August 4, 2007





George:  Welcome to "The Secret Truth." I'm George Butler.


Charlotte:  And I'm Charlotte Littlefield.


George:  Charlotte, how are you doing tonight, okay?


Charlotte:  I'm good, George. How are you?


George:  You're sounding great babe. We've got quite an honored guest tonight. His name is Alan Watt and I've listened to some of his programs that have been recorded, and I've pulled them on demand and all that from other talk shows. He is very, very astute in the area of the truth. I mean he has set out a goal and I guess it's a personal goal, but we'll talk to him in a second. Welcome to the show, Alan Watt.


Alan:  It's a pleasure to be on.


George:  You're saying the truth. Tell us about how difficult it is to attain this. What was your journey in trying to move towards that thing called the truth?


Alan:  It was trying to make sense of a system which was very old and which we're born into, where really people should have most of what they'd want, in a material world that is.  Then you find only small groups of very elite people after thousands of years of empire building own most of the wealth of the world.  Everyone else is still basically an employee of this world corporation and funding them through their taxation. It was a form of slavery, of course, and I realized that very, very early on. Growing up in Britain I wondered why with this British Empire, only these few people in London seemed to own anything at all. Most of the public in Britain at the time rented their homes from the local governments. Their tax money paid for building these homes, then they rented them. The system was so rigged you had pretty well wages and price fixation, so you could never get ahead.  I realized this is all intentional, and the more I went into economics and the system, especially in Britain and Europe, you found that sure enough everything was contrived to keep everybody in a state of almost poverty at one point.


George:  You started describing this as the Matrix. How did you first describe this when you were beginning to awaken? Is there a method there that you used to awaken, or was it through study and accumulation of knowledge, or just the observing of everyone around you?


Alan:  It was all of that, observing people around me. When you’re young, it's very good to walk in and out of people’s homes to visit your friends because you're ignored; you’re small. You’d find the people arguing about the same basic problems in every family, and at that time, it was generally around money – not money for luxury items, but money just to get through the week, from week to week.  I wondered why on earth it was like this and why that everyone was so broke, supposedly, and the government was always complaining it had no money. They could have a war anytime they wanted to, then suddenly they'd have these millions of pounds to back wars. It made no sense whatsoever; and then I'd realized that the wars were just part of a long-term plan. When you read through history you find that they projected wars way ahead in the future, including even the taking over of the Middle East. They were discussing it back in the beginning of the 1900’s (this long-range plan), and not just for the Middle East but for the whole planet basically to be under a global system.


I went into the history of books at a very early age, especially into the adult libraries and the old reference books. Luckily in some of the bigger towns in Britain you had very old reference books written at the time of the 1700s, the 1800s and the 1900s; and so you could get access to history as it was happening, as opposed to the diluted and censored stuff I was being taught at school.  I had a real wide awakening when I realized that they were constantly rewriting history, just like George Orwell said in "1984." 


Charlotte:  Alan, at what point did you look around and beyond Europe and beyond Britain, like for example the United States or wherever, and determined that is was a worldwide problem rather than just a regional problem?


Alan:  I read a book at the turn of the 1900’s, on poetry of all things, and it was to do with a poem called "The White Man's Burden," and that was actually read in the U.S. Senate by a very famous Englishman. It was about passing the torch on to you. In other words, they were passing this torch of power onto the United States. In the book it broke down the meanings of this particular poem. It was about the U.S. taking over as the military police of this world empire, not forever but for a time until the end of the millennium into the new millennium when it would eventually fade away and China was to come up and take over from the United States. That was written in the early 1900’s.


George:  This is a plan, an old plan. Is that correct? Would that be a way to characterize it?


Alan:  It's as old as even your Constitution. The Founding Fathers even wrote about it. I know that you had a couple of them that wrote about the creation of a World Federation run by 12 wise men. Some of the Founding Fathers wrote about that in their memoirs. They hoped it would be the nucleus of a world system run, of course, on a form of republican democracy, but that was written about in the 1700’s by people who participated in founding the United States.


Charlotte:  A great deal of them had roots and Masonic secret societies and such.


Alan:  Yes. Franklin wrote openly about a World Federation run by 12 wise men. They were quite open at that time. They were very hopeful; and to the average person of that day, who all they knew was one war after another, especially in Europe, the ordinary people would think that would be not such a bad idea. What they didn't look at is they were taking the same kind of hierarchical oligarchy, the psychopaths that ran the world already. They'd also be ruling the whole world, so this utopia that they dreamed about could never come into being for the ordinary people. It would be a utopia for the elite and made by the elite and run by the elite.


George:  Would you characterize the New World Order as a fascist movement, would that be a correct word to you?


Alan:  Yes, absolutely. The fascist symbol goes back into ancient times, pre-Roman times. The Romans took it over, and even the first popes were accompanied by the fasciae, which is the axe with the bundle of rods around it, meaning if the nobility and those with power stick together, it's very hard to break a whole bundle of twigs; but one at a time are easily broken. They always use that symbol of power where they are all one at the top. They stand up for each other. They decided even in the last century that in The Club of Rome, for instance, that was founded as a big think tank to bring in this world empire and to take the rights away from everyone under various guises. The Club of Rome said that this would be a form of fascist system, but for the general public they would use a vast bureaucracy running the public on a communistic or collective basis, which is much more simpler for their methods to work out, basically.


George:  We're going to be leaving here on a break but we'll be right back. This is getting interesting and the descriptions are just fabulous. We'll come back in just about three minutes. Hang in there. Thanks very much. Okay, welcome back to The Secret Truth. I'm George Butler and with my co-host


Charlotte:  Charlotte Littlefield.


George:  Tonight we have a distinguished seeker of the truth, and that's the best way that I can describe Alan Watt. Welcome back to this segment, Alan.


Alan:  It's a pleasure.


Charlotte:  Gentlemen, why don't we go ahead and give Alan's website out.


George: Yes, do that Charlotte.


Charlotte:  It's


George:  If you go in there it's  If you go into that site, he has a wealth of information. He has articles. He has a lot of his programs on radio talk show digital files there that you can listen to live, and download and so forth. Then he has just a tremendous view here in my opinion, one of the most insightful views that I've ever seen.  Alan, on this Club of Rome, was it "Limits to Growth", was that one of their initial publications?


Alan:  Yes. What you've got at the top of this pyramid structure are the elite at the capstone and then they have big think tanks which specialize in a particular area underneath them. The Club of Rome is one think tank which really comes up with ideas of how to bring in this future that's planned, how to get the public to acquiesce and go along with it.  The Club of Rome put out a book by the founders of this club and it was called "The First Global Revolution", and in there, these two founders of The Club of Rome – who are part of the United Nations (again, they are all affiliated with the United Nations) – admit that they were looking for a way to bring the whole world together against a common enemy. They said that they tried to think about everything, alien invaders, all that kind of stuff to unite the planet. Then they realized that what might work is if they could alter the weather and create weather type problems and blame the public for causing those problems; and by that way convince the public to give up all their rights and their way of living and hand themselves over on a plate to be run by an expert society. They actually admitted this in their own writing.


Charlotte:  That's sort of frightening because it's very obvious that we're experiencing weather modification due to the weird and bizarre looking clouds we see in the sky.


Alan:  Yes. In fact, a couple of nights ago I sat outside and watched for about four hours these strange types of lightning, which is like nothing we used to have in the past, but what you're seeing really is scalar weaponry. It's called scalar weaponry and this was written about by guys like Zbigniew Brzezinski who's up there as advisors to presidents.  Zbigniew Brzezinski in his book "Between Two Ages" talked about the Technetronic Era where the public would be controlled by electronic means, but he was also talking about the scalar type weaponry which would pulse through the atmosphere; and that's what they're using for weather warfare purposes.


George:  Would HAARP have something to do with that? Is that part of the HAARP project?


Alan:  Yes, that's part of it. The HAARP is only one installation. They have another huge one in Greenland and Australia run by the U.S., but worldwide they have over 54 I think.


George:  So they're controlling through the electromagnetic – into the ionosphere?  They're pulsating energy into there?


Alan:  That's right. They can align these things up with satellites under the Star Wars program. That's what it was all about—and intensify this type of pulsation and direct it anywhere on the planet. Even a whole continent can be covered by it.


George:  Wasn't it originally Tesla technology that they actually took and furthered to a greater degree?


Alan:  Yes. Tesla definitely gets the awards for that. Whether he really discovered it, I think it's much older to be honest with you, because even Benjamin Franklin and others were playing with a mild form of it in the 1700’s.


George:  I have sort of something I call B.E. and A.E. : Before Electricity and After Electricity.


Alan:  Electricity is a trick of the elect.


George:  It is, isn't it?


Alan: These guys plan to use electricity to its maximum and convince the public of the world we are causing, all this weather problem. Yet if you go into the treaties of the United Nations in 1978 (I think it was) they signed a global treaty not to use this weather warfare on each others’ countries, which left them wide open to use it on their own citizenry.  In that treaty it said they had the ability (they weren't testing it, they had the ability) to create earthquakes if necessary anywhere on the planet—tectonic shifts in the crust. They could create tsunamis. They could create and guide hurricanes, tornadoes, et cetera; pretty well everything we've been experiencing over the last few years. However, if you use shortwave radio you can pick it up on over a dozen frequencies on the shortwave radio. It's 24 hours a day now.


George:  There's interference on those frequencies. Is that what you're saying?


Alan:  It's not interference. It's actually certain places where you pickup the shortwave. It's the loudest sound on the shortwave. You hear the woodpecker, which is one of their symptoms, and another one is like a high-energy pulsation which goes 24 hours per day; but the scary thing about this is it can also affect the human brain. That's the scary part. They admit in their own treaty that by putting a secondary signal along with the main signals as a carrier they can affect emotion very easily. It can make you fatigued very easily. They can make you confused, anxious or aggressive depending upon the particular frequency they use. This is a technetronic warfare that was to be used silently on the general public that Mr. Zbigniew Brzezinski was talking about in his book.


George:  When you characterize some of the techniques as changing, feeling states; are you familiar with that term "feeling states?"


Alan:  Yes.


George:  Where the radio project out of that funded by Rockefeller and others in the '30’s, I believe that the technology and ideas that they could create a radio listener to have these feelings that were very – and it created small and short sounds. I think that was one other thing.


Alan:  Yes. They can do all of that, and this kind of stuff is actually taught at universities. They're quite open about it. It's old technology.


George:  So within the communications schools in the United States it is common knowledge these are some of the techniques that are good to be used to, what, further advertising?  I guess Madison Avenue was one of the first brainwashing systems, weren't they?


Alan:  Actually, Madison Avenue was brought in as an arm of higher government to market ideas and propaganda to the people. Big, big players like Lord Bertrand Russell, who was a globalist and who worked for them, and who wrote lots of books openly about the agenda said in his book called "The Impact of Science on Society," which everyone should read. He said that shortly we will use techniques on the public which they will be completely unaware of, and he said we must bring in Madison Avenue and the experts in persuasion; we must bring them onboard because they can market ideas and propaganda right into the people's brain.


Charlotte:  They get a susceptible brainwave pattern going and people absorb information. They're much more suggestible.


George:  I think Nick Begich has some feedback mechanisms that can try to counter some of this. Have you gotten into some of that, Alan?


Alan:  I looked at those but the problem is you’re dealing with so many different fine frequencies here. You need the exact one coming in—in order to counter it.


George:  It's very difficult to counter some of this, is it not? It's so wide. It's so powerful. We're going to be back in just a few minutes, but hang in there with us and we'll get back in a few minutes. Thank you. Welcome back to The Secret Truth. I'm George Butler and I'm with co-host--


Charlotte:  Charlotte Littlefield.


George:  We have tonight Alan Watt who is a seeker of truth and he's really into studying high tech systems of secret societies and mystery schools. Let me ask you a question about this network. Is it a network of international people on an international basis that are coordinating and working together that are putting together this matrix?


Alan:  Yes. You have an international club. We would use the modern term. We would say they were social Darwinists and they truly believe that they have reached the pinnacle of every country’s elite status by gaining the majority of the wealth of each country, or the country they reside over, and also keeping it in their family lineages for generations without losing it. Therefore, by their own laws and standards they believe they are almost gods. They are the highest evolved species on the planet according to themselves; therefore they have the right to rule the “lessers.”


Charlotte:  Right. That's pretty sad and disgusting frankly.


Alan:  Yes, but they're very open about it. So much material was put out on this in the beginning of the 1900’s through the eugenicists' societies. These characters started up the whole theory of eugenics and superiority and the superman type. Adolph Hitler only copied them; they really started long before him in fact. The Rockefeller family was funding eugenics experiments in the United States right through the whole 1900’s.


George:  They're responsible for the medical complex; and oil, medical and also the chemical industry has been a big part of this problem, has it not?


Alan:  Absolutely. In fact, this is not new. When you go back to ancient times you'll find that even in Egypt that each pharaoh at a young age was instructed in the art of ruling the people's minds and how the people thought. Their “psychology” you might say and what the people were taught to believe, as opposed to what the elite were taught as facts. They had archives of history even 5,000 years ago in Egypt which were taught to pharaohs. You'll find wherever the elite went in ancient times you found the same M.O. [modus operandi] because they would build big cities. They're great builders. They love building projects and taxation to build them. You have the largest amount of wealth co-existing with the greatest poverty all around them in the biggest cities that were created. They have ongoing wars for takeover bids really you might say, because wars are just takeovers like businesses.  They build empires and then they all move out to the next empire that they've built up. When they move out with all their money and wealth, the old empire collapses behind them and goes back down to third-world status.


In the cities they always ran the legal system through priesthoods. Now it's just lawyers; and they also ran the illegal system. They ran what we call pharmaceuticals in ancient times as well on the legal side; and they also brought in drugs to conquer countries they wanted to take over on the illegal side. So "above" and "below" is what they say.


George: These drugs like Soma, was that one of the more ancient drugs in India that was used for purposes such as this?


Alan:  Soma is interesting, yes. It supposedly was used. We do know that the Brahmans encouraged the use of hashish on their peasants to do long hard grueling work; and even the Janus cult still survives today and has big celebrations when they bring in the harvest of hashish. They've always used drugs and Soma certainly was mentioned in ancient times and even in the Masonic tradition—Soma is just Amos backwards.  A lot of the rules of the game you'll find are hidden in each peoples' holy books because the same rules are hidden in for the esoteric to understand.


George:  The esoteric has multiple, what, meanings for many of their symbols and their words and so forth?


Alan: Yes they do. As they go up the degrees and do what they're told, there’s a newer meaning, a higher meaning. It's interesting to go through holy books because if you go through them, you'll find that slavery was acceptable. That was one interesting fact about it because the elite have always had no problem in believing they are superior; therefore everyone is inferior and to be used as a slave.  If we go into things like the feudal system, which again was an elite coming into Europe called the Normans; they brought in this feudal system where we get the word "fee" from. You have to pay a fee to them just to live on your land. You serve them. In fact, you would own no property.


George:  Was that the "Doomsday Book" that they first set up and inventoried all of the property?


Alan:  Yes. That was an inventory book and it wasn't the first one. There was one already in existence under the Saxon regime, but they certainly updated it; and any chicken you had, or cow or pig, even your children, were all noted down as property.


George:  It sounds like putting a chip in every chicken or something.


Alan:  That's right, yes – a chip in every pot.


George:  A chip in every pot. Well we have to have a sense of humor a little bit, right?


Alan:  We do, and some of it is kind of humorous when you get above it and look down on it. You see how easily we're trained in this matrix because we have swallowed the world as it has been presented to us from birth; and that's the big trick. All mammals look towards the adult to warn them of a danger. If the adult doesn’t know there is a danger, the mammal is born and will raise-up thinking that everything that exists in this lifetime is natural; and that's how simple this trick is. You train one generation into the illusion and they therefore train their children for you.


George:  That's a delusional mode then. Can it be described by percentage? I mean we know something about the world and reality, but there's a certain percent there of our knowledge that is missing within us. Our paradigm is sort of incomplete.


Alan:  It's incomplete.  Since they gave us standard nationalized and international education, which all comes from UNESCO at the United Nations, it's much easier for them to train us because everyone you meet will have the same opinions, same views as you do because you've all had the same indoctrinations.


George:  Julian Huxley was a big mover and founder in UNESCO, is that right?


Alan:  Aldous Huxley was the guy who promoted the Brave New World scenario of a dominant elite running the world, and his brother Julian ran UNESCO.


George:  That's right, and I think he described it as the New World Order would use scientific humanism as the mechanism or as a tool.


Alan:  That's right. Remember these two guys descended from Sir Thomas Huxley who was a big professor and champion of Darwinism. He was the best friend of Darwin. They discussed the fact that they must destroy all the existing religions which had served their purpose in times gone by for the elite to maintain control.  However, now it became a problem because you had ‘rights’ under religion to your god and you might disobey your ruler and obey your god instead. Therefore they decided to bring in humanism and they talked about many ways to get us to actually dehumanize ourselves; and the prime thing was to destroy the sacredness of life itself. Make us believe we're just another animal; and once we believe that, we'll truly believe that we should be depopulated if we're overcrowded. It was all to convince us that we were the problem.


George:  We have a very what today? We’re all carnal and material-possessed, are we not, by these ideas?


Alan:  Yes, because once again we have lived and been brought up in a mass-marketing media. Children are raised on television and they've never had such equipment to propagate these ideas right into your home—before just depending on newspapers, and before that it was the town crier and gossip—but now everyday you get your dose of what's going to make you happy, so material goods have replaced people themselves. People don't look for happiness in people. They want to use people and that's the sad thing.


George:  They just want to get something and get ahead and buy more and more.


Alan:  Yes.


Charlotte:  How do we undo these esoteric happenings? Because once they're revealed -- a lot of people think that when they wake up they feel like they need to talk to a lot of people and warn everybody, but then over time you realize that this has been going on for hundreds of years, centuries.


George:  Alan, I see this as an emotional problem barrier to that exists. There's an emotional thing. Could we touch on that when we come back?


Charlotte:  Yes, and how to counter the esoteric.


George:  Yes, but that emotional problem is human nature and that's a tough thing to get over. We'll be back in just a few minutes and pickup on that emotional. Welcome back to The Secret Truth. I'm George Butler along with my co-host--


Charlotte:  Charlotte Littlefield.


George:  Tonight we have Alan Watt. We left this last segment about emotions. How does that factor into this truth seeking and coming out? I think he used the word deprogramming. What does that mean?


Alan:  When you deprogram people you've got to understand that they truly believe that the world they live in is just evolving day-by-day, and the politicians just make decisions daily on a crisis type basis, and that's marketed to them by the media which they've been raised with. That's why the anchor people in mainstream media are kept on at the jobs until they are about 70 or 80. You grow up with them. It's like dad staring at you every night at 6:00 o'clock right in the eyes, and would he lie to you?  Again, Brzezinski said that shortly the public will be unable to come to their own conclusions on anything. They'll expect the media to do all their reasoning for them, and all their thinking for them; all they could do is repeat what they've been downloaded with from the previous night’s news. Now that's what we're living with today with the average person, so when you come out of left field with data which they've never heard before, you sound as though you're crazy to them. They're in a different paradigm.


George:  It sounds like conspiracy or something speaking, right?


Alan:  Yes.


George:  I sit down with people and they call me that sometimes when I bring up 9/11 or whatever, and they'll say, “You're just a conspiracy nut or something.”


Alan:  That's right; and if you showed them the proof like H.G. Wells who was a propagandist for this elite. That's all been declassified now.


George:  The Open Conspiracy?


Alan:  Yes. He wrote the book "The Open Conspiracy."  It's all out in the open for those that want to find it.


George:  But the problem gets back to the emotions. People can't get their mind around the truth because they're comfortable. They're in a comfort zone. Is this what stops them from proceeding to the truth?


Alan:  Yes. You've got to understand that the average person today is vastly different from the people who were young 80 years ago or 100 years ago, where personal independence was the ultimate you could achieve. You didn't have to acquire all the goods necessary, yet you acquired all you needed to live independently. That was a goal for so many millions of people because that had never been done before. It was never allowed to be done before.


George:  So the collectivists have replaced the individualists, is that it?


Alan:  Absolutely. In fact, the big Bilderbergers, The Club of Rome and all the big guys at the top capstones have all said the same thing, that this war is a war to destroy individuality—because it's the individual that gives them the problems. They know they can control the minds of the vast bulk of the population.  Aldous Huxley at his lecture at Berkeley said that 60 percent of the population were instantly hypnotics. You could hypnotize them so easily. Twenty percent more, he said, can be brought under with a little bit more work; which left 20 percent which couldn't be hypnotized by normal means. The bulk of the population you see go under the influence of the big boys’ propaganda very quickly, and it's very difficult to break through those kind of people.


You've got to realize, too, that the collectivist idea or socialism as it's called, which has been heavily promoted is to be a world run by experts, and Huxley and others said that the public would be unable to think for themselves unless an expert told them how to do something.  That’s happened today. We've been trained from birth with all the guys in the white coats coming on the television telling us what to think, what to believe with all their theories; and they are now the new high priesthood. Socialism is a form of keeping people in perpetual childhood. That's just what it is.


George:  So feeling states are important in that emotional aspect. They don't mature into individuals and attain unique individuality, is that what happens?


Alan:  Absolutely. If you notice today how easy it is for governments to take all the rights away from people by declarations that are put out openly to the public that even the ancient Nero never had. Every tyrant in history could have only dreamed of this kind of power, because they would expect uprisings. Look how passive everyone is today. It's because they've never known personal independence and a love for holding on to personal independence.


George:  I look at it on a synergistic basis. I call it social synergy, where you have a confluencing of these negative confining enslaving ideas that together are overpowering to the individual.


Alan:  That's right, and once again it's overpowering because they have been trained that they don't know anything, that they're just children as opposed to these experts above them. These invisible people that somehow run their lives on a big affair up in the clouds somewhere, that the high bureaucrats they leave it all to them so that they can play all the time; and that's what we're told to do. We’re told to just play and enjoy ourselves while big things are happening in the world.


Charlotte:  One case in point would be 9/11. The experts that they presented were not in fact technical experts. They were CEOs. They were the directors of various agencies of the United States government, so it was like the agency's director responded to the 9/11 Commission. They weren't actually technical experts but they were perceived to be the highest authority, and so whatever they said went unchallenged.


Alan:  Yes. They're treated as though they were infallible. The public have been trained to swallow this kind of stuff and believe them without using any critical thinking abilities of their own.


George:  You have what they call an authoritarian personality type and that seems to be where we have this military – they gravitate to the military and police types of work and so forth; and those are the people that if an authority says it is true--


Alan:  In fact it's the psychopathic personality that it's born in every strata of society, right down to the bottom. The difference being at the top they're inbred so you can pretty well guarantee the children are psychopathic because both parents are. They come from long lineages of rulership and having all authority and cruelty, and the ability to be cruel when they say is necessary. However, they do recruit the lesser ones down through society and psychopaths.


George: Is there an arrogance there? I mean just a naturally inherited dynamic of arrogance over other people?


Alan:  Yes there is. They're not only psychopathic, they’re sadomasochistic. It's a blend of sadism. Sadism they will use on weaker people, and are masochistic towards those above them with even more power. They worship them in fact. They worship those with more power than themselves, but they hate the weaklings beneath them.


George:  So what we have is this monied system set up this pecking order of hierarchy that you're describing?


Alan:  Yes. In my third book, I wrote about the history of this money system and the power elite that drove it; and how they would takeover countries and force the people to accept money for the first time, then they’d tax it back from them, and ultimately they put the country into bankruptcy. Send in their own agents and they would become the new kings and rulers of those countries. I'm talking about 2,500 years ago.


Charlotte:  So it was perceived authority?


Alan:  Yes.


Charlotte:  It was actually an illusion.


Alan:  It was all illusion and it was—I call it "CONOLOGY."  Money was the first trick to substitute something real like a bag of oats for a bag of wheat.


Charlotte:  But their end means was to end up being their authority?


Alan:  That's right.


George:  A seed put into the ground would grow a crop, but a coin put in the ground would not grow anything.


Alan:  Yes, but the man who runs the coinage runs the world.


George:  Exactly.  It’s contrived.  It's what I call money sorcery. That's what it is.


Alan:  You bury the rest. That's what interest is. Inter is to bury. You bury the rest, and they buried us under a mountain of debt.


George:  It's compounding on itself. We've had over 2,000 years of this compounding of interest on top of interest.


Alan:  Yes.


Charlotte:  Mr. Watt, I can say the time that I spent observing the different things on your website, I really like the way you identified the use of the language and how important that is for the control mechanisms and how it all ties things together. You see how one thing evolved out of another thing, evolved out of another thing. It's very fascinating and it always occurred to me that one way to counter the “illusion” is to come up with a new language.


Alan:  We would need it, yes. We would need it absolutely. The English language was created in the 1500’s as we know it, and it was encoded from the beginning with Rosicrucian symbology and terminology and coding all the way through it.


George:  We have a little slogan on our site about forgiveness. One of my ideas of it is that through forgiveness we awaken, transforming information and knowledge into wisdom, then we can stop projecting all of that taught stuff that conditioned state that we find ourselves lost in. That's sort of a way out for me. It has been in the past for me.


Alan:  We need wise elders again. They've got rid of the wise elders.


George:  To get in touch with our hearts and forgiveness, that's just the way. We're going to take a break at the top of the hour and we'll be back after the top of the hour. Welcome back to The Secret Truth. I'm George Butler along with my co-host--


Charlotte:  Charlotte Littlefield.


George:  Alan Watt is our guest tonight and we're having a wonderful discussion about the world systems, about brainwashing, about mystery schools and secret societies. Alan, welcome back to the second half of the program.


Alan:  It's a pleasure to be here.


George:  Let me ask you this. In Alan Watt's world, what would you change today? For the future? How would your reorder it from now into the future? What kind of changes would you advocate here?


Alan:  The changes would have to be towards a completely different direction, one that isn't planned for us or one that isn't simply coming to heads opposing their plan. We have to get a different way that hasn't been planned or thought of at all, and when you see that everything runs around this thing called money and money is the key to everything. Money buys the power. It buys us. It buys the scientists that make things to kill us. We have to get rid of this whole thing called money, because the aside of the world of pure materialism and greed and conquest, or else it's humanity. Which one is it going to be?  If it's going to be humanity, it has to be a completely different way of life too. The only time we had any kind of peace at all within counties was when we were basically pastoral. The Founding Fathers of the United States said the same thing: that this would only work for an agricultural society. If they went into industrialism, greed and debt and so on, and poverty and success (which is getting to the top by any means possible) it would destroy it, so they knew it was a temporary thing if an industry came in.


George:  So you're saying is the New World Order moving back to more of a pastoral-agricultural economy?


Alan:  No, no. They've actually decided to eradicate most of the world's population. They've been rather vocal about this for a long time, and they've planned for instance the United States, under the Free Trade Negotiations and NAFTA, was eventually to stop growing all produce. Chile and other countries have already been setup and funded by our tax money for the last 15 years to take over and be the producers of vegetables and so on and meat for the world.


George:  I see that the grain companies have consolidated their main headquarters in Switzerland. Is this part of the overall plan?


Alan:  That's right. Ultimately, all resources (that's all food, water, and all the mineral resources, ores et cetera) have all to be distributed to these three big trading blocks. Karl Marx wrote about this in the 1800’s. He said there would be a united Europe, followed by a united Americas, followed by a Pacific Rim conglomerate serving under a world parliament. That's the United Nations. It's an old plan. Eventually the United Nations would dole out so-much food to each nation; the idea being that you would have to keep your population under control because they wouldn't give you extra if you went over your allowed quota of children. That's from the United Nations.


George:  Is China the new model for the future?


Alan:  Yes it is. The United Nations declared that China was the model state for the world because of their obedience to the system, because they have the one child per parent family and a policy; and that's not the end of it, of course. However, at the moment it is the model for the world's state. Eventually, when this gets rolling as of two or three generations they plan to create new types of humans to serve them, and they'll create them from scratch. That's what the human genome project was all about.


Charlotte:  It's interesting. My daughter is reading a book entitled "The House of the Scorpion." It was by an author by the name of Nancy Farmer and it's about a cloned child who was not supposed to be born with any intelligence or emotionality. It was supposed to have been programmed out of it and he's going to be harvested to his owner for his spare parts. She's in junior high school. It's a very interesting book.


Alan:  That's predictive programming to give it to them at that age and the story will captivate them. These stories are very captivating and we lose our reasoning as we're being captivated through our imagination and we're being downloaded with basically ideas which will come to fruition. We'll accept these things when they come along in the near future.


George:  Do you know who the hero is in that book? The little cloned boy. He takes over and reorders the whole society. That's where it ends.


Charlotte:  He essentially does away with the cloning.


George:  Here we've got a clone that's a hero, right?


Charlotte:  This is a good thing? I don't know. I have yet to read the book, but the whole idea I agree it's going to be put forth in a way that people won't have any critical thinking about it. It will be accepted.


Alan:  Yes. They wrote about how they would bring this into being a long time ago. They thought, “what is normalcy to these people?” and they say, “It's the family unit: the male, the female and the children. We'll have to blur the distinction of the genders and eradicate what was normal.” What was not normal until ultimately there was nothing normal. When nothing is normal and you have males and females and many kinds in between, then they can bring forth the next type which is a totally cloned human; because, after all, if you have no normalcy to compare it to, they'll accept it.


George:  Brave New World right here, folks. And "Return to Brave New World." I read that one too.


Alan:  Yes. In Plato's “Republic”, he talked about it there 2,300 years ago. Plato was a member.


George:  A communistic system is what he was advocating.


Alan:  It was the special breeding of purpose-made humans to serve them.


Charlotte:  What comes to my mind when we're discussing this is what about the old ancient sun religions, and the god and the goddess worship, and the creator god being neither male nor female?


Alan: Yes. That's in all holy books too.


George:  The androgynous idea, I think you have that on your site, do you not, Alan?


Alan:  That's right. If you look at even the New Testament, it's written in there that the god creates man and woman in his own image. “His own image created he them.”  If you look the Greek, that's Imagios, it’s the exact sameness as the god, which meant that you had male and female from the deity; and of course, that's the big secret.  What they were really doing was showing you in reverse their goal by giving you a pretended beginning. The goal is to create a human being that's hermaphroditic, which is neither male completely nor female completely.  All conflict, they say, must be eradicated from this planet. You hear that from the United Nations all the time and in school too.  All conflicts are eradicated.  However, the biggest conflict they say is between male and female. Once that's eradicated, they will have their utopia as far as their servants are concerned because we'll all be servants.


George:  The battle of the sexes will be over, right Charlotte?


Alan:  Absolutely.


Charlotte:  I don’t know; I haven't been fighting it. I opted out of that war; and I wasn’t drafted, so I’m okay.


George:  A battle I guess if there's no male and female, then you've got a hermaphrodite or something, right?


Alan:  Yes.


George:  A hermaphroditic kind of person who can breed themselves, right?


Alan:  One day I'm sure they'll be able to inject someone and you'll be able to produce your own; and that will be a reward for serving the system, to be able to reproduce yourself.


George:  Yes, you can reproduce – yeah, I like that idea. I'm going to reproduce “Georgies.”  Boy, I tell you it gets crazy. Trans-humanism is one of the ideas centered around. 


Charlotte:  Gentlemen, when we come back can we talk about the third generation of the computer language?


George:  Oh, yes. The semantic way – we'd like to get your ideas on that, okay Alan? We’ll be back in just a few minutes then. It's getting even better and better. Hang in there. Welcome back to The Secret Truth. I'm George Butler along with my co-host--


Charlotte:  Charlotte Littlefield.


George:  Alan, that was in honor of you. That was the red, white and blue march, one of my songs I've written over the years. I wanted to bring you back in style, okay?


Charlotte:  George actually got done producing his musical drama. There were 14 original songs. We had a full orchestra. Was it 15 or 16 piece orchestra?


George:  Fifteen-piece orchestra.


Charlotte:  Right. We had an outstanding crew of actors and supporters; and anyways, we put on two production runs and it was a lot of fun.


Alan:  Yes, I bet it was. It sounds interesting.


George:  So that's the red carpet for you Alan, okay?


Alan:  Thank you.


George:  A little bit of a red carpet, okay, but in a right way, not the way that we've talked about in the past.  Red, white and blue means to honor the United States and what it was originally founded with the principles there.


Alan:  Yes, I appreciate that.


Charlotte:  The semantic way.


George:  What are your ideas on that?


Alan:  There's no doubt about it. Let's start with humans first of all and what language is.   I always say we languish in our language because of the way it's constructed, but the elite understand this psychology of this whole communications ability that we have.  If you understand how it forms, you can control the thoughts of people by the words of “psycholinguistics” as they call it. The brain is a computer in a sense, and you have a logic which helps you arrive at your conclusions, but you need a language to go along with the logic, exactly the same as a computer. The elite know, especially through marketing, if you present information to the public in a set format with maybe omissions of certain data and inclusions of certain data, you will use your logic and your language and come to a conclusion that is predetermined by them.  That's how perfected it is today with marketing and the same with speeches for presidents. The guys who write them are trained in this psycholinguistics to put almost imprints on your brain with certain little catch phrases. Even Lenin said it because they knew it even back in Lenin's day.  He said we shall win and conquer by the use of scientifically constructed slogans.


George:  One of the languages in there is called OWL.  It's about ontology. Isn't that ironic?


Alan:  Yes I know.


George:  These are hidden little deals, aren't they?


Alan:  They are. Even the colors of Windows with the red, the green, the blue and the yellow—the different lodges.  This is all part of it. The different strata of lodges, each with a specific function.


Charlotte:  We're going to jump around a little bit, gentlemen. What about the lay lines and all this? I've heard people speculate that a lot of these families have built their mansions on locations that are supposedly on the earth energy lines. What do you think of that?


Alan:  They definitely have their own religion at the top. There's no doubt about it, but even the old churches were built on the lay lines. Even the pagan churches which were eventually taken over were built on lay lines. I know the Russians did put out a series of photographs from space a few years back where they showed you this almost a grid-like effect around the planet of magnetism, basically. So there's probably something to that.


George:  Are you familiar with Glastonbury in England?


Alan:  Yes.


George:  Was there a legend connected with Jesus there or what?


Alan:  Yes. That emerged in the 1800’s when they decided to use British Israelism as a form of advancing the British Empire if they could make the people believe that they were the lost tribes, and then added to their arrogance the upper middle classes would actually go out and conquer more territory and believe they were fulfilling biblical prophecies.  What they said was that Joseph of Arimathea had come over to Britain and basically founded a monastery exactly there at Glastonbury.


George:  That's one of the legends there – and I think of Glastonbury today. I was in England about a year ago and I went downtown London to look at those power structures, that financial district, and what struck me just overwhelmingly was that in the middle they had those dragons set out in the middle of the medians at the entrances to the financial district. They say what they are, right?


Alan:  It’s an old religion because you see when they started the rulership thousands and thousands of years ago, Draco (the Constellation Draco) was their North Pole star. It's changed since then. We’ve shifted a little bit in the earth and now it's Polaris; and simply, a dragon was just a serpent they attached wings onto as an allegory of it flying.  They always put the dragon as a guardian of their Eden, which is their banking system or their court system. Where JFK was shot at Dealey Plaza, you'll also notice the dragons on top of the courthouse at the bottom of the three roads that made the trident right there.


George:    911, is that quite an occult number?


Alan:  It’s more of a date. It's an occultic date for the Ides of September. Every month has its “Ides” as they call it; and of course, you always remember the Ides of March, which is a disastrous time for certain leaders where they're assassinated. However, in September in the occult – 9/11, what it means it's the birth of Diana, which is a sort of almost a male/female type warrior that's born out of the head of Zeus by its own pure will; it creates itself. No one made it. What it means it's a brand new system that's been brought into the world—brought in by the will of those who already rule, the gods themselves, the high elite. They've given birth to a brand new system. That's what it meant.


Arthur C. Clarke put that in his book "2001" written in 1960’s in the allegorical fashion this New World Order was to kickoff in 2001 and be complete by 2010, which is his second novel.  In the actual books and the movies "2001" and "2010", if you get away from the story line and see what you're really seeing, you're seeing the birth of a new system with a new sun in the sky meaning as above, there'll be a brand new system below. "As above, so below."  It’s a Masonic story written in a fictional form for “the profane,” as they call the masses.


George:  Do these solstices and these equinoxes mean something to these people?


Alan:  It does.  George Bush Sr. gave his New World Order speech on September 11th, 1990. That's when he first gave it ‘by coincidence’ and he also gave a second speech on September 11, 1991, he said, "I see a New World Order coming into view" and then he said, "everything is going to the heavenly plan" meaning the zodiac because that's their time clock.


Charlotte:  It's not the zodiac we get to see. It's a different one I'm sure.


Alan:  It's also the inner secret meanings of the zodiac, not the one that's published at the public.


George:  We'll be right back. Welcome back to The Secret Truth. I'm George Butler along with--


Charlotte:  Charlotte Littlefield.


George:  We have our guest tonight. His name is Alan Watt.  Alan, what about 9/11? How is that going to factor in between now and this next election in this country? What are your thoughts on that?


Alan:  See, 9/11, it doesn't matter who gets in after George Bush because by history standards, and this is what we have to look at because this technique has been used by other countries in the past to creating a terrorist attack at home and going to war. That was the purpose in the first place, to get the reason for war. We know that the “New American Century” Club with Wolfowitz, Cheney, Rumsfeld and all the rest of them published this agenda in the early '90’s and republished it in the mid-90s that they wanted to go into Afghanistan, then Iraq, then Iran, and then Syria (in that order) and they're following it.  However, they needed something on the scale of a Pearl Harbor event to make it happen.  Lo and behold! they won the lotto. They won the giant pool, the sweepstakes and they're very lucky guys and they got their wish, just happened to be starting in 2001 which they wanted as well.  It was brought on, regardless. You cannot do this kind of thing in this day and age and get away with it, because you can't keep anything secret in this day and age. The CIA has ‘plants’ all over the planet and has since World War II, in all peoples and all tribes and everything. You can't keep something in secret like that, and then go ahead and do it, so this was planned.


However, by history’s standards, once the attack has gone on and the country is then occupied, they always say “we can't pull out now because there'll be chaos in that country.” Britain used it when it was creating its empire. Now the U.S. is using it, so it won't matter what hero they bring into government. He'll be pre-picked anyway and this agenda will continue.


Charlotte:  Right. We have an electronic voting problem now, so it’s feeling kind of hopeless.


Alan:  The whole political game – I've never voted in my life I'm proud to say, because I knew it when I was a child, it was a pure con.  Professor Carroll Quigley who was the official historian for this Council on Foreign Relations that runs the United States, and that's the American Branch of The Royal Institute of International Affairs to bring in world government.  Carroll Quigley said a secret government has run this world for 50 years, over and above the one you think you elect, and every top council around him are all pre-picked. It's doesn't matter about the lesser politicians. They're allowed a lesser form of competition amongst themselves, but the leaders for 50 years (and this written in the 1960’s) he said they'd all been handpicked by this small elite to make sure the agenda would continue between parties.


George:  Do you think that and the world in general, do they not appreciate that British power and influence and manipulation through these systems of control, is it not fully appreciated the British system?


Alan:  The British system was never gone. It's never been away. You've got to understand the British really were so far advanced in policy studies, long range plans. You're talking about intergenerational plans where people were recruited into high divisions of the foreign offices as they call it. They would go across the world and lay their foundations for revolutions, which would start maybe at the end of or even after they were dead. That's long-term planning, knowing you'll never see the end of it and that's how they worked. They might plan it for 200 years ahead—a takeover of an entire continent. They've never stopped this technique. It was decided before World War I, when the Council on Foreign Relations basically came out of the Milner and Rhodes Society for World Government from London and they merged with the elite of the United States. They decided to create an embryo of world government called the League of Nations, and that would be the precursor to the United Nations; and they had to get World War I on the go in order to have that happen. They planned this and discussed having World War I and killing millions of people, years before they actually had it.


George:  You have a document on your site, the UK Department of Defence document. I've downloaded it today. I've read just bits and pieces of it, but it's quite insightful from now, 2007 to 2036.


Alan:  That is the head department that also gives out the policies for all NATO countries including the United States.


George:  So this incorporates the NATO members, is that right?


Alan:  Yes. This is the top think tank for the Ministry of Defence and they've put out an open publication of their projection for the next 20-odd years. They say they'll see nothing but uprisings, flash mobs as they call them. They're prepared to use neutron bombs on the public.


George:  What exactly are those? How do they work?


Alan:  A neutron bomb literally releases masses of neutrinos, which are high particle molecules of energy, which will pass through all protoplasmic tissue (meaning: living tissue) but leave all structures intact.


George:  You're talking about small bombs, micro-bombs?


Alan:  It can be on the scale right up the atomic bomb, if need be.


George:  But it would be a small bomb there so it wouldn't be--


Alan:  They can actually use it on cities and knock down whole cities, if need be, or parts of a city; and this is what they plan to use on the public. Now what they don't say is why on earth Joe-Six-Pack would get up from his television and actually go and riot? Now that would tell a lot. What they're talking about is bringing on a vastly changed world. I'm talking about like tomorrow or in the near future, where you're going to have big problems for food, water, electricity, gasoline, oil, all the things that you've been taught to depend upon, they're going to start pulling the rug from under your feet and rationing it; because that is the agenda under the Kyoto Conference which they all signed. It's to reduce consumption of all energy by over 60 percent over the next few years.


George:  Boy, that would destroy our economy.


Alan:  Absolutely.


George:  It would come to a standstill. Our economy is based upon being in a lot of places throughout the day. I mean there's a multiplier effect here.


Alan:  That's right.


George:  I mean you get in that car and you can go five or ten places, do business and buy things, and that would really shutdown a good portion of our economy.


Alan:  That's what it's intended to do. Again, it’s a long-range business plan of taking down the countries that finish off the Middle East. Once the United States job is over, you've fronted it, you've supplied the manpower, then, now they're taking you down at the same time back home.


George:  Is the Islam religion so absolute in its beliefs and so forth? Is that why they’re taking them down?  That became a problem, of course; and they're family-based and they're growing, they're expanding. They're families are really on quite a growth.


Alan:  Yes. In the 1800’s with Sir Thomas Huxley and others, Karl Marx and all the ones that were funded by the British Crown because they created the dialectic of communism. It was a very efficient matter of taking over vast areas of the world and standardizing them under one system. They talked about the destruction of the family unit, and it had to be destroyed and all religions which held it together, and the holdouts to this world system, so far, have been the Islamic nations.


George:  Their religion is based – it reinforces the family unit?


Alan:  Absolutely.


George:  I see. So it's organized in that way and this is one of the reasons?


Charlotte:   I think it's not only that, but isn't it also that they would not adopt the type of Federal Reserve System?


Alan:  They wouldn't go into the banking system. Neither, mind you, would Bosnia and Yugoslavia when they went over and bombed them too. They were not on the World Bank. They would not join it and so they bombed them.


George:  I have a question about the Muslim Brotherhood. Is that another secret society within the Arab country and groups?


Alan:  Within the Arabic groups you can go back into the 11th century and find the Knights Templars meeting with the leaders of the “Hashshashin” they called them. The slang term was assassins because they were taught to go out and assassinate people, like the lone knife-man.


George:  If you can't control someone you kill them, right?


Alan:  That's right.


George:  Then they're gone then you move on to some—so that physical force and physical dominance is a reality, right?


Alan:  Yes, absolutely.


George:  So the weapons of mass destruction have to be in the hands of these world dominant leaders. We're going to be back in a second here.


Charlotte:  Is Europe going down, too, or just the United States?


Alan:  Yes.


George:  We'll be back in a second. Thank you. Welcome back to The Secret Truth. I'm George Butler along with--


Charlotte:  Charlotte Littlefield, and our guest tonight is Alan Watt.  Alan, I'm going to give our listening audience your website again, which is So where were we gentlemen? We were discussing – of course I think this is our last segment, so whatever we're going to discuss we need to start wrapping it up. George and I always like to end things on a positive note to the best of our abilities. If these are dire predictions – I don't want to say predictions, but it appears that things aren't going to be getting much better. What do you recommend? What is your personal plan for the next decade to ride out these things?


Alan:  It's a matter of informing those who you can get through to, rather than waste your time on trying to panic everyone around you. It's a matter of helping those who are asking the questions, and feeding them information. We always end up with the same dilemma as to what do we do with all this information, but really the answer is not that at all. The answer is life worth keeping as it is? What is humanity itself? What's our purpose in humanity? Is their purpose to produce and consume like good little citizens and be taxed for agendas we have no participation in, or participating in the planning; or, is there something else to life beyond that?  We have to look for a different way of life, but we have to expose these power elites who are in every country at the top running the show here. We've to got tell them we know what you're doing and you're not going to get away with it.  We’re going to stop you.  We won't go along with this.


Charlotte:  Right, which reminds me. George, remember it was Fulford did you hear about? I can't remember the gentleman's name.


George:  Benjamin Fulford has come out with quite an assertion on an Asian group that's going to take out the illuminati.


Charlotte:  Rockefeller in particular. He did a Mafioso-style threat on the show about fourteen days ago.


Alan:  I wouldn't be surprised, but I know that the Chinese are upset because they know that the SARS virus that was released and came to Toronto was specifically engineered and designed to attack mainly Chinese people. It was lethal to most of them, as opposed to when the Caucasians caught it.


George:  Are they using nanotechnology to design those things in that manner?


Alan:  Yes they are; and there’s an excellent book you should read. It's called "Deadly Allies".  It's written by a Toronto Star reporter with declassified documentation from the British, Canadian and the U.S. governments; and when you see how advanced they were with these viruses and bacterium back in World War II, you can imagine what they have today. They can literally create any type of virus or bacterium to target any specific genotype in the population, ethnic specific viruses or even blood type. They can release them to sweep through a country in a matter of a week, and then reproduce so many billions of times and then suddenly stop; and then it's all clear again. The people at the top are monsters, and the sooner we get that through our heads that they're psychopathic monsters, the closer we will be to stopping all of this chaos.


George:  They have no consciences at all, do they?


Alan:  They have none. No. In fact, they think they're being very practical.


George:  They think they're on some great cause of saving the world or some of it we think.


Alan:  They love their sciences because they believe in efficiency. They also believe (being good psychopaths) that the public would reach a certain number of population and they would lose control over that public. They're always terrified of the general public. That's why the main war has always been on the minds of the general public.


George:  Are they not subject to the delusion themselves too?


Alan:  I would say that they are deluded. People who think they are gods and have the right to do as they will with life are deluded


George:  That's delusion.


Alan:  That's delusional, yes.


George:  So they're at the top of some great hierarchical pyramid and they’re in a delusional stage, just like a person digging a ditch out here but on a different scale, right?


Alan:  Absolutely. If you took a person in your ordinary housing complex who said I want to kill three-quarters-of-a-million or three-quarters of the earth's population, he would be locked up for life. Here you have people at the top with top authors writing their books for them saying the same darn thing, and they're being applauded by all the NGO groups that are put there to applaud for them. Yes, we have delusional psychopathic types at the top, but, unfortunately, they have all the power and money to pull all of this off if we don't start standing up now and saying no more.


Charlotte:  What about weather modification? It seems simple – you know you point to the sky. It's very difficult not to see it.


Alan:  Donald Rumsfeld, right after 9/11 came on television – and I don't know if they showed this part in the U.S. – but Donald Rumsfeld said when he was asked by a reporter, "what will you do if there's another major attack on a U.S. city and there's lots of panic?"  He said, "We are ready for that. We have aircraft that can spray entire cities with aerosolized Valium and Prozac," and when I'm seeing them spray the skies, I'm sure there's many functions to it; but I do know when they're spraying heavily, everyone is tired, very tired.


George:  It's seems like the hallucinogenics have created within a large number of people a couple of things that happened that I see. Coming out of the universities we've educated a certain kind of people coupled with hallucinogenics or drugs, where they are more apathetic than we used to have. Would that be a fair statement?


Alan:  Absolutely. The drugs today literally are piggybacked to attack specific parts of the brain.


George:  So the people in control have no empathy, period, so they're using these people with a greater empathy?


Alan:  Yes.


George:  I mean it's just a duping type thing?


Alan:  Yes. It's perfect military strategy. If you want to take the world through the biggest changes that has ever been according to the way of living, right down to nature itself, and male and female and having offspring and so on. A completely new way is to come out of this war; and you must tranquilize them, bilk them, use everything in the arsenal while they're going through it. If you noticed, most people today they're in la-la land. They have the glazed eyes. They have no interest.


George:  There's a fantasy world out there.


Alan:  Something has happened to their brain.


George:  On one of the news there was a serial show situation comedy where a woman was getting pregnant or something, and I think one of the vice president candidates or something was criticizing that TV personality. That character on television and he came in for a scathing attack by the public, but it was just a TV personality. It wasn't a real person. This is how crazy it's gotten.


Alan:  There was a series on television. I think it was called "Cheers," where it all took place in this bar where everyone knew each other. One of the most popular shows because everyone would love that type of community, where they have friends and people they know and can go and meet every night. See, we don't have that in our lives anymore. We're isolated. We're stuck in our own rooms with that television. You don't even know your neighbors. They've broken not only the male/female family into dysfunctional units, they've broken the whole of society down and now you’re dictated to through the television.


George:  Did the neighborhood pubs in England act as some means to get out of the house and meet some of your neighbors?


Alan:  That's where all of it was discussed, every thing that mattered. Even during television when it came in, that's where everyone met to discuss social policies and things that affected them, and the British government mandated to the big chains of pubs to start putting televisions in pubs.


George:  Yes. We've got to have TV in the pubs.


Alan:  And sports and then you couldn't hear yourself talk anymore.


George:  There are so many distractions and they’re all self-pleasing and gratifying, right?


Alan:  That's right.


Charlotte:  I have a question. When you look back on ancient history, what do you depend on as being authentic coming from the human spirit rather than the dictates of the powers that have been in our – for example Christian Gnostics, Egyptian, Book of the Dead, all these things back. Do you think they're all constructed or what legitimately sprung from the human artistic endeavors and all this?


Alan:  There's truth in all of them. Most religions were given for the public to obey the forms of government they had, but there's truths in there to do with human striving of spirit to reach the ultimate of being a complete human being, – not turning into some kind of strange android or robots.


Charlotte:  No. That's the independence thing.


George:  I'll say this about you, Alan. You're a unique individual.


Alan:  Thank you.


George:  I think that's the greatest compliment I can give to you because you really understand what I'm saying when I say that. You appreciate it I think.


Alan:  I do.


Charlotte:  We'd love to have you back again sometime, Alan, if you don't mind sometime in the future.


Alan:  It's a pleasure.


George:  This conversation was so easy and it flowed so well, and we hit on so many important things, points and so forth.  I really appreciate the time that you spent with us these two hours.


Alan:  We can go deeper next time.


George:  Yes, let's do that. Alan Watt, thank you very much for enlightening other people and bringing them out of the darkness.



(Transcribed by Linda)