May 16, 2006
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VYZYGOTH - Now, what are you experiencing on your end?

ALAN - For the last two or three hours I have been getting hit, five at a time from different military bases in the States and Department of Defense and I have the readouts on who is doing it. 

VYZYGOTH - Yeah, and I am not in the business of getting melodramatic.  But, you know, we thought something occurred once upon a time when you were on, the last time around.

ALAN - Yes.

VYZYGOTH - Ah, this is strange, so I’m a little bit, shall we say, off balance.  But this is the Grassy Knoll, this is May 16th 2006 and we have with us Alan Watt; we have a lot of people out there listening, so bear with us if you can, as far as what’s going on here, audio-wise, but it’s almost like it’s out of my control - ah, alright, I think we are okay now.  Alright, my wife is kind of telling me what’s shaken, but I’ll tell you, isn’t it weird, Alan?  I got a couple of e-mails; people saying they got a problem; I can understand why, because I tried myself and it was a little slow, to say the least.  But we are red-hot, and I have all the volume, there shouldn’t be anything coming out across.  So, it’ll make things interesting.  And in the meantime we welcome you back; we got a lot of listeners out there and we have some questions for you, which we want to pose to you - things that people had wanted to know about some of the last time you were on.  But I have to ask you something - this is the best.  This just released new video of supposed flight 77 hitting the Pentagon.  Now, you fully believe that 757 hit the Pentagon, don’t you?

ALAN - Oh, sure.

VYZYGOTH - But, you know, you talk a lot, and you speak of psychological ops on people around the world for over a century.  We know that it goes on.  But, Alan, this one I got to tell you.  I mean, I’m sitting here and I’m saying has it got this big: I’m looking at this new video.  It’s the same damn thing, but this time they run it three times.   And I’m like: “what?”  And it says: “will this put an end to conspiracy theory?” - and the only thing it tells me is: they are running scared of the fact that people know that nothing happened there - oh something happened there, but it didn’t involve flight 77 - am I right or wrong?

ALAN - Well, that would be it; that’s right - there is too much evidence…as far as wreckage goes, etcetera.

VYZYGOTH - So we are seeing the same thing again and I’m saying to myself: “are you serious?”  I mean, show me something different; it’s the same thing, I mean, this is just a fact!  Alright, be that as it may, listen, we’re really glad that you’re with us and despite all that takes place, would you mind coming back on, say, Thursday the 25th?

ALAN - Sure.

VYZYGOTH - Give me something to look forward to: “hello everybody.”

ALAN - Yes, indeed.

VYZYGOTH - Alright, listen.  We have a couple of questions.  Do you mind if I read them?

ALAN - Sure; on you go. 

VYZYGOTH - And I would like you to talk to you about Tavistock and the Beatles, because I took a look into “The Conspirators’ Hierarchy,” I know that Coleman has spoken to it and you know what he said?

 ALAN - I know a little bit of what he said; I know that he also found out that the rights, the copyrights to the songs had been owned by Adorno.

VYZYGOTH - Alright, yeah; and I told you I knew he had said something and then I took a look and it corroborated.   So it will be interesting at the end, but let’s get to business first because people have been good enough to ask these questions and I would like you to respond to them.  First of all, we have someone that writes: “the next time you interview Mr. Watt could you ask him to elaborate on what we perceive as ‘our culture’?  Without going into detail, I think that this is where Mr. Watt diverts us from the usual conspiratorial view.  He believes that we have never really had a culture of our own.”  So, how do you speak to that, Alan?

ALAN - I think, when you study the Greek Classics, the Philosophers, and especially the writings of Plato, where he talked about how culture is created by the Elite at the top, downwards.  It doesn’t come from the grass roots, because anything from the grass roots developing could upset the whole balance of power structure.  So culture is always promoted from the top down; and it was so bad in Ancient Greece in fact, that when traveling players came in with theater shows and plays and dramas, it was law that everybody had to attend, because through the drama they would indoctrinate the viewers on the politically correct way to behave in society.

VYZYGOTH - So here is another case and you’re saying of the entertainment being used to mind-Op the populace.

ALAN - Yes, and back in the 1960s there was a Council on Foreign Relations and Royal Institute of International Affairs meeting held in England, where in the big debate at the time - and it went on for a month and it was in the newspapers - was: who should be given the right to create the culture for the coming New World Order?  Britain, with its British MG Studios - at London I think it was - or Hollywood?  And at the end of it they decided that America was best suited with its setup in Hollywood to create a world culture; and then, plus the addition they would put the music out too, which would influence the young.  So, culture is a plastic thing; it’s fluid in a sense; it can be shaped in the direction that the Elite, who always make a plan way ahead of time; they make it plastic, so that they can shape us towards the next part of their Agenda.  In fact, Plato said that “we can change all of the moral values within a culture within one generation and the last people to notice are those involved.”  When you think back to the 1960s, when in one year they were all wearing skirts down to their knees or below even, and then suddenly the mini-skirt came in through, again, Television and Go-Go Dancing and music; and you compare that generation to their mothers, then their mother to their grandmother; and then there’s a skirt at the ankles, then there’s a skirt below the knee and then there’s the one up around you-know-where; so that was all within one generation, really, that happened.

VYZYGOTH - Oh, of course, we would chalk that up to being “fashion” - but it doesn’t make a difference what we call it or which way it…

ALAN - Plato said that to create culture, and alter culture, you must have an entertainment (and he called it) “industry” and you must have a fashion “industry” - this is 2300 years ago!  And you must have a music “industry.”  So it’s never changed.

VYZYGOTH - By the way, could you cite from which work that came; was it “The Republic?” 

ALAN - That was in “The Republic”.

VYZYGOTH - That’s an interesting, interesting thing.  Well, then you are saying that culture is malleable, it’s plastic; then it is necessarily, though - isn’t it - all-encompassing as well?

ALAN - Absolutely; we are what we think, and they give us what to think, and we behave “appropriately.”  It’s not too difficult to manage people, once you give them a particular type of culture - and of course, America was given extra heavy doses of religion, really, for a particular reason.  The reason being, that they would truly believe in their country, because they were chosen to bring in the New World Order.

VYZYGOTH - Well, they wouldn’t call it that, but…so, how did they perceive the New World Order at the time?  They certainly wouldn’t have coined it as such; what did they think?  I mean, they called it the New World, etcetera.

ALAN - If you read the memoirs of Franklin and Jefferson, both of them said that this was the beginning of a World Federation, not just a federation of the United States of America; that it would lead to a World Federation, which would eventually be led by 12 Wise Men.

VYZYGOTH - You know, we may have spoken about this a while ago, and if we have, I’m sorry; I don’t know if you remember, I know that I don’t.  But in a way the joke was on us, in the United States, in a sense of as much as many of us now get it and are resisting what we consider the NWO.  In essence, the enemy is us; in other words, this was an experiment in federation and the New World Order.

ALAN - Definitely.  They needed a knight in shining armor that hadn’t plundered the planet as England had done, or France or Spain or whatever; and so they created a new knight in shining armor that pretended to be indifferent to the old ways; it would “champion righteousness” type of thing.  And of course, in the early 1900s they had many meetings in England to do with handing the torch over to the Americas as the army or police of the world.  And that’s why Kipling wrote the poem containing the lines: “The white man’s burden - we pass the torch on to you.”  And Kipling came over - he was a very high Mason - and he came over and read that to the Senate. 

VYZYGOTH - You know, as a kid I read some of that stuff about him and I said: “man, this sounds racist, look, [?] and all that stuff,” but nobody seemed to raise a big thing about it, so it’s like well it must be my imagination.  But I mean, that “white burden” statement also comes up with Rhodes and that whole lot of Milner’s Kindergarten Group, you know?

ALAN - That’s right; it was all connected together.

VYZYGOTH - Alright, a couple of things real quick and we’ll go on to another question, but as derivatives of what this individual asked you about culture: was it a coincidence that we have 13 states and a district was made not a state, so they can plant down a new obelisk?

ALAN - It’s no coincidence at all.

VYZYGOTH - Is that then some kind of symbolistic reflection of the story of Isis and Osiris?

 ALAN - It’s a symbol of regeneration and, of course, what the story of Osiris being scattered into - there’s actually 14 parts but they never found the 14th, and so Isis conjured up an artificial one; so 13 still stands as the number of regeneration, rebirth.

VYZYGOTH - The 14th territory, which was called a “district,” not a state, winds up with the obelisk.

ALAN - Exactly.  That’s the magic creation, you see.  And of course, the District of Colombia - Colombia in Latin means actually the dove - and the dove was always the symbol of coming down with Spirit from the Heavens, even from the days of Ancient Egypt.  So it’s all highly symbolic.

VYZYGOTH - How do we look though at the fact that, alright, if the Old World was willing to let the New World spawn off to become the beginning of a New World Order?  How do we look at Britain and the American Revolution?  In other words, were they fighting?  I’ve heard it said that England wasn’t all that pitched about it.  One of the reasons were that perhaps there were so many Freemasons on both sides, that who wanted to kill who.  But I’m asking you now then: what do you make of the fact that Britain came over and - well, they didn’t come over, but gave some kind of military resistance?  How did that fit into the schemes about…

ALAN - It’s like all things in history; see, it must be real to the people.  They have real wars to convince the people that this is all real; and people must really die; but when you figure it out, it’s worked out ahead of time.  Cornwallis - if you read even Cornwallis’ memoirs, he was all for the independence of the Colonies and he spoke up in the British Parliament.  He was a member of Parliament from a long line of aristocracy.

VYZYGOTH - Do you remember his rationale?

ALAN - Yes, he believed that Britain would spawn off (what today we’d say) “clones” of itself, ones in the sameness of Britain with the same types of laws and democracy, etcetera; and so he spoke out really against any interference; and even though he’d done that, he was chosen to lead the war against the Americas.  And I think it was because they pulled him in at the top and says:  “don’t worry, this has to happen to convince the world that this is an independent country.”  It was part of the plan.

VYZYGOTH - Okay, so, in other words, once again we have a war that’s more about persuasion than it is really conviction.

ALAN - Absolutely.  They had to convince the people.  It’s like mind control, that Aldous Huxley said; he said: “those under mind control have no idea that they’re under it.”  And it’s the same thing, when you condition people that they have actually won a war and that they’re free and working for themselves and they’re the most free country in the world, they’d put a hundred percent of their labor into their work - as opposed to the Soviet system, where everyone knew that a bunch of the Elite were living high on the hog, while they lived in poverty at the bottom, so they put nothing into their work and did shoddy workmanship, etcetera. But in America they truly believed that they were doing it for themselves.

VYZYGOTH - Alright, last question about this then, because I never really thought about it before and, of course, I’m asking you now.  Have you any information to this effect - we know that there were mercenaries used by Great Britain in that war; now I’m wondering if it’s one they didn’t really want to get too messy about.  Do you know how much percentage of the troops over here were non-British?

ALAN - It’s so hard to tell, because King George himself really came from Germany and the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family - there were three different Princedoms they had and they called themselves Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.   They brought in most of the troops actually from Germany; they did bring in some recent recruits from the Highlands of Scotland, because they forbid them to wear the kilt after the Culloden battle of 1746 and they forbid them to speak their own Gaelic language, unless they joined the British Army.  And so they used a lot of Scots there as well as cannon fodder.  They had a mass of Hessian troops, for sure, but they also employed mercenaries from all over Europe.

VYZYGOTH - Wouldn’t that make sense, now, I mean, to me, now, I said to myself: “okay, if in fact you wanted to make it look good, but you didn’t necessarily want to waste your own best blood - why not enlist those from other nations?

ALAN - Yes, and also it’s well recorded in Masonic books that oftentimes, when the two sides were coming towards each other through the forests they’d give the Masonic signals to each other and literally look the other way and pass each other byThat happened quite often and they’d visit each other’s camps often too at night and have lodge meetings.

VYZYGOTH - You know, but what you say is really true; I mean, we hear so much about wars being a John Wayne thing, time and time again.  No doubt, it is; now there is killing no doubt.  But there were times, when - you know, I heard it, Alan, from parents of my friends who were, once in a while maybe loosened up a little bit by drink - talked about, you know, being in the trenches over in Europe and running into a German and something like that, looking at each other and going, we really don’t have to do this.   And it makes sense, though, doesn’t it?

ALAN - It does.  I know that in World War One, when they would run out of so many of the young, because they were throwing in whole battalions every day across the field, who were getting mowed down in 15 minutes with machine-gun fire, and they weren’t allowed to lie down or crawl or anything, they had to walk into this hail of machine-gun fire.  They’d lost so many of the young and eventually it was a sort of stalemate, where nothing much was happening in the trenches, because it was the older guys that were generally left, and the older guys didn’t want to fight on either side.  So once in a day they’d fire into the air and they’d all do their thing and they were all quite happy; so it was mandated in Canada and Australia to recruit the young very quickly and to get them really fired up to kill, and then they sent them over to the trenches to get the killing going again.

VYZYGOTH - That song “When Will They Ever Learn”.  I just want to everybody know: we have Alan Watt with us; this is Vyzygoth and this is the Grassy Knoll as well.   Alan, you have a web site.  Where can people find that, what is it and how can they get there?

ALAN - It’s and there’s a lot of free downloadable shows on the site there; and some of the books I am selling too are up there; the prices are there; how they order them is there; and also some talks on CD as well. 

 VYZYGOTH - The web site is and that is the title of the three-volume series you did.  Is that correct?

ALAN - That’s right. 

VYZYGOTH - Now, can you give people an idea what they might find across the three volumes - a little highlight?

ALAN - They were initially written for a series that I did on the short-wave radio beginning in 1998 and I don’t know how many shows were done; it’s well over a hundred and forty, maybe; and I went through the histories of the beginnings of what we call our “civilization” was given to us in the ancient world, and how the creation of the religion came about; how it was used on the people, and how the priestcraft basically controlled the systems - and I bring us up to speed really up to the present day.  And these three volumes were really a companion set to that, to help explain more; but more so, I go into, in these three books, a form of de-programming as people read them.  I show you things in symbol form and in writing form and I try to get you to think as you’re reading.  Most books today are written in such a way that it puts you to sleep.  This is the way we were trained, you see; it’s data, people, times and historical dates and that doesn’t work - people don’t retain it; so I try to make them wake up and see these symbols, which are all around them all the time; they have grown up with them.  I explain what they are: it’s a language and this language is actually programming you, because your subconscious understands it and you act on your subconscious motivation.

VYZYGOTH - Before we came on, I had a bit of an extensive exchange through Yahoo with a listener, who ironically comes from my own home town in New Jersey.  And I have to tell you it’s rare for anybody in the New York Metropolitan area to get it.  Because when you are around the major cities, and I think you would agree, you are so absolutely enveloped by mainstream everything that you will never get to hear like that shortwave broadcast that I did, that made me say, is this guy nuts or should I check this out, not you necessarily, you know, but at the time whoever I might have heard.  That never would have happened in the metropolitan areas; even out here in the Florida outback enough away from Tampa.  I heard that; so when I hear somebody from inside the New York Metropolitan Area, who gets it, I am really amazed, but anyway, we exchanged about and we kind of boil it down to the least common denominator or the lowest common denominator and that is, Alan: all the world is all about symbology and symbols, isn’t it?

ALAN - Yes, it is.  It’s a whole language and your subconscious really does work on language, just as your conscious mind does; and when symbols are strung together in a certain way and you are in a dreamy state - most people sort of dream their way through the day - you are being programmed with these symbols, which will affect the way you behave in life.

VYZYGOTH - And it would be true also that, would you agree that intelligent people - those who read and opinionate and take in information - are probably more susceptible to being manipulated?

ALAN - Definitely; especially if they have no idea that information doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true!  Because many people truly believe that the Media is there is there to do their thinking for them.  And Zbigniew Brzezinski said they were bringing the public to that stage deliberately, where they will give over their ability to reason for themselves and expect the Media to tell them everything that’s important to them

VYZYGOTH - Do you remember an author - probably most of his works date back to the sixties - to the name of Jacques Ellul?

ALAN - Yes.

VYZYGOTH - Well, he wrote Propaganda, well, I guess in sixty-four or five.  I encountered it ten years later, never thinking about what I do today; and one of the things that shocked me is when he said: “oh, it’s good for people to read, because you’ve got to have them take in information to propagandize them.”  Now, that seems dull now, but back then I was like: “holy mackerel!” that’s right.  Ignorant people are probably harder to get to.

ALAN - Absolutely.  He was very straightforward with the techniques and how it worked.

VYZYGOTH - And one last take on Ellul.  How about you - I never really knew what exactly he was all about.  He seemed like a nominal Christian, I don’t know; but if you look back, can you give me your opinion on, was he a good guy, was he on our side?  What do you think?

ALAN - I know that he was consulted by governments, and I think even the United Nations consulted him on social psychology for mass social control.

VYZYGOTH - That’s not good.  Well, I think that answered my question.

ALAN - But he certainly said - in one of his books on law and the legal system - that the public are unaware in the Western Hemisphere, including America, that since 1953 very citizen has a personality profile kept on them by the Police.  And he said - at that time of course it was the Cardex system with punched holes, but they were updating that in the sixties to computerized systems.  What he said was:  “these are very complete personality profiles” and he said: “the public must never be allowed to know how this information is gathered on them.” 

VYZYGOTH - Alright.  So I mean, this whole bit about encompassing surveillance and the lack of privacy; one would not be upset about it now - it has been well in the works, hasn’t it?

ALAN - It’s not new; it has been here forever, in fact.  In fact, when they gave us the Bell telephone, that was part of the structure right away.

VYZYGOTH - Ah, okay, now I am moving on to another person, who enjoys listening to you.  He’s written some little bit more - I think - complex, he said: “can Mr. Watt talk about  ‘esoterically commanded structure of society leading to a scientifically designed social system?’ “  Can you break that down for us, first of all?

ALAN - It’s esoteric in a sense that there is a hidden group of controllers behind it, there is no doubt about that.  And there’s also different strata of scientists, specialized scientists working on social control at all levels, and consulted all the time by different departments of governments.  They brought in the big Public Relations firms early in the sixties to start to market ideas to the public directly from Government. 

VYZYGOTH - Can you name some names?

ALAN - I know that the one that was set up in Madison; it was one of the first ones back in the early 1920s that started this whole idea of how to manipulate the behavior of the public for advertising purposes, through the advertisings themselves; and then the Governments eventually used them to market ideas.

VYZYGOTH - Madison Avenue in Manhattan?

ALAN - Yes, and the company was also called Madison.  That was the first company way back.

VYZYGOTH - Alright, now, this also is somewhat, I think, akin to what you’re talking to about culture being plastic and manufactured.  This is somewhat the same thing, isn’t it?

ALAN - It is, absolutely.  When you have a long-term agenda and you’ve already got a culture created for one particular purpose, which is now over, you must change that culture to get to the next stage to accomplish that; so you always go towards the youth and go to them and bypass the parents.  You teach it in school, the culture; you market it to them through the music, through the writings and magazines for the youth; and you give them heroes to follow that are superstars; and it’s very easy for the youth then to go in a new direction.  They think it’s their own, always, but it’s actually manipulated and planned by very much older people than themselves.

VYZYGOTH - Alright, so we are looking at, back then at 24/7 TV and Radio and videos and all forms of electronic entertainment that can be completely a 360 in anyone’s life.  This is a good thing as far as the manipulators wish, because they can soak you all day long, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year.  So this whole thing about going twenty…you know, I guess I am really happy in a sense that I grew up in a way when the test pattern came on at midnight, and it didn’t go off until like eight o’clock and you to watch some stupid show about like birds or something.  And now it doesn’t matter, these kids are all absolutely inundated with this about from the time they came out of the womb.

ALAN - Yes; in fact they had write-ups when they first brought satellite television out.  They had write-ups from the big corporations stating that through this they could get to anyone on the planet now and create a common youth culture, again, through music especially, and plays for the young or movies for the young; so that even the Eskimo would have the same world culture broadcast to them as an aboriginal in Australia.  And that has been done.  You can go from country to country to country and you’ll see the baggy pants, you’ll see the hat on backwards, even in Japan.

VYZYGOTH - Yeah…I’m not going to ask this right now, if we have some time at the end I will, but going back to the statement that the listener wrote: “if I look at esoterically commanded structure of society, is that equivalent to the Elite?”

ALAN - I’ll give you an example.  I don’t know if you heard of Don Scott who has written a lot of material.  He’s had world meetings with top class scientists and virologists and bacteriologists about the newly released plagues, etcetera, they’ve had in the last few years - he is from Sudbury in Ontario - and I talked to him the other day and he said that he had been bashing and bashing at the Government for a few years over the spraying we’re getting from the skies and he got his MP, his federal Member of Parliament to go to Ottawa, the Parliament, and demand answers from the Ministry of Defence as to why the spraying is going on - and the Ministry of Defence said they did not have to answer her.

VYZYGOTH - Necessarily a disavowal, was it?

ALAN - That’s correct; but it also shows you that - because she was oblivious to this new set of rules - MPs are supposed to be representing the public - and here she is finding that there is another structure she isn’t even allowed to get into, above that.

VYZYGOTH - You know, that name is only familiar and I am not going to blow smoke and that is: I believe there was some e-mail information that was kind of a luminous back a couple of years ago, that I think might have been attributed to Scott, and then it stopped happening.  I am just racking my brain here trying to remember; that name is familiar; but somewhere along the line it stopped.  Does that make any sense at all?

ALAN - I don’t know, but I know that he was on a few shows and he wrote a couple of books.

VYZYGOTH - Has he been silenced?

ALAN - He is pretty elderly, I mean, he is not in the best of health.

VYZYGOTH - Okay, now, going on, is this a scientifically designed socialism.  I have heard about this from a number of directions.  But it does seem to me to be somewhat reminiscent of what probably Wells and Huxley wrote about - a stratified society, where those who did wetwork can find their way through with soma and loving their servitude.  What’s your take on that?

ALAN - Well, on my site I have his speech that he gave -

VYZYGOTH - At Berkeley?

ALAN - At Berkeley, it’s on my site, so you can download that; he does put all that in there and he said: “I don’t see why…”  He said: “The reason the Roman Empire fell was that they couldn’t give the public enough bread and circuses.”   He said: “but under a scientific dictatorship, properly structured and financed” - he said - “I see no reason why it could not succeed indefinitely.”  And we have that today. 

VYZYGOTH - But this is also a continuum from, I guess, Galton and grandfather Huxley, you know, I mean, this line of thinking, I think, extremely, extremely fatalistic towards people like you and me - I mean, this is really what they want; and so, when we talked before, I guess, yesterday or so, they want Morlocks around to do the wetwork, but they don’t really want a whole lot, do they?

ALAN - Not a lot; no, they don’t need a lot of people now and they have written about it and talked about it too.  I always find they publish so much material; it’s just that the media doesn’t make it a bestseller for the public to hear about, but it’s all available: they want to vastly reduce the numbers of population; and to be honest, I think they’ve been doing it.  We’re always waiting them to do a big thing at once, but they don’t work that way.  They do a little bit at a time, the Fabian way, and there’s no doubt from the 1950s onwards the inoculations have almost destroyed so many people’s ability to fight off any infection.  These inoculations destroyed our immune systems and made us susceptible to coming down and dying with things which shouldn’t kill us.  This is deliberate; so when they talked about this back in the 1920s in the League of Nations they meant it and even talked then that they can do this through inoculations, mass inoculation programs.  The chronic fatigue syndromes, the early arthritis now that’s coming out, rheumatoid arthritis in people in their early twenties and even below twenties, these are auto-immune problems, the Epstein-Barr virus, same thing; these make people ineligible as good marriage partners, because they’re too sick and weak, no-one wants them.  That’s how they decided to bring down the West: to do it gradually - but for Africa, they’ve decided that…”who is going to stand up for Africa?  We can bring them down quickly” - and that’s being done, as we can see.

VYZYGOTH - Why, didn’t they introduce the AIDS there by way of supposedly injecting them with vaccines against the Hepatitis B?

ALAN - Yes, and smallpox.  The trail of the infection follows the exact route from Haiti - they actually went to Haiti first with that inoculation program, then to Africa and you can follow the trail that’s left behind them.  There’s no doubt this was deliberate.

VYZYGOTH - Most of our listeners are anti-vaccinationists as well.  Have you read Eleanor Maclean’s “The Poison Needle?” 

ALAN - No.

VYZYGOTH - It’s online; it’s very interesting also.  And she recounts as well that she looks at the 1918 flu, which is really interesting - and she said the only people that got sick were the ones that got vaccinated.

ALAN - Exactly.

VYZYGOTH - She and her family did not get vaccinated and they were actually ministering to people in their home town who had fallen and none of them got it.

ALAN - Yes, and when we go back into the…Britain has records of mandatory vaccinations beginning in the 1800s against diphtheria and then smallpox, and the records of their deaths to those who were vaccinated are identical to the number who got vaccinated.  So this was obviously put in place deliberately, and we know that Britain definitely was into this in the 1700s, because Thomas Malthus came out with his Essay on Population and how to cull off the weak people or the “useless eaters” or the “excess population,” which they didn’t need after - they knew eventually that they would be post-industrial and they wanted to have a method to cull them off once their job was over.

VYZYGOTH - Alright, now, having said that, would you think that what we are headed for, and what to look for, is a collective society, where the individual means nothing but the group means all?

ALAN - That’s what they have told for the public, but as in Charles Galton Darwin’s book The Next Million Years - and he was a physicist, this guy, and a descendent of Charles Darwin - and I think in 1956 he published that book, he went through the need to cull off the excess population and find ways of sterilizing the remainder; and also ways of manipulating the brain itself chemically, so that they couldn’t think independently of each other - the collective, you might say.  We can jump from there to Arthur Koestler’s book - he is the same guy that did The Thirteenth Tribe - he wrote The Ghost In The Machine while he worked for the United Nations and in The Ghost In The Machine he worked in think tanks whose job it was to find ways to lobotomize that part of the brain, which has your personal survival capabilities built into it and which gives you the sense of who you are as an individual - and they were tying ways of chemically attacking the brain, though chemicals, vaccines that would carry bacterium there, viruses and so on; and he said they were successful in doing it in the trials.  So they were using people for trials, and he said: “the public won’t need their personal defense capabilities, because the government will be making all their decisions for them anyway.”

VYZYGOTH - Alright; so when you talk about chemical lobotomization, could this also take the form of getting the same effect through radiation, through…

ALAN - Yes, there is so many ways to do it, and when you realize that the brain uptakes different chemicals, sometimes even certain metals will gravitate to certain part of the brain, where they are utilized or they carry something with them, you can actually target those primary areas you are after very-very easily and destroy the cells around them.  And that’s what they said: they wanted to do…he wrote about it and he said: “all we have to do now is decide whether to inoculate the people with it, put it in their drinking water, or spray it on them.”  And I thought: “well, they’re doing it all.”  And what he also said, Charles Galton Darwin, was funny in this sense; he said: “We the Elite must not alter ourselves, because we must retain our abilities for self-preservation, because we shall be leading the earth and steering the future.”

VYZYGOTH - Well, I mean, I have to tell you I heard you when you were on Coast-to-Coast with Noory, talking about the longevity of some of these Elites, to include the Rockefellers and Kissinger and stuff; and I’m sure he might be using contacts, although it doesn’t seem anybody else his age is doing it, but when I look at the Rockefeller when he was giving speeches in the late 90s it was like: “this guy is not even, you know, he is not even wincing, no glasses, this guy is just reeling it right off;” and you made - actually it was a very comical anecdote about Kissinger hopping out of the car; was it?

ALAN - That’s right; and he ran up the steps.

VYZYGOTH - And of course, these people aren’t getting, if they should ever have cancer or anything like that, they’re certainly not getting chemo or radiation or anything like that…

ALAN - No, they are not, no.

VYZYGOTH - Well, moving along - do you want to build on another question?

ALAN - Yes.

VYZYGOTH - Okay, this individual wants to know: “you can check with him to see why the spin, ‘mind control,’ ‘hypno-TV,’ etcetera, is not working on us; and “us” I would say, is those who get it.”  So, how come people like this listener and myself and all those who do shows and all those who listen - how do we stay free, so far, from this manipulation?

ALAN - Well, I’ve wondered a lot about that and what I found, just talking to so many people… people who tended to be more aware of what was going on often had allergies and they would often, again, have problems with either bronchial problems or they’d have stomach problems, intestinal problems… And what you’ll find with some people, because of their physiology - if you were to inoculate them with a particular substance that was to target the brain, because of their physiological differences they will actually pull those particular viruses or bacteria to another organ.  That’s one possibility that has happened in a lot of cases; so the brain didn’t get affected the same way.  Every baby who gets inoculated about the age of one and a half or two, goes home, with the doctor saying: “don’t worry, they’ll have a fever for two or three days, then they’ll be fine” - and the fever is concentrated generally in the head.  Now when you have fever and heat in the head, inflammation, you have inflammation in the brain and cells are dying off; and this is happening every day and the moms are told this is normal; and I think that’s part of the whole process.  I really have gone that far that I really think that’s part of the whole process.  They didn’t just write about it from Malthus onward, they have been actually doing it. 

VYZYGOTH - I’ve got some more questions about this whole thing here; but I want to continue with the individual who did pose a number of questions.  But let me ask you this though, Alan: were you vaccinated as a kid?

ALAN - I had some; but - in fact I did actually come down after the age of two, after inoculations, with asthma that lasted a few years and then allergies for sure, on and off; but intellectual-wise I sort of soared through school without any problems.

VYZYGOTH - I don’t know how nefarious they were when we were growing up - I’m sure they weren’t good, I just don’t know.  I’m sure they got worse as time went on and became a real mainline source of planting things that necessarily come to fruition later on, if you know what I mean. 

ALAN - A good example of that, I think, is the sterilization of the male.  Every year - and about now, in fact, the UN will be giving us their annual update on the sperm count of the Western male, and last year they said that the Western male since 1950 or 52 had dropped by 75% of the live active sperm of the male of 1950.  So we are only about 25% fertile now.  And they never give a reason for this and yet, every year they give us the data on it - the quotes, the statistics - and really it should be a crisis situation, but the reason it’s not a crisis situation is because it’s planned that way.

VYZYGOTH - Well, we all know it’s from wearing too tight jockeys…

ALAN - Yeah right…

VYZYGOTH - …warming up the old testicles.  Unfortunately there are some of the cultures who aren’t getting the message and are proliferating quite well, by the way.  This is interesting also, which I got through e-mail, and I will pose this question to Alan.  Then we’ll go on with the person from whom we have gotten these questions and couple of these there.  “Do you want to comment on the science and the physics of reality holography?  This is the Blue Beam Project - do you know anything about that, Alan?”

ALAN - I do know about it.  I know that they can actually create anything at all in the sky.  I know back about in 1999 I was out walking with someone late at night; and I looked up and I saw what I thought was the Northern Light start up; and for 25 minutes we watched a form, a figure form - which doesn’t happen with the Northern Lights - and it all came to one point and you could swear they had wings - and I thought: “this is incredible; that’s some kind of holography or science going on here, using the ionosphere” and two or three nights later a man from Ontario phoned in the Art Bell Show - now, Art Bell’s had nights when he’s had different people claiming to be Satan on; he’s had a hole in the ground where the voices of Hell shot up from; but this guy phoned in and he said: “I saw a figure appear in the sky that I thought it was the Northern Lights;” and Art Bell immediately cut him off!  - and said: “this is crazy!”  I thought: “why don’t they allow him to say what [he saw]?  That was no crazier than anything else that was said on that show!”  And of course, they don’t want us to know that they can experiment and do this with the ionosphere; and with the HAARP technology coupled to satellites they can make anything appear in the sky.

VYZYGOTH - Well, you know, Art Bell to me is a Government plant - I’m sorry, so is Noory - that shows there that go with the bottom line.  I’m not going to ask you about how comfortable you were there, but I’m going to take it that, yes, you get it too.

ALAN - See, intelligence gatherers gather the intelligence that the public are finding out about and discussing.  Counter-intelligence takes that, gives us superheroes to follow, who are shot to the top; everybody gets to know their names, they say all the right things that are being said at the bottom - they say the intelligence, but then they add to it aliens or reptilian people and spin it off to ineffectiveness - and that’s how you counter intelligence.

VYZYGOTH - You know, I wanted to listen to - I don’t want to spend a lot of time on it - but I listened to that show one night after they had a Nine-Eleven researcher on and I just got it wrong, I got on the next night - I didn’t hear the researcher, but I heard these poor simps that came on and they really did believe there was something to it as well they should, but they go to the altar of Noory or Bell and they kind of ask questions where they want to be told, you know, it really doesn’t exist, and so they’ll talk about: “well, isn’t it crazy, George, that a plane didn’t go into the Pentagon?”  And he goes: “Yeah, well, you know…” and they go off to a shadow road and a flying rod, and I’m like: “dude…”  Oh, what are we talking about here?  You look at what is REAL and you’ll supplant it with the UNREAL! 

ALAN - Yes, when you mix fact with fantasy, everything becomes unreal and it’s diffused then; it’s safe, it’s harmless then, because it’s just too confusing.

VYZYGOTH - Of course, but, you know, we all know the children’s fairytale, about the Emperor’s new clothes.  You know, there weren’t any, but they were told there were; and then I look at nine-eleven with the Pentagon, there is nothing!  And so, why do you replace what’s real and tangible, with what you’re being told?   And somebody messaged me, and I said I understand.  You know, good people don’t think that the Government would do this, or the time has come where we’ve been turned on, and I understand that - but in the face of asking questions and having people think, don’t get upset if you’ve been, like Plato said, pulled out of the cave to look at that which really is.  Which, by the way, is kind of interesting he wrote that, because he doesn’t seem like anybody who would want to pull anybody out of the cave.

ALAN - He was actually explaining how the public are; the are kept - they are given a version of reality, it’s indoctrinated into them and even if someone were to find out the truth and go back into the cave and say: “you know, there’s a real world out there,” they wouldn’t believe him.  And so he was showing the techniques of mind control on society. 

VYZYGOTH - Yeah, exactly.  I mean, it’s painful to show people the way things really are; and actually it can cost you your life.

ALAN - Absolutely.  There’s no doubt about that whatsoever.

VYZYGOTH - I’m going to get to a question here and then I will go back to the original e-mail.  It says: “Does Mr. Watt have any comments about René Guenon and other traditionalists, that would be Schwann, Evola, [?] etcetera.”  Any take on that?

ALAN - On Ebola? 

VYZYGOTH - Ebola?  No, these are individuals: Evola, Schwann [?] and René Guenon.  Does that ring a bell?

ALAN - It does.  Most of these characters in history, in that period of time were all, once again, Freemasons, well versed in the psychology of humanity and all put out there to give certain views, so the public would follow them along a certain path.  Again, part of culture creation, really.  Because that’s what they give us.  Most of the public will always follow someone they perceive as being more intelligent and a leader, who says the things they want to hear.  Unfortunately we never question any other motive behind it and generally get led up the garden path.  So I can’t really go any further with their particular agendas.

VYZYGOTH - I am fully ignorant of this; I don’t think that it’s unusual.  Is there a time frame for all of these individuals, more or less?

ALAN - I think they are talking more in the 1800s, aren’t they?

VYZYGOTH - You know, it’s not on my purview, without a doubt.  Alright, well, it’s something I’ll look into.  I apologize but that’s okay.  Moving along, going back to that original e-mail and it’s going to get good here, and that is: “What is going on with Denver International Airport which is really truly named ‘New World Airport’ - with the murals that are around everybody so that they’ll see them?”  Your take on that, Alan?

ALAN - Yes, they put so much into that.  The building alone, never mind all of the architecture and paintings and frescoes - and of course, they have all their occultic, Masonic symbology in the paintings, right down to the children all following the Leader, you know?  It’s possible that it’s there because there’s going to be the new capital of the Americas somewhere, one day.

VYZYGOTH - Well, we did talk about that and obviously they badly want to create an American Union as expansive, perhaps, as the 34 countries in the Western Hemisphere, obviously.  I don’t know  - have you read that White Paper: “Building a North-American Community?”

ALAN - Yes, but I know that in the Free Trade negotiations in the late 80s they had discussed actually setting up a new Parliament and a new capital for the Americas, like “The Brussels of the Americas” and it would be in Montreal they’re going to build it.  That’s what they’d chosen.

VYZYGOTH - Well, that would be interesting.  The reason I thought it’s Denver - well, something is going on with Denver, there is no two ways about it.  And you subscribe also to the fact that, as Orwell tipped us off about, you know, 60 years ago, that boring machines were available and they had probably been at work for quite some time.  Now, do you want to posit your thought about why, what they are doing and why they are doing it?

ALAN - There are connections between some major cities under ground, there’s no doubt about that.  These boring machines, even they have been in the Popular Science magazine at times, and the Rand Corporation are the ones who own these machines.  They have never really been fully explained to the public as to how they can operate - and the obvious questions that are never asked by the reporters on them; because it’d really - see, there are 3 levels of reality at work at all times:  one for the public, and that’s from professorship down.  It doesn’t matter what you’re a professor of, you’re getting low-level reality; and there’s another one above that, separate again; and another one above that!  It’s like Nick Begich showing us [on TV] the mind control machines that the CIA had, which were about the size of a TV hand-held converter.  As these are now obsolete - and they were used back in the 1950s and they were solid state, before the transistor came out.  So, yes, with these boring machines, they claim they can go through any kind of rock and go 24 hours at a time and keep going, at least 5 miles per hour, regardless of the density of the rock.  They melt the rock around it, and then it petrifies behind, forming almost like a concrete casing in the tunnel.  Now, what kind of metal alloy do we have knowledge of that can withstand that kind of heat?  Because it’s beyond what we’re given, you see.  And of course, it’s the same kind of metals that they used with their experimental flying saucers from Area 51.  The same incredible alloys that the public will never ever hear about.  It’s all made here on earth.

VYZYGOTH - Now, I’m going to tease myself and leave this for an entrée on Thursday, the 25th that would be - with I would say “next,” but I don’t want to do it in the last couple of minutes.  I would like to continue, though, and somebody asked me once - in fact earlier today - how I ever understood that something went bump in the night; and was it Nine-Eleven; and I said: “no, it was long before that, around 2000.”  But talking about what is out there and available; and you and I talked also about Orwell’s - a section in Orwell’s book, where he just jam-packs it with pretty much the way things are or The Shape of Things to Come.  And what I did, I had done a graduate project and this is what opened my eyes to the fact that so many science fiction writers didn’t seem to be writing science fiction.  Because whatever they said came true; were they that prescient?  I don’t think so.

ALAN - It wasn’t - actually it’s well documented, if you go into this.  Foundations are so important in all of this, because it was through the so-called “philanthropic” foundations that they said they would steer the world.  And the Rothschilds of England set up a huge fund for novelists and writers of plays for the stage to actually incorporate certain lines along the stories to do with space travel, early science fiction, that kind of thing.  They paid them to do that.  These funds still stand, by the way - and what it is, it’s called, it’s part of “predictive programming.”  So what they do is, they give you an idea through fiction, when your guard is down; you are not censoring or really critically thinking about anything and you are being “entertained,” and what’s really happening is: you are being downloaded with an idea or a possibility and so, when the thing comes along, rather than say: “wait a minute - why are they spending billions of dollars to go out into space?”  We think it’s part of a natural progression, because we have already been familiarized with it in a fictional way.  And the big early science fiction writers, who came out, were all funded by these groups.  They called them Futurist Societies and the novelists who were willing to take the money attend these Futurist Societies and then spokesmen will come out from the Big Boys who fund them and offer the grants, as long as they go along and incorporate certain things in their stories.

VYZYGOTH - That’s another thing we’ll do the next time around, about the Foundations.  You are absolutely right.  Now, let us end with this: did you ever watch the X-Files?

ALAN - I think I only saw one.

VYZYGOTH - Well, I realize now if I am looking back across the times when my wife and I watched it, and I watched it before I knew the things that were really happening - but one thing I though they did was - and remember, this is a Murdoch station and Chris Carter already admits he had dealings with the CIA and such; but one of the things that I thought was stupid about the X-Files is that their characters would exude black oil from their orifices and eyeholes.  Have you heard about this “Morgellon Disease?”

ALAN - Yes.

VYZYGOTH - And here is a quote: “sometimes little black specks come out of a lesion” - and now I’m starting to wonder.

ALAN - It also happens with the Ebola and the Spanish Flu - those who were symptoms of the Spanish Flu - they would actually have very dark, congealed blood starting to come out of the eyelids and the nostrils and so on.

VYZYGOTH - Then you can understand why I am thinking that we have been programmed or at least prepared for the black oil that will come popping out of our body, so to speak.

ALAN - Yes.

VYZYGOTH - Alright, so anyway, we’ll get into this more.  Alan, listen, thank you so much for coming on and we hope that we can pick this thing up in another week or so.

ALAN - It’s a pleasure.

VYZYGOTH - Alright, God bless you.

ALAN - You too.

VYZYGOTH - Alright, good night.

ALAN - Bye now.

                                                                        * * *

Transcript:  Tim


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