Jan  9, 2007
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VYZYGOTH - Welcome to another segment of the Grassy Knoll; I’ll get this right: it is January 9, 2007 - there you go.  And with us today is Alan Watt and the web site is  - please check that out if you want to.  We’ll talk a lot about his web site throughout today - and thank you very much for coming with us.

ALAN - It’s a pleasure to be on.

VYZYGOTH - A lot of things to talk about, if you will, - a listener had asked for you to come back on, and I know you have gotten, I think, pretty popular out there and - but I said to him: “well, could you bring up a topic you haven’t heard Alan speak to?” I said: “that would be a good idea; I mean, I would like that.”   He said: “fine.”  And he tabled two possibilities; but before we get to that, what I want to ask you, two things.  Now we’re shooting up Somalia, and do you have any ideas, Alan, as to what that’s all about?

ALAN - I’ve got old books - I generally follow the old books from the Royal Institute of International Affairs with their world policies they’ve been publishing and putting out there for fifty-odd years or more.  And they talked about the whole of Africa and they did mention Somalia and the vast untapped oil reserves that one day they would have to exploit.  So you’re just seeing the unfolding of a well-laid business plan, where each part of the plan unfolds at the right time according to their strategies.  And also Africa - which, we know, is a basket case - it truly is - it’s been fomented with wars and all the rest of it - the cultures are destroyed; and according to the old Darwinian theory too, which is true - this part is true anyway -  that the superior culture, once it dominates the lesser, the lesser will either have to adapt very quickly or die.  And we see that strategy being used in Africa.  They have lost their culture; they can’t adapt to the West, they don’t have the financial resources either; corruption is rampant, because the West has been funding warlords that are just the big Mafia crooks.  So, now it’s time to go in and clean it up, and that means: taking over and amalgamating Africa, because under the European Union plan, Africa was to become a united continent, like Europe before it joins - and Mandela has been pushing for the united African continent to become into one big power block structure.  So all the different countries have to be wiped out basically with their borders and re-amalgamated under this new structure.  So we are seeing the push for that now.  They have been killing off the Africans for years now with AIDS and everything else, so they are well on their way to where they want to go.

VYZYGOTH - Yeah, I think we forget that the first time, I think, we ever heard of AIDS, it was associated, I think, specifically with women in Sub-Saharan Africa.

ALAN - It first broke out really in Haiti and then hit Africa; and it was right after the United Nations’ World Health Organization had gone through with free smallpox vaccinations.  And you can follow the trail of the smallpox vaccinations and that’s the trail of the AIDS.  There is no doubt on that; that’s been well exposed by now.  Maybe forgotten by some; but it’s out there.

VYZYGOTH - We had on yesterday Kevin Annett from out in Vancouver who was chronicling the genocide of aboriginal people in Canada with that same methodology - and of course, the Untied States pulled that off with the Native Americans with the smallpox scam as well.  But, you know, isn’t it possible to, if we take a look at Sub-Saharan Africa, also, many parts of South America and even South-East Asia, and is it my imagination, or are these cultures - and I would say: had been deliberately de-technologued, you know, whatever that word is.  They were not allowed technology; they seem to have been suppressed - could it be because of all that’s beneath the very land that these people walk upon?

ALAN - It’s a good part of it; there’s no doubt on that at all.  In fact, if you read the writings of Cecil Rhodes that was sent into South-Africa primarily - he didn’t mention just South Africa; he talked about taking over the whole continent eventually under a long-term plan.  But he said that “there’s millions of people on this land, doing nothing with it” - that’s what he said.  We’ll find that kind of statement used by guys like Mill, who was the big economist for Britain in the 1700s, then his son John Stuart Mill took over.  They had all the races:  the American Indians, the Africans and a sort of, very much like Adolf Hitler’s list of “sub-species” that would either have to adapt; and if they couldn’t, they would have to be - and that’s what he said - “have to be eradicated.”  And Cecil Rhodes went along with this agenda too.  He said: “those who could not mimic the white man, would have to be eradicated, because they are sitting on land which will have to be exploited one day for its mineral and oil resources.”  So they knew exactly where they were going and we’re watching the Grand Finale of that as they wipe out the - what they call “surplus population.”

VYZYGOTH - I guess you are familiar with Roméo Dallaire who had done that “Shaking hands with the Devil” documentary, in which he realized, being a UN military man, that when he went down into Rwanda, that in fact, the UN nor the Vatican - you can place it on their doorstep as well - had any intention of stopping what was going on down there.

ALAN - Oh, he was well aware of it.  Dallaire - it’s strange enough - see, Dallaire was a military man; he was a General and I guess he spent many-many years in the military, so he had a military mind-set; and he was sending all these reports back to the United Nations, saying: “look, this is going to happen; a man came in; a native came in with the plan, with the maps of the attack and how it is to begin;” and this thing was fomented initially, strangely enough, by France - they had armed one side - France had been arming one side as a paramilitary organization, supposedly “to keep the peace;” these are the ones who eventually went on the rampage and started it all off.  Now, Dallaire had all of that information; he sent it to the United Nations and he could not figure out - still doesn’t either; he can’t because of his military mind-set; - why the United Nations simply did not stop it or send them reinforcements.  So he was left with a bunch of Belgian troops, who were crack troops, but there were too few of them to do anything about it.  So he went through this whole morass of watching the slaughter, feeling helpless and still sending dispatches off to the United Nations, and he was getting silence in returnHe still cannot figure it out that the United Nations wanted this to happen.  And now he works for an NGO organization of expert people, including military people, in one of these new boards that are meant to “bridge the gaps” between peoples.  He still hasn’t figured it out!

VYZYGOTH - Yeah, also, Kevin [a Christian Minister] yesterday was a little critical of him, saying, you know, I guess, becoming…alright, I’m not real good with Canadian politics.  He is not a Member of Parliament, but he is a Senator, right?  And basically, what he thought would happen with Dallaire is they kicked him upstairs and shut him up. 

ALAN - I don’t think it was even just that.  That’s part of it perhaps, but Dallaire, you see, after that happened, Dallaire left the military; he became a drunk - he went on an alcoholic binge - he was suicidal and tremendously depressed; he went right down to the bottom, because he still couldn’t figure out.  His dilemma was the clash of his indoctrination versus his experience.  And he couldn’t reconcile the two; he still had to have faith in something - and then he was approached by the United Nations.  Now, they have lots of these big NGOs [Non-Governmental Organizations], recruiting experts from different fields into; and these new NGOs are supposedly helping to create dialogue and prevent these things happening in the future.  So he has joined the very camp that caused it and brought it on in the first place.

VYZYGOTH - The NGOs, what is there, about 70 or more now under the umbrella of the United Nations.  Now, I stepped out this morning to pick up a newspaper to find out what the competition is doing, and two things happened.  I want to run both by you: one, you know, chemtrails are not new to any of us.  I did get a phone call though, when I got back home, from another radio show host  South of the Bay, who said: “did you take a look at what’s going on out there?”  Such a dry day and the temperature is down in the sixties; he said: “and it’s heavy as anything.”   I said: “yeah, I know, I saw it too.”  But a funny thing, you know, what I was saying to him, you know, Alan, you have experienced this as well, I saw somebody who put out an article that really kind of played up the potential pathology of the chemtrails.  And while I am sure it’s not good to inject something into the air that kind of didn’t come with the earth, you know, my point is to… what I am thinking to myself, it’s like: “look, the Elite’s got to live on this planet as well and I don’t see them walking around with oxygen tanks.”  I mean, I am not saying it’s a good thing, but could it be more about weather modification and not necessarily trying to, across the board, weaken all the species.  What do you think?

ALAN - I think it’s multi-purpose.  These guys never do one thing for one reason; they always have multiple purposes behind it; they get lots of bangs for their buck.  And I do think it’s to affect the people; the people are losing their memory; short-term memory too;  even younger people.  It’s dumbing them down.  They are way too complacent, but then, if you were on the other side, you would use all of these warfare weapons at this particular time, when you are bringing the world through the biggest change culturally and otherwise that it’s ever had for thousands of years.  You don’t want a thinking, sentient population as you bring all these changes to passBecause this is nothing to where we are to go shortly!   There will be big, very big changes are going to occur shortly.   So, yeah, they are breathing the stuff in, but, you know, there are also advanced sciences where they can filter this stuff from their bodies with even portable machines the size of a cigarette pack they could carry around in their pocket.  That’s not available to the general public.  Very much like the stuff that they use for people with kidney problems, renal dialysis.  They have the advanced ones that they could be walking around with, for the Elite; and I am sure that’s what they are doing. 

VYZYGOTH - Well, there are some people out there are, I guess, trying to approximate that kind of technology as best they can in a homeopathic sense; and really, probably one of the greatest things that all of us can do is to pay a little more attention and follow the practice of detoxifying. 

ALAN - It’s possible, but, see, I don’t like talking as though I’m a defeatist, I don’t mean to sound like that.  But I don’t think the public really realize that what they’re up against.  They’re still thinking in terms of all of the information they’ve been given so far.  There’s always 3 levels of science on the go simultaneously.  Everything that we know from the magazine rack on science to professorship down is the lowest level.  Now, most of the diseases today are man-made.  They have been made in laboratories and that’s why the herbalist stuff and so on is not working with it.  It’s not working.  These are not dummies at the top.  They have incredible understanding of how to put together, how to construct bacterium and viruses; and that’s why the normal stuff is not working.  These are not normal diseases.  And I hate to promote some…there are some terrible quacks out there too, making millions of dollars on people, by selling false information or products, etcetera.  People have to beware of this and understand it.  Don’t give into fear and simply panic-buy - you got to do some homework first.  And generally you can find the stuff for detoxification in the old herbal books printed up until the 20th Century.  Anything that’s supposed to be “new” is nonsense, because herbs have been here for thousands and thousands of years and even the ancient Egyptians had them all catalogued as to what worked and what didn’t.

VYZYGOTH - Well, when you talk about three levels of science, I ran across this - I wasn’t looking for this, but this comes from Arthur C. Clarke’s “Childhood’s End” written in 1953.   You can’t make this stuff up - this is supposedly science fiction.  And here’s the quote: “Far away over the lake something was coming in from the West, flying low and fast.  Aircraft were uncommon in these parts, unless one counted the trans-polar lines, which must be passing overhead every hour of the day and night; but there were never any sign of their presence save an occasional vapor trail high against the blue of the stratosphere.”  So, I don’t know if that’s a coincidence.

ALAN - It’s not a coincidence.  Even H.G. Wells in his book “The Shape of Things to Come” where he is talking about a New World Order and an amalgamated world under a scientifically led Government, which he called “The Freemasonry of the Air” - it was to be an air force that literally sprayed gases all over the planet and, you know, affected the people below.  And that was in the 1920s.

VYZYGOTH - Yeah.  I have to share this with you: it wasn’t one of the high points of my radio career.  But we had a guest on to speak to, you know, what was happening today with aspartame and MSG, and we were talking about Alzheimers and I kind of said to her; “oh, what’s that disease, again; I can’t remember!” Alzheimer. That didn’t look real good for me.

ALAN - Ah, I know, but as long as it eventually clicks, you know, then you can breathe a sigh of relief. 

VYZYGOTH - Well, thanks for the help.  But, anyway, another thing that happened when I was out and about…I don’t know if you’ve heard this terminology, and I kind of got myself in a little bit of a fix if I ever go back to this store.  Late last night I was going out to cover a sporting event, went into a convenience store and there is guy behind the counter and he was tattooed to the max - an illustrated man.  And I took a look at some of it and I remembered seeing him before in the summertime when he was short-sleeved.  And I looked at him and he’s got a hat on, with a big, you know, Masons’ G, so I was feeling a little feisty, so I said: “you a Mason?”  He says: “yeah.”  I said: “what degree?”  He said: “33” and I said: “that’s Scottish Rite.”  Then he goes on: “are you down?” I went on: “yeah, but I’ll talk to you later.”  Now, what is “are you down?”  Is this a Mason’s jargon, like are you in the Brotherhood, or what?

ALAN - It can be.  There’s a lot of new terms that a lot of them are using; they think it’s trendy. 

VYZYGOTH - Well, you know, it’s kind of hip-hop to say: “are you down?”  The next thing I was thinking of doing was reaching over to shake his hand, but I would have to have gotten that right, one time only.  Alright, now, coming back in the truck: I have it tuned to the Fascist Nazis that are on all the AM stations; Hannity and the boys and Glen Beck that is especially repulsive; and he’s got on Rick Santorum and I guess what he was a recently defrocked Senator from Pennsylvania - so, I am listening to this guy and I really don’t know who it is yet, but I am hearing Rick and hearing Rick, and I think: well, I don’t know who it is, but it is probably Santorum.  And he is going on and on and on, just like Beck does about ban all Islam and Liberals and they all suck, they are all the reasons for everything in the world - and now he is coming out with some kind of policy center or organization called: “American Enemies.”  I go to his web site and I am thinking to myself: “Where is this guy coming from and where in the world was he raised?”  I mean, this is just flat-out hate-mongering and I can’t believe it!  And I look at him, you know, he’s a backhand and a half of all people [?] - I could take it from Jessie Ventura maybe, but not him; but, I mean, you know: “American Enemies” - what is going on here? 

ALAN - You will probably find he is - see, I’ve noticed that most of the things that happen in the public limelight, are just a drama for the public.  And it really woke me up when Nixon came out with the scandal and his drama of “he didn’t lie to the people,” etcetera, and we thought that was the last of Nixon, and yet, Nixon hadn’t been demoted.  It wasn’t until he died, we found out that all that time afterwards he was the main go-between for setting up the policies for the coming China - full time!  And that was kept secret from the public  - that was the most important job the US could possibly give him at that time.

VYZYGOTH - I remember during that period also.  I happened to be driving into Bergen county in New Jersey - not in the neighborhood I lived in, but coming upon this rather tony house, you know, in a tony neighborhood; and I saw a suite out in front, and I said to the guy I was driving with: “what’s that all about?”  He said: “that’s Nixon’s house.”  He finished his days out in Park Ridge, New Jersey, at least on the East Coast.  And moving along, as far as the topics that a listener wanted to at least hear you speak to.   And this is one of them; and that is: “What about money?  Money as we know it today.  If Civilizations have more or less repeated the same behavior and the same pursuits, was money always the always there, and if so, did it ever really work?”

ALAN - Yes, it always works when it’s there; it always works in the same way, because money is an artificial - actually it’s a deviant creation.  It’s not a natural creation; it’s a deviant creation; it comes between people who barter real goods and exchange things, so the third man becomes the boss: the guy who gets you to believe that money is the equivalent of what you’re selling or trading.  He becomes the boss over you, because ultimately he always decides what it’s worth; and then in from that comes taxation - it’s hard to tax grain off people and get armies to go around - even to get an army together is very difficult to do: you can’t hold them together without money to pay them.  Money is THE unnatural creation itself.  And it’s interesting that even in Scotland up until about the 1700s in the Highlands, nails were worth more - in fact, they traded nails for money, because at least it was practical.  They could use them.  Most folk used to barter, even in the Southern States, up until the property taxes came in, people used to barter even their labor, and they had to eventually get jobs to get into the system to earn money to pay taxes when that law came through.

VYZYGOTH - I don’t know how you feel about this, but I’ll run it by you and whatever you have to say is fine.  I look at - you know, it says in Scripture that “the love of money is the root of all evil.”  The LOVE of money.

ALAN - Yes, well, they had to, because when the Catholic Church wrote that they had already been using money since 800 BC.  So they depended upon money for the taxation to keep the Church going; they had to re-write that part.

VYZYGOTH - Well, what I am thinking is that money always seems to be included in, shall we say, a wrong-minded power grab and it seems to have been this way through almost every civilization.  I read the Babylonian Woe [by William T. Still], which was very interesting, where I guess the author right there chronicles what took place in Sumeria.  And you’re no stranger to this either, but is it that every civilization, no matter how far back, and as much as anybody can really know about such things - is there a process where almost every culture, every civilization went through the barter and then somebody – and this is where I’m going with the more or less “Evil” side – but then somebody gets it in their head: “hey, we can run this scam, with having something that represents something else.”

ALAN - That’s right.  Well, that all came from the ancient times.  If you were to take the Phoenicians, the Phoenicians were THE world traders for hundreds of years - and I don’t think that they disappeared, they just transformed into another people as time went by.  Even their name is occultic.  What they were doing even thousands of years ago, was: standardizing the old world, the ancient world - because initially they’d come in, in trade routes. They’d barter, straight swaps: this for that - and then, the next time they’d come, they definitely went for the women - they wrote about it, their techniques.  They would send out a little boat off from the main ship to shore; set up a bonfire at night; put some wine and even beer there and jewelry for the women; and the women were always more adventurous than the males and they would come to the fire first, they would pick up the jewelry, etcetera, and then the men would come in and they’d get a little drunk and then the guys would row back out from the main ship and join them - and that’s how they would get them into their system.  Their whole port system was called “customs” - what they did, was study the customs of the natives and then found out the weak points to exploit them; how to exploit them.  So they traded with them a few times, and then the next time that they went back, they would say: “you would have to…” they would only accept money; and the people would say: “what’s money?” - and they would show them what it was.  Then they would leave the representative there, who was really a banker, who would dispense the money to them and then get real wealth in return.  They’d bring real goods to the banker.  So when the ship came next time, they had money to use for their trading.  That’s how it started.

VYZYGOTH - On this end of this last civilization, however far you want to go back, maybe to the beginning of the last Millennium; could we fix the Templars, the Knights Templar as perhaps the ones who came up with the idea of, you know, what I would say as “representational money?”

ALAN - I don’t even think they were.  The Knights Templar are couched in mystery, because it wasn’t a new idea - it was simply a re-emergence of an old idea recurring again; so they had to have known what their goals were at the very beginning. And they had connections in the Middle East, to begin with, when they had even set up the Order.  The Nine Knights, again it’s this 9 Cabalistic Knights who go into the Middle East and just set up on the Holy Mount.  They would have to be friends with the people there to be allowed to do that in the first place, before they got their Charter from the Pope.  So they were already being in cahoots with certain - we call them Secret Societies in the Middle East, like the Ismaelis, you see - they were already in cahoots with them.  But they were given the honor of bringing in the first - and it’s not really true, they weren’t the first to do it - but they certainly made it a worldwide system of banking, where you could deposit money in London, go to the Middle East and withdraw it with your cheque: they would give you a note and you could withdraw it in the Middle East and vice versa.  So they were an international banking group.

VYZYGOTH - They’re running a commercial, which is fairly humorous with Capital One, I wonder if you have ever seen these characters, the Medieval characters.

ALAN - No.

VYZYGOTH - Supposedly they are running the banking system now, since I guess the plundering is over with and the hordes are all done.  And it got me wondering, though - was there any kind of considerable banking system that you are aware of through your research, that took place in Medieval and Monarchial Europe?

ALAN - The Knights Templars became the bankers of the whole of Europe and royalties put their whole treasuries in their hands.  And even after they were supposedly extinguished, that wasn’t true at all in England - they still run England - and the Chancellor of the H-Checker is a Templar, a Knights Templar position even today.   That’s like the head of the Treasure Department still today.  He is appointed by Parliament.  And the H-Chequer was the H-Q of the Knights Templars for London.  That’s still there today.  That’s for the legal system that comes from, the Bar Association that’s part of the H-Chequer Society - they call it the Temple BarThat’s still all Freemasonic and the H comes from the floor - it’s like a square between buildings, which is a chessboard: that’s where they made their deposits, what was owed and what they had lent; what they were getting in, as profit.  That was done on a chessboard, a huge chessboard, about a hundred yards long.  That’s where that comes from.

VYZYGOTH - That’s like the floor in the Masonic Lodges.

ALAN - It is.

VYZYGOTH - Let me ask you: with Exchequer once - if not a title of Nobility but of respect, I mean, was it something like with Barristers being Esquires and of course, nobles and stuff being Sir? Was the Exchequer something of a merit?

ALAN - Oh, it still is.  I mean, this is still on the go today; it hasn’t changed: it’s still Knights Templar, they never disappeared.  Their H-Q is still in London - and as I say, the Chancellor, they call it the “Chancellor of the H-Chequer”, is still appointed every time a Parliament sits.  They appoint somebody to be the Chancellor. That’s the man - it’s like your Treasury Department.  That’s what it is, in fact.

VYZYGOTH - Are you familiar with that information about the Lost Thirteenth Amendment?

ALAN - I have heard bits about it.

VYZYGOTH - I don’t know valid it is, it seems so, and some reputable sites had the language of that, and of course, that never came to be, because somehow it disappeared during the war of the 1812 and the Thirteenth Amendment as we know it, I guess freeing the slaves, doesn’t pop up for another, gee, you know, almost 70 years later.  But, I mean, could it have been that it was valid? That the Thirteenth Amendment was warning people about what?  - that those who hold ranks of nobility in the United States should not be in Government, and that would be obviously the Sirs and those who were knighted; Exchequer and perhaps Esquire.  The only thing about that is it might have been one of those things that sounded good to do, but when you consider how many lawyers were in the framers, I don’t know if that was going to get too far.

ALAN - I couldn’t really see it happening.  Franklin himself said that “we have adopted British law, because it was the best law that he could find,” that’s what he said himself.  Even the Common Law came from Britain.  And so, even in his day; and he had no qualms by going over and meeting the Rothschilds - he met the Rothschilds, you know - Franklin; in fact it was him that discussed with Rothschild how the American script money worked, and I think personally because they were in cahoots, that’s my own opinion. This was to be a worldwide system and I think even the Revolutionary War was a bit of a scam, because there were British lodges that were part of the military, that still put on display Washington’s signature in their lodge books when he used to cross the lines and join their lodge meetings.  And he wasn’t the only one either; a lot of his officers did the same. 

VYZYGOTH - It’s interesting that you should say that because there’s something I wanted to bring up to you in the second half of the show and I will do that just like you were talking about the scam of the Revolution.  Before we go any further, though, it’s 29 minutes after the hour - and we haven’t talked much about the web site, Alan, and I have not spoken to you, I guess, for maybe a month, six weeks or so.  What’s new on your web site that people can go and check it out?

ALAN - There’s more shows now that I have done; they’re all free for download - there’s a lot they can go through; in fact, they will find a lot of the answers to the questions that they e-mail me are discussed in previous talks on various shows - and I’m on Television tonight from Louisiana, although it’s available now from satellite as well, worldwide.  And that’s from Hesham Tillawi.

VYZYGOTH - I am not familiar with that.  How can people tune that in?

ALAN - They can get it in Louisiana on, I think, channel 15; it’s also on satellite television as well.  It’s on my web site anyway, if they want to check it. 

VYZYGOTH - When you have your worldwide on Amazona satellite?

ALAN - I don’t have it myself, but this particular show will be.

VYZYGOTH - And that’s happening tonight?  And that would be seven-thirty…

ALAN - It’s about seven, I think…that’s seven-thirty, that’s right.

VYZYGOTH - Okay, right.  Just ask me about your web site, I’ll tell you. 

ALAN - And there’s more books that will come out this winter, if I have time to do it.  It’s kind of hard to run everything yourself, as you know.  When you’re trying to write and do your own dishes and all the rest of it and answer all the e-mails and just survive - but I’ve got to do it this winter and get more stuff out, more DVD-s too; plus there’s stuff for sale on the site if they want it that I’ve done it as well.

VYZYGOTH - Alright, then it’s  -  I will tell you one thing, though; that has got to be the most colorful home page I have ever seen. 

ALAN - Strangely enough, I mean, it’s attracting an awful lot of attention - the right kind of attention too - because I’ve had big hits from the authorized front-men who supposedly speak for everyone else.  Big hits and offers as well, if I would just compromise on certain things - and I haven’t, of course.

VYZYGOTH - Well, let me ask you this; you don’t have to answer it, but that will be a “yes” anyway.  Have you been approached by any of the two larger, as they’re called, alternative networks down here?

ALAN - I probably have; I’ve had so many offers from all of the ones in the US - even from the UK, because there’s some authors out there, spinning a lot of disinformation along with the truth, which is called “counter-intelligence.” I’ve got offers from there as well; I also had the guy who makes most of the movies for these Big Boys approach me, he phoned me up in the summertime, and talked for about two hours, and he wanted to come up right away and do a movie with me.  He’d just come back from Britain, doing the Big Boys’ ones over there; and the only thing was I wouldn’t go along with the alien agenda, and I think he got the message.  You know, the space alien stuff and the reptilian stuff and all of that; and that’s the last I heard from him.  So I’ve had the offers to come in; and more - I could say a lot more, but I won’t on the air.

VYZYGOTH - When was the last time that you went back to the UK?

ALAN - Oh, it was about in 1990.

VYZYGOTH - The reason I ask this, because invariably, every couple of weeks somebody from the UK will e-mail me, come upon the show somehow in some way, and they all decry the fact that there seems to be a lack of that being generated in the UK itself; now, one, if that is true, I mean, not that they would be lying, but, you know, that might be a misconception.  But if that is true, do you have any idea why that would be?

ALAN – What specifically?

VYZYGOTH - Well, he was saying like the shows that we do here, you know, my show, your show - it doesn’t seem to be generated in the UK; they’re always listening to what’s taking place in North America.  Now, if that is so, could you think of any reason why this isn’t being picked up with the same fire, more or less, in the UK?

ALAN - The UK is far more socialized - and I grew up in a socialized system; it’s hard for most folk in America to imagine.  You grow up in a system where everything is authorized by Government Ministries.  Even as you grow up, they are the ultimate authorities; it’s the Big Brother of George Orwell - and so, because of that, the public are more trained into accepting the status quo; even if they might not like it, they accept it much more readily.  They can see no alternative; they feel hopeless, actually, that’s the word for it: they feel hopeless and powerless under this monstrosity of a system, this totalitarian type system.  Britain has been at this game much-much longer of psychological warfare through media control, than the US.  And again, in Britain there are far fewer television stations.  When I grew up, there was only one; that was the BBC owned by the British Government, you know.  And it was until later that they brought in more stations, so they’ve had no alternative way of looking at things. 

VYZYGOTH - All that might be an indication of where we’ll be in another decade or two, in a sense that…

ALAN - Oh, sooner!

VYZYGOTH - Yeah.  And that is…you know, I got to kind of say this to you, Alan: one of the things that’s really bothering me lately, is that the people who listen to shows like this, you know, to RBN, GCN or whatever, it’s been hitting me that perhaps the same thing that we kind of ridicule, the drooling masses for being sedated by mainstream news; I am getting this awful feeling that the same thing is happening on this side of the street.

ALAN - Oh, I’m sure, I’m sure.  You see how intelligence works.  Because Governments have Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence Departments.  They are not idiots here - it’s not like they are novices.  They run the system; they always have.  Every country has.  And it’s not important who gives you the information that you are trying to avoid at times, because most of the information is extraneous.  It’s superfluous; it’s meant to overload youSo if you avoid the news and then avoid all the little “who said this and did that” and all the rest of it and all the drama, you turn into the Patriot stations, and they’re giving you the stuff that you have missed!  So it doesn’t matter who gives it to you, as long as you get it!  You understand, that’s how it works.

VYZYGOTH - Well, I’ll tell you what: you know, listening, like watching TV, is passive.  Not that it’s not good to do.  But I think that at a certain point, and you know, one of the big catch phrases that seems to be on the Alternative Patriot Radio is the whole story about the frog gradually being boiled. But the thing is, I am starting to get the feeling that there is a whole lot of frogs on this side of the street that are getting boiled.

ALAN - Oh, there are; there are.  And disinformation that’s out there too.  I keep telling people: it’s not a matter of “getting something back,” like you get America back; I don’t know what they mean by that; what era are they talking about?  Who controlled the country then?  You can’t get things back - history doesn’t work that way.  All you can do is go outside of the alternative they are giving you, and take off in a direction that they never chose or one that they don’t control. 

VYZYGOTH - Ah, yeah, and that’s something that I’d like to touch upon a little bit later.  And we’ve got plenty of things to talk about, but on the other hand also, there is a lot of people out there if one of them simply wants to make a comment or ask a question, by all means send an e-mail to, and put anything by you want to.  Regarding civilizations, well, and I’m hearing a lot of people, again, on this side of the street, talking almost New Age, if not exactly New Age - about how, you know, this collective consciousness and we could all make things better - and I know, before we came on the air or just actually in the beginning of our interview, that you don’t want to sound pessimistic, but sometimes you have to call something what it is!   And that’s just the way it is, folks; and you are born in a certain epoch and that’s the way it goes.  But, you know, I don’t see how that’s going to happen and here is where I’m going with this:  what I would say to some people or I have, and that is:  if it were so, that people could rise up and create a civilization that didn’t have a corrupt oligarchy, my point is: it would still be around today.  I mean: have you see any - or have you gotten any kind of whiff, of any civilization throughout time that kind of reached some kind of bliss, if you will, or, you know, some Shangri-La?

ALAN - Once again, you have to do a mind twist to understand what normalcy is.  We have a cultural “normalcy” that’s been given to us; we think it’s normal, because it exists.  There are many ways that society can go.  Lenin said it himself.  Lenin knew it, because he was taught by the bankers; they understood the economics and economics down through the millennia.  They understood cultures.  We know, for instance, that when the Roman army came into Europe they looked at a society that was completely different from theirs, which they had adopted actually from the Middle East.  In Europe, they said that there was no marriage in the tribes, especially in the Celtic tribes.  The women all lived in the center of the tribe, where they were safe; they brought up the children communally.  The women, as always, were the gatekeepers to any sexual contact - they said “yes” or “no” or “come here” or “go away;” and there was no stigma attached to that.  The only ones who mated up were the older ones who found someone that they could get along with and really knew well - because no-one understands their spouse when you’re 16 or 18 - it’s impossible; you don’t know yourself.  So that was afoot when Rome, the actual Roman religion came in, the first law that they made mandatory was marriage, and marriage for life.  That was the Middle-Eastern system they then re-introduced into there.  And of course, the Celts had no money either; they didn’t need any money. 

VYZYGOTH - So, what you say, I mean are you saying that that culture was about as close as it got? 

ALAN - Yes, that was normal for its day; the tribe took care of the tribe; the people took care of the people - everybody in the tribe was valuable, because the old saying was understood; it wasn’t just in the Middle East where they had said that “if you help others, you are helping yourself,” because one day it might be your turn to be helped, to need help.  And so everyone in the tribe was fed, everybody was important to the tribe; elders were respected - they had wisdom.  They had wisdom to pass on to the younger, as opposed to today; most of the elderly today have acquired no wisdom - they have been indoctrinated just the same as the young.   So it was a completely different way of living, and they didn’t have any monetary problems or taxation, or going off to have to work for companies and all that kind of stuff.  They grew their own food, they hunted, and they protected their own.

VYZYGOTH - Did that culture fall to invasion?

ALAN - I think invasion, partly.  But here is the thing with money - the money boys always know and they say it themselves in their own writings - you can always bribe certain people within every culture.  And then you introduce a secret society and once you have both of them working, then you can control the culture.

VYZYGOTH - Right.  Then it would seem then, just like what you said, that there always will be - because it comes to the flesh also, that there will always be some who will give up their own.

ALAN - Oh, within every people.  You see, the traits you’ll find with those at the top can be found within certain people at the bottom as well.  I know people who left school at ten, lived on welfare all their life, and I am telling you they could scam you out of anything.  They can scam the system; they have the natural same - I’m not talking about all of the people; I’m talking about some of them that I’ve met.  They just instinctively know how to benefit personally from everyone else’s misery.  It’s a psychopathic trait.  So you’ll find the same traits in certain people at the top as you will at the bottom of society.

VYZYGOTH - I am trying to get somebody on from an organization, whose title is an anagram “fire.”  And it has to do with more or less watchdogging universities and their apparent propensity toward - you know, “fascist” might be too strong a word, but to a certain kind of militancy or friction; far from what I think you and I remember universities to be.  And especially, when I went, you know, on the turn from the 1960s and the 1970s - I mean, with all that was going on in the United States and elsewhere; I mean, PhD-s, a lot of them were at the vanguard of trying to make change; and they were very student-friendly, very much for free speech; and this doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.  So I want someone to come on and speak to it, because some kind of censorship is going on that’s extremely, you know, extraordinary, to say the least - but at the same time, Alan, what I’m seeing happening, when I was at the university here, there was this tendency, I think, for academics and it trickled down to the students, that this idea that socialism is going to be the answer for this Millennium.  One, are you picking that up?

ALAN - Yes.

VYZYGOTH - You know, why would be - what are these people thinking about; just like we said, you know, when are we going to assume that everybody who is a socialist is going to be a good guy?

ALAN - That’s how they’re presenting it; it’s the whole dialectic.  Look at the fascists; look what they are doing; so here is the opposition to fascism, which is socialism, which is nonsense, because if you go into history, they are really one and the same thing.  They really are.

VYZYGOTH - Yes, but there seem to be things happening here and it doesn’t make sense to me: this infringement upon what I consider free speech and when I saw a lot of it happen with students who were reputable students; I knew them across four years, their whole academic - their whole college careers.  I mean, they would - and some of them felt the way that I did and Harry did; and would go ahead and in the paper state it, back it up; and because the prof didn’t agree with it - actually got pissed at the kid - and wound up being vindictive and punishing him with lower grades.  I just can’t, you know, for the life of me, I couldn’t believe it that they would be that small; but that’s what seems to be arising on campuses and I am not so sure that this is what Dr. Leonard P. [?] was talking about, that was taking place in the universities in Germany prior to World War II. 

ALAN - Yes, I think, down the road they will want some kind of reaction from the public.  They know they are going to get it actually, when they bring on their whole system.   We have only seen, actually we have only smelled the outer echelons of it - but the rest is coming.  When they mention a New World Order, it’s a totally different way of living for everyone.  And, when they mean completely - they mean, completelySo completely that most folk would simply break down at the sudden change if they have to go through itIt’s to be a world where you can do nothing without permission.  You can’t marry, you can’t pick a mate; everything will be done for you, decided for you - even if you can breed at all!   And this is only one part of the Agenda - this is the ongoing story, the never-ending story.  We are the clay on the potter’s wheel, and they can keep re-shaping us and re-shaping us forever - that’s what they believe. 

VYZYGOTH - Well, just what you said paraphrased exactly what George Bernard Shaw said in that famous comment of his in the Epilogue of “An Intelligent Woman’s Guide To Socialism”You’re going to be forcibly fed, and be forcibly dressed, and told where to live; and if you didn’t have the industry to do this, they’d execute you in a kindly manner.

ALAN - Yes, and he also wrote “Man and Superman,” and he said that those who could not become “supermen” and come through the change, must perish - they couldn’t be allowed through.  All the defective types, you know.  That’s how he phrased it.

VYZYGOTH - We got a question for you too.  A listener is asking: “What is the purpose of the Nasco Super-highway, if they are just going to collapse the US economy soon?”  You might take that, Alan into two parts.

ALAN - Yes, because everything is ongoing.  You see that they’ll want- they must transport troops up and down the country at the right time, heavy equipment, fast, anywhere in the country.  These main highways will have branches off; they are already building the branches all across the country from East to West as well, for fast transportation - you see, we all have to get moved into “habitat” areas in one phase of this Plan, and then gradually be reduced in population over the next hundred, two hundred years or whatever.  This is the “never ending story” as I say - so in the meantime as we go through the chaotic periods, they know there’s going to be…people will rebel only when their back’s to the wall and then it’s an unorganized mob.  However, they want to be able to get there and control them.  That will come.

VYZYGOTH - Also, the Nasco people are lying about the project and it was funny, because they said that they weren’t going to build another highway, they were going to just expand maybe 35 and then you turn around and this group of Ferroviario, [?] a Spanish construction outfit, in a PR release said they are going to be building a new highway.  You know, so anyway, on that web site - the Nasco Corridor, I believe it is - they are lying to us; but also - I don’t know if this was the case of the Trans-Canadian Highway or the QE but is there anything interesting that you should say about the quick transportation of materiel and military personnel, because the United States interstate [highway] system was built with that precisely in mind.  Are you familiar with that?

ALAN - Yes. 

VYZYGOTH - That’s why every, I think, ten miles or so they have to have a straight mile for landing aircraft.  Anybody who’s driving on the interstate, you go check it out.  You go any more than ten miles and you will come to a mile straightaway, no matter where you are.  And so, it makes only sense: if we’re going to do this American Union thing, that this also would be taking place as they build arteries, you know, further into Canada, into, I guess, Mexico, Central America - and they are talking about going down to the Cape, aren’t they?

ALAN - Absolutely.  Right from North to South; it’s the whole way through - and it’s also going to be linked up from East to West.  And it’s so interesting, too, because 69, coming up through Ontario - it’s so funny, because 69; and we’ve had 69 here for, I don’t know, maybe a hundred years, and so has the US had one, and it’s just those two of them will be linked together, that these both happen to be called “69” - what a coincidence, eh?

VYZYGOTH - Oh, yes, yes - and you know, somebody sent me something along with that, because nobody could figure out why in the world that, you know, up in Michigan in nowheresville, they going to build this gigantic, I don’t know - is I-69 up there right now?

ALAN - Yes, there is one in Michigan.  That’s the one to join with the 69 in Ontario.

VYZYGOTH - So, I mean, I got it.  Everybody was wondering, why in the world are you worried about this - but they don’t realize that this is just a piece of the puzzle.  Alright, the second half of this e-mail says; “the timeline does not work; we should still have years and years of buying cheap crap from China, if the high is as big as they say it will be.”  Now, if you want to comment to that - also, I’ve got something that just happened recently.  So, Alan, do you want to take a shot at that?

ALAN - Well, they can keep it going for a long time.  We know, though, that Shelley-Ann Clark, who actually drafted up all the negotiation booklets for the Free Trade negotiations when they had that - that was the precursor to NAFTA - and it’s more important to NAFTA, because everything is in the preamble; that’s how law always works.  It gives you the definitions of the terms in the Preamble.  She drafted them all up; and she said that by 2010 - she said 2005 would be a public admission to the unification of the Americas; and sure enough, March 2005 we had that at Waco, Texas, when they all signed the Agreement - and this is until in the late 1980s, early 1990s she came out with the stuff - I’ve got it on tape.  And she said: “in 2010 it would be completed” - you see?  Now, I think that the 2012 is the admission now that the United Nations is officially “the Government of the World,” the Supreme Government of the World, with all the sub-ones below it.  You’ll have the United Americas Parliament - which is supposed to be based in Montreal, according to Shelley-Ann Clark.  It will be a sub-Parliament under the Supreme Parliament of the World, of the United Nations.  And Africa must be brought under that by that time too; so that’s why the push is on for Africa. 

VYZYGOTH - You know, somebody sent me an e-mail up in your way and kind of lamenting the fact that, I guess, Quebec is talking secession again and might get it this time; so I just got back and said “let them secede; we’re all going into the North-American Union anyway.”

ALAN - Yes.  You see, there are two systems working here.  You have your front system, which we think is politics.  And if you read every book put out by the Council on Foreign Relations, generally financed, they’ll tell you on the front page, financed and founded by the Rockefeller foundation - they pay for the publishing - it will say the Council on Foreign Relations is a member of the Royal Institute of International Affairs and it is a non-political body.  And if you read their books - their own books - put out there, all they’re discussing, to the average person will seem to be politics, but it’s NOT politics.  See, politics is the game for the public to believe inThat’s the lower game; that’s the Punch and Judy Show for the public - the wrestling matchThe real Agenda is not politics - it IS an Agenda.  There’s no politics involved in the Agenda.  And that’s why they can safely say that.

VYZYGOTH - It’s the rude awakening and then I think people will understand that folks like us have been telling the truth - that, YES, it’s been a conspiracy and it’s also been in secret and it has happened and that is: while everybody is yapping about Democrats and all of this, and this and that - and it’s like what you guys don’t realize and what you are not being told, and this North-American Union thing is going to be fast-tracked to 2010 and then, what are you going to do when you turn around and say: “I never heard of this!”   Hello, we’ve been trying to tell you!

ALAN - Right after 9-11 happened, within about two or three months and then reaffirmed later on through different news blurbs, it was said that the CIA and CSIS - that’s the Canadian branch - are now completely amalgamated.  In March 2005, when they showed it on television here - the unification of the Americas; Fortress America - they said: our taxation bureaus, including customs duties for imports, etcetera, would be shared between the countries from then on.  Now, bureaucrats do not work quickly.  Do you realize that all of that had to be set up years before 9-11 even happened for that to come into place and actually start working right away after 9-11?   Nine-Eleven was the excuse but they had already done it all on paper; they had done all the legwork and the footwork and the leveling of the systems, to amalgamate them, long-long before that.

VYZYGOTH - One of the things that I was watching - and C-SPAN sometimes will have this on - that through the mid-nineties there were all these groups I never even heard of; and here again, is the bane of the world today, I think too, is that you’ve got  Non-Governmental Organizations operating in every level of GovernmentUnelected people who are making policy; and you can’t throw them out, because you never brought them in!  But, I mean, here is Rockefeller with, you know, the American Council of this and something of that, and there is Gergen [?] up there and Albright up there and they were all talking about this economic integration back in the mid-ninetiesAnd nobody knew, because, you know, in a way, it was on C-SPAN but, you know, it’s almost like hiding in plain sight!  Nobody really is paying attention and if they are, they can’t figure it out and turn the switch anyway!

ALAN - They cannot believe that this could have been planned such a long time ago.  And yet, H.G. Wells put a book out, called “The Open Conspiracy.”  Now, he worked - it’s admitted now by the British Government that he was a propagandist for the British Empire, for Britain, for the Crown itself.  He was the one who coined the phrase “The War To End All Wars” for World War One, to get all the young guys in, idealistically.  He put the book out, The Open Conspiracy, where he laid it all, the agenda right out, in his book - it was non-fiction!  And he worked with all the top professors in Cambridge and Oxford, who gave him the information to write into his book.  You go even further back from him to Karl Marx - and he talked about a Unified Europe, a Unified Americas and the Asian Pacific Block, and special “most favored nation” trading status - back in the 1800s he was using that term.   That’s what we’re giving to China now! 

VYZYGOTH - And then free trade was a very operative word back then?

ALAN - Yes, but the “most favored trading nation” status was part of the John Dee agenda written in the 1500s with Queen Elizabeth the 1st!   So you are looking upon a very old plan and that’s what most people can’t their heads around.  They can’t believe we have been conned for hundreds of years!

VYZYGOTH - Well, that’s correct; and secondly a lot of people, who are in the last stage of denial, when I talk to someone - eventually, and I say: “look, you can read it for yourself!”  And of course, the last defense, the last thing they throw at you - and I understand - is: “well, why would they go ahead and publish this?”  And I say: “well, on one hand, it could be the sheer arrogance of the fact that you ain’t going to do anything about it anyway!”  We got a couple of more comments real quick - this individual might have come in a little bit late.  So, “what is the end game for the Patriot Movement?”  Just pure chaos, when the patriots fight the NWO?  Alright, you don’t mind me stating that we just went through that, but, Alan, you are just saying that it’s the “ying and yang,” right?  It’s part of the Dialectic. 

ALAN - It’s the dialectic.  Albert Pike - you can’t tell people often enough: they always give us our leadersFreemasonry always supplies you with the leaders for every side!  And the leaders come out saying all the stuff that you’ve been using as scuttlebutt at little meetings or talks with friends - that’s the intelligence-gathering.  They say all the right stuff and then gradually - they are the Superheroes, you see?  We follow the stars; we won’t follow ordinary people - we want gods to follow.  So they appear to be gods and superhuman.  We follow them and follow them - and eventually you are giving all your faith to them and gradually they’ll bring in the dialectic process, where they’ll say: “well, here is the guy from the head of the World Bank,” for instance; and psychologically that floors you, when he admits: “you are under World Government already.”  You gradually have been brought around to accepting the fact that you are already done for - by the leaders that you were following to take you away from this, you see?

VYZYGOTH - But, you know, in my situation, if I have done anything abet, you know, to the brainwashing of the people who supposedly get it, you know, I don’t know that I’ve done that.  I am staying out of the Networks and the Networks not wanting me.  I don’t have to sell crap, and I don’t have to lie to people; but I do believe that Networks, you know, one of the casualties of war is truth; but also when advertising comes in…

ALAN - Oh, absolutely.  I’ve been on shows where they flog gold and silver and a lot of other stuff besides.  And I’ve turned a lot of shows down; I won’t go on them if they’re flogging stuff they claim are cures for everything; I will not make money off those who are suffering - and there’s plenty who will.  The gold and silver boys too, I keep telling them: “look, it doesn’t matter what you’re selling, if it’s gold and silver or porcupine quills or sea-shells.  Whoever runs the system and gives the value is running your life!” 

VYZYGOTH - A comment coming in from the UK of all places, the individual writes:  “Regarding students, here in the UK universities are being told to look out for ‘would-be terrorists.’  It seems that campus grounds are recruiting grounds for the brainwashers.  If they open their mouth, it might spell trouble.  We have new laws being introduced that make it easier to round up mentally-ill people, even if they haven’t committed a crime.  I guess it’s ‘pre-crime arrest’ or ‘thought criminal.’  They will re-define ‘mental health’ to incorporate those that question their Government and probably round up into military Halliburton-type prisons without a date for trial.”  I tell you what?  That’s a bright cookie over there; thank you very much for that e-mail.

ALAN - That’s true.  That’s also in Canada, because in the late 1990s Allan Rock - who was in charge of the law system for the government of Canada - single-handedly drafted up an omnibus crime bill, which is identical to the Patriot Bill later passed in the U.S.  Where they can arrest you for anything at all without reason, and hold you indefinitely.  And it was never explained then, when nothing was happening apparently in the world, why he rammed this through without any opposition and why everybody else allowed it to even go through.  Now, of course, we know.  It was for what was to come in the future.  So, they are way ahead of us all.  These guys work out the world and the future like a business plan - they look at all possible oppositions from different types of humanity, and they actually start grooming the leaders years before they make the move to cause the event to happen.

VYZYGOTH - One more comment and we’re running over, so let me get this out.  They write: “They already control our choices by limiting what is available, and having us choose among an impoverished selection.  Yet the illusion of choice seems to satisfy most people.  I suppose it could get worse.”  And it will.  Alan Watt - the web site is:   There were two items that I wanted to speak to; I didn’t get to them and I really - if I can, I’d like to save them for another date.  Would that be alright?

ALAN - That would be fine.

VYZYGOTH - Alright, Alan, thanks very much again for coming on, and we’ll see you in a short time.

ALAN - Sure enough, it’s been a pleasure.

VYZYGOTH - Bye-bye.

Transcript:  Tim



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