November 4th, 2011

Alan Watt on the Alex Jones Show
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Alex: Okay, letís go to Alan Watt.  Alan, so much is happening in the world.  Iíve got all my questions, but I want to get into what you think is most important right now.  But weíre seeing just an acceleration of the program.  The street lamps, we already knew had microphones, many of them.  Now, theyíre admitting it.  The chemtrails.  Theyíre not admitting it, and saying itís for your own good.  The plan to give us forced inoculations and release mosquitoes that put nanotech viruses into us to reengineer our brains, give us basically servile lobotomies, where we canít get angry, or whatever.  Thatís all being announced.  Eugenics is being announced.  Just pell-mell evil.  Al Qaeda flags going up in Libya.  Peace prize.  Childrenís faces blown off.  Just giggling, snickering.  Depression.  Wholesale insanity.  Are they just trying to overwhelm us right now to make us go into a catatonic psychological state of learned helplessness, Alan Watt?


Alan: I think it could be partly that, because of the ones who are following this whole program, but youíve got to remember that most of the populations are not following the program.  Theyíve never really been awake.  They follow mainstream and lots of entertainment.  I think theyíre pushing now because itís time to push for this whole amalgamation into, they call it, the Great Transformation.  Thatís the official title of it, at this stage of it.  And itís a transformation of the whole planet into the system that Quigley touched on.  He talked about the economic side of it, mainly the economic side, as they amalgamate the continents and the central banks into one system, under the Bank of International Settlements.  He talked about this in the 60s.  So, weíre on course with all of this.  And I think the public are so dumbed down today, to be honest with you, itís time now to push for the next part.  All the public really know, from watching mainstream, is that all economies are in bad shape, pretty well, except for China, and that weíve got to do something about it. 


So, theyíre preparing the publicís minds for a new type of economic system, which is to be introduced in different countries.  Probably a starter in Europe, and then eventually into America.  Itís a new economic system based on resources and taxation by consumption.  A value added tax will replace basically, eventually, eventually it will replace all other taxes.  And so youíll be kept at a certain minimum standard of living, in a communitarian living area, your region, or your local area, for communitarianism.  Theyíve got it started off in Britain.  Itís going pell-mell there.  And itís to be introduced too into the States.  In fact, the same organization that started it in Britain has just launched their big movements in the US as well.  So, itís a whole new way of living.  They call it a scientific economy.  Scientifically designed and run, right down to your local level and what you do, or what youíre assigned to do, with your new kind of job.  And when they can make people helpless enough with a bad economy, the general public will grab at any straw, to save themselves.  And they know itís time.


Alex: Well, they also admit, as you know, that itís designed to shut things off.  That you will live at a lower standard.  The government publicly, to kind of the unwashed masses, as they see them, say weíre trying to make your life better.  But in all the public manuals, and even public statements, itís like, weíre going to shut everything off from these people and start euthanizing and donít you like that, slaves?  And the slaves go, ďyeah.  Weíre trendy.  Kill us.  Weíre trendy.  Yeah, we like it.Ē


Alan: Youíve got to understand too, Alex, that all the old values that kept society strong, that kept communities, real communities, natural communities strong, and that also gave you your values between each other, have been destroyed, demolished, since the 1960s, basically. 


Alex: Yeah, they donít want us, weíre going to break, Alan.  I want you to continue along that line.  They admit in all these handbooks, weíve shown them on air.  They teach it to the regular social workers at UT in the handbook.  The family is a disease.  Itís got to be removed.  But they really donít think itís a disease.  Itís a disease to the globalists.  They donít want you having any sense of identity and any real roots.  Youíve got to be like a blank slate they just download trendiness into.  And then you just go, ďOh, my God!  I take a shot, I get brain damage.  Itís so much fun.  Wow, Iím dying of cancer.  People are dying all around me.  Itís trendy.  Fluoride in the water.  Itís trendy.  Government gang raping me, itís trendy.Ē 


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Alright, let me bring this up for Alan Watt.  Itís up at, right now.  Weíll get it linked up at as well, but this is out of NBC Los Angeles: Russian Genius Lived With Twenty-Six Corpses.  Some skeletal remains were reportedly dressed up as a doll and a teddy bear.Ē  Wow, Iím a better newsreader when Iím totally tired.  See, I get so excited normally, I canít even read stuff, when Iím not burnt out.  ďA Russian man who speaks thirteen languages and lectured at museums had the corpses of twenty-six women in his small apartment.  Anatoly Moskvin, forty-five, had dug up many of the mummified bodies from graves, and some were dressed up and arranged around his three-room apartment in Western Russia.  According to BNO news, the bodies were discovered after his parents came for an unexpected visit.Ē 


Iím sorry, itís just so sick.  Iím laughing because itís sick.  Imagine his parents walking in.  Oh, heís such a nice man.  See, this is what government is like.  Itís far worse than this.  And, as the IQ goes up, this gets even more common.


ďRussian media reported the bodies were females, ages between fifteen and twenty-six, who died years ago.Ē  But it goes on.  ďLife News said that heís a historian who sneaked into graveyards at night, dug up bodies, and took them home in plastic bags. Back in his apartment, he dressed up the bodies as dolls, wearing dresses and stockings.Ē


Thatís actually a phenomenon. Iíve seen cases of that in the US, people that are in love with corpses.  Skeletons, actually.  But, you know, itís funny, Alan, this comes out, and theyíre calling this guy sick.  And I agree, itís completely insane.  But the royal family, it just came out, has been recently, not just Vlad the Impaler days, eating human body parts.  They believe itís nutritious, which adds to all the lore.  This is a short segment, long one is coming up, but from your research of the British royal bloodline, which is German, which is really Transylvanian, and all of this, why are so many of these elitists into this stuff?


Alan: Itís an ancient myth or belief in regeneration, basically.  Especially if you get, we know in ancient times, and probably into the Middle Ages, they would actually collect the menstrual fluids of women and drink that, believing it restored youth to them.  The same thing is still going on in some circles today, to do with the blood that comes from the umbilical cord of babies, in some circles.  They definitely still do that.  But that was traditionally a royal thing to do.  And it goes back, all the way back to Egypt, actually.


Alex: Yeah.  Hereís what the commoners are saying.  They were actually Chicago registered voters.  The next one said, everyone thinks this is funny and strange, but here in Chicago these people, these dead people, would all be called voters.  Another one says, he wanted his mummy.  The other says, what some guys will do to get a date.  How much lead-time does one need to put away twenty-six corpses before mom and dad come to visit?  I mean, again, but this is seen as sick, but when the royals are into this stuff, itís seen as loving.


Alan: And we know too, youíve got to understand that Kabala was very, very high in the Middle Ages, especially in France and England too.  In France they have found some of the paraphernalia that they used in the royal courts during that time, for the king.  And theyíve found skinned, the skinned babies, you know, the skin of the babies were there.  That was again a rejuvenation thing.  If you wore the skin of a youth, and went through this ritual, it supposedly restored youth to them.  Thatís what they believed.  And of course, the chalice for the blood and all the rest of it.  So, theyíve always been into this kind of thing.  Theyíve been fascinated with.  When youíre up there in power, youíve got nothing to go for but more power, and immortality, and this is part of the Kabalistic rituals they went into, right through into King Louis XVI.


Alex: Why, why is Prince Charles now making such a big deal about heís a Transylvanian and heís got a house there, Vlad the Impalerís old house, and he loves it?


Alan: Well, heís a trans-something, but I wouldnít go too far with it.  I mean, Charlie is a numskull too.  And heís really pretty stupid, even at school.  I talked to one of his headmasters once, and he said the same thing to me.  But Charlie had no purpose for a long, long time.  He said that he is descended from David.  He said he was an Olympian, from the old gods of the Olympics and thatís a secret society too.  And he was defender of the faith, which was the Christian faith, and then he changed it to defender of all faiths.  And now heís trying to say that heís Transylvanian.  What theyíre trying to make out is that their ancestors were a Saxon people or a Prussian people that once dominated Transylvania as well, as one of their big estates.  In reality, itís Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, are the three main houses they come from.  They were Prussian/German estates basically.  They were all from the same family, interbred, and eventually in the early 1800s in fact, 18th century I should say, they brought in merchants, very rich merchants, and they married into them.  They became the dominant strain.  So the royalty today are really from merchant class.


Alex: Stay there, weíll be right back.  Stay right there, I want to talk more about that with Alan Watt, and a lot more.  Stay with us and weíll be right back. 


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Alan, the reason I keep going back to this is knowing the enemy, knowing the global elite, knowing what theyíre into.  Obviously, I donít believe thereís real vampires running around.  People have archetypes for all of this, where they could say itís vampires, itís reptoids, because weíre saying, these arenít humans.  They donít act like humans.  Psychopaths donít act like humans.  But really, theyíre just I guess genetically different.  They donít have empathy.  In fact, a lot of them enjoy hurting innocent people.  Thatís why every culture has these legends of vampires and stuff, because, well, in a lot of cultures, I mean they were doing human sacrifice.  They were blood drinking.  And you study the elites, theyíre obsessed with this, and thatís why they do the things that theyíre doing.  Alan Watt.


Alan: Itís a very primitive thing.  It goes way back into ancient times.  Even when some of the tribes did, and some still do, in Africa, drink the blood of the cattle as they move, which is a more practical thing.  You can understand that.  Of course, when it comes into the psychopathic type, they want to stun those they want to subdue.  They want to stun them by doing something which terrifies them.  And it wouldnít surprise me if they did this in ancient times publicly at times as well, drinking the blood of humans, or a sacrifice, or something like that.  So, but then again, in the Middle Ages, you had the magic part coming into it, from the Eastern Europe, and blending with it, and that became very popular in the circles of royalty, and up to the present time too.  Thereís a lot of strange things they do. 


I mean, a psychopath has no inhibition.  Weíve got to understand that.  It doesnít matter what culture that they instill upon the people.  They always put a culture on the people, and they have their managers to manage that culture.  Today, itís all sociologists that do it for us, you know, and psychologists and neurologists, and neuroscientists they call them.  So, they give us the present culture.  They work with industry.  They work with the media.  They work with all entertainers today.  And they have for a long, long time.  So, but the psychopath himself doesnít follow that culture, except in public, for PR shots.  Heíll seem fairly normal, read scripts, but in private life they have no inhibitions whatsoever.  The laws that apply to the general population never apply to them.  Theyíre above the laws.  And they can get away, they can actually break a lot of laws and be untouched, because youíll always find, if you go into the law books, royalty cannot be charged or fined for anything.  Theyíre above all law.  They can only be tried by a peer group, which is other members of royalty.  And thatís why youíre tried by a jury of your peers.  Commoners are not the peers of royalty, you see.  So, they have a completely different way of doing things, but thereís nothing new in this whatsoever. 


There was a famous club in London, thatís still on the go, I think.  And Lord Mountbatten used to take little boys, underage boys into this club.  It was a lot of money to get in at the door, unless you were a member, so it kept the public out of it.  Many reporters actually from Fleet Street got in there.  And theyíd often see Mountbatten sitting with a little boy, and getting him piss drunk, and going up to one of the rooms with him.  No one ever reported on that, except one, later on, years ago.  Actually, he did it by word of mouth, but he couldnít report it in Fleet Street, or theyíd have been fined and charged.  The newspapers would be closed down, actually, if you actually published something like that.  So theyíre above all the things. 


Now, a psychopath too, really enjoys all sensations.  They flourish on sensations.  Whatever drug turns them on, gives them a better high.  Whatever, the more weirdest, kinkiest sex they can possibly get, gives them a better high.  Thatís what they live for, is the highs in life.  And they jet all over the place to have their little orgies and things like that.  Of course, thatís just the nature of the psychopath.  Lower-level psychopaths have to put a better show on to the public, pretend theyíre one of you, but at the top, the royalty, apart from the PR shots, they live a completely different lifestyle than you can ever imagine.


Alex: And really, thatís what modern civilization has become, is a psychopath playground.  And theyíve created the artificial culture, the culture creators, and more and more are trying to convert a large servant class over, to not just do this ritually here and there, but they want to go into mass scale war.  Mass scale death.  You or I would look at the video of the three-year-old girl with her lower mandible blown off, tongue hanging out, in absolute panic, and that rips our heart out.  It rips our guts out.  But the globalists, for them, thatís beautiful.  Thatís a sensation.  That is just grand.  And thatís why they make the joke, this is peace, ha, ha, ha.


Alan: Well, theyíve done many, many studies with the psychopath, and theyíve wired them up to various equipment, electrical equipment to study their brain, including the electromagnetic imaging.  And they can actually see what parts of the brain are stimulated or not even touched, when they look at different photographs. Psychopaths donít have a horror.  They donít recoil with horror at gruesome pictures.  Thereís a neutral image in the brain.  Sexual things, so on, like that, even torture might turn them on, but things that would shock most people has no actual response on them at all.


Alex: See, I believe itís healthy and normal to recoil from all that.  But then thereís a place in good people, where I wouldnít enjoy it, but I do have a compulsion, a compulsion, you know, in my mind that these people need to be routed out.  You know, Iím somebody like, who wouldnít hurt flea.  But when I see the globalists, I have an overwhelming drive to see them hang high.  I mean, and of course, thatís a natural instinct.  Theyíre trying to get that out of the general public, so weíll just sit here and take it.  As a father, as a human, as a warrior, as a guardian.  Nothing special, just a man.  I have absolute, total energy, even though Iím exhausted right now, just thinking about these people, to want to defeat them.  And I would imagine you have that same view as well.


Alan: Oh, yeah, see, you understand, we have our figureheads that still have power, like Prince Charles.  Thereís articles recently where he can actually veto or just nullify any law thatís going to affect him and his personal estates across. 


Alex: Let me stop you.  Guys, pull up the London Guardian, headline, Prince Charles Offered Vetoes, I think itís 50 times.  But they admit, oh, he has a loophole where he runs everything.  He is the ruler.  Anything he wants is his.  And I tell Canadians this.  I go, you know, the Queen suspended your Parliament three times.  And they go, no, youíre a liar.  So, I show articles.  And then they go, well, thatís just ceremonial.  But again, this is how it works.  Go ahead.


Alan: Well, thereís no law that can be passed in any of the British Commonwealth countries, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Britain.  Even India still follows a lot of those rules, because theyíre part of the British Commonwealth, and so, no law can be passed in any of those countries without the final permission of the Queen.  She must stamp it, basically, to pass it or nullify it.  So, theyíre still very powerful, but they also have, again, their pals, their cousins too, because theyíre interrelated with the big bankers.  Theyíre intermarried with them.  The big, Iím talking about bankers who lend to nations.  So, theyíre intermarried with those guys too.  Theyíre also inbred psychopaths that have been at this for hundreds and hundreds of years.  And so, we have, see everything runs from the top down by money.  And once you have money you can buy everything.  You buy countries, because every country is in debt.  You make sure of that by the system that you introduce.  And then, the guy whoís in charge of money can basically say, ďwell Iíll give you this, if youíre going to put so much to the military.  And hereís a little deal.  You know, Iíd like your military to attack that country over there, because they havenít been paying their debts,Ē and all this kind of stuff.  And this is how it really works.  And thatís why Rothschild said, give me control of your money system and I care not who rules the country.  Because, he knew from previous experience, that whoever rules the money, rules the whole country anyway, and the prime minister.  The prime minister must go to the banker, cap in hand, every year for his cash, you know.  So, money rules it.  And, as I say, theyíre interbred psychopaths too.  And youíll find the Rothschilds are intermarried with the royal families of Britain and Europe as well.


So weíre run by psychopaths on all levels.  Some of the other ones too, by the way, itís interesting, go into the military.  They just shoot up through the ranks, naturally.  They probably hardly attend it, in fact, but they end up being in charge at the top levels of military.  So, there you have your royal powers for ultimate laws. You have your financial industry boys there, that govern the whole finance of the whole country.  They use the people like peasants for taxation to fund their wars and their loans and all the rest of it.  And then you have guys at the top of the military, who decide to take you off to war.  So, they have their little plans, that really are secret plans from the public.  The public is never to know the real reasons for anything, and they never do.  Theyíre never told the real reasons for any war, or the real reasons for anything happening within their country.  So, psychopaths really, and Iíve said this.  All people who are going to be in charge, or given power over any citizen, should be tested for psychopathy.  Youíve got to start with that, number one, that rule, right off the bat.  And that goes for your money system, and every other system there is, because psychopaths, once they get in, they can cause so much damage so quickly.  And by the way, they recognize each other.  They find each other very quickly.  They instantly recognize another psychopath, and they form their little societies that end up ruling big chunks of the world, like the Council on Foreign Relations.


Alex: They are a cancer and they must be routed out.  They are the, you know, the vampires.  Not physical vampires, but spiritually.  And they have to be routed, or they will continue to feed on us.  Look at this headline, out of CBS news.  ďDenver collects fines on drivers who stop at red lights.Ē  And you know, if their bumper just goes one inch over the white line, again, just, but then, the system can commit any crimes they want.  Just briefly, Alan, whatís your view on this whole Iran situation? 


Alan: Well, I was pretty certain of how geopolitics was going to run this one, and it has turned out this way.  I knew that Israel would, you see, Israel put out, if you read the old newspapers from Israel, youíll find that when the New American Century put out their list of countries they wanted to take down, they had Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, they had Libya.  They had Iran, Egypt, etc.  All on the list.  And of course, Obama is just following the same list.  He was even congratulated by Rumsfeld for doing so.  And so, but Israel kept telling the US in the Israeli papers, donít stop.  Donít stop at this country.  Keep going.  Keep going.  They were really ticked off that the US wasnít going through them all one after another.  They have these long pauses in between.  So, this time I thought, well, Israel will have to, for the appearances sake, and this is what itís for.  Itís for appearances sake, Israel will come up, and stand up and say, weíre going to attack, and then the media will come out and say, thatís putting pressure on the US who doesnít want a full-scale attack on Iran.  And therefore, theyíll step up their sanctions.  Theyíll step up, theyíll take over.  And thatís exactly how theyíre playing it out.  They get Israel to come out first, with a threatened strike on Iran, and the US will step in saying, weíre the protector, weíll handle that, and then the US takes the blame, pays the cost of it, financially, and in blood, as well.  And thatís the whole region then cleared.  Thereís only one dominant country to be allowed in that whole region.  That was decided and talked about before they even set up the state of Israel.  So, youíre simply watching a very old plan work out on time, on cue, the way that they planned it.


Alex: Yep.  Letís go ahead and talk to John in Wisconsin.  John, youíre on the air.  Welcome.


John: Hi, itís a real pleasure to speak to you guys.  Obviously, Infowars, Prison Planet, and Cutting Through the Matrix are daily visits for me and most of the audience out there.  So, I mean, thatís about as high a praise as I can offer. 


Alex: Thank you.


John: I kind of want to change the subject just a little bit.  I saw this movie recently about Lyme disease and just how itís spreading all over the place, and the fact that thereís a real ignorance as far as you know, how to treat the disease.  And it seems like the medical establishment through their publishing, and through all their indoctrination has all these doctors under wraps, you know.  I kind of wonder if they have it as like this giant, you know, roving hoard of, you know, infested deer and infected ticks that theyíre controlling through the DNR.  I mean, how integrated is all this? 


Alex: Well, we know Lyme disease, and itís pretty much on record, deer swam from Plum Island over to New York.  Itís less than a mile.  Deer do that.  And it was a zoological weapons base.  They brought Nazis over there after World War II.  Itís on record, and so, Lyme disease is a souped-up, weaponized system.  And yeah, itís all part of their degenerative disease, weapon program.  And then they just shelve and donít cover under insurance all the real treatments for things.  Alan?


Alan: Itís actually older.  It was invented in Canada, during World War II.  And thereís a good book out there.  Itís called Deadly Allies: Canadaís Secret War.  Canada has led the field in bacterial and viral warfare, during and since World War II.


Alex: Yeah, I knew about that, but the word I got, but the main spread point they said, was they particularly weaponized it even more at Plum Island. 


Alan: Yeah, they sent it down to Plum Island in the States to be worked on.  And the vector that they chose was, of course, at the time it was ticks.  They dropped it from planes at one point across the Western part of Canada, onto deer herds to see how it would spread, and then it spread amongst the populations.  And then eventually, of course, theyíve actually weaponized it now.  Itís been in the papers in Canada that mosquitoes can carry it now as well.  So, this is really weaponized. 


Alex: Yeah, theyíre just going to dole out all this in a loving way, to kill you and your family, your children.  You know, they love degenerative diseases. 


Alan: Yes, they do.  Thatís what they said theyíd have for the West.


Alex: Just another little loving goody-good.  Do you want to add anything else, John?


John: I do want to add a little bit.


Alex: All right, stay there.  Weíre going to come back.  The government loves you.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Okay, finishing up, John, on the loving Lyme disease, which you can go research, is a bio-weapon.  And itís just all part of the nastiness of the globalists. 


John: Do either of you guys know if thereís like a correlation between chronic wasting disease and Lyme disease?  Is that sort of the same condition, or?


Alex: Yeah, thereís all sorts of little carrier weapons they can put into ticks and other systems.  And now, Bill Gates has said, theyíre releasing the mosquitoes that are genetically engineered.  Theyíll put whatever they want in them, and theyíre going to give it to you, and thatís the way it is, because heís smiling and dances around, and weíre all trained if itís an authority figure they can kill us.  And thatís just how it works.


John: They want to control the hinterlands so that any rebels that are gathering will just die of some kind of disease because theyíve been infected.


Alan: Itís even more than that; youíre on the right track though.  There was a big scare here, a few years ago, where I am, the whole Northern area.  And they tried to say that not just Lyme disease, but also various other diseases spread by mosquitoes was on the way.  And they had everybody terrified.  People were wearing full jackets of the mesh, you know, the mosquito mesh.  Even gardeners were wearing them.  They were terrified.  And it kind of faded away into nothing.


Alex: Hey, itís even in mainstream news, Alan, to interrupt you, that West Nile came out of a government weapon program.  Sorry, go ahead. 


Alan: Yeah, and that kind of fizzled away, that one, and terrified people too.  But you start to get the impression, itís just not safe to live in the country anymore.  And of course, what theyíll do, and what they have been doing is say, well, we can actually spray and keep down the mosquitoes around cities, but we canít of course spray outside of the cities, etc, etc.  So, everything now is to get everyone in, off of the rural areas Ė thatís all part of the big agenda, written in lots of different programs Ė into the big cities for the communitarian lifestyle.  So we can all be watched, tracked, and traced.  Itís much cheaper for them to watch us when weíre all collectively stuck together and crammed together.


Alex: And, by the way, itís all on record that our government and other governments sterilizing people, killing foster children, pesticides, half the native kids they get their hands on die in Canada.  Mainstream news.  And biological, chemical, radiological, injecting people with syphilis, polio, I mean, the governments have been caught thousands of times doing this, radiating little children.  And people are like, but itís the government, donít be anti-government.  Love your psychopaths.  Hand your guns in.  They want to help you.  The troops need to use DU, which kills them, but it takes twenty years.  Be patriotic.  Let the troops be killed by the government. 


Alan: And remember too that youíre quite right, weíre under.  See, people keep asking me all the time, when is this all going to start?  I say, well, itís already started.  Since the 50s onwards, the cancer rates have just massively exploded.  Thereís no panic about it, by the way.  When thereís no panic about it, that means itís under their control.  Theyíre behind it all, the big boys.  They know whatís causing it, because they made sure they gave us the products, the injections and so on, that do cause it.  So, theyíre exploding, and in an article recently, from the World Health Organization said, the third world countries weíre now bringing up to a higher standard of living through the GATT Treaty and the World Trade Organization....


Alex: Stay there.  I want to hear about more of their love.


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Alex: Thereís got to be some way to get people out of their trance, because I understand this is frightening information, but itís all verifiable.  I mean, it would be funny.  If I went over in somebodyís yard, and if they had a bunch of pebbles or gravel in their yard, you know, one of these zero-scape things, and I took a rock out of their yard, the neighbor would run out and bow up and you know, get all crazy.  But if the government murders them twenty, thirty years young, or kills their kid with a cancer injection, itís like they donít want to hear it.  They donít even care.  Itís like, kill me.  Itís like almost fun to toady around and like the government and like the TSAs and all of it.  And thank you for groping me, TSA.  You know, just all of this.  Itís mind control.  Is it not, Alan?


Alan: It is mind control, but itís also propaganda.  Itís the effect of mass propaganda of the authoritative system versus those who have not been given authority by government or whatever.  They want to believe in government.  They want to believe that people could never be so awful and terrible and nasty to them.  And the propaganda is perfect for every culture.  They give you the guys at the top that say the traditional phrases that youíre used to hearing, and they could never do things like that to you.  Theyíre caring, etc.  They fall for all the PR.  They fall for all the deportment these guys are taught and the scripts that are written by professionals.  They fall for propaganda.  This is a propaganda war weíre in.  Itís an information war, and this what they said that would come.  Before they gave us the internet, they said there will be a massive information war.  And of course they didnít sit back and wait for it happening.  They made sure they had the biggest, most professional, well-funded teams to make sure weíd always have information wars.  Even on the other side too, thereís been fakes over the years who have come out on the Patriot side, and later we find out, like Bo Gritz, that theyíre actually still working for the government.  So, this is a real war.  A real war for the mind.  When the mind goes, the body has no choice but to follow it.  So, itís a war for the mind.  And until people literally become informed, and then paranoid about their governments, nothing will happen.  The majority will go along with it, unfortunately.  And now you have the big propaganda push for Conspiracy Theories, Conspiracy Theories.  And it was the mainline that put that term out there.  Now everyone is labeled a ďConspiracy TheoristĒ like some kind of nut.  Like the guy that collects corpses there, instead of stamps.  So, thatís how they label you.  So a phrase can literally knock you out of action, because itís already embedded in the peopleís minds through propaganda.  Just like ďNaziĒ, it shuts them up right away.  Thereís no response to it, thereís no reasoning through logic when it happens.


Alex: Amazing.  Alan, thank you so much for spending time with us, and I look forward to speaking to you in the near future.


Alan: Well, thanks for having me on, Alex.


Alex: Good to have you.



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