October 18,  2007




Freeman - [Today our guest is Alan Watt.]….He is a long-time researcher into the causative forces behind major changes in historical development.  Now, a great many of us believe that what we’re living in is simply the outcome of human endeavours, that we are simply making history as we go – but it seems that there are some hidden players behind the movements of historical events that don’t get enough publicity.  So I have invited Alan on tonight to talk to us about historical documentation, outlining secret societies and orders that – well, behind the scenes – control things.  So, welcome to the show, Alan.


Alan - It’s a pleasure to be here,


Freeman - It’s fantastic to have you here.  Well, Alan, now, the Freemasons – and I want to start right there with you, because here in America we have a… well, they just came out with “House Resolution 33” to state how great the Freemasons were to bring us this independence.  And I was watching a film by Freemason Walt Disney, who was hired by Freemason J. Edgar Hoover to control the minds of children through movies.  And one of his movies was the “Sons of Liberty.”  And in this film he showed the Boston Tea Party and never once mentioning that these men were all Freemasons, but it seems that we have been trained in Masonic worship.


Alan - In fact the U.S. was founded on it… the symbology has never been so open in their architecture in the main buildings, the governmental buildings – and Freemasonry is the religion really of the world.  Most bureaucrats from all over the world I’ve talked to, in fact all of them, are Freemasons.


Freeman - They don’t seem to advertise this fact, although they act like Freemasonry is the greatest thing that God has ever given Planet Earth and yet here we have over half of our Presidents belonging to a single fraternity and we know nothing about them.


Alan - I think even George Bush who was interviewed on TV, it’s been shown a few times over on different programs, where he was asked about the Skull and Bones and so on and he wouldn’t reply.


They can’t reply; they can’t tell the public what they’re all about, because, you see, the lower Freemasons get a lot of perks; that’s what attracts most people into Freemasonry.  They don’t care as much about the religion of it.  And it’s a religion, because Albert Pike, who was the “Pope of Freemasonry,” in the eighteen hundreds said that it was a religion.  He made no bones; he says “it’s a religion” – and Albert MacKay who was also the historian for Freemasonry, also said the same thing, that it’s a religion, but today they go in primarily for the perks they can get.  They know, and that’s one thing Masonry does let be known to the public: “if you join it, you will get unmerited favor.”  That’s advancement in jobs, in fact, you might get the job and the guy next to you, who has more qualifications, will not, if you’re a Freemason – so you’ll get a lot of perks and if you have a business in an area, all the other Masons must frequent and give you their business.  So they help each other out that way and bypass the mainstream of society.


Freeman – I find myself in this current civilization without the ability to really feed myself; I don’t find food very easily and my house is always threatened of being lost every month; I never know if I’ll actually have a roof over my head; if these guys are designing this civilization, what’s it for, what’s this “civilization” for, do you know?  – from their perspective?


Alan – If you go back into ancient times, they’ve always had priesthoods to begin with – upper priesthoods that were open in their control of societies, and below them they always had civil institutions, which were different levels or grades or degrees of the institutions.  However, they always had a noble order above the regular secret societies and it’s the noble order that really knows the agenda; these are the old aristocracies of the world, and when you become a “Sir,” for instance, you’re knighted by the Queen, you join a much higher-ranking order, and you leave the ones below you behind – and then you’re let in to the real agenda.  Now, Masonry copied itself and used the terminology of architecture and building, because they build society – and it’s all about building and directing society – they describe the world as a temple, as an allegory, meaning: that’s their building material – they build the “temple” for each age, and now they are building the fascist one at the top; where those who are “worthy to rule” over the “lessers” – that’s the majority of the public – will rule.  It’s a world run by experts and bureaucracies.


Freeman – I’ve certainly noticed that every corporate logo of a major corporation, their logo can absolutely be brought into the Masonic ritual.  The pentagram, the shell, the “66” – all of these are Kabalistic symbols and also all equate to the rituals of Freemasonry.  So, I guess, we’re in a Freemasonic fascist state?


Alan – We are, and they made no bones about it.  When you realize that the highest Masons in the nineteen thirties, the well-known Freemasons, all used the Swastika, the same one as Adolf Hitler used, in their symbology; it’s kind of died down now, but they also used it in Blavatsky’s branch, when they started up the female branch primarily that started off as Theosophy – they had to get the women in for a new, coming age for the middle classes – and so they’d invented Theosophy, and you’ll find that Annie Besant and those that took over, were actually descended – in fact they were the nieces or the daughters of British aristocracy who had titles, who had lordly titles and so they were not ordinary people that ran these institutions; they were selected by the aristocracy and you’ll find their fathers were in the Knight Templars of London.


Freeman – Wow.  Well, now, do you really think that they created America to have a free nation? 


Alan – No.  No, the United States from its beginning – and let’s be honest here.  I mean, a bunch of men who were THE landed aristocracy of the time – I don’t think the people realize that the Founding Fathers had vast amounts of land chartered to them by the British Crown at that time and it had already been in the family for a few generations.  So they were already given Royal Charters to have that land.  They got together and they pulled the blinds, because the Masonic lodge is a temple with no windows; they pulled all the blinds down, closed all the windows, put guards on the door and then gave the people a Constitution.  Well, the people had no input in that.  They couldn’t even get into the hall; and so they came out with this Constitution and it’s well known now, especially in countries, like France and other countries that Franklin and others had already shown that Constitution abroad before the American people even heard of it.  So it was a well planned, thought-out agenda, and they presented a Constitution to the public, and it was only after much arguments amongst the people, for the people, they even got a Bill of Rights out of it.


Freeman – Right.  There were some weird stories along with that as well as reading some Manley P. Hall, when there was a man inside of the chamber and of course, like you say, it was locked doors with guards at the doors and yet this man gave an eloquent speech that inspired them; this is in the minutes of the signing of the Declaration of Independence – that this man stood up and gave this eloquent speech that got everybody to rally behind it and sign – at least this is the story; and when they went to thank this man, he had actually vanished from this locked room.  Have you heard the story by Manley P. Hall?


Alan – Oh, I have heard that story.  But you find a better one in the diaries and the letters of Benjamin Franklin, because it was Franklin that got up at the table and gave a speech, and George Washington was sitting on a big throne-like seat at the end of the big long table, and behind Washington’s – there’s actually a painting of it – behind Washington’s head was the Sun rising, and Franklin gave the toast to the Grand Master, who would be Grand Master of the Americas; and so it was well understood it was a Masonic meeting, for those involved.


Freeman – Now, all these men seemed to be related…


Alan – If you go into the writings even in the history – his own diary, of Benjamin Franklin, he himself had joined the English Lodge and a few other lodges and he printed that in his own newspaper at the time; when he ran the newspaper; he had joined all the various lodges and when he was in London, he also joined lodges there as well, and he met in fact, he even met some of the Rothschilds there.


Freeman – Now, they’re of course promoted as a foundation of morals and…well, I’m thinking about all of these foundations like Carnegie and the Rockefellers, as you had mentioned, that you know promote that they’re out here to bring about a better world… What do you know about these…?


Alan – What’s fascinating about the foundations, see, the higher Freemasons, not the little guys at the bottom, but the higher Masons, knew the Agenda, and that’s why they called it the New World Order – it was an order to be based in a new world, in the Americas.  You find long before that Francis Bacon had written the New Atlantis, and that was really what the future of America was to be – a country that would be run technically by a form of Republicanism on the surface of it all for the general public, but in reality it would be run by secret scientists and intellectuals and it’s really been that way from the beginning; the fascist corporate interests were married with the government from the very, very beginning.  It can’t be separated at all; they’re intertwined; on either side of the Congressional Hall, when you watch them giving speeches, on either side of the President you see the two fasci, one on either side – the symbol of fascism, it’s right there in the hall.


Freeman – That’s right.  Now, do you think we’ve ever actually elected a President?


Alan – No. 


Freeman – Me either…


Alan – Personally, no - I don’t think so at all – it’s all fanfare and balloons and circuses for the public and…they found in Britain, you see.  Britain, they had a Concert of Europe in the seventeen hundreds before the Revolution – they had had a few concerts of Europe, as they called it; it was meetings of the upper elites in all the countries, and after centuries of warfare and looting the public and taxing them for the wars, they realized they could not go on like this if they wanted to expand and get a global government, and so they needed a white knight in shining armor, with no history of plundering other countries, and so they invented the United States; they had no history and would be the champion of all peoples, when in reality it would be exactly that: it’d be a fascist-type system, always pretending to fight for the good.  If you go into professor Carl Quigley’s book “Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment” – which is a fantastic book for filling in all the blank spots in the histories, and he was the key member – he was the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, one of the main bodies that’s pushing this global government; they drafted up every bill that the President has signed for the integration of the Americas – and that was put out openly on CBC Television in Canada; they had drafted up the whole Summit of the Americas, the amalgamation of the Americas and presented it to the countries to sign, which they did.  They owe their allegiance to London, the Royal Institute for International Affairs – but getting back to the foundations:  Freemasonry, according to Pike, he said: “we shall use every means at our disposal to accumulate vast wealth,” – he said, “even the stock market,” meaning: manipulating the stock market – and he says: “by accumulating great wealth we shall become the masters over the masters of the world.”  And from there he suggested, as did Adam Weishaupt – that was just another branch of the same group – that they would set up big foundations and the foundations would go under the cloak of charities and social betterments; however, really they were setting up political groups whom they funded – and they still do; they fund all the biggest Non-Governmental Organizations who pretend to speak out for the people, but no-one elects them.  No-one elects these Non-Governmental Organizations.  And they demand from governments certain laws get passed and they get their way, because the government’s only too happy to oblige.  And if you look at it really, it’s the same as the Soviet Union, because the Soviet Union – “soviet” means rule by councils.  It means councils of Non-Governmental Organizations, and in the Soviet Union the Politburo picked the leaders; here we have the big foundations, picking and funding the leaders, that pretend to speak for us.


Freeman – So they have got this plan, everybody around, just the common man thinks…and I see people talking about, you know, getting ready to vote next year, and to do their life plan, and how they’re going to have their dream home in some distant future that they have imagined; and yet, when you start to look at this picture, you start to say: “well, wait a minute…” – you know, “that’s if they let you have your dream, right?”


Alan – Well, that’s what it is, the American Dream, isn’t it?   It’s only a dream…


Freeman – It really is.


Alan – It’s never been put into actuality; because as soon as you get your dream home, now you’ve got to maintain it, you got to pay your taxes that always go up.  And now, in most cities now you have street organizations, committees, again, borrowed from the Soviet Union, who can inspect your home, decide what color to paint it and all the rest of it.  So you’re under a form of soviet system, because the same group from London financed both sides of it – the capitalist side and the communist side.  Now they’ve amalgamated the two; as they said they’d do; the Club of Rome actually said – it’s a big think tank that works for the London elite – and the Club of Rome said they’d looked at all the systems in the world and they favored the Soviet collectivist system as being the better one to use in the global structure


Freeman – Well, the Club of Rome came out with a book called “Limits to Growth,” which pretty much said: “well, we’re going to have to kill off a few of you, guys.”  Now, how is that the [Georgia] Guidestones and I saw that it said: “Five hundred million people only” and that it was created by R. C. Christian…


Alan – What it is, Christian Rosencruces, it’s Christian Rosencrosses, it’s the Rosicrucians, a branch of Freemasonry.


Freeman – That’s what I thought.  Okay, let me just tell you a little…Just this week-end, we had some heavy chemtrails and all of a sudden I started feeling very lethargic and very euphoric.  I really didn’t care whether I got up or if I laid down or if I ate; I didn’t care at all.  But then, the next morning I got up and my leg cramped up; my roommate came home and he was on crutches, because his leg had cramped at work and it actually severely injured him; then I took the dog out to play with her rock and her leg cramped up – do you think that these chemtrails are part of a population culling, or even just a doping up of this society?


Alan – Well, I do know that in the big army war colleges, where they train the officers, for many years now they have talked about ways of containing riots or panic in big cities and this was reiterated after 9-11 a few days after, within a few days, by, I think it was Rumsfeld.  It was shown on television in Canada and he was asked how they will contain people trying to flee the cities during panic and so on and he said: “we have aerosolized Prozac and Valium ready to spray over entire areas if need be” and that is when it hit me, I said: “my God they’re actually doing it.”  It isn’t just weather modification, although that’s part of it, but I’m sure, I’m certain to be honest with you, that they are also doping the public – because if you are going to take the public, especially the Americas and the so-called first world countries down to a lower status – because they have no idea of what’s coming along here you know.  This is Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World scenario we’re going into and that’s what Donald Rumsfeld was referring to when he says: “this might be a hundred years war” – he wasn’t talking just about the Middle East, he was talking about changing the entire culture and the structure of the world and civilization; this is the big one that they are going after.  Well, if I were them, I would use every weapon in the arsenal, and it makes perfect sense, you would tranquilize the public during the biggest changes that have ever happened as we go into this Brave New World of theirs.


Freeman – We definitely seem to be at an axis point.  Now, the Russians just announced that they came out with the father of all bombs, a new superbomb; it was a vacuum bomb; ultrasonic shockwave that left no contaminants in the atmosphere, and this was to compete with our mother of all bombs, the MOAB.  It doesn’t seem to me that these guys are…I always get lost how anybody can actually believe that we are working towards a civilization.


Alan – This is called “progress,” you understand.


Freeman – Oh yeah.  Hahaha


Alan – This is how they define progress.  But most of the scaremongering and fearmongering is meant just to terrify the public as they intensify the fear factor, because they found long, long ago: when they terrify whole nations, the people actually submit more to the authoritarian characters that dominate them.  We actually submit and demand that they help us, and they are very happy to help us with taking your rights away. 


Freeman – Well, then, this supposed planned invasion from outer space and H. G. Wells’ “War of the Worlds”…this would fit into that type of scenario.  What do you know about H.G. Wells?


Alan – Oh, H.G. Wells – he belonged in a well; I think they dragged him from one – but H.G. Wells was picked up as a youngster and taught by professor Sir Thomas Huxley that was the grandfather of Aldous Huxley and Huxley taught a select few, who were to be authors…the main authors of the period for the next 20, 30, 40 years and trained them all; and they were called the Red Tie School, because each member was given a red tie for revolution.  Here’s an aristocrat, teaching revolutionaries and you will always find this at the top; it’s the same aristocracy that give out all sides.  So, Wells came out of it, and immediately shot to fame, because they make you a star in this world – you don’t have to have talent – they make you a star; and came out with all these science fiction books, which was predictive programming, the idea being to enthrall the young people through imagination, but at the same time implant ideas into their heads, so that when certain of these things became reality – these ways that mankind would go in the future – when it actually happened, you would accept it as being normal, never thinking that there is a thousand ways that humankind could go, why pick this one – so we’re meant to think that everything that’s going along here is a natural progression, that’s called “predictive programming.” And H.G. Wells was paid by the British government as a propagandist even during the wars.  He wrote “The Shape of Things to Come” and he also put out “The Two World Wars,” two with Germany, one with another one beginning in the Middle East at Basra; well, that’s where the British troops went into Iraq, it was at Basra – just coincidentally – and he wrote that before WW I.  So, he knew the agenda, he was given the agenda and he also was given a lot of his material from professors from Cambridge and Oxford, and he had to write stories around them and put in the predictive programming at the same time.  And you’ll find, if you go further back, the Rothschild family had started up the first organization to fund authors and this was a progression from that particular institution, today they call it the Futurist Society and all main science fiction writers you have ever, ever heard of and who get on the bookshelves and end up with movies and so on, all belong to the Futurist Society; and from there, the big think tanks that plan the future like the Club of Rome, will select authors, tell them to write a story around certain facts and put in these  predictive programming elements and that’s how you run, that’s how you control the minds of the public – mainly through fiction.


 Freeman – Right.  Well, I can definitely see that in everybody planning their Hollywood, I mean Halloween costumes.  It’s just like “oh my God, do you not have an imagination of your own?”  I watch everybody planning on being Batman or Jack Bauer; it’s like, come on, get an imagination, but Hollywood…


Alan – That’s right.


Freeman – …is just too powerful.


Alan – Hollywood is… and Hollywood means the Holy Wood, and the Holy Wood of course is the grove.  That’s what they mean by it.  And nothing, nothing is by mistake and Hollywood – in the Holy Wood, that’s where they used to take the various drugs and you’d have all your experiences; your imagination would go wild, so Hollywood was set up to be the main leaders for giving you your thoughts, for tantalizing you and your imagination; and leaving these subliminals in, all these implants of possibilities which are the predictive parts, predictive programming.  In the 1960s the Royal Institute for International Affairs with its American body called the Council on Foreign Relations got together in London for a two week conference to decide which country would give the world, the new world, this global system, its culture – that was music and all kinds of entertainment and movies – and eventually it was published in the newspapers then, that they had chosen Hollywood to do it, so that’s the role of Hollywood, absolutely. 


Freeman – It seems like movies like V for Vendetta are trying to channel people into a vengeful state and make them want to blow up things.


Alan – I know.  I was kind of disappointed with the movie, because anyone who was straight in the movie was somehow part of the system or they were very stupid. 


Freeman – Right.


Alan – I don’t know why they put that in that way at all, because I know that some of the people at the top are just the opposite that run this show.  All the movies that they have are meant to either stir you up or even tantalize you again into it; because I’ve had youngsters who had asked me: “if we get into the matrix, when they chip our brain, can we actually fight it from within?”  They think they can because that’s how it happened in the movie and I tell them: “once you get a brain-chip, you didn’t make the programs for that computer or that chip; so you, whatever you choose is in the program, you could never beat it.” 


Freeman – Well, it seems like bringing on a plague would probably be the best way to get everybody chipped. 


Alan – Absolutely.  I think that’s the way it’s going to go.  I personally believe that, because – now, the Club of Rome again, as the premier think tank that dishes out its ideas to the lesser think tanks, who then put them into story form or get it out to the magazines, get it on little documentaries on television – that’s all from the Club of Rome, that’s the top one, the top of the pyramid for that particular part of the agenda – and in their own book, published in the 1970s the two founders of the institution – remember again, these are the ones who want to depopulate the planet on behalf of the elite – but these two leaders in the Club of Rome,  the book was called “The First Global Revolution,” said, they had looked around for different methods to unify mankind, because mankind can only do…we basically go along with an agenda under warfare; so, under war, we pull together, we do what we are told, they get great things done, because they can tax like crazy, and they said, “we thought about different ideas…” – now, they had already come up with the space alien idea – could that be pulled off through enough science fiction and get the ideas into folks heads and… as a possibility. They sort of dismissed that eventually; and then they said “we looked around” and they said: “we decided that Global Warming would suit the bill,” and so we could blame the public for causing the Global Warming and then institute all the various bureaucracies that would take charge of the world, to save mankind, because man himself would be made to be the enemy. 


Freeman – Right.


Alan – That’s from their own book. 


Freeman – They are definitely promoting that we are a virus on this planet.  Now, at the same time that they are talking about Global Warming, they are building ionospheric heaters.


Alan – Yes, and they are using the HAARP technology every day now…they have been for the last six or seven years, 24 hours per day, and it creates standing waves, which creates tremendous heat in the atmosphere; it bounces off the ionosphere; and if you look at the United Nations treaty for weather warfare signed in the 70s, they admit right in there that those with the HAARP [High Altitude Aural Research Project] technologies like the one in Alaska, that’s only one of over fifty – there is 54 or 57 of them that we know of – they said that any country can create earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts or famine in those particular…and even tsunamis – that’s all what HAARP itself can do, that kind of technology.  Now, they are using them in sequence together, and they can triangulate different HAARP facilities worldwide, bounce it off the ionosphere and cover a whole continent anywhere in the world if they want to.  And for the nighthawks like myself, I sat out at the back a couple of months ago, one night, when I thought there was a storm coming along, and I watched this rippling light go along just like strobes going across the sky from South to North, and it lasted for about four hours long, and this is the HAARP technology, the pulser wave scaler technology being used.


Freeman – Now, with all these Godlike abilities do you think that they might do a fake Armageddon?  A fake Apocalypse?


Alan – They are already doing it really, although it’s all “wag the dog” right now with all their terror drills and they have now done in some big hospitals like in Michigan, and these places in Michigan, they’ve already done test drills for getting people through decontamination tents and taking flu shots and so on – they have been doing the same thing down the Phoenix way and Portland Oregon – and it’s also a worldwide exercise, by the way, and all of these agencies, including the civilian agencies they have set up quietly in the 1990s are working with them to collect data on the public, and I do suspect, and I have said this; they would use extra tranquilizers during this period and have observers in the field to see how easy it is to manipulate the public to get them to stop their cars, get out to be searched; all this kind of stuff.


Freeman – I definitely felt euphoric and lethargic.  It seems like we live in a zoo, you know, like we are in a habitat of some sort.


Alan – In a cage.  We are in a cage.


Freeman – Yeah, in a zoo they keep those…


Alan – You know, you are not the only person who has complained about that.  I get calls all the time from all over and I do notice that it’s always in the same days that people are feeling so tired and can’t keep their eyes open and it’s the same thing.


Freeman – So that’s world-wide, eh?


Alan – And euphoria too, when you think about it – euphoria, you see, is the effects of tranquilizers – when bad things could be happening, they make you euphoric or you couldn’t care less.  I have also noticed people, when the spraying slows down, or stops for a week, people get agitated, they’ll phone me and they’ll tell me they haven’t had spraying for a week and they’re agitated; well, if you’re getting constantly drugged and you have that stopped quickly, you get withdrawal symptoms; once the spraying starts again, it tops up your blood level and you’re back where you were.


Freeman – People are actually jonesing [craving?] for chemtrails as it were.  Well, now, I just went on a little tour of America and I filmed all of the phallic symbols and the hermaphroditic symbols.  Do you know anything about this?  I found penises and vaginas all over the place.


Alan – You’ll find them going back all through time, not just in America; in fact some old churches in Ireland have the vagina over the arch and the entrance door.  Again, it’s all ancient, because all these religions came from the old mystery religions that have never disappeared; they simply go into “societies with secrets” as they call themselves.  If you go through along the border of Canada and the US, or get a book out or go on the internet and look at all the stones that mark the border – they are all obelisks, they’re all masonic obelisks – every one of them, right along the whole length of the continent.  And that was an agreement that came between the masonic Masons in Canada and the masonic Masons in the U.S.


Freeman – What do you think about the hermaphroditic symbol?


Alan – The hermaphroditic symbol has various meanings; however, the odd thing is, they’ve always talked about “the perfection of the human being,” and I’m talking about in the Higher Mysteries, above even most of the noble orders.  They’ve always talked about the perfection of the human being and if they could only perfect humankind; you see, what they mean by that is the cessation of all conflict – that’s between everyone, including male and female.  Of course, in the Lesser Mysteries they go into the “left side of the brain,” “right-hand side of the brain” and so on; but, when you look at what they are really looking at for the future, they’re looking for a worker breed that’s going to be perfected.  This again goes into Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and he basically backed all that up that it could be done scientifically in his following book “Brave New World Revisited,” the non-fiction book – and he was all for it, because he worked for Tavistock Institute and he worked on this in many of these experiments – they put wires in peoples’ brains and all the rest of it – back in the 1950s and he knew the Agenda.  They’ve always wanted this worker group as a transitory stage between what we are today as humans, male and female – and then the breed that would come after, which would be cloned type – and I can foresee the time where they will create a creature.  You see, they see marriage as very messy and a nuisance, and they don’t like women at all, they really don’t like women.  They don’t like emotion; emotion is too disruptive, it causes conflicts in the home, the man doesn’t work properly; all these things…and so they see the female as really a nuisance, but they want something that can reproduce itself; so you’re going to have a hermaphroditic type brought forth in the future – I have no doubt too, one of these cloning facilities will eventually present one to the world, and then they’ll dig up all the old sci-fi books with the rights of the new types of humans.  We have already gone along with a lot of this kind stuff through science fiction, and we’ll have debates on television: “do they have the same rights as us or not?” 


There’s even lawyers getting ready to take courses in all of this kind of stuff; it’s going to be a big, big business for lawyers – of course, they always win.  I can see the day where if you serve the World System, as a good servant, then your right, your crowning achievement will be to have permission to reproduce yourself.  That will be how it is done, I think.  Now, you go back to the writings of Plato, in the Republic – and he talked about the “guardian class,” to which he belonged – that was the upper Elite and he talked about this future utopia to come – for the Elite a Utopia, that is – and he said, they’ll have the guardians, then you have a guardians’ helpers, some drawn (the more intelligent ones) from the  “it”-s  – because everyone who is not interbred specifically, with “arranged marriages,” is called an “it,” – you’re called a “commoner” in English – he called  them “it”-s. But he says: “we can breed them, just like you breed animals for specific purposes and he said: “if you want tall people to pick apples, you breed tall peoples, keep and breeding them; and if you want miners, you get little squat guys, married to little squat women and their offspring will be little squat miners;” so just like they have done with the pedigree dogs and so on, they were quite confident that through the “understanding of Nature,” as they used to couch it in the Mysteries, which meant science, they could conquer this and create new types of humans to serve them better – humans without free will though; that’s the big part of it – you won’t be able to perceive of yourself as an individual.


Freeman – Right.  Now I would extend…


Alan – Now in Australia they have done this.  Now, Australia is on the same kind of national health services we are in Canada, which is minimalistic, it’s pretty bad actually; you wait forever if you can get a doctor, and you will be dead before you can get to even be seen, but in Australia they allocated millions of dollars towards an idea to see if they could make a man pregnant…they created an artificial womb in one fellow – and I heard that they have done a second one now – to see if they can fertilize an egg, put it in this artificial womb they’ve created.  Now, why on earth would they be spending that kind of money when they have a system where you can’t even have an appendix removed – why would you be spending that kind of money to something like that – it’s not necessary – until you go into the Agenda of the Elite, as I say, and the creation of new types of humans for specific purposes – they call it “ideal design” – that’s what they mean by that.


Freeman – Wow.  Yeah, I can just hear Arnold Swarzenegger saying: “it’s not a tumor.”  Haha. Haha.


Alan – That’s right.  Oh, that’s right. 


Freeman – They put that one on the air already…


Alan – We’ve had a lot of programs like that along that way; putting that idea there and one day they will bring forth something that can reproduce itself – now, they could also do it with even giving you an injection down the road that will enable a hermaphrodite to reproduce itself.  I watched a two-hour documentary put out by NASA and it was narrated by David Suzuki, who is one of the flower-boys of the United Nations – he is a geneticist, who does all the wildlife programs for the young and brainwashes them – a man, who has also said that they would have to kill off millions of people in the world to save the planet – nationally on Television he said that –


Freeman – Wow.


Alan – He was the narrator for this two-hour documentary special from NASA; and they talked about all the problems with interstellar flight to go off and mine the planets; and they talked about that maybe they’d have to create a new type of human, that basically could be basically hatched along the way.  I’ve no doubt they were talking about something that could also reproduce itself if necessary.  That’s already discussed long ago with NASA.


Freeman – Well, I remember when Ra Ellis stood before Congress and talked about cloning humans; haha; he was the Ambassador of our Extraterrestrial Gods, wearing a Star of David with a swastika in the middle of it, saying that “we will clone humans and we already have.”


Alan – I’m sure he was funded by the same institutions that put these ideas out there and get the followers to go along with it – because, you see, it’s a eugenics program as well – the group that run the world openly today, are really into eugenics big time; they always have been.  We’ll find that again, big players, like Bertrand Russell, Wells himself, and Prime Ministers and Presidents of the United States were big into eugenics and the Rockefeller Foundation funded and started off the American Eugenics Society, where they put out a magazine every month on the “perfect families” that should be able to breed; and then they had all this degrading stuff about the families, the “lesser types” that should not be allowed to breed; and they sterilized thousands of people all the way down into the nineteen-seventies in the U.S. because of this particular group; and they do believe, like Charles Galton Darwin in his book “The Next Million Years” – the guy who was the grandson of Charles Darwin – he was a physicist, this man; in the nineteen-fifties he put his book out, and he said that  “our main worry is that the ‘commoners’ will outbreed the intellectuals and overrun them;” and then he comes out with all of these formulas to basically get rid of them, including  putting steroids or sexual hormones into their food, their water, or even attacking their ability to reproduce, through inoculations.  That’s we’re dealing with.


Freeman – What do you think will wake people up, to have them stop trusting these overlords that we have?  What do you think would wake people up? …to get them around to the fact…


Alan – Most people, most people will not wake up…


Freeman –…that the government is not there for their benefit?


Alan – …most people will not wake up; in fact, that’s the problem.  Most people are conditioned; they are the products of their conditioning and Aldous Huxley explained in “Brave New World Revisited;” and the talk he gave at Berkeley University, which is on my web site, if anybody wants to download it – in the audio section – you’ll hear him saying that he’d see no reason why a scientific system or dictatorship could not rule the world forever; and he talked about scientific indoctrinations, as did Lord Bertrand Russell; Bertrand Russell talked about their ability back in the nineteen-twenties, because he was given charge of special education schools by the Crown; the Crown gave him charters to open up these schools and test children for experiments; and Lord Bertrand Russell said: “we…” – now, he’s talking on behalf of the Aristocracy that owns the wealth of the planet –  he said: “we used to think” – now, this is not Karl Marx talking; this is the Aristocracy – he says: “we used to think we’d have to take the children from the birth-mother at birth, and so the child would never know their parents, to bring them up free of ‘contaminated ideas’ ”  – old-fashioned ideas, like marriage and so on –  he says: “but we have found that through putting them into kindergarten at the age of 2 and giving them scientifically designed indoctrination, when they go home at night, any input from their parents would be basically cast aside.”  So they already knew that in the nineteen-twenties, and as I say, this was not Karl Marx talking; this is the Aristocracy from England that helped fund the Russians and the Soviet Revolution


Freeman – Astounding…Well, now; we’ve talked about New Atlantis, we talked about Plato; do you think this story goes back to the time of Atlantis; does it go beyond this current historical period that we’re living in?  Do you think?


Alan – It definitely goes back to some new beginning somewhere – definitely an idea was hatched; now, we get little references of previous ages in old religious books for instance; and much of it is mythology, much of it is put out by the priesthoods themselves, but we do know, that, for instance, if you go into the Hindu histories, which they claim are much older, they do talk about experimentation with different types of humans especially in the Black Sea area, which was a valley at one time.  They said that eventually those that did the experiments flooded the valley to kill the different kinds of humans that they tampered with, basically, because these humans ended up eating each other.  It almost looks like there has been experimentation in the past and of course I’m not talking about science fiction as far as UFOs and all that kind of stuff crowded in; I personally think the world is far older, I think the Hindus are right with that; that Civilization is much older.  Even Plato talked about this: he said that when his great uncle Solon had gone to Egypt for the histories of Greece, and the Egyptians told him: “you don’t even know how old you people are.”  And they went into the different civilizations that had existed long before that had risen and fallen and vanished; and so I have no doubt that Humankind is much-much older; and all the Darwinian stuff that was put out there was as an attempt to give a beginning to Man, was really a red herring, it was a false, you know, a false lead, to put us all off track, that we are far-far older.  When you go into Egypt, for instance, and you look at how well they have understood the stars and the travels of the planets and so on, and the constellations and yah-de-yah, all that stuff that we take as normal today – they had the Lunar, the Solar and the stellar cults or priesthoods – they had all this well mapped.  Well, to do an experiment, if you were to watch and see for twenty-five and a half thousand years that the Great Zodiac, as they say, went around its course, you’d have to wait another twenty-five thousand years to see if it happened again exactly in the same way before you could say: “well, this is an empirical experiment, we studied it for fifty-odd thousand years.”  It tells you that civilization, as far as intellectual observation and noting of these things, was on the go fifty-odd thousand years before seven thousand BC.  So fifty-seven thousand BC, for sure.


Freeman – There was a Freemason, Colonel Weiss that gave us the dating of the pyramids; the fraudulent dating of thirty-five hundred to Kufu – you know, these Freemasons are wily. 


Alan – Well, Weiss himself was a con-man, he was caught by the Royal Society that had helped fund him, forging inscriptions on the pyramids and inside the pyramids and everything else; he was a real fraud for sure, and a con-man, so there’s nothing that he comes out with that you can take for granted. 


Freeman – And yet the History Channel still says: “oh yeah, back in three thousand.”  Do you think now, they just had this supposed bomb-threat against Putin and, you know, they had come up with their new “father of all bombs;” Albert Pike seems to have mentioned a World War III – do you think we are there?  Do you think that this is the next…


Alan – We are going through it; we’re going through it now, because, if you understand what a war is, and you’ve got to back to the 1930s, to understand what they mean by total war.  Total war was a concept that the British Military Academy had first come out with at Sandhurst, and they took in foreign members to come in and be taught this and the guys who ran Hitler’s army also went there to study total war.  Up until WW I, primarily, wars were between mercenary groups or at least established armies fighting on battlefields and they left the civilian populations alone.  Then they came out with the idea of total war, where all of civilization, all civilians are part of the war.  Then you go into Carroll Quigley’s books “Tragedy and Hope” and “Anglo-American Establishment” and he says right there, he says: “War, one of its main intentions is to change society; all sides of the war have their societies changed, because government takes over so many institutions during the war, which they never let go of,” and he said: “we can get more done in five years of war on a social scale” – that means social changes – “than fifty years of peace and propaganda.”  We are in the war now and right now we’re giving up all our rights; they have been taken away from us; everyone is suspect whoever the government says you are; Bush has declared openly that anyone speaking out against the war publicly, can have their homes confiscated and businesses and all the rest of it and thrown in jail; anyone on this continent right now under the anti-terrorism laws can be thrown in jail indefinitely without charges and left to rot.  We are in the middle of the war right now, it’s happening.  It’s here.  This is what war is about; it’s total war; the war is on the civilian population of the entire planet.


Freeman – Right.  Well, it’s always been my belief that creative play, you know, the real heart of the human is what’s necessary to turn things around.  I really, after looking at all this, don’t believe legislation and new… you know, what are we going to do: come up with a “new foundation”?  I really think that the heart of the problem is in our own spirit, in our own creative play that is being just downtrodden, I mean it’s being stepped upon; creative play doesn’t exist anymore.


Alan – It doesn’t, and you have to wonder as the ancients used to do – how many people actually have something called “spirit” in them…when you see that their conditioning has taken so well with them.  And they do talk about, like Brzezinski said, “all the public will be able to talk about shortly,” he said, “their conversations will be based around what was downloaded into them in the previous night’s television.”  Well, that’s happened with most people…


Freeman – We are there…


Alan – …they’re oblivious of what’s happening to their own lives and yet, they’re unable to talk about it, they don’t even see it.


Freeman – No, they don’t.  We’re there. They’re in…


Alan – We are there, and so the scientific indoctrination has actually been successful.


Freeman – They are doing a very good job.  I mean, as I watch all of the programming come out of everybody’s mouth and I watch as they dress up as Guy Fawkes, you know, I’m just: “ah, come on, people, see this, see this,” well, then they ask me: “now, oh, OK, once we see it, what’s the solution?”  I have often tossed out synchronicity… I believe that there’s a divine force as well as just as a political mechanization.  And I don’t think they are omnipotent. I think that there is a higher force that could easily be attracted by our very actions; that it’s our actions that would bring about a miraculous change. 


Alan – There’s got to be, number one, the Will, and the will itself right now amongst the general population is incredibly sluggish; it’s hardly moving at all.  They have been socialized to the extent that everything’s laid on for them; their entertainment’s laid on; the conversations are laid on; they talk about what’s on television or sports or something …and that’s that.  So there’s got to be a will to change.  Now, you can’t go backwards into the system, because it belonged to the same group; it was their ancestors who ran the older system; the same aristocracies; and so you have got to find a different way to go.  The choice right now is to go down their way happily, playing ourselves into oblivion, because that’s what’s designed for us, once we get all this chipping done to us and so on, and lose all of the rights that we have ever thought we had – that we didn’t really have, we were given them temporarily – or else we go a different way.  We can either go into this inhumane, psychopathic way, which the Elite have given us, because it’s a “dog eat dog” system out there – the psychopaths have always gave you a psychopathic culture, where you have winners and losers; and for every winner seat, there’s ten thousand losers – and we call that “natural” and “normal” – that’s not normal at all.  We’re becoming inhumane to each other; we watch people getting blown up all over the planet and we don’t care as long as it’s not us; that’s not humanity!  And when you don’t care about other people in other lands getting blown up, you don’t realize that you have lost your ability for self-preservation, because eventually the monster that eats them will come around to you.


Freeman – There’s certainly no way we can solve our personal problems without solving global problems.  It just never works.


Alan – Yes.  And again, all the lies we’re being told – now, we know from the “New American Century” group that’s actually in power now, but they published their own private institutions’ group views back in the nineties – twice they did it – in the early nineties and they re-published it in ninety-seven, when they re-did it under Wolfowitz.  They said that they would go into the Middle-East and they would take Afghanistan and Iraq and Iran and Syria and so on; because this establishment, this psychopathic establishment came to the conclusion a long time ago – when we go back to the Royal Institution for International Affairs for this, which really was just a front for the British Crown and the Empire, they had decided then that they would allow no other type of culture or way of life to survive on this planet; everyone must come into the same culture, under the same order.  And so, any culture that’s different at all was to be obliterated or they would be forced to join – one of the two.  Those unable to adapt would simply be wiped out.  And if we go back into earlier writings of the top economist for the Crown and the British East India Company, Sir John Stuart Mill, and others, John Stuart Mill back in the 1700s said – and he laid out the list of the peoples they would have to wipe out – and he had the black people of Africa; he also had the American Indian scheduled for it; and even Irish as well; and that was reiterated by H.G. Wells in his history book called “Outlines of History, Volume One and Two,” he put the same categories of people that would be “unworthy” to come into a next civilization, because under the Darwinian laws any “primitives” as they call them, that are brought into a new civilization would help destroy the new; it wouldn’t get off his feet, so they would have to destroy the primitives. And that’s where they’re going under right now: “adapt or die,” according to the Darwinian theories.  They knew the American Indian could not adapt very well to the white man’s eight-to-five or eight-to-ten as it was at that time, and that the African was different too and so they had them slated for extinction.  Adolf Hitler took up the same categories of people and went after also Jews, Gipsies and Slavs.  It’s the same group at the top though that rule the world and they are still in power today.


Freeman – Thank you so much, Alan, for all this information – it is so important; and hopefully, you know, it seems like it’s very overwhelming and that’s why I am looking for a miracle – because I don’t see a path out of this, but I am definitely one of those people that’s not intending to adapt to this new society. 


Alan – As long as there are people like yourself and myself who can still think, I always say there’s still hope when we can think and still speak, and now that we can still speak, we got to use it, that ability, because it won’t last forever.  These guys mean business and we must demand our rights back instead of allowing them to be taken away.


Freeman – Absolutely.  Well, if you’d like to get more information, check out Alan Watt’s web site, he has some very great interviews on there, audio downloads, video downloads and articles that he has written – how long have you been doing this, now, Alan?


Alan – Well, as far as openly, it’s been about ten years; only because I know it’s the last chance we have – we have to speak now.


Freeman – Right.  That was pretty much where I was at…it put me here in front of this camera here… because, you know, what are we going to do at this point but shout it out to the world, right?


Alan – We’ve got to.


Freeman – Well, thank you so much for joining us and I hope to talk to you again in the future.


Alan – Will do.  Sure.  Give me a call.


Freeman – I will, absolutely.  And next week, we’re going to have Eric John Phelps on, talking about Vatican assassins and get a little into the Popistry…look a little deeper into that picture.  At this point all I can say is, with all this data that Alan has outlined for us and given us all the documented evidence to show us that our world is completely and totally manipulated and that these dreams are false; these ideas that we have that we think we can change or even get our own personal feet on the ground, your foundation does not exist; it’s owned and operated and rented to you by these foundations and secret societies who have been controlling this situation from Day One and pitting groups against each other.  So, try to keep this in mind and try to find your own true will, yourself, and please, if anything, just start talking to other humans and telling them that we need to find ourselves a new will…a new bill of rights.  And so, until next week, have a good night.  We’ll see you then.



Transcripted by:  Lee Bertie