenít even operatives.  I mean on the blogs and on the websites.  When national news is attacking me, that is an operation.  It really is just economic.  They are so mad that I have the most listeners that Iíve had these people call me up and go, you know, youíre too big.  Youíve got too big an ego.  And Iím like, what do you mean?  Iím doing this to try to warn people.  I have a passion for the truth.  And it literally is financial.  What these idiots donít understand is, I am waking up with my great listeners, so many people, that the movement, rising tide raises all ships, but they donít care.  Itís the egomania of they want to be top dog, and my success takes a lot of shots at me.  But whereas I realize my success just makes me the first ship going into an enemy harbor being fired on.  Iím the front of the line, the tip of the spear, going over the barbed wire, and Iím doing it for all the right reasons.  I know Iím for real. 


Alan: And what we know too, is you see, if we lose, everyone loses.  Weíre not going to benefit personally, in the future, in a society thatís already laid out the game plan here.  None of us are going to benefit, so thereís no personal aggrandizement here, where weíre going to go on with our own posterity.  If the elite win, there will be no more posterity, the children.


Alex: But thatís exactly what Iím saying, Alan.  Youíre so good at boiling it down, is that this is life and death.


Alan: It is.


Alex: I go to bed, sad every night, I mean, I know itís real, I know theyíre already imploding the economy.  I know theyíre doing all this, and I just want to stop it.  And then these egomaniacs always make it about, you know, how Iím bad or youíre bad, or somebody else is bad.  I always notice they attack whoís really pure of heart.  But then it scares me, because I donít think theyíre even operatives.  I think theyíre just a manifestation of a sick society. 


Alan: Iíve had some of the top authors mail me five letters in a day sometimes, the most amazing hate youíd ever imagine, simply because Iíve been mentioned more than they have.  And telling mainstream media and main state radios Iíve been on, different stations to get me off.  Theyíve been trying to get me off the stations.  And one of them, in one country, they were successful in doing it.


Alex: Is this somebody in our movement?


Alan: No, this came from across the pond. 


Alex: But I mean, I mean, in the freedom movement? 


Alan: Yeah, supposedly.


Alex: Well, thatís the thing is, Alan, I have you on and a few others who have talk shows and do other things, but more and more rare, because I used to, I would have hosts on and try to build them up and even promote them, and then, as soon as they got a chance, they would attack me.  Or Iíd have them fill in on my show, and then theyíd do it.  And it really freaked me out, because I was trying to build up other people, and then they were like, no, thatís not what this is about.  This is about you going away, and me being you.  And Iím like, no, for my own safety I have to stay visible, but I donít even enjoy this. 


Alan: I donít think they realize, either, again, the lesser psychopathic type, donít realize that every time you come into the house, you donít know if youíre going to get blown up.  You donít know if youíre going to be killed going outside the house.  You donít have a minuteís peace.  Youíre always aware that your life can end at any time.  And itís no fun.  Itís no fun being out in front at all.  No fun at all. 


Alex: Well, Alan.  Youíre doing a fabulous job, and we just really appreciate you.  Give the listeners your website and some of the books and videos youíve got.


Alan: Thanks, Alex.  And thanks for having me on.  Yeah, look into and and see what I have for sale there, it keeps me going.  Itís all I ask, and thatís all we can ask at the moment is more time to expose more of this and to go on as long as we possibly can. 


Alex: Well, Alan.  I appreciate you.  And I want to have you come on the show, more and more, and I appreciate you putting up with all my rant and raves, and I think we have good discussions back and forth with the callers.  And take care.  Thanks for two-plus hours today.


Alan: And you take care as well. 


Alex: Take care.  Alan Watt on with us, for what, two hours and forty minutes.  Iím out of time.  Iíll be back live tomorrow.  These non-stop shows where I donít even take a break, itís exhausting, but I enjoy it.


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