Feb. 7, 2007
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VYZYGOTH -  Welcome to another segment of  “The Grassy Knoll;” this is February 7th, 2007 - I got that right.  And we have with us today, of course, Alan Watt.  After I got done with doing a pre-record with him - and so these three days, of which Alan presents the middle, is pretty much dedicated to - especially for us in the United States - what an illusion it all has been.  And so, joining us from Canada, where it’s like what, a zillion degrees below zero?

ALAN -  Ah, not quite yet - it’s a zillion and one, I think.

VYZYGOTH -   Alright, I’ve just been watching what’s going on obviously in Wisconsin and such and talking to some people up there: minus 23.  That’ll ruin your day.

ALAN -  Ah, what you can do?  You got to steel yourself for it.

VYZYGOTH -  Alright, now, just to touch upon this, because I didn’t realize this was going on; but what in the world is happening with the web site:

ALAN -  Oh, I had just a runaround with Yahoo on the Saturday morning.  I got e-mails saying that the site was down, and sure enough, the .net site was down.  I couldn’t get the .com up unless I punched in the whole http and www.  Then would it come up.  I got in touch with Yahoo eventually and got a runaround; a guy told me right there and then, “oh, it’s working fine here,” he says, I said no it’s not. And miraculously the .com site started worked properly, but the .net stayed down until yesterday afternoon.  And it was just basically a runaround.  I’ve talked to six or seven different people, passed around, back to the talking machines, back to e-mail all the account information back to them, only to find out that their accounting department wouldn’t take anything extra.  I mean, nothing was overdrawn or anything; it was nothing to do with that at all.  But you had to go through the whole formula and procedure again, only to find out that you couldn’t even check your own confirmation, because their site went down.  So it was a complete...I think it was a message, really.

VYZYGOTH -  Well, don’t give them that much credit for honking things up, without meaning to.  But I mean, are you having any problems with getting hit with viruses and such?

ALAN -  Oh, bombarded.  For the last 5 or 6 days it’s just been stacks of them coming in, ever since my last talk.

VYZYGOTH -  With whom, what did you say?

ALAN -  I dragged up the old stuff on the Iran-Contra, and how the CIA were bringing in the drugs by the planeload and the boatload, to sell on the streets of the US.  And I went into the details on this, a report by the guy who came out initially, he was a Green Beret, who changed to the Coast Guard and he came out and tried to get his story published in the major papers.  Initially they wouldn’t touch it, so I read it from a Cincinnati newspaper and somebody didn’t like that getting rehashed I guess.

VYZYGOTH -  You said this was a Coast Guard veteran?

ALAN -  He initially was in the Green Beret for years and then got transferred to the Coast Guard.

VYZYGOTH -  Well, just as a sidebar along those lines, I don’t think I’ve ever told you this story but they’ve heard out there, about a pilot friend of mine in the commercial airlines being told by two people he flew with at different times.  Both of them had the same story: that they bridged the gap between their military careers, their fighter jet careers and the commercial airlines by flying dope to fund Iran-Contra gate.  And they both told him that.  And the one sitting went down in the drink, I guess in the early dusk hours.  And the Coast Guard wouldn’t come look for him, because they knew what he was but they didn’t know who he was working for.  In the morning they were surprised to find him still floating and they had to take him in but there was nothing they could do, because obviously, you know, he was working for the Government.  And so, what you’re saying is absolutely true; I mean, it’s a joke.

ALAN -  Yeah, I mean, people on the inside, who are verified, they’re bona fide, they’ve come out with their stories where the Coast Guard, for instance, has codes and they’re always in touch with their main base in the US.  So when they were going to intercept the ship they radioed the information to them and if a certain code comes back they’re ordered to let it through.  It’s as simple as that.  No questions asked; the crew won’t ask questions, the Captain won’t ask questions and that’s how the stuff comes in.

VYZYGOTH -  Well, drugs makes the world go round.

ALAN -  It certainly does, but this system has always dealt with money and drugs, they all go together, prostitution; the legal system above, the illegal system below - both sides: above and below - it’s all the One System going back to ancient times.

VYZYGOTH -  Yeah, and that’s what we’re going to talk about today.  What we’re looking at perhaps with the United States, over a number of centuries it’s the same old scam.  But just one item I’d like to bring up; everybody is pretty much aware of this - but have you heard about this Texas Governor that has given a mandate to vaccinate all females?

ALAN -  Yes.

VYZYGOTH -  I got an e-mail from a female, that said: you know, this is wrong, it only addresses one half of the problem, because, obviously males are involved in this, if in fact it’s intercourse that leads to the greatest incidence of the virus.  And while that’s definitely true, the thing is, that I wrote back, the biggest tragedy is that, at least for now, females have lost more of what we could call the right to not have their privacy invaded.  I mean, who in the world told any Government that one’s body is fair game for the powers that be?

ALAN -  The people did.  Over the last fifty to sixty years the people accepted that.  Actually, bit-by-bit they have come to accept it.  It started off with the abortion issue, because as soon as you demean life, human life, in any way at all, that’s the beginning.  It’s knocking down the pillars of the Pantheon one-by-one and eventually the roof caves in when there is nothing to hold it up anymore, there is no moral justification left.  You cannot compromise on moral justification. 

VYZYGOTH -  Well, it’s interesting you should say about the devaluation of human life.  I got something here I just want to bring up to you as well.  And the other thing is: of all the canards, all the snake oil salesmen in medicine for centuries, there is nothing, there is no bigger bogus thing than vaccines.

ALAN -  I know, I know.  When you go into the history of the vaccines, apart from all the theories - and it isn’t the fact that doctors are conning the public; the doctors believe their training; they believe what they’re told, and the nurses do and all the staff that give inoculations do.  They believe all this stuff, even though they don’t get the data to show the other side of the story; and the data is available through the Lancet, in the British medical journal, their histories of inoculations going back to the 1800s, where sometimes thousands, ten thousand people would be injected and then followed up to see how it took for things like smallpox - only to find out every single one of them came down with smallpox and they were the only ones who did.

VYZYGOTH -  Well, when I listen to these truly 3-second news bites on the local channels, they’ll throw in something, they just never stop, I mean, they’ll throw something in like “such-and-such child died of having the flu and the person didn’t have a flu shot.”  It’s like how do you know that?  And how do you know the person wouldn’t have died if they even had a flu shot? 

ALAN -  See, that’s not the intent.  When you use logic and you come up against a brick wall, you know there is a different intention.  And you will always find this.  I never debate the logic.  I understand, as soon as the arguments come up, that the intent is to train the public bit-by-bit, that they, you the individual, could be a threat to others if you don’t have the inoculation.  And they are actually using that, that little bit in ads in Canada for the flu shot: “you, you could be responsible for the death of people.” 

VYZYGOTH -  Oh, yeah.  And of course, this is very gnarly situation in the United States, because vaccinations are tied in to the public school system.

ALAN -  Well, it’s also going to come under “public safety.”

VYZYGOTH -  Oh, yeah.  When I enrolled for a graduate class last year, at the University of Florida where I got a second bachelor’s, I saw this thing about how all students - and this is an online class; I’m not going to have any contact with anyone - “oh, you have to get a vaccination.” Anyway, but they exempted those who were born before a certain date, and that’s interesting as well.  And of course, I would have been exempt, but I just looked at that, especially for an online course, and I’m going: “how stupid can you get?”  It never ends, but anyway...

ALAN -  Now even in universities, like in New York, they claim that you must have all your injections, your inoculations, before you can be taken in as a student.  So they are using it as blackmail as well.

VYZYGOTH -  And it’s, you know, good old Rockefeller that was behind that.

ALAN -  Well, I went back to the old League of Nations, they had a world health organization set up, because the League of Nations was just a prototype of the United Nations and the same staff simply became the United Nations in fact.  The Eugenic Society again, as you say, headed by Rockefeller for America, they mandated through the World Health Organization that everyone, every disease would be eradicated by mandatory inoculations worldwide - that was their goal.  Well, we are simply watching it; and it’s a eugenics program.  We must remember who put this forward, and it was the American Eugenics Society that claimed openly they wanted to kill off all inferior types of humanity.

VYZYGOTH -  Well, let me just recite this for everybody again.  I pulled some stuff down and you’re hitting everywhere, I guess I anticipated you might, and this is from good old H.G. Wells back in 1907.  He said: “I believe that now and always the conscious selection of the best for reproduction will be impossible; that to propose it is to display a fundamental misunderstanding of what individuality implies.  The way of nature – and here we go! – has always been to slay the hindmost, and there is still no other way, unless we can prevent those who would become the hindmost being born.  It is in the sterilization of failure, and not in the selection of successes for breeding, that the possibility of an improvement of the human stock lies.”  Kill, slay the hindmost.

ALAN -  That’s right.  And the left-wing think that H.G. Wells, because he belonged to the Fabian Society, was all for the working people.  The Fabian Society was authorized to lead the left wing into this very system for the other wing, you see, because there’s only one head that owns both wings, and so, yeah, the Fabian Society was all part of the same system.  They looked at all the poor and all the unwashed masses in the industrial era and they saw all the misery of the lower classes living in this abnormal system, and the terrible deaths, apart from the wars and all the beggars with no legs on the street that came back from the wars - they were just dumped there - and they said: “Well, the best way really is to remove all these offending sights.”  And what they meant was the eradication of the excess and the poor.  And that was the Fabian Society that the left-wing thinks is all speaking for them.

VYZYGOTH -  And they’re still up and running I see.

ALAN -  They publish their report every year.

VYZYGOTH -  And that’s why we like Orwell, because they kicked him out.

ALAN -  H.G. Wells, you see, was one of the worst snobs you can imagine.  He was born from a fallen middle-class society.  His mother raised him; she was a housemaid for an aristocratic family – so he was brought up in that house as the servant’s son.  And the servants often were more snobbish than their masters, as they said.  And they’d see the workers passing their window on the way to the factory every morning and they were terrified that one day they might have to join them.  So, he said himself that he had access to the library there in that big house that his mother worked in, and his first book that he read and the one that he kept re-reading was Plato’s REPUBLIC for the perfect Utopia, the New Atlantis, the world system that would come in.  That was his favorite book and he lived by it.  But he was also terribly paranoid and he was on drugs as well.  Most of those guys were at that time.

VYZYGOTH -  Sounds like the sixties…

ALAN -  Yeah, I mean, you’ll find that Blair (that was George Orwell), during World War II, he rented a place from H.G. Wells, an apartment for himself and his wife, and H.G. Wells, who was a little tubby guy, a little picnic-shaped fat guy with a squeaky voice, was on a diet.  And he popped in one day to see Blair, or Orwell, and they were having their dinner, and naturally the wife offered to give some to Wells, and he first said no, but eventually he indulged and ate probably most of the food there – and then he kicked them out a week later, claiming that they tried to force him, and maybe even poison him, to eat the food.

VYZYGOTH -  Well, that’s why Orwell was paranoid; most of the time he was right.

ALAN -  Wells was a real basket-case, and he had about three or four wives, and he signed special legal documents with each one, to never to disclose his particular strange sexual deviances that he indulged in.

VYZYGOTH -  That last one that apparently he signed, he was married just about on his deathbed, I guess she had something to do editorially with him.  I forget when that was.  When he was last put into the hospital after his stay in Jura.  I guess that was an island off the coast of Scotland?

ALAN -   Oh, that was Blair, that was Orwell.

VYZYGOTH -  Yeah, yeah; you were talking about Wells?

ALAN -  I was talking about Wells.  I mean, Wells was an absolute basket-case and that’s why the British Government picked him.  He was so blackmailable; he was such a natural snob, who wanted to come from the lower classes to the higher classes – that’s the worst kind you can find.  And he hated the lower classes.

VYZYGOTH -  Oh, that’s clear, yeah.

ALAN -  Orwell was a different kettle of fish.  He understood; he’d been picked at university from a bureaucratic family, traditional bureaucrats, and he’d been trained to take part in this New World Order, until he found out that there were no sides here – they all belonged to the same head.  And that’s when he spoke out and that’s when everybody turned against him, because he disclosed what was coming.  But H.G. Wells was just a little propagandist for the British Government.

VYZYGOTH -  Well, his repugnance for us, the “useless eaters,” was very palpable.

ALAN -  He wrote two books; his son finished the second one: Volume One and Two for A History of the World.  And in there he goes through the whole eugenics program; in fact that piece that you read came from it.  He goes through the eugenics program, the races that would be saved because they would be of benefit to the system, and the races that must be eliminated because they would be a drag to the system.

VYZYGOTH -  Well, along those lines, of course that spirit is far from dead. Have you heard of a scientist, PhD, by the name of Pianca?

ALAN -  That doesn’t ring a bell right now…

VYZYGOTH -  Alright; this individual gave a speech last March and his statement was: “Professor Pianca said the earth as we know it will not survive without drastic measures.  Then, and without presenting any data to justify this number, he asserted that the only feasible solution to saving the earth is to reduce the population to 10 percent of the present number.  He said AIDS is not an efficient killer, because it’s too slow.  His favorite candidate for eliminating 90 percent of the world’s population is airborne ebola, because it is both highly lethal and it kills in days.”  Now, here is the sad thing about it: When Pianca finished his remarks – and this is before the Academy of Science, the Texas Academy of Science – he said: “When Pianca finished his remarks, the audience applauded.  It wasn’t merely a smattering of polite clapping that audiences diplomatically reserve for public or boring speakers – it was a loud, vigorous and enthusiastic applause.”  Now, how was somebody raised and what are they thinking about to have that kind of attitude to their fellow human beings?  It’s amazing.

ALAN -  He’s only one just reiterating what they’ve all said; Charles Galton did the same with his book “The Next Million Years,” and Huxley said the same thing; Lord Bertrand Russell said the same thing in “The Impact of Science on Society.”  All these front-men who lead our opinions, in fact they give most people their opinions – that’s why they’re big authors and they’re pushed to the top – they are the ones who formulate our ideas, so that when it starts to become introduced and we see the effects of what they’re talking about, we think it’s not only natural, it’s necessary.  We’re being programmed.  We’re being programmed constantly.

VYZYGOTH -  You know, sometimes, I guess, one’s subconscious oftentimes can be very effective as a canary in a cage.  When you’re not paying attention all of a sudden something hits, and you might not have even really realized it if you were watching or whatever, but like passing by the TV is like the greatest.  We have talked several times about Edward Bernays, who is considered the first public relations type, if you will, in the United States.  He wrote two books of renown, and that is: “Propaganda” and “Crystallizing Public Opinion,” and in it he so lovingly refers to all of us as either “The Group” or “The Herd.”  Well now if you listen to certain ads, and I can’t remember which one it is, but just keep your ears open, because it says: “don’t follow the herd” – I think it says.  So now that’s crept in.  Is that by coincidence?  I doubt it.

ALAN -  I know. This is the guy who got women to start smoking and he was paid to do it and get them into the bars too, and do different things.

VYZYGOTH -  Yeah, and that’s chronicled in the book: “Father of Spin” by Larry Tye.  Alright, moving along, also, if we get a chance, I’d like to talk to you about radical environmentalism at the end of the show, if we could, and its usage to bring about a new feudalism.  But, here’s what I wanted to ask you, as it’s starting to occur now.  I’m looking at the reason why the United States was even begun, even dating back obviously to the seventeenth century and perhaps even the late sixteenth.  But with the idea, as you said, of the New Atlantis, that was a big proponent of that and also a Rosicrucian.  From the very beginning with the colonies, even into the Masonic extension of the thirteen states and such, and what’s happening now, could it possibly be that the United States has been raised, given a decent lifestyle for the most part across the board, and fatted, and now prepared perhaps for its purpose – and that is to be the sword of the NWO, perhaps a Fourth Reich.  Do you think, as much as we’d like to believe that God shed His grace on us?  I don’t think so; I think he does it, you know, if at all, to people, not necessarily nations.  But, could we have been, we in the United States for generations, been brought along for purposes other than we know on the surface?  What do you think about that?

ALAN -  Absolutely no doubt, not just guessing or coming to a conclusion through speculation or even little trivial data, but just reading the Founding Fathers’ main books that they wrote themselves, their letters and so on.  And you’ll find that some of the big ones, Jefferson and Franklin, they left their letters, you go to the Franklin Institute, it’s still in the family there and they’ve published their letters.  And with Jefferson too, who was not only a member of Freemasonry, as Franklin was – Franklin, when he went to France, remember, was the Grand Master of the whole French Grand Orient Lodge – he was the top guy.  And he says in his letters, he says that the foundation of the United States will be the groundwork for the amalgamation of the world into a federated world under a single government run by 12 Wise Men.  In the Kabala 12 is the perfect number of government – that’s why the European Union said, regardless of how many members come into the Union, they’ll only keep 12 stars on their flag. 

VYZYGOTH -  Well, taking a look also at what part wars played in the situation, now, when we speak about Britain itself, and obviously we are not talking about the people; we are talking that even the Government, but whatever or whoever rules – you know, we look at the Revolution and we’ve had the informer on too, to talk about just such matters, and that really, treaties aside or whatever,  we in the United States have inextricably been joined at the hip with Great Britain.  Now, let me ask you this: at what point did the Monarchs decide perhaps it was best that they just stepped into the background, or did they actually get told to get out of town when Rothschild gained prominence in Britain in the 18th Century?

ALAN -  It really happened around the time of Cromwell, Oliver Cromwell.  Cromwell was financed, his whole army of Roundheads, their armor, their weaponry, everything was financed by bankers in Holland at the time.  And that was really the beginning of where the Kings – and remember too that the Kings were eventually, after they killed off the ones who existed in England, they imported them from Germany and Prussia.  The present group who came in, their real name is Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.  In World War I they changed their name to Windsor, which was a place that they were living in, so they thought that they would adopt the name, because it was kind of odd to have the public going off to fight for your king and country with a German name against the Germans.  So they changed their name to Windsor, but it’s still officially Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.  And these were places in Germany and Prussia, these were areas that that family owned; they were big estates and castles.  So they stepped into the background then and they’ve been managed ever since as part of this whole system.

VYZYGOTH -  Is there something to truth along the lines that there was a usurpation of the throne by the Windsors from perhaps, would that be the Spencers?

ALAN -  Well, this is the way I can see it.  After the English Revolution and they killed off Charles, and they did have the data on Charles’ execution, where they were told by this little funding group in Holland: let him escape and catch him, because you need an excuse to execute him, and that’s what they did.  They allowed him to escape and then they caught him and executed him.  And after that and after the next one they brought in the German groups.  Now, the German groups had been specially reared for this very high esoteric religion that runs the world.  The present group will be eventually the royalty of the whole planet – that’s why they’ve been left alone.  They belong to this society that runs the world.

VYZYGOTH -  Well, two things, and I’ll ask you the short one first.  Is there some truth to the fact that Di being married to Charles and now having an heir, there is always that claim that there was a usurpation and if that’s true, was she in a bloodline that allowed actually Charles to have an heir that was now kind of like a unification of both?  Is that anywhere near correct? 

ALAN -  It’s interesting, before I go into that, it’s interesting that the media, when they changed her name from Princess Diana to Di, I knew that was the message that she was going to die.  And I kid you not, that’s what it was. Lady Die.  And she was related to the Stewart family that was the Stewarts of Britain, that Royal Stewarts. 

VYZYGOTH -  And aren’t they the ones that are claiming that the throne was wrested from them?

ALAN -  Yeah.

VYZYGOTH -  Okay.  Also, we can go into like Merovingian bloodlines and all that stuff, but the thing is, but do the Royals, one, have a special really unique bloodtype?  And two, do they all look to, or maybe they are, some – well, connected to the Merovingian line?  Did they hold that as something, or is that just basic urban legend?

ALAN -  I think a lot of the urban legend is put out by the publicity groups around the Royals.  In fact, that’s a fact, because they’ve even done specials on the Royal Family and then eventually, a few years later, the same company will expose the fact that they made a lot of nonsense up about them.  They’re constantly feeding us this stuff to keep us mystified and consumed.  Personally, I don’t really think that’s really the point, any particular DNA or whatever.  I think it’s the fact that they do belong to inbred groups, going back for maybe thousands of years, definitely hundreds.  They came out around the Middle Ages more openly under Rosicrucianism, which transformed into different branches, each one keeping its own speciality and forming Freemasonry as well for the system to make sure it was kept under their thumb; it’s their system.  Freemasonry is really their system of keeping control.  See, this is the whole thing to do with the Cathars and the Albigensians.  The last Crusade the Catholic Church had was against the Albigensians and the Cathars and these people were the ones who had a parallel system to the Church, the only difference being they claimed that the Lord of the World was in charge of the world.  And they did have two main orders: one for the ordinary people, like all religions – for the masses they had the mass – and for the Elite they had the order called “The Perfecti.”  The Perfecti, like all esoteric religions – and all religions have this part in them, by the way – the Perfecti, because you were perfected, you didn’t have to follow the rules that were made for the ordinary people, you would become a god.  So they did not pertain to you anymore.   It’s interesting that not long after that, out came the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, which is called The Rite of Perfection, which is the main one that runs the US today.  And I think a lot of these remnants of the Cathars and Albigensians came in with the Puritans into the US, I have no doubt about that at all.  And the leading families still run it today.

VYZYGOTH -  Two events that took place – let me go back, I think I still want to ask you one other question.  Is it true that at one point the Rothschilds, with of course their statements about that if I contract a country’s money I care not who makes its laws – was there a time when the Rothschilds and the City of London became preeminent?

ALAN -  Personally, again, I think they were brought in to take charge of the Royalty’s affairs, remembering this same Royalty had been imported from Germany as well. 

VYZYGOTH -  Wasn’t it William Hanover’s money that Rothschilds actually used to bust a move to put them into the situation where they could buy the Bank of England?

ALAN -  That’s what the claim is.  Now, that was the authorized version by the Rothschilds’ grandmother.  She was the official spokesperson for the family for the authorized book; that they tried to claim they just worked their way up from rags, literally rags to riches.  And that they used his money as investment and it was the interest off that investment that supposedly gave them their start – the man still got his money back – supposedly, according to the Grandmother.  That was nonsense.  They were never rag and bone merchants.  They were trained in the best, the highest banks in Frankfurt, Germany.  They had been reared and trained to do exactly what they were to do, and I think they came in to look after this Royalty that had also been imported from Germany and Prussia. 

VYZYGOTH -  Well, then who would have orchestrated such things to bring them along?

ALAN -  Again, it was an esoteric society. And I have no doubt at all it’s related.  Judging from how I know this esoteric religion works, and what I’ve studied on it, I’ve no doubt it’s related to the Cathars and the Albigensians. 

VYZYGOTH -  So do you see those two peoples as being somewhat Saturnine?

ALAN -  You might say that.  They use all the religions – that’s the beauty of this in a sense.  They use all the religions’ symbologies.  And they’ve found places in France, even, you probably remember four or five years ago under Paris, they had gone down through the labyrinths underneath the city; it was on television.  They found huge rooms there with the symbology – you had the Star of David, you had the Swastika, you had all the Freemasonic symbols, the Hindu symbols, all over the ceilings and walls.  Not chalked or scribbled, but professionally put there and lots of chairs there and so on.  You’re talking about a religion that uses all of the world’s religions and symbologies.

VYZYGOTH -  Well, isn’t it interesting though that the Vatican saw fit to whack both the Cathars and the Albigensians?

ALAN -  It is, and it isn’t.  When you rule a world, even a world religion, remembering you always, in any major religion, have an esoteric side to it; you can have many-many employees working beneath you, compartmentalized, who don’t even know there’s another side to it themselves, all down through the ages.  And it’s interesting, for instance, a lot of the Albigensians were taken into monasteries for refuge, and they became the monks of special orders.  That doesn’t surprise me at all.  So, one part of the Church is true believers in the religion – that’s all they know about – and they go after the Albigensians; another part is on the esoteric side of this religion, that takes care of the other side.  On every side of every faction there are two sides.  There are two sides on every side: the ones who know and the ones who don’t.

VYZYGOTH -  And does that necessarily beget a synthesis?

ALAN -  Yeah.  Even in the Civil War, it’s incredible to read the Masonic stories of officers and men who were caught by an enemy, and when the bayonet was ready to get put into them, they give the Masonic sign for help, and they were taken in and put into these officers’ own homes! – and nursed back to health.  This was in authorized books they put out.

VYZYGOTH -  Well, when we say: “knowing the handshake,” obviously, because we see it flashed so many times, especially with Bush.  But, I mean, that runs much deeper than national ties; and that was the same situation in the Revolutionary War as well, wasn’t it?

ALAN -  Absolutely.  There were times when companies of men, British – most of them actually weren’t even British, they were Hanoverian from Germany, because this present House, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, is also part of the Hanoverian bunch – so they brought all these troops in, and as they were walking through the forest, they would spot these other oncoming ones of the enemy, and they’d literally give their signs and gestures at the front and they’d look the other way and pass each other.  That’s recorded in history books.

VYZYGOTH -  Alright.  I’ll tell you what.  We got a question for you and then I’m going to go ahead and probably pose a question that’ll take up the second half of the show.  And again, we’re with Alan Watt, the web site is and is today the day that you’re going to give us a blurb?

ALAN -  I hope so, if I don’t get shut down again – you never know.  I might have get somebody else, just in case, if I don’t get out, to put the blurb out for me, just to let people know.

VYZYGOTH -  Alright, give me a holler if you need it.  But seriously, we’ll talk about this after the show.  Let me pose this question.  It says: “what advice can you give to those of us, who are average working-class people, who don’t own land and have average jobs and no savings, as to how to proceed throughout life, given that we are in an artificially created and planned social structure?”  Oh!

ALAN -  Ah, to be honest with you…here’s the thing.  You can offer advice till you’re blue in the face, knowing that people, most people, are not risk-takers.  You could offer them the chance of a lifetime, sometimes, and they’ll go off in a different direction, never knowing that they might not get that chance again.  They’re not risk-takers, and because they’re not risk-takers they’ll stay put where they are.  Most of them.  There are people who, regardless of their situation – and again, it all depends on the spouse, because the system depends on the mother.  She’s a mother wanting her little nest there, and wanting the income to take care of the children – that’s natural – that’s been abused and used too by the Elite forever.  The Romans were favorites for that.  So, yeah, in a sense, if your wife is strong enough to go along with it, and if you’re a risk-taker, then you have to make the decisions and somehow get out.  Yeah, you’ll probably drop what you’re used to, for what you call your standard of living.  But, hey, how long are you going to have it anyway?  You’re not going to have it much longer.

VYZYGOTH -  Well, let me personalize this a bit.  If in fact perhaps if I’m letting myself to be much the same as this couple.  I mean, one of the things we always resisted, was just being, as Bernays would say, being manipulated as part of the herd.  I mean, we didn’t hang around with people who wanted to hang around with us because of the kind of car we had.  That wasn’t going to happen.  In other words, we never got roped into the materialism; I think that’s the number one element.  That might be too facile for your satisfaction, but I think, pretty much, if you understand what happens and you don’t get manipulated, I mean, you can only…let’s put it this way.  I mean, if you’re on the Titanic, what do you do?  Do you go up the smokestack and be the last one?  I mean, what do you think, Alan?  I mean, you know, in a way you really can’t, you can’t avoid it, so the best thing you can do is live, I guess, in a sense, in the system but outside it and not be driven.  And as you well know too, if you look for the truth, like Robinson Jeffers said in his poem, be angry at the sun, it hunts in no pack.  And so, you know, it’s also a life sometimes of, not isolation, but ostracization.  So, would you speak to that?

ALAN -  Well, it’s true, most people have been so pampered, especially for the last 20-25 years or so, where they don’t even have to get up to turn their TV station so they can be hypnotized by another station.  Everything is at the flick of a switch, instantaneous; and because of that they are giving up their ability for decision-making in many-many ways.  That same technique is used on them.  They are in a city situation; they want to believe, they are trained to believe, that there’s a thousand agencies out there to help them, should they ever get into trouble or become destitute or whatever.  It’s all fear-based that keeps them actually there.  It’s fear-based techniques.  Well, if they want to live in fear and have their, you know, guaranteed power – it’s not guaranteed anymore either – and all the toys they’re used to, then stay where you are.  If you want to take the risk and do with less and use ingenuity once in a while, or do without once in a while, then take off and go somewhere else with a different standard of living and you will be much freer.  You’re freer within your own mind – that’s all you have, is your mind.  All the toys in the world aren’t going to compensate and save you.  In fact, that was tying you down to the road that you’re on, to destruction.  You’ll hang on to them right down to when they come round your door to give you your final inoculation.

VYZYGOTH -  One of the things that we held on to, and to this day, is never to get inured or accustomed or addicted to anything or whatever, that if it was threatened to be taken away from you, it could bring you down to your knees.  Just be able to let it all go.

ALAN -  You have to.  I’ve talked to people, if you’ve ever visited people too in hospitals and so on that were dying.  You never hear them talking about what they’re going to miss, I want my TV or my car, or my favorite toolkit or whatever it happens to be…

VYZYGOTH -  …or why didn’t I spend more hours at the office…

ALAN -   …or did I clean the house properly, you know.  None of that stuff.  It just isn’t there.  What they’ll talk about are those people, the few people, who said something during their life that made an impact on them.  That’s what they talk about: meaning, meaning, you see.

VYZYGOTH -  Well, well said, and I hope that answers the couple’s…Well, at least it gives them something to think about.  What I want to do is, we have some more questions, but I think they’re germane to what we’re going to talk about right now.  And I just want to focus on something.  A Canadian listener had posed something in the show you were on last, I didn’t get to it, about the Industrial Revolution, but I’m sort of thinking about what an interesting time but not very well publicized is what took place, I guess you could say in Europe and in the United States in the mid 19th Century.  But I look at it as being key for several reasons.  One, we have the Second Industrial Revolution, and the importance that might have, and I want to specify that.  Also, you had the Civil War, which was the knee-capping of the United States and I think, a final harnessing of we the people.  And third, we also have the writing of the Communist Manifesto, and then later on, in the, what, late 1860s you had Das Kapital.  I think somehow all of these are related.  And so, let me start with the Industrial Revolution.  We don’t think about it much, but could that have been an element that kicked off and created a divide for the laboratories that would become Capitalism, Socialism or Social Democracy, and Communism?

ALAN -  There’s no doubt.  There’s no doubt whatsoever.  When you look upon, it’s like a general would look upon a war, a war on the public, continually, you know that eventually, if you don’t put out a front man there to lead a counter-revolution, then amongst the people who are being oppressed they will find their own.  So you always put your own ones first, to say all the right things, more clearly and succulently than anyone is saying; and the people will follow them.  And so Marx and those boys were put out, because it was all to do with money and capital, and materialism, the whole doctrine of materialism.  And sure enough, the public, who were all on edge, ready for revolution, followed the Marxian code, never realizing it would lead them to the same point, eventually, of high industrialization; that’s what the Soviet system did.  You had many countries, small countries, different countries, different languages and customs, all pushed into one big Union.  Very much like the United States, when you think about it; they all have the same letters in some ways, you know, the Soviet Union, the S.U.; the United States is the U.S. - it’s a mirror image, you see.  One had the Red Star, one had the White Star.  You see, it’s a mirror image of the same system, working apparently in opposition, but not at all; it’s working together to standardize many peoples under one, into a high industrial age.

VYZYGOTH -  Alright, might we have seen that in recent times a very key moment, when in this melding, this eventual melding of all economic systems, you see the Soviet Union supposedly disaggregating, you see Eastern Europe being opened up again; and then over here in the United States you see a greater, shall we say, socialization or sovietization.  You know, the Republicans keep talking about, for instance, reducing government and it does nothing but expand. 

ALAN -  Actually we’re on par with the ex Soviet Union.  We’re exactly on the same system as they emerged into, which was meant to happen, and Lenin talked about it.  He said, the dictatorship of the proletariat - what he should have really said was, over the proletariat – the dictatorship won’t last for more than seventy or eighty years, then we go into the next phase, which will be neither completely communist and neither completely capitalist.  He was talking about the merging of the two systems into one.  And he was only one of many authors who wrote about that at the beginning of the 1900s.  So they are exactly on track.  What emerged out of the Soviet Union, is a socialistic, almost a Soviet-style bureaucracy, massive stratas of bureaucracies running the whole of Europe, on par with what’s happening and coming into place here now.

VYZYGOTH -  Yeah, I mean, so we all know we are going to go into the same grey existence.

ALAN -  It’s the design.  In fact, Gorbachev, in his last speech, when he was the President, remember, of the Soviet Union, before they brought him over to the US, before he walked across the world giving lectures about the New World Order on Margaret Thatcher’s arm, you know.  She introduced him all over the planet as the New Soviet.  He talked about this, and in his last speech to the Soviet Union, before he came over - this is to the Politburo - he said: You will hear shortly that Communism is dead; he says: don’t believe it, we’re simply going into the next transformationary stage to push worldwide into the Global System.

VYZYGOTH -  Well, there have been a number of defectors, two I can think of, one is Golitsyn.  I mean, if you can take what they’re saying as true, it’s like: “tell the West that Communism died, and they will all go back to sleep.”  In fact, if you even talk about Communism, as I’ve found, you get looked at like it’s some kind of like out-of-vogue word. 

ALAN -  Yeah, you’re talking about the Roman Army.

VYZYGOTH -  And it’s like no, don’t think, because that’s where we’re going to.

ALAN -  We are, we are under the Sovietized system, this is what they had.  They had the guys coming in with the machine guns, bashing your door in at three in the morning.  And this kind of stuff and dragging people off, no trial, nothing, under their own form of  “Homeland Security.”  That was where the whole system was perfected, was the Soviet Union.  We are the New World Soviet, it’s here.  It’s just they won’t use the same terms. 

VYZYGOTH -  No. But, you know, it’s beautiful, because as I’ve been talking about that book: “Toward Soviet America” by William Z. Foster back in 1932; he laughed, he goes: “Okay, folks, you call it ‘federalization’ but you know what it is? - it’s Sovietization, and you don’t get it, because you called it ‘federal.’ ”  And I mean, you know...

ALAN -  And remember too with the American Civil War, apart from all the emotional topics and the other topics, which were all very real - it was a takeover of a Northern industrial system, run on banking and debt and credit, of a non-industrial Southern region, which was definitely run on slavery by the majority; you know, that’s how it was run.  Not all of the people owned slaves, but the big plantations certainly did; but the fact is there was one industrialized system taking over another.  Remember, companies take over, and this is what they say, you can do it through diplomacy and takeover: war is an extension of business and politics.   And they took it over and then Karl Marx, remember, telegraphed Lincoln and the letter is in the US Congressional Records, from Karl Marx to Lincoln, congratulating him on keeping and expanding the centralized government, which is a fundamental tenet of Communism, of Marxism.

VYZYGOTH -  Alright.  Well, two things: one, obviously, as we said, there was a mentality, I guess, in the United States, to try to keep the States obviously very powerful and keep a mere, you know, cursory structure or whatever, for some kind of unification.  And maybe you needed that for the public defense and such, if you were going to be invaded.  I mean, I don’t know, but clearly there was an idea that we don’t want to be one big happy family, and of course, that did occur, so there, as we said before, there is a trial run of federation.  And two, I don’t really believe that in the end the Vatican nor Britain or the Monarchs in general, who obviously were represented by the Secret Treaty of Verona in 1822, wanted to see the United States necessarily decimated; they wanted them to go through a certain centralization and expansion of Government, to make them obviously more Monarchial.  

ALAN -  There’s no doubt; and as I say, when they sent Rudyard Kipling over to read his poem on the White Man’s Burden, having to take over the world for all the poor souls that couldn’t run it themselves.  And he said: “We pass the torch on to you” and he read that to the US Senate, because he was a high Mason; that’s the only ones who could read things as a foreigner in the US Senate.  And that was the official handing over: “we pass the torch on to you.”   They’d had many meetings in the Royal Institute of International Affairs in England on the fact that Britain, through all the wars that they’d gone through on behalf of London, they were almost destitute, with massive debts.  The US would have to take over.  It had the manpower, it had the resources, natural and otherwise, to lead the world.  So it was decided long-long ago the US would take the lead.

VYZYGOTH -  Interesting too, because the time is coming, I believe, for this Fourth Reich to be dashed upon the chessboard out in Asia.  But also, when you talk about “passing the torch,” I can’t let that get by because obviously we have that French Masonic Lady out in New York Harbor called Columbia, who is Isis with her torch; and I also find it interesting, by the way, and certain people who are not particularly happy as I am, not with the 9-11 scholars, their logo happens to be - guess what? -  the torch.

ALAN -  Oh, what a surprise.

VYZYGOTH -  Alright, we have a comment for you, then another question.  And like I said, the mid-19th Century is a very interesting time, as it impacts the way we live even today.  It says: “The more I reflect on it the more I realize that the Elite ruling this world represents nothing but a [inaudible] trailer park [?].  The Elites absolutely did come over in the Mayflower and subsequent boats.  William Percy’s wife had a lineage going back through the old royal lines, back through Eleanor of Aquitaine, William the Conqueror and Charlemagne; I know, because I’m married to one of her descendents.”

Alright, we got a question for you too.  “Has Alan ever made any mistakes in his research that have led him to realize that something important was to be corrected?  Also, what are some of the most important formative realizations about this global agenda that you have come across through the decades, whether it’s from making mistakes or not?  And finally, can you identify anybody in history who was working for the Agenda, but decided at some point that they wanted to try and stop it?  What effect did they have and what can that teach people who want to try and stop the Agenda?”  Alright, the first half of this is: whether by trial and error or whatever, have you ever come to some big “aha”-s that changed your way of thinking what you had before?

ALAN -  Well you always do, especially personally about your own life and how you see the world; the more you learn the more changes come upon you.  And that’s called growing, you know.  So, that happens, absolutely.  Now, sometimes you will come across information put out that you have to really wade through and you’ll have one opinion until you find more information on the same topic.  It was interesting with Akhenaton of Egypt, how they always portrayed him as being a sort of family man, etcetera, who didn’t want war; and I used to think well this guy was probably a good enough fellow, until you realize that when they dug up all the thousands of tablets, reports sent by envoys from their satrapies across the ancient world.  There was a war coming towards them and it was taking over, and he totally ignored it right to the very end – it made no sense.  Until you realized he was part of this new incoming bunch. You see, these people rule over a country and they don’t relate to that country, they are simply rulers; if they move to another place, they will be the rulers of that country or empire.  Each time they move they get a bigger and bigger empire.  This is an ancient system going back for thousands of years.  So, yeah, I changed my mind on that one a long time ago. 

VYZYGOTH -  Alright, and the second one, I will throw this out; he said was anybody working for, you know, “the Agenda,” but decided some...”

ALAN -   Blair was one, or George Orwell, who definitely spilled the beans.  He fervently believed, he had been trained that what he was working for would help the working poor, and their standards of living and a whole new society.  He was picked at Cambridge University and trained as most of them are for the CIA or MI6 or whatever.  He fought in the Spanish Civil War on the side of the left wing and became a hero; and when he got to know the Communists that were coming in from other countries, he realized that it was a completely different agenda going to come out of this; a different destination.  And he came back to Britain and the Socialist Clubs that used to welcome him as a hero and author, turned their back on him, because he said, look, you’re all being led up the garden path to the same destination as the other side. 

VYZYGOTH -  I look at many of the assassinations and there is more than people really realize, because they were attributed to some other means, of  Presidents who got whacked.  And I would think also, when they change their minds or go rogue, or have a change of heart even up to Kennedy, that’s probably not a good idea. 

ALAN -  Some of them, like McKinley, I think really didn’t even know what was going on.  They were out of the loop.  They were making decisions, thinking they were the President and the lone gunman picks them out and comes to them and kills them.  I mean, this is standard.  You don’t have to have a guy at the top who even knows the Agenda.  You could even put a Pope in there that wouldn’t have a clue and they have, in the past.

VYZYGOTH -  Oh, yeah.  You know, there might be something to McKinley, regarding the financial situations, which always seem to be one of the things that can get you killed.  I mean, obviously, with Garfield as well, and even going back to William Henry Harrison, who may have been a very brutal military man with regard to the way he dealt with the Native Americans.  But it’s funny that he did not recognize the Divine Right of Monarchs to rule and thirty days later he sleeps with the fishes.  You know, and we go on and on, in fact, one of the things too, without getting pedantic, is that - and it’s well publicized in the papers of the day; you have James Buchanan getting poisoned at his inaugural party for running afoul as some would believe, and I do, of the Vatican.  And here, he lives on.  But obviously, some members of his party died, and, I mean, how in the world did we not even find out about this in our history books?  You know, and of course, the thing with Buchanan, is he may have been reluctant to want to commence to the Civil War earlier, and it’s like, well if you’re not going to do that, you know, we have to do an attitude adjustment here, and I guess Buchanan, though he did survive, obviously was pretty much just a bare, you know, semblance of himself.  So, with this bit about people changing their minds on the Agenda - yes.  Now, the one thing I would ask you – oh we’re out of time – I don’t even want to start that one – whether or not the whole thing is scripted or whether they are little rogue things that occur and change the course of history.

ALAN -  I would always tell people: the biggest heroes that you have, generally work for the other side.  They are trained from an early age to be your leaders.  That’s always been standard in fact.  And they will say all the right things, they will appear in fact to be on top of all information, always.  They always have to appear to be on top, so that the bulk of the population will follow them.  And they are well funded and well connected.

VYZYGOTH -  Sounds like some of the personages we have in our Patriot Networks down here.

ALAN -  Well, “patriot” means “it’s a riot pa.”  Yeah, that’s what it means.  The patriot game is the oldest game in history that’s been used and abused by the leaders. 

VYZYGOTH -  We have been with Alan Watt, the web site is  Alan, I’ll call you back up and see if I can give you any assistance, okay?

ALAN -  Sure enough.

VYZYGOTH -  Thank you very much for being on with us.

ALAN -  It’s a pleasure.

VYZYGOTH -  Bye-bye.




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