July 12, 2006
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VYZYGOTH – Welcome to another segment of the “Grassy Knoll” on this July 12 – I can read well, 2006 – and we have with us today Alan Watt and we have the bunch of questions that I have seen already lining up for him and that’s fine; and he’s just hoping that it’s something different from what people asked him yesterday or the last time when he was on.  And Alan, thanks very much for coming on; and let me ask you something.  Have you got any kind of obvious reaction from posting that audio of Kennedy’s speech?


ALAN – I’ve had different people who had been affected by it  [interruption] even some people connected with governments, because what he said then is so relevant today.


VYZYGOTH – Now that’s still up there, is it not? 


ALAN – Yes.


VYZYGOTH – Alright, so, folks can go hit that if they want to; I will tell you, I excerpted 9 minutes, I credited your web site; I built a show around that portion where he says, and I’ve got it right here – I’m not going to read the whole thing, but is there one section. And the thing is that this …what is nice, the Times transcribed Presidential speeches.  And so when I heard it on your web site, I went out into the New York archives and sure enough, there it was.  And of course, he talks about…where is it? 


For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy.”


Now, that says a mouthful, doesn’t it?


ALAN –That isn’t Joe Blow talking; that was supposed to be the guy who was in the know at the top; so he certainly understood what was happening.


VYZYGOTH – And if folks haven’t heard this – please check it out right after the show whenever you can; and listen to what’s going on there; and I said this to you yesterday, you know.  There was an urban legend, I don’t know, on the net, and pretty good job of faking it, that Kennedy had said something to this effect in November of 1963 in New York, I guess, maybe a week or two before he was assassinated.  That did not happen. However, I am wondering if other well-intentioned people were ever referring to this speech back in - what was it? -  April 1961.


ALAN – It could have been. And I know the “gold boys,” the ones who sell the gold and the silver, always put something out that he’s supposed to have said or done or something that…


VYZYGOTH – Well, yeah; he was involved with the Federal Reserve, which some people say is a bit of a canard, that he wanted to print, I guess, silver-backed notes; get off the Federal Reserve Notes. And of course, back in… usually when you mess with the bankers, you don’t stick around too long but I don’t know how much that was true, but I tell you, like Abraham Lincoln, all of those coincidences. Kennedy like Lincoln, I guess, you know, PO’d just about everybody there was of every faction that was around, and I don’t think he ever had a chance, but after this, I mean, when you read this, what do you think he is describing? I mean, it can’t be Communism, because he could have come right out and said it.


ALAN – No, because Communism was only part of the ONE…there’s only one head at the top; there’s only one Society at the top, which uses oppositionsIt’s got to have oppositions to get a synthesis, and then the synthesis becomes the new thesis, and it goes on from there. This is what Communism was based upon. And Communism was just a new name for a very old idea. And the Big Boys have always used this technique of extending society through stages of conflict towards the Great Work.  You can’t get a “stagnant population,” as they call it, to move, if there’s only one side pushing them; they’d eventually…the other side will be looking like… [interruption]… you give them sides to choose from…you don’t let the sides evolve naturally, they’d never get the funding, you know. 


VYZYGOTH – Well, we think… we, well, and Anthony C. Sutton, of course, writes about “Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution;” other authors have written about Rockefellers and some of the other Western financiers’ complicity in creating the Bolsheviks and also creating Communism, as I guess, part of this whole Hegelian Dialectic that you have to have a boogie-man, with Capitalism being, I guess, the “good guy.”  But actually, Communism was just the most recent work, of a system that has been going on for a long time, isn’t it?


ALAN – It is, it is.  In fact, really, Communism had a lot in common with the ancient systems of collectivism, where you have really a huge priestcraft at the top, dishing out laws and ruling the lives of everybody beneath them.  You see that even 2,000 years ago in the Middle-East; that’s what was happening there with the Pharisees, who were just dishing out laws and did not follow them themselves. And they lived much higher up than the people that served them, the public.  They were bound by laws; that was what all the factions were fighting about at that time, and the Pharisees were only one small sect at that time. So this is an ongoing thing of “who makes the rules,” who decides how you live and how society will be.  That’s what Communism is, and of course, the Elite called it the “Great Experiment.”  The U.S. was one of the Great Experiments; the Communist system was another; and the historians wrote about it that way.  And what they were doing, was looking at the different techniques of controlling societies and eventually would blend the Capitalism and Communism together and therefore we get Alvin Toffler’s book, “The Third Way,” which is the coming together of that: a fascist Elite at the top, a massive bureaucracy to run the people in a Communist type system for the people. That’s what we’re seeing today; that’s what it’s all about.


VYZYGOTH – It seems that Communism has always been around, because, if you look at the feudal monarchies and such and obviously they weren’t into sharing the wealth, but how do you explain it in Capitalism?  I mean, was that a rogue situation, something that wasn’t planned, or was that allowed to happen, so to speak?


ALAN –  Oh, it was allowed to happen. If you look at basically the old system of Catholicism, which was just the old Roman Empire, using religion and fear, fear of the unknown to rule peoples, as opposed to using just straight armies on them, and terror; they used terror of the mindSo they used old, old sciences, which had been well used in the ancient Middle East and elsewhere, of religion to control the public and terrify them.  Of course, the priestcraft always had the ability to “keep you safe” or dispel the evil ones, etcetera.  So they used that.  And that was fine for an agricultural type situation in a feudal system and really that’s when Catholicism swept into places like England big time, under the Norman invasion.  They brought with them the Roman Catholic Church, and every King and Queen that was appointed to rule over the countries, always had their advisors, who were priests connected directly to the Vatican and they all lived on the general public.  So the public were the only ones who made the wealth and they brought in Jewry to manage the money and collect the taxes, because the person ends up hating the person who is collecting the taxes, rather than think: “wait a minute, he’s collecting for the King.” So the King was still loved, while the person that collected the taxes was hated. That was a very good strategy, but they all passed the money upwards and took their cut on the way, right up to the Vatican. They knew they had to eventually go into an industrial era, and use science, so they had to bring a new type of religion in with a different work ethic and that’s why they created the Protestant Revolution.


VYZYGOTH – Would it be correct to say that, and I guess that’s in the last two centuries, maybe three, that there have been kind of three laboratories across the world and that would be Capitalism in the West, Socialism in Europe and then Communism in Russia and later, China.


ALAN – Yes.  Communism was the fastest way – or the Soviet system – was the fastest way to take over dozens of countries in Europe and elsewhere and centralize the government – that was so important: centralization of government; and then they put the same system of bureaucracy, schooling or education, right down to the local level.  And eventually – and Lenin said it too – he says: “this system of the dictatorship will not last forever.”  He said, eventually it will form into a new type of system, not quite communist and not quite capitalist.  And so, he knew the agenda a hundred years before it all came down.


VYZYGOTH – So, what we’re seeing, perhaps is a perceivable melding of all the systems.


ALAN – Yes; if you look at the system of Britain and the British Empire and free trade, which was born with John Dee in the 1500’s; that was part of it.  They wanted to go into countries and use the same system in that same country, after they had taken it over by force if need be; and set up the same type of British government and bureaucracy; and only when they were sure, after one or two generations that it was running the same way, would they then withdraw, knowing that it would stay that way.  And that was also the official policy after WWII when Britain was to start to give up part of its Commonwealth. It was still written into law under the Atlantic Charter, which became the United Nations Charter. That was signed in 1941 and 1942 – they said they wouldn’t withdraw until they set up an exact duplicate of the British structure.


VYZYGOTH – Joan Veon would argue and I think she makes a good case with the fact that when Britain supposedly ‘de-colonized,’ they still kept their Empire, because, she contends that they de-colonized countries in exchange for their votes. So they would…


ALAN – That’s right, but also, what they did – see, once you’re into the bureaucratic class and you have one or two generations or hereditary generations in the bureaucracies, then you know it’s going to pretty well stay that way, because they are benefiting so well at the top; and then you also introduce the same orders, which are Masonic type orders going back to Britain.  So you can always get the feedback on what’s really happening and you control that way.


VYZYGOTH – Now that we’re seeing what we’re seeing, and it certainly seems to be happening quickly. Have you kept up with this whole bit about the NAFTA Corridor and everything?


ALAN – Oh, yeah, but I knew about that twenty years ago.


VYZYGOTH – Well, I mean, what’s ridiculous, and we were talking about this yesterday, and that is: on one hand, we are listening to our President tell us about how he’s going to secure the borders and build walls and put national guard on the borders, and in the meantime they’re talking about this gigantic highway, with no questions asked, into the United States; so, I mean, it’s ridiculous; it’s the old bit about “watch this hand,” while the other hand something [else].


ALAN – It’s for the public, you see, they’re apprehensive and you appease them by giving them stories, but the fact is: when they signed the Free Trade Agreement back in the eighties, before the NAFTA Agreement, that was all discussed then, that eventually… It’s written right in there, “the free flow of goods and labor must not be impeded.” That was the same technique that was used for the European Union.


VYZYGOTH – Well, even the term “free trade” is kind of an oxymoron in this, or at least it’s a contradiction in terms for us, because for the workers it’s not going to be free at all, is it?


ALAN – No, not even for any of the small businesses – it’s selective trade, it’s the Big Internationalists, as Carroll Quigley said – the new feudal system; the new overlords of the feudal system will be the international CEOs and that’s what it’s about.  It’s a protective trade for the Big Boys, because they see just anybody trading as being chaos, you see.


VYZYGOTH – Well then, what we are looking at now, there is a quickening of events. Are we headed to some kind of “apocalyptic” occurrence?


ALAN –  There’s no doubt about it.  I mean, Jacques Attali wrote about it in his book: “Millennium” in 1990 and its subtitle: “Winners and Losers in the Coming New World Order.” And he put the format down for America; and he helped spearhead the European Union before he went to the UN.  And he said: America will go through the same phases. He said it will be a bit worse, there will be more chaos, as the hordes come in – he said “hordes” come in from South America; and he says: “for maybe a generation or two there will be some chaos,” and “some chaos” to the Big Boys means there will be murders, riots and fighting going on, but eventually it settles down, and “you can’t make an omelet without cracking eggs,” so the misery doesn’t matter to these boys. It’s a “must be,” they call it “historical necessity.” He said, eventually most of the Southern US will be Spanish-speakingIn fact, a good half of America would end up being Spanish-speaking.


VYZYGOTH –  Well, do you see a Third World War happening?


ALAN –  The Third World War is on right now; it’s everywhere; this war in the Middle East affects the entire planet.  And it is, because every little country on the planet has signed into the Anti-Terrorism Bill.  And they are pushing the same laws, the same ID Card push and eventually, the chipping of the peopleOut of this is going to come out the cashless society and a totally monitored world; that what it’s about.


VYZYGOTH – Well, since war is good business and I am assuming too that this might be the last time that it would be used, and that Brzezinski is telling us the secret in that “Grand Chessboard.”  Could we see the US Military decimated abroad?


ALAN – It’s possible, but I don’t think so, because the CFR and the Royal Institute of International Affairs discussed this back in the 1930s at some of their meetings - I have their old books - and they said the US would be the policeman of the world and take over from Britain - they already had, really at that time - but they knew that it would take more of a role on; and they said that America would go through a couple of minor wars as they extended this work; and that was for globalization.  And in their books they did say “this was for World Government.”  They never ever minced words at their meetings.  And they said: eventually America would start to falter, come back again then falter again financially as they expended themselves financially - and then they would simply meld into the world and then China would take over.


VYZYGOTH – Well, you know, it seems that they used that same formula also if we look back and we said this before about how Napoleon was used and then kicked to the curb - and we take a look, when their scourgers are around and do a job and then they are disposed of after the job is done.  They get kind of betrayed too, betrayed also. 


ALAN – I think that’s even what happened to Hitler, you know.


VYZYGOTH – Alright.  Oh, yes; I agree.


ALAN – Because Hitler…  Hitler was the Time-Life [Magazine’s] “Man of the Year” twice in the 1930s.  And that was also called The Great Experiment and British nobility were going over there to see how this great socialist system wasOnce again, you see, how to control the public.  How to get a system where the public were enthusiastic to serve the one system; and they were very excited about it - and I think they had agreements, because Hitler wanted a united Europe; we now know from Winston Churchill’s personal secretary, who put out his memoirs, called The Fringes of Power, with declassified stuff 50 years after the event.  He put it out and said that Churchill also talked to his own peer group enthusiastically about this; he said: “This is the greatest thing that ever happened: this war will create a united Europe.”  So both Hitler and Churchill wanted the same thing.


VYZYGOTH – So, what do you think Hitler accomplished?


ALAN – Well, what he had accomplished was - the war itself…they almost brought the UN out of it, as the World Government.  And at the time lots of books were written by the Big Boys, who really were sure that they were going to have total World Government then!  And then, when people still did not want it - the general public - they started to quieten it down a bit and do it more covertly.


VYZYGOTH – Do you believe or have evidence to the fact that Hitler very well knew what was going to happen and that he actually didn’t die in the bunker - I mean, he had served his purpose and he spirited away?


ALAN – Well, what I do know is that Hess went over; he took a plane, remember, to Britain during the war, I don’t know if people know that he landed…he knew where he was going.  He landed on Lord Lothian’s land - and Lord Lothian was the head of the Royal Institute for International Affairs and the CFR.


VYZYGOTH – Well, could it have been that Hess actually - well, I guess what I am saying is that Hess didn’t understand the fix was in; do you think that he was trying to go over there to talk sense?


ALAN – I think that he went over and say: “Hey, what’s the game here? We’re supposed to have a stalemate at France.”  After Dunkirk there was supposed to be a stalemate there - that’s what I think.  And then they would have come to negotiations and all this kind of thing.  I think that was the deal.  It’s interesting too: Hess, through the family history, was raised to the House of Hess, which was also the part of the British Monarchy.


VYZYGOTH – Well, they are cousins anyway, aren’t they?   But do you think that Hess didn’t get it and actually…


ALAN – I think so; I think he went over - or was sent over - to find out why Britain was continuing this offensive, when they had a secret agreement.


VYZYGOTH – And so, do you think they sat on him for all those years in Spandau?


ALAN – We’ll never know, except what they have told us.  That’s what I think happened.  As far as the bunker goes, I’ve never known in any time in history where the Elite made a castle, a bunker or anything without many-many escape tunnels.  It’s never been done before.


VYZYGOTH – Well, if in fact, he knew the Handshake and he understood the script, then he - if he was a useful and willing tool, I am often thinking that for some strange reason, unless they get whacked and betrayed, they get paid off for their service and they disappear.


 ALAN – That’s often what happens.  I even think the same happened with Napoleon. 


VYZYGOTH – Let me stop right now, I want to tell everybody: you are listening to the Grassy Knoll, we do have with us Alan Watt.  What I’ll do is, if you folks want to ask him a question or make a comment, you can do so by sending an e-mail.  And going back to, I guess the theme of the show, Alan, and that was, because of what you posted there, that audio by Kennedy, also trying to figure out whom he was speaking about.  You say, the secret societies.  Now, you go where you want to go with this - I mean, are we talking something beyond Freemasonry?


ALAN – Freemasonry at the lower degrees is definitely part of the structure, because they are sworn really to obey their own masters rather than any public office.  And you’ll find that, just like MI5 and MI6, everyone in it is a Freemason.  It’s pretty well mandatory, and Peter Wright  talked about that.  He belonged to MI5 - he wrote about that in Spy Catcher.  You’ll find the CIA was just the same and on a higher level, in fact, than standard FreemasonryAnd he knew that the CIA had its own agenda; at least they were serving another master, and I think that was part of it as well.


VYZYGOTH – Also, I’ve been remissent in bringing up your web site.  It’s and, Alan, it’s getting bigger and better all the time - can you tell people what they’ll find there - and any materials that you do have for sale?


ALAN – They can go through and get lots of free programs - different shows I have done; and they can also see the books I sell; and I have a DVD coming out, hopefully next week.  That will be for sale as well and the price will be up there, about secret societies down through the ages; and how it works, basically - how the system works.  And then, here’s an example for this:  you see, at the very top they look upon society as one whole thing.  They don’t see separate middle classes or lower classes and it’s one big conglomerate of them, or as Plato called them: “the its,” you see.  And they have societies and different levels to manage the “its;” and it’s fascinating to see that in all ages there’s the exoteric religions to keep the people in check and make them obedient - and then there’s the esoteric managers that can actually push the Agenda from the bottom, if need be - up, and it appears to have evolved from the public, when in fact it was managed from the top.  That’s how this whole system works.  In some of even the old Catholic “Big Ones,” the big writers in the Middle Ages talked about this.  They said that “once the mass has been served for the masses” - that’s why it’s called ‘the mass’ - he said: “we have our own particular rites, after the doors are bolted” - and the public have left.


VYZYGOTH – Someone was on before, and I think they spoke to the fact that there are a number of circles around, that protect, I guess, the ‘Hierarchy.’  Do you agree with that?


ALAN – Oh, absolutely.  They run the ‘overworld,’ which is their legal system; they run the ‘underworld,’ which is what we would call the ‘illegal’ system.  They need the two of them.  So you have the Mafia at the bottom and different other groups in different countries - and you have the legal system on top - and that was shown very well in the movie: Gangs of New York - how the gang leader got together with the local politician, and once in a while the politicians say: “look, the public is getting anxious; there’s too much crime; and who can you give, who can you offer up for public execution to quell the public’s fears?”  And he would offer them two or three of the lesser gang members.  This is how the system has always been run.  It’s quite fascinating to see that.


VYZYGOTH – Well, you just - I don’t know if you can speak directly to this, but you just made me think of: was that perhaps the rationale behind John Gotti getting thrown in jail?


ALAN – It’s very possible.


VYZYGOTH – And it’s interesting, too, he didn’t have much time left, either.


 ALAN – Often, when they’ve served their function or they’re getting older or a bit more careless, they’ll just offer them up and the public see this happening and think: “oh, the legal system is really working.”  And that’s the intent of it.


VYZYGOTH – Do you think, I mean, we think of the Mafia now as being passé and such; that we evolved, I guess, from that; but, you know, is the Mafia in the true sense globally involved still?


ALAN – It’s globally involved, and it’s interesting - for instance, in Canada we started Casinos out back in about the late 80s.  The Government started them up.  And here is your Government pushing gambling, which used to be low-life stuff.  And casinos sprung up everywhere; and Bob Rae, that was the Premier, which is like the Governor, of Ontario.  Bob Rae was in at the time.  And he brought up - and this was in the newspapers - he brought up Mafia bosses from Chicago to advise them on how to set up the casinos, to make sure that they wouldn’t get ripped off.  That was in the newspapers!  And the public didn’t even pick up, you know.


VYZYGOTH – I know, and a lot of stuff that’s getting done today; in fact, a guest was on yesterday and said the same thing.  He said you could almost expect that they could come out and say, “guess what? We did 9-11” and people go like: “okay.”


I got a question for you along these lines, and it asks: “how did the Ancient Mysteries and the ruling elites spread from the Near East and Egypt to Europe and Asia over the millennia?  And is there a direct lineage from ancient controllers to today’s controllers?”


ALAN – There is no doubt.  Whenever you look, and I don’t know if you can find it on the Internet, but if you see the inaugurations of Queen Elizabeth the Second - she is actually the First of Scotland, Second for England - you watch Westminster Abbey, where she was inaugurated; and you look at the floor there, you’ll see the chessboard floor of the Masonic Lodge - that’s what the floor of the Cathedral is.  And she is sitting on a raised dais - it’s maybe five high or seven high - and she’s got the ermine cloak around her with the black spots on the white and the red, of course, or purple.  And round about her she’s got all these guys with the different symbols, etcetera…

Now, you’ll see the same thing on the old stelas in the Middle East, of Nimrod.  With the ermine too, around his neck, and the same people standing, and he is sitting on a raised dais.  Why is this ceremony from thousands and thousands of years ago still being performed today in Britain?


VYZYGOTH – We know, well, I guess we’re more familiar with the spreading of Mystery Babylon religion of Egypt, Sun-God worship, or whatever, into Europe and elsewhere.  One place that always seems a little inscrutable, and excuse the pun, but, I mean, did it have its impact in Asia?  Somehow it always seems that Asia was different.  Was it, in fact?


ALAN - What they did, they set up Triads.  And so, for the West they gave us the foundation of Judaism, and from there you get Christianity, and then you have Islam or Mohammedism.  So you have the Trinity there, and for the rest of the Far East - and they have different mentalities there - they structured different systems and they gave them basically Hinduism, and then from that they gave them Buddhism, and then up for the Far East they gave them ShintoismSo they give Triads.


VYZYGOTH – In that second half of the question, just to remind you, it says: “is there a direct lineage from ancient controllers to today’s controllers?”  And you would say: “certainly there is.”


ALAN - I have no doubt.  You see the same ceremonies that go on for thousands of years down through the ages with the same - people being in the exact same positions, holding the same emblems at these big inaugurations.  Why did they have to be so exact; why did they have to follow something that was done, ceremonies that were done thousands of years ago; and where on Earth do they have this stuff written down?


VYZYGOTH – Just out of curiosity: did you see the last installation of the Pope Joey Ratzinger?


ALAN - I didn’t, no.


VYZYGOTH – There was a priceless moment, apparently my partner Harry had been listening on CBS Radio; I was getting ready in the morning, and he came in and told me that “you are not gonna believe what I heard,” what the CBS broadcaster said, doing a kind of play-by-play of what was going on.  And he described one of the coffins that were out on the…oh, it’s a funeral, I’m sorry.  It was the funeral of John-Paul, you know, Karol Wojtyla or whatever; there were three coffins and one of them had the Skull and Bones on and the guy was talking about it.  And they were also saying that there was an obelisk in proximity to the coffin.


ALAN - I’m not surprised.  I’m not surprised at all, because, if you look at the architecture even in the Vatican - see, it’s called “The Universal Religion;” Catholicism is universal, because at the time that they created it, they brought into its architecture and its system all of the known existing religions.


VYZYGOTH – I’ll send this along to you, so be looking for it, if you don’t mind.  Then a listener up there in Canada, Ola, sent me a power-point, which was meant to be like a PR piece for the Vatican and she wrote she has no comment.  I knew what she was saying; and when I looked at it, I know what it was supposed to be, but when you look at all the symbolism, it’s like: “holy mackerel, how in-your-face is that?”  Going along with this bit about ancient mysteries and such, this is something I’ve been interested in.  Somebody asked: “was the fall of Rome and the sacking by the Goths planned?  Were the Dark Ages planned?”


ALAN - I would say so, because you find that Rome did have parties of the Elite inside the middle of Rome as they were being attacked.  Now, these guys were no dummies; they had run other countries for a long-long time.  This Empire, it was an Empire like the British Empire and they were no fools and they certainly did pay off; most - see, most of them weren’t really ransacked as such.  They paid off these big swarms that came up to their gates; they paid them off, until there was no more to pay off - and there was also some kind of deal worked out with some of the heads of these big clans, you might say.  There is so much to all of this - even the Mystery religion involved in the leaders of these clans associated with Rome.  Because some of the leaders, after they died, were buried - they dug…what they did was, they diverted rivers and put them underneath where the river was, with their gold, all the loot, and then put the river back on top of them again to protect them.  And the only other place you’ll see that happening is in the histories of the Kazars.  That’s strange, that.


VYZYGOTH – You know, obviously it’s hard for a lot of us to process the fact that the game has always been rigged and when I think back to those early tribes in Europe and the early part of the AD, you kind of think that they perhaps preceded something, but actually the power structure has always been here, hasn’t it?


ALAN - Power has never… we forget how… these monarchs weren’t blundering their way through time.  They were always surrounded by a côterie of the most cunning men you could find in the land, who were schooled like Machiavelli, in human nature - the nature of man.  And they were terribly cunning; and you find the same thing with Francis Bacon with his essays he wrote for the King, to try to get into the King’s good graces as an advisor and he was trying to show how cunning he was in his knowledge of human understanding.


VYZYGOTH – Well, since we talk about the same formula and with this individual asking the question about the Goths and such and the sacking of Rome, I mean, can we look at that paradigm and apply it to the powers-that-be back then telling Genghis, you know, going to Europe and waxing people and there be some kind of benefit or outcome?  I mean, would you think that that was something that was orchestrated for a particular reason?


ALAN - Oh, I’m sure, too.  And Kahn is just the same as cane, king - it’s all from the same root word as well.  He was red-haired and blue-eyed too.


VYZYGOTH – You know, that’s another whole show - but there is that talk about that particular complexioned and featured type race out there, wasn’t it?


ALAN - It was the same at Sumer.  At Sumer they dug up some of the early Kings and Queens, and they even found their black wigs just like the Egyptians, too, that the elite of the Egyptians - they wore black wigs made from the hair of the local people, but they were generally red-haired and blue-eyed, the Elite.


VYZYGOTH – Alright, so we can even look at wigs as being a trapping of the elite almost always.  Whether powdered white wigs - so now I’m thinking then, when I think of the Founding Fathers - I mean, is that a sign of “the joke was on us” too?


ALAN - I have no doubt about that.  They had meetings in the early 1700s in Europe, the Elite, and they knew that they couldn’t keep on this game of: a cousin in England will attack a cousin in France or cousin in Germany forever, and tax the public, etcetera, for these wars; they couldn’t keep up this game forever.  And they knew they had to go into a new era - a different time, a different structure - and they needed a knight in shining armor that hadn’t been used before; so they created one.  And that’s what the whole US was all about.


VYZYGOTH – Here’s a question.  This is a good topic, I guess.  If there’s ever, shall we say, trouble in Paradise.  The question is: “if these ‘puppetmasters’ are all in league together, why was the Vatican against the Templars, like in 1307?”


ALAN - I think it was probably, like most things, the best PR they ever got - in a sense.  Because they didn’t get all the Templars.  And they don’t mind - the Talmudic saying is true as well, that “the few must die for the sake of the many” as a sacrifice.  We know that the Templars’ treasures were never found, they got that out.  They had a fleet of ships that set off beforehand and we’re told we don’t know where they went to.  And out of them came all of (what later was called) “Freemasonry.”


VYZYGOTH – Well, again, looking back now. The Vatican kind of gave their imprimatur, if you will, to the Templars.  But it could have been that the Templars got so successful and prosperous that the Vatican was a little unhappy with that.


ALAN - I don’t really think so.  Power at that level tends to share rather than have strife between themselves - they share the loot and they cooperate together.  That’s how they get their best benefit: it’s through cooperation. 


VYZYGOTH – Then who cut loose those who wanted to persecute the Templars?


ALAN - It was Philippe of France, of course, who was given the job of being the bad guy and starting it all off; and once again too, once they had brought out a few facts about the Templars, the Vatican that’s supposed to be the legal “above” system, all shiny and nice and that kind of thing, they had to act; they couldn’t stand by and pretend they didn’t believe it.  And so they had to give again, a sacrifice to the public. 


VYZYGOTH – So you say when they get to a certain level that powerful, that high up, it’s more or less self-preservation that they make sure they play nice with one another.


ALAN - Absolutely.  That’s why they have no worries about China.  We made China what it is.  The West made China what it is: Communist China.  We made it; we gave them all the industries through the GATT treaties and different treaties.


VYZYGOTH – Sure, and we knee-capped Chiang Kai-shek, after he helped us with the Japanese, and also, from another source, like - are you familiar with Smedley Butler?


ALAN - Yes.


VYZYGOTH – What he says, more or less in a cathartic piece, not “War is a Racket,” but just in another essay, and he says: “yeah, I went into China to make it safe for Standard Oil.” 


ALAN - That’s right.  And, you know, this was decided years ago that China - in the 1930s, the Royal Institute and the CFR knew that they were going to set up China to take over from the US about this time period.  They knew it - they talked about it.


VYZYGOTH – You know, the robber barons in the United States are the ones that I kind of look at as far as running the show and being an extension of what grew out of Europe and such.  There is a connection, isn’t there, to - shall we say - the propping up of the robber barons, like Rockefeller and Morgan and Vanderbilt?  And they did have a relationship, did they not, with the Rothschilds?


ALAN - They’re all connected. It’s all one high system.  And the trick is too - it’s misleading when people think that, for instance, if you’re Catholic and you think that Kennedy was a good Catholic, you’d be mistaken.  Kennedy, like the people at the top of all peoples, might go through the motions of something, but they have their own inner religion of the Elite.  And it’s the same in Judaism.  So the Rothschilds, they are held up as heroes by many Jews, who do what they are told if it comes down from the Rothschilds - they follow - but he follows his own inner religion.  It’s all one religion at the top for the Elite.


VYZYGOTH – I’ll get back to these questions, but now, again, you just reminded me of something and since we opened up this show around that Kennedy speech in 1961 - can you shed any light on this; give us your opinion of what you may know to be fact?  We think back about: “okay, Jack being assassinated - you don’t get assassinated unless you run afoul, or maybe go back on a promise or change your mind or something like that and have a change of heart.”  With relation to his father, I had just gotten the movie: The Winner Kills.  I know that it’s a fiction movie but as we all know about fiction in Hollywood there is depicted a very much Joe-like Kennedy, giving up his son.  On the other hand, some say: “Joe had a stroke; he may not have been all that controlling, and having that happen, Robert and John might have thought they could pull something off like for real.”  I’ve got to go back and find out how incapacitated Joe was after that stroke, because he did die in ’69, well after both sons died.  What do you think?


ALAN - What I know is that Joe himself had just spent quite a time during WW II with his wife in Buckingham Palace with the Queen.  And that was the Big Society they belonged to - very high Freemasonic society, like all the Elite do - and it doesn’t matter if you’re Protestant or Catholic or Jewish, you get into it.  It’s interesting that Bronfman, Old Sam Bronfman whose family was set up 50-60 years before Prohibition.  They were sent over to do what they were going to do in the future.  Even though he had made billions, billions literally, of bucks, during that whole era and had everything a man could possibly want for riches, his wish, right to his dying day, was to be knighted by the Queen.  And you’ve got to ask yourself: “why was it so important to be knighted by the Queen?”  And it’s because at the top of the Mystery Religions and World Empire, that’s where it was ruled from.  That was a symbol of your total acceptance.


VYZYGOTH - And wasn’t Joe also Ambassador to the court of King James? 


ALAN - That’s right.


VYZYGOTH - Do you think Joe gave his son up, or do you think the boys went up running on their own, after the…


ALAN - I think they went on their own.


VYZYGOTH - Have you read those Gemstone Files?


ALAN - No.


VYZYGOTH - Well, they suggest that in there.  Supposedly they have a great deal of validity.  But that’s their take on the situation that with Joe’s stroke they went off and freelanced and we all saw the results. 


ALAN - Yes.  And here’s another interesting thing.  A good example is George Orwell’s 1984 where he shows you a system of total control of the world, really; with fake wars being planned and the sides keeping changing all the time - eternal war, perpetual war - and the ones who are being spied on are not the general population, the masses; they don’t matter; they are entertained and kept happy. It was the bureaucracies, that keep the sham going that are spied upon - in other words, the workers to keep the system going.  And they’re monitored, they’re bugged, there’s hidden cameras watching them.  But when you open up the books of the Soviet system you’ll find the same thing there.  There were massive dossiers on every bureaucrat and civil service right down to the bottom.  They had to have all the information on these people to make sure that they were still following their conditioned path and weren’t letting things out of the bag - and you’ll find that’s the same system in America and in Britain - that is worldwide.  It’s how it’s always been.  It’s their helpers that they spy upon.  Well, there was a program on Television quite a few years ago about Kennedy and his affair with Marilyn Monroe.  In this little documentary they mentioned some lodge they used to go to - it’s like a hunting lodge or something, or a log cabin somewhere.  And it’s through Frank Sinatra, I think, they got it.  What was mentioned in that documentary was that the CIA used to bug the pillows in that room that Kennedy was in.  So here you have the CIA doing the same stuff they did in the Soviet Union, of bugging the ones that are actually the workers, you might say, for the system.


VYZYGOTH - Ah, let’s see.  Getting back to the questions.  Here is: “what is your take on the Da Vinci Code?  How do you view that?”


ALAN - That’s rubbish.  It’s a good seller. 


VYZYGOTH - Well, do you think - is this one of those things where you kind of get a job done in a sense, that he brings out stuff that we know to be true, a lot of us who “get it.”  But if it gets too close to the masses, wondering if something is going on, here you take it out and wrap it around a story and then you kind of take it down a side street, and everybody goes “ah, it’s all hooey!”  Is there any distance gotten out of him writing that book, taking the heat out, more or less?


ALAN - I mean, it’s a lot of spin, not historically-correct either; but they do a lot of spinning.  And that’s how the public buy it; it’s fascination.  They get fascinated by it.  The word “fascination” is the “fasci-nation,” by the way. 


VYZYGOTH - That’s not a coincidence, is it?


ALAN - That’s how you get it through to the public; and they don’t care about the details or the truth.  And of course, it was Baigent and Lincoln and Leigh that set up the foundations for this.  And they were sent out to do the same thing with “Holy Blood, Holy Grail.”  First you lay the foundation of possibility, the people swallow it up, forget about it, but it’s there in the subconscious; then you bring someone out later to build on the fantasy and they’ll swallow it even more.


VYZYGOTH - You know, before I ever got it, I used to watch the X-Files.  And then, after I got it; I looked back and I said to myself: “you know, they actually were telling a lot of truth in there, but then they were putting a spin on it,” - you know, making it a little ridiculous or more - and then people, if they ever get the thinking or questioning those who are watching, will say: “well, that’s just like X-Files.”  And I guess, it’s the same thing with, what I was saying, that Dan Brown might have done to Secret Societies, X-Files might have done for covert Government operations, in a sense.


ALAN - Oh, definitely.


 VYZYGOTH - And of course, it’s getting interesting, isn’t it, that it’s on Murdoch’s station and that’s part of what he calls what?  - the New World Communication Group or something.


ALAN - That’s it.  And also that’s what Tavistock calls “predictive programming.”  Because you put the possibility into people’s minds through fiction primarily, again, through the fasci-nation; and people swallow it without question.  And then you can bring in those actual things into their lives - real spying on them; real things that happen - and they accept it, because subconsciously they’ve already swallowed it.


VYZYGOTH - Then it would be true then, that when people get hit with science fiction, they are being prepared for something that they are going to find in, maybe, fifty years?


ALAN - The first sponsored authors that we can find was done through a setup by the Rothschild Foundation in Britain in the 1800s.  He sponsored writers to write along the lines of science fiction to create this predictive programming to fascinate youngsters, so that when they started to go into the areas of science or eventually space exploration, they wouldn’t think it an abnormal way to go - it seems normal to us, because we have been dosed with science fiction.  We don’t even ask why we are spending billions of dollars on NASA.  That was done deliberately.  We’re still paying for all this stuff.


VYZYGOTH - Yeah, there’s no doubt, now we just feel that there’s no such thing as science fiction.


ALAN - That’s correct; and all you’re doing is getting predictive programming of possibilities - and through fiction you don’t censor things; you don’t say: “I believe that; I don’t believe that.”  You sit back and allow it all to come into your brain; you are downloaded in a sense, you are enjoying it, and then, when these things happen in your life and they actually bring certain projects forward, it’s not so foreign; and it’s almost as though you’ve already debated it, but you haven’t!  You just accept it.


VYZYGOTH - I look at “Twenty-Four” right now as getting people prepared for the acceptance of torture in particular.  It’s a very dangerous show, I think; and then also what does it do?  It pops up on Fox Network, which is Murdoch’s. 


ALAN - Yes, and “Fox” is “666” in the Kabaalah. 


VYZYGOTH - Hahaha.  It never ends, does it, Alan?


ALAN - No, what we are saying here is scratching the surface, because, if you go into the whole language structure, you realize that even your language is like a computer language and you are the computer.


VYZYGOTH - Have you ever done an etymological study?  Is that a work that you might want to take on, if you haven’t?


ALAN - I have, and I teach it sometimes to small, very small groups.


VYZYGOTH - Is that embraced in any one of the Cutting Through books?


ALAN - A little bit, not deeply, although it’s deeper than most.  And they knew this hundreds of years ago.  When Francis Bacon wrote himself of this, he says: “We are creating the new international language of the future, to be called ‘English.’ ”  And when you realize that prior to him the language that was spoken in England - prior to the 1500s - was really Old Saxon-German.  So they did; they were creating a language; and they had teams working on it and Shakespeare helped bring out most of the words into the English language; that was his function.  And if you are a computer, the programmer will understand by using the logic that you use - your human logic and your program, your language - he should know the answer to any question, before he programs you.  Because you must follow with the logic and your language to that conclusion.  And that’s how simple it is and how simply it works.


VYZYGOTH - That does make sense.  I don’t know if you can comment on this, but a listener has asked: “Could Alan comment on cosmology, specifically regarding channeling and the existence of extra-dimensional entities?”


ALAN - Why bother?


VYZYGOTH - Do you want to explain that for him?


ALAN - Oh, why bother?  I mean, why the rushing off into the alien stuff, when you got so much here you don’t even understand yourself?  You don’t have to rush off into the alien stuff.  This was pushed as a diversion by the Big Boys; it’s been very-very successful.


VYZYGOTH - This whole UFO thing, do you think that’s cooked?


ALAN - No, because we have been making the ‘flying saucers’ here!  - For many years; and the BBC did a documentary on the Area 51 in the early 1970s.  And you see them coming out of the ground in an Air Force Base!  So, come on!


VYZYGOTH - Even Canada, I think, prior to even Area 51, had created a hovercraft.


ALAN - It wasn’t just a hovercraft - and there are even photos, they even showed a section of it on Television not so long ago.  It crashed down near a place called Allison, just North of there, and the furrow is still in the field where it landed - but every country has them.  Britain has them; I’ve seen them off the RAF base in Lossiemouth in Scotland – I’ve seen the ‘flying saucers’ there too.


VYZYGOTH - It was interesting that the way I got a look at it was in a documentary drama about - do you remember when the aeronautic engineers in Canada had created - was it the “Arrow?”


ALAN - Yes.


VYZYGOTH - And how great that was and then they were told to kibosh it by the United States.  Anyway, what seems to be a harmless film clip of the period, in this parade there comes this hovercraft.


ALAN - That’s right, a little bubble there and all.  And even that was a diversion, because there’s three levels of science and it takes a lot of working towards the Great Work to be accepted into the second level.  Nick Begich showed us those little devices the CIA were using in the 1950s - the size of a TV remote you could put in your pocket - that could influence your thoughts and could actually put thoughts into your head in line of sight.  Now, that had to be solid state - and that was in the early 1950s, before the transistor and all of that.  So, come on!  There is a second level there, for the CIA and the other boys; and there is another level above that.


VYZYGOTH - Now, let me get in this, what looks kind of like a two-part question - it says, it’s a little broad here, but it says: “When these military/police, whatever, state-local help their rulers to do their bidding to get people chipped” - and I assume what he is saying is after those who have gone quietly, for whatever purposes - you know, whether it’s health or such - will they finally turn on those of us and say: “listen, you’re getting this or you’re not playing?”


ALAN - Everybody is to get chipped.  The military and police will do what they are told, because I don’t think that there is any incidents in history, where the police and military have never done what they were told.


VYZYGOTH - Well, that was the second part.  But let me just clarify then: “they are trying, and they will continue to try, to get people voluntarily to get chipped, for all sorts of reasons?”


ALAN - Yes.


VYZYGOTH - Right.  Now, there will be a bunch of us who will hold out.  But that can’t be allowed to stand, can it?


ALAN - It can’t be, but what they will also do is make it impossible to even live in their system without it, because it is to go into the cashless system.  This came out in Britain in the 1990s - they tried to bring out the ID card then, you know, in Britain.  It’s the same one they are bringing out here; the same make, same company, same everything.  But they also said: “this would be your bank card as well, eventually.”  So you’ll be unable to buy and sell, all that stuff - they are following Revelations, because that’s the blueprint. 


VYZYGOTH - Alright, as he says, I don’t understand how these people can do their bidding, when something inside should be telling them how wrong it is!


ALAN - The police and military have always done this - and they’ve done experiments; you know the famous experiments in laboratories, where people, or students were brought in and they were told that they were actually shocking their fellows when they pressed this button - different pain levels.  And it’s actors that come in and nothing really happens to them - and they go up to the stage where they’re jumping in their seat and they’re screaming for help, and they still - as long as there is someone there to give the official command and take responsibility, the Average Joe will do what he is told.  This is understood and that’s how police operate and the military.


VYZYGOTH - Well, this is the last question I’ll get in and this is pretty heavyweight, Alan, I’ll just let you address it.  How does Alan view the power of the mind?  I ask, since Alan, while well-intentioned, has a very dour view of the world we live in.  I believe that the mind can and does help to shape our own personal realities.  Does Alan agree, and if so, how does he see his talks affecting the listeners?  Does he fear that by the sheer weight of his information that he may be furthering this elite Agenda by informing people who aren’t prepared for what he has to say?”


ALAN - Not really.  The ones who are not prepared anyway will go the way that people always go in these times.  This has been going on for thousands of years, so I always say: don’t panic that you wake up now and find out what’s really going on.  It takes a long time to stop this as well.  It starts off like a little snowflake and goes into a snowball and it’ll take a long time to build up to a very-very huge mountain moving along.  These are thousand-year wars, you know, and so it takes a long time for the information to gradually get out there bit-by-bit-by-bit, especially with the indoctrination we’ve had over the last few thousand years.  It takes time; the whole thing is not to panic, be able to stand up and face the harsh reality - and once that happens, there’s a peace that comes with it, now you know!  Now you know - you don’t have to sit and live in terror or listen to the shortwave and “my god, they’re gonna pull the economy tomorrow, I better buy this and buy that and all the stuff that they’re selling you.”  Don’t fall into that trap.  There’s a peace that comes with understanding, and if nothing else you can leave this world and you’ve broken through!  You have overcome the world; that what it always meant.


VYZYGOTH - Well, do you maintain a hope, maybe a belief or a confidence, that this thing is defeatable?


ALAN - It’s defeatable, if people wanted it to be defeatedAnd here’s the problem with this:  Most people will never stand up for injustice outside of themselves - for others.  There are tremendous flaws in Man.  And a good example is how easily he is to be trained to go off and kill anybody he is told to kill - and we don’t even need good reasons for it.  The average soldier in the Middle East knows nothing about politics or far-reaching agendas.  And he doesn’t care, you know.  He is out for the excitement; so, there are tremendous flaws when we are so willing to go and kill each otherUntil there is a drastic change within Humanity itself, this will continue to its conclusion.


VYZYGOTH - Alright.  We are out of time; we want to thank Alan Watt for joining us.  The web site is:  Great news is that the DVD is soon to be coming out - is that correct?


ALAN - That’s right.


VYZYGOTH - We will look forward to that, and Alan, as always we appreciate the time that you spend with us.  We don’t take you for granted but we sure do appreciate your being here.


ALAN - I enjoy it too.


VYZYGOTH - Alright, and we’ll see you again, I hope.


ALAN – Okey-doke.


VYZYGOTH - Alright.  Bye-bye.


ALAN - Bye now.



Transcript:   Tim




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