January 26, 2007
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VYZYGOTH – Now it’s Friday, the last one we’ll see in this month. It is the 26th, it is 2007 and with us today is Alan Watt for a second time this month; and we haven’t really talked too much, but what we’re going to do – he doesn’t seem to mind so much and we know we’ve got questions and comments from you, folks, so there’s plenty to do today and there was something that was pressing on my mind that I would like to address also, that I kind of alluded to when I was talking with Alan a while ago. So, anyway, from Canada we want to welcome you – how are you doing, Alan?


ALAN – I’m doing pretty good, considering the temperature.


VYZYGOTH – Hahaha, you know, you’re not going to get any sympathy here.


ALAN – I know; it was 30 below this morning. 


VYZYGOTH – Hahaha. Oh, Lord!  Global warming, as George Colin said: “my ass!”


ALAN – When they stop spraying, we go back to our normal temperature and that’s just it: they didn’t spray last night, so we got a normal night for this time of the year.


VYZYGOTH – On Monday I am going to talk about and I am also going to air some phone calls between myself and the County Sheriff’s Department – probably with a much better outcome than you had with your helicopters.  We were overflown last week for an hour between 3:30 AM and 4:30 AM.  Rather discomforting, but it wasn’t me, so they weren’t looking for me; I waved to them, though, with their infrared; I wonder if they could see through my bath robes?


ALAN – Well, sure; they can see through your house.


VYZYGOTH – Alright, now, first up, regarding current events.  I’m sure you remember this:  were you stateside, or rather the North-American-side back in 1970?


ALAN – I was in both countries, back and forth.  I used to do recordings sometimes in Philadelphia and different places.


VYZYGOTH – Well, with the situation that just occurred - it reminded me with this situation with troops being increased in the Middle East also with all the sabre-rattling that’s going on with Iran and Syria.  It reminded me back in April of 1970 when - you know, I was a freshman out of College - and I was insulated from the draft, because I had an exception being a student.  But, I mean, I still watched things, and they were making less and less sense and it was really making me uncomfortable because they wanted it to be real simple, that the United States is always right, let’s go, you know.  But Nixon in April started talking about gradual troop withdrawals from South-East Asia; and that was fine and good; and it really, I think, brought some calm to campuses and some relief; and then, of course, in the first few days in May we come to find out there was a full-blown invasion into Cambodia, which was the genesis for Kent State, Jackson State, even Ohio State, where they at least averted any kind of shooting and then deaths. But you know, I said it back then, this is not making sense to me; this is like the logic of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – you’re going to bring troops out so you send more in.  Now, I think you know where I’m going.  Bush on one hand says: “yeah, we’ll have withdrawals,” and then he says: “well, we’re going to increase the troop allotment.”  And to me this is just like what Orwell was trying to say with how people will embrace what seems to be paradoxes and call it “logic.” 


ALAN – Doublethink.


VYZYGOTH – And so, as you look at this, do you think that in 60 or 90 days as we have been somewhat promised, that we will see a change in the environment over in the Middle East and Johnny will come marching home?


ALAN – No, there’s no way under the Sun.  This is a long-term haul and I watched some British programs on this too and their take - and these were all guys who were up in the military – now, Britain, remember, was in Iraq for almost 40 years and they all said the same thing: there is no way that the US could possibly dominate the Middle East, including Iraq and get out under 30 years.


VYZYGOTH – You know, I don’t believe for one moment that the United States has ever been really free from the Crown - whatever you decide that to be; and it’s probably the City of London I would assume -


ALAN – It’s that and more, actually; it’s a much more intriguing story.


VYZYGOTH – Well, I mean, can we look at the City of London - and I’ll get back to where we were going - can we look at the City of London as a sort of D.C. of sorts here, except, of course, the people in D.C., you know, they don’t make the rules.  They do in Midtown Manhattan and Chicago and other places.  Is the City of London all as it’s said to be, and that is a private, almost Vatican-like city-state to itself?


 ALAN – It’s a city state, basically; it’s got a sovereign right on its own, and sure enough, the Queen must get permission to come into the actual central part, London proper, the City, where all the banks are.  The four main banks face each other and there’s also an obelisk there they brought over from Egypt, in the middle - and it’s next to the Thames river, so you have the obelisk overlooking the water, the fire and the water, the male, the female, the Jachin and Boaz, all that stuff.  It’s highly occultic, with its own sovereign powers.


VYZYGOTH – Well, I’ve always thought that we have been wagged and that the Rhodes did get his wish; basically making the United States Military the muscle for Britain.  Hence, you know, coming over to join two continental wars, which really had nothing to do with the United States; and people kept saying to me: “oh, Britain is our ally”  - it’s like: what had they did for us lately?  And I can’t figure it out.  I mean, they’re our ally?  When?  When did they do anything to do for us?  We fought them back 200 years ago; they run the backing and everything else, so WE’RE THEIR ally.  Well, anyway, it’s good that you mention this, because apparently – and tell me about your sense of this history – in the 20th Century, when the Zionist Movement seemed to really gain strength and perhaps motivate the British Military and Government to get down into the Middle East to cobble it up, as you kind of mentioned just before, and then they stayed there.  And the place really never has been stable.  Now I’m looking at this and it’s still as unstable as it was back at the beginning of the 20th Century, and lo and behold, who is over there with most of the troop numbers?  And it’s the United States.  I mean, are we looking at another situation of ‘wag the US Military’ at the behest of, shall we say the Vatican and the City of London?


ALAN – There’s no doubt; you see - it was Rudyard Kipling who wrote the poem about “The White Man’s Burden;” this was an occultic Masonic poem meant for Masons; and that’s why he stood on the Senate; he was brought over to the Senate floor and he read it to the Senate and that was the first time it was read publicly - it was addressed to them basically.  He said: “we hand the torch over to you,” because the United States - it was agreed among the Templar lodges in London and the ones over in the US that they would take over the role that the old Templars had taken in policing the world.  Out of that came the NATO Pact, we know that.  Eventually they called it NATO - and that’s what Margaret Thatcher and other Prime Ministers kept referring to when they said that the United States and Britain have a “special relationship.”  They never elaborated and said what they meant by that - but what they meant was a secret pact, a “special relationship.”  That’s how they refer to it.  It’s an Agenda and a secret pact and this is agreed upon that the US is the authorized policeman of the world - for the moment!  Because after that, they have agreed that China will eventually take over. 


VYZYGOTH – That’s another interesting point as it relates to even this situation in.  Before I go back there and I want to talk about Brzezinski, because I’ve always considered him one of the mouthpieces that tells us what’s going to happen before it happens.  Also, up in the City of London, I think that is also where the original Inns of Court are; is that correct?


ALAN – Yes.  You see, in London – and people read so much nonsense put out by the Knights Templars, the present modern-day ones, to cover their tracks.  The Knights Templars were never persecuted in England; they were given a form of amnesty - and they had to; the King had to, because the Templars …all the Crown Jewels and all the Treasury were in the hands of the Templars; they were the bankers at that time.  It was the Knights Templars who brought out the first international banking system and used cheques or money orders in lieu of gold - so they were THE international bankers from London; all the way through Europe they had banks and all the way into the Middle East.  They also owned the trade routes, they also patrolled the trade routes and they also had all the hostels on the way for all the pilgrims and so on.  This is a huge enterprise - they were also the largest land-owners in the whole of Europe, because each widow was encouraged to leave in her will all of her land to the Knights Templars, and so they were taking over vast amounts of territory.  They were taking over all raw supplies, etcetera – something that the New World Order is doing today.  The British Government was based on the foundations of the Templars; and that’s why you have a Chancellor of the H-Chequer, which is still the title of the Head Templar, who dealt with debt and credit - that’s the British Treasury, the man in charge of the Treasury is called the H-Chequer, the checkerboard floor being that on which they did their debt and credit on - they moved these cheques around, just like chess, basically.  They moved their debt and their credit around on an outside board; and you can visit it today - it’s still there.


 VYZYGOTH – Well, somebody once said to me - and I think that he makes a good point - that Quigley was allowed to go on about Rhodes and the Round Table and then, of course, Milner’s Kindergarten Group and such.  And the gentleman was suspicious that if we knew that much about it, were we in fact intended to look at that and that alone. Now, I believe that’s true; I believe also when Quigley said some of his galleys were excised, never to be put in the complete Tragedy and Hope.  And also it might have been a little bit of window-dressing too, to make us think, “oh, there really is something here.”  But I say this because of that really what I consider a very curious and peculiar group called the “Pilgrim Society,” which is an Anglo-American society, if you will, started in the first decade of the 20th Century - and you never ever heard a thing about them!  Now, the reason that I bring it up is, because in a book that was a pretty sanitized, authorized biography of the group, Woom-Zim-Zen Pimelot Baker or something like that.  In the back they have the list of dignitaries that have been “feeded,” if you will, over in Britain.  And they go on with a couple of lines of description most times.  But what’s interesting is, when there is something held at the Middle Court - and there might be one other one; nothing is said.  There no idea, the theme of the meeting or anything - it’s just, you know, so-and-so…Middle Court.  And I just find that interesting.  So I am wondering while one hand has the puppet that shows us Rhodes and Milner and, you know, all those Fabian Socialists, the Coefficient Club; are we really looking at the movers and shakers under the table, which would be the Pilgrim Society?  What do you think about that?


ALAN – It’s even deeper than the Pilgrim Society.  It’s much older.  The United States brought a group in early on and they landed in on the Mayflower.  The Flower of May, it’s their big day, their Mayflower.  It’s a day of labor - Labor Day.  And it’s the flower, of course, in the high occultic circles.  No coincidence is there whatsoever.  They left from Dover, which is the dove, you see.  And they landed at Plymouth, and Plymouth Rock - well, it means “many mouths” because in the old religion many mouths put it all together - those were the Prophets.  And those people - many of them had an ancestry going back through rebellion after rebellion all the way to the Cathars and the Albigensians.  Now, the Albigensians and the Cathars were a form of a lay organization set up, but run on the principles of the Knights Templars.  And they were persecuted by the Catholic Church; the last Crusade was against them, actually.  And they had tremendous wealth accumulated.  They had their own banking system and their own banks.  They had almost a parallel religion in some respects to the Catholic Church, and they also took confessions, which was mandatory at the end for you to get into the next phase.  They believed that Satan was in charge of this world - and through their own efforts ultimately they would conquer the world.  Now, that’s the same terminology you’ll read all the way up through Albert Pike’s books, of “we shall become the Masters over the Masters of the world, by even playing the stock market and taking over.”  It’s the same groups over and over and over; and many of these people came in under the guise of the Puritans.  And those families, those very wealthy families, who still intermarry, are still running the country today.


VYZYGOTH – This is where I was going to go about running this country and going back as far as the 17th Century and the first settlements here.   One thing, I haven’t really tracked this, but we know that the Masonry had a headquarters in Charleston, South Carolina on the 33rd Parallel.  Now, we know that the American Headquarters has since been moved; I would assume it’s at the extension of what Pike started, and that is right on the Southern banks of the Potomac on the Virginia side of the river.  And if you are travelling on 95 and if you look Westward, you can’t mistake the building.  It really looks like the Washington Monument turned into office buildings.  So we can look at that as somewhat the Headquarters; and they also had brought somebody out to speak to the Legend supposedly, and the truth about Freemasonry.  Charley Gibson asked the tough questions - you can imagine.  And this was also at the time when they first came out with the movie of the Da Vinci Code.  Now, in Europe I never do hear much about Headquarters, say, for the Scottish Rite or the York Rite.  Are there such things?  I mean, is it in Edinburgh or something?


ALAN – No, the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry was not Scottish at all; that’s just the beauty of their camouflage.  The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, which was the one at Charleston, was one of the more recent editions, and it came in from France.  And it was given the Charter to exist by the French Grand Orient Lodge, not from Scotland at all.  In fact, they were no Scottish Rite Freemasons in Scotland at that time.  The first Scottish Rite Freemasons were in the US. 


VYZYGOTH – Oh, really?  Alright, well, then, should I assume then that the York Rite is an older one?


ALAN – The York Rite is the Grand Lodge of England.  This is how this thing works.  See, you have to understand something in Monasteries and how Monasteries operated.  They were given charters by the Vatican to have a Monastery, a Brotherhood.  Sometimes they would specialize in a particular area; the Dominicans, for instance, were into law - that was their job: interpreting the law.  They would often charter another splinter group, which would be called something else to specialize in a different area.  Even in the monks, they had specialities, basically, that was their different areas.  They graduated into what we now call Masonry in a form, many of them.  In fact, many of the Knights Templars in Europe, when they were persecuted, joined the Monasteries or created them in fact, some of them.  You are looking at a really tangled web here, when it comes to it all.  However, they all go back to the Grand Lodge of England, which gave out the first Masonic Charters, even the one to France!  And then France gave out other charters for other ones to exist.  They go around in this circle, always back to England, to London, to the Grand Lodge of England, York Rite.


VYZYGOTH – Are the York Rite and the Scottish Rite high-degree Freemason tied at the hip, or are they actually in some opposition?


ALAN – In the past they believed they were in opposition at the lower orders, but at the top, when you have access to some of their higher books, for instance I’ve got one passage where two Grand Masters, one of each lodge, was brought in and swore to each other to oppose each other in public - and never to tell the inferior brothers that they were managing this conflict between them.


VYZYGOTH – One other element that I’ve not followed to the point of being able to tie it together or not: they say that Weishaupt began the Bavarian Lodge.  Was he indeed kicked out of whatever was the “Traditional Freemasonry” and what ever happened to the Bavarian Lodge?


ALAN – The Bavarian Lodge spread all through Germany and into France.  It was only one lodge.  You see, Weishaupt’s lodge was only one of many and what they called them in Germany, was the Beenan Orden.  That means: “Order of the Bees.”  And they have the beehive as symbol, the ancient beehive, the perfect society with its class system from the top to the bottom.  It’s still used; even the Mormons copied that for their flag in Utah.  He was only one branch of Freemasonry.  Now, many Masons at the time, especially John Robison from Edinburgh came out - he had joined the Illuminati and he wrote a book about it at the time to expose it - but you can even read by his own book; he was also trying to cover up Freemasonry’s impact on the world and the fact that the Illuminati branch were only a more radical group of the same bunchhe was trying to smooth it out and say that Masons are just, you know, guys who join clubs, whereas the Illuminati have actual ambitions, which wasn’t true at all; they all had ambitions because they all got orders from the same place.


VYZYGOTH – Was the Bavarian Lodge considered radical?


ALAN – It was radical only at the time.  You see, Masonry at the time had fomented the revolutions; the Rosicrucians fomented the revolution in England first of all, the English Civil War.  After that they were definitely behind the Unites States revolution, the War of Independence - they boast about that in their own books.  And they were behind the Revolution in France and they had still other revolutions to go, when Weishaupt was on the go.  They wanted to unite Germany into a greater Germany, for instance.  However, later on Napoleon did it for them - Napoleon also being a Mason.   They have been behind revolutions, which tend to amalgamate smaller countries into bigger ones and ultimately they were all to be joined together in a union, a World Union.  You find this in the writings of another Freemason, who also joined the Illuminati while he was over in France, and that was Jefferson.  Jefferson wrote about that and he said in his own memoirs that the United States would be the embryo, the beginning point for a Federated World run by 12 Wise Men.


VYZYGOTH – And it’s the story that he accepts, I guess, the plates of the Great Seal of the United States with the “Novus Ordo Seclorum.” 


ALAN – Sure, they all knew.  And then, in the writings of Benjamin Franklin, which have been published, and you can also go to the originals, which the descendants of his family, the Franklin Institute still have and see them - and he said exactly the same thing - he says: “this will be a Federated World, run by 12 Wise Men” - same thing!


VYZYGOTH – Alright, I’m going to try to put this question in, and then I want to continue along the track that I have in mind.  Let me just see here – because I think you might have spoken to this before.   In fact, he is a fellow Canadian - wanted to know whether or not the Protestant Reformation was kind of “allowed to happen.”  One - do you believe that to be true; and second - why would that be?


ALAN – The Protestant Reformation in England, it started first really with Henry VIII, who wanted divorced, because he just couldn’t get a son - his wives were infertile - and that’s why he had them all beheaded and kept getting new ones; however, because he was being condemned by the Vatican for re-marrying, then he divorced England from the Vatican - kept all the same rites, called it the “Anglican Branch,” and yet that was also called the first “Protestant” church - they “protested.”  It wasn’t until Cromwell came along, really, when the Presbyterian groups were in action, and the Puritans were on the go; and they were funded by the banks in Holland at the time: the “Roundheads” took over and really started the ball rolling towards this whole Protestant type thing; and there is so many schisms of it now, it’s just unbelievable.  But it was allowed to happen to an extent, this…as long as they gave obeisance to England, they didn’t care really which religion they were, except for Catholic.  They did not like Roman Catholicism - and that’s why from the days of Queen Elizabeth the 1st, the first openly Rosicrucian Masonic Court - they settled Presbyterians, really, from Scotland into Ireland, to dominate Ireland, which was primarily a Catholic country.  It’s still on the books today that a Royalty of England cannot marry a Catholic.


VYZYGOTH – There is some information to the effect that Rosicrucianism might have had something to do with Luther’s Reformation.  Do you have anything on that?


ALAN – I have no doubt that it helped it along.  Remember that Luther was a Rosicrucian - his family crest are three roses and crosses, you know.  He was allowed to do what he did.  And at the same time the Vatican – see, the Vatican itself runs by the old Mystery Religion.  You can see it in all of its architecture and its rites and rituals, if you know what you are looking at.  You are seeing the amalgamation of all the old Mystery Religions that existed 2,000 years ago in the Middle East, brought together under one.  That’s why it’s the “Universal Church”; they took all those religions in.  And they knew at the top that you can only hold power ultimately by causing conflict and even giving yourself an enemy - an enemy makes those who are ready to leave your group, actually come back and be even tighter with you; it draws people together.  And so they had to have conflict, and so they gave their antithesis, the Protestant sect out there.  Because Luther was, remember, a Catholic priest.


VYZYGOTH – Well, one of the things that I grew up with, seeing but never seeing - I was a Lutheran; and I never really could figure that out and nor did I ask why the Lutheran symbol – of course, which is not only in the church, it’s on the stained glass windows, and on the bulletins you get each week – bore the Red Cross.  I mean, I just never…you know, I didn’t ask, I’m sitting there with my nose running and it’s like: “okay, I guess that makes some kind of sense.”  But that may be indicative, symbolically, of the involvement of Rosicrucianism. 


ALAN – Oh, there’s no doubt.  In fact, in “The 200 Top Freemasons,” published by the Masonic Society in the US, they have the founders in the United States of all the major religions and the man who founded Lutheranism in the United States was a 33rd degree Freemason. 


VYZYGOTH – We are speaking with Alan Watt as we get up to the bottom of the hour on the Grassy Knoll.  Alan, the web site is  Now, you also, in your own right, kind of give radio interviews as well.  Does this happen every day, or a couple times a week…how does the format run?


ALAN – I’m on Swedish radio every month - I’ll be on this Sunday; and that’s Red Ice Radio.  And I’ve been on a lot of radio stations in the past, that were limited in such a way, or I was limited, because the only outlets that we are allowed for the public - and I often wonder why, and I know why - for speaking out about what’s going on; the only outlets in the United States were shortwave radio for many years, even though it was published in the Toronto Star here that the CIA controlled the shortwave radio at the beginning to use Christian groups to fight Communism – as a front, basically front propaganda – but I don’t think they ever let go, you know.  So, I can easily cut my own throat by going on some of the ultra-fundamental Christian shows by sticking to what I say, rather than trying to please the hosts.  I know I am doing it while I am doing it; I speak out against gold and silver too and all the others that I see as con games.  I could be in many-many more shows if I played the game, but I can’t play the game, you know.  And it’s the same with some of the real fundamental Christian shows; they scare their public for an hour of about what’s happening, and then they lead them at the end, saying: “but don’t worry, it’s all in God’s hands; God’s in control.”  So their listeners are sort of punch-drunk; they are terrified of the events that have just been described and at the same time they are just hoping this deity will spare them.  To me that’s a form of mind control, but these are the only avenues that the public were given since the 1950s or 60s. 


VYZYGOTH – Well, you know, we both spoke earlier in the month; I guess I am kind of thick-headed, but I also am naïve and sometimes a little too optimistic, believe it or not; but it started to dawn on me also that the outlets that are allowed to this day, the networks that we call “Patriot Networks” are - and even these Nine-Eleven Truth Movements, which now are shining a lot of light on.  If they were not constructed for the very purpose of infiltration and the imposition of other agendas, certainly they are going to be corrupted.  And what we said yesterday with the Judicants [?] for 9-11 Truth - that, when you have a group of human beings, you are going to have corruption.  I mean, whatever large or small…


ALAN – You got to realize, see, I got a lot of information that comes in to me about some of the big leaders that are being promoted for the Patriots Movement.  I had a daughter, of one major one who is still on, phone me weekly and fill me in on a lot of stuff.  I’ve had people who back another big superstar; and I get all the information on what’s really going on there.  And there are power battles and struggles over money and territory and products and all.  It’s business, it’s huge business, you know - but it’s also mind control, because they are very selective in what they tell the people.  I could go on and on about that off the air maybe one day, but you’d be amazed of the relatives who phone me and tell me.


VYZYGOTH – Well, I tell you what.  I wouldn’t mind doing that, only because it would confirm probably a lot of what I have yet only to call suspicions and suppositions, from whatever I hear also.  So one day I would like to compare notes and just figure out whether or not what I call the “bones” I get about a lot of stuff is in fact correct. 


ALAN – I get it from the relatives themselves.  It didn’t blow me away at all, because I could see through them for sure and I know who is backing them.  And it is the top; they always give the leaders to us - always.  And they have no problem generally with funding. 


VYZYGOTH – You wouldn’t know that by how much they ask for and how often. 


ALAN – Yes, that’s right.  The patriot game is an old-old business; it was the same thing prior to all the revolutions - you found Masons who were also collecting data on members to see who were too radical; the radical ones, who really believed in their cause, they knew would rebel when they had taken over and found out they had gone off in different direction, which is always the case.  And so they rounded them up, because they had them on the membership lists and they knew who they were.  The Communists did the same thing - they got lists of all the ones who had helped bring them to power, the Bolsheviks - and they were all Masonic groups - and they knew they would not go along with the Agenda when it suddenly did a right turn; and they rounded them up, because they had all the members’ lists and just rubbed them out.  This is an old technique - so, they still give us our leaders yet today, who are sworn to secrecy.  One of the greatest examples of that was Colonel Bo Gritz.  Now, Colonel Bo Gritz, we kept hearing all this hoopla about “the most decorated Vietnam War veteran, yah-de-yah;” and they gave him his own radio station and he was on for years on the shortwave Patriot radio stations, boring the hell out of people, it bored me, about the same old stories in Vietnam, and he wishes it was still going on; and he lived during that and it was the only time that he was alive.  Right after 9/11 - now, he’d gone off the air only about a month or so before 9-11 happened, after being on for a stint for four and a half or five years.   And on Television in Canada, major television, they showed a picture the day after 9/11 with him on the Congressional steps, obviously all arranged; and the camera said near him: “Colonel Bo Gritz, you’re the most decorated yah-de-yah and you worked at the Pentagon.”  This is the man, remember, who even said on the shortwave that he had hip-pocket orders from the Pentagon when he left; and he called everybody “Brother,” by the way - Masonry - he said on the Congressional steps when he was asked who he thought was behind the bombings on 9/11 - he said: “probably those paranoid shortwave radio listeners who believe in black helicopters.”  This is the man who had been leading that, that had one of the biggest shows for four and a half years and just left them.  This man was a complete provocateur!


VYZYGOTH – Ah, we got one comment.  And, folks, again, if you want to send stuff in, - and here is a statement that I’ll bounce off you.  Said: “The alternative movement was doomed, like any other movement, from the start - things can only move one person at a time; you must move down the right path as an individual and someone might take notice and start moving in the same direction.  A movement infers leadership, and leadership infers followers, and followers don’t think for themselves - and people who don’t think for themselves can’t make things move.”  I think he probably stated that pretty well.


 ALAN – Sure.


VYZYGOTH – Alright, now, getting back to the chronology of the history of things, before I move this down to what later became the United States; we do have another question for you; it said: “ Do you believe Knights Templar, Henry Sinclair did in fact come to Nova Scotia in 1398 - and with the Grail?”


ALAN – Well, the Grail is a bit of an exoteric myth.  There is an esoteric Grail and the exoteric for the public.  And that’s the stuff - the exoteric is what all the authorized writers write about and keep everybody going off in circles.  The Grail was part of a ritual; and the Grail was the bloody bowl, where high Templars were emasculated on reaching a certain degree and joined the Elders, because then they could think clearly without distractions, you might say.  And you find the key of that in even the writing of King Arthur and his Round Table.  Arthur was the Sun, the Round Table were the Zodiacal members; it’s the old story over and over.  When they were coming out of the hall, a lodge meeting - the round hall again, of the Templars - one of them comes out, one of the knights, and he is approached by a lady.  But before the knight there is another procession before him - a man carrying the bowl covered with a cloth; and the lady says: “would you like to bed, sire?” – she was offering to go to bed with him – and he said: “no, for I have been wounded in the side.”  Now, in those days, and it’s in the Old Testament too, they used the term “the side” when they meant the genitals.  That’s why Jacob swears on his father’s “thigh” - it’s the genitals - they held the circumcised penis; that was the sign of recognition - and they swore on their offspring; that’s what they mean by their “family jewels” - those to come.  And down to the seventh generation, I think it is – and that was the traditional Arab – it’s still used in some of the Arab countries today, that very gesture, where they actually put their hand under and hold the genitals and swear an oath of allegiance to their lord; that’s still done today in some Semitic peoples.  So, in that King Arthur legend it’s part of the Rite of the emasculation process to get up into the Elder realm.  And that’s what that meant.


VYZYGOTH – To me the Holy Grail, the Shroud of Turin, the Spear, whatever - to me, you know, these don’t mean anything to me.


ALAN – Oh, it’s a complete farce, actually.


 VYZYGOTH – I mean, I was going to say, it’s foolish people who look for signs and wonders like that.


ALAN – Well, actually, in the actual - the history books of France are fascinating, because they have a lot of the day-to-day journals kept by the monks who accompanied the Templars and all the other Crusaders who went across to the Middle East.  At one time they were flagging so much, they were losing so many men, the morale was down and all the rest of it - and to get them to take Jerusalem, this particular monk just happened to have a dream that this spear was buried under the flagstones of this particular church over there - and lo and behold, they dug up where he said and they found this bright, new, shiny spear!  And that was the beginning of the whole thing.  It was a propaganda technique used in the Middle Ages to motivate them back into action. 


VYZYGOTH – Real quick: one of the things I find that kind of fit that description somewhat and the things that have transpired since 9-11 - whether it’s Katrina, whether it’s Ground Zero or whatever - people keep finding Bibles that mysteriously always open to very appropriate passages.  You know, even that one that was supposedly found in an Irish bog or something like that.  Anyway - we talked about Rosicrucianism as it was applied in Europe, and now it comes to the settlements, I guess, the pre-colonies, if you will.  And I think about the influence of Bacon and his idea of the New Atlantis and a New World, and here we go!  Now, we have all been fed, as you well know, that everybody who came over either were very Christian or very spiritual.  And they may have been spiritual, but that might have not been Christianity we’re thinking about…


ALAN – Absolutely.


VYZYGOTH – Alright, so along with this supposed - and not necessarily present - Christianic emphasis or influence there is also something on the other side.  And can we assume or do we know for a fact that many of the settlements were started by the Rosicrucians?


ALAN – Oh, there is no doubt.  It was well documented in the old books, even on the English side of the Rosicrucian movements flowing through Europe to England and embarking for the Americas.  Many of them, at least externally, had religious sides to them under guises of Christianity of various forms.  As I say, you can trace many of their beliefs to the Albigensians and the Cathars.  You see, even the Puritans, when they came across, which were part of this group, with a history going back to the persecution of the Catholic Church towards them, where they set, you know, whole legions of Crusaders against them to wipe them out.  And they weren’t all wiped out - they eventually, down through the ages became the Puritans with their own religion.  And they were very-very wealthy people and I am sure - it’s traceable, in fact - that many of the present-day leading families, the dynasties in the United States still are descended from those particular families.  Now, the Puritans themselves believed, because of their religion, they were the “new chosen people, God’s chosen people,” “the New Jews” they sometimes called themselves.  And they had allegiance to other specific Jewry in the world to regain the Holy Land, again, with this Knights Templar connection.  And that would be “fulfilling God’s duty.”  And I believe the true radical elite groups on both sides of that are still running the show today.


VYZYGOTH – As we see, going through the decades into another century, am I right to say that Rosicrucianism, perhaps everywhere but certainly in the United States was absorbed by Freemasonry?


ALAN – It WAS Freemasonry!  In fact, Freemasonry were created as a further branch of RosicrucianismFreemasonry came out of Rosicrucianism; they created it for the middle classes and as all things, as all religions do have - there is always the public version where they give you even a divergent Rosicrucianism, where you can send away for their silly little books that tell you nothing at all.  But then there is a real group that Clymer had.  Now, Clymer - and I think it was 1906 or 1908 - had an international convention of Freemasonry.  Now, Clymer was the head of the Rosicrucians.  And he said right there as he read off his speech; he said: “on behalf of the Rosicrucians, who have summoned…” - and he named off the Freemasonic orders: the Grand Lodge of England, the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry - he went through all the different branches and the female branches - as he said: “we the Rosicrucians have summoned to this convention.”  And they came!  That tells you who was at the top.


VYZYGOTH – Well, now we see that influence here, being raised up as the New World.  And where I am going on with this later on.  I mean, I have to move along, I know; we have also more questions.  You know, to make a long story short, there was a talk show host in New York.  Are you familiar with the late Gene Sheppard?


ALAN – No.


VYZYGOTH – Alright.  He was just a great storyteller.  And he also wrote some great books, one of the Christmas Stories based on it - one of them.  He also wrote something called: “In God We Trust, All of Us Pay Cash.”  And in it he talks about being prodded by his friend, both teenagers, about going out on a blind date with his friend’s girlfriends’ friend.  And he is just dragging his feet, no way, you know how these blind dates work out… - and goes on and on.  And he gets into the movie theatre and this young lady is absolutely gorgeous!  And then he says: “then it dawned on me that I was that blind date!”   So, the reason I am saying this is I have been looking around the last six-seven years and what’s going on and how much we don’t like the New World Order - and it’s always someplace else geographically and it’s always “somebody else” - well, one day I said to myself: “WE are the New World Order!”  And this is where I am going with it: I’m wondering if we have been fatted and taken good care of, like a priced possession or horse or prize fighter, for a certain purpose that is now being unveiled.  And I go back now to the point, when you said about the York Rite, and now I am laughing, because how long did I live across the river from New York!  And why do they call that first obelisk, later to be followed by the Chrysler Building, but that first somewhat obelisk the “Empire State Building” and why is New York the “Empire State?”


ALAN – Yes; well, let’s go back even further - you will find when the initial Roman Invasion - now it’s pre-Christian - invasion of England happened, the Romans first made their headquarters in York in England - not London.  And York - you will still see “The Baths of York” they call them, where they even had central heating and everything - quite an amazing setup and hot running water and all the rest of it - that was also the banking system, which the Romans brought in with them, in York.  Now, York – you’ll notice by Hamlet and Shakespeare, where Hamlet is passing the graveyard and the sexton digs up an old friend and it was York, the Duke of York - and he says: “I laugh poor Yorick - that’s how they used to pronounced it: “Yorick” - “I knew him well; a man of infinite jest”…and all that.  Well, Yorick in old England was a synonym for a skull - the skull; you see.  And we know that out of that came the Skull and Bones, which was also the pirate flag of Queen Elizabeth’s Navy when they plundered the seas.  So it was a skull; your five senses are in your head; that’s another meaning of the five points of Masonry - and your head, the “upper room” sits on 33 steps of the spine.  The “upper room” is your skull.  So you go up into the upper room as you ascend the degrees. It’s also in Dante’s Inferno, if you read it carefully, how he gets out of Hell by climbing up all the 33 steps.  It’s all through everything that we know but most folk don’t realize what they are talking about.  So, York was a Skull at one point; however, York the Romans made the capital of a place which they called Heboracum.  And that’s in the old maps, if you look at it.  They did bring bankers with them who were the quartermasters for the army; they looked after the munitions, the credit and debt system, which ran the Roman Army; and the Roman Army - the first thing they did was to conquer the people, introduce money, so they could tax it back from them in labor - and this was dealt by the bankers of York in the county or area of Heboracum. 


VYZYGOTH – Alright.  I am going to make one last statement and then I want to get to the questions and comments and there is something else about the events in the United States and how they may have impacted us and they were not necessarily what they seemed to be, of course, as recorded in our history books.  But, you know, I had to laugh, because one time Harry and I, just kicking around some thoughts - you know, he looked at me and he said: “you know, when we look at what Rhodes wanted to do with the Federation, say, of South Africa and Federating Australia - much like Canada too, which, when look at those provinces, they should be countries, instead they are just provinces under one big country.  He said: “But you know what?”  He goes: “Probably the joke is on us, because once we went into a United States of America; those 13 colonies later become states - what was that?  It was a FEDERATION.”  So, here we are, you know, opposing all the other federations and a final one, if you will - and in essence they ran it by us first!  


ALAN – Oh, absolutely!  You walk along the borders of the United States and Canada - and the last treaty that was signed to re-establish for good the borders was done by a Lord Rothschild.  He was sent over by the British Crown.  And he took charge of that.  There was a high Masonic agreement made between the both sides; and as you walk along the borders of the US and Canada you will come across obelisks every mile or so.  That’s the symbol of Freemasonry…on both sides.  They are stone obelisks, maybe six foot, eight foot tall.  That’s how they marked the border.  That was a Masonic agreement from the beginning - you jump from that Masonic agreement to another thing that happened back to Clymer's convention in the early 1900s into an international Masonic association under Rosicrucianism; and the whole speech - apart from the opening of Great Center in Pennsylvania, which now gives out all of the so-called philosophical books of Freemasonry - the whole speech was about the “Reunification of the Americas.”  And he said: “Our goal as Freemasons, is to work stridently towards our goal of reuniting the Eagle of Mexico with the Eagle of the United States.”


VYZYGOTH – Probably just a coincidence!


ALAN – Yeah; and every major politician was there, because they were all Masons, and the Heads of the Schooling Departments was there - everybody who shapes your culture was at that meeting. 


VYZYGOTH – Well, you know, you heard me kind of have an epiphany here, a slap upside the head; but now I remember, in Vermont, hiking, also right across the Jersey border in New York, where there’s a lot of great trails, what’s often been left around.  And nobody pays attention to it, just like I didn’t.  And that as you do have some markers for mile markers - and this is no longer on the highways; these are on back paths and such; and they are all obelisks! 


ALAN – All obelisks, East to West coast, you have the same thing.


VYZYGOTH – Oh, beautiful!  Alright, now let’s go to some of the questions.  “Why are they - whoever is “they” - storing everyone’s DNA information in huge databases, supercomputers?


ALAN – Because they are going the Aldous Huxley route - which they told us they would do, in many other writings, of eugenics.  Where the inferior types ultimately will no longer be allowed to breed.  That’s one of the main reasons; it’s not just ID.  I.D. actually means “Ideal Design,” by the way - intelligent design.  They want to give us an intelligent design, rather than this haphazard way of just picking your own mate.  Now they are collecting it all, because in the future, before they get to the complete cloning stage, they will tell you who will marry, who will not - or at least who will breedIt’s not the marriage that’s important; it’s who will be allowed to breedThis is a eugenics program.  And Freemasonry is rampant through all of its writings with eugenics and the need to marry or be matched up with intelligence for intelligence.  In fact, as you go up the degrees of Masonry, when the Grand Master decides that you’re going to get taken further, you will be introduced to your wife, and if you catch on, you will obey when you get a little suggestion from the Master, who tells you: “she would be a perfect wife for you” - that’s an order. You’re getting led.  And that wife will have a genealogy going back, because the genes of, what they claim are, “the higher inbred groups” are in the wife.  And you marry her; it’s the offspring they are after.  Masonry itself - higher Masonry - is a eugenics program.  It’s all through the writings.


VYZYGOTH – Although Francis Galton is attached to a lot of this, and I think probably incorrectly, because I don’t think he was nearly as radical as Wells and even George Bernard Shaw.  On there is transcripts of that famous meeting, in which basically Wells told Galton he was a “pussy” - excuse me.  And that he was into negative eugenics or depopulation; and Shaw felt, you know, “to heck with marriage” - I mean, this is so stupid; let’s just get two people who are good to mate and let that happen - and this is what you are talking about.  And does have on it the transcripts of that speech, which, if you can read between the lines, you realize that something happened there that day.


ALAN – Oh, it happened.  It’s interesting too that, you see, George Bernard Shaw was the product of a special mating of a very high noble Mason with a wife; Shaw never met his father; he was created to be what he was - his father was a great writer too.  And that was also allowed.  If you go back to Benjamin Franklin in Dashwood’s Hellfire Club, now they had a whorehouse attached to the Hellfire Club in High Wycombe in England.  And this is a tenet, too, I’ve read through many of the old Masonic books, because they did have these whorehouses on the claim that a man must have his sexual release to remain healthy mentally.  But there was more to it - if you were a higher Mason - these were not ordinary whorehouses.  The women in them had been bred over generations by high Freemasons.  And so it wasn’t an ordinary whorehouse.  Only if you had fulfilled a duty towards the Great Work, like Franklin, were you allowed to mate with one of those women.  At the time that Benjamin Franklin was there, he was allowed to mate with one of them.  You never guess who it was?  Madame Bouvier, which was the predecessor in the same lineage of Jacqueline Kennedy.  Two of the sisters are still alive today of the direct Bouvier line in France.  These were special women, who were reared and bred by eugenics programs already on the go.  And the offspring of a high Mason will be given the honor to mate with her for the offspring.  That was a high honor.


VYZYGOTH – You’ve read James Shelby Downard [?], right?  because he says the same thing about Bouvier, but he has another one, too, which is all in that bloodline as it all turned out on this side of the pond - and that was Radswell.


ALAN – There was another one, too - it was Lyndon Baines Johnson.  The Baines family, McBaines family were related to the Bouvier and they also go all the way to Macbeth, you know.


VYZYGOTH – So we might have a picture there of cousins when LBJ was on Air Force One, taking the oath.  And next to him was his cousin, Jacqueline.  Alright, if I go a little long, I will just to get these in, if you’ll bear with me.  Is that okay with you, if we go over a little?


ALAN – Sure. 


VYZYGOTH – Alright; let me get to one that might be a little bit more compact to answer.  Okay, it says: “What’s your take on vegetarianism-veganism and animal suffering?”


ALAN – The animal suffering, there’s no doubt about it.  I mean, the animals today are just bred as a commodity and killed in the same way.   Here is the problem, too.  You found some of the higher Freemasons all become vegetarians.  Interestingly enough, Alvin Toffler in his book: The Third Wave, where Fascism is to merge with Communism for the New World Order - this is the book that Newt Gingrich handed out on the Congressional steps to the Congressmen - in there Toffler said: “The world we are creating for the New World Order will be vegetarian only.”  And he said: “it must be so.”  He doesn’t say why.  Now, when you realize that a lot of Freemasonry, most of it is taken from ancient Hinduism.  The Brahmins of India kept millions of people subjugated, basically by withholding certain foods from them and making sure their religion taught them vegetarianism.  We find the nobility of England used the same techniques on the peasantry for centuries since the Norman invasion.  They restricted the diet, they had very little meat, their IQ was down, their growth was stunted.  When you make a vegetarian society, you also make a very manipulatable, easily controlled society.  That’s just time-tested with history, over and over again.  Now, here the thing too - since the Big Boys, the Big Five got together, Monsanto and Conagra and ADM - ADM is Adam, of course, that’s why it’s ADM - took over the earth for growing, and give modified vegetables: they have spliced so many genes into these particular plants - not to make them bigger or greener, but it will affect you, because these plants are little laboratories that produce chemicals and enzymes.  Plants have been used for thousand of years to make the biggest effects on changes in the human body.  You just need to look at opium, for instance.  So, here they are promoting vegetarianism and at the same time giving you nothing but modified food.  There is another agenda behind this, and we can’t fall into this trap.


VYZYGOTH – Well, I tell you, I had on Gerry Guideddi [?] who breeds heirloom seeds.   And I asked her: “well, is it possible that the GMO food vegetables are already out there, although they are telling us they are thinking about it - because I got a tomato that’s been lasting about three months!


ALAN –Don’t forget: we were the last to know that we were already ON the GMO food.  Canada admitted - only because it broke out in Britain - that Canadians had been the test guinea pigs for modified food for ten years; and it said - this was in the national newspapers in Canada - and it said that the Government, our wonderful Government had agreed in a secret pact with Monsanto to test this on the general public of Canada.  You see, there is no such thing as Democracy.  We are run by tyrants and Masonic clubs!


VYZYGOTH – And it’s just a terrible story about what happened to Percy Schmeizer up there. 


ALAN – He was totally wiped out.


VYZYGOTH – Ah, I mean, you were hoping for a happy ending and it just did not occur.


ALAN – The Judge actually said - and I’ve got the transcript here - “I don’t care if this stuff blew onto your field or if a bird passed it through its droppings, it was on your land and that’s all that the law is looking at.”


VYZYGOTH – Jee, that was incredible.


ALAN – So this is an Agenda as we know.  Yes, vegetarianism is a great - and there is no doubt.  I mean, I watched a program not long ago on the big packers industry.  You know that every company now is amalgamating and amalgamating – and only a couple of the packers now run the meat of the world, the whole supply – and there is one out in Canada, and this woman said: “You know, they had no sooner slaughtered the cattle and they were cutting it up on the conveyor belts on the way out and the tongues were still moving as they were cutting them!”   I mean, I can’t believe… …I can believe anything, in fact, in this monetary system - it’s the most corrupt, anti-life system you could possibly devise. 


VYZYGOTH – Here he says: “Regarding culture creation, was the very first underground pop music that was out there really from the grass roots of society?”


ALAN – No.  No, I’ve been in the studios when they’ve created some of the movements or the new styles.  I’ve seen average groups come in with some little piece of crumpled paper where they had written a song; and then the Big Boys come in, the real managers and producers; completely re-write it, you lay down the tracks for the melody, and then they’ll go over that and completely alter that into a different style again, and they remake the group, you know - promising them they will have a hit.  Sometimes they’ll tell them: “You’ll have two or three hits and then you’ll fade away, but you keep your mouth shut, you don’t tell the public how it’s going; and they’ll get the Rolling Stones Magazine write a lot of nonsense about you, which the public will believe.”   And that’s exactly how it works.  Culture creation, especially on any of those areas of music, art, drama, must be authorized from the top. 


VYZYGOTH – With regard to Crowley - Basically, what was his function in this whole scheme?


ALAN – Crowley was, number one, a Freemason to begin with.  He came from an aristocratic family.  In fact, the Queen and most of the Nobility got all their wines and their special speciality wines and rare wines from the Crowley family, who owned the biggest store in London.  He was attached to the British Secret Service as it was called then, before it was called MI6 - and sent abroad, not only to spy but to get into the upper elites of those families.  All these families, you see, are all into high Masonry and the occult; so it attracts them.  You send aristocrats over with a new knowledge and they come to you, so easily, like flies.  And so he was taught to preach a new type of occultic Freemasonry.  A Freemasonry that was to kick off a New World Order that would eventually attract the young, combine it with mind-altering drugs, in preparation for what was to come later on, which was the 1960s revolutions.


VYZYGOTH – We had somebody on, who I think was being rather disingenuous, from the OTO, who downplayed Crowley’s influence and just kind of said he was more about clowning around and theatre; we could assume that wasn’t correct, was it?


ALAN – His job was to go out and create mysticism and confusion.  You see, the OTO branch is a branch of Masonry.   Masonry pretended for years that it was not, but it’s admitted now - they couldn’t hide it, especially when you have all the photographs of Crowley in his Masonic regalia.  No, he was not clowning around; he was a member of the York Rite of England; he was a member of the Scottish Rite; he belonged to different Rites all over the planet; but his job was to create this new type to get the young into it, and especially to combine it with drugs, mind-altering experiences, which would attract the young and all of that ended up…it was geared towards the coming musicians, in fact, and the actors and actresses.  It was a speciality branch of Masonry for a particular function.


VYZYGOTH – Alright, this will be the last one and we’ll close on this and I appreciate your staying over.  It said, “Now that many of us know that we are part of an ongoing plan in which we cannot escape, what advice can you give as to how to accept this; and secondly - would you agree that not adopting any of the ‘belief systems’ is a good way of dealing with and not participating in this long-term plan?”


ALAN – Definitely.  It’s no secret, for instance, that all the religions and the heads of religions are all part of the same club with the same agenda.  They’re not opposing agendas at all, whether it’s the Vatican, the Pope or the Dalai Lama.  I watched the Dalai Lama give Masonic signals and gestures - and they are all high Masons at the top; they are the shepherds that lead the flocks; the flocks are different species, remember - they are the sheepIf you follow any religion, you will be led to do the bidding of the ones at the top and you will always lose yourself personally at the end - although the group at the top will always win.  That’s the way of it all.


VYZYGOTH – Alright.  Alan, if you don’t mind, can we do this next month?


ALAN – Sure.


VYZYGOTH – I mean, there’s other things that I also want to be run by with regard to, you know, the way things really are and what we were told they were.  - that’s the web site and where are you going to be on most recently?


ALAN – I’ll be on Sunday on Red Ice in Sweden.


VYZYGOTH – Alright.  We look forward to that.  Thank you very much for being with us; we appreciate it, and I will see you sometime next month.  Bye Alan, thank you.


ALAN – Bye.


Transcript:  Tim




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