October 14th, 2010
Alan Watt on the Alex Jones Show


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Alex Jones: We have Alan Watt joining us from Canada, and it's great to have you here with us, sir.  Cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Alan, good to have you with us.


Alan Watt: It's good to be back on again, Alex.


Alex: Okay, you've heard me ranting about money and funding and support.  I want to get into the overall globalist takeover, the financial collapse, where you see things coming after the break.  But in the next few minutes, I didn't ask you this beforehand, I really want your perspective.  Can you explain to people how the big foundations and the government funds the mainstream media.  And do you agree with us, Alan, like when we flew up twice to interview you in Canada, and tried to help you out a little bit for doing the interview, which you didn't even ask for, but you need to support you, I mean, how important is it to support Infowars.com?  In the whole scheme of things, give me your honest response.  What do you think of this show?  What do you think of its trailblazing value?


Alan: I think the few remaining stations that are left, and there's very few, there used to be lots of stations for Patriot Radio, the few remaining ones are the only lifeline that people have to any alternate news that fills in all the blank spots, which the media leaves out.  And without it, really, you're left with nothing but mainstream propaganda, and the mainstream will never tell you that they're really shepherding you into this whole new global society, which is an authoritarian society.  And the shows, the few Patriot Stations that are left are trying to put out the information to show you what kind of society it's to be.  It's already decided.  They have put out their books on it.  They've got lots of documentation at the United Nations of the society they're bringing in.  It's an authoritarian society, totally controlled society, and there's no democracies or republics in it.  It's simply authoritarian from top to bottom.  And we've been living through it for the last few years.  We've watched the implementation as they've taken the rights away from all the people across the entire planet, and this is a global agenda.  And right now, as I say, the only lifeline they have are the occasional talk show hosts who put out alternate information, and try to at least educate the ones who need that.  And people do really crave to have the little bits explained to them that the media does leave out.  You've got to know why, why everyone right now is pushing towards total integration with the International Monetary Fund.  If you know the history of it, you'll know it was set up fifty, sixty years ago to be completely integrated for the world.  And even Stephen Harper on Canadian Television at the G20 Meeting, admitted that they've all signed an agreement.


Alex: Yeah.  We've got to give up our sovereignty to have an economy, that's how they hold us hostage.  It's also up on prisonplanet.com.  Do we have that loaded in the video system?  Stephen Harper admits Canadians need to give up sovereignty.  It's a prisonplanet.com article if we don't have it in the video list.  Let's come back and talk about that, Alan, on the other side, and then the overall view on where we are, and the rollout, the implementation of this global government.  He is Alan Watt of cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  I'm Alex Jones of Infowars.com.  We shall return after this quick break.  24+ hour broadcast is live. 


(Commercial Break)


Stephen Harper audio: The number 1 issue we have today in Canada, and have had for the past couple of years, without a shadow of a doubt is the economy.  But as I constantly remind Canadians, there isn't really a Canadian economy anymore, it is a global economy.  And yes the Canadian economy so to speak is doing better than many other countries, but the general trajectory of the Canadian economy, whether we're on the downhill, as we were last year, or whether we're on the rebound as we are this year, is fundamentally determined by the state of the global economy.  And that's what these meetings are all about, and that's why they are so critical.  That's why it's so critical that we participate and play a major role, because Canadian jobs and Canadian futures are intimately linked to what goes on here.  And quite frankly, everything that we do in our country to improve our country's position is ultimately to improve that position within the context of a global economy.  And we cannot be effective at major economic matters any longer, unless we work with our other economic partners around the world and work with them closely and intimately.  That is essential.  I know some people don't like it.  It's a loss of national sovereignty, but it is a simple reality.  It is a simple reality that we are in a global economy.  The global economy is determining where we're headed and will determine our future, and we have to play our part in these forums to make sure that our interests are protected and advanced.


Alex:  Alright, so they hold you hostage.  They say the global economy has to make the decision.  That's the mega central banks that bought up the planet through fraud, with at least 1.5 quadrillion, 1,500 trillion, and now, oh, we've got to let this foreign group make the decisions and determine it.  Globalism is our only hope.  See, it gets you like a boa constrictor, squeezes you, and then hisses in your face while it's killing you that it's saving you, and this is how they're selling pure evil and world government.  Alan Watt.


Alan: Yes, and again, it's nothing to really shock some of us, who've studied it for years, because we've watched all the different global meetings they've had.  You've got to understand they're all members of the Council on Foreign Relations that was set up as a parallel government.  They put members in government too.  Most of your bureaucrats at the high levels are CFR members.  And the same in every other country across the world, all members of the Council on Foreign Relations, and sometimes they'll change the name for the same organization.  Their plan for the last, oh, almost a hundred years, has been to bring in a global society, a sort of mixture of Marxism, and a mixture of Keynes, basically, philosophy on money.  That's the system we're living in now. And now we're going in for the kill, which was the second part of the recipe of Breton Woods, was where the IMF would come up and be the global banker for the whole planet and be in charge, not only of dishing out money across the world, but also of managing every country's debt.  Instead of the country doing it themselves, they will do it for them.  They will demand access to the books.


Alex: It's a financial takeover and everything we talked about has come true with total precision, because we were only reading their own documents. 


Alan: That's right.  They have made it public in all their publications.  It's just that the public never hear about them because the media is perfectly silent about them.  And the media is silent because the leaders are all members of the Council on Foreign Relations.  And we've had Rockefeller before who finances an awful lot of the CFR's movements in America, and publishes their books too, and he pays for it all.  He said at one of his meetings, we thank you.  He was talking to the editors of newspapers and the magnates.  And he said, we thank you for keeping it secret.  We could never have gone this far without your help, keeping it all secret from the public. 


Alex: What point have we reached?  I mean, they're publicly saying their devaluing global currencies to "fix the debt."  That's like if your leg is chopped off, chopping off the other leg. 


Alan: Yeah.  Because they're going to bring in a standardized monetary system for the whole planet.  That's definitely on the books.  And obviously they always do the same thing when they change into a new monetary system, they devalue the present currencies as they amalgamate it all together.  And that's what they're doing with the U.S. and Canada to follow.  Canada always follows the U.S., because we are so intertwined financially with business.


Alex:  There's major resistance to it.  In fact Brzezinski talked about a total global awakening the first time in history, and admitted that they are in trouble.  What's your take on that?


Alan: I don't see it really as trouble.  Remember too, these guys have full-time think tanks working on every possible problem that could arise with their big far-reaching plan.  And they work it out well in advance.  And they have, as you know, across the world set up a police state and a militarized state in order to take care of any problems as we go through this, as a 'just in case' scenario.  We've been trained since 2001 to simply obey anybody in a black-clad uniform, and this is part of that too.  It's training us to accept total authority, poverty coming your way, the redistribution of wealth; they've announced that.  They've announced that openly, that whatever happens in say somewhere in Africa, you, you wealthier people will have to bail them out.  And so this is the redistribution of wealth as Karl Marx talked about.  They call it the Third Way.  This is the Third Way.  It's the joining of the capitalist system with what was called the Soviet system.


Alex: Which the Rand Corporation documents admit they've also been involved in.


Alan: Yes.


Alex: Alan Watt, stay with us.  We'll be right back.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Do you understand?  Ford Foundation, Carnegie, Rand Corporation, all the old timers were right, it's true.  World Government run by the big banks.  You pay your taxes to them.  VAT taxes, taking the pension funds, troops on the streets for the financial collapse they engineered.  We're going to be playing some video of that coming up early in the next hour.  This is all happening now.  This is real.  It's happened to every country.  Most countries are under tyranny.  And then the countries fall apart and just are in squalor.  They use the economic warfare to control you, just like Mexico does.  But we can beat this.  They're not invincible.  We've known their plans.  We've warned people for decades, and they are having a lot of problems. And they're losing in their operations in the Middle East.  The Globalists are not invincible.  And regardless as we go into this thing, humanity cannot give up.  The answer to 1984 is 1776.  Resistance is victory.  But the globalists are out in the open now.  It is incredibly brazen.  But one big thing that I know is hurting them, Alan, is, and I want you to get back into the Third Way.  One big thing that's hurting them is the mortgages.  It's coming out that they're stealing houses that they don't even own. That it's all fraud.  That the deed system has been destroyed.  People are winning in court against them.  I've found that these people aren't gods.  They're not kings.  They think they are.  Just like Climate Gate devastated them.  They are not invincible, Alan.  I know we can win.  And I know I can't give up on my family and my children.  We've got to take action.  But continue getting into the mortgages, the banking, where you see all this going, the Third Way. 


Alan: Well, part of the process right now is going into chaos.  You see, they form in the public's mind a form of chaos.  The public naturally turn to government for solutions and that's the key to it all, this process.  They've done it many times before in history.  And out of the chaos, of course, they say, "look, the world is in a mess.  We have this plan here to get us out of it, but here's what you have to give up."  Which is exactly what they're doing right now.  So it's a planned takedown.  It's step by step.  If they have to rush a part of it to create more chaos, they certainly will do it.  And I do think there's another part of it planned that way too, to make us really scared and to make the dollar really plunge even further.  And then they'll come out with their magic solution of the IMF and so on, and how intertwined we are, we can't go it alone anymore, until the public get trained in getting the message.  And that is psychology.  You have no idea how many behavioral psychologists they have working in the big, massive think tanks.  They have hundreds of these think tanks, you know, working on every possible outcome to make sure their plan will succeed.  So you've got to be aware of this at all times.  Even with the mortgages being sold three or four or five times, they've lost track of who owns the houses.  That was announced four years ago that was already happening, so it isn't really new.  It's just that it's time now to push that, and say we can't go on the same old way.  Remember in this New World Order system, and Arnold Toynbee, who was the head teacher at Oxford for Rhodes Scholarships and he taught the leaders of many countries, many countries across Europe and America and Canada, he did say that the world they were bringing in would have eventually no private property.  And that's the world we're getting trained to go into.  Most youngsters who are coming out of school today would never think about buying property.  They think renting is the way to go.  I've talked to many in Canada.  They all agree.  So they're all getting this in school, of course.  They all feel they're part of the new generation of greening and saving the world and the planet and sacrifice and sharing.  And they have no idea what it really means.  It's an authoritarian Marxist type system, but it's run by the wealthiest people on the planet at the top.  So, it's now time for the U.S. to get brought down.  I've been saying this for years, and Toynbee said it too by the way.  He went through the whole process of America.  He said the U.S. was designed to take over from Britain, when Britain couldn't afford the Empire anymore, but they would use the Empire model for the United Nations.  The U.S. would fund it primarily.  They would supply the armies, and they would win most of the wars, and then they'd seem to lose, and then they'd come back again for a last big push, and then they would collapse, he said.  And then China would take over as the world army.  This is all designed on the cards.  And I've never seen them go wrong with their big plans when they announce them.


Alex: The CFR said that 20 years ago, they are just laughing at us, how they've charted all of this out, but we can have a new Renaissance of liberty against these people, if the public understands their crisis creation.


Alan: Yes.  And also too, you've got to understand that there's been so much subtle but ongoing constant training for maybe twenty years or more, that government is the supreme being on the planet, instead of being the supreme servant of the people.  And the public have to realize, they've got to take that back.  And really the politicians as you know, are nothing like the images that are projected through the magazines and television.  They're basically actors.  But they still are responsible to the voters.  They do want to get in and stay in.  But they've got to be held to the fire and literally, I mean, literally short, literally short, honestly, and this has been discussed at the top as well, short of a revolution with a philosophy to back it up as to where they're going with it, the public don't have much of a chance, unless, unless there were massive demonstrations going on every week in major cities, capital cities, across the world, demanding to have their sovereign rights back again, and to put the politicians back in the jar.


Alex: And that's starting to happen in Europe.


Alan: Yeah.  There's hope in Europe in some countries, because they have caught on quicker.  They have memories, some of the countries, of being taken over by totalitarian powers.  There are ex-Communists living in Canada who tell me here, it's more communistic here now than it was in the Soviet Union.  They see all the signs coming.  They know what's going on.  And unfortunately, it's been the American people who have been lulled to sleep with all their trivia on their news and so on, as all this is ramming through.  Individuality is a key factor here, because, you see, again, the United Nations admitted a long time ago, and they've reiterated this thing too, that individuality is their main enemy.  So, they're trying to create the mass man, the mass mind where we're all politically correct.  We all agree about everything.  We're all groupthink, and individuality must be crushed they said.  Well, we've got to regain that individuality, and that means that every individual has the right to speak, regardless of what they want to talk about or say, or even question.  Without that you're lost, because the next step is to forbid you to even mention this New Global System.  And they're trying to do that already by the way.  They're putting through into the military, the Rand Corporation, the NSA, are now checking all military personnel to see if they are pro-government, or, what they now call, anti-government.  So, this is ongoing now.  You're seeing the Sovietized system come into play, now.


Alex: Yeah, that's the attempt at intimidation.  But we need to boldly stand up and say, it's not bad to be pro-2nd Amendment and private property and pro-family.  You are a bunch of sickos.  And they put out, you know these TV ads showing the school teacher murdering children because they don't accept the New World government.  That blew up in their face.  The people are now learning that the Federal Reserve is private and is the enemy.  And Ron Paul has said, that's why we have a very good chance of winning, because they tried to say, there is no private Federal Reserve.  There is no World Government being formed.  There is no plan to put military on the streets for a financial collapse.  But I turn on the local radio this morning and hear them reading my article on air, Paul Watson's article, Government trains troops to run American cities.  And they took over 30 calls while I was listening, and 7 out of 10 or more said they've imploded the economy by design.  They're going to try to take the pension funds.  This is a martial law takeover.  But then I heard people calling in saying, yeah, well, I'm in the military, yeah we're training for this.  But the government wants to protect you during the collapse.  But they've gone from not being able to even talk about it, to now it being out in the open, and the hosts were even saying, you know, people who have actually made fun of me quite a bit, that this is real, that this is wrong, that this is dangerous, that they're doing gun confiscation drills.  But I did hear a father, and he goes, my son is in the Marines.  He is training for door to door gun confiscation, what's wrong with that?  So, so now they've gone from denying all this to it just now being announced, now coming out in the open, and I don't see them getting away with it.  Even if they stage terror attacks, Alan. 


Alan: Oh, they do expect trouble.  There's no doubt about it.  They do expect trouble.  They've even got through all their Rand scenarios, where they feed all the data through their massive computers, just like they did during the Cold War.  And they have pretty good estimates of where the trouble will break out, right down to how many numbers will be involved and so on.  The ways to retaliate, soft retaliation and hard retaliation, they call it.  The soft ones will be of course getting the active NGOs groups to come out and pretend to stand up for the people's rights to stop violence and so on.  But if that fails, then they'll bring out the hard military, the hard power.


Alex: Well said, Alan, and we've got a part II, article that I asked Watson to do that goes as a compliment to Government trains troops to run American cities.  The new report is US troops to deal with rioting Americans.  Globalists collapsing society to bring in martial law.  And Watson goes over all the army reports: all the proof, all the training, all the things that are going on, how the public is being trained to turn their guns in.  It is all up there at prisonplanet.com.  US troops to deal with rioting Americans.  Alan Watt, let's get some into the mass drugging of society, and how they're even coming out and saying, yeah, Bisphenol A give you cancer, and you know, it feminizes men, and gives women breast cancer.  Yeah, you know, fluoride is doing that.  Yeah, aspartame is killing you.  But so what?  It's incredible how they're doing this.


Alan: Again, it was talked about by many of the top globalists back in the '50s and '60s that they would have to do this for World Peace, they called it.  And we find with Charles Galton Darwin, the physicist and grandson of Charles Darwin, he wrote a book called The Next Million Years, and he also was a scientist who worked on the Manhattan Project, with all the other top scientists.  He was at all the global meetings of course, and he was lauded for his book on ways to bring down, massively cull and reduce the populations.  He said we'd have to use various drugs on the public, including hormones he says, hormones to alter the physical make-up of the males especially, and make them more docile.  Well, that's why you've had all this kind of stuff put into your food, into your plastic bottles, even babies' formula, and the babies' bottles as well.  And men now, literally are almost infertile.  There's so much data come out on BPA for instance.  It's been banned in Canada just yesterday or the day before, although they aren't going to take it out of their products for two years.  So I can actually see the physical effects on the young guys today.  They have no shoulders.  They're very narrow shouldered.  They're more effeminate now too.  And it was a deadly stuff.  But the big boys did say they would use hormones on the public.  They also said too that excesses of certain hormones would affect women in a different manner.  They'd make them more masculine, more aggressive, and that has happened too.  And it's helped also to further destroy the family unit.


Alex: They admit it's all designed.  I mean, you see short couples, and the children look like them, but the mom is 5'5", the dad is 5'10", their daughter is 6'2", and they're aquiline, they look like Amazons, but they're like a tree that grows too fast.  They've got the breasts by the time they're thirty of an 80 year old woman, from the Bisphenol A, and they're going to die.  I mean they're murdering our women, and you know, the average yuppie just thinks it's funny.


Alan: Yes, they are.  And of course, with all the inoculations and the cancers and the viruses in the inoculations, that was part of it too. If you go through the first major inoculation process that went on with the Salk vaccine, and everyone said that he was a great savior for polio.  I think to be honest with you, polio was hyped out of proportion, just like the flu was, the swine flu, the non-existent swine flu.


Alex: That was to put the SV-40 in that they admit killed hundreds of millions globally.


Alan: That's right.  And Salk knew what they were putting in.  There was many other viruses in there too, from live viruses, from monkeys.


Alex: Talk about that when we come back, because we have the clip from CBC TV where the top scientist laughs and said, yeah, we knew it would give everybody cancer.  Ha, ha, ha.  It's like, I'm murdering you, and you're going to love it.  Alan Watt is our guest.  I'm Alex Jones, infowars.com, prisonplanet.com


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Going back to Alan Watt.  Alan, looking at this, I just see so much good news out there though, and I understand that the globalists have tried to cover all the angles, but I mean, they are destroying this system, and as you said, we don't have a choice, we've got to fight back against this. 


Alan: There is no choice.  You have no choice, because I don't think people understand what a Sovietized bureaucracy ruling over you means.  And this is what you have.  This is the Third Way.  This is what they meant; Alvin Toffler wrote the book too, it's called The Third Wave.  It was the merging, as they planned.  It came out under the Reece Commission with Norman Dodd, it's up on youtube somewhere, where he explains that the foundations said that their job was to change the culture, radically alter it so much in the Western countries, including America, that they could blend it seamlessly with that of the Soviet system, and this is the Third Way.


Alex: Who is their main apprentice?  Professor Newt Gingrich, the pro-carbon tax globalist. 


Alan: That's right.  And he's also the head of the annual meeting for the world scientists to do with chipping individuals worldwide.  The first one they held was in 2000 at Loyola University, where they talked about successfully implanting chips in the brain.  They did say there was a system ready to go.  All they had to do now is train the public through fiction, through movies and so on, and aim at the young to accept it and want it, and that will come. 


Alex: Now I want you to continue with that in the next hour.  But I want you to understand.  We have the Rockefeller Foundation documents.  They're on the websites.  It's public.  They are poisoning the food and water.  They are adding stuff to the vaccines.  This is real.  I mean, get out of your trance.  I'm even telling myself this.  Physically realize how incredible it is they're doing this.  You got interrupted by the break.  We're about to go to break again, but get back into the stuff they're putting in vaccines. 


Alan: Well, again, remember Dr. Salk, before he became the champion and the hero of the common folk with his polio vaccine, was also the head of the British and American Eugenics Society, who advocated by many papers which he wrote, which are up there, on massive reduction and sterilization of the general public.  And suddenly he becomes the hero who's saving you with vaccines, and then from the 1950s onwards, the sperm count in the male goes plummeting down, year by year by year.  This is all tied together.  These guys don't sit at world meetings discussing something for Santa Claus to grant them at Christmas.  They go ahead and they actually implement it, because they do believe that they have the right to govern the public, do as they wish with the public, and in their words to save the world from overpopulation.


Alex: Stay there.  Back in 70 seconds.  Stay there.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Okay, Alan, you were getting into Dr. Salk, the head eugenicist.  Well, he killed a lot of people.  They released the virus.  It's in CBS News that all over the world they go and inject people with the new polio and it's live polio.  And then they say, oh, we've got to vaccinate everybody now because there's been a polio outbreak we caused.  I mean they just brazenly are murdering us right out in the open.


Alan: They did that in Africa earlier this year.  They gave them the spray mist I think it was and the sugar-coated ones.  And the United Nations World Health Organization, of all people, because they generally hush it all up – they're the ones who advocated this – admitted now that this vaccine they gave the Africans had mutated into a super polio that they cannot stop.  So this is an agenda.  They don't make these kinds of mistakes at the top or in the laboratories.  We had the same thing happen, remember too, with millions of women being sterilized chemically, by being given free injections by the World Health Organization, for tetanus supposedly, in India and Africa.  And they admitted later on they had done it.  And they justified it, that people had to be sterilized.  I mean, who else is going to do it?  They won't do it themselves.  And they actually admitted that 30 different separate laboratories across Europe, somehow were all contaminated with this particular chemical, which went straight for the ovaries, caused massive inflammation, and then literally killed them off, fibrosed them off until they were useless.  So, chemical, basically, sterilization is a favorite type that they use.


Alex: They add a hormone to the tetanus shot that bound with it and then caused the...


Alan: It carried it to the ovaries.


Alex: Again, ladies and gentlemen, we're going to go to break and come back with calls.  But I want to start getting into this now.  All of the killing, the soft killing, that's been going on, they admit is just beta testing.  But that's why insiders like Dr. Eric Pianca says with this weird, crazy cult look, and he gets all these awards all over the world for it.  "Soon we're all going to die.  The airborne ebola is coming.  It's going to be beautiful.  I'm sad for my wife and children and I, that we'll die, but I'm ready for the Earth."  And then I criticize him, and his graduate students, we then searched their names, sent us their graduate papers, saying all humans should be killed.  And then you pull up their names, there they are in white lab coats at government facilities, you know.  I mean they are just there, and they're like a death cult.  And they show videos on TV and at movie theaters of children being murdered by the government for the earth, and it's good.  And they're just a death cult of murdering, pure evil.  And they're so brainwashed that their low level priests, like Pianca and others, and like Peter Singer are like, yes, the death is coming, it's beautiful, total death, total death.  I mean it's just a satanic cult, straight out of hell.


Alan: Yes, and they do definitely recruit the fringe elements in society, the ones who have a big chip on their shoulders, who love this type of thing.  They join these groups.  They're very radical.  They're promoted.  They're funded by the big foundations again, to demand from government, pretending that they're demanding on behalf of the public, of course, that certain laws get enacted, and that's why your energy taxes are going to go sky high.  That's part of it too.  There will be food rationing coming along in this New World Order.  There's no doubt.  They have lots of documentation on it.


Alex: Well, they've announced that's part of it.  They say you have a carbon ration for how much food you can have or how many children.  That's BBC.  Alan, let's finish up with that, and then take calls.  Stay with us.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Alright, we're going to go on to your phone calls and the whole military takeover now being unveiled to the public at the bottom of the hour.  Alan Watt is our guest, and I'll tell you about some of the other guests coming up here in a moment.  But, listen, when we get up here and say we have UN documents and CBC TV admitting that they killed a bunch of people with viruses in the polio.  When we get up here and tell you the male sperm count in Europe, the United States, Canada, is down by over 85%.  I mean, this is all admitted.  When we tell you aspartame makes you go blind and gives you cancer.  You know that's even Fox News, AP, Reuters, mainline studies.  But they've got it where they just condition everybody that, well, everybody just gets cancer and dies.  Oh, everything is deadly, everything is deadly.  They engineer it into an entire system around us.  Do you understand this has all just been a test?  And they are clearly getting everybody with all these TV shows and movies and non-fiction shows about mega viruses are going to develop naturally in the wild and kill almost everybody.  And the governments of the world are accelerating their big bunkers for themselves, and their emergency seed vaults, and they're putting out all this GMO stuff.  I want you to understand, ladies and gentlemen, that this is life and death.  That's why I'm not worried about being killed or set up or anything, because I love humanity.  I love decency.  I love my children.  I know this is all real.  I know it's their plan.  I've proven it.  You can go prove it for yourself.  We told you everything that would happen with the pensions and the dollar and gold and the economy, because they had done it in Third World countries, over and over again.   They said in the 2002 IMF World Bank documents that got leaked they were going to do it here.  Do you understand, it's going to happen, unless you go absolutely wild getting the word out, and start caring, and start getting angry.  If I walked up to you and your wife eating at a cafe at 7pm one night, in Austin, Texas, and I took your lemonade and dumped it on your wife's head, even a little guy, you know, would have the honor and the anger to stand up and probably beat the tar out of me.  But they are murdering your children soft kill.  Murdering your wife, soft kill.  Murdering you, soft kill.  And you can't get angry.  I'm talking about new listeners.  And even myself, I've got to every day, compose myself, focus, realize the cost.  Realize what we're facing.  I mean, this is real.  Do you understand that?  And we're on an express elevator to Hades right now.  And the churches are all government paid off the big ones, saying submit, it's the end of the world.  Go along with all this, you're going to be raptured out.  The Bible clearly says that after Christ returns, that the dead in Christ are raised, and that the beast will wage war against the saints and overcome them, but then they'd wake everybody up, there's a huge revival.  Now, even if you're not a Christian, the point is this idea of, it's the end of the world, 2012.  Notice they've engineered 2012 off some quackery, with the Mayan calendar, when the Mayan calendar, I've gone down there and talked to top archaeologists, people who are Mayan, who are archaeologists, and they just say, no, it just means the end of the age, 2012, a New Hearth will be lit.  Basically sun god worship.  And it's not even true.  But notice the Pentagon says, 2012, total collapse.  The British Ministry of Defence says it.  It's all public documents.  Paul Watson has it in his article, that is up on prisonplanet.com.  We're getting it moved over to infowars.com as well.  U.S. troops to deal with rioting Americans.  It shows the military admitting it.  It shows that, oh, there's a crisis, a collapse coming, into 2012, so that's another, for people that aren't Christian, they said, what do we do?  A lot of Christians, you know, 150 years ago, the big banks openly with Schofield and others, took over the churches, and said, don't worry about fighting evil, like our founders did in 1776, led by the black brigade, the pastors.  It's the end of the world, and you're not supposed to fight evil, God will handle it all, and Captain Kirk will beam you up.  Not in the Bible, not in the Bible.  Okay.  After the devil is thrown in the pit, from the Christian perspective here, okay, the dead in Christ are raised, and then Christ comes back for a thousand year reign.  And then the serpent is loosed again for a short time.  Okay?  It's all clear as day.  It's all a lie.  2012 is all a lie.  They said, what do we do?  Half the world isn't Christian or more.  What do we do?  Well, we give them a New Age bologna 2012, and promote it, so that everybody feels like, there's no hope.  And I see all these dumb yuppies on youtube going, so what, I hope we do have war, I hope the whole world is nuked, humanity is not worth it.  They're making it cute to not care, cute to be nihilistic.  Alan Watt, can you speak to that, and then we're going to calls.


Alan: Yes, it is nihilistic.  Remember too, the big players who worked in the big world think tanks, and went across the top Ivy League Universities to talk to the future leaders of the world, like Aldous Huxley, talked about this society coming up.  You had Bertrand Russell doing the same thing, Lord Bertrand Russell, and Bertrand Russell also worked for MI5 at one point.  You can't trust any of these guys.  However, he did say, Russell said, we shall create a condition of apathy amongst the general public towards the end.  And when you look at a place like Britain, that's had maybe thirty, forty years of increasing apathy, until you don't know what Britain even is anymore.  You've had so much propaganda, psychological warfare, mass immigration, so much immigration that Tony Blair said, hopefully this will be the end of Britain as we know it, as far as its culture goes.  And the more immigrants we bring in, he said, from diverse countries, the less chance they could ever go back to a British culture.  He actually stated that.


Alex: And I've had members of the British Parliament on who admit that most of the CPS workers and police now are foreigners, because they enjoy coming in and pushing people around.


Alan: Yes, that is a fact.  And they're given priority to do it, and authority to do it.  And they act the part very well, because they come from countries that have never known anything about voting or democracy, and they're used to just working for the big boss and getting paid for it.  And that's what they're doing now.  Remember too, also in the US, I think it was Kissinger that said in a statement in California, when he was giving a lecture there, back in the '70s, he said, under the right circumstances, the US would be glad to see the blue helmets coming in from the UN.  And he was talking about what's coming up shortly in the future.  Food riots, that kind of stuff coming up.  Because food has been taken over, since WWII, it's been encroachment by governments and government authorities working with the United Nations agricultural department. 


Alex: The agriculture department in the US and the same as you know, I've read the quotes here.  We've had the farm rights groups on.  They come and tell the farmers, get big or get out. 


Alan: That's right.


Alex: Work for mega-agri.  That's a quote, get big or get out.  And now they've got the food safety bills where you can't even grow tomatoes, or avocado, or grapes, anything, oranges, apples, pears, you can grow nothing and sell it. 


Alan: Yes, and also now you've got SWAT teams, literally SWAT teams attacking dairies for goodness sake, because they're giving out wholesome milk, that hasn't been neutered, because it hasn't been pasteurized and everything destroyed in it.  And they're even confiscating cheeses, natural cheeses and all the rest of it.  SWAT teams with guns drawn, going in to farmers.  That's utter tyranny, and if people can't see that right now, and stop that, right now, and get up.


Alex: And by the way, we have the surveillance video from the little farmer's market store.  They happen to have a camera, and it shows the cops come in, and the people are peaceful, just hippies standing there, and they pulled guns and say, get on the ground, get on the ground, you're selling oranges.


Alan: That's right. 


Alex: And then they go to Amish people's houses now, and they're saying, no dust is allowed to be released when you till the earth.  And they're taking their farms.  And they're SWAT teaming people selling, you know, selling rutabaga on the side of the road, and pumpkins.  Alan Watt, you know, the globalists, in their own writings, you've talked about this, talk about how they are scientific wild men.  They want to keep their ancient humanity.  They want to keep their aggression.  They want to keep their fertility.  I see articles about David Rockefeller.  I saw it in mainstream news without looking last week.  I had already seen it before.  How he has little farms all over the U.S. for all his food.  It's flown everywhere he goes.  Prince Philip does this.  I've seen him in a documentary.  They understand what is going on, and they have the antidotes as well, to all the weapons they've launched on us.  And so, it's just incredible.


Alan: It's incredible when you realize, even going back to the farming, remember too, that the heads of the CEO of the United Nations agricultural department stated years ago that farming was too important to be left to farmers.  They wanted to eradicate all small farmers, and only the big agri-business would be allowed to farm at all.  Now, we're watching ourselves being corralled with our water, our food being taken away from us, our right to even grow our own food taken away from us.  That should be enough to get anybody up in arms, because when that happens, that's a standard war technique, food and water is your basic survival.  Without that, you've had it, and we sit back calmly thinking that the grocery stores will always be full of the processed rubbish that they buy.  But people forget too that it was the small farmers that got them through the last depression.  There were so many small farms around who had stuff to sell to the public when they couldn't get food.  This time, when they really crunch us the next time, there's going to be no small farms left to go to.  You'll be left, and government wants that.  They want you with a ration card, and Big Brother will dish out, dole out your food for the week. 


Alex: Alright, stay there.  Alan Watt is our guest.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Let's go back to Alan and then calls because I'm out of control here today.  Alan, I want to get into the media hyping fake UFO landings and Project Blue Beam before you leave us.  Also, the military takeover drills that are now unveiling, in fact, showing that they're getting closer to the occupation of the U.S.  Now it's not for Al Qaeda, it's for angry Americans.  Because they knew when they swindled us with this bank takeover, people would get angry.  Tony in Illinois, you're on the air with Alan Watt, the one, the only.  Go ahead.


Tony: How you doing?  Alex, I've got a comment for you, and a question for Alan.


Alex: Sure.


Tony: My comment for you is Alex, I'm a part of We are Change, Chicago, and that guy Lee, is no longer associated with us.  He doesn't represent us.


Alex: You know, I don't even particularly know what you're talking about, but listen, I really appreciate we are change, and help to put it on the map in the beginning, with of course, Lou Kradouski.  And I think it's one of the best organizations out there, and it's wonderful.  That's just co-intel-pro stuff you're talking about.  But what's your question or comment for our guest?


Tony: I'm trying to find out a little bit more on Newt Gingrich and the brain chipping, you know, the Loyola University.  Is there any links out there to that?  You know, any videos on youtube?  I want to expose the guy.


Alan: The first year he held the meeting, he opened the meeting, with his initial address, and...


Alex: He's written books about it.  You can just search Newt Gingrich, micro-chipping, and you'll get the minutes of it and the quotes from his books.  Sorry, I just want to give folks the source.


Alan: And there was also the first meeting at Loyola University, came out with 600 pages for the University, and I managed to get it downloaded before they took it off.  There is still a link with partial transcripts, and it's still up there, and I have it in my archives at cuttingthroughthematrix.com, if you go in there and look for it, you'll find it there.  It's about 400 pages left in it.  The original one was 600 pages.  They had the top scientists and bio special fields and so on, into their meeting.  The one from Tokyo, Japan, said that they'd developed a brain chip which would interface with the protein of the brain.  It would be indistinguishable, so it would not be rejected.  And it was all ready to go.  He said, think of this world coming up as a hive society, the hive.  And he said, there'd be no more individuality.  It will be impossible for the individual who is chipped to even think of themselves as a distinct individual, because everyone will be connected with centralized, regional computers.  And he said, you'll hear whispers going through your head of the communications from the central computers, to the individuals around you, and to you, and going back again.  And when I heard that, I thought, he's talking about the Borg from Star Trek.  This is exactly what they're talking about.  All they have to do now...


Alex: You know Star Trek is predictive programming.


Alan: Yes it is. 


Alex: Explain what that is to people.


Alan: It is, absolutely.  And the thing is too, this hive mentality they want is for the general population, but not for themselves at the top, because Charles Galton Darwin, a big player in the '50s, through his lifetime at the top world meetings, with the United Nations, and all the big players, and foundations, he said that we, who are the world leaders, we who are the elite, mustn't chip ourselves, he says, or alter ourselves chemically or through hormones.  He says, that's for the public to make them more peaceable and accommodating.  He said, we must retain our wild qualities, our ability for self-preservation.  The public won't need that, because the State will be making all their decisions for them.


Alex: Yep, it's all on record.  Tony, good to hear from you. God bless.  Keep it up with We are Change, Chicago, and everybody. 


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Alan Watt is here with us, so let's go to Peter in Canada.  Peter, you're on the air.


Peter: Hello, Alex.  Hello, Alan.  Thanks for taking my call.  Alan, my question for you is, I live in British Columbia here, and our Premier is Gordon Campbell.  And as you know, he was at the Bilderberg meeting earlier this year.  What do you think they have planned for him, and what do you think his agenda is while he's still here in office?


Alex: Well, it's Prime Ministership, but go ahead.


Alan: Well, he's definitely part of it.  These guys that you think you elect are picked by, we have our own Canadian Council on Foreign Relations here.  And every Prime Minister, or Minister of the Government, or the Provinces is picked way in advance, years before you even hear their names.  They're groomed for their positions.  They're even told when they'll be put into power.  And this is the con of democracy.  But there's no doubt about it, that British Columbia, I've got books going back to the 1930s by the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, where they had their meetings in Australia, and they said, they were talking about the populations of Canada, and the maximum population that they could sustain, etc.  At the time they said about 30-odd million, but they would have to add more for immigration from China to the West Coast of Canada, because British Columbia would become basically the porting city for all the goods and the trade that would come from China, and lots of Chinese would have to move in and be the managerial class to take on that responsibility with their language and so on.  So, I've lived long enough to see that happen, and these guys were talking about in the 30s, when China was still a Third World Country.  They didn't have factories, they had nothing.  We built the factories, through the GATT treaty, from the World Trade Organization.  We funded them up into their strength.  Canada trained most of their engineers from the '70s onwards, when they didn't even have factories to go back to work in.  So these guys work in centuries, whole centuries worked out in advance.


Alex: Well, it's a subset of Lords under the British feudal system, where they even get families that continually are in power, like the Bushes, and others, as a subset.  So it's really hereditary power.


Alan: It's hereditary power, and they also get a lot, I've got to admit too, there's a lot of sexual deviancy amongst the power elite.  And they've all come out with their little scandals here and there, and of course, they close ranks together at the top and cover each other up, but these guys are sworn to their cause.  They do believe they'll get a kick upstairs into the better quality food, all that kind of stuff.  They already get that when they get in, their whole family gets passes for the better quality foods that are untampered with, non-GMO, all that stuff.  And that's why they also keep quiet.


Alex: Well, look at Germany with the flu shot last year.  It turned out the ruling class and the politicians all got a special "clean one." 


Alan: Well, not only that, the government refused to take it.  They said, this is untested, if we get sick, who's going to run the country.  So they're not so stupid after all.  They know what they're doing.  The flu of course, the injection is just more bio-engineering on us.  That's what that is.


Alex: Peter, that is an amazing question.  Anything else?


Peter: Uh, no.  I just look forward to next week and listening to you.


Alex: Alright, thank you, I look forward to shaking your hand.  Let's talk to Chris in Texas.  I want to move quick now.  Chris, go ahead.


Chris: Hello?


Alex: Yes, Chris.


Chris: Hi, Alex.  I've been listening to your show for quite some time, and this is the first time for me to call in, and I just wanted to tell, well, you all were talking about property.  And how that is so important in the fight against this global system.  You know, slaves are not supposed to have property, and they're not supposed to have guns. 


Alex: And it's feudalism to pay a yearly tax on your land.  We don't really own our property now.  They got rid of that with property taxes.  And there's now a federal property tax in the health care bill.  5% on all property, all real estate.


Chris: Yes, and the Republicans, a lot of people are going to vote Republican, but the Republicans now in Texas are calling for a statewide property tax.  And they want to take it out of the local control.  Right now, the county judges in each county, determines the property rate.  And I didn't know that.  And when I found that out, I'm running for county judge.


Alex: Yeah, it's got to be centralized in the state, so it can be passed on to the federal, and then the international government.  Chris, great points.  Alan Watt.


Alan: Yes, of course you're quite right when you hit the nail on the head actually, when you said, or when she said, without property, you're a slave.  Without rights to food, you're a slave.  When you're dependent on everything you need, food, shelter, clothing, water, for survival, if you don't have rights to that, you are a slave.  So that's the bottom line.  They're bringing you into a new form of slavery, and this is the authoritarian system, which the Club of Rome demanded they get brought in, the big think tank.


Alex: It's very elementary.  If slaves are independent they're going to run off and be self-sufficient.  But if they've got to have you, they'll actually compete to be patted on the head by the slave master. 


Alan: Yes.  And if you own property, you see, if you own property, technically without taxes, and you should have to pay no taxes on them, you can survive a depression.  You can survive anything.  You can at least live and heat yourself and keep yourself warm.


Alex: But they need that tax, so, if you don't have their money they can take your property.


Alan: That's right.  And so we've been trained and trained and trained that private property is bad.  It's a dodgy risk to take on, etc, just rent, rent, rent.  And eventually you will go into, you see, the world that they're bringing in is what they call a Socialist system.  And everyone must be dependent upon the government to make them behave and go along with all the rules contained within the Socialist system.  Remember it's an authoritarian system.  People with private property tend to get rather indignant and stand up for their rights, especially when it comes to keeping their property.  And they have fought them down through the ages.  One of the biggest problems that Ancient Rome had, the same thing again, the Senators were passing laws, taxing the peasants, who eventually helped overthrow Rome along with the invaders.  They actually joined side with the invaders to get rid of all these Senators that had robbed their land from them, stole their land and their houses.


Alex: Alright, thank you so much Chris.  Let's talk, and I've got to move quick now, because I've got two other issues I've got to hit with Alan.  We appreciate him joining us.  Julio in Illinois, good to hear from you, welcome.  Okay, he's not there.  We'll let him go.  Let's talk to Steve in California.  Steve you're on the air.


Steve: Yeah, thank you.  Alan, Steve here in California.  Listen, I go back in the patriot network quite a while back, and I'm wondering if you saw in the L.A. Times, that they were using foreign troops, it also came out in the BBC, they had a mock-up town doing car searches and searching for guns.  And they interviewed, it came out on the BBC, what are you practicing for? to the Chinese general.  And he said, the invasion of America.  This was years ago.


Alex: Yeah, I know.  That was in the 90s, and it will pop in my head.  They had cooperative nugget, one, two, and three.  And they had the general on video, in fact, google general says that troops are part of the New World Order, and it will come up.  Cooperative nugget, general says troops are part of the New World Order, and he goes, in fact it's in one of my Police State films.  He goes, you are part of our wonderful New World Order, battle force, and it's got all these farmers going hughh.  And they train with role players that are Americans to take them down.  Alan Watt.


Alan: Yes, and they've been bringing all kinds of troops in to Canadian bases for the last 20 years, and training them; the ex-Soviet troops train in different bases in Canada, it's mainly officers who train, and what they're taught is civil laws of the country and the area, and so that when they bring in the main troops, they already know how to follow the localized civil laws, etc. 


Alex: And first, exactly, first they're getting us trained to have regular troops and then as part of NLE '09, it's foreign troops, and now it's Israelis spying in Pennsylvania and everywhere else.  The cops are like, here's the Israelis, here's the Chinese, here's the Czech Republic, here's the Brits.  The cops literally in fact, they send our SWAT teams over to Iraq to learn how to do it.  That was in the Fort Hood Newspaper.  The Fort Hood Sentinel, Brave Rifles train with APD, and literally the cops just salute to Chinese, you name it.  I'm ready to crush the American people, hughh.  I mean, that's basically what this is.


Alan: It is, and also remember too, you see, when they signed the treaty at San Francisco, in 1946 for the United Nations, every president and prime minister signed away then the sovereign rights of the country to decide its own fate and destiny, back then.  And any country which tries to pull out of this coming global order they've been working towards, and were working through, and we're all part of it really, right now, will be called a rogue state and then all the other United Nations countries will bring the troops in to get them back under control.  That's what this is all about.


Alex: And they've got all the predictive programming movies and TV where the UN lands to restore order because states are breaking away during an economic collapse.


Alan: And you know, that's part of it too, because they know that they can bring it on so badly with lack of cash, bank failure, devaluation of the dollar, the lack of food, whatever, bring it all on at the same time, and there will be chaos, obviously, even amongst a society, where those who have the least stored up, the least whatever, will start rising to steal from other people.  And that will be the excuse they'll bring in to bring in these troops.


Alex: And now they're on the news going, we really have trained the troops to take over your local towns, but it can also be for Afghanistan, in the Army Times.  But you'll see the lying.  In one newspaper they'll say, oh, it's for overseas, and you actually read the Army Times, and they go, it's for America too.  We're here learning how to take the city over, and going back 8 years ago, here is a, I think it's 7 years ago, a clip from 60 Minutes, where they have signs that say, give peace a chance, follow the Constitution.  I've been to these drills, where they're training to take on Americans.  This is what's really happening.  This is what's going on.  Let's play a brief clip of the pain ray being used on, and by the way, I didn't see that pain ray article in Paul Joseph Watson's story.  Let's make sure he posts that CBS story about that.  But Alan, remember the head of the air force came out and said, we need to use pain ray on Americans first.


Alan: Yes, they will use that on Americans first.  They've had this stuff actually since the 1950s, even small portable units that they can even put in their pocket and use on you.  The big ones of course they've shown, even the military demo vehicles are shown up on google, testing this stuff out on civilians, and believe you me, it can work.  The other big thing to remember too is, if you remember Tiananmen Square, and the reporters said that they brought again troops from the North of China that were Mongolian, who really are almost apart from the Chinese.  So they always bring in foreigners who have nothing in common with the ones they're going to bash, you see. 


Alex: They used Southern Chinese to go into Tibet.  So there's no racial connection there, in the borderlands. 


Alan: And the reporters also said that these groups were hyped up, really hyped up on some kind of drugs.  Now, the troops today in the United Nations Army, all troops are into about seven to nine drugs each, prescribed drugs, by the military.  And these guys they are going to bring in, literally are like zombies.  They're like trained zombies, who...


Alex: And then they're addicted and get mental problems, and then they get to take their right to guns after they're out, hence the Blackwater filings in Federal Court, where there are piles of cocaine, steroids, running around naked, shooting up families for enjoyment.  They are creating the Army of Hell. 


Alan: That's right. 


Alex: Totally, just totally wicked, berserking, the equivalent of orcs or something from Lord of the Rings, Uruk-hai or something, half man, half orc.  Let's go ahead and play that clip from 60 Minutes, here it is.


Which is being tested at Moody Airforce Base in South Georgia.  The targets here are people.  Military volunteers creating a scenario soldiers might encounter in Iraq.  Angry protesters advancing on American troops who have to choose between backing down or opening fire.  Off in the distance, a half mile away, the operator of the ray gun has the crowd in his sights.  Unlike the soldiers on the ground, he has no qualms about firing away, because his weapon won't injure anyone.  He squeezes off a blast.  The first shot hits like an invisible punch.  The protesters regroup and he fires again.  And again.  Finally they've had enough, the ray gun drives them away with no harm done.  Officially called the active denial system, it does penetrate the....


Alex: Okay.  Now they have these out at tea parties, sound cannons, it's the same announcements, and they have provocateurs cause problems so they have a pretext to attack you.  This is their control grid.  Now I want to play a new clip.  And we have again this report.  But notice again they say it's for Afghanistan.  No it's not.  And Watson has all the army's own admissions.  This is for the United States.  It has the dual use of Afghanistan.  But I heard troops calling in on the radio this morning on 590AM saying, yes, it's good.  This is all good.  You know, yeah, the economy is collapsing, we're going to take over.  So they're now even telling the troops all of this.  They're now even admitting all of this to the troops themselves.  While we're cuing that up, Alan, your comments on it.


Alan: Yes, and remember too, these pain rays that are acting on microwave technology have different settings on them, and they have two major settings.  One is the minor settings, up to a certain point.  Once they key in the top settings, and they've used this in Iraq, it's up on google, they literally fry the people.  They've done it to people on a bus in Iraq.  It's well documented by video.  You'll see these shrunken bodies, it literally shrinks the body, and completely takes all the moisture out, and you're left with these four and a half feet long, ex-human beings.  This is the kind of stuff they're going to use back home in America.


Alex: And the next video clip is linked up in the article by Paul Watson, Government Trains Troops to Run American Cities.  And we had that at the start.  I'm not sure we're going to be able to have it before this hour ends.  But it's all up on the article.  Government Trains Troops to Run American Cities, and Paul Watson has a second article up on that, US Troops to Deal With Rioting Americans. But the good news is, after we play this Christopher Monckton bombshell interview coming up, I'll be able to come back.  It's ready now.  Here is the clip, and then I want to get Alan Watt's take on it.  Here it is.


Reporter: And starting today's activities off with a five mile run.


Speaker 1: This is a Government 101 Day.  The city of Watertown, in 3rd BCT.  And we felt this was a good way to kick the day off.  We'll be spending the morning talking about local governance and spending the afternoon doing some tours of city facilities to include water, wastewater, hydro-electric.


Speaker 2: This morning's run was really a part of our program, the Peace of the Rock Program.  We partnered with several communities, Watertown being one of them.  Our 287 Infantry Battalion Partners with Watertown.  But it's also a part of a program we're calling Government 101, where we actually learn from the city officials here in Watertown, on how to provide services.


Reporter: The 3rd Brigade Combat Team will use the information that they obtain today from the city, and apply that over in Afghanistan to help build more of a community structure. 


Speaker 2: Really, it's learning from experts.  They are the experts in civic government, providing services to the population.  And we are seeking to learn from them, take some of their best practices, and we'll apply those in Afghanistan, where we can, in the area that we'll be stationed. 


Speaker 1: These ladies and gentlemen are headed into a situation where in essence they will become a local government.


Alex: Okay, then in our article, we have all the mainstream links of them running checkpoints, DUI checkpoints, searching people, running checkpoints, all over the country, but this is the first wave, of oh, the troops are here.  Oh, they're jogging with the locals, forming a relationship.  And the troops are first told a mission that it's for Afghanistan.  Next, they're then told, no, this is for domestic operations.  This is a group of newbies, who are now being inducted in to this, so, we helped out to learn how the city runs.  Now we're here to take your city over.  Alan Watt.


Alan: This is going on, absolutely, too.  In Britain they're using other techniques too, including Communitarianism, where they're now supposedly giving power back to the local communities.  But they've already set up the Sovietized structure, through Common Purpose organizations, which is attached to the Council on Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute or International Affairs.  It's a branch of them in actuality.  And so they've already set up the leaders to run your local Soviet.  Soviet meant rule by councils.  And this is the ideal system that the Rockefellers suggested that they bring in, many, many years ago.  That's what you're seeing happening too.  So, it's the new Communitarian type of system, where experts run everything.  That was the whole idea of what the Soviet was supposed to be about.  Expert rule and civilians do as they're told.  Now the only expert as far as I'm concerned, in civilian life, are the civilians themselves.  You know what you need.  You don't need experts to tell you that you can even have it.  You have the right to have water and food and all the rest of it. 


Alex: I'd like to have you back soon, Alan, because I know you're an expert on this.  But we know it's declassified that the governments of the world have planned Project Blue Beam, fake alien landings to unify the planet, they are really hyping it now.  They had another fake hoax again, yesterday, in the news, saying aliens were going to land yesterday.  The Pentagon is promoting all this garbage.  What's your view on that?


Alan: It's the same old story.  They always said they would try something like this.  They had a test run initially back in the days of Orson Welles who did War of the Worlds on radio, and they used Princeton University psychology department, with the Pentagon funding as well, and Rockefeller funding to fool Americans, thinking this was a real invasion, to see how the public would react.  So, this is an old idea, that if they could scare the public enough about invasions, we would all come together under a common purpose, to fight off an alien invasion.  That kind of stuff.  And of course, it's a great distraction as well.  We know too that the UFO cover has been a fantastic cover, alien cover, rather than look at what they're building here.  They've been building amazing equipment and flying machines here for over fifty or sixty years, and it's covered up their tactics.  I call the flying saucers what the real jet set are traveling about in these days. That's what it is.  The real jet set.


Alex: And we know they've suppressed a lot of technology and that's been proven.  Alan, we've got special never before seen video interviews we did with you, that are very professionally done, with bombshell developments.  You'll be uninterrupted tonight, as part of the video and audio streaming.  We're going to be airing those, so you'll be back with us, via video, and I look forward to speaking to you again in the near future, and of course, the website is cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  People should certainly support you and your great research.  God Bless You, Alan.


Alan: It's been a pleasure, Alex.


Alex: It's always been a pleasure having you on.




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