September 28,  2006
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VYZYGOTH – Welcome again to another segment of the Grassy Knoll on this September 28, 2006 – and we have with us today Alan Watt.  He has been on a number of times before; his web site is  - we’ll talk about all that later; but we thank you for coming back again, Alan, and I hope everything is OK above the 48th parallel.


ALAN –  Yes it is; it’s very busy right now – I’m getting the last of the wood in for the winter. 


VYZYGOTH – Well, that’s right; I was going to ask you how many inches [of snow] you have on the ground, but that might be a little premature, isn’t it?


ALAN –  Well, there’s been lots of rain at the moment.


VYZYGOTH – Did you have a look at the skies today?


ALAN – I saw them spraying – they are spraying heavily into the clouds and bringing the rain on; that’s why everybody’s got sinusitis.


VYZYGOTH – Well, we came out this morning, and if you didn’t know what they do – when they do it pre-dawn it looks…it really does look like a cirrus cloud.


ALAN – It sure does.


VYZYGOTH – You know, so nobody ever knows – but, you know, unfortunately, you can see those little, little vague stripes left in there, so you have…

And now talking about the way things are – I just want to throw something by you.  I’m just starting to see a little bit things coming together; not that anybody else isn’t out there, but this whole idea about the American people countenancing the talk about torture, right?  Alright, fine - because it’s going to happen to the other guys.  


ALAN – Yes.


VYZYGOTH – This bit about Tribunals now, which means trial without jury; and then something that came down the pipe today that someone sent me from Toronto of all places, and that is what’s going on here; and that is they’re going to find justification to even label American citizens as “unlawful enemy combatants.” 


ALAN – Yes; it was Bill 6166.


VYZYGOTH – Hahaha.  It doesn’t get any better than that.


ALAN – So, 6 ones are 6; then you’re left with 66; -- 666.  They love these little games.


VYZYGOTH – But now, do American people understand?  And the answer is: NO.


ALAN – No.


VYZYGOTH – That now you allow torture, folks, because you never spoke out about it; you haven’t resisted the idea of Tribunal, and so now people would say: “well, you got nothing to fear if you got nothing to hide.”  But the point is:  now they are turning the cannons at us.  Now we get labelled “terrorists,” those of us inside the United States, and guess what they can do to us. 


ALAN – That’s right.  This is the Soviet system.  It is.


VYZYGOTH – I was expecting you to say: “this is like a centuries old system.” 


ALAN – Yes, but it really was perfected in the Soviet era; and that’s why they brought Chertoff and other ones over from the Soviet Union to be Head of Homeland Security, because they implemented it.  It’s a psychological warfare as much as a physical one.  And as you say, it worked in the Soviet Union and it will therefore work here.  More easily, in fact, because the public are…they think they’re free.


VYZYGOTH – Interesting thing is that about Chertoff - a Jersey boy, what I know - I know he had a citizenship still connected to Israel.  Did you find that he was in the Soviet Union for any period of time, or…?


ALAN – He has been in the Soviet Union for quite a while - in fact a lot of the top boys in Israel were going back and forth to the Soviet Union from the beginning of the setup of Israel. 


VYZYGOTH – And I would say: maybe it doesn’t matter, but I mean, he is a creepy-looking human being.


ALAN – You know, they’re all creepy, because they’re such utter liars and they can lie convincingly to themselves even - I think George Orwell explained that process, which is either natural for them or they’re trained in it - in his book “1984” he goes through the process of being able to lie convincingly to the public; draw up a fresh lie and immediately forget it as soon as you’ve said it - and they do this all the time.


VYZYGOTH – Watching your DVD - and I was going to let this wait until the very end - but since you mentioned Orwell I’d like to move it up front, only to get your take on it.  I had not yet seen, really, or heard you deal with a particular entity and that is: one of the things that happened, I guess, a week ago, as a guest, and we asked for documentation and I am looking for it - that Orwell was a Tavistock.  Now, what about these think tanks?  And that’s what I was going to ask you.  I don’t think you go on too much about them, but, I mean, what do you think of them and what do you think their role is in the whole global scheme of things?


ALAN – Well, we are run by think tanks, and we have been for an awful-awful long time.  George Orwell came from a long lineage of bureaucrats that worked for the British National Government; and he sort of broke away.  His father was appointed as the overseer-commissioner for the British Opium Company for Britain and Burma.  That was a Crown-owned corporation, all the shareholders being Royalty. 


VYZYGOTH – Was that still called the British East India Company?


ALAN – No, at that time it was called the British Opium Corporation.


VYZYGOTH – I mean, that was straight out, that’s what they called it?


ALAN – Yes.




ALAN – …Into the 1930s.  And Orwell was picked at University, an Ivy League University that his father had gone to - Cambridge - and that was throughout; that was standard.  That’s where Lawrence of Arabia was picked and trained, as the CIA still pick them today - they pick them at the Ivy League while they’re students; and they train them for their role in life.


VYZYGOTH – Now, would you say that Orwell was kind of repulsed in the end by what went on and hence he’d write Animal Farm and 1984?


ALAN – Yes, he was.  He realized that he had been used to write socialist propaganda through novels, and Arthur Koestler and H.G. Wells were other ones - they wrote, through fictional works, ideas that were socialist in value to get the public to follow them; and when Blair, who is George Orwell, was over in the Spanish Civil War, that’s when he met the Communists, the real hard-line Communists and realized that there was a bigger puppetmaster manipulating all sides.


VYZYGOTH – I read an article and I can’t remember where it was, but I know where it came from; it was an e-mail group, pretty reputable too.  But I read some kind of excerpt that when Orwell was in Spain, I guess he really was quite frightened for himself apparently.  Did you read or hear anything about that?


ALAN – He was more afraid that when they caught on to the fact he had woken out of his conditioning, his own training, and realized what was going on, that then he would be assassinated.


VYZYGOTH – And you know, that’s exactly what it said: he either was neurotic though not outright paranoid, which doesn’t make you wrong - we know that’s right - that someone was going to hit him, or in fact, somebody was going to hit him. 


ALAN – That’s why, when he went back to Britain, he was shunned by the socialist groups and the big meetings that he used to speak at; because he says: “hey, we are all being used, there is a bigger player operating and they’re pulling the strings of all parties here.”  After that he went up to the North of Scotland to a little island, way out of the way and he demanded to know when the boat came in every month, who was on it, in advance - because he thought he was going to be assassinated.


VYZYGOTH – You know, and we all kind of suspect, but, do you know with any kind of degree of certainty – that his death within a year of the publication of that book was in fact organic to the TB?


ALAN – Pardon?


VYZYGOTH – Orwell’s death, was that because of the condition that he supposedly had, the TB?


ALAN – Well, initially he had been taken in, when he came back from Spain, or it was actually after the Second World War - during the Second World WarHe was in hospital for a while, being treated with streptomycin, which had just come out at that time; and they didn’t give him another drug, which goes with along with it - in the hospital - and he began to hemorrhage to death.  So his friends pulled him out of the hospital to save his life.  And that’s when he realized there was an attempt to kill him there, by the authorities - the Government.


VYZYGOTH – The other person you mention, being the product of, I guess, a think-tank and Intelligence was Lawrence of Arabia.  He also apparently voiced his discontent - and can we assume that his motorcycle accident might have been a little murky?


ALAN – He was on a Rudge motorcycle and he had travelled the road many-many times and a hay-cart pulled out supposedly from a field - which is certainly plausible - and he hit it.  But it is known that he knew too much; he had been recruited at Cambridge along with twenty other famous students who became very famous in history and trained in Aramaic languages and set off to the Middle East to set up newspapers to start getting out new propaganda to the Arabs to get them ready for a new system.  And he simply knew too much.


VYZYGOTH – Well, in that case then - you have seen the movie, have you not?


ALAN – I saw the movie, but I prefer his book that he wrote himself; it was called ‘Seven Pillars of Wisdom’ and it’s worth the read.


VYZYGOTH – Okay, and that chronicles his whole experience, and of course his attitude and assessment of what was going on.  Thank you for that; I am also moving into what would be the first thing that came to my mind watching your video and this is Reality Check - Part 2.  You mention oftentimes about the priesthoods and I am thinking it’s “Priesthood,” kind of in quotation marks.  Were the priests from the beginning of whenever - were they mostly not-so-much spiritual individuals who may be faking it, as they were what would be akin to mob bosses?


ALAN – Yes, I think really they came out after studying - now, there’s different theories on it; there’s some hints and clues in their own inner religion as to who they are, because they have deviances of all kinds - and there is a hint that they were the ones who rebelled against nature, you might say; the natural way of people and tribal systems.  At one time they were killed off within tribes; and then, I guess, as people began to feel more civilized - as we call it - they would save their lives and they’d literally guard them, put them inside caves; and from then they [the priests] grew and grew and they observed the people below - their habits, their behavior - because the first thing you have to understand to conquer a people, you have to study their nature and then you can manipulate it.  They studied the stars, their movements; and when they came down [from “above”] they could tell the people when to plant, when to grow; because they knew the solar, lunar and stellar times.  All sciences, you might say, they studied - and then they brought in a thing called “commerce” and money.


VYZYGOTH – So then, you’re saying that the priests attained their status, that they did kind of get it and they had some kind of—I wouldn’t say “secret knowledge,” but something certainly that wasn’t being passed down to the peasants


ALAN – Yes.  The first thing they had to find out was human nature; simply observation.  Observation, detailing and watching to see if every generation would repeat the same behavior - then they could manipulate it.


VYZYGOTH – Now, is there any kind of racial lineage between priests - or was it something that most civilizations judged by nature kind of “popped up” by themselves?


ALAN – No; there is definitely a connection.  People who are brought up in a system as we are today, take everything for granted in that system.  That’s the beauty of the system itself.  It’s a macabre beauty, because, if your parents can’t tell you that something is wrong with it at all or what exactly is wrong with it, we accept it as being normal - and that’s what Lenin said.  He said: the public don’t realize the thousand ways that society could go; they must think the one they are born into is the natural one, which evolved.  And people do that - they actually doSo you have to change from a natural system into a new system.  It’s the first generation that causes the problem.  Once that is done, they will indoctrinate their children and their children will think it’s natural.  Money is the key to it; and money is an unnatural product altogether.  It started the whole…it took over from barter, which is basically exchanging that for which you need, to commerce and profit, which is different.  Profit is different from barter.


VYZYGOTH – What’s funny is you used the word “natural,” because actually it is unnatural, but natural offshoots, isn’t it?


ALAN – It’s a substitute for natural barter; plus it’s a deviant substitute, in that it entails a system called “economics” and “profit.”  It’s the profit that kills us; it’s the profit thing, which controls us.  That’s the unnatural part.  And taxation, which is a spinoff of money.  You can’t tax people very easily by simply taking goods from them, or a sack of potatoes.


VYZYGOTH – I’m thinking it still lets them grow their potatoes, but they’ll pay another price for it, more or less.


ALAN – Yes, and then the money is taken, you see, the substitute, which is labor, it’s true - and they can then hire men to be an army or police or whatever and buy war machines, which we will build if we get paid money - all of that.  None of it, in fact, could exist without money.


VYZYGOTH – The priests - were they actually though, the power; were they rulers?


ALAN – No, they were behind; they always got the puppets for rulers - you always put a front man in as a ruler.


VYZYGOTH – Okay, where I was going to go with this, and I just wrote these notes down and I had: “Priests” and I have an arrow: “Kings and Queens;” in other words, they create the Kings and Queens and kind of hang back behind the screen.


ALAN – They hang back.  All down through history kings and queens had advisors for them; main advisors - and we see that very well with the Catholic Church, which had no opposition for almost one and a half thousand years, where every King and Queen and Prince and nobility had his own personal counselor that was a Catholic Priest from the Vatican, who was responsible directly to the Vatican.  And they arranged the marriages, they looked through the genealogies; it was a form of breeding program to get the proper type of King and Queen that would do their bidding; because it’s true, you know, you can breed psychological types through inbreeding - the same way as Plato talked about 2300 years ago.  You can create someone who is either very gentle or very aggressive, or aggressive and easily managed by those with wisdom.  You can actually breed types of people for the purpose you’ve chosen. 


VYZYGOTH – By the way, we always think of philosophers as being benign subjects; but really, Plato was an elitist.


ALAN – He said so himself.  Plato went through in his book, The Republic, which was really not just a future utopia for the Elite.  He talks about why they should have it.  He said that - he said: “the reason that you and I” – he was talking to his fellows in a story form – “you and I have such understanding of nature” – meaning, people and behavior – “is because we have lived before”; so they believe in reincarnation.


VYZYGOTH – Well, I would guess they are right in a sense, and I think that the spirit [inaudible] on a level and continues on.  But, you know, one of the things I thought was probably the most disconcerting that Plato wrote about was the fact that he believed that the children should be taken from their families, brought out to the countryside and instructed by the Philosopher King.


ALAN –  That’s right.


VYZYGOTH – So then we fast forward and it sounds like a really groovy, warm, fuzzy title.  Hillary’s “it takes a village to raise the child,” like Heckett [?] does Hillary.  And I think this is not the extension, it’s exactly what he was talking about.


ALAN – Absolutely.  He had it right down; he had the Agenda right down - he said: “we can breed all kinds of people ultimately; we can breed all kinds of people for different tasks, in other words the same way as you breed animals for size, aggression, passivity, whatever.  We can breed people for the same way, specially bred for the tasks they will have to do.”  And that’s exactly where Genetics are going today, to make specialized types of humans.  And Plato also mentioned that - he said: “we the Elite are members of the Guardian Class and the Guardian Class could generally keep themselves apart from the rest of the “its”; the lower classes were called “the its.”  They weren’t regarded as being human.  However, they would occasionally recruit some of the higher middle-class ones that showed promise; today we call it “scholarships.”


VYZYGOTH – Well, you know, you just struck something in me when you said the word: they called them “its”.  And you know, what I’m thinking and we understand that it’s not ill-intended by us, okay?  But when we call children “kids,” isn’t that kind of a pejorative?


ALAN – Lenin said it.  He said: “we shall use terminology to dehumanize the people to separate them into types.”  And as soon as you take away the word “child” and substitute it with “kid,” a baby goat - which is deeper than it sounds, actually.  You see, sheep, domesticated sheep, initially came from goats and they were inbred and inbred to get certain traits.  So the adults become sheep, you see.  When you’re young and a bit more wild, you’re a kid - that’s what they call it.  So there are different meanings behind it, but it dehumanizes the people.


VYZYGOTH –  I have to tell you; ever since - and that’s not my idea; somebody has brought that up to me and I had to say: “you know, I think you’re right” and I have just come to the point now I can’t use that any longer.  I just think it’s disrespectful and once you know it and you know the real meaning, you can’t use that anymore.


ALAN – You can’t, no.


VYZYGOTH – Also, going back if I can to the analogy that we departed from when I said “priests and kings,” if we were to fill that out today, I mean, I kind of scribbled down: “Bankers” to “Prime Ministers” and “Presidents.”  Do you want to refine that as far as who hides behind what these days?


ALAN – It’s so multi-layered; ultimately the whole entire system of the world revolves around money, which very few people truly understand, even the con-men that sell all the survival stuff, you might say, and ways out of or around it.  Money is an unnatural thing.  We are all trained from school onwards - and it’s the whole purpose of schooling - it’s so that you can serve the system by earning money, which they can tax back from you, which is labor really; and then they can employ, as I say, agencies, think-tanks and build armaments and get armies together with money. You can’t get an army together without pay; they’d all go home eventually.  Money is the key to it; this is a system, an entire system revolving around money; and yet only about a dozen families in the world, supposedly - the world bankers - have the right to declare that any country, this country or that country, can print up so many dollars.  It’s a complete con game; and the guys at the top, when you ask them privately, they will admit that this is a pure con game; it’s a carrot system.  We’re all trained to chase after carrots.


VYZYGOTH – Down here and everybody who is in the States can do this.  I’ve done it twice:  go to my bankers, you know.  Alright, I don’t want to sound elitist but you don’t go to the tellers, perhaps, you go to one of the officers and you ask them; I said: “do you realize that the Federal Reserve is not federal?” I did it twice and twice - he had no clue.  So, can you imagine that those in the profession who have something hanging up behind the counter that says, you know: “Federal Reserve Bank…”  - he had no idea.


ALAN – I know; I talked to a banker a couple of weeks ago - it was for an inquiry I was making about something to do with ordering, if I set it up - and I sat for over two hours lecturing her on the history of economics and money going back for thousands of years and she was fascinated by it.  She didn’t know any of it.


VYZYGOTH – I know.  Also, just to take a look back on education.  Did you happen to hear that George Carlin five-minute rant that was going around about the way things are, more or less?


ALAN – I don’t think so.


VYZYGOTH – It was great.  It was laced with obscenities.  Maybe you can call it gratuitous.  I mean, I wasn’t offended by it, because he was mad, I was mad, and it just seemed to fit.  But one of the things that he said about education was that “they don’t want anybody to critically analyze anything; they want ‘obedient workers:’  ‘obedient workers.’  


ALAN – That’s what the mortar-board hat that students wear in graduation - it literally does signify that their natural head, the round head has been ‘squared’ - “perfected” as they call it; “shaped,” the Ashlar of the Masons and the students have now been dumbed down enough to be approved, quality-approved to enter their system.  That’s what it means.  And the Big Boys laugh about this.  The high Masons laugh about that.


VYZYGOTH – Sure.  But, you know, the thing is - I know there are a lot of good teachers out there who are doing instinctively what they know is best and they’re also having to deal with Curricula and other mandates being sent down.  And of course, now we are getting to the point where it’s going to leave the local school district to become a national thing and then right after that it will be an international thing.


ALAN – Yes, it already is.


VYZYGOTH – It is, again, like you said, they are just incrementally exposing it to us but the plans have been laid down and they are ready to go.  But, you know, what I find so tragic, and another one of these elephants that got by us, you know, kind of like what we talked about the Federal Reserve.  It is: how that maggot John Dewey had been given the educational system of the United States to mould, you know, and Hahn, and Boyle and Skinner and their trade.  I mean, here are characters out of the Platonian or Platoistic mindset, where they don’t think; they look at children as kids, widgets, who are meant to be trained!


ALAN – Skinner put his own daughter in a cage and studied her - and got away with it!  What does that tell you about who is behind them? He got away with it!  You find that Lord Bertrand Russell was given Royal Charters by the Crown to open up experimental schools in 1900 onwards, where he was allowed to do things…promote pre-pubertal sexual contact with the students in a time when a molester would have been hung!  He was given Royal assent to try these experiments, because the experiments were to be used ultimately worldwide on the public, on their children. 


VYZYGOTH – Well, I mean, I was in the educational system.  And I had to make unit plans and lesson plans.  And, you know, I didn’t think the way I do now - this is 1995 - but still in adulthood I had been around and still didn’t get it.  When you do the lesson plans the Number One thing, and the Goal, is the “behavioral objective.”  And never once did I ever say: why do I care about behavior here? Aren’t we trying to teach people things?  And so there it was, right in front of you, and of course, Bloom’s Taxonomy is loaded with that as they invert and they ridicule, which sometimes is base knowledge, which we all need, otherwise how do we add, you know what I mean? You know where England is by the way.  And what they hold up as highest is synthesis, when they come up with their own ideas in education.


ALAN – Yes, it’s social indoctrination into political correctness and it’s done scientifically - and I always go back to Beria who was the head of the NKVD in the 1920s and 1930s in Russia, that would become the KGB - and he gave a talk to the Komintern around 1932 - International Communists’ Association.  And in that speech, tremendous speech he said, he said: “it used to take us a generation, around 70 years, to make, to get a change in society through behavior modification of the public; through repetition, repetition, until we start parroting it.”  He said: “ now we have it down to every five years; we can put major changes in;” and he meant, through kindergarten.  And he said: “eventually we’ll be able to modify it per annum.”  So what you’ve got today is a child going to kindergarten at two years of age being programmed in a scientific fashion; and that’s what Bertrand Russell said - these are the very words of Bertrand Russell: “programmed in a scientific fashion” for the things which they won’t experience until they had 20 or 30.  These will be changes in society, which they will accept readily, thinking it’s “normal.”  And then, next year the ones who come into that kindergarten get programmed a year ahead again for the next part of the change.  It’s incremental.


VYZYGOTH – And this is exactly what Plato was talking about, where the Philosopher Kings may be the education system, but the education system is taking over, and it’s slowly usurping more and more parental rights.  Now they’ll give you the excuse: “well, there are so many single parent homes out there;” that’s the excuse - that’s okay, that’s the reason, that’s not the real reason though.  People who are implementing it on the local level believe that it is.  But we have - what’s happening, and you said it, we’re having longer school years, we are having longer school days, and we’ll have earlier entrance into the system.  And of course, some believe - and I think Charlotte Iserbyt does a good job of this, who lives up in Maine, and has written a book: “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” and she is saying: “so what’s with all of these K [kindergarten] to 20 curricula?”  What is grade twenty; what’s up with that?


ALAN – And, go into another book out by Gatto; it’s “The Underground History of American Education” - well documented; and he goes through the fact that all of this system came out of Germany and Prussia back in the 1700s and 1800s and he gives the statements by all the top players and they were quite open about the function of education - it was not to give them just the survival ability within a monetary system and be good taxpayers, but it was also to make “well-behaved, obedient citizens.” 


VYZYGOTH – It’s funny you should mention Germany, because that rears its head again in the 20th century when Dewey and the boys went over to that school of experimental psychology.  You know, the other thing, Alan, and we’ll get off this and I want to do some business with you.  But, you know, in America, and we were talking about think-tanks and such - time and time again, some of the most nefarious characters seem to be connected to the University of Chicago. 


ALAN – I know.  I get hits from them all the time, because, even on the internet, they have massive funding from the Homeland Security and high-tech equipment there to try and hack certain peoples’ programs.  So they are part of Homeland Security.


VYZYGOTH – Alright.  We’re talking with Alan Watt, the web site is:;  I also want to tell you, folks, by all means if you want to ask a question or make a comment to Alan, you can do so:  Okay, that being settled, by all means in the second half hour - please chirp up if you wish.  Now, the web site, you’ve got, Alan, is growing by leaps and bounds; so why don’t you tell us about the new developments that are around there and what’s all available?


ALAN – I have shows going back from radio on shortwave international from 1998 - I’ve got more from now on disk; there’s two out now, it’s 12 hours per disk.  I have the two DVDs up for sale; I am making another one this winter.  I wrap in music with it as well to show you how music manipulates the mind and I also expose a lot of the esoteric stuff - well, at least middle-range esoteric, on the video.  I’ve got 3 books for sale, which are really good for de-programming.  I hit you in between the eyes, which should be obvious, in a symbolic fashion.  So I tend to use the techniques that have been used on the public, to try and de-program them.


VYZYGOTH – Alright, and I heave to tell you, yesterday we had somebody on, called Freeman.  And he does a lot with symbology as well; and here is one of the things that I got to go back and take a look at in a sense of it’s always all around you and when I have these discussions with my friends who don’t want to be taken out of the cave.  If I go back to my old high-school - this is where I’m going with this.  We had a high-school built in like the late twenties.  And it was a beautiful stone edifice; and with the kind of terraced castle-type tops.  I mean, it looks like something medieval, right?  Well, the joke is to me every so often they would take the picture of one of these gargoyles that were supporting like this little ledge below, you know, the terrace - and now I’m thinking to myself: “what was with that?”  I mean, was it a Freemasons’ thing?  I mean, I want to go back to my old school and I want to take video of all that’s up there and find out whether or not this was another - I mean, this isn’t really going to impact us in a sense, but it’s an example of at least: “the joke is on you.” You know, we never asked like: “why did they do that, this demonic weird-looking creature?” 


ALAN – Sure, and you have to find the pillars wherever they have pillars; and you count the fluting around the pillars and so on - because it’s all Masonic and it’s all coding.


VYZYGOTH – That’ll be a good reason to go back up to Dodge; but anyway…   In the DVD also, you talked about the stages of Humanity.  Now, are you envisioning, because of all of the research you’ve done, that there is one coming that may not be as humane as the others before? 


ALAN – Well, there is no doubt about it.  Scientific magazines, scientific meetings, world meetings - they have been meeting for every year, but in the last 10 years or so they have been coming out more openly as to the new designed perfection of Humanity, to be done through genetic engineering.  And they mean it; they are quite serious - this has always really been the Agenda where they are going to make purpose-made humanoid types for specific tasks, right along the way of Plato, but by using genetics rather than just selective breeding - and that’s for all of the worker societies.  The Elite themselves, like Charles Galton Darwin said and Arthur Koestler says: “the Elite themselves must not change themselves; they will do it in the old-fashioned way” - because the new type of worker will be unable to think or reason for themselves, meaning: they will have no personal survival capabilities; they will be programmedWhereas those, the Elite, who are “steering the ship,” must retain those faculties of self-preservation in order to steer the ship: Planet Earth, basically.


VYZYGOTH – Look, this bit about “beyond selective breeding” - now, we are not even supposed to know that that’s going to be on the horizon!   I mean, that’s a given as you well know and rightfully so, with the long-range plan.  But we haven’t really seen - we have just seen, I think, the beginning of the softening-up of the populace; it’s like what we talked about with the Tribunals and torture.  And I think we had an episode down here that’s emblematic of what’s to take place, with the Terry Schiavo situation.  But we are looking at two things, are we not?  Depopulation beyond - and I’m talking about “beyond selective breeding,” but also the killing of - or the “eliminating,” shall we say, because they don’t want to use the K-word - the eliminating of, shall we say, “challenged life?


ALAN – Oh, absolutely.


VYZYGOTH – …And also those who are older and infirm, like it’s the end of the road, anyway?  That’s why - this bit about hospices, okay, but there is a lot of hemlock in hospices.


ALAN – Yes.


VYZYGOTH – What about what’s taking place now?  Are we being prepared to accept this kind of depopulation?


ALAN – Yes, we are programmed primarily through fiction; and there has never been a time in history - even though mankind has an infinite capacity for fiction - there has never been a time up until now, when from morning till night we’re just bombarded with electronic radio or television shows or movies: other people’s conditioning right into our brains along the same agenda.  And we don’t even take part in the debate; our opinions are given to us, we simply adopt them.  And we hear all the time about “efficiency, efficiency” and crisis after crisis, even though we don’t really have the crisis - it’s just possibilities of crisis; and therefore the need to reduce… and it’s all to do with economics itself - this artificial system of economics, where nothing will exist in the near future without a specific function to serve societyAnd so the “useless eaters” will be eliminated either quickly or gradually - that’s how human life is valued today.  It’s not valued through any kind of religious system that the public are aware of - I say ‘that the public are aware of’ - there is a religious system at the top: it’s to do with efficiency, where nothing will exist without a particular purpose.  The elimination of the “useless eaters,” as Bertrand Russell talked about.  That’s what’s coming.  With technology and science they don’t need so many people anymore.


VYZYGOTH – Russell wasn’t all that neat a guy.  Was he part of that whole Coefficient Club?


ALAN – Oh, he was born into…he was a member of very old British aristocracy and nobility, related to Royalty, with picked parents and so on; and he worked with Tavistock Institute and other think tanks.  There’s other ones above Tavistock.  Tavistock is the main one for the predictive programming that we get fed through movies and talk shows and prearranged debates on Television.  That’s where our opinions are given to us or downloaded into us -  but there’s higher institutes in England for nobility and Royalty than Tavistock.


VYZYGOTH – Well, so now we have amongst the masses the notion of depopulation.  And also that’s being prepared in children’s heads because we’ve gone to all this group work and collectivism, where your value is only that which it is to the group; you have no intrinsic value being a human life.


ALAN – That’s right.


VYZYGOTH – Now, on the other hand, you have the Elite, probably as we spoke about before, kind of kiddingly, about how long these guys like Rockefeller, Kissinger and Queen Elizabeth the 2nd last and all of this.  But they have access to probably what?  The best medical care there is, probably light years ahead of what they allow us.


ALAN – Royalty and Kissinger have mid-level - a middle level. 


VYZYGOTH – Middle level?  Who is on the top?


ALAN – Oh, there’s ones above them.  See, they’re worker class, and even Kissinger is still classified as a “worker bee”.  In the coding they use, “the lazy boy” is the one who does no work.  Those are the ones who have much - the highest form.  There are three - in all of this occultic system there is always three main levels with categories within.  And so we have from professorship down - it’s the bottom level of biology, physics and so on.  Middle level is the Kissinger level and Brzezinski level, Royalty level.  But the ones who generally keep out of the limelight have a much higher level even still.  And the ancient Egyptians talked about this too.


VYZYGOTH – Well, I wonder, like you say, with politicians and characters like Brzezinski and Kissinger, Aurelio Pecci and whatever - that in a way they are a bit vulgar, because they have actually taken the bribe. 


ALAN – They’re very vulgar about it.  I watched a documentary a couple of years ago here, when Kissinger and Brzezinski were up - and they didn’t appear together on the same show, but they were interviewed by the same man for CBC - and the arrogance just…And how they think they’re conning the silly little people, it really flows out of them - they mock the public.


VYZYGOTH – Well, and I also think that the politicians and such in a way prostituted themselves and they are going to be stuck with that, because they did take the cheat; they didn’t get into where they were because of any kind of elitism or blue-blooded’ism. They got there because…like I said.  I mean, I look at what’s going on in the United States now, and I just wrote a column saying: “Do we ever ask ourselves why we allowed lobbies and pacts?  Isn’t that called bribery in any other form of business?”  And then I take a look at everything that’s being sent to Congress, what little is these days, and senators go 100-to-Nothing on it.  Nobody gives it resistance. 


Alright, listen - I want to get back into also this “great leap forward” if we could, but before that you do have a comment and a question.  This comment regards school, it says: “At a certain point early on in school, I was told I was just there so they would get state aid for a warm body.  And this was reinforced throughout my scholastic career.”  And that’s another dangerous thing down here, Alan, and that is with these SED classes and ESE classes and all of that.  They have to have a good number, the same number every year, which means: if they were ever taxed with kids that were truly-truly impaired, they don’t get in - they get mainstream.  Or, if they don’t have enough, they go out looking.  And some of these parents that I am speaking to about this rotten school district in Pasco County, I watched it myself.  They went out and influenced kids in who shouldn’t be there.  Alright, so anyway, that’s enough of that rant; and I don’t want to bore you - and it says:

Can you please ask Alan to give a few quick and easy examples of what to tell people to wake them up?  I know some people don’t want to wake up and are far too conditioned to bother with it.  But with the people that are showing signs of waking up, could you give us five or six points - how would you start with an ice-breaker and trying to get people to ask their own questions?”


ALAN – If they truly are; at least - see, they have to ask the question, to begin with.  You cannot wake someone up, who has swallowed reality as it’s been presented to them.  You can’t do it for them.  They have to at least become uneasy to the stage where they ask a question to you.  If you have some of the answers, you don’t suddenly blurt out everything you’ve heard on the short-wave radio and overload them.  You feed them that which they can comprehend, which will affect them personally.  See, most people really only care about themselves, unfortunately.  And so, when you tell them something that’s going to affect them personally in the near future, that generally gets them motivated.  It’s the rare individual that thinks really outside the box and realizes that what’s going to happen to everyone is so diabolical that you must participate in stopping it.  Very few people today are unselfish that way.  There are some.


VYZYGOTH – I find sometimes what kind of helps, and you’re right, you can’t do the whole nine yards there, because any time that you - and of course, you’ve heard talk shows where somebody who ‘gets it’ tries to go onto, you know, Coast-to-Coast or whatever and kind of lay it out; and of course, if you try to do it in forty seconds, you sound like a maniac.


ALAN – You do.  You cannot flow out everything that you know that’s going to happen; even if you have the documentation with you - you can’t flow it all out at once, it’s so different from the Six-o-clock News that the average person will classify you as crazy.  They do believe - and Brzezinski said this in his own books, which people should really read; this man worked in the Defense Department; he worked with the Tavistock-type institutes of psychology and psychological warfare and technological warfare of electronics and technotronics.  Brzezinski said the public are coming to a stage where they are unable to reason individually for themselvesThey can only repeat that which is downloaded into them by the Six-o-clock News.  That has happened with most people.  That has happened.


VYZYGOTH – Alright.  This is just an aside, we’re not going to spend any time here, but one of the things that I’d like to do - I got to start to chart this -  is that recently, Alan, we’ve had down here with the three networks, and on a local feed, they don’t do it on like Monday, you know, on CBS or NBC or ABC Evening News; they do it in the morning - in the morning, okay?  They got that crawler [scrolling news feed on screen] going.  And they get these sports scores and stuff, but I mean, why do we get the crawler?  So I just - I want to see if I look at it across one at a time whether or not something’s being done here.  You know, they don’t do it just for nothing.  Are they doing that in Canada at all with your local [TV stations]?


ALAN – Oh, we get that too.  Sure, we do.  Everything is so coordinated today - everything that comes across the radio waves or Television is cleared by high censorship committees.  It’s completely cleared. And to give you a clue about how the double-think actually works - it’s fascinating.  We tend to think of publishing houses as being there to help authors get works out.  George Orwell explained in his own book, his biography.  He explained when he found out himself that they are not there to help you get stuff out!  They are out there to select what the public will read.  And it’s the same with all media.  At the top there are controllers; that’s why you can switch channels at news time and you will get the same blurbs and exact same little television shots from all the different stations that are using the same stuff and format, same topics.  They are all coordinated from above, because these are the “information wars” as they call it and they are ensuring they have total control over it.


VYZYGOTH – The earliest I go back is about the forties.  The books that I have read that have been telling people the truth, were never published by Viking or Random House; it’s always been with small, and for the most part now, long-gone publishing houses.  So, thank Goodness that they were around at the time when there were people with eyes to read, I don’t know. 


ALAN – That’s it.  You see, the US still maybe has a few; I don’t even know about that anymore - whereas George Orwell found out in the 1940s that Britain had none; they were all one big company.  He found that out.  It doesn’t matter about all the different names they go under, they were obviously all in touch with each other.  He found that out and he wrote about it - and it’s the same worldwide now pretty well.


VYZYGOTH – I’ve got a comment that’s being thrown out there if you can address it or bounce something off it by all means; if not, it should be heard.  This is from a listener who just went back to school, back to graduate school.  Says: “My professor said he expects an uprising at the universities within the next eighteen months.  Don’t know how he figures that; have to wait to get to know him better before asking him questions.”  Have you any indication that you think, I mean, I don’t see - I think they’re all asleep.  I mean, the students, I mean…


ALAN – There’s only one thing that would get them to riot - and I think that’s what he probably means - is if they’re going to cut back on their funding and their grants and so on.


VYZYGOTH – Or I’d say if they take away their cars.  Alright, another one, it said: “I understand the idea that we have been manipulated but I don’t know how to weed out what I hear; and when I’m helping my children with homework I look for manipulation but don’t see it.  So, how do you stop what you can’t find?”  Do you want to respond to that?”


ALAN – Well, you have to change your way of thinking.  You have to think for yourself.  There’s hardly a thing you can read, when you are really-really conscious, where you don’t see the other side of it.  You’ll always see the intent behind.  It’s like the movie “They Live.”  I encourage everybody to get a copy and keep it and watch it many times - because it’s so full of an allegory of a reality, done in a fictional form, of this system; and once you’re conscious, everything becomes very clear.  You will see it.  The reason you can’t see it right off the bat, is because you’re not totally conscious.  Because you still really believe in a benevolent hierarchy. When that goes, you start to think for yourself.  See, we judge people by ourselves: “I would never do this, so they would never do that.”  That’s how simple it is.


VYZYGOTH – I would also suggest too that the idea is maybe not to look at every lesson by lesson, but stand back and take a look at the spread of work over a month or two.  You know: “is there a general theme here?”  That would probably be more telling; when you’re inside, taking it unit-by-unit, it may not be as obvious and I think that’s the reason why.  I mean, we talk about Fabian Socialism, it’s a great educational tool: you do everything little-by-little.  And they don’t know what hit them until the whole nine yards are done.


ALAN – That’s right.


VYZYGOTH – So I would say, especially when it comes to Humanities - I mean, you can’t screw too much with Math - but to take a look at what the Unit means, what are the objectives of the Unit; and I think that’s where you’ll find it; perhaps not assignment-by-assignment.  One of the things that this individual wants to know, since they know you are from across the pond:  Basically, what is the deal with boarding school?


ALAN – Well, boarding schools are not a new idea; the ancients used it too for the Elite or the wealthy.  Eventually it became used for the middle-class helpers for the Industrial Era - they created a Middle Class - where you send off your children to boarding schools; and so they’re detached from the parents.  Now, the parents often, especially Nobility, even the mother doesn’t wean the child - they have a nursing nanny - and the child has contact with the nanny, very little with his mother.  And the whole idea is to give them an estrangement from contact with people.  They go into a system, the boarding school system.  They used to get abused; homosexuality was rampant with the masters of these schools and they came out being very good workers for the system, psychopathic in a sense, but they’d also stand up for the system, because those who are abused will generally defend the abuser.  So they stand up for the system and will re-enact the abuse that was done on them, to others.  It’s a form of detaching you from human emotion and family contact until you belong to a System and you are dedicated to the system, as differentiated from contact with your parents, for instance.  The System is your parent.


VYZYGOTH – Before we run out of time again, Alan, tell us about the web site and what’s all there?


ALAN – Yes, it’s  and I go through dozens and dozens and dozens of free programs to download; free videos to download; and I have other things you can purchase, which keeps me going; it keeps the site up there - and I hope people look into it, because time is getting short, and eventually these kind of sites will be closed down.


VYZYGOTH – That’s true.  Also, would you say - and no one wants to say when they’re producing something, would you say perhaps the timelines for the next release of the next DVD could be around springtime?


ALAN – Maybe even before. 


VYZYGOTH – Probably the last topic we’ll be able to touch upon before the time runs out and that is something I alluded to before about this “Great Leap Forward” - now, that sounds real nice, but do you think there is a little something Saturnine about it?


ALAN – This is the little tongue-in-cheek thing behind Evolution.  In Evolution there has never been any proof that anything actually changed from this into that -  never!   It just doesn’t exist!  It’s a Hindu philosophy, in fact; evolution is part of the physical reincarnation, you might say - along with the spiritual - but they have always talked about the Great Leap Forward, where we change from one type of being to the next - a higher, evolved type.  The only way anything can truly evolve is through scientific interference. We know that for a fact; we can certainly change things.  And “The Great Leap Forward” is the perfection of society into a new type of almost robotic cyborg worker with a small Dominant Elite at the top, the Guardian Class, the Dominant Minority of Charles Galton Darwin’s book The Next Million Years.  This was all planned way ahead of time; they wrote about it before I was born, and they are right on schedule.


VYZYGOTH – You only gave one example, when you were talking about this particular issue in the DVD  Reality Check  Part 2  - this is pretty interesting, because you only mentioned: “this is what science would be involved into making perhaps the  better human being” and there was the mention of Frankenstein, which is kind of interesting, because that was really an extrapolation of what was going on in Europe at that time, I believe, by Galvani, who had thought that they could create actually give a 440 volt jolt to a human being.


ALAN – That’s where “galvanized” comes from.  And of course, Shelley’s wife wrote the Frankenstein book, because they all were high Rosicrucians.  They already worked for what they knew as the Global Society - they worked for the Dominant Elite as most authors and poets do.  They give us our thoughts, even those that we like.  So they knew there was an Agenda coming up to do with science, which would alter Humanity itself.  And so they put the problems or the problematic things they would run through in fictional form, which is a form of predictive programming.


VYZYGOTH – Well, you know, when we mentioned about Wells and Lawrence of Arabia; I always get them mixed up.  Now, they were malcontent, so to speak, but you said they were using fiction as a way of predictively programming those generations to come.  And yet somebody who didn’t meet with a nefarious end, but say, in the event of the first who did, and who used fiction but then came right out and said it, was H.G. Wells right when he comes out with Open Conspiracy and New World Order.


ALAN – He was so confident at the time - and H.G. Wells a manic-depressive and a paranoiac too - so he had real bursts; and a sexual deviant in many ways.  He had all the qualities necessary for his category.  He was very confident after the League of Nations was set up; and he wrote about it, thinking they had already gotten - and he wasn’t quite wrong actually - they had already gotten a form of Global Government set up in its embryonic form; and all they would need then was another war to bring the world public to its knees, so that they would accept a global system and a new hierarchy structure. 


VYZYGOTH – What has interested me, that I think also has been a bit of a - not a distraction, but a “look at this hand; the other hand does something else.”  To me the blueprint for a Global Empire was the Vatican’s desire for a Second Holy Roman Empire; but it seems that besides that - I mean so these characters that come out of Britain: Rhodes and Rothschilds and this whole Coefficient Club and the Round Table and the Kindergarten - I mean, what is it with the Brits that they were like just so enamoured with this stuff?


ALAN – It’s all one system.  In the 1500s when Rosicrucians burst forth in Queen Elizabeth the 1st’s time, her whole Court was Rosicrucian.  Cabaalah was the religion at the time: mystical Cabalism - and so, see, you could not have been two opposing systems constantly in conflict with each other, which tells you that the Vatican system and the system in Britain - Rosicrucian, etcetera - were all connected.  They were all part of the same structuralized system, although they appeared sometimes to be at opposite ends of the spectrum - for the public’s point of view; but in reality they worked in collusion.


VYZYGOTH – I mean, you know there’s a Hegelian Dialectic when they can create the problem and that’s a fake instigation, if you will, I guess, for a kind of confrontation.  And again, we look at it and Doctor Walter is correct, I mean, he claims the Jesuits sprung off Freemasonry, which obviously was full of Protestants - and so they could make their little fake battle, as the Catholics and the Freemasons. 


ALAN – Yes, and they also gave Catholic branches to think that they were opposing the Protestants, at the bottom; and yet, Albert Pike talks about at the top himself; he said where thirty-third degree Masons were brought in from two opposing camps - at least the guys at the bottom think they are opposing each other - and they are sworn to oppose each other in public only!  The leaders.


VYZYGOTH – Well, we’re out of time and there is something that I wanted…I’ll mention it to you and hopefully we can do another show on that if you would come back.  Thanks, Alan, for coming on - we never take you for granted and we’re always glad you’re here.


ALAN – It’s a pleasure.


VYZYGOTH – Alright, God bless you.  Take care now.


ALAN – You too.  Bye now.


Transcript:  Tim



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